Francis Ruzicka papers

Francis Ruzicka papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Francis Ruzicka papers
Inclusive Dates: 1935-1993
Language: English
Extent: 3 Linear Feet (3 boxes)
Collection Number: UA17-018
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

Francis A. Ruzicka was a native of Chicago, Illinois, although he was raised in Racine, Wisconsin. He was a World War II veteran of the Marine Coprs and received degrees from the University of Michigan, the Art Institute of Chicago, and Pratt Institute. Later, in 1976, he succeeded Lamar Dodd when he was granted the position of chair of the University of Georgia Department of Art. He served as chair until he retired in 1993 and he was also a lifelong member of the National Associationo of Schools of Art and Design. Mr. Ruzicka passed away on Wednesday, April 30, 2003 at the age of 79.

Scope and Content

This collections contains a multitude of art department files during Francis A. Ruzicka's term as chair of the University of Georgia Department of Art. These files range from meeting minutes, faculty meetings, manuals for different art and architecture styles, art booklets and pamphlets, University of Wisconsin notebooks and personal papers belonging to Mr. Ruzicka, proposals, correspondence, annual reports of various art schools made by the National Association of Schools of Art (NASA), syllabus and assignment papers for various art classes, photographs, drawings, slides, and clippings and newsletters.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Resumes and correspondence , 1936-1948
12-8Correspondence , 1964-1993 September - May
19Sylvester, Jerry - Wustum Art Museum correspondence , 1957-1969
110Reed College correspondence , 1967
111Letters received following OSU appointment , 1969-1970 October-January
112NASA Division V correspondnece , 1972-1974 October-November
113Policy and Standards Committee correspondence , 1978-1983 November-February
114Chicopee comments/correspondence , 1980-1981
115Museum assistantship correspondence , 1980
116Reclassification for Ms. Wanda Waldrop correspondence , 1981 April
117Georgia Museum of Art correspondence , 1989-1990 January-April
118Maps and postcards , undated
119Undated miscellaneous correspondence , undated
120Personal correspondeence - holiday cards and postcards , undated
121Personal correspondence , undated
122Autograph notebook, 1935
123Assorted personal papers , circa 1961-1968
124Personal papers , 1968-1970 February-April
125-26Clippings and newsletters , 1957-1981 June-October
21Undated clippings and newsletters , undated
22NASA meeting papers , 1970-1974
23Miscellaneous meeting minutes , 1976-1978 May
24Faculty meeting minutes , 1978-1982 May-February
25Advisory Board comments , 1981 January
26Meeting minutes drafts , 1976-1979
27-10Administrative records , 1954-1988 July-January
211UGA Programs for Superior Students Annual Report , 1976-1977
212-13UGA Annual Report of President Fred Davidson, 1976-1979
214Preliminary Review by NASA oF Schools of Art of Selected Internal Problems Common to Member Schools , 1964 December
215Parsons School of Design Report to the Board of Trustees , 1965 September
216NASA's Evaluating Questionnaire , 1966 May
217NASA Evalution Reports for various schools , 1966-1968
218Report of NASA Accreditation Review Committee, 1968 April 14-16
219NASA Report to the Committee on Admissions and Accreditation on Visit of Moore College of Art , 1968 April 21-24
220NASA Report to the Committee on Admission and Accreditation Visit to the School of Art, Syracuse University , 1968 November 18-20
221Pratt Institute curricula proposal, 1968
222NASA Reaccreditation Evaluation report , 1969 March
223Report to the Faculty, Administration and Trustees of Philadelphia Collegeo of Art by Middle States Commission on Institutions of Higher Education , 1969 March
224Report to NASA on Accreditation Visit , 1969 April 13-16
225NASA Report to the Committee on Admissions and Accreditation Visit to the Atlanta School of Art , 1969 May 5-6
226Report to the Committee on Admissions and Accreditation on Visit to the Department of Art, Northern Illinois University , 1969 May 14-16
227NASA's Handbook for Admission and Accreditation Procedures , 1969 July
228NASAD Resolution papers , 1974-1984 March-October
229Gallery Policy papers , circa 1977-1979
230Honors Program papers , circa 1977-1982
231Report on Canadian Embassy Faculty Enrichment Grant papers , 1980 September
232A.H. Fellowship proposal , 1980-1981
233Proposal for School of Art , 1980-1981
234Travel requests papers , 1980
235Faculty evaluation summaries , 1981
236Ford Visiting Artists , 1981 March
237Academic Computing/Computer papers , circa 1983
238Georgia Fine Arts Academy papers , 1948, 1988-1989
239Knecht, Bruce papers , 1991
240Ceritificate for study abroad , undated
241Dr. Virginia Trotter and Guide for Teaching Assistants papers , undated
242NASA report of the visiting team , undated
243NASA Visitation Report of the School ofthe Art Institute of Chicago papers , undated
244Preliminary Review by NASA of Selected Internal Problems Common to Member Schools , undated
245Report to the Schhol Committee and the Board of Trustees on the School of the Art Institute of Chicago by the Acting Dean, undated
31Art pamphlets , undated
32Department of Art booklets , circa 1966
33University of Michigan Schedule of Events booklet , 1946
34-5Manuals of different art and architecture styles , undated
36Summer schedule papers , 1981
37Anatomy exams , undated
38-9Art Education papers , 1964
310Art 120 papers , undated
311Art 130 papers , 1990-1992
312Art 321 papers , undated
313Art 322 papers , undated
314Dr. Edmonston Art 401/601 syllabus and daily log papers , circa 1980-1981 Spring Semester
315Fine Arts 421 Orientation papers , 1951-1958
316OxBow Summer School of Painting, circa 1964
317Sir Joshua Reynolds: Discourses on Art, 1964 Summer
318Sir Joshua Reynolds and Art Education, 1964 Summer
319Agenda , 1973
320Division of Art Graduate Program handbook, undated
321UGA College of Education NCATE Study, undated
322University of Wisconsin notebooks , undated
323Diapositive , undated
324Drawings and art photographs , undated
325Photographs , undated
326Photographs and portraits , undated
327Slides , undated
328Text Reference Art assignment papers , undated
4Course records and correspondence

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