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National Center for Home Food Preservation records

National Center for Home Food Preservation records

Descriptive Summary

Title: National Center for Home Food Preservation records
Creator: University of Georgia
Inclusive Dates: 1990s-2010s
Language(s): English
Extent: 5 Linear Feet (5 boxes)
Collection Number: UA21-007
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

The National Center for Home Food Preservation (NCHFP) was established in 2000 at the University of Georgia with funding from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture (NIFA-USDA) to address food safety concerns for those who practice and teach home food preservation and processing methods.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of administrative records, research products, and educational materials produced by the National Center for Home Food Preservation.

Administrative Information

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[Item, box, folder], [Collection title, UA#], University Archives, University of Georgia

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Subject Terms

Canning and preserving
United States. Department of Agriculture

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11NCHFP Funding History, 1999-2015
12USDA NCHFP Reports, 2001-2015
13NCHFP Reporting, 2012
14National Center - First, 1999
15NCHFP Origins First Project, 1999
16National Center Award Letter, 1998
17First 4-Year Project, 2000-2005
182nd NCHFP Grant - First 4-Yr. One, 1999
19Application for Funding, 1998
110NCHFP Proposal, 2000
111Sub Contracts NCHFP, 1999-2002
112Year 2 Award, 2001
113Year 3 Award, 2002
114NCHFP Year 4 Award, 2003
115No Cost Extension, 2005
116NCHFP Award Notices, 2005-2008
117NCHFP Proposal, 2005-2008
118USDA Award, 2005
119No Cost Extension, 2009
120NCHFP Fourth Grant, 2011-2014
121USDA NCHFP Current Research Information System (CRIS) Entry Project, 2011-2014
122NCHFP Logic Model, 2011-2014
123National Center No Cost Extension, 2014-2015
124National Center for Home Food Processing and Preservation, 2011-2014
125National Food Preservation Survey, 2012 May
126NCHFP Misc. Statements, undated
127Posters, undated
128Proposal, 2002
129Advisory Committee Correspondence, 1999
130Conference Calls, 2000
131Webinar Info., 2013
132Blog, 2012
133Food Preservation Industry Contacts/Jarden Committee, 2010
134First NCHFP Self-Study - WebCT, 2010
135Preserving Food at Home - A Self-Study, 2004-2007
136Drafts for 2nd Self-Study, undated
137NCHFP Self-Study - Development, 2007
138National Center Website, 2002-2013
139Early NCHFP Website Development, 2007
140Privacy Statement, 2002
141Image Copyrights, 2004
142UGA Web Info., 2002
143Stats, 2002-2006
144Website Reports Jimmy Hansen, 2006
145Website Reports, 2004-2005
146Early NCHFP Stats, 2002-2003
147Some NCHFP Presentations, 2006
148National Center for Home Food Processing and Preservation, 2011-2014
149National Work Group - Planning, 2015
150Extension Food Safety Work Group Contacts, 2015
151Chapman Home Food Preservation (HFP) Science Center, 2015
152National Work Group, 2015 May 4
153Work Group Contacts, 2015
21Agent Survey, 2000
22State Survey, 2001
23National Survey, 2001
24National Survey Results, 2001-2008
25National Survey, 2005
26National Survey Results, 2005
27GA Poll, 2001
28Website Survey, 2002
29University of Wisconsin (UWisc) Subcontract, 2012-2013
210Keith Ito - Steam Canners, 2003
211Steam Canner Research - Penn State University (PSU), 1970s-1980s
212Utah Steam Canning - Industry Use, 1980s
213University of Massachusetts (UMass) - Hayes - Steam Canner Research, 1987
214University of California - Steam Canning - Bad Research, 2005
215Steam Canning-Related Research, 1918-1982
216Misc. Steam Canning, 1992-2000
217Steam Canner - Daniels, 1994
218Canner Size Research NCHFP, undated
219Heat Penetration Studies of Stewed Tomatoes in 6, 8, and 17 Quart Household Pressure Retorts, 2002
220Statistics - Becky Pakola (P.), 2001-2002
221Notes, 1998-2002
222Stewed Tomatoes Jar Research, undated
223Search Results, 2001
224Results, 2001
225Stewed Tomatoes Testing (Notes, pH, Cold Spot), 2000-2001
226Stewed Tomatoes Testing (Confirmation, Inoculated Pack, Worksheets), 2000-2001
227Becky's Stewed Tomatoes - Toledo Analysis , 2001-2002
228Early Planning Meeting - USDA CanningRecommendations, 1977-1982
229Official USDA Publicity - Agriculture Information Bulletin (AIB) 539, 1989
230Magazine/Press Articles re: Agriculture Information Bulletin (AIB) 539, 1988
231Original USDA Agriculture Information Bulletin (AIB) 539, 1988 December
232Sold Separately - Guide 1, 1988 December
233USDA Agriculture Information Bulletin (AIB) 539 Errata, 1988-1989
234Complete Guide to Home Canning, 1989
235Withdrawal - USDA Refrigerator Dills, 1994
236USDA Guide Canning, 1994
237USDA Guide Canning, 1996 June
238Sales Move to Purdue, 2009
239Agriculture Information Bulletin (AIB) 539 Guide Canning, 2009 December
240Complete Guide to Home Canning, 2015
241USDA Tomato Canning Related Research, undated
242Tomato Process Times, 1978-1987
243Acidification of Tomatoes, 1976-1979
244USDA Tomato Blend Research, undated
245Boiling Water Canning - Tomatillos New Mexico State University (NMSU), 1998
246USDA Can Guide - Acidification Figures (Acidif. Figs)), 1982-1983
247Origins - Some USDA Pickled Products, 1965
248USDA Can Guide - Zucchini Pineapple, 1981-1982
249USDA Salsas Nutritional (Nut.) Analysis by NCHFP/UGA (Nutritionist Pro), 2005
250Canning Summer Squash, 1999
251Research on Jelly Processing - Penn State University (PSU), 1993
252Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Butters, 1994
253Home and Garden (H&G) USDA Bulletins Removal Mashed Pumpkin , 1980
31NCHFP Lid Study POW/Proposal and Methods Support, 2013
32NCHFP Lid Study - Equipment, undated
33NCHFP Lid Study - Geetha Notes, undated
34NCHFP Lid Study - Tattler Info., 2010
35Weck Jars - USDA History, 1989-1991
36Evaluation and Comparison of the Sealing Performance of Three Major Types of Jar Lids Available for Home Canning, 2014
37Geetha - Lid Study, undated
38Geetha Proposal, 2013 April
39Jar and Lid Research, undated
310UGA Department of Foods and Nutrition Laboratory Logs, 2013-2014
311Incubator 01, 2013-2014
312Incubator 02, 2013-2014
313Incubator 03, 2013-2014
314Incubator 04, 2013-2014
315Closet, 2013
316Lid Research, 2013-2014
317Lid and Canning Research, 2012
318Raw Carrots Canning Lids Project , 2013 June-2014 May
319Hot Apples Canning Lids Project, 2013 June-2014 May
320Hot Carrots Canning Lids Project, 2013 June-2014 May
321Crushed Tomatoes Canning Lids Project, 2013 June-2014 May
322UGA/NCHFP Original New Processes , 2002-2015
323Lemon Curd, 2000
324Fruit Butters and Curds, undated
325Lemon Curd Files, undated
326Lemon Curd - NCHFP Heat Penetration, 2003-2004
327NCHFP Cantaloupe Pickles Heat Penetration, 2003
328Research - Pickling Melons - UGA, undated
329NCHFP Cranberry Salsa Heat Penetration, 2002-2003
330Cranberry Orange Salsa, 2000
331Pickled Asparagus, 2002
332Tomatillo - Jicama Salsa, 2000
333Tomatillo Salsa, 2001
334Tomatillo Sauce, 2000
335Spicy Watermelon Rind Relish, 2000
336Hot and Sweet Tomatillo Relish, undated
337Canned Mangos, 2000
338Mango Chutney, 2000
339Pickled Jicama, 2000-2001
340NCHFP Golden Pepper Jelly, 2006-2007
341No Sugar Added Quick Pickles, 2005
342Relishes and Pickles, 2000-2009
343Paula Deen Pickled Okra, 2010
344Jicama Relish Research Report, 2001
345Holly - Jicama Heat Penetration, 2001-2002
346Holly - Jicama Relish, 2000-2002
41Tomato Paste - Revised So Easy to Preserve (SETP), 2013
42University of California (UNIV CALIF) - Subcontract - Garlic in Oil, 2002-2003
43NCHFP Product Development - Mixed, 2007
44Jelly, Jam, and Pickling Research, 2000-2007
45Miscellaneous Salsas, 2000-2003
46Hot Sauces, 2001-2003
47Apple and Tomato Research, 2013-2015
48Apple Butter and Spiced Green Tomatoes, 2008-2009
49Jams and Jellies, 2004
410Mango Salsas and Canning, 2000-2001
411Hot Sauces, 2004
412Jams and Jellies, 2001-2004
413Hot Sauces, 2003
414NCHFP Portable Burner Studies, 2008
415Microbiota of Herbs - NCHFP, 2002
416Sausage Research NCHFP, undated
417NCHFP Sausage Research, 2002
418Sausage Labs, 2002
419Thermal Destruction of Listeria Monocytogenes in a Partially-Fermented Dill Pickle Intended for Refrigerator Storage, 2010
420Lindsay J. Pickle Study, 2008-2010
421Pickling - Refrigerator (Refrig.) Pickles, 1999
422Pickling Cukes - Lindsey Project, undated
423Refrigerator Dills Lindsay Project, 2009
424Listeria Monocytogenes in Refrigerator Dills - Lindsay Project, 2008-2009
425Peach Splenda Study, 2004
426NCHFP Jerky Research/Lit Review, 2001
427NCHFP/UGA Preserving Oils Review, 2011
428Preserving in Oil, 2003
51NCHFP Videos/DVDs, 2003-2019
52NCHFP Preserve It Serve It, 2016
53NCHFP Youth Curriculum (Curric.) Advisory Meeting, 2011-2014
54Focus Group and Early Feedback, 2012
55Curriculum Resources (About Development) 4H, 1977-2012
56Prior UGA 4H Drying Lesson, 2000
57Science Standards, 1996-2014
58Pilot Testing - Put It Up!, 2014
59Put It Up Evaluation Summaries/Request Stats, 2014
510Agriculture From Start to Finish White County 4-H Garden, 2014
511Ogden Photos, undated
512Put It Up Request Forms, undated
513Put It Up! Errata/Changes 2nd Edition (Ed.), 2015
514Put It Up! Webinar, 2014
515Put It Up! Food Preservation for Youth Methods, undated
516Journal of Extension (J.O.E.) Article , 2013-2014
517Home Food Preservation for Youth Recruiting Support and Evaluation Materials, 2013
518Put It Up! Food Preservation for Youth, 2015
519Put It Up! Food Preservation for Youth, 2014
520NCHFP Fair Judging Manual, 2003
521NCHFP Fair Judging Manual Needed Edits, 2013
522Maymester, 2008
523Principles of Processing and Preserving Food at Home, 2008
524NCHFP Choice Salsa Research, 2007-2009
525Salsa Batch 3, 2008
526Salsa Batch 2, 2008
527Thermal Process Home-Canned Salsa Research, 2004-2006
528Salsa Preparation, Preservation, and Validation, 2007
529Salsa Batch 1, 2008
530Log Sheets for Salsa Preparation, 2007
531Log Sheets for Salsa Preparation, 2008
532Log Sheets for Salsa Preparation 2, 2007
533Pickling and Acidification Curriculum Materials Maymester, 2008
534Log Sheets for Salsa Preparation 2, 2008