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Orie Loucks papers

Orie Loucks papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Orie Loucks papers
Creator: Loucks, Orie L.
Inclusive Dates: 1962-2014
Language(s): English
Extent: 27.25 Linear Feet (28 boxes)
Collection Number: UA18-018
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

Orie Loucks was an internationally known Ecologist and Conservationist. From his early forestry studies to his later research with pesticides and acid precipitation, Louckes was highly influential in the field of Ecology. In 1962, Loucks took over the University of Wisconsin faculty position of his recently deceased mentor, John Curtis. Then in 1978 he became Science Director of the Institute of Ecology (TIE) which was housed at the Holcomb Research Institute. Louckes later moved to Miami University in Ohio and starting in 1989 became the first Ohio Environmental Scholar. He held this position until his retirement in 2002. Loucks was a long-time member of the Ecological Society of America (ESA)and was on a number of their committees. From 1994-1997, he was the chair of the ESA's Vegetation Classification Committee.

Scope and Content

This collection consists of three series: The University of Wisconsin/The Institute of Ecology (TIE)/Holcomb Research Institute (HRI)(1962-1989), Ecological Society of America (ESA) (1975-2013) and Miami University/Department of Zoology (1989-2002) with numerous subseries under these series. Some of these subseries include Louck's writings, correspondence and conferences and meetings. Of particular interest in the Ecological Society of America (ESA) series are the Vegetation Classification Panel and Lucy Braun Association materials.

Organization and Arrangement

The collection is arranged into three series: University of Wisconsin/ The Institute of Ecology (TIE)/Holcomb Research Institute (HRI), Ecological Society of America (ESA) and Miami University/Department of Zoology.

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Orie Loucks papers, UA18-018, University Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Acid rain.
Ecological Society of America
Institute of Ecology
Loucks, Orie L.
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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. University of Wisconsin, the Institute of Ecology (TIE), and the Holcomb Research Institute (HRI)


11James Callahan: "Workshop to Define Research Expectations and Operating Standards for a Program of Long-Term Ecological Research", 1979
12A.H. Frost-Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA), 1977
13Thomas Malone, 1977
14Frederick Smith, 1977
15Bill Beranek: Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA), 1977
16Tom Armentano: CO2 Program, 1977
17Estella Leopold/Gordon Orians: modeling man-environment interactions, 1977
18Richard Sayrs, Jr., circa 1970s
19Brian Bedford: Brown and Lowe system/Experimental Ecological Reserves (EER), 1975
110Edmund Schofield, 1977
211Correspondence regarding news releases, 1976-1978
212Agro-Ecosystems-correspondence regarding requests for report, 1977
213David Ford: Advances in Ecological Research, 1981
214Cynthia Yoshida: Annual Reviews, Inc., 1981
214Thad Godish: Indiana Air Pollution Control Association, 1981
215Peter Skadron: Butler University, 1979
216James Barnes: Center for Law and Social Policy, 1979
217Delores Lancaster: Columbia Wetlands, 1979
218Edwin Clark: Conservation Foundation, 1983
219Office of Ecosystem Studies (OES)/The Institute of Ecology (TIE) correspondence, 1974-1975
220The Institute of Ecology (TIE)-Committee on Ecosystem Studies (CES) correspondence , 1975
221Committee on Ecosytem Studies (CES) Corvallis meeting, 1975
222Data Management position paper correspondence, 1975
223Requests for Data Position Paper, 1975
224The Institute of Ecology (TIE)-Modelling committee, 1974-1975
225Correspondence and applications for employment, 1981-1982
226Lawrence Livermore Laboratory Analysis-data exhange, 1973-1975
227Richard Carpenter-data, 1975-1976
228Marvin Bond , 1982
229The Institute of Ecology (TIE)-Office of Ecosystem Studies (OES) "Energy Flow Workshop" preparations (for January 1975), 1974
230The Institute of Ecology (TIE), 1982-1983
234Assembly correspondence, 1980
231Acid Rain-general correspondence, 1981-1982
232Trustees Meeting , 1980 April-May
233Library and rent, 1980-1981
234Finances and audit, 1979-1980
235Remodelling and rental rates, 1979
236The Institute of Ecology (TIE)/Holcomb Research Institute (HRI) correspondence and staff memos, 1980
237Personnel issues, 1980
238American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) Symposium, 1981
239Columbia Power Plant, 1979-1980
240Center for International Environment Information, 1980
241Adele Hurley: Canadian Coalition on Acid Rain, 1982
242The Institute of Ecology (TIE) correspondence, 1978-1979
31Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)/Duluth Sensitivity, 1982
32Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 1980-1983
33Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Ground Water Project, 1983
34Buchanan Report-Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 1978. 1983
35Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Ecosystem Research Center proposal, 1980
36Committee on Ecosystem Studies (CES)-The Institute of Ecology (TIE) meeting (correspondence and minutes), 1973 December
37Committee on Ecosystem Studies (CES)-Parker calls and correspondence, 1975
38Air Pollution Workshop, 1981
611The Institute of Ecology (TIE)/Access Network correspondence, 1978
612General The Institute of Ecology (TIE) correspondence, 1977-1978
613Loucks acceptance of position of the Science Director of The Institute of Ecology (TIE), 1978
614The Institute of Ecology (TIE) financial related correspondence, 1977
615P.L. 480 correspondence, 1975
616General correspondence-The Institute of Ecology (TIE) , 1976
616R. Kent Schreiber-Acid Rain Workshop, 1980
617American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) Meeting correspondence, 1977
618Miscellaneous correspondence, 1979
619Wisconsin micellaneous correspondence, 1977-1980
620"Intecol Congress 1982", 1974, 1980-1981
621Miami University Lecture, 1980
622The Institute of Ecology (TIE) Director correspondence, 1974-1977
623Administrative Assistant appointment, 1974-1975
624Ecological Internship Program, 1977
625Kennedy Schmertz-Smithsonian, 1977
626Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Acid Rain correspondence, 1979-1980
627Cornell Review (correspondence and reviews), 1982-1983
628Department of Landscape Architecture correspondence, 1982
629Kercher film, notes and correspondence, 1982
630Ecological Society reviews, 1982-1983
631Environmental Intern Program, 1980
632CO2 correspondence and proposal, 1978
633Hinckley correspondence, 1977
634Correspondence, program draft regarding Board of Regents, 1977
635General The Institute of Ecology (TIE) correspondence, 1977
636Acid Rain Conference correspondence, 1980
637Brian Chabot, 1981
638Southern Economic Association meeting correspondence, 1980
639Executive Committee correspondence, 1973-1975
640Summary of International Synthesis-United States Enrichment Corporation (USEC) correspondence, 1973-1974
71United States Enrichment Corporation (USEC)-Oliver correspondence, 1973-1974
72Environmental Management (EM) correspondence, 1974
73Environmental Management (EM) office correspondence, 1972-1973
74National Science Foundation (NSF) correspondence on programs, 1973
75V. Blomgren correspondence, 1973
76V. Blomgren correspondence, 1974
77Letters to Special Committee Chairman, item 3, 1973
78Environmental Management (EM) Directors, item 7, 1973
79Desert Biome, 1975
710Grasslands ProCom Review, 1973
711International Biological Program (IBP)-Conservation of Ecosystem Program, 1974
712Overton Proposal correspondence, 1973-1974
713Post International Biological Program (IBP)-The Institute of Ecology (TIE) Proposal, 1973
714Tritium Movement Synthesis Working Group, 1973-1974
715International Biological Program (IBP) report #6 press release, 1974
716International Biological Program (IBP) HA programs, 1974
717Report #6 reviews and correspondence, 1974
718U.S./International Biological Program series editorial correspondence, 1974-1976
1410Richard Luger, 1982
1411Ryszkowski visit, 1974 Fall
1412Committee on Ecosystem Studies (CES)-Latin American, 1975
1413Denver Functional Groups, 1975
1414The Institute of Ecology (TIE) Administrative correspondence, 1981
1415Phenology Committee meeting, 1974
1416Environmental Management (EM) directors meeting, 1973
1417International Biological Program (IBP) correspondence, 1974
1418National Academy of Sciences (NAS)-International Biological Program (IBP) correspondence, 1973-1975
1419The Institute of Ecology (TIE) general correspondence, 1974
1420Standing Committee on Publications for the United States-International Biological Program (IBP) Series, 1973-1974
1421The Institute of Ecology (TIE) correspondence, 1979-1980
1422Galley proofs-correspondence, 1976
1423Wisconsin Academy of Sciences talks, 1975-1976
1424The Institute of Ecology's (TIE) second floor offices, 1978
1425The Institute of Ecology (TIE)-miscellaneous correspondence, 1978
1426Thomas Malone, 1979-1981
1427H. Paul Friesema, 1980-1981
1428Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)/Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) correspondence, 1980
1429CO2 Conference, 1980
1852Water Resources Center, 1980
1853Thomas V. Armentano, undated
1854Correspondence on Acid Rain, 1979
1855Miscellaneous correspondence, 1980-1981
1856Thomas Malone, 1980
1857PL 480 and Poland, 1981-1982
1858Fred Ott, 1969
191G. M. McLeod, 1969-1972
192Miscellaneous correspondence, 1983-1984
1919The Institute of Ecology (TIE) Report/Newsletter, 1978
2610Miscellaneous correspondence and other materials, circa 1970s-1980s
281Richard N. L. Andrews , 1978-1979
282Martin J. Lechowicz, 1979
283Amotz Zahavi (regarding Avital Gasith), 1979
284R.T. (Bob) Brown, 1981
285Early correspondence, 1966
286Misty Stephens (regarding Paul B. Sears), 2011
287Mark Joseph McLaughlin (regarding 1962 Forest Classification for the Maritime Provinces), 2011
288Loraine McCosker (Appalachian Ohio Sierra Club), 2010


111Board of Trustees meeting agenda, 1977 December
112Board of Trustees meeting minutes, 1977 June 21
113Executive Committee meeting minutes, 1977 August 20
114Access Advisory Council meeting minutes, 1977 November 3
115Board of Trustees meeting minutes (includes By-Laws), 1977 April
116Board of Trustees meeting minutes, 1980 November
117Executive Committee meeting minutes, 1981 July
118Annual meeting preliminary agenda, 1981 April
118Holcomb Research Institute Committee meeting minutes, 1981 February 10
119Board of Trustees annual meeting program, 1980 March-April
120Board of Trustees meeting minutes, 1979 October
121Board of Trustees meeting information, 1981 March-April
122Board of Trustees meeting agenda, 1980 March
123Executive Committee meeting financial information, 1980 August
124Board of Trustees meeting tentative agenda, 1980 November
125Board of Trustees Executive Committee meeting minutes, 1981 July
126Committee on Ecosystem Studies (CES) meeting minutes, 1974 March 20
127Committee on Ecosystem Studies (CES) meeting minutes, 1973 September
128Committee on Ecosystem Studies (CES) meeting minutes, 1975 January
129Aquatics Committee meeting, Seattle proposals and notes, 1974 June
130Data Management meeting, Tucson minutes, 1974 November
38Committee on Ecosysystem Studies (CES) meeting at Corvallis , 1975 August
66The institute of Ecology (TIE) founders meeting (notes and other materials), 1977
67The Institute of Ecology (TIE) Founders meeting-Monterey summary, 1976
68The Institute of Ecology (TIE)Advisary Council meeting (notes), 1977-1978
69The Institute of Ecology (TIE) "Houston" Trustees meeting (minutes and agenda), 1974-1975
610National Academy of Sciences (NAS)/Royal Society of Canada (RSC) meeting-Toronto, 1980
719HA Directors meeting agenda, 1974
720San Francisco committee on Decomposition and Nutrient Cycling-agenda, notes and correspondence, 1974
721The Institute of Ecology (TIE) Trustees meeting-agenda, minutes and summary, 1974
722Desert Biome International meeting, 1974
723Environmental Management (EM) Program Directors, 1973
724Environmental Management (EM) Directors meeting agenda and minutes, 1973
725US/International Biological Program (IBP) Executive Committee meeting-background material, agenda, summary, 1974
726US/International Biological Program (IBP) Executive Committee meeting agenda, summary, 1974
727The Institute of Ecology (TIE) annual meeting agenda, 1981
728International Biological Program (IBP) National Comittee-summaries, minutes, 1969-1972
729International Biological Program (IBP) Publications Committee summary, 1974
730Inter Biome Committee preliminary report, undated
731National Science Foundation (NSF) Program Directors meeting, Washington D.C.-notes, summary and correspondence, 1974
732Inter-Biome Modeling Committee meeting-agenda and minutes, 1973
733The Institute of Ecology (TIE) Trustees/Assembly Business Meeting minutes, 1980
734 The Institute of Ecology (TIE)-Committee on Ecosystem Studies (CES) meeting notes and agenda, 1974
735The Institute of Ecology (TIE)-Committee on Ecosystem Studies (CES) New York meeting, 1975
1763Waubesa Wetlands Conferences, 1977
1764Database Publishing Conference/Workshop, 1978
1765Data Exchange Committee "Ecology Data Handbook", 1976
1766Regier-Kadlec Proposal, 1975
1767Agro-Ecosystems working group activities, 1976-1977
1768Dedication of Crooked Lake Nature Preserve, 1979
1769Cornell Workshop, 1981
1770Environmental Research Laboratory-Duluth (ERL-D) Program, 1981-1983
1771University of Illinois/Illinois Natural History Survey-trip report, 1982
1772Illinois Nature Preserves Commision, 1979-1983
1773Acid Rain staff meeting, 1983
1774National Atmospheric Deposition Program-Technical Committee meeting, 1978-1979
181Environmental Management (EM) Program Directors meeting, 1973-1974
182CO2 Effects Workshop, 1982
183International Biological Program (IBP), Marine Mammals Program, circa 1970s
184The Institute of Ecology (TIE) meeting, 1981-1982
185The Institute of Ecology (TIE) annual meeting/annual report, 1980-1981
186Ecosystems Research Center Review Committee, 1983
187Ecosystems Research Center Public Symposium, 1983
188Citizens Natural Resources Association annual meeting, 1982
189International Biological Program (IBP) Interbiome Modeling Committee, 1973
1810United States National Committee for the International Biological Program (IBP), 1973-1975
1812Training and Personnel Trends in Ecology and Environmental Science Program, Columbus, Ohio, 1978
1813Board members of Environmental Systems Services Institute, 1971
1813North Woods Region Acid Rain Conference-summary of remarks, 1980
1814Biological Diversity-Radisson (slides), undated
1815Review Workshop on a study by The Institute of Ecology (TIE), circa 1970s
1816United States National Committee for the International Biological Program, 1972
1817The Institute of Ecology (TIE) Founders' Conference, 1977
1818Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research-open house, 1981
1819London Trip and other materials-USEC meeting, 1974
1820American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) meeting, 1974
1821The Institute of Ecology (TIE) annual meeting, 1978
1822National Acid Precipitation Assessment Plan workshop, 1981
1823Interbiome Information and Data Exchange Committee, 1973-1974
1824The Institute of Ecology (TIE)-Office of Ecosystem Studies (OES) Workshop: functional groups, 1975
1825Midwest Universities Energy Consortium-call for papers, 1981
1826The Institute of Ecology (TIE)/Holcomb Research Institute (HRI) meeting-Chicago, 1977
1827The National Wetlands Technical Council-international meeting, 1981
1928Acidic Deposition critical assessment document public review (EPA/NCSU Acid Precipitation Program), 1982
1929The Institute of Ecology (TIE) workshop on Eutrophication as a CO2 sink, 1979
1930The Institute of Ecology (TIE) Founders' Food Conference, 1975
1931Wetland and Floodplain Program, Washington, DC, 1988
1927America Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) meeting, Tucson, 1980
2516Cornell Seminar (mostly transparencies), 1983
2517The Institute of Ecology (TIE) Trustee's meeting, 1979-1980
2518Forestry Department Policy Committee (mostly transparencies), 1970s
2519Graphics for Detroit, 1983
2519Cornell Seminar (notes and transparencies), 1983
2520Dry Deposit Conference-discussion session, 1978-1979
2521Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) (Acid Rain) Conference and trip to Norway, 1979-1980
2525Wisconsin Governor's Committee meeting, 1972
2526National Wetlands Technical Council (NWTC), 1983
2527Wisconsin Govenor's Commission on Forestry, 1972
2534Miscellaneous meetings and conferences (photographs), 1980s
2535Working Group on International Wetlands, 1988
268The Institute of Ecology (TIE) annual meeting and materials, 1979
289The Institute of Ecology (TIE) Annual Meeting (correspondence and notes), 1979-1980


131"Estimating crop yield effects from ambient air pollutants in the Ohio River Valley", circa 1981
132"Modeling a disease-caused patch disturbance: Oak Wilt in Central Hardwoods", circa 1981
133"Data-based and predictive analyses of Wetland responses to chronic stress", 1980
134"Evaluating and predicting Ecological effects of coal combustion for Electric Power: an overview of the Wisconsin Power Plant Study", 1982
135"Regional assessment of Aquatic Resources at risk from Acidic Deposition", 1982
136"Crop and forest losses due to current and projected emissions from coal-fired Power Plants in the Ohio River Basin" (expanded Executive Summary), undated
137"Research designs to evaluate Acid Rain effects", 1981
21"The effects of acid precipitation on Ecological Systems in the Great Lakes Region" , 1981
22"Assessment of information and data bases on alteration of water chemistry and aquatic biota associated with Acid Rain", 1980
23"Energy policy, Ecosystems and public welfare: the scientists perspective", 1980
24"The emerging scope of Socio-Economic concerns related to Acid Rain", 1980
25"Methodologies for analysis of long-term effects on forests from air pollutants", 1981
26"The U.S./Canada aquatic impacts assessment: integration of experimental studies, monitoring and modeling of Acidic Deposition effects", 1982
27"Use of Forest Site Index for evaluating terrestrial resources at risk from Acidic Deposition", 1982
28"Energy flow and human adaptation: a summary", 1975
29"Estimating crop yield effects from ambient air pollutants in the Ohio River Valley", 1981
210Impact of airborne pollutants on wilderness areas along the Minnesota-Ontario border", 1979
736Committee on Ecosystem Studies (CES) meeting/paper-Integration of Ecosystem analysis with studies of Agro-Ecosystems, 1975
737Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) US/Canada Aquatics proposals and requests I and II, 1980-1981
738"Air pollution threats to National Parks in the Great Lakes Region", 1980
739"Ecological and enironmental data as under-utilized national resouces: result of the TIE/Access Program", 1979
740"Temporal dynamics of selected Terrestrial Carbon Pools", 1982
741"Prospective significance of Temporate Zone Carbon Pool Transients, 1980-2010", 1981
742"Final report of Cloquet planning meeting: research/synthesis needs in regional air pollution effects upon forest growth in the Eastern United States", 1980
743"Summary tables of Lake Wingra Basin data", 1977
81"Feasibility Study Report on a proposed Ecosystems Data Handbook-final report", 1979
82"Summary of Terrestrial Ecosystem State Variable and Flux Data, Eastern Deciduous Forest Biome", 1974
83"Restoration of the Pulse Control function of Wetlands and its relationship to Water Quality Objectives", 1989
84"Development of Studies in Ecosystem Theory", 1974
85"Development of Studies in Ecosystem Theory"-Bakuzis summary, 1974-1975
86"Acid Precipitation Research Plan to determine the susceptibility of aquatic and terrestrial resources to damage resulting from pollutant deposition and loading", circa 1979
87"Implications of a gradient in acid and base deposition across the Northern Lake States", circa 1980s
88"An Ecosystem Model for the Pelagic Zone of Lake Wingra", 1972
94"Seasonal and annual nutrient loadings in relation to Macrophyte Harvesting Objectives", 1979
95"Age Structure Models of Balsam Fir and Eastern Hemlock", 1976
96"Application of Life-Table-Analysis to tree seedlings in Quetico Provincial Park, Ontario", 1968
97"The effects of harvest removal of Phosphorus on remineralized P Sources in a shallow lake", circa 1970s
98"Seasonal and annual nutrient loading in relation to Macrophyte Harvesting Objectives", 1978
99"The effects of harvest removal of Phosphorus on Remineralized P sources in a shallow lake", circa 1970s
910"New light on the changing forest", 1980
911"Evolution of diversity, efficiency and community stabilty", 1970
912"Productivity, Trophic Interactions and food-web relationships in Wetlands and Associated Systems", 1979
913"Wisconsin scientific areas: preserving native diversity", 1977
914"Impacts of development on the Hydrologic and Nutrient budget of two Watersheds", circa 1970s
915"Concepts, theory and models of Forest Succession" (with notations), circa 1970s
1116"An assessment of aquatic resources altered or at risk from acidic deposition", 1984
1117"Estimating crop yield effects from Ambient Air Pollutants in the Ohio River Valley", 1982
1118"Air pollution threats to United States National Parks of the Great Lakes Region", 1983
1119"Carbon flow in Four Lake Ecosystems: a structural approach", 1978
1120"Water for the land", 1983
1121"Modeling a disease-caused patch disturbance: Oak Wilt in the Midwestern United States", 1984
1122Ontario handouts, undated
1123"Impact of development on watershed hydrologic and nutrient budgets", 1979
1124"Models linking land-water interactions around Lake Wingra, Wisconsin", 1975
1125"Concepts, theory and models of forest succession", 1980
1126"A position paper on National Ecological Data Resources", 1974-1975
1427"Ecological basis for the management of Agroecosystems", undated
1428"Understanding the limits to stress on natural resources"-The Institute of Ecology (TIE) Founders Meeting, 1975
1429"Demography of plant subunits of two annuals in a Southern Wisconsin maple forests"-American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) Meeting, 1976
1430Observations on a visit to Squire Valleevue Farm, 1978
1431"A scenario for research on the effects of stress in the Eastern Deciduous Forest", 1981
1432"Methodologies for analysis of long-term effects on forests from air pollutants", 1982
1433"Assessing the effects of chronic stresses on freshwater wetland plant communities and soil properties: a data-based modeling approach", 1982
1434"Methodology for analysis of long-term effects on forests from air pollutants" (Cornell manuscript), 1983
1435"Methodology for analysis of long-term effects on forests from air pollutants" (Cornell manuscript), 1982
1436"Methodology for analysis of long-term effects on forests from air pollutants", 1982
1437"A Lake and watershed sensitivity measurement strategy for identifying resources at rick from acidic precipitation", 1982
151Environmental quotation of the week, 1979
194Comments on William E. Felling manuscript, 1980
195"Lake and watershed sensitivity measures to quantify resources at risk" (abstract), 1982
196"Workshop I: strategies for the recyling of organic wastes"-comments, undated
197"Methodology for analysis of long-term effects on forestsfrom air pollutants", 1982
198"A scenario for research on the effects of stress in the Eastern Deciduous Forest", 1977
199"A scenario for research on the effects of stress in the Eastern Deciduous Forest" (Cornell Workshop), 1981
1910Untitled manuscript, 1982
1911Literature including "Impact assessment of Airborne Acidic Deposition on the aquatic environment of the United States and Canada", 1981
1912"The concern for Acidic Deposition in the Great Lakes Region"-Michigan State talk, 1981
1913Cornell Notes, 1983
1914Handwritten notes, 1970s-1980s
2430"Crops and forest losses due to current and projected emissions from coal-fired power plants in the Ohio River Basin", 1980
2431"How shall we judge the optimun environment for man?", 1970
2432"The small world: technology, ecology and conservation", 1969
2433"A quantitaive approach to Man-Environment Interdependencies in inter-disciplinary research", 1967
2434"Changing man's impacts on the environment", 1970
251"Environmental research-prospects and perils for the university", 1970
252"Systems Studies of DDT Transports", 1970
253"Man and His Environment Series: the population problem", 1970
254"Science, society and population growth", 1969
255"Measurement of Species Diversity" (incomplete), 1970s
256"Optimal leaf size in relation to environment", 1970
257"An assessment of aquatic resources altered or at risk from Acidic Deposition", 1984
258"Changing man's impacts on the environment"/"Models for systems studies of nutrient flows in lakes and streams", 1970
259"Restoration of the pulse control function of Wetlands and its relationship to water quality objectives" and wetland correspondence, 1989
2510Various diagrams and charts, circa 1980s
2511Titles for Great Lakes slides, circa 1980s
2512Various transparencies, circa 1970s-1980s
2513Transparencies for Watershed Factors, circa 1970s-1980s
2514Transparencies and notes-American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS), 1983
2515Emissions-transparencies, 1980s
2662Acid Rain graphs and transparencies , circa 1970s-1980s
2810"Acid Rain threatens United States wildlife", circa 1970s
2825"Modeling a disease-caused patch disturbance: Oak Wilt in central hardwoods", 1981

Adminstrative Files

1220The Institute of Ecology (TIE)-Committee on Ecosystem Studies (CES) Grant correspondence, 1973-1976
1221Workshop/committee members, undated
1222The Institute of Ecology (TIE) application for support of "Role of Consumers in Ecosystems" Symposium, 1973-1974
1223The Institute of Ecology (TIE) balance sheet, 1981
1224The International Biological Program (IBP) publicity, undated
1225the Institute of Ecology (TIE)/Holcomb Research Institute (HRI) Library, 1979-1980
1226Central Publishing, 1979
1227Budget programs, 1979-1980
1228Fund raising, 1980-1981
1229Time allocation charts, 1978-1979
1230Activities reports, 1978-1979
131Activities report, 1980-1981
132GLOBC7 memorandum, 1983
133Chart of approved travel, 1974-1976
134Travel Authorization sample/blank forms and guidelines, 1968
135Curriculum Vitae-Richard Miller, undated
136Curriculum Vitae-Thomas Malone, 1979
137Curriculum Vitae-Orie Loucks, 1979
138The Institute of Ecology (TIE) Workshop-lists of participants, 1975
1661Butler University news releases concerning The Institute of Ecology (TIE), circa 1970s
1662The Institute of Ecology (TIE)/Holcomb Research Institute (HRI) forms and background materials, 1977-1981
1663Butler University Group Insurance Plan (includes correspondence about The Institute of Technology (TIE)), 1976-1977
1664Telephone calls, 1978
1665The Institute of Ecology (TIE)-National Science Foundation Grant, 1978
1666Thomas F. Malone, 1978
1667The Institute of Ecology (TIE) floor plans-issues, 1978
1668The Institute of Ecology (TIE) sponsoring Institutes, 1978
1669Loucks' involvement in The Institute of Ecology (TIE), 1978
1670Intern Directory, 1980
1671The Institute of Ecology (TIE) Annual Report, 1980
1672Loucks' statement before Senate committee, 1982
1673The Institute of Ecology (TIE) directory of members, 1974
1674Holcomb Research Institute (HRI)-The Institute of Ecology (TIE)-bylaws and other issues, 1977
1675The Institute of Ecology (TIE) Policy Directorate on air pollutants, 1980
1676Final report on Mellon Foundation Grant, 1979
1677Fish and Wildlfe Service-suppliers and contractors, 1981
1678Budgeting , 1980
1679Butler University-Holcomb Research Institute: background, scope and programs, 1984
171the Institute of Ecology (TIE) Trustees Adopt Mission Statement for the Assembly: links to Policy Directorate defined, 1979
172The Institution of Ecology (TIE) Report materials , 1979
173Letter to the Assembly, 1980
174The Institute of Ecology (TIE) Long Term Program Plan, 1980
175Committee on Ecosystem Studies (CES) Quarterly Report, 1974
176Biology and Society 404, 1982
177Insurance, retirement information, 1979
178Federal Program requirements, 1973
179Latin American activity, 1980
1710Active projects in Science and Policy Research-The Institute of Ecology (TIE), circa 1970s
1711Logos, undated
1712The Institute of Ecology (TIE) Policy Directorate materials, 1980
1713Position descriptions-The Institute of Ecology (TIE), 1980
1714The Institute of Ecology (TIE), circa 1970s
1715The Institute of Ecology (TIE) Annual Report, 1981-1982
1716Environmental Management (EM) Directors (items 8,9), 1973
1717The Institute of Ecology (TIE) long term (5 year) program plan, circa 1970s
1718Ecology Intern Program, 1980-1982
1719The Institute of Ecology (TIE)/Holcomb Research Institute (HRI) telephones, 1981
1720The Institute of Ecology (TIE)/Holcomb Research Institute (HRI) integration, 1981
1721Hydrologic Mitigation, 1977-1978
1722The Institute of Ecology (TIE) positions available in the exchange of ecological data and models and Management, 1978
1933Environmental Intern Program-Great Lakes, 1981
1934The Institute of Ecology (TIE) Policy Studies Directorate, 1970s
1935Landscape planning and design studio-Cambridge Lecture, 1982
2536Chinese visitors (slides), undated
2537Interview by Phil Henry WIBC (slides), undated
2538The Institute for Physics and Ecology (LTD/GTE) 2nd lecture-George Woodward (slides), undated
2811Business Manager, 1979
2812Barbara Bedford-certification issues, 1975-1977
2813Staff memos and correspondence regarding departmental issues, 1979
2814The Institute of Ecology Assembly and Policy Studies (includes correspondence), 1979-1980
2815Botany 120 "Plants in nature" (notes regarding class), 1963

Projects, Reports, and Studies

39The Institute of Ecology (TIE) proposal, development of studies in Ecosystem Theory, 1974
310The Institute of Ecology (TIE) Urban Ecosystems Impact Study
312Regional assessment of Aquatic Resources at risk from Acidic Deposition, 1980-1983
313Wisconsin Power Plant Impact Study, 1979
314The Institute of Ecology (TIE) Theoretical Ecology Committee, 1974
315Urban Ecosystem Impacts-preliminary report, 1974
311Report of the Classification Task Group Experimental Ecological Reserves, 1977 September
316Keys to difference Genera, circa 1970s
317The Institute of Ecology (TIE) Digital Archives (ERDA) Access Project, 1977
318ACCESS-Research teams and data bases, 1978
319The Institute of Ecology (TIE) Digital Archive (ERDA)-ACCESS project proposal, 1977-1978
320The Institute of Ecology (TIE) report on projects, 1974
321Agro-Ecosystems analysis report, circa 1970s
322INTECOL working group on Agrosystems, 1979
The Institute of Ecology (TIE) report (newsletters), 1972-1976
324The Institute of Ecology (TIE)/Office of Ecosystem Studies (OES) report, 1974 June 27
325Concept paper: A national assessment of research planning in Environmental and Natural Resource Biology, circa 1980s
326Colombia Wetlands proposal, 1979
Contributions to documentation of predictive relationships among controlling factors, 1982
327Colombia Wetlands contract, 1979
328The Geochemistry proposal, 1979
329Analysis of Transient Events in Ecosystems report, 1975
330Research proposal-Integration of Ecosystem Analysis with Studies of Agro-Ecosystems, 1976
331Draft: Committee on Ecosystem Studies (CES) September proposal/report PL 480, 1975-1976
332Transients report, 1975-1976
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42Final Transient revisions, 1975
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Drawbridge meeting
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Lucy Braun Association (LBA)

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