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Auxiliary Services records

Auxiliary Services records

Descriptive Summary

Title: Auxiliary Services records
Creator: University of Georgia. Auxiliary Services
Inclusive Dates: 1968-1976
Language(s): English
Extent: 6 Linear Feet (6 boxes)
Collection Number: UA92-208
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

The University Auxiliary Services, under the Office of the Vice President for Business and Finance, was responsible for the administrative management of University Housing, Food and Vending Services, Campus Transit, Printing Department, ROTC Uniform Department, University Health Services, the UGA Golf Course, the Unviversity Bookstore, Postal Units, University Union, and Continuing Education Foods Department and Gift Shop. In 1970, these responsibilities were divided among Auxiliary Enterprises, the Dean of Student Affairs, and the Director of the Georgia Center.

Scope and Content

The Auxiliary Services records include correspondence, subject files, budgetary files, fraternity and sorority housing files, and building and construction files.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Auxiliary Services records, UA92-208, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Subject Terms

Administrative records.
Athens (Ga.) -- Buildings, structures, etc.
Building plans.
Buildings -- Georgia -- Athens -- History.
Buildings -- Repair and reconstruction -- Georgia -- Athens.
Business records.
Fraternal organizations -- Georgia.
University of Georgia
University of Georgia. Division of Business and Finance
University of Georgia. Food Services
Vending stands -- Georgia -- Atlanta.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Correspondence and Subject File

11Food Service Budget
12Director's Office Personnel
13Director's Office Overtime Request
14Director's Office Overtime Reports
15Director's Office Organizations List
16Director's Office Micellaneous
17Director's Office Internal Procedure Manual
18Director's Office Business Managers Meeting
19Board of Regents
110Director's Office Association of College Auxillary Serv.
111Business and Finance Staff Meetings
112Printing Department Auxiliary Enterprises
113Printing Questionnaire Blanks
114Printing Questionnaire Board of Regents
116Organizational Structure Vice President for Business & Finance
117Food Services Auxiliary Enterprises
118News Clippings Business and Finance
119Office Furniture and Equipment
120Forms Design and Control Administrative Services
121Employee Opportunities Bulletin
1221970-1971 Budget Auxiliary Enterprises
123Distribution List Policies & Procedures Manual Administrative Service
124Meetings with Deans
125Director's Office Jackson Street Buiulding
126Self Study Program
127Director's Office Institute - Self Study Program
128Committees - Fraternities & Sororitites
129Armstrong, Richard
130General Correspondence
131Director's Office General Correspondence, 1971-1972
132Director's Office Personal Correspondence, 1971-1972
133(BS) Vending - Hole in the Ground (Peabody Hall), 1971-1972
134(Bs) Auxilliary and Admin. Services Printing, 1971-1972
135Correspondence - Provost
136Correspondence - Vice President John L. Green, Jr.
137Records Management, 1972-1973
138Board of Regents Memoranda, 1972-1973
139Printing Department General Correspondence
140Green, John L. Jr.
141Barber, Allen W.
21Director's Office Staff, 1969-1970
22Department Director's Office Internal Procedures Manual
23Department Director's Office Procedure Book Changes
24Reports - Programs - AE, 1969-1970
25Director's Office Relocation
26Budget - Director's Office, 1969-1970
27Dept- AE- Director's Office, 1969-1970
28AE- Director's Office - Directories
29Campus Transit System, 1969-1970
210AE- Bus System - Correspondence, 1969-1970
211VP for Business & Finance
212Copying and Duplicating at the University of Georgia
213Director's Office Annual Report
214Director's Office Construction Progress Reports, 1970-1971
215Auxiliary Enterprises
216Director's Office Business & Finance Organization
217Director's Office Building/Construct/Inspect/Insurance
218Director's Office Budget
219Director's Office General Correspondence
220Food Service General Correspondence
221Morrison Food Services, Inc.
222Food Service - Bolton Hall Building/Inspect/Construct/Insurance
31Dept. - Director's Office Record Retention Schedule
32Dept. Director's Office Institute - Self Study Program
33Restoration of College Auxiliary Services
34Dept. Director's Office Business Manager's Meeting
35Director's Office Contacts

2. Fraternity and Sorority Housing

41Fraternity - Kappa Sigma Correspondence, 1969-1970
42Fraternity - Kappa Sigma Correspondence , 1968-1969
43Kappa Sigma Inspection Reports
44Kapp Sigma Building Lease
45Fraternity - Kappa Sigma Building - Cumulative
46Fraternity Phi Delta Theta Correspondence, 1969-1970
47Fraternity Phi Delta Theta Correspondence, 1968-1969
48Phi Delta Theta Inspection Reports, 3
49Fraternity - Phi Delta Theta Building - Cumulative
410Fraternity - Phi Epsilon Pi Correspondence, 1969-1970
411Fraternity- Phi Epsilon Pi Correspondence, 1968-1969
412Fraternity - Phi Epsilon Pi Building - Cumulative
413Fraternity - Pi Kappa Alpha Correspondence, 1969-1970
414Fraternity - Pi Kappa Alpha Correspondence, 1968-1969
415Fraternity - Pi Kappa Alpha Building - Cumulative
416Pi Kappa Alpha Building Lease
417Pi Kappa Alpha Inspection Reports
418Fraternity - Sigma Chi Correspondence , 1969-1970
419Fraternity - Sigma Chi Correspondence, 1968-1969
420Sigma Chi Inspection Reports
421Fraternity - Sigma Chi Building - Cumulative
422Sigma Chi Building Lease
423Sorority - Sigma Delta Tau Correspondence 1969-1970
424Sorority - Sigma Delta Tau Correspondence 1968-1969
425Sigma Delta Tau Inspection Reports
426Sorority - Sigma Delta Tau Building - Cumulative
427Fraternity - Sigma Nu Correspondence , 1960-1970
428Fraternity - Sigma Nu Correspondence, 1968-1969
429Fraternity Sigma Nu
430Fraternity Sigma Nu Building - Cumulative
431Sigma Nu Building Lease
432Sigma Nu Inspection Reports
433Fraternity - Sigma Pi Building - Cumulative
434Fraternity - Tau Epsilon Phi Correspondence , 1969-1970
435Fraternity - Tau Epsilon Phi Correspondence, 1968-1969
436Fraternity Tau Epsilon Phi Building - Cumulative
437Tau Epsilon Phi Building Lease
438Tau Epsilon Phi Inspection Reports
439Fraternity - Theta Chi Correspondence, 1968-1969
440Fraternity - Theta Chi Correspondence , 1969-1970
441Fraternity - Theta Chi Building - Cumulative
442Fraternity - Sorority Report - Summary of Operations
443Fraternity - Sororities Insurance Schedule
444Fraternity - Sorority Policies and Procedures
445Frat/Sor. Lease Agreements - Pending
446Fraternity-Sororiy Miscellaneous Cumulative
447Frat & Sor Analysis
448Fraternity - Sorority - IRS F-S Misc.
449Fraternity - Sorority Construction Requests
450Fraternity - Sorority Lease-Miscellaneous
451Phi Epsilon Pi Inspection Reports
452Sorority - Alpha Chi Omega Correspondence, 1968-1969
453Sorority - Alpha Chi Omega Buildings - Cumulative
454Sorority - Alpha Chi Omega Correspondence , 1969-1970
455Alpha Chi Omega Building Lease
456Alpha Chi Omega Inspection Reports
457Fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi Correspondence, 1969-1970
458Fraternity - Alpha Epsilon Pi Correspondence, 1968-1969
459Fraternity - Alpha Epsilon Pi Building - Cumulative
460Alpha Epsilon Pi Inspection Reports
51Fraternity - Alpha Gamma Rho Correspondence, 1969-1970
52Fraternity - Alpha Gamma Rho Correspondence, 1968-1969
53Fraternity - Alpha Psi Building - Cumulative
54Alpha Psi Building Lease
55Fraternity - Alpha Tau Omega Correspondence, 1969-1970
56Fraternity - Alpha Tau Omega Correspondence , 1968-1969
57Alpha Tau Omega - Contributions
58Fraternity - Alpha Tau Omega Building - Cumulative
59Alpha Tau Omega Building Lease
510Alpha Tau Omega Inspection Reports
511Fraternity - Chi Phi Correspondence , 1969-1970
512Fraternity - Chi Phi Correspondence, 1968-1969
513Fraternity - Chi Phi Building - Cumulative
514Chi Phi Building Lease
515Chi Phi Inspection Reports
516Farternity - Chi Psi Correspondence, 1969-1970
517Fraternity - Chi Psi Correpondence, 1968-1969
518Fraternity - Chi Psi Building - Cumulative
519Chi Psi Building Lease
520Chi Psi Inspection Reports
521Sorority - Delta Gamma Buidling - Cumulative
522Sorority - Delta Phi Epsilon Correspondence, 1969-1970
523Sorority - Delta Phi Epsilon Correspondence, 1968-1969
524Delta Phi Epsilon Inspection Reports
525Sorority - Delta Phi Epsilon Building
526Delta Phi Epsilon Building Lease
527Frat. - DTD Contributions
528Delta Tau Delta Building Lease
529Delta Tau Delta Inspection Reports
530Construction Progress Reports DTD
531Fraternity - Delta Tau Delta Building - Cumulative

3. Building and Construction

61Mary Lyndon Hall, 1969-1970
62Bulldog Room, 1969-1970
63Cafer Warehouse
64Food Service - Snelling Building, Inspection, Constr., Ins., 1972-1973
65Food Service Policies and Procedure, 1971-1972
66AE - Food Serv Pol, & Procedures, 1967-1968
67AE- Food Service - Pol & Procedures, 1968-1969
68Food Service Policies and Procedures
69AE - Food Serv. - Pol & Procedures, 1969-1970
610Food Service Purchase and Check Requests, 1972-1973
611Bulldog Room Construction Progress Report
71Photographs, Food and Vending Services and Business Services, 1966-1970
612Health Services, 1969-1970
613Married Housing Office, 1969-1970
614Married Housing Post Office, 1969-1970
615Married Housing (R-10), 1969-1970
616Memorial Hall Post Office, 1969-1970
617Memorial Hall Student Offices
618Myers Hall, 1969-1970
619Post Office Income, 1969-1970
620Self Service Post Office
621Snelling Hall, 1969-1970
622Georgia Mental Retardation Center Billings
623Mental Retardation Center, 1969-1970
624Buildings - Miscellaneous, 1969-1970
625Buildings - Insurance
626Budget Amendment Approval Trans. Letters AE & Plt. Funds
627Budget Amendments - Plant Funds AE - to Regents, 1969-1970
628Budget Amendments General - AE - to Regents
630Budget - Bookstore, 1969-1970
631Department - University Bookstore Progress Report
632Department - AE - Bookstore Newspaper Articles
633University Bookstore Insurance
634Department - Bookstore - Building Progress Report
635Dept. Bookstore Comparisons
636Department - AE - Bookstore, 1969-1970
72Residence hall, Student Hassle Committee memoranda, 1976