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Dan Magill papers

Dan Magill papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Dan Magill papers
Creator: Magill, Dan, 1921-2014
Inclusive Dates: 1917-2000s
Bulk Dates: 1950-1980
Language(s): English
Extent: 29.5 Linear Feet (26 boxes and 3 oversize boxes)
Collection Number: UA15-015
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Biographical Note

Daniel Hamilton "Dan" Magill, Jr. (1921-2014) was a sports information director, head tennis coach, and Georgia Bulldog Club secretary for the University of Georgia. He is widely known for his great contributions to the Georgia Bulldog Athletic Program.

Magill's greatest legacy is his success as head tennis coach from 1954 to 1988. While UGA's tennis program was struggling before he took over as coach, he grew the program to achieve a 706-183 record (most wins by any coach in NCAA history), 13 Southeastern Conference outdoor championships, 8 SEC indoor championships, and 2 national championships. These successes contributed to the building of a state-of-the-art tennis complex and brought the ITA Collegiate Tennis Hall of Fame to Athens, both of which are named in Magill's honor.

Born and raised in Athens, Georgia, Magill's association with the Bulldogs began with his job as bat boy for the baseball team and manager of the tennis courts while in high school. While at the University of Georgia, he competed as a varsity athlete for the tennis team and swim team, volunteered his services as assistant football coach to Harry Mehre and he was a member of Chi Phi Fraternity before entering the Marine Corps during World War II. Magill received his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (ABJ) from the University's prestigious Henry W. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication in 1942.

After the war Magill worked as Prep Sports editor for the Atlanta Journal. Through his journalism work he positioned himself as a great promoter, helping to attract ever-growing crowds to the annual Georgia high school all-star football and baseball games. In 1949, Magill returned to Athens to take the job of sports information director for the University. His passion for the Bulldogs was evident as he personally covered every sport on campus. In the 1950s, the Bulldog football team was struggling under legendary coach Wally Butts. And as the wins became fewer, so did the number of people in the stands. To help out his alma mater, Magill traveled all over Georgia, setting up Bulldog Clubs along the way. He also founded The Georgia Bulldog newspaper in 1950. Before long, nearly half of Georgia's counties had local chapters of Magill's club, and interest in the Bulldogs soared. Magill continued to serve as executive secretary of the club for decades.

Magill passed away in 2014 at the age of 93, survived by his wife Rosemary and his three children, Ham, Sharon, and Mollie.

Scope and Content

The Dan Magill papers consist of correspondence, photographs, and writings documenting his career with University of Georgia Athletics. The collection contains records of his communication with players, coaches, and colleagues in athletics, as well as his speeches and writings for publications like the Athens Banner-Herald and his book Bulldoggerel. The collection also contains a signficant file of photographs documenting Magill's life dating back to his time in the Marine Corps.

Organization and Arrangement

The collection consists of six series: 1. Player files, 2. Writings, 3. Subject Files, 4. Speeches and Events, 5. Photographs, and 6. Correspondence.

Administrative Information

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Dan Magill papers, UA15-015, University of Georgia Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Finding aid prepared on: 2017.

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Articles (information artifacts)
Georgia Bulldogs (Football team)
Georgia Bulldogs (Tennis team)
Magill, Dan, 1921-2014
National Collegiate Athletic Association
University of Georgia. Athletic Association

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Player files

11Allen, Spencer
12Ashley, Bonneau
14Arnold, Patricio
15Arnold, Anthony
16Bailey, Brant
17Bailey, Jay
18Baird, Dudley
19Baldaz, Steven
110Baron, Ivan
111Baskin, Craig
112Bernstein, Drake
113Bezecny, George
114Birchmore, Fred
115Birchmore, Becky
116Birchmore, Danny
117Bobusic, Strahinja
118Boeker, Matias
119Bolier, Mark
120Boytim, John
121Browder, Charles
122Bryan, Charles
123Bullard, Tom
124Butler, Marshall
125Carlson, Chad
126Carpenter, Marvin
127Carter, Trey
128Cash, Wesley
129Catlin, Marisa
130-31Causey, Jim
132Childs, Jim
21Chocallo, Billy
22Cmaylo, Mike
23Corrales, Talito
24Courts II, Richard
25Cowart, Charles
26Crenshaw, Robert
27Crymes, Brent
28Curlee, Lane
29Daub, Peter
210Davis, Jay
211Delaney, Tim
212-13Diaz, Manuel
214Diaz, Ricky
215Dick, David
216Doumbia, Sadio
217Dunham, Ned
218Edsel, Ray
219Enochs, Stephen
220Flores, Luis
221Foster, John
222Foster, Tom
223Free, Jim
224Frey, Deane
225Frierson, Jack
226Fuller, Carleton
227Fuller, Sam
228Garapiz, Javier
229Garner, Chris
230Gaston, Charles
231Gettys, Joe
232Gillis, Baron
233Glenn, Will
234Graebner, Clark
235Grarot, Danny
236Griffin, Hill
237Groth, Paul
31Hafets, Mike
32Hamp, Sirmans
33Harden, Mark
34Harris, Charles
35Hannon, Shane
36Hartsfield, Donald
37Hartsfield, Donna
38Heard, Charles
39Hege, Lew
310Heldmann, Joseph
311Helgeson, Travis
312Hemeda, Hisham
313Henson, Scott
314Hobbs, Comer
315-17Holmes, Norman
318Homeyer, Andy
319Howard, Ray
320Huff, Danny
321Huffman, Rocky
322Hughes, Brent
323Hunt, Jamie
324Jacques, Ed
325Johnson, Phillip
326Jordan, Rafael
327Joseph, Lesley
328Kalpak, Ara
329Keller, Alex
330Kilpatrick, Mart
331Kleis, Gerald
332Kopecky, William
41Lary, Ed
42Laschinger, Jamie
43Lettiere, Angela
44Lindsey, Bud
45Lloyd, Peter
46Lundstedt, Bengt
47Lyons, Joel
48Malmqvist, Ola
49Malo, Borja
410Maloney, Stephen
411Manderson, Edward
412Mangan, John Jr.
413Mangan, John
414Mariencheck, Bobby
415Marsh, Tommy
416McCarthy, Shannon
417McClure, Chuck
418McDonough, Miche
419McGuire, Wade
420Michael, Alan
421Middleton, T.J.
422Miller, Allen
423Mitchell, Howard
424Montana, Francisco
425Moreno, Agustin
426Morgan, Chris
427Morrison, Mike
428Murphey, Jenson
429Nevares, Nejib
430Nevares, Hector
431Oliver, Will
432Omerzel, Matic
433Ostoja, Marko
434Ortiz, Tony
51-2Parker, Al
53Parrott, Travis
54Patel, Nirav
55Perez, Carlos
56Petchul, Dane
57Peterson, Bruce
58Petrusky, William
59Pieters, Hernus
510Pitts, Joey
511Polonyi, Albin
512Porter, Tom
513Prochaska, Art
514Purcell, Colin
515Ranganathan, Elango
516Reen, Alice
517Reid, Matt
518Reid, Jane
519Rice, Zack
520Roberts, Phillip
521Rogers, Bill
522Roddick, John
523Ruiz, Antonio
524Ruotolo, Tim
525Russell, Douglas
526Sancho, Ignacio
527Sauer, Kosie
528Schefflin, Stacey
529Schmugg, Nate
530Scott, Harry
531Sell, Mike
532Sessions, Kevin
533Sheppard, Stacy
534Shippey, Bill
535Sisley, Jack
536Slattery, Mike
537Smith, Anderson
538Smith, Allen
539Smith, Louis
540Spain, Lisa
541Spencer, Will
542Steger, Armin
543Stutsman, Nick
544Swift, Mathews
5a1Taboada, Ignacio
5a2Tanis, Bob
5a3Thompson, Bill
5a4Thonhauser, Gerald
5a5Thurman, Kelly
5a6Timu, Stephan
5a7Tourdo, Steve
5a8Turnage, Kip
5a9Ubinas, Carlos
5a10Varela, Jason
5a11Vitulli, Christian
5a12Wagner, Brandon
5a13Walker, Randy
5a14Wallace, Jeff
5a15Ware, John
5a16Ware, Ted
5a17Watrous, Jim
5a18Weindorfer, Edwin
5a19Weiner, Beryl
5a20Wheeler, A.L.
5a21Williams, Elisha
5a22Williamson, Billy
5a23Woods, John
5a24Wolf, David

2. Writings

61Early writings - boxing coverage, 1940s
62The Bulldog football editoral, 1951-1952
63The Bulldog, 1952-1953
64The Bulldog , 1953-1954
65The Bulldog, 1954-1955
66The Bulldog, 1955-1956
67The Bulldog, 1956-1957
68The Bulldog, 1957-1958
69The Bulldog, 1958-1959
610The Bulldog, 1959-1960
611The Bulldog, 1960-1961
612The Bulldog, 1961-1962
613The Bulldog, 1962-1963
614The Bulldog, 1963-1964
615The Bulldog, 1964-1965
616The Bulldog, 1965-1966
617The Bulldog, 1966-1967
618The Bulldog, 1967-1968
619The Bulldog, 1968-1969
620The Bulldog, 1969-1970
621The Bulldog, 1970-1971
622The Bulldog, 1971-1972
623The Bulldog, 1972-1973
624The Bulldog, 1973-1974
625The Bulldog, 1974-1975
626The Bulldog, 1975-1976
627The Bulldog, 1976-1977
628The Bulldog, 1977-1978
629The Bulldog, 1978-1979
630The Bulldog, 1979-1980
631The Bulldog misc.
632Magill family history
633Dan Magill garden clippings
634New hall of fame brochure
635Champions Again! column
636Stegman Coliseum
71Dan Magill column collection book
72The Pick of Dan Magill's Columns (8)
73Tennis notebook columns, 1970s-1980s
74Tennis columns, 1982-1983
75Tennis columns, 1985
76Tennis columns, 1986
77Tennis columns, 1987-1988
78Tennis columns, 1988-1990
79Tennis columns, 1990-1991
710Time out columns, 1991
711Time out columns , 1992-1995
712Misc. columns , 1992
713Flashback, 1992
714Athens Banner-Herald articles , 1993-1996
715Newspaper articles , 1997-1998
716Newspaper articles , 1999
717Daily news articles , January 2000
718Newspaper articles , 2001
719Newspaper articles , 2002
720Athens Banner-Herald articles , 2003
721Newspaper columns, 2004
722Newspaper columns, 2005
723Newspaper columns, 2006
724Newspaper columns , 2007
725Newspaper columns , 2008
726Newspaper columns, 2009
727Newspaper columns, 2010
728Newspaper columns , 2011
729Misc. newspaper clippings
7a1Bulldoggerel columns in football program , 1983-1984
7a2Clayton News columns
7a3Yesterday columns , 1971-1972
7a4The Bulldog Growl , 1960s
7a5Newspaper articles , 1981-1990
7a6Special Athens Banner-Herald columns
7a7Magazine articles
7a8Misc. columns
7a9Misc. columns
7a10Misc. columns
7a11Magazine articles

3. Subject Files

81Military records
82Kim Basinger day , April 10, 1991
83-4Kim Basinger day newspaper clippings , 1991
85Kim Basinger file , 1991
86Tennis court lights , 1991
87Early tennis newspaper clippings
88Dan Magill top rotary citizen award, 1970
89Tennis complex construction and planning , 1993-1994
810UGA press box ceremony , 1999
811Dan Magill award
812UGA tennis brochures and magazines
813Declarations and awards
814-15Magazine articles about Dan Magill
816Coca-Cola proposal , 1991
817Alfred Blalock research
818The dead pigeon game
819Adidas file , 1980s
820Bitsy Grant tennis exhibition, 1952
821Position play and percentage tennis
822The doubles game
823All-state high school game , 1952
824Georgia high school all-star game , 1955
825All-star game , 1954
826Hall of bulldog heroes
827SEC tennis coaches
828100 years college tennis all-stars
829Bulldoggerel draft
830Bulldoggerel newspaper clippings
831Bulldoggerel correspondence
832Correspondence for Dan Magill corrination party , 1972
91Red and Black / Athens Banner-Herald courtside editions, 1980-1993
92Tennis magazines and flyers
93Tennis magazines and flyers
94Misc. personal files
95Ed Manderson fund
96UGA tennis championship team , 1985
97Loran Smith newspaper clippings
98-11Newspaper clippings about Dan Magill
912Misc. personal file
913Tennis letterman reunion party, 1992
914Tennis lettermen newsletter , 1976-1977
915Tennis letterman newsletter , 1977-1978
916Tennis letterman newsletter, 1979-1980
917Tennis letterman newsletter, 1980-1981
918Tennis letterman newsletter , 1981-1982
919Tennis letterman newsletter, 1982-1983
920Tennis letterman newsletter, 1983-1984
921Tennis letterman newsletter, 1984-1985
922Tennis letterman newsletter , 1985-1986
923Tennis letterman newsletter , 1986-1987
924Tennis letterman newsletter , 1987-1988
925Tennins letterman newsletter , 1988-1989
926Tennis letterman newspaper, 1991-1992
927Tennis letterman newsletter , 1989-1990
928Tennis letterman newsletter , 1990-1991
929Tennis letterman newsletter , 1992-1993
930Tennis letterman newsletter, 1993-1994
931Tennis letterman reunion, 1997
932Tennis letterman banquet, 1980
933Tennis letterman party, 1979
934Tennis letterman reunion party, 1978
935Graduated tennis players
936Plans for Heldmann building , 1993
937Dan Magill Sr.
939Women's NCAA in Athens , 2005
940Football flashbacks
941Peach State magazine
942Goodloe Erwin article , 2000
943E.B. Smith USA tennis coach
101Southern hard courts, 1993
102Tennis results , 1991-1993
103State of Georgia hall of fame
104Athens hall of fame
105Athens sports hall of fame meeting , 2000
106Athens sports hall of fame , 1999
107Athens city hall of fame
108Paige Wilson Athens hall of fame , 2002
109Athens hall of fame
1010Suggestions for Athens sports hall of fame
1011Athens athletic hall of fame , 2001
1012State hall of fame meeting , 2005
1013Radio interview football flashbacks, 1991
1014Radio football interview
1015Radio footbal interview, 1993
1016Radio halftime flashback interview, 1994
1017Georgia-Clemson radio highlights interview
1018Georgia-Arkansas radio interview
1019Georgia-LSU-Tennessee highlights interview
1020Georgia-Alabama flashback interview
1021Georgia-Kentucky flashback interview
1022Georgia-Vanderbilt-Ole Miss flashback interview
1023Georgia-Florida flashback interview
1024Georgia-Georgia Tech flashback interview
1025Georgia-Eastern Carolina flashback interview, 1990
1026Football season radio interview, 1989
1027Georgia-William and Mary flashback interview , 1988
1028Radio interviews at halftime, 1986-1987
1029ITA hall of fame party , 1995
1030Carroll Magill (sister)
1031Pick of Dan Magill columns vol. 2
1032Book stories
1033Stories for next book
1034Bulldoggerel book
1035Newspaper clippings about Dan Magill
1036Dan Magill Record , 1996
1037Southern senior cup , 1996
1038Southern senior indoors, 1975
1039Southern senior indoors , 1976
1040Southern senior indoors, 1977
1041Southern senior indoors , 1978
1042Southern senior indoors, 1979
1043Southern senior indoors draw sheets , 1980
1044Southern senior indoors draw sheets , 1981
1045Southern senior indoors draw sheets , 1982
1046Southern senior indoors , 1983
1047Southern senior indoors, 1984
1048Southern senior indoors , 1985
1049Southern senior men's , 1986
1050Southern senior indoors, 1987
1051Southern senior men's , 1988
1052Southern senior indoor open , 1989
1053Southern senior indoor draw sheets , 1990
1054Southern indoors , 1991
1055Southern senior indoors , 1992
1056Southern senior men, 1993
1057Southern senior open indoors at Vanderbilt, 1994
1058STA rankings (adults and juniors), 1996
1059USTA clay courts, 1996-1997
1060State open indoors, 1995
1061Southern open senior clay courts , 1996
1062Southern open senior indoors , 1996
1063Southern senior indoors , 1995
1064Draw sheets , 1996-1997
1065ITA rankings , 1995-1997
111Draw sheets, 1995-1996
112ITA, 1997-1998
113UGA tennis , 1998-1999
114Georgia tennis results , 1998-1999
115ITA rankings , 1999-2000
116UGA tennis corination party , 1999
117Georgia tennis results, 1999-2000
118ITA, 1998-1999
119ITA results and rankings , 2000-2001
1110Georgia tennis results , 2000-2001
1111Southern collegiates, 2001
1112UGA tennis , 2001
1113Georgia tennis and ITA, 2002-2003
1114Georgia and ITA results , 2002-2003
1115Region 3 indoors , 2004
1116ITA final rankings and all americans , 2003
1117UGA tourney , 2003-2004
1118ITA all americans , 2003
1119Georgia SEC and NCAA, 2004
1120ITA indoors and all americans , 2004
1121ITA team indoors , 2004
1122SEC indoors , 2004-2006
1123Final ITA rankings , 2004
1124ITA news release, 2004-2005
1125ITA all americans , 2004
1126Women's NCAA clippings, 2004
1127Southern collegiates , 2004
1128Southern collegiates, 2003
1129ITA national tourney, 2001-2002
1130UGA tennis , 2005
1131Georgia tennis , 2005-2006
1132SEC tourney , 2005
1133All american tennis championships , 2005
1134Southeast regional indoors , 2005
1135ITA indoors , 2005
1136USTA-ITA team inoors, 2005
1137Final ITA rankings and all americans , 2006
1138ITA rankings , 2006-2007
1139Australian Open , 2007
1140ITA indoors, 2006
1141All american championships , 2006
1142Georgia Tech invitational , 2006
1143Regional indoors, 2006
1144SEC indoors, 2007
1145ITA and USTA team indoors, 2007
1146NCAA clippings , 2007
1147SEC indoors, 2007
1148ITA all americans , 2007
1149Athens NCAA tennis championships media handbook , 2007
1150ITA rankings , 2007-2008
1151Hall of Fame ceremonies , 2009
1152All americans , 2009
1153Crackerland juniors, 2000
1154Crackerland and Southern Peach swimming , 1955
1155Crackerland swimming , 1951-1952
1156Crackerland swimming and Southern Peach, 1954
1157Crackerland golf, 1952
1158-60UGA score books , 1979-1981
1162China trip
241Athens Daily News cover of Magill press box , 1999
243Coach plaque
244Coca-Cola machine dedication plaque
245USTA winner medal
246USTA runner up medal
247Adidas tennis bag information tag
248WWII Marine Corps training manual
321-2State of Georgia Athletic Hall of Fame plaques, 1976 February 21

4. Speeches and Events

121Atlanta city all-star baseball games , 1948-1949
122Bulldog club meetings , 1970
123Bulldog club meetings , 1973
124Bulldog club meetings, 1974
125Bulldog club meetings, 1975
126Bulldog club meetings, 1976
127Georgia student educational fund meeting , 1979
128UGA Semper Fidelis Society speech, 1988
129Marine birthday ball , 1990
1210United way speech, 1990
1211United way speech Winder , 1991
1212Pierre Howard speech , 1991
1213Pierre Howard talk, 1992
1214Chi Phi party , 1992
1215Rome exchange club speech, 1993
1216Demosthenian Society speech , 1994
1217Anderson TD club speech, 1994
1218Rockdale County Georgia bulldog club meeting, 1994
1219Pierre Howard banquet, 1994
1220Barrow Elementary School speech, 1990
1221Gater hater breakfast , 1994
1222Clarke Central tennis team banquet, 1994
1223ITA convention , 1994
1224Augusta bulldog club meeting , 1994
1225Jeanne Downs party, 1994
1226Governor Miller's luncheon, 1994
1227Elberton County bulldog club, 1994
1228Chi Phi pledge meeting , 1994
1229Dalton bulldog club, 1994
1230Charley Hooper testimonial , 1994
1231Covington bulldog club, 1994
1232Don Leebern party, 1994
1233George Pendley birthday speech , 1994
1234GPTA meeting , 1994
1235Rome bulldog club, 1994
1236Northeast Georgia chapter football hall of fame , 1994
1237SEC fanfare, 1994
1238Clarke Central tennis banquet, 1995
1239Gainesville Jaycees meeting , 1995
1240Gabrielsen natatorium dedication speech, 1996
1241Cartersville rotary club , 1995
1242Toccoa YMCA speech , 1995
1243UGA student government speech, 1995
1244Presbyterian church father-son meeting , 1996
1245Coosa County club speech, 1996
1246Athens retired officers speech , 1996
1247GPTA meeting , 1996
1248Athens realtors, 1996
1249Athens County club tennis talk, 1996
1250Athens County club junior tennis , 1996
1251Georgia football team , 1996
1252The tree that owns itself speech, 1996
1253Augusta exchange club, 1996
1254Chattahoochie Valley hall of fame speech, 1996
1255Monroe library, 1997
1256Athens country club tennis talk, 1997
1257Bulldoggerel recording , 1997
1258Athens TD party , 1997
12591997 Speeches, 1997
1260TD club of Athens 50th anniversary party , 1997
1261Athens Y club , 1997
1262Athens country club , 1997
1263Savannah Georgia club gator hater party , 1997
1264Athens country club talk, 1997
1265Circle of honor speech , 1997
1266Bishop Park indoor tennis courts dedication , 1998
1267Northeast Georgia chapter football hall of fame , 1998
1268Pierre Howard tribute state senate , 1998
1269Retail Credit Bureau seminar , 1998
1270"Hate Tech" speech, 1998
1271Jefferson - Jackson dinner , 1998
1272Clarke Central tennis banquet , 1998
1273Pi Beta Phi house talk, 1998
1274Atlanta Journal Constitution article , 1998
1275Georgia center Athens and University history , 1998
1276Al Parker story , 1999
1277Georgia Museum of Art talk , 1999
1278NCAA tennis speech, 1999
1279Olde towne athletic club , 1999
1280Barbara Dooley Interview , 1999
1281Watkinsville rotary club , 2000
1282Oconee County tennis team banquet , 2000
1283Standard club speech , 2000
1284UGA mission renewal speech , 2000
1285Athens kiwanis talk, 2000
1286Clayton Rotary , 2000
1287Ty Cobb sppech , 2000
1288Fox sports tv interview , 2000
1289Athens "Y" fund speech , 2001
1290Georgia high school football coaches clinic, 2001
1291Commerce kiwanis club , 2001
1292UGA football party , 2001
1293Tennis UGA coronation party, 2001
1294ACC speech, 2001
1295Bates Brown's rehearsal dinner , 2001
1296LaGrange guideion club, 2001
1297Terry Thursday talk, 2002
1298Student athlete war memorial dedication , 2002
1299Athens west rotary club, 2002
12100Athens historical society , 2002
12101Russell library talk , 2002
12102Dan Magill roasty , 2002
12103Spxink video , 2002
12104Athens TD club , 2002
12105Atlanta senior banquet , 2002
12106Chapelwood Methodist church , 2003
12107Central Pres. church men's meeting , 2003
12108Commerce kiwanis banquet , 2003
12109Oconee County library , 2003
12110Social Circle rotary , 2003
12111Standard club talk , 2004
12112Georgia lettermen's banquet for tennis , 2004
12113Athens kiwanis club, 2004
12114Athens rotary , 2004
12115ACC chamber of commerce, 2004
12116Madison kiwanis club, 2004
12117Athens business expo, 2004
12118Terry college of business award luncheon , 2004
12119Athens historical society , 2005
12120Boy scouts meeting , 2005
12a1Athens country club talk , 2005
12a2Athens west rotary club , 2005
12a3Oglethorpe County rotary club , 2005
12a4Grady Holloman award, 2005
12a5Wally Boys breakfast and luncheon , 2005
12a6Athens TD club , 2006
12a7UGA class of 1956 reunion , 2006
12a8Athens country club banquet , 2006
12a9Barrow Elementary school veterans day , 2006
12a10Wally Boys breakfast talk , 2007
12a11Tennis coronation party , 2007
12a12Joanna Stegeman Traylor eulogy , 2007
12a13Athens country club , 2007
12a14Piedmont driving club , 2008
12a15ACC UGA tennis coronation party , 2008
12a16ACC Magill cup speech , 2008
12a17Hartwell rotary speech, 2008
12a18Georgia tennis hall of fame introduction, 2008
12a19UGA learning center, 2008
12a20Dean Tate eulogy, 2008
12a21Grady school gala , 2008
12a22Johnson first methodist church, 2008
12a23Athens rotary club , 2008
12a24Athens country club American cancer society , 2008
12a25Kiwanis sppech , 2008
12a26Rotary center Dr. Joel Maxey , 2009
12a27Presbyerian church Commerce Georgia , 2009
12a28Hart County retired educators , 2009
12a29Watkinsville rotary breakfast, 2009
12a30Edward Jones financial at Athens Foundary Park Inn, 2009
12a31STA meeting , 2009
12a32Oconee County high school tennis banquet , 2009
12a33Richmond County bulldog club meeting , 2009
12a34Windermere tennis center , 2009
12a35STA hall of fame introduction , 2010
12a36Oglethorpe County rotary club, 2010
12b1Athens west rotary , 2010
12b2Athens military support group, 2010
12b3Athens rotary, 2010
12b4Barrow elementary , 2010
12b5Athens road runners , 2010
12b6Jim Donnan talk , 2010
12b7Southern distinctions meeting , 2010
12b8Pinecrest lodge team banquet , 2010
12b9Marine ball speech , 2007
12b11Women's NCAA banquet , 1995
12b12Coliseum banquet , 1979
171Marine speech, 1978
172Tennis clinic for high school coaches, 1979
173Speeches revised
174Piedmont driving club speech, 1981
175McWhorter reunioun speech , 1981
176"Goose that laid the Golden Egg" speech, 1982
177Marine speech , 1982
178Circle K speech, 1983
179Blue Key speech , 1983
1710Athens TD party , 1984
1711Newnan rotary club speech, 1985
1712Speech on Thompson bust , 1985
1713Thompson BD club speech, 1985
1714State hall of fame speech, 1985
1715Rome speech, 1986
1716Andy Roddenbery poem , 1986
1717Georgia state tennis roast, 1986
1718East point rotary club , 1986
1719Speech "How to Run a Tournament" , 1986-1987
1720Prince convention speech , 1987
1721Piedmont driving club , 1987
1722ITCA speech "The Line-Up", 1987
1723Columbus bulldog speech , 1987
1724Brunswick rotary club , 1987
1725Jax bulldog club speech , 1987
1726Atlanta roatary speech , 1988
1727Clayton rotary club speech, 1988
1728Speech to Louisville tennis association , 1988
1729Barnett Shoals Elementary school speech , 1988
1730Speech to 1948 team at reunioun party , 1988
1731Athens TD party , 1988
1732Athens country club tennis speech, 1989
1733Dekalb county bulldog club picnic meeting , 1989
1734Rotary club of Buckhead and tennis banquet , 1989
1735Nickerson retirement party , 1989
1736Coach Dooley retirement , 1989
1737Commerce kiwanis club , 1989
1738Savannah speech, 1989
1739Asheville, N.C. bulldog club speech, 1989
1740Arch speech in Roswell , 1988
174130th reunioun party of 1959 SEC Champions, 1989
1742Atlanta diabetes foundation and Coach Dooley roast , 1989
1744Dan Magill's replay , 1989
1745Monroe rotary speech , 1989
1746Jennings Mill marathon, 1989
1747National Collegiate rund rasier seminar speech, 1989
1748Social Circle speech , 1989
17491950 Georgia football team reunion, 1989
1750Athens country club speech, 1990
1751High school tennis banquet and rotary of Buckhead, 1990
1752Pep talk to football team , 1990
1753Barrow school dedication , 1990
1754Athens Academy speech, 1990
1755Georgia v Alabama football program , 1990
1756Tennis awards speech, 1990
1757UGA fraternity accounting , 1990
1758Jackson County special olympics, 1990
1759Young Harris Methodist church men's club , 1990
17601965 UGA football reunion party , 1990
1761Buckhead rotary speech , 1990
1762State superior court judges , 1991
1763ITCA tennis speech, 1991
1764Speech on Bob Bishop , 1991
1765J.D. Morgan award , 1991
1766Buckhead lion club speech, 1991
1767West-Athens rotary speech , 1991
17681941 football team's reunion party , 1991
1769Barbara Dooley saute , 1991
1770United Way speech, 1991
1771Chi Phi speech, 1992
1772County boy scout speech , 1992
1773Marietta rotary club, 1992
1774Coosa Valley talk, 1992
1775Football centennial banquet , 1992
1776Speech to Georgia Tech students better relations committee, 1992
1777Marietta kiwanis club , 1993
1778Baldwin award , 1993
1779Madison speech , 1993
1780Rome tennis dedicaiton , 1993
1781Athens rotary speech , 1993
1782Georgia-Auburn relation committee , 1993
1783Atlanta captial city club, 1993
1784Richard Howell party, 1993
1785UGA swim team banquet , 1993
1786ITA convention , 1993
1787Tennis Camp , 1994
1788Athens junior tennis league banquet , 1994
1789Allen Miller induction circle of honor , 1998
1790QB club speech and upcoming speeches , 2001-2002
1791STA AM speech , 2003
1792Atlanta tennis clinic, 2003
1793Dick Davis 70th birthday , 2003
1794North Georgia council of flower judges , 2003
1795Heart anniversary ball , 2004
1796ITA Hall of Fame Allen Miller induction , 2004
1797Georgia friends of tennis dinner , 2004
1798St. Ives country club, 2005
1799Uni vision, 2005
17100United Way Lavonia , 2005
17101United Way Toccoa, 2005
17102United Way Athens , 2005
17103United Way Danielsville , 2005
17104Athens Regional Hospital United Way , 2005
17105United Way Winder , 2005
17106U.S. Navy Supply Corps school United Way , 2005
17107United Way Jackson County , 2005
17108United Way Watkinsville , 2005
17109Jennings Mill speech, 2006
17110Brian Jossey videos, 2006
17111Leslie Platek video , 2006
17112Atlanta capital city club Marines meeting , 2006
17113First Methodist Church, 2007
17114Elberton rotary club , 2007
17115Watkinsville rotary club , 2007
17116Cardiac and vascular care at UGA sky boxes , 2007
17117Greatest UGA backfields, 2007
17119Poems etc. for speeches
17120Salute to UGA football team 51-54
17123Jacksonville bulldog club breakfast "prayers", 1980-1985
17124Y-Club newsletters
17125Dan Magill "Y" scholarhsip

5. Photographs

131UGA tennis teams
1321st pitch at Braves game with Brian McCann
133Meeting with Govenor Nathan Deal
134John Isner with Dan Magill
135Press parties , 1980-1985
136Press parties , 1986-1990
137Tennis letterman reunioun party
138Gator hater breakfast , 1994
1391985 NCAA Champtions 10th anniversary reunioun , 1995
1310Jim Donnan breakfast , 2010
1311Dan Magill press box dedicaiton
1312Misc. press parties
1313Early life photos
1314Early life photos
1315Mid life photos
1316Tennis camp , 1975
1317Tennis camp , 1970s-1980s
1318Tennis camp , 1980s
1319-20Trip to China
1321Tennis team photos
1322Magill at ceremonies, dedications, and events
1323Magill in tennis tournaments
1324UGA tennis photos, 1984-1985
1325Coach Dooley barbeque press party, 1980s
1326French Open , 1986
141ITCA Hall of Fame dedication
142South collegiate doubles , 1991
143Alumni match
144Crackerland matches, 1969
145Tennis camp brochure photos, 1981
146ITCA award banquet and Magill bust dedication
147Trip to Japan, 1977
148Sewanee trip , 1978
149-20Misc. photos
1421-25Photo negatives
1426Photo slides (UGA tennis action shots, Trinity players, Kenny Rogers playing with Magill)
151Baldy cartoon of Dan Magill , 1972
1521985 UGA National Championship Tennis Team , 1985
1531985 National Championship Jack Davis cartoon, 1985
154Jack Davis cartoon of "Winningest Coach" Magill, 2011
155Magill in his georgia football article, 1946
156ITCA service award ceremony, 1991
157Tennis match victory photo
158Magill with Kenny Rogers
159Magill at work at UGA
1510Magill headshot
1511Magill with Greg Mcgarity
15121981 UGA tennis team , 1981
1513Kim Bassinger at court lights dedication
1514Magill at UGA football game , 1982
1515Magill coaching during tennis match
1516Magill with Vince Dooley and other football coaches
1517Dan Magill tennis complex dedication
1518Magill at UGA basketball game , 1964
15191985 National Champions action photos , 1985
1520-211985 National Champions team photo, 1985
1522-23Magill at UGA tennis complex
1524Dan Magill
1525Autographed photo to Magill from Eric Zier
1611987 NCAA Team Champions team photo, 1987
323Coaches with Southeastern Conference trophies, 1977
324"Coach Dan Magill Georgia's top Dawg" Tennis article with photograph of Magill, 1988
331Dan Magill and Vince Dooley with Rolex award, 1991
332Coaches with SEC trophy, No date
333Annual Press Barbecue with Magill holding Magill Creek proclamation, 1977 August 20
334Magill holding SEC trophy-with Captain and Alternative Captain of team, 1959
335ITCA J.D. Morgan Award-Magill with Kenny Rogers and wife , 1980s
336Magill speaking at ITCA's Hall of Fame Press Luncheon, 1986
337Magill and others in Georgia Press Box-Auburn Game, 1997
338Magill-Master of Ceremonies at party for Georgia's NCAA Baseball Champions, 1990
339Magill and Jimmy Hayes on Picture-Taking Day in Sanford Stadium, 1970s
3310Magill receives J.D. Morgan Award, 1989
3311Admiral King gives Magill diploma, 1943
3312Toddler Magill with father , 1920s
3313Magill at Henry Feild Stadium, 1988 Spring
3314Magill in front of a portrait, No date
3315Magill and others at ITCA Hall of Fame Enshrinement Banquet, 1988
3316Magill, Herman Talmadge and Wallace Butts in Sanford Stadium, No date
3317Three Daniel Hamilton Magills, 1945 December
3318Magill and other coaches with the SEC Bernie Moore All-Sports Trophy, 1985
3319Magill and others at U.S.-Australia/Davis Cup, 1999 August
3320"Most Dual Match victories in NCAA history" article with photograph of Magill, 1985
3321University of Georgia Military Band with Magill's father, 1917
3322"NCAAs: Georgia on their mind" article with photograph of Magill, No date

6. Correspondence

181Speical tennis letters
182Mrs. Grace Gaby
183Letters acknowledged
184Tom Daglis
185Neil Cullinan
186Xuyoug Li
187Chengcai Ni
188Jake Westbrook
189Heather McCormick
1810T.H. Milner
1811Nash Boney
1812Bump Gabrielson
1813Bump Gabrielson Natatorium dedicaiton correspondence , 1994-1995
18142005 Christmas card list
1815Flyers for match pointer
1816Huch Acheson
1817Ms. Laura Allen
1818Dr. Michael Adams
1819Irwin Aehadoff
1820Allan Armitage
1821William Luther Arnett
1822Seth Asher
1824Dr. Bill Ausmus
1825Bryan Baer
1826Dianne Bahnsen
1827Harry Baker
1828John Bailey
1829John Denver Bailey
1830Alec Baldwin
1831Allison Banhston
1832Ginny Bates
1833UGA confederate band
1834Dr. Allen Barber
1835Tony Barnhart
1836John Barrow
1837Kim and Don Basinger
1838Jack Bauerle
1839Kellie Boxter
1840Rill Baxter
1841Michael Baz
1842Jim McWhorter
1843Col. Mac McWhorter
1844Commander Hamiltion McWhorter
1845Boyd McWhorter
1846Bob McWhorter
1847Dick Stockton
1848Benjamin Hill
1849Madge Feild Jefferson
1850Pierre Howard Jr.
1851Coach Mark Guilbeau
1852Brad Zimanek
1853Eric Zeier
1854John Yow
1855Vivian Nickerson
1856Patricia Yeoman
1857Kenny Youmans
1858John Callen
1859Archie Rushton
1860John Ruckus
1861Tom Annear
1862Jim Sargent
1863Kenny Rogers
1864Marianne Rogers
1865Tom Rutkowski
191Diana Rowe
192Maruo Rossi
193Kenny Rogers
194William Zarkowsky
195John Williams
196Suzanne Yoculan
197Laura Rockwell
198Pat Yeomans
199Micky Wright
1910John Wright
1911Heard Galis
1912Carrie Howell
1913Lester Sack
1914Helene Schwartz
1915Joanne Sinkey
1916Grady Stames
1823Athletic director's awards correspondance
1917Tom Strickland
1918Mack Strong
1919Kathy Swink
1920Judge Stolz
1921Frank Stovall
1922Peter Stovall
1923Jack Shankels
1924Jim Spence
1925Ken Shell
1926Randy Stephens
1927Jamie Shockley
1928Peter Shumway
1929Will Stewart
1930Judge Lawton Stephens
1931Bill Stanfill
1932Lynn Steedman
1933Julie Wreg
1934Betty Wise
1935Kevin Tolbert
1936Joe Tereshinski
1937Jim Tardy
1938Sheila Taormina
1939Capt. Len Sapera
1940Sonny Seiler
1941Rob Saye
1943Weldon Seleskey
1944Lee Sessions
1945Richard Seymour
1946Phil Schaefer
1947Julie Shaefer
1948Charles Shaffer
1949Kirby Smart
1950Mark Slonaker
1951Jill Simmons
1952Tommy Sears
1953Col. J.S. Scales
1954Dug Stafford
1955Erik Seifert
1956David Skeen
1957Coach Barry Schoonmaker
1958The Sinkeys
1959John Simpson
1960Tucker Shields
1961Dean David Shipley
1962Cary Sibley
1963Bubba Sparks
1965Bill Braeewell
1966Shirley Taylor
1967Francis Tarkenton
1968Coach Jim Donnan
1969John Sheffield
1970John Shafer
1971Ashley Caudill
1972Dan Magill's reteriment letters
1973Congratulatory letters , 1988
1974Congratulatory letters on retirement as coach
1975Fred Birchmore
1976Fred Birchmore Sr.
1977Correspondence with former tennis players
1978George Whitton
1979Dan Whitmire
1980Lovat Wilkins
1981John J. Wilkins
1982Claude Williams
1983David Williams
1984Helen Williams
1985Bob Wilson
1986Mike Wallace
1987Jeanne Wilson
1988Jim Wimberly
1989Jason Winders
1990Judge Dan Winn
1991John Ware
1992Virginia Whitehead
1993David White
1994Ben Watson
1995Steve Webber
1996Herb White
201Hines Ward
202Ben Walters
203Sharon Wammock
204Sharon K. Wang
205Col. Don Walter
206Henry Walczyk
207Herschel Walker
208Bob Walker
209Bill Wade
2010Teresa Walezyk
2011Molly West
2012J.P. Weber
2013Chance Warren
2014Deupree West
2015Anise Wallace
2016James White
2017Teresa and Henry Walezyk
2018Martha Walker
2019Jim Wagner
2020Toshio Saebi
2021Mauro Rossi
2022Frank Ros
2023Kenny Rogers
2024Laura Rockwell
2025Davis Rives
2026Mark Richt
2027Gordon Reynolds
2028Bert Richmond
2029Dan Reeves
2030Peter Rajecki
2031Bob Purcell
2032Sybil Rainey
2033Adrian Pratt
2034Lee Powell
2035Merritt Pound
2036Bobby Poss
2037Howell Pope
2038Leslie Peek
2039Al Pearosn
2040Morris Phelps
2041Dan Peterson
2042Linda Pentz
2043Coach Dave Perno
2044Andy Perman
2045Thomas Pendergrast
2046James and Jimmy Payne
2047George Patton
2048Reid Patterson
2049Reese Patterson
2050Charile Parrott
2051Don Varga
2052John Vedder
2053Stacey Venke
2054Jason Varela
2055Fritz Van Winkle
2056Govenor Ernest Vandwier
2057John Underwood
2058Lothar Tresp
2059Bob Troup
2060Charley Trippi
2061Alan Trost
2062Joe Becknell
2063Dr. Bob Hirshburg
2064Craig Hertwig
2065Jim Heyl
2066Dr. Charles Holman
2067Jim Hudson
2068Darrell Huckaby
2069Dr. Wei Huang
2070Jimmy Mills
2071Craig Jones
2071Craig Jones
2072Hank Johnson
2073C.J. Johnson
2074Arthur Johnson
2075Andy Johnson
2076Donald Joel
2077Eugene Jessup
2078Joe Jares
2079Tom Jacobs
2080Andy Jackson
2081Professor Toshio Saeki
2082Irish Embassey
2083Coach Ken Hydinger
2084Dick Hudson
2085James Carroll IV
2086Buddy Marrlyn
2087Judy Carter
2088Rod Carlyll
2089Ryan Case
2090Hollie Cate
2091Steve Carithers
2092Larry Caton
2093Mike Cavan
2094Susan Cavanagh
2095Tim Cearley
2096Verner Chaffin
2097Hank Chandler
2098Philippe Chatrier
2099Phyllis Childs
20100Frank Christie
20101Ron Chrisie
20102Brent Clark
20103Sonny Clark
211Dr. Geoffen Cole
212Scott Bishop
213Morris Collins
214Lt. Col. R.B. Comyns
215Cal Cook
216John Cooksey
217Dan Cook
218John Cooney
219Milton Cormier
2110Jimmy Coquitt
2111Jean-Piere Councol
2112Coach Bobby Cremins
2113Carolyn Cotton
2114Tony Cushenberry
2115Archie Crenshaw
2116Frank Bean
2117Sheila Bearden
2118Gordon Beckham
2119Buck Belue
2120Dewey Bonefield
2121Matthew Benjamin
2122Billy Bennett
2123Edsel Benson
2124Ann Berrigan
2125Dr. Gary Bertsch
2126Dick Bestwick
2127Tom Beusse
2128Nathan Bibliowicz
2129Bob Bishop
2130Furman Bisher
2131Kendrell Bell
2132John Bitner
2133Bob Burton
2134Bill Bracewell
2135Zeke Bratkowski
2136M.J. Carlson
2137Art Campbell
2138Lynn and Dwight Carithers
2139Robb Campbell
2140Cason Callaway
2141Jerry Caldwell
2142Bob Caldwell
2143Nancy Butts
2144Faye Butts
2145Kevin Butler
2146Gordon Burris
2147Barbara Bryan
2148William Brown
2149Fred Brown
2150Susan Bretscher
2151Don Brenner
2152Jack Davis
2153Juliette Magill Gordon Lowe
2154Charles Herty
2155Greg McGarity
2156Manderson boys
2157Hakon Nagelgaard
2158Peach state tennis
2159Coach H.J. Stegeman
2160Dr. Dicks
2161Tom Emberson
2162Lois Ellison
2163Bob Ennis
2164Bill Eichenberger
2165Dennis Emery
2166Kirk Eich
2167Horace Edmond
2168Lois Ellison
2169Chuck Ehrhardt
2170Kirshy Elliot
2171John Ellis
2172Bryan Edmonds
2173Red Edmondson
2174Wingate Downs
2175Ray Donaldson
2176John and Patrick Douglas
2177Dr. Mike Din
2178Katelin Dial
2179Marcelo and Lisa de la Serna
2180Bobby Dellinger
2181Dekalb tennis team
2182Jake Scott
2183The Wallendas
2184Matt Stafford
2185Frank Deigaard
221Ashley Collier
222Tina Cochran
223Optimist international
224Boy scouts
225Wally Boys
226Athens YMCA
227Athens Y camp
228Henry Grady - centennial
229Col. Seth Hathaway
2210Betty Paris
2211Clark Deal
2212Carol Dadisman
2213Liz Dalton
2214Jeff Dantzler
2215Gena Davidson
2216Howard Davis
2217Leo Costa
2218Brian Parrott
2219Bud Parker
2220Tom Paris Jr.
2221Mid Parker
2222Ed O'Quinn
2223Jesse Outlar
2224Brian O'Shea
2225Robert Jones
2226Howard Lee
2227Cheri and Vance Leavy
2228Lyle Jones
2229James Hines III
2230Gary Hill
2231Claude Hipps
2232Harold Hirsch
2233Pat Hodgson
2234Coach Billy Henderson
2235Nell Hodgeson
2236Ben and Bill Hopkins
2237Andrew Houston
2238Richard Howell
2239Bill Hester
2240Bill Herring
2241Miguel Hernanadez
2242Richard Hecht
2243Heather Healy
2244Jimmy Hayes
2245Morrill Hay
2246Vernon Haynes
2247Garon Hart
2248Dr. Charles Harold
2249Imtiaz Haque
2250Gene Methvin
2251Dick Mendenhall
2252Brian Maestri
2253Madison Mays
2254Ben May
2255George Mathison
2256Trish Martin
2257John Martin
2258W.T. Mathes
2259Jane Malcom
2260Morris Macey
2261Marius Ghercioiu
2262Richard Makepeace
2263Justin Mahoney
2264Mark Maguire
2265Greg Maddox
2266Alisa Luxenberg
2267Chip Lund
2268Cathy Long
2269John Logue
2270Brent Loggins
2271Li Li
2272Mo Lewis
2273Stiles Kellett Jr.
2274Elaine Kalber
2275Saunders Jones
2276Tom Fetzer
2277Tom Frieberg
2278Dennis Felton
2279Claude Felton
2280Sam Featherstone
2281Derwent Langley
2282Marianne Larsen
2283Judge Kent Lawrence
2284G.W. Landale
2285Ed Landan Jr.
2286Billy Langdale
2287Craig Kridel
2288Roy Kramer
2289John Koenig
2290Harris King
2291Brad King
2292Eugenia Rosander
2293Jim Kennedy
2294Margie Kelly
2295Gene Kelly
2296Michael Jacosen
2297Cliff Kimsey
2298Mike Green
2299Jack Gratzek
22100Robert Goodwin
22101Ray Goff
22102Blake Giles
22103John Gibson
22104Damon Gause
22105Jim Gatewood Jr.
22106Rev. Sid Gates
22107Steve Garner
22108James Gamble
22109Guterman international
22110Dan Gruetter
22111Tom Fowler
22112Johnny Futch
22113Judge Whitfield Forest
22114Jonathan Fox
22115Judy Fogarty
22116Col. Steve Fleming
22117Steve Green
22118Percy Green
22119John Guthrie
22120Joe Frierson
22121Conrad Fink
231Piedmont college
232Tucker architects
233Emory Thomas Jr.
234Nathan Thompson
236Carla Thompson
237Henry Walker
238Todd Peterson
239John Edwin Pope
2310Larry Dean
2311Len Davis
2312Brian Parrott
2313John Kasay
2314Fran Lane
2315Peter Rajeck
2316Tom von Dohlen
2317Martha Tate
2318Gene Younts
2319Pierre Howard
2320Jon Armatage
2321-22Gene Asher
2323Ion and Tudor Vlad
2324Andrew Houston
2325Bernie Chatham
2326Joe Child
2327Gov. Zell Miller
2328-30Tommy Timberlake
2331Misc. correspondence

7. Unprocessed Addition

25Administrative records
26Administrative records
27Administrative records
28Administrative records
29Administrative records
31Administrative Records
30Administrative Records