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Agricultural Economics Department records

Agricultural Economics Department records

Descriptive Summary

Title: Agricultural Economics Department records
Creator: University of Georgia. College of Agriculture
Creator: University of Georgia. Department of Agricultural Economics
Inclusive Dates: 1944-1985
Language: English
Extent: 72.25 Linear Feet (73 boxes)
Collection Number: UA92-043
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

In 1928, John William Firor organized and chaired the Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology at what was then known as the Georgia State College of Agriculture. The Georgia State College of Agriculture became part of the University of Georgia in 1931, Professor Firor continued as Department Head of Agricultural Economics until his retirement in 1951. Roy E. Proctor served as chairman of the department from 1951 to 1956, succeeded by J. W. Fanning until 1961, and followed by Stephen J. Brannen until 1987. The Department of Agricultural Economics focused on farm management and marketing, production economics, agribusiness, and land economics and community development. Research was conducted at both the Georgia Experiment Station and the College Experiment Station.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of deparmental correspondence; administrative files including annual reports, office memoranda, Conner Hall renovation files, and staff activity reports and meeting minutes; research project files; publication files; and a small selection of photographs.

Organization and Arrangement

The collection is organized into five series: correspondence and memoranda; administrative subject files; research projects; publication files; and photographs.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Agricultural Economics Department records, UA92-043, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Subject Terms

Administrative records.
Agriculture -- Economic aspects -- Southern States.
Agriculture -- Economic aspects.
Fanning, John William, 1905-
Flatt, William P.
Research (document genre)
University of Georgia. Agricultural Extension Service

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Correspondence and Memoranda

221Fanning, J.W., 1955
222History of the Department of Horticulture, 1956
223-17Fanning, J.W., 1956-1957
2311Fanning, J.W. Ga. Banking Assn., 1956-1957
2312Fanning, J.W. & C.C. Murray, 1956-1957
2310Fanning, J.W. & George H. King, 1957-1958
231-9Fanning, J.W., 1957-1958
431L, 1960-1963
432Lanhan, Ben T., Jr., 1960-1963
433Lawrence, J.D., 1960-1963
434Lindsey, Frank P.. Jr., 1960-1963
435Long, R.A., 1960-1963
436M, 1960-1963
437Massey, Abit, 1960-1963
438Mauch, Arthur, 1960-1963
439Menhinick, Howard K., 1960-1963
4310Miller, Vernon E., 1960-1963
4311Minter, Jack, 1960-1963
4312-13Murray, C.C., 1960-1963
4314N, 1960-1963
4315Nunn, Alexander, 1960-1963
4316O, 1960-1963
4317O'Kelley, Charles R., 1960-1963
4318P, 1960-1963
4319Penny, N.M., 1960-1963
4320Pettit, William III, 1960-1963
4321Prunty, Merle C., Jr., 1960-1963
4322R, 1960-1963
4323Ray, Mrs. James C., 1960-1963
4324S, 1960-1963
4325Schwanz, H. Lee, 1960-1963
4326Southwell, B.L., 1960-1963
4327Sutton, W.A., 1960-1963
4328T, 1960-1963
4329Teasley, Luke, 1960-1963
4330-32U-W, 1960-1963
4333Wagner, Kenneth C., 1960-1963
4334-35Wheeler, Robert S., 1960-1963
4336Williams, G.G., 1960-1963
4337Williams, J.A., 1960-1963
4338Wofford, Irvin M., 1960-1963
4339XYZ, 1960-1963
7328White, T. Kelley, 1961-1977
391A, 1962-1963
392Ackerman, Joseph, 1962-1963
393Aderhold, O.C., 1962-1963
394B, 1962-1963
395Baum, E.L., 1962-1963
396Bazemore, George M., 1962-1963
397Biscoe, Alvin B., 1962-1963
398Bishop, C.E., 1962-1963
399Bolton, J.D., 1962-1963
3910Branch, J.L., 1962-1963
3911Brannen, S.J., 1962-1963
3912Brooks, D.W., 1962-1963
3913Browne, E.B., 1962-1963
3914Bryant, J.G., 1962-1963
3915C, 1962-1963
3916Campbell, Phil, 1962-1963
3917Carmichael, J.P., 1962-1963
3918Carmon, James L., 1962-1963
3919Chandler, S.G., 1962-1963
3920Conner, John S., 1962-1963
3921Copeland, O.B., 1962-1963
3922Cordell, T.M., 1962-1963
3923D, 1962-1963
3924Darr, R.A., 1962-1963
3925Driftmier, R.H., 1962-1963
3926Driggers, J. Clyde, 1962-1963
3927Duggan, Ivey W., 1962-1963
3928Dyer, Boyce, 1962-1963
3929-30E-F, 1962-1963
3931Farmer, Lloyd E., 1962-1963
3932Fink, Louis C., 1962-1963
3933G, 1962-1963
3933Gay, M.C., 1962-1963
3934Grant, Julia, 1962-1963
3935H, 1962-1963
3936Henderson, H.B., 1962-1963
3937Hester, Elmo, 1962-1963
3938Huff, Gerald B., 1962-1963
3939-41I-K, 1962-1963
3942Kimbrel, M.M., 1962-1963
3943King, George H., 1962-1963
3944Kinney, B.C., 1962-1963
571Kantor, Arthur H., 1962-1967
572King, Frank P., 1962-1967
573L, 1962-1967
574Lanham, Ben T., 1962-1967
575Lanier, Willaim L., 1962-1967
576Lancaster, J.J., 1962-1967
577Lindsey, Frank P.. Jr., 1962-1967
578-9M, 1962-1967
5710Murphree, Clyde E., 1962-1967
5711-12Murray, C.C., 1962-1967
5713-14N-O, 1962-1967
5715O'Kelley, Charles R., 1962-1967
5716Owen, John H., 1962-1967
5717P, 1962-1967
5718Penny, Newton M., 1962-1967
5719Pugh, Charles R., 1962-1967
5720-22Q-S, 1962-1967
5723Seawell, Anne, 1962-1967
5724Stancil, Frank, 1962-1967
5725Sutton, W.A., 1962-1967
5726T, 1962-1967
5727Toussaint, W.D., 1962-1967
5728-30U-W, 1962-1967
5731Wheeler, Robert S., 1962-1967
5732Woodworth, Roger C., 1962-1967
5733XYZ, 1962-1967
5734Staff Memoranda, 1962-1967
41B1A, 1966-1967
41B2Aderhold O.C., 1966-1967
41B3Anderson, Robert C., 1966-1967
41B4-5B, 1966-1967
41B6Barton, Frank L., 1966-1967
41B7Bazemore, George M., 1966-1967
41B8Beck, John, 1966-1967
41B9Biscoe, Alvin B., 1966-1967
41B10Bishop C.E., 1966-1967
41B11Bolton, J.D., 1966-1967
41B12Broadhurst, J.W., 1966-1967
41B13-14Browne, E. Broadus, 1966-1967
41B15Burgess, Sam, 1966-1967
41B16C, 1966-1967
41B17Campbell, Phil, 1966-1967
41B18Carter, W.C., 1966-1967
41B19Cordell, T.M., 1966-1967
41B20D, 1966-1967
41B21Danner, Walter N., 1966-1967
41B22Driftmier, R.H., 1966-1967
41B23Driggers, J. Clyde, 1966-1967
41B24-25E-F, 1966-1967
41B26Fanning, J.W., 1966-1967
41B27Fulmer, John L., 1966-1967
41B28G, 1966-1967
41B29Georgia Livestock Association, 1966-1967
41B30Green, John L., 1966-1967
41B31H, 1966-1967
41B32Haldeman, Robert C., 1966-1967
41B33Hester, Elmo, 1966-1967
41B34-35Huff, Gerald B., 1966-1967
41B36-37I-K, 1966-1967
41B38King, George H., 1966-1967
441-2A-B, 1967-1969
443Browne, E. Broadus, 1967-1969
444Burgess, Sam, 1967-1969
445C, 1967-1969
446Campbell, Phil, 1967-1969
447Carter, W.C., 1967-1969
448Cordell, T.M., 1967-1969
449D, 1967-1969
4410Davison, Fred C., 1967-1969
4411-12E-F, 1967-1969
4413Fanning, J.W., 1967-1969
4414G, 1967-1969
4415Garren, Henry W., 1967-1969
4416Green, John L., Jr., 1967-1969
4417H, 1967-1969
4418Huff, Gerald, 1967-1969
4419-23I-M, 1967-1969
531M, 1967-1969
532Murray, C.C., 1967-1969
533-4N-O, 1967-1969
535Owen, John H., 1967-1969
536P, 1967-1969
537Penny, N.M., 1967-1969
538-13R-W, 1967-1969
5314-15Wheeler, Robert S., 1967-1969
5316Whitehead, Thomas, 1967-1969
5317Miscellaneous General Staff Memoranda, 1967-1969
4810-11General Staff Memoranda, 1969-1974
493-10H-O, 1969-1974
491Garren, Henry W., 1969-1974
492Green, John L., 1969-1974
4911Owen, John H., 1969-1974
4912P, 1969-1974
4913Penny, Newton M., 1969-1974
4914Q, 1969-1974
481-6R-W, 1969-1974
487Wheeler, Robert S., 1969-1974
488Whitehead, Thomas H., 1969-1974
489XYZ, 1969-1974
81-2A-B, 1971-1972
83Braselton, Glenn B., 1971-1972
84Browne, E. Broadus, 1971-1972
85Burgess, Sam, 1971-1972
86-7C-D, 1971-1972
88Davison, Fred C., 1971-1972
89E, 1971-1972
810Edwards, Hardy M., Jr., 1971-1972
811F, 1971-1972
812Fanning, J.W., 1971-1972
813Flatt, William P., 1971-1972
814Frazier, Thomas L., 1971-1972
815G, 1971-1972
816Garren, Dean Henry, 1971-1972
817-18H-I, 1971-1972
31-14Memoranda J-Z, 1971-1973
316-17Wheeler, Robert S., 1972-1973
71-2A-B, 1972-1975
73Browne, E. Broadus, 1972-1975
74Braselton, Glenn B., 1972-1975
75Burgess, Sam, 1972-1975
76-7C-D, 1972-1975
78Davison, Fred C., 1972-1975
79E, 1972-1975
710Edwards, Hardy M., Jr., 1972-1975
711F, 1972-1975
712-14Flatt, William P., 1972-1975
715Frazier, Thomas L., 1972-1975
716G, 1972-1975
717Garren, Dean Henry, 1972-1975
719-20H-I, 1972-1975
51-15J-Z, 1973-1975
516Staff - General Memoranda, 1973-1975
517Jackson, Curtis R., 1973-1975
518Noles, Richard K., 1973-1975
519-20Wheeler, Robert S., 1973-1975
101A, 1975-1976
102Ames, Glenn C.W., 1975-1976
103B, 1975-1976
104Bateman, Lanny, 1975-1976
105Belcher, John C., 1975-1976
106Braselton, Glen B., 1975-1976
107Brown, E. Evan, 1975-1976
108Burgess, Samuel, 1975-1976
1010-11C-D, 1975-1976
1012Davison, Fred C., 1975-1976
1013E, 1975-1976
1014Edwards, Hardy M., Jr., 1975-1976
1015Elrod, John Charles, 1975-1976
1016Ethridge, M. Dean, 1975-1976
1017F, 1975-1976
1018Flatt, William P., 1975-1976
1019Frazier, Thomas L., 1975-1976
1020G, 1975-1976
1021Garren, Dean Henry, 1975-1976
1022Georgia Experiment Station Personnel, 1975-1976
1023Givan, William D., 1975-1976
1024H, 1975-1976
1025Hale, Warner Stephens (Bud), 1975-1976
1026Holemo, Fred J., 1975-1976
1027-28I-J, 1975-1976
1029Jackson, Curtis R., 1975-1976
1030Jones, Harold B., Jr., 1975-1976
1031-32K-L, 1975-1976
1033Lance, George C., 1975-1976
1034M, 1975-1976
1035Mara, Michael, 1975-1976
1036McArthur, Wilmoth C., 1975-1976
1037Martin, Neil R., 1975-1976
1038Miller, Bill R., 1975-1976
1039Miller, Hugh Max, 1975-1976
1040Musser, Wesley N., 1975-1976
1041N, 1975-1976
1042Nixon, John W., 1975-1976
1043Noles, Richard K., 1975-1976
1044North, Roger M., 1975-1976
1045-46O-P, 1975-1976
1047Provost's Office, 1975-1976
1048Purcell, Joseph C., 1975-1976
1049-50R-S, 1975-1976
1051Saunders, Fred B., 1975-1976
1052T, 1975-1976
1053Thompson, Jack C., 1975-1976
1054Thorne, Jere T., 1975-1976
1055U, 1975-1976
1056Unicoi Conference Center, 1975-1976
1057-58V-W, 1975-1976
1059Wheeler, Robert S., 1975-1976
1060White, Fred C., 1975-1976
1061Williams, F.W., 1975-1976
1062Wise, James O., 1975-1976
1063XYZ, 1975-1976
1064Younts, S. Eugene, 1975-1976
1065Memoranda, 1975-1976
271A, 1975-1977
272Agricultural Commodity Commission for Cotton, 1975-1977
273Ames, Glenn C.W., 1975-1977
274B, 1975-1977
275Braselton, Glenn B., 1975-1977
276Broder, J.M., 1975-1977
277Brown, E.E., 1975-1977
278Burgess, Samuel, 1975-1977
279C, 1975-1977
2710Clifton, Ivery D., 1975-1977
2711-12D-E, 1975-1977
2713Edwards, Hardy M., Jr., 1975-1977
2714F, 1975-1977
2715Flatt, W. P., 1975-1977
2716Frazier, Thomas L., 1975-1977
2717G, 1975-1977
2718Garren, Henry W., 1975-1977
2719H, 1975-1977
2720Horan, Pat, 1975-1977
2721-22I-J, 1975-1977
2723Jones, H.B., 1975-1977
2724-26K-M, 1975-1977
2727Martin, N.R., 1975-1977
2728Miller, B.R., 1975-1977
2729Miller, H.M., 1975-1977
2730Musser, Wesley N., 1975-1977
2731N, 1975-1977
2732Nixon, J.W., 1975-1977
2733Noles, Richard K., 1975-1977
2734North, R.N., 1975-1977
2735-38O-S, 1975-1977
2739Saunders, F.B., 1975-1977
2740-43T-W, 1975-1977
2744Wheeler, Robert S., 1975-1977
2745White, F.C., 1975-1977
2746-47Y-Z, 1975-1977
2748Memoranda, 1975-1977
641Conner Hall window Coverings, 1975-1984
642D, 1975-1984
643Dowling, John, 1975-1984
644Duvall, Tal, 1975-1984
645E, 1975-1984
646Flatt, W. P., 1975-1984
647Flatt, W. P. (China Trade), 1975-1984
648-13G-L, 1975-1984
6414Lanier, William L., 1975-1984
6415-20M-S, 1975-1984
6421Smit, C.J.B., 1975-1984
6422Snyder, Darl, 1975-1984
6423-26T-Y, 1975-1984
6427Staff Memoranda, 1975-1984
42Extension Marketing Staff Correspondence, 1977-1978
43Farm Management Staff Correspondence, 1977-1978
47McArthur, W.C., 1977
411Musser, W.N., 1977-1978
412Nixon, J.W., 1977-1978
413North, R.N., 1977-1978
414Purcell, J.C., 1977-1978
416Saunders, F.B., 1977-1978
417Smathers, W.M., 1977-1978
418Thompson, J.C., 1977-1978
419Thorne, J.T., 1977-1978
420White, F.C., 1977-1978
421Williams, F.W., 1977-1978
422Wise. J.O., 1977-1978
48-9Miller, B.R., 1977-1978
617Ames, Glenn C.W., 1977-1978
618Broder, J.M., 1977-1978
619Brown, E. Evan, 1977-1978
620Clifton, Ivery D., 1977-1978
621Horan, Pat, 1977-1978
622Noles, Richard K., 1977-1978
623Snyder, Darl, 1977-1978
624Wheeler, Robert S., 1977-1978
625Registrar's Office, 1977-1978
626Memoranda, 1977-1978
61-16H-Z, 1977-1978
111A, 1977-1978
112Braselton, Glenn B., 1977-1978
113Bunker, Nancy, 1977-1978
114Burgess, Samuel, 1977-1978
115C, 1977-1978
116Community & Resource Development Correspondence, 1977-1978
117-8D-E, 1977-1978
119Extension Marketing Staff Correspondence, 1977-1978
1110F, 1977-1978
1111Farm Management Staff Correspondence, 1977-1978
1112G, 1977-1978
1113Garren, Dean Henry, 1977-1978
1114Georgia Station Staff Correspondence, 1977-1978
1115Edwards, Hardy M., Jr., 1977-1978
1116Purcell, Joseph c., 1977-1978
1117Thompson, J.C., 1977-1978
1118Thorne, J.T., 1977-1978
1119Williams, F.W., 1977-1978
45Jones, H.B., 1978
46Lee, T.C., 1978
410Miller, Max, 1978
415Redman, B.T., 1978
41Community & Resource Development Correspondence, 1978-1979
96Edwards, Hardy M., Jr., 1978-1979
916Noles, Richard K., 1978-1979
920Memoranda, 1978-1979
91-5A-E, 1978-1979
97-15F-N, 1978-1979
917-19O-R, 1978-1979
321-2Miller, B.R., 1978-1979
323Miller, H.M., 1978-1979
324Musser, W.N., 1978-1979
325North, R.N., 1978-1979
326Purcell, J.C., 1978-1979
327Redman, B.J., 1978-1979
328Saunders, F.B., 1978-1979
329Smathers, W.M., 1978-1979
3210Snyder, Darl, 1978-1979
3211Thompson, J.C., 1978-1979
3212Thorne, J.T., 1978-1979
3213White, F.C., 1978-1979
3214Williams, F.W., 1978-1979
3215Wise, J.O., 1978-1979
3216Community Resources Development, 1978-1979
3217Extension Marketing, 1978-1979
3218Farm Management, 1978-1979
3219Georgia Station, 1978-1979
3220Registrar's Office, 1978-1979
19Ames, Glenn C.W., 1979
110Braselton, Glenn B., 1979
111Broder, J.M., 1979
112Brown, E.E., 1979
113Bunker, Nancy, 1979
114Clifton, Ivery D., 1979
115Christensen, L.A., 1979
116Fanning, J.W., 1979
117-18Flatt, William P., 1979
119Frazier, Thomas L., 1979
120Garren, Dean Henry, 1979
121Gunter, L.F., 1979
122Horan, Pat, 1979
123Jones, H.B., 1979
124Mcarthur, W.C., 1979
125Noles, Richard K., 1979
11-4S-V, 1979
15-6Wheeler, Robert S., 1979
17-8W-Y, 1979
121A, 1979-1980
122Ames, Glenn C.W., 1979-1980
123B, 1979-1980
124Bowen, Nancy, 1979-1980
125Braselton, Glenn B., 1979-1980
126Broder, J.M., 1979-1980
127Brown, E. Evan, 1979-1980
128C, 1979-1980
129Carley, Dale, 1979-1980
1210Clifton, Ivery D., 1979-1980
1211Christensen, L.A., 1979-1980
1212D, 1979-1980
1213Dowling, John, 1979-1980
1214Duvall, Tal, 1979-1980
1215E, 1979-1980
1216Edwards, Hardy M., Jr., 1979-1980
1217F, 1979-1980
1218-19Flatt, William P., 1979-1980
1220Fletcher, Alan, 1979-1980
1221Frazier, Thomas L., 1979-1980
141G, 1979-1980
142Correspoondence - Garren, Henry, 1979-1980
143Georgia Station Staff Correspondence, 1979-1980
144Gunter, L.F., 1979-1980
145H, 1979-1980
146Hexam, Roger, 1979-1980
147-8I-J, 1979-1980
149Jones, Harold B., Jr., 1979-1980
1410-12K-M, 1979-1980
1413McArthur, W.C., 1979-1980
1414Miller, B.R., 1979-1980
1415Miller, H.M., 1979-1980
1416Musser, W.N., 1979-1980
1417N, 1979-1980
1418Noles, Richard K., 1979-1980
1419-20P-R, 1979-1980
1421Redman, B.T., 1979-1980
1422S, 1979-1980
1423Saunders, Fred B., 1979-1980
1424Memoranda, 1979-1980
451Smathers, W.M., 1979-1980
452Smit, C.J.B., 1979-1980
453Snyder, Darl, 1979-1980
454T, 1979-1980
455Thompson, Jack C., 1979-1980
456-7V-W, 1979-1980
458Wetzstein, Michael, 1979-1980
459Wheeler, Robert S., 1979-1980
4510White, F.C., 1979-1980
4511Williams, F.W., 1979-1980
4512Wise, J.O., 1979-1980
4513Community Resource Staff Correspondence, 1979-1980
4514Extension Marketing Staff Correspondence, 1979-1980
4515Farm Management Staff Correspondence, 1979-1980
151A, 1980-1981
152Ag Communications, 1980-1981
153B, 1980-1981
154Braselton, Glenn B., 1980-1981
155-6C-D, 1980-1981
157Dowling, John, 1980-1981
158DuVall, Tal, 1980-1981
159-10E-F, 1980-1981
1511-12Flatt, William P., 1980-1981
1513Frazier, Thomas L., 1980-1981
1514-20G-M, 1980-1981
1521Memoranda to AEC Faculty, 1980-1981
751Redman, Barbara J., 1980-1981
752Saunders, Fred B., 1980-1981
753Smathers, Webb M., Jr., 1980-1981
754Wetzstein, Michael E., 1980-1981
755White, Fred C., 1980-1981
756Williams, F. Wen, 1980-1981
757Wise, James O., 1980-1981
758Community & Rural Development, 1980-1981
759Extension Farm Management, 1980-1981
7510Extension Marketing Department, 1980-1981
7511Georgia Station Staff, 1980-1981
761Ames, Glenn C.W., 1980-1982
762Broder, J.M., 1980-1982
763Brown, E.E., 1980-1982
764Christensen, L.A., 1980-1982
765Clifton, Ivery D., 1980-1982
766Gunter, Lewell F., 1980-1982
767Hexem, Roger, 1980-1982
768Horan, Pat, 1980-1982
769Jones, Harold B., 1980-1982
7610Mc, 1980-1982
7611MacArthur, Wilmoth C., 1980-1982
7612Miller, Bill R., 1980-1982
7613Miller, H.M., 1980-1982
7614Musser, W.N., 1980-1982
7615N, 1980-1982
7616Noles, Richard K., 1980-1982
7617-20O-S, 1980-1982
7621Smit, C.J.B., 1980-1982
7622Snyder, Darl, 1980-1982
7623-29T-Z, 1980-1982
791A, 1980-1983
792Ag Communications, 1980-1983
793B, 1980-1983
794Braselton, Glenn B., 1980-1983
795Browne, E. Brodus, 1980-1983
796-7C-D, 1980-1983
798Dowling, John, 1980-1983
799Duvall, Tal, 1980-1983
7910-11E-F, 1980-1983
7912-13Flatt, William P., 1980-1983
7914Frazier, Thomas L., 1980-1983
7915-19G-K, 1980-1983
7920Kirkland, Byron, 1980-1983
7921L, 1980-1983
7922M, 1980-1983
7923Memoranda, 1980-1983
771A, 1981-1982
772Ag Communications, 1981-1982
773B, 1981-1982
774Braselton, Glenn B., 1981-1982
775-6C-D, 1981-1982
777Dowling, John, 1981-1982
778Duvall, Tal, 1981-1982
779-22E-S, 1981-1982
7723Smit, C.J.B., 1981-1982
7724Memoranda, 1981-1982
841Ames, Glenn C., 1981-1982
842Broder, Josef M., 1981-1982
843Brown, E. Evan, 1981-1982
844Christensen, L.A., 1981-1982
845Clifton, Ivery D., 1981-1982
846Gunter, Lewell F., 1981-1982
847Hexem, Roger, 1981-1982
848Jones, Harold B., 1981-1982
849Lianos, Theodore, 1981-1982
8410Karina, Stephen J., 1981-1982
8411McArthur, W.C., 1981-1982
8412Mackert, John R., 1981-1982
8413Miller, Bill R., 1981-1982
8414Miller, H.M., 1981-1982
8415Musser, W.N., 1981-1982
8416Saunders, Fred B., 1981-1982
8417Smathers, Webb M., 1981-1982
8418Snyder, Darl, 1981-1982
8419T, 1981-1982
8420Thompson, Jack C., 1981-1982
8421-22V-W, 1981-1982
8423Wheeler, Robert S., 1981-1982
8424Wietgrefe, Walter, 1981-1982
8425Williams, F. Wen, 1981-1982
8426White, Fred C., 1981-1982
8427Wise, James O., 1981-1982
8428C & RD, 1981-1982
8429Georgia Station, 1981-1982
8430Extension Marketing, 1981-1982
801-2Ames, Glenn C.W., 1981-1983
803Broder, J.M., 1981-1983
804Brown, E.E., 1981-1983
805Campbell, Phil, 1981-1983
8012Registrar's Office, 1981-1983
8013S, 1981-1983
8014-15Smit, C.J.B., 1981-1983
8016Snyder, Darl, 1981-1983
8017-21T-Z, 1981-1983
806-7Centner, Terence J., 1981-1983
808-11M-R, 1981-1983
741Christensen, L.A., 1982-1983
742Clifton, Ivey D., 1982-1983
743Fanning, J.W., 1982-1983
744Gunter, Lewell F., 1982-1983
745Hexem, Roger, 1982-1983
746Hill, R. Carter, 1982-1983
747Horan, Pat, 1982-1983
748Jones, Harold B., 1982-1983
749Katrina, Steve, 1982-1983
7410Mackert, John R., 1982-1983
7411McArthur, W.C., 1982-1983
7412-13Miller, B.R., 1982-1983
7414Miller, H.M., 1982-1983
7415Musser, W.N., 1982-1983
7416North, Ron, 1982-1983
7417Proffer, Ted, 1982-1983
7418Purcell, Joseph E., 1982-1983
7419Redman, Barbara J., 1982-1983
7420Saunders, Fred B., 1982-1983
7421Smathers, Webb M., 1982-1983
7422Thorne, J.T., 1982-1983
7423Wetzstein, Michael, 1982-1983
7424White, Fred C., 1982-1983
7425Williams, F.W., 1982-1983
7426Wise, James O., 1982-1983
7427AEC Georgia Experiment Station, 1982-1983
7428Community & Rural Development, 1982-1983
7429-30Extension Marketing Staff Correspondence, 1982-1983
7431Farm Management Staff, 1982-1983
7432IRRI Visiting Scientist, 1982-1983
7433Regional Project: Improving Community Services, 1982-1983
661A, 1983-1984
662Ames, Glenn C.W., 1983-1984
663B, 1983-1984
664Boyd, Louis, 1983-1984
665Braselton, Glenn B., 1983-1984
666Broder, J.M., 1983-1984
667Brown, E.E., 1983-1984
668Browne, E. Broadus, 1983-1984
669C, 1983-1984
6610Centner, Terence J., 1983-1984
6611Christensen, L.A., 1983-1984
6612Clifton, Ivery D., 1983-1984
6613Epperson, J.E., 1983-1984
6614F, 1983-1984
6615Gunter, Lewell, 1983-1984
6616Hill, R. Carter, 1983-1984
6617Houston, Jack, 1983-1984
6618Jones, H.B. Jr., 1983-1984
6619Mackert, John R., 1983-1984
6620McArthur, W.C., 1983-1984
6621Miller, B., 1983-1984
6622Miller, M., 1983-1984
6623Saunders, F.B., 1983-1984
6624Smathers, W.M., 1983-1984
6625Vasavada, U., 1983-1984
6626White, Fred C., 1983-1984
6627Wetzstein, Michael, 1983-1984
6628Williams, F.W., 1983-1984
6629Wise, J.O., 1983-1984
6630Agricultural Communications, 1983-1984
6631Economic Development - Trieb, 1983-1984
6632Extension Agricultural Economics - Ikerd, 1983-1984
6633Georgia Poultry Industry, 1983-1984
6634Georgia Station, 1983-1984
6635Market Watch, 1983-1984

2. Administrative Subject Files

331-3Annual Report, 1950-1958
334Monthly Activities Report, 1962-1963
335Annual Report of Instruction, 1963-1964
336Annual Report of Research, 1963-1964
337Annual Report, 1964-1965
338Annual Report of Instruction, 1964-1965
339Monthly Activities Report, 1964-1965
3310-14Annual Report on Research, 1964-1969
341Annual Report on Instruction, 1968-1969
342Faculty Activities Report, 1968-1969
343Annual Report on Instruction, 1969-1970
344Annual Report on Research, 1969-1970
345Faculty Activities Report, 1969-1970
346Annual Report on Research, 1970-1971
347Annual Report on Instruction, 1970-1971
348Budget Ammendment Requests
311-2Faculty Activities Report, 1970-1972
313Annual Report on Instruction, 1971-1972
314Annual Report on Research, 1971-1972
315Faculty Activities Report, 1972-1973
316Annual Report on Instruction, 1972-1973
317Annual Report on Research, 1972-1973
318Georgia Mountain Experiment Stn. Annual Report, 1973
319Faculty Activities Report, 1973-1974
3110Annual Reports on Instruction & Research, 1973-1974
3111Annual Report, 1974-1975
3112Faculty Activity Reports, 1974-1975
3113Annual Report, 1975
3114Faculty Activity Reports, 1975-1976
3115-16Annual Report, 1975-1978
3117Staff Activity Reports, 1979 September
3118-21Faculty Activity Reports, 1978-1979
3122Faculty Activity Reports, Branch Stations, 1973
3123Faculty Activity Reports, Extension Farm Management, 1973
3124Faculty Activity Reports, Extension Marketing, 1974
3125-26Faculty Activity Reports, 1978-1979
109Budget Planning, 1975-1976
1317Staff activity reports H-M, 1979-1985
21Staff activities report, 1979-1984
21-2Staff activity reports, 1983
23Award for Gary Edward Carlson - plaque, 1976
24Award for John Alvah Gilleland - plaque, 1976
461Conner Hall Utilization, 1950-1976
462Agricultural Economics Space Requirements, 1950-1976
463Conner Hall Project, 1950-1976
464Conner Hall Program Plans for Renovation, 1950-1976
465Conner Hall Furniture & Equipment, Pt. 1, 1950-1976
466Conner Hall Furniture & Equipment, Pt. 2, 1950-1976
467Conner Hall Furniture & Equipment, Pt. 3, 1950-1976
468Conner Hall Furniture & Equipment, Pt. 4, 1950-1976
469Conner Hall Remodeling, 1950-1976
4610Conner Hall Blue Prints, 1950-1976
4611Conner Hall Dedication, 1950-1976
4612Course Assignment Notebook, 1950-1960
371Agricultural College Study Panel, 1964
372Agricultural Memorial Award Winners, 1957-1987
373Staff Meeting Minutes, 1967-1969
374Staff Meeting Minutes, 1970-1973
375State Planning Bureau, 1957-1987
376State Technical Services Information, 1957-1987
377Statistics and Computer Sciences Curriculum, 1957-1987
378Survey Research Center Proposal, 1976
379Swine Short Course Information, 1975
3710Teaching Assistants, 1957-1987
3711Television Programs, 1957-1987
3712Textbooks, Pt. 1, 1957-1987
3713Textbooks, Pt. 2, 1957-1987
3714Timberlake, Hildegard, 1957-1987
3715Titan, 1957-1987
3716TVA Program, 1957-1987
3717University Center Economics Group, 1957-1987
3718USDA Memos of Agreement, 1976
381Vegetable Greenhouse Workshop, 1970-1979
382Water Resources Research Project, 1970-1979
383-5Program of Work/Budget, 1974-1977
386Work Load Reports, 1970-1979
387Work Load Sheets, 1970-1979
388Yearbooks - Agricultural, 1970-1979
389Young Farmers Forum, 1970-1979
3810"Zero" Based Budget, 1970-1979
3811Publication Report, 1977-1979
521Advanced Professional Degree, 1972-1982
522Affiliations, 1972-1982
523Farm Foundation, 1972-1982
524Resident Instruction Support Meeting, 1972-1982
525SBIC, 1972-1982
526Schrimper, Ronald A. (Itinerary), 1972-1982
527Science in Action, 1972-1982
528Seminars, 1972-1982
529Social Sciences Advisory Committee, 1972-1982
5210Social Sciences Core Curricula Report, 1972-1982
5211Solid Waste Disposal, 1972-1982
5212Southeastern Peanut Association, Pt. 1, 1972-1982
5213Southeastern Peanut Association, Pt. 2, 1972-1982
5214Southern Agricultural Economics Association, 1972-1982
5215Southern Agricultural Economics Association Meeting, 1972-1982
5216Southern Agricultural Management Research Work Group, 1972-1982
5217Southern Farm Show, 1972-1982
5218Southern Growth Policies Board, 1972-1982
5219Southern Land Economics Research Committee, 1972-1982
5220Southern Railway, 1972-1982
5221Southern Regional Demographic Group, 1972-1982
5222Southern Regional Educational Board, 1972-1982
5223Souothern Regional Rural Development Research Council, 1972-1982
5224Southern rural Development Center, 1972-1982
5225Space Utilization Report, 1972-1982
5226Student Information, 1972-1982
581College of Agriculture Self Study, 1970
582Fraternities (Scholastic), 1963-1981
583Ray Farms, 1963-1981
584Recent Graduates, 1963-1981
585RDC Vegetable Processing Center, 1963-1981
586Rockefeller Foundation Information, 1963-1981
587ROTC, 1963-1981
588Rural Development Center, 1963-1981
589Rusk Center, 1963-1981
5810SAEA (southern Assn. of Agricultural Scientists), 1963-1981
5811SAM Program (Summer Agri-business Management), 1974
5812Southern Agricultural Economics Department Heads Meeting, 1981
5813Southern Railway, 1963-1981
5814State Committee for Cooperative Education & Research, 1963-1981
5815USDA Task Force Project, 1963-1981
5816Appointment Calendar (Brannen?), 1978
591Georgia Planning Association, 1967-1979
592Manuscripts in Review, 1967-1979
593Press Releases, 1967-1979
594Program Overview of the College of Agriculture, 1967-1979
595Project Proposal - Title XII Caribbean Region, 1967-1979
596Prospective Employees, 1967-1979
597Publications Lists from Other Departments & Colleges, 1967-1979
598Publications - Experiment Stations, 1967-1979
599Publications - Inquiries, 1972-1973
5910Publications List, 1973-1974
5911Publications - Instructions for Report, 1967-1979
5912Sabbatical Leave - Preault, Paul, 1967-1979
5913Southern Peanut Association, 1967-1979
601AAEA Meeting, 1971
602American Agricultural Economics Association Meeting, 1978
603American Agricultural Economics Association Meeting, 1979
604American Society of Farm Managers, 1979
605American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers, 1979
606Atlanta Metro Agribusiness Council, 1972-1979
607Georgia Agricultural Economics Association, 1972-1979
608Integrated Pest Management Program with Intensive Cropping Sequences, 1972-1979
609The Paper (UGA College of Agriculture Experiment Stations, 1972-1979
6010Pakistan Project, 1972-1979
6011Peace Corps, 1972-1979
6012Pecan Work Group, 1972-1979
6013Ph.D. Program, 1972-1979
6027Plant Food Institute Brochure, 1972-1979
6028-30Preliminary Budget Request, 1976-1979
6031Producer Panel Task Force, 1972-1979
6032Project Planning and Budgeting Committee, 1972-1979
6033Survey - Off campus Educational Program, 1972-1979
611Agricultural Economics Policy for Graduate Students, 1966-1980
612Agricultural Economics Graduate Student Performance, 1969-1974
613-7Computer List of Graduate Students, 1966-1980
618Georgia Farm Bureau Federation, 1966-1980
619Georgia Land Use and CNI Data, 1966
6110Georgia's Vegetable Industry, 1966-1980
6111Graduate Assistants, 1974
6112Graduate Background Information, 1976
6113Graduate Program in Community and Regional Development, 1966-1980
6114Graduate Student Enrollment/Support Information, 1966-1980
6115The Graduates (article), 1966-1980
6116Glasmacher & Co., Inc., 1966-1980
6117Heart Fund, 1966-1980
6118Hardman Farms, 1966-1980
6119Higher Education Act, 1966-1980
6120Interdisciplinary Faculty Group Reports, 1966-1980
6121IBM Terminal, 1966-1980
6122In-service Programs, 1966-1980
6123INSTOY (International Soybean Program), 1966-1980
6124Inter-American Committee for Agricultural Development, 1966-1980
6125Insight - (Cooperative Extension Publication), 1966-1980
6126Interior Department Billing, 1966-1980
6127International Association of Agricultural Economists, 1966-1980
6128International Student Affairs Office, 1966-1980
6129Introductory Social Science Survey Course, 1966-1980
6130Inventory (Agricultural Economics Department), 1967
6131Inventory (Agricultural Economics Department), 1972
6132Administrative Memos "J", 1966-1980
6133Janss Cattle Industries, 1966-1980
6134Japanese Agricultural Market, 1966-1980
6135Journal Articles - Approved Page Charge Forms, 1966-1980
621Forestry Committee, 1966-1980
622Fortrition Study, 1966-1980
623Freight Forwarder Information, 1966-1980
624GAEA, 1976-1979
625GAES-USDA Poultry Research Review, 1966-1980
626GDA Study, 1966-1980
627Georgia Agribusiness Conference Proceedings, 1969, 1969
628Georgia Agriculturalist, 1966-1980
629Georgia Bankers Association, 1966-1980
6210Georgia Cattlemen's Association, 1966-1980
6211-20Georgia Council of Farmer's Coops Scholarships, 1960-1961
6221Georgia Development Authority, 1966-1980
6222Georgia Farm Bureau Federation, 1966-1980
6223Georgia Farm Bureau Federation Memorandum of Agreement, 1966-1980
6224Georgia Farming Research and Development Program, 1966-1980
6225Georgia Institute of Genetics, 1966-1980
6226Georgia Pernambuco, 1966-1980
6227-31Georgia Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers, Membership Study Committee, 1965-1969
6232Georgia Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers, Membership Study Committee, 1966-1980
6233Georgia Southern Agri-business Option, 1966-1980
6234Georgia Station Seminars, 1966-1980
6235Georgia Teachers of Vocational Agriculture, 1978
6236Georgia Teachers of Vocational Agriculture, 1979
6237Georgia Manpower Planning Council, 1966-1980
6238Georgia Society Scholarship Applications, 1966-1980
6239Goals for Georgia, 1971
6240Goals for Georgia, 1971
6241Miscellaneous Staff Memoranda, 1966-1980
631Agricultural Research Institute, 1960-1980
632American Economics Association, 1960-1980
633-5PPB Committee, 1976
636-18Robert Strickland Agricultural Memorial Award, 1955-1959
6319Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics Petition, 1960-1980
671Job Opportunities, Pt. 1, 1966-1979
672Job Opportunities, Pt. 2, 1966-1979
673Job Opportunities, Pt. 3, 1966-1979
674Miscellaneous Staff Memoranda "P", 1966-1979
6718Position Announcements, 1966-1979
6719Poultry Advisory Council, 1966-1979
6720Poultry Processing Project, 1966-1979
6721Poultry Production Controls, 1967
6722Poultry Research Program, 1966-1979
6724Producer Panel Task Force, 1966-1979
6725Production Economics Seminar, 1966-1979
6726Program Concept - Division of Agricultural Economics, 1966-1979
6728Publication guidelines for Faculty Series, 1966-1979
6729-34Publication List, 1973-1980
6735Publications - Experiment Station, 1966-1979
6811890 Land Grant college Research Coordinators for CSRS, 1972-1980
682College of Agriculture Teaching Faculty Meetings, 1973-1975
683Committee for Non-Academic Recognition Study, 1972-1980
684Division Chairmen Meeting Minutes, 1974
685Division Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, 1975-1978
686Multinational Agribusiness Systems, Inc., 1972-1980
687National Employment Registry of Agricultural Economists, 1972-1980
688National Agricultural Policy Conference, 1972-1980
689National Merit Semi-finalists, 1972-1980
6810National Science Foundation Graduate Traineeship, 1972-1980
6811National Water Management Laboratory, 1972-1980
6812New Course Applications, 1972-1980
6813New Marketing Program, 1972-1980
6814NSF Traineeship Proposal, 1972-1980
6815Paxton, Kenneth Wayne, 1972-1980
6816Memoranda of Agreements, Pt. 1, 1972-1980
6817Memoranda of Agreements, Pt. 2, 1972-1980
6818Staff Meeting Minutes, 1973-1978
701Board of Directors, Officers, Staff - Columbia Bank, 1965-1979
702Canerday's Meeting with Cotton Commodity Commission, 1965-1979
703Careers Day, 1965-1979
704Catalog Materials, 1965-1979
705Centennial Information - Ag Experiment Stations, 1965-1979
706Changes (Course), 1965-1979
707Class Schedules, 1978-1979
708Clearinghouse Announcements - Science & Technology, 1965-1979
709Coastal Plains Regional Commission Annual Report, 1979
7010Coastal Plains Regional Commission - Regional Development Plan, 1965-1979
7011Coastal Plains Regional Commission, 1965-1979
7012College of Agriculture Faculty Meeting Minutes, 1967-1969
7013Committee Report on Clientele Needs & Service Programs, 1965-1979
7014Committees - Dept. of Agricultural Economics, 1965-1979
7015Commodity Group Panel, 1965-1979
7016Competitive Grants (Flatt), 1965-1979
7017Computer Center, 1965-1979
7018Computer Programming Manual, 1965-1979
7019Computers and Computer Sciences Education Study Committee, 1965-1979
7020Conner Hall Renovation, 1965-1979
7021Course Card Requisitions, 1965-1979
7022Credit Union, 1965-1979
7023PBS Committee, 1965-1979
7024PBS Committee Meeting, 1965-1979
7025Personnel Services, 1965-1979
7026PPBS Committee Budget Planning, 1974-1975
7027PPBS, 1976
711Land Assessment Study Committee, 1957-1980
712Landsat Data Correspondence, 1957-1980
713Leading States Questionnaire, 1957-1980
714Legislative Planning Conference, 1978
715Library, 1957-1980
716League of Women Voters, 1957-1980
717Manuscript Reviews, 1957-1980
718-13Manuscript Submittal Sheets, 1962-1974
7114Marine Resources Planning Development Committee, 1957-1980
7115Market Development, 1957-1980
7116Memorandum of Agreement, 1957-1980
7117Milledgeville State Hospital Farm Planning Committee, 1957-1980
7118Millarden Farms, 1957-1980
7119Minutes - Department Staff Meetings, 1957-1980
7120Minutes - Division Chairman, 1957-1980
7121Minutes - Division Executive Meetings, 1957-1980
7122Minutes - Meetings, Conferences, Lectures, 1957-1980
7123Monthly Activity Reports, 1966-1967
731Epp, Donald, 1961-1977
732Administrative Correspondence "F", 1961-1977
733Farm and Land Institute, 1961-1977
734Farm Credit Conference, 1974
735Farm Management Club Project, 1961-1977
736Farm Real Estate Situation, 1961-1977
737Farmer, Berkwood M., 1961-1977
738Farmer Management Clubs, 1961-1977
739Farmers Club Meeting, Tax Committee, 1978
7310Farmhouse Finance Committee, 1968
7311Farmhouse Fraternity, 1964-1969
7312Farmhouse Fraternity, 1970-1979
7313Feasibility Study, 1979
7314Federal Crop Insurance Corporation, 1961-1977
7315Federation of southern Cooperatives, 1961-1977
7316Fellowship Awards, 1961-1977
7317FHA Meeting, 1976
7318Field Trips, 1961-1977
7319Food Science Institute, 1961-1977
7320Food Science Institute Proposal, 1961-1977
7321Foreign Investment in Southern Real Estate, 1961-1977
7322Interdisciplinary Forage Committee, 1961-1977
781AAEA Distinguished Extension Program Award, 1967-1979
782AAEA Meetings - Presentation, 1967-1979
783AAEA Meeting - Frankfurt, 1967-1979
784AAEA Nomination, 1967-1979
785Agricultural and rural Development Committee, 1967-1979
786Agricultural Brochure, 1967-1979
787Agricultural Economics Department Staff, 1967-1979
788Agricultural social Science Curriculum, 1967-1979
789AIID Questionnaire, 1967-1979
7810Alabama Jaycees, 1967-1979
7811Allied Social Science Association, 1967-1979
7812Alumni Association - College of Agriculture, 1967-1979
7813Alumni Interfraternity Council, 1967-1979
7814Alumni Society - University of Georgia, 1967-1979
7815American Agricultural Economics Association, 1967-1979
7816American Agricultural Movement, 1967-1979
7817American Farm Economics Association, 1967-1979
7817Analysis of Present Work force Forms, 1967-1979
7818Annual Research Workers Conference, 1967-1979
7819Articles, 1967-1979
7820ASAW, 1967-1979
7821Extension Economist - Farm Management, 1967-1979
7822Graduates in AED in southern Universities, 1967-1979
7823University of Georgia Admissions Report, 1967-1979
811AAEA Junior Membership, 1967-1978
812AAEA-WAEA Bozeman, Montana Trip, 1967-1978
813Academic Advisory Committee to the State, 1967-1978
814Accident Reports, 1967-1978
815Ad Hoc Committee - Graduate Faculty, 1967-1978
816Administration Organization, 1967-1978
817Administrative Coss for Fiscal Year, 1979
818AEC Graduate Student Enrollment, 1967-1978
819Affirmative Action, 1967-1978
8110Ag and World Food, 1967-1978
8111Ag Hill, 1967-1978
8112Agri-Fax, 1967-1978
8113Agricultural Alumni Meeting, 1967-1978
8114Agricultural Alumni News, 1967-1978
8115Agricultural Economics, 1967-1978
8116Agricultural Economics Majors, 1967-1978
8117Agricultural Economics - Objectives, Orientation & Evaluation, 1967-1978
8118Agricultural Economics Research, 1967-1978
8119Ag Econ Club, 1967-1978
8120Agriculture Census Data Users Conference, 1967-1978
8121Agriculture/Irrigation Task Force Report, 1967-1978
8122Ag Economics Extension, 1967-1978
8123Air Conditioning - Room 206, 1967-1978
8124Alabama Jaycees, 1967-1978
8125American Agricultural Economics Association, 1967-1978
8126American Economic Association, 1967-1978
8127Association of Southern Agricultural Workers, 1967-1978
8128Barrow Hall - space Allocation, 1967-1978
8129Community Fact Sheets, 1967-1978
8130Financial Assistance Applications, 1967-1978
821-12Agricultural Economics Division Meeting, 1959-1976
8213Agricultural Economics Division Self-Study, 1970, 1967-1977
8214Agriculture Careers Brochures, 1967-1977
8215East Pakistan Project, 1967-1977
8216Economic and Market Research Committee of the AFMA, 1967-1977
8217Economic Aftermath, 1967-1977
8218Econmic Development Council of Georgia, 1967-1977
8219Economic Research Services, 1967-1977
8220Editorial Study Committee - American Journal of Ag Econ, 1967-1977
8221-24Employment Applicants, 1967-1977
8225Employment Guidelines, 1967-1977
8226Employment Opportunities, 1967-1977
8227Enrollment History, 1967-1977
8228Environmental Quality, 1967-1977
8229Equal Employment Compliance Review, 1967-1977
8230Extension Directory, 1967-1977
831Agricultural Economics Curriculum Committee, 1944-1974
832-6Agricultural Economics Department Heads Meeting, 1964, 1964-1979
837Agricultural Economics Department History, 1944-1974
838Civil Service, 1944-1974
839College Publications, 1944-1974
8310Commodities, 1944-1974
8311Computer Center, 1944-1974
8312Computer Policy, 1944-1974
8313Coop Education Program, 1944-1974
8314Coosa Valley Vegetable Project, 1944-1974
8315Correspondence Courses, 1944-1974
8316Cotton Cooperative Marketing Task Force, 1944-1974
8317Cotton Research Planning Group, 1944-1974
8318Counseling and Testing Project, 1944-1974
8319Course Challenge Examinations, 1944-1974
8320Course Offerings - Other Departments, 1944-1974
8321Courses - General, 1944-1974
8322CSRS Grant Proposal Rankings & Information, 1944-1974
8323CSRS Special Grants Proposals & Guidelines, 1944-1974
8324CSRS Review, 1944-1974
8325CSRS Review of Agricultural Economics, 1944-1974
8326Division Questionnaire, 1944-1974
8327Rural Development Major, 1944-1974
851Committee for Evaluation of Teaching/Research, 1960-1982
852Economic Opportunity Act, 1960-1982
853Employment Opportunities Bulletins, 1960-1982
854Enrollment Figures - College of Agriculture, 1960-1982
855Environmental Protection Agency Grant Proposal, 1960-1982
856Equipment Letters, 1960-1982
857Equipment Needs, 1960-1982
858Euharlee Farmers club, 1960-1982
859-10Faculty Award Nominations, 1973-1978
8511Faculty Foreign Interest File, 1960-1982
8512Financing Irrigation - PCA Information, 1960-1982
8513Foreign Investment in U.S. Farmland, 1960-1982
8514Hill, Nancy, 1960-1982
861Appalachian Project, 1960-1972
862Appraisal of Uses of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, 1960-1972
863Auxiliary Enterprise in the Animal & Dairy Science Department, 1960-1972
864Barbados Visit, 1960-1972
865-12Biodata, Pt. 1, 1960-1972
8613Blairsville Meeting, 1960-1972
8614Blueberry Research, 1960-1972
8615Board of Regents Visit, 1976
8616Borden Scholarship, 1960-1972
8617Branch Stations Annual Reports, 1960-1972
8618Broiler Outlook, 1960-1972
8619Budget Requests, 1975-1976
8620Budgeted EFT, 1966-1979
8621Bureau of Planning, 1960-1972
8622Cambodia - Viet Nam, 1960-1972
8623Catalog & Curriculum, 1960-1972
8624Catalogue Descriptions for General Catalogue-Department, 1960-1972

3. Research Projects

5415-30Research Projects, 1956-1972
1647-50Research Projects, 1973-1978
501Research Program, 1966-1969
502-3Research Projects - Athens, 1966-1976
504Research Proposals, 1966-1976
506Program of Work, 1966-1976
5010-12Research - Agricultural Economics Department, 1966-1983
5013Plant Pathology Annual Report, 1972
5014Research Committee, 1966-1976
5015Budget Worksheets, 1966-1976
5016Ad Hoc Committee on Regional & Marketing Research, 1966-1976
5017Experiment Station Research Budget, 1966-1976
5018Research Projects - Griffin, 1966-1976
5019Research Projects Inactive - Griffin, 1966-1976
5020Regional Research, 1966-1976
5021CRIS Report, 1967
5022Research Programs Bulletin, 1976-1977
5023Research Programs Booklet, 1977-1978
5024Agricultural Economics Research Programs, 1975-1976
5025Dr. Tarver's Project, 1966-1976
5026Peanut Production Proposal, 1966-1976
5027Research Foundations & Grant Programs, 1966-1976
5028Research Technician Position, 1966-1976
5029Questionnaire, 1966-1976
511H436 Expansion of Employment Opportunities in Rural Recreational Enterprises, 1973-1978
512HM433 Market Responses of Private Forest Landowners, 1973-1978
513HM434 Economic Impact of Property Taxes on Agricultural Land Use in Georgia, 1973-1978
514HM440 The Use of Simulation for Improving the Operational Efficiency of Livestock Processing Plants, 1973-1978
515H442 Social and Economic Implications of the Changing Population of Georgia with Reference to the Entire South, 1973-1978
516H461 Initiation of a Crop and Livestock Budget Generator System in Georgia, 1973-1978
517H473 Development and Maintenance of a Statistical Analysis System, 1973-1978
518ERS FE 9-14 Adjustment Opportunities in Georgia & Adjoining States, 1973-1978
519OWRR, 1973-1978
5110TRI 3-0044, 1973-1978
5111H141 The Magnitude & Significance of Surplus Farm Labor, 1973-1978
5112HM1004 Economic Aspects of the Vegetable Oil Industry in Georgia, 1973-1978
5113HM159 Organization and Structure of the Marketing System of Georgia Broiler Meat, 1973-1978
5114H175 Nutritive Value of Foods Purchased by the Atlanta Consumer Panel, 1973-1978
5115H181 Farm Management Operations and Production Practices, 1973-1978
5116HM 183 Optimum Location of Livestock and Meat Marketing Facilities in the South, 1973-1978
5117HM 184 The Impact of Changing Market Structure Upon the Competitive Position of the Dairy Industry, 1973-1978
5118HM186 Guides for Adjustments by Firms Marketing Fruits and Vegetables, 1973-1978
5119H187 Least Cost Systems of Feeder Calf Production, 1973-1978
5120HM190 Methods and Practices of Purchasing and Utilizing Agricultural Pesticides, 1973-1978
5121HM192 Reduction of Elimination in Commercial Channels of Pesticides Residues, 1973-1978
5122H1003 Alternative Production Areas for Growing Cattle, 1973-1978
5123HM1009 Analysis of Marketing of Flue-cured Tobacco in Georgia Under Acreage, 1973-1978
5124HM1011 The Demand for Food, 1973-1978
5125HM1012 The Effects of the Georgia Milk Base Plan on the Structure and Performance o the Milk Industry, 1973-1978
5126HM1018 Analysis and Demand for Red Meat, Poultry, Eggs, seafood and Meat Mixtures, 1973-1978
5127HM1042 Analysis and Demand for Other Foods, 1973-1978
5128HM1043 Analysis and Demand for Fruits and Vegetables, 1973-1978
5129HM1044 Analysis and Demand for Dairy Products, Fats & Oils, 1973-1978
5130H1045 Structure of the Commercial Egg Industry at the Farm Level, 1973-1978
5131HM 1046 Consumer Expenditure Analysis, 1973-1978
5132HM1058 Fiber Test Data and Other Factors Related to Cotton Prices, 1973-1978
5133H1069 Feasibility of Christmas Tree Production as an Enterprise in Georgia, 1973-1978
5134H1070 Pecan Production Practices and Costs, 1973-1978
5135H1071 The Magnitude and Significance of Rural Farm Labor, 1973-1978
5136H1072 Resource Factor Changes Affecting Expansion of Grade A Milk Production, 1973-1978
5137H1073 Factors Associated with Adjustments for Efficient Production of Flue-cured Tobacco, 1973-1978
5138H1074 Optimal Dairy Cow Replacement Policies, 1973-1978
5139H1075 Economic Potential of Irrigation in Corn, Soybeans and Peanuts in the Coastal Plain, 1973-1978
5140H1076 Food Consumption Relationships, 1973-1978
5141HM1077 An Economic Analysis of Alternative Methods of Vertical Coordination in Livestock Production, 1973-1978
5142HM1078 Factors Affecting Returns to Flue-Cured Tobacco Auction Warehouses, 1973-1978
5143HM1079 Marketing Soybeans in Georgia, 1973-1978
5144HM1081 Changes in Cotton Requirements by Georgia Textile Mills, 1973-1978
5145HM1082 Evaluation of the Changing Competitive Position of Georgia Agriculture, 1973-1978
5146HM1095 Market organization, Power and the Dairy Industry, 1973-1978
5147HM1096 Methods and Practices of Purchasing and Utilizing Agricultural Fertilizers, 1973-1978
5148Hatch M1115 Use of Computers by Georgia Agricultural Business Firms, 1973-1978
5149HM1119 The Economic Impact of Changes in the Income from Cotton, Peanuts and Tobacco, 1973-1978
5150HM1120 Potential and Alternatives for Land Holding rural Nonfarm Residents and Part-time Farmers in Piedmont, Georgia, 1973-1978
5151HM1121 Alternatives and Costs of Handling Solid Waste Materials in Urban Fringe and Rural Communities, 1973-1978
5152HM1122 Economic Evaluation of Alternative Enterprises for Part-time Farm Families, 1973-1978
5153H1123 Potential for Reducing Pesticide Pollution by Utilization of the National Weather Service, 1973-1978
5154H1124 Economic Evaluation of Commercial Egg Production in Georgia, 1973-1978
5155H1146 The Potential for Reducing the Migration of Rural-Farm Workers to Urban Areas by Locating Industrial Parks, 1973-1978
5156HM1185 The Food and Feed Grains Subsector, 1973-1978
5157State 1-41 Evaluation of Systems of Beef Production Through Operations of Experimental Farm Units, 1973-1978
5158716-15-8 The Influence of Water, Fertilization, and Other Factors on the Cost of Producing Cotton, 1973-1978
51593-62 51 Economic Survey of the Marine Commercial Fishing Industry, 1973-1978
5160B-011 Supply, Demand and Price Structures for Water, 1973-1978
5161H439 Development of Human Resource Potential of Rural Youth, 1973-1978
541Administrative Costs, 1974
542Agricultural Development Council, 1956-1979
543Agricultural Economics Graduate Student Club, 1956-1979
544Clientele Response to AEC Research Program, 1956-1979
545Conference on Rural Development Issues in Georgia, 1956-1979
546Department of Agricultural Economics Preliminary Budgets, 1956-1979
547India Project, 1956-1979
548P.H.S. Chemical Use in River Basins, 1956-1979
549Project Progress Program, 1956-1979
5410Proposed Regional Project, 1956-1979
5411Research Advisory Committee, 1956-1979
5412Research and Graduate Program Review, 1972-1976
5413Research Center & Student Keypunching Security, 1956-1979
5414Research Contributions, 1962
5415-30Research Projects, 1956
5431Program Planning & Budgeting Committee, 1973-1974
5432Research Projects, 1975
5433Research Projects Machinery
5434Research Projects - Inactive - Athens
5435Research Review, 1969
5436Research Review, 1972
5437Responses to Prospective Employees
5438Review and Evaluation of Division and Department, 1967
5439Studies Conducted by the Department of Agricutlural Economics, 1928-1968

4. Publication Files

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652Development and Trade Analysis Division, 1962-1978
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657Farmer Cooperative Service, 1962-1978
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6510Market Quality Research Division, 1962-1978
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2647Manuscripts for Which Reviews not Required, 1983
351An Analysis of the Effects of Farm Size and Expansion Decisions on the Financial Conditions of Farm Firms, 1983-1985
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3510Cost & Returns for Selected Crop Enterprises at the SW Branch Experiment Station, 1983-1985
3511Cost Effectiveness of Home Health Care Compared to Intermediate Nursing Home Care, 1983-1985
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3526Georgia Commercial Peach Tree Survey, 1983-1985
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3529A Lemons Problem in the Livestock Industry, 1983-1985
3530Local Labor Markets in the South, 1983-1985
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3533Making Money With Livestock Marketing, 1983-1985
3534Mitigating the Effects of Truncation Bias in Estimating Recreational Demand Equations, 1983-1985
3535A Multi-Crop Economic Evaluation of Integrated Pest Management in Georgia, 1983-1985
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3540Purchasing & Marketing Practices of Bakeries Located in Georgia, 1983-1985
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364College Expenditures; Minimum Versus Actual Expenses, 1982-1983
365Consumer Benefits for Vegetable & Fruit Production, 1982-1983
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3615Efficiency & Equity Aspects of Policies to Control Sediment in the Altamaha River Basin, 1982-1983
3616Estate Tax Reduction Through Section 2032A, 1982-1983
3617Evaluation of a Lease Versus Purchase Option for Dairy Herd Expansion, 1982-1983
3618Factors Affecting the Demand & Supply of Agricultural Mortgage Credit, 1982-1983
3619Farmers' Reliance on Extension Service Information, 1982-1983
3620Feasibility for Dry Stack Boat Storage at eh Georgia Coast, 1982-1983
3621Financial and Sizing Analysis of Solar Heating on Dairies, 1982-1983
3622Grain Utilization in Georgia, 1982-1983
3623Identification of the Inflation Component of Risk in Agriculture, 1982-1983
3624Impact of Georgia's Agricultural Exports on Output, Income & Employment, 1982-1983
3625Impact of Rising Real Energy Prices on Sources of Primary Foods in the Atlanta Market: Fresh Apples, 1982-1983
3626Impact of Rising Real Energy Prices on Sources of Primary Foods in the Atlanta Market: Fresh Potatoes, 1982-1983
3627Improving Student Performance in Economics Classes Through Diagnostic Information, 1982-1983
3628Insights into the Relationship Between Soil Erosion, Productivity and Profitability, 1982-1983
3629Land Tenure and Agricultural Development in Zimbabwe, 1982-1983
3630Least Cost Data Communications for Computerized Agricultural Marketing, 1982-1983
3631Market Failure in Multiphase Electric Power Development for Agricultural Irrigation, 1982-1983
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3633The MTN Subsidies Code, 1982-1983
3634Multi-Crop Economic Evaluation of IPM in Georgia, 1982-1983
3635Nutritionally Adequate Low-Cost Diets for the Urban Population of Kinshasa, 1982-1983
3636Optimal Agricultural Pest Management with Multiple Species, 1982-1983
3637Output Risk & Fertilization Under Irrigation, 1982-1983
3638An Overview of Working Capital Management in U.S. Agriculture, 1982-1983
3639Peanut Pricing & Utilization in Georgia, 1982-1983
3640Possibilities for Recreational Demand Misspecification, 1982-1983
3641Pricing Georgia Farm Products Through the Futures Market, 1982-1983
3642Profile & Pesticide Use Characteristics of Georgia Peach Growers, 1982-1983
3643Retained Equities of Agricultural Cooperatives & the Federal Securities Acts, 1982-1983
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3647State Agricultural Cooperative Acts in the U.S.A., 1982-1983
3648State Cooperative Statutes, 1982-1983
3649Use of Psychological Scales for Risk Analysis in Agricultural Economics, 1982-1983
3650World Poultry Markets: Opportunities & Limitations for U.S. Exports, 1982-1983

5. Photographs

6014Apples, 1972-1979
6015Beans, Cantaloupe, Cabbage, Corn, Farmer's Market, Warehouses, Milk Processing, 1972-1979
6016Hay Planting/Harvesting, 1972-1979
6017Hogs, 1972-1979
6018Machinery, 1972-1979
6019Melons, 1972-1979
6020Milk Processing, Cattle, 1972-1979
6021Peaches, 1972-1979
6022Potatoes, 1972-1979
6023Poultry, 1972-1979
6024Sheep, 1972-1979
6025Vegetable Markets, 1972-1979
6026Miscellaneous Farming Operations, etc., 1972-1979
675Grading Tomatoes, 1966-1979
676Luther Hannon - Cattle, 1966-1979
677Jeff Sullens - Chickens, 1966-1979
678Horace Wright - Dairy, 1966-1979
679Co-op, 1966-1979
6710Flowery Branch Farm, 1966-1979
6711Bud Couch - Corn, Cotton, Cattle, 1966-1979
6712Oconee Farm - Alfalfa (tractor), 1966-1979
6713Farmer, 1966-1979
6714Paratrooper by Gus Carnes, 1966-1979
6715Apple Packing Plant, 1966-1979
6716Peach Packing Plant, 1966-1979
6717Millard Brasswell - Cattle & Hogs, 1966-1979

6. Additions

87Reports - Coastal Plain Experiement Station (Tifton), 1938-1942
881Plantings of Soil Improvement and Forage Crops in Georgia, 1934, 1937, 1939
882Southwest Georgia Branch Experiment Station Annual Report, 1975, 1979
883Southeast Georgia Branch Experiment Station Annual Report, 1974
884Costs and Returns, Southwest Georgia Branch Experiment Station, 1963-1977
885Costs and Returns, Southeast Georgia Branch Experiment Station, 1966-1974
886Georgia Money Maker Peanut Club, 1965
Final Report of the Organizational Committee, Center for Urban Agricultural Research, Georgia Experiment Station, 1987 July 30