Robert C. Wilson School of Pharmacy papers

Robert C. Wilson School of Pharmacy papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Robert C. Wilson School of Pharmacy papers
Creator: Wilson, Robert Cumming, 1878-
Inclusive Dates: 1905-1970
Language(s): English
Extent: 10 Linear Feet (10 boxes)
Collection Number: UA92-156
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

Although the UGA School of Pharmacy was founded in 1903, the first graduations didn't occur until 1908. The school was originally to be housed in Science Hall but in November of 1903 the building burned down. Terrell Hall was constructed on the site of the burned structure and the Pharmacy School moved into that building in June 1905. In 1907 Robert C. Wilson was appointed as an instructor and in 1924 he become the dean of the school and remained in that position until 1948. Through the years, Dean Wilson continually worked to improve the UGA pharmacy program and in 1926 it became one of the first four-year required pharmacy degrees in the nation.

Scope and Content

The collection primarily consists of correspondence, publications, and writings documenting the School of Pharmacy and the Georgia Pharmacy Association.

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Robert C. Wilson School of Pharmacy papers, UA92-156, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Benedict, Samuel C. Correspondence, 1905-1907
12Case, George D. Correspondence, 1910-1912
13Chichester, H. L. Correspondence
14Chichester, H. L. Correspondence
15Lyman, Rufus A. Correspondence, 1935-1948
16Ruold, Worley F. Correspondence, 1926-1937
17Science Club of Georgia, 1934-1943
19Swain, Robert L. Correspondence, 1933-1939
19Correspondence, 1901-1911
110Correspondence, 1912-1914
111Correspondence, 1915-1916
112Correspondence, 1931-1932
113Correspondence, 1933
114Correspondence, 1934
115Correspondence, 1935
116The Association for the Advanement of Science Correspondence, 1936
117Correspondence, 1936
118Evans, Charles H. Correspondence, 1935-1939
119Wulling, Frederik J. Correspondence, 1936-1937
120Correspondence, 1937
121University of Georgia Foundation, 1937-1943
122Coca Cola Bottling Company Correspondence, 1938-1939
123Rudd, Worley F. Correspondence, 1935-1942
124Struby, Chester A Correspondence, 1938
125Correspondence, 1938
126Correspondence, 1939 January-February
127Correspondence, 1939 March-April
128Correspondence, 1939 May-June
129Correspondence, 1939 July
130Correspondence, 1939 August
131Correspondence, 1939 September-November
21Klemme, Carl J. Correspondence, 1939-1940
22U. S. Pharmacopeial Association Correspondence, 1939-1945
23Correspondence, 1940
24Evans, Charles H. Correspondence, 1940-1943
25Frailey, Carson P. Correspondence, 1940
26Jordan, C. B. Correspondence, 1940-1941
27State Medical Association Secretaries Correspondence, 1940-1942
28Swain, Robert L. Correspondence, 1940-1947
29West, Olin Correspondence, 1940-1941
210Correspondence, 1941
211American Medical Association Trustees and Executives Correspondence, 1941-1942
212Bloss, James R. Correspondence, 1941-1942
213Bryan, James E. Correspondence, 1941
214Bruce, Allen H. Correspondence, 1941-1942
215Costello, P. H. Correspondence, 1941-1943
216Theodore G. Klumpp Correspondence, 1941-1943
217Correspondence, 1942
218China Berries Correspondence, 1942-1944
219Cook, Roy Bird Correspondence, 1942
220Davis, Watson Correspondence, 1942
221Medical School Deans Correspondence, 1942
222Smith, Austin P. Correspondence, 1942
223Sollmann, Torald Correspondence, 1942
224Southern Association of Science and Industry Correspondence, 1942
225Yater, Wallace M. Correspondence, 1942
226Correspondence, 1943
227Rudd, Worley F. Correspondence, 1943-1948
228National Association of Retail Druggists, 1943
229Post War Planning Committee of the American Boards Association of Pharmacy, 1943-1944 May
230Post War Committee of the American Boards Association of Pharmacy , 1944 June
231Post War Planning Committee of the American Boards Association of Pharmacy, 1944 July-September
232Southern Association of Science and Industry Correspondence, 1942-1943
233Southern Association of Science and Industry Correspondence, 1944-1945
234Correspondence, 1944-1945
235Collins, Lawrence D. Correspondence, 1944-1945
236Evan, Charles H. , 1944-1948
237Correspondence , 1947-1948
238Correspondence, 1949
31Correspondence, 1950-1969
32Cook, Nevis E., 1954-1956
33Troutman, Robert B. Correspondence, 1953
34Woodruff, Robert W. Correspondence, 1954-1978
35Georgia Fair Trade Act Correspondence, 1953
36Sons of the American Revolution Correpondence
37European Correspondence with Family, 1953-1955
38European Correspondence with Family, 1957
39European Correspondence with Family, 1959-1963
310Why a School of Pharmacy in the University?
311Pharmacy School
312Georgia Alumni Record, 1924: School of Pharmacy Number
313School of Pharmacy Correspondence, 1927-1955
314School of Pharmacy Announcement, 1928-1929
315University of Georgia School of Pharmacy by Robert C. Wilson
316School of Pharmacy Accreditation, 1929-1930
317Governor's Recommendation to Close School of Pharmacy
318School of Pharmacy Budget, 1937
319History of the School of Pharmacy by Harmon Caldwell, 1938
320School of Pharmacy Hosts American Pharmaceutical Association
321University of Georgia by T.W. Reed, 1943
322Officers of the Science Club of the University of Georgia, 1919-1941
323The University of Georgia: Some Steps in its Creation and Activation by Robert C. Wilson
324Report to the American Pharmaceutical Association, 1937, 1947
326State Supported Pharmacy Schools
327Findings and Recommendation of the Pharmaceutical Survey, 1948
328Proposed Consolidation of the Unicersito Co-op with the School of Pharmacy, 1951
329AECK Associates, Architects Report , 1952
330Student Faculty Alumni Day, School of Pharmacy, 1953
331School of Pharmacy Annual Report, 1954-1955
332Alumni Committee Report on the School of Pharmacy
333Status of the Vocation: Purposes of Teachers of Pharmacy
334University of Georgia School of Pharmacy by Robert C. Wilson, 1953
335The University of Georgia School of Pharmacy, 1903-1964
336School of Pharmacy, Proposed Floor Space
337New Pharmacy Building Construction
338Over the Counter, 1970-1971
339Tribute to Chancellor Emeritus David C. Barrow by Robert C. Wilson
340National Pharmacy Week, 1934
341United States Pharmacopoeial Convention Articles of Incorporation, etc., 1930
342Pharmacy building dedication ceremony pamphlet, 1978 October 29
41American Pharmaceutical Association By-Laws, 1931, 1934
42American Pharmaceutical Association Annual Meeting, 1931, 1934, 1936-1938
43American Pharmaceutical Association Report of Meeting
44American Pharmaceutical Association Address by H. W. Caldwell, 1936
45American Pharmaceutical Association Address and Report by Robert C. Wilson, 1937
46American Pharmaceutical Association Address by J. Leon Lascoff, 1939
47American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Report of Second Series of Visits to Member Colleges, 1930-1934
48American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Address by Robert C. Wilson, 1936
49American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Address by Robert C. Wilson, 1937
410NAPP and American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Meeting , 1936, 1937
411U.S. Army Pharmaceutical Corps Establishment
412American Institute of Pharmacy Dedication, 1934
413Conference Between Representatives of the American Medical Association and the Pharmaceutical Association, 1941
414Presidential Address at the Pharmacopoeial Convention, 1940
415United States Pharmacopoeial Convention, 1942
416National Wholesale Druggist Association Address, 1939
417National Wholesale Druggists' Association Report, 1940
418Long Range Program of Policy of A. Ph. A. Committee Report, 1942
419A Brief Statement Addressed to Joint Conference Committee from Medicine and Pharmacy, 1942
420Tentative Report: Long Range Program of Policy, Subcommittee No. 2
421Proposed List of Topics for Medical Pharmaceutical Convention
422State Medical Associations, 1942
423State Pharmaceutical Association Secretaries
424Alabama Pharmaceutical Association
425Georgia Pharmaceutical Association Constitution and By-laws
426Georgia Pharmaceutical Association Address, 1914
427Georgia Pharmaceutical Association Proceedings, 1919
428Georgia Pharmaceutical Association Address Joseph Jacobs, 1927
429Georgia Pharmaceutical Association Financial Statement, 1929
430Georgia Pharmaceutical Association Minutes, 1931, 1934-1935
431Georgia Pharmaceutical Association Press Release, 1943
432Georgia Pharmaceutical Association Address by Charles Hall Evans, 1947
433Georgia Pharmaceutical Association Proceedings, 1947, 1949, 1951, 1952
434Georgia Pharmaceutical Association Past Presedents' Breakfast, 1960
435Iowa Interprofessional Association, 1938
436A Brief Account of the First Fifty Years of Pharmacy Education at Perdue, 1884-1934
437Maryland Pharmaceutical Association Golden Anniversary, 1932
438State Board Review
439Preliminary Report of Health Conditions in Georgia and Proposed Developmental Program, 1944
440An Affiliation Plan Between Hospitals and a School of Pharmacy, 1934
441The Development of a Standard Hospital Pharmacopoeia, 1934
442Pharmacy in Hospitals, 1934
443Federal Food and Drug Act, 1935
444Food and Drug Legislation, 1937
445Accreditation Policy and Procedure of the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education, 1948
446Report on Enrollment in Schools and Colleges of Pharmacy, 1951-1952
447The Proprietor in the Program for Pharmaceutical Education
448The Retail Drug Store in the Program for Pharmaceutical Education , 1952
449Pharmaceutical Education in these United States... by Robert G. Mrtek
450Laboratory Excercises in Fundamental Principles and Practices of Pharmacy, 1947
451Louisville, Kentucky College of Pharmacy History by Gordon L. Curry, 1947
452A Sketch of Medicine and Pharmacy by S. E. Massengill
453Continuing Program of Education for Pharmacists, 1940
454A Proposed Standard of measurement of Professional Schools
455Reentering the Drug Business Afer and Absence of Thrity Five Years
456More Education for Pharmacists Rather Than More Pharmaceutical Education
457Objectives of the Program of Pharmaceutical Education , 1942
458The Value of Educated Pharmacists to the State, 1935
459General Statement Concerning Pharmaceutical Education in Georgia, 1944
460Pharmaceutical Education for the Future Evert Kendig, 1946
461Higher Education , 1947 March 1-15
462Limiting Enrollment in Colleges and Schools of Pharmacy
463The Necessity for Curtailment of Enrollment in the Schools of Pharmacy
464The Functions of Teachers of Pharmacy Toward the Teaching Profession, 1939
465Use of the Library in Undergraduate [Pharmacy] Instruction, 1933
466Extending Information to Physicians on the Use of Official Medicines, 1937
467Group Seeks Ban on Use of Narcotics in Race Horses, 1936
468Alcohol Talks: The Grass that is Cane, 1935
469Our Chemical Industry - A Drama of Advance by Francis P. Garvan
470The Prescription Department, by Frank A. Delgado, 1932
471Remington Medal to E. G. Eberle, 1932
472Remington, J. P. letter, 1887
473H. C. White Record at the University of Georgia, 1929
474Physicians Fees, Athens Southern Banner, 1865 February 22
51Why are You a Citizen of Dougherty County by J. M. Barnett
52Georgia's First Drugstore
53The Possibilities of Developing a Drug Plant Industry in Georgia by R.S. Justice
54Wholesale Drug Trade of Georgia by James G. Cash
55Some Medicinal and Poisonous Plants of Georgia by. R. S. Justice
56Growing Medicinal Plants in Georgia, 1941
57Pharmaceutical Manufacturing in Georgia by Charles D. Cook
58The Story of Coca Cola: A Georgia Romance by Robert C. Wilson
59Notice of Small Pox in Cuthbert, Georgia, 1984
510Pink Root, Banner Watchman, 1886 August 17
511The Tragedy of Atlanta by John Temple Graves and W. E. B. DuBois, 1906
512Case of Vesical Calculus from the Weekly Atlanta Intelligencer, 1966 August 22
513Atlanta Biltmore Hotel
514The Collegiate Digest, Vol. 4
515Georgia Pharmaceutical Association History Pt. 1
516Georgia Pharmaceutical Association History, Pt. 2
517Georgia Pharmaceutical Association History, Pt. 3
518Women's Auxiliary of the Georgia Pharmaceutical Association
519Laws Governing the Practice of Pharmacy and Medicine
520Wholesale Drug Business
521History of Pharmacy: Use of Biographies by George Urdang and Chalmers J. Zufall
522The Concept of the History of Pharmacy by George Urdang
523History of Pharmacy Receipts & Expenditures
524Teaching the History of Pharmacy in Our Colleges of Pharmacy C. O. Lee
525Discussion of teh Outlines for History, Literature and Ethics of Pharmacy by Rufus A. Lyman
526Methods and Aims of the Teaching of the History of Pharmacy
527The Development of the Pharmaceutico-Historical Movement by George Urdang
528Managing a Course in the History of Pharmacy by C. O. Lee
529Outline of Assignments for History of Pharmacy
530Why Study the History of One's Profession by W. E. Howland
531Pharmacy in Ancient Babylon-Assyria, Palestine and Egypt by George Undang
532Pharmacy in Ancient Greece and Rome by George Urdang
533Drugs of the Scriptures by Anton Hogstad
534Historical Aspects of Jewish Contributions to Pharmacy by Otto Ruhmer and Arthur G. Zupko
535The Oath of Maimonides
536American Institute of the History of Pharmacy Second Seminar
537Materia Medica: List of Drugs and Frequency of Prescription
538New Jersey Pharmacy and American History
539Blanton on Medicine in Virginia in the 17th Century
540The American Pharmaceutical Association and Its History by B. V. Christensen
541American Pharmaceutical Association Proceedings, 1857
542Class Notes, 1907-1908
543Report to the Board of Health, Communicable Disease Control, 1938 January-March
544State Boards of Health Resolution
545State Board of Health Advisory Council, 1945
546founding of the United States Pharmacopeia, 1820
547Pharmaceutical Board Minutes, 1881-1934
548The Establishment of Better Understanding Between the Health Agencies Through Examining Boards, 1939
549Tincture of iodine, 1910
550Ethical Relations Between Physicians and Pharmacists, 1912
551Responsiblity to Existing Organizations
552The Practice of MEdicine and Pharmacy in Georgia and Some Problems Involved, 1913
553The Prescription, 1914
554Addresses - (Bulletin of the University of Georgia, No 234), 1915
555Pharmacy As a Public Health Agency by Robert C. Wilson
556Drug Store Service by Robert C. Wilson, 1925, 1927
557The Study of Pharmacy as a Foundation for a Scientific Career by Robert C. Wilson, 1927
558Industrial Alcohol: What Its Development May Mean to Georgia by Robert C. Wilson, 1923
559The Pharmacist is More Than a Merchant by Robert C. Wilson, 1928
560Narcotic Drug Situation, 1929
561Family Medicine Cabinet by Robert C. Wilson, 1930
562Know Your Pharmacist Better by Robert C. Wilson, 1930
563Mineral Waters By Robert C. Wilson , 1932
564Address to Religious Welfare Conference, 1933
565Address to South Carolina Pharaceutical Association, 1933
566The United States Pharmacopeia and What It Means to the Public, 1934
567Planning for Pharmacy: Discussion, Interpretations by Robert C. Wilson , 1934
568Dangers in the Indiscriminate Use of Hypnosis or Sleeping Potions by Robert C. Wilson, 1934
569A Program for Teaching the Principles of Personal and Public Health and Physical Fitness..., 1934
570What Steps Can Be Taken To Guarantee That Only Those of Ethical and Moral Character Will Be Admitted, 1935
571The Pharmacist and Public Health by Robert C. Wilson, 1935
572The Sale of Drugs in Drug Stores by Robert C. Wilson, 1935
573The Menace of Hypnotics and Narcotics to America by Robert C. Wilson, 1935
574The Obligations of Pharmacy to the State and the Obligations of the State to Pharmacy by Robert C. Wilson, 1937
575Georgia and the Constitution by E. Merton Coulter
61Public Health in Georgia by Robert C. Wilson, 1937
62Some Things the Layman Should Know About Drugs by Robert C. Wilson, 1937
63The Health Professions-Pharmacy by Robert C. Wilson, 1939
64Poliomyelitis (Roosevelt Ball Address) by Robert C. Wilson, 1939
65School of Pharmacy by Robert C. Wilson, 1939
66National Pharmacy Week by Robert C. Wilson, 1953
67Proceedings - GPA [audiograph recording], 1875-1957
68The Soda Fountain [audiograph recording]
69Asa Candler [audiograph recording]
610Planters & Mariners Medical Companion - Preface #1 &#2 Also Tennent's Book [audiograph recording]
611Audiograph Dictation Miscelllaneous [audiograph recording]
612Gray Audiograph v Dictator Model
613Pharmacy as a Profession in Today's Society by Robert C. Wilson
614Pharmacy in the Life of the United States by Robert C. Wilson, 1951
615The Value of Pharmacy to the Public by W. F. New
616The Pharmacist and the Public by Frederick J. Wulling
617The Service of Pharmacy by William J. Husa
618"...And Pharmacy Has its Own Speical Field" David L. Cowen, 1936
619The Pharmacists and a Purveyon of Drugs by E. L. Newcomb
620The Modern Medicine Man by H. V. Arny
621Physician and Pharmacist by Morris Fishbein, 1942
622Your Pharmacy and Mine by Robert L. Swain
623Medicine Cost to Georgia by Robert C. Wilson, 1937
624Mexico's Contributions to Pharmacy by Bertha Baron
625The Dbt of Chemisty to Pharmacy by Philip J. Elving
626Confederate Medicine by Morgan Raiford
6275457 Medicine Chests
628Behind the Contents of the Home Medicine Chest Frederick J. Cullen, 1948
629Drugs Old and New by P. A. Foote
630The Apothecary Chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele
631The Drug Store and the Community by Walter D. Adams
632The Romance of Our Wild Flowers by Anton Hogstad, Jr.
633The Romance of Foxglove by Anton Hogstad, Jr.
634Common Trees Which Yield Medicinal Products, 1935
635Medicines Made from Bacteria by B. V. Christensen
636Testing New Drugs: No Sketchy Job Allowed by Edwina Davis
637The Value of Research by C. B. Pollard
638The Place of the Scientific Techiques in the General History of Culture by L. M. Sears
639A Brief Discussion of Ionic Theory in its Relationship to Certain Life Processes by Robert C. Wilson, 1925
640Chloroform: Therapeutic Use and Dosages
641Magnesium SulphateL Some Theories Regarding Its Action by Robert C. Wilson, 1926
642Drug and Medical Advertising in Woodville, Mississippi, 1823-1843 by E. L. Hammond, 1943
643Abbott Laboratiories Advertising
644Glyco Products Advertising
645Merck Vitamin Advertising
646Pfizer Company History
647Reichert Collection of Diagnostic Instruments and Techniques in Medicine
648Survey of Pharmaceutical Journals by C. O. Lee
649Remarks in Honor of William S. Elkin, Jr.
650Testimonial Dinner in Tribute to Charles Hall Evans, 1940
651Remarks in Honor of Charles D. Jordan
652Responde to Toasts
653Address to State Conference of Pharmaceutical Association Officers
654University of Georgia Lumpkin School of Law Honor Code Constitution
655Work of the University of Georgia
656Address to the Principals of the High Schools of Gergia
657Proposed Georgia Board of Pharmacy
658Proposed Changes in Georgia Pharmacy Laws, 1929-1935
659Proposed Changed in Georgia Pharmacy Laws, 1945-1949
660Proposed Changes to Georgia Pharmacy Laws, 1950-1956
661State Naric Law Amendment
662Chain Store Legislation
71Georgia Pharmaceutical Association Opposition to Senate Bill 222, 1946-1947
72Other States Pharmacy Statues Pt. 1
73Other States Pharmacy Statutes Pt 2
74Federal Drug Legislation Pt 1
75Federal Drug Legislation Pt. 2
76Fair Trade Law Repeal Pt 1
77Fair Trade Law Repeal Pt 2
78Fair Trade Law Repeal Effort Pt 3
79Drugs and Pharmacy in the Life of Georgia Notes Pt 1, 1733-1959
710Drugs and Pharmacy in the Life of Georgia Notes Pt 2, 1733-1959
711Drugs and Pharmacy in the Life of Georgia Notes Pt 3, 1733-1959
712Drugs and Pharmacy in the Life of Georgia Notes Pt 4, 1733-1959
713Drugs and Pharmacy in the Life of Georgia Notes Pt 5, 1733-1959
81Drugs and Pharmacy in the Life of Georgia Notes Pt. 6, 1733-1959
82Georgia Gazette, 1763, 1769
83Columbian Museum in Savannah Advertiser, 1802-1804
84Savannah Daily Morning news, 1850, 1852
85Southerner and Commercial Advertiser, 1858
86Malaria - Quinine
87Medical Department of the University of Georgia
88Medicines Obtained from Animals by B. V. Christensen
89Plant and Avian Disease Control
811Southern Fields and Forests
812Vegetable Drugs
813University Items, 1937 May, July
814Presidential Address Given by Robert C. Wilson
815Pharmacy Student, Faculty, Alumni Dinner Programs, 1949, 1962
816The Communicator - Phi Delta Chi Fraternity, 1937
817American Professional Pharmacist, 1935 August ()
818Dixie Pharmaceutical Journal , 1927 September ()
819Drug Topics, 1935 December ()
820Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association , 1936 September, 1942 March, June
821New Jersey Journal of Pharmacy , 1938 October
822Pharmacy in History , 1968
823Perdue Pharmacist, 1934 December, 1935 February ()
824Red Barrel, 1938-1939
825Red Cross Messenger , 1925
826Tile and Till March, 1937
827Your Pharmacy and Mine Columns by Robert L. Swain
828Southeastern Drug Journal , 1939 August
829Assorted Issues and Pages from Journals ()
830Newspaper Clipping Pt 1
831Newspaper Clippings Pt. 2
832Newspaper Clippings Pt 3
833Assorted Banquet Programs
834First Methodist Church Bulletins, etc
835Reasons for Establishing the Colony of Georgia
836Steps in the Activation of the University of Georgia, 1784-1803
837Minutes of the Board of Trustees of the University of Georgia
838Assorted Pages from the Board of Trustees and the Prudential Committee Pt 1
839Assorted Pages from the Board of Trustees Minutes and the Prudential Committee Pt 2
840Notes from Catalogue of Sessions
841Notes from the Georgia Historical Quarterly on the Minis Family and Bethesda's Crisis
842Notes from "Education in Georgia" by Jones
843Drug Formulas
844Speech Notes
91The Story of Pharmacy in Georgia: Suggested Title and Outline
92Chapter II
93Chapter III
94Chapter IV
95Chapter V
96Chapter VI
97Chapter VII
98Chapter VIII
99Chapter IX
910Chapter X
911Chapter XI
912Chapter XII
915Georgia Pharmacist Biography - Deceased A-H
916Georgia Pharmacist Biography - Deceased I-P
917Georgia Pharmacist Biography - Deceased Q-Z
918Georgia Pharmacist Biography - Living A-H
919Georgia Pharmacist Biography - Living I-P
920Georgia Pharmacist Biography - Living Q-Z
921Candler, Asa Griggs
922Jacobs, Joseph
101Long, Crawford W.
102Camilla Martin
103Tennant, John
105Wesley, John
106Medical Men in Early Georgia
107Drugs and Pharmacy in the Life of Georgia Manuscript Pt. 1
108Drugs and Pharmacy in the Life of Georgia Manuscript Pt. 2, 1733-1959
109Drugs and Pharmacy in the Life of Georgia Manuscript, Pt. 3, 1733-1959
1010Drugs and Pharmacy in the Life of Georgia Dedication Dinner, 1733-1959
1011Drugs and Pharmacy in the Life of Georgia Bibliography, 1733-1959
1012Correspondence Regarding Drugs and Pharmacy in the Life of Georgia, 1959 March-November
1013Correspondence Regarding Drugs and Pharmacy in the Life of Georgia, 1959 December - March 1961
1014Drugs and Pharmacy in the Life of Georgia, 1733-1759, Reviews
1015Tributes to Robert C. Wilson
1016Resume, Reprint Listing
1018Plaque from Oklahoma Pharmaceutical Association, 1964

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