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Alumni Society collection

Alumni Society collection

Descriptive Summary

Title: Alumni Society collection
Creator: University of Georgia. Alumni Society
Inclusive Dates: 1829-1998
Language(s): English
Extent: 33.5 Linear Feet (37 boxes and 2 oversized folders)
Collection Number: UA97-108
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

When the University was incorporated in 1785, UGA became the first state in the nation to charter a state-supported university. In 1834 a group of 71 graduates met in the Chapel to organize an alumni society. A constitution was adopted, officers were elected and UGA became the fourth college in America to establish an alumni society. Today, the Association connects UGA alumni worldwide who gather together through community service projects, networking opportunities and leisure activities. The Association also funds scholarships and fellowships for outstanding UGA students and provides assistance to many campus programs.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of minutes of the Alumni society, a class of 1912 scroll, class of 1912 reunion information, posters explaining the importance of the Alumni Society, centennial alumni society rosters, 1785-1901, alumni directories, commencement programs, miscellaneous materials, speeches, WPA rosters of UGA graduates and matriculates (1804-1909), photographs, and 27 University of Georgia class of 1892 senior class pictures.

The University of Georgia Centennial Alumni Catalog including biographical sketches of students prior to 1901 is available online:

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Alumni Society collection, UA97-108, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University Archives, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Subject Terms

Minutes (administrative records)
Scrolls (information artifacts)
Souvenir programs.
Universities and colleges -- Alumni and alumnae -- Georgia -- Athens.
Universities and colleges -- Georgia -- Athens -- Alumni and alumnae -- Photographs.
Universities and colleges--Alumni and alumnae--Directories
University of Georgia -- Alumni and alumnae
University of Georgia. Alumni Society -- History

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Minutes of the Alumni Society, 1834-1908
21Alumni Society Minutes, 1908-1939
31Minutes of the Board of Managers, 1923-1935
32The Georgia Arch March, 1938
33Class of 1912 Scroll
34Class of 1912 Reunions, 1922-1962
35Class of 1912 Reunions, 1963-1968
5Alumni in Military Service, 1943 June 4
5.11Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 1-202 (prev. bound in Vol. 1), 1901
5.12Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 203-498 (prev. bound in Vol. 1), 1901
5.13Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 499-802 (prev. bound in Vol. 1)
5.14Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 803-1070 (prev. bound in Vol. 1)
5.15Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 1-200 (prev. bound in Vol. 2)
5.16Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 201-402 (prev. bound in Vol. 2)
5.17Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 403-602 (prev. bound in Vol. 2)
5.18Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 603-798 (prev. bound in Vol. 2)
5.19Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 799-914 (prev. bound in Vol. 2)
5.110Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 1-200 (prev. bound in Vol. 3)
5.111Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 201-400 (prev. bound in Vol. 3)
5.112Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 401-596 (prev. bound in Vol. 3)
5.113Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 1-200 (prev. bound in Vol. 4)
5.114Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 201-400 (prev. bound in Vol. 4)
5.115Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 401-598 (prev. bound in Vol. 4)
5.116Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 599-818 (prev. bound in Vol. 4)
5.117Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 1-200 (prev. bound in Vol. 6)
5.118Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 201-400 (prev. bound in Vol. 6)
5.119Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 401-600 (prev. bound in Vol. 6)
5.120Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 601-876 (prev. bound in Vol. 6)
5.121Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 1-200 (prev. bound in Vol. 7)
5.122Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 201-400 (prev. bound in Vol. 7)
5.123Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 401-700 (prev. bound in Vol. 7)
5.124Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 701-900 (prev. bound in Vol. 7)
5.125Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 901-1024 (prev. bound in Vol. 7)
5.21Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 1-200 (prev. bound in Vol. 8)
5.22Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 201-400 (prev. bound in Vol. 8)
5.23Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 401-600 (prev. bound in Vol. 8)
5.24Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 601-774 (prev. bound in Vol. 8)
5.25Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 1-198 (prev. bound in Vol. 9)
5.26Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 199-398 (prev. bound in Vol. 9)
5.27Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 399-602 (prev. bound in Vol. 9)
5.28Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 603-799 (prev. bound in Vol. 9)
5.29Alumni Centennial Biographies, pages 800-918 (prev. bound in Vol. 9)
61Box Containing "Index to Georgia Graduates" A-H
62Box Containing "Index to Georgia Graduates" J-Z
7 1Catalogue of Trustees, Officers, Alumni, & Matriculates of UGA, 1785-1906
7 2Bicentennial Directory- College of Education, 1940-1983
7 3Alumni Number, 1901 October
7 4Diploma- University of North Carolina, 1939 August 6
141Miscellaneous- Partial Speech Listing
142Alumni Society- Judge William R. Hammond, 1899 June 20
143Alumni Society- Eugene R. Black, 1957 June 10
144Baccalaureate- Middleton S. Barnwell, 1937 June 13 (2)
145Phi Kappa Phi Banquet- S. Walter Martin, 1964 May 5
146Commencement- Herbert Hoover, 1926
147Commencement- Young B. Smith, 1927 June 15
148Commencement- Dr. Henry Suzzallo, 1929
149Commencement- George A. Works, 1935
1410Commencement- Sen. Claude Pepper, 1937 June 15
1411Commencement- Edwin R. Embree, 1938 June 14
1412Commencement- M.B. Folsom, 1945 June 11
1413Commencement- Alvin B. Biscoe, 1945 August 25
1414Commencement- Harmon W. Caldwell, 1949 June 11
1415Commencement- John F. Kennedy, 1957 June 10
1416Commencement- Stanley Hoole, 1961 August 17
1417Commencement- Carl Vinson, 1962 June 2
1418Commencement- T.L.K. Smull, 1963 August 15
1419Commencement- S. Ernest Vandiver, 1964 June 6
1420Commencement- Carl E. Sanders, 1965 June 5
1421Commencement- Frank G. Dickey, 1966 August 19
1422Commencement- Tom Johnson, 1978 June 12
1423Commencement- T. Marshall Hahn, Jr., 1980 June 11
1424Commencement- Sam Nunn, 1981 June 13
1425Commencement- Terrell H. Bell, 1982 June 12
1426Commencement- Charlayne Hunter-Gault, 1988 June 11
1427Commencement- Charles Sanford, 1989 June 17
1428Commencement- William Porter Payne, 1990 June 16
1429Commencement- Zell Miller, 1992 June 13
1430Commencement- C. Peter Magrath, 1993 June 12
1431Commencement- Pierre Howard, 1994 June 11
1432Commencement- Sam Nunn, 1995 June 17
1433Commencement- Andrew Young, 1996 June 15
1434Commencement- William Porter Payne, 1997 June 14
1435Commencement- Edward J. Larson, 1998 June 13
1436Commencement- Griffin B. Bell, 1998 December 19
1550th class reunion paperweight
161UGA - Senior Class Pictures, Class of, 1892
16.11Alumni Society-honorary memberships [program and newsclippings], 1961, 1972-1973, 2005
181UGA desegregation "Fight to keep the University open" [correspondence and newclippings], 1961
182"Dixie" controversy [correspondence and newsclippings], 1975-1983
191Franklin College alumni surveys of 1930s-1940s graduates
192Franklin College alumni surveys of 1950s-1960s graduates
201Class of 1896
202Class of 1897
203Class of 1898
204Class of 1901
205Class of 1902
206Class of 1903
207Class of 1904
208Class of 1905
209Class of 1906
2010Class of 1907
2011Class of 1908
2012Class of 1909
2013Class of 1910
2014Class of 1911
2015Class of 1912
2016Class of 1912 Newsletter
2017Class of 1913
2018Class of 1914
2019Class of 1915
2020Class of 1916
2021Class of 1917
2022Class of 1919
2023Class of 1918
2024-28Class of 1921
211Class of 1921 Gateway Fund
212-3Class of 1922
214Class of 1923
215Class of 1924
216-7Class of 1925
218Class of 1926
219-10Class of 1927
2111Class of 1928
2112Class of 1928 alumni questionnaire responses
2113Class of 1935
2114Class of 1936
2115Class of 1937
221Class of 1939
222Class of 1939
223-4Class of 1940
225Class of 1940-1947 Bios
226Class of 1941
227Class of 1942
228-9Class of 1943
2210Class of 1949 Bios
2211Class of 1949
2212Class of 1954
2213Class of 1958 Bios
2214-15Class of 1960
2216Class of 1965
2217Class of 1966
2218Class of 1967
2219Class of 1968
2220Class of 1968 Bios
2221Class of 1969
2222Class of 1970
2223Class of 1971
231Class of 1971
232Class of 1972
233-4Class of 1973
235Class of 1974
236Class of 1975 biographical sketches
237Class of 1975
238Class of 1976
239Class of 1975 scrapbook
2310Class of 1977
2311Class of 1978
2312Class of 1978 biographical sketches
2313Class of 1979
2314Class of 1980
2315Class of 1981
2316Class of 1982
2317Class of 1984
2318Class of 1988 biographic sketches
2319Class of 1991
2320Class Reunion scrapbook
2321Class Reunion scrapbook, 1995-1996
2322Class Reunion scrapbook, 1996
2323Class Reunion scrapbook, 1997
2324Reunion information, 1988
2325Class Reunion general
2326Alumni Day, 1956
2327Alumni Weekend, 1961
2328Alumni Weekend, 1962
2329Alumni Weekend, 1963
2330Alumni Weekend, 1969
2331-32Alumni Weekend, 1970
2333-34Alumni Weekend, 1971
2335Alumni Family of the Year, Dean Tate honored, Alumni Day, 1971
2336Alumni Weekend Pictures, 1972
2337Alumni Weekend, 1972
241-18Alumni Weekend, 1973-1985
251-13Alumni Weekend, 1986-1994
261-18Annual Report, 1971-1988, 1991-1995
2619Report of committee appointed to investigate the Alumni Office, 1954 September 18
2620By-laws of the University of Georgia Alumni Society (corporation) as amended, 1942 May 16
2623Richard Van Almen Correspondence, 1973-1979
2624Louis Markwith, 1981-1983
2625Assistant Director for Alumni Relations, Ralph R. Underwood correspondence , 1982-1985
2626VP for Development and University Relations, Nik Edes correspondence, 1988-1990
2627Harold Hirsch Correspondence 46th annual bid response
2628Chapters Report Memorandums, 1990-1992
2629VP for Development and University Relations, Don Eastman correspondence, 1992-1997
2630Memorandums, 1991-1997
2631Membership Committee Memorandums, 1996
2632Finance Committee Memorandums, 1996-1997
2633Division Directors' Correspondence, 1996-1997
2634Georgia National Alumni Assistant, Carl E. Swearingen correspodence, 1997
2635Director of Alumni Programs and Services, David Muia correspondence, 1996-1997
2636Miscellaneous correspondence
2638-40Miscellaneous memorandums, 1997-1998
2641Charles B. Knapp Administrative file
271Dean Tate correspondence
272William Tate
273Dean Tate automobile fund
274Buckhead Club meetings
275Executive Committee administrative files, 1995-1997
276Alumni Committee administrative files, 1996-1997
277Executive Committee minutes, 1997-1998
278Committee minutes
279-10Official Ballots
2711Affirmative Action
2712Black Alumni
2713Book grants, Butts book
2714Board of Visitors
2715Alumni Society History
2716History Alumni Society
2717Reorganization study report, 1965
2718-20Alumni Society organization and reorganization, 1946, 1956, 1968-1971, 1975
2721Alumni Society Membership Roster, 1953-1954
2722Honor Roll (names of alumni, faculty, and friends who made contributions), 1956
2723UGA Alumni Bulletin, 1906 October
2724Catalogue of the Trustees, officers, alumni, and matriculates of the University of Georgia from 1785-1906 (with an introductory history of UGA through 1900 by A. H. Hull)
2725University of Georgia Graduates Authoritative List 1804-1896
2726Addresses of UGA Alumni
2727Living members of graduating classes 1889-1939
2728Temporary listing of classes 1907-1919, 1933-1936
2729Complete original sheets 1804-1896
2730Class of 1931 roster
2731Lists of students at the Litchfield Law School with the year of the registration as coming from Georgia
2732Complete original sheets 1897-1931
281-10Annual Fund, 1945-1957, 1977-1981, 1984-1988
2811-13Annual Fund Honor Roll Magazine, 1939, 1958-1959, 1961-1963, 1969-1971, 1976-1986
2814Alumni Activities and Fund Raising
2815Council for financial aid to education
2816Membership Dues Program
2817Membership Information, 1999
2818Alumni Program and Activities, 1985-1986
2819UGA Alumni Club in Atlanta
2820Alumni Center
2821National Alumni Assistant Program information, 1997-1998
2822Alumni Society Charter
2823Job Descriptions
291WPA Roster of UGA Graduates and Matriculates 1804-1909 4 volumes
292-5WPA Roster: UGA Catalogue 1804-1909, 1901-1906
296-7Georgia Alumni Record Index
298Working list of biographical references, random sketches added to chronology sheets
299Litchfield chronologies, file
2910Miscellaneous biographical sketches used in the chronology
2911Random Biographical Sketches
2912Biographical information taken from who's who Georgia Students and miscellaneous sketches
2913Chronologies 1833-1839, 1872
2914Working list of biographical references, random sketches added to chronologies
2915Brook, William, Class of 1886 Alumni Sketches
2916Park, Andrew Dallas, 1898 Alumni Sketches
2917Articles written by UGA Alumni
2918Memorial in honor of Judge Nash Rose Broyles written by Governor John Marshall Slaton, 1947 September 23
2919"Tribute to a Great American-Georgia Foster Peabody" Harry Hodgson, 1993
2920"Georgia Alumni Record" clippings miscellaneous
2921Herschel J. Walker
2922Honorary Alumni
2923Alumni, Prominent
2924Alumni leaders in business and industry
301-19Board of Managers Minutes, 1923-1973
311-14Board of Managers Minutes, 1974-1995
3115Board of Managers Lists
3116-26Annual Report, 1960-1971
321-4Inaugurals, 1997-1999
325Reunion Yearbook, 1991-1995
326Georgia Alumni Record Magazine, 1991-1992,1995
327State Normal School Class Entrance Card, 1919
328State Normal School Textbook List, 1919-1920
329State Normal School Class Day presented to Senior Class of 1921, 1921
3210State Normal School Georgia State Teachers College, 1948, 1957-1975
3211-13State Normal School (SNS), 1957-1988
3214SNS Alumni Association, 1988
3215SNS Centennial , 1991
3216State Normal School, 1981-1987
3217SNS Faculty Members
3218SNS By-laws and minutes
3219History of State Normal School
331-3Founders Day Awards, 1990-1993
334Founders Day Awards Dinner Programs, 1976-1993
335-18Alumni Merit Awards, 1959-1982
3319-20Alumni Awards Committee information
3321Alumni Awards
3322Alumni Family of the year, 1970
3323-26Alumni Seminar, 1963-1977, 1983-1992
341-14Annual Alumni Seminar, 1974, 1977-1983, 1986-1990
3415-17Bicentennial of the University of Georgia, 1985
3418Miscellaneous Administrative Files
3419Alumni House Alterations Specifications
3420Renovations of Alumni House
3421Alumni House Renovation Correspondence
3423Promotional Materials
3425Miscellaneous brochures
3426Solicitation bochures
3427School Day Treasures
3428Points of Pride
3429Danbury Mint
351Milestone Traditions
352MCI WorldCom
353The Miss University of Georgia Pageant, 1983
354A Man and a Memorial Richard B Russell
355The Georgia Club
356Alumni Photos- Justus F. Owens, 1915
357Alumni Photos- Lt. Edmund Brewer Tate, Class of 1917, 326 inf., 82nd Division (Killed in Action, 10/12/1918, Argonne) , 1917
358Alumni Photos- 1st Lt. Y. Lyons Joel
359Alumni Photos- Beverly Daniel Evens, Jr.
3510Alumni Photos- Lt. James A. Etheridge- Medical Officers Reserve Corps., 1912
3511Alumni Photos- Carl P. Goldsmith, 1916
3512Alumni Photos- 1st Lt. Joseph N. Neel, 1911
3513Alumni Photos- Henry Lee Jewett Williams, 1907
3514Alumni Photos- Guy S. Strickland, 1908
3515Alumni Photos- William Ogesby, 1912
3516Alumni Photos- Lt. Eralbert Talmadge Miller, 1910
3517Alumni Photos- Lt. Roy E. Lanham, 1912
3518Alumni Photos- Lt. Calvin George, 1914
3519Alumni Photos- Walter H. Levi, 1914
3520Alumni Photos- Macon C. Overton, 1914
3521Alumni Photos- Chester P. Adair, 1915
3522Alumni Photos- Henry W. Brown, 1916
3523Alumni Photos- Elliott Muse Braxton, 1917
3524Alumni Photos- Howell B. Cobb, 1917
3525Alumni Photos- Marion F. Wilson, 1917
3526Alumni Photos- Paul B. Minter, 1919
3527Alumni Photos- Robert Jones Cochran, 1918
3528Alumni Photos- Class of , 1870
3529Alumni Photos- Class of , 1877
3530Alumni Photos- (including photo of Judge Richard B. Russell, Sr.) Class of, 1879
3531Alumni Photos- Class of , 1887
3532Alumni Photos- Class of , 1887
3533Alumni Photos - (Thos. W. Reed in center back with grandchildren) Class of, 1888
3534Alumni Photos- Class of , 1895
3535Alumni Photos- (includes photo of Prof. W.D. Payne) Class of, 1900
3536Alumni Photos- Class of, 1902
3537Alumni Photos- (includes photo of R. Preston Brooks) Class of , 1903
3538Alumni Photos- Class of , 1917
3539Alumni Photos- (including photo Sen. Richard B. Russell, Jr.) Class of, 1918
3540Alumni Photos- Class of , 1922
3541Alumni Photos- Class of , 1923
3542Alumni Photos- Class of , 1925
3543Alumni Photos- Alumni Day, 1925
3544Alumni Photos -Class , 1926
3545Alumni Photos- Henry T. Gillespie, 1917
3546Alumni Photos- John L. Derrick, 1918
3547Alumni Photos- Walter Forbes, Jr.
3548-54Alumni pictures, 1966, 1968
3555Bulldog Golf Classic
3556Alumni Record photos, 1981 May-June
3557Class Reunion pictures
3559Miscellaneous photos
3560Alumni Weekend photos before 1965
3561Alumni pictures
3562Tyus Butler photos
3563Miscellaneous photos
3564Alumni Weekend pictures
361Alumni Reunion photos
362-6Alumni Society slides
367Alumni Seminar slides, 1973
368Young Alumni Committee slides, 1973
37Reunion t-shirts
1Blueprints of alterations to the Alumni House, 1973, 1975
2First year of work, H. I. Abney, 1921-1922