Virginia Trotter papers

Virginia Trotter papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Virginia Trotter papers
Creator: University of Georgia
Creator: Trotter, Virginia Y.
Bulk Dates: 1965-1985
Language(s): English
Extent: 66 Linear Feet (66 boxes)
Collection Number: UA97-073
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

Virginia Trotter was the vice president for academic affairs at the University of Georgia from 1981-1986. Her job was to promote a campus environment centered on teaching, research and public service, and she was the first woman to serve in this capacity. Trotter's service at UGA ended in the wake of the Jan Kemp scandal in 1986.

Trotter began her administrative career at the University of Utah in 1948 as director of the university's home management laboratory. From 1950 to 1955 she served as head of the Home Economics and Management Division at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. From 1955 to 1963 she worked as chairman of home economics at the University of Vermont.

Trotter returned to the University of Nebraska in 1963 and served as dean of the College of Home Economics at the school until 1972, and vice chancellor for academic affairs from 1972 to 1974. Immediately prior to her UGA role, Kemp was the Assistant Secretary of Education from 1974 to 1977. She served in as an educator in home economics at the University of Utah, University of Vermont, and University of Nebraska Lincoln.

Scope and Content

This collection contains administrative subject files and files concerning departments and school at the univeristy. These include memos, correspondence, studies, reports, and planning documents.

Administrative Information

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[Item, box, folder], Virginia Trotter papers, UA97-079, University Archives, University of Georgia

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1. Administrative subject files

11Administrative structure - UGA - Bill Owens report, 1982
12Administrative Committe on Transfer of Credit
13Proposal for Office of Advising and Retention Services
14Advanced technology - a supplemental report
15Affirmative Action, 1981
16Alumni Foundation distinguished professors
17Alumni Relations
18American Council on Education
19American Council on Education - Minneapolis, MN, 1981
110American Association of University Professors
111American Psychological Association
112Anderson, Geraldine
113American Association of State Colleges & Universities Resource Center, 1982
114-15Georgia Museum of Art
116Richard Schneiderman
117Art Therapy
118Awards, Fellowships, 1982
119Audio Teleconferencing proposal, 1982
120Sandy Beaver endowment
121Bielfeld exchange
122Sharon Price Bonham
123Jim Buck
124Maija S. Blaubergs
126Campbell Foundation, 1983
127Campus planning
129Capital campaign meetings
130University calendar - Bulletin
131Campaign planning
132Jim Carmon
133The Carter Center
134Chicopee, Barber, Jordan & Smith
135Use of Chicopee space
136Proposed commencement exercises from Nebraska - Chancellor Bob Rutford
137Council of Deans, 1983
138Computer use by departments
139Committee for the Selection of Students & Faculty for National & International Awards, Fellowships, 1982
140Criminal Justice
141Cooperative Extension Services
142Cortona, 1980
143Cortona, 1981
144Cooperative Residential Doctoral Level - Degree Program between UGA & Valdosta State
145Computer Science Committee
21Academic advisors, 1969
22Admissions Committee, 1971
23Admissions/Alumni Position
24Advisory Committee for Auxiliary Enterprises
25Association of American Colleges
26Fellowships for Black Students (Other Sources of Aid), 1969
27Board of regents Correspondence, 1969-1971
28Computer Registration Sub-Committee Ted Hammock
29CLEP Achievement Test
210Correspondence With Registrar, 1972-1974
211Durham, North Carolina Trip , 1978
212Faculty Effort Report
213Georgia Intern Program, 1972-1973
214Graduate Teaching Assistants
215Health Professions Scholarship , 1969
216Hew Visitation Teams , 1969 June 4-5
217Higher Education-News Clipping General-Impact of Federal Aid
218Hamilton McWhorter Award
219Georgia Higher Education Facilities Commission
220Justification for Return of business Administration Positions: Cover and Gates
221Justification for Return of Betty Baily Position
222Justification for Return of Paul Camp Position , 1976
223Justification for Return of K. Coleman Position
224Justification for Return of Education Positions: Ainsworth, Byars, Dickerson, Oliver, Shufelt
225Justification for Return of Gerschefski Position
226Justification for Return of Gerald Huff Position, 1975
227Justification for Return of D.H. Jones Position
228Justification for return of Wynelle Johnson Position
229Justification for Return of LaBoon Position
230Justification for Return of W. Range Position , 1975
231Justification for Retention of Dean Rusk Position
232Justification for Return of Wm. Sears Position
233Justification for Return of H.R. Seibold Position
234Justification for Return of Shenton Position , 1976
235Justification for Return of Wachowiak Position , 1976
236Justification for Return of L. Walker Position
237Justification for Return of H. Wescott Position
238Justification for Return of Westerfield Position , 1975
239Justification for Return of J. Westfall Position
240UGA Preliminary Budget , 1977-1978
241University System Budget Request , 1977-1978
242Preliminary Budget, Provost's Units, 1977-1978
243Reduction of Budget, 1975 July
244Contingency Plan , 1976-1977
245Monthly Budget Conferences
31Affirmative Action
32African-American Institute , 1982
33Decrease in Allocation, 1971-1972
34Analysis of Vacant Positions
35University Teaching Awards
36BIFAD Briefs and NASULAGC Statement of Principles - International development - Dr. Darl E. Snyder
37Board of Regents, 1983
38Budget Information, 1970-1971
39Provost S. W. Pelletier Budget Development Material, 1972-1973
310Zero Base Budget
311Financial Situation
312Freeze, 1971
313Budget Reduction Correspondence , 1971 August
314Salary Averages by School and College
315Functional Budget Classifcations
316Capital Outlay Requests , 1972
317Preliminary Budget, 1972-1973
3185 Year Projection
319Budget Amendments Being Held for Budget Conferences
320Regents' Formula
321Formula Review Study, 1972 August 4
322Wage & Salary Schedules, 1971 July 1
323Formula Review
324Comparison of revenues & Expenditures UGA - Ga. State - Ga. Tech
325Budget , 1971-1972
326Conserving Funds , 1975
327Budget Allocation and Schedule B
328Budget Information - Coop. Extension
329Budget Information , 1975-1976
330Correspondence , 1981
331Developmental Studies
332General Correspondence, 1975-1982
333Description of Administrative Functions
334Deans Directors, Department Heads
335Pre-dentistry Degree
41Abeneefoo Kuo (Black Student Hon. Soc.)
42Lift Every Voice
43Abeneefoo Kuo (Minutes)
44Abeneefoo Kuo Printouts and Correspondence
45Meeting Memos, 1979
46Abeneefoo Kuo
47Air Meeting, Miami, 1979 May 1-4
48Administrative Data Processing
410Adult Education
411Board of Regents - Florida System, 1970
412Experimental Animals in Research
413A.E. Carter - Microfilm Case
414Lucy Cobb
415Office of Computing Activities , 1983
416Computing Activities
417Core Curriculum
418Student Personnel/Academic Deans Conference , 1971 August 7
419Dialogue , 1970
421James A. Dinnan
422Lamar Dodd
423Economics Department, 1989
424Educational Television
426Extra Compensation Policy, 1970
51Sandy Beaver - Endowment
52Applied Quantitative Sciences Graduate Faculty
53Grand Council of ADPi
54Biomedical Sciences Program
55Paul Brown, 1980
56Black Alumni Association
57Budget - Preliminary
58Professor Thomas Brahana
59Jim Buck, 1981
510Naming of Buildings Policy
512Callaway Meeting Deans & VP's
513University Calendar - Bulltein, 1979-1981
514Calendar - Proposed through 1982
515Campaign Planning
516Capital Campaign Activity Reports
517Capital Campaign Meeting, 1981
518Campaign Planning
519Capital Campaign Development (Ed Olson)
520Campaign Planning
521Capital Outlay Requests , 1981
522Use of Chicopee Space
523Campus Planning
524Chicopee Dr. Virginia Trotter
525Cortona , 1981
526Cortona, 1980
527Chicopee Barber, Jordan, and Smith
528China Program
529Proposed Graduate Program in Community & Regional Development
530Competency-Based Education
531Conflict of Interest Policy, 1980
532Commencement , 1980
533Comparative Literature
534Computer Executive Committee
535Data Processing Utilization
536Computer Users Committee
537Dallmeyer Information , 1981
538President Davidson and committee on Increasing Credit Hour Production
539Cyber, 1980
541Debate Program
542Degree Program Proposal
543Distributive Education
544Dodd Chair in Art
545Lamar Dodd, 1981
546Draper Chair
548Educational Opportunities Center
549James E. Eisele , 1980
550EEO/Affirmative Action
551Enrollment Information
552Enrollment Projections
553Background: Prior Correspondence re Center for Environmental Safety, 1981
554Erlangen Exchange Program
555Scheduling of Classes and Exams
556Executive Women in Government
557Extra Compensation Policy, 1980
558Faculty Evaluation
62Campus Planning, 1974 July 1
63Capital Campaign Development (Ed Olson)
65Numbered Memoranda from Chancellor
66Chemistry Department , 1976
67Chicopee Dr. Virginia Trotter
68China Program
69Classics Department , 1979
610Classroom Equipment
611Class-Time Requirement
612Climatology Program
613Meeting with Carmon and A&S Department Heads , 1979 October 3
614Institution of Community & Area Development
615Comparative Literature
616Office of Computing Activities
617Commencement , 1979
618Computing Advisory Committee
619Computer Presentation
620Computer Use by Departments
621Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences , 1975
622Counseling and Human Development Graduate Program
623Counseling & Testing Center
624Counseling - Psychology & Education, 1979
625Continuing Education
626Contracts and Grants
627Criminal Justice Program
628Curriculum Problems B.A. College, A&S College, Journalism, 1979
630Commencement, 1978
631UGA Degrees Conferred, 1978 August 19
632Graduate Degrees Conferred , 1975 December
633August Graduation , 1975
634Computer Center, 1974 July 1 - 1976 July 1
635Computer Center, 1973 July 1- 1974 July 1
636Computer Center, 1969 September - 1973 July
71Computer Activities Reorganization
72Computer Network for System
73Control Data Corporation
74Computer Sciences Corporation
75Conflict of Interest Situations , 1970
76Construction Progress Reports
77Continuing Education , 1970-1975
78Continuing Education - Credit Programs
79Contracts and Grants
710Contracts& Grants Audit, 1973
711Control Data Corporation
712Student Convocation , 1979 September 17
713Curriculum Study , 1972 May
714System Committee on Computer Sciences
715Curriculum Committee
716Meeting of System Committee on English Regents' Office Atlanta
717Faculty Affairs Committee
718Committee on English and Journalism
719Executive Committee of Administrative Committee on Academic Affairs University System
720Committee on Facilities
721Faculty Executive Committee, 1980
722System Committee on Fine and Applied Arts
723System Committee on Fiscal Affairs
724Committee on Campus Fund Drives
725System Committee on Geological Sciences, 1979
726System Committee on Graduate Work
727System Committee on Health Professions
728System Committee on History
729System Committee on Home Economics , 1979
730Student Senate Housing Committee
731System Committee on Institutional Research & Planning
732System Committee on Language and Literature
733System Committee on Mathematics, 1978
734System Committee on Minorities
735System Committee on Nursing
81Cahill Matter
82Math CAM
83Center for Applied Math, 1978-1979
84Center for Applied Mathematics , 1976-1978
85CAIS Center for Applied Isotope Studies
86Campus Planning , 1972 July 1 - 1974 July 1
87Campus Planning, 1971 July 1 - 1972 July 1
88 Campus Planning , 1969 September 1 - 1971 July 1
89Campus Planning & Improvement Committee
810Carnegie Commission
811Carnegie Corporation
812Report for Carnegie Council on Policy Studies in Higher Education , 1975 April
813Castricone Case
814Catfish Culture Agriculture
815Center for Study of Automation and Society in College of Business Administration
816Charter Club, 1978
817Chemical Compound Registry Program
818Chemistry Department , 1974-1976
819Chemistry Department , 1972-1974
820Conference of Chief Academic Officers (Annual Occurrence)
821Christ-Janer Exhibition and Catalogue
822Chronicle Article on State Monies
823Citizens Panel of Georgia (College of Business Administration), 1976
824Child and Family Development Presentation to Governor Busbee , 1978 August
825Clark Howell Hall Conversion
826CLEO Report Larry Blount
827College Art Association
828Cole, Robert D. Patent Matter, 1974
829Coleman and Bryant
830Home Cooper
831Collective Bargaining in Higher Education
832Coliseum , 1978
833Commencement , 1976 June
834Commencement Exercises (Recommended Changes)
835Commencement Programs
91Purchase of Darrah Collection - Art
92Information on Degree Programs for Chancellor & Broun, 1975 January
93Graduate Degrees Conferred , 1974 December
94Recipients of Graduate Degrees , 1975 March
95Graduate Degrees , 1977 August
96Graduate School Degrees Conferred , 1976 March 22 - 1978 December 12
97Graduate School Degrees Conferred , 1979 August 18 - 1980 March 22
98Demographic Center
99Vice President for Development
910Vice President for Development , 1975-1978
911UGA Dialogue , 1970-1972
912Dixie Resolution
913Dormitory Situation, 1972
914Drug Abuse and Control
915Dyer Proposal on History of UGA
916ECK, Richard
917Education for Government Service , 1969
918Educational Television
919College of Education, 1969-1972
920Hardy Edwards
921Television Agreement Between University of Georgia and State Department
922The Elusive Goal of Educational Equality Patricia Cross
923Education's Newsletter, 1970
924Educational Testing Service
925Institute for Educational Management
926Electron Microscopy Lab
927Employee Course Loads
928Employee Relations Institute
929Energy Conservation Program
930Energy Colloquium Georgia and Georgia Tech, 1977
931Energy Research Program
932Progress Reports in Enrichment Areas
933Environmental Center
934Environmental Design's Report to Goals Committee, 1977
935Equipment and Services
936Exclusion Policies Study
937Physical Inventory of Equipment
938University Evening Program, 1970
101Special Administrative Supplements
102Analyses of Budgetary Changes
103Analyses of Vacant Positions
104Contingency Fund Analyses
105Admissions, 1968
106Equal Employment Office Ed Wilker Affirmative Action Office Len Davis
107Evaluations and faculty Activity Reports
108Athletes General
109Danforth Awards, 1963
1010Dormitory Committee
1011Enrollment Figures
1012College Night
1013University Curriculum Committee Meeting Folder, 1971
1014University Curriculum Procedure Sub-Committee
1015Curriculum Committee Journalism
1016Examination on United States and Georgia History
1017Foreign studies , 1970
1018Girls' State
1019Harlem College Assistance Program
1020Higher Education Questionnaire
1021Honors Day , 1972
111Academic Probation
112Ad Hoc Committees
113Administrative Assistant Special Requests
114Advisory Council University System
115College of Agriculture , 1975
116American Council on Education, Washington, D.C., 1975 October 8-10
117American Council on Education Annual Meeting, San Diego, 1974 October 9-11
118English Department Correspondence Memoranda
1110Institute of Higher Education
1111Conference on Issues in Higher Education, Washington, D.C., 1974 July 29-31
1112Annual Report
1113Athens City Officials Meeting With Re Bus System
1115Business School, 1979
1116Black Graduate Students
1117Black Faculty Matters
1118Minority Student Recruitment Correspondence
1119Center for Minority Research Development
1120Recruitment , 1979
1121New Student Program
1122Underrepresentation of Qualified Black Students
1123Andrew Young CII
1124Board of Regents Miscellaneous , 1974
1125Graduate Degrees in Business
1126Computer Center
1127Consolidated Reporting Systems , 1972-1973
1128Data Processing Student Studies, 1968-1970
1129Dean Tate retirement Committee
1130Dean of Students
1131Deans Meeting Minutes
1132Degree Programs, 1973-1974
1133Diehl, William
1134Department of Education
1135Equal Opportunity Center General Correspondence
1136Georgia Association of Health, Physical Education & Recreation Annual Convention , 1973 April 1
1137Georgia Intern Program, 1972-1973
1139Higher Education 25th National Conference
1140Conference on Issues in Higher Education, Washington D.C. , 1974 July 29-31
1141Heart Fund Drive Leroy Ervin-Chair, 1980-1982
121Affirmative Action Program
122Annual Report , 1969-1970
123Administrative Team Leadership Conference
124Student Activities (Space, Center)
125Associate Dean of Students for Programs (MCBEE), 1970
126Associate Dean of Students for Advisement (Tate)
127Policy Sub-Committee Board of Student Communications
128Busan Sanub University
129Advisory Committee (International Development), 1983
1210Chinese Exchange
1211Erlangen Program
1212Council for International Exchange of Scholars
1213International Education Center, 1979
1214Bush Photographs
1216Regents Opportunity Scholarship Program, 1982-1983
1217ROTC Mobilization
1218ROS Audit Report, 1979
1219Vice President Trotter
1220Top 20
1221University System Academic Program Summary
1222Inside Working Committee, 1984
1223Draft Conversion Plan
1224Guidelines for Readmission
1225Emeritus Faculty
1226Incompletes, 1977
1227Dean's Representative Probation/Dismissal
1228Admission to School System After a Second Dismissal , 1980 May
1229Shortening Exam Schedule
1230Two Hour Exams
1231Faculty Handbook, 1978-1979
1232Governors Honors Program
1233Honors Day, 1980
1234Honors Day, 1979
1235Honors Day, 1978
1236Honors, 1975-1977
132University System Advisory Council Academic and Administrative Committee
133Academic Calendar, 1979-1981
134Academic Honors
135ACES (Association for Counselor Education and Supervision), 1976
136Admissions Status Reports
137Admissions Transfer Student Information
138New Appointments and Promotions
139Admissions Committee Academic School Year, 1978
1310Correspondence With Admissions Office
1311Affirmative Action Policy Statement
1312Afro-American Studies
1313Annual Reports, 1977-1978
1315Arts and Sciences Resolution
1316Applicant Clearinghouse
1317Auditing Classes, 1975
1318The Bakke Case
1319Buck Admissions
1320Educational Records
1321Business School File, 1977
1323CAEL (Cooperative Assessment of Experimental Learning)
1324Correspondence RE: Christian College
1325CLEP Credit
1326CLEO Institute , 1977
1327Computer Assisted Instruction
1328Correspondence - Registrar
1329Core Curriculum
1330Construction Progress Report, 1974
1331Curriculum Information
1332Counseling Department
1333Curriculum Management Guidelines
1334Enrollment - Registrar's Office, 1979
1335Employment Opportunities Bulletin
1336Admission - Enrollment
1337Projecting Enrollments
1338Predicted Freshman Enrollment, 1975
1339Environmental Education
1340Black Enrollment
1341Society of Ethnic and Special Studies Conference, 1977 October 26-29
1342Evaluation Guide for Junior Colleges
1343Credit Evaluation Guide for Junior College
1344Equal Pay
1345Faculty Leave, 1976
1346Fine Arts Auditorium
1347UGA Faculty Course Evaluation Form
1348Findings (A Portrait of Blacks in Graduate Studies)
1349Freshman Grade Averages, 1975
1350Material for Future Hew Reports
1351Uniform Grading Policy
1352Gist Service
1353Grading Systems
1354Grade Reports, 1973
1355Graduate Student Information
1356Grades - Distribution
1357Graduate Teaching Assistant
1358Graduate School Reports, 1977
1359Graduate School File
1360Handicapped Students
1361Honorarium and Fees Policy
1362Honors Program, 1978
1363Honors Day , 1978-1980
1364Human Rights
141Annual Report, 1980-1981
142Annual Report, 1982-1983
143Class Size Analysis , 1980-1981
144Educational Psychology
145Endowment Funds
146Experiment Stations , 1974-1975
147Experiment Stations , 1969 September 1 - 1974 July 1
148Faculty Teaching Data
1410Faculty Grievance Procedures
1411Faculty Records, 1981
1412Fine Arts Theater
1413Follow Through Project
1414PhD Program - Foods and Nutrition
1415University of Georgia Foundation , 1981
1417Foundation Distinguished Professors
1419Fulbright-Hays Visiting Professor Exchange Program
1420Foundation Fellowship Program
1421Jack Frazer, 1981
1422Global Studies
1423Graduate School Data , 1980 December
1425Director of Institutional Research
1426Institutional Research - Miscellaneous
1427IBM - Correspondence , 1970
1428IBM Course
1429Basic Institutional Data Report (Higher Education Facilities)
151Applied Mathematical Science
152Asian Inter Disciplinary Group
153Audio Teleconference Proposal
154Applicant Clearinghouse , 1982
155Needs Assessment
156AAAC Meeting ROTC Graduation Requirement
157Advanced Technology student Post-Secondary Area Vocational-Technical Schools
158Bicentennial Expositions Evaluations, 1985
159Bicentennial Recognition Committee
1510Bicentennial Planning Committee
1511Bicentennial Special Projects
1512Bicentennial Related , 1984
1513Bicentennial Related
1514Board of regents (Henry G. Neal)
1515Board of Visitors
1516Cancellation of Classes, 1983
1517Chinese Language
1518Committee on Information Collection and Utilization
1519National Teacher Examination
1520National Faculty Exchange
1521Business Administration Special Allocation (Dr. Billings - 2-5671), 1979
1522Graduate Assistantship
1523Home Economics Special Allocation (Dean Pou - 2-2551)
1524Journalism Special Allocation (Dr. Foote - 2-4466)
1525Law Special Allocation (Dean Beaird - 2-7140), 1979
1526Social Wok Special Allocation (Dean Stewart - 2-3364)
1527Special Studies Special Allocation (Dr. Ervin - 2-5977)
1528Graduate Councril
1529Graduation GPA, 1981
1530High School Counselors Visitors
1531History Department
1532History Day , 1982-1983
1533Instructional Advisory Committee, 1980
1534Honors Day, 1982
1535Honors Day, 1983
1536Institutional Research and Planning
1537International Education, 1969
161Affirmative Action Compliance Program
162Affirmative Action for the Handicapped
163Affirmative Action
164Affirmative Action Plan, 1973-1974
165Deregulation of Higher Education
166Decree Abolishing Segregation
167Equal Employment Opportunity - General, 1973 February 1 - 1974 July 1
168Affirmative Action Plan Draft, 1973-1974
169Equal Employment Opportunity Counterpart Study, 1974-1975
1610Equal Employment Opportunity, 1975
1611Labor Department Team
1612Employment of Minorities
1613Fair Employment Practices Act Discussed at AAAC, 1978 June 6
1614President's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped
1615A. Gergeley Rehabilitation Counseling UGA
1616 Title IX Compliance
1617Title IX Regulations , 1979
1618Title IX Team Visit
171College of Education, 1972-1974
172College of education, 1974 July 1 - 1978
173Education Meeting In Atlanta (with Joe Williams), 1977 November 28
174Vocational Education
175Education - Organization, 1976
176Education Division - Physical Education
177Education - Budget
178Elementary Education and the Disciplines
179College of Education, 1978 July 1 - 1979 July 1
1710Faculty Forum
1711Faculty - Administration Unrest
1712Faculty Executive Committee, 1976 July 1
1713Faculty Graduate Work
1714Faculty Handbook Distribution
1715Faculty Handbook - Revision, 1978
1716Faculty Legislative Services
1717Faculty Tour - Tifton Savannah
1718Faculty Unionization
1719Feasibility Study , 1979
1720Financial Accounting Foundation
1721Financial Aid Administrative Hearing
1722Use of Fine Arts Auditorium
1723Food Science, 1970
1724Food Science
1725Ford Foundation
1726Ford Grant -Art
1727Foreign Graduate Assistants, 1975
1728Workshop for Foreign Students - Middle East, 1975 April
1729Minutes of Forest Resources Faculty Meetings
1730School of Forest Resources , 1969 September - 1971 July 1
1731Home Economics, 1976-1978
1732Forest Resources to Goals Committee
17334-H Club Activities
1734Finger, J.M. (Termination)
1735Fraternity Financing, 1975
181Cooperative Extension Service, 1974-1976
182Cooperative Extension , 1969 September 1 - 1974 July 1
183Extension Presentation to House Committee
184Cooperative Extension Employment Practices, 1975 January
185Pharmacy Externship Manual
186Extra Compensation Policy
187Educational Affairs Committee
188J. Donald Elam, 1983
189Electron Microscope
1810Equal Employment Opportunity / Affirmative Action
1811Faculty Grievance Procedures
1812Faculty Retirement, 1982
1813Faculty Leave
1814Faculty Records
1815Faculty Promotions
1816Revised Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure Guidelines, 1981
1817Minority Faculty
1818Faculty Tenure
1819Subcommittee on Tenure Room 447 / Regents Office, 1982 September 22
1820Faculty Evaluations
1821Faculty Affairs Committee
1822Grievance Procedures
1823Faculty Records, 1982
1824Fine Arts Theater
1825Founders Day
1826Foundation of Distinguished Professors
1827Foundation Fellowship Program, 1980-1981
1828University of Georgia Foundation
1830Girl Scouts Council (Northeast Georgia)
1831Girl Scout Council, 1983
1832Girl Scout Council
1834Georgia Colloquim, 1981
1835Garden Club
1836University of Georgia Foundation
1837Georgia Power Distinguished Professorship, 1982
1838Georgia Endowment for the Humanities
1839Georgia History Day
1840The Georgia Review
1841Dr. Virginia Y. Trotter
1842Georgia Science and Engineering Fair, 1983
1843Georgia State University
1844Gehrung Associates
1845Global Education Program
1846Global Policy Studies
1847Graduate Assistants, 1981
1848Graduate Students 10 Hour Policy
1849Graduate Faculty Appointment
191Fume Hood Problem
192Fundraising Study
193Georgia general Assembly Pertinent Legislation
194General Electric Incentive Awards
195Geochronology Lab, 1977
196Georgia Institute of Genetics Property
197Geology Handbook for Graduate Students
198Georgia Association of Colleges
199Georgia Association of Educators, 1976
1910Georgia Intern Program
1911Georgia Postsecondary Education Commission
1913Gerontology, 1980
1914Commitment to Norman Giles
1915Global Policies Studies Program
1916Golden Key Society
1917Goolsby Matter, 1974
1918Institute of Government, 1969 September 1 - 1972 July 1
1919Governor's Intern Program
1920Governor's Conference, 1971
1921Governor's Honors Program
1922Governor's Visit, 1978 August 23
1923Governor's Visit, 1978 August 16
1924Governor's Reorganization
1925Grading Policy
1926Graduate School, 1974 July 1 - 1977 July 1
1927Council of Graduate Schools
1928Graduate School, 1976 July 1
1929Graduate School, 1969 September 1 - 1972 July 1
1930Graduate School, 1972 July 1 - 1974 July 1
1931Survey of Graduate Programs Southern Regional Education Board
1932Committee to Study Graduate Faculty
1933Graduate School Study
1934Review of Graduate Degree Programs for Goals Committee, 1976 May 25
1935Graduate Work Information for Chancellor, 1975 November
1936Graduate Follow-Up Program, 1977
1937Graduate Degrees Conferred, 1977 August
1938Degrees Conferred, 1979 March 20
1939Graduate School Positions
1940Graduate School - Instructions for Preparing the Thesis and Dissertation
1941Grants, Contracts, and Gifts Monthly Report
1942John L Green, 1971
201School of Journalism, 1969-1972
202Journalism Advisory Board Meeting, 1975 April 25
203Automation - Library
204Downs Survey of UGA Libraries, 1966
205Marvel System - Library Automation
206Center for Research Libraries
207Hirshoren Case
208Library & Instructional Aids Committee, 1979
209Law Library - Administration
2010System Committee on Libraries
2011UGA Libraries , 1969 September 1 - 1973 July 1
2012Libraries, 1973 July 1 - 1975 July 1
2013Libraries, 1975 July 1 - 1976 July 1
2014Libraries, 1976 July 1 - 1978 July 1
2015Libraries, 1978 July 1
2018The Loving Book
2019Lunatic File
202115 - Minute Report, 1970
2022Vice Presidents Meeting Minutes , 1971 January - December
2023Minutes of Vice Presidents Meetings , 1970 May - December
2024Minutes of Vice Presidents Meetings, 1970 April
2025Minutes of Vice Presidents Meetings, 1970 November - December
2026Minutes of Vice Presidents Meetings, 1970 January - March
2027Minutes of Vice Presidents Meetings , 1969 September - December
2028National Science Foundation Site Visit - Science Development Extension Proposal
211Health and Physical Education Department
213University Health Services, 1974
215Institute of Higher Education
216History Department
217Horticulture , 1979
218University Housing, 1975
219College of Home Economics
2110Honors Program
2111Inclement Weather Policy
2112Injunction Restraining Order
2113Visit of Israeli Amabassador, 1968 November 15
2114Junior College Conference
2116Waiver of Overhead
2117In-Service Program, 1975
2118Institutional Research
2119Vice President for Instruction, 1975-1977
2120instructional Material Policy
2121Instructional Institutes
2122Interdisciplinary Studies
2123International Development, 1979
2124International Exchange of Scholars
2125International Research and Exchange Board
2126International Services - Student Affairs
2127Journalism Advisory Board, 1979
2129Journalism and Mass Communication
2131Kagoshima Exchange Program, 1979
2132Jan Kemp Timeline Jan Kemp Versus Regents
2134Division of Language and Literature
2135School of Law, 1979
2136School of Law
2137Board of Visitors - Law School
2138Legislative Internship Program
2139Legislature, 1969
221Institutional Research & Planning, 1975 July 1 - 1976 July 1
222Institutional Research, 1974-1975
223Institutional Research, 1971 July 1 - 1974 July 1
224Instruction 200-Level Courses
225Vice President for Instruction, 1974 July 1 - 1975 July 1
226Policy Manual International Programs
227Vice President for Instruction, 1972 July 1 - 1974 July 1
228Vice President for Instruction, 1969-1972
229Instructional Development Task Force, 1969
2210Instructional Research and Development
2211International Audit
2212International Development, General, 1977 July 1 - 1978 July 1
2213International Development, 1978
2214International Development, 1979 January 1 - July 1
2215International Education
2216Center for International Involvement
2217Dr. R. E. Johannes
2218Joint Tech-Georgia
2219Journalism School, 1978 July 1 - 1979 July 1
2220Journalism, 1977 July 1 - 1978 July 1
2221Journalism, 1974 July 1 - 1975 July 1
2222School of Journalism, 1972-1974
2223Journalism School, 1976 July 1 - 1977 July 1
2224School of Jounalism, 1975-1976
232President's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped Washington, D.C., April 28-30
234Higher Education - Institute of
235Honors Program
236Richard C. Huseman, 1982
237Indian Educational Administrative Project, 1981
238Indian Educational Administrators Project , 1982
239Industrial Liason Program
2310Industrial Interface Program
2311Industrial Interface Program
2312Institutional Research, 1982
2313Instructional Grants - Research Found
2314International Letter
2315International Services Student Affairs
2316Guidelines for the University of Georgia Program in Applied Instruction Technologies
2317International Development, 1981
2318International Development
2319International Development
2320Kellogg Foundation
2321Mass Communication Research Proposal, 1982
2322Josaih Meigs Award
2323Louise McBee
241Hay Study
242Health Services, 1972-1974
243Hegis Reports
244Health Services, 1970-1971
245HESTER Articles in Georgia Farmer Magazine
246Title III - Higher Education Act
247Hodgson-Dodd Fund
248School of Home Economics, 1969-1974
249Home Economics, 1978-1979
2410Home Economics - Accreditation Team, 1979 January 22-24
2411Home Economics Report to Committee on Goals, 1976 January
2412Housing, 1974 July 1 - 1975 July 1
2413Housing, 1973 July 1 - 1974 July 1
2414Housing, 1972 July 1 - 1973 July 1
2415Housing, 1970-1972
2416IBM - Data Processing Concepts
2417American Council on Education, 1969-1970
2418Grade Estimate Report, 1970
2419In-Service Program
2420Institutional Research and Planning, 1970-1976
2421Proposal for Interdisciplinary Applied Math Degree Program
2422Clinical Pharmacy Program with Medical College of Georgia
2423UGA Health Services/Medical College Program for Family Practice Residents
2424Baccalaureate Program in Medieval Studies, 1974
2425Music Library
2426North Georgia College Proposal
2427Nursing Program
2428Research Project - W.A. Owens Counseling Aid, 1974
2429Program at U.S. Penitentiary, Atlanta
252Georgia Colloquim, 1981
253Georgia Public Telecommunications Committee
254Georgia - University of
255Georgia Science and Engineering Fair
256Georgia Association of Colleges, 1980
257Georgia Southern
258Girl Scout Council (Northeast GA)
259Global Education Program
2510Global Policy Studies, 1981
2511Graduate Assistants
2512Graduate Council
2513Grievance Procedures
2514Handicapped, 1981
2516Honors Program
2517Higher Education - Institute of
2518Industrial Liaison Program
2519Institutional Research
2520International Development
2521International Research and Exchange Board, 1980
2522International Services - Student Affairs
2524Kagoshima Exchange Program
2525KANSAS Evaluation of Colleges, 1972
2526Kellogg Proposal
2527Kyoto University
2528Lieutenant Governor's Visit, 1978 November 28
2529Landscape Architecture Accreditation
2530Law School, 1975 July 1 - 1977 July 1
2532Aubrey C. Land
2533Dr. Huguette LeGall (Mrs.), 1980
2536Ron McFadden
2537McCay Fund, 1978
2538Math Team
2539Mount Vernon College
2540Sarah Moss Fellowships
2541Monday Meetings, 1981
2543Department of Management
2544Management Seminars
2545Marine Program - General, 1979
2546Math Problem, 1979
2626Lucy Cobb
262Marine Programs, 1969-1972
263Mathematics Department, 1973 July 1 - 1977 July 1
264Math and Statistics
265Applied Math - Reorganization
267Media Resources Survey, 1978
268Michael Awards
269Program Evaluation Committee Report University of Michigan, Dr. Hays
2610Mickelsen Matter
2611Mikaelian Matter, 1975
2612Mobile Archeological and Geochemical Laboratory
2613Proposal for Center for Molecular Catalysis and Chemical Energy Storage (Bruce King)
2614Moore, Rayburn S.
2615Mullen Matter, 1974
2616Mississippi State Alumni Association
2617Music Department Material
2618National Academy of Sciences
2619National Endowment, Humanities
2620NSF Institutional Funds
2621J.C. Nichols, 1973
2622NSF Ceiling Instructional Institutes
2623Jerome Mitchell Matter
2624NIH Report on HEW Obligations
2625Off-Campus Credit, 1973
2626Offender Rehabilitation Program
2627Operation "Catch Up"
2629Outstanding Educators of America, 1973
2630Institutional Research - Owens
2631Page Costs
2632Faculty of Parasitology
2633Parents and Copyrights, 1980
2634Dr. Eugene Papp
2635Peabody Award Information
2636Peabody Collection Accessibility
2637Proposed Personnel Management System, 1977
2638Personnel Policy Manual
2639Reclassification of Personnel Positions
2640Personnel Records Committee
2641Charles Peters, 1978
2642Pharmacy Report to Goals Committee, 1976 February
2643School of Pharmacy, 1969 September - 1976 July
2644Pharmacy School, 1977 July 1 - 1978 July 1
271Provost's Office - General Memoranda
272Vice Presidents' Meeting Minutes, 1973 January - December
273Vice Presidents' Meeting Minutes, 1972 January - December
274Meetings and Conferences - Assorted
275Institutional Research
276Procedures for Ordering textbooks and Study Materials
277Instructional Materials Policy Development, 1968
278Monday Morning Meeting, 1976 January
279Monday Morning Meeting Minutes, 1975 January - December
2710Monday Morning Meeting Minutes, 1974 January - December
2711Pending Material
2712Progress Reports - Special Studies
2713Proposal 48
2714Albert Saye Room, 1983
2715Special Studies
2716Special Studies Correspondence
2717Special Studies, 1973-1977
2718Special Studies
2719Statute Revisions
281Meeting with Mr. Klaus Mai Houston, Texas, 1982 March 11-12
282Monday Meetings
283Moving Expenses (Development)
284C. Peter Macrath University of Minnesota
285Ellen Mattingly, 1982
286Museum of Natural History
287Visit of Mrs. Navon, 1983 January 6
288News Releases / Public Relations
289Adult Learning Listening Network Washington, D.C., 1983 July 16-17
2810OID - Office of Instructional Development
2811Appointments / Promotions / Tenure Advisory Committee
2813Phi Beta Kappa, 1983
2814Phi Kappa Phi
2815Peabody Awards Program
2816Personnel Information
2817Governors Committee on Post-Secondary Education, 1981
2818Presidents Club
2819Faculty Promotions Committee
2820Public Safety
2821Promotions Advisory Committee, 1981
2822Regents Opportunity Scholarship
2823Mental Health & Retardation
2824Retardation Center
2825Retrenchment Policy, 1981
2826Rising Junior Exam (Regents Test)
2827Seney-Stovall Theater Chapel
2828Saye Room
2829Small Development Center, 1983
2830Sarah Moss Fellowship Committee
2831Ron Simpson / Instructional Resource Center
2832Southern Association/Colleges and Schools Annual Meeting Dallas, Texas
2833Southern Association of Land Grants - College and Universities, 1982
2834Shell Development Company
2835Jayne Spain
2836Scholarship Program
2837SREB, 1981
2838Climatology Program
2839Information on Semester System
2840Committee on Facilities
2841Committee to Implement Chairperson - Conversion to Semester System, 1983
2842Studies Abroad
2843State-Wide Needs Study
2844Survey Research Center
2845Survey Research Center, 1982
2846Statement on a Great University
2847Sigma Xi
2848Space Utilization
2849Jerrie Teet, 1983
2850Bowen, J. Thomas
2851Truett-McConnell's College
2852J.M. Tull
291Mental Health and Retardation
292Retardation Center
293Louise McBee
294Merle Prunty
295Presidents Club, 1981
296Richard Press Case, 1978
297Governor's Committee on Post-Secondary Education
298Publication Guidelines
299Reaccreditation Visit
2910Retention Task Force, 1980
2911Rising Junior Exam (Regents Test)
2912Russell Chair - Political Science
2913Neil Sanders
2914Saudi Arabian Educational Mission, 1980
2915Savannah River Ecology Lab
2916Sea Grant Day, 1980 March 28
2917Search Committee Director, Georgia Museum
2918Southern Association of Land Grant Colleges and Universities
2919Southern Association of Colleges and School (SACS)
2920Dr. Trotter - Early Semester, 1978
2921Information on Semester System
2923Student Developing Mentoring - Transcript Clearinghouse University of Nebraska at Lincoln
2924Instructional Space, 1980
2925Inventory of Instructional Facilities
2926Climatology Program
2927State Climatology
2928Student Conduct, 1970
2929Student Roundtable
2930Proposed Student information System
2931Studies Abroad Program
2932Study Abroad
2933System Studies Abroad
2934Reaffirmation Committee Report
2935Faculty-Tenure Policy
2936Jim Travis, 1980
2937Jerrie Teet
2938Dean William Tate
2939Lothar Tresp
2940Upward Bound, 1980
2941University of Tennessee Faculty - Exchange
2942Timberlake Controversy
2943University Club
2944University Council, 1980
2945University Press
2946UGA - T.O.
2947University Bookstore
2948Joint PVO / University Rural Development Center, 1981
2949Veterinary Medicine Salary Problems
2950Vice Presidents and Deans
2951Program of Women's Studies
2952Women in Development (Marin Proposal), 1980
2953Word Processing Systems
2954Sub-Committees Notepad, 1973
301McCay Fund
302Ellen Mattingly, 1978
303Marketing Department
304Mathematics Department
305Center for Applied Math, 1979 July 1
306Louise McBee, 1979
307Memos to Vice Presidents, Deans, and Directors
308Mental Health - Student Counseling Budget Matter, 1974-1975
3010University for Women, Columbia, Missouri, 1978 May 7-8
3011Moving Expenses (Development)
3012Music Department
3013Harvard Institute for Educational Management Summer, 1979
3015Naming of Building
3016National Advisory Council to the President
3017National Institute of Education, 1978
3018SAT National Merit
3019National Science Foundation
3020National Student Exchange
3021Proposed Natural History Museum, 1979
3022Museum of Natural History
3023National Land-Grant Association
3024National Teacher Exam Materials (NTE)
3026OID - Office of Instructional Development, 1980
3027Hubert Owens
3029William D. Paul
3030Paul William DeWitt Jr., 1980
3031Peabody Awards Program
3032Joe Pou
3033Charge to Faculty Promotion Committee
3034Promotions Advisory Committee, 1980
311Marshall Scholarships
312Certificate of Merit Summer Conference
313National Science Foundation
314New Faculty Brochures
315New York Urban Fellowship Program, 1970
316Questionnaire (McCloskey)
317Project Transition and Value
318Office of Education Fellows Program
319Orientation, 1969
3111Physical Education
3112PPBS General, 1973 July 1
3113Plant Fund Projects, 1970
3114Personnel Policy Draft, 1970
3115Project Fait
3116Library Search of Women's Purses
3117Regents Faculty Assignment Reports
3118Registration Procedures
3119Retrenchment, 1981
3121Rosh Hashonah , 1969
3122Study Abroad Program
3123Student Voluntary Action Programs
3124Statutes, 1981-1983
3125Statutes Revision
3126Statutes Revision
3127Statistical Table on Married Students Fall, 1970
3128Simpson-Langworth-Bell Hearings
3129Student Handbook and Organization Regulations
3130Student Conference on U.S. Affairs, West Point, 1969
3131SDS Student for a Democratic Society
3132Summer School, 1981
3133Summer Trial Program
3134Tutors - Reports of Fall Program, 1968
3135University - Community Relations Committee
3136United Free Press
3137Urban Affairs
3138Vocational-technical Schools Advisory Conference on Student Personnel Services, 1966
3139Veteran of Foreign Wars Congressional Award Richard B. Russell
3140The White House Fellows
3141Washington Summer Intern Program
3142West Point Conference, 1970 November
3143West Bend Company
321Inside Working Committee
322In-Service Education
323International Development - Kagoshima University
324International Forestry Center
325Japan Economic Institute, 1984
326Japan Newsletter
327Joint PVO / University Rural Development Center
328Liability Issues
329Quarterly Enrollment Reports, 1972-1973
3210Quarterly Enrollment Reports
3211Sarah Moss Scholarship Annual Report, 1974
3212Student Personnel Staff Meetings
3213College Level Examination Program Achievement Test
3214Summer Orientation, 1970
3215Summer Sessions
3216University Statutes
3217University Statutes
3218Traffic Safety and Parking
3219TRESP Articles for World Biography
3220Tropical Studies
3221Tutorial Program
331School of Law, 1974-1975
332Accreditation Report on Law School, 1978
333School of Law, 1972-1974
334Addition to the Law Library
335School of Law, 1969-1972
336Koelsche - Booth Matter
337Law School Study
338Visit to Berkely Law School, 1973 January
339Law - Salary Comparisons
3310Visit to University of Chicago School of Law
3311Learning-Service Centers Social Work
3312Legislative Visit, 1983 December 3-4
3313Legislative Committee on Health Education
3315House Legislative Committee on Higher Education
3316Cooperative Extension Service, 1977
3317Lindsey File #2
3318Governor's Intern Program Referral and Placement Information
3319Parthemos Correspondence, 1968-1969
3320Parthemos Correspondence, 1968-1969
3321Placement and Student Aid
3322Board of Student Communications
3323Tutorial Program
3324Administrative Data Processing Unit, 1973
3325Tutorial Program, 1970-1971
3326University Healthy Center
341Doctor of Pharmacy Degree Program
342Degree Program in Plant Protection and Pest Management
343Proposal for Law Enforcement Assistance Administration Grant for Police Work State Crime Commission
344Bachelor of Science in Pre-Dentistry
345Public Administration - Degree Program, 1974
346Graduate Course - Experimental Psychology
347Quality of Life Research Center, 1975 October
348Recruitment Outreach (Proposal Prepared and Submitted by Leroy Ervin), 1977 April 1
349PH.D. in Speech Communication
3410Review of Graduate Program in Social Work, 1978 January 11
3411Program for Degree in Social Work
3412Teacher Corps Proposal
3413Masters of Arts in Teaching Proposal
3414Material on Two-Year Degree Program, 1975
3415Desegregation Plans
3416Equal Employment Opportunity - General, 1976 January 1 - 1976 July 1
3417Equal Employment Opportunity, 1977 July 1
3418Equal Employment Opportunity - General, 1975 July 1 - 1976 January 1
3419Equal Employment Opportunity, 1976 July 1
3420Equal Employment Opportunity - General
351Pharmacy School, 1972 July 1 - 1979 July 1
352Baccalaureate Program in Pharmacy - Action and Recommendations of the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education, 1978 June
353Physical Plant - Vehicles
354Physical Department, 1972 - 1978 July 1
355Political Science, 1971-1976
356Speeches by President Davison
357President's Reception
358Position Descriptions - Provost's Office, Units
359Procurement Problems, 1978
3510Public Relations
3511Public Safety , 1970-1972
3512Public Safety, 1972 July 1 - 1974 July 1
3513National Conference on Public Service, 1974 June 23-26
3514Publications Program Material
3515Quarter-Semester Dilemma J.J. Sullivan
3516Quarter System Institutions Outside of State System
3517Reading and Writing Clinic, 1972
3518Records Management
3519Regent Richardson's Visit, 1974 May 28
3520Rising Junior Exam - Regent's Test, 1976
3521Regent's Test, 1977-1978
3522Regents' Testing Program, 1978-1979
3523Regents' Visit, 1973 April 10-11
3524Activity Summary for Regents
3525Regents' Visitation Committee, 1975 October
3526Registrar's Office, 1977 -1978 July
3527Registration Systems
3528Registrar & Registration Matters, 1971 - 1977 June
3529Major Rehabilitation Needs
3530Reorganization and Management Improvement Project Implementation
3531Reproduction Research Laboratory
3532Committee on Rental Agreements, 1974
3533Renovation Projects, 1977-1978
3534Retnz Visit
361Research Presentation to Regents
362Vice President for Research, 1976
363Role of Research in the University Eugene Odum
364Research Proposals Submitted and Awarded
365Research Proposals and Grants Awarded, 1973-1974
366General Research - Contracts and Grants
367Electronics Shop - Research
368Research Park
369Requests for Information on University Policy, 1978
3610Committee on Central Research Stores
3611Committee on Survey Research Center
3612Vice President for Research, 1969 September 1 - 1972 July 1
3613Regents Testing Program Reports, 1972-1975
3614Retardation Center Information
3615Georgia Retardation Center Athens Unit
3616ROTC Recruitment Material
3617Dedication of Rusk Center
3618Safety Services and Radiation
3619Sapelo Island Research Foundation
3620Savings Bond Drive, 1978
3621University Scholarship Committee
3622Georgia Science Fair
3623Society for College and University Planning
3624Vice President for Services, 1970-1977
3625Sewage Disposal
3626O. Suthern Sims - Confidential
3627Shockley Incident
3628Institute of Social Welfare Research, 1973
3629Regional Institute of Social Welfare Research
3630Social Work School, 1970-1977
3631Social Work Report to Goals Committee
3632Solicitation Policy
3633Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
3634Southern Association Land-Grant College and University
3635Southern Education Foundation
3636Southern Land-Grant Meeting Jacksonville, Florida, 1979 September 24-25
3637Southern Regional Education Board
3638Southeastern Teacher Corps
3639Instructional Space Utilization
371Student Credit Hours
372Early Semester System
373Atlanta Public Conference Georgia Center, 1983 November 14
374Atlanta Public Schools - Georgia, Therrell, Fulton High Schools - Collaborative Conferences
375Summer School, 1982
376Special Assignments - Summer, 1982
377Summer School Letter, 1981
378Summary of Requested Budget Amendment Number 3, 1975 June 30
379Summary of Characteristics of Entering First Time Students
3710Student Records Advisory Committee
3711Patent Policy
3712Phelps Stocks Fund, 1977
3713Phinizy Lectures
3714Public Safety Division
3715Posting of Job Vacancies
3716Public Service Internship Bulletin, 1974
3717Policy on Withdrawals (W & WF's)
3718Policy Guidelines for Fund Raising
3719Property Leases and Rental Agreements
3721Orientation and Advisory Committee, 1977
3722National Association of State University and Land-Grant Colleges
3723National Association of Remedial / Developmental Studies in Post-Secondary Education
3724NAACP Legal Defense
3725National Association of State University, 1977
3726Senator Nunn's Internship Program
3727National Teachers' Exam
372810th Anniversary - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
3729Inter-Office Communication Concerns and Problems, 1978
3730Community - Jr. Colleges Conference Miami, Florida
3731Late Payment of Fees Policy
3732Minorities - UGA
3733Minority Faculty Members (Black)
3734Memos from Dr. Prunty
3735Memorandums to Dr. Hays
3736Memorandum From the President
3737Memorandums to Deans, Directors, and Department Heads, 1975
3738Summer Sessions
3739Summer School Letters
3740Summer Letters, 1985
3741Summer Letter, 1984
3742Studies Abroad Program
3743Student Roundtable
3744Student Recruitment
3745Student Financial Aid, 1980
3746Student Affairs, 1979 May
3748Semester System Conversion , 1984
3749Summer Quarter, 1986
3750Early Semester Position (Draft)
3751Science Career Workshop Project, 1979
3753Rusk Center Newsletter
3754Science Fair
3755Task Force "A" of the Non-Credit Committee - University System Public Service Committee, 1975
3756Transfer of Credit Policy
3757Transfer Information
3758Tuition Rates
3759Travel, 1978
3760United Negro College Fund
381Student Activities, 1974 July 1
382Vice President - Student Affairs
383Student Affairs
384Career Planning and Placement
385Student Affairs, 1979
386Student Financial Aid
387Student Government Association
388Student Judiciary
389Student Legal Affairs, 1975
3810Student Records (Buckley Amendment)
3811Studies Abroad Program
3812Defense of University Goals - Summer, 1975
3813Suspension and Probation
3814System Studies Abroad
3815Self-Study Report
3816Site Improvements - New Buildings, 1970
3817Public Service Committee Meeting, 1978 November 19
3818System Advisory Council
3819Sub-Committee of Executive Committee of System Administrative Committee on Academic Affairs
3820Instructional Space
3821Solomon, Bill - Legal Assistance for Administrators, 1978
3822Space Availability - Certification
3823Ph D. Program - Speech Communication
3824Staff Benefits
3825Student Retention, 1979
3826Student Roundtable
3827Committee on Academic Advising
3828System Committee on Academic Affairs
3829Admissions Committee, 1979
3830System Committee on Admissions (Testing, Records, Etc.)
3831Athletic Committee
3832System Committee on Biological Sciences
3833System Committee on Business Administration, 1979
3834University System Advisory Council, 1974
3835Information on Semester System
3836 Summer Schedule - Financial Resource Committee
3837System Committee on a Uniform Calendar
3838Academic Committee on Chemistry, 1979
3839System Committee on Criminal Justice
391Student Affairs
392Student Affairs Evaluation
393Student Center
394Student Communications, 1970-1972
395Student Government, 1970-1972
396Student Handbook
397House Committee on System Research
398State House and Senate Committees on the University System
399Sunshine Law, 1972
3910Professional Help for State Planning Bureau, 1969
3911Story, Paul - Patent Matter, 1973
3912Edward A. Stanley
3913Giardini Matter
3914Student Affairs, 1977-1978
3915Student Affairs, 1973 July 1 - 1975 July 1
3916Stauss, Nyles G. (Education)
3917Student Activities, 1975-1976
3918Student Unrest, 1969-1974
3919Student Activities, 1972 July 1 - 1974 July 1
3920System Report on Continuing Education Units
3921System Quarterly Magazine
3922Telecommunications Network
3923Telecommunications in Teaching, 1979
3924Title XII Board for International Food and Agricultural Development / Agency for International Development
3925Tax Exempt Property
3926Technical Organizations
3927Traffic and Parking, 1979
3928Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America College Retirement Equities Fund
3929University System Building Authority
3930University System Advisory Council
401System Committee on Physical Education
402Ad Hoc Committee on Physical Education
403System Committee on Physics
404System Committee on Political Science
405System Committee on Psychology, 1979
406System Committee on Public Service Programs
407System Committee on Research
408System Committee on Social Sciences
409System Committee on Sociology and Anthropology, 1979
4010Staff Benefits Committee
4011System Committee on Special Studies
4012System Committee on Student Affairs
4013System Task Force Committees, 1979
4014System Committee on Teacher Education
4015System Committee - Transfer of Credit
4016Committee on Student Affairs
4017Student I.D. Cards, 1975
4019Transfer of Credit Committee Meeting, Atlanta, 1979 June 5
4020Information on Teaching Assistants, Requested by Jerry Williamson, 1979 February 14
4021University of Tennessee Faculty Exchange
4022Transfer Student Report
4023Lothar Tresp
4024Dean William Tate, 1979
4026UGA Technical Organization
4027University Calendar - Bulletin
4028University Goals Committee, 1977
4029University Press
4030University System - General
4031Upward Bound Project
4032V, 1979
4033Veterinary Medicine
4034Veterinary Medicine Foundation
4035Vice President - Job Descriptions
4037Irregular Students, 1974
4038College of Veterinary Medicine
4039Wilkins Scholarship Fund
4040Regents' Opportunity Scholarship Program
4041Retirement Policy, 1979
4043The Rusk Center
4045Senator Nunn's Internship Program, 1977
4046Scholarship Fund for National Merit Achievement Scholars
4047A Guide to Institutional Self-Study and Evaluation - Educational Programs Abroad
4048Smoking in Classrooms
4049Space Utilization and Curriculum Involvement Data, 1978
4050University Student Information System
411United Way Campaign, 1977
412University Center in Georgia
413UNESCO Conference Georgia center, 1979 December 12-14
414University Center in Georgia
415Executive Committee, University Council , 1976-1977
416Uniform Withdrawal Policy
417National Association for Women Deans Administrators and Counselors
418University Relations
419USIS - University Student Information System Registrar's Office, 1978
4110Institute of Comparative Medicine
4111Veterinary Medicine Articles and Speeches
4112Veterinary Students' Educational Symposium
4113Veterinary Medicine - Special Programs, 1978
4114Southern Regional Education Board - Veterinary Medicine
4115Veterinary Medicine Evaluation, 1975
4116Veterinary Medicine, 1972 July 1 - 1973 July 1
4117Veterinary Medicine, 1973 July 1 - 1974 July 1
4118Veterinary Medicine, 1969 September 1 - 1972 July 1
4119Veterinary Medicine, 1974 July 1 - 1975 July 1
4120Lab Animal Care Comittee
4121Veterinary Medicine, 1977 July
4122Veterinary Medicine Report to Goals Committee
4123Veterinary Medicine - Quarterly Reports
4124Water Pollution Control Material
4125 Standards for the Conduct of Experiments Involving Biohazards, 1977
4126Hazardous Waste Disposal Committee
4127Waste Disposal
4128Safety Hazards at Biochemistry and Chemistry
421Report - Student Athletes
422Womack, Carter
423Student - Athlete Studies
424Athlete - NCAA - Research - Script - Tape, 1982
425A Comparison of Predictors of College Success Criteria for Regular Students and Student-Athletes
426The Association Legal Representation for Athletes
427Atlanta Public Schools/UGA Collaborative - Agreement
428UGA/Atlanta Public Schools Collaborative College Readiness Project - Grant Proposal to Aetna Foundation, 1984
429College Readiness Collaborative Project Northside High School/Atlanta Public Schools/UGA to College Board, 1983 November
4210Grant Proposal to Aetna Atlanta Public Schools Collaborative
4211Research: Intercollegiate Athletes (Richmond, Owens, Taylor)
4212Research Tables
4213Table: Performance of Developmental Students Compared with Regularly Enrolled Students
4214Annual Publications Report Division of Developmental Studies, 1982-1983
4215U.S. Army Basic Skills Education Program
4216Developmental Studies Conference - Ninth Annual, 1984 April
4217Papers Dr. Leroy Ervin
4218Research Dr. Leroy Ervin
4219College Readiness Reports, 1984
4220Vice Chancellor - Academic Affairs
4221Vice Chancellor Fiscal Affairs
4222Vice Chancellor for Planning
4223Vice Chancellor for Research, 1979
4224Weather Communications Center on Campus
4225Women in Higher Education
4226Program of Women's Studies
4227Women in Development (Marin Proposal), 1979
4228Plan to Improvise Writing on Campus
4229X, Y, Z
4230Zoology Department

2. Schools and Departments

431Annual Report, Provost's Office, 1970-1971
432Georgia Museum of Art Annual Report - Second Copy, 1970-1971
433Annual Report, Provost's Office, 1971-1972
434Annual Report, Provost's Office, 1972-1973
435Law School Annual Report, 1972-1973
436Early Semester - Draft #3
437Georgia Horticulture Annual Report
438Annual Report - Journalism , 1971-1972
439Study of Semester System
4310UGA Annual Report Draft, 1972
4311Annual Report - College of Veterinary Medicine, 1978-1979
4312Agriculture, Annual Report, 1978-1979
4313Journalism Annual Report, 1978-1979
4314School of Forest Resources - Research, 1980
4315Early Semester System
4316College of Business Administration Annual Report, 1978-1979
4317Honors Program - Annual Report, 1978-1979
4318Libraries Annual Report
4319Institution of National Resources Annual Report, 1978-1979
4320Computer Center Annual report, 1978-1979
4321Pharmacy Annual Report
4322Annual Report - Pharmacy Graduate Research (LaRocca), 1978-1979
4323Annual Report - Alumni Development (Jim Simmons), 1978-1979
4324Office of Campus Planning Annual Report, 1976-1977
4325UGA Annual Report, 1978
4326Public Service and Extension Annual Report, 1978
4327View From an Inside Closet Annual Report, 1977-1978
4328Research - Annual Report, 1978
4329Annual Report - Marine Sciences, 1978
4330Instructional Resources Center Annual Report, 1978
4331Libraries Annual Report, 1978
4332Annual Report - Arts and Sciences, 1978
4333Annual Report - Pharmacy School, 1977-1978
4334Annual Report - Agriculture, 1978
4335Annual Report - Honors Program, 1977-1978
4336Annual Report - College of Business Administration
4337UGA Programs for Superior Students Annual Report, 1976-1977
4338Institute of Community and Area Development Annual Report, 1973-1974
4339Annual Report, Institutional Research & Planning, 1973-1974
4340Journalism Annual Report, 1973-1974
4341Law School Annual Report, 1973-1974
4342Dean of the School of Law Annual Report, 1973-1974
4343Annual Report - Public Safety, 1974
4344UGA Annual Report, 1972-1973
4345Public Safety Annual Report, 1972-1973
441Art Museum Annual report, 1973-1974
442College of Business Administration Annual report, 1973-1974
443Experiment Stations Biennial Report, 1973-1974
444Graduate School Annual Report, 1973-1974
445Student Affairs, 1974-1975
446Graduate School Annual Report, 1974-197
447Institute of Community and Area Development Annual Report, 1974-1975
448Annual Report, Institutional Research, 1975
449Pharmacy Annual Report, 1974-1975
4410Pharmaceutical Research, 1974-1975
4411University Press Annual Report, 1974-1975
4412Public Safety, 1974-1975
4413Agriculture Annual Report, 1976-1977
4414Business Administration Annual Report, 1976-1977
4415Annual Report, Provost's Office, 1975-1976
4416Annual Report Pharmacy , 1966-1967
4417Annual Report - University, 1975-1976
4418Museum of Art, Annual Report, 1975-1976
4419Art Museum Report, 1974-1975
4420Annual Report, Provost's Office, 1974-1975
4421Annual Report, Provost's Office, 1973-1974
4422Botanical Garden, 1974-1975
4423College of Business Administration, 1974-1975
4424Computer Center, 1974-1975
4425Division of Student Affairs Annual Report, 1975-1976
4426Report of College Business Administration, 1975-1976
4427Campus Planning, Annual Report, 1975-1976
4428Annual Report, Institutional Reserach, 1976
4429Annual Report on Graduate Division of Pharmacy, 1975-1976
4430Annual Report of President Fred C. Davidson, 1975-1976
4431UGA Annual Report Draft, 1970
4432Annual Report, Provost's Office, 1969-1970
4433Museum of Art Annual Report, 1969-1970
4434UGA Report of the President, 1968
4435System Annual Reports
4436Annual Report, Marine Sciences, 1976-1977
4437Annual Report, Vice President for Academic Affairs, 1976-1977
4438Journalism Annual Report, 1976-1977
4439Annual Report - Equal Employment Opportunity Office, 1977
451Ford Foundation Grant for Planning Programming Budgeting System, December 1970
452Planning Programming Budgeting System - General, 1971 July 1 - 1973 July 1
453Alumni Study on University Output Planning Programming Budgeting System
454Public Affairs Documents
455Cost Information Exchange - Planning Programming Budgeting System
456Student Financial Resources Survey - Planning Programming Budgeting System, 1973
457Job for UGA Graduates - Planning Programming Budgeting System
458Degree Programs Available to UGA Students
459A. A. Sterns
4510Planning Programming Budgeting System Presentation, 1972 October 16
4511Planning Programming Budgeting System Grant - Ford Foundation, 1969 April - 1970 December
4512Prospects for Director of Planning Programming Budgeting System Program
4513Final Report to Ford Foundation, 1973 October
4514Planning Programming Budgeting System - General , 1970 July 1 - 1971 July 1
4515UGA Office of Program Planning and Analysis
4516Planning Programming Budgeting System Status Report, 1972 February
461Curriculum, 1974
462Curriculum, 1975
463Course Change Applications
464University Curriculum Committee (Working Committee), 1974 August 8
465Agenda and Copies of New Courses, 1974
466School of Journalism Radio-television-Film Sequence
467Curriculum, 1968
468Curriculum, 1969
469Curriculum, 1970
4610Curriculum, 1971
4611Curriculum, 1972
4612Curriculum, 1973
4613Curriculum, 1973
4614Curriculum Committee Course Changes
471New Courses Approved
472Journalism Drama Courses
473Journalism Package (of Revisions) Humanities and Fine Arts - Social Sciences - Other Professional Courses
474University Curriculum Committee
475Agenda Executive Committee University Curriculum Committee, 1976 July 27
476Agenda University Curriculum Committee
477University Curriculum Committee Minutes Executive Committee and Letter to Full Committee, 1976 July 27 - 1976 August 3
478Marketing, 1976
479Executive Committee - Agenda and Breakdown
4710Agenda - Executive Committee - University Curriculum Committee, 1976 January
4711Agenda - Executive Committee - University Curriculum Committee, 1976 February
4712Agenda - Executive Committee - University Curriculum Committee, 1976 May
4713University Curriculum Committee Membership, 1976 June
4714Curriculum, 1976 July
4715Curriculum, 1976 August
4716Curriculum, 1976 November
4717University Curriculum Committee Calendar of Meetings
4718Curriculum, 1976 October
4719Curriculum, 1976 December
4720Curriculum Committee
4721University Curriculum Committee Statistics
4722University Curriculum Committee Executive Committee, 1975
4723Executive Committee University Curriculum Committee, 1975 May 28
4724Radio-Television-Film Sequence Proposed Curriculum Provisions
4725Curriculum Reports Procedures
4726Horticulture Annual Report, 1978-1979
4727Annual Report, Vice President for Academic Affairs, 1978-1979
4728Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Annual Report, 1978-1979
4729Annual Report - Housing
4730Annual Report - Vice President for Services, 1979
481Botanical Garden - Miscellaneous
482Botanical Garden - Committee Meetings
483Botanical Garden - Brochure
485Botanical Garden - Maps, Diagrams, 1972
486University Press - Editorial Board Manuscripts
487University Press - Editorial Board
488University Press - Manuscript Reports
489University Press - Editorial Board Minutes, 1971
4810University Press - Miscellaneous
4811University Press - Statement of Review and Expenditures
4812University Press - Mark Carroll's Report, Correspondence and Visit
4813UGA Programs for Superior Students
4814Agricultural Engineering
4815Adult Learners and the SAT
4816Division of Developmental Studies
4817Documenting Faculty Excellence
4818Veterinary Medical Experiment Station
4819Office of General Research
4820Public Services Programs
4821Campaign Planning Manual
4822Dr. Trotter
4823Special Studies
4824Social Work Curriculum
491College of Arts and Sciences
492Arts and Sciences
493Arts and Sciences - Dean Payne
494College of Agriculture
495Agricultural Economics, 1980
496Agricultural Engineering
497Agronomy Department
499Department of Animal and Diary Science, 1980
4910Animal and Dairy Science PhD Program
4912Art Department
4913Art History Doctoral Dissertation, 1981
4914Associate of Arts Degree
4916Bamboo Research Station
4917Banking and Finance, 1980
4918Institute for Behavioral Research
4919Biomedical Science Program
4921Botanical Garden, 1981
4923College of Business Administration
4924Ph.D. - Business Administration
4925Small Business Development Center SBDC, 1981
4926School of Accounting
4927Vice President - Business and Finance
4928Campus Planning
4929Chemistry Department, 1980
4930Chemistry Visiting Committees
4931Department of Classics
4932Comparative Literature
4933Computing Activities, 1981
4934Computer and Information Services
4935Criminal Justice
4936President Davidson
4937Cooperative Extension Service, 1981
4938Jim Carmon
4939Vice President for Development
4940Dean Drewry
4941President Davidson
4942Drama and Theater, 1980
4943Expressive Therapies
4944Institute of Ecology
4945Search Committee Dean, College of Education
501Jane Rhoden
502Resident Graduate Center
503Graduate Student Problems/Veterans
504University Health Service
505History Department, 1983
506College of Home Economics
507Office of Instructional Development
508Interfraternity Council
509Institute of Community and Area Development, 1983
5010Instructional Advisory Committee
5011Indirect Cost
5012Interfraternity Council
5013Institute of Government, 1983
5014Industrial Liaison Program
5015Institute of Natural Resources
5016Ph.D. Journalism and Mass Communications
5017Institutional Research, 1983
511School of Law
512Marine Science Program
514Mathematics Deparment
515Memorial Hall, 1982
516Center for Applied Math
517Molecular and Population Genetics
518Morton Theater
519Music Department, 1982
5110Institute for Natural Progress Research
5111Degree Program in Pharmacy
5113Philosophy and Religion, 1983
5114Physics Department
5115Pharmacy School
5116The University at Texas Medical School at Houston
5117Dr. Steven D. Aust Michigan State University, 1938
5118Dr. Wyman H. Dorough University of Kentucky
5119Political Science
5121Physical Science Task Force Center for Excellence in Physics and Math Science
5122Physical Plant, 1982
5123Public Relations
5124Dr. Anderson
5125Masters Degree in Religion
5126Red and Black
521Master of Accounting - J.D. Degree Program
522Academic Degree Program Assessment University System of Georgia
523Ph. D. in Agricultural Economics
524Activation Analysis Lab
525Associate of Arts Degree Program - Evening School, 1977
526Astronomy Proposal
527UGA School of Social Work - Atlanta University Learning - Service Center
528Bachelors of Science Degree in Biology
529Proposal for Research Equipment - Botany Department, 1972
5210Career Counseling Project
5211Center for Economic Education College of Business Administration
5212Proposal for Center of Excellence in Rural Development
5213Chemistry Cooperative Project Georgia Junior Colleges, 1972
5214Chemistry Proposal - Peter Carr
5215Chemistry Proposal - Zoltan Schelly
5216Chemistry Proposal to National Science Foundation - Wynne
5217Chemistry Research Instrument Grant - National Science Foundation
5218Doctoral Program in Child and Family Development
5219Proposed Graduate Program in Community and Regional Development
5220Community Service Internships with Southern Regional Education Board, 1969
5221Comparative Cultures Program Proposal - David Foley
5222Proposed Degree in Criminal Justice
5223Dalton Junior College - UGA Joint Program
5224Joint Programs on Distributive Education (Gainesville, DeKalb, Floyd Juniors), 1978
5225Proposal for Dual Degree Program UGA and Georgia Tech
5226Ph. D. Program in Ecology
5227Specialist in Education Degree
5228Ph. D. Program in Educational Psychology, 1972
5229Energy Related Research Proposal Hercules
5230Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health Science
5231Proposed Expressive Therapy Center
5232Training Proposal to Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments, 1971
5233UGA - Gainesville, Secretarial Service and Data Processing Program
5234Georgia Intern Program
5235Proposal for Geographic Study of Georgia
5236Special Projects for Grant Under Health Manpower Act
5237Health Professions Educational Improvement Program - Pharmacy School Proposal, 1972
5238Proposed Master's Program in Gerontology
5239Proposed Master of Public Health Degree
5240Review of Home Economics Graduate Program
5241Program in Interdisciplinary Studies, 1975
5242Journalism Program Proposal Georgia Southern
5243New Program in Latin American Studies
5244Graduate Degrees in Law
5245Committee on Graduate Degree in Law, 1975
5246Proposal for Law Graduate Program in Taxation
5247Georgia Leadership Development Program
5248Master of Arts and PhD in Linguistics
5249Marietta-Cobb Vocational-Technical Proposal in Education, 1974
5250Degree Program in Mass Communications
5251Master's Degree in Applied Mathematical Science
52523 Year Master's Program Proposal
531Campus Planning
532Cable Television Meeting
533Cable Television
534Committee on Facilities
535Chapel, 1981
536English Department
537Entomology Department
538Environmental Design
539College of Agriculture, 1980
5310Environmental Health Science
5311Experiment Stations
5312Fine Arts Division
5313School of Forest Resources , 1981
5314Center for International Forestry
5315Geography Department
5316Georgia Retardation Center
5317Genetics - Molecular and Population, 1980
5318Germanic and Slavic Languages
5319Georgia Center
5320Fine Arts Division
5321Center for International Forestry, 1983
5322Genetics - Molecular and Population
5323Geology Department
5324Geography Department
5325Georgia Center, 1983
5326Germanic and Slavic Languages
5328Institute of Government
5329Graduate Certificate Program in Environmental Ethics, 1982
5330Graduate School
5331Graduate School
541Five Major goals for Fiscal Year, 1982
542Five Top Priorities
544Developmental Studies
545Drama and Theater, 1983
547Vice President of Research, 1982
548Research Annual Report
549Council of the Center for Research
5410Research Advisory Council
5411Research Foundation, 1983
5412Risk Management, Insurance and Management Science
5413Romance Languages
5415Dwight Douglas, 1983
5416Student Activities
5417Vice President for Services
5418School of Social Work
5419Student Roundtable
5420Sociology Department
5421Statistics and Computer Science, 1982
5422Department of Speech Communications
5423Ph. D. Program Speech Communications
551Vice President for Development
552-5College of Education
556O'Donnell, Roy C.
557Vita for David P. Burns
558Health and Physical Education Department, 1983
559Environmental Design
5510English Department
5511-12Dean Search Committee Environmental Design
5513Ecology - Institute of, 1983
5514Katherine Blake
5515Leroy Ervin
5516Social Science Education
5517Entomology Department, 1982
561Fine Arts
562Forest Resources
564Georgia Retardation Center
565Geography, 1984
567Germanic and Slavic Languages
569Minority Graduate Student Recruitment, 1984
5610Graduate School
5611Handbook for Graduate Teaching Assistants
5612Graduate School
5613Graduate School, 1983
5615Home Economics
5616Independent Study
5617Institute for Behavioral Research, 1984
5618Institute of Government
5619Institutional Research and Planning
5620Instructional Development
5621Instructional Grants Coordinator, 1983
5625Marine Science Program
5626Mathematics, 1984
5629Molecular and Population Genetics
5631Night School Program, 1982
5632Off - Campus Programs
5635Philosophy and Religion
5636Physics and Astronomy
5637Political Science
5638Public Relations
5639Psychology, 1984
571Alumni Relations
572Agricultural Engineering
573Alma Matter
575Anthropolgy , 1983
576Director/Experiment Stations
577College of Arts and Sciences
578Chemistry Department
579Chemistry Visiting Committee, 1982
5711Department of Classics
5712Comparative Literature
5713Criminal Justice, 1983
5714President's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped
5715President Davidson
5716Mr. Robins
5717Nathan Dean, 1982
5718Research Vice President
5719Behavioral Research
5720Romance Languages
5721ROTC, 1984
5722Vice President for Services
5723Public Service and Extension
5724Special Studies
5725Speech Communication, 1984
5726Social Work
5727Student Affairs
5728Upward Bound
5729University 101, 1984
5730Veterinary Medicine
581Art Department
583Vice President of Academic Affairs
584Vice President/Academic Affairs
585School of Accounting, 1983
586Arts and Sciences
587Arts and Sciences - Dean Payne
588College of Agriculture
589Banking and Finances, 1981
5811-12Biological Sciences
5814Botany, 1983
5815Black Student Union
5816Institute for Behavioral Research
5817Ph. D. - Business Administration
5818Small Business Development Center, 1983
5819Graduate School
591Vice President - Business and Finances
592College of Business Administration
593College of Home Economics
594Resident Graduate Center
595Homecall, 1980
596University Health Services
597Master's Degree in Historic Preservation and Landscape Conservation
598History Department
599Home Economics, 1981
5911Institute of Community and Area Development
5912Institute of Government
5913Institutional Research, 1981
5914Journalism and Mass Communication
5915Ph. D. Journalism and Mass Communication
5917Language Education Center-Study Literature for Young People, 1981
5918School of Law
5920Department of Mangement
5921Mathematics Department, 1980
5922Marine Sciences Program
5923Molecular and Population Genetics
5924Music Department
5925Zoology Meeting, 1981
5926Center for Applied Math
5928Institute for Natural Products Research Highlights
601Core Curriculum
602Meeting of Presidents
603Core Curriculum - Trip to Atlanta, 1978 January 20
605Core Curriculum, 1970-1974
606Danforth Foundation
607Debate Program
608Vice President for Development
609Lamar Dodd, 1979
6010Dodd Gift to Georgia Museum
6011Dwight Douglas
6012Drama and Theatre
6013Institute of Ecology , 1979
6014Department of Economics
6015Robert Enggass
6016English Department
6017Enrollment Information, 1979
6018Entomology Department
6019 Environmental Design
6020Educational Affairs - Committee
6021College of Education, 1976
6022Educational Opportunities Center
6023Environmental Health Program
6024Environmental Studies Program
6025Erlangen Exchange Program, 1978
6026Leroy Ervin
6027Scheduling of Examinations and Classes
6028Experiment Stations
6029Cooperative Extension Service, 1979
6030External Degree Program
6033Fact Book, 1978
6034Faculty Evaluation, 1979
6035Ph. D. Program - Foods and Nutrition
6036Food Science Department
6037Search Committee for Dean of School on Forest Resources
6038School of Forest Resources, 1979
611Georgia Forest Research Council
612Fulbright-Hays Visiting Professor Exchange Program
613Foundation Executive Committee Meeting - Athens, 1979 August 15
614Foundation Fellowship Program
615Foundation Meeting, 1978 May 24
616Dean Emeritus Hubert B. Owens
617University of Georgia Foundation
619Fraternities, 1979
6110Endowment Funds
6111Discretionary Fund, 1978-1979
6112Geology Department
6114General Studies Proposal
6115Genetics Program, 1978
6116Geography Department
6117Georgia Southern
6118Germanic and Slavic Languages
6119Global Education Program
6120Global Policy Studies
6121Goolsby Matter, 1979 November
6122Institute of Government
6123Graduate Applications - Appeals
6124Graduate Council
6125Graduate Assistants, 1979
6126Graduate School, 1977 July 1
6127Institute for Natural Products Research
6128Faculty of Neurobiology
6129Institute of Natural Resources
6130National Institute of Health Fellowships, 1969
6131 National Teacher Examination Material
6132National Science Foundation
6133National Teacher Examination
6134O, 1979
6135Oak Ridge Associated Universities
621Off-Campus Credit Courses
622Office of Instructional Development (Jim Eisele)
623Hubert Owens
625Personnel Information, 1979
626Eugene Papp
627Paul, William DeWitt, Jr.
628Pharmacy School, 1979 July 1
629Philosophy and Religion
6210Physical Plant
6211Physical Sciences Division
6212Physics Department, 1979
6213Plant Pathology
6214Political Science
6215Committee on UGA's Hosting Professional Societies' Conferences
6216Governor's Commission on Post-Secondary Education, 1979
6217Poultry Science
6218Proposed Degree Program in Pharmacy
6219New Degree Programs - Procedures
6220Merle Prunty
6221Psychology Department, 1979
6222Prunty Proposal - Institutional Management Procedures and Problems
6223Public Administration Programs (location of)
6224Public Safety Program
6225Master of Public Administration - Department of Public Administration Proposal, 1979
6226Department of Quantitative Business Analysis
6228Christian Keil's Report (Forest Resources)
6229Department of Real Estate, 1979
6230Recruitment Activities
6231Ervin's Grant on Recruitment Outreach
6232Regents Opportunity Scholarships
6233Registrar - Registration Information, 1979
6234Renovation Priorities
6235Research Advisory Council
6236Research Foundation
6237General Research, 1978
6238 UGA Research Fund
6239Vice President for Research
6240Georgia Retardation Center
6241The Georgia Review, 1979
6242Rural American Women
6243Rural Development Center
6244Dean Rusk
632Administrative Structure
633Admissions Office
634American Association of University Professors
635Academic Common Market, 1978
636School of Accounting
637American Council on Education Fellow - Pat Del Rey
638Agricultural Economics
639Agricultural Engineering, 1979
6311Alumni Relations
6312Animal and Dairy Science PhD Program
6313Anthropology, 1979
6314Department of Animal and Diary Science
6315Applied Quantitative Sciences Graduate Faculty of
6316College of Agriculture
6317Art Museum Board of Advisors, 1979
6318Art Department, 1975 July 1
6319College of Arts and Sciences
6321Institute for Behavioral Research
6322Bi-Centennial Folder, 1979
6324Biological Sciences
6325Biomedical Sciences Program
6326Black Alumni Association, 1978
6327Black Honor Society
6328Botanical Garden
6330Botany Department, 1979
6331Brazilian Exchange Program
6332Jim Buck
6333College of Business Administration
6334Business Development Center, 1979
6335Vice President - Business and Finance, 1976
6336Business Services
641Rising Junior Exam
642Risk Management, Insurance, and Management Services
643Remediation Proposal to Rising Junior Exam Requirement
644Romance Languages
645ROTC, 1979
647Department of Statistics and Computer Science
648Studies Abroad Program
649Salary Surveys, 1978
6410Secretarial Time - Policy on Use
6411Sociology Department
6412Social Sciences Division
6413Science Photo Lab and Clearing House Jack Shrum (Bioscience Learning Center), 1979
6414Sea Grant Program
6415Senior Exit Exam
6416Vice President for Services
6417Special Studies, 1979
6418School of Social Work
6419Department of Speech Communication
6420Savannah River Ecology Lab
6421Jim Simmons, 1979
6422Skidaway Institute
6423Self Study, 1978-1980
6424Academic Affairs
6427Transferred Material
6428Letters, 1981
6430Dr. Clive W. Donoho, Jr.
6432Anthropology, 1984
6433Arts and Sciences
652Biological Sciences
653Botanical Garden
655Business Administration, 1983
656Business and Finance
657Campus Planning
658Career Planning and Placement
6511Retreat, 1981 October 26-27
6514Development and University Relation Vice President
6515Ecology, 1984
6517Education - Continuing
6518Higher Education
6519Education - Higher Insitution of, 1984
6522Leroy Ervin
6523-24Education, 1984
6525Environmental Design
6526Education / Health, P.E.
662Admissions Office
663Special Studies
664Financial Aid Recipients
665Summer School, 1982
666Evening Class
667Special Professorships
668Registrar's Office
669Traffic Safety, 1981
6610University System Policy
6611Vice Chancellor Student Services
6612Vice Chancellor - Academic Affairs
6613Veterinary Medicine, 1983
6614Zoology Department
6616Bicentennial Folder
6617Bicentennial Fund
6618Agriculture, 1980-1981
6619Bicentennial Planning Committee

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