Eugene Odum papers-Institute of Ecology

Eugene Odum papers-Institute of Ecology

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Title: Eugene Odum papers-Institute of Ecology
Creator: Odum, Eugene Pleasants, 1913-2002
Inclusive Dates: 1937-1990
Language(s): English
Extent: 52 Linear Feet
Collection Number: UA97-045
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

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Historical Note

Eugene Odum (1913-2002) was an influential University of Georgia instructor from 1940 until his retirement in 1984. He is considered to be the "Father of Modern Ecology" and was the author of the pioneering book Fundamentals of Ecology. Odum was instrumental in the creation of the Institute of Ecology at the University of Georgia, the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory near Aiken, S.C., and the Sapelo Island Marine Science Institute.

Scope and Content

This collection consists of information on Dr. Odum's professional meetings and travel, manuscripts and published papers, graduate student records, Ecology Institute information, correspondence and building plans, records pertaining to L.R. Pomeroy, financial information, grant proposals, newsletters, surveys, and other miscellaneous information.

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Eugene Odum collection of correspondence, 1945-1982. Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University Archives, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Related materials available in the following collections of this repository: Eugene Odum administrative papers, Institute of Ecology, 1950-1980; Eugene Odum collection of correspondence, 1945-1982.; Eugene Odum Research Files: Eniwetok Atoll, Old-Field Plant Specimens, Southern Nuclear Task Force, etc., 1950-1970; Odum, Eugene. Papers, Administrative files, 1957-1988; Odum, Eugene - reprints of his articles, 1935 - 1980 & articles by Savannah River Ecological Lab personnel; Odum, Eugene. Research reference files; Georgia Room Vertical Folders filed under "Odum, Eugene P., Dr."

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Professional Meetings, Symposia, Seminars, Conferences and Lecture Trips

11Sigma XI Club Installation - Tifton, 1968 February 2
12Ga. "Scientist of the Year" Award, 1968 March 15
13Emory - Ford - Foundation Journalist Seminar, Qual. of man's Environment, circa 1968
14[Materials], 1968 May 18-21
15El Paso - Arizona - Trip, 1968 April 28-May 7
16ESA Meeting, Madison, Wisconsin, 1968 June 16-20
17Lectures and Trips , 1967-1968
18Kansas State Visit, 1968 May 13-17
1923rd Annual Meeting, Soil Conservation Society of America, Athens, Georgia, 1968 August 18-21
110Environmental Quality Conference, Ga. Center, Athens, 1968 September 20-21
111Future Ga. Marshlands Conference, Sea Island, Sea Grant Conf. Newport, R. I., 1968 October
112The Watershed as an ecological unit, Kent State Symposium, 1968 November 1
113UGA Alumni Seminar, Science, technology, and human values session, 1967 February 10-11
114Biophysic Meeting, "Theory of Marine ecosystems", Houston, 1967 February
115"Ecology of fat" conference, UGA, 1967 April 3-4
116Reservior Fish Symposium, UGA, 1967 April 5-6
117Abstracts - Radioecology Symposium, 1967 May
118AIBS - Texas A&M, 1967 August
21Sigma Xi Convention, Portsmouth, N.H., 1967 September 23-27
22N.C. Piedmont Center, Visiting Scholar Lectures, 1967 October 16-18
238th CDC Biennial Veterinary Conference, "Ecology of Disease", Atlanta, 1966 May
24Course in Epizootic Ecology, "Lecture on Ecosystem" CDC - Atlanta, 1966 April 25
25The Michigan State Lectures - correspondance, 1966 April 12-14
26SE Radioecology meeting, 1966 February 11-12
27Seton Hall Univ. Lecture trip, 1965 October 21-22
28N.C. State, Raleigh - Lecture Visit, 1965 May 17-18
29Symposium - Radiation and Terrestrial Ecosystems, Richland, Washington, 1965 May 3-5
210Clemson Sigma xi visit, 1965 April 5
211Smithsonian Institutions - Disscusions on Environmental Biology, 1964 February 22-23
212European trip, 1964 July-August
213International Botanical Congress, Edinburgh, 1964
214IBP Paris Meeting, 1964 July
215The "New" Ecology Seminar - Rockefeller Institute, 1964 March 18
2165th International American Symposium - "Peaceful uses of atomic energy", Valparaiso, Chili (did not attend), 1964 March 9-13
217Sigma Xi Lecture, Tifton, Ga., 1964 February 27
218Environmental Health Conference, Atlanta, Ga., 1964 January 28-29
31XVI International Zool. Congress - Correspondance, Washington, 1963 August
32Western Reserve University Visit, Cleveland, 1963 April 12-13
33Jubilee Meeting, British Ecol. Society (did not attend), 1963
34Energy in Living Systems, Harvard Univ., Div. Engineering Symposium, 1962
35Correspondance about Radiation Ecol. Book, Rienhold, 1961-1962
36Proposed Academic Press volume, "Advances in Marine Ecology" -Correspondence (Ill Fated!), 1961 - 1962
37NASA Princeton Conference 2, "Theoretical Biology", 1963 November 22-25
38NASA Princeton Conference, "Minimum Ecological Systems for Man" , 1963 October 13-16
39Duke Conference on Biology - Estuarine Animals, 1963 August 29-September 5
310Estuarine Research. Planning Meeting, Bureau Commercial Fisheries, St. Pete, Fla., 1963 April 29-30
311Fire Ecology Conference, 1963 March
312Columbia Univ. Trip, 1962 October 17-19
313American Chemical Society. Water Polution Control Symposium, Division, circa 1962
314Water and Waste Chemistry, Atlantic city, 1962 September 10
315Hudson Institute - meeting, 1962 summer
316Lecture Invitation, (unable to accept), circa 1962
317Japan, 1962
318Harvard Trip. Symposium - Energy in Living Systems, Div. Engeneering and Appled Physics, 1962 February 4-9
319Ecology. Arthropod-borne Viruses and Birds, CDC, Atlanta, 1962 February 16-17
320First Nat. Radio - Ecology Symposiun, Ft. Collins, Colorado, 1961 September
321AIBS , 1961
41Tulane Lecture Series, New Orleans, 1961 October 31-November 1
42Duke Radiation Biol. Institute - Lecture, 1961 August 4
43Radiation Biology Summer Institute, Univ. Rochester, 1961 July 20
44Southeastern Fisheries, Jacksonville Fla., 1961 May 22
45Univ. Florida Lecture Visit, 1960 November 3
46Atlantic States Marina Fisheries Commission Meeting, 1960 September 29
47AIBS meeting, 1960 August
48GOS Spring meeting, 1960
49WOS Bird Weight Symposium, Gatlinburg, 1960 May
410AIBS Symposium, "Energy in Ecosystems", 1959
411Upjohn Symposium on Energy Balance, 1959 September
412ASB Meeting, 1959
413International Congress, London; Helsinki, 1958
414Ga. Academy Symposium - Environmental Aspects, Nuclear Radiation, 1957 May 3
415U. Minnesota Trip, 1957 April 24-27
416NSF - AIBS - Meeting, Biol. Stations - Inspection Trip, 1957 March
51Geneva Conference - AEC, 1955
52European Trip - Correspondance, 1957-1958
53Huyck Preserve 25th Anniversary Celebration, 1956
54AOU Baton Rouge Meeting, 1952
55GOC Spring Meeting, 1949
56Research Triangle U.N.C., 1947
57Vertebrate Bibliography, 1941
58Territory Symposium, Univ. Illinois, 1939
59Mountain Lake (Va.) Vertebrate Zoology Summer Course, 1942
510Papers read at regional or bird meetings, 1937-1950
61Ga. Conservancy Conference, "Conservation or Chaos", 1969 January 10-11
62Visiting Scientist - Auburn Univ., 1969 February 25-26
63Ossabow Island Project visit, 1969 April 2-10
64Juniata College - Science Lecture Series, Huntingdon, Pa. , 1969 April 14
65Fontana Conservation Roundup; Fontana Village, N.C., 1969 May 14-16
66Amer. Assoc. School Administrators Siminar; Ga. Center, 1969 May 19
67Lecture trip - Northwestern Univ., 1969 May 28
68Fresh Water Biol. and Pollution - SE Water Lab. - short course, Athens, 1969 June 16
69Aspen Seminar on "Environmental Arts and Sciences" (did not attend), 1969 June 27-July 2
610Int. Sym. on Statistical Ecology, New Haven, (did not attend), 1969 August 21-28
611American Socialogical Association, (Dicussion Leader - Session on Human Ecology), San Francisco, 1969 September 1-4
612Environmental Engineering Seminar, Asheville, N.C., 1969 October 21
613Unitarian Church Program, 1969 November 30
614Address: Crawford W. Long Medical Society , 1969 December 2
615Engineering Ecology Conference - Ecology Shortcourse for Service Engineers. Ga. Center, 1970 January 14-16
616Environment - Quest for Quality - IBP Sponsered Conference, Washington, 1970 February 18-28
617Southern Nuclear Task Force, 1970
618S.E. Region Amer. Soc. Agricultural Engineers, Memphis, Tenn., 1970 February 2
619Ag. Enginnering Open House and Dedication - UGA, 1970 February 24
620Management Executives' Society Meeting - Banquet speaker, Jupiter Island, Fla., 1970 April 10-12
621"Preserving Natural Areas" Symposium, Sapelo Island, Georgia, 1970 April 19-23
622Telephone Lecture - to Vet. Med. Ed. Conf. Ohio State, 1970 May 22
623Interprofessional Council on Environmental Design (ICED). Univ. Maryland (did not attend), 1970 May 19
624First National congress on Optimum Population and Environment. Chicago, 1970 June 7-11
71Ga. Tech Lecture - Social Science Lecture Series; Spring Quarter, 1970 May 26
72Dedication Address: Jackson Estuarine Laboratory, Unov. New Hampshire, Durham, N.H., 1970 May 30
73Ga. Section: Amer. Soc. Civil Engineers Luncheon Address: Atlanta, 1970 June 5
74Short Course on Ecology: Inst. for Organization Management, U. S. Chamber of Commerce. Ga. Center, 1970 June 15-19
75Land Use Planning Symposium, Ga. Center, Athens, 1970 July 6-7
76Govenor's Conference on Planning for Environmental Quality: Georgia's Role in the National Effort, Atlanta, 1970 July 10
77Commerce Kiwanis Club, 1970 September 10
78Callaway Gardens Ecology Seminar, 1970 September 28
79"Rap Session", Student Union, 1970 October 7
710Ga. Water Pollution Control Assoc. - Annual Conference, DeSoto Hilton Hotel, Savannah, 1970 September 20-23
711"Towards Relevant Ecology": Odum Testimonial, Ga. Center, Athens, 1970 October 2-3
712Southern Regional Council: Research Seminar, Atlanta, 1970 October 9-10
713Pollution and Environment - Ga. Tech. Seminar, 1970 November 11
7142 Millionth Telephone Ceremony - Institute of Ecology, 1970 November 13
715Virginia Woman's Forum, Richmond, Va., 1970 November 19
716Election Spin Symposium, Ga. Center, 1970 December 8
717Hawaii: Lectures in Human Ecology and (vacation on outer islands), 1970 December 14-28
718Trips not taken, 1969-1970
719Ga. Assoc. Broadcasters - Ga.Center, Athens, 1971 January 26-28
720Junior League of Atlanta, 1971 February 1
721Symposium - Pole of trees in the South's Urban Environment, Georgia Center, 1971 February 3
722Alabama Conservancy, Montgomery, Ala., 1971 February 12-13
723Philosophy Colloquium: 'Philosophy and Environmental Crisis", Athens, Ga., 1971 February 19
724Western Electric Banquet, Atlanta, 1971 February 26
725Address. Ga. Student Chapt. Amer. Veterinary Medical Assoc., circa 1971
726Seminar at Miss. State University, 1971 March 15
727Interdisciplinary Seminar in the Humanities. Univ. of Miss., 1971 March 16
728Speak to Hillel Foundation, 8:00 p.m., 1971 April 14
729Utah trip (cancelled), 1971 May
730Role of Detritus in Ecosystems. Inst. Ecol. Conf. Athens, 1971 April 1-3
731Social Science and Environmental Education, Ga. Center Conf., 1971 April 4
732Rome Kiwanis Club, Rome, Georgia, 1971 April 12
733Florida State, Tallahassee. Address: occasion awarding honorary Doctors Degree, E. V. Komarek, 1971 April 21
734National Academy, Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., 1971 April 26-28
735Distinguished Service Award - Ga. College, Milledgeville, 1971 May 5
736Valdosta State College, 1971 May 6
7373nd National Radioecology Symposium, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, 1971 May 10-12
81Amer. Assoc. of School Administrators Georgia Center, 2:00pm, 1971 May 18
82Marine Sci. Education Conf., Beaufort N.C., Also, Seminar, Duke Marine Station, Atlanta, 1971 June
83Educational Tape - Japanese Broadcasting System, State Ed. Dept. Studio, circa 1971
84Atlanta Kiwanis Club, 1971 July 13
85Systems Ecology Institute, Univ. Oklahoma Biological Station, 1971 July 21-22
86Trip to Germany - Cancelled, circa 1971
87Green Bay, Wisconsin Trip, 1971 August 4-5
88Meeting - Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Mass., Cancelled because of Illness, 1971 August 23
89Georgia Assoc. of Colleges, Ga. Center, 1971 August 12
810Seminar and Research Review: Marine Institute, Sapelo Island, 1971 September 10-12
811Outstanding Educators of America - Award, 1971
812The Nature Conservancy - Savannah, 1971 October 15
813Nitrogen Dynamics in Ecosystems - Workshop., Inst. Ecol. Univ. Ga., 1971 October 13-16
814Georgia Roadside Council Conference, Ga. Center, Athens, 1971 October 18
815SRP Environmental Site Visit, 1971 November 8-9
816Desert Research Institute, Reno Nevada. Adv. Bd. Meeting, 1971 November 19-20
817Electrical Engineering Seminar, Ga. Tech, 1971 November 1
818Conf. Future of the Altamaha, Brunswick Junior College, Athens Uunior Assembly, Chatts Island - Plumnelly Rd., 1971
819Seminar - Univ. of South Carolina and Wofford, Spartanburg, S.C., 1971 November 17
820Awards Committee - Ga. Assoc. A.I.A., Sea Island, 1971 November 20
821Unesco Conf. on Environmental Education, Atlanta, Ga., 1971 November 21-24
822University of N. Carolina - R.E. Coker Lecture, 1971 December 1
823The Atlanta Audubon Society Annual Banquet, Atlanta, 1971 December 14
824Alpha Lamda Delta & Phi Eta Sigma, Wesley Center, 1972 January 13
825Tropical Field Ecology course - West Indies Laboratory, St. Croix, Virgina, 1972 January
826Energy Crisis Symposium, Ga. Tech., Atlanta, 1972 April 6-7
827Home Economics Informal Lecture - Dawson Hall Auditorium, 1972 January 18
828Exec. Development Program, Recreation and Park Admin., Ga. Center, Athens, 1972 February 2
829Eastern Deciduous Forest Biome First Annual Information Meeting, Ga. Center, Athens, Feb. 9 - 11, 1972, 1972 February 9-11
91National Academy of Science Membership Committee Meeting, Washington, D.C., 1972 February 12
92GA. Conservancy, Macon, Ga. , 1972 February 16
93Air Force ROTC, Forestry Auditorium, 1972 February 24
94Univ. of Florida, Rockefeller Seminar, Gainesville, 1972 February 25
95Highway Conference. Georgia Tech., Atlanta, 1972 March 6-7
9637th. N. American Wildlife & Natural Resources Conf. Mexico City, 1972 March 12-15
97Environment Day. NE Ga. Sect. Amer. Chem. Soc. Russell Agr. Center, Athens , 1972 March 22
98Assoc. of Intern'l. Naturalists, Callaway Gardens, 1972 April 5
99Kennesaw Junior College, "Relevance of Env. Education in 70's", 1972 April 14
910Earth Day. Memeorial Hall - Campus, 1972 April 20
911National Academy of Sciences. Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., 1972 April 24-26
912Albion College, Michigan. Address Dedication new Science Building, 1972 April 26
913Brigham Young Univ., Prove, Utah, Seminar Lecture, 1972 May 2
914Utah State University, Logan, Utah - Lecture, 1972 May 4-5
915Brookhaven Symposium Series, Upton, N.Y. - did not attend, 1972 May 16
916Georgia Southern College. Seminar - Statesboro, Ga., May 22, 1972, 1972 May 22
917West Indies. Lab. Dedication - St. Croix, Virgin Islands, Armstrong College, Savannah, Ga., 1972 May
918Summer Orientation Program, Campus, 1972 July 6
919SRP Seminar, Aiken, 1972 July 11
920Research Priorities Study Conf., Ga. Tech. - Atlanta, 1972 July 18
921Lecture Series. Woods Hole, Mass., 1972 July 26-29
922Bermuda (Summer Program). Marine Science Inst. for College Teachers, 1972 August 6
923AIBS Annual Meeting - Halophyte Symposium., Minneapolis, Minn., 1972 August 28-29
924AEC Scientific and Technical Staff, Washington, D.C., 1972 October 20
925Conf. for National Merit Semi-Finalists, Campus, 1972 October 28
926Georgia Alumni Society, Marietta, Ga., 1972 October 31
927Symposium. Amer. Chem. Soc. SE Section, Birmingham, Ala. , 1972 November 3
928Duke Environmental Center Committee, Durham, N.C., 1972 November 8
929Ga. Chapter ASLA Luncheon Address - Ga. Center, 1972 December 9
930UGA Baptist Center. "The Church Contributing to Ecological Survival", 1972 November 28

Meetings and Travel

101Winter Conf. Ga. Council for Social Sciences. Stone Mountain Inn., 1973 January 26-27
102Parents Day, Campus, 1973 February 3
103NAS Membership Comm., Washington, D.C., 1973 February 10
104"Limits To Growth" Symposium", Agnes Scott Coll., Decatur, 1973 February 14
105Ohio State Conference on Succession, 1973 February 16-17
106Dedication: Aquatic Ecosystem Simulator, SE Envir. Res. Lab, Athens, 1973 March 7
107Natl. Air Quality Criteria Advisory Comm. St. Louis, Mo., 1973 March 15
108Annual Meeting, Georgia Conservancy, St. Simon's Island, 1973 March 28-April 1
109Environmntal Health Seminar, Univ. of Cincinnati (cancelled), 1973 April 4
1010National Academy of Science, Washington, D.C. (did not attend), 1973 April 23-25
1011Tehrmal Ecology Symp., Augusta, Ga., 1975 May 3-5
1012Symposim: Diversity and Function of Ecosystems, Reunion - Dr. Kendeigh,Univ. of Illinois, Urbana, 1973 May 26-27
1013Evaluation of Estuaries Symposium, F&W- Atlanta, 1973 June 13
1014OIBFS Annual Meeting, Rensellaerville, N.Y., 1973 June 16-17
1015The Bioshpere and the Atmosphere Symposium. Boulder, Colorado, 1973 June 25
1016Public Hearing on Beach-dune Protection Bill. St. Simons, Ga. , 1973 July 28
1017Environmental Impact Statemants Engineering Foundation conference,Henniker, New Hampshire, 1973 July 29-August 3
1018Council on Environmental Quality Working session with staff, Washington, D.C., 1973 August 20
1019Energy Hearing, Rural Development Center, Tifton, Ga. , 1973 August 31
1020Conference - Nof Ginosar, Israel (did not attend), 1973 September 9-14
1021Quality of Life Conf., Atlanta, 1973 September 19
1022Georgia Conservancy Board Meeting, Unicoi conf. Center, Helen, Ga. (did not attend), 1973 September 14-16
1023EPA Air Quality Advisory Committee. Arlington, Va., 1973 September 20
1024Amer. Ornithologists Union, Cape Cod, Provincetown, Mass., 1973 October 8-12
1025Workshop: Assessment Environ. Impact Coastal Ecosystems. Cape Kennedy, Fla., 1973 October 16-18
1026Storer Lecture Series, Univ. of Calif. - Davis, 1973 November 5-14
1027Short Course. Environ. Impact Statements for Nucler Plants, Ga. Tech. - Atlanta, 1973 November 26-30
1028Sport Fishes and Wildlife Conf., Albuquerque, N.M., 1973 December 3
111Monsanto Comm. Symposiom: Environ. Aspects Polymeric Plastice. Hartford, Conn., 1973 July 19
112Georgia Conservancy Board Meeting, Atlanta, 1973 December 8
113Env. Health Seminar, Univ. of Cincinnati Med. Center, 1974 January 9
114Energy Workshop Conducted for Georgia Conservancy by - Institute of Ecology, Atlanta, 1974 January 12
115Air Quality Board, Arlington, Va., 1975 January 16
116Lake Alma conference, Georgia Center, 1974 January 19
117Gov. Science Advisory Council, Atlanta (did not attend), 1974 January 23
118Georgia Conservancy State Conf., Callaway Gardens, 1974 February 2-3
119Dept. of Natural Res. Seminar, Atlanta, 1974 February 13
1110The Nature Conservancy, Atlanta, 1975 February 19-20
1111Sigma Xi Club, Medical College of Georgia, Thunderbird Inn, Augusta, 1974 February 27
1112Hal Davison Philosophy Club, Atlanta, 1974 March 10
1113Ga. Indus. Developers Conf. and Energy Crisis and Ga. Future Symposium, (Ga. Tech), 1974 March 11
1114Tri-County Library and AAUW, Rome, Ga., 1975 March 20
1115Air Quality Criteria Comm., Arlington, Va., 1975 March 21
1116Salt Marsh Seminar, Sapelo, 1974 March 20-22
1117RCA Lecture, Bahamas (cancelled by RCA), March 1974
1118Beach and Dune Protection Conference - Dept. of Nat. Res., Jekyll Island, Ga., 1974 March 31-April 2
1119Resources and Quality of Life Series, Oxford, Ga., 1974 March 28
1120Atlanta Environmental Symposium, 1974 April 2-3
1121Regional Conference "Managing Growth", Tifton, Ga. - also: Sigma Xi Club Lecture, 1974 April 4
1122Ecological Genetics conference, Athens, 1974 April 4-5
1123Environmental Health Course, Emory, 1974 April 18
1124National Academy Meeting, Washington (did not attend), 1975 April 20-23
1125Symposium on college and Univ. Faculty Representation, Campus, 1974 April 20
1126Symposium "Mineral Cycling", Augusta, Georgia, 1974 May 1-3
1127Ohio seminar Trip - Toledo, Kent State, and Miami of Ohio, 1974 May 11-17
1128Governor's Science Adv. Council, Ga. Tec., 1974 May 24
1129Conf. on Environmental Education, Atlanta - Golley attended in my place (did not attend), 1974 May 29
1130Ecol. Soc. Amer. - AIBS meeting - Arizona State, Tempe (Phoenix), Ariz., 1974 June 17-19
1131Hatch Nuclear Plant - Dedication, Baxley, Ga. (Ga. Power) (did not attend), 1974 June 25
1132NE Georgia Nature Center Meeting, Beechwood Shopping Center, Athens, 1974 July 29
1133National Academy Science. Washington, D.C. Annual meeting (did not attend), 1974 April 22-25
1134Dept. of Nat. Res., Student Center - Gainesville, 1974 August 5
1135Commission on the Future of the South, Unicoi Meeting, 1974 August 16-18
1136American Risk & Ins. Assoc., Greenbriar, West Va., 1974 August 27-28
1211st International Congress of Ecology, The Hague, Netherlands, 1974 September 8-14
122TAAC - OTA meeting, 1974 October 3
123North Ga, Citizens Council, Brenau College - Gainesville, 1974 October 9
124So. Newspaper Publishers Assoc. and UGA. Seminar - Sapelo, 1974 October 20-23
125Seminar Series - Univ. of S. Carolina - Columbia, 1974 October 28
126World Food Crisis Seminar, Atlanta - Ga. Tech, 1974 October 31
127Consumers in Ecosystems, Univ. of Ga, 1974 November 24-27
128TAAC Meet. Arlie House, Virginia, 1975 July 27-29
129The Nature Conservancy BD. of Gov., Arlington, Va, 1975 July 25-26
1210One World - Your Future Symposium, Chapel Hill, N.C., 1975 March 26
1211Thermal Ecology Symposium - SREL, 1975 April 2-5
1212Atlanta Symposium - Albert Schweitzer Centenary, Atlanta, 1975 April 7-12
1213Nature Conservancy Annual Meeting, 1975 April 26
1214Energy Accounting Short Course, Ga. Conservancy, 1975 May 14
12154th Nat'l Symposium on Radioecology, Oregon State Univ, 1975 May 12-14
1216Georgia Conservancy - Trustees Meeting, Athens (did not attend), 1975 May 17
1217Beta Gamma Sigma Bus. Fraternity, Campus, 1975 May 27
1218Estuarine Ecology Course - Skidaway, 1975 July 16-17
1219Appalachain Trail Conf., Washington, D.C., 1975 June 21-23
1220Seminar and Exhibit, St. Andrews, Canada, 1975 July 18
1221Atlanta 2000 Conference I, 1975 September 19-20
131Southern Regional Education Board: Legislative Work Conference, Biloxi, Miss, 1975 August 27-29
132American Type Coulture Col., Washington, D.C. (did not attend), 1975 Sept. 23
133Regents Meeting, Sapelo Island, 1975 September 28-29
134Oak Ridge Seminar, 1975 October 8
135ERDA Public Meeting, Atlanta, Ga, 1975 October 20
136Domestic Council Public Forum, Tampa, Fla, 1975 October 29
137"Town Hall Meeting" - Ga. Conservancy, Atlanta, Ga, 1975 October 28
138Virginia Callaway Documentary film - Callaway Gardens, 1975 December 10
139University Center in Virginia, Richmond, Va, 1975 November 3-6
1310International Congress on Scientists, Kyoto, Japan (did not attend), 1975 November 16-26
1311OTA - Washington (did not attend), 1975 November 24
1312Georgia Conservancy Board Meeting, Atlanta, 1975 December 6
1313Ga. Tech Sigma Xi (afternoon) and Ga. Sect. Amer. Chem. Soc. (evening), 1976 January 20
1314Ga. Sec. American Chemical Soc., Atlanta, 1976 January 20
1315Seminar - Florida State, Tallahassee (did not attend), 1976 January 20
1316Emory Univ. Law School, Atlanta, Ga, 1976 February 6
1317First United Methodist Church, Athens, 1976 February 11
1318Population Biology Seminar - Dr. Anderson's Home, 1976 February 16
1319OTA - Washington, 1976 January 26
1320Technology and Ecology Symp. - Marietta, Georgia, Southern Tech, 1976 March 4
1321Governor's Bicentennial Youth Congress, Savannah, Ga, 1976 February 20
1322Georgia Conservancy Annual Meeting - Ramada Inn Central, Atlanta, 1976 March 19-21
1323Bicenntenial Special Session. N.A. Wildlife and Nat. Resources Conference - Washington, D.C. , 1976 March 21-25
1324TAAC-PTA, Washington, 1976 March 25
1325Seminar on Forging the Economic Quality of Life in Georgia - Ga. Center, Athens, 1976 March 26
1326Leisure Conf. - Environmental Design; Labash Symposium, Memorial Hall, 1976 March 27
1327Georgia Wildlife Federation Annual Meeting: Awards Banquet, Atlanta, 1976 April 3
1328Argonne National Laboratory - Argonne, Ill. Seminar and Consulting, 1976 April 14-16
1329Mineral Cycling Symposium, Augusta (did not attend), 1976 April 28-30
1330Environmental Law Day, Columbia, S.C. , 1976 April 10
1331National Academy Annual Meeting, Washington, 1976 April 26-28
141California State Univ., Chico, Calif (postponed), 1976 May 3
142National Garden Club Award: Award Banquet, Pittsburg, Pa, 1976 May 12
143Marsh Creation Workshop: F&W Service - Sapelo (did not attend), 1976 May 19
144OTA, Washington (did not attend), 1976 May 19-20
145Tumbling Waters Camp Visit, 1976 May 21-22
146(Abstracts) ESA-AIBS Meeting, New Orleans, 1976 May 30-June 4
147Biol. Eval. Environ. Impact - AIBS-ESA Meeting: Symposium , sponsered by: CEQ, 1976 June 3
148ASlO Annual Meeting, Savannah, Ga, 1976 June 21-24
149Trip tp St. Catherine's Island, 1976 June 30
1410TAAC Meeting, Washington, 1976 July 23
1411Consultation: F&W Strip-mining Rehabilitation research, Fort Collins Colo, 1976 August 1-3
1412Nature Conservancy, Board of Governors Meeting, Vermejo Ranch, New Mexico, 1976 September 9-12
1413Landscape Design Study Course - Campus, 1976 September 21
1414Leadership Georgia Conf., Savannah, Ga, 1976 September 23
1415Lake Ocklawaha (Cross-Fla. Barge Canal) - consulting Trip, 1976 October 1
1416G.O.S. Annual Fall Meeting, Forest Res. Auditorium, Campus, 1976 October 9-10
1417Clayton Junior College, Morrow, Ga, 1976 October 20
1418Conf. Sustainable Energy Economy - Ga. Conservancy, Wolfcreek Wilderness, 1976 October 22-24
1419California Trip: Lectures, Chico State Univ, 1976 October 25-November 1
1420Coastal Calif, 1976 October 26-31
1421Sigma Xi Lecture - Campus, 1976 November 4
1422Sierra Club - Ga. Center, Athens: Regional meeting, Ex. Committee, 1976 November 20
1423Environmental Effects of Energy Workshop. Savannah Ga, 1976 December 2-3
1424Georgia Conservancy Board Meeting, Atlanta, 1976 December 11
151Royal Societies Congress New Zealand (Cancelled) , 1976 May 10-16
152OTA Washington, D.C. , 1977 February 10
153Georgia Conservancy Seminar on Water Quality Atlanta, 1977 February 16
154Georgia Alumni Seminar - Georgia Center, Athens, 1977 February 18-20
155Human Survival Symposium N.C. State Raleigh, NC (Did not attend), 1977 February 21-25
156Shorter College Rome Georgia , 1977 March 2
157Energy Program Augusta College Augusta Georgia , 1977 March 8
158N.A. Wildlife & Research Conference Atlanta GA , 1977 March 5-9
159Audobon Society Albany Georgia (Did not attend), 1977 April 14
1510National Wetlands Council Washington DC , 1977 April 4
1511President's Mini-Conferences Energy Policy & Planning, Washington , 1977 March 22
1512TAAC (OTA) Lunch for Schumacher Russell Senate Office Bldg, Washington (Cancelled), 1977 March 22
1513OTA Meeting Washington (Did not attend), 1977 April 7
1514International Paper Co. Banquet (Natural Area Coastal Georgia gift; Nat., 1977
1515Conserv Hilton, Atlanta, 1977 April 11
1516Field Studies Symposium Sacramento, California (Cancelled due to Tyler Award Conflict), 1977 April 16-17
1517Tyler Award Ceremony White House, Washington, DC , 1977 April 15
1518Tyler Award Reception Los Angeles, CA Beverly Wilshire Hotel , 1977 May 23
1519National Academy Annual Meeting Washington , 1977 April 24
1520Ecology-Environmental Design Seminar Institute Ecology Athens , 1977 May 6
1521Alumni Society Seminar Atlanta , 1977 May 21
1522Symposium on Wetland Protection Washington DC , 1977 June 6-8
1523Growth without Ecodisasters: 2nd International Conference on Environmental, 1977
1524Future Iceland (Did not attend, but Paper Prepared for Public Proc.), 1977 June
1525EPA Laboratory Dedication Narragansett, RI , 1977 June 14-16
152650th Anniversary Symposium (Biology in the Blue Ridge) Highland Biological Special Meeting OTA Washington , 1977 June 28
1527Wright-Ingraham Institute Colorado Springs, Co, 1977 August 6
1528AIBS Meeting, Michigan State University, East Lansing , 1977 August 21-26
1529Succesion Sym, 1977 August 24
1530OTA Meeting, TAAC Washington , 1977 August 25
1531Energy Colloquium Georgia Center-Campus , 1977 September 7
1532Belden Energy Manager's Meeting Peachtree Plaza, Atlanta , 1977 September
161Seven Springs Center New York Greening (os)? Energy Symposium, 1977 September 9-11
162Society of American Foresters Albuquerque NM , 1977 October 2-6
163Blue Key Alumni Awards Banquet Georgia Center, Athens, 1977 October 7
164Meeting: Population and Evolutionary Biologists of Georgia. Institute Ecology, 1977
165Athens , 1977 October 29
166Energy and Environmental Stress SREL Symposium (Did not attend), 1977 November 2-4
167Environmental Law Institute Washington DC Second NEPA Conference, 1977 November 7-8
168Courts-Frazier Scholars Dinner, 1977 November 15
169Atlanta "Futures" Conference Urban Life Center Georgia State Atlanta, 1977 November 17-19
1610OTA Meeting Washington DC , 1977 November 21
1611Garden Club Lecture Sautee-Nacoochee, Georgia, 1977 November 11
1612Conference on Energy for Georgia General Assembly Georgia Center , 1977 December 7-9
1613International Meditation Society Award Atlanta, Georgia, 1977 December 18
1614National Wetland Technology Council St. Petersburg, Florida (Did not attend), 1978
1615Consultant - PGA Golf Course (Cancelled) W. Palm Beach, Fla, 1978 February 6
1616OTA Meeting Washington, DC (Did not attend), 1978 February 17
1617Athens Rotary Club Holiday Inn, 1978 January 18
1618White House Conference Washington, DC Balanced National Growth, 1978 January 29-31
1619Leadership Savannah Conference Savannah, Georgia , 1978 March 9
1620Southern Missionary College Collegedale, Tenn, 1978 March 23
1621TAAC Meeting Washington, DC , 1978 March 30
1622Southern University Conference Kiawah Island, SC , 1978 April 6-7
1623National Academy Annual Meeting Washington (Did not attend) , 1978 April 24-26
1624Sun Day , 1978 May 3
171St. Andrews Medal Ceremony St. Andrews, Tenn, 1978 May 6
172Nature Conservancy Board Meeting Santa Barbara - Santa Cruz Island , 1978 May 19-20
173OTA Meeting Washington, DC, 1978 May 25
174Public Relations Institute Georgia Center - Campus, 1978 June 6-8
175Energy Symposium Georgia Center Campus , 1978 June 5-6
176American Society of Mammalogists; Annual Meeting Athens, GA , 1978 June 13-17
177Wetlands Council Workshop Institute of Ecology - Campus , 1978 June 19-21
178Market News Conference Program Atlanta (Did not attend), 1978 June 22-24
179OTA Meeting Washington, DC , 1978 July 20
1710Georgia Conservancy Annual Conference Eatonton, Georgia (Attended Pre Conf. Trip Only Feb. 22) , 1979 February 23-25
1711Dedication - Oak Ridge ESD Building, 1979 February 26-27
1712Georgia Conservancy Bd. Meeting History Village, Athens, 1978 July 15
1713Energy Institute for Teachers Campus, 1978 August 2
1714RARE II EAST. Symposium Georgia Center, Athens , 1978 August 11-13
1715Second International Congress of Ecology Jerusalem, Israel Sept. 10-16, 1978, 1978 September 10-16
1716Georgia's Proposal for Georgia Center , 1978 August 2
1717AIBS Annual Meeting - Athens, GA , 1978 August 20-25
1718Gov. Busbee's Visit Campus , 1978 August 23
1719Flint River Canoe Trip , 1978 August 29
1720OSSABAW Foundation Board Meeting Ossabaw Island , 1978 September 22-24
1721Hazel Henderson Visit Georgia Center , 1978 October 13-14
1722Ebenezer Creel's Bear Island Trip (Did not go), 1978 October 13
1723Alumnus Award University of N.C. - Chapel Hill , 1978 October 12
1724SEERS Meeting Hilton Head, SC , 1978 October 26-27
1725Wesley Foundation Athens, Georgia , 1978 October 22
1726UGA Alumni Meeting Charleston, SC , 1978 October 25
1727Salt Marsh Conference Athens, Georgia Nov. 5-7, 1978, 1978 November 5-7
1728Lt. Gov. Zell Miller's Visit Campus , 1978 November 28
1729National Symposium Callaway Gardens (Riparian Ecosystems), 1978 December 11-13
1730Conservation Foundation Board of Trustees Fall Meeting, 1978 December 1
1731National Symposium on Wetlands Disney World, Fla, 1978 November 6-10
1732Department of Energy Washington, DC Advisory Committee Jan. 29, 1979 National Symposium on Wetlands Disney World, Fla, 1978 November 6-10
1733Department of Energy Washington, DC Advisory Committee , 1979 January 29
181NRC Panel SAV. RIV. Plant wastes Augusta (Did not attend), 1979 February 21
182Quality of Life Workshop Joe Wheeler State Park, Ala (Did not go), 1979 April 6
183Georgia Conservancy Trustees Meeting Hambidge Center, Dillard Georgia , 1979 April 7
184Ann. Meeting - American Historians New Orleans, LA , 1979 April 13
185Duke Marine Lab Beaufort, NC , 1979 April 16
186Botany Lecture (Mangelsdorf) UNC Chapel Hill, NC, 1979 April 19
187SREL Bldg. Dedication Aiken, SC (Sav. River Plant), 1979 May 9
188Conservation Found. Spring Meeting Denver, Colorado , 1979 May 14-15
189Planning Board Meeting Winston-Salem, NC , 1979 May 23
1810Georgia Conservancy Board Meeting Chattahoochee Nature Center Roswell, 1979 June 24
1811Kiwanis Club Augusta, Georgia Monday 1 p.m., 1979 July 9
1812Augusta Hilton and visit to SREL, 1979 July 9-10
1813DOE Meeting Seattle, Washington (Did not attend), 1979 August 1-3
1814Kenya Trip - Game Parks , 1979 August 12-29
1815Visiting Professorships, Colorado State University, Fort Collins , 1979 September 17
1816President's Club Alumni Weekend Campus , 1979 September 29-30
1817ERF 5th Biennial Meeting Jekyll Island, Georgia , 1979 October 7-12
1818DOE Meeting Environmental Advisory Committee Washington, DC , 1979 October 22-23
1819Conservation Foundation Bd. Meeting Washington, DC (Did not attend), 1979 November 14
1820Kiwanis Club Lawrenceville, Georgia , 1979 November 29
1821Georgia Conservancy Bd. Meeting Atlanta, Georgia (Did not attend), 1979 December 8

Manuscripts and Published Papers

191Original - Huyck Annual Report, 1940
192Clarke County Study, circa 1940s
193Annual Cycle Chickadee Ms, circa 1940s
194Biomes and Canadian To - IP Data, circa 1939
195Technics in Life History Study MS, 1942
196Muscle Tremors MS, 1942
197Vegetation of Huyck Preserve, 1943
198Circulatory Congestion MS, 1944
199Heart Rate Small Birds (Science article) MS, 1945
1910Biome Symposium, circa 1940s
1911Comparative Toxicity, DDT and Analogues - MS, 1946
1912Highlands - Breeding Bird Censuses, 1946
1913Mammal Trapping, 1946
201Odum - Burleigh; Southward Invasion in Georgia = Published Auk, 1946
202Chickadee MS, 1945, 1947
203Bird in DDT Sprayed Pecan Orchards M.S., 1947
204Highlands - North Carolina Bird Notes, 1947
205Highlands - Mammals Notes, 1947-1948
206Highlands - Notes and Miscellaneous, 1947-1948
207Highlands - Populations, 1947
208Highlands and Mammal Trapping, 1947
211Highlands - Mammals and Napaeozapus note MS, 1948
212Highlands - Mammal Trapping, 1948
213White Throat Weights Ms, 1949
214Fish Resources - Fletcher and Odom, circa 1940s
215Jack Lowe Thesis - Dove Productivity, circa 1940s
216Odum and Perkinson - Lipid metabolism white throats, circa 1940s
217Burnt - Oglethorpe Mountain Paper, circa 1940s
218Physiological Variations Chickadees, circa 1940s
219Microtus From Georgia Piedmont MS, circa 1940s
2110Manuscripts of Published Bird Notes, 1943-1946
2111Wiegert Odum - Radionuclide Tracer Measurement Food Web Diversity in nature, circa 1940s
2112Lipid Deposition White Throats MS, 1951
2113Highlands Bird Populations MS, 1950
2114Odum and Johnston House Wren Papers MS and Correspondence, 1950
221Highlands - Bird Populations MS, circa 1950s
222Johnston-Odum - Birds and Plant Succession MS, 1956
223Mist Net Paper, 1957
224Ecological Aspects of Waste Disposal - Paper Presented at Conference on Radioactive Isotopes in Agriculture East Lansing, Michigan , 1956 January
225Total Function in Relation Radiation Ecology Paper MS Geneva Conference, 1955
226Lipid Levels in Migrating Birds, circa 1950s
227Neotoma Paper, circa 1950s
228Coral Reef - Reply to Yonge = Published as comment in "Perspectives", circa 1950s
229Odum - Kuenzler Territory SRE MS, circa 1950s
231Coral Reef "Reply to Hand", circa 1950s
232Odum-Johnston - Bird Population and Plant Succession, circa 1950s
233Ecosystem Approach in Teaching, circa 1950s
234Uptake p. 326, Benthic Algae, circa 1950s
235Odum-Humphries - McKinney's Pond Heronry, circa 1950s
236Effect Diet on Lipid Deposition, circa 1950s
237White-Throat Fat Deposition Paper, circa 1950s
238SRP Mist Net MS, circa 1950s
239Atoll Papers, circa 1950s
2310Norris, Connell, Johnston - Hummer MS, circa 1950s
2311Ecology and the Atomic Age - Essay, circa 1950s
2312Heart Rate of Small Birds MS, circa 1950s
2313Mt. Lake Mammals, circa 1950s
2314Mt. Vireo of Athens, circa 1950s
2315Breeding Bird Censuses, circa 1950s
2316Odum-Gentry - Winter Activity P. Polionotus, 1956
371Monsanto Report - Plastic Bottles = Published , 1973 October
372Guest Editorial - Georgia Conservancy "Little Tybee Island" , circa 1970s
373Environmental Ethic and The Attitude Revolution. Symposium: Philosophy and the Environmental Crisis , circa 1970s
374SREL and NERP Public Relations Story , 1972 October
375Halophytes, Energetics and Ecosystems Prepared for Academy Press Volume on Halophytes, circa 1970s
376The Value of the Tidal Marsh - Gosselink, Odum and Pope = Published n.d., circa 1970s
377The Pricing System - The Georgia Conservancy - Fourth Quarter , 1973
378Comparison Productivity of Spartina Alterniflora and S. Cynosuroides - Odum and Fanning , circa 1970s
379Energy Use and Environmental Abuse - A New Boundary Condition = Published Gray Lit. n.d., circa 1970s
3710Natural Areas as Necessary Components of Man's Total Environment N.A. Wildlife Conf. Mexico City = Published (Paper Read), 1972 March 4
3711Comments on the Distribution of Indices of Diversity - Shenton, Bowman, Hutchenson, Odum , circa 1970s
3712Ecological Principles and the Urban Forest - Symposium on Trees and the South's Urban Environment , circa 1970s
381Ecosystem Theory in Relation to Man Oregon State Colloquium Paper - Revised Published, circa 1970s
382The Case for the Multispecies Ecological System..." Cooke, Beyers, Odum, circa 1970s
383"Radionuclide Tracer Measurements of Food Web Diversity in Nature." Wiegert and Odum Published, circa 1970s
384Toward Trusteeship of Land Field & Stream - Published, circa 1970s
385Energetics of the Litter Soil Subsystem Wiegert and Odum Published, circa 1970s
386Preface - Environmental Law Review , 1970
387Optimum Population for Georgia Published
388Dahlberg & Odum "Annual Cycle of Density in Georgia Estuarive Fish Populations"
389The Crisis of Survival Published
3810The Strategy of Ecosystem Development Final Draft Published
3811Strategy of Ecology Development First Draft w/reviewer's comments
391Reply to the McIntosh letter in Science Published
392A Plea for Massed Shrubbery" Published
393A Research Challenge: "Evaluating the Productivity of Coastal and Estuarine Water" Sea Grant Conference Published
394Bioscience Editorial: The Attitude Lag May 1969 Publ.
395Transcript Conference on the future of the Marshlands and Islands of Georgia Published
396P+Zn Cycles of Productivity of a saltmarsh - Pomeroy, Johannes, Odum & Roffman
397Oyster Culture Workshop - Sapleo Island July 11-12, 1967 Published
398Coweta Mammal Study, 1967
399"Air-land-water = An Ecological Whole Journal of Soil & Water Conservation Published
3910Mason and Odum Effect of Coprophagy on Retention and Bioelimination..."" Published"
3911Breymeyer-Odum Fly and Spider Zn65 Transfer and Bioelimination Published
3912Bioelimination 65Zn in Mice Pullium, Barrett, Odum Published
3913Braswell and Hanson - 65Zn Bioelimination in Milkweed Bug Published
3914Equitability and Resources Limitation Pullium-Odum-Barrett Published
3915(ASZ Refresher Course) - Energy Flow in Ecosystems - A Historical Review" Published
401Odum and De La Cruz - Detritus Georgia Salt Marshes, Jekyll Island Conference on Estuaries = Published n.d.
402Flux 65Zn and 32P Salt Marsh Ecosystem = Published n.d.
403Review: Waste Management and Control = Published 1967
404Alfred C. Redfield - Eminent Ecologist = Published 1966
405Symposium Estuarine Ecology Coastal Water North Carolina - Mimeo Publish May 12, 1966
406MS Feedback Between Radiation Ecology and Basic Ecology - Symposium Radiation and Terrestrial Ecosystems - Richland = Published May 3, 1965
407AIBS Meeting - Nuclear Catastrophes Symposium - Summary = Published 1963
408The Calorie Content of Migrating Birds - Odum, Marple, Marshall = Published n.d.
409MS Experimental Isolation Food Chains with p. 32 Odum and Kuenzler = Published n.d.
4010Detritus as a Major Component of Ecosystems = Published n.d.
4011MS Excretion Zn65 Littorima - Mishima - Odum = Published
411MS: "Relationship Between Structure and Function in the Ecosystem" Published
412MS: Mechanisms Maintaining High Productivity in Georgia Estuaries. By Schelske and Odum
413Scanning Systems for Ecological Materials Published
414Flight Energy and Estimated Flight Ranges - Odum, Cornell, Stoddard
415N.Y. Conservationist Article Published
416The Role of Tidal Marshes & Streams in Estuarine Production Keynote Address - Charleston Meeting at Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commissions
421Gifford + Odum "Bioenergetics of Lipid Deposition in the Bobolink". Published
422Adipose Tissue in Migrating Birds Chapter from Handbook of Physiology. Published
423Transcript: Theoretical Biology Conference, AIBS Princeton Published 1963
424Min. Ecosystem for Man - Revised 1963 Published Transcripts
425Wood and Odum = "Nine Year History of Furbearer Populations on SRP" Published
426U. Ga. Studies on role of fat in Migrant Birds Marshall & Baker
427Effects of Age, Sex and Level of Lipid Deposition on Major Body Components in Wood Warblers Rogers and Odum Published
428Bioscience Paper "The New Ecology" Published
429Homeostasis in Non-fat Body Components in Migrating Birds Science Published
4210Comparison Fat Levels - Michigan and Florida Caldwell, Odum and Marshall Published
4211McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia article Published
4212XVI International Zoology Congress August 1963, Abstract Published in Proceedings
4213Radio-ecology Symposium Panel Discussion in Education Published
431MS - "Radioactive Tracers as an Aid to Measurement of Energy Flow" Published
432Factors which Regulate Primary Productivity and Heterotrophic Utilization in the Ecosystem Taft Seminar, April 27, 1960 Published
433Michigan Biological Station Centennial Lecture, June 1959 Published
434Gifford - Odum - Chlorophyll Content in Intertidal Zones" Published
435Density of Lasius as Determined by Radiology Published
436Uptake Zn65 and Productivity - Bachman and Odum Published
437Premigratory Hyperphagia in Birds - MS Published
438Lipid Deposition in Noctural Migrant Birds Published Paper Given @ XII Inter. Congress of Ornithology, Helsinki, Finland
439Homeostasis of the Ecosystem in Relation to Animal Populations XV Congress of Zoology, London Abstract Published
4310Notes for the Oriole - Mar. 1960 Published, 1960 March

Advisory Boards: Nature Conservancy & Atlanta 2000

241The Nature Conservancy, Annual Report , 1975
242The Nature Conservancy, The Board of Governors Meeting, Arlington Hyatt House, circa 1970s
243Hotel, Arlington, Virginia, 4:00 p.m., 1978 September 15
244The Nature Conservancy, Financial Statements, December 31, 1977, 1977 December 31
245Miscellaneous Literature (This is in no particular order nor is it in a manilla folder), circa 1970s
246The Nature Conservancy, Board of Governors Meeting, Arlington Hyatt House, Arlington, Virginia, 10:00 a.m., 1977 December 3
247The Nature Conservancy, Board of Governors Meeting, Arlington Hyatt House, Arlington, Virginia, 10:00 a.m., 1977 May 21
248The Ohio Natural Heritage Program, Executive Summary, circa 1970s
249Nature Conservancy (Miscellaneous literature, loose), circa 1970s
2410Nature Conservancy, Board Meeting (Did not attend) , 1977 September 16
2411The Nature Conservancy, Board of Governors Meeting, Arlington Hyatt House,Arlington Virginia,10:00 a.m., 1977 September 17
2412The Nature Conservancy, Annual Report , 1976
2413The Nature Conservancy, Board of Governor's Meeting, Arlington Hyatt House, Arlington, Virginia, 10:00 a.m., 1977 February 19
2414The Nature Conservancy, Board of Governor's Meeting, Arlington Hyatt House, Arlington, Virginia, 10:00 a.m., 1976 December 4
2415The Nature Conservancy, Agenda, Planning Committee, 9:15 a.m., 1976 September 11
2416The Nature Conservancy, Natural Assets A Report of Corporate Achievements in Land Conservation, 1976 June
251The Nature Conservancy, Board of Governors Meeting, Arlington, Virginia, 10 a.m., 1976 February 21
252The Nature Conservancy, Minutes, The Board of Governors Meeting, Arlington, Virginia, 1976 February 21
253The Nature Conservancy, Board of Governors Meeting, Portland, Oregon, 11 a.m., 1976 May 22
254The Nature Conservancy, Minutes, The Board of Governors Meeting, Portland, Oregon, 1976 May 22
255Booklet: Lynx Prairie, The E. Lucy Braun Preserve, Adams County, Ohio, circa 1970s
256Two sheets misc. correspondence, circa 1970s
257The Nature Conservancy News, 1977 April 7
258Union Camp - "Contact" #1, 1977
259Booklet: The Islands: Official Newsletter of the Virginia Coal Reserve, A Preserve of the Nature Conservancy, circa 1970s
2510Misc. Nature Conservancy Correspondence, 1975 May 28
2511The Nature Conservancy, Board of Governors Meeting, Chevy Chase, Maryland, 11 a.m., 1975 April 26
2512Misc. Nature Conservancy Correspondence, circa 1970s
2513The Nature Conservancy, Minutes, The Board of Governors Meeting, Arlington, Virginia, 1975 July 26
2514The Nature Conservancy, The Board of Governors Meeting, Arlington, Virginia, 10 a.m., 1975 December 13
2515The Nature Conservancy, Annual Report , 1974
2516The Nature Conservancy Program, 1980
2517New York Times Article: "Atlanta Group Sponsors a Forum on the City's Future", 1978 January 18
2518Atlanta 2000 Poster, circa 1970s
2519Atlanta 2000 Misc. Board of Directors Correspondence (Possibly from the following file), circa 1970s
2520Atlanta 2000 Conference, Board of Directors, Atlanta, Georgia, 1975
2521Buzzardroost Rock, The Christian & Emma Goetz Nature Preserve in Adams County, Ohio (Booklet), circa 1970s
2522The Wilderness, The Charles A. Eulett Preserve, Adams Co., Ohio, Lucille and Richard Durrell, (Booklet), circa 1970s
261Booklet: "Drug Bioequivalence" A report of the Office of Technology Assessment Drug Bioequivalence Study Panel, circa 1970s
262Booklet: "Technology Assessment in Business and Government" Summary and Analysis, circa 1970s
263Booklet: "Organizing and Financing Basic Research to Increase Food Production" , 1977 June
264Correspondence (loose) to Odum from Manfred Rummel, 1985 June 3
265TAAC - OTA Meeting, 1973 February 25-26
266Office of Technology Assessment, Advisory Council, General Announcements, circa 1970s
267TAAC Letters and Comments on Assessments - by Eugene P. Odum and others, circa 1970s
268TAAC Meeting, 1974 May 28
269Technology Assessment Board, Congressional Members; Senate and House, circa 1970s
2610Technology Assessment Advisory Council - 2nd Meeting, 1974 March 12
2611Technology Assessment, Advisory Council - Washington, First Meeting, 1974 January 24
2612OTA Meeting, Washington, 1974 December 10
2613OTA - Annual Reports and Assessments, circa 1970s
271[1 Bundle of Papers wrapped in String. Appears to be Georgia Conservancy Correspondence], circa 1970s

Miscellaneous Proposals, Contracts, etc.

281American Ornithologists Union (AOU) Membership Committee
282SRP - Environmental Status Meeting, 1971 June 2-3
283NSF - Science Area Development (NSF = National Science Foundation)
284Ecology Institute ? prepared for NSF Science Development Proposal , 1966
285NSF Science Development Application, Ecology Contribution
286NIH Training Grant Proposal, Extra copies
287USPHS Training Grant (Official Award Notices 1 TO1 ES00074-01, T1 ES 74-01-02), circa 1970s
288Frasch Grant Budgets
289Ecology Institute, Budget, 1969-1970
2810NSF Grant Renewal, 1969-1971
2811Ecology Institute, University Budget, 1968-1969
2812SREL Budgets, AEC Contract No. AT(38-1)-310 (SREL = Savannah River Ecology Laboratory)
2813Misc. Institute of Ecology, Correspondence
2814NSF Student Oriented Studies
2815Ecology Institute, Budget, 1970-1971
2816Pomeroy-Odum AEC Sapelo Grant AT(40-1)3238
2817Ecology Institute Business
2818AEC - Flux Radionuclides Salt Marsh Grant
2819Sea Grant Proposal
2820SREL A Proposal
291Strategy, Waste Management and Control from Chapter 16 - 3rd Edition
292New Equipment
293Student Report - Barn Owl Food Consumption (Empty)
294Five empty, unlabelled folders
295Letters about special equipment and technics(?) (Empty)
296Empty, Unlabelled Folder
297Microcosm Setup - Campus (Empty)
298Rann - Miscellaneous
299Birch - Visiting Lectureship
2910Loose page with numerical figures
2911On the Weights of Swainson's Thrushes Charles H. Blake
2912Loose Graph
2913Bioenergetics' biblio mailed to "requests", AIBS Meeting
2914Loose Tropical Studies Group Correspondence, etc.
2915Institute for Study of Health and Society
2916Ecology Development (5-Year Plan outline)
2917PYE - Protect Your Environment
2918Environmental Defense Fund
2919America The Beautiful fund
2920Letters from Ecologists from Non-English Speaking Countries
2921Thesis in Environmental Biology Directed by E.P. Odum
2922Memos on University Regulations
2923Ecology or Environmental Institutes, Centers and Programs - Other Universities
2924Odum - Biographical Data
301Oak Ridge Ecology Fellowship
302Technical Information Service, AEC Seed reprints for nuclear science abstracts
303Application for Part-Time employment
304Form - Staff and Training in Environmental Biology
305Institute of Radiation Ecology News Release
306Natural Philosophy and the Ecosystem F.B. Golley
307Suggested list of trees and shrubs to be planted around campus
308Oyster Culture Workshop
309Radiation Ecology lecture outline
3010Memo to Graduate Students: A suggested "Systems" approach to thesis planning
3011Courses of Interest to Graduate Students
3012Outstanding Educator Award, Jul-71
3013Review of Papers
3014Reappointment to Graduate Faculty, 1970
3015Questions for Pandora Profile, Apr-70
3016Ecology Seminar, 1962-65
3017List of AEC Savannah River Ecology Laboratory Reprints
3018Sigma Xi Nominations
3019Radiation Safety
3020SREL Reprint Mailing List
3021Biology 101-102, Fall 1969
3022Bio 101 Exam Questions
3023Stoddard-Stutton, 1968-1969
312Inauguration Committee for President Davison
313Chapman Grant - Brisbin
314Ecology Institute - Interdisciplinary Degree Proposals
315Congressional Advisor
316Parasitology, Pathology, and Hematology of the American Black Bear
317Applied Math
318Lectures & Trips, 1962-1963
319Local Lectures, etc. Univ. Georgia, 1965-1966
3110SREL Director Search
3111Current Science (Magazine) Photo Contest, 1973 February
3112Booklet: "Better use of Existing Transportation Facilities"
3113Booklet: "The Passenger Pigeon", 1973 winter
3114Booklet: "The Florida Field Naturalist", 1973 spring
3115Visiting Scientists, 1967-1968
3116Training Grant - Annual Report, 1967-1969
321Booklet "The Fate of Mercury in Artificial Stream Systems" Interim Report for EPA Project No. R800510
323Booklet: "Radar and Direct Visual Studies of Bird Migration in The Southern United States"
324Carl Helms - NIH Post Doctorate
325Ecology Program, UGA, 1967
326AOU Membership Committee
327NSF Undergraduate Research Program
328Application for Federal Assistance
329Student acceptances
3210Graduate Student Applications, 1956-1957
3211Post-Doctorals - Fellowship Applicants Ecology Tr. Gr., 1967
3212Prospective Students, 1961-1962
3213Prospective Students, 1962-1963
3214NSF Summer Research Participants
3215Graduate Student Applicants, 1965
3216Visiting Scholar Mac Fayden, 1963
3217Polar Research Panel NRC-NAC, 1961

50-70 Graduate Students-Records, Thesis, MS

331Kroodsma, Roger
332Bob Mulholland ,
333Post-Doc Candidates
334SREL Staff Vitae , 1973
335Curtis H. Adams - Post Doctoral candidate
336Distribution and Population of Summer Birds of Southwestern Georgia by Robert Norris
337Hugh McIntyre MS Thesis , 1966
338Menanick - Density, Diversity and Energy Flow of Athropods in Lespedeza MS Submitted, Published, 1963 August
339Schnell - Effect of Predation on Sigmodon = Published
3310Cooke = Pattern Autotrophic Succession in Laboratory Microcosms = Published
3311Marples - Radionucleotide Tracer Study Food Chains Spartina Marsh MS for
3312Publication = Published
3313Marples - Thesis = Published
3314C. Lowe - Cane Cutter MS = Published
341Jiro Mishima M.S. Thesis
342Roberts - P. Levcopus - P. Gossipinss Populations (Unpublished)
343Davenport - M.S. Thesis Published (Title is illegible)
344Caldwell - M.S. Thesis - Published Investigation of Completion in Natural Populations of Mice
345Menhinick - M.S. Thesis Published Insect Species in the Herb Stratum of Sevicea
346Lespedera, Savannah River Project, S.C.
347Golley - Eight-year Trend in Quail & Dove Call Counts, S.R.P.
348Willard - Relative Sensitivity nestlings to gamma radiation Published
349Phil Kahl - Thesis for Publication Published
3410Barrett - Effects of an accute insecticide stress on a semi-enclosed grassland ecosystems
3411H.B. Sharp - Thesis
3412Correspondence about graduate students
351Boyce, James Academic Program Did not complete degree
352Shauholtzer, G. Fred Ph.D. , 1972
353Mahoney, Joseph J. Ph.D. , 1972
354Dahlberg, Pamela Ann MS, 1971
355Homer Sharp Ph.D. , 1970
356Sharon Davis
357Schatz, Joseph
358Johnson, Aldine Stephen MS , 1969
359Richardson, James MS , 1969
3510David Pierce
3511Robert Sheldon
3512Wayne J. Kuenzer Ph.D.
3513Elliot J. Tramer Ph.D.
3514David T. Rogers
3515Bill Broughton
3516Raymond Trull
3517Armando A de la Cruz
3518Wallace A. Tampley
3519Smith, Robert Ford
3520Jay Schnell Ph.D., 1964
3521Cameron Gifford Ph.D. , 1964
3522Herbert Rale Ph.D. , 1964
3523T. Marples Ph.D. , 1964
3524Edward F. Menhinick
3525Robert Davis
3526M. Phil Kahl
3527Richard Youngerman
361Ecosystems , 1960
362J. B. Gentry
363Jiro Mishima MS, 1961
364Marvin M. Provo, Ph.D. , 1962
365C.B. Davenport
366William R. Willard
367C.D. Caldwell
368Dan Nelson
369Ed. Kuenzler
3610Alfred Smalley
3611Clyde F. Connell
3612Henry Robert
3613John Barrow
3615Bill Cross
3616Norris - Masters Program
3617Hershall Webb
3618Rudy Franklin
3619Jack Lowe
3620Crenshaw - Thesis
3621Robert Pearson
3622Terry McGowan
3623Milton Hopkins
3624Mitchell A. Byrd
3625Homer F. Sharp MS , 1962
3626Charles Lowe
3627James C. Major
3628Dick Smith
3629Blood Volume - Shibley
3630James O. Harrison
3631Jenkins - Ph.D. Program
3632Bob Gordon

Ecology Institute Building Plans, Proposals, etc.

441NASA Contract - Publications
442NSF - Experimental Ecosystems First Proposals , May 1966
443NASA Final Report, 1967
444NASA Microecosystems Final Report Grant (70/11-003) , 1967 March
445NASA Microecosystems 1st Semi-annual Report (Contract 706/11-003-001), 1966 March
446NASA - NSG 706/11-003-001 2nd Semi-annual Report (Original), 1965 August
447Third Semi-Annual Report NASA Grant NSG-706/11-003-001
448NASA Renewal Proposals , 1966 April
449NASA Proposals and Correspondence
4410NASA - Odum, Beyers NSG-706/11-003-001 2 years $70,000 Correspondence and Budgets, 1964-1966
4411NASA - University Visit, 1963 July
452Human Ecology as viewed by Social and Political Scientists
453Essays on Human Populations and Ecology
454Planning in Sweden
455McHarg on Planning
456Technocracy Literature
457Correspondence concerning Time Article , 1969
458Correspondence concerning article in Science - Strategy of Ecosystem Development , 1969
459Correspondence concerning Article in "Life" , 1969
4510Correspondence concerning NEWSWEEK Article , 1970
4511Urgent Need for Landscape Zoning , 1966
4512This is Worth or Best Instant Books (This label is highly illegible and this title is very speculative)
4513"Ecology of Fat" Conference, 1967 April
4514Able Thesis
4515McKinney's Pond Rookery Census by Shanholtzer , 1966
4516Comparison: Insects of Steppe and Wheat Field Data by Bey-Bienko, 1961
4517Comparison One Year Fields Following Corn and Millet Crops - Trainer's Data
4518Dr. Dahlberg's Paper
4519Radiation Ecology - Lecture Notes
461Sharp - Thesis data - Zm65 Bioelement on Spiders
462Intra-University Correspondence , 1963-1964
463U.S. Office Water Research Proposal Forms
464Pollution Research Grants
465Inst. Man & Science - Rensselaerville, NY
466Marine Institute Business
467UGA Natural Resources Institute
468Detoxification GB Poisonous Gas
469Heritage Products Mr. Jim Williams
4610Hudson Estuary Proposals - Boyce Thompson Institute
4611Polish-Smithsonian Small Mammal Proposal
4612Radar and Bird Migration Proposal Gauthreaux
4613Loose Institute of Ecology Paperwork
4614Ecology Staff Research Proposals
4615Battelee Institute - Atlanta
4616Member - Board of Desert Research Institute
471Bio. Science Associate Editor
472Eglin AFB - Proposal
473Pesticide Proposal
474Environment Science Center - UGA
475OSCA (Ocean Science Center of the Atlantic Commission), 1970-1971
476Ecology Building Ecosystem Building - Environmental Center
481Frasch Foundation Research Proposal
482Georgia Citizen Environmental Council
483Government Environmental Council Meeting - Atlanta, 1971 September 2
485Unicoi Experiment Station Consultant N. Georgia Mountains Commission
486Governor Maddox Citizens Advisory Council on Environmental Affairs
487NIH - Training Grant Renewal Site Visit, 1971 April 6-7
488NIH Training Ecology Grant; 1 year extension, 1971-1972
489Committee on Non-Prerequisite Campus Ecology Course
4810Highway I-185 Proposals - Pine Mountain, Georgia
4811Correspondence - Ford Foundation
4812Articles sent to Odum from President Davison
4813College Station Road Expansion
4815National Advisory Board of the Desert Research Inst.
4816Editorial Board - Georgia Press
4817"Odum Committee" Zoology Departmental Committee
4818Committee on Structure and Function of the Institute of Ecology
4819National Foundation Ecological Education
4820Coordinating Council for the Environmental Center
4821NSF "Interdisciplinary" Section
4822Administration Committee Grad. School
4823Governor's Citizen's Environmental Council (Created by Senate Bill #153) Office 722, G+F Atlanta 656-5161, 1971 April 10

Miscellaneous Papers and Files

49491AIBS - Governing Board, 1967-1968
492IBP - Comments on Proposals - Letter to John Cantlon, 1964
493IBP - PT Subcommittee Revised Program, 1966 July
494IBP - U.S. National Committee Names and Addresses, 1966
495IBP - Working Conference, Williamstown, Mass, 1966 October 28-30
496IBP - PT-PF Sub Committee Eastern Deciduous Forest, 1967
497Loose material - Grassland Biome, U.S. Participation in the International Biological Program, 1969
498IBP Training, undated
499IBP Systems Ecology Working Conference, Ann Arbor, 1967 May 18-19
4910IBP -, 1967-1968
4911IBP - Biome Program - History and Assessment, 1974
4912Honors Course - Zoo 123H, 1964 Spring
4913Perspective Students, 1960-1961
501Correspondence about proposed "Annual Review of Ecology", 1960
502Correspondence about U. Oregon Head of Department Job for UGA Zoology, 1955
503Radiation Ecology Symposium M.S. for Publication, 1957
504History of Ecology - Connell
505Notes for talks on Radiation Ecology, 1956
506Radiation - Ecology Symposium AIBS Storris, 1956
507Bulletins and Programs
508Atoms for Peace Conference, Geneva, 1955
511Highlands Biological Station - Reports, 1946-1950
512UGA Zoology Department Status and Programs , 1955
513Highland Biological Station - Correspondence, 1946-1952
514Visiting Professor Charles Birch (Grant from University Center in Georgia), 1954
515Burleighs - Georgia Birds Editorial Comments, 1953
516G.O.S. Georgia Ornithological Society, 1951-1952
517Leave of Absence, 1951
518Correspondence about Nortus's Southwest Georgia Bird Study, 1950
519Fall Out TV Program, 1959
5110Burkholder Lectures
5111Hybridization in Speciation (sp?) by E. Mayr
5112Wilson Bulletin - Editorial Committee, 1948
5113Audobon Field Notes Editorial Correspondence, 1947-1948
5114Thorne: Plant Community Classification Southwest Georgia, 1947
5115G.O.S., 1946
5116Rodent Ecology Grant Request U.S. P.H.S. (Not funded)
5117University Centers in Georgia - Research Reports at General Conference, 1949
5118G.O.S. Correspondence on Exchanges and Memberships, 1946
5119Correspondence about Brimley Book, 1948-1949
5120The Wisconsin Job - Correspondence about , 1945
5121The Auburn - Coop. Unit Leader, job, 1945
5122Georgia Bird Checklist Correspondence, 1943-1945
521Mailing Lists for Check-list , 1943 December 15
522American Weekly - Article on Bird Heart Beats, 1945
523Birds of Georgia - Checklist Finances, 1945
524Correspondence, 1945-1946
525G.O.S. Spring Meeting at Athens, 1945
526Notes on Journal Club and Seminar Reports E. P. Odum, before 1945
527Requests and Correspondence for DDT Papers, 1946
528Georgia Bibliography Ornithology
529G.O.S. Past Business
5210Norris - Birds Southwest Georgia Correspondence, 1949-1951
5211Calvert Toy - Old Manuscript on Birds Seen at Chapel Hill, 1914-1917
5212Proposed Lake Kirota Field Station - Not Established, 1962
5213Consultant Review; Boolootian - Biology Text, 1965
5214A.O.U. Student Membership Committee, 1947
5215Proposal for Vertebrate Ecology, Georgia - not funded, 1947
5216Prospective New Staff Members, 1957-1958
5217A.O.U. Nominating Committee, 1957
5218Ideas for Whitney Film
5219Past Publication "Check-list" Correspondence
5220G.O.S. Correspondence, 1943
531G.O.S. By-Laws and Amendments - Mrs. Hugh H. Harris, 1944
532Oriole, 1943-1944
533G.O.S. Unfinished Business, 1943-1944
534G.O.S. Spring Meeting, 1944
535G.O.S. Membership List, 1945
536G.O.S. Spring Meeting, 1946
537Correspondence with Fred Denton - Oriole and Others - Editorial Matter, 1944-1946
538AAAS and University Center Grants for Cardio-Vibrometer Studies, 1941
539Application for National Research Council Fellowship (Unsuccessful), 1939

Oakridge Consultant, NEDA Fellowship, Radioecology Training Course-Oakridge, Woods Hole-Marine Ecology Course, Wildlife Management Program-UGA

541Oakridge Nat. Lab. Health Physics Div. Consultant, 1956-1965
542Oakridge "Consultant" Business
543Map - Oak Ridge
544Oakridge Trip June , 1956 June 19-21
545Oakridge Trip , 1956 March
546Oakridge , 1957 March
547Oakridge Trip , 1957 January
548Oakrdige Trip , 1960 March
549Oakridge Consultant Trip , 1960 October
5410Oakridge 1/2 Health Physics Div. Info. Meeting - Advisory Committee Report, 1961
5411Oakridge Information Meeting , 1962
5412Oakridge Consultant Trip , 1963 October
5413Oakridge Trip Radioecology Committee Meeting , 1963 February
5414Radioecology - Oakridge Trip , 1963 June
5415Radioecology Course - Orins - Consultant; Lectures given , 1964 June
5416Information Meeting HPD - ORNL October , 1965 October
5417Information Meeting Health Physics Div. ORNL , 1964 October
5418HP - ORNL Ad. Committee Report , 1965
5419NEDA Fellowships, 1960-1961
5420NEDA Reports on Student Costs
5421NEDA Fellowship Application, 1961
5422NEDA Fellowship Application, 1962
5423NEDA Fellowship Ecology Fellowships, 1960
551Radioecology Training Course, Oakridge, 1962
552Radioecology Course Orins Proposals and Announcements
553Loose materials
554Oakridge Radioecology Course - Business Corres.
555Radioecology Orins - Schedules and Class Rolls
556Radiation Biology Ecology Institute Orins - Class Experiments
557Radioecology Bibliography
561Woods Hole - Marine Ecology Course, 1957-1961
562Schedules, Class Roles, Etc.
563Student Reports
564Quohog Pond Study
565Literature Lists
566Taxonomic Keys
567Lecture Notes, Research Notes
568Loose Materials - Keys to Marine Invertebrates of the Wood Hole Region
571Marine Ecology Woods Hole - Student Problems, 1959
572Student Reports, 1961
573Quahog Pond - Class Study
574Student Reports , 1960
575Loose Material - Marine Ecology Course - Reports of Student Research Projects, 1963, 1964, 1965
576Loose Material - Marine Biological Laboratory Annual Announcement, 1960-1962
577Loose Material - Misc. Correspondence and Misc. Marine Biological Lab Envelopes, 1962 February 1
581Wildlife Management Program, 1951-56
582Wildlife Management Program
583Carryall Truck Use, 1954-1955
584Carryall and Truck Records
585Birds of Georgia Contract
586Ga. Bird Book - Stoddard - Sutton Fellowships = Contract
587Wildlife Conservation Committee Meeting, 1956
588Wildlife Management Program, 1951-1956
589Wildlife Conservation Program - Ga. Game and Fish Commissioners
5810Forestry - Wildlife Curriculum
5811Wildlife Conservation Budgets, 1953-1954
5812Wildlife Conservation Budgets, 1954-1955

Institute of Ecology

591Sapelo Contract Negotiation
592SREL Plans New Laboratory Building
593SREL - On Site Contract Arrangements
594University Business - Communication with Cosgrove and Deans
595Sapleo Island Acquisition
596SREL Correspondence
597Correspondence with M. Smith, Director SREL, 1973
598Concept of Waster Disposal Park
599Response of Site Visitors to SRP and SREL, 1971 November
5910NERP - Correspondence and Development Plans, 1972-1973
5911Future Development of the Savannah River Ecology Laboratory
5912SRP as a National Environmental (Research) Study Park
5913Correspondence with Russell Train concerning Savannah River Project
5914Ecology and Environmental Management on the Savannah River Plant Reservation - An Overview
5915Savannah River AEC Plant - Waste Management Park Proposal
5916Loose Material - Energy Policy Statements, Filing Federal Environmental Impact Statements, CEQ Article, An Act, 1970-1974
601Rept. Commission on the Future of the South - Southern Growth Policy
602Letters, 1947-1954
611Correspondence, alphabetical by correspondent in five folders, 1946-1951
612Marine Ecology Course - Reports of Student Research Projects, 1967
613Correspondence Book Publishers (regarding Fundamentals of Ecology), 1951
614Nelson Thesis
615ESA Mineral Cycling Committee
621Undergrad. Student Counciling - Odum
622Nevada Test Site Report
623Research Requests , 1950-1958
624Official Travel Requests
625Conservation Book
626Ecoseminar, 1962
627NAS - NRC Civil Defense Panel, 1961 May 5
628G.O.S. Exchange Publication List
629AIBS Film Series
6210Lech Ryszkowski's Visit from Poland
6211Eco-Physiology Symposium, 1964 June
6212Associate Editor - Evoluation
6213Air Force - Foreign Technical Division
6214Bird Damage (Corps)
6215Gutknecht - SC46 Absorption, Accumulation and Loss in Microalgae - Abstract
6216Provo's Thesis
6217Proposed Summer Program - Ecology Principles in Relation to Agriculture - Proposed to Pres. O.C. Aderhold - No follow thru.
6218Saveland's Proposal - Teachers Weekend Conferences "Environmental Quality"
6219Ecol. Soc. Meeting, 1951
6220Chancellor's Committee on Pres. Elect
6221Positions Available, 1966
6222Panama Project Reports
6223Battelle - Panama Project
6224Research Proposals to General Research (McRorie) (Not funded), 1966 July
6225SRP Reprint Proposal to AEC = Rejected
6226Proposed New Courses
6227Visiting "Firemen", 1966-1967
631Lectures and Trips, 1966-1967
632AIBS Texas Meeting Governing Board, 1967
633Arctic Alpine Institute - Univ. of Colorado
634National Science Foundation - Environmental Sect. Suggestions to Advisory Committee, 1956 May
635Va. Teaching Institute, 1959 April
636Oceanographic Congress N.Y., 1959
637N.C. Trip , 1960 June
638Univ. Michigan Biol. Station Semicentennial Symposium , 1959 June
639NSF Panel Science Faculty Fellowships, 1960 November
6310NSF Science Faculty Fellowship Committee Meeting, 1959 November
6311Dennis Cooke - Post-Doctoral
6312Dr. Alicia Breymeyer - Visiting Scholar from Poland, 1965-1966
6313Wake Forest Lecture, 1960
6314Int. Bot. Congress - Montreal -, 1959
6315Continuing Education Center - Nat. Resource Wing, 1954
6316Science Center Plans - Odum
6317Minimum Natural Resource Symposium - Proposed never held , 1964
6318Panel - Commercial Fisheries
6319Fellowship - Dr. McHugh, 1963-1964
6320Condor Committee Award, 1961
6321OSCA, 1970
641Golley, Correspondence to
642Loose Materials - Five Year Aid Coastal Resources Management Project, 1983-1985
643Affirmative Action UGA
644Accident Report Vehicle 216 , 1974 March 19
645List of Faculty Members, 1982-1983
646Fire in Ecology Building
647Football Ticket Lists, 1981-1982
648Football Ticket Lists, 1982-1983
649Football Ticket Lists, 1983-1984
6410Faculty Assignment Reports, 1978-1980
6411Liz Blood
6412Faculty Assignment Reports, 1978
6413Environmental Research Task Force
6414Ecology Degree Program
651Auble - USDI RF IPA Auble 128 Agreement to pay Auble's Salary
654Faculty - Staff Directory Information, 1981-1982
655Faculty - Staff Directory Information, 1982-1983
656List of Donors to Odum Endowment
657Odum Retirement
658Oak Ridge National Lab
659Lab Safety
6510Letters of Recommendation
6511International Development
6512Off-Campus Correspondence, 1979-1980
6513Off-Campus Correspondence, 1983-1984
6514Off-Campus Correspondence, 1982-1983
6515Off-Campus Correspondence, 1981-1982
6516Off-Campus Correspondence, 1980-1981
661Okefenokee Map Material
662On Campus Correspondence, 1983-1984
663On Campus Correspondence, 1982-1983
664Personal Inquires
665Brunswick Sulfur Problem
666On Campus Correspondence, 1981-1982
667On Campus Correspondence, 1980 - 1981
668On Campus Correspondence, 1979 - 1980
669Ph.D. in Ecology Program Correspondence
6610Philosophy and Ecology Group
6611Personnel Correspondence
6612Wage and Salary Schedule, 1981
6613Research Administration Correspondence
671Plasma Emission Lab
672Physical Plant Correspondence
673Safety Services - Paint Smell
674Committee to Study the Status of the Institute of Ecology and the Institute of Natural Resources
675Southern Natural Gas Fellow - Status Reports and Amendments, 1979-1980
676Southern Natural Gas Fellow - Unpaid Invoices, 1979-1980
677Southern Natural Gas Fellow - Paid Invoices, 1979-1980
678Southern Natural Gas Fellow - Status Reports and Amendments, 1978-1979
679Southern Natural Gas - Financial, 1980-1981
6710Southern Natural Gas Fellow - Paid Invoices - Fiscal year, 1976-1977
6711Southern Natural Gas Fellow - 10-32-RR271-028
6712Southern Natural Gas Fellow - Status Reports and Amendments, 1976
6713Southern Natural Gas Fellow - Status Reports and Amendments, 1977
6714Southern Natural Gas Fellow - Paid Invoices
6715Southern Natural Gas - Payroll
6716Southern Natural Gas Fellow , 1978-1979
6717Div. Biol. Sci. - Visitation Committee Rept. and Correspondence
6718Rept. Zoology Review Committee on Graduate Work, Ad-hoc Faculty Review for Grad. School, 1977 January
6719Search Committee - Director - Institute for Natural Resources, 1977
6720Marine Science Committee, 1976-1977
6721Requests for Information
6722Principal Investigators Correspondence
6723Promotion Guidelines Committee
6724Public Service Annual Meeting
6725History of SREL

NSF-Salt Marsh ERDA Pomeroy

681NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy Supplies and Expenses, 1974-1975
682NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy Supplies, 1975-1976
683NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy Correspondence - Purchases, 1974-1975
684NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy Personnel Papers, 1975-1976
685Correspondence on Workshop at Sapelo , 1976 June 16
686Proposal on Workshop at Sapelo , 1976 June 16
687NSF Workshop - Pomeroy (10-32-RR271-078), circa 1970s
688ERDA Workshop - Pomeroy (10-32-RR271-079), circa 1970s
689Sapelo - Workshop Returned Info. Forms, circa 1970s
6810RV Eastward Cruise , 1975
6811R/V Advance II Cruise, 1965 April
691R/V Advance II, Research Cruise, 1976 February
692R/V Advance II, Research Cruise, 1976 June
693R/V Eastward Cruise, 1977
694Wood, Michele USEPA Fellow (10-32-RR194-065), circa 1970s
695ERDA - Pomeroy, Budget + Budget Amendments, 1974-1975
696ERDA - Pomeroy, Status Reports, 1974-1975
697ERDA - Pomeroy, 10-32-RR271-074, Supplies, 1975-1976
698ERDA - Pomeroy, 10-32-RR271-074, Travel, 1975-1976
699NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Status Reports,, 1974-1975
6910NSF Salt Marsh, Ledger Sheets Granting Year 3
6911Mailing List and Correspondence Regarding Meetings - Salt Marsh
6912NSF - Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Travel, 1974-1975
6913Dr. L. R. Pomeroy Administrative
6914Dr. L. R. Pomeroy (Research) Supplies and Travel
6915Dr. John Gallagher Supplies and Travel
6916Dr. John Hall Supplies and Travel
6917Dr. Larry Mauer Supplies and Travel
6918Dr. William J. Wiebe Supplies and Travel
6919Dr. R. G. Wiegert Supplies and Travel
6920Dr. L. R. Shenton & Dr. R. Jones Supplies and Travel
701Authority to Travel Requests
702Monthly Payrolls - NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, 1974-1975
703NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Budget + Budget Amendments, 1974-1975
704Personnel Papers - NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, 1974-1975
705NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Equipment, 1974-1975
706NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Ledger Sheets, 1974-1975
707NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Annual and Sick Leave Reports, 1974-1975
708Personnel Correspondence
709NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy Hourly Bi-weekly Payroll, 1974-1975
7010NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Salaried Bi-weekly Payroll, 1974-1975
7011NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Central Office Supply, 1974-1975
7012AEC Pomeroy - Equipment, 1974-1975
7013Computer Center Report, NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, 1974-1975
7014Central Research Stores - NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, 1974-1975
7015Physical Plant Work Order Distribution Report, NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, 1974-1975
7016Direct Charges - Credit Card, NSF Salt Marsh Pomeroy,, 1974-1975
7017NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy Cartographic, Glass and Electronics Shop, 1974-1975
7018NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Libraries (Xerox and Photo Charges), 1974-1975
7019Mail Room and Central Duplicating, NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, 1974-1975
7020Xeroxing - Meter in Zoology
7021NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Field Purchase Orders, 1975-1976
7022NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Receiving and Inspection Reports,, 1975-1976
7023AEC Pomeroy, Central Receiving and Inspection, 1974-1975
7024AEC Pomeroy - Field Purchase Orders , 1974-1975
7025NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Field Purchase Orders (State), 1974-1975
711NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Central Receiving and Inspection, 1974-1975
712NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Travel, 1974-1975
713NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Monthly Payrolls,, 1975-1976
714NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Salaried Bi-Weekly Payrolls,, 1975-1976
715NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Hourly Payrolls,, 1975-1976
716NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Authority to Travel, 1975-1976
717NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Annual and Sick Leave Reports, 1975-1976
718NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Central Research Stores, 1975-1976
719NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Coherent Area Group Correspondence,, 1975-1976
7110NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Computer Center, FY 76-76
7111NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Central Office Supply,, FY 75-76
7112NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Credit Card Purchases - Gasoline,, FY 75-76
7113NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Central Duplicating, Mail Room, Telephone, FY 75-76
7114NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Creamery,, FY 75-76
7115NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Master Xeroxing - Bio. Sciences,, FY 75-76
7116NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Physical Plant Reports,, FY 75-76
7117NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Libraries Xeroxing and Copying,, FY 75-76
721NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Correspondence - Purchases,, FY 75-76
722NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Packing Slips,, FY 75-76
723NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, General Research Shops,, FY 75-76
724NSF IM Salt Marsh, 10-32-RR194-052, Status Reports, 6/28/75 - 6/30/77
725NSF IM Salt Marsh, 10-32-RR194-052, Correspondence with NSF & Summary of Expenditure for the 3 year period
726NSF Salt Marsh Pomeroy, 10-32-RR194-052, Budget Amendments for year 3 of grant
727Ledger Sheets for Close-out Year of Salt Marsh Grant
728AEC - Pomeroy, Status Reports, June 1972-Current
729AEC - Pomeroy, Supplies and Expenses, FY 74-75
7210Correspondence - AEC Pomeroy, (Purchases),, FY 1974-75
7211AEC Pomeroy, Travel, FY 74-75
7212AEC - Pomeroy, Ledger Sheets,, FY 1974-75
7213AEC Pomeroy - Correspondence, FY 1974-75
7214AEC Pomeroy 10-32-RR194-002, Monthly Payrolls, FY 74-75
7215AEC Pomeroy Creamery
7216AEC Pomeroy - Central Office Supply, FY 1974-75
7217AEC Pomeroy 10-32-RR194-002, Personnel Papers, FY 74-75
7218AEC Pomeroy -, FY 74-75, Central Research Stores
7219AEC Pomeroy - Computer Center
7220Xeroxing - Libraries, AEC Pomeroy
7221AEC Pomeroy, Cartographic, Glass, Elec., etc.
7222AEC Pomeroy - Physical Plant, Work Orders -, FY 74-75
7223Ledger Sheets, DOE (ERDA),, 1978-79
731NSF Salt Marsh Equipment, 1976-77
732NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy Equipment, FY 1975-76
733NSF Salt Marsh - Supplies and Expense, 1976-77
734NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy General Correspondence, FY 1975-76
735ERDA - Pomeroy Supplies and Expense, 1976-77
736Grant Letter DES 72 - 01605 A02, 1974
737NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy Coherent Area Group Correspondence, FY 1976-77
738NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy Authority to Travel, FY 1976-77
739NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy Personnel Papers, FY 1976-77
7310NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy Annual Leave and Sick Leave Reports, FY 1976-77
7311NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy Monthly Payrolls, FY 1976-77
7312NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy Salaried Bi-Weekly Payrolls, FY 1976-77
7313NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy Hourly Payrolls, FY 1976-77
7314NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy Correspondence and Purchases, FY 1976-77
7315NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy Field Purchase Orders, FY 1976-77
7316NSF Salt Marsh - Packing Slips, FY 1976-77
7317NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy Creamery, FY 1976-77
7318NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy Central Duplicating, Mail Room, Telephone, FY 1976-77
7319NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy Physical Plant Reports, FY 1976-77
7320NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy Meter Xeroxing - Biol. Sciences, FY 1976-77
7321Institute of Ecology Plasma Emission Spectrographic Laboratory
7322NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy Receiving and Inspection Report, FY 1976-77
7323ERDA Personnel Papers, FY 1975-76
7324NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy General Research Shops, FY 1976-77
7325ERDA Computer Center, FY 1975-76
741NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy Credit Card Purchases - Gasoline, FY 1976-77
742NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy Central Office Supply, FY 1976-77
743NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy Central Research Stores, FY 1976-77
744NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy Libraries, Xeroxing and Copying, FY 1976-77
745ERDA - Monthly Payrolls, FY 1975-76
746ERDA - Salaried Bi-Weekly Payrolls, FY 1975-76
747ERDA - Hourly Payrolls, FY 1975-76
748Summary of Balance - From GR, undated
749ERDA - Authority to Travel, FY 1975-76
7410ERDA - Annual Leave and Sick Leave, FY 1975-76
7411ERDA - Receiving and Inspection Report, FY 1975-76
7412ERDA - General Correspondence, FY 1975-76
7413ERDA - General Research Shops, FY 1975-76
7414ERDA - Pomeroy EM Lab, undated
7415NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy Computer Center, FY 1976-77
751ERDA, Field Purchase Orders,, FY 75-76
752ERDA, Packing Slips,, FY 75-76
753ERDA, Gasoline - Credit Card,, FY 75-76
754RDA, Central Research Stores,, FY 75-76
755ERDA, Central Office Supply,, FY 75-76
756ERDA, Creamery,, FY 75-76
757ERDA, Central Duplicating, Mail Room, & Telephone, FY 1975-76
758ERDA, Physical Plant,, FY 75-76
759ERDA, Meter-Xeroxing - Bio. Sciences,, FY 75-76
7510ERDA, Libraries - Xeroxing & Copying,, FY 75-76
7511ERDA - Pomeroy Equipment, 1976-77
7512ERDA, Correspondence, Purchases,, FY 75-76
7513NSF-IM Salt Marsh, Travel
7514ERDA - Pomeroy, Travel, 1976-77
761Binder: Checks and Check Stubs, 1977-79
762Folio: Checks and Check Stubs
763NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Petty Cash Fund & Bank Statements,, FY 75-76
764NSF Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Petty Cash Fund & Bank Statements,, FY 75-76
765Booklet: "Materials Management - Procurement, Property Control, Central Receiving, Central Office Supply", 1977 manual
766Booklet: "Materials Management - Procurement, Property Control, Central Receiving, Central Office Supply", 1976 manual
767Ledger Sheets, Salt Marsh (manilla envelope), 1976-77
768Ledger Sheets, ERDA (manilla envelope), 1975-76
769Ledger Sheets, Salt Marsh (manilla envelope), 1976-77
7610Bound Check Stubs, 1975-77
105Salt Marsh - Sapelo

DOE-ERDA, Pomeroy, NSF-IM Salt Marsh

771R/V Iselin Cruise, April 13-April 22, 1978
772NSF-IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, General Correspondence, 1977-78
773ERDA - Pomeroy, General Correspondence
774ERDA - Pomeroy, Receiving and Inspection Reports
775ERDA - Pomeroy, Annual Leave
776ERDA - Pomeroy, Authority to Travel
777ERDA - Pomeroy, Central Office Supply
778ERDA - Pomeroy, Central Research Stores
779ERDA - Pomeroy, Computer Center
7710ERDA - Pomeroy, Central Duplicating, Mail, Telephone
7711ERDA - Pomeroy, Physical Plant
7712ERDA - Pomeroy, Creamery
7713ERDA - Pomeroy, EM Lab
7714ERDA - Pomeroy, Field Purchase Orders
7715ERDA - Pomeroy, General Research Shops
7716ERDA - Pomeroy, Hourly Payroll
7717ERDA - Pomeroy, Monthly Payroll
7718ERDA - Pomeroy, Packing
7719ERDA - Pomeroy, Personnel
7720ERDA - Pomeroy, Salaried Bi-Weekly Payroll
7721ERDA - Pomeroy, Summary of Balances
7722ERDA - Pomeroy, Xeroxing
7723NSF-IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Annual Leave and Sick Leave Reports
7724NSF-IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Authority to Travel,, 1977-78
7725NSF-IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Coherent Area Group Correspondence
7726NSF-IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Credit Card Purchases -, 1977-78
781NSF-IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Correspondence (Purchases), 77-78
782NSF-IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Computer Center, 77-78
783NSF-IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Central Research Stores, 77-78
784NSF-IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Creamery, 77-78
785NSF-IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Central Office Supply, 77-78
786NSF-IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Central Duplicating, Mail Room, Telephone, 77-78
787NSF-IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Field Purchase Orders, 77-78
788NSF-IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Hourly Payrolls, 77-78
789NSF-IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Monthly Payrolls, 77-78
7810NSF-IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Packing Slips, 77-78
7811Summary of Balance - From GR
7812NSF-IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Salaried Bi-Weekly, 77-78
7813NSF-IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Receiving and Inspection Reports, 77-78
7814NSF-IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Physical Plant Reports, 77-78
7815NSF-IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Inst. Ecology - Plasma Emission Spectrographic Laboratory
7816NSF-IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, General Research Shops, 77-78
7817NSF-IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Libraries--Xeroxing and Copying, 77-78
7818NSF-IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Personnel Papers, 77-78
7819NSF-IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy, Meter Xeroxing - Bio. Sciences, 77-78
791Booklet: "Materials Management, Procurement, Property Control, Central Receiving, Central Office Supply" 1977 Manual
792Ecology 1976-77 Annual Report
793Dimensions Fall 1979 Vol. 7, No. 3
794Coherent Area Research Proposal to the NSF: Intermediary Metabolism of a Salt Marsh
795Ecology 1976-77 Annual Report
796State of Georgia Telephone Directory, 1976

Financial Records

801Progress Report, 1971
802Correspondence, 1971-72
803Marsh Model
804Marsh Modification
805AEC Proposal, 1971
806(Large Binder) - NSF Salt Marsh 10-32-RR194-052
807NSF Salt Marsh, Paid Expense & Equipment & Travel
811Loose Financial Papers
812NSF Marine Ecosystem, Paid, Expense & Equipment
813Collection of folders grouped under the head "Folders from General Research Feb. '73"
821Receiving and Inspection Reports
822Return Slips, NSF GB24587
823Travel Payment, Check-Request Forms
824Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Etc. Sue Wagner
8251970 Renewal GB24587 Personnel
826AEC - Travel-old, Authorities Check Requests
827AEC Pomeroy, Payroll 71-72
828AEC Pomeroy, Orders not Received
829GB7256 Purchase Requests
8210Travel Payment, Check Request Form GB24587
831Purchase Requests - Paid 70-71
832Purchase Requests
833Programs - Hewlett/Packard Calculator
834Leave Reports Dom/Frank
835AEC Paid
836AEC Pomeroy, 67-69
837AEC Pomeroy, 69-70
838NSF Estuary E/E Paid
839NSF Estuary - Travel Paid
841NSF Salt Marsh Paid, undated
842Travel, undated
843Job Classification, undated
844Computer Keys, undated
845AEC Pomeroy - Transfer, undated
846USDC Frankenberg, undated
847USDC Frankenberg - Travel, undated
848USDC Frankenberg - Personnel, undated
849USDC Frankenberg - Payroll, undated
8410USDC Frankenberg - Budget, undated
8411NSF Estuary, undated
8412NSF Estuary - Payroll, undated
8413NSF Estuary - Travel, undated
8414NSF Estuary - Expenses/Equipment, undated
8415NSF Frankenberg, E/E Paid, Travel Paid, 1970-71
851Correspondence - Frankenberg
852NSF Estuary Budget
853NSF Salt Marsh - Expense, undated
854NSF Salt Marsh - Personnels - Inactive
855NSF Salt Marsh - Payroll -, 1972-73
856NSF Salt Marsh - Travel Authorities, 1972-73
857NSF Salt Marsh - Status Reports, 1972-73
858NSF Salt Marsh - Travel Authorities - Blanket
859Budget Sheets (Year 1)
8510AEC Pomeroy Miscellaneous Left-Overs, 1974-75
8511AEC Pomeroy Expense/Equipment, undated
8512AEC Pomeroy Status Reports, 1967-June 1972
861AEC Payroll -, 1973
862AEC Pomeroy Budget Amendments, 1972-Current
863AEC Pomeroy Personnel Active, undated
864AEC Pomeroy Personnel Inactive, undated
865AEC Pomeroy Budget, 1973
866AEC Pomeroy Travel, undated
867AEC Pomeroy Computer Form, undated
868AEC Pomeroy Budget, 1972
869AEC Pomeroy Budget Amendments, 1968-June 1972
8610AEC Pomeroy Renewal at (38-1) 634 Budget, 1970-71
8611Excess Personal Property AEC, undated
8612AEC Equipment
8613NSF Marine Ecosystems E/E and Travel, undated
8614NSF Marine Ecosystems Status Reports, undated
8615Budget GB-24587, undated
8616GB-7256 Personnel
8617Renewal Correspondence GB-24587 -, 1970
8618GB 7256 - Budget
871NSF Marine Ecosystem, June 1968-1970
872PUR 1A, undated
873General Research Services, undated
874Letter of Justification, undated
875Annual Leave, undated
876Ledger Sheets, undated
877Budget Amendment Forms, undated
878Miscellaneous, undated
879Procedure, undated
8710Staff Benefits, undated
8711Inventory, 1972
8712Chemical Stores - Sapelo Island, undated
8713Seminars, 1972-73
8714AEC - Pomeroy Expense/Equipment - Paid, undated
8715NSF Salt Marsh Paid, undated
8716AEC Pomeroy - Items Received, undated
881Physical Plant (Van)
882Reprint Requests - Wiegert
883Pomeroy Correspondence, 1973-74
884NSF Salt Marsh 10-32-RR194-052
885Procedure, undated
886Orders and Phone Numbers, undated
887NSF Salt Marsh Personnel, undated
888NSF Salt Marsh Budget, undated
889Faculty Activity Report, undated
8810USDC Frankenberg Exp./Equip., undated
8811Inventory Equipment (Pomeroy and Frank)


891Loose material - Personnel, 3 books of unused checks, bank statements and cancelled checks, check register, n.d.
892Status Reports DOE-ERDA Pomeroy
893Travel - DOE-ERDA Pomeroy, 1979
894DOE Pomeroy Petty Cash Fund, n.d.
895ERDA - Pomeroy General Correspondence, n.d.
896Loose material UGA Correspondence, n.d.
897Typewriter Propaganda, n.d.
898Budget, n.d.
899ERDA - Pomeroy Packing Slips
8910Supplies and Expense 1979-80 DOE-ERDA Pomeroy, 5/79 - 12/79
8911Supplies and Expense 1979-80, DOE-ERDA Pomeroy, Jan. 1980 - June 1980
901Equipment DOE ERDA Pomeroy, 1979-80
902DOE-ERDA Pomeroy Ledger Sheets, 1980
903ERDA - Pomeroy - Annual Leave and Sick Leave, n.d.
904ERDA - Pomeroy - Authority to Travel, n.d.
905ERDA - Pomeroy - Central Duplicating, Mail Rm., Telephone, n.d.
906ERDA - Pomeroy - Central Research Stores, n.d.
907ERDA - Pomeroy - Central Office Supply, n.d.
908ERDA - Pomeroy - Computer Center, n.d.
909ERDA - Pomeroy - Creamery, n.d.
9010ERDA - Pomeroy - Credit Card Purchases, n.d.
9011ERDA - Pomeroy - EM Lab, n.d.
9012ERDA - Pomeroy - Field Purchase Orders, n.d.
9013ERDA - Pomeroy - General Research Shops, n.d.
9014ERDA - Pomeroy - Hourly Payroll, n.d.
9015Long Distance Calls, n.d.
9016ERDA - Pomeroy - Meter Xeroxing Bio. Sciences, n.d.
9017ERDA - Pomeroy - Monthly Payroll, n.d.
9018ERDA - Pomeroy - Libraries, n.d.
9019Procurement, n.d.
9020ERDA - Pomeroy - Physical Plant -, n.d.
9021ERDA - Pomeroy - University Bookstore, n.d.
9022ERDA - Pomeroy - Receiving and Inspection Reports, n.d.
9023ERDA - Pomeroy - Salaried Bi-Weekly Payroll, n.d.
9024ERDA - Pomeroy - Summary of Balances, n.d.
9025ERDA - Pomeroy - Xeroxing
9026Personal Leave Reports, 1979-80
9027Amendments DOE-ERDA Pomeroy, 1979-80
9028Salt Marsh Equipment, 1979-80
9029Salt Marsh Status Reports, 1979-80
9030NSF IM Salt Marsh Ledger Sheets, 1979-80
9031Salt Marsh Budget (& Leave Report), 1979-80
9032Salt Marsh Amendments, 1979-80
9033Salt Marsh Supplies and Expense Acct. Analysis, 1979-80
9034Miscellaneous, n.d.
9035NSF IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy Annual Leave and Sick Leave Reports, n.d.
9036NSF IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy - Authority to Travel, n.d.
9037NSF IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy - Central Duplicating, Mail Rm., Telephone, n.d.
9038NSF IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy - Central Office Supply, n.d.
9039NSF IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy - Central Research Stores, n.d.
9040NSF IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy - Computer Center, n.d.
9041NSF IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy - Correspondence (Purchases), n.d.
9042NSF IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy - Creamery, n.d.
9043NSF IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy - Credit Card Purchases, n.d.
9044NSF IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy - Field Purchase Orders, n.d.
9045NSF IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy - General Correspondence, n.d.
9046NSF IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy - General Research Shops, n.d.
9047NSF IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy - Hourly Payroll, n.d.
9048NSF IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy - Inst. Ecol. / Plasma Em. Spectro Lab., n.d.
9049NSF IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy - Libraries - Xeroxing and Copying, n.d.
9050NSF IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy - Meter Xeroxing - Bio. Sciences, n.d.
9051NSF IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy - Monthly Payroll, n.d.
9052NSF IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy - Packing Slips, n.d.
9053NSF IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy - Personnel Papers
9054NSF IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy - Physical Plant Reports, n.d.
9055NSF IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy - Receiving and Inspection Reports, n.d.
9056NSF IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy - Salaried Bi-Weekly, n.d.
9057NSF IM Salt Marsh - Pomeroy - Coherent Area Group Correspondence, n.d.

Edward Farnsworth Manuscripts and Reports on Lagoa Mirim & Fiji Research

911Fiji - Agriculture
912Fiji - Archeology
913Fiji - Climatology
914Fiji - Fauna
915Fiji - Flora
916Fiji - Impacts
917Fiji - Public Health
918Lagoa Mirim - Brazil - General
919Lagoa Mirim - Notes
9110Lagoa Mirim - Report Preparation
921Logoa Mirim - First Report and Draft Final
922Logoa Mirim - Natural Vegetation and Land Use
923L.M. - Forestry
924L.M. - Agriculture
925L.M. - Climatology
926L.M. - Hydrology
927L.M. - Fisheries & Limnology
928L.M. - Wildlife, Conservation
929L.M. - Coal
931Logoa Mirim - Soils & Geology
932Logoa Mirim - Reports (3)
941Logoa Mirim - Maps (loose)

1984-85 Directory, also 83-84, Bulletin 12 files, 1st and 2nd Announcements, 4th Congress Intecol Brochures, Term 82-86

951Intecol Bulletin 85:12
952Loose articles from Bulletins
953Intecol Bulletin 1985:12 Poznan/Soil, H.P. Blume
954D.C. Coleman, Intecol Bulletin, 1985:12 Poznan/Soil
955Debicki and Dechnik, Intecol Bulletin 1985:12 Poznan/Soil
956P.J. Ente, Intecol Bulletin 1985:12 Poznan/Soil
957Golley, Intecol Bulletin 1985:12 Poznan/Soil
958Hakasson, Wiklert & Thunholm, Intecol Bulletin 1985:12 Poznan/Soil
959Kedziora, Intecol Bulletin 1985;12 Poznan/Soil
9510J. Kerg, Intecol Bulletin 1985:12 Poznan/Soil
9511B. Karlik, I. Zyczynska, Intecol Bulletin 1985:12, Poznan/Soil
961984-85 Directory, also 83-84, Bulletin 12 files, 1st and 2nd Announcements, 4th Congress Inteco
971984-85 Directory, also 83-84, Bulletin 12 files, 1st and 2nd Announcements, 4th Congress Inteco
981984-85 Directory, also 83-84, Bulletin 12 files, 1st and 2nd Announcements, 4th Congress Inteco

Surveys (Intecol), Working Groups, Symposiums, Workshops, 1987-1988 Intecol

991V Congress of Ecology
992Intecol Nato Workshop Mar. 89
993NPS Workshop Report
994Intecol - NPS Workshop Background/Correspondence
995Intecol - NPS Workshop Report
996Intecol Poland Workshop
997Intecol SLOPE
998Sweden Workshop
999Vitae - Intecol Officers
9910Intecol NSF Proposal I
9911NSF Proposal II
9912Intecol - Printing Information
9913Intecol Proposals
9914Intecol Publication Program
9915Intecol Registry of Ecologists
1001Intecol Reports, Lectures
1002Student Workers
1003Newletter Typing
1004McIntosh Information
1005Intecol - Accounts, Monthly 1987
1006Intecol - Affiliated Members Correspondence
1007Intecol - Annual Reports for Institute of Ecology
1008Intecol - Board Mtg., July-August 1987
1009Intecol - Board Meeting, Apr-88
10010IUBS - Correspondence, etc.
10011Intecol Brochure
10012Intecol Contracts
10013Intecol Nomination New Board
10014Intecol Plan, 1987-1990
10015Intecol Printers
10016Intecol Publications (Filled Purchase Requests) 1988
10017Trust Company Bank Statements 1987-88
10018Trust Company Bank Cancelled Checks, 1987-88
10019'87 Intecol Receipts
10020'88 Intecol Receipts
10021Intecol Operating Statements, 1988
1011Intecol Operating Statements, 1987
1012Working Groups (Questionnaires)
1013ISEM Int'l Society Ecological Modelling (Working Group)
1014Chemical Ecology
1015Int'l Committee on Microbial Ecology (Working Group)
1016Evolutionary Ecology of Mammals (Working Group)
1017Group for Aquatic Primary Productivity (Working Group)
1018Affiliate Int'l Society Tropical Ecology
1019Physiology Ecology (Working Group)
10110Urban Ecology Society (Working Group)
10111Wetlands (Working Group)
10112Intecology Agroecology
10116Scope (Allied)
10117Int'l Statistical Ecology (Working Group)
10118(Working Group) Tropical Ecology
10119ISTE Textbook Project
10120ISTE Wallaceana Newsletters
10122Calorimeter Symposium
10123Chemical Ecology
10124China Tropical Mts.
10125Effects of War
10126European Forests
10127Environmental Planning
10129IPM Lundholm
10130Small Rodents - Stenseth
10131Complex Math
10132NASA - Total Biomass
101331990 Intecol Elections
1021Dec. '89 Newsletters
1022Oct. '89 Newsletters
1023Aug. '89 Newsletters
1024June '89 Newsletters
1025April '90 Newsletters
1026June '90 Newsletters
10311972 Newsletters: Volume 2, Numbers 1-6 3 copies of each number
10321973 Newsletters: Volume 3, Numbers 1-6 3 copies each
10331974 Newsletters: Volume 4, Numbers 1-6
10341975 Newsletters: Volume 5, Numbers 1-6
10351976 Newsletters: Volume 6, Numbers 1-6
10361977 Newsletters: Volume 7, Numbers 1-6
10371978 Newsletters: Volume 8, Numbers 1-6
10381979 Newsletters: Volume 9, Numbers 1-6
10391980 Newsletters: Volume 10, Numbers 1-6
103101981 Newsletters: Volume 11, Numbers 1-6
103111982 Newsletters: Volume 12, Numbers 1-6
103121983 Newsletters: Volume 13, Numbers 1-6
103131984 Newsletters: Volume 14, Numbers 5-6
103141985 Newsletters: Volume 15, Numbers 1-6
103151986 Newsletters: Volume 16, Numbers 1-6
103161987 Newsletters: Volume 17, Numbers 1-3

American Geographical Society: Serial Atlas of the Marine Environment

1041Folio 18, 1969
1042Folio 22, 1972

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