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Andrew Soule papers

Andrew Soule papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Andrew Soule papers
Creator: Soule, Andrew McNairn
Inclusive Dates: 1900-1920
Language(s): English
Extent: 47 Linear Feet (47 boxes)
Collection Number: UA97-083
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

Andrew Soule served as President of the Georgia State College of Agriculture from 1907 until 1932, when the College was reorganized under the University of Georgia. As President of the Georgia State College of Agriculture, Soule increased public and financial support for the College. Forestry, veterinary medicine, animal husbandry and home economics were established as departments. He implemented a modern program of agricultural studies, initiated the Cooperative Extension program and vastly expanded the faculty. Dr. Soule built a campus from almost nothing. "King Andy's" dynamic leadership moved the College's administrative home from the Georgia State College of Agriculture Board of Trustees back to UGA as it had been prior to the establishment of the Agriculture Board of Trustees in 1906.

Soule was born near Hamilton, Ontario in 1872. Prior to his post at UGA, he worked for the agriculture extension departments at the University of Missouri and the University of Tennessee, and he also served as the dean of the College of Agriculture at Virginia Tech in 1904.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of records of the Georgia State College of Agriculture at the University of Georgia primarily from the period under Andrew Soule's leadership, from 1907-1933. Some materials include meeting minutes, trustees' reports, bulletins, circulars, pamphlets, correspondence, event programs, and extension records.

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Georgia State College of Agriculture
Soule, Andrew McNairn
University of Georgia
University of Georgia. Agricultural Extension Service
University of Georgia. College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

1Soule Agricultural scrapbooks, photo albums, photo negatives, 1900-1904
2Photograph albums (2), 1900s
3Reports of the Experiment Stations, GHE File Georgia State College of Agriculture, 1914-1935
4Board of Regents rules, regulations, and minutes, 1932
5Board of Trustees reports volumes 1-5, 1908-1920
6Board of Trustees reports volumes 6, 1923-1925
7Texas & Tennessee bulletins and reports, Virginia bulletins and reports, The Georgia State College of Agriculture catalogs, reports, bulletins, and circulars, 1894-1912
8Georgia State College of Agriculture catalogues, reports, bulletins, and circulars, 1912-1917
9Georgia State College of Agriculture catalogues, reports, bulletins, and circulars, 1917-1919
10Georgia State College of Agriculture catalogues, reports, bulletins, and circulars, 1920-1923
11Georgia State College of Agriculture catalogues, reports, bulletins, and circulars, 1924-1929
12Georgia State College of Agriculture catalogues, reports, bulletins, and circulars, 1930-1932
13Board of Trustees minutes, 1906-1907
14Board of Trustees minutes volumes 1-5
15Board of Trustees minutes volumes 6-7, 1921-1924
16Board of Trustees minutes volumes 8-12, 1925-1932
171Photographs, The College of Agriculture Educational Train, 1908
172Clippings, various newspapers, 1924
173Minutes of staff, 1912-1913
174The Manual of the University of Georgia, 1890
175Faculty Committees, 1922-1923
176Minutes of the Staff and Committee Meetings, 1923-1924
177Committee Minutes, 1924-1925
178Staff and Committee Minutes, 1924-1925
179-10Committee Reports, 1925-1926
1711Faculty Committees, 1925-1926
1712The Smith Lever Extension Act, 1914
1713Salary Rolls, The Georgia State College of Agriculture, 1927
1714Material Concerning Group Insurance Policies, 1927-1933
1715Program, Commencement, 1927
1716A Study of Public Health Activities in Clarke County and Athens, Georgia, 1927
1717The Georgia Pharmaceutical Journal, 1927 January
1718Request for Revision of Budget, 1926
1719Cutting Timber for Profit and for Perpetual Operation, 1926 July 15
1720Commencement Program, 1926
1721Pamphlet, Bright Tobacco Fertilization, 1926
1722Fertilizer Application, 1925-1928
1723Comparison of Intelligence Scores and College Marks, Freshman Class, 1925-1926
1724Schools from which the freshman in the College of Agriculture came in, 1925
1725Placement Data, Register of Students, 1925-1926
1726Budget Statement showing proposed Apportionment from all sources, 1925
1727Program, Dairy Short Course, 1925 February 17-27
1728Percentage of Freshman Agriculture Students Hearing a Speaker, 1925
1729Order of Business for Staff Meetings, 1925
1730Graduates of the Georgia State College of Agriculture, 1924-1925
1731Intelligence Scores for Freshman, 1925
1732Vocational Choice of Freshman Class, 1925-1926
1733Commencement Program, 1925
1734Program, The Quest for Happiness, 1925
1735Showing the Way, a play presented by the Georgia State College of Agriculture, 1925
1736Program, Tenth Annual Contest, District Agricultural Schools, 1925
1737Program, The AG-Club Homecoming Club Reception, 1925
1738Program, Ninth Annual Contest, District Agricultural Schools, 1924
1739Invitation, Presidential Dinner, International Live Stock Exposition, 1924
1740Program of the Annual Inspection, 1924 July 16
1741Agreement, Georgia's Bankers Association, 1924
1742Official Song Sheet, Atlanta Convention and Tourist Bureau, 1924
1743Program, Commencement, 1924
1744Pamphlet, Farmer's Week, 1923
1745Program, Eighth Annual Contest, District Agricultural Schools, 1923
1746Program, Dedication of Hardman Hall, 1923 June 19
1747Program, Commencement Exercises, 1922
1748Bulletin of the University of Georgia an Economic Study of Negro Farmers as Owners, Tenants, and Croppers, 1923
1749Bulletin of the Engineering Section of the Land Grant College Association, 1922 April
1750Invitation, Senior Class Picnic, 1922
1751Marketing Conference, 1922 January 23-27
1752Anoite, Newspaper, Rio de Janeiro, 1922
1753Program, Seventh Annual Contest, District Agricultural Schools, 1922
1754Commencement Program, University of Georgia, 1922
1755Program of Work for the Home, Pamphlet, 1921
1756Pamphlet, Special Georgia Educational Association Program for Agricultural Teachers, 1921
1757Progress in Research, Anson Marston, 1921
1758Smith-Lever Reports, 1921, 1925
1759Commencement Program, University of Georgia, 1921
1760Invitation, Picnic Party, Schools of Agriculture, 1921
1761Program, Sixth Annual Contest, District Agricultural Schools, 1921 April 19-30
1762Program, Sixth Annual Contest, District Agricultural Schools, 1921
1763Pamphlet, Farmers Week, 1921
1764Program, Dedication Exercises, Women's Building, 1920 June 11
1765Pamphlet, Georgia Bankers' Association Welcome, 1920 June 10
1766Minutes of the Engineering Section of the Association of Land Grant Colleges, 1920 October 19-22
1767Invitation, Dedication Exercise, Women's Building, 1920 June 11
1768Programs, Agriculture Short Courses for Fertilizer Salesmen, 1920
1769Presentation of the Facts in Reference to the Appropriation asked for the University of Georgia, 1920
1770Program, Commencement, University of Georgia, 1920
1771Program, Commencement Exercise, 1920
1772The National Research Council, Organization and Members, 1919-1920
1773Program of the Thirty Third Annual Convention of the Am. Agricultural College and Experiment Stations, 1919
1774Program, Visit of Fertilizer Salesman, 1919 October 23
1775Agricultural Short Courses For Fertilizer Salesman, 1919
1776Pamphlet, What Every Disabled Solider and Sailor Should Know, 1918 November
1777Program, Annual Meeting, Georgia Dairy & Livestock Association, Boil Weavil Conference, 1917
1778Experiment Stations in connection with State Colleges, pamphlet, 1916
1779Invitation, Dedication Exercises, Agricultural Engineering Building, 1916
1780Bulletin of the Georgia State College of Agriculture, Annual Report, 1915-1916
1781Program, Graduating Exercising, Athens High School, 1915 June 8
1782The Mobility of Rural Farmers, 1915 March
1783Hoover Overseas and War Service Organizations, Address Register, 1914-1924
1784-85The Smith-Lever Extension Act, 1914
1786Steam Boiler Insurance Policy, 1914
1787Luncheon Invitation, Canning Club Girls, 1914
1788Luncheon, State College of Agriculture, Canning Club Girls, 1914
1789The Smith-Lever Extension Act, 1914
1791The Annual Report of the President of the Georgia State College of Agriculture, 1913 June, 1914 June
1792Dinner Invitation, State College of Agriculture, 1912
1793Commencement Invitation, 1912
1794Agreement, Dornblatt Plumbing Company, 1911
1795The Minnesota Alumni Weekly, 1910 April 11
1796Program, County School Commissioners' Convention, 1910 May 3-5
1797University of Georgia Commencement Program, 1910
1798Program, Dedication of the Agricultural Building, 1909 January 18
1799Contract C. M. Kemp Manufacturing Company , 1909
17100Invitation, Dedication of the Agricultural College Building, 1909
17101Program, Dedication of the Agricultural College Building, 1909
17102Agreement, Pipe Laying, Central of Georgia Railroad, 1908
17103Furnishings, School of Agriculture, 1908
17104Pamphlet, the University and the State, 1926
17105Hauling of Sand, School of Agriculture, McKenzie-Deleon Construction Co., 1908
17106Deed, Rental of the University Farm, A.V. Deadwyler, 1908
17107Specifications, Steam Heating System for the School of Agriculture, 1908
17108Contract and Specifications for the Grain Barn, 1908
17109Blueprint, Shelving, School of Agriculture, McCray Refrigerator Company, 1908
17110Contract and Specifications for the Erection of a Dairy Farm on the University Farm, 1907
17111An Agreement Between J. C. Cooper and Milton P. Jarnagin, 1907
17112Bond, Aetna Indemnity Company, The McKenzie-Deleon Construction Company, 1907
17113Deed, Central of Georgia Railroad, 1907
17114Deed, Jackson County, 1907
17115Contract and Specifications for the Dairy Barn, School of Agriculture, 1907
17116Contract, Booth & McLeroy, Erection of Barn, 1907
17117Agriculture in the Public Schools M. M. Parks, 1905
17118Copy of the Terrell Endowment from 1854
17119Contract, Building, School of Agriculture, E.B. Fitts Co., $94,600.00, 1907
17120Correspondence, Construction of the School of Agriculture, E.B. Fitts & Co., 1907
17121Wiring, School of Agriculture, 1908
17122Contact, Kewaunee Manufacturing Co. Furniture for the School of Agriculture, 1908
17123Agreement, A.H. Andrews Company, Opera Chairs, School of Agriculture, 1908
17124Fire Extinguishers, School of Agriculture, 1908
17125Contract and Insurance Concerning A Boiler for the School of Agriculture, 1908
17126Specifications of the Power House, School of Agriculture, 1908
17127Lighting System, Agricultural College, 1908
17128Lecture Cotton School, 1908 January 6-17
17129Program of the Cotton Seed Crushers' Association of Georgia, 1908
17130The International Cotton Congress, Brazil, 1922
17131-132Card, Facts about the Georgia State College of Agriculture, 1907-1917
17133First Annual Session of the Cotton School Invitation, 1908
17134The Cotton School Debate, The Georgia Agricultural Club, 1921
17135Call for the 33rd Annual convention of the Association of American Agricultural Colleges, 1919
181University Items, 1929 January
182Material concerning group insurance policies, 1931-1933
183Balances, School of Agricultural Divisions, 1931
184Materials concerning group insurance policies, 1931-1933
185Auditor's Report, The Georgia State College of Agriculture, 1931
186Auditor's Reports, The Georgia State College of Agriculture, 1931
187Correspondence and bids concerning the construction of the School of Home Economics Building, 1931
188Group disability insurance policy, College of Agriculture, 1931
189The Georgia State College of Agriculture presents an account of its stewardship, 1931
1810Billing statement, the Texas Company, 1931
1811-20Salary Roll, the Georgia State College of Agriculture, 1931
1821Agricultural of Distinction, 1931
1822Salary Roll, the Georgia State College of Agriculture, 1931
1823Texas Forest News, 1931
1824Agriculturists of Distinction, 1931
1825Honoring the Governor Georgia and his staff, 1931 November 14
1826Invitation, 24th Annual Farmers Week, 1931
1827Honoring the Governor of Georgia and his staff, 1931 November 14
1828Pamphlet, Farmer's Week, 1931
1829Program, the 2nd Annual Banquet Alpha Zeta Alumni Association, 1931
1830Program, University of Georgia Graduating Exercises, Summer School, 1931
1831Commencement Program, 1931 June 14-17
1832Commencement Program, 1931
1833Balance Sheet, 1931 December 30
1834Booklet, suggestions for cash book recording, 1931
1835Informational material concerning South America, 1930
1836Program, Annual Football Dinner, 1930
1837Cooperative Extension Work in Agriculture and Home Economics, detailed financial statement, 1930
1838Commission, National Child Health and Protection Conference, 1930
1839Invitation, dedication of the Health and Physical Education Building, 1930
1840Annual Football Dinner, 1930
1841Program, Football Dinner, 1930
1842Program, First Child Health and Protective Conference, 1930
1843Program, Dedication of Indian Trail Marker, 1930
1844Registration for Georgia Forestry Conference, 1930 May 26-28
1845Informational Material Concerning South America, 1930
1846Salary Roll, The Georgia State of College of Agriculture, 1930 May
1847The Georgia State College of Agriculture summarized statement of graduates , 1931-1932
1848Salary Rolls, The Georgia State College of Agriculture, 1930
1849Pamphlet, Farmers' Week, 1930 January 20-25
1850Program, Honors Day, 1930
1851Commencement Program, 1930
1852General Information Concerning South America, 1930
1853The Smoke Screen, Department of Conservation, Division of Forestry, State of Minnesota, 1930 April
1854-55General Information Material Concerning South America, 1930
1856Commencement Program, 1930
1857Program of a dinner of the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, Profitable Farming Contest, 1930
1858-59Salary Roll, The Georgia State College of Agriculture, 1929 June
1860New Fertilizer Materials, George A. Crabb, 1929
1861Invitation, The Twenty-Second Annual Farmers' Week and Marketing Conference, 1929
1862Invitation, "Gold for the Minting", 1929 July 2
1863The President's Annual Football Dinner Georgia State College of Agriculture, 1929
1864Invitation, Annual Football Dinner, Georgia State College Agriculture , 1929
1865Program, Tenth Anniversary of World War Veterans, 1929
1866Invitation, J. M. Hodgson, Annual Football Dinner, Georgia State College of Agriculture, 1929
1867Program, Commencement Program, 1929
1868Pamphlet, Farmers' Week, 1929 January 21-26
1869Deposit List, 1929 October
1870Program of the Tenth Anniversary of World War Veterans of the Georgia State College of Agruculture, 1929
1871Program, Annual Football Dinner, 1929
1872Gober's Georgia Evidence, 1928
1873Pamphlet, National Defense, 1928
1874The Texas Forest News, 1928 July
1875Form Letter, Forestry Service, 1928 January 25
1876Sawdust and Shavings, Cooperative Extension Service, 1928 February 18
1877Pamphlet, Farmers' Week, 1928
1878Program, Georgia Master Farmers, 1928
1879Clipping, Private Forestry, The Washington Post, 1928 December 13
1880Program, Laying of the corner stone of the Physical Education Building
1881Activities of the Athens and Clarke County Board of Health, 1928 September 1
1882Invitation, Twenty-First Annual Farmers' Week and Marketing Conference, 1928
1883-85Annual Alumni Association Banquet, Georgia State College of Agriculture, 1928
1886Pamphlet, The Fountain of Light, 1928
1887Key Men of Rural Georgia, 1928
1888The Southern Agriculturist, 1928 November 15
1889Executive Order, Abor Day, Mississippi, 1928
1890Program, Commencement, 1928
1891Salary Rolls, The Georgia State College of Agriculture, 1928
1892Pamphlet, The Twentieth Annual Farmers' Week, 1927 January 24-29
1893Pamphlet, Small Grain Fertilizer for Georgia, 1927
1894Clipping, Hartwell Sun, 1928
1895Balances College Trust Funds, 1931 December 9
191Rules and Regulations, Board of Regents, 1932
192Annual Report of the Department of Health City of Athens and Clarke County, Georgia, 1934
193Federal Legislation, Regulations and Rulings Affecting Land-Grant Colleges and Experiment Stations , 1930
194Graduate Record Examinations Agriculture, 1945
195Pamphlet, Short Course in Dairy Production, 1943
196Correspondence, W. R. Mattoon, 1945
197Mississippi Forest and Park news, 1941 January 10
198Form letter, Extension Service, Virginia, 1941 January 13
199Mississippi Forests and Parks news, 1941 February 5
1910Service Bulletin, United States Forestry Service, 1941 January 6
1911Forestry Projects, Virginia, 1941
1912-13Mississippi Forests and Parks News, 1941 January 29-February 12
1914Forestry Notes, 1941 November-December
1915Planting Letter, Cooperative Extension Work, State of Arkansas, 1941
1916List of associations organized and conducted for the advancement of forestry, 1940 June 1
1917The Forester, Wilbur R. Mattoon, 1940
1918Improvement of selective cutting demonstration, Southern Kraft Corp., 1940
1919Lecture notes for rilm-strip series #596 pruning southern pines, 1940
1920Planting techniques, Fredrick J. Shulley, Cooperative Extension, Arkansas, 1940
1921Bulletin, Division of Forestry, 1940 February 26
1922The Louisiana Conservation Review Autumn, 1939
1923Annual Report of the Department of Health, City of Athens and Clarke County, Georgia, 1939
1924The Commentator, 1938 December
1925Pamphlet, Making Money, 1938
1926Pamphlet, McCormick-Mathers books, 1938 October
1927Material concerning the teaching of vocational education in the providence, Rhode Island Public School System, 1938
1928Pamphlet, The Effects of Minimum Wage Determinations in Service Industries, 1938
1929Pamphlet, Unusual Investment Schedule, 1938
1930Pamphlet, What to Expect in 1938, 1938
1931Bulletin, United States Department of the Interior, 1938 October 28
1932The New National Occupational Information and Guidance Service, John W. Studebaker, 1938
1933The United States Department of the Interior, Tests in Guidance, 1938 November
1934Guidance in Smaller Communities of the Snohmish County Youth Reserve, 1938
1935The New National Occupational Information and Guidance Service, John W. Studebaker, 1938
1936Principles Underlying the Organization of the Occupational Information and Guidance Service, 1938
1937Clipping, Chicago Newspaper, 1938 November 13
1938Organizing Labor Resources in Communities, William H. Stead, 1938
1939The Vocational Guidance of Rural Youth, Paul W. Chapman, 1938
1940Vocational Trends, 1938 December 1
1941Amendments to Maryland State Plan for Vocational Education, 1938
1942Pamphlet, Tests Study Aids Guidance Materials, 1938 December
1943Life and Careers, 1938 November-December
1944Pamphlet, Four Famous Forecasting Factors, 1938
1945Your Life, 1938 December
1946Forest Extension Publication, 1938
1947Clipping, The Press Scimitar, 1938
1948Form Letter, Cooperative Extension Work in Agriculture and Home Economics, Virginia, 1938
1949Pamphlet, The Story of the Institute, 1937
1950Vocational Interests of Rural High School Pupils in Pennsylvania, 1937 March
1951Amendments to topical outline for state plans for five years period, 1937-1942
1952Annual report of the Department of Health, City of Athens and Clarke County, Georgia, 1935
1953FERA Teachers Attending Teacher Training at the University of Georgia, 1934 September 10-15
1954Abundant living for small towns and rural districts, 1935 May
1955Program, Honors Day, 1933
1956Clipping, New List of State Teachers Shows 300 Will Lose Posts, 1933 May 21
1957Annual Report of the Department of Health, City of Athens and Clarke County, Georgia, 1933
1958-59Salaries, Administrative and Teaching Staff, Georgia State College of Agriculture, 1933
1960Estimated Income and Expenditures, 1933-1934
1961Salary Roll, Georgia State College of Agriculture, 1933 January
1962Program, Commencement Exercises, 1933 June 5
1963Dinner Program, Faculty, Georgia State College of Agriculture, 1933
1964-66Salary Roll, 1933
1967Commencement Program, 1933
1968Bulletin, Home Economics, 1933 June 1
1969Brief Summary of Home Economics Personnel, 1933 March 30
1970Protection of Game Birds and Animals and Fish, 1933 April 6
1971Material Concerning Revision of the Budget for the School of Agriculture, 1932
1972Request for Revision of Budget, 1932
1973Budgetary and Accounting Classification for State Departments and Institutions, 1931
1974United States Department of Agriculture Circular, 1930
1975Privilege Resolution, Appropriations, 1930
1976Senate Bill establishing a Budget Bureau, 1931
1977Page, Athens Banner-Herald, 1932 March 27
1978Bill, State Auditor's Report, 1930
1979Excerpts for minutes of the Board of Trustees, 1931 June 11
1980Special appropriation for additional extension work, 1930
1981Statement of T. W. Reed to the State Legislature, College of Agriculture, 1929
1982Report on the Budget, College of Agriculture, 1933
1983Cooperative extension work in agriculture and home economics, detailed financial statement, 1932-1933
1984Budget Statement showing proposed apportionment of funds from all sources, 1930
1985Budget of Public Relations, University System of Georgia, 1932-1933
1986Program, 41st annual convention, Georgia Bankers Association, 1932
1987The White House Conference on Child Care and Protection, 1930
1988Program, 11th Annual Meeting, Georgia Academy of Science, 1933
1989Report of the Treasurer of the Georgia State College of Agriculture to the Secretary of Agriculture , 1927-1931
1990Budgetary Material, Summer School, 1932
1991Fiscal Statistics, Georgia State College of Agriculture, 1932
1992Material Concerning Group Insurance Policies, 1932
1993Salary Roll, Georgia State College of Agriculture, 1932 November
1994Salary Roll, 1932 September
1995Invitation, the 25th annual Farmers' Week and Marketing Conference, 1932
1996Program, Honors Day, 1932
1997Commencement Program, 1932
1998Application for loans, 1932
1999Pamphlet, College of Agriculture, 1932
19100Clippings, 1932
19101Research Reports, Division of the College of Agriculture, 1932
19102Radio address, George A. Crabb, Utilizing the Soil, 1932 January 14
19103Invitation, the 25th annual Farmers' Week and Marketing Conference, 1932
19104Requestion for Quarterly Allotment Smith-Lever Act, 1932 March
19105Pamphlet, Who Gets Your Hotel Dollar, 1932
19106-108Salary Roll, 1932
19109Pamphlet, Farmers' Week, 1932 January 25-30
19110Salary Roll, Georgia State College of Agriculture, 1932 August
19111Research done by the Division of Agricultural Chemistry, 1932
19112-116Salary Roll, 1932
19117Appropriations for the Biennium, 1932-1933
19118Article, The Years Between, T. W. Reed, various newspapers, 1932
19119Report of the State of Georgia Department of Agriculture, 1944
201Aghon Society initiation procedure
202Organization of home economics on a junior and senior college basis
203The Cycle of the Forest W. R. Matoon
204Agricultural Classics: "Trees", Colonel Clarence Ousley
205Aiken Town
206Names of people, trees
207Boy Scouts of America, forest photos
208"A Pine Tree Investment"
209Forest and trees
2010A Love for a Tree, Angelo
2011Names of people, trees
2012Read the verse and name the tree
2013Famous trees in the United States
2014Organization, buildings and groups Department, Georgia State College of Agriculture
2015Nature Studies of the Farm Soils and Plants, Keefer
2016Glossary of Trees
2017Agricultural Engineering, description of course
2018Soils, Junior College Courses
2019The Cotton Industry, description of courses
2020Description of Farm Management Courses
2021Description of Graduate Courses
2022Description of Animal Husbandry Courses
2023Dairy courses
2024Description of forestry courses
2025Curriculum, College of Agriculture, UGA
2026Publication, College of Agriculture
2027A chart of parliamentary practice for literary societies, clubs, and assemblies in general
2028Card, shortage of fence post materials
2029Georgia wins apple prizes, article
2030Industrial reforestation
2031Form, The Tree Making Contest
2032Article, some resort to selling timber
2033Timber Sayings by Farming, W. R. Matoon
2034Recent developments in farm forestry, radio talk
2035The Value of Forest Products to Alabama Farmers, Lyle Brown
2036How Farm Timber Growing Pays
2037Forests and Employment, Where the Wood Goes, clippings
2038Engineering Experiment Station Bill, pamphlet
2039Tree labels
2040Old Favorite Songs
2041What to see and where to go in Savannah, pamphlet
2042Clippings, The Soule Family
2043Forward looking professional books for teachers and libraries
2044Pamphlet, practical guidance material
2045Card, J. W. Baer
2046Poster, farm short courses, College of Agriculture
2047Pamphlet, What Our Alumni are Doing
2049Prosperity Versus Poverty
2050Suggested plan for coordinating agricultural teaching, research, and extension
2051Agricultural chemistry
2052Agronomy and farm management
2053Feed mixtures
2054Song, "O La La"
2055Estimation for a Barbeque
2056Courses in Physical Education
2057Description of courses in horticulture
2058Description of courses in poultry husbandry
2059Description of courses in rural education
2060Description of courses leading to the degree of doctor of veterinary medicine
2061Placecard, J. L. Lovvorn
2062Exercise and drills, military
2063Placecard, Dudley M. Hughes
2064Placecard, W. B. McCants
2065The flag of the United States and how to display it
2066Placecard, John A. Gaston
2067Annual Alumni supper, program
2068Community Songs, Army Branch, YMCA, New York City
2070Armband, SCA
2071Placecard, Governor H. D. McDaniel
2072Clipping, "The Years Between"
2073Placecard, N. H. Ballard
2074Invitation, dinner, investigating committee of the Georgia General Assembly
2075Constitution and by-laws, farmers, educational, and co-operative union
2076Placecard, governor hardman
2077A mother's evening prayer
2079Draft of bill appropriating $5000 for women's extension work
2080The United States Department of the Interior, Office of Education, course in guidance
2081The Vocational Guidance of Rural Youth, Paul W. Chapman
2082Vocational Guidance Courses Given in Colleges and Universities in New York State
2083A Resume of Six Forthcoming Occupational Monographs
2084Pamphlet, information for applicants, Rhode Island State employment service
2085The group counseling program in the senior high schools of providence
2086Pamphlet, Leunasalpeter
2087Pamphlet, How to use Chilean nitrate of soda
2088Pamphlet, Calcium nitrate
2089Dictionary of fertilizer materials
2090Pamphlet, Directions for using granular aero cyanamid
2091The Rising Tide in Georgia, A. E. Winship
2092Opportunities for cooperative research in agricultural engineering in Georgia
2093Home economics contributions to the county program
2094Memorandum relative to the use of three selected counties in Georgia as demonstrations in rural economy
2095Plan for coordinating agricultural research in Georgia
2096Suggested plan for coordinating agriculture research, extension, and teaching
2097Committee on agricultural research, teaching, and extension
2098Historical statement, Georgia State College of Agriculture
2099Plan if four year basis is continued
20100The rising tide in Georgia, A. E. Winship
20101Song, Dear Old Georgia
20102My Old College Town
20103Memorandum to the Senators and the representatives from the state of Georgia in the United States Congress
20104Uses made of electricity on the poultry experiment farm and the Georgia National egg laying contest
20105Poem, Toast to Georgia, Aphelia C. Norris
20106Suggested plan for coordinating agricultural teaching, research, and extension
20107Recommendation for the development of three special rural life program areas
20108Church directory, Athens, Georgia
20109Chart, Now is the time to go to college
20110Newspaper clipping, congressmen's inlaws
20111Institutional policies relative to county agricultural agent works
20112Education as an asset to success
20113Clipping, "Horse Sense", Elbert Hubbard
20114Personnel involved in extension work, various states
20115Soule Family photos
20116Photos, Andrew M. Soule
20117That Beauty May Be, Poem
20118Special investment offering with a definite program for financing the reconstruction of our agricultural resources
20119Seven cardinal objectives of education
20120Description of the University faculty and University faculty committees
20121Proposed outline of rural electrification educational and experimental work at the Georgia State College of Agriculture
20122Draft copy, contract and specifications, school of Agriculture, dairy barn
20123Organization of home economics on a junior and senior college basis
20124Resolution of censure, Georgia State Legislature, Andrew M. Soule
20125Substitute resolutions by Martin of Troup, College of Agriculture
20126Memorandum regarding extension work with the department of Agricultural
20127Plans for holding mid winter farmers' meeting throughout the state
20128High schools not having vocational department
20129Georgia school attendanceph
20130Photos of J. J. Conner
20131Contract between the State College of Agriculture and D. W. and J. S. Bailey
20132Contract between the State College of Agriculture and Mr. Cobb
20133Lists of donations to the educational train
20135A tribute to major J. J. Conner, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Georgia State College of Agriculture
20136Projected furnishings for the college of Agriculture
20137Employer's manual contributory group life insurance
20138Description of courses in home economics and applied art
211Resume some benefits attaching to co-education, Andrew M. Soule
212Presidential address, Association of Land Grant Colleges and Universities, Andrew M. Soule, 1930
213Bulletins and Circular Prepared by Andrew Soule, 1894-1933
214-5Elementary Agriculture and School Gardening, Soule
216Lectures, Cotton School, Andrew M. Soule, 1908 January 6-17
217-8Report of the Board of Trustees of the University of Georgia, 1919-1922
219Reprint from the Annual Report to the General Assembly of Georgia, M. M. Parks State Superintendent of Schools, 1923
2110Report of the Board of Trustees of the University of Georgia, 1923-1924
2111The asset which the 1927 graduates will bring to the world, 1927
2112Key Men of Rural Georgia, Soule, 1928
2113College teaching in the new situation, Soule, 1932
2114A Quarter Century of Progress, Soule, 1932
2115Needs and Requirements of the Agricultural Engineering Division, the Georgia State College of Agriculture, 1932-1942
2116Talk on trees and forests, 1939
2117An Agricultural Creed for Georgia Card
2118Critique of University System Re-Organization, Soule
2119Beauty As An Asset, Soule
2120An Appreciation of Aesthetic Values, Soule
2121A Program of Vocational Education for the Rural Schools of Georgia, Soule
2122Greater Efficiency Through Vocational Education, Soule
2123The Master's Degree, Soule
2124Characteristics of the Educated Man, Soule
2125Some Significant Facts Concerning Educational Progress in Georgia, Soule
2126Giving the Rural Boy a Bigger Chance, Soule
2127Acquainting Our Neighbors With Georgia, Soule
2128What Research Means to Our Farmers, Soule
2129Our Educational Handicap, Soule
2130What Educational Does For Farm Boys and Girls, Soule
2131An Enduring Foundational, Soule
2132Our Leadership Stock, Soule
2133The Relation Which Vocational Training Bear Towards A Functional Agriculture, Soule
2134Promoting International Good-Will Through Education, Soule
2135Rural Boys and Girls and Collegiate Training, Soule
2136The Need of a New Educational Motivation for Georgia, Soule
2137We Must Endow Agricultural Education More Liberally, Soule
2138The Need of Adequate Rural Leadership in Georgia, Soule
2139Rural Life Schools are Essential, Soule
2140The Main Issue, Soule
2141A Great Investment Opportunity, Soule
2142Why Go to College, Soule
2143Making Rural Educational Surveys, Soule
2144Our Farmers Need Education and Organization, Soule
2145Georgia Looks Up, Soule
2146Works for the District Agricultural and Mechanical Schools, Soule
2147Agricultural Economics and Marketing
2148Making the Rural School Function More Efficiently, Soule
2149Good Manners are a Evidence of Good Breeding, Soule
2150What Highways Mean to Our Social and National Progress, Soule
2151Correlating the Work of the School and the Farm, Soule
2152Building a Life, Soule
2153Relating the Work of the School and the Home More Effectively, Soule
2154The State in Our Educational Policy, Soule
2155Resume of Training and Accomplishments of Dr. Andrew M. Soule
2156Notes, Draft of Article
2157A Suggested Land Utilization Program for Georgia, Soule
2158Article on Education, Soule
2159Article, A Quarter of a Century of Progress, Soule
2160What colleges of agriculture can do for rural education in the next ten years, Soule
2161Why Go To College, Soule
2162Memorandum, Soule
2163Miscellaneous Notes
2164A suggested land utilization program for Georgia, Soule
2165Self Made Man, Soule
2166Georgia National Egg Laying Contest, Soule
2167Promotion of International Good-Will Through Education, Soule
2168Resolution of Censure, Georgia State Legislature, Soule
2169The Day We Celebrate, Soule
2170An Agricultural and Rural Program for Georgia, Soule
2171A bale per acre
2172A suggested land utilization program for Georgia, Soule
2173The Power of the Trained Agricultural Graduate, Soule
2174What Our Graduate Are Doing, Soule
2175The needs are requirements of the division of horticulture for a ten year expansion
2176What the agricultural college alumni are doing, Soule
2177What Agricultural Graduates Are Doing, Soule
2178Leadership Service of the Agricultural College Graduate, Soule
2179What Comes Next?, Soule
2180Which Way, Soule
2181The Readjustment of our Educational Program to Meet the New Economic Situation, Soule
2182Practical Farming and the College Graduate, Soule
2183Article, Master Farmers, Soule
2184Key Men of Rural Georgia, Soule
2185The History of Engineering Experiment Stations
2186Draft, "How Do Trees Live"
2187Miscellaneous Notes, Photos
2188Page Two, Address
2189The agricultural use of nitrate of soda in the southern states, Soule
2190Echoes from old trails, Soule
2191The New Research Program of the Georgia State College of Agriculture, Soule
2192Correlation between germination and weevil in Georgia corn, Soule
2193Resume some benefits attaching to co-education, Soule
2194Beauty as an Asset, Soule
2195An Enduring Foundation, Soule
2196Georgia Looks Up, Soule
2197The Relation Which Vocational Training Bears Towards a Functioning Agriculture, Soule
2198The Characteristics of the Educated Man, Soule
2199The relation which vocational training bears toward a functioning agriculture, Soule
21100The agriculture economics clubs of Georgia, description
21101Organizational chart, College of Agriculture
221Fairs Papers
222-3Forestry Papers
224-6Tobacco Papers
227-8Bean and Legume Papers
229-11Cereal Grain Papers
2212-13Cotton Papers
2214County Agents Papers
2215-16Farm Club Papers
2217-18Grass and Hay Papers
2219The Basket Willow
2220Content Listing of File #16 - Fertilizers through Miscellaneous
2221-22Fertilizer and Soil Improvement Papers
2223-28Miscellaneous Papers
231-6Cotton and Cotton Seed product papers
237Content Listing of File #21 - Cotton and Cotton Seed products
241-6Cotton, Cotton Seed, and Hulls, and Fertilization of Cotton papers
247-12Livestock papers
2413-18Marketing and Farm Problems and Plans papers
251-2Insects and Diseases papers
253-5Education papers
256-11Livestock papers
2512Contents of Listing of File #19 - Insects and Diseases through Livestock
2513-18Horticulture papers
2519-21Livestock and Feeds (Cows) papers
2522Livestock and Feeds (Horses and Mules) papers
2523Livestock and Feeds (Goats and Sheep) papers
2524-29Livestock and Feeds (Pigs) papers
2530-32Livestock and Feeds (General) papers
2533Contents of Listing of Unnumbered File - Livestock and Feeds
261-6Orchards and Gardens/Fruits and Vegetables papers
267-9Silos and Silage papers
2610Content Listing of File #34 - Orchards and Gardens/Fruits and Vegetables through Silos and Silage
2611-14Grains and Hay papers
2615-19Legumes and Grasses papers
2620Contents Listing For File #20 - Grains and Hay through Legumes and Grasses
2621-28Poultry papers
271-11General Agricultural papers
2712-18Soils and Fertilizers papers
2719Content Listings For File #9 - Soils and Fertilizers
2720-22College, etc. papers
281-8Legumes, Cereals, and Hay Crops papers
289-13Clubs papers
2814-15Home Economics papers
2816Contents Listing For File #18 - Clubs and Home Economics
2817-20Fertilizers and Soil Improvement papers
2821-24Insects and Diseases papers
2825Contents Listing For File #17 - Fertilizers and Soil Improvement through Insects and Diseases
291-4Horticulture papers
295-11Boll Weevil papers
2912Content Listing For File #12 - Boll Weevil
2913-18Education papers
2919Content Listing For File #30
301-8Miscellaneous papers
309Contents Listing For File #35 - Miscellaneous
3010-11Tobacco papers
3012-13Dairying Papers
3014Marketing papers
3015Farm Implement papers
3016Farm Bureau papers
3017Poultry papers
3018Diversification papers
3019Contents Listing For File #22 - Tobacco
3020-28Home Economics, Country Agents, and Clubs papers
311Correspondence concerning the reorganization of the university system of Georgia, 1933
312-9Correspondence, 1930, 1932
3110Correspondence, extension work, 1932
3111Correspondence, Board of Regents, Student Loans, 1932
3112-15Correspondence, 1932
3116-17Correspondence, Board of Regents, 1932
3118Correspondence, 1931
3119Correspondence, Board of Regents, 1932
3120Correspondence, 1932
3121-22Correspondence, 1933, 1935
3123Employment Inquiry, Eddie Hawkins, Paul W. Chapman, 1938
3124Correspondence, 1938
3125Correspondence, Paul W. Chapman, 1938
3126-29Correspondence, 1931, 1939, 1941
3130Correspondence, Reports, 1931
3131-33Correspondence, 1928, 1931
3134Pamphlet, Farmers' Week, 1927
3135-37Correspondence, 1924-1925, 1927
3138Telegram, Spanish, 1922
3139A Greater Georgia Tech, Form Letter, 1922
3140-46Correspondence, 1921-1923
3147Correspondence, Presidents of Land Grant Colleges, Clemson College, 1919
3148Correspondence, 1916
3149Correspondence, Steel Vault Shelving for the School of Agriculture, 1908
3150Correspondence, 1907
3151Occupational Information and Guidance
3152Christmas Card, Soule
3153Christmas Greeting
3155Correspondence, 1941
3156Letter Book, Soule, 1907-1908
321Letter Book, Personal, 1912-1914
322Letter Book, Personal, 1914-1922
323Letter Book, Board of Regents, 1933-1940
331Correspondence concerning the possible removal of A. M. Soule as President of Georgia State College of Agriculture
341-2Student Grade Books, 1914-1917, 1919-1921
351-2Student Grade Books, 1920-1923
361Student Grade Books, 1924-1926
371-3Student Grade Books, 1926-1930
381-2Student Grade Books, 1930-1933
391-3Student Grade Books, 1934-1939
401Georgia Agricultural Club Roll Book, 1907-1932
402Georgia Agriculture Club Minutes, 1927-1933
403Georgia Agricultural Club Cash Book, 1914-1922
404Georgia Agricultural Roll Book, 1921-1938
405Financial Records Georgia Agriculturist, 1923-1933
406Georgia Agricultural Club Minutes, 1933-1938
407Agricultural Club Minutes, 1915-1920
408Agricultural Club, 1949-1951
409Roll Book
4010Agricultural Club, Constitution, Roll, Minutes, 1907-1909
4011Ag Hill Council, Secretary's Record, 1946
4012Agricultural Club, Minutes, Roll, 1923-1927
4013Ag Hill Council, Secretary's Record, 1952-1956
4014Ag Hill Council, Secretary's Records, 1949-1951
4015Agricultural Club, 1913-1921
4016Agricultural Club, 1910-1912
411-2Letter Book, 1932-1933
421Letter Book, 1915-1916
431Forestry Scrapbook
432Chart, Estimated land conversions, 1951
433Chart of the present and the recommended use of land, state of Georgia, 1951
434Farm Timber Aids Storage Program, Frederick J. Shulley, 1941
435Farm Forest Flashes, 1941 January
436Page, Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1941 January 12
437Correspondence, Forestry Extension, 1941
438United States Agricultural Census, 1940
439The Forester, Wilbur R. Mattoon, 1940 December 27
4310Random Forestry Notes, 1940 December 7
4311Correspondence, Forestry Extension, 1940
4312Article about Daniel Boone, The Progressive Farmer, 1940 May
4313Forestry Facts for Farmers, 1940 December
4314Forest Growth, Soil Erosion Control, Photographs, 1938
4315Mississippi Forests and Parks, 1936 July
4316Cards, wood chips, 1936
4317And So They Grew, 1936
4318Photographs concerning forests and soil erosion, 1936
4319Farm Woodlands in the United States, W. R. Mattoon, 1936
4320Timber Sayings by Farmers, 1936
4321And So They Grew, 1936 September 1
4322-23Forestry Manual and Record Book for 4-H Club Members, 1936 June
4324Paul Bunyan's Visit South, 1936
4325Addresses concerning conservation, Franklin D. Roosevelt (Excerpts), 1936
4326Pamphlet, Planning the 1937 Farm Program, 1936
4327Farm Woodlands of States, 1936
4328Correspondence, 1935
4329Article, Farm Woodland Crops, The New Orleans Times-Picayune, 1935
4330Abundant Living for Small Towns and Rural Districts, C. B. Smith, 1935 May
4331Farm Woodlands in the United States, 1935
4332Pamphlets, Little International Livestock Show, 1934
4333Cooperative Extension Work in Agricultural and Home Economics, 1934
4334Photographs of Trees and Soil Erosion, 1934
4335The Agricultural Outlook Chart, 1933
4336Report of the Committee on Farm Woodlands, 1933 October 26
4337Farm Woodland Information, 1933 March
4338Prices for Illustrative Materials, 1932-1933
4339Receipts from the sale of principal farm products and rental and benefit payments , 1932-1935
4340Cash income from the ten leading farm chops in the United States, 1932-1934
4341Visual Aids for Extension Workers, 1932 July
4342Service Bulletin, 1931 November 27
4343A Tree That Owns Itself, W. R. Mattoon, 1924
4344Memorandum for Mr. A. B. Graham, 1930 February 10
4345The Herd Instinct, 1930 March 15
4346Pamphlets concerning forest fire protection, 1930
4347Memorandum to Dr. Smith, 1930 January 4
4348Results of cooperative extension work in forestry, 1929
4349The Mind of the Average Man, 1929
4350Short Report of Forestry Extension, 1929
4351Reforest The Piney Woods, coastal plain experiment station, 1927
4352Home In The Pines, John D. Guthrie
4353Report of the committee on soil erosion and farm woodland management
4354Land use
4355Forestry-Geological Review
4356Farmer cut wood project for pulpwood
4357Leaders Preferred
4359Revision of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Georgia Agricultural Clubs
4360Chart, The Distribution of Land Capabilities, State of Georgia
4361Forest Conservation
4362Timber Savings by Farmers, W.R. Mattoon
4363Pictures of "The Tree That Owns Itself" Athens, Georgia
4364Page from The Forestry News Digest
4365The Woods, Poem
4366History of Employment, Wilbur R. Mattoon
4367Cooperative Extension work in agriculture and home economics
4368Hand-Camera photography for extension workers
4369Pictures Work For You
4370Articles by W.R. Mattoon
4371Cooperative Extension work in agriculture and home economics
4372Request for authorization to purchase film stripes
4373Cooperative Extension work in agriculture and home economics
4374Visual Aids In Extension Work
4375A Choice of Names in Farm Forestry, Wilbur R. Mattoon
4376Tree Labels
4377Description, The Northern White Pine
4378New Woods For Old, E. Hammond
4379Blank Form, Cooperative Agreement
4380Why The Leaves Fall, H.O. Coffey
4381Chart, Farm-Forestry
4382Giant Sequoias
4383Why be a failure at learning
4384-85Note Cards
4386Poster, The Georgia Extension Services
4387Home in the Pines, song, John D. Guthrie
4388Photograph of the Daniel Boone Bear Tree
4389Masonite Corporation starts a million acre forestry project
4390Forests and Flood control, Earle H. Clap
4392Let's Be Conservation Minded
4393You can have your crops and your wildlife too
4394Suggestions for preparing specialists' plans for work of Southern States
4395Notes of Conservation
4396The Place of Forestry in the Southern Agricultural Program
4397Forestry As A Part Of Agriculture, W.R. Mattoon
4398Notes, Woodlands on Farms
4399Address of W.R. Mattoon
43100Personal Notebook, W.R. Mattoon, United States Forestry Service
43101Talmadge, Chapman Correspondence, Journal of Forestry, 1936 April
43102Statistical Result of Cooperative Extension Work, 1931
43103Farm Forest Thoughts, R.W. Graeber
441Georgia Experiment Station, Ledger, Minutes, Board of Directors, 1901-1915
451Georgia Experiment Station, Ledger, Cash Book, 1910-1911
452Georgia Experiment Station, Ledger, Cash Book, 1901-1912
461Board of Regents Memoranda, 1932-1935
26a1-6Poultry papers
26a7Contents Listing for File #10 - Poultry
27a1-3College, etc. papers
27a4Contents Listing for File #5 - Colleges, Camp Wilkins, Vocational Agriculture, Purnell Bill
471-3Miscellaneous newspaper clipping scrapbook , 1905-1907
481The Southern Planter clippings, 1905
482Southern Farm Magazine clippings, 1905
483The Breeder's Gazette and the Practical Farmer clippings, 1904-1906
491Agricultural Education Train clippings, 1911
501Journal and Tribune clippings, 1903-1906
502Journal and Tribune, News-Leader, Semi-Weekly Atlanta Journal clippings, 1906-1908
511Talks with Tennessee Farmer's clippings, 1901-1903
512Nashville American clippings, 1902-1903
521-4The Atlanta Semi-Weekly Journal clippings, 1908-1910, 1915-1918
531-2The Atlanta Semi-Weekly Journal clippings, 1918-1919, 1921-1922
541Inland Farmer and Practical Farmer clippings, 1903-1906