Catalog of Landscape Records in the United States

Catalog of Landscape Records in the United States

Descriptive Summary

Title: Catalog of Landscape Records in the United States
Creator: Catalog of Landscape Records in the United States (Project)
Inclusive Dates: 1911-2021
Bulk Dates: 1980-2005
Language(s): English
Extent: 20 Linear Feet (20 boxes and 1 oversize folder)
Collection Number: UA22-012
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

The Catalog of Landscape Records in the United States collects, organizes and makes available information about the location and content of archival collections of landscape records, planting plans, maps, correspondence, photographs, and personal and business archives of individuals and firms relating to the American landscape. Created in 1991 and formerly based at the New York Botanical Garden in Bronx, NY, the Catalog captures information about the location of important library and archival holdings of built and natural landscapes held in American libraries, museums and historical societies. In addition to these primary sources, the Catalog also contains biographical information and statewide surveys.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of information on archival collections of landscape records in the United States.

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[Item, box, folder], [Collection title, UA#], University Archives, University of Georgia

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Transfer of the Wave Hill Landscape Records, 2021 July 29
13Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas
17Delaware, District of Columbia, Flordia, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas
18Kentucky, Louisiana
112Maryland, Massachusetts
113Michigan, Minnesota, Missippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Hempshive
114New Jersey, New Mexico
115-16New York
117North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon
21-2Rhode Island
23South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont
24Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsia
25A Reality Check for our Nation's Park and Architectual Heritage Education A Summary Report
26-7Historic Landscapes
28People/ASLA Timeline
29Atlanta Historical Society
210Wave Hill Program in American Landscape History, 1981-1987
211Crystal Palace, 1983
212Larry Zim Collection, 1983
213Thesis Proposal about Mattie Hewitt, 1983
214American Women and Gardens, 1981
215Built Landscapes Exhibition, 1984 June 29
216Garden on Paper, 1985
217-18Wave Hill Loan Agreement
219Wave Hill Repository Info Sheet
220Warren H. Manning Exhibition
221-25Wave Hill Repository List
34-5HALS Subcommittee
37HAER National Park Road and Parkways Recording Program
38HABS/HAER Landscape Documentation, 1988-2000
39HABS/HALS Documents
310HABS/HAER Guidebooks
311Recording Historic Structures, 1989
312-15Wave Hill Events Program, 1982-1983, 1985, 1987, 1991, 1993, 1995
41Wave Hill Event Programs, 1999, 2000, 2002
42American Garden Design
43Presentation of Historic Landscapes
44Northeast Historical Archaeology, The Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of the Historic Properties, 1989, 1995
45Profiles in Landscape Architecture
46Landscape Architecture Magazine, 1985-1986, 1994, 1996, 1997
47Landscape Journal, 1985, 1987, 1988
48-9US Gardens Samples and Research Database
410Wave Hill Newsletter Ideas
411Papers from the APT Course Landscape Preservation
412ASLA/NPS Historic Landscape Preservation Symposium, 1987 October 28
413The Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation Historic Landscape Resource Material, 1999
414History of Massachusetts Nursery Industry
51Balancing Natural and Cultural Issues in the Preservation of Historic Landscapes, 1995 April 21-23
52Fifty Years of Service: National Council of State Garden Clubs, 1979
53Making Educated Decisions: A Landscape Preservation Bibliography, 1994
54Pamphlets - A Heritage So Rich; America's Landscape Legacy; New England History Press/New Hampshire Publishing Co., 1991
55Ecological Restoration, 2002 December
56Gardens on Paper, 1990
57National Registar Form
58Computer Processing of Drawings and Maps in the Archives of Budapest
59-10UNESCO Reports on Archives, 1982-1984
511Historic Landscape Preservation Symposium, 1992 November 9
512National Register Bulletin
513Cultural Resource Management, 1993-1994, 2000-2001
514Historical Landscapes Bulletins, 1976, 1980, 1983, 1994
515Guidlines for the Treatment of Cultural Landscapes, 1996
516The Preservation of the Grounds of a 19th Century Rural Gothic Residence by Suzanne R. Miller, 1972 May
517Nursery and Seed Catalogs: A Directory of Collections, 1990
518-19Florence Yoch Manuscript
520Wild and Wonderful Flowers for your Home, 1989
521Brown, Thomas A., 1993, 1998
61Historic Houses in New York City Parks, 1992
62Cultural Landscape Bibliography, 1992
63Manhattan Sites New York, 1996 February
64Built Landscapes Gardens in the Northeast, 1984
65Wave Hill News, 2003
66Les Archives de la Construction Moderne, 1997
67International Archive of Women in Architecture, 2000
68-10Wave Hill International Archives
611-13Canada Materials
614APT Bulletin, 1987
615Letter on CCA, 1994,1996
616AABGA Historical Committee, 1997-1987, 2000-2003
617Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation, 1979, 1993, 1995, 2001-2003
618American Academy in Rome, 1993, 1998
619AIA Architectural Records Management Brochure, 1985
620American Portrait Catalog
621Architectural League Annual Exhibitions, 1985
622Archives/Making and keeping information on archiving, 1984
623ASLA Taskforce on Women
624Women Bibliographies
626Bulletin of American Garden History, 1987
627Center for the Study of Decorative Arts, 1988
628Communal Studies Association Conference, 1991
629Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA), 2001
630Digital Projects and Archival Materials, 1999
631CRM article "The Dry Stone Age", 1997
71Schools and Landscape Architecture Survey Replies, 1987
72Survey Planning, 1990
73National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers, 1992, 1998
74The Suburban Documentation Project
75Traditional Gardens, 1996
76Six Terra Cotta Archives, 1984
77The Trustees of Reservations, 1986
78The Trust for Public Land, 1987
79-10US ICOMOS, 1987-1993, 1996
711Mitchell's Choice - Highlights from 20 years of acquisitions for Avery Library by Herbert Mitchell, 1991
712Visual Resource, 1989
713Westchester Land Trust
714Wildflower Societies USA and Canada
715National Wildflower Research Center
716Survey of Historic Texas Landscapes, 1998
717-20Rhode Island Landscape Survey, 1999
721Maine Landscape Survey
81Family Lands, 1996
82New York Folk Lore Newsletter, 1991-1996
83Garden Club of America - Centennial Bulletin, 1999 December
84Grand Tour Lucinda Brockway
85German/American Architecture
86Historical Documents Inventory (HDI)
87Hudson Valey Resource Center, 1997
88Horizontal Users Group (HUG), 1987 April
89International Confederation of Architectural Museums (ICAM), 1996 May
810International Federation of Landscape Architects Yearbook, 1990
811International Archive of Women in Architecture, 1991
812Inventory of American Painting entries for William F. de Haas, 1994
813ICOMOS, 1990-1992, 1994, 1997-1998
814The Landmark Society of Western New York, 1986 July
815Living History, 1991-1995
816Lower Hudson Conference, 1993-1995
817The Making of America Project - formating and orginal scans, 2000 March 8
818Mausolea Inquiry, 1989 January
819Metropoplitan Historic Structures Association - 20th Commemoration, 1996
820MIT Thesis Online, 1999 December
821The Newsletter of the National Academy of Design, 1997
822National Center for Preservation Technology and Training, 1995-1996
823National Cartographic Infromation Center, 1988
824Oral History , 1988
825Photography Conservation, 1988
826Paper Conservation, 1981
827Preserving Lands Legal Issues, 1988
828Photograph Collections
829Records Management Architectural, 1980-1981
830Regionalism: Tradition and Ideology
831Rural Conservation National Trust for Historical Preservation, 1984
832National Historic Preservation Act, 1966
833National Historical Publications and Records Commission, 1987, 1992-1993, 1995
834National Park Service Landscapes Survey, 1987
835National Register of Historic Places Area of Significance: Landscape Architecture, 1988 September 13
836New England and Garden History Society, 1990, 1993
837Nitrate Negative Research
838Proposal for NHL
839Rural New England Newsletter, 1994-1997
840Books by Small Presses, 1990
841Southern Garden History Society, 1986, 1988, 1993, 1995, 1998
842Save Outdoor Sculpture, 1988-2002
91Women in Landscape Architecture, 1938, 1970, 1973, 1978, 1981, 1982, 1987, 1989
92Women in Landscape Architecture, 1993, 1996, 2000-2002
93Historic Grounds Report - Office of Rob Camp Fuoco, Inc., 1996 March
94NYPL Correspondence about Calvert Vaux, 1991
95Inquiry Journal, 1977
96The Catalog of Landscape Records in the United States Newletter, 2002-2003
97Letters and Inquiries Sampling, 1995-1996
98Survey from AMC Archives and Manuscripts
99-13Inquiries for Catalog
101Capranola in America: The Italian Garden in the United States by Phoebe Cutler
102Landscape Architecture: A Quarterly, 1911
103Master List of Personal Names, 1992
104US MARC/Worksheets
105Catalog List, 2003 March
106The Catalog of Landscape Records in the US at Wave Hill Repository Information Sheets
107The Landscape Universe: Historic Designed Landscapes in Context, 1993
108Pioneers of American Landscape Design: An Annotated Bibliography, 1993
109Early Correspondences - AL, AZ, AR, CA, CO, 1990-1991
1010Early Correspondences - CT, DE, FL, GA, ID, IL, 1990-1991
1011Early Correspondences - IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MA, 1990-1991
1012Early Correspondences - MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NH, NT, NM, 1990-1991
1013Early Correspondences - NY, 1990-1991
1014Early Correspondences - NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, SD, 1990-1991
1015Early Correspondences - TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, DC, WV, WI, WY, 1990-1991
1016Preserving Modern Landscape Architecture, 1999 May
1017Portrait of an Era in Landscape Architecture, 1983
1018Historic Landscape Directory, 1991 September
1019Historic Preservation Magazine, 1992 March/April and May/June
1020The Public Garden Magazine, 1992 April Magazine, 1998 September/October
1022Garden Design Magazine, 1998 June/July
1023APT Bulletin, 1989, 1992, 1997, 1999
111Second Lives: A Survey of Architectual Artifact Collections in the United States, 1994
112Designed Landscapes of Rhode Island by Lucinda A. Brockway, 1988 August 1
113Historic Landscapes of Rhode Island, 2001
114Beatrix Jones Farrand Collection List
115Installation Instructions, Condition Reports, Unpacking and Repacking Instructions Farrand
116Farrand Exhibition Label Listing, 1985
117Farrand Exhibition Installation Slides
118Farrand Exhibition - Berkeley
119Farrand Exhibition Slide List and Slides
1110Farrand Exhibition - Centeral PR
1111Farrand Exhibition - Plants Selection, 1985
1112Farrand Exhibition - National Endowment for the Arts, 1984
1113Farrand Exhibition - National Endowment for the Humanities
1114Farrand Exhibition - Harvard University
1115Farrand Exhibition - Ohio Arts Council
1116Farrand Exhibition - Pierpont Morgan Library
1117Farrand Exhibition - Curators
1118Farrand Exhibition - Princeton
1119Farrand Exhibition - Publicity
1120Farrand Exhibition - Traveling/Truckers
1121Farrand Exhibition - Yale
1122Farrand Exhibition - Catalog
1123Farrand Exhibition - Checklist and Labels
1124Farrand Exhibition - Expenses
1125Farrand Exhibition - Loan Forms and Copies
1126Farrand Exhibition - Objects List
1127Farrand Exhibition - Resumes
121Adsmore Museum
122Alabama Department of Archives and History
123Allaire Village, Inc. Curator's Library
124Allertonia; Allerton Archives
125Amarillo Public Library
126American Philosphical Society
127Amon Carter Museum
128Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens, Inc.
129Antiquarian and Landmarks Society (Hartford, CT.)
1210Anton Brees Carillon Library
1211Appalachian Consortium Press, Inc.
1212Arizona Historical Society Library
1213The Art Commission of the City of New York
1214Art Institute of Chicago
1215The Athenaeum of Philadelphia
1216Atlanta Historical Society
1217Austin History Center
1218Ball State University Drawings and Documents Archive
1219Bamboo Brock Outdoor Education Center
1220The Baltimore Center for Urban Archeology
1221Baltimore City Life Museums
1222Baltimore County Landmarks Preservation Commission
1223Barrington Historical Society Collections
1224Barron H. Bohnet Collection
1225Barton Warnock Environment Education Center
1226Baskervill and Sons, Architect (VA)
1227Beaton Historical Society
1228Beauvoir the Jefferson Davis Shrine
1229Belle Meade Plantation
1230Bendly Historical Library
1231Berry Botanic Garden Library
1232Bidwell Mansion State Historical Park
1234Blithewold Gardens and Arboretum
1235Blue Earth County Historical Society
1236Board of Landscape Architects (CA)
1237Boston Athenaeum
1238The Bryant Homestead (MA)
1239Bryant Library (NY)
1240Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society Research Library
1241Bush House Musuem and Archives
1242 Buttonwood Park
1243Butler - McCook Homestead - Antiquarian and Landmarks Society
1244California State Polytechnic University College of Environmental Design
1245Cedar Falls Historical Society
1246Charles County Community College
1247Charleston Library Society
1248Cherry Hill (NY)
1249Chicago Historical Society
1250Chicago Historical Society Library
1251Chicago Park District Special Collections Department
1252Chicago Public Library Special Collections Department
1253Chippewa County Historical Society
1254City of Concord, NH Library Department
1255City of New York Department of Parks and Recreation
1256City of Wilson (NC)
1257Clay County Historical Society
1258Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
1259Columbia University Libraries
1260Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Library
1261The Connecticut Historical Society
1262Connecticut State Library
1263Constable Hall (NY)
1264Cooper - Hewitt Museum The Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Design
1265Coos - County Historical Society Museum
1266Cornell University Libraries Collection of Regional History and University Archives
1267-77Cornell University Libraries Department of Manuscript and University Archives, John M. Olen Library
1278The Croby Arboretum
1279Cummer Gallery of Art and Gardens
1280Daily Mansion Preservation Trust
1281Danvers Historical Society Tapley Memorial Hall
1282Delawar State Archives
1283Delta County Historical Society (CO)
1284Denver Public Library Western Historical Department
1285Detroit Institute of Fine Arts
1286Dewitt Historical Society of Tompkins County
1287Dickson College Library
1288The Dixon Gallery and Gardens
1289Donald Loggins (NYC)
1290Duke University Library
1291Dyckman House Museum
1292Earle - Harrison House and Gardens
1293East Hampton Historical Society
1294East Liverpool Historical Society
1295Edison Winter Home and Botanical Gardens
1296Eleutherian Mills Historical Library
1297Emory University Library
1298Erie County Historical Society Library and Archives
1299Essex Institute James Duncan Phillips Library
12100Evanston Historical Society
12101-102Fairfield Historical Society
12103Faith Jackson Washington D.C.
12104The Filson Club Historical Society
12105Filoli the Sterling Library of Landscape Architecture
12106Florida State Archives Photographic Collection
12107Forest History Society
12108Fredrick Law Olmsted National Historic Site
12109Garden Center of Greater Cleveland Eleanor Squire Library
12110The Garden Club of America
12111Garrett Eckbo (CA)
12112Georgia Botanical Society
12113Georgia Historical Society
12114Geneva Historical Society for Rose Hill Mansion
12115The Grand County Museum
12116Gratchen Hammerstein (CT)
12117Hagley Museum and Library
12118Hammod - Harwood House Association
12119Harrison Memorial Library
12120-121Harvard University Francis LOEB Library
12122Harvard University Houghton Library
12123Henry Francis DuPont Winterthur Museum
12124Heritage Park (CA)
12125Hewlett W Lewis
12126Hick's Nurseries (NY)
12127Highland Park Historic Preservation Commission
12128Highlands Historical Society
12129Historic Hope Plantation
12130The Historic New Orleans Collection Manuscripts Division
12131Historic Preservation Office State Parks and Recreation (OR)
12132Historical Society of Daupin County
12133Historical Society of Deleware
12134Historical Society of Middletown and the Wavehill Precinct, Inc.
12135Historical Society of Pennsylvania
12136Historical Society of Princeton
12137Historical Society of Washington, D.C.
12138Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania
12139Houston Board of Park Commissioner
12140Houston Public Library Houston Metropolitan Research Center
12141Hugh Dargan Associates
12142Huntingtin Historical Society Resource Center and Archives
12143Idaho State Historical Society
12144Illinois Historical Survey (Urbana)
12145Illinois State Historical Library
12146Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of Historical Preservation and Archeology
12147Indiana Historical Society Library
12148Indianapolis Museum of Art
12149The Information Exchange
12150Institute of Texas Cultures
12151International Archive of Women in Architecture
12152International Museum of Photography at the George Eastman House
12153Iowa State University College of Design Department of Landscape Architecture
12154Jefferson County Historic Preservation and Archives (KY)
12155Jefferson County Historical Society (WA)
12156Jessie Ball DuPont Memorial Library
12157Jerome Historical Society (AZ)
12158The Joel Chandler Harris Association, Inc.
12159John Gaw Meem of Southwestern Architecture
12160John Hay Estate
12161The John Hopkins University John Work Garrett Library
12162The Jones Library, Inc.
12163Justin Smith Morrill Homestead
12164Kansas City Public Library Missouri Valley Special Collections
12165Kansas State Historical Society
12166Kenilworth Historical Socity
131Lake County Museum (IL)
132The Lancaster Historical Comission
133Landmark Society of West New York
134Lansingburgh Historical Society
135Lay, Charles Downing
136Lehigh County Historical Society
137The Library Compant of Philadephia
138Library of Congress
139Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial
1310Lincon Memorial Garden and Nature Center
1311Long Island Historical Society
1312Longue Vue (LA)
1313Louisiana State University Library
1314Coveland Museum and Gallery
1315Luther Burbank Home and Gardens
1316The Lyndhurst Archives
1317MacCulloch Hall Museum Garden
1318Maine Historic Preservation Commission
1319Maitland Art Center
1320Marquette County Historical Society J.M. Longyear Research Library
1321Marshall County Historical Society
1322Maryland Historical Society
1323Massachusetts Historical Society
1324Massachusetts Institute of Technology Archive
1325The Massachusetts Nurserymen's Association Historical Committee
1326McFaddin - Ward House Archives
1327Medical College of Pennsylvania and Hospital Archives and Special Collections on Women in Medicine
1328Metropolitan Museum of Art
1329Michigan State University Charles W. Bar Planning and Design Library
1330Minnesota Historical Society
1331Minnetrista Cultural Center
1332Mississippi Department of Archives and History Archives and Library Division
1333Missouri Botanical Garden Library
1334Missouri Department of Natural Resources
1335Missouri Historical Society Archives
1336Montana Historical Society Archives
1337Monterey Public Library
1339Montpelier Mansion
1340The Morirami Museum and Japanse Gardens
1341Morton Arboretum Sterling Morton Library
1342Mount Alburn Cemetery (MA)
1343Mount Vernon Library
1344Municipal Archives of the City of New York
1345Museum of Amana History
1346Museum of American Frontier Culture
1347Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts
1348Museum of New Mexico Photo Archives
1349Nassau County Museum Hofstra University Library
1350National Argicultural Library Special Collections
1351National Archives Photography Division
1352National City Public Library
1353National Park Service Techical Information Center
1354National Trust for Historical Preservation "Chesterwood"
1355Nebreska State Historical Society
1356Nevada Historical Society
1357New Bedford Free Public Library
1358Nevada Division of State Park
1359New Hampshire Historical Society Library
1360New Haven Colony Historical Society
1361The New Jersey Historical Garden Foundation
1362New Orleans Notarial Archives
1363New York Botanical Garden Library
1364New York City Deparment of Parks and Recreation
1365New York Historical Society
1366New York Public Library Manuscript Collection
1367North Andover Historical Society
1368North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources
1369North Carolina State Archives
1370North Carolina State Capitol
1371North Lake Tahoe Historical Society
1372Northborough Historical Society
1372Northeast Archives of Folklore and Oral History
1374Northwestern State University of Louisiana Library
1375Northwestern University Archives
1376Oakside Bloomfield Cultural Center
1377Oatlands (VA)
1378Oberlin Smith Society
1379Ohio Historical Society
1380Oklahoma Historical Society
1381Ontario County Historical Society
1382Old Sturbridge Village Research Library
1383Orange County Historical Society (FL)
1384Oregon Historical Society
1385The Owens - Thomas House and Gardens
1386Packwood House Museum
1387Passaic County Historical Society
1388The Peale Museum
1389Peerless Rockville Historic Preservation, LTD
1390Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
1391Pennsylvania State Archives
1392Pennsylvania State University Department of Landscape Architecture
1393Philbrook Museum of Art
1394Pilgrim Society Collections
1395Plainfield Historical Society
1396Plymouth Museum
1397Portsmouth Public Library
1398President Benjamin Harrison Foundation, Inc.
1399Principia College Archives
13100Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County
13101Public Library of Morristown and Morris Township
13102Queens Borough Public Library Long Island Division
13103Radcliffe College Library, Women's Archives
13104Rancho Los Alamitos Historic Site and Garden
13105Redwood Library and Athenaelm
13106Reeves - Reed Arboretum
13107Richardson Public Library
13108Riley County Historical Society and Museum
13109Riversdale Steir - Calvert Archives
13110Riverside Avondale Preservation, Inc.
13111Riverside County Parks Department (CA)
13112Rochester Historical Society
13113Rochester Museum and Science Center Library
13114Rockefeller Archive Center
13115Rockwood Museum
13116Rollins College Library
13117Rosenberg Library the Galveston and Texas History Center
13118The Roch - Jones - Duff House and Garden Museum
13119Rutgers University Library
13120Rutherfors B. Hayes Library
13121Rye Historical Society
13122Sam Houston Region Alabama Library and Research Centet
13123San Francisco Public Library
13124San Leandro Community Library
13125San Joaquin County Historical Museum Gerald D. Kennedy Reference Library
13126Sangamon State University Brookens Library Oral History Office
13127Santa Catalina Island Company
13128Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation
13129Sea Cliff Village Museum
13130Sheboygan County Historical Research Center, Inc
13131Shelburne Farms (VT)
13132Simsburg Historical Society
13133Smithsonian Institution Archives
13134Smithsonian Institution Horticultural Library
13135Smithsonian Institution National Museum of American Art
13136Society for the Preservation of New England Antiques
13137South Carolina Department of Archives and History
13138South Carolina Historical Society
13139South Caroliana Library
13140South Dakota State Archives
13141Southern Oregon Historical Society Library
13142St. Augustine Historical Society
13143Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens
13144Starhill Forest Arboretum
13145State Historical Preservation Center
13146State Historical Society of North Dakota
13147State Historical Society of Wisconsin Archives
13148State of Missouri Department of Natural Resources
13149State University of New York College Fienberg Library
13150State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry
13151Staten Island Institute of Arts and Sciences Archives and Library
13152The Stowe - Day Library
13153Strawberry Banke Musum
13154Syacuse University George Arents Research Library for Special
13155Taconic Park and Recreation Commission
13156The Taft Museum (OH)
13157Tennessee State Library and Archives
13158Texas A and I University John E Conner Museum South Texas Archives
13159Texas Tech University Southwest Collection
13160The Torrington Historical Society, Inc.
13161Townson State University Archives
13162Trustees of Reservations (MA)
13163Tulane University Library Southeastern Architectural
13164Tuxed Park Associates (NY)
13165UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design
13166UC Berkeley Regional Oral History Office
13167UC Davis
13168UC Riverside California Museums of Photography
13169UC Santa Barbara University Library
13170UCLA University Research Library Department of Special Collections
13171The University Archives University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign
13172University of Arizona Library
13173University of Central Arkansas Archives and Special Collections
13174University of Delaware Library Special Collections
13175University of Georgia Libraries
13176University of Georgia School of Environmental Design
13177University of Illinois at Urbawa Champaign Archives
13178University of Illinois Circle Campus Library
13179University of Iowa Libraries
13180University of Lousville Archives
13181University of Lowell University Libraries Special Collections Alumni/Lydon Library
13182University of Maryland at College Park Architecture Library
13183University of Maryland College Park Libraries Historical Manuscripts and Archives Department
13184University of Massachusets at Amherst Library
13185University of Michigan Bentley Historical Library
13186University of Michigan Hatcher Graduate Library
13187University of Michigan Histoical Collections
13188University of Minnesota Archives
13189University of Missouri - Columbia Library
13190University of Nevada Library
13191University of New Orleans Library
13192University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Wilson Library
13193University of North Carolina at Charlotte Murrey Atkins Library
13194University of North Carolina Ramsey Library
13195University of North Dakota Library
13196University of Oregon Library
13197University of Pennsylvania
13198University of Rochester Rare Books and Special Collections Rush Rhees Library
13199University of South Carolina Library
13200University of Southwestern Louisiana Southwestern Archives and Manuscripts Collection
13201University of Texas at Austin the General Libraries
13202University of Texas Library Archives
13203University of Utah Marriott Library
13204University of Virginia Alderman Library Manuscripts Department
141University of Virgina Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library
142University of Virginia Library
143University of Washington at Seattle Allen Library
144University of Washington Libraries Special Collections and Preservation
145University of Wyoming American Heritage Center
146Utah Division of State History
147Utah State Folklore Archive
148Villa Louis Historic Site
149Virginia Department of Historic Resources Archives and Research Library
1410Wake Forest University Library
1411Virginia Historical Society
1412Warren Public Library (OH)
1413Washington Grove Heritage Committee Archives
1414Washington Memorial Library Middle Georgia Archives
1415Washington State Archives
1416Washington State Department of Community Development Office of Archeology and Historic Preservation
1417Washington State Historical Society
1418Washington State University Libraries
1419Washington University Archives
1420Wellesley Historical Society
1421West Virginia State Archives Division of Culture and History
1422West Virginia University Library
1423Westschester County Historic Society (NY)
1424Western Kentucky University Department of Library Special Collections
1425Western Reserve Historical Society
1426Westtown School Archives
1427Whittier College Department of Geology Fairchild Aerial Photography Collection
1428William Cullen Bryant II (NY)
1429Wilton House Museum
1430Winthrop College Library
1431Wisconsin Architectural Archives
1432Wood Library (NY)
1433Woods Hole Historical Collection
1434Worcester County Library
15Survey Response Record Book
15The American Society of Landscape Architects Professional Award - The Historic Landscape Initiative - President's Award of Excellence, 1995
16Catalog of Landscape Records Scrapbook, 1989-1991
17Catalog of Landscape Records Scrapbook, 1991-1993
18Catalog of Landscape Records Scrapbook, 1993-1997
19Catalog of Landscape Records Scrapbook, 1997-2008
20Catalog of Landscape Records Scrapbook, 2003
1American Gardens and Landscapes Poster, 1985

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