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George R. Thomas papers

George R. Thomas papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: George R. Thomas papers
Creator: Thomas, George Roger, 1935-
Inclusive Dates: 1956-2009
Language(s): English
Extent: 2.5 Linear Feet
Collection Number: UA17-007
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

George Thomas was an academic in the discipline of social work, specializing in the areas of social welfare and domestic abuse of adolescents. From 1970 to 1976 he was employed by the University of Georgia as an Assistant and later Associate Professor in the School of Social Work. During his time at UGA he founded and directed the Regional Institute of Social Welfare Research (RISWR) and served as the Director of the Region IV Child Abuse and Neglect Resource Center. He also contributed to the research and development of the Competencey-Oriented Behavior Rating System (COBRS) for children. He held a Ph.D, an M.S.W. and a B.A. from the Univeristy of Wisconsin-Madison, Tulane University, and Illinois Wesleyan University respectively.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of research and planning materials for systems and institutions that he developed, such as a large range of materials referring to the Competencey-Oriented Behavior Rating System (COBRS) for children and materials detailing his work organizing and working with the Regional Institute of Social Welfare Research (RISWR). Many documents from his academic career can also be found ranging from his time as a graduate student to peer-reviewed articles he authored.

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Preferred Citation

George R. Thomas papers, UA17-007, University of Georgia Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Finding aid prepared on: 2017.

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Subject Terms

Family social work.
Social work education.
Social work with teenagers.
Thomas, George Roger, 1935-
University of Georgia. School of Social Work

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Regional Institute of Social Welfare Research (RISWR)/UGA FLAP 1976, 1976
12UGA Promotion FLAPS 73-76, 1970
13UGA Promotion Materials, 1975
14Expression - The Basics
15A Study of the Sense of Beauty , 1956
16ART History - Term Paper 1956, 1956
17Nature of Sin and the Process of Conversion, 1956
18On Convictions and Beliefs/Personal Belief & It's Manifestation, 1956
19Psyche, Society, & Salvation, 1956
110The Why of Russell's Religon, 1957
111Creative Aspection the Educative Process, 1958
112On Development of Social Values, 1963
113Analysis of a Small Group , 1963
114Factors In A "Normal Crisis", 1963
115Critique: The Other America, 1963
116Ego Assessment Drawn From The Autobiographical Account of a Pathological Condition, 1964
117Concept Paper, 1994
118Social Group Work with Educable , 1964
119Analyzing War on Poverty, 1964
120Case Study of Psychoneurosis, 1964
121Stress in Social Welfare Admin Process, 1964
122The Audubon School Group, 1964
123Reflections on Concisous Use of Sleep, 1964
124A Social Summary
125England's Road to Social Security, 1964
126George Thomas Vita, 2009
127Community Living Assessment (CLA), 1993
128History/Values of Social Casework, 1964
129ART - Placards Evented for Study of Retarded Adolescent Moles, 1965
130Problem & Process in Community Organization, 1965
131Comments on Community Organization, 1965
132Ideological Factors: War on Poverty , 1965
133Residual Model of Social Services, 1965
134Evaluation Effectives Guide (EEG), 1968
135Task Structure A Unit of Analysis, 1968
136Measuring Effects of Reference Groups, 1966
137Technology/Ideology in "People Processing Orgs, 1966
138VALUE as Topic of Inquiry, 1966
139Exercise in Factor Analysis, 1966
140Jane Addams: Democracy & Social Ethics, 1966
141Theoretical Associations of Orientations to Bureaucracy, 1966
142Study: in the Organizational Effects on Social Work Suspension Practice Styles
143Utilization of Elderly in Child Welfare, 1967
144Rural Poverty in US, 1967
145Locked in Poverty, 1968
146What Kind of Beginning Social Worker Do We Want?, 1969
147Intraorganizational Influences on the Supervisory Functions of Professinal Social Workers, 1972
148Effects of Poverty on Parenting, 1972
149Causal Explanations of Poverty, 1972
150Regional Migration Patterns & Poverty in Rural South, 1973
151Why Are People Poor?, 1973
152Who Are the Poor-What Do They Want?, 1973
153Reliability/Validity Estimates For Measures of Child Care Decision-Making, 1973
154Social Justice: Conerstone For Treatment In Children's Institutions, 1973
155Enduring Problems of Rural South, 1973
156Redistribution: Can It Reduce Rural Poverty, 1975
157Effects of Institutionalization of Kids, 1975
158Social Problems in Public Housing, 1974
159Design for Research on Early Warning Signals, 1975
160Is Stationwide Deinstitutionalization of Children's Services, 1976
161Book Review: Managerial Psychology, 1976
162Looking Ahead Foster Care in S.E., 1978
163Cain & the Economy, 1978
164Legacy in the Making of a Nation of Parents or Care Takers, 1978
165Focuses Concerning Resource Center Development, 1978
166National Conference in New York City, 1978
167NCCAN Sexual Abuse Meeting of Experts Final Report, 1978
168Deinstutionalization: Impact on Foster Care?, 1978
169Outline: Rural CPS Services, 1978
170Book Review: SWork, 1970
171Domestic Servants Study (FSU Student Group Theory), 1970
172Problems & Prospects RE: Organizing Black Domestics in South, 1971
173University Papers (FSU), 1969
174Tele-Tale: A Method Readings Adolescent Maltreatment, 1979
175Institutional CA/N Crole of CPS, 1980
176Impact of Status Offender Deinstitutionalization On C/W Services, 1980
177CA/N Reporting And Investigating Procedures For Out-of-Home Residential Placements, 1980
178Presentation @ Nsearch, Forum, White House Conference in Children, Youth @ Families, 1990
179Emerging Definition of Residential CA/N, 1980
180Working Papers: Care/Development of Kids in Residential Placements, 1980
181Postscript: Impact of Status Offender Deinstitutionalization, 1980
182Implementing the Guardian Ad Litem Mandate , 1980
183Investigating Child Abuse Guide for State Agencies, 1980
21Beyond Status Offender Deinstitutionalization, 1980
22Book Review/Social Work, 1981
23Oppotunities for Initiatives in State Services for Children and Youth, 1981
24Issue: Does Federal Goverment Have A Role in Child Abuse?, 1981
25Reource Development Re: Intrafamily Child Sex Abuse Services, 1981
26Family Stress & Unemployment , 1981
27Institutional Child Abuse/Neglects: An Emerging Definition, 1981
28Working Papers: Impact Status Offener Deinstitutionalization, 1981
29Responsibility of Placements for Childrens' Rights to Development, 1982
210Residential Child Maltreatment: Unrecongnized Problem in U.S., 1982
211Tempered Optimism: A Future of Some Sort for Child Sex Victimization Services, 1982
212Protecting Children After Residential Placement, 1982
213Can the Private Sector meet Challenge of Federal Rollback, 1982
214Institutinal Child Abuse: A Halt to Century Long Ride in The Roller Coaster, 1982
215Developing Program for Sexually Abused Adolescents Research/Service Partnership, 1979
216Changing American Family: Can Courts Catch Up?, 1979
217Assessment of Major Government Intiatives for Adolescents in '70's, 1979
218Topic Areas: World Facing Kids Today, 1979
219Principles Governing Residential Child Care, 1979
220Will Tomorrow Be Another Day For Child Protective Services, or Just Another Today?, 1979
221Doing More with Less: Progressive Volunteerism in the 80's, 1983
222In Regard to a National Association of Regional Centers For Children, Youth and Families, 1983
223On Establishment Independent Investigation of Reports of Child Maltreatment, 1983
224Assessment of Emory Grads with Failed Georgia Board of Dentistry Exam, 1983
225Child Protection in Residential Placements in Mississippi, 1984
226Making/Unmaking of Hard to Reach Client, 1984
227Problem of Residential Ca/N It's Prevention (Post Paris), 1984
228Residential Child Protection Consequences of Pursuit of Social Competency, 1984
229Extending Child Protection to Non-Familial Care, 1985
230Shaping Role For CPS in Deinstitutional CA/N, 1985
231Short Course On Human Growth & Development, 1986
232Keeping Childrens' Needs Paramount, 1987
233Productive Routinization (Hand Written), 1987
234Proposal: Center for Childrens' Futures, 1988
235The Making of Computers in Human Resources Competencey-Oriented Behavior Rating System (COBRS) 2.0, 1990
236Managing What We Measure, 1990
237How to Succee with Different Kids, 1991
238Recognition From England, 1992
239Why "Low Tech" Prevails in Child Welfare Services, 1990
240The Legacy of Technology: Vital Virtual & Virulent Reality, 1995
241Bottomed-Out in a Bottom-up Society, 1990
242Technologies for Outcome Assessment: Common Sense, Science & Expert Opinion, 1995
243IT (Information Technology ): The Medium is Not the Message, 1993
244Notes for Workshop - Corneil Conference, 1994
245Social Services System Assessment, 2002-2003
246Community Living Assessment (CLA) Dummy Group & Care Reports, 1994
247Community Living Assessment (CLA) Rating Forms, Training Guide, And Users Guide, 1993
248CA/N: Making & Prevention of Un-Problem, 1990
249Citizenship Enhancement Center Overview, 2006-2008
250Papers on Child Welfare, 2009
251Community Living Assessment (CLA) OP Manual & Trainer's Guide, 1993
252Competencey-Oriented Behavior Rating System (COBRS) 2.0 Manual Scoring Templates (Used in NIgeria & Johannesburg S. Africa)
253Social Services Self Assessment, 1995
254Child Welfare Leadership Seminar Series, 1995
255Youth Behavior Assessment (YBR), 1994
256Madison County, GA Charter School Project, 2001
257Competencey-Oriented Behavior Rating System (COBRS) Plus Diagram, 1991
258Community Living Assessment, 1993
259Competencey-Oriented Behavior Rating System (COBRS) 2.0, 1989
260Competencey-Oriented Behavior Rating System (COBRS) 2.0 Operator's Manual, 1985
261GT: Som Legislature Testimony , 1977
262Some Legal/Court Tesitmony, 1990
263A Bit of PR Exposure, 1976
264Independent Living Assessment (ILA) Visuals
265Independent Living Assessment (ILA), 1989
266Master's Thesis, 1965
267CAITAR User Manual, 1989
31Correspondence, 1970-1979
32Correspondence, 1980-1989
33Correspondence, 1990-1999
34Correspondence, 1990-1999
35Foster Family Care Manuscript, 1980
36Abstract PHD Thesis, 1968