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John Alton Hosch papers

John Alton Hosch papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: John Alton Hosch papers
Creator: University of Georgia. School of Law
Creator: Hosch, John Alton
Inclusive Dates: 1859-1985
Language(s): English
Extent: 66 Linear Feet (66 boxes)
Collection Number: UA97-090
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

John Alton Hosch was a University of Georgia law professor from 1928-1933. Starting in 1935, he became the Dean of the Law School, a position that he held, with a break for active military duty from 1941 to 1948, until 1964. Hosch was head of the Law School in 1950 when Horace Ward attempted to become the first African American to enroll at the University of Georgia. Hosch retired in 1964 and was named Dean Emeritus of the University of Georgia's School of Law.

The University of Georgia School of Law is a professional graduate school and the second-oldest school or college at the University of Georgia. It was founded in 1859 by Joseph Henry Lumpkin, William Hope Hull and Thomas R.R. Cobb and, until 1873, classes were held at the law offices of Lumpkin and Cobb. After that it was housed in various University of Georgia buildings. In 1932 the Law School moved into the newly built Harold Hirsch Hall. Hirsch Hall along with numerous expansion projects over the years and nationally respected faculty have helped to make the University of Georgia School of Law a nationally ranked top-tier school.

Scope and Content

The John Alton Hosch Papers consists of six series. These are Desegregation (1938-1976), Administrative Files/Correspondence (1859-1985), Financial (1950-1982), Photographs (1920s-1978), Scholarships (1953-1981) and Placement (1976-1983).

This collection holds items from Hosch's time as professor and Dean of the School of Law from 1928 to 1964 and includes information regarding African American Horace T. Ward's attempt to be accepted into the School in 1950. There are materials from the Institute of Law and Government where Hosch also served as director from 1953 until 1957. In addition, there are numerous materials created while Henry A. Shinn served as Acting Dean during Hosch's military service from 1941 to 1948. The other documents in the collection date from after Hosch's retirement in 1964 and run through 1985. These were generated by various School of Law departments and personnel.

Organization and Arrangement

The John Alton Hosch Papers are arranged into six series. These are Desegregation (1938-1976), Administrative Fles/Correspondence (1859-1985), Financial (1950-1982), Photographs (1920s-1978), Scholarships (1953-1981) and Placement (1976-1983).

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

The John Alton Hosch Papers, UA97-090, University Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Academic libraries -- Georgia
Law schools.
Law students -- Georgia.
Lawyers -- Georgia.
Lecture notes.
Legal correspondence.
Minutes (administrative records)
Segregation in education -- Georgia -- Athens.
Student aid -- Georgia.
United States. Army
University of Georgia. Alumni and alumnae
University of Georgia. Students

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Desegregation

11"Negro survey" clipping, 1938
12Alexander, Andrews, Negro Education, Legal, North Carolina, 1940
13Henry B. Witham, University of Tennessee, The Gaines Case and legal education provisions for Negroes, 1941
14Georgia Constitution segregration of the races in Public Schools, 1945
15Robert Leflar, University of Arkansas, Integration of Law Schools, 1946
16Roy V. Harris, 1950-1956
17Association of American Law Schools, racial discrimination, admissions, 1951
18O.C. Aderhold, racial integration, institutions, Law School expansion, University Sesquicentennial, 1951
19Horace T. Ward Case, 1961-1953
110O.C. Aderhold, accreditation report, American Association of Law Schools, racial discrimination report, 1952
111Racial integration of Law School-Association of American Law Schools, 1952-1954
112Correspondence, clipping, legal rulings, segregation opinions, 1954-1959
113Segregation laws, Georgia, 1955
114Clipping, Horace Ward Case, 1956
115Charles Bloch, Smyth Gambrell, school integration, 1958
116Academic prizes, plan of Law Schools Annex, report on racial integration, Law Day programs, Student Government, 1961
117Ward Case, 1951-1956
118E. Freeman Leaverett (Horace Ward vs. Regents et al), 1950s
119-20Ward, Horace T.-committee report, 1951-1952
121Ward materials, miscellaneous, 1951
122Ward Case-materials in envelope from Chancellor's Office, 1952
123School of Law-admissions year summary, 1975-1976
124Federal supplement-Hunter-Holmes Case, 1961
125Wylie H. Davis, University of Illinois, Integration of University of Georgia, 1961
126Material on integration at the University of Georgia, 1960-1961
127Original newspaper clippings, 1950s-1960s

2. Administrative Files/Correspondence

128John Sibley, 1932
129S.V. Sanford, 1933
130Harmon Caldwell, 1933-1934
131General correspondence, 1933
132John M. Graham, 1933
133Russell L. Hazzard to Harmon Caldwell, 1933
134Harrison Jones, 1933-1934
135Correspondence, clippings, brochures, 1933-1961
136George F. Gober, 1934
137Marion Smith, 1934
138Harold Hirsch-sale of DeRenne Collection, 1934
139Charles J. Hilkey, 1935
140Thomas F. Green, Jr., 1936
141Mrs. Joseph Henry McEver (regarding boxwood hedge), 1937
142James A. Spruill, 1937-1938
143Marion Smith, 1937-1938
144Law School, 1930-1933
145James A. Spruill, 1938
146Telamon Cuyler, 1938
147Law School, 1939-1940
148WPA projects-R. Preston Brooks, 1938
149Henry Shinn, 1938
150James C. Shelor, 1938
151M. R. Kirkland, Stanford University Bar examinations, 1938
152J. D. Bradwell, 1938
153Harrison Jones, 1938-1939
154H. Claude Horrack, Duke University, 1938
155Smyth Gambrell, 1938-1939
156Law School (includes class photograph), 1938-1939
157Harmon Caldwell, 1932-1936
21Marion Smith, 1939
22William Henry Schroder, Phi Beta Kappa, 1939
23S. V. Sanford, 1939
24Ashley Sellers, 1939
25Board of Regents, 1939
26Harmon Caldwell, 1939
27Miscellaneous, 1939
28Dyar Massey, 1939
29Law School, 1939
210Hamilton Douglas, Atlanta Law School, Law School legislation, 1939
211Harmon Caldwell, 1939
212J. D. Bolton, University Treasurer, 1939
213Alexander B. Andrews, North Carolina Bar examination, 1939
214Harrison Jones, 1939-1940
215Graham Wright (includes photograph), 1940
216John L. Tye, Jr., 1940
217Robert B. Troutman, 1940
218M. E. Thompson, State Department of Education, 1940
219Law School, 1940
220Marion Smith, 1940
221John A. Sibley, 1940
222James C. Shelor-Trust Company of Georgia, 1940
223Joseph A. McClain, Jr. Washington University (re: James Lenoir), 1940
224Ashley Sellers, 1940
225Stedman V. Sanford, 1940
226Requests for Text Books, University Book Store, 1940
227Non-resident fees, Henry Shinn, 1940-1941
228Aubrey Matthews, 1940
229Hatton Lovejoy, 1940-1950
230M. R. Kirkland, Stanford University, 1940
231Wilbur G. Katz, University of Chicago, 1940
232Richard M. Honig, 1940
233L. L. Hendren, Dean of Faculties, 1940-1941
234John B. Harris, 1940
235Douglas Hamilton, 1940
236Benning M. Crice, 1940
237E. Smyth Gambrell, 1940-1941
238Hamilton Douglas, Law School standards, 1940
239Paul B. DeWitt, 1940
240Cooperative Summer Session, Georgia Law Schools, Mercer University, 1940
241Harmon Caldwell, 1940
242R. P. Brooks, Institute for the study of Georgia problems, 1940
243J. D. Bradwell, 1940
244Grice Benning, 1940
245Ellis Arnall, 1940
246James C. Shelor, 1941
247Phi Kappa Phi, 1941
248Hamilton Napier, 1941
249Dyar Massey, 1941
250Miscellaneous, 1941
251Mercer University, combined Summer session, 1941
252Knights Templar Education Foundation, 1941
253Roberta Hodgson, 1941
254Charles J. Hilkey, Emory University Law School, 1941-1942
255Harrison Jones, 1941
256Georgia Bar Association, 1941
257Nathan Burkan Memorial Competition, 1941
258Alexander B. Andrews, 1941
259American Law Institute, 1941
260American Bar Association, 1941-1942
261S. V. Sanford, 1942
262Phi Kappa Phi Society, 1942
263Georgia Bar Association, 1942
264L. L. Hendren, 1942
265Civil Service Commission, 1942
266Harmon Caldwell (includes Law School annual report), 1942-1943
267American Law Institute, 1942
268T. W. Reed, Registrar, 1943
269Law School-Henry Shinn, 1943
270Claude Horack, Duke University Law School, 1943
271L. L. Hendren, Dean of Faculties, 1943
272J. D. Bolton, 1943
273Leo I. Meinhard, 1943-1945
274United Nations Constitution, Sanford to/from Shinn, Sohn to Gwin Wood, 1943, 1987
275S. V. Sanford, 1943
276Henry H. West, 1943
277Robert B. Troutman, Jr., 1943
278Robert M. Strozier, 1943
279Philip Weltner, 1944
280B. E. Thrasher, State Auditor, 1944
281Marion Smith, 1944
282Registrar, T. W. Reed, 1944
283Charles J. Hilkey-Emory University, 1944
284William Crane, 1944
285Miscellaneous, 1944
286Wayne Yenawine, additional Law Library shelving, 1945
287William Tate, 1945
288R. P. Stephens, 1945
289L. R. Siebert, Board of Regents Secretary, 1945
290L V. Howard, Ports Authority Bill, 1945
291Dr. Leon Matthias, 1945
292William M. Hepburn, Law School, University of Alabama, 1945
293University System, 1945
294S.V. Sanford, Chancellor, 1945
295B. M. Greer, Superintendent of City public school, 1945
296Hamilton Douglas, Atlanta Law School, 1945
297T. J. Dempsey, Jr., Vocational Rehabilitation, 1945
298Correspondence, clippings, reference material, 1945-1971
299W. O. Collins, Georgia Crop Improvement Association, 1945
2100Law School, 1945-1946
31Harold Shephard, Duke University, 1946
32Kenneth Royal, Under Secretary of the Army, 1946
33H. A. Pettus, 1946
34Hubert B. Owens, 1946
35Thomas F. Lambert, Jr., 1946
36Miscellaneous, 1946
37Albert C. Kulp, 1946
38Paul M. Hebert, Louisiana State University Law School, 1946
39Brainerd Currie, 1946
310William Crane, 1946
311Legislation on trusts, 1946
312Dudley Cook, Phi Delta Phi, 1946
313R. P. Brooks, Dean of Faculties, 1946
314John Broadnax, Athletic Association, 1946
315J. D. Bolton, 1946
316General Edward C. Betts, 1946
317Ellis Arnall, 1946
318William Tate, 1946
319Charles J. Hilkey, 1947
320Charles L. Gowen, 1947
321Frank Foley, 1947
322William Crane, 1947
323Elliott Cheatham, Columbia University, 1947
324J. D. Bolton, 1947
325Alvin Biscoe, Dean of Faculties, 1947
326Brandon Trussell, 1947
327Robert B. Troutman, Jr., 1947
328William Tate, 1947
329T. W. Reed, 1947
330Miscellaneous correspondence, pamphlets, brochures, 1947
331William Tate, 1947-1948
332Robert L. McWhorter, 1947
333Charles R. McDowell, School of Law, Washington and Lee University, 1947
334W. Colquitt Carter, 1948
335Graham Wright, Georgia Bar Examination, 1948-1949
336Guy H. Wells, 1948
337Robert B. Troutman, 1948
338William Tate, 1948-1949
339Leon P. Smith, 1948
340Wiliam M. Randall, Director of Libraries, 1948
341Samuel L. Price, University of South Carolina School of Law, 1948-1960
342Harold T. Patterson, 1948
343Raymond R. Paty, 1948
344Hodge O'Neal, Mercer Law School, 1948
345Miscellaneous, correspondence, brochures, pamphlets, 1948
346Miscellaneous, correspondence, brochures, 1948
347Mary A. McNeal, 1948
348Hamilton Lokey, 1948
349Madge Lesher, Treasurer's Office, 1948
350Estes Kefauver, 1948
351M.E. Thompson, 1948
352William M. Hepburn, 1948-1949
353"H" Miscellaneous, 1948
354Fay Larkin Goodroe, 1948
355Albert Gildred, 1948
356William M. Crane, 1948
357Correspondence, examination schedules, enrollment registers, 1948-1957
358Correspondence, brochures, advertisements, 1948
359Jonathan Rogers, Harmon Caldwell, 1948-1949
360Telamon Smith Cruger Cuyler, 1948-1949
361Booklets, brochures, correspondence, 1948
362Henry Bowden, Atlanta Bar Association, 1948
363Clide Anderson, McGregor Company, 1948
364"A" correspondence, miscellaneous, 1948
365"B" correspondence, miscellaneous, 1948
366"D" miscellaneous, 1948
365"E" miscellaneous, 1948
366"F" miscellaneous, 1948-1949
367"G" miscellaneous, 1948-1950
368"I" miscellaneous, 1948
369"J" correspondence, miscellaneous, 1948
370"K" correspondence, miscellaneous, 1948
371"L" correspondence, miscellaneous, 1948
372"Mc" correspondence, miscellaneous, 1948
373"M" correspondence, miscellaneous, 1948
374"N" correspondence, miscellaneous, 1948
375"O" correspondence, miscellaneous, 1948
376"P" correspondence, miscellaneous, 1948
377"R" correspondence, miscellaneous, 1948
378"R" miscellaneous, 1948-1949
379Alvin Biscoe, 1949-1950
380"B" correspondence, miscellaneous, 1949-1950
381J. Thomas Askew, 1949-1950
382"A" correspondence, miscellaneous, 1949
383Alvin Biscoe, Dean of Faculties, 1949
384M. Cook Barwick, 1949
385"B" correspondence, miscellaneous, 1949
386Katherine Bleckey, Clerk of State Supreme Court, 1949
387"C" Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1949
388Thomas D. Clark, Journal of Southern History, 1949-1951
389Lamar Dodd, 1949-1954
390John E. Drewry, 1949-1950
391Hollis Edens, 1949
392I. D. Engram, 1949
393"G" correspondence, 1949
394"F" correspondence, 1949
395"G" correspondence, miscellaneous, 1949
396Smythe Gambrell, 1949
397James Edward Gates, College of Business Administration, 1949-1950
398Alfred H. Holbrook, Georgia Art Museum, 1949
399"H" correspondence, miscellaneous, 1949
3100Robert W. Johnson, Gordon Jones, 1949-1954
3101"K" correspondence, miscellaneous, 1949
3102B. C. Kinney, plant operations, 1949
3103"L" correspondence, miscellaneous, 1949
3104Alexander A. Lawrence, 1949
3105"M" correspondence, miscellaneous, 1949
3106Miscellaneous, 1949
3107"N" correspondence, miscellaneous, 1949
3108Hodge O'Neal, Mercer Law School, 1949
3109"P" correspondence, miscellaneous, 1949
3110Eugene Phillips, Nurnberg War Crimes Trials records, 1949
3111"E" miscellaneous, 1948
3112Miscellaneous correspondence, 1936-1971
41Samuel L. Price, University of South Carolina School of Law, 1949
42Anne Queen, University Religious Association, 1949
43"R" correspondence, miscellaneous, 1949-1950
44Russell Rasco, Miami University School of Law, 1949
45"S" correspondence, miscellaneous, 1949-1950
46William Hart Sibley, 1949
47John Sims, 1949
48Leon P. Smith, 1949
49William A. Sutherland, 1949
410WilliamTate, 1949-1950
411Randolph Thrower, 1949
412Robert B. Troutman, 1949-1950
413"W" correspondence, miscellaneous, 1949-1950
414John Wood, 1949
415Brooks Wigginton, 1950
416Guy H. Wells, 1950
417E. P. Taylor, Estate and Tax Information, 1950
418William Tate, 1950-1955
419George D. Strayer, 1950
420Edith Stallings, 1950
421George Sparks, 1950
422Ashley Sellers, Development of Administrative Procedures, State Bar Association, 1950
423Herman Talmadge, correspondence and photographs, 1950-1952
424Jonathan Clark Rogers, 1950
425Frederick Ribble, University of Virginia, 1950
426"O" correspondence, miscellaneous, 1950
427Harold Patterson, 1950
428"P" correspondence, miscellaneous, 1950
429Winnie D. Newton, 1950
430"N" correspondence, miscellaneous, 1950
431Calvin C. Murray, 1950
432"Mc" correspondence, miscellaneous, 1950
433Alfred H. Holbrook, 1950-1952
434Robert J. Golden, 1950
435"F" correspondence, miscellaneous, 1950
436Herbert Edmondson, 1950
437John E. Drewry, 1950-1951
438John A. Dotson, 1950-1955
439Claude Davison, 1950
440"D" miscellaneous, 1950
441Cason Callaway, 1950
442Harllee Branch, Georgia Poser Company, Mitchell Bridge Property, 1950
443Charles J. Bloch, 1950-1954
444"B" correspondence, miscellaneous, 1950
445Arthur T. Vanderbilt, 1951
446William A. Sutherland, 1951-1953
447Abit Nix, 1951-1954
448Paul M. Hebert, Louisiana State University Law School, 1951-1959
449John B. Harris, 1951-1957
450Sterling Price Gilbert, 1951
451John O. Eidson, 1951
452Colonel L. G. Duggar, 1951
453Charles J. Bloch, 1951-1961
454Francis M. "Buster" Bird, State Bar Examinations, 1951-1961
455Henry H. West, 1952-1953
456L. R. Siebert, Executive Secretaryl Board of Regents, 1952-1969
457Walton Jackson, 1952
458Frank D. Foley, 1952-1959
459Rutherford Ellis, 1952-1954
460Edgar B. Dunlap, 1952-1955
461Dean Covington, 1952
462W. Colquitt Carter, 1952
463John D. Bolton, Jr., 1952
464H. A. Birchmore, 1952
465Robert O. Arnold, 1952-1962
466Correspondence, faculty minutes, photographs, student advisory council by-laws, 1953-1954
467Howard H. Callaway, 1953-1963
468Cason J. Calloway, 1953
469Morris W. H. Collins, 1953
470William Butt, 1953
471Frank S. Twitty, 1953
472General correspondence, 1953-1956
473Charles L. Gowen, 1953-1958
474Robert B. Troutman, 1951-1961
475John I. Spooner, 1953
476Sheldon Elliott, 1953-1954
477Edward A. Dutton, 1953
478General correspondence, 1953-1955
479M. Cook Barwick, 1954-1961
480Bernard M. Baruch, 1953
481George H. Boyd, 1954
482Robert M. Bolstrum, 1954
483John Sammons Bell, 1954
51Correspondence, clippings, 1954-1961
52Thomas D. Clark, University of Kentucky, 1954
53Richard A. Chappell, 1954
54"C" Miscellaneous, 1954
55Ralph Buffington, 1954
56Carey Williams, 1954-1962
57Guy H. Wells, 1954
58Robert Wauchope, 1954
59David F. Rice, 1954
510C. B. Mickelwait, 1954
511Hugh Master, 1954
512Sidney Walter Martin, 1954-1957
513John J. McDonough, 1954-1956
514Roy Harris, 1954
515James Dunlap, 1954
516J. H. Dewberry, Uiversity System of Georgia, 1954
517Elbert P. Tuttle, 1955
518Herman Talmadge, 1955
519John B. Swinson, 1955
520Walter B. Jones, 1955
521Green F. Johnson, 1955-1970
522Edgar B. Dunlap, 1955
523Descriptive pamphet, University of Georgia Foundation, 1955
524A. G. Cleveland, Jr., 1955
525Henry L. Bowden, 1955
526-27Administrative correspondence file, 1955-1956
528Ronald F. Adams, 1956
529Clippings, correspondence Cewater, Martin, Charles Bloch, O. C. Aderhold, 1957-1967
530Robert Leavell, 1956-1957
531Administrative correspondence, 1956-1957
532Clippings, correspondence, 1957
533Walter E. Sewell, 1957
534James C. Dezendorf, 1957
535Eugene Cook, 1957
536Clippings, correspondence, Brumbaugh, progress report, 1957
537Clippings, correspondence, 1957-1959
538Hubert B. Owens, 1958
539Howard K. Menhinick, 1958
540Hatton Lovejoy, 1958
541E. Smyth Gambrell, 1958
542Joseph B. Cumming, 1958
543Gibson B. Witherspoon, 1959
544Claude Jefferson Davis, 1959
545E. Smyth Gambrell, 1959-1961
546Frank H. Edwards, 1959
547William G. Hamm, 1960
548Catholic Award, Newman Club, Hughes Spalding, 1960
549Dr. E. Phinizy Calhoun, 1960
550A. B. Biscoe, 1960
551Gray Thoron, Cornell University Law School, 1960
552William Tate, 1960
553Reserve Officers Association, 1960
554Harold T. Patterson, 1960-1961
555Ernest Vandiver, 1960-1963
556Administrative correspondence. Clippings, 1961-1971
61Law School, 1960-1961
62Elvis J. Stahr, 1961
63James K. Mooney, Riverside Academy, 1961
64James A. Dunlap, 1961-1964
65Tapley Bennett, 1962
66Jesse Draper, 1961
67E. S. Sell, 1962
68S. Walter Martin, 1962
69John G. Hervey, 1962
610Morris Bryan, 1962
611Atwood Inauguration, Emory University, 1963
612Ernest Wright, 1963
613Allen Woodall, 1963
614Anton F. Solms, Jr., 1963
615James C. Owen, 1963
616James D. Gould, 1963
617J. H. Dewberry, 1963
618Roscoe Coleman, 1963
619John A. Bell, 1963
620Linton D. Baggs, Jr., 1963
621Martin Lindsey Cowen, 1964
622L.R. Siebert, Executive Secretary, Board of Regents, 1964
623Jack B. Ray, 1964
624William L. Preston, 1964
625J. Dickson Phillips, 1964
626Marvin Perry, 1964
627John W. Patton, 1964
628Joseph H. Parks, 1964
629Hubert B. Owens, 1964
630Old War Horse Lawyers Club, 1964
631Antha Mulkey, 1964
632Vernon X. Miller, 1964
633Martindale-Hubbell Inc., 1964
634Raymond E. Lester, 1964
635John W. Langdale, 1964
636Phil Landrum, 1964
637Harrison Jones, 1964
638Felix Hargrett, 1964-1970
639Obie Hemphill, 1964
640Harold Heckman, 1964
641George F. Gober, 1964
642Howell Erwin, Jr., 1964
643Frank H. Edwards, 1964
644James Dunlap, Board of Regents, new infirmary, 1964
645Gordon Lee Dickens, 1964
646Herman Talmadge, 1965
647William L. Norton, 1965
648Newcomen Society, 1965
649James Frank Ogletree, 1965
650Miscellaneous, 1965
651Robert McDonald, 1965
652S. Walter Martin, 1965
653Hugh Logan, 1965
654Little, Brown and Company, 1965
655Herb Lauterstein, 1965
656Mrs. Barbara Keniston, 1965
657George Hill, 1965
658Mrs. T. Grady Head, 1965
659Wiliiam Hartman, 1965
660Erwin N. Griswold, Harvard Law School, 1965
661Louis T. Griffith, 1965
662Frank B. Gary, 1965
663Albert Fahy, 1965
664J. W. Fanning, 1965
665John O. Edison, 1965-1971
666L. W. Eberhardt, 1965
667Craig Matthews, 1966
668Wex Malone, 1966
669Kimerly-Clark Corporation, 1966
670Paul Hebert, LSU Law School, 1966
671G. Elliott Hagan, 1966
672James Dunlap, University Infirmary, 1966
673Morgan R. Redwine, 1967
674Grady C. Pittard, 1967
675Eugene H. Methvin, 1967
676Hugh B. Masters, 1967
677Paul Keller, 1967
678Hayford O. Enwall, 1967
679Newell Edenfield, 1967
680John L. Throckmorton, 1968
681Mrs. Tom W. O'Bryon, 1968
682Edward D. Keil, 1968
683Albert Jones, 1968
684Alfred Holbrook, 1968
685John J. Flynt, Jr., 1969
686Ralph O. Marsh, 1969
687W. B. Jennings, 1969
688Swanton Ivy, 1969
689Payton Hawes, 1970
690Leroy Hattaway, 1970
691Tifton S. Greer, 1970
692Thomas W. Mahler, 1970
693Hamilton Lokey, 1970
694George J. Kelley, 1970
695Gordon Jones, 1970
696Mr. J. Lamar LaBoon, 1971
697Thomas T. Irvin, 1974
698Watkins Digest of the laws of Georgia (University speech files), 1800
699Autobiographical sketch, L. E. Bleckley, 1891
6100"My First Case", Horace Russell, 1891
6101Speeches, examinations, bulletins, 1895-1964
6102Blotters, 1900
6103Law examinations, 1926
6104Mortgage, security deed, Joe Morton, Charles Reid, 1925-1946
6105Letters of Sacco and Vanzetti, 1927
6106Legion of Merit, biography, faculty minutes, school constitution, Bar examinations, H. N. Edmunds, 1929-1959
6107Legal journals, 1929-1961
6108Administrative correspondence file, 1930-1935
6109Alumni Record, 1930 February
6110Insurance policies, Robert L. McWhorter and Pleas Starks, 1931
6111Reference material, 1931
6112Benjamin Phillips Scholarship Fund, 1931
6113The American Foundation, 1932
6114Annual address, American Bar Association, Guy A. Thompson, 1932
6115Clippings, Bar examinations, Law Alumni, letters, State Attorney General Office, biographies American Bar Association state committees, 1932-1970
6116Clippings, reference material, programs, 1932-1964
71Current problems of public utility rate regulation, 1933
72Hughes Spalding, loans from Reconstruction Finance Corporation, 1933-1934
73Manley Hudson, Harvard Law School, Permanent Court of International Justice, 1933-1936
74American Bar Association, 1933
75Public Works Administration, 1934-1935
76The Georgia Cooperative Association, 1934
77Georgia Bar Association, 1934
78Council of the University System of Georgia, 1934
79Board of Regents, 1934-1935
710Biographical sketches-Class of 1924, 1934
711American Law Institute, 1934
712American Bar Association, 1934
713Association of American Law Schools, 1935
714University System of Georgia, 1936
715State and County Officers, 1936
716Report of the Committee on Curriculum, Harvard Law School, 1936
717Georgia Alumni Records, 1936-1964
718Correspondence with Board of Regents, 1936
719American Bar Association, 1936
720Alumni Day, Commencement, Honors Day Program, Utility Regulation cases, 1937
721University of Georgia Executive Committee, 1937-1938
722Legislative Bills, 1937
723Karl Stecher, Louisville University School of Law, 1937
724University Library, 1937-1939
725Speech, Armistice Day, 1937
726Articles of Association, Georgia Law Schools, 1937
727American Law Institute, 1937
728Board of Regents correspondence, 1937
729Georgia Bar Association, 1938
730Georgia Alumni Record, 1938 May
731Fall Quarter schedule, 1938
7321923 Class Reunion, 1938
733Association of American Law Schools, 1938
734Association of American Law Schools, 1938
735Association of American Law Schools, 1938
736Herschel W. Arant, Ohio State University Law School, appointment to Federal Judgeship, 1938
737American Law Institute, 1938
738American Bar Association, 1938-1939
739Advisory Council, Institute for Research in Georgia Problems, 1938
740American Bar Association, 1938
741Law School class officers, 1938
742Law Alumni letters, various institutions, 1938-1948
743Institute, new rules of federal procedure, Atlanta, 1938
744Georgia Bar Association, 1938-1939
745Tucker Estate, 1936
746Legislative regarding law libraries, 1938
747Legislative Bill, state journals to be delivered to Law School Library, 1938
748Law School guest lecturers, 1938
749Ashley Sellers, administrative procedures, U. S. Department of Agriculture, 1938
750Reguests for jury charges, 1938-1939
751Order of the coif, 1938
752National Youth Assistance, 1938-1939
81University Press, 1938
82Clippings, speech notes, Speech for ConFederate Memorial Day, 1939
83Nathan Burkan Memorial Competition, 1939
84Board of Regents, 1939
85American Law Institute, 1939
86American Judicature Society, 1939-1940
87Will, L. L. Hendren, 1939
88University Press Organization, 1939
89University Library, 1939
810Recommendation of Ronald Adams for Dormitory Proctor, 1939
811The School of Law, 1939
812Rotary News, 1939 November 27
813Relations with Mercer University, 1939
814Questionaires for teaching, 1939
815Photograph "A Word from the Dean", record of Harry Baxter, 1939
816Mortage, Henry Shinn, 1939
817Legislation concerning Bar admission, 1939
818Law School research projects, 1939
819Law School Library, 1939
820Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company, 1939
821Jury charges, compiliation, Judge Yeomans, 1939
822Honors Day Program, 1939
823Harrison Publishing Company, 1939
824"Georgia vs Research, or should we toss in the towel?", 1939
825Georgia Bar Examination, 1939
826Georgia Bar Examination, 1939
827Georgia Bar Association meeting, 1939
828America Bar Association, 1939
829Alumni Magazine, 1939
830West Publishing Company, 1940
831University calendar, 1940
832Speech of Robert Bloch concerning legal profession, clippings, 1940
833Phi Beta Kappa membership, 1940
834Edwin Patterson, Columbia University, 1940
835NYA assistance, 1940
836Merger University, 1940
837The Harrison Publishing Company, 1940
838Georgia Bar Association, 1940
839Emory University, 1940
840Clippings, correspondence, articles, 1940
841Clippings-Board of Regents, 1940
842Army Advisory Committee, 1940-1955
843The American Law School Review, 1940 December
844American Law Review, 1940
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871District Court of the United States for the District of Columbia Committee on Admissions and Grievances, 1944
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91Visit of Undersecretary of the Army, 1946
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918College of Agriculture, 1946
919Sandy Beaver, 1946
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925American Law Institute, 1946
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931Clippings, 1947
932Callaghan and Company Law Publishers, 1947
933Bulletins, 1947
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937American Bar Association, 1947
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940Supreme Court of Georgia, 1947
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949Invitations, 1947
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951Harvard Law School Association, 1947
952Harvard Law School, 1947
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955Compilation of laws pertaining to the University, 1948
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959Clippings, 1948
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101Univis Lens Company Strike, 1948
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1015Out of State Bar examinations, 1948
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1020Chamber of Commerce, 1949
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1023Atlanta Legal Aid Society, 1949
1024Atlanta Bar Association, 1949
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1029American Bar Association, 1949
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1033Committee on International Criminal Law, American Bar Association, 1949
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1060Veteran's Administration, 1949
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1064University Laundry Court Suit, 1949
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1072Southeastern Regional Conference of Law Teachers, 1949
1073The United World Federalists Society, 1950
1074Testimonial certificates, 1958
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1076Harvard Law School Sesquicentennial Fund, 1969
1077Harvard Law School, 1969
1078Georgia Court System, No date
1079University of Georgia Class of 1924 group photograph, No date
1080A Soldiers Faith, an address by Oliver Wendell Holmes, 1895
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112Honor Code System, 1930
113Honor Code, 1930
114Grade forms, blank, 1930
115Faculty matters, 1930
116Dismissal from school-G.G. Meeks, 1930
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1110Library matters, 1930-1933
1111Law Library, books and equipment, 1931-1932
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1113Examination grades, 1931
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1117Georgia Tax Review, 1931-1932
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1120-34Student information records, 1931
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1136Meeting, John M. Graham, State Capital Building, 1931
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1144Report of the Inspection of the University of Georgia School of Law by the Association of American Law Schools, 1931
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1146Supply bills, books, fraternities, transcripts, recommendations, 1931-1932
1147Lists of Law Classes, 1897-1956
1148Furnishings for Harold Hirsh Hall, School of Law Building, 1932
1149Dedication of Law School Building, 1932
1150George Gober, courses and salary, 1932
1151George F. Gober, personal matters and student recommendations, 1932-1933
1152Furnishings for Law School, Harrison Jones, 1932
1153Harrison Jones, furnishing for the new Law School Library, 1932-1933
1154S.V. Sanford, curriculum, budget, faculty, Law School, 1932
1155Herman Cooper, membership in the Association of American Law Schools, 1932
1156Conflict of Laws Examinations, 1932-1955
1157Harmon Caldwell, problem of part-time faculty membership, 1932
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1159Board of Regents, Harmon Caldwell, salary and leave of absence, 1932
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1161Dedication of Law School Building, 1932
1162J. Means McFadden, new faculty member, 1932
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1164List of transcripts, 1932
1165Law reviews, inspection report on the School of Law, Charles M. Snelling, 1932
1166Law School Honor Code, 1932
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1168King Law Library, 1932
1169Thomas F. Green, Chi Phi Fraternity, 1932
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124Rules pertaining to Lumpkin School of Law for session commencing, 1932-1933
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1211Program, Dedication of Harold Hirsch Hall (Law School), 1932 October 29
1212Notes, Frankfurter's Seminar on Administrative Law, 1932-1933
1213Request for student loan, 1933
1214Requests for the Georgia Law Review and the Georgia Lawyer, 1933
1215Requests for faculty positions, 1933-1934
1216J. N. Lott, Cornell University, potential faculty member, 1933
1217Library books, legal digests, journals, library book contracts, 1933
1218Law School announcements, 1933
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1220Mr. A. L. Kelly, 1933
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1222Thomas F. Green, Law School Dedication, personal matters, 1933
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1224Grading system, 1933
1225Honor Code, John M. Brennan, 1933
1226Dedication of Harold Hirsch Hall and Alexander King Library, 1933
1227Clipping, Harry Mehre and Robert McWhorter, 1933
1228Book purchases, Carswell Company, 1933
1229Applications for Law School Librarian, 1933-1934
1230American Law Institute, law book publications, 1933
1231Admission to Law School, R. H. Foy, 1933
1232Absences from Law School classes, 1933
1233Cam Young, room, Honor Code, 1932-1933
1234Edgar B. Wilkin, student record, 1932
1235West Publishing Company, lists of law books, description of Law School, 1932
1236Charles Viner and our Common Law, A handbook to English and Empire digest, Divorce Laws in Ohio, pamphlets, 1932
1237Benjamin Zeeman, 1932
1238Student file, Maxwell Rosenthal, 1932
1239Student file, Hamilton Lokey, 1932
1240Student fees, 1932
1241Hughes Spalding, Dedication of Law School Building, furnishings for Building, portraits, 1932-1933
1242Schedules of classes, 1932
1243S. V. Sanford, Law School Annual Report, faculty salaries, committee appointments, Law School Building, 1932-1933
1244Harmon Caldwell, curriculum, text books, student admissions, faculty, 1934
1245Budgetary material, Law School, 1934
1246Book orders, West Publishing Company, 1934
1247Board of Regents, Law School budget, Public Works Funds, Hughes Spalding, 1934
1248Bar Examination, curriculum, John G. Cozart, 1934
1249Applications for faculty positions, 1934
1250Lectures given by practicing private attorneys, 1934-1935
1251Lectures delivered by practicing attorneys, 1934
1252H. F. Lawson, donation of Rules and Practice of Law and Equity (1927), 1934
1253Law books, Law School inspection, students, Rufus C. Harris, Tulane, 1934
1254Inspection of Law School, Association of American Law Schools, 1934
1255L. L. Hendren, registration for Summer Quarter, 1934
1256Rufus C. Harris, Tulane University Law Library, student admittance, 1934
1257Correspondence, Harrison Jones, Law School furnishings, 1934-1935
1258FERA student aid programs, 1934
1259Faculty notices, 1934
1260Faculty advisors to students, 1934
1261The Constitutional Convention of 1787, address by Robert C. Alston, 1934
1262Clippings concerning Law School activities, 1934
1263Will Contest, Trust Company of Georgia, 1934-1935
1264Registrations, payment of fees, 1934-1935
1265Text books and Law Digests, Harrison Law Book Publishing Company, 1934
1266Spring Quarter examination, public utilities, 1934
1267Hand written notes on the State of the Law School, 1934
1268Schedule of classes, 1934
1269Rules and Regulations, Faculty Minutes, Law School, 1934-1949
1270Requests for Law School Bulletins, 1934
1271Requests for information, West Publishing Company, 1934
1272Registration of students, budgetary matters, J. D. Bolton, 1934
1273Recommendations of graduates, National Labor Relations Board, 1934
1274Program, Summer Session, University of Illinois, 1934
1275Placement of students, 1934
1276New Law School Building, 1934
1277Loan application, Joe E. Stewart, 1934
1278Lists of text books, recommendations, women in law, 1934-1935
1279Lists of students, student application, curriculum, faculty, 1934-1935
1280Legal bibliography examination, 1934
1281Law School Annual Reports, 1935-1937
1282Harrison Jones, equipment for Law School, lawn name plates, 1935-1936
1283Iota Tau Tau Sorority, 1935
1284George F. Gober, faculty employment, 1935-1936
1285Funding for dormitories, 1935
1286Fees, student assistants, salaries, 1935
1287Faculty, portraits, invitations, 1935-1936
1288Examinations, J. H. Napier, 1935
1289J. D. Bradwell, Moot Court, diploma, 1935-1936
1290Alumni Society, 1935
1291Examination questions, Georgia practice, 1935
131Faculty, curriculum, graduates, teaching loads, 1935
132Law School Development Program, 1935
133Lectures by Judges and practicing Attorneys, 1935-1936
134Lecture notices, class changes, Honor Lists, 1935
135Withdrawal, D. N. McCullough, 1935
136Law School internal notices, 1935-1936
137Value of Bar Examinations, 1935
138Telephone line for Law School, 1935
139Student prizes, Harrison Publishing Company, 1935
1310Recommendations, requests for entrance, Bar Examination requirements, test books, curriculum, faculty matters, 1935-1936
1311Procurement of faculty member, Ashley Sellers, 1935
1312Matters of curriculum, 1935-1962
1313Books, bookplates, payment of books, Library information, 1936
1314Bill, National Bindery Company, 1936
1315Bar Examinations from other states, 1936
1316Annotations of the Georgia Law Code, Smythe Gambrell, 1936-1937
1317Annotations of the Georgia Code of Laws, Legal Education and requirements for admission to the Georgia Bar, 1936
1318American Bar Association, Legal Education and Bar admission standards, 1936-1937
1319American Association of Law Schools Inspection Report, Georgia School of Law, 1936
1320Harmon Caldwell, Honor Code, faculty salaries, Law School Inspection Report, Lists of graduates, Workman's Comp, 1936
1321Bust of Senator Bacon for Law School, 1936
1322Bulletins sent to Alumni, 1936
1323Budgetary material and reference materials, 1936-1962
1324W. A. Bootle, Mercer University, Bar Examination, Summer School, curriculum, credits, text books, 1936-1937
1325Freshman Registration Procedure, Law Club fees, 1936-1937
1326Examinations, contracts, 1936
1327Examinations, 1936-1946
1328Emory University Law School, Summer School, Association of Georgia Law Schools, Bar Examination, 1936-1937
1329Georgia Bar Association, Admision Standards to the Georgia Bar, 1936
1330Smyth Gambrell, endorsements, annotations of Law Code, 1936
1331Charges to juries, copies, 1936-1937
1332Lectures by private practicing Attorneys and Judges, 1936-1937
1333Lectures, 1936
1334Law School notices, 1936-1937
1335Harrison Jones, visits to Law School, furnishings for Law School Building, 1936-1937
1336Honor System, examinations, 1936
1337The Harrison Publishing Company, text books, prizes, Law Codes, 1936-1937
1338Justice Gilbert, 1936
1339J. A. McClain, University of Louisville, Summer teaching, 1936
1340Alexis A. Marshall, requests for Georgia Law Code, 1936
1341Librarian, 1936
1342Legal Sororities, 1936
1343Practice court cases, 1936
1344Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society, 1936
1345Graduate lists, recommendations, books, faculty, 1936
1346Recommendations, examinations, speech by Robert Wilson of the School of Pharmacy, text books, 1936-1937
1347Regulations for guidance of Undergraduate students, 1936-1937
1348State Law School Consortium, problems of rural lawyers, Georgia Bar Association, 1936
1349Programs, 1936
1350Karl Stecher, Summer faculty member, 1936
1351Unpaid bill, Remington Rand, 1936
1352Travel Expense Statements, 1936
1353Telegrams, requests for Bar Examinations, faculty absences, resident requirements, 1936
1354Subscription to The Washington University Law Quarterly, 1936
1355Student applications, student loans, student recommendations, faculty, 1936
1356Calendar of events, Law School and University, 1937
141J. D. Bradwell 1897 transcript, Practice Court, 1937
142Books in Law Library, portraits, Law Library expansion, S. Price Gilbert Collection, 1937-1950
143Bar Examination participants, 1937
144Faculty, portraits, curriculum, student recommendations, 1937-1938
145Examinations, 1937
146Enrollment figures, Bar Examination percentages, S. V. Sanford, 1937
147Donation of bookplates, S. Price Gilbert, 1937
148Brainerd Currie, prospective faculty member, 1937
149Curriculum of Law School, 1937
1410Class rolls, 1937 Winter
1411Class rolls, 1937 Spring
1412Elliott Cheatham, Columbia University, recommendation of faculty member, 1937
1413Law Library, schedules, lists of books, requests for journal subscriptions, 1937
1414Law Library donations, 1937
1415Law School equipment, 1937-1938
1416Harrison Jones, biographical information, equipment for Law School, 1937-1955
1417Harrison Jones, Law School Affairs, 1937
1418L. L. Hendron, correspondence courses, Summer School, Law School enrollments, 1937
1419Georgia Code Examination, 1937
1420Law School notices, 1937
1421Law School Curriculum Studies, 1937
1422University Physical Plant, legal rulings, supplies for Law School, 1937
1423James A. Spruill, prospective faculty member, 1937
1424Alex W. Smith, admission to the Bar, legislative bill, 1937
1425Articles of Association, Association of Georgia Law Schools, 1937
1426Requests for bulletins, textbooks, journal subscriptions, grade distributions, recommendations, 1937
1427Schedules of committee meetings, 1937
1428Request for text book, 1937
1429Relations with Mercer University Law School, 1937-1938
1430Daniel H. Redfearn, prize for article, speaking engagement, 1937
1431Pre Legal Club material, 1937
1432Portraits hung in Law School Building, 1937
1433Petitions to the faculty concerning re-examination and loans, 1937
1434Pre-Legal Club, 1937
1435Pamphlets, brochures, speeches and addresses, 1937
1436Objectives of the School of Law, 1937
1437Administrative correspondence, law, dormitory, Law Clubs, legal education legislation, text books, 1937-1938
1438Law Day addresses and program, faculty, honor codes, Bar examinations, Student Bar Association, class schedule, 1937-1968
1439Honors Day Program, Religious Welfare Program, 1938
1440Dispersion of jury charges, 1938
1441Data on James Dowse Bradwell, Law Faculty, 1938
1442Criminal Law Trial Examination, 1938
1443Conflict of Laws Examinations, 1938
1444Budgets, equipment, Law School, 1938
1445Lectures by private practicing Attorneys, 1938
1446Lecture by Judge Barrett, 1938
1447Law Day, Hatton Lovejoy, radio program, clipping, 1938, 1964
1448Law School graduates killed in World War II, Law Day ceremonies, lecture notes, recommendations, 1938-1968
1449Text books, student matters, portrait of Wilson Lumpkin, curriculum, 1938
1450Text books, faculty, curriculum, Elliott Cheatham, Columbia University, 1938
1451Tentative program, Institute of Public Affairs, 1938 July 13-15
1452Students registered, 1938 Fall
1453S. V. Sanford, Bar Examinations, 1938
1454Reading list on jurisprudence, 1938-1939
1455Letter to the Law Alumni of the University of Georgia, 1938
1456Letter to Law Alumni, 1938
1457Summary of grades, 1939-1940
1458Students taking Bar Examination, 1939
1459Academic prizes, placement of students, curriclum, text books, 1940-1942
1460Applications for Law School admittance, 1940
1461School of Law, Alumni Record, 1939
151Register of students and faculty, 1939-1940
152Law Library holdings, 1939
153Furnishings for Milledge Hall, 1939
154Examination schedule, 1939 Fall
155Faculty, curriculum, Elliott Cheatham, Columbia University, 1939-1940
156Examination, contracts, 1939
157Contracts Trial Examination, 1939
158J. D. Bolton, budgets, Law School
159Law School notices, 1940
1510Law School Library, 1940
1511Law School class officers, 1940
1512Law School book lists, 1940
1513Law School activities, 1940
1514Honor Code, 1940
1515Freshman Class standings, 1940-1941
1516Faculty, placement of students, sale of Law School property, Harold Hirsch Hall Fund, curriculum, 1940-1941
1517Examination schedule, 1940 Winter
1518Examination, contracts, 1940
1519Cost of periodicals for Law Library, 1940
1520Clippings concerning Law School and Bar Examination, 1940
1521Class of 1939, employment of, 1940
1522Class officers, 1940
1523Charges for Law School prints, 1940
1524Bobbs-Merrill Company, Law Book Manual, 1940
1525Bar Examination review schedule, 1940
1526Prospective students, text books, faculty placements, Integration, lists of student recommendations, Hirsch Hall Fund, 1940-1941
1527James J. Lenoir, faculty member, 1940
1528Henry West, faculty member, Practice Court, Redferne Prize, 1940-1941
1529Teaching loads, student lists, class schedules, 1940
1530Student lists and class schedules, 1940-1941
1531Henry Shinn, Law School faculty, 1940
1532Report of the advisor to the Law Clubs, 1940
1533Relations with Emory University Law School, 1940-1941
1534Prospective students, 1940
1535Pre-Law students at the University of Georgia, 1940
1536Lectures by Private Practicing Attorneys, 1940-1941
1537Law School students in Phi Beta Kappa, 1940
1538Correspondence to and from prospective students, 1941
1539Acting Law School Dean, Law Library, Navy Pre-Flight School, Board of Regents, 1941-1945
1540Academic prizes, Harrison Company, 1941
1541Thomas F. Green, AAUP, suspension of the Law School from the Southern Association of Colleges, 1941
1542Class schedules, 1941 Fall
1543Budgets, equipment, Law School, 1941
1544Commemorative photographs of Harold Hirsch Hall (correspondence), 1941
1545Contest concerning the writing of Wills, 1941
1546Copies of Judge Yeoman's Jury Charges, sent to Private Attorneys, 1941
1547Degree candidates, prospective students, 1941-1942
1548Examinations, government regulation of business, 1941
1549Law School budget, 1941
1550Law School bills, 1941-1942
1551Law Library, blue print of addition, books, funding, 1941
1552Harrison Jones, furnishings of the Law School, 1941
1553Guest lecturers, 1941
1554Guest Instructor, Brainerd Currie, 1941
1555Letters to prospective students, 1941
1556Letters to and from student prospects, 1941-1942
1557-58Law School notices, 1941-1942
1559Law School Dean, faculty, Faculty Minutes, Library budget, recommendations, 1941-1942
1560Students taking combined courses, 1941
1561Henry A. Shinn, suspension of Law School from the Southern Association of Colleges and Universities, 1941-1942
1562Student placements, examination schedules, enrollment, suspension from Southern Association, 1941-1942
1563John M. Slaton, suspension of Law School from the American Association of Law Schools, 1941
1564S. V. Sanford, suspension of Law School from the Association of American Law Schools, 1941-1942
1565Henry Shinn to Sandy Beaver, investigation of Law School, 1941
1566Thomas J. Shackleford, student resolution in regard to suspension from American Association of Law Schools, 1941-1942
1567Harold Shephard, Duke University, Arthur Martinchairs Committee on Georgia, American Association of Law Schools, 1941
1568Sale of Law School property, faculty, enrollment, 1939-1941
1569Reference material, Case System, Curriculum of Law, 1941-1958
161Prospective faculty members, 1941-1942
162Prize for legal essay, Mary Doby Mann, 1941
163Robert O'Callaghan, Research Studies in the field of Administrative Law, 1941
164Arthur T. Martin, Ohio State University, suspension of Law School from the Association of America Law Schools, 1941
165Lists of class officers, 1941-1942
166Class schedules and students lists, 1942
167Class rolls, 1942
168Elliott Cheatham, Columbia University, faculty, curriculum, suspension of Law School from American Association, 1942
169Case books, 1942 Spring
1610Nathan Burkan Memorial Competition essay, 1942
1611Bar Examination subjects, 1942
1612Bachelor of Laws Degrees awarded, 1942
1613Atlanta Clearing House Association, Student Will Contest, 1942
1614Academic Prize, The Lawyers Co-Operative Publishing Company, 1942
1615West Publishing Company, text books, American Law Review, 1941-1942
1616Melftim Thomson Law Reviews, placement of students, 1941-1942
1617Suspension of Law School from the Association of American Law Schools, 1941-1942
1618William E. Stanley, suspension from American Association, 1942
1619Hughes Spalding, suspension of the Law School from the Association of American Law Schools, 1942
1620Staff and faculty personnel records, 1942
1621Marion Smith, Atlanta, Georgia, placement of students, 1942
1622Schedules, 1942 Spring
1623Requests for bulletins, 1942
1624Redfearn Academic Prize, 1942
1625Loss of faculty, suspension of Law School from the Association of American Law Schools, 1942-1943
1626List of students, 1942 Summer
1627Lists of students, 1942
1628Law School furnishes, 1942
1629Law School examinations, schedules, 1942
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1643Class officers, 1943-1944
1644Faculty member, Thomas F. Green, on leave, 1943
1645Harrison Company, text books, 1943
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1647Placement of students of Mercer Law School in Georgia Law School, closing of Mercer, 1943
1648Recommendations for Phi Bet Kappa Law School, 1943
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1650Lt. Samuel E. Tyson, Review of Law work, 1943
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1652Academic prizes, 1944
1653Excuses from chapel, 1944
1654Recommendations for Phi Bet Kappa, 1944
1655Text books, Edward Thompson Company, 1944
1656Proposed acceleration of Law School curriculum, 1944
1657Prospective student, Graham Phelan Wright, 1944
1658Self government of the Bar, expanded curriculum, 1945-1945
1659Students registered, 1944 Fall
1660Statement regarding the State of the Law School, Henry Shinn, 1944
1661Faculty, curriculum, applications for admission, text books, faculty applications, 1945
1662Expansion of Law Library, 1945
1663Curriculum, requests for catalogs, prospective students, Veterans Aid information, 1945
1664Cost of bulletin board, 1945
1665Board of Regents, funding, curriculum, law suit at GSCW, 1945-1947
1666Graduate record Examination, Carnegie Foundation, 1945
1667Text books, Baker, Voorhis and Company, 1945
1668Semester System discussion, 1945
1669Requests for Law School Bulletins, 1945
1670Recommendations of students to the Federal Security Agency, 1945
1671Recommendation for Phi Beta Kappa, 1945
1672Phi Beta Kappa recommendation, 1945
1673List of graduates, 1945
1674Law School Service Honor Roll, 1945
1675Law Enforcement School, 1945
1676Honor Council, 1945
1677Honor Code for Law School, 1945
1678Honor Code Constitution, Law School, 1945
1679Honor Code, 1945
1680Harrison Publishing Company, text books, academic prize, 1945
1681Law School notices, 1946
1682Library books, Public Relations, use of old examinations, 1946
1683Letters of eligibility for admission, 1945-1946
1684The Lawyers Cooperative Association Publishing Company, test books, 1946
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1686Japanese War Crimes Trials, situation in Law School (Harmon Caldwell, Sandt Beaver), 1946-1947
1687Inventory of equipment in Law School Building, 1946
1688The Harrison Publishing Company, text books, lists of students, 1946-1947
1689Graduates, withdrawals, transcripts, entrance requirements, 19462
1690Gift to Law Library, George S. Whitehead Library, 1946
1691The Foundation Press, text books, 1946
1692Faculty personnel reports, 1946
1693Entrance requirement, 1946
1694Committee on Government Regulation of Business, Columbia University School (report), 1946
1695Committee on Curriculum Revision, Columbia University, report, 1946
1696Recommendation, James Lenoir, University of Idaho, 1946
1697T. W. Reed, investment of funds from the sale of University property, 1934
1698Articles by R. P. Brooks, 1934
1699Commencement program, 1935
16100Faculty Committees, 1936
16101The Announcer, 1937 January 11
16102University Committees, 1938-1939
16103University calendar, 1938
16104Library memos, 1940
16105Formation of Aviation School, 1940
16106Pamphlets, approved Colleges of Arts and Sciences, 1940-1941
16107Petition for Aviation School, 1940
16108Statues of the University, 1940
16109Statues of the University, 1940
16110University notices, 1940
16111University calendars, 1940
16112Clippings, Governor Talmadge, Cocking and the University System, 1941
16113Commencement program, 1941
16114University Committees, 1941-1942
16115Faculty members, 1900-1952
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16122Charter, School of Aviation, 1943
171Faculty Library Minutes, 1943
172Faculty by-laws, 1943
173University Faculty Committees, 1944
174Annual Report, Main Library, 1945
175Agricultural Technical Assistance Programs in Japan-Thomas E. Ritchie, 1945-1948
176Commencement and Honors Day Program, 1946
177Commencement program, 1946
178Voluntary Religious Association, 1946
179Work done to Law School Building by Physical Plant, 1946
1710Transferrals to John B. Stetson, University, 1946
1711State Bar Examination, 1946-1947
1712Request for faculty recommendation, A. Gulliver, Yale University, 1946
1713Recommendations for Rhodes Scholarships, 1946-1947
1714Pre-Law curriculum, 1946
1715Potential faculty member, Dale F. Stansbury, 1946
1716Personnel reports, 1946-1947
1717Vesper Services, 1947
1718Placement Bureau, 1947
1719Georgia State Department of Entomology, Cottony Cushion Scales, 1947
1720Faculty minutes, 1947 October 17
1721Faculty Meeting Minutes, 1947
1722Alvin Biscoe, Dean of Faculties, 1947
1723Work load forms for School of Law, 1946-1947
1724Sterling Price Gilbert, Judge, recommendation of student, 1947
1725Judge Sterling Price Gilbert, guest lecturer, 1947
1726Faculty recommendations, Elliott Cheatham, Columbia University, 1947
1727Examinations, contracts, 1947
1728Contract for orchestra, books donated, phone numbers, 1947
1729Addition to stack area of Law School Library, 1947
1730Abstract of title assignments, 1947
1731Contracts, examinations, 1947
1732Bar examination, 1947 December
1733Barbeque for Abit Nix, faculty member, 1947
1734Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity, 1947
1735Personnel reports, 1947-1954
1736Out of State fees, new students, 1947
1737Nu Beta Epsilon National Law Fraternity, 1947
1738Name plates, painting, Law School Building, 1947
1739Mercer University, transfer students, employment of Dean Meade Field at Georgia, 1947
1740Little, Brown and Company, Legal Publication prospects, 1946
1741Legal Bibliography III assignments, 1947
1742Law School students initiated into Phi Beta Kappa, 1947
1743Harrison Jones, addition to Law School Library, 1947
1744Harrison Jones, additional stacks to Law School Library, 1947
1745Inventory of equipment in Law School Building, 1947
1746Information concerning Law Reviews, 1947-1949
1747Honor graduates, 1947
1748Honor Code Constitution, Law School, 1947
1749William M. Hepburn, University of Alabama, visit to Law School, 1947
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1752Text book on contracts, Little, Brown and Company, 1947
1753-55Text books, 1947-1948
1756Text book, Federal Rules and Procedure, Edward Thompson Company, 1947
1757Student assistant application, 1947
1758Rules governing examinations, 1947
1759Request for recommendation, Trust Company of Georgia, 1947
1760Request for presentation on Law School problems, Valparaiso University, 1947
1761Request for bulletins, Yale Law School, 1947
1762Requests for bulletins, 1947-1948
1763D. H. Redfearn, guest lecturer, 1947
1764Recommendation of student (Duke University), 1947
1765Reaction in Law School to bill giving State Supreme Court Authority to raise educational standards, 1947
1766Protest of Textile Worker Union. Abit Nix, Labor Law, 1947
1767Prospective faculty member, Jeffery B. Fordham, Vanderbilt University, 1947
1768Prentice-Hall's Who's Who in Labor Arbitration, Henry Arthur Shinn, 1947
1769Cook Barwick, Junior Bar Association relations with Law students, 1948
1770Callaghan and Company, case books, 1948
1771Applicants for admission to the Bar of the Court of Appeals, 1948
1772Applicants to be admitted to the Bar, 1948
1773Applicants for admission to the Bar of the Court of Appeals, 1948
1774American Law Institute, request for members, 1948
1775American Bar Association, newletters, inspection of Law School, 1948
1776American Bar Association Program held at Law School, 1948
1777Building needs, School of Law, University of Illinois (reference material), 1948
1778Paul E. Bryan, Summer faculty member, 1948
1779Pope Brock, legal research by faculty, Coca-Cola Company, 1948
1780Brochures, Law School office equipment, A. B. Dick Company, 1948
1781Evelyn Fritz, purchases of Law books and journals, 1948-1950
1782Fans purchased for Law School, 1948
1783Faculty, budgetary, Library information compiled for Law School inspection, 1948
1784Essay requirement, 1949
1785Essay Course, Law School, 1948
1786Essay Contast, Administrative Law, American Bar Association, 1948
1787Class scheduuled, Spring Quarter, 1948
1788Nathan Burkan Memorial Competition, 1948
1789Building needs, University of Illinois (reference material), 1948
1790Admissions testing, educational testing service, 1948
1791James J. Lenoir, faculty member, 1947
1792History of the Law School, T. W. Reed, 1948
1793Students not having satisfactory grades, 1948
1794Library acquisitions, potential, 1948
1795Letter to Law School Alumni, 1948
1796Letter to Alumni, Law Day Programs, announcements, bulletins, 1948-1966
1797Letters concerning students, 1948-1954
1798Legal writing training, 1948
1799Law School equipment, 1948
17100Law Review plans, 1948
17101B. C. Kinney, equipment for Law School Building, repairs, 1948
17102W. F. Jenkins, guest lecturer, 1948
17103Graduate Law Dormitory, 1948
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17105Charles J. Hilkey, faculty member (former Dean of Emory Law School), 1948
17106Georgia Law Review, 1948
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17108University Placement Office, 1948
17109University Committees, 1948
181University Building Program, 1948
182Georgia Museum of Art, 1948
183Annual Report, University Library, 1948
184Fall Quarter class schedule, 1948
185Alumni Society, 1948
186Graduation Exercises Program, 1950
187Faculty notices, 1950
188University Retirement Policies, Alvin B. Biscoe, 1950
189Voluntary Religious Association, 1949
1810Veterans Guidance Center, 1949
1811Survey of Law School Library, 1948
1812Smoker Song, Association of American Law Schools, 1948
1813John Sims, text books, biographical sketch of Henry Shinn, 1948
1814Frank Scarlett, entrance into Law School, 1948
1815Schedules, 1948 Winter
1816Request to take Law School courses, 1948
1817Requests for catalogs, 1948
1818Repairs to Strahan House, 1948
1819Mrs. Ronald Ransom, portrait of Joseph Henry Lumpkins, 1948
1820William Randall, Library, insects and heat, 1948
1821Placement Aid Committee, 1948
1822Petitions to Law School faculty, 1948
1823Petition for class in Georgia Law, 1948
1824Office Dictaphone information, 1948-1954
1825Newspaper clippings, Barrister's Ball, guest lecturers, Law Journal, 1948
1826Membership lists, legal fraternities, 1948
1827Movie projector, 1948
1828Members of Law School soft ball team, 1948
1829Major and minor Law School objectives, 1948
1830Smyth Gambrell, request for Bulletin, 1948
1831J. D. Bolton, Comptroller, financial information, 1949-1969
1832Instructions for grade changes, Walter N. Danner, 1949
1833Examination schedules, 1949
1834Contracts, 1949
1835Conflict of Laws Examinations, 1949
1836Combination Curriculum, Law and Journalism, 1949
1837Class schedules, 1949
1838Class notes, 1949
1839Nathan Burkan Memorial, competition for, 1949
1840Harlee Branch, Georgia Power Company, guest lecturer, biographical information, 1949-1956
1841Board of Regents, funding, special fees, budget of Law School, 1949
1842Will Contest, Trust Company of Georgia, 1948
1843West Publishing Company, Case Book, reports, journals, 1948
1844Veterans registered in Law School, 1948
1845Transfer application blanks, 1948
1846Text books, Labor Law, 1948
1847Text books, Foundation Press
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1850Law School Honor Court, 1949
1851Law Library of William Clinton Martin, 1949
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1854Law Dormitory, 1949
1855Labor Law Text Book, Prentice-Hall, 1949
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1861D. Meade Field, Law Journal, 1949
1862Faculty members, 1949
1863Essay Committee, Law School, 1949
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1866Ashley Sellers, Guest Lecturer, 1949-1956
1867Ross Essay Contest, 1949
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1874Law School Student Association, 1949
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1876-77Text books, Foundation Press, 1949
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1882Student Bar Association material, 1949
1883O. C. Aderhold, appointment to Presidency, Law School Annex, Sesquicentennial, 1950
1884Chamber of Commerce, 1950
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1886Article, "The Language of Wills", 1950
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191Cheese Plants operating in Georgia, 1950
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193Teacher Retirement, 1950
194University Museum of Art, 1950
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197American Law Institute, 1950
198Employment of relatives by the University of Georgia, 1950
199Drafting of State Legislation by members of Law School Faculty, 1950
1910Compiliation of grades, 1950
1911Committee on Improvement of Instruction, 1950
1912Clippings, excerpts from publications, 1950-1957
1913Clipping, G. I. Bill, 1950
1914Class notes, Wigmore's Evidence, 1950
1915Excerpts from Law School Annual Reports, 1949-1955
1916Examinations, contracts, 1950
1917Dedication of Law School Building, University of South Carolina, 1950
1918Establishment of a Law School Graduate Program, 1950-1952
1919University Committee, Retirement for Teachers and Administrative Officers, 1951
1920Parent's Day, 1951
1921Matters concerning the Graduate Faculty, 1951-1955
1922Charter Day, Sesquicentennial Celebration, 1951
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1924University Statutes, 1953
1925Ilah Dunlap Little Memorial Library, dedication, 1953
1926Harry Haden, University of Virginia, to Verner Chaffin, Office Practice Course, 1950
1927Graduate Program, 1950
1928Goals of Law School, Letter to Alumni, 1950
1929Georgia Power Company, Champion Home Town Contest, 1950
1930Georgia 4-H Club Foundation, 1950
1931Georgia Education Association, 1950
1932Georgia Cooperative Council Institute, 1950
1933Georgia Code Sections dealing with Board of Bar Examiners, 1950
1934Faculty members of Phi Kappa Phi, 1950
1935Faculty Directory, Law School, 1950
1936Founder's Day Dinner, 1950
1937Faculty Club, 1950
1938Legislation concerning requirements for Bar admission, 1950
1939Lawyers' Club of Atlanta, 1950
1940Law Trust Fund account, 1950
1941Law Reviews, various States, 1950
1942Korean War clippings, 1950
1943Carroll Payne Jones, Guest Lecturer, 1950
1944Institute at University of Mississippi, 1950
1945Charles J. Hilkey, curriculum, Student Advisot, 1950-1954
1946Don Henderson, faculty member, 1950-1955
1947Paul M. Hebert, Louisiana State University, 1950
1948Benjamin Z. Phillips Law Scholarship Fund, 1950
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1950National Association of Women Lawyers, 1950
1951John Wallace Morland, Inspection of Law School, 1950
1952Minimum Standards for Law School, 1950
1953Meeting, Georgia Bar Association, 1950
1954Meeting, Georgia Bar Association, 1950
1955Meeting, Board of Governors, Georgia Bar Association, 1950
1956Hughes Spalding, prospective students and faculty, 1950-1951
1957Southern Law Review Conference, 1950
1958Sons of the American Revolution, 1950
1959Samuel H. Sibley, Guest Lecturer, 1950
1960Henry Shinn Memorial Award, 1950
1961Sale of Private Library, 1950
1962Reports on the Schools of Laws at Emory and Georgia, Resolution of the State legislature, 1950-1951
1963Report for the School of Law, Institute of Government, 1950-1960
1964Repairs to Physical Plant, Law School Building, 1950
1965Repairs to Law School Building, 1950
1966Repairs and equipment for Law School, 1950-1953
1967Religion in Life Week, 1950
1968Refresher course for Secretaries, 1950
1969Red Cross Blood Bank, 1950
1970Prospective student, Henry O'Brien, 1950
201Students passing Bar Examination, 1950
202Student Loan Funds, 1950
203Statistical Study, Law School, 1950
204Special examinations, Glenn Braselton and Zack Varnedo, 1950
205Speech to Riverside Academt, biographical sketch, military record, Clarke County Legal Aid, Law Review, 1950-1961
206Pre-Legal Education, 1950-1958
207Photographic Services, 1950
208Material concerning Law Dormitory Christmas Party, includes photographs, 1950
209Legislation relating to the University System, 1950
2010Yale University Law School, 1950
2011Women voters, Men's Council, Clarke County, 1950
2012The Wheeling Bridge Case and the subsequent developments in Administrative Law, 1950
2013Colonel J. D. Watson, Watson Spring Deed, 1950
2014Voluntary Religious Association, 1950
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2016Text book, Legal Ethics, West Publishing Company, 1950
2017Students passing Bar Examination, 1950
2018Inaugural of Dr. Aderhold, 1951
2019Dinner, Newcomer Society, Harmon Caldwell, 1951
2020Emory University School of Law, 1951-1961
2021Brainerd Currie, faculty member, 1951-1953
2022Course in Military Law, 1951
2023Book review by Alton Hosch, 1951-1952
2024Biographical sketch of Lamar Trotti, 1951
2025Statement of Dean Hosch, 1951
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2030Graduate work applications, 1951
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2033Law School participation in a journal of the Georgia Bar, 1951-1953
2034Law School entrance requirements, 1951
2035Law School aims and methods of instruction and the Spirit of the School, 1951
2036Albert Jones, Law Clubs, curriculum, Undergraduate Advisor, 1951-1954
2037Institute of Law and Government, 1951-1955
2038Newspaper clippings, 1951-1954
2039Museum of Art, 1951
2040Minimum Foundation Program as amended, 1951
2041Militart regulations affecting Law School, 1951
2042Meeting, Georgia Bar Association, 1951
2043Georgia Bar Association meeting, 1951
2044Georgia Bar Association, 1951
2045Television Broadcast, 1951
2046Suit, misappropriation of funds, Francis Rich, Legal Fraternity, 1951
2047Speakers, Law School Sesquicentennial, 1950-1951
2048Murray Seasongood, Public Service by Lawyers in Local Government, 1951
2049Ernest P. Rogers, Smith, Kilpatrick, Cody Rogers and McClatchey, furnishings for Law School, 1951
2050"One hundred years of Military Law" Seymour W. Werfel, 1951
2051Office equipment, typewriters, 1951-1953
2052-53Clippings, correspondence, brochures, 1952-1953
211Restoration of Law School furniture, Athens Lumber Company, 1952
212Requests for Bulletins and applications for admission, 1952 Fall
213Correspondence Graduate Study in Law, 1952-1954
214Correspondence, Charles J. Bloch, Law Day, Institute of Government, faculty, Honor Societies, Seminars, 1952-1954
215Board of Governors, Georgia Bar Association, 1952
216Applications for Graduate Study in Law, 1952-1956
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219Analysis of Student Body, 1952
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2111Georgia Bar Association, 1952 Winter
2112University of Georgia Law School Association, 1952
2113Some tentative notes on the Institute of Law and Government of the University of Georgia, 1952
2114Second Institute on Estate Planning, 1952
2115Dick Russell Dinner, 1952
2116Reference material, 1951-1967
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2120Law School curriculum, 1952-1960
2121Law School curriculum, 1952-1953
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2123Institute of Law and Government, 1952-1953
2124Institute of Law and Government, 1952
2125Institute of Estate Planning, 1952
2126David Paul Hulbert, 1952
2127Handwritten notes, Administrative Council Meeting, 1952 March 17
2128Georgia Bar Association, 1952
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2130Entrance requirements, Ward Case, 1952-1953
2131Establishment of the Institute of Government, 1952
2132Examination schedule, 1952-1953
2133Excerpts from the Law School Annual Report for the School Year, dealing with the curriculum, 1952-1953
2134Excerpts from the Law School Annual Report for the School Year, dealing with the entrance requirements, 1952-1953
2135Dedication of Institute of Law and Government, 1953
2136Honors Day Program, 1953
2137Faculty Handbook, 1953
2138Commencement and Alumni Day, 1953
2139Alumni Record, 1953
2140O. C. Aderhold, Institute of Law and Government Law School needs, Brown vs. Topeka, 1954
2141Will, Brooks Wigginton, 1954
2142Ovid T. Whelchel, 1954-1955
2143United Nations Day Programs, 1954
2144Talk to Pre-Legal Students, 1954
2145Announcements, 1954 Summer
2146Brian M. Storey, 1954
2147Statement of the College of Arts and Sciences to the Alumni Committee, 1954
2148Salaries, Louisiana State University School of Law, clipping "Georgia colleges get low salary grades", 1954, 1962
2149Purchases of electric fans, 1954
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2151The Atlanta Constitution, 1955 December
2152Annual Report, Institute of Law and Government, 1954
2153Accounting Seminar, 1954
2154Equipment ordered for the Dedication of the Institute of Law and Government Buildings, 1954
2155Dedication of Institute of Law and Government Building, 1954
2156Correspondence conerning Law School salaries at other institutions, 1954
2157Clipping, Judge H.E. Nichols, 1954
2158Clipping concerning the Center for Continuing Education, 1954
2159The Bricker Amendment, 1954
221Georgia Bar Examination, 1954-1962
222Frank D. Foley, portraits for Law School, faculty salaries, 1954-1955
223Fifty-Club, Atlanta, 1954
224Graduates, 1954 Fall
225-6Excerpt from the Law School Annual Report concerning the Georgia Institute of Law and Government, 1954-1955
227Examination schedule, 1954
228-9General Correspondence, 1954-1956
2210Georgia newspaper clippings, 1954-1955
2211The Georgia Journal, 1954
2212Law School Christmas Party, 1954
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2214Law School Annual Report, 1954
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2216Law Day Programs (texts of speeches by Chandler, Thurmond, 1954-1964
2217Information concerning various Schools of Law, 1954-1956
2218Information concerning membersof the Law School Faculty, 1954
2219Graduating seniors and combined degrees, 1954
2220Material concerning Law School Dormitories, 1954
2221Material concerning a Law School Dormitory, 1954
2222The major and minor objectives of the University of Georgia School of Law, 1954
2223Dan McDougald Memorial Scholarship Fund, 1954
2224Letters from students, 1954
2225Legal Ethics, Mr. Jones, 1954 Spring
2226Lectures notes, legal notices, 1954
2227Law School Faculty salaries sent to Southern Methodist University, 1954
2228-29Proposal for the Establishment of Law and Government Institute, 1954
2230Problems with Institute of Government, Law Review, Honor Code Constitution, Law Day Programs, Pound Lectures, 1954, 1974
2231Law School curriculum, 1952-1955
2232War Surplus books for Library, 1953
2233Trappist Abbey, Conyers, Georgia, 1953
2234Teachers' Retirement System, 1953
2235Statues, Madison Square, New York City, Alfred H. Holbrook, 1953
2236Requests for aid, Draft Evasion cases, 1953-1954
2237Repairs to portraits, Law School, 1953
2238Law School Admissions Tests, 1952-1955
2239Law Library, Institutes, Honor Code, committees, Intedgration material, prospective faculty and students, 1953-1954
2240Quotations, 1953
2241Prospective faculty members, 1953-1955
2242Proposal for the Establishment of Law and Government Institute, 1953
2243Pre-Legal Education, a statement of policy by Association of American Law Schools, 1953
2244Practice case, dismissal of a Tenured University Proffor because of Communist leanings, 1953
2245Carter R. Pitman, Bar Examinations, Guest Speaker, 1953-1955
2246Pamphlets concerning Institutes, 1953
2247North Carolina Alumni Review, 1953
2248Meeting, Georgia Bar Association, 1953
2249Long Range Building Program for the University of Georgia Law Library, 1953
2250Legal Center News, 1953 December
2251Law Day, Dedication of Law School Building, 1953
2252Institute on Proceedings, 1953
2253Institute of Law and Government, 10 year needs, O.C. Aderhold, 1953
2254Institute of Law and Government, 1953
2255Interdisciplinary Studies, furnishings for Institute of Government, proposed Law School Annex, Law Library, 1953-1954
2256Harvard Law School Bulletin, 1953 April
2257Excerpt from the Law School Annual Report dealing with the entrance requirements for admission, 1953
231Correspondence, staffing of the Institute of Law and Government, 1953-1954
232Ilah Dunlap Little Memorial Library, 1953
233Correspondence, Ruth Corry, Law Librarian, 1953-1954
234-5Clippings, correspondence, brochures, 1953-1956
236Examinations in Legal Contracts courses, 1953-1962
237Dedication of the Ilah Dunlap Little Memorial Library, 1953
238Clippings, correspondence, brochures, 1953-1956
239Comparative Statistics, Law Schools, George, Emory, Virginia, Wisconsin, Vanderbilt, 1953-1954
2310Continuing Legal Education, Institute of Law and Government, 1953
2311Applications for law school
2312Announcements, Law Day Address, Law Day Programs, Law School Annex Plans, Graduate list, curriculum, 1953-1964
2313American Organizing Committee, conflict of laws, 1953
2314Address concerning the establishment of the Institute of Law and Government, 1953
2315Portraits for Law School and Institute of Government, 1954
2316Portrait of Dr. Joseph Stewart, 1954
2317Portrait, Atkinson, 1954
2318Paint for Law School, 1954
2319Newspaper article concerning the Institute lf Law and Government, 1954
2320Nameplates for portraits, 1954
2321James Monroe Law Office, 1954
2322Phinizy Lectures, 1954
2323Faculty Handbook, University of Georgia, 1954
2324Parent's Day, 1954
2325University Regulations, Faculty Handbooks, 1954, 1959
2326Graduate Program, Plant Sciences, 1955
2327Adminstrative correspondence file, 1955
2328O.C. Aderhold, budgets, Institute of Government, faculty resignations, closing of Law school, 1955
2329Army Advisory Committee, 1955
241Army Advisory Committee, 1955
242Administrative correspondence, 1955
243Clippings, correspondence, brochures, 1955-1956
244Clippings, concerning Water Conservation, 1955
245A. G. Cleveland, 1955
246Certificates for Distinguished Alumni, 1955
247Phil Campbell, clipping, Ernest Vandiver, 1955
248Blank form, application for Law School admission, 1955
249Brochures, copy companies, 1955
2410Board of Regents, 1955
2411Board of Governors meeting, Georgia Bar Association, 1955
2412Bar Examination, statistics, 1955
2413Athens Banner Herald, 1955
2414Clippings, Ernest Vandiver, 1955
2415Clippings, Wingate Dykes, 1955
2416-17Comparative faculty salaries, 1955
2418Correspondence, clippings, brochures, 1955-1956
2419Correspondence, grade analysis, clippings, Faculty Meeting Minutes, 1955-1956
2420Correspondence, University Foundation Law School Committee, 1955
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2422Examination schedule, 1955 Fall
2423Examination schedules, 1955
2424Howard Drydahl, 1955
2425Directions for new students, 1955
2426Danforth Chapel, 1955
2427Curriculum, Law Library. Law Research Center, Law Day, Law Dormitory, 1955-1957
2428Foundation Appreciation Awards, 1955
2429Joseph G. Faust Library, gift to Law Library, 1955
2430Faculty questionaire, 1955
2431Faculty, students, Law Dorm, Law Library, Legal Sorority, examinations, text books, recommendations, curriculum, 1955-1956
2432Gifts to Law School Library, 1955
2433Gift to Law Library, Noel P. Park Library, 1955
2434Gift to Law Library, William H. Beck, military documents, 1955
2435General Correspondence, 1955-1956
2436Georgia practices, Judical System of Georgia, class notes, 1955
2437Georgia Practices, Judical System of Georgia, 1955 Spring
2438Georgia Bar Association minimum fees schedule, 1956
2439David H. Gambrell, Juvenile Delinquent Law, 1955
2440Freshman plaque, 1955-1959
2441Elbert Tuttle, Judge, candidate for Supreme Court, 1956
2442Robert B. Troutman, Pre-Legal education, 1956
2443Summer School teaching, University of North Carolina, 1956
2444Summer Placement Program, Cook Barwick, 1956
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2446Speech, "Religion and Law", "The Lawyer's obligation in government", Harold R. Medina, Phinizy Lecture, 1956
251Agenda, University Self Study, 1956
252Phinizy Lectures, Harold Medina, the Liberal Arts and the Professions, 1956
253Phinizy Lecture, Harold Medina, 1956
254Phinizy Lectures, 1956
255Bobby Brown Memorial Fund, 1956
256Introduction of Charles Bloch, Law Day, 1956
257The Atlanta Constitution, 1956 January
258A proposed plan for a study of the University of Georgia, Aaron John Brumbaugh, 1956
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2510Applications for clerical Positions, 1956-1957
2511Walter George, Herman Talmadge, newpaper clippings, 1956
2512Examination schedules, Law School Committees, Law School objectives, student internships, 1956
2513Equipment, Law School and Institute of Law and Government, 1956
2514Conflict of Laws Examinations, 1956
2515Class schedules and registration procedures, brochures from various Schools of Law, 1956
2516Robert G. Caldwell, state university of Iowa, Criminology, 1956
2517Law Day speeches, 1956
2518Law Day activities, 1956
2519Newspaper, Atlanta Journal, 1956 May
2520Speech, Holcomb H. Perry, Jr., Bar Examination, 1956
2521Schedule for observation of Law Day, 1956
2522Russell portrait for Law School, 1956
2523Resolution on the Institute of Government, 1956
2524Philatelic Agency, 1956
2525Holcomb H. Perry, Jr., Bar Examination, 1956
2526Holcomb H. Perry, Jr., 1956
2527North Carolina Law Review article in conflict of Laws, 1956
2528Law Day activities, 1956
2529Joint programs, Georgia State College of Business Administration, 1956
2530John G. Hervey, "There's still room for improvement", Western Law School Conference, 1956
2531University of North Carolina, 1956 Summer
2532O.C. Aderhold, accomplishments of University faculty, 1956
2533University Annual Report, 1956
2534Examination schedule, 1956 Winter
2535Graduate Faculty Meeting Minutes, 1956
2536Parent's Day, 1956
2537Harold R. Medina lectures, 1956
2538Liberal arts and the professions, Phinizy Lecture, Harold Medina, 1956
2539Phinizy Lectures, Harold Medina, 1956
2540Phinizy Lectures, 1956
2541University Committee personnel, 1955
2542Charlton Theus Memorial, Law Library, 1955
2543Statistics, Law School Student Body, 1955
2544Statistics concerning various Law Schools, 1955
261Work production of Law School Faculty, 1955
262Uniform State Law, 1955
263Speech material, 1955-1963
264Speech, Georgia Press Institute, cliping, 1955
265Special funding for Law School, 1955
266Schedule for preparations for Law Day, 1955
267Schedule of classes, 1955 Spring
268Robert Russell portrait, fund, 1955
269Report on Special Committee on Racial Discrimination, Association of American Law Schools, 1955
2610Registration, 1955 Fall
2611Reference material, Ohio State Law School, expansion of the Georgia School of Law, 1955-1957
2612Prospective faculty member, Karl Stecher, 1955
2613Placement Committee, Georgia Bar Association, 1955
2614Photographic Services, 1955
2615Office equipment, Law School, photocopiers, 1955-1958
2616Newpaper clippings concerning the State of the University System of Georgia, 1955
2617Military file, 1955
2618Meeting, Georgia Bar Association, 1954
2619Master of Law and Taxation, William and Mary College, 1955
2620Dan McDouglad Library, gift to Law School Library, 1955
2621Library of Herman H. Swift, gift to Law Library, 1955
2622Law School furnishings, book in Law Library, curriculum, faculty, class schedules, recommendations, 1955
2623Law School Foundation Committee, 1955
2624Law Library, personal library of John M. Slayton, 1955
2625Law Day Ceremonies, 1955
2626Law Day, 1955
2627Law Day Program, 1955
2628Junior Law Day, 1955
2629Interim Report, University of Georgia Foundation Committee for the School of Law, 1955
2630Agenda for visit of Humanities Consultant, University Self Study, 1957
2631Campus Development Plan, 1957
2632How to use the Library, 1957
2633Pamphlet, the University of Georgia Foundation, 1957
2634Presentation copies of Medina Lectures, 1957
2635Registration, 1957 Summer
2636University Libraries Annual Report, 1957-1958
2637Testimonials, Law School Alumni, 1957
2638The minor and major objectives of the School of Law, self study, 1957
2639Should you be a Lawyer? Roscoe Pound, 1957
2640Self Study of Law School, Paul M. Hebert, Louisiana State University, 1957
2641School objectives, curriculum, Library, 1957
2642Roosevelt Robinson, employee file folder, 1957
2643Report of the Dean of the Iowa Law School to the Bar, 1957
2644Report on Law School, Self Study, 1957
2645Placement information, 1957-1959
2646Phi Beta Kappa, 1957
2647Objectives and recommendations, Law School Self Study, 1957
2648Memorandum Report on consultant and visit to Law School, Paul M. Hebert, Louisiana State University, 1957
2649Memorandum on consultant and visit to University School of Law, 1957
2650Jerome Michael Scholarship, 1957
2651Law School Law Study, Elliott E. Cheatham, Columbia University, 1957
2652Law Library, annual reports, gifts, budgets, holdings standards, 1957
2653Law Day activities, 1957
2654Law Day activities, 1957
2655Institute for Ordinaries, 1957
2656Inspection Reports, Law School and Institute of Government, Brumbaugh and Southern Association, 1957, 1961
2657Inspection of Law School, Paul M. Hebert, Louisiana Stte University, 1957
2658Inspection of Law School, Paul M. Hebert, 1957
2659Inspection of Law School, American Bar Association, 1957
2660Information concerning the Georgia Bar Examination, 1957-1962
271Index, Georgia Bar Journal, introduction, preface, 1957
272Faculty minutes, short courses, seminars, class schedules, examinatio schedules, conferences, 1957-1961
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274Faculty recommendation, Paul M. Hebert, Louisiana State University, 1957
275Expenses, Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, 1957
276Examination schedule, 1957 Winter
277Dinner menu, 1957
278Dedication, Law School Building, Wake Forest College, 1957
279Curriculum, school objectives, Law Library, faculty salaries, Law School Self Study, 1957
2710Curriculum revision, Annual Report. Law School, 1957
2711Comparative salaries, Law School Self Study, 1957
2712Commencement, North Georgia College, address, 1957
2713Brumbaugh Study, Law School section, Elliott Cheatham, Columbia University, 1957
2714Boxwoods, Institute Garden, 1857
2715Brochures, Faculty Minutes, prospective faculty, examination schedules, short courses, conferences, 1957-1961
2716Harold Heckman Award, 1957
2717An abstract of the Consultant Report on Elliott E. Cheatham, Law School, University Self Study, 1957
2718Commencement Address, John F. Kennedy, 1957
2719Brumbaugh Study Report, correspondence, Brumbaugh and Cheatham, plan for Grad work in Law, inquiry in Georgia Law Resources, 1957
2720American Bar Association meeting, London, 1957
2721Alumni Law School Committee, 1957
2722Agenda, Law School Self Study, Elliott Cheatham, Columbia University, Interim Report, outline of University Study, 1957
2723Agenda, Elliott E. Cheatham, Law School Self Study, salary comparisons, 1957
2724Admission requirements, 1957
2725Accessment of Law School, Paul M. Hebert, 1957
2726Assessment of Law School, Elliott Cheatham, 1957
2727A. J. Brumbaugh mailing address, 1957
2728O.C. Aderhold, dues, Associarion of American Law Schools, 1957
2729Alumni Record, 1958
2730Address, Pope Brock, Law Day, 1958
2731O.C. Aderhold, renovation of Law School Building, inspection of Law School by American Bar Association, 1958
2732Wills, George Boyd and Rosalie Boyd, 1958
2733Speech, Abit Nix, 1958
2734Student suggestions, 1958-1961
2735Reunion, Georgia Class of 1923, 1958 June
2736Report of the Dean of the iowa Law School to the Bar, 1958
2737Repairs to Law School Building, 1958
2738Registration, 1958 Summer
2739Pre-Legal Curiculum, Bar Examinations, Grants, entrance requirements, Library Regulations, Faculty Minutes, 1958
2740Opinions on new Law School Building, Association of American Law Schools, 1958-1963
2741Military File, 1958
2742Memorial to Howell Cobb Erwin, 1958
2743Material concerning the establishment of a Law Review Magazine at the University of Georgia School of Law, 1958-1963
2744Material concerning Institutes and Seminars conducted by the Institute of Law and Government, 1958-1959
2745E. Freeman Leverett, Higher Standards for the Bar in Georgia, 1958
2746Law School Scholarships, 1958
2747Law School Committees, 1958
2748Law School Alumni Association Awards, 1958
2749Law Day Luncheon, 1958
2750Law Day activities, 1958
2751Victor B. Jenkins, donations to Law Library, 1958
2752Insurance Laws Revision Committee, 1958
2753Inspection of Law School, American Bar Association, 1958
2754Georgia Bar Journal index, 1958
2755Georgia Bar Journal, 1958
2756Georgia Bar Association Journal, 1958
281Dean's List of recommended reading for Pre-Law and Law students, 1958
282Examination schedules, 1958
283Dedication of Pandora to Alton Hosch, 1958
284Earle Cocke, Jr., 1958-1966
285Clipping, investment of State funds, Board of Regents, 1959
286Class schedule and registration procedures, 1958
287Brumbaugh University Self Study, Law School, actions taken, 1958
288Henry Brandis, School of Law, University of North Carolina, 1958
289American Bar Association, Legal Education and Bar admissions, 1958
2810Alumni Record, 1958
2811The Wednesday Report, 1958
2812Commencement program, 1959
2813Ferdinand Phinizy Lectureship, 1959
2814Expenses, Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, 1958
2815Evaluation report, University of North Carolina, 1959
2816Articles of Association of the Association of Georgia Law Schools, 1959
2817Announcement of the opening of the School of Law, 1959
2818O.C Aderhold, dues, Asociation of American Law Schools, 1959
2819Address, Commencement, North Georgia, 1959
2820Guest List, Law Day, 1959
2821Governor's Commission on Economy aand Reorganization (Morris Collins), 1959
2822Gifts to Library, Moot Court, Law Day, academic prizes, 1959
2823Georgia Alumni Record, 1959 June
2824Expenses, Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, 1959
2825Law Library, 1959
2826Law School Association, 1959
2827-29Inspection of North Carolina Law School, 1959
2830Honor Code Constitution, Law School, 1959
2831Self Study, Law School, 1959
2832Resolution, State Legislation, Law School Centennial, 1959
2833Public Affairs Short Course, Southern Bell Company, 1959
2834Prospective faculty member, John H. Romani, 1959
2835Memo, Recruiting Conference, 1959
2836Letter to the Law Alumni of the University of Georgia, 1959
2837Law Day activities, Candler address, 1959
2838-40Law Day activities, 1959
2841Clipping, death of Cason Callaway, 1960
2842Centennial celebration of Law School, clippings and articles, 1960
2843Bulletin of the University, School of Law, 1960 October
2844O.C. Aderhold, Association of American Law Schools, 1960
2845ABA, Council on Legal Education and admissions to the Bar, 1960
2846Members of Board of Regents, 1960
2847Law Day activities, 1960
2848Law Day activities, 1960
2849Inspection of North Carolina Law School, 1960
2850Institute of Social Research, 1960-1961
291Honor Code revision, 1960
292Holdings and gifts, Law Library, 1960
293Guest speaker, Henry Brandis, 1960
294Guest lectures, Law School Centennial, 1960
295David Green, prospective faculty member, 1960
296Essays, Legal Aid, 1960
297Correspondence concerning Pound Lecture, 1960
298Correspondence concerning lecture by Roscoe Pound, 1960
299-10Constitution and In-Laws of the University of Georgia Law School Association, 1960
2911Conference, Law School Deans, Southeast, 1960
2912Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, expenses, 1960
2913Why write? Gibson B. Witherspoon, 1960
2914University of Georgia Law School Association, 1960
2915Visit, British Bar members, 1960
2916University Traffic Control Committee, 1960
2917University Bulletin, 1960
2918Student petitions, 1960
2919Scholarship information, 1960
2920Replies to copies of Pound Lectures, 1960
2921Rotary Club Resolution, death of Dink Martin, 1960
2922Rotary Club, 1960
2923Review, Spanish, Roscoe Pound, Law finding through experience and reason, 1960
2924Red and Black, 1960 January 14
2925Minutes of Faculty Meetings, Board of Visitors, Student Petition answer, grades points, student Bar Association, 1960-1970
2926Military, Naval, Air Committee, 1960
2927Material concerning St. Mary's Hospital, 1960-1961
2928Lecture, Arthur Larson, Law School Bicentennial Celebration, 1960
2929Law School registration procedures, 1960
2930Law School Bicentennial Lectures, Roscoe Pound, Harvard University, 1960
2931Pound Lectures, 1960
2932Placement, 1960
2933Law School Annual Reports, 1960-1963
2934NAMH Reporter, Mental Health Advisory Board membership list, 1960
2935Law School Annual Report, 1960
2936Law Review, Admissions Policies, Law School Committees, Consultant Report, Elliott Cheatham, Legal Aid, 1960-1962
2937Reference Material, Law Day, 1961
2938Correspondence, Law Day, 1961
2939-40Law Day activities, 1961
301Law Day activities, Robert Kennedy Speech, 1961
302Update of Brumbaugh Study for Inspection by the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, 1961
303Telephone Extension, Law Library, 1961
304Suggestions for Law Building Planning, 1961
305Material on Communism, 1961
306Material concerning the expansion of the School of Law, 1961-1962
307-8Pound Lectures, 1961
309Meeting of Georgia Bar Association, 1961
3010Material concerned with an inspection of the School of Law by the Southern Association of Colleges, 1961
3011Report, curriculum of Law School, Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, 1961
3012Reference File, legal publications, 1961-1963
3013Reference articles, George Parthemos and Verner F. Chaffin, 1962
3014Radio Broadcast by Tristram Coffin on Senator Russell, 1961
3015Publications, applications for Summer teaching, class schedules, 1961
3016Speeches, Dedication of the Institute of Law and Government, clippings, 1961
3017Seminar on Corporation Law, 1961
3018Selden Society, 1961
3019Request for information concerning University of Florida School of Law, 1961
3020Clippings, correspondence, brochures, 1961-1964
3021Class Officers, addresses of students, 1961
3022J.D. Bolton, Comptroller, McCarthy Crenshaw Memorial Student Loan Fund, 1961
3023Correspondence, brochures, clippings, 1961-1963
3024Committee personnel, Self Study of Law School, 1961 November
3025Clipping, Harmon Caldwell retirement, 1961
3026Annual meeting, National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, 1961
3027O.C. Aderhold, projected growth of Law School, 1961
3028Address change, 1961
3029Correspondence, brochures, clippings, 1961
3030Bill, documents for Law School Library, 1961
3031Corrspondence, Harry S. Baxter, Law School Alumni Advisory Committee, James Barrow, reference material, 1961
3032Correspondence, clippings, brochures, 1961-1962
3033Harvard Law School Alumni Association, Dean Rusk Dinner, 1961
3034Graduate employed by Law Firms, O.C. Aderhold, 1961
3035Form, Law School information, American Bar Association, Legal Education, admissions to the Bar, 1961 Fall
3036Fellowships, Comparative Survey, American Bar Association, Library holdings, tuition statistics, 1961
3037Expenses, Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, 1961
3038Excerpt from the Annual Report of the Institute of Law and Government of the School of Law for the Year, 1961-1962
3039Estate Planning Institute, 1961
3040Edmunds Scholarship Fund, 1961
3041Material concerning the Institute of Law and Government, 1961
3042Legal Aid, 1961
3043Law School Association Officers and Academic Prizes, 1961-1963
3044Law Review, 1961
3045Interamerican Bar Association, 1961
3046Instructions for the Southern Association Study, Law School, 1961
3047Institute for Ordinaries, 1961
3048Information concerning Student Body enrollment and Student Activities, 1961-1962
3049Alton Hosch to Albert Harno, admissions, enrollment, scholarships, 1961
3050Religion in Life Week, 1961
3051University Faculty Library Committee Minutes, 1961-1963
311University Council Minutes, 1961
312Sphinx Society, 1960
313The Ritual of the Sphinx, 1960
314University Commencement, 1960
315Workshop for Georgia Juvenile Court Judges, 1962 October
316University Self Study, Law School, 1962
317Uniform Commercial Code Legislation, 1962
318O.H. Thormodsgard, School of Law, University of North Dakota, 1962
319Student petition for the formation of a Student Bar Association, 1962
3110Student personnel and activities, 1962
3111Statistics on Law School students, 1962
3112Should you be a Lawyer? Roscoe Pound, 1962
3113Requests for the employment of Law School Graduates, 1962-1963
3114Requests for information from other Law Schools, addition to Law School, 1962
3115Request for a Placement Graduate, Oscar Smith Law Firm, Rome, Georgia, 1962
3116Registry of candidates for First Law teaching positions, 1962
3117Reference material, Law School Annual Report, 1962
3118Reference material, Law School Annual Report, 1962
3119Program, Second Seminar for Solicitors and Solicitors General, 1962 October
3120Program, Ninth Institute for City and County Attorneys, 1962 October
3121Plans for new Law School Building, 1962
3122Northamptonshire Record Society, 1962
3123-24National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, 1962
3125Memoranda regarding the new College of Law at Ohio State University, reference material, includes correspondence, 1962
3126Meeting, Association of American Law Schools, 1962
3127Meeting, American Bar Association, 1962
3128Material concerning the Third Insitute for Georgia Legislators, 1962
3129Law Day USA Planning Guide, 1962
3130Law School Annual Report, 1962
3131Law School Advisory Committee, 1962
3132Law School Admission Policies, curriculum matters, 1962
3133Law Library expansion, 1962
3134Law School Association, 1962
3135Material concerning the expansion of the School of Law, 1962
3136Law School personnel and activities, 1962
3137Law School Major and Minor objectives, 1962
3138Law School Association Committee on Awards, 1962
3139Hand written notes, Law School statistics, 1962
3140Faculty Minutes, Faculty Petition, 1962
3141Expenses, Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, 1962
3142Enrollment figures, 1962
3143Education for Professional Responsibilty in Law School, 1962
3144Description of Law School, brochures, 1962
3145Description of Law School and Institute of Government, 1962
3146Georgia Bar Examination questions for Law School use, 1962
3147Corrspondence, Robert B. Troutman, expansion of the Law School, 1962
3148Correspondence, Harry S. Baxter, Law School Alumni Committee, 1962-1963
3149Construction of a new Law Library, 1962
3150Committee on Uniform State Laws, 1962
3151Clippings, North Carolina Bar Examination, 1962
3152Categories of persons to be exempted from Jury Duty, 1962
3153A. Thomas Bradbury, Architect, addition to Law School, 1962
3154Article, College Achievement and Progress in Management, At&T, 1962
3155Appendix to Statement of Justification, Law School addition, 1962
3156Announcement, School of Law, 1962-1964
3157Biographical information on faculty, 1962
3158Announcement and program, Midyear Meeting, Georgia Bar Association, 1962
3159American Bar Association Committee on Military Law, 1962
3160Alumni Advisory Committee, 1962
3161Admission requirements, Moot Court, grade posting, committees, 1962
3162Address, O.C. Aderhold, Alumni Law Committee, 1962 October
3163Law Day activities, Strom Thurmond Speech, 1962
3164-65Law Day activities, 1962
3166Information, 1962 Fall
3167William E. Hudson, basement of new Law School Building, 1962
3168Law Day activities, 1963
321University Council Minutes, 1963
322Invitation, Dedication of Visual Arts Building, 1963
323Dedication of Visual Arts Building, 1963
324University Newsletter, 1963
325Sutton retirement, Cooperative Extension Service, 1963
326Superior Court, 1963
327Student Bar Association Minutes, 1963
328Revision of State Constitution, 1963
329Retirement, recommendationsof a Replacement Dean, 1963
3210Registry of candidates for Law teaching positions, 1963
3211Reference material for speeches, 1963
3212Recommendation of Colonel Jesse Charlton to be faculty member, P. M. Hebert, 1963
3213-14Recommendations for faculty positions, 1963
3215Budget request forms, Institute of Law and Government, 1963-1965
3216Arno Becht, Visiting Professor, 1963
3217Claud B. Barrett Loan Fund, 1963
3218Applications for Faculty Positions, 1963
3219Appendix to Statement of Justification, proposed Law School addition, 1963
3220Annual Report, Law School, Institute of Government, 1963
3221Announcements, School of Law, University of Georgia, 1963-1964
3222AALS Committee on Admissions to the Bar, 1963
3223Program, a Symposium on New Trends in the Conflict of Laws, Duke University, 1963
3224New building, letter, Law School Association, 1963
3225Moot Court, Campus Security, Professor Royal G. Shannonhouse, 1963
3226Military Schools, 1963
3227Material concerning lighting, equipment for the Law School addition, 1963
3228Material concerning Institutes and Seminars sponsored by the Institute of Law and Government, 1963
3229Material concerning the equipping of Law School addition, 1963-1964
3230Legal Aid, 1963
3231Law School Student Activity fees, 1963
3232Law School Graduates, 1963-1964
3233Conferences, programs, invitations, Law Associations, 1963
3234Class of 1962, new Law Building, Major and Minor objectives, 1963
3235Budgets, School of Law and Institute of Government, 1963-1964
3236Federal Supremacy over State Laws, newspaper statement and correspondence, 1963
3237Faculty Minutes, 1963
3238Expenses, Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, 1963
3239Description of new Law School Building, 1963
3240Dedication of Duke University Law School Building, 1963
3241Curriculum, 1963
3242Correspondence concerning additions to the Law School Building, 1963-1964
3243Contract, Pardons and Paroles Board and Institute of Law and Government, 1963
3244-45Law Day activities, 1963
3246Invitations, brochures, pamphlets, 1963
3247Harvard Law School Fund, 1963
3248Graduate placements, 1963
3249Graduate Placement interviews, 1963
3250Gift, $500, Popper Estate, 1963
3251Law Day activities, 1963
3252Law Day Address, Student Awards, Student Government Officers, Honor Court members, 1963-1964
331Law School Building, 1963
332Law School Annual Report, supporting documentaion, 1963
333Desciption of Law School, Law School history, reference material, 1964
334Typewriter repair, 1964
335Robert B. Troutman, salary averages of Law School Professors. American Bar Association, 1964
336State House of Representatives, members, 1964
337T. Hiram Stanley (clipping), 1964
338John A. Sibley Lectureships in Law, Myres S. McDougal, 1964
339Scholarships, curriculum, Law School Committees, admission requirements, 1964
3310Requests for faculty positions, 1964
3311Program, Ground Breaking for the Law School addition, 1964
3312Dean Roscoe Pound, 1964
3313Phi Beta Kappa, 1964
3314Pamphlet, Law Day, 1964
3315Organization of Georgia State Government, 1964
3316Minette M. Massey, Miami School of Law, 1964
3317Material concerning Roscoe Pound, 1964
3318Law School equipment, 1964
3319Law School budget, quarter hours, 1964-1965
3320Law School budget, 1964
3321Law School Annual Report, 1964
3322Law Day activities, invitations to speakers, 1964
3323Law School announcements, 1964-1966
3324Law Day Ceremonies, 1964
3325-27Law Day activities, 1964
3328Law Assistant for Judge Elliott, O.C. Aderhold, 1964
3329Inspection of University of Tennessee School of Law, 1964
3330Alton Hosch retirement, 1964
3331Honor Students, Faculty Minutes, Law School Committees, 1964
3332Faculty Directory, 1964
3333Claud B. Barrett Loan Fund, 1964
3334Commencement Ceremonies, 1964
3335Graduate School Newsletter, 1964 Winter
3336Georgia Bar Associaton meeting, 1964
3337Entrance procedures, 1964
3338Dedication, The Mulberry River Chapel, 1964
3339Conference on Soviet International Law, Duke University, 1964
3340Clippings, Colonel James H. Reeves and Cyrus Vance, 1964
3341Clipping, applicants passing Bar Examination, Stuckey Speech, 1964, 1969
3342Budget, Institute of Law and Government, 1964
3343Biographical sketch, Alton Hosch, 1964
3344Annual meeting, National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, 1964
3345Annual Report, Institute of Law and Government, 1964
3346Aderhold Dinner, 1964
3347Accessment of Law School, Elliott Cheatnam and Brainnerd Currie, 1964
3348Space Assignments, 1965
3349System Summary, 1965
3350Recommendation, Marion Gordon, Office of the State's Attorney General, 1965
3351Law School Budget, 1965
3352Kappa Alpha Fraternity, 1965
3353Kappa Alpha Fraternity, 1965
3354William H. Jordan, 1965
3355Curriculum Report, clippings, Placement Brochure, Law School Fund, 1965
3356Clippings, 1965-1966
3357Alumni Record, 1965
341Alumni Association, 1965
342Law Day, Henry West Lecture notes, 1965
343Request for transcript, Neyle Colquitt Theriault, 1966
344Law Day activities, 1966
345Placement Brochure, clippings, Frank Leslie Walston, Jr., 1966
346Dedication of Law School Building, 1967
347Aderhold Appreciation Dinner, 1967
348Thesis, Donald Powell, Meade Party, Georgia Center, 1968
349Law School Annual Report, 1968-1969
3410Invitations (social), 1968
3411Goldware, 1968
3412Brochure, Georgia Museum of Art, 1969
3413Economic impact of the University, Jobs for Americans First, Conference on Education for Georgia Legislature, 1976
3414Law School Association, 1969
3415Law School Directory, 1969
3416Law Day activities, 1969
3417Excerpts of Mayo Autobiography, 1969
3418Admissions Report, Sibley Lectures, 1969
3419Law School Association Fund Raising Campaign, 1970
3420James E. Davis (dinner), 1970
3421Association of American Law Schools, 1970
3422Report on the State of Legal Education in the State of Georgia (regarding proposed establishment of Georgia State Law School, 1972
3423Law Day, 1971
3424Georgia Advocate, 1971 Fall
3425Clippings, Lindsey Cowan, 1971
3426Honor Court Rules and Regulations Governing Examinations, 1976
3427Establishment of the Rusk Center for International and Comparative Law, 1977
3428Case notes, No Date
3429Blank presentation scrolls, No Date
3430Blank forms, transcripts, registration card, student card, No Date
3431Articles from Legal Journals, No Date
3432Address, Elliott Cheatham, Columbia University Law School, "What is good preprofessional education?", No Date
3433Absences from Law School classes, Spring Quarter, No Date
3434A Treatise on the Law of Contracts, William J. Hughes, Jr., No Date
3435Information from the Law School Suggestion Box, No Date
3436Information concerning the Legal Concept of Affinity, No Date
3437Honor Code, Jason O'Neal Chandler, No Date
3438Gettysburg Address, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, No Date
3439Floor Plan, Law School Building, No Date
3440Examinations, contracts, No Date
3441Examination questions, contracts, Harmon Caldwell, No Date
3442Essay topics, No Date
3443Drawing of the projected expansionof the Georgia Law School, No Date
3444Desciption of the Georgia Law School, No Date
3445Court Case, Miller vs Georgia Power, Jefferson, Georgia, No Date
3446Class notes, Alton Hosch, Conflict of Laws, No Date
3447Visit of Dr. Cheatham, Columbia University Law School, No Date
3448Universities and Law Schools attended and visited by John Alton Hosch, No Date
3449The major and minor objectives of the University of Georgia School of Law, No Date
3450The Law and its relation to education, Joseph Henry Howard, No Date
3451The Georgia Law of Domicile, No Date
3452-53Text book, Glenn, No Date
3454Talk of Dean Alford at Ceremonieson the Transfer of Deed to Judge Joseph Henry Lumpkin House, No Date
3455Student record, Joe Schreiber, No Date
3456Speech to Lawyers Club, Columbus, No Date
3457Some problems of Quasi Contracts, Sigmund Cohn, No Date
3458Some questions and suggestions on the plans and operations of a Law School, No Date
3459Samples of stationery, No Date
3460Old inventory, original transfer file boxes, No Date
3461Reviews of Law finding through experience and reason, Roscoe Pound, No Date
3462Recommendation concerning the Bar Examination, No Date
3463Poem, No Date
3464Photograph, undated, Old College, Main Library, Journalism, Law School, No Date
3465Photograph of Marvin Griffin, No Date
3466Photographs of Law School Building, No Date
3467Photographs, Estate Planning Seminar, No Date
3468Pamphlet, "The World's Shortage Contract", No Date
3469Outline for studies in Administrative Law, No Date
3470"One hundred years of Military Law", Colonel Seymour W. Werfel, Asst. Judge Advocate, 3rd Army, No Date
3471Notes on Lectures delivered by Dean Roscoe Pound, Harvard Universities, No Date
3472Notes on Constitutional Law, No Date
3473Notecard, Administrative Council, No Date
3474Mats of photographs, Hatton Lovejoy and Frank Foley, No Date
3475List of subscribers to Harold Hirsch Hall Fund, No Date
3476List of students registered, No Date
3477List of paintings on loan to the Law School from the Holbrook Collection, No Date
351Library Organization Chart, No Date
352Lectures on Workmen's Compensation, No Date
353Law School Courses, No Date
354Law School Alumni killed in World War Two, No Date
355Law School Alumni Advisory Committee, No Date
356Keys to Law Building, No Date
357Inventory sheet, blank, No Date
358Institute on Procedure, No Date
359-11Brumbaugh Report Supplement, 1961
3512Alumni Society, 1936
3513-22Harmon Caldwell, 1937-1954
3523Jonathan Clark Rogers, 1948-1949
3524Alumni Society, 1950-1955
3525Jonathan Clark Rogers, 1949-1950
3526Harmon Caldwell, 1949-1956
3527Alumni, 1950-1951
3528Committee, Charter Day Committee, Sesquicentennial Celebration, 1951
3529Sesquicentennial Celebration, 1951
3530Board of Managers, Alumni Society, 1951
3531University Foundation Meeting, 1955
3532-33Harmon W. Caldwell, 1954-1964
3534University of Georgia Foundation, 1953-1954
3535United Nations Day
3536University Georgia Foundation Program, 1955-1956
361Booklets, pamphlets, Reference material, 1960
362Centennial Year, 1960
363O.C. Aderhold, 1961
364University Council Minutes, 1961 February 20
365Letter to the Law Alumni of the University of Georgia, 1960
366Hirsch Hall Dedication news clipping, 1932
367Building-Law Fund Subscribers-Hirsch Hall Campaign, 1929-1930
368Building-planning of Hirsch Hall, 1931
369Blueprints for Hirsch Hall, 1931
3610-21Inventory, 1945-1957
3622Material and worksheets of Institute inventory, 1954
3623Building- problems with leaks in Hirsch Hall, 1932
3624Building and equipment-ordering correspondence, 1935-1936
3625Law Building, 1934
3626Re old Law School property-Will of Mrs. Hunt, 1934-1935
3627-28Building, 1936-1937
3629Building-ordering equipment, 1935
3630Needed equipment and repairs to Law School Main Building-Annex and Slave Quarters, 1950-1951
3631Physical Facilities-Law Dormitory Plans, 1955
3632Planting Plans for area outside of gate (Herty Drive) by Roy Barden, 1953-1958
3633Slave Quarters (Law School Museum), 1950-1964
3634Waddell Hall, 1961
3635Law School Building-current, 1963-1964
3636Survey of other Law Schools regarding new building, 1963
3637Deans' answers to inquiries about Law Buildings, 1963
3638Law Building, 1964
3639Physical Facilities-proposal documents, No Date
3640Law School Building-additions, 1962
3641Dedication, new Law Building-programs, 1967
3642Dedication Ceremony-new Law School Building, 1967
3643Dedication-new Law School Building, Mr. Justice Black, 1967
3644Address Master File up-to-date, 1969
3836Clinical Education, 1977
3837Mailing lists, 1980
3838Age Discrimination Complaint (Davis), 1979-1980
3839Admissions Design, 1978
3840Association of American Law Schools (AALS), 1979
3841Student organizations, 1977-1978
391Speeches-EEO, 1977
392Law School Data Assembly Service, 1975-1979
393Legal issues in Admissions, 1978
394Judicial College, 1978
395Other-admissions, 1976
396American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers (AACRAO), 1978
397Total quarter credit hours informational, 1977
398Student Information Project Task Force, 1978
399M.O. Phelps, 1977
3910Georgia State, 1974-1977
3911Graduate School, 1977
3912Admissions, 1970s
3913Law Library, 1979
3914Applicant mailing lists, 1980
3915Validity Study, 1977
3916PreLaw Advisor's Kit, 1978-1979
3917Off-Campus correspondence, 1978
3918PreLaw Handbook, 1979-1980
3919Stencil originals, 1977-1978
3920Student lounge, 1979
3921Superior Court Resolutions, 1975-1977
3922Law positions, 1980
3923Acceptances, 1979
3924ABA visitation, 1978
3925Facilities Committee Minutes, 1967-1978
3926Education Testing Service, 1978-1979
3927Candidate solicitation, 1979
3928City County water, 1979
3929Correspondence, 1977-1978
3930BALSA, 1978
3931Campus correspondence, 1978
401Miscellaneous, 1978-1981
402Regents; Policy-Minority Students, 1978-1981
403Personnel, 1981
404NCHC Workshop, 1979
405New overlays, slides, 1978
406Prosecutorial Clinic, 1981
407Publications, 1980
408Miscellaneous statistics, 1978-1982
409Records storage, 1977-1980
4010Correspondence recruiting, 1981
4011Physical Plant, 1981
4012Law School Admission Services, 1980-1981
4013Law Library Annex campus planning, 1980-1981
4014Law School inspection, 1978
4015Library, 1979-1981
4016LSAT review course, 1970s
4017LSAT test-taker statistics, 1979
4018McGregors, 1981
4019Law School Admission Council, 1979-1982
4020Georgia State Law School, 1981
4021Graduate School, 1981
4022Higher Education Admission Law Service, 1979-1981
4023Institute of Continuing Juddical Education (ICJE), 1980-1981
4024Articles, 1978-1981
4025Black American Law Students Association (BALSA), 1981
4026Board of Visitors, 1981 Fall
4027Board of Visitors, 1979
4028Castellow Yearly Report, 1981-1982
4029CLEO, 1980 Summer
4030Clinical Programs, 1979
4031Construction Progress Reports, 1981
4032Georgia Law Review, 1979
4033Association of American Law Schools (AALS) Accreditation Reports, 1978-1979
4034American Bar Association Law School Questionaire, 1978-1979
411American Bar Association, 1974-1981
412American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers (AACRAO), 1981
413Admissions challenge-Henson, 1977
414Admissions Offices, 1979
415Admission Committee related materials, 1981
416American Association of Law School, 1980-1981
417Applicant letters, 1980-1981
418CLEO, 1978-1979
419School of Law materials, No Date
4110UGA Affirmative Action, No Date
4111University of Virginia admissions, 1978 August
4112Accreditation Report, 1978
4113Admissions Report statistics, 1977-1978
4114Addresses for the Sibley Lecture announcements, 1968
4115Wechler, Professor Charles O. address, 1966
4116Wechsler, Professor Herbert-acknowledgments of Lecture, 1965-1967
4117Honorable Philip C. Jessup Lecture, 1970
4118Kalven, Professor Harry Jr.-Sibley Lecturer, 1966-1967
4119Kauper, Professor Paul G.-Sibley Lecturer, 1969
4120Schrag, Professor Philip G.-Sibley Lecturer, 1972
4121Class of 1939-30th Anniversary, 1969
4122Law Class of 1965 Reunion, 1970
4123Law Class of 1940 Reunion, 1970
4124Class of 1942 Reunion, 1967
4125Class of 1962 Reunion, 1967
4126Alumni giving, 1966
4127Ground Breaking Ceremonies, 1964 October 17
4128Law Day, 1966
4129-31Law Day, 1968-1969
4132Law Day bills, 1969
421Law Day accounting, 1970
422-5Law Day, 1970-1973
426Dean's letter, 1964
427Dean's Annual Report, 1964-1965
428Director of Libraries (W.P. Kellam) Annual Report, 1966-1967
429Law Day, 1961
4210President, The University of Georgia Annual Report, 1964-1965
4211President, The University of Georgia Annual Report, 1959
4212Model Rules of Professional Conduct, 1980 January 30
4213-14School of Law-Self Study #3, 1970 May 29
4215Resolution granting re-accreditation, 1985 December 10
4216Site Evaluation Questionaire completed by Law School, 1985 February 15
4217Self Study Report prepared by the Law School, 1985 February
4218Inspection Committee Findings Report, 1985 March 13-16
4219Mental Health issues, 1962
4220-23Faculty Registers, 1981
4224Marvin W. Mindes, 1981-1982
431Bar Examination Study, 1981-1986
432In-House correspondence, 1983
433Fall invitation letters, 1983
434Bowen Clerkship intern basis, 1983
435Graduate Directory, 1983-1984
436Home/Business Address Directory, 1983
437On-Campus interviews, 1983
438Law School telephone numbers, 1981-1981
439University of Georgia Computer Committee, 1983
4310Home/Business Address Directory, 1982-1983
4311Home/Office Address Directory, 1982
4455Proceedings of the Second Seminar on Banking Law, 1960 May
451-3Annual Report of the Dean of the School of Law, 1973-1977
6025A proposal to establish the Dean Rusk Center for International Law and Trade, No Date
6026Admissions considerations-UGA School of Law (Henson), 1977
6027The Talmadge Fund Pursuit of Excellence, No Date
6028UGA School of Law Factual Profile (COIF), 1976
6029-30Miscellaneous, 1974 -1978
6031BALSA, 1965-1976
6032Education Testing, 1976
6033Campus correspondence, 1976
6034Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Virginia, 1978
6035IMPA International Conference-New Orleans, Louisiana, 1978
6036University of Colorado-Denver Metropolitan State College, 1978
6037Hampton Institute-Hampton, Virginia, 1978
6038Paine College-Augusta, Georgia, 1978
6039Meredith College-Raleigh, North Carolina, 1978
6040-41Recruitment, 1976
6042Admissions-no responses, 1977
6043-44Recruitment, 1977-1978
6045Memos to Phelps, 1975
6046Law Catalog drafts, 1970s
6047Memos to Phelps, 1976
611Admissions Committee, 1975-1977
612Memos from Dean Beaird, 1977-1978
613Correspondence, 1976
614Reinspection of University of Georgia Law School, 1978
615Minority recruitment, 1974-1976
616Correspondence to and from Dean, 1975-1976
617Letters returning applications, 1978
618Campus correspondence, 1977-1978
619Education Testing Service, 1975-1978
6110Minority Referral candidates, 1977-1978
6111Letters returning applications, 1976
6112Law School profiles, 1964-1978
6113Admissions-forms, No Date
6114Standard Candidate Referral Service (CRS) search specifications, No Date
6115Masters of Law Program, 1981
6116Admissions Methodology, No Date
6117Acceptances, 1980-1981
6118Recruitment, 1980
6119Minority information, 1980s
6120Recruitment, 1981
6121Admisson Status Report, 1981 September
6122Reporting sheets, 1981
6123Recruitment, 1980-1981
6124The Talmadge Fund-stationery, No Date
6125Inter-office communications, 1980
6126Accept list, 1982
6127Questions and answers about financial assistance (cover), No Date
6128Graduate school, 1981-1982
6129Miscellaneous, 1980-1981
6130Application Matching Form Entry, 1981-1982
6131Registration information, 1982
6132Graduate Admissions Status Report, 1982
6133Law School Admission Services (LSAS), 1982
6134Summary totals, 1982-1983
6135-36Acceptances, 1977-1978
6137Law School applicants (with status), 1979 Fall
6138Accepted Freshman and Transfers, 1979
6139Miscellaneous, 1981
6140Acceptances, 1982
6141-42Law School Application Matching Forms, 1981-1982
621-2Law School Application Matching Forms, 1981-1982
623Acceptances, 1983
624Columns, 1976-1978
625Law School Bulletin, 1969-1970
626Law School announcements, 1967-1968
627Clippings, Robert Kennedy Speech, Law Day, 1961
628Red and Black, 1960 January 14
629Georgia Alumni Record, 1960 February
6210Law Day Programs, 1954-1956, 1963-1964
6211Brass name plates, No Date
6212-14Roscoe Pound's Lectures on Jurisprudence, 1936-1937
6215Pamphlets andbrochures, Law Day, Placement, original Law School advertisement, 1859-1971
6216Miscellaneous printed items, 1932-1973
6217Hirsch Hall Dedication news clippings, 1932
6218Law School-write ups, 1934-1935
6219-24Clippings-newspaper, 1946-1953
6225Clippings, Racial Integration, 1950-1955
6226Clippings-The University of Georgia, 1950
6227Clippings-personal, 1950
6228Clippings-Military, 1950s
6229News Bureau, 1949-1950
6230-35Clippings-newspaper, 1953-1956
631-3Clippings-newspaper, 1957-1960
634Publicity-100th Anniversity, 1959-1960
635Georgia Alumni Record, 1939, 1954-1960
636Historical publications, 1859-1964
637Announcement-School of Law (Bulletins), 1960-1966
638An inquiry into the adequacy and mobilization of resources in Law Schools to education for the Legal Profession, 1957
639Clippings-Lindsey Cowen era, 1968
6310Printed documents-Lindsey Cowen Era, 1966-1971
6311The Annual Law Day brochures, 1956-1964
6312Law School Inspection Questionnaire, 1978
6313Faculty Handbook, 1978
6314Inspection Questionnaire for Reaccreditation-responses, 1978
6315The Talmadge Fund, 1978
6316Admissions Year summary, 1977
6317The University of Georgia Bulletin, 1977-1979
6318The University of Georgia Bulletin (School of Law), 1977-1978
6319The University of Georgia Faculty Handbook, 1978
6320University of Georgia brochures, 1970s
6321School of Law brochures, 1970s
6322Annual Report of the Dean of Law School
6323-24Law Department Bulletins, 1896-1916
641-2Law Department Bulletins, 1916-1933
643Lumpkin Law School Bulletins, 1933-1936
644School of Law Bulletins, 1938-1945
645Unicoi, 1979-1980
646Unicoi files, 1978
647LL.M. literature (to accompany packets), 1981
648Memory letters, 1980
649Mailing list, 1980
6410Faculty and Staff roster and telephone listing, 1979-1981
6411Incoming correspondence, 1980
6412Date Calendar, 1979-1981
6413Vice President for Student Affairs, 1981
6414Western Publishing Company, 1981
6415Vice President of Academic Affairs
6416Student List, 1980s
6417School of Law-schedule of classes, 1979-1980
6418Admission Committee's schedule, 1980 Spring
6419Miscellaneous, 1979-1982
6420Law School Departmental correspondence, 1979-1980
6421Blank Law Day invitations, 1964
656A Resolution relative to the 100th Anniversity of the University of Georgia School of Law, 1960 March 30
657Law Day at the University of Georgia School of Law Proclamation, 1960 April 20
658Paper cutouts, No Date
659Brass name plate-Charles Mercer Snelling, No Date
6510"Richard Russell and Lyndon Johnson", 1979 Winter
6518Abstract to the title of property, Athens, Georgia, 1945
6519Miscellaneous, 1930s-1940s
6524Student problems, 1931

3. Financial

3645Analysis of Original Budget vs. Expenditures, 1968-1969
3646Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual (corrections), 1968-1969
3647Account numbers, 1969-1970
3648Bobby Baker Fund-University of Georgia Foundation, 1970
3649Budget proposals, 1969-1970
3650Corporation Code Study-budget amendments, 1966-1968
371Corporation Code Student-Operating Expense, 1968
372Telephone Exchange Function, 1969-1970
373Telephone correspondence, 1969-1970
374Work order distribution, 1969-1970
375Budget, 1969-1970
376Budget Amendments approved, 1969-1970
377Budget Amendments, 1969-1970
378Central Duplicating Service, 1970
379Correspondence, 1969-1970
3710Instructions, 1969-1970
3711Instructions from Dean Cowen, 1969-1970
3712Inventory of equipment, 1969-1970
3713Inventory, No Date
3714Loridans Foundation-departmental budgets, 1969
3715Miscellaneous, 1969-1970
3716Office of the Provost, 1970
3717Procurement Office, 1969
3718Callaway Trust, 1969-1970
3719Dean's Report, 1969-1970
3720Departmental Budgets, 1969-1970
3721Equal Employment Report Form-Personnel Office, 1970
3722Quarterly Report of construction-Physical Plant, 1970
3723Restricted and Special General Accounts dealing with Services, 1969-1970
3724Summary of Research Proposals submitted, awarded and rejected, 1969-1970
3725Retired Officers, 1969-1970
3726Estimates of income, 1970-1971
3727Continuing Legal Departmental Budget, 1969-1970
3728Georgia Law Review (Dean's copies), 1969-1970
3729Georgia Law Review deposits, 1969-1970
3730Georgia Law Review-Departmental Budgets and Budget Amendments, 1969-1970
3731Highway Laws Student-requested Budget Amendment, 1969-1970
3732Departmental Budget, 1969-1970
381Legal Defender-Departmental Budgets, 1969-1970
382Legal Aid and Defender-Terms of Grant, 1969-1970
383Legal Defender-Departmental Budgets, 1969-1970
384S and H Dean's Fund-Departmental Budgets, 1969-1970
385Loridans Foundation-Departmental Budgets, 1969-1970
386Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Departmental Budget, 1968-1969
387Rothman-School of Law (John the Baptist), 1968-1969
388Staff Benefit Rates (Contract and Grant proposal budgets), 1969
389Legal Aid and Defender refinancing, 1968-1969
3810S&H Dean's Fund-departmental budgets, 1968-1969
3811Southern Federal Tax Institute department budget, 1967-1968
3812Legal Defender-correspondence, 1968-1969
3813Legal Defender departmental budget, 1968-1969
3814Law Review correspondence, 1967-1968
3815Law Review departmental budget, 1968-1969
3816Highway Laws-Quarterly Report, 1968-1969
3817Highway Laws Study departmental budget, 1968-1969
3818Administrative Cost Report, 1969-1970
3819Biographical sketch of new faculty, 1971-1972
3820Instruction from Dean Cowen, 1970
3821Instructions, 1971-1972
3822Subvention Income correspondence, 1970
3823Legislative Services Committee Study on State Printing, 1970-1971
3824Miscellaneous, 1970
3825Preliminary budget request, 1971-1972
3826School of Law Departmental Status Report, 1971-1972
3827Terminations, 1970-1971
3828Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Financial Report, 1970-1971
3829Prosecutorial Clinic, 1972
3830Prosecutorial Unit lease renewal, 1971
3831Jackson Project, State of Minnesota, 1971
3832Jackson Project-financial report, State of Minnesota, 1972
3833Legal Defender Society, 1971-1972
3834Model Cities Neighborhood Law, 1971-1972
3835Financial Statements, Will, correspondence, Sara Moss Fellowship, 1950-1954
4312Provost Office instructions, 1972-1973
4313Personal Services, 1972-1973
4314Personnel Policies, 1972-1973
4315Research Newsletter, 1972
4316School of Law Status Reports, 1972-1973
4317Five-year budget for new Law School programs, 1972-1973
4318Law Day, 1973
4319The Talmadge Fund, No Date
4320Surveys, 1981
4321Student letters of interest, 1978-1980
4322Student Financial Aid (CWSP), 1979-1980
4323Space Utilization Committee, 1980-1982
4324Vice President for Services, 1975-1980
4325Vice President for Business and Finance, 1979-1981
4326Blueprint for Excellence, 1978-1979
4328Self Study Report, 1977
4329Goals Committee, 1981
4330Dean's Report, 1979-1980
4331Vice President for Research, 1979-1980
4332President's Office, 1979
4333Vice President for Academic Affairs, 1976-1980
4334Election of Graduate Student to University Council, 1982
4335Athletic Department (tickets), 1969-1970
4336Preliminary budgets, 1972-1973
4337Contracts and Grants-instruction, 1972
4338Faculty-Staff Directory, 1972-1973
4339Law School Budget, 1978-1979
441Legal Research Instructors, 1972-1973
442Legal Service Center, 1968-1969
443Talmadge Fund, 1977-1978
444The Presidents Club, 1974
445School of Law Status Reports, 1973-1974
446Talmadge Chair, 1973
447Georgia Law Review-subscriptions, 1973-1974
448Georgia Law Review Status Reports, 1973-1974
449Prosecutorial Clinic-LEAA-application for Grant, 1972
4410Correspondence LEAA-Jackson Project, 1972-1973
4411Application for Highway Safety Project Grant, 1973
4412School of Law blueprint, 1970s
4413Law School's preliminary budget, 1973
4414Law School Miscellaneous, 1981-1982
6422-23The University of Georgia Financial Reports, 1975-1977
6424Work orders-Physical Plant, 1977-1981
6425Financial Statements (Barrett, Phillips, Pratt, Law Dames and Ratner), 1979
6426Budget Presentation, 1979
6427Vice President for Business and Finance, 1981
6428Estimated Student Budget literature (Graduate Program), 1980
889Constitution and Bylaws of the Alpha Chapter of the Phi Beta Kappa Society, undated

4. Photographs

4415Group Picture, No Date
4416Law Day pictures, 1955
4417Law Day pictures, 1965
4418Law School pictures, 1978
4419Law Day pictures-photographs of Robert Kennedy, 1961
4420Photographs of University Presidents, buildings, unidentified people, No Date
4421Assorted photographs (includes Pound negatives), 1960s
4422Junior Law Day pictures, 1955 November 22
4423Phi Delta Phi, No Date
4424General Assembly Proclamation, No Date
4425Photographs (includes Alton Hosch), No Date
4426Law School pictures, 1949, 1961
4427Dean Hosch-School of Law photographs, No Date
4428Law Building-interior view, No Date
4429Group Picture, No Date
4430Library School (Library), 1960s
4431Pictures of Law School Party given by Law Student Advisory Council, 1950s
4432Law School reception, 1957
4433Law School Dance, 1950s
4434Law School reception, 1960s
4435Law School supplement, 1939
4436Law School pictures, 1950s-1960s
4437Graduating Class, 1953 Winter
4438Bermuda Walking Shorts, 1950s
4439Law School (exterior), No Date
4440Law Day, 1956
4441Miscellaneous unmarked photographs (Law Days, etc.), 1950s-1960s
4442Alumni Breakfast (Georgia Bar Association?) DeSoto Hotel, Savannah, 1960
4443Congressman Prince Preston speech (includes text of opening remarks by Robert Frank Donaldson), 1960s
4444Law Day, 1958
4445Miscellaneous photographs of people and Class of 1939, 1939, 1950s-1960s
4446People and buildings, 1950s
4447Law School buildings, 1937, 1950s
4448150th Anniversary events (?), 1951
4449Miscellaneous photographs of people, 1930s-1960s
4450Ruth McLendon Monument, Early 20th Century
4451Groups of people, 1960s
4452Professor Joe Warren of the Harvard Law Faculty, No Date
4453Faculty Photographs, 1950s
4454Photographs of paintings, No Date
6512-17Photographic Printer's Blocks, No Date
66Oversized photographs, No Date

5. Scholarships

454Scholarship Committee Meeting, 1975-1977
455Material from Endowment Book, 1975
456Contrbutions, 1968-1975
457Overbrook Foundation, 1970-1971
458National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame Scholarship, 1973-2975
459Benjamin Z. Phillips Loan Act, 1978
4510Phi Delta Phi Trust Fund, 1969
4511Phi Alpha Delta Scholarship, 1974
4513S and H Foundation, 1965
4514Southern Railway System Scholarship, 1964-1968
4515William Hart Sibley, 1972
4515Milton Ratner Scholarship, 1973-1975
4516Hughes Spalding Scholarship Fund, 1968-1976
4517Confidential (Trust Department), 1940-1970s
4518Talmadge Chair, 1973
4519School of Law-Foundation, 1974-1975
4520Earl Warren Legal Training Program, 1973-1976
4521Minority Funding-general, 1969-1972
4522Rene Hawkins Memorial Tax Scholarship Fund, 1972-1974
4523Georgia Beer Wholesalers Association Scholarship, 1976-1977
461Mattie H. Marshall Foundation, 1973-1974
462Isaac Meinhard Memorial Award Fund, 1976-1977
463McDonald Portrait Scholarship Fund, 1975-1976
464Lumpkin-Rusk Scholarship, 1971-1976
465Lawyers Title Foundation Award, 1966-1967
466Lokey and Bowden Book Fund, 1972-1975
467Loyalty Fund, 1970
468Herbert Lehman Educational Fund, 1969-1970
469Various Scholarships, 1969-1975
4610Woodruff Scholarship Fund, 1968-1975
4611Southern Regional Council Scholarship, 1969-1970
4612Scholarship recipients enrolled in School of Law, 1977
4613Jessie and Dan McDougald Award (formerly The Dan McDougald Memorial Fund), 1953-1976
4614-15Scholarships-appeals rising, 1976-1977
4616Honey Foundation, 1972-1977
4617School of Law various scholarships, 1971
4618Ford Foundation Grant, 1968-1977
4619-20School of Law various scholarships, 1977-1978
4621Georgia Higher Education Assistance, 1967
4622Scholarships-general, 1964-1967
471Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund, 1973
472Departmental budgets-scholarships, 1967-1970
473Walter and Marjory Rich (English Fund), 1971-1973
474James Brice White Fund, 1970-1971
475Chas J. Bloch Scholarship (Myer O. Sigal Scholarship Award), 1956-1967
476Francis P. Dillon Educational Fund, 1971-1974
477Callaway Scholarships, 1966-1968
478Sigma Chi-Balfour Grant, 1977
479State of Delaware-Higher Education Grant (Lundblad), 1977
4710Meadowview Bank (Steven Reick), 1977
4711John and Mary Franklin Scholarship, 1977
4712Walter Talmadge Johnson Memorial Scholarship, 1972-1973
4713William E. Honey Foundation, 1965-1972
4714Harold Hirsch Scholarship Fund, 1965-1967
4715Lenora and Alfred Glancy Foundation, 1966-1967
4716Dean Edmunds Memorial Fund, 1960-1968
4717Lettie Pate Evans Foundation, 1966
4718The English Fund (Mr. A.H. Sterne-Trustee), 1966-1967
4719Edmondson-Telford Foundation, 1970
4720Scholarship accounts description, 1973-1978
4721Composite, 1971-1972
4722Composite, 1965-1967
4723Council on Legal Educational Opportunity, 1970-1976
4724University of Georgia Law Class of 1933 Memorial Fund, 1972-1977
4725Lawrence Fox Foundation-Welborn E. Cody, 1965-1976
4726B. Hugh Burgess Scholarships, 1973-1976
4727Scholarship applications G-H, 1976
4728Claude B. Barrett Scholarship-endowment student aid, 1969-1976
481-7Scholarship applications I-Z, 1976
488School of Law/various accounts, 1975-1977
489-14Composite, 1968 -1975
4815-17Frank A. Constangy Fund Memorial Scholarship Fund, 1972-1977
491-2Frank A. Constangy Fund Memorial Scholarship Fund, 1972-1976
493J. Rene Hawkins Scholarship, 1975-1976
494Roy V. Harris Scholarship, 1978
495Robert Brown Fund, 1977-1978
496Class of 1933 Memorial Awards for Law Day, 1979
497Composite (various), 1977-1978
498Complete Scholarship check requests, 1978-1979
499Financial Aid (Scholarship) reply letters, 1978-1979
4910School of Law Composite, 1978-1979
4911-12Lumpkin Scholarship, 1976-1979
4913Lumpkin (Overbrook), 1977-1978
4914Jessie and Dan McDougald Memorial Fund, 1976-1979
4915John and Mary Franklin Foundation, 1977-1978
4916J. Rene Hawkins Scholarship, 1977-1979
4917Scholarship awards, 1977 Summer
4918Claud B. Barrett Scholarship, 1977
4919B. Hugh Burgess Scholarships, 1978-1979
4920Robert Brown Fund, 1965-1977
4921America Bar Association- Council on Legal Education Opportunity (ABA-Cleo), 1977-1978
4922America Bar Association- Council on Legal Education Opportunity (ABA-Cleo) Council on Legal Education Opportunity, 1978-1979
4923Welborn B. Cody Scholarship Fund, 1976-1978
4916Class of 1933 Memorial Awards for Law Day, 1977-1978
4926Scholarship letters, 1978 March
4927McCarthy Crenshaw, 1977
4928Georgia Beer Wholesalers Association Scholarship, 1977-1979
4933Scholarship Questionare-Graduates, 1972-1977
4931School of Law Scholarships, 1972-1977
4932Law Dames, 1977
4933Scholarship Questionare-current students, 1978-1979
501Morris Hirsch Memorial Fund, 1970
502Fund Support, 1979
503Scholarships-index cards, 1970s
504Scholarship applications approved (E-F), 1976
505Scholarships-accepted, 1978-1980
506Scholarship issues, 1979-1980
507Admissions Committee correspondence, 1979
508Ben F. and Hugh Burgess Fund, 1973-1978
509Composite Scholarships, 1980-1981
5010Castellow Awards, 1980-1981
5011Scholarship applications accepted, 1976, 1981
5013Regents Awards, 1981
5014Scholarships continued, 1981 Fall
5015Scholarships continued/requests for additional aid denied, 1981
5016Scholarships for incoming students, 1981
5017Minorities rejected from Law School (no correspondence for Scholarship application), 1978-1979
5018Issac Meinhard Memorial Award, 1979
5019Maine Rehabilitation Fund, 1977
5020Woodruff, Spalding, Woolley Scholarship selection process, 1980
5021Recruitment, 1980
5022Regents Scholarships, 1978-1979
5023Current scholarship questionaires, 1980
5024Hughes Spalding Scholarship Fund, 1978-1979
5025Milton Ratner Scholarship, 1973-1977
5026Scholarship received list, 1976-1977
5027Major Scholarship Program, 1977-1980
5028Scholarships, 1974-1978
5029Primary Scholarships descriptions, 1977-1979
5030Scholarship Committee, 1977-1979
5031Scholarships and endowments, 1977-1978
5032Dean Rusk Award in International Law, 1977-1978
5033Milton Ratner Scholarship, 1977-1979
5034Robert Troutman Scholarship, 1977-1979
5035Talmadge-Law School Endowment, 1977
5036Robert B. Troutman, Sr. Memorial Scholarship, 1976-1977
5037Hughes Spalding Scholarship Fund, 1977-1978
5038Scholarship correspondence, 1976-1977
5039Primary Scholarships, 1978
5040Major Scholarships, 1977-1978
5041Scholarship Policies and Procedures, 1977-1978
5042Miscellaneous Scholarship information, 1976-1977
5043Scholarship Committee, 1977
5044General-Scholarships, 1978-1979
5045Scholarship status sheets, 1979
5046Scholarship forms, 1978
5047Vasser Woolley Scholarship, 1977-1979
5048Earl Warren Legal Training Program, 1977
511Vasser Woolley Scholarship, 1970s
512Woolley, Woodruff, Spalding Scholarship essays, 1978
513Woodruff Scholarship Fund, 1976-1979
514Vasser Woolley Scholarship, 1969-1977
6429Scholarships, 1982
6430Scholarship recipients, 1982 Fall
6431Minority Scholarship aid, 1977-1978
6432Woodruff, Spalding, Woolley Scholarship, 1980-1981
6433Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation, 1982
6434Scholarship check requests, 1981
6435Scholarships-projected income (corrected copy), 1980-1981
6436Scholarships-projected income, 1982
651Woodruff-Woolley-Spalding Scholarship competition, 1981
652Vice President for Development and University Relations, 1981
653Woodruff, Woolley, Spalding Scholarship response cards, 1981
6520Applications/scholarships accepted, 1978 Summer
6521Scholarship applications, 1979-1980
6522Scholarship issues, 1979-1980
6523Miscellaneous Scholarship information, 1979-1980

6. Placement materials

515-10Employer Data Sheets, 1980-1982
521-6Employer Data Sheets, 1980-1984
527-9Employer Data Sheets-direct contact, 1980 Spring
5210Employer Data Sheets-on Campus, 1980 Spring
531Employer Data Sheets-resumes forwarded, 1980 Spring
532Employer Data Sheets-on Campus-resumes forwarded-direct contact, 1980 Summer
533-4Employer Data Sheets-resumes forwarded (all but out-of-state Law Firms), 1980 Fall
535-7Employer Data Sheets-resumes forwarded (out-of-state Law Firms), 1980 Fall
538-9Employer Data Sheets-on Campus (all except Atlanta), 1980 Fall
5310Employer Data Sheets-on Campus (Atlanta Law Firms), 1980 Fall
541-2Employer Data Sheets-on Campus (Atlanta Law Firms), 1980 Fall
543-4Employer Data Sheets, 1979 Fall
545-6Employer Data Sheets-direct contact, 1980 Fall
547Employer Data Sheets-on Campus, 1981 Winter
548-9Employer Data Sheets-resumes forwarded, 1981 Winter
5410Employer data sheets-direct contact
551-2Employer Data Sheets-direct contact, 1981 Winter
553Employer Data Sheets-resumes forwarded, 1981 Spring
555-6Employer Data Sheets-on Campus, 1981 Spring
557Employer Data Sheets-direct contact, 1981 Spring
554Employer Data Sheets-resumes forwarded-direct contact, 1981 Summer
558-10Southeastern Law Placement Consortium, 1979
5511Employer Data Sheets-resumes forwarded, 1982 Fall
5512Employer Data Sheets-direct contact, 1982 Fall
561-2Employer Data Sheets-direct contact, 1982 Fall
563-5Employer Data Sheets-resumes forwarded (out-of-state), 1982 Fall
566Employer Data Sheets-direct contact, 1982 Winter
567Employer Data Sheets-resumes forwarded, 1982 Winter
568-9Employer Data Sheets-on Campus, 1982 Fall
5610Employer Data Sheets combined-on Campus-resumes forwarded-direct contact, 1982 Winter
5611-12Employer Data Sheets-direct contact (out-of-state), 1982 Fall
571Employer Data Sheets-direct contact (out-of-state), 1982 Fall
572-5Alumni Placement Assistance, 1980-1981
581-3Alumni Placement Assistance, 1980-1981
584-5Alumni Placement Assistance, 1983
586Minority Placement Project, 1978
587-8Law Firm announcements, 1980s
589Georgia-"Hidden Law Firms", 1980-1981
5810Consortium letters-top 200 Law Firms, 1981
5811Flush letters, 1982
5812Law Firm announcements, 1982
5813Sibley Lectures, 1982
5814In-house correspondence, 1982
5815Original-Home and Business Directory, 1983
5816Dean's Report, 1983
5817Work Study Projects, 1982-1983
5818On-Campus schedule with Interviewers, 1983 Fall
5819Typewriter memories, 1982
5820Typewriter memory letters, 1982-1983
5821National Association for Law Placement/Southeastern Law Placement Consortium, Inc. (NALP/SELPC) membership, 1982-1983
5822Invitational letter, 1982
5823On-Campus interviews, 1982 Fall
592Alumni correspondence, 1983
593On-Campus interviews, 1981 Fall
594Placement Committee, 1982-1983
595-16Correspondence, 1982
5917Inter-office meetings, 1983
5918Correspondence flush, 1983
5919-30Correspondence, 1983
5931-38Correspondence, 1977 May-December
5939-41Correspondence, 1977 February-April
5942Firm descriptions-Atlanta, 1976
5943Firm descriptions-Georgia, 1976
5944Sibley Lectures, 1976-1977
5945Correspondence, 1977 January
5946Forwarded resumes/applications-letter, 1976-1977
5947Interview follow-up letters, 1976-1977
5948Firm descriptions-out of state, 1976-1977
5949-60Correspondence, 1978
5961-65Correspondence, 1979 January-May
601-7Correspondence, 1979 June-December
608-9Inter-office communication, 1978
6010Consortium responses, 1978
6011Confirmation letter, 1978
6012Typewriter memories, 1979
6013Typewriter memory letters, 1979-1980
6014Flush letters-on-campus invitational/mailout, 1979
6015Book orders, 1977-1978
6016Interview schedule, 1978 Fall
6017Alumni invitational letter, 1979 March
6018Sibley Lecture, 1979
6019Publication orders, 1979
6020Graduate directory, 1979
6021Consortium response letters, 1979
6022Georgia Legal Services, 1979
6023In-house correspondence, 1979
6024Resumes forwarded, 1979
654Interviewing correspondence, 1984
655The Georgia Advocate Placement edition, 1977 Summer
6525National Association for Law Placement (NALP) employment report on Law School graduates, 1980