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John Dixon Bolton papers

John Dixon Bolton papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: John Dixon Bolton papers
Creator: Bolton, John Dixon
Inclusive Dates: 1913-1969
Bulk Dates: 1930-1968
Language(s): English
Extent: 76 Linear Feet (79 boxes)
Collection Number: UA92-196
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

John Dixon Bolton was born in Leslie, Sumter County, Georgia, on November 1, 1900. As a boy in Leslie, Bolton worked in his Father's hardware store, and then in banks in Americus, Smithville, Chipley, and Atlanta. Young Bolton attended the Leslie High School and the Locust Grove Institute, in 1917, he went to work and took correspondence courses from three schools to pass the certified public accountant examination before a Georgia Board of Examiners in 1929. Several years later he became an examiner in the State Auditor Department under William Thrasher.

During the next two years he audited the books of the University, whose Treasurer and Registrar was the "Uncle Tom" Reed. As Bolton later maintained, Reed possessed an unorthodox system of keeping the books. Devoid of any accounting background, Reed just entered everything that "came in" in one ledger and everything that "went out" in another. For all practical purposes the system worked, but when Bolton divulged of the tricks of the trade, Uncle Tom Reed, highly impressed, invited him to take over. He did so in July, 1933 and became Comptroller in 1904.

Mr. Bolton, at the time of his death on August 1, 1965, had served the University of Georgia for thirty-two years. During this time he took an important in the development of the University of Georgia. He established sound and efficient routines in administering the important office which he headed at the University, and his administration was characterized by quiet and unostentatious efforts and effective results.

Bolton held memberships in both professional and honor societies being a member of Alpha Sigma Phi, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Beta Gamma Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Georgia Society of Certified Public Accountants, and the Gridiron Club. Comptroller Bolton was also an avid sports fan who served as the treasurer of the Athletic Association for many years.

In addition to University work Bolton promoted and gave leadership to many organizations and institutions in Athens. He was a member of the Kiwanis Club for over three decades and served as its President in 1940. Other activities included membership in the Board of Directors of the Young Men's Christian Association; chairman of the Board of Deacons of the First Baptist Church; President of the Athens Country Club; Director of the National Bank of Athens; Secretary-Treasurer of the Athens Masonic Temple, Inc.; one of the founders and President of the Clarke Federal and Loan Association; and a member of numerous other groups which were concerned with community improvement.

Scope and Content

The Financial Materials examine the entire fiscal process of the university, from Budget Requests through final audit and financial reports for the fiscal year. Also present on this series are working papers, rough drafts, reports, support documents and related correspondence. These records are substantially complete from the late 1940s through the early 1960s, and reflect best the marked growth of the University and the Comptroller's Office. Also present are copies of bound Proposed Budgets.

The Administrative Subject Files include research contracts at the University from 1944-1956; documents on personnel training agreements for World War I; and a wealth of correspondence, including a letter to Eddie Rickenbacker, letters from Sen. Richard Russell and J. Edgar Hoover.

The Personnel Materials include the State Security Questionnaires and loyalty oaths from 1954-1959. There is also a subject file and salary information.

The Board of Regents material focuses on the Physical Plant aspects of the Comptroller's Office, with special emphasis on the physical properties of the University. Of special interest is the documentation for the period of growth and expansion which took place at the University from the mid 1950s through the early 1960s. There is also a copy of a 1934 inventory of physical holdings of the University.

The Athletic Association material includes a complete financial record of the Association from the early 1950s through the early 1960s. The most important portion are the administrative subject file which contains a wealth of correspondence and materials from the 1940s to the 1960s. Two files of material on Sanford Stadium and one file of contracts 1913-60 are also available.

The Personal Papers are organized into an alphabetized subject /correspondence file, and includes correspondence with the Bolton family and friends. There are also materials dealing with Mr. Bolton's various affiliations, including Kiwanis, Athens Country Club, Masonic Lodge, and various other professional and social groups.

Organization and Arrangement

This collection is organized into 7 series: financial, administrative subject files, administrative correspondence files, personnel, Board of Regents, Athletic Association, and personal papers.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

John Dixon Bolton papers, UA92-196, University Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Aderhold, O. C., 1899-1969
Administrative records.
Athens (Ga.) -- Buildings, structures, etc.
Financial records.
Financial statements.
University System of Georgia. Board of Regents
University of Georgia. Athletic Association
University of Georgia. Business

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Financial Materials

1.1 Budget Amendments

11Agricultural Extension Service-Approved Correspondence, 1948-1949
12Division of General Extension-Approved Materials & correspondence, 1948-1949
13Savannah Division-Approved, 1948-1949
14University of Georgia-Approved, 1948-1949
15Correspondence Miscellaneous, 1948-1949
16Agricultural Extension Service-Approved Correspondence & materials, 1949-1950
17Griffin-Georgia Ag. Exp. Station, 1949-1950
18Division of General Extension Service-Approved, 1950-1951
19University of Georgia-Approved, 1949-1950
110Miscellaneous correspondence, 1949-1950
111Agricultural Extension Service-Approved, 1950-1951
112Georgia Coastal Plain Experiment Station-Tifton, Georgia, 1950-1951
113Georgia Agricultural Exp. Station-Experiment, Georgia, 1950-1951
114Division of General Extension-Approved, 1950-1951
115Atlanta Division-Approved, 1950-1951
116University of Georgia- Auxiliary Enterprises, 1950-1951
117University of Georgia-Educational & General, 1950-1951
118University of Georgia-Unexpended Plant Fund, 1950-1951
119Miscellaneous correspondence, 1950-1951
120Agricultural Extension Service-Approved, 1951-1952
121Atlanta Division-Educational & General, 1951-1952
122Atlanta Division- Unexpended Plant Funds, 1951-1952
123Auxiliary Enterprises-Approved, 1951-1952
124College Experiment Station-Educational & General, 1951-1952
125College Exp. Station- Unexpended Plant Funds, 1951-1952
126Georgia Coastal Plain Exp. Station, Tifton, Ga.-Approved, 1951-1952
127Experiment Stations, Consolidated-Educational & General, 1951-1952
128Experiment Stations, Consolidated-Unexpended Plant Funds, 1951-1952
129University of Georgia Experiment Station-General, 1951-1952
130Georgia Experiment Station-Approved, 1951-1952
131Division of General Extension-Approved, 1951-1952
132University of Georgia-Educational & General-Approved, 1951-1952
133University of Georgia-Unexpended Plant Fund-Approved, 1951-1952
134Miscellaneous correspondence, 1951-1952
135Agricultural Extension Service-Approved, 1952-1953
136Atlanta Division-Educational & General Plant Funds, 1952-1953
137Atlanta Division-Educational & General-Approved, 1952-1953
138Atlanta Division-Plant Funds-Approved, 1952-1953
139Auxiliary Enterprises-University of Georgia-Approved, 1952-1953
140Consolidated Experiment Station-Approved, 1952-1953
51Consolidated Experiment Station-Unexpended Plant Funds, 1952-1953
52Division of General Extension-Approved, 1952-1953
53University of Georgia- Educational & General-Approved, 1952-1953
54University of Georgia-Plant Funds-Approved, 1952-1953
55Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1952-1953
56Agricultural Extension Service, 1954-1956
57Athletic Association . Miscellaneous correspondence., 1957-1958
58Experiment Station Consolidated-Plant funds-Approved Correspondence, 1957-1958
59University of Georgia-Unexpended Plant Funds-Approved, 1957-1958
510Miscellaneous correspondence, 1957-1958
511University of Georgia-Educational & General-Approved, 1958-1959
512University of Georgia-Unexpended Plant Funds-Approved, 1958-1959
513Miscellaneous correspondence, 1958-1959
514Ag. Extension-Education & General-Approved, 1959-1960
515Experiment Station Consolidated-Education & General-Approved, 1959-1960
516Experiment Sta. Consolidated- Unexpended Plant Fund-Approved, 1959-1960
517Continuing Education-Approved, 1959-1960
518University of Georgia-Auxiliary Enterprises-Approved, 1959-1960
519University of Georgia- Unexpended Plant Funds-Approved, 1959-1960
520Univ. of Ga. Foundation Supplement, Consolidated-Educational & General-Approved, 1959-1960
521Miscellaneous correspondence, 1959-1960
522Agric. Experiment Sta. Consolidated-Educational & General-Approved, 1960-1961
523Agric. Experiment Sta. Consolidated-Unexpended Plant Funds-Approved, 1960-1961
781Agric. Extension-Education & General-Approved, 1960-1961
782Agric. Extension- Unexpended Plant Funds-Approved, 1960-1961
783Auxiliary Enterprises-Approved, 1960-1961
784Continuing Education-Approved, 1960-1961
785University of Georgia-Educational & General-Approved, 1960-1961
786University of Georgia-Unexpended Plant Funds-Approved, 1960-1961
787Miscellaneous correspondence, 1960-1961
788Agric. Exp. Sta. Consolidated-Education & General-Approved, 1961-1962
789Agric. Exp. Sta. Consolidated-Unexpended Plant Funds-Approved, 1961-1962
7810Agricultural Extension & General, 1961-1962
7811University of Georgia- Auxiliary Enterprises-Approved, 1961-1962
7812Continuing Education- Approved, 1961-1962
7813University of Georgia-Education & General, 1961-1962
7814University of Georgia-Unexpended Plant Funds-Approved, 1961-1962
7815Miscellaneous correspondence, 1961-1962
7816Agricultural experiment Stations-Consolidated-Approved, 1962-1963
7817Agricultural Exp. Station-Consolidated-Educational & General, 1962-1963
61Agric. Exp. Sta.- Cons.-Unexpended Plant Funds-Approved, 1962-1963
62Agric. Extension-Education & General, 1962-1963
63Agric. Extension- Unexpended Plant Funds-Approved, 1962-1963
64Univ. Of Georgia-Auxiliary Enterprises-Approved, 1962-1963
65Continuing Education-Approved, 1962-1963
66University of Georgia-Education & General-Approved, 1962-1963
67University of Georgia-Unexpended Plant Funds-Approved, 1962-1963
68Miscellaneous correspondence, 1962-1963
69-15Experiment Stations Material, 1964-1965
616Experiment Stations-Education & General, 1964-1965
617Experiment Stations-Consolidated-Education & General, 1964-1965
618Experiment Stations-Consolidated-Education & General, 1964-1965
619Experiment Stations-Consolidated-Education & General, 1964-1965
620Experiment Stations-Consolidated-Education & General, 1964-1965
621College Station-Education & General, 1964-1965
622Experiment Stations-Plant #1-9, 1964-1965
623Auxiliary Enterprises-Unexpended Plant Fund, 1964-1965
81Continuing Education, 1964-1965
82-12University Education & General, 1964-1965
791University Education & General, 1964-1965
792University Education & General, pencil copies, 1964-1965
793University of Georgia-Unexpended Plant # 1-12, 1964-1965

1.2 Budget Materials

794Agricultural Extension Miscellaneous materials, 1950-1951
795Budget Material Miscellaneous materials, 1951-1953
796University of Georgia-Education & General, 1951-1952
797General Extension Miscellaneous materials, 1951-1952
798Experiment stations-Consolidated, 1951-1952
799General Extension Miscellaneous materials, 1952-1953
7910Experiment Stations-Consolidated, 1952-1953
7911University of Georgia-Education & General, 1952-1953
7912Agricultural Extension Service Miscellaneous materials, 1956-1957
7913University of Georgia-Educational & General, 1956-1957
7914University of Georgia-Unexpended Plant Funds, 1956-1957
7915Agricultural Extension Service Miscellaneous materials, 1957-1958
7916Experiment Stations-Consolidated, 1957-1958
7917University of Georgia Auxiliary Enterprises, 1957-1958
7918Continuing Education Miscellaneous materials., 1957-1958
7919University of Georgia-Education & General, 1957-1958
7920University of Georgia-Unexpended Plant Fund, 1957-1958
91Experiment Station-Consolidated-Education & General, 1958-1959
92Agric. Extension Service Miscellaneous materials, 1958-1959
93Miscellaneous Departments, 1958-1959
94Miscellaneous Departments, 1958-1959
95Experiment Stations-Consolidated-Educational & General, 1959-1960
96University of Georgia-Educational & General, 1959-1960
97University of Georgia-Educational & General, 1959-1960
98Agric. Extension-Educational & General Miscellaneous materials, 1960-1961
99Experiment Stations-Consolidated-Educational & General, 1960-1961
101Experiment Stations-Consolidated-Plant Funds Miscellaneous materials, 1960-1961
102University of Georgia-Auxiliary Enterprises, 1960-1961
103-5University of Georgia- Education & General, 1960-1961
106University of Georgia-Unexpended Plant Funds, 1960-1961
107Experiment Stations-Consolidated, 1961-1962
108University of Georgia-Auxiliary Enterprises, 1961-1962
109University of Georgia-Educational & General, 1961-1962
121University of Georgia-Auxiliary Enterprises, 1962-1963
122-11University of Georgia-Education & General, 1962-1963
131-2University of Georgia-Education & General, 1962-1963
133University of Georgia-Unexpended Plant Funds, 1962-1963
134Experiment Stations-Consolidated, 1963-1964
135Official Codes, 1964-1965
136Blank Forms
245-8Budget-Miscellaneous, 1947-1950, 1956
249Budgeted, 1964-1965
2410Completed Budgets-All Units, 1963-1965
2411Biennial Budget, 1965-1967
2412Four-Year Budget, 1964-1968
2413Budget Information, 1968-1969
2414Budget Instructions, 1963-1965
2415Budget Preparation Materials, 1965-1966
2416Budget Regulations, 1966
2417Budget Figures and Amendments-Partial, 1968-1969
251-13Miscellaneous Reports, 1940-1963
2514-19Cost Per Student Quarter, 1947-1965
2520Internal Income Forms, 1965-1967
2521Salaries, Appointments, 1947-1948
92-185:11-2Salaries, Appointments, 1948-1950
92-185:13Salary Increases, 1962-1963
92-185:14-5Salary Averages-Working papers, 1960-1965
92-185:16Salary Analysis, 1964-1966
92-185:17-15Summer School, 1947-1955
92-185:117-18Summer School Salaries, 1955-1956
92-185:119Summer School Payroll, 1958-1959
92-185:120Summer School-Staff Benefits, 1960-1962
92-185:121Staff Openings, 1965-1966
92-185:122Consolidated Statements of Expenses, 1962-1964
92-185:123University Foundation Salary Supplements, 1966-1967
92-185:124-25Miscellaneous Materials, 1962-1965
92-185:126Staff Listing, 1964-1965
92-185:127Budget Needs Letter-Working papers, 1966
92-185:128Budget Needs, 1966-1967
92-185:129Budget Proposal-Working papers, 1968-1969
92-185:130Miscellaneous Materials, 1955-1962
92-185:131Budget Reductions, 1953-1954
92-185:132Home Study Account, 1962
92-185:133Miscellaneous Materials, 1962-1967
92-185:134Annual Report, 1944-1945
261Auxiliary Enterprises, 1955-1956
262University Press, 1952-1956
263Income Summaries, 1959-1960
264Miscellaneous Control Sheets, 1945-1958
265Blank Forms

1.3 Annual Budget

137Budgets, 1945
138Student Activities, 1948-1949
139Student Activities, 1949-1950
1310Comptroller's Office, 1948-1949
1311Miscellaneous correspondence, 1950-1955
1312University of Georgia, 1952-1953
1313University of Georgia-Experiment Stations, 1954-1955
1314Annual Budget, 1954-1955
1315Experiment Stations, 1955-1956
1316Annual Budget, 1955-1956
1317Georgia Institute of Technology-Bound Budget, 1954-1955
1318Miscellaneous correspondence, 1953-1956
1319Auxiliary Enterprises, 1953-1955
1320Auxiliary Enterprises Miscellaneous correspondence, 1955-1958
1321Annual Budget, 1956-1957
1322Annual Budget, 1957-1958
1323Agricultural Extension Service, 1958-1959
141Agricultural Experiment Stations, 1958-1959
142Auxiliary Enterprise, 1958-1959
143University Foundation, 1958-1959
144University of Georgia, 1958-1959
145Miscellaneous correspondence, 1958-1959
146Auxiliary Enterprises, 1959-1960
147University Foundation, 1959-1960
148-9Annual Budget, 1959-1960
1410Auxiliary Enterprises, 1960-1961
1411Foundation, 1960-1961
1412-13Annual Budget, 1960-1961
1414Experiment Stations Carbon Copy, 1960-1961
1415Agricultural Extension Service Carbon copy, 1961-1962
1416Agricultural Experiment Stations Carbon Copies, 1961-1962
1417Annual Budget, 1961-1962
151Miscellaneous Materials, 1961-1962
152-3Miscellaneous correspondence, 1961-1962
227-8University of Georgia-Working Papers, 1951-1953
231-4University of Georgia-Working papers, 1953-1958
235University of Georgia-Educational & General, 1962-1963
236University of Georgia-Working papers, 1964-1965

1.4 Departmental Budgets

154Agricultural Extension, 1963-1964
155College Experiment Station, 1965-1966
156Georgia Experiment Station Final Budget., 1965-1966
157Coastal Plain Experiment Station Final Budget., 1965-1966
158Branch Stations, 1963-1964
159Branch Stations, 1961-1962
1510Continuing Education, 1963-1964
1511Savannah Division Miscellaneous correspondence & materials., 1948-1949
1512University of Georgia-Education & General, 1963-1964
1513Summary of all Budgets, 1963-1964
1514Departmental Budget Duplicate Materials, 1962-1966
261General Printout, 1964
262Administrative Budget, 1968-1969
263General Information, 1968-1969
264Pencil Copies, 1956-1957
265Agricultural Extension Amendments, 1954-1944
266Agricultural Extension-Monthly Reports, 1957-1958
267Agricultural Extension Service-Report of Examination, 1957-1958
268-12Agricultural Extension Service-Monthly Reports, 1958-1964
2613Agricultural Extension Service-Salary List, 1963-1964
2614Agricultural Extension Service-Budget, 1966-1967
2615Agricultural Extension Service-Materials, 1964-1968
271General Extension Budget Requests, 1953
272Experiment Stations-Consolidated-Budget Requests, 1953
273Experiment Stations-Consolidated-Working Papers, 1953
274Experiment Stations-Consolidated-Working Papers, 1965-1966
275Experiment Stations-Consolidated-Budget, 1966-1967
276-7Coastal Plain Experiment Station-Working Papers, 1956-1964
278Coastal Plain Experiment Station-Budget, 1964-1965
279-10Coastal Plain Experiment Station-Working Papers, 1965-1967
2711-12Georgia Experiment Station-Working Papers, 1960-1966
2713Auxiliary Enterprises, 1966-1967
2714Resident Instruction, 1966-1967
281Summary of Income and Expenses, 1966-1967
282Forestry-Working Papers, 1956-1957
283Central Office Supply, 1968-1969
284-5Continuing Education-Working Papers, 1956
286Continuing Education-Statement of Operation, 1958-1959
287Continuing Education-Working Papers, 1965-1967
288University-Working Papers, 1954-1955
289University-Working Papers, 1963-1966

1.5 Bound Budgets (usually "Proposed Budgets")

1515Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year ending, 1950 June 30
1516Educational & General for year ending, 1951 June 30
1517Division of General Extension-Educational & General for year ending, 1955 June 30
1518Auxiliary Enterprises for year ending, 1955 June 30
1519Atlanta Division for year ending, 1955 June 30
1520Educational & General for year ending, 1955 June 30
1521Atlanta Division for year Ending, 1956 June 30
1522Auxiliary Enterprise for year ending, 1956 June 30
1523Educational & General for year ending, 1956 June 30
1524Agricultural Experiment Stations-Educational & General for year ending, 1957 June 30
1525Auxiliary Enterprises for year ending, 1957 June 30
1526Continuing Education-Educational & General for year ending, 1957 June 30
1527Educational & General for year ending, 1957 June 30
111Agricultural Experiment Stations for year ending, 1958 June 30
112Agricultural Extension Division for year ending, 1958 June 30
113Auxiliary Enterprises for year ending, 1958 June 30
114Continuing Education for year ending, 1958 June 30
115University-Education & General for year ending, 1958 June 30
116Agricultural Experiment for year ending, 1959 June 30
117Auxiliary Enterprises for year ending, 1959 June 30
118Continuing Education for year ending, 1959 June 30
119University-Education & General for year, 1959 June 30
1110Agricultural Experiment Stations for year ending, 1960 June 30
1111Agricultural Extension Division for year ending, 1960 June 30
161Auxiliary Enterprises for year ending, 1960 June 30
162Continuing Education for year, 1960 June 30
163University of Georgia Foundation-Supplemental for year ending, 1960 June 30
164University-Educational & General for year ending, 1960 June 30
165Agricultural Experiment Stations for year ending, 1961 June 30
166Agricultural Extension Service for year ending, 1961 June 30
167Auxiliary Enterprises for year ending, 1961 June 30
168Continuing Education for year, 1961 June 30
169University of Georgia Foundation-Supplemental for year, 1961 June 30
1610University-Educational & General for year ending, 1961 June 30
1611Agricultural Experiment Stations for year ending, 1962 June 30
1612Agricultural Extension Service for year ending, 1962 June 30
1613Auxiliary Enterprises for year ending, 1962 June 30
171Continuing Education for year ending, 1962 June 30
172University of Georgia Foundation-Supplemental for year ending, 1962 June 30
173University-Educational & General, Vol. I &II for year ending, 1962 June 30
174Agricultural Experiment Stations for year ending, 1963 June 30
175Agricultural Extension Service for year ending, 1963 June 30
176Auxiliary Enterprises for year ending, 1963 June 30
177Continuing Education for year ending, 1963 June 30
178University of Georgia Foundation-Supplemental for year ending, 1963 June 30
179University of Georgia-Educational & General, Vol. II for year, 1963 June 30
1710Agricultural Experiment Stations for year ending, 1964 June 30
1711Agricultural Extension Service for year ending, 1964 June 30
1712Auxiliary Enterprises for year ending, 1964 June 30
181Agricultural Extension Service for year ending, 1965 June 30
182Auxiliary Enterprise for year ending, 1965 June 30
183Continuing Education for year ending, 1965 June 30
184Continuing Education for years, 1963-1965
185Agricultural Experiment Stations for year ending, 1966 June 30
186Agricultural Extension Service for year ending, 1966 June 30
187Auxiliary Enterprises for year ending, 1966 June 30
188Continuing Education for year ending, 1966 June 30
189University of Georgia Foundation-Supplement for year ending, 1966 June 30
1810University-Educational & General, Vol. I for year ending, 1966 June 30
1811Auxiliary Enterprise for year ending, 1967 June 30
1812Continuing Education for year ending, 1967 June 30

1.6 Quarterly Budgets Requests

1813Agricultural Extension Service, 1951-1952
1814General Extension Service, 1951-1952
1815Branch Stations-General, 1951-1952
1816College Experiment Station-Education & General, 1951-1952
1817College Experiment Station-Plant Funds, 1951-1952
1818Coastal Plains Experiment Station-Education & General, 1951-1952
1819Coastal Plains Experiment Station-Plant Funds, 1951-1952
1820Georgia Experiment Station-Education & General, 1951-1952
1821Georgia Experiment Station-Plant Funds, 1951-1952
1822Atlanta Division-Education & General, 1951-1952
1823Atlanta Division-Plant Funds, 1951-1952
191University-Educational & General, 1951-1952
192University-Plant Funds, 1951-1952
193-6Correspondence, 1951-1955
241-4University of Georgia, 1952-1953
197Experiment Stations-Consolidated-Educational & General
198Experiment Stations-Consolidated-Plant Funds, 1955 September
199Experiment Stations-Administration, 1955 September
1910College Experiment Station, 1955 September
1911Experiment Stations-Consolidated, 1955 December
1912Experiment Stations-Administration, 1955 December
1913Coastal Plain Experiment Station, 1955 December
1914Georgia Experiment Station, 1955 December
1915Experiment Stations-Consolidated-Education & General, 1956 March
1916Experiment Stations-Consolidated-Plant Funds, 1956 March
1917Experiment Stations-Consolidated-Administration, 1956 March
1918Experiment Stations-Consolidated-Educational & General Funds, 1956 June
1919Experiment Stations-Consolidated-Plant Funds, 1956 June
1920Atlanta Division, 1956 June
1921Continuing Education, 1955-1956
1922University of Georgia, 1955 September
1923University of Georgia-Administration, 1955 September
1924University of Georgia, 1955 September
1925University of Georgia-Administration, 1955 September
201University of Georgia, 1956
202-3Correspondence, 1955-1957
3Miscellaneous quarterly budget requests, 1954-1956

1.7 State Budget Allotment

204AG. Extension Service-Educational & General, 1952-1953
205AG. Extension Service-Plant Fund, 1952-1953
206Atlanta Division-Educational & General, 1952-1953
207Atlanta Division-Plant Fund, 1952-1953
208Experiment Stations-Consolidated-Educational & General, 1952-1953
209Experiment Stations-Consolidated-Plant Fund, 1952-1953
2010General Extension Service, 1952-1953
2011University-Educational & General, 1952-1953
2012University-Plant Fund, 1952-1953
2013Correspondence, 1952-1953
2014AG. Extension Service-Educational & General, 1953-1954
2015AG. Extension Service-Plant Funds, 1953-1954
2016Atlanta Division-Educational & General, 1953-1954
2017Atlanta Division-Plant Funds, 1953-1954
2018Experiment Stations-Consolidated-Educational & General, 1953-1954
2019Experiment Stations-Consolidated-Plant Funds, 1953-1954
2020General Extension Service, 1953-1954
2021University-Educational & General, 1953-1954
2022University-Plant Funds, 1953-1954
2023Correspondence, 1953-1954
2024Atlanta Division-Educational & General, 1954-1955
2025Atlanta Division-Plant Funds, 1954-1955
2026Continuing Education, 1954-1955
2027Experiment Stations-Consolidated-Educational & General, 1954-1955
2028Experiment Stations-Consolidated-Plant Funds, 1954-1955
2029University-Educational & General, 1954-1955
2030University-Plant Funds, 1954-1955
2031Correspondence, 1954-1955
2032Continuing Education, 1955-1956
2033Experiment Stations-Consolidated-Education & General, 1955-1956
211Experiment Stations-Consolidated-Plant Funds, 1955-1956
212University-Educational & General, 1955-1956
213University-Plant Funds, 1955-1956
214Correspondence, 1955-1956
215Agricultural Extension Service-Plant Funds, 1956-1957
216Continuing Education, 1956-1957
217Experiment Stations-Consolidated, 1956-1957
218Experiment Stations-Consolidated-Plant Funds, 1956-1957
219University-Educational & General, 1956-1957
2110Correspondence, 1956-1957

1.8 Budget Analysis

2111-16University of Georgia, 1960-1965
2117Miscellaneous Information, 1964-1965
2118Summary of Changes, 1965-1966
2119Blank Budget Analysis Sheets

1.9 Black Book Material


1.10 Audit/Analysis Materials

7Audit Reports-Georgia School of Technology, 1930-1931
7Audit Reports-State Treasury, 1934
7Audit Reports-State Highway Department, 1931-1932
2810-26Financial reports - Agricultural Extension Division, 1930-1952
2827-32Financial reports - Agricultural Extension Service, 1952-1960
2833Financial reports - Agricultural Extension Service (bound), 1947-1948
2834Financial reports - Savannah Division (bound), 1947-1948
2835Financial reports - University of Georgia (bound), 1947-1948
2836-37Financial reports - University of Georgia, 1954-1956
2838-39Financial reports - University of Georgia (bound), 1923-1925
2840Financial reports - University of Georgia-Balance Sheet (bound), 1936
2841Financial reports - University of Georgia-Red & Black (bound), 1935-1936
2842Financial reports - University of Georgia-Student Activities (bound), 1937-1938
2844Financial reports - University Stores & Cadet Store (bound), 1943-1944
2845Agricultural Extension Division (bound), 1945-1946
2846Financial reports - University of Georgia (bound), 1946-1947
2847Financial reports - University of Georgia-Student Activities (bound), 1954-1955
291Financial reports - Budgetary & Accounting Classification
292-6Financial reports - Continuing Education, 1959-1964
297Monthly progress reports - Agricultural Extension-General Extension, 1952-1953
298Monthly progress reports - Branch Experiment Stations, 1952-1953
299Monthly progress reports - Coastal Plains Experiment Station, 1952-1953
2910Monthly progress reports - College Experiment Station, 1952-1953
2911Monthly progress reports - General Experiment Station, 1952-1953
2912Monthly progress reports - Georgia Experiment Station, 1952-1953
2913Monthly progress reports - Atlanta Division, 1952-1953
2914Monthly progress reports - Correspondence, 1952-1953
301Monthly progress reports - Ag. Extension Service-General Extension, 1953-1954
302Monthly progress reports - Branch Experiment Stations, 1953-1954
303Monthly progress reports - Coastal Plains Experiment Station, 1953-1954
304Monthly progress reports - College Experiment Station, 1953-1954
305Monthly progress reports - General Experiment Station, 1953-1954
306Monthly progress reports - Georgia Experiment Station, 1953-1954
307Monthly progress reports - Atlanta Division, 1953-1954
308Monthly progress reports - Correspondence, 1953-1954
309Monthly progress reports - General Experiment Station, 1956-1957
3010Monthly progress reports - Georgia Coastal Plain Experiment Station, 1956-1957
3011Monthly progress reports - Georgia Experiment Station, 1956-1957
3012Monthly progress reports - Continuing Education, 1956-1957
3013Monthly progress reports - Correspondence, 1956-1957
3014Monthly progress reports - Branch Experiment Station, 1956-1957
3015Monthly progress reports - College Experiment Station, 1956-1957
3016Monthly progress reports - University of Georgia, 1956-1957
3017Monthly progress reports - Branch Experiment Station, 1957-1958
3018Monthly progress reports - College Experiment Station, 1957-1958
3019Monthly progress reports - General Experiment Station, 1957-1958
3020Monthly progress reports - Georgia Coastal Plain Experiment Station, 1957-1958
3021Monthly progress reports - Continuing Education, 1957-1958
3022Monthly progress reports - University of Georgia-Education & General, 1957-1958
311Monthly progress reports - Correspondence, 1957-1958
312Monthly progress reports - Branch Experiment Station, 1958-1959
313Monthly progress reports - College Experiment Station, 1958-1959
314Monthly progress reports - General Experiment Station, 1958-1959
315Monthly progress reports - Continuing Education, 1958-1959
316Monthly progress reports - University of Georgia-Education & General, 1958-1959
317Monthly progress reports - Correspondence, 1958-1959
318Monthly progress reports - Branch Experiment Station, 1959-1960
319Monthly progress reports - College Experiment Station, 1959-1960
3110Monthly progress reports - General Experiment Station, 1959-1960
3111Monthly progress reports - Continuing Education, 1959-1960
3112Monthly progress reports - University of Georgia-Education & General, 1959-1960
3113Monthly progress reports - Correspondence, 1959-1960
3114Monthly progress reports - Branch Experiment Station, 1960-1961
3115Monthly progress reports - College Experiment Station, 1960-1961
3116Monthly progress reports - General Experiment Station, 1960-1961
3117Monthly progress reports - Continuing Education, 1960-1961
3118University of Georgia-Education & General, 1960-1961
321-4Correspondence: J.D. Bolton-Hugh Hodgson, 1942-1960
325-6Correspondence: J.D. Bolton-Roberta Hodgson, 1945-1956
331Correspondence, 1960-1961
332Monthly progress reports - Branch Experiment Station, 1961-1962
333Monthly progress reports - College Experiment Station, 1961-1962
334Monthly progress reports - General Experiment Station, 1961-1962
335Monthly progress reports - Continuing Education, 1961-1962
336University of Georgia-Education & General, 1961-1962
337Correspondence, 1961-1962
338Monthly progress reports - Branch Experiment Station, 1963-1964
339Monthly progress reports - College Experiment Station, 1963-1964
3310Monthly progress reports - General Experiment Station, 1963-1964
3311Monthly progress reports - Continuing Education, 1963-1964
3312University of Georgia-Education & General, 1963-1964
3313Correspondence, 1963-1964
3314Monthly progress reports - Branch Experiment Station, 1954-1955
3315Monthly progress reports - Coastal Plain Experiment Station, 1954-1955
3316-18Monthly progress reports - College Experiment Station, 1954-1955
341Monthly progress reports - Atlanta Division, 1954-1955
342University of Georgia-Education & General, 1954-1955
343Correspondence, 1954-1955
344-14Sales & Services reports, 1949-1960
351-2Sales & Services reports, 1960-1962
353-12Sales & Use Tax reports, 1950-1960
361-2Sales & Use Tax reports, 1961-1963
363Annual Reports - Working Papers, 1949-1950
364Annual Reports - Miscellaneous, 1949-1950
365Annual Reports - Working Papers, 1950-1951
366Annual Reports - Miscellaneous, 1950-1951
367Annual Reports - Annual Report, 1950-1951
368Annual Reports - Working Papers, 1951-1952
369Annual Reports - Miscellaneous, 1951-1952
3610Annual Reports - Four-H Club, Rock Eagle, 1951-1952
3611Annual Reports - Correspondence, 1951-1952
3612Annual Reports, 1951-1952
3613Annual Reports - Working Papers, 1952-1953
3614Annual Reports - Miscellaneous, 1952-1953
3615Annual Reports - Four-H Club, Rock Eagle, 1952-1953
3616Annual Reports - Correspondence, 1952-1953
3617Annual Report, 1952-1953
3618Annual Reports - Working Papers, 1953-1954
3619Annual Reports - Miscellaneous, 1953-1954
3620Annual Reports - Four-H Club, Rock Eagle, 1953-1954
3621Annual Report, 1953-1954
3622Annual Reports - Working Papers, 1954-1955
371Annual Reports - Miscellaneous, 1954-1955
372Annual Reports - Correspondence, 1954-1955
373Annual Report, 1954-1955
374Annual Reports - Pencil Copy, 1955-1956
375Annual Reports - Miscellaneous, 1955-1956
376Annual Reports - Correspondence, 1955-1956
377Annual Report, 1955-1956
378Annual Reports - Mail List, 1955-1958
379Annual Reports - Working Papers, 1956-1957
3710Annual Reports - Miscellaneous, 1956-1957
3711Annual Report, 1956-1957
3712Annual Reports - Correspondence, 1956-1958
3713Annual Reports - Working Papers, 1957-1958
3714Annual Reports - Miscellaneous, 1957-1958
3715Annual Report, 1957-1958
3716Annual Reports - Working Papers, 1958-1959
3717Annual Reports, 1958-1959
3718Annual Reports - Mailing List, 1959-1960
3719Annual Reports, 1959-1960
3720Annual Reports - Working Papers, 1960-1961
3721Annual Report, 1960-1961
3722Annual Report, 1961-1962
3723Annual Report, 1962-1963
3724Annual Reports - Agricultural Extension, 1963-1964
3725-29Balance Sheet reports, 1944-1949
381-10Balance Sheet reports, 1949-1959
3811-17Cash Position statement, 1952-1969
3818Salary Schedules, 1949-1951
3819-29Salary Analysis, 1950-1964
3830Continuing Education Analysis, 1965-1966
3831Academic Salary Analysis, 1965-1966
3832Salary Analysis Program (1401)

1.11 Deposits/Vouchers/Receipts

41Supervisor of Purchases, 1944-1956
42Purchase Information, 1968-1969
43-5Experiment Station-Sales, Rents, etc., 1959-1963

2. Administrative Subject File

2.1 Contracts & Contractual Materials

391Adams, A.R. Repairs to Soule Hall, 1953
392Adams, Morgan Infirmary contract, 1952-1953
393Adler Collection Music, 1951-1952
394Administration Building, Georgia Experiment Station, 1952-1953
395Aeck Associates Food Processing Plant, 1951-1952
396Air Force Instruction at Eastman, Ga. No. (09-909) 55-1125, 1955-1956
397Air Force AF 49(643)-680., 1964
398AG. Extension Service #DA-09-133 (1619), 1955-1956
399Agricultural Industries & Services API 3286, 1948-1954
3910Allied Chemical & Dye Corp., 1956
3911American Cyanamid Co., 1955-1956
3912Dobbins AFB, 1955-1956
3913Air Force Institute of Technology Wright-Patterson AFB, 1949-1950
3914Air Force Institute of Technology Wright-Patterson AFB, 1951-1952
3915Air Force Training Personnel Dobbins AFB, 1951-1955
3916American Potash Institute, Inc., 1954-1956
3917American Nursery, 1954-1955
3918Army Miscellaneous wartime contracts, 1943-1944
3919Army, 1974-1948
3920Army-Fort Benning General Extension-Off-Duty Academic Instruction, 1952-1953
3921Army-Camp Gordon Off-Duty Academic Courses, 1953-1956
3922Army-Fort McPherson, GA. DA 09-177-A11101139 Off-Duty Academic Courses, 1952-1953
3923Army-Georgia Military District DA 09-A111-227, 1953-1954
3924Army Ordnance Research Mathematics (Fort) DA-01-009-ORD-217, 1951-1953
3925Army Ordnance Huff-Basic Matrix Theory DA-01-009-ORD-194, 1951-1953
3926Army Ordnance DA-47-045-IE-564, 1955
3927Army Ordnance Thomas R. Brahana, 1955-1956
3928Atomic Energy Commission AT-(40-1)-222, 1949-1953
3929Buford Dam Harvard University, 1955
3930Carbide & Carbon Chemicals Co., 1954-1955
3931Central of Georgia Railway Co., 1954
3932Cleary Corp. Clear Soil Dam Research Project, 1952-1955
3933Conterio, C. Academic Building, 1953-1954
3934Cronic, W.H. Lab & Auditorium Building, Mountain Exp. Station, Blairsville, Ga., 1951-1953
3935Davidson Granite Co., 1951-1952
3936Daves, F. M. & Associates Science & Lab Building, Coastal Exp. Station, 1951-1952
3937Diplomas 1952-53. E.A. Wright Co., 1952-1953
3938Edwards, W.L. Alterations & Additions to Electrical Systems for University Buildings, 1952-1953
3939Ferro Corporation, 1953
3940Foreign Agricultural Relations Washington, D.C., 1952-1953
3941Fort Benning & Camp Stewart DA—09-038-A111-742, 1955
3942Fulwood, C.W. & C.W. Pearson Animal Disease Isolation Building, 1953
3943Georgia Coastal Plain Experiment Station Toxic Plants, 1952-1953
3944Georgia Dept. of Agriculture & University of Georgia Veterinary Medicine School, 1954
3945Diagnosis of Poultry Disease
3946Goodrich Chemical Co., 1953-1954
3947G.O.P., 1948-1949
3948Grace Chemical Co. Coastal Plain Experiment Station, 1954-1955
3949Hercules Powder Co. Evaluation of Toxaphene for Control of Insects, 1951-1952
3950Hill, F.A. Repairs to Peabody Hall, 1952-1953
3951Home Economics-Foreign Students U.S. Dept. of State SCC-14269, 1951
3952International Minerals & Chemical Corp., 1951-1952
3953Lanco Products Corp., 1954
3954Lederle Laboratories, Inc., 1944-1945
3955Logan, M.B. & Sons Cattle Pens for Vet. Medicine School, 1952-1953
3956Massey-Harris Co. Animal Husbandry, 1953
3957Miscellaneous Including Agreement for Training Men for WWI, 1918-1951
3958-60Miscellaneous, 1946-1957
3961-64Navy, 1946-1950
3965Navy Correspondence, Manual, etc., 1950-1951
3966-67Navy #N8ONR536 G.B. Huff-Mathematics, 1948-1951
3968Navy #N7ONR351 G.E. Philbrook-Organic, 1948-1950
3969Navy #N8SP2618 Students, 1948-1949
3970-71Navy #N8ONR501 T.H. Whitehead-Analytical, 1948-1951
401Northwest Georgia Branch Exp. Station Calhoun, Ga. – Cartersville, Ga., 1951-1953
402Patten Seed Company, 1955-1956
403Penna. Refining Co. Use of Mineral Oil for Sucker Control, 1951-1952
404Poultry Dept. H.A. Parson, General Contractor-Constant Temperature House, 1954-1955
405Poultry Nut. Lab. White & Wier-Heating, Cooling & Vent. System, 1955
406Reynolds Metal Co., 1952-1953
407Shell Chemical Corp. D-D Research Fund-Julius Hyman & Co. Division, 1952-1953
408Shell Chemical Corp. Ag. Chem. Div.-Soil Fumigant Research Fund Agronomy, 1953
409Small Business Administration, 1955-1956
4010Southeast Ford Tractor Co. Poultry Dept.- Univ. of Ga., 1953-1954
4011Southeast Ford Tractor Co. Ga. Branch Exp. Station-N.E., S.E., & S.W., 1953-1955
4012Southeast Georgia Branch Station Midville, Ga., 1951-1953
4013Southwest Georgia Exp. Station Plains, Ga. or Americus, Ga., 1951-1953
4014Southern Bell Telephone Co. Center for Continuing Education, 1955-1956
4015Southern Piedmont Exp. Station Georgia Agricultural Exp. Station, 1952-1953
4016Southern Regional Poultry Test. Station Brooder House-D.D. Saye Const. Co., 1953-1955
4017Southern Regional Poultry Test. Dwelling, Brooder House & Laying House, 1954-1955
4018Stancil Construction Co. Annex to Food Processing Plant-Ga. Expt. Station, 1951-1953
4019Tennessee Corporation Control studies in Ascochuta Blight of Seedling Cotton, 1951-1952
4020Tennessee Corporation Plant Pathology-Ga. Coastal Plain Exp. Station, 1951-1952
4021Tennessee Corporation Agronomy Dept.-Ga. Exp. Stations (Minor Elements), 1953-1954
4022Tennessee Corporation Minor Element Test, 1954-1955
4023Tennessee/Eastman Kodak Co., 1952-1953
4024Tennessee Valley Authority TV-1514-Meat Research, 1950-1952
4025Tennessee Valley Authority TV-11006-A AG. Relations-42, 1951-1952
4026Tennessee Valley Authority TV-15558A, 1953
4027U.S.D.A. A-1s-32663 Home Economics Research-Beef Project, 1950-1953
4028U.S.D.A. AG. Extension Work in Agriculture & Home Economics, 1955
4029U.S. Dept. of Commerce Weather Bureau, 1955-1956
4030U.S. Public Health Rheumatoid-Like Arthritis of Swine, 1955-1956
4031Van Winkle Co. Vet. Med. Building, 1951-1952
4032Velsicol Corp. Georgia Experiment Station, 1951-1952
4033Virginia-Carolina Chemical Corp., 1955
4034Wilson, W.W. Americus, Ga. (Sumter County), 1953-1954

2.2 Personnel Contracts

4035Returned Contracts, 1952-1956
4036Agricultural Extension Service, 1956-1957
4037Agricultural Extension Service, 1956-1958
4038Georgia Experiment Station, 1956-1957
4039Agricultural Extension Service, 1956-1957
4040Miscellaneous Sections, 1956-1957
4041Agricultural Extension Service, 1956-1957
4042Miscellaneous Sections, 1956-1957
4043Coastal Plain Experiment Station, 1957-1958
4044College Experiment Station, 1957-1958
4045Miscellaneous Sections, 1957-1958
4046Georgia Experiment Station, 1957-1958
4047University of Georgia Auxiliary Enterprises., 1957-1958
4048Auxiliary Enterprises, 1957-1959
4049Check Sheets & Transmittal Letters Faculty., 1958-1959
4050Contracts-Faculty, 1958-1959
4051Coastal Plain Experiment Station, 1958-1959
4052Branch Experiment Stations, 1958-1959
4053Continuing Education, 1958-1959
4054Georgia Experiment Station, 1958-1959
4055University of Georgia Auxiliary Enterprises., 1958-1959
4056-60Miscellaneous Materials, 1958-1960
411Agricultural Extension Service, 1959-1960
412Miscellaneous Agricultural, 1959-1960
413Miscellaneous Sections, 1959-1960
414Miscellaneous Sections, 1959-1962
415AG. Ext. Service, 1960-1961
416Ga. Coastal Plain Station, 1960-1961
417Ga. Exp. Station, 1960-1961
418Ga. Station, 1960-1961
419Miscellaneous Materials, 1961-1962
4110-11Agricultural Extension, 1961-1962
4112Misc. Exp. Stations, 1961-1962
4113Ga. Coastal Plain Station, 1961-1962
4114Georgia Experiment Station, 1961-1962
4115Miscellaneous Sections, 1961-1962
4116-18Miscellaneous Sections, 1962-1963
4119Miscellaneous Materials, 1962-1963
4120Agricultural Experiment Stations, 1962-1963
4121-22AG. Extension, 1962-1963
4123Continuing Education, 1962-1963
4124Georgia Experiment Station, 1962-1963
4125Miscellaneous Agricultural, 1962-1963
421Miscellaneous Materials, 1963-1964
422Agricultural Extension Service, 1963-1964
423Coastal Plain Experiment Station, 1963-1964
424Georgia Experiment Station, 1963-1964
425-12Miscellaneous Sections, 1963-1964
4213Coastal Plain Experiment Station, 1964-1965
4214Georgia Experiment Station, 1964-1965
4215Agricultural Extension, 1964-1965
4216-20Miscellaneous Sections, 1964-1965

2.3 Agricultural Administration

441-4Agricultural Extension Service Correspondence, 1947-1951
445Agricultural Extension Service Skinner, L.I.- Asst. Director, 1950-1951
446-7Agricultural Extension Service Correspondence, 1951-1953
448Agricultural Extension Service Skinner, L.I.- Asst. Director, 1952-1953
449Agricultural Extension Service Skinner, L.I.- Asst. Director, 1953-1957
4410Agricultural Extension Service Request for additional County Agent Travel, 1953-1954
4411Agricultural Extension Service W.A. Sutton, Assoc. Director, 1954-1955
4412Agricultural Extension Service J.E. McGowan-Testing, 1952-1955
4413-17Agricultural Extension Service correspondence, 1955-1961
4418General Extension Service Correspondence, 1950-1951
4419-20General Extension Correspondence, 1951-1953
44214-H Club Minutes and Fund reports Relevant Correspondence & materials, 1952-1956
4422Agricultural Extension Service-Negro 4-H Club Camp, Dublin, Ga., 1955-1958
4423Miscellaneous Correspondence
431Agricultural Extension Service-Negro 4-H Recreational Area Correspondence, 1958-1959
432Agricultural Extension Service-Rock Eagle Recreational Area Charter, Bylaws & Correspondence, 1949-1952
433Rock Eagle Recreational Area/ 4-H Club Foundation Correspondence, 1952-1953
434-11Extension Service-Rock Eagle Recreational Area Correspondence, 1953-1963
4312Extension Service-Average Salaries, 1963-1964
4313Extension Service-Outstanding Checks Materials & Correspondence, 1941-1955
4314Extension Service-Returned Checks Materials & Correspondence, 1961-1962
4315Extension Service-Code Sheet, 1955-1960
4316Extension Service-Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1954-1963
4317Extension Service-Emergency Hay Program materials, 1954-1956
4318Extension Service-Faculty Rank, 1965
4319Extension Service-Budget Forms
4320Extension Service-IBM Charges, 1963-1964
4321Extension Service-Procedures Federal Statutes, 1946
4322Extension Service-Travel Requests, 1955
4323Extension Service-Vouchers, 1958-1959
4324-27Experiment Stations-Miscellaneous, 1951-1956
4328Experiment Stations-Building Needs Correspondence, 1956-1964
4329Branch Experiment Stations Materials, 1962-1965
4330Branch Stations-Proposed Salary Increases, 1962-1963
4331Experiment Stations-Administration, 1965-1966
4332Coastal Plains Experiment Station-Proposed Increases, 1962-1963
4333College Experiment Station-Proposed Increases, 1961-1962
4334Georgia Experiment Station-Proposed Increases, 1962-1963
4335-37Branch Experiment Station-Sales, Rent, etc., 1952-1955
451-2Branch Experiment Stations-Sales, Rent, etc., 1955-1958
453Experiment Station-Sales, Rents, etc., 1958-1959
454-8Coastal Plain Exp. Station-Tifton Correspondence, 1950-1959
459-10Coastal Plain Exp. Station Materials, 1960-1965
4511-12College Exp. Station Correspondence, 1950-1963
4513Georgia Experiment Station Correspondence, 1957-1958
4514-15Georgia Experiment Station-Griffin Correspondence, 1950-1952
4516Georgia Experiment Station-Stuckey Building Project No. D-10, 1959-1960
4517Northwest Ga. Branch Experiment Station Correspondence, 1958-1960
4518Southeast Ga. Experiment Station Roofing Correspondence, 1964
4519-26Agricultural Education Relations, 1949-1963
4527-28Agricultural & Industrial Development Board of Georgia Correspondence, 1944-1946
4529Committee on Educational Policy in Agricultural Correspondence, 1964

2.4 Other Departments

4530-36Agency Fund Reports, 1944-1951
4537-38Department of Archaeology & Anthropology Correspondence, 1947-1950
4539-40Atlanta Division of the University of Georgia Correspondence, 1947-1949
461Atlanta Division –University of Georgia Correspondence, 1949-1950
462Atlanta Division-Buildings Correspondence, 1950-1953
463-8Atlanta Division-University of Georgia Correspondence, 1950-1956
469Central Duplicating-Information Materials, 1968-1969
4610Central Office Supply-Information Materials, 1968-1969
4611Central Receiving-Information Materials, 1968-1969
4612Dorms & Dining Halls-Reports Materials, 1944-1945
4613-14Dorms & Dining Halls-Rates, 1944-1946
4615-16Dorms & Dining Halls-Reports Materials, 1946-1947
4617-18Dorms & Dining Halls-University of Georgia Statement of Income & Expenditures, 1946-1948
4619Dorms & Dining Halls-University of Georgia Operating Report, 1948
4620-23Dorms & Dining Halls Materials, 1947-1951
4624Snelling Hall Correspondence, 1960
4625Dorms & Dining Halls Correspondence, 1959-1963
4626New Dormitory Proposals Materials, 1963-1965
4627Dining Halls-Operating Statements, 1964-1965
4628Forestry, School Correspondence, 1960-1961
4629Grain Storage See J.W. Simons (faculty folder), 1952
4630Horticulture Department Correspondence, 1959-1963
4631Music-Reports Materials, 1949-1950
4632Music-Band Uniforms Correspondence, 1958-1959
4633Poultry Research Farm at Whitehall Letter to Ga. Power Co., 1960
4634-41Publications-Miscellaneous Materials, 1949-1959
471-4Publications Materials, 1958-1964
475Social Sciences A Letter on Departmental Relocation, 1959
476Statistics Correspondence, 1944-1947
477Statistics Laboratory Correspondence, 1962
478University Institute of Statistics Correspondence, 1959
479Student Activities-Problems Correspondence with Dean Tate, 1946-1949
4710Student Activities Correspondence, 1949-1953
4711Student Activities-Thomas J. Askew, Dean Correspondence, 1949-1955
4712-14Student Affairs, Director of-W.M. Randall Correspondence, 1947-1949
4715Student Affairs Materials, 1953-1957
4716Summer-Funds G.E.B. recommendations Aderhold to Boyd, 1957-1958
4717University Stores-Miscellaneous Materials, 1962-1963
4718-20Vocational Education-State Correspondence, 1944-1947
4721Vocational Education Materials, 1947-1948
481-7Vocational Education Materials, 1948-1959

2.5 Administration

22Student Fee Cards Spring, 1936
488-9Fees (refunded), 1949-1951
4810Fees Correspondence, 1951-1952
4811Fees-Breakage Materials, 1952-1953
4812-14Fees Correspondence, 1952-1955
491-5Fees Correspondence, 1955-1962
496-16Garnishments (salaries), 1950-1963
4917-23Registration, 1944-1956

3. Administrative Correspondence File

501Aderhold, O.C., 1935-1950
502Aderhold, O.C. (President), 1950-1951
503Aderhold, O.C. (President), 1951-1952
504-5Aderhold, O.C. Letters regarding contracts, 1952-1955
506Aderhold, O.C. (President), 1954-1955
507Aderhold, O.C. Letters regarding contracts, 1955-1956
508Aderhold, O.C. (President), 1955-1956
509Aderhold, O.C. Letters regarding contracts, 1956-1958
5010Aderhold, O.C. (President), 1955-1957
5011Aderhold, O.C. (President), 1957-1958
5012Aderhold, O.C. (President) Correspondence with Director of Development, W.E. Hudson, 1962-1964
5013Air Conditioning Training Company, Inc., 1952-1953
5014Air Force Miscellaneous note, 1951-1952
5015Alumni Society Miscellaneous checking account deposit slips, 1948-1956
5016American Assoc. University Professors A Petition for Competitive Salaries, 1957
5017American Legion Committee Correspondence relating to purchase of Legion Property, 1952-1953
5018Anderson, John Correspondence with the State Office of Mileage Conserv., 1944-1945
5019Applications, Job, 1943-1957
5020Applications, 1957-1958
5021Askew, J.T. concerned with Registration, 1948-1949
5022Athens, City re: paving agreements, 1945-1955
5023Athens Coca-Cola Bottling Co. re: tin can collection, 1944
5024Atlanta Title Co. Re: University Land Titles, 1953
5025"A" Misc. Correspondence with or about the following parties: Mrs. A.W. Abbott; Alpha Phi Omega; A.J. Anderson; R.V. Anderson; Aviation, UGA School of, Inc., 1944-1945
5026"A" Misc. Correspondence with or about the following parties: Agriculture, U.S. Dept. of; E.L. Almond; Alpha Kappa Psi; Mrs. C. Amason; American Airlines System; American Assoc. of University Women; E.L. Amos; A.J. Anderson; G.F. Armstrong; Army Service Forces; Art Dept., H. Atwell, 1945-1946
5027"A" Misc. Correspondence with: AAF Institute of Technology; Air Material Command; Alpha Phi Omega; American Airlines; American Asso. Of University Women; American Credit Union; Applications; Art Museum; A.W. Ashford; Athens Coca-Cola Bottling Co.; Atlanta Area Teacher Education Service; Atlanta Broadcasting Co.; S. Atlas, 1946-1947
5028"A" Misc. Correspondence with: O.C. Aderhold; Aircraft & Components Service; Air Travelers; C. Allmon; Mrs. C.M. Amason; American Airlines; American Seating Co.; Ms. R. Anderson; J.R. Anthony; Athens Coca-Cola Bottling Co.; Atlanta Sandwich Co., 1947-1948
5029"A" Misc. Correspondence with: Miss F. Adams; M.E. Adams; Miss S.D. Adams; O.C. Aderhold; J.S. Allen; American Credit Bureau; W.T. Anderson; Mrs. B. Armour; G. Armstrong ; D. Artau; Arts & Sciences, College of, 1948-1949
5030"A" Misc. Correspondence with: Accountant's Conference, Southern States; O.C. Aderhold; J.B. Allen; American Council on Education; W.T. Anderson, Jr.; B. Argo; Mr. Ashworth; Athens Chamber of Commerce, 1949-1950
5031"A" Misc. Correspondence with: Adjustment Inventory (J.D. Bolton Jr.); American Council on Education; American Credit Bureau; J.F. Anderson; J.L. Anderson; J.R. Anthony; Athens Chamber of Commerce, 1950-1951
5032"A" Misc. Correspondence with: Administrative Parties; American Express Field Warehousing Corp.; American Telephone & Telegraph Co.; American Vocational Journal; J.L. Anderson, 1951-1952
5033"A" Misc. Correspondence with: Mrs. B.W. Adams; Air Materiel Command; H.C. Allen; Mrs. L.E. Amason; American Asso. Of University Professors; J.L. Anderson; J.R. Anthony, 1952-1953
5034"A" Misc. Correspondence with: E.G. Abbott; B.D. Adams; O.C. Aderhold; American Asso. of University Professors; American Federation of Teachers; Mrs. C.D. Anderson; J.L. Anderson; Miss Shirley Andrews; J.R. Anthony; J. Arbose; Army, U.S.; Athens Marble & Granite Co., 1953-1954
5035"A" Misc. Correspondence with: O.C. Aderhold; College of Agriculture; H.V. Anderson, J.L. Anderson; Mrs. J. Anderson; W.J. Anderson; J.R. Anthony; J. Appleby; W.F. Armstrong; Athletic Institute; Atlantic Co., 1954-1955
5036"A" Misc. Correspondence with: D. Adnan; Ag. Extension Ser. Booklet No. 33; M. Ainsworth; Alabama Limestone Co.; Alabama Polytechnic Institute; University of Alabama; Albany State College; E.P. Allen; Amsterdam Co.; W.T. Anderson; University of Arkansas; Armour Laboratories; Atlanta Oak Flooring Co.; A.L. Autry, 1955-1956
5037"A" Misc. Correspondence with: D. Adnan; C.T. Armstrong; R. Askew, 1959-1960
5038"A" Misc. Correspondence with: Athens Chamber of Commerce; Auburn University; Augusta College, 1960-1961
5039"A" Misc. Correspondence with: American Home Savings & Loan Asso.; Avis Rent-a-Car, 1961-1962
5040"A" Misc. Correspondence with: M.B. Abram; R.I. Allen; Alumni Society, 1962-1964
5041-42Baughman, George F. Correspondence with: Business Manager, University of Florida, 1950-1954
5043Bibb Manufacturing Co. re:Shareholder's Meeting, 1950
5044Biscoe, Dean A.B. (Dean of Faculties), 1947-1954
5045Blank Administration Forms
5046Board of Control of Florida, 1952
5047-49Bolton, J.D., 1943-1965
511Book Sales, Mathematics Account deposit slips, 1952
512Brown, Income Receipts to Joe E. Brown account, 1957-1960
513Business Services Staff Meeting Minutes, 1968-1969
514"B" Misc. Correspondence with or about: Mrs. J.W. Bailey; T.T. Beck; M.R. Bell; L.L. Bennett; R.H. Bennett; F.A. Birchmore; J.K. Boddiford; I.W. Bolton; T. Brisendine; Mrs. J.M. Brown; Mrs. C.L. Burnett; J.O. Burnett; Burroughs Adding Machine Co., 1937, 1944-1945
515"B" Misc. Correspondence with: Mrs. J.M. Barber; Barcus, Kindred & Co.; R. Bautista; Gen. Beaver; J.R. Beckendorf; Miss L. Blackshear; M. Bloch; D.O. Bolling; G.B. Boushell; Mrs. F.H. Boyd; J. Boyd; D.W. Bridges; C.R. Brown; G. Burpee; Burrough's Adding Machine Co., 1945-1946
516"B" Misc. Correspondence with: Mrs. J.W. Bailey, Barcus, Kindred & Co.; C.R. Barnes; H. Barnett; Mrs. O. J. Baumgarten; P.H. Baumgarten; O.W. Baxley; Miss W. Baxter; Miss G. Beach; G.T. Beeland; W.L. Bell; R. Benallick; Mrs. S.R. Benedict; C. Beneze; W.H. Benson; E.A. Bertrand; J. Bierman; R.W. Bixby; Miss J.L. Band; Mrs. E.A Blount; J. Blum; J.P. Bondurant; O.W. Boxley; Mrs. F.H. Boyd; G.H. Boyd; F.T. Branch; A.H. Brewster; W. Bridges; D.B. Briggs; M.V. Brot; C.R. Brown; F.J. Brown; R.E. Brumby; R.L. Bryan; S.J. Burch; Bureau of Educational Research & Field Services; Mrs. J. Burns; Burroughs Adding Machine Co., 1946-1947
517"B" Misc. Correspondence with: J. Bailey; E. Barnes; Beasley & Beasely; H.C. Beck Co.; W.R. Bedell; F.W. Bennett; C.L. Benton; R.M. Beusse; A.B. Biscoe; Mrs. A.C. Blackstock; Mrs. W.H. Bocock; Mrs. I.M. Booth; G.H. Boyd; O.B. Boyd; S.L. Bradberry; W.W. Brewton; J.E. Broadnax; Mrs. J. N. Brooks; Ms. P.M. Broom; E.T. Brown; J.W. Brown; A.D. Broylston; Mrs. S.W. Burch; Miss A. Burnam; Burroughs Adding Machine Co.; L.R. Bywaters, 1947-1948
518"B" Misc. Correspondence with: W.F. Bailey; C.O. Baker; D.P. Barnard; Bausch & Lomb Optical Co.; C.L. Benton; R.M. Beusse; W.F. Boger; A.K. Bolton; G.H. Boyd; Breakage Fees; J.E. Broadnax; J. Bronson; Mrs. P. Brooks; J.F. Burke; G.P. Burpee; Burroughs Adding Machine Co.; L. Bussey; L.R. Bywaters, 1948-1949
519"B" Misc. Correspondence with: F.B. Boggs; H. Barfield Co.; W.K. Barrett; G.F. Baughman; M.R. Bell; E.A. Bertrand; J.F. Bishop; Bookstores; G.R. Boyd; Miss J.D. Boyd; Brandt & Brandt; C.E. Brehm; Mrs. Paul C. Brigladoro; Mrs. P. Brooks; R.A. Brooks; D. Brown; L.E. Burk; J.W. Burns; Burroughs Adding Machine Co.; Georgia Business; T.J. Byrnes, 1949-1950
5110"B" Misc. Correspondence with: G.F. Baughman; Bedgood Lumber & Coal Co.; H.E. Benson; H.O. Beusse; M.M. Black; Board of Health; C.B. Bonner; C.E. Brehm; A. Brown; Mrs. F. Brown; Miss M.V. Brown; Burroughs Adding Machine Co.; C.R. Bush, 1951-1952
5111"B" Misc. Correspondence with: Bank of Commerce; R.J. Beard; E.A. Bertrand; J.G. Biddle Co.; D. Borth; Mrs. E. Branch; E.B. Braswell; R.B. Brausch; J.T. Brown; Mrs. L.D. Bryant; F. J. Bull; Burroughs Adding Machine Co., 1952-1953
5112"B" Misc. Correspondence with: Baptist Student Union; H.Barfield Co.; Beacham; Beck & Gregg Hardware Co.; Tap Bennett; C.L. Benton; J. Bell; Miss R.M. Beusse; Beaverdam Seed & Cattle Farms; F.M. Bird (see Trust Funds); Bissell & Delay; J.A. Blissit; W.H. Bonner; S.O. Bryant; Burroughs Corp.; Mrs. L.C. Bush; Business & Industrial Properties, 1953-1954
5113"B" Misc. Correspondence with: E. Baker; J.N. Baker; Beacham Co.; L.A. Bellinger; Mrs. J.Z. Berger; E.E. Bessent; F.M. Bird (see UGA Foundation); Bittner's Springbook Farms; R.W. Bixby, Inc.; D. Black; W.R. Bokelman; C.S. Bolen; R.R. Bowden; G.H. Boyd; W.S. Briggs; B. Burke, 1954-1955
5114"B" Misc. Correspondence with: A.F. Bailey (see fees); L.S. Barnes; Bingham Construction Co.; M.A. Bivins; J.W. Bledsoe; H.A. Bork; S. Bottino; R.H. Brown; E.E. Bryan; R.G. Bryan; Buckey Incubator Co.; D. Burnet; E.J. Burns; T. Burnside; Burroughs Corp.; Butler Furniture Co.; Butler Manufacturing Co., 1955-1958
5115"B" Misc. Correspondence with: Bernstein Funeral Home; Miss B.C. Brown, 1958-1959
5116"B" Misc. Correspondence with: R. Barent; D.T. Bailey; J.C. Bronner; Mrs. D.F. Bower; R.W. Bruschke; M.J-Buschiazzo, 1960
5117"B" Misc. Correspondence with: Mrs. A.Q. Baldwin; J.T. Berryman; Burroughs Adding Machine Co.; Miss S. M. Burson, 1960
5118-19Cadet Nursing Program, 1944-1946
5120Caldwell, President Harmon W., 1936, 1945-1949
5121-22Calendar, Long Range, 1952-1954
5123Caps & Gowns 1962-63. re: rental, 1962-1963
5124-30Checks Mailed, 1951-1963
5131Checks Returned Insufficient funds, 1954
5132Civic Theatre Permission to use Lucy Cobb Gymnasium, 1953
5133Clary Multiplier Corp., 1951-1952
5134College Business Management Institute 8th Annual, Univ. of Kentucky, 1960
5135College Business Management Institute Manual, 1963
5136College Reserve Program Manual, 1962
5137-40Communications Tickets re: phone billing, 1952-1959
5141Communication Systems, 1960-1961
5142Community Chest re: Donations, 1950-1954
5143Comptroller's Office, 1959-1960
5144Copying Machines, 1952-1963
521"C" Misc. Correspondence with: G. Cabe; Miss A Cabiniss; W.O. Carter; L. Cawles; Central Scientific Co.; Dean P.W. Chapman; H. Cherry; Clarke Co. Rationing Board; R.G. Clay; J. Cochran; A. Cogdell; E. Cook; H. Cromer; Miss M.B. Cumbus; A.S. Curtis, 1937, 1944-1945
522"C" Misc. Correspondence with: M.C. Cagle; F. Champion; Clarke Co. Board of Education; College & University Business; Commerce Dept.; Comptroller; E.J. Crawford (Court Clerk), 1945-1946
523"C" Misc. Correspondence with: M.C. Cagle; H. Caldwell; Miss A. Calhoun; Carithers-Wallace-Courtenay, Inc.; W.D. Carmichael; P.W. Chapman; Chemical Bank & Trust Co.; Mrs. M.F. Childers; Citizen's National Bank; Clarke Co. Board of Commissioners of Road & Revenue; C.J. Cogdell; J.J. Coleman; M.T. Conolly; Consolidated Homes Corp.; Coordinate Campus, 1946-1947
524"C" Misc. Correspondence with: Mrs. A.P. Cabel; H. Caldwell; Calvary College; Carnegie Grants; S.P. Carr; Central Scientific Co.; Dean P.W. Chapman; S.L. Chesnutt; E. Clark; G.A. Clark; W.H. Clark; D.W. Cleveland; Coca-Cola Bottling Co.; E.B. Cook; W. Crane; W.B. Creamer, 1947-1948
525"C" Misc. Correspondence with: T. Carroll; R. Cate; Central Hanover Bank & Trust Co.; Dean P.W. Chapman; G.A. Clark; W.P. Collier; Conference for New Faculty Members; Mrs. C.E. Craig, 1948-1949
526"C" Misc. Correspondence with: M. Carpenter; W.O. Carter; Director of the Census; Dean P.W. Chapman; J.A. Chase; J.B. Clark; College & University Business; W.O. Collins; Columbia Report; Community Chest; Miss V. Conway; Mrs. A.J. Conyers; Mrs. C.A. Cope; Coral Gables Hospital; J.T. Cox, 1949-1950
527"C" Misc. Correspondence with: W.A. Campbell; E.S. Christianbury; K.E. Clarke; College & University Business; College & University Business Administration; J. Crudup (Bureau President), 1950-1951
528"C" Misc. Correspondence with: W.R. Campbell Co.; J.S. Candler; Carolina Lumber & Supply Co.; F. Carter; S.K. Cassell; T.L. Clark; College & University Personnel Association; Miss M.H. Collier; Community Federal Savings Loan Co.; M.S. Cooley; Corn States Hybrid Services, 1953-1955
529"C" Misc. Correspondence with: University of California; A.P. Cannon; T. Cantillo; Capital Feed & Seed Co.; R. Cate; J.B. Cherry; Clemson Agricultural College; Cobb's Pedigreed Chicks, Inc; G.C. Cobb; L.A. Cobb; Colonial Stores Inc.; B.A. Cook; J.R. Copeland (Bad checks); W.T. Cullen; E.B. Cornish; N.B. Currie, 1955-1958
5210"C" Misc. Correspondence with: Miss A. Chatfield; College Educators Assured Plan; R.W. Courts; Mrs. W.A. Creal, 1958-1959
5211"C" Misc. Correspondence with: University of California; Mrs. S. Carmack; Castic Building; Mrs. W.R. Catton; J.W. Chandler; Chemical Corn Exchange Bank; Credit Bureau of Athens, 1959-1960
5212"C" Misc. Correspondence with: E.J. Cagle; Miss A.F. Carlton; M. Castellon; Community Chest; C.E. Connell; G. Contron, 1960-1961
5213"C" Misc. Correspondence with: City Ice Co., Gainseville, Ga., 1963
5214-17Dunning Notices, 1935-1937
5218"D" Misc. Correspondence with: R.L. Davis; Demonstration School; F. Deriso; D.R. Robbins; A. Drake; A. DeLaPierre; R.H. Driftmier; W.H. Duncan; H.C. Dwiggins, 1937, 1944-1945
5219"D" Misc. Correspondence with: E. Danforth; L.S. Davis; W.L. Davis; E. DeLay; E. Denmark; Mrs. C. Dickerson; Miss L. Dobson; Dun & Bradstreet, Inc., 1945-1946
5220"D" Misc. Correspondence with: E. Danforth; L.S. Davis; W.L. Davis; E. DeLay; E. Denmark; Mrs. C. Dickerson; Miss L. Dobson; Dun & Bradstreet, Inc., 1946-1947
5221"D" Misc. Correspondence with: A.W. Dahlberg; W. Dannenberg; E.R. David; Miss M. Dearing; N. del Helias; G.V. Denny; P. DeVore; J.H. Dewberry; D.E. Dickason; E.W. Dills; J. Dorn; E.L. Doster; R.A. Drake; R.H. Driftmier; D.T. Duggar; M.C. Dwiggins, 1946-1947
5222"D" Misc. Correspondence with: A.R. Daniel; A.T. Daris; A.E. Davison; K. Dean; V.J. DeAngelis; J.H. Dewberry; J.H. Dickson; Ditto, Inc.; Lamar Dodd; W.E. Downey; J.E. Drewry; Miss F. M. Dreyer; R.H. Driftmeier; H.T. Dudley, 1947-1948
5223"D" Misc. Correspondence with: W.N. Danner; Dairy Dept.; Dartnell Corp.; J.A. Davidson; B. Davis; H.D. Davis; L.S. Davis; J.H. Dewberry; A.B. Dick; Dictaphone; C. Dillingham; Dr. Pepper Bottling Co.; M.F. Dreyer, 1948-1949
5224"D" Misc. Correspondence with: W.N. Danner; A.E. Davison; L.M. Dean; Departmental Personnel Listing; W.M. Dewberry; Dr. Pepper Bottling Co.; J.B. Douglas; E.B. Douglas; R.H. Driftmier; J.C. Driskell; Miss M. Dryer; B.S. Dubose, 1949-1950
5225"D" Misc. 1950-51. Correspondence with: H. Davis; H.J. Dekker; W.M. Dewberry; W.K. Doyle; C.H. Drew; Miss M.F. Dreyer; B.S. DuBose, 1950-1951
5226"D" Misc. 1952-53. Correspondence with: Day-DeWitt Ins. Co.; C.L. Deadwyler; Denoyer-Geppert Co.; W.M. Dewberry; R.B. Draughon; C.T. Dudley; R.C. Dunlap; T.N. Dwyer, 1952-1953
5227"D" Misc. Correspondence with: Danforth Chapels; C.E. Davis; Dargan; Whittington & Conner, Inc.; P. Dillard; G.C. Dobbs; Lamar Dodd; H. Douglas; Mrs. C. Downs; Dublin Construction Co.; R.C. Dunlap; T.N. Dwyer, 1953-1954
5228"D" Misc. Correspondence with: Miss E.A. Davis; Miss I.D. Davison; J.H. Dees; W.N. Downs; J.A. Dudley, 1954-1955
5229"D" Misc. Correspondence with: Davidson College; Mrs. M. Davidson; J.B. Davis; Dean Furniture Co.; W.C. Denny; H.C. Dobbins; W.A. Dodson; Mrs. C.L. Downs, 1955-1957
5230"D" Misc. Correspondence with: R.M. Daniels; Dartmouth College; B.P. DeGorsee; Dupont Co., 1958-1959
5231"D" Misc. Correspondence with: Dalhousie University; Mrs. H. Durden; L.S. Dure, 1960-1961
5232"D" Misc. Correspondence with: Mrs. E.W. Davis; H. Deinert., 1962
5233-37Eastern Air Line Service, 1944-1950
5238Economy Committee Correspondence, 1955-1956
5239Enrollments (figures from 1906-49 included), 1948-1953
5240Erwin, Howell, Jr. re: sale of lot to University, 1952-1953
5241Executive Development Program, 1953-1954
5242"E" Misc. Correspondence with: Miss M. Edwards; Miss D. English; Eta Trust Association, 1944
5243"E" Misc. Correspondence with: Ediphone Co.; E.G. Eggert; A.W. Elrod; Miss R. English, 1945-1946
5244"E" Misc. Correspondence with: L. Eavenson; Miss M.E. Edelblut; Mrs. W.W. Edge; Emory University; Employment Security Agency; C.M. English; Equipment; R.B. Evans; Exam Conduct Rules, 1946-1947
5245"E" Misc. Correspondence with: T.R. Edwards; Educational Buyers Assn.; R.F. Elliot; L.S. Ellis; Emory University; J.H. Ernest, 1947-1948
5246"E" Misc. Correspondence with: Mrs. L.H. Edenfield; Emerson, Roche & Dunn; Emory University, 1948-1949
5247"E" Misc. Correspondence with: R. Edmonson; S.B. Ehrlich; E.C. Elliott; C.O. Emmerich; Employment, 1949-1950
5248"E" Misc. Correspondence with: W.E. Elmore; Entertainment; Examination Schedule, 1950-1951
5249"E" Misc. Correspondence with: P. Elrod & P. Ellard; Mrs. M. Elton; Emory University; Tax Exemptions, 1953-1954
5250"E" Misc- Correspondence with: J.B. Earle; P.L. Elkins; A.B. Emrich; H.B. Epstein; L.M. Erps, 1954-1957
5251"E" Misc. Correspondence with: W.C. Eisenhauer; M.J. Hassany; Emerson & Co.; H.B. Epstein; E.M. Everett, 1958-1963
5252Federal Public Housing Administration, 1946-1947
5253Federal Housing Administration, 1951-1955
5254Florida State University, 1953
5255"F" Misc. Correspondence with: L.C. Fischer; G.E. Florence; Florida Board of Bar Examiners; Florida State University; Mrs. J.M. Flynn; F. Foley; Mrs. R.N. Ford; Friden Calculating Machine Co., 1951-1952
5256"F" Misc. Correspondence with: Firestone Tire & Rubber Co.; L.C. Fischer; M.K. Fort; Friden Calculating Machine Co., 1952-1953
5257"F" Misc. Correspondence with: Federal Old Line Insurance Co.; Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta; Federal Reserve Bank of New York; H. Feigl; A.E. Fischer; O. Fisk; H.C. Fleming; E. Floyd; T.A. Flynn; W.C. Freeman; W. Friday; R. Fulgham; L. Furlow, 1953-1954
5258"F" Misc. Correspondence with: Farber; R.L. Foreman; J.T. Frye, 1954-1955
5259"F" Misc. Correspondence with: L.E. Fetzer; R.E. Finnin; Florida Grower & Rancher; Mrs. J.H. Folds; Franklin Printing & Manufacturing Co.; Fraternities; J.R. Friedman; Mrs. H.C. Flowers, 1956-1958
5260"F" Misc. Correspondence with: Mrs. A.T. Fabregas; B. Fakhrnea; O.C. Forehand; Fraternity Housing Policy; J.M. Fuller, 1960-1962
5261Gatewood, Thomas H. Correspondence related to University Land Holdings in Sumter Co., Ga., 1952
5262General Contractors of America, Inc. Miscellaneous pamphlets, 1953
5263Gifts to the University of Georgia, 1949-1952, 1960
5264"G" Misc. Correspondence with: A. Gaskill; Dean J.E. Gates; General Catalogue; Ga. Conference of Lawyers & C.P.A.'s; Georgia Review; G.S.C.W.; J.E. Greene; Miss F.R. Greve; E.F. Griffith; J. Grover; Gulf Oil; U. Gunn, 1948-1954
5265"G" Misc. Correspondence with: F. Garland; General Electric Educ. & Charitable Fund; Georgia Bankers Association Loan Fund; Ga. Education Assn.; J.B. Giles; M. Graves; J. Grover; Gulf Oil Corp., 1955-1957
5266"G" Misc. Correspondence with: J.B. Gentry; Ga. Institute of Technology; Ga. St. College of Business Administration; L.B. Gravely; G.G. Greene, 1955-1957
5267"G" Misc. Correspondence with: B. Gaye; General Merchandise Co.; Mrs. L.S. Griggs, 1959-1960
5268"G" Misc. Correspondence with: E.E. Garbee; T.L. Gash; Ga. State College; R.L. Green, 1960-1961
5269"G" Misc. Correspondence with: E.R. Garland; Georgia Jewelers, Inc.; Mrs. M.W. Giles; Mrs. H. Gunn, 1961-1964
5270Bibliography on Housing & Food Services. Mary Keegan, Harvey Sherer, 1956, 1959
5271"H" Misc. Correspondence with: See G.H. Boyd (faculty folder); C.R. Hadley Co.; D.H. Hardin; Hardman Memorial Forest; C.E. Harper; A.M. Harris; D. Hammack; A.S. Hatcher; Mrs. H.T. Healy; C.W. Heery; Mrs. E.M. Heisley; Mrs. C. Helton; K.R. Helton; G.D. Henderson; H.B. Henderson; Mrs. Hendon; J. Heng; H.H. Hill; J. Hillman; T.N. Hinton; Miss K. Hobby; T.C. Hodges; H. Hodgson; J. Holladay; A.D. Holt; O. Horton; Dean J.A. Hosch; E.F. Howington; Hutchens, Cox & Stroud, 1947-1954
5272"H" Misc. Correspondence with: Miss M.D. Hardee; Miss R.M. Haskins; Mrs. C.M. Hatcher; A. Haugestad; Mrs. I.G. Hawes; L. Heath; C.W. Heery; R.T. Heusinkveld; Mrs. A. Hobby; O. Horton; S.K. Hostetter, 1954-1955
5273"H" Misc. Correspondence with: J.A. Hardy; Miss A.C. Hart; Dept. of Health; Education & Welfare; G.D. Hendrickson; G.N. Hobley; Horticulture Dept., 1955-1957
5274"H" Misc. Correspondence with: Hardin-Simmons University; Miss B.A. Harper; R. Hinschalwood; Mrs. P. Hobby; Holan Corp. of Ga.; Mrs. G.J. Huggins; W.K. Huggins; K.D. Huston, 1958-1959
5275"H" Misc. Correspondence with: D. Hakim; N. Hamad; C.E. Hamms; High Voltage Ingr. Corp.; P.R. Hill, 1959-1960
5276"H" Misc. Correspondence with: S.L. Harben; T.L. Harper; Mrs. W.D. Hawkes; R.J. Hill, 1961
5277"H" Misc. Correspondence with: S.M. Harper; C. Hartman; Mrs. W.D. Hawkes (see Dunning Notices), 1961-1962
5278"H" Misc. Correspondence with: D.O. Hamilton; Mrs. S.H. Harrell; Mrs. M.L. Hollis; H.E.W. Dept.; Miss B.J. Huggins, 1962-1964
24Holmes-Hunter File, Includes Scholarship and Fee Receipts, Letters of Removal, and Resolution of the Law School Faculty, 1960-1961
5279Inventory-Central Office Supply, 1965
5280Inventory Control, 1968-1969
5281Invitation-to-Bid Student Insurance, 1962
531"I" Misc. Correspondence with: Income, Miscellaneous; W.T. Ingram; International Business Corp.; Interstate Bedding Co.; A.S. Irwin, 1949-1954
532"I" Misc. Correspondence with: International Business Machine Corp.; International Harvester Co., 1954
533"I" Misc. Correspondence with: Correspondence with: E.C. Ingram; Insurance; M.D. Irish, 1955-1957
534J.L. Jackson, 1967-1969
535B.N. Jones, 1968-1969
536"J" Misc. Correspondence with: H. Jones; W. Ellis Jones; W.E. Joyner; H.C. Johnson; J. Edgar Hoover; Justice Dept., 1948, 1953-1954
537"J" Misc. Correspondence with: J.S. Johnston; Joint Committee on Education for Government Service, Spring 1965 Report; Mrs. M. Jones; F. Jordan, 1957-1958, 1965
538Kleist, E.M., 1951
539"K" Misc. Correspondence with: K.A. Fraternity; Karsten & Denson Co.; Keith Jewelry Store; A.C. King; Mrs. E.N. Kinne, 1953-1954
5310"K" Misc. Correspondence with: J.J. Kehoe; University of Kentucky; Mrs. J.O. Kimborough; B.C. Kinney, 1955-1958
5311"K" Misc. Correspondence with: University of Kentucky; Mrs. R. Kerlin; T.G. King; J. Kyte, 1959-1960
5312"L" Misc. Correspondence with: M.W. Lampe; M.B. Lane; W.D. Lanier; C. Levin; T. Linder; J.C. Littlejohn; Mrs. T. Logan; Mrs. H. Love; E.A. Lowe; A. Lucas; J.P. Luther, 1953-1954
5313"L" Misc. Correspondence with: M. Lanier; Lenhardt; P.L. Lester; H.F. Longino; H. Lovejoy; R.A. Lumley, 1954-1955
5314"L" Misc. Correspondence with: B.C. Lacchese; Mrs. F. Lacey; Lally Adjustment Bureau; W.N. Lamberson; Miss J. Larsen; V.V. Lavroff; F.T. Lenfestey; M. Lichenstein; H. Lin; E. Lindermann; H.Y. Livesay; Lloyd of New Haven; G.R. Long; J.K. Carmichael; Louisiana Dairy Supply & Service, Inc.; W.F. Lowry, 1955-1959
5315"L" Misc. Correspondence with: W.N. Lamberson; E.R. Lambert; H. Lovejoy, 1961
5316"Mc" Misc. Correspondence with: Miss L.G McClure; Mrs. J. McCorkle; Miss M.D. McGlee; R.B. McGhee; McCorvey, 1953-1955
23Miscellaneous Materials c. 1951-63. Includes Sanford Picture, Old Franklin College Plate (Reprint), So. Association of College & University Business Officers; Convention photograph, 1951-1963
5317Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1929-1937
5318Miscellaneous Correspondence with or about: Dairy Operations & cash position statements preparation; J.C. Moore Co,; R.B. Mitchell; McGregor Co.; University of Mississippi; University of Missouri, 1936-1949, 1953-1954
5319"M" Misc. Correspondence with: Miss A.V. Massey; E. Mathis; Mrs. W.A. Mathis; University of Miami; Monroe Calculating Machine Co., Inc; H.E. Morgan; E.W. Morris; W.T. Moyers, 1953-1954
5320"M" Misc. Correspondence with: R.T. Machmer; M&F Supply Co.; M.A. Malcolm; B.C. Marrell; Medical College of Georgia; Mrs. C. Mell; Metropolitan Insurance Co.; R.B. Meyer; Mrs. L.P. McGee; J.L. McNames; B.C. McWhorter; Mimeograph Co.; S.T. Morris; O.E. Myers, 1954-1955
5321"M" Misc. Correspondence with: Mathis Construction co.; A.S. Mead; S. Merola; Merts Equipment Co.; Meyer & Wenthe, Inc.; G.S. McCullough; Mississippi State College for Women, 1955-1957
5322"M" Misc. Correspondence with: R.J. Martin; E.F. Menhinick; H.S. Min.; J.M. Minn; Monsanto Chemical Co.; S. Mugharbel, 1959-1960
5323"M" Misc. Correspondence with: R. Mallat; Miss C. McMahon; Midwest Typewriter Co.; J. Mishima; T. Monroe, 1960-1962
5324"N" Misc. Correspondence with: National Association of College Stores Inc.; National Lumber Manufacturers Association; University of New Mexico; University of North Carolina; A. Nix; North Georgia College; Northwest Ga. Exp. Sta.; C.W. North, 1945-1948, 1953-1954
5325"N" Misc. Correspondence with: Nash; National Agricultural Supply Co.; National Association of College Stores, Inc.; National Container Corp.; National Research Council; W.V. Norris, 1954-1955
5326"N" Misc. Correspondence with: University of Nevada; New England Electric; D.E. Nicely; Northwestern State College; Ga. State Nurseryman's Association; North Georgia College, 1955-1958
5327"N" Misc. Correspondence with: A. Na; National Federation of College & University Business Officers Associations; N. Nielsen; North Georgia College, 1959-1960
5328"N" Misc. Correspondence with: Mrs. A.H. Nordheimer, 1960-1961
5329"O" Misc. Correspondence with: R.T. Osborne; O. Ousley, 1948-1953
5330"O" Misc. Correspondence with: R.L. O'Kelley; G.E. Opstelten; Oregon State System of Higher Education; C.J. Orr, 1954-1957
5331"O" Misc. Correspondence with: W.L. O'Callaghan; T. Ohara; W.R. O'Kelley, 1960-1961
5332"P" Misc. Correspondence with: A.M. Palmer; L.A. Pardue; O.W. Passavant; W.O. Payne; Payroll; B.J. Perloff; F.D. Peterson; Pioneer Club; Pittsburgh Steel Co.; Miss E. Powell; J.B. Preston; E. Prichard; D. Prince, 1948-1954
5333"P" Misc. Correspondence with: Patent Policies; Mrs. D.T. Patterson; W.H. Patterson; J. Peacock; F.D. Peterson; W.E. Pickens; Pinto; Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co.; Mrs. C. Pratt; F.B. Prophet Co.; Psychology Department, 1954-1955
5334"P" Misc. Correspondence with: L.H. Parris; Pennsylvania Industrial Chemical Corp.; Pensacola Jr. College; Permacel-Lepages, Inc.; A.M. Rene; Pitman-Moore Co.; Mrs. E. Poole; Prophet Co., 1957-1958
5335"P" Misc. Correspondence with: Miss J. Parket; C.W. Patty; Pure Oil Co.; D. Pfannensteil; R. Putnam, 1960-1961
5336"P" Misc. Correspondence with: F. Pena; Mrs. B.N. Petersen; H.E. Phillips; President's House; J.D. Pruett (bad check), 1961-1964
5337"Q" Misc. Correspondence with: B.F. Quigg; D.D. Quillian, 1948-1949
5338Rates-Students Fees/Dorms & Dining Halls, 1949-1964
5339Records Management Materials, 1968-1969
5340Records Management Information, 1968-1969
5341Reports to be completed Bureau of the Census Projected Construction Questionnaire, 1964
5342Requests-Deposits of checks to cover loans, 1958-1959
5343Requests, Travel, 1952-1953
5344Research Miscellaneous correspondence & survey of expenditures on Research & Development at Colleges & Universities (National Science Foundation), 1946-1947
5345Research Fund, E.T. Comer, 1954-1955
5346Research Grant, Dukelow, 1964-1965
5347Research, Miscellaneous, 1964-1965
5348"R" Misc. Correspondence with: E. Ragsdale; Rand McNally & Co.; F. Reade; Mrs. E.F. Richards; M. Rompley; W.J. Russell, 1944-1945
5349"R" Misc. 1Correspondence with: Reconstruction Finance Corp.; I.G. Rees; R. Reid; Remington Rand Inc.; C. Rennolds; Rex Corp.; B.L. Rhodes; L.F. Rickman; Riverside Military Academy; W.F. Rollins; J.L. Russell; Miss M. Rutland, 1945-1946
5350"R" Misc. Correspondence with: G.A. Race; W.M. Randall; Read House; F. Reade; Receipts; Refund Memoranda; Reliable Transfer Co.; Claude Rhyne; L.F. Rickman; River Road Property; J. Rives; Mrs. G.N. Robinson; L.H. Rozier; Senator Richard Russell, 1946-1947
5351"R" Misc. Correspondence with: R.K. Rambo Co.; W.M. Randall; C.A. Rawson & Associates; C.T. Reed; E.W. Reese; D. Reeves; Registration; S.A. Roelofs; A.C. Roquemore; Senator Richard Russell, 1947-1948
5352"R" Misc. Correspondence with: W.M. Randall; Registration Memoranda; Miss M.E. Richardson; M.C. Rike; Miss B. Ross; W.E. Rowe, 1948-1949
5353"R" Misc. Correspondence with: Radio; Railroads; A.L. Rankin; H.L. Reeves; Registration; B. Reinhardt; Retail Sales; T.A. Ryer, Inc., 1949-1950
5354"R" Misc. Correspondence with: J.S. Reaves; Reliance Life Insurance Co.; G.V. Rice; Rich's; H.A. Rider; C. Roberts, 1950-1951
5355"R" Misc. Correspondence with: W.M. Randall; Mrs. E.F. Richards; Mrs. L. Russell, 1951-1952
5356"R" Misc. Correspondence with: L.B. Raisty; Mrs. T.W. Reed; Remington Rand Inc.; G. M. Robertson; I.S. Rosing; A.A. Rosner; S.M. Roth, 1952-1953
5357"R" Misc. Correspondence with: R. Ragotzkie; Ralson Purina Co.; Readers Digest; E. Rhett; H.C. Riker; Rivet; Mrs. H.S. Roberts; J. Robertson; Mrs. C.O. Rowe; S.W. Royce; J. Ruskin, 1954-1955
5358"R" Misc. Correspondence with: P.E. Ramsey; M.B. Rawlings; Mrs. Reynolds; Reynolds Metals Co.; J.B. Richner; R.N. Ridgon; H.C. Robert; Mrs. M.B. Robert; P. Roberts; Rochester Institute of Technology; A.A. Romero; E. Rowland; G.H. Royal; M. Rudra; W.E. Rutledge; R.H. Rabon, 1956-1963
5359Sanford, S.V., 1945-1952
5360Southern Association of Colleges & Secondary Schools, 1952-1953
5361-65Southern Association of College & University Business Officers, 1945-1966
5366-70Southern Educational Film Service, 1946-1950
541-3Southern Educational Film Service, 1950-1953
544Special Forms including position classification forms, 1950
545Special Repairs Miscellaneous note, 1952
546Staff Bulletin Weekly publications of University Events, 1951-1955
547Stocks, 1950-1955
548Student Refund Folders Order for refund of deposit or fees forms, 1964
549Studies University Salary Study, 1955
5410Surveys Miscellaneous, 1952-1953
5411"S" Misc. Correspondence with: F.H.Y. Sadik; C.F. Scheider; Schering Corp.; E. Schlaepfer; A.W. Scott; F. Seiler; J.P. Sewell; W.T. Shropshire; J.V. Shufelt; C.N. Sikes; T. Simkovits; B. Simpson; J. Sims; D.D. Smith; Dean L.P. Smith; P.S. Smith; S.O. Smith; Southern Aluminum Finishing Co.; Southern Bell Telephone & Telegraph Co.; Special Services Welfare Center; Stanford University; Charles F. McCay Donation; Stetson University; Mrs. R. Stevens; Mrs. J. Stuck; P.W. Summerour, Jr.; Sunshine Art Studios, Inc; H.V. Swart, 1947-1958
5412"S" Misc. Correspondence with: Simonds; Payson Co., Inc.; K. Steinbeck; D.N. Stevens (Salt Lake City P.D. File); W.M. Strickland, 1961-1962
5413"S" Misc. Correspondence with: Mrs. V.L. Shields; Miss A.B. Strauss, 1961-1962
5414Temple, John, 1968-1969
5415-19Tennessee Valley Authority, 1945-1949
5420Traffic Letters to Deans. Form Letter
5421"T" Misc. Correspondence with or about: Miss F.M. Teat; Athens Phone Book; Telephones; Miss S. Thigpen; Mrs. J.F. Thompson; Mrs. C. Thornton; L. Thornton; Todd Sales Co.; Treasury, U.S., 1935-1937, 1944-1945
5422"T" Misc. Correspondence with: Mrs. F. Tait; Mrs. A.S. Taylor; Teacher's Insurance & Annuity Assn.; T.A. Thompson; W.N. Timm; C.D. Tounsley; R.B. Trimble; Mrs. S.J. Trimble; W.C. Trotter; R.B. Troutman; F.E. Turner; Typewriter, 1945-1946
5423"T" Misc. Correspondence with: J.C. Tart; Dean W. Tate; Teacher's Insurance & Annuity Assn.; University of Texas; J.R. Thaxton; H. Thomas; Mrs. C. Tidwell; T. Tillman & Co.; D.W. Todd; Todd Co., Inc.; W.L. Tomlinson; Travel Mart; Travel Requests; Travers; Mrs. E. Tripp; Pres. C. V. Troup (Ft. Valley St.); Mrs. L. Tuggle; G.C. Turner, 1946-1947
5424"T" Misc. Correspondence with: J.W. Taliaferro; Dean W. Tate; Teacher's Insurance & Annuity Assn.; Techgram; University of Tennessee; J.R. Thaxton; Miss L. Thomas; B.K. Thomen; Todd Co. Inc; Travel; Trust Co. of Ga.; Tuskegee Institute, 1947-1948
5425"T" Misc. Correspondence with: P. Tabor; Dean W. Tate; C.M. Thompson; H.G. Thornton; Miss N. Tumlin; Mrs. J.B. Tutt, 1948-1949
5426"T" `Misc. Correspondence with or about: Taxes & Estates; H.S. Thomas; Mrs. W.F. Thomas; Tool Saw Distributors; F.E. Troiano; Tucker & Howell; H.F. Tyndall, 1949-1950
5427"T" Misc. Correspondence with or about: Mrs. J. Talmadge; Telephones; J.R. Thaxton; Mrs. S.R. Towson, 1950-1951
5428"T" Misc. Correspondence with: B. Taub; V.E. Taylor; C.E. Teauge; J.R. Thaxton; S.L. Thompson; R.M. Thornton; T.M. Tillman Co.; L. Troth; F.S. Twitty; Typewriter Sales & Service Co., 1952-1953
5429"T" Misc. Correspondence with: D. Tate; B. Taylor; Teaching Film Custodian Inc.; N.C. Theriault; F. Thompson; J.H. Thompson; M. Tollefson; R.P. Trotter; R. Tuck; F.C. Tucker Fund; Turpin, 1953-1954
5430"T" Misc. Correspondence with: J.E. Taylor; Texas Commission on Higher Education; S. T. Than; R. Thaxton; S.L. Thompson; Troy State College; Tucker, Wayne & Co.; Tulane University, 1955-1958
5431"T" Misc. Correspondence with: H.P. Talcott; R.R. Taylor; Taylor, Lieberfeld & Heldman; C.E. Terry; Treasury Dept., 1958-1961
5432"U" Misc. Correspondence with: Unemployment Compensation Commission of North Carolina; U.S. Steel Corp.; Universal C.I.T. Credit Corp.; University System Council; Upjohn Co., 1947-1950
5433"U" Misc. Correspondence with: Underwood Corp.; U.S. Industrial Chemical Co.; UGA Evening Class Schedule, Winter-1952; Upjohn Co., 1952-1955
5434"U" Misc. Correspondence with: I. Uesaka; University of Utah, 1959-1960
5435"V" Misc. Correspondence with: R.A. VanMeter; H.T. Vance; P. Vann; W. Vaughn; G. Vernon; C. Vinson; Mrs. V. Vogel, 1945-1946, 1953-1955
5436"V" Misc. Correspondence with: Vanderbilt University; Victor Adding Machine Co.; Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1957-1958
5437Working Papers & Materials, 1936-1938
5438"W" Misc. Correspondence with: J.G. Wall; Dean K.L. Waters; Dean D.J. Weddell; F.F. Welbourne; Miss D. Williams; K. Williams; Mrs. P.P. Wilson; A.E. Windsor; Miss E.M. Woltz, 1948-1952
5439"W" Misc. Correspondence with: J.C. Ward; L.C. Westbrook; M.V. White; Mrs. D.W. Whitehead; C.E. Williams; Mrs. F.Y. Williams; W.C. Williams; S. Wood; Wyeth Laboratories, Inc., 1952-1953
5440"W" Misc. Correspondence with: Mrs. E.J. Walker; Mrs. G. Wallace; Walters; H.R. Watts; A.P. Webb; F.F. Welbourne; D.M. Wells; H. Wescott; S.D. West; Wyatt, Neal & Waggoner, 1953-1954
5441"W" Misc. Correspondence with: R.L. Waldron; J.R. Wells; C.A Williams; R.N. Wills; A.S. Wood; J.B. Woodcock, 1954-1955
5442"W" Misc. Correspondence with: Mrs. M. Wadkins; Mrs. L. Wanot; Ward's Natural Science Establishment, Inc.; R.E. Warren; Mrs. D.J. Weddell; Westinghouse Electric Supply Co.; Mrs. C. Weston; Mrs. L.J. White; K. Whitehead; W.K. Willard; H.A. Williams; Mrs. P.H. Williams; Wood Carpet Co., 1955-1957
5443"W" Misc. Correspondence with: Westinghouse Electric Supply Co.; M.A. Willis; Mrs. L. Wood, 1958-1959
5444"W" Misc. Correspondence with: W.S. Walker; A.B. Weinstein; Wilmot Castle Co.; G. Woodruff; L.A. Woodward, 1960-1961
5445"XYZ" Misc. Correspondence with: Mrs. J.L. Yearwood (plea for son); B. Zeesman; Miss J. Zeigler, 1945-1946
5446"XYZ" Misc. Correspondence with: W.J. Young Fund; C.R. Youngblood; J.E. Zimmerman, 1947-1950
5447"XYZ" Misc. Correspondence with: L.D. Yancey; F.M. Young; S.B. Yow, 1952
5448"XYZ" Misc. Correspondence with: Mrs. Young; Mrs. M.L. Yerlow; Zeitlinger, Swets & C.W. Zetterower; W. Zuhowski, 1953-1955, 1962

4. Personnel Materials

551-2Agricultural Extension Service Personnel Reports, 1959-1960
553-4Cooperative Extension Service Personnel Report Letters, 1960-1963
555Hourly Employee Personnel Report, 1968-1969
556Applications Miscellaneous forms (1 letter of recommendation from Gov. H. Talmadge), 1951
557-8Applications Miscellaneous Secretarial Application, 1952
559Applications, 1953
5510Applications, 1967-1968
5511Faculty Miscellaneous minutes & meetings, 1949-1950
5512-14Faculty Committees Miscellaneous reports, 1950-1956
5515Faculty Meetings Miscellaneous Minutes, 1949-1958
5516Journalism, 1949-1950
5517Library Annual report, periodical inventory and miscellaneous correspondence, 1945-1946
5518Personnel Classification, 1963-1964
5519-20Personnel-Misc., 1967-1969
5521Position Change Report, 1957-1958
5522Requests-Travel, 1953-1954
5523Staff Benefits-Estimated, 1963-1966
5524Staff Benefits, 1968-1969
5525Student Position Personnel Reports, 1964
5526Widows of Deceased Faculty Members, 1952
5527Security Questionnaire Letters-Continuing Ed., 1954-1956
5528-29Security Questionnaires-AG. Extension Service, 1954-1956
5530-31Security Questionnaires- Continuing Education Ed., 1954-1956
561-2Security Questionnaires- Experiment Stations, 1954-1956
563-8Security Questionnaires- Atlanta Division, 1954-1955
569Security Questionnaires- Questions & correspondence, 1955-1956
5610Security Questionnaires- Continuing Ed., 1956
5611Security Questionnaires- Correspondence, 1956-1957
5612Security Questionnaires- Atlanta correspondence, 1957-1959
5613-14Security Questionnaires- Correspondence, 1957-1958
5615Security Questionnaires on File, 1957-1958
5616Security Questionnaires- AG. Extension, 1957-1959
5617-18Security Questionnaires- Continuing Ed., 1957-1959
5619-20Security Questionnaires- University of Georgia, 1957-1959
571Security Questionnaires- Experiment Stations, 1957-1959
572-3Security Questionnaires- Correspondence, 1957-1958
574-5Security Questionnaires- 30 Day Letters, 1957-1959
576Employee Oaths- Continuing Ed., 1958
577Security Questionnaires- Support materials, 1958
578-10Security Questionnaires- Correspondence, 1960-1963
5711Salary Increases, 1949-1957
5712Salary List, 1963-1964
5713-19Salaries, 1946-1955
5720Salaries-Professional, 1962-1963
58Personnel Materials
58Personnel Subject File: This body of records consists of subject files alphabetically ordered
59Personnel Subject File: This body of records consists of subject files alphabetically ordered
60Personnel Subject File: This body of records consists of subject files alphabetically ordered
61Personnel Subject File: This body of records consists of subject files alphabetically ordered
62Personnel Subject File: This body of records consists of subject files alphabetically ordered

5. Board of Regents

5.1 Physical Properties

641Air Conditioning correspondence, 1955-1964
642Architects and Engineers brochures and prospect, 1964
643Architects & Engineers correspondence, 1962-1965
644Baldwin Hall Correspondence to Social Science personnel concerning tenancy, 1956-1957
645Baptist Student Center Correspondence and architectural designs, 1959-1964
646Baseball Field Letter on relocation of field, 1961
647Bernstein Building materials & correspondence relating to renovation, 1967-1969
648Biological Collection Station-Lake Kirota correspondence, 1962
649Bishop House Correspondence concerning refurbishing for Classics Dept., 1962
6410Building Appraisals, 1959
6411Building Needs; University recommendations for Physical Plant expansion, 1962-1964
6412Building Needs Report data for study by Georgia Association of College, 1963
6413Civil Defense- Camp Wilkins Fall-out Shelter, 1962-1964
6414Civil Defense- University of Georgia correspondence, 1962-1964
6415Development & Construction- Completed Construction Report for Budget, 1962-1963
6416Development & Construction- Completed Constructions Report for Budget, 1962-1963
6417Development & Construction- Dorm construction & financing Correspondence with A. Terry Co., 1963
6418Development & Construction- Location of contractors & subcontractors on campus correspondence, 1968-1969
6419Development & Construction- Landscape Development correspondence, 1960-1963
6420Development & Construction- Landscaping, Paving, etc. correspondence, 1952-1960
6421Development & Construction- University System Projected Growth Study, 1962
6422Development & Construction- Lumpkin St. Development correspondence, 1951-1964
6423Development & Construction-Street Development correspondence, 1962-1965
6424Equipment- Sale correspondence, 1955
6425Business Dept. Equipment Inventories inventory materials, 1968
6426Equipment Pool (Surplus) correspondence, 1968-1969
6427Furniture correspondence, 1967-1969
6428Furniture-President's Home correspondence & purchase orders, 1967-1968
6429Georgia Museum of Art correspondence, 1953-1964
6430Housing, 4-H Club Center, Dublin, Ga. Type "A" cottage specifications by Cooper, Barrett, Skinner, Woodbury & Cooper, 1961
6431Housing Authority, Athens, Letter from J.A. Williams to Pres. Aderhold, 1957
6432Housing, Fraternity construction correspondence, 1963-1965
6433Housing, Fraternity Plans correspondence, 1955-1960
631Housing Committee, A.S.A.E. Meeting American Society of Agricultural Engineers Report, 1965
632Housing & Home Finance Agency, Confidential correspondence Declassified, 1956, 1964
633Housing Information-Non-University Financed correspondence, 1963-1965
634Housing-New Student Residence Halls correspondence, 1963-1964
635Housing-Organizational Structure as it relates to the Administration of Men's residence halls, paper by R. Armstrong, 1962
636Housing- Specifications for addition to Alpha Chi Omega Sorority House, 1964
637Housing- Preliminary specifications for construction of Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority House
638Housing-Sorority Financing /House Plans correspondence, 1960-1964
639Housing- Student (General) correspondence, 1963-1965
6310Intramural Report Woman's Recreation Association, 1963-1964
6311Intramural Report Woman's Recreation Association, 1964-1965
6312Inventory of Holdings- University of Georgia at Athens Copy, 1934
6313Laundry correspondence, 1960-1962
6314LeConte Hall Letter from Jones to Williams & Kinney on relocation of History & Political Science Department, 1960
6315-17Correspondence concerning University Physical Development, 1962-1965
6318Navy Supply Corp School correspondence, 1961-1963
6319North Campus Heating System Engineering survey by Lazenby & Borum, 1957
6320Parking correspondence, 1963-1964
6321Pi Chapter House, Inc. correspondence for arm of Delta Sigma Pi, 1947
6322-26Physical Plant Operations correspondence, 1938-1959
6327Physical Plant Operations Administrative cost estimates, 1964-1965
6328Physical Plant Operations-B.C. Kinney, Head correspondence, 1961-1965
6329Post Office- Memorial Hall correspondence, 1955-1964
6330Post Office- Campus Mail vouchers & correspondence, 1968-1969
6331Post Office- Physical Plant Warehouse Issue/Return slips, 1968-1969
6332Post Office-Campus Mail Monthly account billing slips, 1968-1969
6333Post Office-Campus Mail vouchers & correspondence, 1968-1969
6334Post Office- Campus Mail Processing time check, 1968-1969
661President's Report- Capital improvements, 1964-1965
662Questionnaires, 1962-1964
663Reading Material on building, 1962
664Rehabilitation needs- correspondence, 1963-1965
665Repairs correspondence, 1956-1957
666River Road Property correspondence, 1958-1964
667Sanford Stadium correspondence, 1962-1963
668Sapelo Island- Marine Biology Lab correspondence, 1956-1958
669Sewer System- City of Athens Correspondence concerning Univ. prop. Traverse, 1960-1964
6610South By-pass correspondence & materials, 1962-1965
6611Steam Line correspondence, 1960-1965
6612Telephone exchange correspondence, 1968-1969
6613Telephone-Long Distance calls correspondence, 1962-1968
6614Telephone-Atlanta WATS Line correspondence, 1965
6615Telephone- Work papers correspondence, 1962-1964
6616Television correspondence, 1959-1965
6617Traffic-Security Office materials., 1963
6618Traffic-Clarke Co. Highway Steering Committee correspondence & minutes, 1959-1965
6619Traffic-State Highway Department correspondence, 1963-1964
6620Traffic- University Traffic Committee correspondence, 1963-1964
6621Traffic- Unpaid Fines, Blank forms
6622Vending Machines correspondence, 1962-1964
6623Wahsega, Camp-Dahlonega, Ga, Building appraisals, 1961
6624Wesley Foundation- University of Georgia, Inc., 1957-1969
6625Wesley Foundation materials & correspondence, 1960-1965

5.2 State and Federal Agencies

661-8Collector of Internal Revenue, 1944-1952
669Commissioner of Agriculture, 1954
6610Department of Agriculture-Seed Processing Plant & Laboratory, 1961
6611Labor-Statistics Reports (Bureau of Census & Employment), 1948-1956
6612Labor-Statistics Reports working papers & correspondence, 1950-1956
6613Labor-Statistics working papers & correspondence, 1956-1959
6614Labor-Georgia Department-Employment Security Agency News Release, 1954-1958
6615Revenue-State Department of Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1944
651-6State of Georgia-State Law, 1962-1965
657State of Georgia-Bulletin of University of Georgia Summary, 1962
658State of Georgia-State Laws Extraordinary Session, 1962
659State of Georgia-Trade Marks & Service Marks as Amended Pamphlet complete, 1963
6510State of Georgia-Workman's compensation Act Supplement, 1964
6511State of Georgia-Annotated Code, 1965
6512U.S. Government Printing Office -Selected Education acts, 1963

5.3 Financial Institution Correspondence

671-6Citizens & Southern National Bank, 1944-1950
677-14National Bank of Athens, 1944-1952
6715-18Trust Co. of Georgia Publications "Trust & Estate News & Views", 1953-1961

5.4 Financial Aid

681American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education Fellowship Grant Materials concerning grant to Wm. D. Easterly, 1951-1952
682A.F.P.E. Fellowship Grant Materials concerning grant to D.E. Cadwallader, 1953-1954
683A.F.P.E. Fellowship Grant Materials concerning grant to W.F. Dobbs, 1952-1954
684Fellowships-Request for Letters, 1961
685Fellowships-Requests for Letters, 1961-1962
686Fellowships-Request for Letters, 1962-1963
687Fellowship-National Defense Graduate Program, 1961-1963
688Miscellaneous Awards materials, 1936-1949
689Scholarships correspondence & materials, 1953-1954
6810-14Trust Funds correspondence, 1944-1949

5.5 General Administration

6815Litigation-Army Tank (Damaged) materials, 1950
6816Litigation-Burglary at Rome off-campus center materials, 1950
6817Litigation-"Sno-Foolin" Court case materials, 1961
6818Litigation-Trial materials, 1962
6819Chancellor-R.R. Paty materials, 1947-1949
6820Consulting Engineer-C.H. Strong materials, 1947-1948
6821Financial Regulations materials, 1945-1946
6822Financial, etc. materials, 1945-1947
6823Fiscal Affairs Committee materials, 1949
6824Fiscal Affairs Committee materials, 1949-1950
6825Treasurer-W.W. Noyes correspondence, 1950
6826Treasurer-W.W. Noyes correspondence, 1951
6827Miscellaneous materials, 1952-1953
6828Rules & Regulations materials, 1960-1964
6829Rules & Regulations materials, 1956-1966
6830University of Georgia-Policies & Procedures memoranda, 1962-1963
6831University of Georgia-Rules & Regulations materials, 1961-1964
6832University of Georgia-Rules & Regulations materials, 1946-1950
6833Resolutions-Proposed Revenue Bond Issues on University Building Program, 1962-1963
6834University of Georgia Foundation materials, 1963-1964
6835University of Georgia Foundation Report

6. Athletic Association

701-5Proposed Budget for year ending, 1937-1942
706Proposed Budget-Miscellaneous materials, 1944-1963
707-8Proposed Budget, 1944-1948
709-12Proposed Budget-Working papers, 1948-1952
7013Proposed Budget, 1952-1953
7014Proposed Budget-Working papers, 1953-1954
7015-18Proposed Budget, 1954-1958
7019Proposed Budget Working papers, 1958-1959
7020Proposed Budget, 1959-1960
7021Proposed Budget-Working papers, 1960-1961
7022Proposed Budget, 1961-1962
7023-25Proposed Budget-Working papers, 1962-1965
7026Proposed Budget, 1965-1966
7027Proposed Budget-Working papers, 1965-1966
7028Laundry Budget, 1957-1958
7029Laundry Budget, 1960-1961
691Audit Report, 1934-1935
692-3Audit Report, 1948-1950
694Annual Report, 1949-1950
695-15Audit Report, 1950-1964
6916Audit Report-Working papers, 1952-1953
6917-19Annual Report, 1945-1948
6920Annual Report-Working papers, 1948-1949
6921-22Annual Report, 1949-1951
6923Annual Report-Working papers, 1951-1952
6924Annual Report, 1952-1953
6925-26Annual Report-Working papers, 1953-1955
6927-31Annual Report, 1956-1960
6932-33Annual Report By month, 1960-1962
6934Financial Report, 1946-1947
711-3Financial Report, 1947-1950
714Balance Sheet, 1949-1950
715-13Financial Report, 1950-1961
721-3Financial Report, 1961-1966
724Cost Data for V.A. Contract, 1951-1952
725Cost information for contract, 1955-1956
726Ticket Sales Report, 1956
727Ticket Sales Report Bound, 1958
728Contract Sheets, 1955-1958
26Contracts, Includes original Stadium contract. (also 1913 Athletic Association Constitution), 1913-1960
729Control Sheets, 1955
7210Correspondence, 1954-1959
7211Insurance, 1947-1963
7212Scholarships, 1948-1963
7213Aderhold, O.C. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1952-1955
7214"A" Misc. Includes 2 programs from 1947 football season, 1946-1966
7215Barwick, Cook Correspondence, 1964
7216Board of Directors, 1951-1966
7217Bolton, J.D., 1950-1961
7218Books & Supplies Correspondence, 1953-1961
7219Bowl Games, 1952
7220Bowl, Sun Correspondence, 1965
7221Budget Correspondence, 1965-1966
7222"B" Misc. Correspondence, 1945-1964
7223Caldwell, Harmon, 1944-1947
7224Charter 1957-63. Includes copy of 1957 By-laws, 1957-1963
25Chart Delineates old organizational scheme
7225Concessions, 1944-1964
731Construction-President's Box & etc., 1960-1962
732Country Club, 1957
733"C" Misc., 1948-1954
734Defalcation Confessions & statements, 1948-1949
735Defalcation Correspondence, 1948-1949
736Deficits (Cumulative), 1929-1951
737Duties of Coaching Staff and Publicity Director, 1955
738"D" Misc., 1949-1961
739Entertainment Georgia-Tech football game, 1950-1955
7310Executive Committee, 1952-1966
7311Finance Committee Miscellaneous minutes and materials, 1950-1955
7312Finance Committee, 1955-1963
7313Football Schedules, 1944-1958
7314Gifts, 1957-1964
7315Griffith, Jimmy, 1960-1963
7316Guarantors, 1946-1947
7317"G" Misc., 1948-1964
7318Haskins & Sells, 1963-1965
7319Heckman, H.M., 1952-1955
7320-22Hollis, Howell, 1947-1965
7323"H" Misc., 1947-1953
7324Investments-Temporary, 1958-1959
7325-26"I" Misc., 1944-1951
7327"K" Misc., 1946-1955
7328Laundry, 1949-1966
7329"L" Misc., 1946-1963
7330Minutes if Meeting, 1951-1965
7331Meeting, Includes contracts, 1955-1957
7332"M" Misc. Includes 1955 football team roster pamphlet, 1946-1966
7333National Bank of Athens, 1946-1964
7334Orange Bowl Game Includes copy of bowl contract, 1960
7335Payne Dining Hall, 1958-1959
7336Pension Plan, 1958-1959
7337Programs Correspondence, 1945
7338Publications Includes bound copy of Mississippi University appeal for recruiting violations, 1950
7339"P" Misc., 1949-1962
7340Radio & Television Broadcast contracts, 1952-1963
7341Reports-Football games, 1944-1958
7342Reports-Miscellaneous, 1953-1966
7343Reports-Tickets handled & passes, 1953-1964
7344Rules & Regulations, 1950-1965
7345"R" Misc., 1940-1951
741Sales Tax Regulations, 1954-1960
27Sanford Stadium Grading Contract 1929. Includes supporting itemized lists and correspondence, 1929
28Sanford Stadium Includes construction photos from 1949-50 construction, 1949-1962
742Schedule Committee, 1955-1956
743Schedule Committee, 1958-1965
744Social Security, 1953-1954
745-14Southeastern Conference Includes constitution, minutes, by-laws, and contracts, 1944-1964
7415"S" Misc., 1946-1960
7416Taxes, 1946-1963
7417Tax, Basketball Income, 1948-1950
7418Tickets-Miscellaneous, 1946-1947
7419-34Tickets-Football Ordering correspondence, 1946-1961
751-5Tickets-Football Ordering correspondence, 1961-1966
756"T" Misc., 1949-1962
757"W" Misc., 1944-1955
758"X, Y, Z" Misc., 1952

7. Personal Papers

761"A"- Contents include correspondence with the following parties or locations: Athens General Hospital; Athens Business Men's Evangelistic Club; Atlanta Plating Works; Map of Atlanta; American Eagle Fire Insurance Co.; American Academy of Accountancy; The Amason Co.; Alpha Gamma Rho; Superior Court Clerk, Americus, Ga.; Mr. J.E. Almon; Mr. D.L. Allen; Mr. M.J. Abney (Aetna Life Insurance Co.); Mr. W.T. Anderson; Anise Bolton; Agriculture Dept.; American Institute of Accountants; U.S. Army, 1936-1943
762"B"- Contents include correspondence with the following parties or locations: C.P. Bagley; Mr. C.O. Baker; Ballard Optical Co.; Mrs. S. Barfield; J. Barrow; T.R. Beasley; W.R. Bedgood; Leo Belcher; B.H. Bell; Benjamin Air Rifle Co.; F.W. Bennett; Blue Ridge, N.C.; Anise Bolton; J.D. Bolton; Book of the Month Club; Boulevard Hotel; Boy Scouts; D.L. Branyon; W. Bridges; Bristol Hotel; J.E. Broadnax; Brockman (?); Brooke, Tindall & Co.; H.M. Bryant; Mrs. E.S. Burnett; (First Baptist Church), 1934-1943
763"C"- Contents include correspondence with the following parties or locations: Harmon Caldwell; E.L. Carpenter; Citizens Fact Finding Movement; Citizens & Southern Bank; City Motors Inc.; Civil Service Examinations; Certified Public Accountant Society of Georgia; E.E. Clance; L. Clifton; W.H. Cobb; C. Cobb; W.O. Collins; Columbia Envelope Co.; J.L. Connell; L.W. Cooper; L.G. Council; L. Cumming; J. Crudup, 1938-1950
764"D"- Contents include correspondence with the following parties or locations: W.N. Danner; R. Deace; L.E. Deavours; Delta Sigma Pi; Democratic Campaign Fund; J. Dempsey; Lamar Dodd; C.O. Doolittle & Co.; Dorsey Collar Co.; Sam Doss; Dudley; F.K. Dunn; A. Dunson. Dates: 1938-48., 1938-1948
765"E"- Contents include correspondence with the following parties or locations: East Georgia Motor Club; J. Edmondson; Educational Directory of Ga.; Mrs. L. Ernst; C.A. Evans & Co.; A. Emrich; L. Epps. Dates: 1938-41. Edison Hotel; Edward Hotel; Eastman Kodak Stores, 1938-1941
766Correspondence relating to the Administration of the Bolton Family Farm: Includes materials from the Federal Land Bank; National Farm Loan Association; Flexible Farms Leases & Misc. Farm related materials; Farm Insurance. Dates: 1934-45., 1934-1945
767"F"- Contents include correspondence with the following parties or locations: Faculty Club; J.R. Fain; Farmers & Merchants Bank (Chipley, Ga.); Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.; Dick Ferguson Clothing Co.; Fidelity & Casualty Co. of New York; Field & Stream Publishing Co.; F. Foley; Football Ticket Correspondence; W.T. Forbes; R.L. Foreman; Fort & Fort; S. Furlow, 1929-1944
768"G"- Contents include correspondence with the following parties or locations; Lt. Cdr. R. Gamble; General Exchange Insurance Corp.; General Motors Acceptance Corp.; Georgia Motors, Inc; Georgia Exchange Insurance Corp.; General Motors Acceptance Corp.; Georgia Society of Certified Public Accountants; Mrs. C. Gray; Guardianship Dismissal, 1935-1948
769"H"- Contents include correspondence with the following parties or locations: Mrs. J.J. Hadley; W.E. Hargrove; R.T. Hawkins; A. Highsmith; F.W. Hines; Holman Hotel; Home Mortgage; Mrs. A.L. Howle; Huggins Parts Co.; H. Hart; R.F. Harris; Mrs. W.H. Higgins; W.J. Hill; F.C. Holloman; Bill Howard, 1937-1942
7610"I"- Contents include correspondence with the following parties or locations; Ingersoll-Waterbury Co.; Insurance-Fidelity & Casualty of New York, Fireman's Fund; Jefferson Standard, Metropolitan Casualty of New York, New England Mutual, Prudential, Richmond, Southern Fire, Life & Marine, U.S. Fire; Investors Syndicate; Izlar, F.J., 1937-1949
7611"J"- Contents include correspondence with the following parties or locations: Jackson Day Dinner; J.E. Jaffee; Jefferson Mortgage Co.; J.B. Joel; W.K. Jenkins; F.P. Jones; T. Jones; W.E. Jones; Walter Jordan, 1939-1945
7612"K"- Contents include correspondence with the following parties or locations: H.B. Kimbrough; R.B. Kimbrough; T.H. Kimbrough; Kiwanis Club; R. Kratina, 1939-1949
771File on C.D. Lunceford, 1939-1940
772"L"- Contents include correspondence with the following parties or locations: Lake Verne; Lanier Hotel; A. Langley; Laundry; Mrs. M. Leamon; Bank of Leslie; Luna Club; J.K. Luck, 1937-1947
773"M"- Contents include correspondence with the following parties or locations: W.O. Martin; D. Massey; W.A. Mathis; H. Mehre; H. Mobley; City of Macon; B. Murphey
774"N"- Contents include correspondence with the following parties or locations: G.W. Nauncy; Navy Pre-Flight School; Abit Nix; W.W. Noyles, 1939-1942
775"O"- Contents include correspondence with the following parties or locations: Mrs. S.K. O'Neal; W.R. Osborn, 1942
776"P"- Contents include correspondence with the following parties or locations: S. Pace; H.C. Pearson; Mrs. J.W. Peel; L.D. Perry; C. Pitman; R.H. Powell; H. Partridge; H.B. Pierce, 1936-1945
777"R"- Contents include correspondence with the following parties or locations: B.D. Ragsdale; T.W Reed; R.I. Reynolds; Rogers; H.W. Rohrer; W. Reeves, 1937-1941
778"S"- Contents include correspondence with the following parties or locations: St. Paul Colored Methodist Episcopal Church; Max Sanders; S.V. Sanford; Santa Claus; Saturday Club; R. Savage (Tenant farmer); Sears, Roebuck & Co.; Miss M.L. Sheldon; J.W. Shiver; Sigma Delta Chi; H. Smith; J.M. Smith; H. Sommers; J.A. Spruill; S.F. Stapleton; State Defense Corps; J. Suggs; H. Summerford; P.W. Summerour; B. Smith; C.J. Smith; Stanford University, 1938-1940
779Tax File, 1935-1948
7710"T"- Contents include correspondence with the following parties or locations: G. Taylor; Southern Bell Telephone & Telegraph Co.; Theatre (UGA); Timber Protective Organization, Gaskins; Mrs. A. Turner; Fritz (?) (Contains clippings on Cocking dismissal) T. Tillman, 1936-1943
7711"V"- Contents include correspondence with the following parties or locations: J. Wade; Miss M. Ward; J.C. Wilkinson; Felix & Delilla Wilson (Tenant farmers); J.B. Wilson (Ga. Sec. of ST.); W.W. Webb; Weir; H.E. Whatley; G. Wilson; T. Wilson; T. Wisdom; B.T. Wise; J.S. Wolfe, 1941-1943
7712Y.M.C.A., 1939-1947
7713"Y", "Z"- Contents include correspondence with the following parties or locations: Yaarab Temple; Mrs. N. Zenolepreux, 1937, 1947
21Includes 2 biographical sketches, photos and obituaries, 1900-1963