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Walter Westman papers

Walter Westman papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Walter Westman papers
Creator: Westman, Walter E., 1945-
Inclusive Dates: 1964-1991
Language(s): English
Extent: 60 Linear Feet (66 boxes)
Collection Number: UA97-070
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

Walter Westman was among the forerunners in the area of biogeography to incorporate remote sensing into the study of plant communities. In addition to his field work Westman sought to show how ecological principles should influence policy-making in his 1985 book Ecology, Impact Assessment and Environmental Planning. In the final years of his life Westman sought to promote gay rights and encourage research into finding a cure for AIDS.

Scope and Content

The Walter Westman papers are comprised of material from his far ranging research on the effects of climate change on vegetation. A significant portion pertains to his study of the response of California coastal sage to air pollution, fire, and climate change. There are a couple of files related to advocacy for gay and lesbian civil rights and AIDS related correspondence.

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Walter Westman papers, UA97-070, University Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Subject Terms

AIDS activists.
Ecology -- Research.
Environmental policy.
Gay rights.
Water -- Pollution.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Research

12Pattern Analysis of Sclerophyll Trees, 1969
13Redwood Forest Samples: Preliminary Report, 1969
14Site Flora, Australia, 1969
15Mathematical Models of Contagion, 1971
16U.S. Congress. Senate. Committee on Public Works: Air and Water Pollution, 1971
17U.S. Congress. Senate. Committee on Public Works: Energy Policy, 1971
18North Stradbroke Island, 1971-1972
19Griffith University Site - Floristics, 1973
110-11North Stradbroke Island: Flora, 1973
1122,4 D, 2,4,5 T Dioxin, 1973
113Australian Land Use, 1973
114North Stradbroke Island, 1973-1975
115Power Plant Siting Report, 1974
116Succession Following Mining, 1974-1975
117Nickel Plant: Environmental Effects, 1974
118North Stradbroke Island: Precipitation, 1974
119North Stradbroke Island: Soil, 1974
120North Stradbroke Island: Mining, 1972-1975
121-22Natural Resource Unit, 1975-1976
21-3North Stradbroke Island: Biomass Data, 1976
24North Stradbroke Island: Processed Biomass Data, 1976
25North Stradbroke Island: Nutrient Flow, 1976
26North Stradbroke Island: Productivity of Stems and Roots, 1976
27North Stradbroke Island: Nutrient Analysis, 1977-1979
28Eucalyptus: Niche Differentiation, 1977
29North Stradbroke Island Manuscript, 1977
210North Stradbroke Island Manuscript, 1978
211Eucalyptus: Niche Differentiation, 1979
31Pygmy Forest, California - Smith Thesis, 1970
32Pygmy Forest, California, 1969-1970
33-4Pygmy Forest, California, 1970-1971
35Elimination of Insignificant Species, 1973
36-7Pygmy Forest, California, 1973
38Ordination of Vegetation by Gaussian Species Distributions, 1974
39-10Pygmy Forest, California: Nutrient Data, 1975
311Pygmy Forest, California: Edaphic Climax Pattern, 1975
312Gauch, Hugh: Spectra Analysis, 1975
313UCLA Brush Conversion Undertaken in 1963, 1975
314Coastal Land Use, 1975
315Chaparral Field Data, 1975
316Chaparral Brush Conversion, 1975
317Biotic Ecosystem Information: Land Use Suitability Model, 1975
318Canal Estates Ecology, 1975
319Truce with Nature: Environmental Reader, Queensland, 1975
320Vegetation Conversion - Fire Control, Los Angeles, 1976
321Quantifying Benefits of Pollution Control, 1976
322Doomsday Poll, 1976
41Water Pollution, 1971
42-3Water Pollution, 1972
44Water Pollution, 1973
45Environmental Impact Assessment: Australia, 1973
46Pollution Control in Aquatic Ecosystems, 1974
47Global Resource Management Talk, 1974
48Groundsel Bush, 1972-1974
49Groundsel Bush, 1975-1976
410Coastal Sage: Environmental and Human Influence: Research Proposal, 1977
411Coastal Sage Scrub Sites, 1977-1978
412Coastal Sage: Climatic Data, 1978
413Coastal Sage Scrub: Site Data, 1978
414California Coastal Forest Heathlands, 1979
415Brookhaven - Computer Printout, 1977
416Eucalyptus Umbra - Computer Printout, undated
51Coastal Sage Scrub Habitat Data, 1977
52Stormwater Runoff, 1977
53-4Pygmy Forest, California: Nutrient Flow, 1977
55Eucalyptus: Australia, 1977
56How Much are Nature's Services Worth?, 1977
57Problems in Implementing U.S. Water Quality Goals, 1977
58Chaparral Management, 1978
59Biotic Diversity Calculations, 1978
510-11Coastal Sage: Soil Analysis, 1978
512Coastal Sage: Light Data, 1978-1980
513Measuring the Inertia and Resilience of Ecosystems, 1978
514Coastal Sage: NSF Proposal, 1978-1979
515Coastal Sage: Oxidants, 1979
516Coastal Sage Scrub Understories, 1979
517Jones Reserve: Foliar Cover, 1979
518Coastal Sage Scrub Field Notes, 1977-1979
519Distance Methods of Sampling, 1979
520Mediterranean Climate Region of Australia, 1979
521UCLA Academic Senate Grant, 1979
61Baja California, Death Valley, Toiyaba Mountains, Nevada, 1977
62Coastal Sage Scrub MAPVIEW Computer Printouts, 1979
63Coastal Sage Scrub UCLA Environment Data, 1979
64Coastal Sage Scrub UCLA Species Cover Values, 1979
65Coastal Sage Scrub - Coenocline Plots, 1979
66Coastal Sage Scrub - Species List Computer Printout, 1979
67-8Coastal Sage Scrub - Data Analysis, 1979
69-10Coastal Sage Scrub - Data Edit, 1979
71Path Analysis - Computer Printout, 1978
72Coastal Sage Scrub: Species Data, 1978
73Air Pollution, 1978
74Coastal Sage Scrub Diversity Statistics - Computer Printout, 1981
75Coastal Sage Scrub Classification - Computer Printout, 1981
76Jones Reserve - Computer Printout, 1979-1980
77-8Coastal Sage Scrub: Correlations and Regressions, 1981
81Coastal Sage Scrub Geology, undated
82Effect of Fire Intensity... Coastal Sage Scrub, 1980
83Coastal Sage: Sulfur Dioxide, 1980
84Coastal Sage: Environmental Data, 1980
85Coastal Sage: NSF Proposal, 1980
86-7Coastal Sage Study, 1980
88Gaussian Analysis, 1980
89Gaussian Analysis: Identifying Environmental Factors, 1980
810-11Plant Community Structure, 1980-1981
91-3Coastal Sage Scrub: Factors Influencing Distribution, 1981
94-5Coastal Sage Scrub: Growth Data - Computer Printout, 1981
96Coastal Sage Scrub: Multilinear Regression - Computer Printout, 1981
97-8Coastal Sage Scrub: Beta Diversity - Computer Printout, 1981
101Coastal Sage Scrub: Ordiflex Runs - Computer Printout, 1981
102Decorana with Species Runs - Computer Printout, 1981
103Twinspan with Rare Species Deleted - Computer Printout, 1981
104Island Runs - Computer Printout, 1981
105Data List - Computer Printout, 1981
106Two-Way Anova: Fertilizer Application - Computer Printout, 1982
107Plots and Prints of Primary Indicators - Computer Printout, 1984
108Post-Fire Succession - Computer Printout, 1986
111-3Coastal Sage: Diversity and Succession, 1981
114Coastal Sage Scrub: Ozone and Sulfur Dioxide, 1981
115Puerto Rico, 1981
116Coastal Sage Scrub: Seasonal Dimorphism, 1981
117Xeric Shrublands, 1982
118-9Coastal Sage: Prescribed Burn, 1982
121Xeric Mediterranean Climate Shrublands: Proposal, 1981
122Xeric Mediterranean Climate Shrublands: Proposal, 1982
123Coastal Sage: Prescribed Burn, 1982
124Xeric Mediterranean: Climate Shrublands Stress, 1982
125Talks, 1982-1984
126Sulfur Dioxide Effects on Growth of Native Plants, 1983
127Coastal Sage Scrub, 1983
128Xeric Shrublands Associations, 1983
129-10Xeric Shrublands: Channel Islands, 1983
1211Coastal Sage: Post-Fire Succession - Malanson, 1983
1212Environment - (Science Year), 1983
1213Air Resources Board: Integrated Watershed Study Proposal, 1983
1214-15Air Pollution Injury, 1983
131NRC Application: Santa Monica Mountains, 1984
132Use of Radar to Study Vegetation, 1984
133-4Santa Monica Mountains Succession, 1984
135Santa Monica Mountains: Scans, 1984
136Australia: NSF Grant, 1984
137Specimen Data Sheets, undated
138Saguaro National Monument Air Quality, 1984
139Pacific Coastal Shrublands, 1984
1310Mining: Land Reclamation, 1984
1311Biogeochemical Cycling, 1984
1312-13Resilience of Mediterranean Ecosystems, 1983-1986
1314Technicolor Government Services, 1984-1985
1315Airborne Imaging Spectrometer, 1985
141-3Abies magnifica, 1984
144Forest Structure: Thematic Mapping, 1984
145Coastal Sage: Branch Angles, 1984
146Coastal Sage ... Basal Sprouting, 1985
147Coastal Sage Model, 1985
148Pine Needle Layer Air Pollution, 1985
149Remote Sensing: Coniferous Forest, 1985
1410Chaparral Die-Back: Air Pollution, 1985
1411VM Computer System Files, 1985
1412Global Pollution Analysis: Monitoring and Control, 1985
1413Global Species Extinctions, 1985
1414-15Coastal Sage Scrub: Laboratory Data, 1985
1416-17Coastal Sage Scrub: Air Pollution, 1985
1418Coastal Sage Scrub: Carbon Dioxide, 1985
1419-20Coastal Sage Scrub: Six Year Recovery, 1985-1986
151-2Sequoia Forest Structure Data, Pt. 1-2 - Computer Printout, 1984-1985
161-2Sequoia Forest Structure Data, Pt. 3-4 - Computer Printout, 1984-1985
171Miscellaneous Diagrams: 101-150, undated
172Miscellaneous Diagrams: 151-200, undated
173Collins Spectra of UCR, 1985
174NASA Diagrams, undated
175UCR Oven Dried/Freeze Dried Pine and Sequoia, 1985
176Composite Moisture Index - Computer Printout, undated
181Spectral Value Correlations with TRT - Computer Printout, undated
182Radar Data - Mendocino - Computer Printout, 1985
183Coastal Sage Scrub ... Air Pollution Computer Printout, undated
191UCR Fumigation: Sequoia, Kings Canyon - Computer Printout, 1985-1986
192UCR Chemistry ANOVA - Computer Printout, 1987
201Flight Summary Reports, 1986-1987
202Flight Image Analysis, 1986-1987
203Miscellaneous Notes, 1986-1988
204Spectra Data, 1986
205Chaparral Die-back Proposal, 1986
206Canopy Height - Light Penetration, undated
207Ceanothus Crassifolius, 1986
208Environment (Science Year), 1987-1987
209Sequoia, Kings Canyon: Air Pollution, 1986
2010Sequoia ... Basal Area Cover Sensing, 1986
2011Detecting Forest Structure with C-Band Radar, 1986
2012-13Coastal Sage Scrub ( Biotic Impoverishment), 1986
2014-15Coastal Sage: Regional Disturbance on Herb Succession, 1986
2016RTOP FY 86, 1986-1987
2017Pacific Northwest: Remote Sensing Air Pollution - Conifers, 1986
2018Remote Sensing of Terrestrial Biogeochemical Processes, 1985-1986
2019Coastal Sage Scrub: Implications of Ecological Theory, 1987
2020-23Whittaker, Robert M. Memoir, 1980-1981
2024Angel Island Eucalyptus, 1987
2025Coastal Sage Field Data, 1987
211Pine Needle Program - IBAS - Computer Printout, 1986
212Coastal Sage Scrub Image Analysis - Computer Printout, 1987
213Sequoia Image Analysis - Computer Printout, 1987
221Riverside - Sequoia - Santa Monica Data: Air Pollution Studies Computer Printout, 1986-1987
222Sequoia Red and White Fir: Dimension Analysis - Computer Printout, 1986-1987
223Santa Monica Mountains: Leaf Data - Computer Printout, 1987
224Santa Monica Mountains: Field Data - Computer Printout, 1987
231Above Ground Biomass, 1986
232Environmental Policy Research Initiative, 1986
233-4Biospheric Initiative, 1986
235-6Chemical Data, 1986
237Coastal Sage Scrub/Sequoia National Park Air Pollution, 1987
238-9Global Climate Change Monitoring Preproposal, 1987
2310NRC Grant, 1987
2311Canopy Chemistry: Airborne Imaging Spectrometry, 1987
2312-14Santa Monica Mountains: Vegetation Mapping, 1987
2315Santa Monica Mountains: Air Pollution, 1987
2316Foliar Changes: Air Pollution, 1987
241-3Ecosystems Grant, 1987
245Radar Manuscript, 1986-1987
246Eucalyptus Groves, 1987-1988
247International Geosphere-Biosphere Program, 1987
248-10Spectral Changes in Conifers Subjected to Air Pollution, 1988
251Acid Mist and Ozone Effects, 1986-1987
252Coastal Sage Scrub: Climate Change - Computer Printout, 1987
253Coastal Sage - Aerial Photographs, 1987
254Coastal Sage Fumigation Data - Computer Printout, 1986-1987
261Global Biodiversity, 1987
262Monitoring Biological Impacts of Oil and Thermal Discharges, 1987
263Global Climate Change with Fire and Pollutants, 1987
264Response of Agricultural and Ecological Systems..., 1987
265Ecological Effects: Research Monitoring and Assessment, 1987
266Greenhouse Gases: Proposal to Monitor, 1987
267Invasive Plants, 1988
268Regional Biogeochemical Fluxes and Interactions of Cloud Forming Aerosols in Arid Lands, 1988
269-12Mediterranean Data Sourcebook, 1988
2613-14Predicting Regional and Community Level Responses, 1988
2615Climate Change Legislation Testimony, 1988
2616Monitoring Climatic Variation, 1988
2617IH Paper, 1988
2618Eucalyptus Forest Management, 1988
2618Advances in Environmental Policy Talk, 1988
271Tropical Deforestation Grant Proposal, 1987
272Tropical Deforestation Grant Proposal, 1988
273-4Acid Mist and Ozone Effects..., 1988
275Exotic Plant Species, 1988
276Exotic Plant Species, 1990
277Global Diversity: Habitat Change and Species Extinctions, 1988-1990
278Tropical Deforestation: Habitat Changes and Species Extinctions, 1989-1990
279Effects of Climate Change on Mediterranean Type Ecosystems in California, 1988
2710Sequoia Response to Carbon Dioxide, 1988
2711FINIX Runs - Computer Printout, 1988
281GRASS Reference Manual, 1988
282Ugandan Forests: Global Biodiversity, 1988
283Anticipating Global Change: Research Initiative, 1988
284Queensland: Tropical Forest Research Center, 1988
285NSF Center of Excellence: Climate Impacts on Wildland Resources: Proposal, 1988
286Tropical Forests of Brazil: Characterizing Changing Patterns, 1988
287IPCC Working Group: Unmapped Forests and Vegetation, 1988
288Exotic Species Management: Abstract, 1989
289Plants and the Human Landscape: Proposed Book, 1989
2810Evaluating the Benefits of Ecosystem Integrity, 1989
2811EPA Queries on Environmental Impact Statements, 1989
2812Structural and Floristic Attributes of Recolonizing Species, 1989
2813Chaparral and Related Shrublands in California, 1989
2814Riverside County Habitat, 1989
2815Managing for Biodiversity, 1989
2816Ecosystem Response to Elevated Carbon Dioxide, 1989
2817Effects of Elevated Carbon Dioxide and Temperature on an Evergreen Shrubland, 1989
2818-19Tropical Deforestation, 1989
291SNAP Proposal: Regional Sources of Climate Change, 1989
292-3Vegetation Species Data Analysis, 1989
295-6Technical Inputs to Risk Characterization of Global Climate Change, 1990
297Global Climate Change: Impacts on Vegetation, 1990
298Forest Dynamics: Global Climate, 1990
299New Proposal Ideas, 1990
2910Effects of Climate Change on Mediterranean Type Ecosystems in California, 1990
2911San Bruno Mountains, 1990
2912Modeling Interactive Effects, 1989-1990
2913Modeling Interactive Effects of Climate Change: Fire Effects in Chaparral, 1990
2914Ecological Restoration Projects, 1990
2915Pattern and Dynamics of Tree Invasions in an Insular Tropical Forest Landscape [Proposal], 1990
2916-17Measuring Realized Niche Spaces, 1990
30Slides of Flora, undated
31Slides of Flora, 1962-1964
32Glass Slides of Coastal Sage and Sequoia National Park, undated
351Illustrations for Paper: Rhus laurnia, Coastal Sage Scrub, Coastal Succulent Shrub, undated
352Illustrations for Paper: Coastal Sage Scrub, Coastal Succulent Shrub, undated
361Eucalyptus Transparencies: Maps, undated
362Ecualyptus Transparencies: Data, undated
371Rhus ovata Versus Precipitation, undated
372Average Temperature of the Hottest Month, 1983
373Aerial Color Photograph, undated

2. Articles, Book Reviews, Reports, Letters to Editor

381Aboveground Biomass, Surface Area and Production Relations of Red Fir and White Fir, 1987
382Acid Mist and Ozone Effects on the Leaf Chemistry of Two Western Conifer Species, 1989
383Air Pollution Injury to Coastal Sage Scrub in the Santa Monica Mountains, Southern California, 1985
384Analysis of Forest Structure Using Thematic Mapper Simulator Data, 1986
385Bioassays and Biological Monitoring, 1974
386Biomass and Structure of a Subtropical Eucalypt Forest, North Stradbroke Island, 1977
387Book Reviews, 1981-1989
388California Coastal Forest Heathlands, 1979
389Climate, Vegetation, Vertebrates and Soil/Litter Invertebrates of Mediterranean-type Ecosystems-Databanks, 1979
3810Coastal Sage Scrub Succession, 1981
3811Detecting Air Pollution Stress in Southern California Vegetation Using Landsat Thematic Mapper Band Data, 1988
3812Detecting Forest Structure and Biomass with C-Band Multipolarization Radar, 1987
3813Diversity Relations and Succession in California Coastal Sage Scrub, 1981
3814Ecological Restoration Projects: Measuring Their Performance, 1991
3815Ecological Studies on Reproduction and Establishment of the Woody Weed Groundsel Bush, 1975
3816Ecology of Canal Estates, 1975
3817Edaphic Climax Pattern of the Pygmy Forest Region of California, 1975
3818Effect of Sulfur Dioxide on Photosynthesis and Stomatal Behavior of Mediterranean-Climate Shrubs, 1981
3819Effects of Fire-Intensity, Aspect and Substrate on Post-Fire Growth of Californian Coastal Sage Scrub, 1981
3820Environmental Impact: Controlling the Overall Level, 1973
3821Environmental Impact Statements: Boon or Burden?, 1973
3822Environment (Science Year), 1983
3823Environment (Science Year), 1986
3824Evaluating the Benefits of Ecosystem Integrity, 1988
3825Evidence for the Distinct Evolutionary Histories of Canopy and Understory in the Eucalyptus Forest-Heath Alliance of Australia, 1978
3826Factors Influencing the Distribution of Species of Californian Coastal Sage Scrub, 1981
3827Future for Land Disposal of Waste Water, 1972
3828Gaussian Analysis: Identifying Environmental Factors Influencing Bell-Shaped Species Distributions, 1980
3829Growth Rhythms and Productivity of a Coastal Subtropical Eucalypt Forest, 1981
3830How Much are Nature's Services Worth?, 1977
3831Implications of Ecological Theory for Rare Plant Conservation in Coastal Sage Scrub, 1987
3832Implications of Global Warming for Natural Resources, 1988
3833Inputs and Cycling of Mineral Nutrients in a Coastal Subtropical Eucalypt Forest, 1978
3834Island Biogeography: Studies on the Xeric Shrublands of the Inner Channel Islands, California, 1983
3835Invasion of Fir Forest by sugar Maple in Itasca Park, Minnesota, 1968
3836Letters to the Editor, 1972-1975
3837Managing for Biodiversity, 1990
3838Mathematical Models of Contagion and Their Relation to Density and Basal Area Sampling Techniques, 1971
3839Measures of Resilience: The Response of coastal Sage Scrub to Fire, 1986
3840Measuring Realized Niche Species: Climatic Response, 1991
3841Measuring the Inertia and Resilience of Ecosystems, 1978
3842Mineral Nutrients in Mediterranean Ecosystems, 1980
3843Modeling Interactive Effects of Climate Change, Air Pollution, and Fire on a California Shrubland, 1990
3844Monitoring the Environment by Remote Sensing, 1987
3845A New Strategy for Clean Water, 1974
3846Niche Differentiation and Maintenance of Genetic Identity in Cohabiting Eucalyptus Species, 1979
3847Nutrient Stocks in a Subtropical Eucalypt Forest, North Stradbroke, Island, 1977
3848Offshore Development: Environmental Problems of the Future, 1972
3849Oxident Effects on Californian Coastal Sage Scrub, 1979
3850Park Management of Exotic Plant Species, 1990
3851Pattern and Diversity in Swamp and Dune Vegetation, 1975
3852Pattern Analysis of Sclerophyll Trees Aggregated to Different Degrees, 1970
3853Pattern Diversity in a Eucalyptus Forest, 1973
3854Patterns of Nutrient Flow in the Pygmy Forest Region of Northern California, 1978
3855Plant Community Structure: Spatial Partitioning of Resources, 1983
3856Postfire Succession in California Coastal Sage Scrub, 1985
3857Pollution Control Strategies for the Maintenance of Aquatic Ecosystems, 1974
3858Pollution of Anti-pollution Plans, 1979
3859Potential Role of Coastal Sage Scrub Understories in the Recovery of Chaparral After Fire, 1979
3860Power Plant Siting: Urban or Rural?, 1974
3861Preliminary Survey of Vegetation from Air Pollution in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, 1984
3862Problems in Implementing U.S. Water Quality Goals, 1977
3863Pygmy Forest Region of Northern California: Studies on Biomass and Primary Productivity, 1975
3864Queensland Clean Waters Act, 1971: A Critical Review, 1972
3865Rationing Environmental Impacts: Using a Second Currency, 1976
3866Regional Disturbance Effects on Herb Succession Patterns in Coastal Sage Scrub, 1988
3867Remote Detection of Air Pollution Stress to Vegetation, 1987
3868Resilience: Concepts and Measures, 1986
3869Robert H. Whittaker: 1920-1980, 1990
3870Seasonal Dimorphism of Foliage in California Coastal Sage Scrub, 1981
3871Seasonal Nutrient Dynamics of Litter in a Subtropical Eucalypt Forest: North Stradbroke Island, 1977
3872Some Basic Issues in Water Pollution Control Legislation, 1972
3873Spectral Changes in conifers Subjected to Air Pollution and Water Stress: Experimental Studies, 1988
3874Structural and Floristic Attributes of Recolonizing Species in Large Rain Forest Gaps, North Queensland, 1990
3875Succession Following Mining on High Dunes of Coastal Queensland, 1975
3876Sulfur Dioxide and Vegetation Physiology, Ecology and Policy Issues, 1985
3877Tropical Deeforestation and Species Endangerment: The Role of Remote Sensing, 1989
3878The Use and Effect of Plant Hormone Herbicides ... in Australia, 1973
3879The Use of Sewage Slude to Rehabilitate Degraded Lands, 1977
3880Vascular Plant Species Richness, 1988
3881Vegetation Conversion for Fire Control: A Case Study in Los Angeles, 1976
3882Vegetation Mapping and Stress Detection in the Santa Monica Mountains, California, 1987
3883Vegetation, Nutrition and Climate: Data Tables, 1988
3884Xeric Mediterranean-Type Shrubland Associations of Alta dn Baja California and the Community/Continuum Debate, 1983

3. Figures and Photographs from Articles

391Coastal Sage Figures, undated
392Radar and Air Pollution Figures, undated
393Vegetatio Article Figures, 1986
394Miscellaneous Figures from Various Articles, undated
395Conifer Figures, undated
396Photographs of Rhus laurina, Salvia, Valley from Site 8, undated
401Aerial Photographs Mixed with Figures, undated
402Vegetatio Article Figures

4. Book: Ecology, Impact Assessment, and Environmental Planning

411General and Outline, undated
412Book Correspondence, 1979-1984
413Book Correspondence, 1985-1990
414-6Chapters 1-12, undated
417Legends and Figures for Book, undated
421-2Draft Notes, undated
423Figures 1-50, undated
424Figures 51-100, undated
425Book Galley, undated
426Book Reviews of Ecology, Impact Assessment, and Environmental Planning, 1986
427Copyright Permissions, Chapters 1-7, 1983
428Copyright Permissions, Chapters 8-12, 1983

5. Correspondence

431Conscription Correspondence, 1966
432Conscription Correspondence, 1967
433General Correspondence, 1967
434Conscription Correspondence, 1968
435General Correspondence, 1970
436Pollution and the Poor Correspondence, 1970
437Radiation correspondence, 1970
438Supersonic Transport Correspondence, 1970
439-10Congressional Aide Correspondence, 1971
4311Congressional Aide Correspondence: Forestry Practices, 1971
4312Congressional Aide Correspondence: Land Use, 1971
4313-26Correspondence, 1972-1982
4327Correspondence: Berkeley Job, 1982-1983
441-17Correspondence, 1983-1990

6. Education, Early Travel, Teaching

451Central American Travels, 1964
452Economics I, 1964
453Limonium Study, 1965
454University of Sydney, 1965-1967
455Christmas Skits, 1965, 1967
456Macquarie University, 1966-1969
457Stanford University Application, 1965-1968
458Cornell - Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, 1966-1968
459-10Sugar Maple: Itasca Park, Minnesota, Field Study, 1967
4511Course: Botany, 1967
4512Course: Biometry II, 1967
4513-14Course: Geography 5, 1967
4515Forest Production, Flowers and Fruit Production, 1969
4516Field Methods ... Pygmy Forest, 1969
4517-18Course: Plant Physiology, 1969
461Course: Methods of Chemical Analysis, 1966
462Course: Agrostology, 1966
463-4Course: Plant Physiology, 1966
465Course: Soil Microbiology, 1966
466Course: Theory and Practice in Environmental Measurement, 1966
467Course: Plant Physiology, 1968
468-9Course: Plant Breeding: Statistical Methods, 1968
4610Course: Ecological Survey of Plant Communities, 1968
4611Course: Soil Analysis Methods, 1968
4612-13Course: Soil Fertility, 1968
4614Ecological Survey: Mt. Gravatt, Griffiths University, 1966, 1973
4615Course: Agronomy 503, 1969
4616Course: Biological Science 563, 1969
471-3Mendocino Data: Stem Analysis, 1969
474-7Mendocino Data: Field Study, 1969
478Mendocino Data: Flora, 1969
479Mendocino Data: Soil, 1969
4710-11Master's Thesis, 1969
4712Mendocino Data: Dimensional Analysis, 1970
4713Cornell: Ecological Action (Student Group), 1970 - 1973
4714Cornell: Ecological Action - Plastics, 1971
4715Coenocline Construction, undated
4716Log Regression, 1970
4717Talks on Environmental Problems, 1971
481-2Course: Botany IIIe, 1972
483Course: Botany 315, 1974
484Course: Biology 266, 1976
485Course: Geography 2, Pt. 1, 1977
486Course: Geography 2, Pt. 2, 1977
487Course: Geography 2, Pt. 3, 1977
488Course: Geography 5, Pt. 4, 1977
489Course: Geography 5, Pt. 5, 1980
4810Course: Geography 5, Pt. 6, 1980-1982
4811Course: Geography 5, Pt. 7, 1984
4812Course: Geography 5, Pt. 8, 1984
4813Course: Geography 5 Final Exams, 1976-1984
491Course: Geography 109, Pt. 1, 1979
492Course: Geography 109, Pt. 2, 1984
493Course: Geography 109, Pt. 3, 1984
494Course: Geography 124, Pt. 1, 1979-1980
495Course: Geography 124, Pt. 1, undated
496Course: Geography 124, Pt. 2, undated
497Course: Geography 124, Pt. 3, 1980-1981
498Course: Geography 124, Pt. 4, 1981-1982
499Course: Geography 129, 1981
4910Course: Geography 164, undated
4911Course: Geography 200, 1976
4912Course: Geography 213, Pt. 1, 1977
4913Course: Geography 213, Pt. 2, 1982
4914Course: Geography 220, 1984
4915Course: Geography 227, 1975-1977
4916California Policy Seminar, undated
4917Talk on Pattern Diversity, 1976
4918Notes for Ph.D. Topic, 1979
4919Eldon, John A. M.A. Thesis Adviser, undated
4922Herson, Albert, Land Based Sewage Sludge Management - Adviser, 1976
501Slides of Australia, Puerto Rico, Swarthmore (boxed0, undated
502Slides of Eucalyptus and Coastal Sage (plastic sleeves), undated
503Black and White Aerial Photograph (mounted on board), undated
11Resume/Obituary, 1991

7. Advocacy: Acceptance of Gays and Lesbians

511American Association for the Advancement of Science Talk, 1985
512Grant Proposal - Finding a Cure for AIDS, 1988-1989
513Ecological Society of America Professional Ethics Committee, 1988-1990
514National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals, 1990
515AIDS Correspondence and Background Articles, 1985-1990

8. Maps and Posters

521Topograpic Maps of Queensland, Australia, 1983-1984
531Hand Drawn Maps from Australian Sites for Master's Thesis, 1968-1969
541Pen and Ink Maps of Cowles Temescal Canyon Reserve, Nickerson Arroyo Sequit Reserve, Jones Sepulveda Canyon Reserve, undated
541Topographic Map of New South Wales, 1941
551Topographic Map of Calabasas Quadrangle, California, 1913
552Topographic Map of Triunfo Pass Quadrangle, California, 1928
553Topographic Map of Santa Monica Quadrangle, California, 1921
554Topographic Map of Pollock Pines, California, 1985
555Topographic Map of Topanga, California, 1952
561Hand Drawn Map of Distribution of Rhus integrifolia (2 copies), undated
571Hand Drawn Distribution Maps of Various Species including Ceanothus macrocarpus, Quercus dumosa, undated
581Topographic Maps of Kibale and Mabira Forests, Uganda, 1957
591Biomass Flows in the U.S. Economy Poster, 1985
592Endangered Earth Poster, 1988
593Lumahai Beach, Kauai, Hawaii, undated
594Rainforest, Kenilworth State Forest, Southeast Queensland, undated
595Subtropical Rainforest. New South Wales, Australia