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Environmental Ethics Certificate Program (EECP) records

Environmental Ethics Certificate Program (EECP) records

Descriptive Summary

Title: Environmental Ethics Certificate Program (EECP) records
Creator: International Conference on Environmental Enrichment
Creator: University of Georgia. Environmental Ethics Certificate Program
Inclusive Dates: 1980-1997
Language(s): English
Extent: 20 Linear Feet (20 boxes)
Collection Number: UA12-067
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

The Environmental Ethics Certificate Program (EECP) is a non-degree program offered as an enhancement to an undergraduate or graduate degree. The EECP provides an interdisciplinary forum for students, faculty, and the community to discuss social and scientific responsibilities toward our environment. Formally part of the College of Environment and Design, the EECP provides a forum in which philosophers, scientists, and scholars from all other disciplines can discuss social and scientific responsibilities toward our environment in a rational manner which clearly defines problems, considers all the information, and maintains our values.

The International Conference on Environmental Enrichment (ICEE) brings together animal welfare scientists and others who care for captive animals. The conference allows for the exchange of information among diverse groups that participate in environmental enrichment.

Scope and Content

This collection consists of memoranda, correspondence, minutes, and printed material documenting the Environmental Ethics Certificate Program (EECP). In addition, correspondence and publications from the International Conference on Environmental Enrichment (ICEE) from 1992 and 1995 are included.

Organization and Arrangement

This collection is arranged into two series: 1. Environmental Ethics Certificate Program (EECP) and 2. international Conference on Environmental Enrichment (ICEE).

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Environmental Ethics Certificate Program (EECP) records, UA12-067, University Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Finding aid prepared on: 2013.

General Notes

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Subject Terms

Animal behavior.
Environmental ethics.
Environmental policy -- Georgia.
Environmentalists -- Georgia.
Minutes (administrative records)
Universities and colleges -- Curricula
University of Georgia. School of Environmental Design

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Environmental Ethics Certificate Program (EECP)

11EECP Memos [Proposal drafts, notes, correspondence], 1980-1981
12EECP Memos [Memos, notes], 1982
13EECP Memos [Memos, notes], 1983
14EECP Memos [Memos, notes], 1984-1985
15EECP Memos [Memos, notes], 1986
16EECP Memos [Memos, notes], 1987
17EECP Memos, Questionnaire [Memos, notes, questionnaire], 1988
18EECP Memos [Memos, notes], 1989
21EECP Memos [Memos, notes], 1990
22EECP Memos [Memos, notes], 1991
23EECP Memos [Memos, notes], 1992
24EECP Memos [Memos, notes], 1993
31EECP Undergraduate Proposal [Correspondence, proposal], 1989-1991
32Curriculum Policies and Procedures [Manual], 1993-1994
33EECP Undergraduate Program [Correspondence, revised proposal, disc13], 1992-1994
34EECP Certificate [Explanation of program, sample certificates, brochure, clipping], 1992
35Students Completing EECP Certificate [Listing], 1985-1998
36Environmental Ethics Master's Degree [Proposal, correspondence], 1989-1992
37EECP Courses [Model course brochure, listing of courses, correspondence, floppy disc], 1992-1998
38EECP Course Reports [Students enrolled], 1995
39Syllabi [Proposed course syllabi], 1994-1995
310Section Request [Course Offerings], 1992-1998
311Environmental Ethics Seminar [Approval form, readings], 1991-1999
312Marine Environmental Ethics Seminar [Flyer, memos], 1998
313Directed Readings 4020/6020 [Photocopies, clipping], 1999
314Environmental Ethics: Deep Ecology [Approval form, course roll], 1991
315Environmental Ethics: Deep Ecology [Readings photocopies], 1993
316Environmental Negotiation/Conflict Management [Approval forms, syllabus, correspondence], 1994
317Fall Class Roll, 1998
318UGA Bulletin Spring [CD-Roms, memos], 1999
319Spring Courses [Course listing, class rolls], 1999
320Summer Courses [Class rolls, CD-Rom], 1999
321Fall Class Roll [Course listing, class rolls, memos], 1999
322POD Request Forms [Forms], 1999
323Spring Courses [Class rolls, memos], 2000
324Semester Conversion I [Memos, forms], 1995-1996
325Semester Conversion II [Memos, forms], 1997-1999
326EECP Short Course [Brochures, correspondence, offprints, photocopies], 1992
327EECP Short Course [Memos], 1993
41Environmental Ethics Faculty Archives [Memos, correspondence], 1988-1990
42Environmental Ethics Position [Memos, listing of candidates], 1991
43Environmental Ethics Faculty [Lists, correspondence, newsclipping, offprints], 1991-1992
44Environmental Ethics Faculty [Lists, correspondence], 1993
45EECP Faculty Membership [Memos, lists], 1995-1998
46EECP Faculty Invitations [Correspondence, vitae], 1990-1998
47EECP Emeritus Faculty [Memos], 1998
48Strategic Plans [Memos, proposals], 1991-1995
49EECP Bylaws [Memos, by-laws], 1991-1998
410Student Faculty Discussions [Memos], 1991
411EECP Faculty Meetings Prior to 1991 [Correspondence about leadership roles], 1987-1989
412EECP Faculty Meeting [Minutes], 1991
413EECP Faculty Meetings [Agendas, minutes, notes, newsclipping], 1992
414EECP Faculty Meetings [Agendas, minutes, budget, applications to faculty], 1993
415EECP Faculty Meetings [Agenda, minutes, correspondence], 1994
416EECP Faculty Meetings [Agenda, minutes, memos], 1995
417EECP Faculty Meetings [Agendas, minutes], 1996
418EECP Faculty Meetings [Agenda, minutes], 1997
419EECP Faculty Meetings [Agenda, minutes,, literacy requirement memo], 1998
420EECP Faculty Meetings [Agenda, minutes], 1999
421EECP Executive Committee [Memos], 1992
422EECP Executive Committee [Memos], 1993
423EECP Executive Committee [Agenda, memos], 1994
424EECP Executive Committee [Agenda, minutes], 1995
425EECP Executive Committee [Minutes], 1996
426EECP Executive Committee [Agenda, minutes, budget spreadsheets], 1998
427EECP Executive Committee [Agenda, minutes, memos], 1999
428EECP Executive Committee General [Correspondence about leadership roles], 1992-1999
429Faculty Vitae I [resumes]
430Faculty Vitae II [resumes]
431EECP Annual Reports [annual reports], 1984-1999
432EECP Budget [Purchase orders, budget spreadsheets], 1993
433EECP Budget [Correspondence], 1994
434EECP Budget [Memos, notes], 1995
435EECP Budget [Memos, invoice], 1995
436EECP Budget [Purchase requests], 1997
437EECP Budget [Budget, purchase requests], 1998
438Potential Funding [Correspondence, memos, announcements], 1994-1999
439Faculty Travel Funds [Correspondence], 1999
440Catering Information [Menus], undated
51EECP Programs [Correspondence], 1988-1989
52EECP Programs [Flyer], 1990
53Morrison Tour [Memos], 1990
54Bergstrom Seminar [Correspondence, offprints], 1990
55Granrose Seminar [Correspondence, notes], 1990
56Davion Seminar [Correspondence, notes], 1990
57Honkanen Seminar [Correspondence, purchase order], 1990
58Golley, Frank [Correspondence], 1990
59Jackson Seminar [Correspondence, bio, flyer, receipts], 1990-1991
510Vesilind Seminar [Notes, Correspondence], 1990-1991
511Santmire Seminar [Correspondence, flyer, notes], 1990-1991
512Philosopher's Walk [Notes, clipping], 1990-1991
513Fine Seminar [Manuscript, correspondence], 1990-1991
514ICAD/Whorton Seminar [Correspondence, annual report], 1990-1991
515EECP Programs [Flyers, memos, report], 1991
516Sumner Seminar [Flyer, notes, correspondence], 1991
517Pulliam Seminar [Correspondence, notes], 1991
518Craige Seminars [Memo, flyer], 1991
519Cook Seminar [Flyer, correspondence, notes], 1991-1992
520Jordan Seminar [Notes, Correspondence], undated
521Northeast Georgia Water Supply Resservoir Panel Discussion [Correspondence, notes], 1992
522EECP Programs [Brochures, flyers, correspondence, clippings, 1 photo], 1992-1993
523EECP Seminars [Memos], 1993
524EECP Seminars [Flyers, correspondence, memos], 1994
525EECP Seminar Attendance [Listings], 1994-1995
526Oconee River Greenway Canoe Trip [Flyers, memos, clippings, 4 photos], 1994
527EECP Seminars [Flyers], 1995-1996
528Philosopher's Walks [Flyers, memos], 1995-1997
529EECP Seminars [Flyers], 1996-1997
530EECP Seminars [Flyers, 1 photo], 1997-1998
531EECP Attendance [Listings], 1997-1998
532Philosopher's Walk [Flyer, correspondence, attendance listing], 1998
533EECP Seminars [Flyers, correspondence, memos], 1998-1999
534EECP Attendance [Listings], 1998-1999
535EECP Seminars [Flyer, notes, correspondence], 1999-2000
536EECP Attendance [Listings], 1999-2000
537Philosopher's Walk [Flyer, notes, correspondence], 1999
538EECP Programs [Announcements]
539Support for Growth of EECP [E-mails], 1999
540Values at Sea: Environmental Ethics for Marine Ecosystems [Flyers, correspondence, memos, 4 photos], 1999
541Reds Clay Conference [Brochures, notes], 1994, 1999
61Newsletter, General [Checklist, e-mail], 1997
62EECP Perspectives [Newsletter], 1989-1995
63EECP Perspectives [Newsletter], 1996-1998
64EECP Perspectives Correspondence, Articles [Correspondence, article feeds, disc], 1996-1998
65EECP Perspectives [Newsletter], 1999
66EECP Perspectives Correspondence, Articles [Correspondence, article feeds, notes], 1999
67EECP Newsletter Photos [10 photos], 1993-1995
67EECP Newsletter Photos [23 photos], 1996-1997
68EECP Newsletter Photos [11 photos], 1997-1998
71EECP Handbook, 1994
72EECP Handbook Revisions I, 1994
73EECP Handbook Revisions II, 1994
74-5EECP Handbook Revisions, 1998-1999
76Future EECP Handbook Revisions, 1999
77Photo for EECP Handbook [2 photos], undated
81EECP Brochures, 1984-1999
82EECP Brochure Revisions [Memos, specifications, edited brochure], 1993-1998
83EECP Publicity [Notes, correspondence, clippings], 1991-1999
85Names Removed from EECP Mail List, 1995
84Names Added to EECP Mail List, 1996-1997
86EECP Mail List, 1998-1999
87E-mail and Web Help [Photocopies, newsclipping], 1998-1999
88EECP Films [Catalogs], undated
89Requests for Information [Correspondence], 1991-1999
810EECP Reading Room [Flyers, notes, correspondence], 1999
811Display Ideas [10 photos, notes]
812Display Companies [brochures]
813Ethics and the Environment (Proposed Journal) [Correspondence, mockup], 1995-1996
91Environmental Ethics Academic Background [Memo], 1995-1996
92Other Environmental Ethics Programs [Flyers, correspondence], 1993-1999
93Environmental Literacy Critique [Correspondence, policy], 1991-1999
94Georgia Sea Grant Strategic Plan [Report], 1992
95Community or Regional Issues [Photocopy, memos, flyers], 1995-1999
96Related Events, Conferences [Newsletter, flyers, brochure], 1992-1999
97Renewing Rural Georgia Conference [Proceedings], 1991
98Subscriptions, Memberships [Flyers, purchase order], 1998-1999
101EECP Faculty Bibliography [Lists, article photocopies], 1998-1999
102EECP Booklists [Brochures, flyers, correspondence], 1991-1999
103People, Penguins and Plastic Trees by Donald VanDeVeer [Book], 1986
104Newsletters [Newsletters], 1992-1999
105Journals and Magazines I, 1990-1994
106Journals and Magazines II, 1995-1998

2. International Conference on Environmental Enrichment (ICEE)

Subject terms:
111International Conference: Theory Meets Practice - Notes [Notes], 1991-1992
112International Conference: Theory Meets Practice - Correspondence I [Correspondence], 1990-1991
113International Conference: Theory Meets Practice - Correspondence II [Correspondence], 1992
114International Conference: Theory Meets Practice - Correspondence III [Correspondence], 1992-1993
121International Conference: Theory Meets Practice [Proposal, flyer], 1990-1992
122International Conference: Theory Meets Practice - Background Material [Correspondence, notes], 1991-1992
123International Conference Grants [Proposal, project report], 1991-1992
124Callicott, Baird [Speaker photo (1), correspondence, manuscript], 1992
125Davion Victoria [Speaker photo (1), correspondence], 1992
126Ferre, Frederick [Speaker photo (1), correspondence], 1992
127Golley, Frank [Speaker photo (1), correspondence], 1992
128Gray, Elizabeth [Speaker photo (1), correspondence], 1992
129Gunn, Alistair [Speaker photo (1), correspondence], 1992
1210Hargrove, Eugene [Speaker photo (1), correspondence], 1992
1211Hartel, Peter [Speaker photo (1), correspondence], 1992
1212Kohak, Erazim [Speaker photo (3), correspondence], 1992
1213Mao, Yu-Shi [Speaker photo (1), correspondence], 1992
1214Musu, Ignazio [Speaker photo (1), correspondence], 1992
1215Norton, Bryan [Speaker photo (1), correspondence], 1992
1216Poli, Corrado [Speaker photo (1), correspondence], 1992
1217Rolston, Holmes [Speaker photo (1), correspondence], 1992
1218Simonis, Udo [Speaker photo (1), correspondence], 1992
1219Shrader-Frechette, Kristin [Speaker photo (1), correspondence], 1992
1220Varner, Gary [Speaker photo (1), correspondence], 1992
1311995 International Conference Planning I [Correspondence, memos, notes], 1992-1993
1321995 International Conference Planning II [Memos, grant application, notes], 1994
1331995 International Conference Planning III
1341995 International Conference Grant Proposal to Georgia Humanities Council I, 1994
1351995 International Conference Grant Proposal to Georgia Humanities Council II [Correspondence, proposal], 1994
136Readings I [Articles, newsclippings], 1994
137Readings II [Articles, newsclippings], 1994
138Readings III [Articles, newsclippings], 1994
139Institute for Global Ethics [Correspondence, brochure], 1994
141State of the Art conference Proposal [correspondence], 1993
142State of the Art Conference 1995 [Correspondence, budget], 1994
143ICEE 95 Overview [Goals, promotional material], 1994
144Hillestad, Hilburn [Correspondence, notes], 1994-1995
145Sagoff, Mark [Correspondence, notes], 1994-1995
146ICEE 95 Sponsors [Correspondence], 1994-1995
147ICEE 95 Budget [Budget, purchase requests], 1994-1995
151Call for Papers [Correspondence, announcements], 1994
152ICEE 95 Invitations [Correspondence], 1995
153Faculty/Student Participation in Conference [Memos, lists], 1995
154ICEE 95 Participants [Listings], 1995
155ICEE 95 Abstracts of Papers submitted [Correspondence, abstracts], 1995
156ICEE 95 Paper Acceptances [Correspondence], 1994-1995
157Logistics [Memos, correspondence], 1995
158ICEE Schedule [Schedules], 1995
159ICEE 95 Speakers [Correspondence], 1994-1995
1510ICEE Speaker Bios [Correspondence, notes], 1994-1995
1511ICEE 95 Program, Brochure, 1995
1512ICEE 95 Registration [Listings], 1995
1513ICEE 95 Keynote Speeches, 1995
1514ICEE 95 Questions, Recommendations [Program critique, questions, recommendations], 1995
1515ICEE 95 Notes of Thanks [Correspondence, memos], 1995
1516ICEE 95 Proceedings [2 Tapes, 2 discs], 1995
1517ICEE 95 Requests for Proceedings [Correspondence], 1995
161ICEE 95 Book Status [Correspondence], 1995
162ICEE 95 Au [Manuscript], 1995
163ICEE 95 Centner [Manuscript, correspondence], 1995
164ICEE 95 Ferre [Manuscript, correspondence], 1995
165ICEE 95 Goldman [Manuscript, correspondence], 1995
165ICEE 95 Hargrove [Manuscript, correspondence], 1995
166ICEE 95 Hopkins [Manuscript, correspondence], 1995
167ICEE 95 McKinney [Manuscript, correspondence], 1995
168ICEE 95 Meyer [Manuscript, correspondence], 1995
169ICEE 95 F-M-H Comments [Editorial comments], 1995
1610ICEE 95 Oksanen [Manuscript, correspondence], 1997
1611ICEE 95 Sagoff [Manuscript], 1995
1612ICEE 95 Skrbina [Manuscript], 1995
1613ICEE 95 Trzyna [Manuscript], 1995
171ICEE 95 Book Editorial Notes [Notes, draft table of contents], 1997
172ICEE 95 Au and Vagassky Manuscript, 1997
173ICEE 95 Bol Manuscript [correspondence], 1997
174ICEE 95 Centner Manuscript, 1997
175ICEE 95 Daigle Manuscript, 1997
176ICEE 95 Ferre Manuscript [disc], 1997
177ICEE 95 Goldman Manuscript, 1997
178ICEE 95 Hargrove Manuscript, 1997
179ICEE 95 McKinney Manuscript, 1997
1710ICEE 95 Meyer Manuscript, 1997
1711ICEE 95 Rusche Manuscript, 1997
1712ICEE 95 Skrbina Manuscript, 1997
1713ICEE 95 Trzyna Manuscript [Manuscript, disc, correspondence], 1997
1714ICEE 95 Manuscripts [10 discs], 1997
181ICEE 95 Manuscript Review [Notes], 1997
182ICEE 95 Final Draft Title Page, 1997
183ICEE 95 Final Draft Table of Contents, 1997
184ICEE 95 Final Draft Foreword, 1997
185ICEE 95 Final Draft Preface, 1997
186ICEE 95 Final Draft Acknowledgements, 1997
187ICEE 95 Final Draft Young [Manuscript], 1997
188ICEE 95 Final Draft Ferre [Manuscript], 1997
189ICEE 95 Final Draft Meyer [Manuscript], 1997
1810ICEE 95 Final Draft Hargrove [Manuscript], 1997
1811ICEE 95 Final Draft Sagoff [Manuscript], 1997
1812ICEE 95 Final Draft Bol [Manuscript], 1997
191ICEE 95 Final Draft Trzyna [Manuscript], 1997
192ICEE 95 Final Draft Centner [Manuscript], 1997
193ICEE 95 Final Draft McKinney [Manuscript], 1997
194ICEE 95 Final Draft Oksanen [Manuscript], 1997
195ICEE 95 Final Draft Skrbina [Manuscript], 1997
196ICEE 95 Final Draft Daigle [Manuscript], 1997
197ICEE 95 Final Draft Au [Manuscript], 1997
198ICEE 95 Final Draft Contributors [manuscript, correspondence], 1997
199ICEE 95 Final Draft Appendix A, 1997
1910ICEE 95 Final Draft Appendix B, 1997
1911ICEE 95 Final Draft Index, 1997
201ICEE 95 Book Galleys Table of Contents, Preface, 1997
202ICEE 95 Book Galleys Pgs. 41-180 [Manuscript], 1997
203ICEE 95 Book Galleys Pgs. 181-254 [Manuscript], 1997
204ICEE 95 Book Galleys Pgs. 255-384 [Manuscript], 1997
205ICEE 95 Book Galleys Pgs. 384-404 [Manuscript], 1997
206ICEE 95 Book Correspondence, 1997
207ICEE 95 Book Correspondence 0-R, 1994-1997
208ICEE 95 Book Correspondence S-Z, 1994-1997