Frederick C. Davison papers

Frederick C. Davison papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Frederick C. Davison papers
Creator: Davison, Fred C., (Fred Corbet), 1929-2004
Inclusive Dates: 1937-1988
Language(s): English
Extent: 141.75 Linear Feet (142 boxes)
Collection Number: UA97-101
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Biographical/Historical note

Fred Davison was appointed as the University of Georgia's 17th President in July 1967, inaugurated on July 1, 1968, and served until June 30, 1986, the third longest presidential tenure in the University's history. His presidency was marked by an unprecedented expansion in depth, size, variety, and quality of the University's research programs, its public service outreach programs, library resources, faculty and student body, and post-graduate education. Under his leadership, the University attained a ranking among the nation's top 50 research universities; its increased library holdings placed the University in America's top 30 libraries; and the institution became nationally ranked in the total number of honors students enrolled. Research expenditures grew from $15.6 million to more than $96 million during his presidency, reflecting a significant increase in competitively awarded contracts and grants received by the University of Georgia. Enrollment grew from 15,600 to 25,000 and graduate student enrollment more than doubled to 4,500.

Scope and Content

While the chronological bulk of the records from the Frederick C. Davison Papers covers his tenure as President of the University of Georgia from 1967 to 1986, there are also documents to be found in the papers dating from as early as 1937 and as recently as 1988. The broad groupings within the Davison papers do not break geographically into cohesive series, beyond certain interactions with entities such as the university system Board of Regents, but it is fair to characterize several broad subject categories as series by virtue of the volume of records present in the accession. It should be noted that the location of records within certain of these series may well not be confined to a single geography within the larger body of Davison records. 1) Administrative Interactions with Deans and Vice Presidents 2) Athletics 3) Correspondence File 4) Developmental Studies 5) Inaugural Files. 6) Speeches 7) Student Affairs/Student Unrest 8) University of Georgia Bicentennial 9) University System of Georgia/Board of Regents.

Organization and Arrangement

The collection is arranged as a large, continuous Administrative Subject/Correspondence file.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Frederick C. Davison papers, UA97-101, University Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University Archives, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Inventory, 1981-1982
12Membership Correspondence, 1981-1982
13President's Home, 1981-1982
14-9Academic Affairs Advisory Committee, 1973-1986
110President Emeritus Aderhold, 1951-1974
111Administrative Council, 1966-1972
112-13Admissions, 1965-1985
114Aeck Associates Campus Development Plan, 1967-1968
115Affirmation: Vietnam, 1965
116Agency for International Development, 1961-1971
117Inventory, 1983-1984
118President's office, 1983-1984
119Wheatley/Davison Discretionary Fund
120Membership Correspondence, 1982-1983
121Purchasing, 1982-1983
122Inventory, 1982-1983
123President's home, 1982-1983
124Membership Correspondence, 1983-1984
125Paintings preservation, 1981-1982
124-25Agriculture, College of, 1984-1986
21-10Agriculture, College of, 1966-1985
211Agriculture in the 21st Century Richmond, Virgina, 1983 April 11-13
212-18College of Agriculture , 1956-1969
31Beef Cattle – Swine-Dairy Barn, 1966-1970
32Agriculture-College of Dairy Department , 1962-1976
33Agrirama, 1970
34College of Agriculture Environmental Health Science, 1968-1980
35-7Agricultural Experiment Stations, 1974-1986
38-10College of Agriculture Experiment Stations, 1965-1971
311Griffin Experiment Station Matter, 1967-1968
312-13College of Agriculture Experiment Stations, 1968-1974
314College of Experiment Stations - leases, 1973-1975
315Cooperative Extension Service, 1983-1984
41College of Agriculture Experiment Stations (Leases), 1971-1973
42College of Agriculture (sales of timber, leases for rentals), 1969-1971
43Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service , 1984-1986
44Jordan, Ruby S., 1971-1972
45-15College of Agriculture Extension Service, 1967-1982
416Agriculture-Horticulture, 1964-1985
51Georgia Office of Fair Employment Practices, 1979-1980
52Affirmative Action Plan for Meeting Nondiscriminatory Legal Standards in Employment and the Conduct of All Programs by the Georgia Cooperative Extension Service, 1973
53Agriculture Food Science, 1962-1981
54Agriculture-College of Landscape Architecture , 1964-1971
55College of Agriculture – Plant Pathology, 1969-1986
56-7Agriculture– Poultry Science, 1972-1985
58-9College of Rural Development Center , 1968-1980
510Soil Testing Laboratory , 1967
511Aircraft, 19671986
512President Davison Notes for Fund Raising Drive, 1971-1973
513-18Alumni Society, 1976-1986
61-4Alumni Society, 1968-1984
65A Chronology of Recent Demonstrations, 1970
66-7American Association of University Professors, 1968-1982
68-9American Council on Education, 1962-1986
610ACE Committee on Education, 1962-1984
611-12ACE Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics, 1977-1984
613-14American Council on Education, 1982-1983
615Arts and Sciences-Philosophy and Religion, 1982
616Assistant to President R.C. Anderson, 1984-1985
617American Institute for Public Service, 1974-1984
618Andrew Young Endowment, 1977-1979
619Annual Report (with correspondence), 1984-1985
620Applications, 1971-1985
621Correspondence regarding Annual Reports, 1966-1983
622Argo, Bob, 1977-1983
623Art Department, 1968-1972
71-11College of Arts and Sciences, 1955-1986
712Selecting a New Dean for Arts And Sciences, 1967
713African American Studies, 1969-1980
714Anthropology, 1972-1985
715-16Biochemistry, 1964-1985
717-18Biological Sciences, 1962-1986
719Biological Sciences Visitation Committee, 1975-1976
720College of Arts and Sciences , 1976
81-2Botany, 1962-1986
83-7Chemistry Department, 1961-1986
88Classics Department, 1967-1986
89-10Computer Science, 1983-1985
811Drama and Theatre, 1968
812-13English, 1963-1985
814Brown, Calvin/Montgomery, Marion, 1971-1976
815Entomology, 1953
816Genetics, 1978
817Genetics and Molecular Biology, 1976
818-19Geology, 1961-1983
91Geography, 1963-1984
92Geographical Studies in Georgia, 1965
93-4History, 1964-1986
95Languages, 1965-1986
96Romance languages, 1969-1974
97-8Mathematics, 1970-1983
99-10Center for Applied Mathematics, 1978-1986
911Microbiology, 1967
912-13Music, 1963-1986
914Philosophy and Religion, 1964-1986
915-17Physics, 1966-1986
918-19Political Science, 1962-1985
920-22Psychology, 1962-1981
101-2College of Arts and Sciences - Senate , 1974-1977
103Social Sciences, 1976
104College of Arts and Sciences Senate, 1976-1977
105-6Sociology, 1962-1983
107Homer C. Cooper, 1964-1975
108Speech, 1968-1969
109Statistics, 1964-1985
1010Zoology, 1961-1985
1011Aspen Institute Forum , 1983
1012Association of American Colleges, 1965-1983
1013Association of American Universities, 1974-1986
1014Athletic Association, 1985-1986
111Athletic Association, 1985-1986
112Proposed Budget Athletic Association, 1986-1987
113City of Athens, 1953
114-12Athletic Association, 1973-1986
121Athletic Association Charter and Bylaws, 1972-1974
122Sugar Bowl, 1980-1981
123-10Alumni Association, 1968-1985
1211Sugar Bowl New Orleans Itinerary, 1968-1969
1212Letters From Banks Re Loans, 1966
1213Athletic Association, 1972-1973
1214-17Commencement, 1979-1985
1218-19Athletic Department, 1969-1970
1220Athletic Association, 1966-1969
131-2Athletic Association Board of Directors, 1959-1976
133Atlanta Area Citizens Advisory Committee, 1985-1986
134-5Women's Athletics, 1976-1986
136Atlanta Newspaper Visit, 1981
137Letters, 1976
138Atlanta Constitution Series, 1972-1976
139Atomic Energy Commission, 1960-1974
1310Attorney General, 1968-1973
1311-17Commencement, 1976-1984
141-3Commencement, 1974-1975
144Baptist Centers, 1967
145Biotechnology, 1985-1986
146Correspondence to President Davison from Cornelis J. Ten Haaf, 1983
147Illinois Agricultural Economics Staff Paper , 1979-1987
148Biotechnology and Chemistry Symposium, 1983
149Biotechnology/Biological Sciences/Complex Carbohydrate Research Center, 1984-1985
1410Bookstore, 1967-1982
1411-15Botanical Gardens, 1968-1982
1416Botanical Garden-Advisory Board, 1968-1976
1417Bridge At Sanford Stadium, 1979
1418Paul Broun, 1967-1985
151Buckley Amendment, 1974-1975
152-4Budgets, 1967-1985
155Budget Freeze, 1975
156Committee on Naming of Buildings, 1976-1980
157-8Naming of Buildings, 1959-1973
159Governor Busbee, 1975-1982
1510Institute for Business (SBDC), 1980
1511-12Small Business Development Center, 1982-1984
1513College of Business Administration Small Bus. Dev. Center, 1979-1981
1514University Business Development Center, 1977-1978
1515-18College of Business Administration, 1982-1986
161-9College of Business Administration, 1968-1981
1610College of Business Admin. Center for Automation and Society, 1968-1972
1611College of Business Administration, 1962-1968
1612College of Business Administration Selection of a new Dean, 1967
1613-14Callaway Foundation, 1968-1986
1615-16Office Of Campus Planning And Development, 1967-1980
171-5Office of Campus Planning and Development, 1973-1986
176Campus Solicitation Policies, 1974-1980
177Carnegie Foundation, 1964-1976
178Governor Carter, 1971-1984
179Cemetery, 1981-1982
1710Center for Advanced Ultrastructural Research, 1983
1711Center for Research in College Instruction of Science and Mathematics, 1964-1971
1712Center for Science and Public Policy, 1984-1985
1713Center for Theoretical Research in Humanities, 1984
1714Chamber of Commerce, 1968
1715Chicopee Property Gift, 1979
1716Chi Phi Fraternity, 1965-1966
1717Climatologist Program, 1978
1718Robert D Cole, 1970-1976
1719Coliseum, 1965-1971
1720College Entrance Examination Board, 1967-1986
1721Complex Carbohydrate Research Center, 1985
1722The Conference Board – Key Largo, Florida, 1981-1983
1723-26College Football Association, 1982-1985
181-4Georgia Football Association, 1981-1982
185-13College Football Association Meeting , 1981-1982
1814National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association, 1981
1815-18College Football Association, 1978-1980
1819College Football Association Meeting - Atlanta, Georgia, 1981 March 9
191Committee-Advanced Technology (Ad Hoc), 1982
192Committee-Auxiliary Enterprises, 1968
193Committee-Biosafety, 1976-1985
194Committee-Building And Grounds, 1968-1969
195-6Committee-Copyrights And Patents, 1966-1986
197Committee-UGA Bicentennial, 1973-1977
198Committee on Grievance, 1971
199Committee on Campus Planning And Improvement, 1971
1910Committee on Courtesy Titles, 1965-1970
1911Committee on Curriculum, 1961-1974
1912Committee on Laboratory Animal Care, 1970-1977
1913Committee on Coordinate Records Management Program and Archives Program, 1969
1914Committee on the Oceanographers Research Institute, 1967-1968
1915Committee on Personnel Services Division, 1968
1916Committee to Study Official University Personnel Files, 1977
1917Committee on Radiation Safety, 1961-1984
1918Committee on Savannah River Nuclear Education Committee, 1969-1970
1919Committee on Sex Education, 1971-1974
1920Committee to Review Solicitation Policies of UGA, 1974-1975
1921Committee on Staff Benefits, 1967-1976
1922Committee on Revision Of Statutes, 1970-1982
1923Committe on Drug Use and Abuse, 1970-1974
1924Committee on Statutes, 1965-1972
1925Committee on University Undergraduate Scholarship, 1961-1985
1926Committee on Student Affairs, 1956-1968
1927Committee to Study Expenditures for Office Furnishings, 1968-1970
1928Committee on University Drives, 1967-1979
201University System of Georgia Drug Education Program, 1973
202Committee on University Campus Improvement, 1967-1970
203Committee to Establish UGA/Yale University Ties, 1969
204Community Wellness Council, 1984
205Community and Area Development, Institute of, 1965-1985
206-17Computer Center, 1966-1985
2018The Conference Board - Key Largo, Florida, 1984
2019Center for Continuing Education, 1985-1986
2020National University Continuing Education Association, 1985
211Center for Continuing Education, 1983-1985
212-3Continuing Higher Education Leadership, 1985
214-17Center for Continuing Education, 1967-1983
2118Council on Gerontology, 1970-1975
2119Cost Per Student Quarter Hour, 1976
2120Credit Hour Production, 1980-1981
2121Credit Union, 1967
2122Curriculum Study, 1969-1972
2123-24Criminal Justice, 1975-1983
2125Contracts and Grants, 1981-1982
2126Peter Kwon, 1977-1978
221-9Contracts And Grants, 1976-1986
231-3Contracts , 1972-1978
234-5Contracts, Leases, Agreements, Etc., 1973-1975
236Contract Purchasing of Perishable Food-Progress Report, 1967
241Letters of Support, 1986
242President Fred C. Davison, 1986
243Dr. Fred C. Davison Vice Chancellor, 1967
244-6Degrees Conferred, 1974-1982
247-8Developmental Studies, 1973-1985
249-10Regents' Audit of Developmental Studies, 19811986
2411Developmental Studies, 1985-1986
251Developmental Studies, 1985-1986
252Dr. Fred C. Davison Resignation Letter, 1986
253Correspondence with Attorney General Michael Bowers, 1986
254-5Education, College of, 1984-1986
256-7Institute of Ecology, 1961-1986
258Dixie, 1971-1981
259Diplomat in Residence, 1979-1981
2510Special Studies Program, 1974-1976
2511-18College Of Education, 1970-1984
261-2College of Education, 1966-1970
263U.S. Department of Education, 1983-1985
264Excellence in Education, 1983
265Education Commission of the States, 1966-1977
266Electronic Data Processing, 1965-1968
267Emergency Procedures, 1970
268Energy, 1973-1980
269Energy Institute, 1974-1975
2610Environmental Center Council, 1970-1977
2611-13School of Environmental Design, 1968-1986
2614Environmental Safety Council, 1976-1980
2615-17Equal Opportunity Office, 1981-1986
2618-21Equal Employment Opportunity Office, 1972-1981
271-2Equal Employment Opportunity, 1974-1982
273Extra Compensation Policy, 1969-1980
274Faculty Meetings and Correspondence, 1973-1974
275Confidential Faculty Affairs, 1973
276Faculty Assignment Reports, 1984
277Faculty By-Laws, 1950s
278Faculty Club, 1951-1982
279Neurobiology, 1977
2710Faculty Meetings, 1973
2711Faculty Tour, 1977-1985
2712Faculty Leave Policy, 1975-1976
2713J. W Fanning, 1971-1985
2714Fine Arts Theatre, 1977-1986
2715Ford Foundation, 1962-1976
2716-17Ford Foundation Curriculum Management Project , 1975
2718Foreign Policy Association, 1964-1966
2719Bicentennial Report for School of Forest Resources, 1985
281-5School of Forest Resources, 1967-1986
286School of Forestry Proposal for Field headquarters for Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife Department of Interior, 1967-1970
287School of Forestry - Hardman Forest Property, 1964-1969
288Fulbright Faculty Adviser, 1967-1981
289-13General Assembly, 1970-1984
2814Beaver Teaching Chairs, 1978-1985
2815General Research, 1969-1975
2816Georgia Association of Educators, 1976-1980
2817General Services Administration, 1961-1964
2818Georgia Association of Colleges, 1966-1984
2819Georgia Institute for Research, Inc. (GIRI), 1968-1971
2820Georgia Council On Economic Education, 1983-1986
2821Georgia Museum of Art, 1981-1986
291-2Georgia Museum of Art, 1967-1981
294Georgia Council On Economic Education, 1971-1983
295Georgia Power Company, 1982-1985
296Georgia Review, 1967-1986
297Georgia Science and Technology Commission, 1964-1972
298Georgia Tech, 1966-1985
299Global Policy Studies, 1980-1982
2910Advisory Committee on Goals of the University, 1976
2911Institute Of Government, 1967-1986
2912-13Governor's Committee on Post-Secondary Education - Stadium Hotel, 1978-1982
2914Governor's Conference On Education, 1967-1980
2915-19Graduate School, 1979-1986
301-2Graduate School, 1980-1981
303-6Graduate School Faculty, 1968-1981
307Nat A. Hardin – Electric Power Generating Site – Oconee River, 1977-1979
308Graduate School Dean Search, 1979-1981
309Dean Hardy M. Edwards, 1978-1980
3010-14Graduate School, 1967-1979
311Study of Graduate School Committee, 1968-1969
312Graduate School, 1986
313-6Graduate Faculty, 1981-1986
317Governor Joe Frank Harris, 1983-1986
318Board of Regents - Roy V Harris, 1971-1974
319-13Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW), 1967-1980
3114Health Services, 1968-1978
3115-16Institute Of Higher Education, 1964-1986
3117Higher Education Subcommittee, 1979
3118-20College of Home Economics, 1976-1986
321School of Home Economics, 1963-1977
322Honors Program, 1960-1985
323Housing And Home Finance Agency, 1956
324House/Senate Higher Education Committee Visit, 1979
325Institute of Human Resources, 1964
326IBM Corporation, 1964-1985
327-8Industrial Interface Program, 1981-1986
329Institute For Behavioral Research, 1970-1984
3210-14Institutional Research And Planning, 1973-1986
3215Instructional Development Task Force, 1969
3216Integration of UGA Court Order, 1961
3217Internal Auditing, 1972
3218-19International Development, 1981-1986
3220International Education, 1978-1980
3221Samples Of Invitations, 1950s-1980s
3222Jayhole Club, 1979
3223-26Joint Tech-Georgia Development Fund, 1967-1986
331-9School Of Journalism, 1963-1986
3310Kellogg Foundation, 1974-1986
3311Key Volunteer Seminar, 1982-1984
3312-13U.S. Department Of Labor, 1978-1982
3314-17School Of Law, 1976-1986
341-4School Of Law, 1967-1976
345School of Law Selection of Dean, 1972-1973
346School Of Law Advisory Committee – New Dean, 1972-1973
347Law School Board of Visitors, 1965
348Letters Of Support, 1976-1977
349Rusk Center, 1977-1986
3410-13Libraries, 1963-1977
351-5Libraries, 1976-1986
356Library Science, 1963-1973
357Libraries, 1977-1978
358Library Situation, 1977
359A Survey of the Libraries of the University of Georgia By Robert B. Downs, 1966
3510Lovett Foundation, 1977
3511Lucy Cobb, 1953-1975
3512Honorable Lester G. Maddox - Governor of Georgia, 1967-1969
361Lucy Cobb, 1978-1986
362Lustrat House, 1975-1977
363Management Information System, 1967-1969
364Sea Grant Program, 1970-1984
365-6Marine Sciences, 1978-1986
367-13Marine Institute , 1966-1977
3614Memberships, 1959-1980
3615Memos to Faculty, 1973-1976
3616Mineral Rights Leasing Operation-Off-shore phosphate mining operations, 1968
3617Museum of Natural History, 1985-1977
3618Mobile Laboratory, 1973-1974
3619National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1963-1979
3620National Academy of Sciences
3621National Association of State Universities And Land Grant Colleges (NASULGC), 1968-1986
371National Association of State Universities and Land Grand Colleges-Marine Division, 1983-1985
372-10National Association of State Universities and Land Grand Colleges (NASULGC), 1968-1982
3711-13Commission on Veterinary Medicine , 1980-1982
3714National Conference on Public Service and Extension, 1974
3715National Commission On Accrediting, 1964-1965
3716-17National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), 1980-1985
3718-19National Association of State Universities And Land Grant Colleges (NASULGC), 1978-1984
3720National Foundation on the Arts and Humanities Act, 1965-1972
3721News Media, 1982
381-6News Media, 1967-1986
387-8National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), 1976-1982
389Nobel Peace Prize, 1980-1983
3810Nursing Program – Medical College of Georgia, 1973-1974
3811National Merit Scholars, 1972-1976
3812National Science Foundation, 1972-1985
3813National Security Seminar, 1984
3814Natural Products Institute, 1976-1983
3815North East Georgia Area Employment and Training Council, 1982
3816Natural Resources, 1964-1985
3817Senator Sam Nunn, 1975-1985
3818Oak Ridge Associated University Incorporated Oak Ridge, Tennessee, 1964-1986
3819Okefenokee Swamp, 1981-1986
391Organization, 1967-1972
392PVO/University Rural Development Center (Cotton Robinson), 1979
393-4Organization For Tropical Studies, 1964-1985
395Faculty of Parasitology, 1977
396Parents Association, 1972-1976
397Parking Decks, 1980
398-9Personnel Division, 1979-1983
3910Personnel Office, 1973-1976
3911Personnel Director, 1965-1975
3912-18College Of Pharmacy, 1968-1983
401Deanship Search School Of Pharmacy, 1976-1977
402-5Physical Plant, 1967-1986
406Placement, 1956-1974
407-8Portraits, 1951-1978
409Post Office, 1952-1962
4010Pre-graduate Program, 1961
4011-44President's Home/Receptions, 1949-1985
4045-46President's Office, 1965-1981
411-2President's Office, 1979-1980
413-4President's Seminars, 1975-1977
415Prince Charles' Visit to UGA, 1977
416Printing Department–Adams/Nelson V. President, 1978-1979
417-8Printing , 1971-1978
419-14Promotions , 1969-1986
4115Procurement, 1971-1974
4116-18Provost , 1974-1977
421-2Provost, 1967-1974
423Public Administration Proposed Program, 1971
424-16Division Of Public Safety, 1972-1984
431Divison of Public Safety, 1969-1972
432Department Of Public Relations , 1964-1974
433Public Service and Federal University Partnership , 1973
434Queries, 1980-1986
435The Red And Black Independence, 1980-1983
436-11Registrar, 1968-1986
4312Rescission Of Degree, 1984-1985
4313Reorganization and Management Improvement Project, 1972
4314Research Advisory Council, 1977-1979
4315-18UGA Research Foundation, 1982-1986
441-8UGA Research Foundation, 1977-1984
449Wage and Salary Plan for Classified Personnel, 1986
4410Non-Academic Personnel Classification System, 1972
4411-12Research Park, 1963-1975
4413-17ROTC, 1973-1986
451-2ROTC, 1968-1980
453Rhodes Scholarships, 1963-1977
454Research Professorships, 1977
455David Dean Rusk, 1969-1971
456-17Richard B. Russell Foundation/Library, 1973-1986
461-7Richard B. Russell Foundation/Library, 1970 -1976
468-10Senator Richard B. Russell, 1960-1970
4611Savannah River Ecology Lab Prog., 1984
4612Scholarships, 1976-1986
4613Southeast Utilization Lab, 1964-1970
4614-16Southeastern Conference (SEC), 1977-1986
471-18Southeastern Conference (SEC), 1973-1986
481-5Southeastern Conference (SEC), 1966-1979
486Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, 1976-1977
487Science Fair, 1967-1982
488Sea Grant Program, 1981
489-10Semester System, 1981-1986
4811Senior Faculty Advisor, 1979
4812Chancellor Simpson, 1968-1979
4813-15School of Social Work, 1965-1982
491-2School of Social Work, 1974-1986
493Smith, James F.-College of Veterinary Medicine, 1973-1974
494-7Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, 1979-1986
498Final Report of Steering Committee-Second Draft, 1971
499-14Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, 1962-1978
4915Southern Growth Policies Board, 1984
4916-17Southern Association of Land Grant Colleges and State Universities, 1963-1989
4918-19Southern Regional Education Board (SREB), 1976-1985
501-4Southern Regional Education Board (SREB), 1966-1978
505Final Report of the Steering Committee, 1970-1971
506-7Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Reaffirmation Committee, 1979-1980
508Self Study, 1980
509Self Study Follow Up, 1981-1982
5010-12Self Study, 1970s-1980
511Southern Regional Opera, 1969-1973
513-4Southern University Conference , 1960-1983
515Space Utilization Study, 1967-1986
516-7Special Studies, 1977-1978
518Speaker Murphy's Visit, 1978
519Speakers Off Campus, 1963-1968
5110Statues of the University of Georgia, 1981-1982
5111Stamp – Phi Beta Kappa, 1975
5112Stauss-Department of Science Education, 1971-1972
5113Congressman Robert G. Stephens, 1967-1975
5114Material on North Carolina Speaker Ban Law-Statement to Read, 1965
5115Student Affairs – Housing, 1966-1978
5116Student Affairs – Financial Aid, 1972-1982
5117-19Student Affairs, 1976-1984
521-3Student Affairs, 1978-1986
524Davison Speeches, 1984
525-13Student Affairs, 1969-1983
531-17Student Affairs, 1961-1993
5318-20Board of Student Communications, 1964-1985
541-2Student Center, 1962-1983
543Black Student Union (Robert Benham), 1969
544Ad Hoc Committee to Assure Students Due Process in Disciplinary Matters, 1968
545Committee to Prepare Statement on Disruptive and Obstructive Behavior, 1968
546-7Black Student Union, 1969-1974
548-10Student Affairs , 1970-1972
5411Student Credit Hours, 1969-1974
5412Advisory Committe on Summer Internship Program in State Government, 1965-1966
5413Student Council, 1950-1951
5414Vietnam, Kent State, Local Blacks, 1970
5415Student Senate Minutes, 1969-1972
5416Letters, 1968
551Student Affairs , 1970
552Shockley Affair, 1974-1975
553Streaking, 1974
554Taylor B. Knox and Chi Phi Fraternity, 1976
555Student Government Association Vote of No Confidence, 1974
556UGA Dialogue, 1971
557Fred Bates – Proposed Survey, 1976-1977
558Survey Research Center, 1976
559Student Demonstration, 1968
5510Student Affairs-Sit In in President's Office, 1972-1973
5511Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), 1967-1968
5512Teacher Retirement System, 1968-1986
5513Telephone Survey, 1964-1982
5514Technical Services Act, 1964-1969
5515Tenure, 1980-1986
561-4Tenure, 1972-1981
565Title IX, 1972-1980
566Herman Talmadge, 1968-1978
567-8Title IX, 1972-1980
569-10University Bicentennial , 1981-1983
5611-13Title IX, 1977-1978
571-3Title IX, 1972-1979
574Meeting - Washington DC with Secretary HEW Califano, 1977
575Meeting - Washington DC - Intercollegiate Athletics and Governmental Administered Programs, 1977
576Travel Regulations of the University, 1964-1980
577University Bicentennial, 1983-1985
578Travel, 1970
579-11University Bicentennial , 1980-1981
5712Board of Visitors, 1983-1985
581Title IX, 1977
582United Way Drives, 1984-1985
583UGA Capitol Fund Campaign, 1981-1982
584-6Board of Visitors, 1981-1983
587-13University Center in Georgia, 1967-1986
591University of Center of Georgia, 1974-1976
592-13University Council, 1974-1986
601-2University Council, 1966-1975
603-8University Foundation, 1981-1986
611-8University Foundation, 1939-1986
621-11University Foundation, 1963-1985
631-4University Foundation, 1968-1978
635Alumni Foundation Distinguished Professors, 1976-1978
636University Foundation Professorships, 1970-1973
637-8Terrell Professorship, 1979
639University Professors, 1978-1979
6310-12University Foundation, 1965-1972
6313-14Universities–Other, 1967-1986
641-3Universities-Other, 1973-1980
644-7University Press, 1961-1986
648Alumni Foundation Distinguished Professor, 1980-1983
649University Relations, 1966-1972
6410-15University System of Georgia, 1964-1988
651-12University System of Georgia, 1971-1978
661-9University System of Georgia, 1968-1980
6610Use of Institution Facilities, 1979
6611-12University System of Georgia, 1973-1981
671-7 University System of Georgia, 1976-1982
681-14University System of Georgia, 1977-1986
691-12University System of Georgia, 1961-1985
701-16 University System of Georgia, 1971-1986
7017-18University System of Georgia-International Education, 1968-1973
711-3University System of Georgia-International Education, 1971-1977
714-7University System of Georgia/University of Georgia Desegregation , 1979-1985
718Records Management, 1971-1977
718-13University System Studies Abroad, 1970-1977
721-2Teacher Education, 1965-1991
724-5University System of Georgia Transfer of Credit, 1967-1973
726Special Studies, 1977-1979
727University System of Georgia Uniform Grading Policy, 1973-1977
728Developmentall Studies, 1981
729Human Resources-University Consortium Steering Committee, 1972
7210-17College of Veterinary Medicine, 1978-1986
731-11College of Veterinary Medicine, 1968-1978
741-9College of Veterinary Medicine, 1967-1974
7410-20Vice President Academic Affairs, 1977-1986
7421-22Vice President for Business and Finance, 1977-1983
751-4Vice President for Business and Finance, 1976-1983
755-7Capital Campaign Fund, 1979-1985
758-11Vice President for Development, 1976-1985
761-10Vice President for Development, 1973-1986
7611-16Vice President for Instruction, 1967-1977
7617Abstract of Report to Regents, 1976
7618-19Administrative Structure, 1976-1977
771Administrative Structure, 1976
772-3Vice President for Business and Finance, 1977
774Booklets–Audit Reports, 1976
775-12Vice President for Business and Finance, 1968-1976
781-2Vice President for Business and Finance, 1968-1972
785Comptroller, 1959-1968
786-11Vice President for Research , 1978-1986
791-14Vice President for Research, 1968-1983
7915-17Vice President for Services, 1983-1986
801-11Vice President for Services , 1974-1983
8012-14Vice President for Student Affairs, 1980-1986
811-2Vice President and Deans Meetings, 1973-1974
813Water Resources Research Center , 1964-1985
814Wilkins House, 1969-1978
815Winthrop Rockefeller Award for Distinguished Rural Service, 1979
816Year of the Bible, 1983-1984
817White Avenue Closing, 1970-1971
818Youth Development Center, 1970
818-18 Board of Regents, 1976-1977
821-25Board of Regents , 1977-1980
831-21Board of Regents , 1980-1981
1411Policies of The Board of Regents University System of Georgia, 1973 March 23
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841-4University System, 1983-1985
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858-10UGA General Catalog, 1967-1971
8511UGA Student Fees, 1970-1971
8512Correspondence, 1987
85a1Correspondence, 1973-1975
85a2Correspondence, 1975-1977
85a3Correspondence, 1975-1977
861Correspondence, 1988
862Committee on Student Fees, 1981-1982
863Points of Pride-Office of Public Relations , 1995-1996
864Brag File, 1982-1985
865One Year Index for Minutes of the Board of Regents, 1978-1979
866One Year Index for Minutes of the Board of Regents, 1977-1978
867Brown-Faced Metal Address Caddy (Includes Addresses and Other Information), 1970s-1980s
868-25Board of Regents Meeting, 1965-1966
871-28Board of Regents Meeting, 1963-1966
8729Arts and Sciences Search Committee, 1977-1978
8730Committee Schedules, 1977-1978
8730Central Duplicating, 1978
8732Newspaper Clippings of Job Descriptions and Ads , 1977-1978
8733Arts and Sciences College of Dean Search, 1977-1978
8734Nominations, 1978
8735Vice President for Academic Affairs Search–Sample Forms, 1976-1977
8736Subcommittee on Development of Criteria, 1977-1978
8737Candidates Listings, 1978
8738Candidate Evaluation Form (Blank), 1970s
8739Declinations, 1978
881Inaugural Committee– Chairman Lamar Dodd Working Committee Papers, 1968
882Inaugural Invitations and Tickets, 1968
883Inaugural Calendars, 1968
884Inaugural Correspondence–From Committee to Invited Delegates, 1968
885Inaugural Programs, 1968
886Correspondence – Congratulations, 1968
887Correspondence – Cancellation, 1968
888Correspondence – Unable to Attend, 1968
889Correspondence – Telegrams, 1968
8810-102Ceremonial Acknowledgements and Salutary Greetings , 1968
88a1Congratulatory Letters, 1966-1967
88a2Congratulatory Letters, 1966-1967
891-62Ceremonial Acknowledgements and Salutary Greetings , 1968
8963-66Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) Periodicals, 1960-1971
8967-71Ceremonial Acknowledgements and Salutory Greetings , 1968
901-2Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) Periodicals, 1971-1972
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9010The Legal Aspects of Student Dissent and Discipline in Higher Education by D. Parker Young, 1970
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9012The Inter-Institutional Committee on Nutrition, 1969-1970
9013Principles of Legislative Action for Community Junior Colleges, 1962
9014Main Currents in Modern Thought, 1971
9015Fields Within Fields…Within Fields-The Methodology of the Creative Process, 1970
9016Protecting Teacher Rights-A summary of Constitutional Developments, 1970
9017University System of Georgia Normative Data for the Freshman Class, 1970-1971
9018University of Georgia Endowment Funds, 1971
9019Report of the State Medical Education Board of Georgia, 1968-1970
9020Annual Report to Congress Boy Scouts of America, 1971
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911The University of Georgia Fact Book Compiled and Edited by Gary C. Stock, 1969
912Panhellenic Pointer A Guide to Sorority Life at the University of Georgia, 1968
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915The University of Georgia Report by the Self-Study Visitation Committee of the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, 1961 November 5-8
916Savannah River Ecological Laboratory Annual Report, 1968
917Report on the Proposed Leasing of State-Owned Lands for Phosphate Mining, 1968
918A Program to Upgrade and Expand Computing Facilities for the Advancement of Research and Education, 1970s
919Briefs of Selected Court Cases Affecting Student Dissent and Discipline in Higher Education by D. Parker Young and Donald D. Gehring, 1970
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9116Higher Education, 1959
9117-22Master File, 1964-1965
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929-11Administrative Data Processing (ADP), 1970-1971
9212Certification for Athletic Tickets, 1971
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9214-29Administrative Data Processing (ADP), 1969-1972
931-5Administrative Data Processing (ADP), 1970-1971
936Requirements for a Management Information System, 1970s
937-37Football Games, 1968-1973
941-26Football Games, 1967-1970
9427-28Memberships Paid by Individual Departments, 1973-1975
9429-32Memberships, 1973-1975
9433Supplies and Expenses, 1975-1975
9434Presidents Foundation Fund, 1974-1975
9435Public Occasions, 1974-1975
9436-37Purchasing, 1969-1975
9438Central Office Supply and Physical Plant Monthly Summary, 1974-1975
951Budget Amendments, 1974-1975
952Receiving and Inspection Reports, 1974-1975
953Central Duplication, 1974-1975
954-5Contracts, 1974-1975
956Public Occasions, 1973-1974
957Departmental Budget Sheets, 1973-1974
958Central Office Supply and Physical Plants, 1973-1974
959Purchasing, 1973-1974
9510Equipment, 1973-1974
9511Supplies and Expenses, 1973-1974
9512President's Foundation Fund, 1973-1974
9513Public Occasions, 1973-1974
9514Central Duplicating, 1973-1974
9515Maintenance Agreements, 1972-1974
9516Budgets and Budget Amendments, 1972-1974
9517President's Restricted Account, 1972-1973
9518-35Commencement, 1958-1967
961-15Commencement, 1951-1958
9616"Correlation of Program and Objectives", 1970s
9617"Chapter Four: Financial Resources", 1970s
9618Self Study Issues, 1970
9619Report of the University Committee on Physical Plant, 1970
9620Self-Study Report: Department of Chemistry, 1970
9621Steering Committee Meeting, 1970
9622Off-Campus Audit, 1970s
9623Educational Program University-Wide Committee, 1970
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9625-27Steering Committee, 1970
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971University Self-Study, 1979-1980
972Inventory of Instructional Facilities, 1979-1982
973Workplace Composition and Five Year Affirmative Action Recruitment Goals, 1975-1980
974Campus-Wide Seminar on the University Presidency: Faculty Expectations and Preferences, 1986
975Faculty Colloquium on the Modern University: Its Mission, Status, and Changing Commitments, 1986
976Office of the Vice President for Research Annual Report, 1985-1986
977Faculty Institute for Academic Computing Proceedings, 1982
978A Literature Review and Research Recommendations on Cassava, 1972
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9713Annual Report, 1973-1974
981-30Annual Reports, 1973-1974
991-18Annual Reports, 1967-1974
1001-24Annual Reports, 1969-1973
10025Symposium on Automation and Society, 1969
10026Fred C. Davison Inauguration, 1967-1968
10027Report to Regents, 1977
10028Appointment Book, 1967
1011-11 Appointment Books, 1967-1985
1021-2Appointment Books, 1986-1987
1023Personal, 1985-1986
1024Awards, Honors, Contributions, 1974-1987
1025Homer Cooper correspondence, 1975
1026Letters concerning The Red and Black Sports Editor Position, 1975
1027Faculty Resolution, 1975
1028-10Correspondence, 1978-1987
10211Photographs, 1970s
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10213Rusk Center, 1986
10214Students, 1986
10215Think Tank, 1986
10216United Way, 1986
10217Annual Report, 1985-1986
10218Athletic Board, 1986
10219Fundraising, 1987
10220Recommendations, 1986
10221Invitations, 1986
10222Monsanto, 1986
10223News Media, 1986
10224Joint Private and Voluntary Organizations (PVO)-University Rural Development Center, 1986-1987
10225Equestrian Team, 1986
10226Oxford at Emory, 1986
1031Personal, 1986
1032Bio Tech, 1986
1033Southern Republican Exchange, 1986
1034Small Business Development Center (SBDC), 1986
1035George Adomian, 1986
1036Boy Scouts, 1981-1986
1037Inauguration Speech, 1968
1038-13Speeches , 1965-1976
1041-7Speeches, 1971-1987
1048FCD Chair, 1964
1049Think Tank, 1987
10410Thank Yous, 1987-1988
1051Sunbelt Expo, 1987
1052Small Business Development Center (SBDC), 1987
1053Rusk Center, 1987
1054Recommendations and Congratulations, 1987
1055Personal, 1987
1056Office, 1986
1057Senator Sam Nunn, 1986-1987
1058NATO, 1987
1059Miscellaneous, 1987
10510President Knapp, 1987-1988
10511Invitations, 1987-1988
10512Georga Adomian, 1987
10513-14Speeches, 1977-1978
1061-5Speeches, 1978-1985
1071-4Speeches, 1982-1985
1075-10Board of Regents Meeting, 1967
1081Promotions, 1967
1082-29Board of Regents Meeting, 1967-1969
10830-32Davison Inauguration , 1968
10833College of Arts and Sciences Survey Material, 1977
10834Bates Survey Response, 1977
1091-10Board of Regents Agenda Material, 1974-1978
1101-5Board of Regents Agenda Material, 1978-1979
1106Chancellor Walter B. Hill and the University of Georgia
1107Job Evaluations (Descriptions)
1108National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Educaton, 1969
1109Annual Report of the College of Education by Cocking, 1940
11010University of Georgia Programs for Superior Students, 1975-1976
11011National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges-Circular Letters, 1975-1976
11012Presentation to Board of Regents, 1976
11013Federalism and Higher Education, 1977
1111Memorandum on Arts and Sciences Survey, 1977
1112Letter of Board of Regents, 1977
1113Report to Journalism Advisory Board, 1977
1114Commencement Remarks, 1979
1115Developmental Studies Audit , 1986
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1117Davison Vitae and State of the University Speech, 1984
1118Fred C. Davison (FCD) Backgrounders, 1984
1119Signature R. Barry Wood, 1984
11110A Proposed Master Development Plan for the University of Georgia, 1981
11111-18University System , 1962-1985
1121-9University System, 1968-1979
1131-35Board of Regents' Meeting, 1970-1972
1141-26Board of Regents' Meeting, 1973-1975
1151-17Board of Regents' Meeting, 1975-1976
11518John L. Green Correspondence, 1967-1968
11519School of Forest Resources, 1982-1983
1161-5Vice President for Business-Leases, Contracts, 1968-1972
1166Legal, 1985-1986
1167The Red and Black, 1980
1168Registrar, 1981
1171Vice President for Research, 1979-1986
1172Small Business Development Center, 1983-1985
1173Dr. James Kenney's Personal Correspondence, 1984-1985
1174-6College of Education, 1984-1986
1177Instuctional Resources Center, 1985
88School of Environmental Design, 1973-1980
1179College of Education, 1980-1981
11710School of Forest Resources, 1982
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11715Graduate School, 1980-1983
11716Gridiron, 1980-1985
11617College of Home Economics, 1983
11718Institute of HIgher Educaton, 1981
11719Institutional Research and Planning, 1981-1986
11720-21Public Safety Division, 1981-1984
11722Dr. Kenney's Personal Correspondence, 1986
11723Self Study Program, 1979-1980
1181President Davison's Correspondence, 1984-1985
1182Dr. Henry K. Stanford Correspondence, 1986
1183Vice President for Services, 1983-1986
1184School of Social Work, 1980-1985
1185Southern Association of Land-Grant Colleges and State Universities, 1979-1981
1186Developmental Studies, 1985-1986
1187Student Affairs
1188Student Communications, 1979-1980
1189United Negro College Fund, 1980
1010Unversity Council, 1984-1985
11811University Press, 1984-1986
11812University Press, 1979-1984
11813College of Veterinary Medicine , 1981-1983
11814-18Dr. Kenney's correspondence, 1984-1987
11819University Council Members and Standing Committees, 1985-1986
11820Institutional Genealogy and the Founding Dates of Colleges, 1980s
11821George Mason University Visitors, 1984
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11823Miscellanous Correspondence, 1984
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1191"Personality Pattern of Public School Librarians and Teachers", 1982
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1197"Social Distance and Position Rigidity"
1198Flow Chart Scheduling Article, 1965
1199"The Performance of Elementary Principals as Seen by Teachers and Principals", 1966
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11911"Teacher Attitude Toward the Local School System", 1968
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11913"What Can Computer Scheduling Programs Do?, 1968
11914"A Personality Profile of Sixty Elementary School Principals"
11915"A Comparison of the Organizational Climates of Negro and White Elementary Schools", 1965
11916"The Factor Structure of the Organizational Climate...", 1969
11917-18"Normative Data for the Freshman Class", 1965-1969
11919Symposium AERA, 1967
11920"Personality Characteristics of Teachers and Their Perception of Organizational Climate", 1967
11921Term Paper-Personnel Administration
11922Term Paper-Guidance, 1965
11923Central Office Instrument
11924Talks, 1960s
11925"Teacher Perception of the Organizational Clilmate at Elementary Schools", 1966
11926Talk-Evaluating Title III Projects
11927Computers and Curriculum of The School of Tomorrow, 1965
11928"A Study of Two Methods of Teaching Mathematics in Grades 5,6,7", 1966
11929"Relationship Between the Organizational Climate of Elementary Schools", 1968
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11934"Teacher Sex Chracteristics in Personality Patterns"
11935Profile sent to Cattell, 1966
11936"The Relationship Between the Organizational Clilmate of Elementary Schools", 1966
11937"Paper to American Association of Computing Machinery", 1966
11938The Principal's Profile, 1966
11939Planning, Evaluation, and Review Technique (PERT), 1960s
11940Planning, Evaluation, and Review Techique (PERT)-Australia, 1969
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11943"An Investigation into the Capabilities of the CASP to Construct", 1968
11945Computer and Instruction (CAI) Book, 1968
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11948"A Look at the Status of Time-Sharing Systems, 1968
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11950Reappointment to Graduate Faculty, 1960s
11951Automation and Control, 1974
11952'The Organizational Climate of Schools in Five Urban Areas", 19790
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11954Normative Data for the Freshman Class, 1966-1967
11955Carl Savage, 1972
1201College of Education, 1983-1984
1202Harry Anderson Typing, 1983
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1204Teaching Load Analysis, 1982
1205Desegregation Plan, 1983
1206Non-Tenured Faculty Letters, 1983
1207Equipment Needs List, 1983
1208Donna Allen Fund, 1984
1209College Football Association (CFA) Survey, 1982
12010Adult Learning Network Needs Assessment Survey, 1982-1983
12011Legisative Visit, 1983
12012Bob Lewis Folder-Legislative Visit, 1983
12013President's Club Folder, 1983
12014Kenney-Personal, 1982-1983
12015Correspondence, 1982-1983
12016College of Education, 1983-1984
12017-19Correspondence, 1983-1986
12020College of Education, 1983
12021-23Correspondence, 1974-1984
1211Public Safety, 1985
1212School of Pharmacy-Howard C. Ansel, 1979
1213Personnel Services, 1982
1214Institute for Natural Products Research, 1979-1980
1216School of Law-J. Ralph Beaird, 1982-1985
1217Libraries, 1981
1218Fiscal Year Leave Policy, 1981
1219Kenney, James B. (Personal), 1982
12110Hearing-Dr. Richard Press, 1978-1979
12111Miscellaneous, 1978
12112Correspondence-President Davison, 1980-1981
12113Legal , 1984
12114A Supplementary Proposal for the Development of Basic Sciences, 1969
12115-18Affirmative Action Plan, 1973-1976
1221-2Workforce Composition and Five Year Affirmative Action Recruitment Goals Volumes CB/CC, 1975-1980
1223Final Title IX Regulation Implementing Education Amendments, 1972
1224Section 504 Self-Evaluation, 1977-1978
1225Position Vacancy Listing, 1970s
1226The ACCOPLAN, 1979
1227Annual Report of Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Office, 1979
1228-9Affirmative Action Plan, 1979
12212-17Workforce Composition and Five Year Affirmative Action Recruitment Goals , 1976-1981
1231Affirmative Action Plan, 1973-1974
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1233Higher Education Guidelines, 1972
1234The Costs of Implementing Federally Mandated Social Programs at Colleges and Universities, 1986
1235HEGIS Reports, 1975
1236Alumni, 1969-1980
1237Arts and Sciences, 1980-1983
1238-13Inventory, 1973-1981
12314-17Maintenance, 1969-1980
12318-28Memberships, 1968-1981
1241-18Memberships, 1969-1981
12419Xerox, 1981-1982
12420Business Administration, 1971-1981
12421Business and Finance, 1971-1983
1413-5Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual-Business and Finance, 1973
1416Business and Finance-Records Retention Schedule, 1983
12422Campus Planning, 1978-1990
12423Career Planning and Placement, 1968-1974
12424Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park, 1970
12425Consultant Work, 1975
12426Drug Abuse Reports, 1971
1251Correspondence (General0, 1967
1252College of Education, 1970-1981
1253-4Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Dr. Myrtle Reul, 1976
1255Faculty "Fuss", 1973
1256-32Football, 1967-1982
1261-37Football, 1971-1983
1271-36Football, 1969-1982
1281-3Football, 1978-1979
1284Fund Raising (Cumerford Newsletter), 1959
1285Fund for Adult Education-"News Digest", 1960
1286James E/ Gates vs. Olympic Mercury, 1969
1287Georgia Center for Continuing Education, 1975-1976
1288Georgia Legislature, 1970-1980
1289Georgia Museum of Art-Dr. Georges de Bone Painting, 1970-1975
12810Golf Course, 1968
12811Handicapped Information (Section 504), 1976-1977
12812Dr. W.B.J. Hardman Memorial Park-School of Forest Resources, 1969
12813College of Home Economics, 1973-1982
12814Honors Program, 1969-1982
12815Housing, 1969-1979
12816Housing Actions, 1973-1974
12817Institute of Government, 1971-1983
12818institute of Higher Educa1tion, 1971-1977
12819Institutional Research and Planning, 1974-1982
12820International Affairs, 1980-1984
12821Journalism, 1969-1983
12822The Kickoff, 1967
12823Kilpatrick Resolution, 1970s
12824Truman Davis, 1979
12825Library, 1971-1984
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12828Meeting for Academic Deans and Department Heads, 1969
12829Memorial Services, 1969
12830-31Miscellaneous Materials, 1940s-1970s
12832New York Southern Society Dinner, 1969
12833Out of Season Football Practicing, 1964-1966
12834Personnel Services
12835Pharmacy, 1969-1977
12836Public Safety Division, 1970-1983
1291Mills Bee Lane Foundation
1292Publications, 1967
1293The University Center in Georgia (Stationary), 1970s
1294University Center of Georgia, 1978
1295Board of Trustees and Council of Presidents, 1979-1980
1296The Advisory Faculty Council Meeting, 1979
1297-11University Center in Georgia , 1977-1978
12912Interinstitutional Leadership, 1978
Board of Trustees and Council of President's Meeting, 1978-1981
12915-18Speech Pamplets, 1970-1975
1301Speech Pamphlets, 1972-1975
1302Assorted Periodicals, 1970
1303-19State of the University Address, 1969-1985
13020Impact on the Athens Community by the University of Georgia, 1968
13021-24Report of Rentention of Certain Non-Tenured Faculty , 1979-1984
13025-26Report of the President, 1964-1965
13027-32Russell Foundation/Lectures, 1971-1984
1311-8Russell Foundation/Lectures, 1979-1984
1319Russell L. Smith, 1974
13110Dr. Delmar E. Solem, 1970
13111Southern Association of College and Schools Self-Study, 1970
13112-15Speech Materials, 1950s-1970s
1321-4Speech Materials, 1950s-1960s
1325-14Stadium Expansion, 1966-1984
13215-16University Center in Georgia, 1977-1982
1331-11University Center in Georgia, 1978-1982
13312University Traffic Committee, 1970-1971
13313Student Streaking
13314Richard Tift (Mellon Foundation-Possible Projects), 1969
13315Student National Education Association (NEA) Charter Application, 1950s-1960s
13316Philanthropic Digest, 1958-1960
13317Trip to Atlanta, 1968
13318Student Financial Aid, 1974-1983
13319Susan L. Hoban vs. Regents, 1973
13320Committee on Traffic, 1955-1967
1341-22Committee on Traffic, 1968-1983
13423Unionization, 1973-1974
13424University Center in Georgia, 1981-1982
1351-10United Way Papers, 1979-1984
13511Vice President for Academic Affairs, 1982
13512-16Affirmative Action, 1974-1985
13517Athletics, 1985
13518UGA Desegregation Plan, 1984-1985
13519College of Agriculture, 1980-1984
13520Paintings-Museum Property, 1972-1973
13521Annual Reports, 1982-1986
13522College of Arts and Sciences-Wiliam J. Payne, 1981-1985
1361-2Biosafety Committee, 1980-1983
1363Vice President for Business and Finance, 1984-1985
1364College of Business Administration, 1980-1985
1365Campus Planning, 1980-1981
1366Parking Deck, 1980-1982
1367Center for Applied Mathematics, 1980-1985
1368Clyde Crawford, 1983-1984
1369Computer Center Search Committee, 1982
13610Office of computing Activities, 1981-1986
13611President's Correspondence, 1985-1986
Salary Increases, 1986-1987
13613Vice President for Development and University Relations, 1984-1986
13614-36University Committee on Drives, 1972-1984
13637-38University Council, 1974-1982
1371Veterinary Medicine, 1972-1979
1372United States Office of Health, Education and Welfare, 1969-1978
1373United States Friendship Force, 1977
1374-5United States Office of Health Education and Welfare-HEGIS Report, 1970-1980
1376Vice President for Development and University Relations, 1973-1984
1377Vice President for Academic Affairs, 1976-1983
1378Vice President for Services, 1969-1979
1379Vice President for Instruction, 1971-1976
13710Vice President for Research, 1973
1376Student Affairs, 1973-1983
1377Report by the Self-Study Visitation Committee of the Southern Association of College and Secondary Schools, 1961
1378-9Bryan Lindsey, 1981-1983
13710Automation and Society, 1969-1970
1381-5University System Committee , 1968-1982
1386Protest Flyers, 1980s
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1388Physical Plant Volume GF, 1975
1389Developmental Studies Audit, 1986
13810Response by Davison (Developmental Studies Program), 1986
13811-12 Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Office, 1977-1981
13813Affirmative Action Plan, 1973-1974
13814Office to Promote Independence of Disabled Students
13815-19Affirmative Action , 1975-1978
1391Affirmative Action, 1978
1392Fred Davison positive/negative issues, 1983-1986
1393Davison-Letter of Resignation, 1986
1394Geology-Dallmeyer, 1980-1981
1395Huff, James A., Jr., 1974
1396College of Education, 1981-1982
1397Cross, Mr. James Edward-Russell Library, 1986
1398Cornish, James, 1973-1974
1399Buccafurno, Frank S.-College of Veterinary Medicine, 1973-1974
13910Giardini, Stanley-Geology Department, 1974-1977
140Plaque, 1968
1401-9Ceremonial Acknowledgements and Salutory Greetings , 1968
14010Davison protest posters, 1980s
14011Resolution (10th year as President), 1977 May 16
142University of Georgia Bicentennial banner, 1985
1431Atlanta Consitution Series, 1976
1432-4Speeches, 1976-1977
1441Chancellorship, 1980-1984
1442Secretary of Education Nomination, 1985
1461Resignation Letters of Support, 1986
1462Resignation Letters of Support, 1986
1463Resignation Letters of Support, 1986
1464Resignation Letters of Support, 1986
1451Speeches and Correspondence, 1981-1984
1452Speeches and Correspondence, 1981-1985
1453Speeches and Correspondence, 1982-1983
1454Speeches and Correspondence, 1984-1986

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