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Georgia Center for Continuing Education and Hotel records

Georgia Center for Continuing Education and Hotel records

Descriptive Summary

Title: Georgia Center for Continuing Education and Hotel records
Creator: Georgia Center for Continuing Education
Inclusive Dates: 1950-2004
Language(s): English
Extent: 20 Linear Feet (19 boxes)
Collection Number: UA94-101
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

The Georgia Center for Continuing Education and Hotel is one of eight units within the University's Office of Public Service and Outreach. In the mid-1950s, the W. K. Kellogg Foundation gave the University a $2.44 million dollar grant to construct the facility. The Center, designed by the architectural firm of Stevens and Wilkinson, was opened in 1957 and was designed to provide a continuous opportunity for lifelong learning. Today the Center houses WUOG-the National Public Radio affiliated station in Athens, provides classes and professional opportunities for adult aducation, along with hosting numerous conferences and hotel guests.

Scope and Content

The Georgia Center for Continuing Education and Hotel records consists of photographic materials, subject files and artifacts dating from 1950 through 2004. The photographic materials include numerous event, staff, hotel and restaurant pictures from the 1970s through 2004. Of particular interest are the historical photographs from the 1950s and 1960s including pictures of John and Robert Kennedy's visits to the Center. There also are subject files relating to the daily functioning of the Center and hotel in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s along with early planning materials from the 1950s and 1960s. Lastly, the artifacts include a banner, plaques and plates from the 1990s.

Organization and Arrangement

The Georgia Center for Continuing Education and Hotel records consists of three series. These are Photographic Materials, Subject Files and Artifacts.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Georgia Center for Continuing Education and Hotel records, UA94-101, University Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

General Notes

RG 5-5

Related Materials and Subjects

Subject Terms

Continuing education centers.
Educational television programs -- United States.
Georgia Center for Continuing Education
Hotels -- Georgia.
Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963
Kennedy, Robert F., 1925-1968
Radio stations -- Georgia.
Restaurants -- Georgia.
Simpson, Edward
Theater -- United States -- Photographs.
W. K. Kellogg Foundation
Younts, S. Eugene

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Photographs

111. Photographs, circa 1950s-2000s
Savannah Room chef (photographs), undated
"Ain't we got fun" with Florence King (photographs, newsclippings and flyer), 1993
Masters Hall performers-head shots and group shot, circa 1990s
Historical photographs, circa 1950s-early 1960s
Meeting-includes Zell Miller and Michael Adams (photographs), circa 1990s
Community programs-permanent exhibit (photographs), circa 1990s
Radio/WUGA (photographs), circa 1980s-1990s
Rick Lafleur-Academic Credit Advising (photographs), undated
Joe Frank Harris (photographs), circa 1980s
Beekeeping (photographs), undated
Maintence workers (photgraphs and negative), undated
Cranes/towers (photographs), undated
Georgia Center fountain (photographs), 1976
Musicians (photographs), undated
Computers (photographs), circa 1980s
Physical Therapy (photographs), undated
Monica Kaufman (photograph), circa 1980s
Georgia Center groundbreaking ceremony and construction-includes early views of Georgia Center (photographs), 1955-1956
Theatrical performances (photographs), circa 1990s
Humorous picture featuring Kellogg products (photograph), circa 1960s
Tena Worthington-theater and garden shots (photographs), undated
Mia Barnes-fulltime banquet waitress (photograph), undated
Unlabeled reception (photographs), circa 1980s
Woman being interviewed (photographs), undated
"Two hundred years of Georgia and the South" Symposium, 1986 Winter
Unlabeled reception (photographs), circa 1980s
"An old fashioned picnic" (photographs), undated
Theatrical and musical performances (photographs), circa 1990s
"On the town" performance (photographs), circa 1980s
Georgia Center exterior shots (photographs), circa 1970s-1990s
Upper lobby (photograph), mid 1960s
Georgia Center Rededication Ceremony and related activities (photographs), 1990 September
Unlabeled pictures of people (photographs), undated
Unidentified parties (photographs), circa 1980s
Georgia postcards, circa 1980s-1990s
Ed Simpson and others (photographs), circa 1980s-1990s
Olympics (photographs), 1996
"To Darn" (photographs and negatives), circa 1980s
22Ed Simpson (photographs), circa 1980s-1990s
23Georgia Center seal-signed by a number of well-known people (photograph), undated
24Night Line (photographs), 1988 Fall
25High School Music Conference (photograph), undated
26Theatrical/musical performances (photographs), circa 1980s-1990s
27Unlabeled photographs, undated
28Public Service Conference (photographs), circa 1980s
29Hobbies/crafts/activities (photographs), undated
210Once in a blue moon (photographs), circa 1990s
211Georgia Center 30th anniversary (photographs), circa 1980s
212-13Master's Hall event (photographs), circa 1980s
214"All that jazz" with Eddie Vann (photographs), 1989
215University of Georgia Foundation Trustees Dinner (photographs), 1987 February 16
216Violin recital (photographs), 1988
217"Mark Twain tonight!" theatrical performance (photographs), circa 1990s
218Georgia Center lobby (photographs), circa 1990s
219Henry Kissinger (photograph), circa 1980s
220Program featuring elementary age students and others (photographs), undated
221Community Learning Resources-Sapelo Island (photographs and proofs), 1996
222Bobby Kennedy at the Georgia Center (photograph), 1961
223Chemistry brochure (photographs and negatives), 1997 September
224Woman playing Japanese musical instrument (photographs), undated
225Nancy-water/pool (photographs and negatives), undated
226Reception and food (photographs), 1989
227Conference (photographs), circa 1990s
228Marketing display (photographs), undated
229John F. Kennedy at Georgia Center (photograph), 1957
230Archaeology/Archaeological dig (photographs), circa 1980s
231Margaret Mead (photograph), circa 1970s
232Various theatrical/musical events (photographs), circa 1980s-1990s
233Pianos (photographs), undated
234Georgia Center and trees (photographs), undated
235Dean Rusk (photograph), circa 1980s
236Andrerw Young (photographs), circa 1990s
237Campus graduation/garden/Chapel (photographs), circa 1980s
238Grocery Produce (photographs), undated
239Olympics-includes Charles Knapp and banner (photographs), 1996
240Stone Mountain (photographs), circa 1970s
241Unidentified man (photograph), undated
242Robert Frost (photographs), 1956
243Ed Sullivan (photograph), circa 1950s
244Dancing-solo performance (photographs), undated
245Political conference(s) (photographs), undated
246Thomas Mahler (photographs), circa 1970s
247Athens Secretary of Year with Thomas Mahler (photographs), 1973
248Group discussion (photographs), circa 1980s
249Vince Dooley-last game as head-Gator Bowl (photograph), 1989 January 1
250Native Americans/Olympics (photographs), 1996
251Concert (photographs), circa 1980s
252Moon Rock (photographs), circa 1970s
253Pushball from 1914-1918 (photographs and correspondence), 1978
255Fireplace and flowers (photographs), undated
254Musical recital (photographs), circa 1990s
256Parking Deck construction (photographs and negatives), circa 1980s
257Solargraphs of tools (photographs), undated
258Performing events (photographs, news clippings and flyers), circa 1990s
Special events (photographs), circa 1990s
32"Conferences with a heritage of good design" (photographs and booklet), circa 1980s
33City Lights Theatre Company-Savannah, Georgia (photographs), 1990-1996
34-5Exhibits and displays (photographs), 1990s
36Bull at Georgia Center (photograph), circa 1960s
37Unidentified conference panel (photographs), circa 1980s
38Unidentified men in woods (photographs), circa 1990s
39Theatrical production (photographs), 1993 January
310Edwin Newman, Sam Nunn, etc.-group shot (photographs), circa 1990s
311Various aspects of Georgia Center mission (photographs), 1980s
312Rosalyn Carter (photographs), circa 1980s
313Kellogg sponsored event featuring mascot Tony the Tiger (photographs), circa 1980s
314Food, beverages and dining (photographs and negatives), circa 1980s
315Various Georgia Center divisions and offices (photographs), circa 1990s
316Southern Operations and Technology School graduation-honors (photographs and negatives), 2003
317Gift Shop (photographs), circa 1960s-1980s
318"Thank you Mr. Ham" singers (photographs), undated
319Louise McBee (photograph), circa 1990s
320Man in front of American flag (photograph), circa 1980s
321Training and certification (photographs), circa 1980s
322Various theatrical productions (photographs), undated
323Betty Friedan (photographs), circa 1980s
324Charlayne Hunter-Gault (photographs), circa 1980s
325Non-Credit Programs (photographs and proofs), circa 1980s
326International Adult Continuing Education Hall of Fame (photograph), circa 1980s
327Singing man (photographs), undated
328Television award for "Forge & Anvil" (photograph), 1996
329Theatrical pictures (photographs), undated
330Music performances (photographs), circa 1990s
331Computers (photographs), circa 1980s-1990s
332Consulting Pharmacist Workshop (photographs), 1980s
333-34Georgia Center construction (photographs), 1986-1987
335Westmoreland and Sanders (photograph), circa 1960s
336Banjo and guitar players (photgraphs), circa 1980s
337Floral arrangement (photographs), circa 1980s
338Georgia Center exterior shots (photographs), circa 1980s-1990s
339Mary Ledford-Food Services (photograph), circa 1980s
340Unidentified man-may be connected with radio station (photographs), circa 1980s
341Unidentified people (photographs), circa 1980s-1990s
342Woman in car (photograph), circa 1990s
343Gene Younts, Michael Adams and Ed Simpson (photograph), circa 1990s
344Debra Norville and others (photograph), 1990s
345Theatrical productions (photographs), undated
346Man cooking meat (photographs), undated
347Men with piano and cello (photograph), undated
348Television (photographs), undated
349Global Conference on Managing Diversity (photograph), circa 1990s
351Lauren Tewes (photographs), 1995
352Telecommunications (photographs), undated
350Distance Learning (photograph), circa 1980s
353Students (photographs), circa 1980s-1990s
Persephone (photographs), circa 1990s
42Hugh O'Farrell, Ted Vetter and Johnny Broadnax (photograph), circa 1980s
43Georgia Center library (photograph), circa 1980s
44Arch (photographs), undated
45Various buildings on the University of Georgia campus (photographs), undated
46Display boards for various Georgia Center Services (photographs), undated
47Unlabeled interior scenes (photographs), undated
48"Theatre of the mind"-radio drama/teleconference (photograph), 1989-1990
49Family picture (photograph), circa 1980s-1990s
410Dr. Mary Hepburn (photograph), circa 1980s
411Offices/work spaces (photographs), circa 1980s
412Woman and toddler (photographs), circa 1990s
413Women and money (photographs), circa 1980s
414Georgia Center video crew-St. Catherines Island (photographs), undated
415Arlon E. Eiser (photographs), undated
416Georgia Center hotel rooms interiors, circa 1980s-1990s
417Betty Sergeant (photograph), circa 1990s
418Men looking at map (photograph), undated
419Nichols (photograph), circa 1980s
420Parrots with Clyne, Ritchie and Lloyd (photograph), circa 1980s
421Governor's Council for Developmental Disabilities-Christine Schroeder and others (photograph), circa 1980s
422Musical performances (photographs), circa 1980s-1990s
423Food Services (photographs), undated
424Zell Miller,Gene Younts, Charles Knapp and others (photographs), circa 1980s-1990s
425New Faculty Orientation (photograph), circa 1990s
426Georgia Center interior shots (photographs), circa 1970s-1990s
427Card catalog (photograph), circa 1990s
428Unidentified building (photograph), undated
429Comedy Writers workshop (photograph), circa 1980s
430Colbert, Georgia City Hall/truck (photographs), circa 1980s
431Japanese woman in kimono (photgraph), undated
432Charles Knapp addressing group (photograph), circa 1990s
433Group photographs-includes Bienvenidos and Phi Delta Chi Pharmacy Leadership groups (photographs), circa 1990s-2000s
434Discipline in schools-communications (photograph), circa 1980s
435Atlanta Week in Review (photographs), circa 1980s
436Various people (photographs), circa 1970s-1990s
437Book signings (photographs), undated
438Masters-Atlanta Woodwinds (photograph), undated
439Walter Hill painting (photograph), undated
440Man lecturing to group (photographs), circa 1980s
441Charles Knapp, Gene Younts and other (photograph), circa 1990s
442Eugene Odum (photograph), circa 1980s
443Speakers (photographs), circa 1980s-1990s
444Ellen Burstyn (photograph), circa 1980s
445Computer printouts-mostly George H. Bush (photographs), circa 1990s
446MidSouth Conference (photographs), circa 1980s
447Christmas decorations (photographs), undated
448"Beautiful feet!"/Jim Morganthaler (photographs), circa 1970s
449Thomas Mahler and others (photograph), 1981 December
450-51Conferences/workshops/classes (photographs), circa 1980s-1990s
452Television Control Room (photographs), circa 1980s
453Ice sculptures (photographs), undated
454Betty and Beth (photograph), circa 1990s
455Georgia Center original staff-Staff Conference (photograph), 1954 September
456Landscapes/ stadium (photographs), undated
457Curtain blowing in wind (photograph), undated
458Collage of famous people who have spoken at Georgia Center (photograph), circa 1970s-1990s
459"The tender trap" (photographs), 1995 January 21
460Pharmacy-Continuing Education (photographs), circa 1990s
461Atlanta Woodwind Quartet (photographs), undated
462Continuing Education meeting (proofs), 1985 September 11
463McPhaul Center (proofs), 1990 May
464Cranes and satellites (proofs), undated
465Conference/class (proofs), undated
466Eugene Odum being interviewed (proofs), circa 1980s
467Radio station (proofs), circa 1980s
468Georgia Center employees (proofs), circsa 1980s
469St. Catherine's Island-archaelogical dig (proofs), 1985 August
470Snow at Georgia Center and Coliseum (proofs), undated
471Evening classes (proofs), 1982, 1985, 1995
Kellogg Grant Display (proofs), 1984 April
52Special Olympics (proofs), 1993 May
53Hill Bermont (proofs), 1984
54Community Christmas (proofs), 1977-1982
55Needlepoint (proofs), circa 1970s-1980s
56Georgia Center interiors/exteriors (proofs), undated
57Bill Burpitt (proofs), 1985
58"How to make duck decoys" (proofs), circa 1980s
59NUCEA (proofs), undated
510"A step ahead in caring" (proofs), 1984 July
511-12Various pictures of Georgia Center activities (proofs), 1979-1984
513Dr. Katherina Dalton-PMS Seminar (proof), 1984
514Sidney Lanier (proofs), undated
515Exterior of Georgia Center and other buildings on Campus (proofs), circa 1980s
516Boating and coastal scenes (proofs), undated
517Athletic Department "Trophies" and athletes (proofs), 1983, 1985
518Chinese delegation (proofs), 1985 January
519Fred Davison with the President of Yale (proof), 1985 January
520Food Services (proofs), circa 1980s
521"Fat chance" TV production (proofs), 1982 June 10
522Rusk Teleconference "40 years since Hiroshima" (proofs), 1985
523Hugh Masters (proof), 1977 March
524Expo (proofs), 1985 April 27
525Kellogg Directors Meeting (proof), 1985 October 8
526Dr. Simpson and Associate Directors (proofs), 1984 April
527TV station personnel (proofs), circa 1980s
528NACS Supervisory Development Institute (proofs), 1982 November
529Institute for Organization Management-Chamber of Commerce (proofs), 1982
530Unidentified man (proofs), undated
531University News with Helen Thomas of UPI (proofs), 1983 March
532Cabaret (proofs), circa 1980s
533Corporate Development Training (proofs), 1979, 1981-1982
534"Atlanta in person" (proofs), undated
535Pictures of people-some identified (proofs), circa 1980s
536Computer Center-OCA (proof), 1983 November
537Children (proofs), circa 1980s
538Georgia Center album pages (photographs), 1955-1980s
539Georgia Center album pages-Luau (photographs and negatives), circa 1980s
540Christmas events (photographs), circa 1980s
541Cibachrome-Rose (photograph), 1988 February
542Georgia Center album-various parties (photographs), circa 1980s
543Rededication-reception (photographs), 1986
544Sam Nunn (photograph), circa 1980s
545Once in a Blue Moon-live (photographs), circa 1990s
546Children in Georgia Bulldog outfits (photograph), undated
547Dr. Simpson and others (proofs), 1983
548Miscellaneous unlabeled scenes (slides), undated
549Water Resources Planning and Management (slides), undated
550Adult Education (slides), undated
551Food Services (slides), 1983
552Graphics for GMA (slides), 1985
553Athens conferences (slides), 1977-1979
554Georgia Center Bicentennial Open House (slides), 1985
Drawings (slides), undated
62Ambassador Ahmed Maher El Sayed of Egypt-"Islam and the West" (slides), 1995 January
63"Energy Management for Local Government" (slides and descriptions), circa 1970s-1980s
64"Energy Management for Local Government" master copy (slides and descriptions), circa 1970s-1980s
65Parking Deck construction (slides), 1985-1987
66-7Great American Achievements Slide Show (stock slides), 1979
68Santa Fe Workshop (slides), 1998
69Visual Interpretation Project-VIP (slides and negatives), 1986
610Evening Classes reception/party (slides), 1987
611Evening Classes registration (slides), undated
612New Faculty Orientation (slides), 1986, 1988
613Georgia Center miscellaneous (slides), 1983
614Parking lots (slides), undated
615Continuing Education Conference (slides), 1986
616Georgia Center (slides and negatives), 1979
617Ethics/Law/Land (slides), undated
618Sam Nunn Policy Forum (slides), 1997
619Public Service display (slides), 1991 January 31
620Georgia Center construction (slides), 1987
621"Going back" (outtakes/leftovers) Bicentennial Show (slides), 1985
622"Energy Management for Local Government" (slides), undated
623-24GAAP II-Democracy's Beacon (outtake slides), undated
625Energy-master (slides), undated
Principles of good practice-extra light copies (slides), undated
72Kellogg 7th version master (slides), 1979-1987
73Evening Classes classrooms (slides), 1987
74Interview techniques (slides), undated
75Evening Classes (slides), 1987-1988
76"Going back" UGA Bicentennial Slide Show-drum "B" (slides), undatted
77Nature (slides), 1973
78Title slides and graphics (slides), undated
79Profile of Georgia Center Slide Show "B" (slides), 1976
710Botanical Garden (slides), 1989-1990
711Evening Classes (slides), 1987
712"New Georgia Visions" (slides), undated
713"Going back" (slides), undated
714Kellogg Slide Show-7th version (slides), 1979-1987
715Georgia Center-views through the years (slides), 1950s-1990s
716Principles of good practice in Continuing Education-2 through 40 (slides), undated
717Principles of good practice in Continuing Education-41 through 100 (slides), undated
718-19Unlabeled (slides), undated
720Title slides and graphics (slides), undated
721Georgia Museum of Art/Performing and Visual Arts Complex (slide), 1996 Spring
722-23Unlabeled (negatives), undated
724Eugene Younts (photographs), circa 1980s-1990s
725Henry K. Stanford (photograph), circa 1990s
726Unlabeled pictures-probably employees (photographs), circa 1980s-1990s
727Audio man doing rope trick (photograph), 1975
728Georgia Center album-various parties (photographs), circa 1980s
729State Botanical Gardens logo (negatives), undated
730Food (negatives), undated
731Lily and Nick (negatives), undated
732Unlabeled (negatives), undated
733Georgia Special Olympics-Indoor Winter Games (photographs and negatives), 1992
733Evening Classes-copywork (slides), 1987
734Evening Classes-registration (slides), 1987 September
735Evening Classes-type and title (slides), 1987
736Kristin G./Lily Water (negatives), undated
737Code Enforcement (negatives), undated
Hotel lobby-A (photograph), circa 1980s
Edison Marshall (photograph), circa 1980s
Food Services-banquet (photograph), circa 1990s
Bennett Cerf (photograph), circa 1960s
Hotel room interiors (photographs), circa 1980s
Robert F. Kennedy (photograph), 1961
John F. Kennedy (photographs), 1957
First floor reading room/library (photographs), circa 1960s-1980s
Parking Deck (photograph), circa 1980s
Arch (photograph), undated
Georgia Center exteriors (photographs), undated
Second floor library (photograph), circa 1970s
22Unlabeled reception (photograph), circa 1980s
23Students (photographs), circa 1990s
24Keys in palm of hand (photograph), undated
25Upper lobby (photograph), circa late 1960s
26Television/Edit Room (photograph), circa 1980s
27Unidentified activities (photographs), circa 1980s
28Flowers in vase (photograph), undated
29Kellogg Courtyard (photograph), circa 1980s
210Pecan Tree Courtyard (photograph), undated
211University of Georgia buildings (photographs), undated
Personal Adult Learning Laboratory (photographs), circa 1990s
32Hotel Lobby (photograph), circa 1990s
33Plate and cup with utensils (photographs), undated
34Snow in Holly (photograph), undated
35Evening Classes/Arch at Night (photograph), undated
36Georgia Center interiors (photographs), 1958
37Theater-comedy (photographs), undated
38Dormroom (photograph), undated
39Conferences/Conference Rooms (photographs), undated
310Restaurant (photograph), undated
311Clay and hands (photographs and "New Georgia Visions" magazine), 1990
312Poinsettia/lobby (photograph), undated
81-2Albums (photographs), undated
83"Motion" (negatives and photographs), undated
84Agriculture-DW Brooks Lecture-roll A (negatives), 2002 October
85Track-make up photos-roll A (negatives), 2002 December
119Georgia Center construction and architects sketch of building (photographs), 1955-1957
1110"A lifelong source of learning for all" booklet on Georgia Center (photographs-booklet is missing), undated
1111"The Georgia Center for Continuing Education album (photographs-album is missing), 1957
1112Hotel room at Georgia Center (photograph), 1957
1113Construction and architects sketches, design awards (photographs and correspondence), 1958
1114Service Division (slides and negative), undated
1115Production stills #26 "Dragons" (negatives), circa 1980s
1116Kristin and Katie (negatives), undated
1117Bicentennial (negatives), 1985
1118Nancy Burnett (negatives), undated
1119Trucking Profitability Conference-headshots (negatives), 2003 April
1120Unlabeled (negatives and slide), undated
1121Hotel rooms (negatives and photographs), undated
1122Food Services (negatives), undated
"An old fashioned picnic" (poster/photograph and cloth swatch), undated
42"Think about University-based conferencing again"-ASTD display-marketing (photograph), undated
43Rush Teleconference (photograph), circa 1980s

2. Subject files

86Thomas Mahler-newsclippings, 1968
87Menu materials, 1963
88Food Services Conferences price lists, 1983-1984
89The Center Commons menus, circa 1980s
810Personal Adult Learning Lab, 1983-1987
811Banquet menus, circa 1980s
812Survey Report of Institutes for Learning in Retirement, 1997 Fall
813American Language Program (ALP), circa 1980s
814Unidentified notepad, undated
815"Georgia's plan: expanding the role the University of Georgia in lifelong learning", 1984-1991
816"Transitions into the 21st Century: past, present and future", 2000
817PALS presentation folder, 1988
818Great American Achievement Program (GAAP) Project #2 "Democracy Beacon" production script-third draft, 1980 July
819The Helios Foundation calendar, 1995
820Master Hall performances-tickets, circa 1990s
821Performance events (photos, flyers, tickets), 1990-1994
822International Institute for Leaders, 1995
91"Forge and Anvil", 1995
92"Live and learn" at the Georgia Center, undated
93-4Masters Hall newsletters and flyers, circa 1990s
95Certification in Light Duty Towing and Recovery brochure, circa 1980s
96"The magical music of Broadway" with Florence King-flyer, 1996
97Evening Classes catalog, 1991-1992, 1993-1995
98"New and improved Georgia Center", 1998
99Survey Research Center (SRC)-Personal Adult Learning Lab, 1990s
910Personal Adult Learning Lab-evaluation report, 1991 Winter
911Printers Block-Georgia Center logo, undated
912Environmental scanning at the Georgia Center, 1985-1995
913"Bargello stars, shells and borders", 1995
914Georgia Center for Continuing Education-Organization and Mission, 2000 November
915-16Marketing Readiness Survey-Executive Summary and Final Report, 1994 May
917The Walter Barnard Hill Awards Program, 1997
918Independent Study catalog, 1997-1998
919Georgia Center-"Principios de la excellencia", 1995
920Masters Hall-performances-proposals, 1991
921Georgia's Plan-expanding the role of the University of Georgia in Lifetime Learning, 1984-1990
922Georgia Center for Continuing Education brochures, undated
923Musical Revues at Georgia Center (newsclippings), circa 1990
924New employee resource guide, 1995
925Georgia Center preview, 1998-1999
926Leadership-Department of Human Resources (DHR) collaboration transforms an idea into reality (includes photographs), 1987
927The University of Georgia student handbook, 1993 June
928Display photographs-descriptions, undated
929Sidney Lanier film script/script breakdown location and props, 1985
930Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic-shrimp trawling gear design and performance-motion picture script and dive plans, circa 1980s
101Printing Services-Educational Technology Training booklet, 1989 May
102Cut out letters, undated
103Georgia Center preview, 2000-2002
104Banquet menus, undated
105The University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education booklet, undated
106Handbook of the Department of Marketing Services, 1996
107Handwritten notes, undated
108Georgia Center for Continuing Education-organizational charts, 1980s
109The University of Georgia logo, undated
1010"Do as the Athenians do" matted sign, undated
1011National University Continuing Education Association (NUCEA) annual conference (program), 1982
1012Personal Learning Lab brochure, undated
1013Legal release forms, 2000-2004
1014Georgia Center-invitation and flyer for Reception Buffet and Musicale in celebration of 30 years of service in Continuing Education, 1987
1015Trucking-Professional Strategies Conference, 2003
1016The Georgia Center staff directory, 1995
1017"Energy Management for Local Government" slide descriptions, undated
1018Reprint and floor plans, circa 1957
1019Information on Center (staff list, policies on use of Center and Adult education, reprints), 1970s
1020Continuing Education Project, reports, minutes, memos, 1953
1021Georgia Center for Continuing Education Staff Conference, 1954 September
1022"Georgia's Plan", 1952
1023"Athens, Georgia: home of the University of Georgia 1801-1951", 1951
1024Planning documents and proposals for Continuing Education projects and Georgia Center (includes early organizational chart), 1953 - 1954
1025Proposal to Kellogg Foundation for $450.000 grant for communications equipment, 1956 April 26
1026Annual Report, Center for Continuing Education, 1955-1956
1027Georgia Center opening (clippings, reprints and floorplans), 1957
1028Invitation and outline for open house, clipping related to opening, information sheets about Center, floor plans and issue of Preface featuring opening, 1957 February
1029Outlines and clippings related to early Georgia Center conferences and activities, 1957
1030"Christmas in Georgia, USA" (at Georgia Center-includes contemporary tourist brochures in pocket), 1958 December
1031Extension enrollment figures , 1957-1958
1032Original newsclippings for rededication project-Georgia Center "Jumble" of history, circa 1950s-1970s
1033Georgia Center Publications, 1984-2001
1034Interview with W.R. Brown regarding the Georgia Center, post 1965
1035Georgia Center personalities (biographical press clippings on Georgia Center personnel), circa 1970s-1980s
1036Newsclippings on Continuing Education, Georgia Center and personnel, circa 1960s-1970s
1037Catalog of plays-Drama Loan Library, 1978-1980
1038Library-newsclippings and articles relating to Georgia Center, 1970s-1980s
1039The Georgia Plan, undated
111"Southern telephone news" featuring Georgia Center, 1957 October
112"Continuing Education: an evolving forum of Adult Education", circa 1960s
113The Mission of the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education, 1993 January
114Georgia Center Marketing Task Force Report, undated
115A Christmas Musicale program, 1996 December
116Georgia Special Olympics certificate, 1993 Winter
117Georgia Adult Education Association (GAEA) Practicum, 1997
118"Leadership and the Information Revolution", 1997
44Once in a Blue Moon-poster, 2001 August 24
45Newsclipping , 1954 August 11
1123Nancy Bennett-business cards, undated
121Concert programs-tape logs of recordings, 1988
122-4Concert programs-tape logs of recordings, 1989
125-6Concert programs-tape logs of recordings, 1990
131Programs and specials in Summer, undated
132Some notes on Aborigines of Taiwan (video-script), circa 1960s
133Survival in the Community Shelter (video script), circa 1960s
134Shelter (video-script), 1966

3. Artifacts

51-2Georgia Center for Continuing Education Rededication memorial plates, 1990 September 27
61Georgia Center for Continuing Education banner (maybe a tablecloth), undated
71International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame plaque, 1996 October 29
72Council for Adult and Experimental Learning (CAEL) Institutional Service Award plaque, 1992
73The Innovations in Continuing Education Award plaque, 1996
8Scrapbook, city and county attorneys, 1953, 1957, 1958