William Tate papers

William Tate papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: William Tate papers
Creator: University of Georgia
Creator: Tate, William, 1903-1980
Inclusive Dates: 1903-1981
Language(s): English
Extent: 128.75 Linear Feet (135 boxes)
Collection Number: UA97-085
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Biographical/historical note

William Tate (1903-1980) was the Dean of Men, University of Georgia, 1946 to 1971. In 1981, the University of Georgia Tate Student Center was named in his honor.

Tate attended Fairmount High School and the Georgia Military Academy. He then entered the University of Georgia, earning a Bachelor's degree in 1924 and a Master's in 1927. He went on to do graduate work at Columbia University, Harvard University, and the University of Chicago.

From 1924 to 1929 he was an instructor in English and Debate Coach at the University of Georgia. From 1929 to 1936 he was Head of the English Department and Track Coach at the McCallie School in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In 1932 William Tate married Susan Frances Barrow, a granddaughter of University Chancellor David Barrow. They had two sons, Ben and Jeff.

In 1936 Tate returned to the University of Georgia as Dean of Freshmen and Assistant Professor of English. He then went on to become Dean of Students, Assistant to the President, and in 1946 became Dean of Men, a position he held for twenty-five years. Tate was a very asute and popular faculty member who ruled over the student body with a reputation for being strict but fair. He is well-known for his role in overseeing students during UGA's desegregation by the first two African American students, Charlayne Hunter and Hamilton Holmes, in 1961.

Scope and Content

The William Tate Papers are composed of both personal and administrative files from Tate's tenure as Dean of Freshmen, Dean of Students, Assistant to the President, Dean of Men, Associate Professor of English, Dean Emeritus, and volunteer fund raiser with the UGA Alumni Society. These papers consist of: the personal correspondence of the immediate Tate family, relatives and friends (incoming and outgoing) for the period of 1924-1930; the administrative fields of the Dean Tate spanning the years 1924-1971; and Tate's personal reference file for the years 1925-1980.

Organization and Arrangement

The collection is basically organized according to subject and date.

Administrative Information

Preferred citation note

William Tate papers, UA97-085, University Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

General Notes

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For insight into Dean Tate's activities during the desegregation of the University in 1961 see collection number UA00-016:1-3.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11-28Edna F. Tate/Wm Tate [correspondence], 1924-1930
21Adair, Frances
22Alexander, Charles N.
23Alexander, W.A.
24Allen, Delacy
25Almon, W.B.
26Ames, Richard
27Ames, Julius
28Barrow, Craig
29Barrow, David
210Baum, Johnny
211Becton, W
212Bergthold, J.W.
213Billings, Jardon
214Bishop, Mitchell
215Blackwell, R. L.
216Brewton, Wm. W.
217Brown, Joe
218Brown, Joseph
219Capps, S.T.
220Carter, Howard
221Carthdge, Sam
222-23Chambliss, Rollin, 1927-1929
224Clays, A.S.
225Cleckley, Cora
226Cleckley, H.M.
227Colquitt, C.B.
228Coulter, E.M.
229Cox, C.H.
230Cox, L.J.
231Cross, Arthur L.
232David, A.B.
233Davidson, Beulah
234Davidson, Quentin
235Davis, Dot
236Dornblatt, Albert
237Dorroh, Ralph
238Ervin, Bill
239-40Everett, Ed, 1923-1930
241Evitt, Red
242Fant, Bruce
243Ferguson, V.W.
244Ferguson, W.D.
245Fickett, Dick
246Fincher, A. A.
247Fisher, Mrs. H.M.
248Fisher, Leck
249Fitts, Ralph
250-51Fulghum, Bill, 1924-1929
252Fulghum, J.F.
253Fulghum, Mrs. J.L.
254Gignilliah, Arthur M.
255Graeber, Catherine
256Graham, Mrs. Elise
257Griffin, George C
258Griffin, J.L.
259Hamilton, Thomas
260Hammond, Louise
261Hardy, B.H.
262Harmon, Claude
263Harris, Cora
264Harris, Mrs. Jacob C.
265Helmly, I. Clinton
266Henson, W.C.
267Hervey, Harry
268Hosch, Alton
269Hosch, J.H.
270Hyman, Joe
271Jarnagin, Milton
272Jones, H.A.
273Kling, Joe
274Lang, Gaines
275Lay, Harry
276Leeper, Grace Rogers
277Lustgarten, Edith
278Maclean, Stuart
279McCallie, S.J.
280McWhirter, Callie
281Marshburn, J.H.
282Martin, Charles A.
283McHugh, James A.
284McIlwaine, Chalmers
285McLean, W.A.
286McCoy, F.L.
287Meeks, Cynthia
288Michael, Moina
289Milledge, J.B.
290Milledge, Stanley
291Minter, R.G.
292Moakley, John F.
293Moise, E.W.
294Morris, Anne
295Morris, Sylvanius
296Muench, Henry
297Murray, J.B.
31Nix, Alice
32Pannell, R. Allen
33Park, R.E.
34Park, Wootsie
35Patrick, Joe
36Payne, W.O.
37Perkinson, Eunice Lela G.
38Pier, Stanhope
39Ramato, S.D.
310Raines, Bettie
311Ratliffe, Dean J.
312Reeder, Bill
313Renfroe, Mrs. R. R.
314Rhodes, Ellen
315Roberts, F. Agnes
316Ryther, Fenley
317Robinson, W.L.
318Robson, Charles B.
319Rogers, R.L.
320Saks, Julien
321Sanford, S.
322Secrest, E.L.
323Sewell, John Wesley
324Shattuck, Horace D.
325Sheen, Ella R.
326Smith, Allen M.
327Snelling, Charles M.
328Spurlin, Paul M.
329Stephens, Richard
330Sutherland, Carl
331Sutherland, T.O.
332Tarrins, John G.
333Tate, Mrs. F.C.
334Tate, Margaret
335Tatum, J.W.
336Telfair, Robert Stockdale
337Travis, Livingston
338Tutwiler, M.N.
339Tyus, Bill
340Vaughan, Francis, J.
341Wade, John Donald
342Walker, Roosevelt
343Walters, Helen
344Watson, Earl E.
345West, John W.
346Whitesides, J.W.
347Wilcox, C.R.
348Wilson, John B.
349Yeats, Milton L.
350Yonce, Gene
351Young, Robert
352-54Correspondents unknown
355Correspondence University of Chicago
356-60Friends and Relatives correspondence, 1922-1956
361Sarah J. Ferguson, 1925-1929
362-66Edna Ferguson Tate, 1919-1956
41-6Correspondence ephemera, 1925-1956
47Correspondence New Yorker Article
48-10Sarah Tate, 1924-1930
51-6Sarah Tate, 1927
57U of Chicago/Columbia Records
58-9Correspondence, 1928-1930
510Philip M. Tate
511Sarah J. Ferguson, 1925-1926
61-2Sarah J. Ferguson, 1927
63Edna Tate, 1927
64Carter Tate, 1927
65Susan Frances Barrow, 1927
66-8Estrays, Drafts, Announcements
69Advisory Board Action on Students
610-11Air Corps Applicants from CAT
612Applications for Participation in C.P.T.
613Apprentice Instructor Course, 1941
614 -15Atlanta Office CAA
616Audit, Athens Air Service
617Bedingfield, Roy
618Birdsong, Dr. H.W.
619Birmingham Office District 3
620Blanks Mailed to Washington
621Book Orders, etc.
622Bradwell Hall CPT Boys, 1942
623-25CAA Army Applications
626CAA Instructor's Course
627Caldwell, Harmon W.
628Catalog Material
629Chief Army Air Corps
630Christie Twins, Ben & Ren
631Coca Cola
632Commercial Refresher Course
634Coordinator, Wm. Tate
635-38C.P.T. Primary Courses
639-40Cross Country, 1941
641-42Cross Country Applications, 1941
643-44Cross Country, 1942
645Elementary Instructor Course, 1942
646Examination Papers
647Faculty Flying Club
648Gilmer Hall, 1942
649-50Grades, Cross Country, 1942
651Grades, Elementary Course, 1942
652-53Grades, Secondary Course, 1941-1942
654-55Form Letters and notices from Government
71-2Air Scoop
73Gunn, Sturney, Aikin Airport Office
74-6Course Secondary, 1940-1941
77Co Insurance Tillman Insurance
78Signal Corps Radio School
79-10Washington D.C. Office
711Tutwiler, M.N.
713Ramsey, Bert Jr.
714Student Applications
81Grades, Elementary, 1941
82Grades, Cross Country, 1941
83CAA Primary Course, 1941
84Grades, Cross Country, 1941
85Grades, Secondary Course, 1941
86Grades, Primary Course, 1941
87Grades, Secondary Course, 1941
88Grades, Summer, 1940
89-10Ground School Records Primary, 1941
811Ground School Only, 1941
812Gunn, Ben, Akin, Sturney
813-14Applications for Civil Pilot Training
815McWhorter, Hamilton
816Instructor Refresher Course, 1941
817Instructor Course
819Loan Fund Applications and Letters
820Moncrief, D.D. Candler Field Atlanta
821-22Memorandum on CAA Posted
827-28National Assn. of Colleges & Universities in CPT
829NYA - CAA
830Parachute Packing Course at Airport
831Petition to Executive Committee
832Queries to Other Schools CPTP
836Reports, Attendance and Rating
837Rolls, Class Since Beginning of Program
838Schultz, Edwin
839Secondary, Passed Physical, 1942
840Secondary, Instructor Refresher
841Secondary Course
842-43Students, Letters To and About
844Private Pilot Certificates
91-5General Correspondence 'A', 1940-1971
96Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
97-8Aderhold, O.C. Griffith, Louis, 1957-1968
99-10Aderhold, O.C. Williams, Joseph, 1950-1957
911Administrative Council
912Aeronautical Administration
913Alpha Epsilon Delta
914Alpha Mu Epsilon
915Alpha Phi Omega
916Alpha Phi Omega Pamphlets
917-23Alumni Board Meetings, 1952-1959
101-10Alumni Board Meetings, 1960-1971
1011-26Alumni Society, 1938-1967
111-4Alumni Society, 1968-1971
115Foundation Plans, 1956
116Alumni Committee on Alumni Awards
117Alumni Office, Response to Loyalty Fund
118Alumni Record, Marcus George, Bob Brown
119-12Alumni Record, 1951-1967
1113Alumni State Normal School
1114Alumni, Introduction of Seniors
1115Georgia Arch Magazine
1116Armstrong Junior College
1117-20Askew, J. Thomas, 1945-1955
1121Athens Historical Society
1122-25Augusta Courier, 1960-1964
1126Aviation, Clarke County
121-10General Correspondence 'B', 1937-1971
1211Barnsley Gardens, 1941-1949
1212-13Blue Key Society, 1941-1964
1214-15Board of Regents, 1943-1961
1216-17Book Orders and Reviews
1218Brightwell Fund (Maxeys, GA)
1219Brumbaugh, A. J.
131-13General Correspondence 'C', 1937-1971
1314-23Caldwell, Harmon, 1936-1954
1324Caldwell, Harmon UGA Development
1326Campus Leader
141Campus Tours
142Certificate of Merit Summer Program
143Charter Day
144Christian College
145City of Athens
146City of Athens Brochures
147City of Athens Pamphlets and Maps
148Civil War Centennial
149-10Civil War Centennial Commission
1411Civil War Memorabilia
1412Clarke County
1413Conferences at the Georgia Center
1414Continental Book Company
1415Coordinate College
1416Costa Building Files
1417Counselors in Dormitories
1418County Unit System of Election
1419Cracker, Georgia Cracker Magazine
1420-22Cross Country, 1936-1938
1423-35General Correspondence 'D', 1937-1968
151General Correspondence 'D', 1969-1971
152Danforth Chapel
153Daniel, Sallie Fannie
154Dean of Men Duties
155Dean of Men Study, Cloaninger
156Dean of Men's Office – Ten Year History
157Deans of Men Conference
158-13Dean of Students, Sorrells, Daniel, 1961-1967
1514-15Dean of Students, Williams, Joseph,, 1955-1962
1516Dean of Students, Williams, Kenneth
1517Dean of Students Duties, 1939-1954
1518-19Dean of Women, 1937-1954
161-5Delta Airlines Scholarship, 1948-1962
166Delta Airlines Scholarship Requisitions
167-18Delta Tau Delta, 1935-1946
171-3Delta Tau Delta, 1964-1970
174-7Delta Tau Delta Arch Chapter, 1970-1971
178Delta Tau Delta Arch Chapter Board of Directors
179-18Delta Tau Delta House Corporation, 1953-1965
181-3Delta Tau Delta House Corporation, 1966-1969
184Delta Tau Delta, 1970
185Delta Tau Delta House Corporation, 1970-1971
186Delta Tau Delta Award
187-8Delta Tau Delta Chapter Supervisory Committee
189Secret Matter Pamphlets
1810Delts in Georgia Article for Rainbow
1811Demosthenian Literary Society
1812Denham, Edward T.
1813Dialogue, 1968
1814Dialogue, Planning and Summary
1815-17Dialogue, 1970-1971
1818Dialogue Statement of Concern
1819Dialogue Program
191Dogs Buried on Campus
192Dix, William
194-8General Correspondence 'E', 1932-1971
199Early Georgia
1910Eastern States Archaeological Federation
1911Edge, Bob
1912-16English Department, 1936-1968
1917-19Enrollment (UGA), 1940-1968
1920Etowah Indian Mounds
1921-24Evening Classes, 1966-1967
201-2Evening Classes, 1968-1969
204Extension Classes
205-9General Correspondence 'F', 1953-1971
2010Faculties, Dean of
2011Faculty Committee on Memorials & Portraits
2012Faculty News
2013Feingold, Phillip War Memorial Fund
2014Flags, Georgia
2016Focus Evaluation
2017Focus Orientation, 1966-1968
2018-21Focus Programs, 1965-1968
2022Focus Thank You Notes
212-3Foreign students
214Deferred Rushing
215Forbes, Walter T., Jr.
216Freshman Camp, 1959-1965
217Freshman Caps (rat caps, beanies)
218Freshman Cars
219Freshman Class Profile, 1963
2110Freshman letter of welcome, 1957-1965
2111Freshman Men's Digest, 1967-1958
2112Freshman Orientation Week, 1957-1960
2113Fortnight (UGA publication) vol. 1, nos. 1-15, 1964-1965
2114-19G - General Correspondence, 1953-1971
2120"G" Book, 1941-1951
2121"G" Club, 1944-1957
2122Georgia Bulldog, scattered issues, 1952, 1954, 1959
2123Georgia Day, 1940s
2124Georgia Epoch, 1963
2125Georgia Institute of Technology, 1962-1969
221-4Georgia Journal, 1955-1963
225Georgia Journal Correspondence
226Georgia Magazine
227Georgia Marble Company
228-20Georgia Military Academy, 1946-1966
231Georgia Recorder
232Georgia Review
233Georgia Songs and Yells
234Georgia State College of Business Administration
235-11Georgia Tech Goodwill Committee, 1939-1966
2312Georgia Textbooks
2314Gilbert, Judge Sterling Price
2315Goldberg Scholarship
2316Governor Griffin's RRR Report on Education
2317-23General Correspondence 'H', 1952-1965
241Hanson, Diane - Practicum Student
242Harvard University
243Hazen Conference
244Higher Education in a World of Conflict, 1961
245History 473 Tudor Times
246History 474 Stuart Times
247History Department
248-10History Qualifying Exam, 1967-1969
2411-12Home Study Correspondence, 1966-1971
2413Honor Societies, Association of
2414Honor Day, 1963-1968
2415Honor's Program
2416General Correspondence 'I'
2417ID Cards
2418Inauguration Committee, Davison
2419Interfraternity Conference, National
2420-23General Correspondence 'J', 1953-1970
2424Jarrett Manor Foundation
2425Jenkins Club
2426Jeter, Douglas
2427Job Descriptions
251-3General Correspondence 'K', 1953-1970
254Kennesaw Mountain
255King, Martin Luther Memorial
256Kolomoki Indian Mounds
257-11General Correspondence 'L', 1953-1971
2512-13Library, 1953-1962
2514Loans, Student, 1940-1960
2515-18Los Angeles Times Articles, 1964-1969
2519Lucy Cobb Institute Property
2520-22General Correspondence 'M', 1958-1959
261-5General Correspondence 'M', 1960-1971
266-7General Correspondence 'Mc', 1953-1970
268-9McCallie School, 1950-1970
2610McEntyre, K. K.
2611Manuscripts – Are You in Debt
2612Manuscripts – Book Reviews
2613Manuscripts – Dogs in My Boyish Memory
2614Manuscripts – Georgia Marble Company
2615Manuscripts – Georgiana
2616Manuscripts – How Miss Venita…
2617Manuscripts - How to Plan and Pay for the Safe...
2618Manuscripts – I'm Beholden to You
2619Manuscripts – Immodest Proposal
2620Manuscripts – Perpetual Sophomore
2621Manuscripts – Seed Time and Harvest
2622Manuscripts - Social Science 104
2623Manuscripts – Student Counseling
2624Manuscripts - Untie Them Hames
2625Manuscripts – Wagon in the Woods
2626Manuscripts – The Year, 1975
2627Manuscripts – Miscellaneous
2628Maps - Correspondence
2629Maps – Georgia Counties
2630Maps – Miscellaneous
271Memorial Fund, Eugene Freeman
272Memorial Fund World War II
273Miller, George B. Jr.
274Minimum Foundation
275Mundy Memorial Award
276Myers, Jennie Belle
277-9General Correspondence 'N', 1953-1970
2710National Student Association
2711New Echota
2712Newcomen Society
2713Newcomen Society Correspondence
2715Notice to Students Regarding Demonstrations, 1961
2716-17General Correspondence 'O', 1948-1970
2718-21General Correspondence 'P', 1938-1971
2722Payne Hall Dedication Photographs
2723Phi Kappa Literary Society
2724Pi Tau Chi
2725-26Pi Tau Chi Correspondence, 1953-1962
281Pink and Gray
282Placement Exam Scores, 1968
283-16President's Annual Report, 1950-1968
2817Plant Operations, 1960-1968
2818Poschner Fund, 1945
291-3Programs – Commencement, 1935-1969
294Programs – Greek Life
295-6Programs – Honors Day, 1934-1969
297Programs – Music and Drama
298Programs - Opening Convocation
299Programs – Parents Day
2910-11Programs - Miscellaneous
301-2Prospects, Students, 1967
303Publication – Monthly Magazine
304General Correspondence 'Q'
305Quinn, Homer
306-8General Correspondence 'R', 1953-1970
309Radio Talks and Awards
3010Randall, William
3011Rats on Campus
3012Red and Black
311Reed, Thomas Walter
312Reinhardt College
313Research Reporter, 1968-1971
314Reynolds Hall Memorial
315Rogers, Jonathan C.
316Russell Hall Council
317-8Russell, Richard Correspondence, 1942-1970
319Russell, Richard Funeral
3110-15General Correspondence 'S', 1950-1971
3116Sanders, Carl
3117Selective Service
3118-19Self Study, 1970
3120-21Self Study Report
321Selling on Campus
322Senate and House of Representatives
323Senior Rings
324Senior Round Table
325Service Report
326Social Science 4 – Articles and Correspondence
327Social Science 4 – Georgia Literature
328-9Social Science 4 – Gone with the Wind
3210Social Science 4 – Music
3211Social Science 4 – What is Culture?
3212Society for the Preservation of Old Athens
3213Soil Conservation Training Center Annual Reports, 1961-1962
3214-23Southern Association of Deans of Men, 1950-1973
331Southern Writers Workshop
332Statistics About UGA
334Statues – Correspondence
335Stegman, Herman James
336Stephens, Robert G. Correspondence
337Stephens, Robert G. Report to Constituents
338-9Strozier, Robert M., 1940-1946
341-3Strozier, Robert M., 1947-1971
344-5Student Affairs Committee
346-7Student Affairs Division Meeting, 1954-1969
348Student Body Officers
349Student Council
3410Student Directory
3411Student Government Association
3412Student Handbook Correspondence
3413Student Handbooks, 1953-1970
351Student Leaders
352-3Student Union Correspondence, 1946-1960
354Student Union History
355Student Union Pamphlets, etc
356Student Veterans Organization
357-9Summer Orientation, 1967-1969
3510-12System Summary, 1965-1968
361-6General Correspondence 'T', 1937-1971
367-11Talks – Correspondence, 1963-1969
3612-14Talks – Notes
3615Talmadge, Herman – Correspondence
3616Talmadge, Herman – Report from Congress
3617Tau Kappa Alpha
3618Telephones in Dormitories
3620Theta Nu Epsilon
3621Torch Club, International Association
3622Towns Oak Replacement
3623Trenton Lions Club, Dade County
3624Tulane Trip
3625-26Tour of Athens and the University Campus
371General Correspondence 'U'
372University Annual Report
373University Council, 1959-1969
374University Study – Estimated Costs, 1954-1969
375University System
376University Theatre
377University Treasurer
378-9General Correspondence 'V', 1937-1969
3710Valdosta State College
3711Viewbook of the University
3712Vincent, George
3713-15Voluntary Religious Association –General Corr, 1937-1948
3716Voluntary Religious Association –History
3717Voluntary Religious Association –Misc.
3718-19VRA-Religion in Life Program-Religion in Life, 1937-1954
3720-21Voluntary Religious Association –Segrest, Eddie, 1938-1944
3722Voluntary Religious Association -Shedd, Clarence P.
381Von Gammon's Death
382-9General Correspondence 'W', 1937-1971
3810-14Wednesday @ UGA, 1954-1964
3815-19Wesley Foundation, 1955-1959
3820Wesley Foundation Board of Directors
3821Wesley Foundation – Carmichael Property
3822Westminster Dinner, 1966
3823Westminster School
3824Westville Historic Association
3825Westville Historic Association Handicrafts
391Who's Who Among Students Certificates
392Williams, Budge Earl
393Williams, Kenneth Rast
394Woodruff Hall
395-6Woodward Academy
397Woodward Academy Governing Board
398General Correspondence 'Y'
399Yale University
3910Yankee, Richard
3911Yates, Bowling C
3912Yeomans, Sallie May
3913Young, Robert
3914Youngblood, C. Ralph
3915General Correspondence 'Z'
3916Alcoholic Beverage Rule
3917Armstrong, Richard – Dormitories
3918Associate Dean of Student Affairs
3919Associate Dean of Student Affairs-Programs
3920Associate Dean of Student Affairs –Space-Advising
3921Athens Y Alumni Association, YMCA History
3922Athens Y Camp
3923Athletic Association
3924Auburn University
3926Berry College
3927Blue Key Society
3928Board of Regents – University System
3929Bolton Hall Cafeteria
3930Botanical Garden
3931Boy Scouts
3932Business Administration College
3933Buildings, Committee for Use of
3934Bus Service – Chartered
3935Butts, Wally
401Campus Communications
402Campus Ministry Association
403Carnegie Corporation of New York Quarterly
404Catholic Church
405Center for Continuing Education
406Chemistry Department
407Christian College of Georgia
408Circle K Club
409Civil Defense
4010Clayton Junior College
4011Clemson College
4013Columbus College
4014Confidentiality of Student Records
4015Constitution Exams
4016Credit for Military Service
4017Credit Union
4018Darby, Charles
4023Decoster, David
4019Davison, Fred C. President
4020-21Dean of Students, 1966-1971
4022Dean of Women
4025-26Disciplinary Procedures, 1965-1969
4027Disorders on Campus
4028Dormitory Regulations – Women Visitors
4029Drinking – Complaints from Alumni
4031Enrollment, 1969-1971
4032Evening Classes – Athens Center
4033Faculty Executive Committee
4034Field Trip Liabilities
4035Fire Safety Committee
4037Flagging Records
4038Fraternity Development
4039-40Fraternity Matters, 1950-1971
4041Fraternity-sorority Building Committee
4042Free University
4043Freedom Forum
4044Freshman Camp
4045Freshman Housing Policies
4046Grade Analysis
4047Graduate School
4048Graduate Resident Assistantships
4049Graduate Work by Full-time Staff
4050Griffith, Louis T
4051Hammock, Ted L.
4052HEW Rulings
4053Health Services
4054Hippy Community
4056Honor Council
4057Honor Societies
4058Hudson, W.E.
4059Identification Cards
4060Impression Magazine
4061International Student Affairs
4062Intramural Program
4063Iron Horse (Publication)
4064Junior College Transfer students
4065Large Open Air Campus Events
4066Law School
4069Living-Learning Center – Residence Halls
4070Loan Committee – Emergency Loans
4071Los Angeles Times Articles
411Mathematics Department
412Meal Ticket Correspondence
413Medical College of Georgia
414Mercer University
415Michigan Alumnus
416Military – Air and Army
417Minister on Men's Affairs – Student Council
418Modern Foreign Languages
419Moratoriums – Viet Nam
4110Motor Scooters
4111Music Department
4112Miscellaneous Correspondence
4113National Association of School Personnel
4114National Council of Teachers of English
4115National Education Association
4116Navy Supply Corps
4117NeSmith, Donald J.
4118New South
4119North Georgia
4120North Georgia College
4121Notebook for Faculty and Staff (Publication)
4122Off-Campus Centers
4123Oglethorpe House
4124Old Eagle Tavern, Watkinsville
4125One Small Voice
4126Orientation Week Schedule
4127Pamphlets - Miscellaneous
4129Parker, William W.
4130Pelletier, S.W.
4131People's Park
4132Pharmacy School
4133Phi Kappa Literary Society
4134Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society
4135Phi Mu Alpha
4136Philosophy Department
4137Physical Education Department – Men
4138Physical Plant
4139Placement Office
4140Political Science
4141Practicum Students
4142Presbyterian University Center
4143President of Student Body
4144Prospective students
4145Prospective Students Committee
4146Psychology Department
4147Public Relations Council
4148Public Relations Department
4149Publications Budget
4150Reinhardt College
4151Rules and Regulations
4152Senior Parade
4153Service Report
4154Simpson, George (Chancellor)
4155Solicitations in Residence Halls, etc
4156Southern College Personnel Assn.
4157Student Government – Senate
4158-60Student Handbook, 1967-1971
4161Student Leadership Workshop
4162Student Ministers of Student Government
4163Student Services Building
4164Student Speakers Bureau
4165Swimming Pool Area
4166Swimming Pool – Fraternities, Sororities, Dormitories
4167-68System Summary, 1969-1971
423Treasurer's Office
424Troy State College
425Truett McConnell Baptist College
426Tutoring Programs in Dormitories
428University Christian Student Center
429University Council Minutes, 1968-1971
4210University's Community Relations Committee
4211University of South Carolina
4212University of Virginia
4213University Report Card
4214University Stories
4215University System
4216University System Advisory Council for Students
4217Student Union
4218Valdosta State College
4219Vann House, Chief Joseph Vann
4220Vending Machines
4222Veteran Classification
4223Vice President for Instruction
4224Vice President for Research
4225Vice President for Services
4226Vocational Rehabilitation
4227West Georgia College
4230Young Americans for Freedom
4231Young Harris College
4232Z Night
4233Zoology Department
4234American Red Cross
4235American Red Cross Disaster Plan
4236Appalachian Trail Club
4237Archives and History, Department of (Atlanta)
4238Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation
4239Athens Historical Society
4240Ballad of Wild Bill
4241Bibliography of Georgia Authors
4242Biographical Information – William Tate
4243Biographical Information, Remembrances-Tate
4244Biographical Information, General William Tate
4245Biographical Information, Magazine Articles – Tate
4246William Tate
4247Bixby, Lawrence H.
4248Blue Key Award, 1970
4249Book Orders, 1969-1971
431Book Reviews
432Brightwell Foundation
433Brumby House
434Buildings, Dates of Construction, etc.
435Carter, Jimmy
436Cartoons clippings
437Chapel Bell (UGA Campus)
438Citation – Georgia House of Representatives
439City of Athens
4310Civil War Material
4311-14Class of 1924 Correspondence, 1938-1964
4315-16Class of 1924 Reunion, 1959-1967
4317Class of 1924 Roll Call Georgia Alumni Fund
4318Cocking, Walter (Dean)
4319Column of Athens
4320Community Chest (United Way)
4321Conferences Attended
4322Conservation Groups
4323Contracts and Appointments
4324-28Correspondence, Miscellaneous
441-16General Correspondence E-W, 1971-1974
4417What is History and What is it Good For?
4418Council of the Southern Mountains, Inc.
4419Davis, Angela
4420-21Davison, Fred (President), 1972-1974
4422Dilemmas, Ten
4423Dilemmas, 1978
4424Duties After Retirement
4425Supervisor Training Course, 1960
451-10Engagements, Desk Calendar, 1967-1975
4511Engagements, Phone Calls, 1975
4512Engagements, 1976-1979
4513What Did We Gain From the Civil War
4514Faculty Status, 1940-1949
4515Fairmont College
4516Family Reunion, 1970
4517Forbes, Walter
4518Gaevert, Jeanne
4519Georgia Historical Commission
4520Girl's State
4521Grand Jurors Association
4522Grand Jury – Hospital Ambulances
4523Historic Athens Foundation
4524History of the University of Georgia
4525Hull, Pleasant Fund
4526Indian House
4527-32Interfraternity Affairs, 1960-1969
4533Jasper-Jones Log Cabin
4534LaGrange College Doctor of Laws Degree, Conferred, 1971
4535Lambda Chi Alpha
4536Letters After Demonstrations, 1970
4537Letters for O.C. Aderhold
4538-39Letters of Appreciation, 1970-1971
4540Letters of Appreciation/Thank Yous
4541McWhirter, Callie/Mr. and Mrs. Dewy Medders
461Parents Club
462Parents Day
463Probation and Dismissal
464-6Programs, Miscellaneous
467Red Cross
468Registration Comm and SubComm on Pre-registration
4610Retirement Dinner
4611Sasser, Connie, Director of Orientation
4612-13Semi-Monthly Reports, 1969-1971
4615Special Letters of Appreciation 'Santa Claus'
4617Speckled Bird
4619Tate, William, Personal Notes
4620Dean Tate Day, 1970
4621Westville, Georgia
4622Wilkins House
4623Workman's Compensation
4624Young Alumni
4625Zoning in Athens
471-2General Correspondence 'A', 1970-1979
474Admissions, 1972-1973
475Advisor's News and Notes
476Alumni Activities
477Alumni Chapters – General
478Alumni House Renovation, SW Wing
479Alumni Interfraternity Council
4710Alumni Memo
4711Alumni Merit Awards
4712Alumni Officers Fund Raising
4713Alumni Publications
4714Alumni Questionnaire
4715-16Alumni Seminar, 1972-1977
4717Alumni Society
4718Alumni Society Board of Directors
4719Alumni Society Brochures
4720Alumni Society Contributions
4721Alumni Weekend, 1973-1976
4722American Alumni Council
4723American Association of University Professors
4724American Red Cross
4725American Review, Articles from the Atlanta Journal
4726American Revolution, Articles from the Atlanta
4727American Society of Pharmacology
4728Ancient Georgia, Articles from the Atlanta Journal
4729Andrew, James Osgood
4730Annual Alumni Fund
4731Annual Report, Office for Development & University
4732Appalachian Trail
4733Appreciation Letters
4734Articles Written for Publication
4735Athens Historical Society
481Articles to be Written
482Arts and Sciences College
483Association of Junior Colleges
484Athens-Clarke County Heritage Foundation
485Athens-Clarke County United Way
486Athens of Old
491Athletic Department
492Atlanta Historical Society
493Augusta Alumni Chapter
494-9General Correspondence 'B', 1978-1980
4910Barrow, David C. Information
4911Bartow, Cherokee, Pickens and Gordon Counties
4912Biscoe Memorial
4913Bernd, Gos
4914Bisson Family
4915Blue Key
4917Book Review
4918Brooks, D.W.
4919Busbee, George
4920Byrd Family
4921-24General Correspondence 'C', 1972-1978
4925Campus/Campus Tours
4926Campus Fads
4927Cannon, Bishop William
4928Carter, Jimmy
4930-31Class of 1924
4933Class of 1927
4934Class of 1928 50th Reunion
4935Class of 1929 50th Reunion
4936Class Reunions
4937-38North Georgia Commission United Methodist Church, 1972-1977
4939General Correspondence 'D', 1971-1972
501-2General Correspondence 'D', 1973-1979
503Democratic Party Caucus
504Demosthenian Society
505Dillard Family
507Dodd, Lamar
508Dorsey, Jasper, James Green
509General Correspondence 'E', 1970-1979
5010Edwards, Hardy
5011Elam, J. Donald
5012-23Engagements, 1974-1979
5024England, Kenneth
5025English Department
5026Everett, Edwin N., Estate
5027Expense Account, 1972
511General Correspondence 'F', 1972-1979
512Factual Information, Fraternities, 1974
513Faculty Fund Drive, 1972
514Fairview Homecoming, 1967-1978
515Football and Football Parties
516Forbes, Walter
517Fund Raising (UGA)
518Fund Raising (Other)
519-10General Correspondence 'G', 1969-1980
5111Georgia Agrirama
5112Georgia Arch
5113Georgia Association of Educators
5114Georgia Conservancy
5115Georgia Council of Teachers of English
5116Georgia Historical Society
5117Georgia Olympics
5118Georgia Parents Association Digest
5119Georgia Place Names
5120Georgia Stamp and Coin Co.
5121Georgia Tech Association
5122Golfers Form Letter and Printout
5123Gospel Outline Greenville Christian College
5124Fairest Flower of the South Gridiron Secret Society
5125-27General Correspondence 'H'
5128Hayes, Zach
5129Hays, William L.
5130Heritage Tour of England, United Methodist
5131History of U.G.A. Band
5132History of the University of Georgia Bibliography
5133Honors Program
5134How We Were clippings
521General Correspondence 'I', 1973-1980
522Independent Study
523Interfraternity Council
524Italy, Cortona
525Izlar Family
526General Correspondence 'J', 1973-1980
527Jordan, Hamilton
528Jenkins Club
529General Correspondence 'K', 1973-1980
5210Kassinger, Ed
5211Kellam, Porter (Retirement Dinner)
5212-13General Correspondence 'L', 1973-1980
5214Lambda Chi Alpha
5215Libraries – U.G.A. and Athens Regional
5216Lance, Bert
5217Lumpkin Foundation
5218-19General Correspondence 'M', 1972-1980
5220-21General Correspondence 'Mc', 1972-1979
5222McBee, Louise correspondence
5223McCallie School
5224Managing Our Planet clippings
1Maps of Georgia (previously wall-mounted), 1901-1968
5226Meetings of Alumni Chapters
5227Men's Club
5228Methodist Church
5229Midgette, Gordon (Thesis)
5230Powell and Evelyn Tate Morton
5231Moses Visits My Grandmother
5232Munday, William
531General Correspondence 'N', 1972-1980
532Napoleon's Willow Tree
533Negro Georgians clippings
534Negro History clippings
535New South clippings
536Articles about State of Georgia, 1978
537-8Newnan Trip
539-10News Service (U.G.A.), 1975-1978
5311Nominations (Georgia Alumni Society)
5312North Georgia clippings
5313North Georgia College
5314North Georgia Council on Ministries
5315Nunn, Sam
5316General Correspondence 'O', 1972-1980
5317Omicron Delta Kappa
5318Olympic Trips
5319Old Athens clippings
5320General Correspondence 'P', 1969-1979
5321Pandora Requests
5322-23Parents Weekend, 1971-1977
5324Parthemos, Dr. George correspondence
5325Passport Correspondence
5326Phi Beta Kappa
5327Phi Eta Sigma
5328Phi Kappa Phi
5329Pictures (Dean Tate and others)
5330Presidents clippings
541-5Programs, 1975-1980
546Public Relations Office
551General Correspondence Q-R, 1972-1980
553Recommendations, Letters of, 1972-1976
555Regents clippings
557Reinhardt College
558Reservations (St. Simons Island), 1973
559Resolution (Edward Scott Sell, Sr.)
5510Retirement (Georgia Retired Teachers Association)
5511Robins, H. Perk
5512-15Royal Society of Arts
5516Salter, Charles
5517Schneider, Kent A.
5518Scholz, Nelle
5519Search – Forbes, John and James
5520Senior Superlatives
5521Sherman's March
5522Sibley Family
5523Sigma Chi
5524Simpson, George, University Chancellor
5526Social Science 4 Tax Base clipping
5528Soil Conservation Society of America
5529South Georgia Conference–UMC Church
5530Southeastern Jurisdiction Conference-UMC Church
5531Southern Dean's Conference, 1973
5532Stamp Collection
5533Stephens, Robert G. Jr.
5534Strolls About Athens Correspondence
5535Stuckey, W.S. (Bill)
5536Student Affairs, Office, 1972-1973
5537Student Center Campaign
5538Sugar Bowl, 1977 January 1
5539Summer Orientation, 1972-1979
5540Sympathy Letters, 1972-1975
5541-42General Correspondence 'T', 1973-1979
561Clark, Jere W.
562Talmadge, Herman
563-6Talmadge, Herman clippings
567Talmadge, Herman As Campaign Starts
568Tate Road Race
5610Tours (Campus)
5613Trotter, Virginia
5614General Correspondence 'U', 1975-1976
5615University clippings
5616United Methodist Church
5617University Bishops
5618University Botanical Garden
5619University Club
5620University Facts
5621University Faculty
5622University – General
5623University Governance
571General Correspondence 'V', 1972-1978
572Value of College
573-4General Correspondence 'W', 1972-1979
575Waleska United Methodist Church
576-7Wesley Foundation, 1972-1978
578Westville Historical Handicrafts
579Wilderness Society
5710-11Wilkins House, 1969-1974
5712Winston, Roger B., Jr.
5713Wolter, Robert A.
5714-15Woodward Academy, 1971-1979
5716General Correspondence 'XYZ', 1974-1977
5717Yates, Bowling A.
5718Young Alumni Association
5719Zeta Iota Chapter
581Advance (Student Group)
582Alumni Society, 1978-1979
583Biographical Sketches (Dean Tate)
584Carter, Jimmy
585Carter's Dam
586Chapel Painting (George Cooke)
587Christmas Cards
588-21General Correspondence A-Y, 1979-1980
5822School Children Tours Thank You Notes
5823-38Letters Written by Dean Tate, 1979 January-1980 May
591-2Correspondence, Miscellaneous
593"Disaster in Georgia" (Sherman's March)
594-5Engagements, 1972-1980
596America's Founders (news clipping)
597Christian Science Monitor articles on Vietnam
598Religious Tract, Political Pamphlets
601Miscellaneous Get Well Cards, Notes
602Miscellaneous Correspondence, Lesson Plan
603-12Miscellaneous Correspondence A-Z
6013Greeting Cards, Announcements
6014Miscellaneous Letters Written by Dean Tate
611Davison, Frederick C. Inauguration
612Deans of Men Conference at Vanderbilt
613Engagements, 1971-1978
614-9Fairview Methodist Church, 1961-1964
6110Georgia Marble Company Conspectus
6111Georgia Marble Company History
6112-13Georgia Marble Company Correspondence, 1938-1969
6114Georgia Marble Company News
6115Georgia Marble Company Promotional Material
6116Georgia Marble Company Whitetop Research Data
691Alumni Society
693Books-List that W.T. Desired to Read, 1952
694Identification Membership Cards
695Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1930s
696Edna F. Tate, 1930s
697-9Correspondence with Alumni, 1961-1980
6910-11Correspondence, Personal, 1940s-1950s
6912Miscellaneous Cards, Cartoons, Notices, etc.
6913Engagements, 1965-1979
701Athens Historical Society
702Biographical Material
703Broadside Announcing Tate Lecture
704Commencement: Georgia Military Academy, 1920, 1924
705Examination Book – University of Chicago
706Miscellaneous Correspondence, Notes, 1945-1958
707-13Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1960-1980
7014Independent Study Course
7015Martin, Sidney Walter, President of Emory University
7016-17Students Using Old Examination Papers
7018Two Year Scholarship Selection
711Gospels Study
712Integration: Bill Shipp Column
713Interfraternity Matters
714CML 122 Danny Lamar Boman
715CML 122 Patricia Gaultney
717U.S. Since 1865 HIST 252
718Captain Cassibry Mobile Register, 1912
719Factors Influencing Word Recognition
7110National Recovery of Character-Ted Hatlen
7111Revolution of Agriculture/Textbook Chapters
7112Odyssey of the Confederate Constitutions-Izlar
7113James Igoe
7114What Color is Power? Robert Tilden Dotley
7115Board Meeting Address
7116Messages, 1975
7117History of the Tate Methodist Church
7118Forest Information and Management Plan UMC
7120Methodist Church Matters
7121Tudor/Stuart Chronologies, Notes
7122Georgia Bound Melissa Clark Audiotape
721CML 121 Jeannine Engerrand
722UGA Dialogue, 1971
723Governor's Conference on Education, 1966
724Georgia Association of Educators, 1971
725Interfraternity Matters
726Rally for the Protection of the Altamaha River Basin
727Georgia Military Academy Class Notes
728Cross Country, 1939-1948
729Cross Country and Track, 1958-1971
7210Cross Country Reunion
7211Today's Adolescent, Prof. Dinnan as the University
7213Messages (Binders of Carbons)
7214-15Messages, 1971-1973
731Autobiography (From Susan F. Tate Papers), 1954-1965
732-3Correspondence, 1966-1974
734-5Brochures, Publications, 1960-1971
736-7Bulletins, Announcements, 1928-1974
738Notes, Programs, Tickets
739-14Newspaper Clippings (From Susan F. Tate Papers)
7315Moses Visits My Grandmother (Susan F. Tate)
741Carlyle Heroes and Hero Worship
742Christmas in Georgia
743Athens Observer
1341Athens Observer-Columns-original manuscripts, circa 1970s-1980s
1342Dean William Tate Appreciation Dinner program, 1971
1343"There's gold in them thar hills" a Georgia Alumni Society Seminar, 1976
1344"The American Revolution in Georgia" a Seminar of the Georgia Alumni Society, 1976
1345University of Georgia home study in Georgia-English 121-122, circa 1970s
1346University of Georgia Alumni activities for the Florida Game, undated
1347"Georgia's role in world agriculture" a Seminar of the Georgia Alumni Society, 1976
7411National Interfraternity Conference
7412Notes: English Literature, Track and Cross Country
7413History of the University
7414Composition Book
7415Fundamentals of Rushing
7416Psychology 1: Dr. Edwards
7417Vocabulary List
7418-19Tudor/Stuart Course Outline, Part 1
7420Newspaper Clippings, 1968 August
751-3Miscellaneous Correspondence
754Neighbors Recollections of Corra Harris
755Me and Them Schools
756Homecomings I Remember
757Glory, Glory
758Maria Edna Ferguson Tate
759Moses Visits My Grandmother
7510Personal Review of University
7511My Faith (Articles in the Atlanta Journal)
7512N. GA Conference on Archives and History, UMC
7513Abbreviations Waleska United Methodist Church
7514Bess Johnson Sunday School Class
7515Methodist Activities
7516Julian Cave Jr. Sermons
7517Study of the Four Gospels
7518Durward Fincher "If a Man Dies"
761-4Miscellaneous, 1967-1977
765National Interfraternity Conference
766University's Light Gone with the Wind
767Olympics Trip Winter, 1972
768Salute to Dean Tate, 1971
769Strolls About Athens (Manuscript)
7610Strolls About Athens (News Clippings)
7611Tour of Campus
771Adm Forms/Notices for Married Housing and Dorms, 1945-1949
772Dormitory for Girls, 1941
773Estrays, 1971-1976
774House Mothers
775Housing Assignments and Petitions
776Housing Memos, 1947-1950
777Housing Plans, 1943 fall-summer
778Independence Hall
779Inventory, Division of Housing
7710Jackson Street House, 1942-1950
7711Joe Brown Dormitory
7712Laundry, 1941-1948
7713McWhorter, Mrs. Ellen R.
7714Meal Ticket Refunds and Exchanges
7715Memorial Hall, 1942-1952
7716Methodist Student Center
7717Navy Cafeteria Jobs for Students
7718Old College
7719Playground, 1951
7720Prefabricated Homes for Faculty
781Cannon, Harry, Dean of Men's Office Counselor
782-7Davison, Fred
788State of the University
789Davision/Pelletier Controversy
7810Dixie (Song) Controversy
7811Dodd, Lamar
7812Edwards, C. Henry (Math Department)
7813Graduate Report (Publication)
7814Hunt, Jon (10 articles)
7815-19Press, Richard Appeal Transcript
791-4Midgette, Gordon M.
795Midgette, Rebecca
796Montgomery, Marion (Sealed)
797Pelletier, S.W. (Those Opposed To)
798Pelletier, S.W. (Letters About)
799Pelletier, S.W. Clippings
7910Pelletier, S.W. v. Tate
7911Pelletier, S.W. v. Tate Clippings
7912Press, Richard, Boes, Warren
7913Press, Richard
7914Journalism School Flap, 1973
7915Report of the Faculty Attitude and Opinion Survey
7916Faculty Unrest, 1976-1977
7917Athens Observer, 1977 May-June
7918Slocumb, Ashley
7919Student Problems, 1971-1972
7920Toon, John/Shipp, Bill, 1980
7921Wooten, Bill
801-5Oldest Church
806North Georgia Conf Comm on Archives and History
807Fairview Records
811-3Programs, 1920-1980
814Botanical Garden Environmental Guidelines
815Television Programs
821-3Intercollegiate press bulletins, 1969-1970
824American Right of Way Assoc-Washington, D.C., 1960 May 26
825Chattanooga-Rome-Atlanta [speeches/corresp], 1955-1956
826Chattanooga Industrial Personnel Club [speech], 1960-1961
827Clemson College [UGA integration], 1961
828Engagements-Georgia Association of Jr Colleges, 1960
829Gordon Military College [Portrait-correspondence], 1961
8210Greater Chattanooga Restaurant Association, 1960
8211Greek Week at the College of William and Mary, 1961
8212Talks-correspondence-Greek Week, Interfraternity, 1963
8213Kiwanis Club-Downtown Atlanta, 1960
8214Kiwanis Club-Dr. Virgil B. Williams, 1961
8215Manchester PTA School Auditorium- Claude A. Bray, 1961
8216Bremen, GA Methodist Men's Club for Alton Jones, 1961
8217Pledge Banquet, Tulane University/Antoine's, 1961
8218Canton, GA Rotary Club Luncheon talk, 1961
8219Cartersville Rotary Club M.W.H. Collins, 1961
8220-22Miscellanous correspondence, etc., 1961-1969
8224-26Talks and correspondence, 1960-1964
8227Engagements-Dalton Rotary Club talk, 1960
8228Rotary Foreign Student Conclave-Milledgeville, GA, 1960
8229Douglas, GA-assembly-S. G. College-Lions Club, 1961
8230Urbana [Illinois] trip [correspondence], 1958-1959
8231Talks, 1954-1957
831Calendars/Phone Messages
841Attrition, Student
842Notes for Articles and Short Stories
843-4Historical Soc. of the S.C. Conf of Methodist Church
845Married Student Housing Plans
848Athens Observer
849Phi Eta Sigma Account
8410Psychiatric Nursing Hervey M. Cleckley
8411Red Cross
8412Registration, 1971
8413Residence Hall Living
8414Schill, Ray Oswald
8415Self-Study Undergraduate Days
8417Tate, Curtis (Family)
8418Tate, M.E. church (Fairmount Methodist Church)
8419Wesley Foundation
8420Writings – Self Study Undergraduate Days
8421Woodward Academy, Finances, 1968
851American Colleges: What Their Catalogs Never Tell..
852"American Crisis of the 1960's" Economic News
853Athens 1860
854Beekeeping, 1946-1952
855Census: A Look at the America of the Future, 1960
857Cost of College
858College Visits
859-12Correspondence, 1927- 1971
8513Crisis in Georgia Schools
8514"Discipline" NEA Journal, 1958
8515Early Marriages
8516Education-Financial Analysis
8517Education in Georgia, 1955-1958
8518Education Information Service
8519Education: Harold Davis column
8520"Education: No Nonsense Kids" Time Magazine
8521"English and American Education" Atlantic Monthly
8522English (Humanities) C-121
8523Study Outlines, Programs, Fragments of Stories
8524Faculty Forum
8525Fenn College: Digest of the News in Educations
8526Georgia Campaign (General Sherman)
8527Georgia Education Aims at Industry
8528Georgia Military Academy
8529Government Growth
8530Meet the Counselor
8531Miscellaneous Publications
8532Outlines for Stories
8533"Prefab Era" Saturday Review
8534Progress Reports – University of Georgia
8535Republican v. Democrat on Higher Education
8536Sin, Sex & Self-Control clippings
8538Crisis of Our Culture
8539Straight Talk on Reapportionment
8540Thermonuclear War
861-13Talk Correspondence, 1936-1960
8614Talks on Commerce, 1972-1973
8615Talks on Economic Conditions
8616Talk, National Milk Producers Federation, Miami, 1956
8617"Teenage Marriages" NEA Journal
8618Ten Commandments
8619Track Records and Meet Rosters
871Athens Observer Articles
872Oconee River Trip Pictures
873Parents Association
875Southern Association on Deans, 1962-1963
876-13Speech Notes
8714Speeches and Interviews
881-2Christmas Cards, 1976
883English C-121, C-122
889Financial Assistance Legislation, 1965
8810Freshman Leadership Camp
8811Georgia Dairyman, 1967
8812McCallie Alumni Journal
8813Southern Regional Council Special Report
8814Statutes of the University of Georgia
8815UGA Dialogue, 1969
8816UGA Foundation, 1972-1974
8817Wallpaper Scrapings (unknown origin)
8818William Tate's Reading Lists, 1940-1980
8819Woodward Academy
892-6Programs, 1937-1977
897Television Programs, 1972-1973
898Sharptop School
899-10Speech Notes
8911Speech Notes, Religious
8912Speech Record
8913Writings, Belcher, John c.
8914Writings, Edelstein, Ludwig
8915Writings, Jones, Henry J. and Bevel
8916Writings, Miscellaneous
8917Writings, Savage, Carl P.
8918Writings, Tate, William
8919-22Calendar, 1979
8923Talks, General
901AHE College and University Bulletin
902Adult Bible Course
903Aim for College from Ninth Grade
904Bank Loans for Higher Education
905Campus and Community : Economic Influences
906Cherokee in Georgia
907Civil Rights Dilemma
908College of Tomorrow
909College Scene
9010Constitution Articles: Cheating our Children
9012Credit for College: Student Loan Funds
9013Developing Men and Ideas
9014Doodle Rhymes
9015Education in Georgia
9016Encyclopedia of Excellence
9017Georgia Business
9018Georgia Girls State
9019How to Judge a College
9020In Defense of the State University AJC, 1959 May 31
9021Saturday Evening Post, 1960 February 13
9022Incandescent Gaslights
9023Industry's Ten Most Wanted Men
9024Integration-Segregation: State by State, 1959
9025James Montgomery: Georgia's Economic Needs, 1959
9026Jim Smith, Smithsonia, Georgia
9027Lucy Cobb Institute
9028Modern Georgia
9029University of Georgia Viewbook, 1926
9030On Wisconsin Harper's Magazine, 1959 May 10
9031Our Colleges are Big Business
9032Population U.S. News and World Report, 1956 July 13
9033Professional Literature for Deans
9034Psychiatry in American Life
9035Race to College
9036Rash of Testing in Schools: Is it Being Overdone, 1959 June 15
9037Salary Levels Threaten Quality, 1960 April 15
9038Saturday Evening Post Mood of America
9039School Enrollment
9040School Finance in Georgia
9041Search for Freedom
9042Shrinking South
9043Sixteen Revolutions:The Basis for Future Prosperity, 1958 February 14
9044So They Say About Higher Education
9045Southern Regional Education Board Publications
9046Southern Tradition and Regional Economic Progress
9047South's Predicament
9048Steel Settlement U.S. News and World Report, 1960 January
9049Success If You Don't Drink
9050Talk Correspondence
9051Talk Notes: Bess Johnson Sunday School
9052Talk Notes: General
9053Talk Notes: Religion
9054Teacher Training
9055Tech line-ups Athens Observer Sportsview, 1976 November
9056Text: Atlanta School Plan Atlanta Constitution, 1959 November 6
9057U.S. Public Schools Time Magazine, 1959 September 14
9058Valdosta Alumni Society Meeting, 1972 May
9059Vice in Athens clippings
9060What Kind of Boys Does Harvard Want?
9061When U.S. Farmers Balance Their Books, 1959 August
9062Word for the Greeks
9063X-mas Recollections Athens Observer
9064Your Money, Your University : University of Illinois, 1957-1958
9065Your Students are Watching You
921Academic and Honor Organizations
922Administrative Policy (U.G.A.) (newsclippings)
923Administrators (U.G.A.) clippings
924Agriculture clippings
925-6Alumni Awards and Activities clippings, 1950-1979
927Alumni – Georgia Alumni Society News, 1939-1971
928Alumni Homecoming clippings
929Archaeology clippings
9210Athens/Clarke County clippings
9211Barrow Family clippings
9212Bicentennial (U.S.) (Newspaper Clipping)
9213Black History clippings
9214Board of Regents clippings
9215Book Reviews clippings
9216Botanical Garden clippings
9217Botany (Flowers)
9218Carter, Jimmy clippings
9219Cartoons clippings
9220Christmas clippings
9221Colleges clippings
9222Colleges and Departments clippings
9223Colleges in Georgia clippings
9224Columns (Publication)
9225Commencement clipping, 1976
9226Conservation clippings
9227Controversies clippings
9228Dams and Lakes
9229Davison, Fred C. clippings
9230DeKalb County
9231Demosthenian Society
9232Desegregation clippings
9233Disasters clippings
9234Economics clippings
9235Education clippings
9236Emory University clippings
9237Employees clippings
9238Faculty and Admin Policy clippings
9239Faculty Employment clippings
9240Faculty – Miscellaneous clippings
9241Faculty Salary clippings
9242Fine Arts clippings
9243Foreign Countries clippings
9244Fraternities and Sororities clippings
931Genealogy clippings
932Georgia Cities and Towns clippings
933Georgia Counties clippings
934Georgia Counties – Gordon clippings
935Georgia Economics/Business clippings
936Georgia Historical Society clippings
937Georgia Legal Affairs clippings
938Georgia – Miscellaneous clippings
939Georgia – People clippings
9310Georgia Tourism and Events clippings
9311Gone With the Wind clippings
9312Government – Elections clippings
9313Historic Houses – Athens clippings
9314Historic Houses/Buildings clippings
9315Historic Preservation/Buildings clippings
9316History – Athens clippings
9317History – Georgia clippings
9318History – Miscellaneous clippings
9319History – Southern clippings
9320History – U.G.A. clippings
9321History – U.S. clippings
9322Law clippings
9323Miscellaneous clippings
9324Obituaries clippings
9325Philanthropy/Charity Groups clippings
9326Politics – Athens clippings
9327Politics – Atlanta clippings
9328Politics – Congressional clippings
9329Politics – General Assembly clippings
9330Politics – Governors clippings
9331Politics – Miscellaneous clippings
94Blank Notecards
94Assorted Bibles and other small books
951Anti-Nixon Graphic Georgia clipping, 1973 January
952Cooper, Walter
956Interfraternity Council Stationery
958Southern Association Self study, 1961
959University Conduct Regulations
9510White House Christmas Cards (Jimmy Carter)
961-2The Garden, 1974-1976
963[Religious tracts-"Is Jesus more than man?"]
964-6[Religious tracts], 1940s-1970s
967[Scotch recording tape "Talk SAE?"]
968[Scotch recording tape-not labeled]
969[Sony cassette tape "Georgia Day dinner talk"], 1971
9610Farm diary of William Tate-beginning, 1942 January 1
9611"Gardening" [scrapbook], 1943
9612Pensacola [photograph album], 1963
9613Methodist history, 1979
9614[The New Testament and smaller book inside], 1970s
9615Beyond God the Father: Catholics and women
9616La chambre haute, 1975
971Pictures [photographs, articles, correspondence]
972Pictures [groups]
974Georgia Olympics [photograph-Tate and Watson], 1973
976Faculty race [photographs], 1969
977Pictures, 1940s-1980
978Photographs by David Hall re Tom Reed's portrait
979[Photograph album-Tate's early years]
9710-14[Photographs], 1920s-1970s
9715"Doctor of Laws" LaGrange College [photograph], 1971
9716Pictures and mat/plates
9717Group photograph [photographs], 1960s
9718Photographs [photos of family?]
981Politics State Officials clippings
982Politics-University of Georgia clippings
983-5Politics-United States clippings, 1950-1979
986Red and Black Newspaper clippings
987Redcoat Band clippings
988Religion – Baptists clippings
989Religion – Black Americans clippings
9810Religion - Catholic clippings
9811Religion – Christian Scientist clippings
9812Religion – Episcopalian clippings
9813Religion – Jewish clippings
9814Religion – Lutheran clippings
9815Religion – Methodists clippings
9816Religion – Miscellaneous clippings
9817Religion – Mormons clippings
9818Religion – Presbyterians clippings
9819Retirement clippings
9820Rusk, Dean clippings
9821Russell, Richard B. clippings
9822Science – Energy clippings
9823Social Issues clippings
9824Social Unrest clippings
9825Southern United States clippings
9826Space clippings
9827Sports – Baseball clippings
9828Sports – Collegiate clippings
9829Sports – Football clippings
9830Sports – Local clippings
9831Sports – Miscellaneous clippings
9832Sports – Olympics clippings
9833Stamps clippings
9834Student Unrest clippings
9835Talmadge, Herman clippings
9836Honors and Awards clippings
9837Interviews and Opinions clippings
9838Miscellaneous clippings
9839Personal Acquaintances clippings
9840Tate, William – Personal History
9841Taxes clippings
9842Anniversary clippings
9843Fine Arts clippings
9844Lectures, Exhibits, Concerts clippings
9845Library clippings
9846Minority Students clippings
9847Miscellaneous clippings
9848Services clippings
9849Football Athletic Staff clippings
9850-52Football Games clippings, 1960-1979
9853Football History clippings
9854Sports Football Players clippings
9855Sports – Miscellaneous clippings
9856Student Activism clippings
9857Student Affairs clippings
9858Student Awards and Activities clippings
9859UGA Student Government clippings
9860University System of Georgia clippings
9861Vietnam clippings
1051-6Methodist Church, religion, morality, inspirational, 1964-1979
1057-12[Politics], 1964-1979
10513Columns, 1974
1061-4Education and students, 1955-1980
1065-9[Hobbies, interests, sports [expecially track], 1930s-1979
10610-12[American and world history], 1936-1979
10613[Protests], 1960s-1970s
1071UGA President Fred Davison [photocopies], 1971-1980
1072-8[UGA news: faculty, staff, events, etc.], 1950-1980
1079The Atlanta Voice-newspaper, 1975
10710[Civil rights and desegregation], 1950s-1970s
10711News clippings-Library scandal (photocopies), 1972-1979
10712The Atlanta Voice, 1975
10713[News clippings Library scandal-originals], 1972-1979
1081-19Correspondence-Delta Tau Delta, 1947
1091Housemothers, 1938-1940
1092-3Student housing-house mothers, 1941-1945
1094Student housing, 1941-1942
1095Refunds-dormitory-winter, 1944
1096Refunds on dormitory fees, spring, 1944
1097Refunds on dormitory fees, summer, 1944
1098Refunds on dormitory fees, fall, 1944
1099Dorm refunds, summer, 1945
10910Dorm-refunds, spring, 1946
10911-13Dorm refunds, 1945-1947
10914Mrs. Nelle Williams-housemother, 1947
10915Refunds, room reservation fees, fall, 1941-1942
10916Requistions, division of housing, 1941-1942
10917Refunds on room reservations, summer, 1941
10918Dorm refunds, spring, 1942