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Linda Fox papers

Linda Fox papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Linda Fox papers
Creator: University of Georgia. College of Family and Consumer Sciences
Creator: Fox, Linda
Inclusive Dates: 1948-2021
Bulk Dates: 2011-2021
Language(s): English
Extent: 11 Linear Feet 11 boxes
Collection Number: UA22-001
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

Linda Fox served as Dean of the College of Family and Consumer Sciences at the University of Georgia from 2011-2021. In her UGA career, Dean Fox contributed to several major reports and initiatives including the Cooperative Extension National Framework for Health (2014), the Healthy Food Systems – Healthy People Initiative (2016), and the Building a Culture of Health: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant to the National 4-H Council.

Dr. Fox began her career at the University of Idaho, which spanned from 1981-2001, where she was Director of the Margaret Ritchie School of Family and Consumer Sciences, Professor and Extension Family Economics Specialist, and Extension Home Economist. She served as Dean and Director for Washington State University Extension for nine years, overseeing 700 employees statewide and leading a 13-member administrative team. She holds a Ph.D in family finance from Oregon State University.

Scope and Content

The collection consists primarily of administrative correspondence, photographs, conference proceedings, annual reports, budgets, and similar records documenting Linda Fox's career as Dean of the College of Family and Consumer Sciences at the University of Georgia over a ten-year period.

Administrative Information

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[Item, box, folder], Linda Fox papers, UA22-001 University Archives, University of Georgia

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11Home Economics: Classroom, Corporate, and Cultural Interpretations Revisited, 2012 February
12MLK (Martin Luther King) Day Centennial Kick-off, 2018 January
13AAFCS (American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences) Conference Exhibit, 2018
14Sponsorship Centennial, 2018
15History Powerpoint, 2018
16Extension Conference, 2018 January
17History Dates and Photos, 2018
18History Articles, 2018
19Oral History Project Centennial, 2018
110Gala, 2018
111Honorees - Centennial, 2017-2018
112Medallions, 2017
113IWS (Institute for Women's Studies) News, 2018
114Book Chapters, 2017
115Book Distribution, 2017-2018
116Donning Co. Publishers a Pictorial History - FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences), 2017-2018
117Family and Consumer Sciences Centennial Celebration, 2018
118Historic Data - College of Family and Consumer Sciences, 2017-2018
119Historic Data - College Dean Nickols, 2001-2012
120Historic Data - College of Family and Consumer Sciences, 2018
121Communications FY18, 2016-2018
122Family and Consumer Sciences Centennial - News Articles, 2018-2019
123Celebrating a Century of Excellence, 2018
124Centennial, 2015-2018
125Extension Centennial, 2013-2014
126Home Economics, 2007-2017
127Family and Consumer Sciences Centennial, 2018-2019
128History of Family and Consumer Sciences, undated
129Family and Consumer Sciences Centennial Gala, 2018
130Family and Consumer Sciences Centennial Cards and Congratulations, 2011-2019
131Photos and Correspondence, 2011-2014
21Seoul, South Korea Travel, 2016
22Seoul National University College of Human Ecology, 2016
23SNU (Seoul National University) Planning, 2015-2017
24Seoul National University Cooperative Agreement, 2015-2020
25Seoul National University Jung Sung Yeo, 2015 April
26FMD (Facilities Management Division) Admin Review, 2019-2020
27SNU (Seoul National University), 2015-2020
28XXIII International Federation for Home Economics World Conference, 2016
29IFHE (International Federation for Home Economics) Planning Committee, 2020
210Korea Human Ecology Symposium, 2019 September
211Football, 2011
212Football Dean's Cheat Sheets, 2017
213Athletes FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Grads, 2012-2017
214Whatever it Takes (WIT) Initiative PDR (President's Dining Room), 2014 May
21539th Annual Quint State, 2015
216Emilie Smith, 2014 October
217MFT (Marriage and Family Therapy), 2005-2019
218Project F.R.E.E. (Fostering Relationship and Economic Enrichment), 2017
219HMRE (Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education) Grant, 2015
220Center for Family Research, 2010-2011
221CIP (Classification of Instructional Programs) Codes, 2011-2013
222AFFOA (Advanced Functional Fabrics of America), 2012-2016
223Fiber Society, 2017 November
224Memorandum from Ian Hardin, 2011
225New Materials Institute, 2016
226IUCRC (Industry-University Cooperative Research Centers), 2018 February
227TMI (Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors) Program Review, 2012 October
228Georgia Soft Goods Education Foundation, 2015-2019
229Disability Education Materials, 2014-2015
230Disability Education Materials, 2011
231Institute on Human Development and Disability, 2007-2012
232Farmstead Project in Tifton, 2009-2017
233GICH (Georgia Initiative for Community Housing) Meeting Atlanta, 2015 June
234GICH (GA Initiative for Community Housing), 2010-2020
235Griffin and West GA Tech Articulation Agreement, 2016
236Consumer Journalism, 2019
237Fin Planing Alumn Brd (Financial Planning Alumni Board), 2017
238Financial Planning FHCE (Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics), 2015-2019
239Charles Schwab Financial Planning Center Dedication, 2019 April
240Schwab Impact, 2017 November
241Schwab Foundation Pledge Agreement, 2015-2017
242HDRC (Housing and Demographics Research Center), 2017
243Federal Reserve Board Meeting 1000 Peachtree St. NE, 2017 November
244Property Management, 2008-2015
31Annual Report, 2020
32Annual Report, 2019
33FY Budget Book, 2021
34FY Budget Book, 2020
35FY Budget Book, 2019
36FY Budget Book, 2018
37FY19 Budget Development, 2017-2019
38Provost Budget Meeting, 2018 February
39Budget Hearing FY18, 2016-2017
310FY18 Budget Development, 2017
311FY18 Ops Budget, 2017
312Reports (Financial), 2017 October
313FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Fund FY17, 2017
314FY17 Operating Budget Allocation - Letters, 2016-2017
315FY17 Budget Planning, 2014-2016
316FY16 Budget Monitoring, 2015-2016
317Budget Hearing, 2017
318Budget Development FY17 Salary Increase, 2016
319FY16 Budget Planning, 2013-2016
320FY16 Salary Increases Operating Budgets, 2014-2015
321Salary Study, 2015-2016
322FY15 Budget Planning, 2013-2014
323Budget Development Salary Increases FY15, 2014
324FY15 Operating Budgets, 2013-2015
325FY14 Budget Planning, 2013-2014
326Hiring Initiative, 2012
327FY13 Budget Planning, 2012
328Start-Up Funding White Paper, 2017
329Budget Review, 2002
330Family and Consumer Sciences Budget Review, 1999-2000
41Extension Program Planning Week , 2012 September
42SEC (Southeastern Conference) Healthy Living, 2015
43Health TF (Task Force) NEDA (National Extension Directors and Administrators) Session, 2014
44Health Extension Summit, 2014 July
45SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)-Ed/EFNEP (Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program) Meeting Lynn Bailey and Debbie Murray, 2014 October
46Opportunity for Collaboration Between UGA and FVSU (Fort Valley State University), 2014 May
47PDC (Program Development Coordinator) Boot Camp, 2014 November
48Joint COPs (Committee on Organization and Policy) Meeting, 2016
49NEAFCS (National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences), 2016 September
410ECOP (Extension Committee on Organization and Policy) ESS (Extended School Services) Joint Conf. Jackson WY, 2016 September
411RWJF (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation) Ideation Meeting, 2016 March
412Priester Conference Corvallis, Oregon, 2013 April
413NHOC (National Health Outreach Conference), 2016 April
414So Reg Nutri Ed (Southern Regional Nutrition Education) Obesity Prevention Center of Excellence (SRNECE), 2014 August
415Prevention Partners Healthier Campus Initiative, 2013
416Obesity and Weight Management Graduate Certificate in, 2013
417Obesity Initiative, 2008-2011
418Obesity Initiative, 2011-2015
419Joint COP's (Committee on Organization and Policy) Meeting Providence RI, 2015
420Research Priorities HFS/HP (Health Food Systems/Health People), 2012-2015
421Nutrition Education, 2014-2017
422HFSHP (Health Food Systems Health People) Implementation, 2016
423Healthy Ag-Healthy People Steering Committee, 2014-2017
424ECOP (Extension Committee on Organization and Policy), 2017
425Joint COPs (Committee on Organization and Policy) Summer Mtg. (Meeting), 2017 July
426Cooperative Extension's National Framework for Health and Wellness, 2014 March
427ECOP (Extension Committee on Organization and Policy) Health Task Force, 2013 September
428BoHS (Board on Human Sciences) Spring Conference, 2012
429BoHS (Board on Human Sciences), 2011-2014
430BoHS (Board on Human Sciences) Conference Call, 2015 October
431GATFACS (Georgia Association of Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences) Conference, 2013 January
432Board of Human Sciences, 2016-2017
433APLU (Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities) Annual Meeting, 2016 November
434APLU (Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities) Board on Human Sciences, 2015-2016
435Healthy Food Systems, Healthy People Steering Committee, 2014-2015
436Healthy Ag - Healthy People, 2013 October
437BoHS (Board on Human Sciences) and Joint COPs (Committee on Organization and Policy) San Antonio, 2016 July
438BoHS (Board on Human Sciences) Spring Conference, 2015 March
439BoHS (Board on Human Sciences) Spring Conference, 2016
440BoHS (Board on Human Sciences) APLU (Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities), 2015 November
441BoHS (Board on Human Sciences), 2014 March
442BoHS (Board on Human Sciences) Board of Directors Conference Call, 2013
443BoHS (Board of Human Sciences), 2013 March
444BoHS (Board on Human Sciences), 2013 November
445BoHS (Board on Human Sciences), 2011-2013
51Fox accepts Position at UGA, 2010-2011
52Fox Letter to Offer, 2011 March
53Fox Resignation and Retirement, 2021
54LKFox Vitae, 2011 July
55Reports to Provost & Senior Lrdship (Leadership), 2011-2019
565th Year Review Dean Fox, 2011-2016
57Annual Review, Fox L. K., 2012
58Annual Review LK Fox, 2013
59Fox Annual Review, 2014-2015
510Fox Annual Review, 2016
511Fox Annual Review, 2016
512Fox Annual Review, 2017
513Fox AR (Annual Review), 2018
514Fox Annual Review, 2019
515Fox Awards and Recognition, 2008-2021
516NAREEE (National Agricultural Research Extension, Education and Economics) Advisory Board Spring Board Meeting, 2012 March
517Graduate School Review & Search Committee Chaired by Dean Fox, 2019-2020
518Diversity Inclusive Excellence Plan, 2015-2021
519FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Diversity Plan, 2015
520FACS SP (Family and Consumer Sciences Strategic Planning) 2025 Forum input and Goal development, 2019-2020
521Mission Statement SP (Strategic Planning) 2025 input, 2020
522Research deepen the Commitment, 2014-2015
523Strategic Plan and Directions, 2020-2021
524Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, 2020
525Teaching and Learning, 2020
526Community Partnership in Georgia & the world, 2020
527FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Strategic Plan, 2010-2020
528Five-Year Strategic Plan, 1989-1994
529RWJF (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation) Dashboard Meeting Washington, DC, 2017 May
530BoHS (Board of Human Sciences) Alexandria, VA, 2017 March
531BOHS APLU (Board of Human Sciences Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities), 2017 November
532APLU (Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities) San Diego, California, 2019 November
533NIFA (National Institute of Food and Agriculture) External Panel Review Washington, DC, 2017 August
534National 4-H Council Trustees mtg (Meeting), 2010 October
535Conference Programs, 2010-2014
536ASRED (Association of Southern Rural Extension Directors) Webinar, 2015 February
537NAEPSDP (National Association of Extension Program and Staff Development Professionals), 2011 December
538Powerpoint Interview, 2011 February
539Ian Hardin's Class Presentation, 2012 September
540International University Conference Moscow, Russia, 2013 April
541Ag Outlook Conf Wash. DC, 2012
542CTSA (Clinical and Translational Science Awards) - Univ of FL, 2019
543FHCE (Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics), 2019-2020
544FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Dept of Education Pathways, 2011-2012
545Seed Life Skills, 2015-2016
546GACTE (Georgia Association for Career and Technical Education), 2013-2018
547Georgia Dept. of Education FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Issues, 2005-2006
548University System of GA FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Advisory Committee, 2011
549Marian Chesnut McCullers Memorial Service, 2019
550Strong Africa Am (American) Families, 2010-2014
551Youth Obesity Prevention Summit Compendium, 2012
61FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Annual Leadership Retreat, 2011
62FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Annual Leadership Retreat, 2012
63FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Annual Leadership Retreat, 2013
64FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Annual Leadership Retreat, 2014
65FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Annual Leadership Retreat, 2015
66FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Annual Leadership Retreat, 2016
67FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Annual Leadership Retreat, 2017
68FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Annual Leadership Retreat, 2018
69FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Annual Leadership Retreat, 2019
610FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Annual Leadership Retreat, 2020
611Provost Whitten Big ideas, 2014-2015
612College of Family and Consumer Sciences, 2015
613Online Learning Feasibility & Mrktg (Marketing), 2014
614FFP (Family Financial Planning) Online Degree Proposal, 2013-2015
615Ad Hoc Committee for Visual Identity, 2011
616GEAFCS (Georgia Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences) State Conference Jasper, GA, 2014 August
617Andrew Dill - Tour Dawson Hall, 2012 November
618Thank You Invitations, 2012
619Thank You Invitations, 2013
620Student Services Office Review, 1991-1993
621Dean Laura Jolly, 1997-2009
622Historic Photographs, undated
623By-Laws of the Alumni Association College of Family & Consumer Sci., 1990-1991
624The Third Century Campaign, undated
625Fund Raising Initiatives, undated
626Development - Ruffalo Cody, 2007
627Ford Motor Company, 1996
628Alumni, 2018
629Alumni Board, 2008-2012
630Alumni Lunch/Board Meeting, 2019 March
631Alumni Board Budget, 2017
632Committee Breakfast Retreat, 2017
633Alumni Director Alumni Officer III, 2017-2018
634Alumni Board Agenda Conf Calls, 2019-2020
635Alumni Board, 2019-2020
71Coca Cola FDN (Foundation) Research Proposal, 2014
72Coca Cola - Obesity, 2014
73Coca-Cola Meeting, 2014 October
74Flowers Foods Fall, 2014
75Kitchen Cabinet Packet, 2012-2013
76Kitchen Cabinet Packet, 2012-2013
77Campaign Kick Off Planning & Resources, 2013
78Annual Fund Drive, 2012
79Archway to Excellence Capital Campaign, 2001-2008
710Thanksgiving Card, 2012
711Focus on FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) , 2017
712Campaign Communications, 2013-2014
713Ideas for Campaign, 2009-2011
714Tartan Contract and Products, 2012-2019
715100 Legacies Campaign, 2007-2008
716Alumni Contributions, 1990-1995
717FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Alumni Assoc. Annual Mtg., 1998
718Deborah Lowery, 1990-1992
719Dr. Renita Jinkins, 1994
720External Campaign Planning Study Report for the UGA College of Family and Consumer Sciences, 1997
721FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Campaign, 2013
722FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Promotional Materials, 2012-2018
723FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Event Programs, 2012-2021
724Focus on FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences), 2015-2019
725Anne Sweeney, 2012
726Little Red Book, 2010-2016
727FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Fliers and Promotional Materials, 2010-2020
728Boom Athens, 2017
729FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Magazine, 2007-2017
730FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Magazine, 2011-202
731FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Magazine, 2005-2008
732Knowledge for Real Life, 2011-2012
8a1Project Management Meetings, 1948-1988
8a2Recipe Books, 1956-1988
8a3Dental Forms, 1976-2005
8a4Speech - Consumer Information Memorabilia, 1946-2008
8a5GAEA (Georgia Home Economics Association) Convention, 1976
8a6Recipe Books, 1978-1986
8a7Atlanta Gas Light Company, 1968-1988
8b1Blue Flame News, 1984-1985
8b2Blue Flame News, 1986-1987
8b3Marian McCullers Memorial, 2019
8b4Marian McCullers Memorial, 2019
91Jason Cole - FACDAC (Family and Consumer Sciences Day at the Capitol), 2012
92FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Day Fliers, 2010
93FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Day at the Capitol, 2010
94FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Day at the Capitol, 2012
95FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Day at the Capitol, 2015
96Day at the Capitol, 2014
97FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Day at the Capitol, 2013
98FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Day at the Capitol, 2012
99Day at the Capitol, 2010
910Day at the Capitol, 2011
911Day at the Capitol, 2009
912Day at the Capitol, 2008
913Day at the Capitol, 2007
914Day at the Capitol, 2006
915Day at the Capitol, 2005
916Day at the Capitol, 1996
917Day at the Capitol, 1995
918Day at the Capitol, 1993
919Legislative Aide Program, 2007-2011
920Legislative Aids, 1998-1999
921Legislative Aide Program, 1999 August
922Legislative Aides, 1995-1996
923Legislative & Congressional Aide, 2002-2003
924Legislative/Congressional Aide, 2003-2004
925Legislative Aides, 2004
926Legislative Aides, 2005
927Legislative Aides, 2006
928Legislative Aides, 2007
929Legislative Aide Internship Applications, 2009
930Legislative Aide Program, 2006-2010
931Day at the Capitol, 2008
932Legislative Aide Candidate Ryan Heeth, 2009
933Legislative Aides' Feedback, 2008
934Legislative Aide Program, 2000-2011
935Legislative Aide, 2012
936Legislative Aide, 2013
937Legislative/Congressional Aide, 2012-2013
938Legislative Aide, 2014
939Legislative Aide, 2011
940Legislative Aide Stipend Information, 2009-2012
941Legislative Aide, 2012
942Legislative Aide Stipend, 2013
943Legislative Aide Program, 2005
944Legislative Aides, 2010
945Legislative Aides, 2010-2013
946Legislative Aide Applicants, 2008
947Freeman, Anna - Cong. Aide, 2007
948Congressional Aide, 2010
949Legislative/Congressional Aide Program, 1993-2008
950Fliers - Congressional Aide, 2005
951Legislative/Congressional Aide Program, 2007-2009
952Day at the Capitol Info. from Aides, 2000-2009
953Senate Resolution 811, 2014-2020
101College Policy Manual #1, 1993-2007
102College Policy Manual #2, 1996-1999
103Retreat FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Alumni Board, 2011 June
104Alumni Board Conference Call, 2013 April
105Alumni Board Meeting Alumni Awards Luncheon, 2012 February
106FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Board of Directors Winter Meeting, 2016 February
107Celebrate Excellence Recognition Luncheon, 2015
108Lighthouse Counsel Bid and Prospectus, 2012-2015
109Dean Kennedy and Jim Marshall, 2013 March
1010Alumni Board, 2013-2014
1011Bulldog 100 Atlanta Marriott Marquis, 2015 February
1012FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Alumni Association, 2011-2015
1013Alumni Awards Working File - Fox, 2013-2016
1014Alumni Awards, 2015
1015Announcements, undated
1016Provost Pamela Whitten FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Visit, 2014 March
1017AAFCS (American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences) Conf., 2012-2021
1018Crisis Communications, 2012
1019Reopening UGA, 2020
1020Pandemic Business Continuity Plan FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) College, 2020
1021Pandemic Leadership Team Meetings and COVID-19 Response, 2020
1022Leadership Team, 2020-2021
1023Executive Committee, 2017-2018
1024Executive Committee, 2016
1025Executive Committee, 2016-2017
1026Executive Committee, 2015
1027Administrative Cab, 2017-2018
1028Faculty Advisory, 2011-2016
1029Dept. Head Briefing, 2017-2018
1030Dept. Head Briefing, 2015
1031Department Head Briefings, 2016-2017
1032Nutrition Education Follow Up Meeting Hoke Smith Annex Conference Room, 2019 February
1033Extension Nutrition, 2018
1034FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Extension Program Conference, 2019 January
1035Rural Stress Hotel: Crowne Plaza - Atlanta Airport, 2018 December
1036FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Extension Staff Integrate-Transition, 2013
1037Ext (Extension) Presentation, 2011 August
1038Health Extension Summit, 2014
1039Extension District Directors and Administrators, 2011 August
1040Public Health/FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Extension Collaboration Georgia Center Room F/G, 2011 October
1041Land Grant Colleges and Universities, 2003
1042FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences): Launching the Second Century Dawson Tour for GACTE (Georgia Association for Career and Technical Education) Teachers, 2019 July
1043FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Week and Kaptiv8, 2015
111Flatt, Bill Recognition of Donor, 2014-2020
112FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Alumni Board, 2015-2017
113FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Alumni Board, 2015-2017
114FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Alumni Board, 2015-2017
115FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Alumni Board, 2017-2018
116FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Alumni Board, 2018-2019
117FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Alumni Board, 2018-2019
118Faculty Advisory Meeting, 2011-2012
119Faculty Advisory Committee, 2013-2014
1110Faculty Advisory Committee, 2014-2015
1111FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Advisory Committee, 2008-2020
1112FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Bylaws, 2006
1113Department Head Briefing, 2019-2020
1114College Assembly, 2017-2019
1115College Assembly, 2003-2012
1116Dept. Head Briefings, 2014
1117Dept. Head Briefings, 2013
1118Dept. Head Briefings, 2011-2012
1119Administrative Cabinet, 2013-2014
1120Admin Cabinet, 2019-2020
1121Graduate Coordinators Meeting, 2013-2015
1122Executive Committee, 2014
1123Executive Comm. (Committee), 2013
1124Executive Committee, 2012
1125Executive Committee Agenda, 2012
1126Executive Committee, 2011
1127Faculty Advisory Committee, 2015-2016
1128Executive Committee, 2019-2020
1129Teaching, 2016
1130Internal Audit, 2018-2019