University of Georgia public relations files

University of Georgia public relations files

Descriptive Summary

Title: University of Georgia public relations files
Inclusive Dates: 1937-1995
Extent: 57.5 Linear Feet (59 boxes)
Collection Number: UA97-082
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

The The Public Relations Office, later known as the Division of Public Affairs and the Division of Marketing and Communications, communicates the goals, objectives, and priorities of the University of Georgia, including faculty, staff and students, through the dissemination of information, media relations, publications, imaging and audio services, open records, and visitors' services.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of official University press releases and publications spanning from the late 1930s to the mid-1990s.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

University of Georgia public relations files, UA97-082, University of Georgia Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Finding Aid Publication

Finding aid prepared on: 2019.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Publications- admissions, 1978-1981
12Publications- College of Agriculture, 1967-1975
13Publications- alumni memo, 1980
14Publications- alumni news: volume 2, number 1, September 1982
15Publications- alumni news: volume 1, number 2, March 1982
16Publications- alumni news: volume 1, number 1, March 1982
17Publications- College of Arts and Sciences, 1967
18Publications- athletics, 1976-1977
19Publications- bicentennial fund: campaign plan and organization, 1975-1985
110Publications- bicentennial fund: Davison- "yesterday, today...", undated
111Publications- bicentennial fund: School of Forestry, undated
112Publications- blue key alumni banquet, 1973-1979
113Publications- College of Business -- management department brochure, undated
114Publications-campus maps, undated
115Publications- commencement program, 1973-1983
116Publications- School of Education, undated
117Publications- School of Education-- service and opportunities, undated
118Publications- endowment, 1975
119-20Publications- fact cards, 1977-1981
121Publications- faculty register, 1979-1981
122Publications- financial aid, 1981-1982
123Publications- dimensions, 1981
124Publications- School of Forest Resources, undated
125Publications- foundation "a guide to planned giving", undated
126Publications- foundation fellowship programs, 1978-1980
127Publications- foundation-- honor roll, 1976-1977
128Publications- founder's day, 1983
129Publications- UGA general information, 1968-1979
130Publications- UGA history, undated
131Publications- foundation scholarships for Superior Street, undated
21Foundation brochure (161), 1981-1982
22Developmental studies (150), 1981
23Call for papers (151), 1981-1982
24Blue key (152), 1981
25March (160), 1981-1982
26Graduate bulletin (159), 1981-1983
27Financial aid (163), 1981-1982
28Survey Research Center (SRC) (154), 1981
29Undergrad bulletin (155), 1981-1983
210December dimensions (156), 1981
211Classified employee handbook (140), 1981
212A parent's guide to cooperation education (141), 1981
213Dimensions (142), September 1981
214Survey Research Center (SRC) flyer (143), 1981
215Science Fair (144), 1981-1982
216Rom Lang poster (146), 1981
217Romance languages brochure (147), 1981
218Home economics education brochure (148), 1981
219Services booklet (149), 1982
31Dimensions (196), June1983
32Dimensions issue (187), Dember 1982
33Cooperative education folder (174), 1982
34School of Forest Resources bulletin (188), 1983-1985
35Science fair (180), 1982-1983
36Alumni record rate sheet (181), 1982
37Blue key banquet (182), 1982
38Alumni news paste up boards (183), 1982
39Botanical Garden (184), 1982
310Romance languages brochure and poster (185 and 186), 1981-1982
311Brochures, 1981
312Honors day programs (173), 1981-1982
313Turner brochure (157), 1982
314Turner exhibition (153), 1981-1982
315March issue, March 1983
316Georgia alumni record (189), November 1982
317Undergraduate bulletin (198), 1983-1984
318Social work bulletin (197), 1983
319Journalism bulletin (175), 1992-1983
320Law bulletin (169), 1982
321Friends the museum (170), 1982
322Developmental studies (166), 1981
323Colloquium (168), 1982
324Museum map (171), 1982
325Pharmacy (176), 1982-1983
326Dimensions boards (178), 1982
327September issue (179), 1982
328June issue (177), 1982
329Honors Day invitations (172), 1981-1982
330Veterinary medicine bulletin (193), 1983
331Accounting bulletin (194), 1983-1985
332Graduate school bulletin (192), 1983-1984
41119, 1981
42Georgia Colloquium (120), 1981
43Tour scholarships brochures (121), 1981
44Family and child delevelopment poser (122), 1981
45General recruitment bulletin (GRB) (125), 1981
46Economics guidelines, 1981-1982
47Important information, 1979-1983
48Physical fitness (107), 1980-1981
49Summer conference services (108), 1980
411109, 1980
412Campaign brochure (112), 1980
413Master of Accountnacy (113), 1980
414Dimensions, March 1981
415Notepads for Ed Olson (115), 1980
416Campaign planning (116), 1980
418Wilkins scholarships brochure (104), 1980
419Volunteer's manual (111), 1980-1981
420Bicentennial folders (103), 1980
421Relativism in the arts poster (101), 1981
422Honors viewbook (105), 1980
423126, 1981
424Law school bulletin, 1983
425Honros Day programs (127), undated
427History brochure, 1981
428PR memo pads (131), 1981
429Accounting bulletin (133), 1981
430Friends of the musem brochure, 1981
431June dimensions (134), 1981
432Survey Reasearch Center brochure (135), 1981
433Bachelor/master's diploma (136), 1981
434Survey research center (SRC) (137), 1981
435Survey Research Center (SRC) (138), 1981
436Survey research center (SRC) flyer (139), 1981
437UGA news service, 1980-1983
51Publications- graduate studies, undated
52Publications- Lander College magazine, 1975
53Publications- School of Law, 1975
54Publications- School of Music, 1977
55Publications- brochures, undated
56Publications- personnel, 1977
57Publications- School of Pharmacy, 1978
58Publications- Phinzy lectures, 1975-1978
59Publications- president's club brochures, undated
510Publications- regents, 1980
511Publications- research general, 1978-1979
512Publications- research foundation, 1982
513Publications- research reporter, 1981-1983
514Publications- romanace languages, 1980
515Publications- service, undated
516-19Publications- State of the University Address, 1974-1981
520Publications- student handbooks, 1971-1981
521Sunbelt agricultural exposition, 1981-1982
61Newspaper correspondence, 1935-1942
62Newspaper lists, undated
63News notes, 1942
64O'stein general, 1939
65Omicron Delta Kappa, 1940
66Price lists, undated
67Public relations general, 1938-1945
68R- general, 1940-1943
69-10Radio, 1939
611Receipts (Athens Post Office), 1940-1941
612Red and Black, 1941-1942
613S- General, 1939-1943
614Summer posters, 1938
615T- general, 1939-1942
616U- general, 1942
617University center, 1940
618University of Georgia - facts, undated
619University policy material, 1934-1940
71University reports, 1939-1940
72V- general, 1940-1943
73W- general, 1939-1944
74XYZ- general, 1939-1940
75K- general, 1939-1942
76L- general, 1939-1942
77Latin tournament, 1940
78M- general, 1940-1943
79Mc- general, 1939-1942
710Maps- Georgia, undated
711N- general, 1941-1943
712NYA, 1940-1941
713News bureau letters, 1940-1941
714Plans for bulletin not printed, undated
715Postal information, 1941
716P- general, 1939-1942
81A- general, 1939-1943
82American College Publicity Association (ACPA), 1939-1942
83American College Publicity Association (ACPA)- region 5, 1940-1942
84Athletic association- ticket/advertising contracts, 1939
85B- general, 1939-1941
86Bulletins- newsletters, 1940-1944
87C- general, 1939-1943
88Caldwell, Harmon W., 1940-1944
89Calendar, undated
810Catalogue correspondence, 1938-1941
811Circular letters, 1941
812Civic clubs, 1939
813Completed bulletins, 1935-1936
814D-general, 1940-1942
815Dean of students, 1941
816E- general, 1939-1942
817Executive committee reports, 1940
818Engraving price lists, 1939
819F- general, 1940-1942
820Faculty, undated
821Financial reports- university and genral college, 1939-1940
822Football, 1945
823Form letters, 1940-1942
824G- general, 1939-1942
825H- general, 1939-1943
826High school speakers, 1940
827House mothers (fraternities, sororities, dorms), undated
828I- general, 1939-1943
829Infirmary file, 1939-1940
830International news service, 1941-1942
831J- general, 1939-1942
91Arts and sciences, department of, 1948-1950
92Aviation, department of, 1948-1950
93Ayers, Robert H., 1948-1950
94Bailey, James E., 1949
95Ballew, Leighton, 1948-1950
96Baptist student union, 1950
97Bell, J.C., 1948-1950
98Beta Gamma Sigma, 1949-1950
99Biftad, 1948-1950
910Biological Sciences, Division of (bacteriology, botany, biology and zoology), 1948-1955
911Biscoe, Dr. Alvin B., 1948-1950
912Blair, Margaret Harris (head, home economics department), 1948-1949
913Blue key, 1949
914Boyd, George H., 19448-1950
915Brooks, Dr. R. P., 1949-1952
916Brown, Harry L.- dean, College of Agriculture, 1949-1950
917Burkhart, W.C., 1948
918Business Research, Bureau of, 1948-1953
919Campus calendar, 1949-1950
920Chance, Claude, 1947
921Chapman, Paul W. - associate dean- College of Agriculture, 1949-1951
922Charter day, 1950-1951
923Chemistry, Department of, 1949-1953
924Chi Omega, 1948-1950
925Chi Phi, 1948-1949
926Chi Psi, 1948-1950
927Classics, Department of, 1953
928College Clubs and Professional Fraternities, 1950-1952
929-32College of Business Administration, 1949-1956
933Collins, W. O., 1948-1950
101-2Commencement, 1950-1956
103Concert series, 1949-1950
104Coordinate clips (publications), 1949-1950
105Copeland, O.B., 1949
106Cosmopolitan club, 1949-1950
107Coulter, E. Merton, 1948-1950
108Crane, W. M., 1948-1950
109Crawford W. Long day, 1949-1950
1010Dairy Husbandry, Department of, 1949-1951
1011Dairy Science club, 1950
1012Danner, Walter- registrar, 1949-1950
1013Dead file, 1949
1014Delta Delta Delta, 1948-1950
1015Delta Phi Epsilon, 1948-1950
1016Delta Sigma Pi, 1949
1017Delta Tau Delta, 1948-1950
1018Delta Theta Phi, 1949
1019Democratic club, 1950
1020Demosthenian Literary Society, 1948-1950
1021Di Gamma Kappa, 1949-1950
1022Dixon, Ellis H., 1948-1950
1023Dodd, Lamar, 1949-1950
1024Dolphin club, 1949
1025Drama, Department of, 1948-1956
1026Drewry, John E., School of Journalism, 1949-1950
1027driftmier, R.H., 1948-1950
1028Economics, 1953-1954
1029Economics Society (Business Administration School), 1949
1030Education club, 1949
1031-33Education, College of, 1949-1956
1034Edwards, Austin S., 1948-1950
1035Eidson, John O., director coordinate campus, 1949-1950
1036English, Department of, 1948-1956
1037Enrollment, 1949-1956
1038Everett, Edwin M., 1948-1950
111Extension Division of General (UGA), 1948-1952
112Faculty (including new members, 1949-1956
113Faculty- by laws, 1950-1951
114Faculty- staff conference, 1949
115Firor, J.W., head, agricultural economics, 1948-1950
116Floriculture club, 1948-1949
117Food procesing department, 1950
118Forestry, School of, 1948-1956
119Forestry club, 1948-1950
1110Fort, Tomlinson, 1948-1950
1111Founders Memorial Garden, 1947-1949
11124-H club, 1950
1113Freshman office, 1949-1950
1114Freshman week, 1948
1115Fritz, Evelyn (associate division of libraries), 1948-1950
1116"G" day, 1949
1117Gaffau club, 1948-1950
1118Gamma Sigma Epsilon, 1948-1949
1119Gates, Dr. James Edward, Dean of College of Business Administration, 1948-1949
1120Geography and Geology , Department of, 1948-1956
1121Georgia Business (publication), 1949-1950
1122Georgia Center for continuing education, 1952-1956
1123Georgia Collegiate Press Association, 1948-1950
1124Georgia Cracker (publication), 1947-1950
1125Georgia Museum of Art, 1949-1950
1126Georgia Pharmacist, 1948-1950
1127-34Georgia Press Institute, 1948-1956
1135Georgia Radio Institute, 1949-1956
121Georgia Review (publication), 1948-1955
122Georgia Scholastic Press Association, 1948-1956
123Glee Club, University, 1949-192
124Graduate School, 1948-1951
125Gridiron, 1949-1950
126Henderson, H.B., 1948-1950
127Hicks, W.T (director, Bureau of Business Research), 1948-1950
128History, Department of, 1948-1956
129Hillel Foundation, 1950
1210Hodgson, Hugh, 1948-1950
1211Holbrook, Alfred H., 1948-1952
1212Homecoming, 1947-1955
1213Homecon Club, 1950
1214Home Economics, School of, 1949-1956
1215Honors Day, 1949-1956
1216Horticulture, Department of, 1948-1949
1217Hosch, J. Alton, 1947-1950
1218Infirmary, 1949
1220International Relations Club, 1950-1951
1221Infraternity Council, 1949-1950
1222Intramural sports, 1948-1949
1223Inventory, 1948-1949
1224Jarnigan, Milton P., 1948-1949
1225Jones, Thomas J., School of Veterinary Medicine, 1948-1950
1226-29Jornalism, School of, 1949-1956
1230Kappa Alpha, 1948-1949
1231Kappa Alpha Mu, 1948-1949
1232Kappa Alpha Theta, 1948-1950
1233Kappa Delta, 1948-1950
1234Kappa Delta Pi, 1949-1950
131Kappa Kappa Gamma, 1948-1950
132Kappa Sigma, 1948-1950
133Kappa Tau Alpha, 1949-1950
134Kelly. Dr. Arthur Randolph, 1948-1950
135Kinney, B.C., 1950
136Lambda Chi Alpha, 1948-1950
137Landscape Architect, Department of, 1949-1956
138Law School Honor Court, 1948-1950
139Law, School of, 1948-1956
1310Leadership Institute, 1950
1311Libraries, University of Georgia, 1948-1956
1312Little commencement, 1950
1313Lowe, Ernest A., director of extension, 1948-1950
141Mathematics, Department of, 1948-1955
142Maxwell, Edgar J., Infirmary Head, 1949
143McHatton, Thomas H., 1950
144Men's Music Club, 1950
145Military Department, 1948-1956
146Martin, Walter (Dr.) College of Arts and Sciences, 1949-1950
147Miller, Julian H., 1948-1949
148Mills, W. Carlos, 1948-1950
149Miscellaneous, 1949-1954
151Modern Foreign Languges, Department of, 1948-1952
152Mortar board, 1949-1950
153Music appreciation hour, 1948-1950
154-5Music, Department of, 1949-1956
156Nachtrab, L.J., 1949-1950
157-13New book news, 1950-1952
1514-27New releases, 1949-1950
161-12New releases, February 1951- October 1951
1613News briefs, 1953-1956
1614Nursing Education, Department of, 1948-1951
1615Omega Tau Sigma, 1949
1616Omicron Delta Kappa, 1948-1949
1617Osborne, R.T., 1948-1951
1618Owens, Hubert B., 1948-1950
1619Pandora beauty review, 1948-1949
1620Pan-Hellenic council, 1950
1621Parents day, 1952-1955
1622Parent-teacher association institute, 1949-1950
1623George Foster Peabody, radio and t.v. awards, 1948-1956
1624Pfeutze, Paul E., 1948-1949
1625-26Pharmacy, School of, 1949-1956
1627Phi Alpha Delta, 1949-1950
1628Phi Beta Kappa, 1948-1950
1629Phi Chi Theta, 1949
1630Phi Delta Phi, 1948-1950
1631Phi Delta Theta, 1948-1950
1632Phi Epsilon Pi, 1949-1950
1633Phi Eta Sigma, 1949-1950
1634Phi Kappa literary society, 1948-1950
1635Phi Kappa Phi, 1948-1950
1636Phi Kappa Tau, 1949-1950
1637Phi Mu, 1948-1950
1638Phi Upsilon Omicron, 1949-1950
1639Philosphy, Department of, 1948-1956
1640Physical Education, Department of, 1948-1954
1641Physical Education for Women, Department of, 1949-1952
1642Physics and Astronomy, Department of, 1949-1954
1643Pi Beta Phi, 1948-1950
1644Pi Kappa Alpha, 1949
1645Pi Kappa Delta, 1949-1950
1646Pi Kappa Phi, 1949-1950
1647Pi Mu Epsilon, 1949
1648Pioneer club, 1950
1649Pi Sigma Alpha, 1949-1950
1650Placement, Bureau of, 1949
1651Political Science Club, 1948-1950
1652Political Science, Department of, 1948-1955
171Poultry Husbandry, Department of, 1948-1949
172Poultry Science Club, 1949
173Pound, Dr. Merritt, 1948-1950
174Press, University of Georgia, 1948-1950
175Printing, Department of, 1950
176Pouty, Dr. Merle, 1948-1951
177Psychology, Department of, 1948-1953
178Reed, T.W., 1948-1950
179Registration, 1948-1950
1710Religion, Department of, 1948-1950
1711Religous Association, University of Georgia, 1948-1956
1712Reports- Annual and otherwise, 1951-1956
1713RHO Chi, 1948-1950
1714Saddle and Sirloin club, 1949-1950
1715Scabbard and Blade, 1948-1949
1716Scholarships, 1953-1956
1717Science Club, 1948-1949
1718Scott, Alfred Wspn., 1948-1950
1719Seawell, Miss Anne, 1949
1720Senior Class, 1949-1950
1721Sesquicentennial celebration, 1951
1722Short courses, 1949
1723Shufelt, James V.V., 1949
1724Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 1948-1949
1725Sigma Alpha Iota, 1948-1949
1726Sigma Chi, 1948-1950
1727Sigma Delta Chi, 1948-1950
1728Sigma Delta Tau, 1948-1949
1729Sigma Nu, 1948-1950
1730Sigma Pi, 1948-1949
1731Sigmi Xi, 1949-1950
1732Smith, E.B., 1949
1733Sociology, Department of, 1948-1954
1734Soule, M.E.L, 1948-1949
1735Southern educational film production sevice incorporated, 1947-1950
1736Speech, Department of, 1949-1950
1737Special convocations and speakers, 1948-1952
1738-41Special meetings, 1953-1955
1742Sphinx, 1949-1950
1743Social fraternities and sororities, 1950-1951
1744Student center, 1953-1956
1745Student News, 1949-1952
1746Stalling, Ms. Edith, Dean of Women, 1948-1950
1747Stephens, Ralph, 1948-1950
1748Student federalists, 1947-1949
181Student- Dean's Lists, 1954-1956
182Students-student activities, social, 1952-1956
183Students- student activities, miscellaneous, 1952-1956
184Students- student affairs, 1950-1955
185Students- college clubs and publications professional fraternities, 1953-1956
186Students- fraternities and sororities, 1950-1955
187Student publications, 1949-1952
188Student tours, 1949-1950
189Student union, 1948-1950
1810Student guidance center, 1949
1811Stunt night, 1948-1949
1812Summary reports- news releases, 1951-1952
1813Summer school, 1949-1951
1814Tate, William- Dean of Men, 1948-1950
1815Tau Epsilon Phi, 1948-1950
1816Tax referendum, April 1949
1817Terry, A.E., 1949
1818Thalian Blackaffairs, 1950
1819Theta Chi, 1949-1950
1820Theta Sigma Phi, 1950
1821University Center in Georgia, 19523-1956
1822University stores, undated
1823University theater, 1948-1950
1824University Village, 1949-1951
1825Veterans' guidance center, 1948
1826Veterinary Medicine, School of, 1948-1954
1827Veterinary Science Club, 1949-1950
1828Vocational Education, Department of, 1948
1829Waddell, D.J., 1948-1950
1830Waters, Kenneth L., 1948-1950
1831Wesley foundation, 1950
1832Wheeler, Robert S., 1950
1833Williams, B.O., 1948-1950
1834Wilson, Pauline P., 1948-1950
1835Wilson, Robert C., 1948-1949
1836Women's Athletic Association, 1950
1837Women's Student Government Association, 1950
1838World student service fund, 1947-1950
1839"X" club, 1950
1840Xi Sigma Pi, 1949
1841"Z" club, 1950
1842Zeta Phi Eta, 1948-1949
1843Zeta Tau Alpha, 1949-1950
1844Zodiac, 1950
19Clippings, 1944-1946
Subjects include the College of Agriculture and Arts and Sciences; the School of Journalism, sororities, fraternities, clubs, religious activities, faculty, national defense, and special lectures.
20Clippings, 1944-1948
Subjects include the School of Forestry and Home Economics; the College of Business Administration, enrollment, and commencement.
21Clippings, 1944-1948
Subjects include the School of Law and Pharmacy; short courses.
22Clippings, 1946-1948
Subjects include the College of Agriculture, Arts and Sciences, and Education; the School of Journalism and Veterinary Medicine; sororities, fraternities, clubs, the Chamber of Commerce, campus politics, national defense, religious activities, worker's education, campus publications, communicable diseases, and faculty.
23Clippings, 1948-1949
Subjects include the College of Agriculture, Arts and Sciences, and Business Administration; the School of Law, Education, Home Economics, Veterinary Medicine, Journalism, and Pharmacy; public and world affairs, campus publications and politics, enrollment, alumni, faculty, special lectures, sororities, fraternities, clubs, religious activities, news briefs, the President of UGA, and student activities.
24Clippings, 1949-1951
Subjects include the College of Agriculture, Arts and Sciences, Business Administration, Education, and Home Economics; the School of Journalism, Pharmacy, Forestry, and Law; enrollment, commencement, history, sororities, fraternities, clubs, news briefs, special lectures, faculty, alumni, homecoming, Georgia/Georgia Tech weekend, the President of UGA, libraries, and graduate school.
25Clippings, 1951-1953
Subjects include the College of Arts and Sciences, Agriculture, Business Administration, and Education; the School of Law, Veterinary Medicine, Journalism, Pharmacy, Home Economics, and Forestry; libraries, sororities, fraternities, student clubs, the President of UGA, enrollment, commencement, history, faculty, alumni, and graduate school.
26Clippings, 1953-1956
Subjects include the College of Arts and Sciences, Agriculture, Business Administration, and Education; the School of Pharmacy, Forestry, Law, Journalism, Home Economics, and Veterinary Medicine; continuing education, news briefs, enrollment, commencement, history, student activities, sororities, fraternities, clubs, special meetings and lectures, libraries, the President of UGA, faculty, and alumni.
27Clippings, 1956-1957
Subjects include College of Agriculture, Arts and Sciences, Education, and Business Administration; the School of Law, Pharmacy, Forestry, Home Economics, and Journalism; alumni, libraries, the President of UGA, commencement, enrollment, history, scholarships, fellowships, grants, science center, news briefs, graduate school, University Center, military, sororities and fraternities, athletics, faculty, and continuing education.
28Clippings, 1956-1957
Subjects include the College of Business Administration, Education, Arts and Sciences, and Agriculture; the School of Law, Pharmacy, Home Economics, Forestry, Journalism, and Veterinary Medicine; libraries, science center, continuing education, campus capsule, university center, military, alumni, Georgia Review and Press, enrollment, commencement, history, the President of UGA, faculty, and athletics.
29Clippings, 1958-1959
Subjects include the College of Agriculture, Arts and Science, Business Administration, and Education; the School of Law, Pharmacy, Journalism, Forestry, Veterinary Medicine, and Home Economics; alumni, science center, continuing education, faculty, graduate school, scholarships, fellowships, grants, sororities and fraternities, athletics, the President of UGA, university center, military, Georgia Review and Press, campus capsule, enrollment, commencement, history, and news briefs.
30Clippings, 1959-1961
Subjects include N-P
31Clippings, 1959-1961
Subjects include A-B
32Clippings, 1959-1961
Subjects include C
33Clippings, 1959-1961
Subjects D-F
34Clippings, 1959-1961
Subjects G-H
35Clippings, 1959-1961
Subjects I-M
36Clippings, 1959-1961
Subjects R-S
37Clippings, 1959-1961
Subjects T-Z
38Clippings, 1971-1972
Subjects include students, special events, faculty and staff, crisis, academic programs, alumni, and research.
39Clippings, 1974-1975
Subjects include faculty and staff, students, special events, research, academic programs, services, university system, and crisis.
40Clippings, 1973-1975
Subjects include buildings and facilities, students, university system, crisis, streakers, faculty and staff, research, alumni, and services.
41Clippings, 1972-1973
Subjects include faculty and staff, crisis, research, special events, buildings and facilities, academic programs, students, and alumni.
42Clippings, 1976-1977
Subjects include crisis, special events, buildings and facilities, faculty and staff, research, university system, alumni, students, academic programs, and service.
43Clippings, 1977-1978
Subjects include buildings and facilities, special events, faculty and staff, alumni, services, academic programs, university system, and research.
44Clippings, 1978-1979
Subjects include buildings and facilities, crisis, research, alumni, special events, academic programs, classic scene family focus, and students.
45Clippings, 1980
Subjects include classic scene family focus, faculty and staff, alumni, students, buildings and facilities, and special events.
46Clippings, 1977-1979
Miscellaneous subjects
47Clippings, 1979-1980
Miscellaneous subjects
48Clippings, 1981
Subjects include classic scene family focus, alumni, buildings and facilities, special events, research, students, faculty, and staff.
49Clippings, 1982
Subjects include Dinnan case, students, building and facilities, alumni, faculty and staff, research, special events, UGA accents,
50Clippings, 1983
Subjects include buildings and facilities, research, special events, faculty and staff, and UGA accents
51Clippings, 1983
Miscellaneous subjects
52Clippings, 1983-1984
Subjects include students, Board of Regents, desegregation, special events, university accent, and research.
53Clippings, 1984
Miscellaneous subjects
54Clippings, 1984
Subjects include faculty and staff, students, buildings and facilities, and alumni.
55Clippings, 1984
Miscellaneous subjects
56Clippings, 1985
Subjects include NCAA, research, alumni, Board of Regents, buildings and facilities, UGA accent, crisis, students, joint Tech and GA, faculty and staff.
57Clippings, 1985
Miscellaneous subjects
58Clippings, 1985
Subjects include scholarships, athletics, bicentennial, buildings, and correspondence.
59Clippings, 1985
Miscellaneous subjects

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