Tom Dyer papers

Tom Dyer papers

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Title: Tom Dyer papers
Creator: Dyer, Thomas G.
Inclusive Dates: 1975-2010
Language(s): English
Extent: 7 Linear Feet (7 boxes)
Collection Number: UA14-041
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

Dr. Tom Dyer was a professor and administrator at the University of Georgia from 1975-2006, serving in the Institute of Higher Education and the Department of History. He held many administrative positions including Vice President for Instruction, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Senior Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Associate Vice President for Services, and Interim Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost. He was general chairman of the University's bicentennial observance in 1984-1985 and director of the Office of Bicentennial Planning, 1981-1985.

One of Dyer's administrative goals was strengthening undergraduate education by bringing the learning environment into residence halls. Initiatives included incorporating academic advisors, cultural programs, and teaching into student residences, and establishing foreign language communities with live-in instructors. He also helped established the Freshman College and the Franklin Residential College.

Dyer also took a strong interest in matters affecting minorities in higher education. In 1986 he began the University's minority faculty hiring initiative which led to a doubling in the number of tenure-track African American instructors. He was also the founding chairman of the Holmes-Hunter lecture series, which annually brings to campus prominent figures in the Civil Rights movement. He co-organized the fortieth anniversary observance of the desegregation of the University.

Dyer authored three books, Theodore Roosevelt and the Idea of Race (1980); The University of Georgia: A Bicentennial History, 1785-1985 (1985); and Secret Yankees: the Union Circle in Confederate Atlanta (1999). Secret Yankees won the Bell Award, the Harwell Prize, two Georgia Author of the Year Awards and was chosen as a History Book Club selection. Dyer edited a fourth book, "To Raise Myself a Little": the Diaries and Letters of Jennie, a Georgia Teacher, 1851-1886 (1982).

From 1982-1989 Dyer was editor of the Georgia Historical Quarterly, and later served as chairman of the editorial board of the New Georgia Guide, a scholarly guide to the state published for Georgia's hosting of the Olympics in 1996. He also served three terms as chairman of the editorial board of the University of Georgia Press and was a consultant for the Encyclopedia of Southern Culture. He served long tenures on the Board of Curators of the Georgia Historical Society and on the board of the Georgia Humanities Council.

Dyer was an active community member locally, nationally, and internationally. He served three years on the University Council of Jamaica, the coordinating board for higher education in that nation. He has consulted with universities in the United States and abroad, and was a visiting professor at the University of Heidelberg in 1996. Dyer was a member of the Athens Historical Society, the Athens-Clarke Heritage Foundation, Emmanuel Episcopal Church, the Jenkins Club, the Lyceum, and a past board member of the Boys and Girls Club. In 1998 he was named University Professor of the University of Georgia. He passed away in 2013 at the age of 70.

Scope and Content

The collection consists primarily of letters, memoranda, reports, and speeches documenting Tom Dyer's work for the Institute of Higher Education at the University of Georgia, as well as his work for Academic Affairs and the Department of History. The materials focus on Dyer's initiatives to improve education at UGA, his communication with other institutions of higher education, and major projects like the commemoration of the University's bicentennial anniversary and his related book.

Organization and Arrangement

The collection consists of two series 1. Correspondence and 2. Writings and Subject Files.

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Tom Dyer papers, UA14-041, University Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Finding aid prepared on: 2015.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Correspondence

11Akehurst-Lines Daiaries Correspondence
12Baker, Paul
13Bell, Terrel H.
14Carolyn Terry Bashaw
15Fitz Brundage
16J. Burke: conversations, 1989
17John Casteen, 1996
18Center for Humanities
19Geraldine Joncich Clifford
110James C. Cobb
111Charles Crowe
112Germany: Correspondence
114Germany: Correspondence Clippings
113Heidelberg Students
115Edmund Feldman
116Michael Fellman
117Marion Smith
119Georgia Endowment for the Humanities
120GEH [Georgia Endowment for the Humanities], 1988
121Memoranda, The, 1983
122John Whitehead
123Germany: Correspondence
124UGA Press
125UGA Press Editorial Board, 1993-1996
126The University of Georgia Press Editorial Board
127Weston A. Cate Research Fellowship
128A.S.H.E. meeting, 1986 February
129ASALH [Association for the Study of Afro-American Life and History] Paper, 1975
130University Professor, 1997
131Fort Valley (Consultations)
132Phelps - Stokes Fellowship
133Proposal - O. A. H. [Organization of American Historians], 1977
134Encyclopedia of Southern Culture
135GTF [Governor's Teaching Fellows] - Early Material
136IHE [Institute of Higher Education] Buccino CF Letter Defending IHE
137M. F. Adams; New Faculty Lines
138IHE [Institute of Higher Education] - OISD [Office of Instructional Support and Development]
139Cameron Fincher, 1996-1997
140Cameron Fincher
141IHE [Institute of Higher Education]
142IHE [Institute of Higher Education]-Special
143VPI [Vice President for Instruction]
144Joint Appointment: History
145Thomas G. Dyer
146President Adams
147Joe Beck
148IHE [Institute of Higher Education] Director, 2002
149Administrative Memo, 2005
150IHE [Institute of Higher Education], 1999-2000
151Academic Affairs, 1998
152Provost, 1998
153Provostal Lexicon
154Pittman, Von
155Webster Articles
156University Professorship
157Pratt, Robert (Bob)
159English Teachers From Lower Saxony, 1988 June 19-20
160Elberton Historical Society, 1985 April
161Special Professorship Committee, 2003-2004
162Special Professorship Committee (Regents' - University Professor), 2002-2003
163Sylvia Hutchinson
164Dyer Library
164James Downey
165Gwendolyn Caldwell Obituary
167James C. Cobb
168Ann Crowther
170Lynn Cheney Book
171Athletics, 1985-1988
172Homes-Hunter, 1984-1985
173Homes-Hunter Lecture 1998 and Fragments 1985, 1985, 1998
174Editorial Board, UGA Press
175Dyer: Annual Evaluation
176Annual Review/VPI
177IHE [Institute of Higher Education] directorship, 2003
178T. Dyer Committees, 2004-2005
179T. Dyer - Post Tenure Review, 2005
180Georgia Historical Quarterly
21Fite, Gilbert C.
22Coburn Freer
23General Correspondence
24Graduate Faculty: 2002
25Encyclopedia of Southern Culture
26Bony, F. N.
27Georgia Historical Society
28Glenn T. Eskew
29J. Inscoe , 2005
210Dr. John Inscoe
211Louise McBee
212McBee Request, August 2002
213Mohr, Clarence, & Janet
215Lyceum Group
216Tom Landrum
217James Gifford
218Jenkins Club
219Kudos, 1980-1989
220Kudos, 1990
221Kudos, 1991
222Kudos, 1992
223Kudos, 1993
224Kudos, 1994
225Kudos, 1995
226Kudos, 1996
228Kudos, 1998
229Kudos, 1999
230Kudos, 2000
231Kudos, 2001
232Kudos, 2002
233Kudos, 2003
234Kudos, 2004
235Kudos, 2005
236Kudos, 2006
237Anderson, Wyatt
238Steve Wrigley, 1996
239John Thelin
240Henry King Stanford
244University of Tennessee Press
245University of Tennessee Press Contract
246UGA Press
247Theilmann, John
248LSU Press
249General Correspondence
250Heidelberg, 1996
251Public Service Academic Rank Guidelines
252Nancy Midgette
253Miller, Randall - Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Bibliography
254Graduate Faculty , 1988-1989
255Holmes-Hunter Lecture, 1989
256Department of History, 1980s
257Kenney, J. Dr.
258Knapp, Charles,
259Aubrey Christian Land
260Landrum, Thomas
261Marshall, George
262David Matthews
263W. McFeely
264McFeely, William S.
265Mohr, Clarence L.
266Von Pittman
267Regents Audit, 1986
268R. Simpson, 1996-1997
31Ruth Sabol
32Phinizy Spalding
33Henry King Stanford
34Pat Terenzini
35Emory Thomas
36Lothar Tresp
37Tresp Committee, 1994
38University of Georgia Press General Correspondence
39University of Alabama Press
310University of Missouri Press
311IHE Memoranda, 1984
312Memoranda, Ihe, 1981-1982
313Memoranda, IHE, 1980
314Correspondence file, A-D, 1984-1985
440Reading File, 1999 March
441Reading File, 1999 February
442Karen A. Holbrook, 1998
443Karen A. Holbrook, 1999
444Karen A. Holbrook, 2000
445Karen A. Holbrook, 2001
446Karen A. Holbrook, 2003
447Institute for Higher Education, 2000-2001
315Correspondence File, E-H, 1984-1985
316Correrspondence File, J-P, 1984-1985
317Correspondence File, R-W, 1984-1985
318Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, A-G, 1986
319Office of the Vice Presient for Academic Affairs, H-Y, 1986
320Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, A-F, 1987-1988
321Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, G-O, 1987-1988
322Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, P-Z, 1987-1988
323Correspondence File A-H, 1988-1989
324Correspondence File, J-Z, 1988-1989
325Office of the Vice President for Services, 1990
326Office of the Vice President for Services, A-H, 1993-1994
327Office of the Vice President for Services, J-W, 1993-1994
328Correspondence file, 1993-1996
42Fanning Award, 2008
43Retirement Day, .
45McBee, Louise
46Altbach, Philip G.
47University Archives
48Retirement (1 of 2)
49Retirement (2 of 2)
410Reading File , 2000 March
411Reading File, 2001 December
412Reading File, 2001 November
413Reading File, 2001 October
414Reading File, 2001 September
415Reading File, 2001 June
416Reading File, 2001 May
417Reading File, 2001 April ()
418Reading File, 2001 March
419Reading File, 2001 February
420Reading File, 2000 December
421Reading File, 2000 November
422Reading File, 2000 October
423Reading File, 2000 September
424Reading File, 2000 August
425Reading File, 2000 July
426Reading File, 2000 June
427Reading File, 2000 May
428Reading File, 2000 April
429Reading File, 2000 February
430Reading File, 2000 January
431Reading File, 1999 December
432Reading File, 1999 November
433Reading File, 1999 October
434Reading File, 1999 September
435Reading File, 1999 August
436Reading File, 1999 July
437Reading File, 1999 June
438Reading File, 1999 May
439Reading File, 1999 April

2. Writings and Subject Files

51Dyer, Thomas G. The Klan on Campus: C. Lewis Fowler and Lanier University
52University of GA: The Bicentennial History (Reviews)
53The University of Georgia: A Bicentenial History, reviews
54Bicentennial Special Project
55SEY [S. Eugene Younts]
56Dyer, "The Univertsity of Georgia and the Service Ideal"
57Georgia Historical Quarterly Resignation
58SHA [Southern Historical Association], 1995
59UGA History - Critiques
510University of Georgia History Correspondence from UGA Press
511Dyer, Thomas G. "The Klan on Campus: C. Lewis Fowler and Lanier University" South Atlantic Quarterly
512UGA History
513To Raise My Self A Litte: Reviews
514Dyer, "Theodore Roosevelt and the Idea of Race" (Reviews)
515Foreword to College Life in the Old South. E. Merton Coulter
516S. H. A. [Southern Historical Association] Paper, 1979
517Book Reviews (Dyer)
518Book Reviews (About Dyer's Books)
519Dyer Articles: Journal Reviews
520Dyer, "On Writing University History"
521Dyer, "On the Writing of College and University History"
522Dyer, "The Education of Blacks in the South, 1860-1935" by James D. Anderson
523Dyer, "From Colony to Metropolis" Lawrenec Cremin
524Dyer "Whither te Southern University" Wiliam & Mary, 1990
525Science in the Antebellum College
526OAH [Organization of American Historians] Proposal, 1978
527SHA [Southern Historical Association] Proposal, 1978
528Ante-Bellum Georgians
529Journal of Southern History
530Encyclopedia of Southern History
533Thomas J. Woofter
534AHA Proposal, 1975
535Floyd's Flowers
539Dyer, Higher Education in the South Since the Civil War: Historiographical Issues and Trends
540Dictionary of North Carolina Biography, 1980 April
541Dyer, Politics, Black HE and Land-Grant Funds: Georgia, 1870-1900 (SHA)
542Dyer, "On the History of Hugher Education" IHE, 1989
543Dyer, AVS to IHE, 1993
544T. G. Dyer, "Administrators and Faculty in the American Research University: Changing Roles, Changing Perceptions"
545Notes and Miscellaneous
546Dyer, Thomas G. "Science in the Antebellum College: UGA, 1801-1860"
547IHE [Institute of Higher Education] : Thoughts On by Ted, 1978
548IHE [Institute of Higher Education] Grants and Contracts Summary
549IHE [Institute of Higher Education], 1997-1998
550Jim Hearn Paper
551Edward G. Simpson
5521911 Agriculture Programme
554TGD [Tom G. Dyer]: Future
555Jilin Management Institute Presentation, 2006 June 24
556Chinese June 26 Presentation
557Secret Yankee Reviews
558IHE [Institute of Higher Education] Miscellaneous Notes
559Governor's Teaching Fellows
560Huckaby Investiture, 2011
561MVC [Missouri Valley College] Commencement Speech, 2008
562Speeches -- Secret Yankees
62Founder's Day, 2009
63UGA Commencement, 2007
64Fall Convocation College of Education, 2005
65Jonathan Rogers Portrait, 2001 October 3
66Old College - UGA, 2006 October 12
67Bob Anderson Retirement, 2002
68Fincher Library Dedication
69Tom Bowen retirement, 2004 March 26
610Emory Thomas retirement
611Larry Jones - Retirement
612Phil Williams Talk Gainesville, 2005 October 31
613Unicoi Symposium, 2001
614Comments to Southern Historical Assocc. Louisville, KY Meeting, 2000 November
615Ann Jewett, 2006 August 10
616Dyer Presentation at UK, 2001 April 17
617Nita Jones Retirement
618IHE [Institute of HIgher Education] 40th, 2004 September 10
619Law Conference, 2003
620Management Conference, 2002 February 22
621Clayton State, 2004 April 1
623Dyer - Speeches
624Younts Speech
625On Writing History of Universities Notes U. Ky., 2001
626Dyer, Draper Collection talk, Library, 2001
627Libb, Morris Teaching Academ
628Chancellor's Symposium, University of Mississippi, 1992 Octoberr 5-7
629Indiana University, 1994 October 4
630Piedmont College, 1997
631Superintendents Prof. Dev. Program
632New Faculty Colloquium, 1993 September 8
633In-service training for Teachers from Lower Saxony, Germany, 1992 June 24
634Alumni Seminar Savannah, Ga, 1993 January 21-22
635Graduate Student-Faculty Forum Georgia Hall Tate Center, 1992 February 7
636Remarks before the Senate Rural Polics Study Committee , 1991 September 19
637Desegregation of UGA, 1992 January 13
638Remarks written for SEY given to Tom Jackson
639State Extension Staff, 1990 July 10
640New Agent Training Rock Eagle, 1990 November 28
641NASULGC [National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges] Meeting - Kansas City, Mo., 1990 November 10
642New Faculty Colloquium, 1997 June
643Horace Hudson noon lunch Ramada Inn, 191 April 16
644Marine Extension Service Holliday Inn, Buckhead, 1998 October
645Athens Authors
646Welcome Address School of Social Work, 1990 October 18
647Joint ROTC Awards Ceremony, 1988 May 18
648German Teacher , 1988 March 11
649O. I. D. [Office of Institutional Diversity] Presentation, 1988 March
650Faculty Meeting
651Phi Beta Kappa
652German Teachers
653Athens Rotary Club, 1984 August
654Phi Kappa Phi
655Presidents Club
656Key Volunteers
657Suggested Remarks for Dr. Fred Davison Dr. V Trotter, 1982 May
658Key Volunteers, 1983 August 26
659Bar Association
661TCC [Tennessee Copper Companies]- Athens Historical
662Appalachian State, 1995
663University of Kentucky, 2001
664GA Historical Society Speech, 1992
665"Whither the Southern University" William and Mary, 1990
666University of Georgia Press - Agreement, 2005 August 18
667Book Details "Secret Yankees' in Civil War Atlanta" T. G. Dyer (includes slides), 1998 December 7
668Dyer, T. G. "A New Face on Southern Higher Education"
669Thomas G. Dyer "Adminstrators and Faculty in the American Research University: Changing Roles, Changing Perceptions"
670Dyer, Minority Recruitment
671Dyer, Minority Recruitment Files UGA Archives, 1987-1988
672Bicentennial Archive
673Thomas G. Dyer Half-slave, Half-free: Unionist Robert Webster in Civil War Atlanta
674Dyer, Annual Reviews by D. Dunn
675Tom Dyer Review Vermont History - Page Proofs
676Webster Manuscript (Copyediter Version), 2005
677Ed Larson
678Inscoe Collaboration
679Residential Academic Initiative
680Meigs Hall
71Meigs Hall
72Meigs Hall
73JHUP [Johns Hopkins Universtiy Press]: Thelin Mss.
74Newsome, George
75AVPAA [Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs]: duties
76Materials Relating to UGA Bicentennial
77Afro-American Studies Certificate, 1975
78David Roberts
79UVA [University of Virginia], 1996 January
710Dyer, Misc. Publications
711Dyer, Articles
712Dyer, Book Reviews
713S. H. A. [Southern Historical Association] Paper, 1983
714Dyer, College Life in the Old South, Reviews
715Henry King Stanford
716Vita File Retrospective
717Thomas G. Dyer, "The Klan on Campus: C. Lewis Fowler and Lanier University" South Atlantic Quarterly, 77, 1978 Fall
718Dyer, White Paper (Mace), 2004
719Academic Affairs talk, 2008
720OAH [Organization of American Historians] Distinguished Lectureship Program
722Alumni Award, 2007
724Freshman College
725Georgia Association of Historians
726Dyer - Account Status (University Professor)
727New Director Institute of Higher Education
728Teaching, 2007 Spring
730225th Anniversary
731Thomas P. Lauth
732C. Ronald Ellington
733UGA Teaching Academy
734Tom Jackson
735-38Zell Miller Project
739Governor Miller, 1999 ()
740Zell Miller -- Current
741250 Report Drafts
742250 Correspondence
743250 Newspaper Articles
744250 Faxes
745250 Phone Messages
746250 Emails
747250 Official Documents, Seals, Etc.
748250 Charge to Committee
749250 Meeting Notes
750250 Final Report
751250 Committee Roster & Attendance Sheets
752(Update) Higher Education in Georgia: An Historiographical
753Dyer, Thomas G. - Retrospect and Prospect: Understanding the American outreach university, 1999
754Dyer - Photos

3. University of Georgia: A Bicentennial History Research

82Senatus Academicus, 1799-1842
831-42Trustee minutes, 1888-1899
843-47Trustee minutes, 1901-1905
849Barrow collection, 1919-1928
850Barrow notes
851Snelling collection, 1926-1931
852Hill notes
853Chancellor's reports
855Coordinate college
856Loyalty oaths, 1950s
857Regents, 1950-1955
858Virginia Y. Trotter article, 1977 September 16
9Bibliography note cards
10History of higher education files

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