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Coastal Plain Experiment Station annual reports

Coastal Plain Experiment Station annual reports

Descriptive Summary

Title: Coastal Plain Experiment Station annual reports
Creator: Coastal Plain Experiment Station
Inclusive Dates: 1927-2001
Language(s): English
Extent: 28 Linear Feet
Collection Number: UA22-007
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

Coastal Plain Experiment Station is an agricultural research station based at the University of Georgia Tifton Campus as part of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

In 1918, the Georgia Land Owner's Association, led by Captain H.H. Tift and William Stillwell, successfully lobbied the state legislature to create an agricultural experiment station in the state's coastal plain. The autonomous station would be affiliated with the state's land-grant College of Agriculture located at the University of Georgia and would provide research-based information on coastal plain agriculture.

Generous donations of land and facilities from Captain Tift helped Tifton win the bid for the new experiment station. Opening in 1919 under the direction of S.H. Starr, the 206-acre Coastal Plain Experiment Station became the first experiment station in the nation's vast coastal plain, which stretches from Delaware to Texas. The station is complemented by Research and Education Centers in south Georgia at Attapulgus, Camilla (C. M. Stripling), Midville (Southeast Georgia Center) and Plains (Southwest Georgia Center). UGA researchers also collaborate with USDA Agricultural Research Service scientists based at the station, a partnership that dates to 1924.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of annual reports for various agricultural research initatives of the Coastal Plain Experiment Station dating from 1927-2001. Topics include grass breeding, crop science, animal husbandry and livestock, and agricultural engineering.

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Annual reports
Coastal Plain Experiment Station
United States. Department of Agriculture
University of Georgia
University of Georgia. College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Tifton Campus
University of Georgia. College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

1Cooperative Weed Investigations, 1953-1965
1Variety Trials Released, 1970
1Veterinary Diagnostic Lab Annual Reports , 1982-1985
1Tobacco Agronomy Investigations Annual Report , 1938-1958
2Chemical Composition of Experimental Flue Cured Tobacco, 1965
2Georgia Tobacco Variety Plot Visit, 2001
2Georgia Tobacco Variety Trials, 1962-1971
2Mechanization of Tobacco Transplant Production, 1980
2Tobacco Curing Studies, 1962,1964
2Tobacco Fertilizer Field Trials, 1970-1971
2Tobacco Fertilizer Herbicide Field Trials, 1969
2Tobacco Laboratory Annual Report, 1963-1976
2Tobacco Variety Information, 2000
2Tobacco Disease Investigation, 1948
2Tobacco Agronomy Investigations Annual Report , 1940-1955
2Tobacco Agronomy Investigations Annual Report, 1954-1955
3Report of Shade Tobacco Investigations, 1940-1942, 1944, 1946
3Soybean Insect Pest Management CSREES Regional Research Project S-281, 1999
3Soybeans and Fruiting of Soybeans Annual Report, 1968,1972
3Sweet Potato Culture, Improvement and Disease Annual Report, 1963-1969
3Sweet Potato Storage Progress Report, 1949-1950
3Tobacco Curing Project Annual Report, 1949-1950, 1955
3USDA ARS Soil and Water Conservation Research D ivision Project Annual Report, 1961, 1963-1968
3USDA ARS Southeast Tidewater Experiment Station Annual Report, 1962-1965
3USDA ARS Southeast Watershed Research Center Annual Report, 1970
3Adaptive Studies of Grasses in the Grass Garden, 1928-1936
3Peanut Studies Annual Reports, 1938, 1940, 1942-1946
4USDA ARS Southeast Tidewater Experiment Station Annual Report, 1957-1961
4USDA ARS Soil and Water Conservation Research Division Annual Report, 1958-1960
4USDA ARS Eastern Soil and Water Management Section Annual Report , 1954-1961
4Plant Pathology Annual Report, 1970-1971
4Peanut Studies Annual Reports, 1948-1951, 1957-1966
5Breeding Improved Varieties of Peanuts Annual Report, 1969
5Humid Pasture and Range Annual Report, 1970-1971
5Pasture and Range Investigations Annual Report, 1964-1965, 1967-1969
5Peanut Investigations Annual Report, 1967-1968, 1970
5Report on Peanut Research in Georgia, 1964
5USDA ARS Nematology Field Laboratory Annual Report, 1937-1964
5Weed Science Applied to the Production of Peanuts Annual Report, 1976
6USDA ARS Nematology Field Laboratory Annual Report, 1965-1974
7Cooperative Livestock Studies Georgia State Prison Farm Progress Report, 1956-1957
7Livestock Shelters for the Southeast Annual Report, 1962-1963
7Grass and Turf Investigations Grass Breeding Annual Report, 1964-1977
8Grass and Turf Investigations Grass Breeding Annual Report, 1956-1957, 1978-1994
9Grass and Turf Investigations Grass Breeding Annual Report, 1958-1967
10Grass and Turf Investigations Grass Breeding Annual Report, 1936-1937, 1939-1955
10Small Grains Investigations Annual Report, 1954
10Lupine and Other Special Purpose Legumes Breeding Annual Report, 1964-1965, 1967
10Engineering Studies of Factors Related to Harvesting and Farm Processing Coastal Bermudagrass and Engineering Studies Related to Peanut Harvesting, Handling and Curing Methods and Equipment, 1966
11Adaptive Study of Grasses in the Grass Garden, 1928-1936
11Division or Forage Crops and Diseases Consolidated Report, 1950-1956
11Forage Crops Investigation Annual Report, 1956-1957
11Forage Crops Pathology Annual Report, 1956-1958
11Forage Grass Improvement Insect Resistance Investigations Annual Report, 1965-1967
11Highway Turf Research Progress Report, 1952
11Lupine Breeding and Grass Cytogenetics Annual Report, 1952-1969
11Production and Utilization of Forages Annual Report, 1972
11Annual Report of Cooperative Oats, 1942
12Division of Forage Crops and Diseases Consolidated Report, 1928-1956
12Forage Crops Investigations Annual Report, 1941-1957
13Consolidated Report, 1928-1939
13Forage and Pasture Investigational Work Annual Report, 1928-1940
13Forage and Range Research Branch Annual Report, 1966
14Division of Entomology Annual Report, 1957, 1987, 1991
14Division of Entomology and Fisheries Annual Report, 1972-1973, 1977, 1980
14Division of Entomology CSRS Comprehensive Review, 1989
14Georgia Fertilizer Variety Trials Tobacco, 1964-1967
14Winter Cover Crops Annual Report, 1927
15Dairy Husbandry Investigations Annual Report, 1953-1959
15Department of Entomology and Fisheries Annual Report, 1970
15Field and Laboratory Investigations on Insect Pests of Agricultural Crops, 1968-1969, 1972
15Livestock Work Georgia Prison Farm, 1957
15USDA South ern Grains Insect Research Laboratory Annual Report, 1968-1970
16Breeding and Evaluating Upland Cotton Annual Report, 1968-1969
16Corn Annual Report, 1948-1968
16Cooperative Animal Husbandry Investigations, 1941-1948
16Cotton Breeding Annual Report, 1962-1964
17A Compilation of Some Basic Information for the Coordination of all Animal Husbandry Teaching, Research, and Extension Actitivities, 1950
17Cooperative Animal Husbandry Investigation Annual Report, 1932-1955
18Agronomy Annual Report, 1930, 1932-1944, 1979
18Corn Investigations Annual Report, 1931, 1933-1947
18Kenaf Research, 1962
19Agricultural Engineering Division Research Program, 1968-1973
19Animal Science Department Progress Report, 1985-1986
19Engineering Research on Kenaf, 1943
19Engineering Studies of Factors Related to Harvesting and Farm Processing Coastal Bermudagrass, 1960-1965, 1967-1971
19Fertilizer Experiments with Soybeans in Georgia, 1979
20Animal Science Department Progress Report, 1964-1985
21Agricultural Engineering Research Program, 1973-1986
21Cooperative Animal Husbandry Investigation, 1962-1965
21Irrigated Multi Cropping Production System, 1977-1984
21USDA Soil and Water Conservation Research Division Annual Report, 1968
21Summary of Weed Science Research, 1991
21Weeds Annual Report, 1968-1971
22Weeds Annual Report, 1964-1968
22Athens, Tifton Annual Report (R. R. Childs), 1931-1933
22Cooperative Animal Husbandry Investigation, 1956-1957
22CPES Georgia Report Cattle, 1964
22Disease Reactions of Soybean Plant Introductions Groups V, VI, VII, and VIII Maturities, 1956
22Georgia Corn Performance Tests, 1958-1959
22Report of Tobacco Agronomy Investigation, 1938
22Report of the Director, 1932
22USDA Southeastern Tidewater Experiment Station Fleming, GA, 1955
23Plant Materials Center Annual Report, 1972-1973
23Cooperative Uniform Soybean Tests Southern States Results, 1960-1965, 1968-1970, 1979
23Weed Science Research Annual Report, 1964, 1972-1979, 1983, 1986-1987, 1991-1992
23The Improvement of Beef Cattle Through Breeding Methods S-10, 1963-1964
23Regional Cotton Variety Tests, 1981-1983
24Animal Science Division Report, 1983
24Cooperative Animal Husbandry Investigations, 1953-1962
24Division of Entomology 1980 Special Report for Standing Committees, 1980
24Livestock Shelters for the Southeast, 1957-1958
24Research Program Argicultural Engineering, 1918-1986
24S-10 The Improvement of Beef Cattle Through Breeding Methods, 1958-1959, 1961-1963
24Questionaire for Review of Engineering Programs, 1985
241997 Program Review, 1997
24Biological & Agricultural Engineering Department, 1998
25Silver Anniversary Annual Report, 1944-1945
25The Establishment and Developement of the Georgia Agricultural Experiment Sations, 1944-1945
25Impact of CPES Research Program
25Museum Show: Tifton Scientist Impacting the World
25Tift County Farmgate
251Academics - Academic Program General
252Academics - AES Major
253Academics - AET Major
254Academics - Couse Descriptions
255Academics - Student Enrollment Statistics
256Academics - Undergraduate Degree Planning Meetings
257Academics - Thesis/Dissertations Major Professor on Campus
258Accomplishments - Awards of Excellence, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1994
259-17Accomplishments - Awards Programs, 1987-2019
2518Accomplishments - ADS History
2519Accomplishments - Brief Statements from Early Annual Reports
2520Accomplishments - Broadus Browne Award
2521Accomplishments - First Report of Plant Diseases
2522Accomplishments - Interesting Items from Faculty Files
2523Accomplishments - Plants Released
2524Accomplishments - UGA Tifton Campus Patents
2525Awards - UGA Tifton Campus Employee Selected Awards
2526Awards - UGA Tifton Campus Awards, 1988-2019
2527Branches - Alapaha
2528Branches - Aboretum
2529Branches - Attapulgus
2530Branches - Bamboo Farm, Darien, Field Stations, Reidsville, Vidalia, Stripling
2531-32Branches - Southeastern Research and Education Center
2534Campus - Biographies
2535Campus - Camellia Garden
2536Campus - Dr. Buchanan Speech Excerpts
2537Campus - Memorandum of Understanding
2538Campus - Personnel Awards (inc.)
2539Campus - Research Program
2540Campus - Signals Newsletter Excerpts
2541Campus - TUGA Times Table of Contents
2542Campus - Visitors
2543Centennial - Planning Committee Notes
2544-52Centennial - Book Chapters 1-9
2553Centennial - Book Meeting Notes
2554Centennial - Breakfast Presentations
2555Centennial - Brochure
2556Centennial - Celebration Finale, 2019 May 3
2557Centennial - Dawgs in Town
2558Centennial - Garden
2559Centennial - International Program
2560Centennial - Kickoff, 2018 August 21
2561Centennial - Proclamations
2562Faculty - Impact Statement Guide
2563-68Faculty - Impact Statements, 2002-2018
2569Faculty - J. L. Stephens Plants Collected, 1948
2570Finance - CPES Financial Summaries, 1920-1968
2571Finance - Georgia Experiment Station Budgets, 1955-1968
2572Finance - Report of the CPES Treasurer, 1920, 1927
2573-75Finance - Report of the State Auditor, 1946-1948, 1950-1957, 1960, 1962-1965, 1967-1968
2576History - Dr. George King Files
2577History - An Agricultural Experiment Station for South Georgia
2578History - Board of Regents Reports
2579History - 50 Year History
2580History - 75 Years Agronomy
2581History - 75 Years Animal Science
2582History - 75 Years Biological and Agricultural Engineering
2583History - 75 Years Campus Support Units
2584History - 75 Years Entomology
2585History - 75 Years Horticulture
2586History - 75 Years Plant Pathology
2587History - 75 Years USDA
2588History - 75 Years
2589History - Cumulative Report of the Library Including Station History, 1967
2590History - CPES Brochures
2591History - Dates When Plants Were First Studied on Campus
2592History - Emory Creek Campus History, 1984
2593History - 1972, 1972
2594History - Georgia House and Senate
2595-96History - Journal of the Senate of the State of Georgia, 1918-1919
2597History - Newspaper Citations
2598History - Newspaper Selected Arcticles Retyped
2599History - Plant Pathology Department
25100History - Selected Project Reports (For the 50 Year History)
25101History - Swine Parasite Research, 1925-1974
25102History - UGA Centennial - Bicentennial, 1983
25103History - Welcome to the Georgia Coastal Plain Experiment Station, 1965
25104-105Impacts of CPES Research Programs on Georgia, 1992, 1994
25106-107Tift County Farmgate
261-6Minutes, 1989 January- 1992 Novemeber
267Campus - Faculty
268Campus - Department Names
269Tifton Rainfall
2610Tift County Agricultural Statistics, 2001-2017
271-8Memoranda of Understanding, 1921-1962