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Omer Clyde Aderhold papers

Omer Clyde Aderhold papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Omer Clyde Aderhold papers
Creator: Aderhold, O. C., 1899-1969
Inclusive Dates: 1923-1973
Bulk Dates: 1950-1967
Language(s): English
Extent: 97 Linear Feet (97 boxes)
Collection Number: UA10-110
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

Omer Clyde "O.C" Aderhold (1899-1969) was president of the University of Georgia from 1950 to 1967.

The son of a Lavonia, Georgia farmer, he graduated from the University of Georgia with an agriculture degree in 1923. Following graduation, he became a high school principal at the age of twenty-four in Jefferson County, Georgia. Three years later, he was chosen as the county's superintendent of public schools, a position he held until 1929, when he resigned to become associate professor of rural education at the University of Georgia. Here he devoted "a major portion of his time to the training of agricultural and rural teachers," according to one newspaper report.

In 1936-37, Aderhold took a leave of absence to work on his PhD degree in education at the Ohio State University, which he received in 1938. In 1946, he was named dean of the College of Education at the University of Georgia, and became president four years later. During seventeen years as president, the university's enrollment tripled, the research budget grew from $2 million a year to more than $13 million, and the value of the physical plant increased from $12 million to $100 million. He successfully led the university through court-ordered integration in January 1961 after admission of its first black students, Charlayne Hunter and Hamilton Holmes, came with first days of rallies and protests.

Scope and Content

The collection documents the administrative business of the University of Georgia during O.C. Aderhold's tenure as president, 1950-1967. Materials of particular interest are those documenting the desegregation of the University in January 1961 when Charlayne Hunter-Gault and Hamilton Holmes became the first two African American students to attend UGA. These files include administrative correspondence as well as letters from the public expressing support or opposition to desegregation.

Organization and Arrangement

The collection is arranged into six series: 1. Subject Files, 2. Athletics, 3. Budget, 4. Clippings, 5. Personal, and 6. Integration.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Omer Clyde Aderhold papes, UA10-110, University of Georgia Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

Finding Aid Publication

Finding aid prepared on: 2017.

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Subject Terms

Administrative records.
Clippings (information artifacts)
College integration -- Georgia
Holmes, Hamilton, 1941-
Hunter-Gault, Charlayne
School integration -- Georgia.
University of Georgia. History
University of Georgia. Office of the President
University of Georgia. Office of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Subject Files

11Aderhold-Inauguration., 1951
12Aderhold-Inauguration-Individual Accepts, 1951
13Aderhold-Inauguration-Learned Societies Replies, 1951
14Aderhold-Speech, 1951 January 27
15Alumni Association, 1950-1953
16Alumni Record., 1956-1959
17Alumni Record., 1959-1960
18Alumni Record, 1960-1961
19Alumni Record, 1961-1962
110Atlanta Division., 1951-1952
111Atlanta Division, 1951 June 30
112Atlanta Division, 1952-1954
113Atlanta Division-Budget for Auxiliary Enterprises-Proposed, 1951-1952
114Atlanta Division Hospital Administration-Training Course, 1952
115Atlanta Division-Proposed Auxiliary Enterprise Budget, 1953-1954
116Atlanta Division-Report by M.C. Prunty, 1951
117Atlanta Division, 1954-1955
118Auburn Research Fund Auburn AL.-Constitution & Bylaws, 1950
241Retirement Correspondence, 1967
242ROTC AFFAIRS Army Advisory Panel Meeting, 1967 October 26
243Army Advisory Panel on ROTC Affairs-Pentagon, 1967 May 4
244State Depts Of Education Advisory Council, 1968
245State Depts Of Education Advisory Council, 1967
246University of Georgia Foundation, 1968
247University Council Minutes, 1967-1968
248University of Georgia Policies and Procedures 1967-68., 1967-1968
249UNIV of Georgia Research, 1969
2410UNIV of Georgia Services, 1969
2411University Council Minutes, 1969
2412Vocational Rehab Statewide Planning Project, 1968
2413Vocational Rehab Statewide Planning Project, 1967
2414Vocational Rehab Report on Internal Organization, 1968
2415Vocational Rehab Statewide Planning Project Annual Report, 1967
2416Vocational Rehab Publications, 1967
2417Statewide Vocational Rehabilitation Planning Project-Memoranda & Project, 1968
2418Annual Report Council On State Departments of Education, 1967
2419Reinforcing The Role Of States In Education, 1967
2420For Tomorrow, 1967 April
2421Summary-The Final Report of Statewide Planning, undated
2422Final Report-Comprehensive Statewide Planning, undated
2423The Challenge Of World Affairs To American Higher Education, 1968
2424Organization And Structure Of The Office Of Rehabilitation Services Georgia State Department Of Education, 1968 March
411Education, College of, 1964
412Education, College of, 1960-1962
413Education College of Special Correction & Program for Exceptional Children, 1957
414Education, College of Research and Development Center, 1965
415Earth-Plant Science, 1965
416Dormitories, 1962
417Danforth Foundation, 1960
418WGTV—letters from public, 1965
419Committee on Convocations, 1956
4110Convocation-New Students & Parents-Coliseum-3 p.m., 1964 September 20
4111Continuing Education WGTV, 1965
4112Continuing Education WGTV, 1963
4113Continuing Education WGTV, 1960
4114Continuing Education, 1960
4115Computer Committee University of Georgia, 1965
4116Comptroller, Selection of, 1965
4117Comptroller, 1964-1965
4118Comptroller, 1965
411Forestry, School of, 1961
412Engineering Report, Meeting of, 1965 January 13
413University of Georgia FDN., 1965-1966
414University of Georgia Foundation, 1961
415University Foundation Professorships, 1956
416University of Georgia Foundation – Committee On Grants, 1958
417Garden Club of Georgia, 1954
418General Research, 1963
419Golf Course, 1966
4110Government, Institute Of, 1961
4111Graduate Faculty Appointments, 1958
4112Graduate School, 1952
4113Health, Education & Welfare Dept. Of, 1963
4114Higher Education, Institute of, 1962
4115Committee on Insurance & Hospitalization, 1956
4116Joint Tech Georgia Development Fund, 1962
4117Land Grant Colleges & State Universities, Association Of, 1962
421Land Grant Colleges and State Universities, 1966
422Land Grant Colleges and State Universities, 1968
423Laundry and Dry Cleaning Plant, 1952
424Law, School of, 1964
425Law, School of, 1961
426Marine Biology Institute, 1964-1965
427Marine Biology Institute, 1959
428Marine Research Institute Sapelo Island Georgia, 1965
429Men, Dean of, 1962
4210NDEA Loans, 1965
4211National Merit Scholars, 1962
4212National Science Foundation, 1961
4213National Science Foundation, 1968
4214Summary Budget for Fourth and Fifth Years of Plan, 1967
421560 Day Report to the National Science Foundation by the University of Georgia, 1967 October 27
4216First Annual Report to The National Science Foundation by the University of Georgia Grant GU2590, 1968
4217University of Georgia A Proposal for the Development of Basic Sciences to the Division of Institutional Programs National Science Foundation September, 1966
4218University of Georgia A Supplementary Proposal for the Development of Basic Sciences to the Division of Institutional Programs National Science Foundation September, 1969
4219First Six-Month Project to the National Science Foundation by the University of Georgia, 1968
4220Second Midyear Report to the National Sciences Foundation by the University of Georgia Grant GU2590.
431Navy Supply School Athens, Georgia, 1960
432Ossabaw Island Conference, 1964 October 19-20
433Pharmacy, School of, 1964
434Pharmacy, School of, 1961
435Ferdinand Phinzy Lecture (UGA Fdn.), 1968
436Physical Plant, 1951
437President's Home, 1950
438University Professorships, 1956
439Summary of Personal Data James E. Greene, Chairman, Division of Graduate Studies College of Education, The University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, 1957
4310Registrar, 1962
4311Registrar-Reports, 1963
4312University Relations Study Report, 1964
4313ROTC, 1960
4314Sanders Governor Commission on Education, 1963
4315Scholarships, 1971
4316Scholarships, 1961
4317Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Visitation Committee, 1961 November 5-8
4318Social Work, School Of, 1962
4319Southern Association of Colleges & Secondary Schools Standards 1-21 Academic Year, 1960-1961
4320Southern Conference, 1964
4321Southeast Athens Bypass, 1962
4322Southern Regional Education Board, 1960
451Students, Dean Of, 1962
452Students Affairs, 1962
453Student Affairs, 1969
454Student Affairs Housing, 1965
455University Center in Georgia, 1961
456University Council Minutes, 1965
457Committee on University Drives, 1952
458Committee-University Library, 1959
459Veterinary Medicine, College, 1960-1963
4510Veterinary Medicine, College, 1964-1966
4511Vice President for Instruction, 1964
4512Vice President for Instruction, 1964
4513Vice President for Research, 1964
4514Vice President for Services, 1965
4515War on Poverty, 1964
4516Water Pollution Research Laboratory, 1963
4517Water Pollution Research Laboratory, 1961
4518Water Resources Research Center, 1964 December 24
4519West Point Dam Project, 1965
4520Westinghouse Electric Corporation, 1960
4521Wilkins Farm, 1961
4522Committee-Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, 1956
471Agricultural Extension Center For Advanced Study, 1955
472Agriculture, College of, 1951
473Agriculture, College of, 1950-1951
474Agriculture, College of Animal Industry, Division of, 1960 July 1
475Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity, 1949
476Agriculture, College of Alumni Association, 1954
477Agriculture, College of Animal Husbandry, Division of, 1952-1956
478Agriculture Animal Disease Laboratory-USDA (Proposed), 1956
479Agriculture, College of Dairy Division Of, 1960 July 1
4710Agriculture, College of-Eatonton Project, 1960
4711Agriculture, College of Experiment Station, 1950-1956
4712Agriculture, College of Extension Service, 1950-1960
4713Agriculture, College of Experiment Stations Black Shank Disease, 1961
4714Agriculture, College of Experiment Stations, 1956-1960
4715Southwest District Reports "The Odds Are Against Us", 1961
4716Northwest District Reports "The Odds Are Against Us", 1961
4717North District Reports "The Odds are Against Us", 1961
4718Southeast District Reports "The Odds Are Against Us", 1961
4719Northeast District Reports "The Odds Are Against Us", 1961
4720Southcenteral District "The Odds Are Against Us", 1961
4721Agriculture, College of Branch Experiment Stations, Sep-50
4722Agriculture, College of Agricultural Extension Service 4-H Club Camp for Negroes, 1952
4723Agriculture, College of Agricultural Extension Service 4-H Club Work, 1957
4724Alumni-Class of 1923 (Dr. O.C. Aderhold)., undated
4725Agriculture, College of Landscape Architecture, Division of, 1960 July 1
4726Agriculture, College of Landscape Architecture, Div. Of, 1954
4727Agriculture, College Poultry Department, 1952-1960
4728Alumni Society, 1960 December 30
4729Alumni Society, 1959 December 31
4730Alumni Society, 1958 June 30
4731Alumni Society Projects Suggested by Deans and others, 1955
4732Alumni Society, 1953-1956
4733Alumni Society Correspondence –Talmadge and Troutman, 1955
481Alumni Society Reports, 1955
482Alumni Society Committee to Study University Program, 1955
483American Council on Education for Participant Training Program, 1960
484American Mathematical Society Library, 1951
485Arts and Sciences, College of, 1960 July 1
486Arts and Sciences, College of, 1950-1957
487Arts and Sciences, College of Department of Art, 1960 July 1
488Arts and Sciences, College of Archaeology, Department of, 1951
489Arts and Sciences, College of Art, Department of, 1950-1953
4810Art, Department of, 1950-1960
4811Letters-Dodd Painting, 1964
4812Arts and Sciences, College of Bacteriology Department, 1951
4813Arts and Sciences, College of Botany Department, 1956
4814American Legion Poetry, 1952
4815Arts & Sciences, College of Chemistry Department, 1950
4816Arts and Sciences, College of English Department, 1954
4817Arts and Sciences, College of Geography and Geology, Department of, 1953
4818Geography, Department of, 1950-1953
4819Arts and Sciences, College of History, 1952
4820Arts and Sciences, College of Mathematics Department, 1951
4821Arts and Sciences, College of Modern Foreign Language Department, 1952
4822Arts and Sciences, College of Music, Department of, 1950
4823Arts and Sciences, College of Music Department, 1951
4824Arts and Sciences, College of Philosophy & Religion, 1952
4825Arts & Sciences, College of Physics Department, 1957
4826Arts and Sciences, College of Political Science Department, 1952
4827Arts and Sciences, College of Psychology Department, 1950
4828Arts and Sciences, College of Social Sciences Division, 1959
4829Arts and Sciences, College of Sociology and Anthropology Dept., 1951
4830Arts and Sciences, College of Speech & Drama Department, 1952
4831Arts and Sciences, College of Zoology Department, 1956
4832Association of American Colleges, 1958
4833Athletic Association, 1959-1962
4834Athletic Association, University of Ga., 1958-1959
4835Athletic Association, 1956-1958
4836Athletic Association, 1952-1953
4837Athletic Association, 1950-1952
4838Athletic Association-Seating Georgia-Georgia Tech Game, 1957
4839Atomic Energy Commission, United States, 1952
4840Atomic Reactor, 1956
4841Boyd Memorial Professorships., undated
4842Boswell, Colonel James G., 1951
491Boyd, George Hugh, 1959
492Business Administration, College of Dr. J. Whitney Bunting, 1961
493Brooks, R.P., 1951
494Business Administration, College of, 1950-1960
495Brown, C.M.—Fund, 1955
496Bus, Operation of, 1956
497Campus Development, Report to the Chancellor, 1955
498CREF, Bennett, 1959 January 28
499Character Day, 1951
4910Clark County Highway Steering Committee, 1959
4911Civil Defense Project, 1953
4912Class Rings, 1966
4913Conference on Children and Youth-Georgia Center for Continuing Education, 1959 September 28-30
4914City Planning, 1951
4915Coburn, Charles, 1955
4916Cobb Papers, 1950
4917Coliseum, 1960
4918Coliseum Policy & Schedule, Committee on, 1960
4919Commencement Exercises-Emory University, 1953 August 22
4920Committee on Admissions, 1958
4921Committee on Special Summer Workshop, 1955
4922Committee on Testing and Evaluation at End of Sophomore Year, 1958
4923Committee, Study Operations of Alumni Office, 1955
4924Committee, University Scholarship Freshman, 1953-1956
4925Committee, General Scholarships, 1955
4926Committee, University Scholarship Freshman, 1957-1959
4927Committee-Student-Faculty Relations, 1951
4928Committee on Nominations & Elections, 1949
4929Committee, National Sophomore Testing Program, 1959
4930Campbell, John Bulow Foundation, 1950
4931Committee, General College, 1962
4932Committee, Faculty Executive, 1958
4933Committee, Hodgson, Hugh-Retirement and Recognition, 1959
4934Committee on Juvenile Delinquency Control Institute, 1958
4935Committee on Improvement of Instruction, 1952
4936Committee on Honorary Degrees, 1949
4937Committee on Gifts and Memorials, 1957
4938Committee, Government Employees Training Act, 1959
4939Comer, E. T. Trust, 1952
4940Committee, Golf, 1956
4941"College Days", 1954
4942Committee on Foreign Organization Program, 1953
4943Committee Report on Curricula of Univ., 1950
4944Continuing Education Georgia's Birds, 1956
4945Continuing Education, Georgia Center, 1958-1959
4946Continuing Education, Georgia Center, 1959-1960
4947Continuing Education, 1954
4948Comptroller, 1950-1960
4949Congratulations, Letters of, 1955
4950Congress, United States Statement-Subcommittee on Special Education of the Committee on Education and Labor, 1959 May 27
501Continuing Education Television, 1958 July 1
502Continuing Education Television, 1950-1959
503Continuing Education Center Kellogg Foundation, 1956
504Continuing Education Television Committee-Board of Regents, 1957-1958
505Continuing Education, Georgia Center For Bureau of Public Administration, 1951
506Continuing Education Programs with College of Business Adm., 1957
507Georgia Committee on Children and Youth-Georgia Center, 1960 May 2-3
508Continuing Education, 1955-1956
509Data For Financial Report to Kellogg Foundation, 1954-1955
5010Continuing Education Dinner for Dr. Emory Morris-August 6 Capital City Club- 7:00 p.m.- Atlanta, 1953
5011Continuing Education, Georgia Center, 1956-1957
5012Continuing Education, Georgia Center, 1957-1958
5013Continuing Education Columbus Off-Campus Center, 1958
5014Continuing Education Marietta Off-Campus Center, 1958
5015Continuing Education Visit of Kellogg Trustees, 1957 April 16-18
5016Danforth Chapel, 1953
5017Daughters of the American Revolution, 1954
5018Dean, George C., 1958
5019Debate-Wright vs. Communist Party Member, 1963
5020Defense Mobilization, Office of, 1956
5021Defense Security Agreement, 1961
5022Deferment—Students, 1951
5023Dormitories-Dedication, 1953 June 8
5024Education, State Department of, 1950-1960
5025Education, College of Woodruff Foundation Grant, 1954
5026Education, College of Atlanta Journal Articles, 1959
5027Education, College of Report on Quality, 1958
5028Education, College of, 1951-1952
5029Education, College of, 1959-1960
5030Education, Board of, 1951-1952
5031Education, College of, 1955-1959
5032Education, College of, 1953-1955
5033College of Education, 1952 July 1
511College of Education, 1950-1952
512English Legal Profession, American Pilgrimage of, 1960 September 7
513Extension, Division of, 1950-1951
514Extension, Division of General, 1951-1953
515Extension, Division of General, 1953
516Faculties, Dean of, 1966
517Faculties, Dean of, 1955-1964
518Faculties, Dean of, 1960 July 1
519Faculties, Dean of, 1963
5110Faculties, Dean of, 1950-1960
5111Faculty Meetings, 1962
5112Faculty Orientation, 1959
5113Fallout Shelters, 1962
5114Five-Day Week, 1951
5115Ford Foundation, 1951
5116Forestry, School of, 1952-1960
5117Forestry, School of, 1957-1960
5118Forestry, School of, 1950-1952
5119Forestry, School of Deanship, 1956
5120Forestry, Deanship Dr. Allyn M. Herrick, 1957
5121Forestry, School of Expansion, 1953
5122Forestry-Putnam County Lands, 1954
5123Freshman Class, 1960-1961
5124Freshman Class, 1959
5125Freshman Class, 1958
5126Frost, Robert, 1957
5127Fund for Adult Education, 1959
5128General Assembly 21-25 Age Limit Bill, 1959
5129General Assembly Economy Committee, 1955 July 1
5130General Assembly, 1960
5131General Assembly Joint Committee on Needs of GA. Agriculture Extension Service, 1957
5132General Education Board Development of Art Dept. and Graduate School, 1950
5133General Electric Company College Bowl, 1961
5134General Electric Company, 1958
5135Research, 1951-1953
5136Research, Department of
5137Research, 1959 July 1
5138Research, 1956-1959
521Georgia Association of Colleges, 1960
522Georgia Farm Bureau, Harry Brown, President, 1959
523Georgia Institute of Genetics, 1954
524Georgia Leadership Institute Atlanta YMCA, 1960 September 14
525Georgia Museum of Art, 1950-1953
526Georgia Museum of Art-Print Rental Project Advisory Committee-International Graphic Arts Society, Inc., 1958
527Georgia Museum of Art, 1953-1960
528General Assembly, 1962
529Gifts, 1956
5210Gifts, 1950
5211Gifts, 1963
5212Government Agencies-Athens, 1951
5213Graduate School, 1955-1956
5214Graduate School, 1952-1955
5215Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies, 1951
5216Graduate School, 1952
5217Graduate Faculty, 1953-1960
5218Graduate School, 1957-1960
5219Graduate School-Status, Recommendations For Increased Support in Certain Fields, 1951
5220Gulf Oil Corporation, 1959
5221Guidance Center, 1966
5222Guidance Center, 1962
5223Research, 1953-1959
5224Students, Guidance Center, 1957
5225Student Affairs-Guidance Center, 1958 July 1
5226Guidance Center, 1956-1957
5227Student Affairs-Guidance Center, 1952-1958
5228Guidance Center, 1950-1955
5229Code for Biographical Study-Copy I Guidance Center, 1951
531Summer Conferences, 1953
532Education, U.S. Office Of, 1955-1960
533Education, U.S. Office Of Council Of Advisors, 1952
534Health, Education & Welfare Committee on Education Beyond the High School, 1956
535Health, Education and Welfare, Dept. of Staffing the Nation's Schools Research Project, 1956
536Health Research Facilities Branch Dept. Health, Education & Welfare, 1957
537Office of Education-Department of Health, Education and Welfare Granting of degrees by government supported and operated institutions, 1953
538Higher Education, National Conference on, 1956
539Highway, State Department Bridge Connecting Two Campuses, 1961
5310Regents, University System of Georgia John R. Hills, 1958
5311Home Economics, School of, 1953
5312Home Economics, School of Deanship, 1951
5313Home Economics, School of, 1951-1953
5314Housing-Students, 1950-1955
5315Infirmary, Gilbert Memorial, 1953
5316International Cooperation Agency (Now Agency for International Development)., 1960-1961
5317International Cooperation Agency Richard L. Aeck, Architect, 1961
5318Internships in General Education, 1951
5319Alumni Society Joint Tech-Georgia Development Program, 1959
5320Alumni Society Joint Tech-Georgia Development Program, 1958-1959
5321Joint Tech-Georgia Development Lists of National Firms-Mrs. Haas, 1958
5322Journalism, School of, 1957 July 1
5323Journalism, School of Sept. 1950 to, 1950-1957
5324Kiwanis, Georgia District International Savannah, 1959 October 12
5325Lane, Mills B., Jr., 1954
5326Law, School of, 1950-1957
5327Law Dormitory (KA House), 1953
541Law, 1944
542Legislators, Institute for, 1959
543Legislation, 1951
544Legislative Work Conference on Southern regional Education, 1953 Septermber 24-25
545Legislators, Institute for, 1960
546Libraries, 1951-1960
547Libraries, 1960 July 1
548Lyons Apartments, 1951
549Sapelo Island, 1952-1956
5410Sapelo Island, 1957 August
5411Marine Institute – Sapelo Island, 1957-1960
5412McKamy, David Knox Estate, 1957
5413Mell Collection of Indian Relics, 1954
5414Men, Dean of, 1952
5415Mercer University, 1959
5416Microbiology, Department of, 1958
5417Military Leave, 1950
5418Land-Grant Colleges and State University., American Association of Washington, D.C., 1960 November 13-16
5419American Assoc. of Land-Grant Colleges and State Universities-Executive Com., 1960 February 2-3
5420Land-Grant Colleges and State Universities Association-Joint Office of Institutional Research, 1960
5421Land-Grant College and State Universities Correspondence, 1960 July 1
5422Committee on Land-Grant Institutions and Federal-State Relationships, 1953-1954
5423Land-Grant Colleges, American Association Circular Letters, 1960 July 1
5424National Association of Educational Broadcasters, 1959
5425National Association of State Universities New York, 1959 May 4-5
5426National Association of State Universities New York, 1958 May 5-6
5427National Association of State Universities New York, N.Y., 1957 May 6-7
5428National Association of State Universities, 1955 July 1
5429National Association of State Univer., 1955 May 2-3
5430National Association of State Univer., 1951-1954
5431National Association of State Universities Columbus, Ohio, 1953 May 4-5
5432National Beta Club, 1956
5433Sixth National Conference of County & Rural Area Superintendents Baker Hotel, Dallas, Texas, 1951
5434National Conference on "The Foreign Aspects of U.S. National Security" Washington, D.C., 1958 February 28
5435National Defense Education Act of 1958 National Defense Student Loan Fund., undated
551National Defense Education Act of 1958 Institutes., 1958
552National Defense Education Act of 1958 Correspondence., 1958
553National Editorial Association, 1960
554National Education Association, 1963
555National Education Association, 1955 July 1
556National Football Hall of Fame-Annual Awards Dinner New York City., 1959 December 1
557National Education Association, 1950
558National Manpower Conference, 1953
559National Merit Scholarship Corporation, 1958
5510National Planning Association, 1957
5511National Science Foundation, 1955-1959
5512National Science Foundation Conference Washington, D.C., 1953 August 17-18
5513Navy Supply School, 1952
5514New Orleans Mid-Winter Sports Association, 1958 December
5515New York University Task Force Report-Ivey, 1958
5516Notices—Academic Deans, Faculty, Staff, 1950
5517Nuclear Energy, Regional Advisory Council on, 1957
5518National Commission on Accrediting, 1959-1960
5519National Commission on Accrediting, 1953-1958
5520National Science Foundation, 1960-1961
5521National Science Foundation, 1959-1960
5522Navy Supply School, 1952
5523Off-Campus Workshops, 1955
5524Parents and Teachers, Georgia Congress of Alice McLellan Birney Endowment Fund, 1956
5525Parents and Teachers, Georgia Congress of, 1952
5526Payroll, 1953
5527Peace Corps, 1961
5528Patents and Copyrights, 1952
5529Pharmacy Building G-11, 1958
561Pharmacy, School of, 1950-1958
562Public Relations, 1959 July 1
563Public Relations, 1951-1959
564Pharmacy, Southern College of, 1951
565Quarter vs. Semester System, 1954
566Ralston Purina Company St. Louis Mo., 1954 May 16-18
567Research – Coastal Islands –Bonner and Hart, 1959
568Retirement, 1950-1957
569Rev, Leland, 1951
5610Julius Rosenwald Fund, 1950-1951
5611Dr. J.C. Rogers, 1950
5612Regents, University of Georgia Report to Georgia Education Association, 1962
5613Registrar & Director of Admissions, 1960 July 1
5614Red and Black, 1951
5615Regents, University System of Georgia Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1960
5616Registrar & Director of Admissions, 1950-1960
5617University of Georgia Advisory Council By-Laws and Statutes, 1960
5618Student Affairs-Registrar & Director of Admissions Personal Interview & Admissions, 1962
5619Reil, Lucy Cope, 1952
5620Retirement Dinners, 1962
5621Retirements, 1958
5622ROTC, 1956
5623ROTC Facilities, 1955
5624ROTC-Elgin Air Force Base (Griffith), 1960 July 14-15
5625ROTC-Air, 1954-1955
5626ROTC-Army, 1954 July 1
5627ROTC-Army, 1952-1954
5628ROTC Navy, 1951-1952
5629ROTC-Army, 1950-1952
5630Rural Development Program, 1956
5631Rusk, Dean-President, Rockefeller Foundation, 1958
5632Sabbatical Leaves, 1954
5633Salary Schedules, 1950
5634Sams Farm, 1962
571Scholarships, 1952
572Scholarships, 1953-1957
573Scholarships, 1950-1953
574Scholarships Coats and Clark, 1960
575Scholarship, George Rush Franklin, 1959
576Scholarships-Southeastern Fair A. Ganza, 1951
577Seminar on American Strategy, Biltmore Hotel Atlanta Georgia, 1962 January 16
578Sesquicentennial, 1950
579Skidaway Island Project, 1966
5710Small Business Administration, 1955
5711Social Security, 1955
5712Social Work Training, 1952
5713Solms, Anton Francis, Jr., 1938
5714Southeastern Adult Education Association, 1957
5715Southeastern Conference, 1960 July 1
5716An Application for Membership in the Southeastern Conference from Florida State University Tallahassee, Florida, 1956
5717Southern Association Special Committee to work with National Commission on Accrediting, 1955
5718Southern Association of Colleges & Secondary Schools-Georgia Committee, 1949
5719Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools Louisville, Kty., 1959
5720Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, Louisville, Kty., 1958 December 1-4
5721Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools Reports, 1954-1958
5722Southern Association of Colleges & Secondary Schools, 1956-1959
5723Southern Association of Colleges & Secondary Schools St. Petersburg, Florida, 1951
5724Southern Association of Colleges & Secondary Schools Reports, 1948-1954
5725Southern Association of Land-Grant Colleges and State Universities, 1961
5726Southern Association of Land-Grant Colleges and State Universities, 1955 October 3-4
5727Southern Association of Land-Grant College, Athens., 1957
5728Southern Association of Colleges & Secondary Schools, 1950-1955
5729Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools-Reports, 1959-1960
5730Southern Association of Colleges & Secondary Schools, 1960
5731Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools-Committee on Revision of Standards-Atlanta, October 17-18
5732Southern Educational Film Production Service, 1950
5733Southern Fellowships Fund, 1956
5734Student Affairs, Division Of, 1950-1953
581Student Affairs-Hazing, 1956
582Suspensions, 1951
583"South's Hall of Fame for the Living", 1958
584Student Publications, 1952
585Space, 1954
586Speakers Bureau, 1958
587State Security Questionnaire #1, 1954
588Statistics, Institute of, 1959
589Statistics, 1949
5810Southern University Conference Savannah, Georgia, 1954 April 8-9
5811Southern University Conference, 1951
5812Southern University Conference, Charleston, S.C., 1960 April 21-22
5813Tennessee Valley Authority, 1953 July
5814Tennessee Valley Authority, 1951-1953
5815U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1950
5816U.S. Study Commission Southeast River Basins, 1960
5817University Center in Georgia, 1963
5818University Council, 1959
5819University of Georgia Foundation Committee on Grants, 1960-1961
5820Univ. Foundation Committee on Grants, 1958-1959
5821University of Georgia Special Folder Prepared by Mr. Davidson and Mr. Simpson, 1958
5822University of Georgia Foundation, 1959-1961
5823University Foundation Arthur Lucas Memorial Fund, 1958
5824The University of Georgia Foundation M.G. Michael Fund, 1961
5825University of Georgia Foundation Dan MacDougald Memorial Fund Award, 1953
5826University Foundation-David Barrow Award, 1960
5827University of Georgia Foundation Thomas D. Carey & J.C.C. Black, Jr. Memorial Fund, 1957
5828Univ. Foundation Ferdinand Phinzy Lectures, 1961 April 12-13
5829University of Georgia Foundation Wilkins Memorial Fund, 1954
591University of Georgia Foundation M. J. Witman, 1956
592Universities, Other, 1950
593University Press, 1953
594University Stores, 1958-1960
595Committees, University System, 1952
596University System Junior Colleges, 1958
597University System Colleges, 1953
598The University System of Georgia "The Odds are Against Us", 1960
599University System Advisory Council, 1953 January 9
5910Advisory Council-University System, 1952 October 20
5911University System Advisory Council, 1960 November 23
5912University System Advisory Council, 1953
5913Veterinary Medicine, School of, 1957 July 1
5914University Volunteer Information Corps, 1962
5915Urban Renewal, 1959
5916Westinghouse Luncheon, 1957 February 26
5917Wiggins, Grafton Bequest Donald McKenzie Bain Memorial, 1959
5918Westinghouse Luncheon, 1957 February 26
5919Wildlife Conservation Training Program, 1951
5920Women, Dean of, 1950
5921Frank Lloyd Wright Lecture, 1956
5922Zoological Society of Florida, 1957
641American Council on Education, 1952-1954
642American Council on Education Commission on Instruction and Evaluation, Chicago, Ill., 1957 November 22-23
643American Council on EducationWashington, D.C., 1963 October 2-4
644American Council on Education-Committee on Instruction & Evaluation, New York., 1957 May 7-9
645American Council on Education Com. on Instr. And Evaluation, Palo Alto, California, 1956 April 2-5
646American Council on Education Com. on Instruction and Evaluation Washington, 1956 November 16-17
647American Council on Education-Annual Meeting Sheraton Palace Hotel-San Francisco, Calif., 1964
648American Council on Education Commission on Instruction and Evaluation, 1953
649American Council on Education Commission on Evaluation and Instr. Williamsburg, Virginia, 1954 February 18-19
6410American Council on Education Com. on Measurement and Evaluation Princeton, N.J., 1954 March 26-27
6411American Council on Education, Commission on Instruction and Evaluation South Bend, Ind., 1954 October 18-19
6412American Council on Education-Com. on Instructional and Evaluation Ann Arbor, Mich., 1955 December 5-7
6413American Council on Education Board of Directors Washington, D.C., 1962 February 9
6414American Council on Education Com. on Eval. and Instruct. Chicago, Ill., 1955 February 24-25
6415American Council on Education Commission on Instructional and Evaluation, 1954-1955
6416American Council on Education Board of Directors Washington. D. C., 1962 June 19
6417American Council on Education Board Meeting Chicago, Illinois., 1962
6418American Council on Education, 1962
6419American Association of University Professors, 1950
6420Director of AG Experiment Stations, 1965
6421Atlantic Council (THE), 1963-1967
6422Agriculture, College of Letters Concerning, 1956
6423Agriculture, College of –Reorganization, 1950
6424Agriculture Associate Deanship (Instruction).
6425Agriculture, College of Administrative Organization, 1950
6426Administrative Council Meetings, 1950-1956
6427Administrative Council Meetings, 1956-1959
6428Administrative Council Meetings, 1959-1961
6429Administrative Council Meetings, 1962-1966
651American Council on Education Washington, D. C., 1959 October 8-9
652American Council on Education, 1960
653American Council on Education Executive Committee, 1960 February 4-5
654American Council on Education Executive Committee Meeting, 1960 July 20-21
655American College of Public Relations Association, 1958
656ACPRA-District V, 1952
657Annual Report College of Education University of Georgia, 1946-1947
658Annual Reports, 1950-1952
659Annual Reports, 1952-1953
6510Annual Reports, 1953-1954
6511Annual Report, 1954-1955
6512Annual Report, 1955-1956
6513Annual Report, 1956-1957
6514Annual Report, 1957-1958
6515Annual Report, 1958-1959
6516Athens, 1959
6517Athens Board of Education, 1949
6518Athens Board of Education To, 1951 June 30
6519Athletic Asso., 1950
6520Athletic Asso., 1952
6521Athletic Association (Reports), 1951-1956
6522Athletic Association, 1953-1956
661Athletic Association Board of Directors, 1963
662Personal File –Athletic Department, 1962
663Athletic Association-Harbin Lawson, 1961
664Athletics, Board of Directors, 1951-1953
665Asst. Attorney General, 1954
666Attorney General's Office, 1959
667University of Alabama Attempt to Integrate, 1956
668Beaver, General Sandy, 1955
669Biscoe, Alvin B.-Dean of Faculties Confidential File, 1958
6610Building Needs (1962)., 1964
6611Building Needs, 1962
6612Dinner Honoring Chancellor Caldwell- 6:30 p.m.-Main Dining Room-Georgia Center., 1964 May 24
6613Carlton, Annie, 1950-1951
6614Chamber of Commerce, 1966
6615Clarke CO. Steering CMTE., 1966
6616Continuing Education Confidential, 1957
6617Presidential Commission (Ways of supporting Ed. Television-Boston, Mass. 9:30 a.m., 1965 March 12
6618Conference on Long Range Financing of Educational Television Stations Washington, D.C., 1964 December 7-8
6619ETV Conference on Long-Range Financing of ETV Stations, Statler-Hilton, Washington, D.C., 1967 March 5-7
671Enrollment Statistics, 1959
672Education Commission of The States Compact for Ed, 1965
673Education Commission of The States, 1966
674Education Commission of The States, 1967
675Education Beyond The High School – Junior College Committee – File #2, 1957
676Education Beyond The High School – Junior College Committee – File #1, 1956
677Education & World Affairs Conference – White Sulphur Springs, W. Virginia., 1964 March 22-24
678Education, College of Deanship, 1960
679Development, Director of, 1965
6710Development, Director of, 1955-1964
6711Development, Director of, 1953
6712Director of Development, Selection of, 1962
681Enrollment Statistics, 1955
682ETV Conference, 10-4 p.m., Nov. 24, Room J Center (Depts. Ag. & HEW), 1965
683Faculty Committee on Selection of a President, 1966
684Felton, Jule W., Jr., 1953
685Georgia Education Association, 1963-1964
686Georgia Education Association, 1961-1962
687Georgia Education Association Adequate Program of Education in Ga., 1953
688Georgia Education Association Local Leaders School of Instruction, 1960
689Georgia Education Association School Public Relations Comm, 1957-1962
6810Development, Director of, 1961
6811Georgia Education Association Griffith Participation, 1956
6812Georgia Educational Improvement Council, 1966
6813Gates, James E., 1961
6814Georgia Institute of Technology, 1961
6815Georgia Nuclear Advisory Commission December, 1959
6816Graduate Training Program for Teachers, 1951
6817Georgia Teachers Institute, 1954
6818Georgia State College, 1955
6819Georgia Nuclear Advisory Commission Associated Consultants in Education Dr. Doak Campbell, Director, 1958
6820Georgia Science and Technology Commission, 1967
6821Georgia Science & Technology Commission, 1967
6822Georgia Science & Technology Commission, 1966
6823Governors Correspondence Griffin Marvin, 1958-1961
6824Governors Correspondence Sanders Carl E., 1962-1966
6825Governors Correspondence Vandiver Ernest, 1959-1963
691Graduate School – Deanship, 1958
692Greene James E. Correspondence, 1951-1955
693The Georgia Medal Dinner, Atlanta Ga. Wed, Marriott Motor Hotel, 1965
694Hartman, William C., Jr., 1962
695Georgia Day Dinner, 1957
696Georgia Baptist Convention, Education Commission, 1959
697Nuclear Advisory Commission, 1957
698Governor's Conference on Education Oct. 24-25-Dinkler Plaza, 1966
699Highway, 1955
691010th District Meeting Ga. School Boards Assn. 6 p.m., November 24 Alps Road School, 1963
6911Hicks, W.T., 1950
6912Legislative Committee Visit of, 1957
6913Legislative Committee, Reports to and visit of, 1955 March 4-5
6914Deanship - School of Law, 1963
6915Letters, Odd, 1965
6916Letters, Odd, 1951
6917Legislative Committee Investigation of Teacher Education, 1958
6918Legislature, Acts of Regarding University of Georgia, 1928
6919Martin, S. Walter Dr. Vice Chancellor Univ. System, 1962
6920The National Industrial Conference Board Meeting, 1966 April 13
6921National Military – Industrial and Educational Conference Chicago, Ill, 1961 April 10-12
6922National Security Forum-Maxwell AFB, 1966 May 16-19
6923Naval Orientation Cruise, 1954 August 24-26
6924Nelson Articles Atlanta Constitution, 1960
6925Newburn, H.K. – Study of Faculty Personnel Policies, 1958
6926Orange Bowl – University of Ga. vs. Missouri., 1960 January 1
6927Our World Today – The Atlanta Journal Series, 1958
6928Proposed Organization Chart For the University of Georgia, 1964
6929Pantie Raids, 1952-1958
6930Parents Day, 1952
6931Payne Hall, 1954
6932President's Seminar on Finance Louisville, Kentucky, 1960
6933Fiction - Stories, Odd, undated
711Southern University Conference – Hot Springs, Ark., 1965 April 21-23
712State Department of Education Advisory Council, 1966
713State Departments of Education Advisory Council, 1965
714State Departments of Education Jan-Jun Advisory Council, 1967
715Statutes – University of Georgia, 1940
716Stephens, Robert G., Jr. 10th Dist. Congressman, 1962
717Stokes, James W., 1952
718Teacher Education Conference, 1951
719Tennessee Valley Authority-Land-Grant Presidents Muscle Shoals, Alabama, 1959 June 22-23
7110TVA – Land-Grant College Meeting Atlanta, 1955 October 4-5
7111Testimony – Select Committee on Government Research – 10 a.m. Washington, D.C., 1963 December 12
7112Texas, University of "Texas Confronting the State University" Austin, Texas, 1958 November 2-4
7113Talmadge Herman E. Senator, 1957-1967
7114University Chaplain, 1954
7115Univ System of Georgia Caldwell Harmon, 1958-1964
7116Southern Regional Conference on Urbanization-Marriott Motel, 1967 May 30
7117University System of Georgia Correspondence Gignilliat Arthur, 1959
7118University System Advisory Council, 1951-1952
7119University of Georgia, 1950
7120Vocational Rehabilitation, 1958
7121Committee on Revision of Univ. Statutes, 1959
7122Deanship-School of Veterinary Medicine, 1966
7123Deanship School of Veterinary Medicine, 1963
7124Horace T. Ward, 1950
7125Committee, White House Conference on Education, 1951
7126"…schoolhouse story-How Georgia is Building Two Hundred Million Dollars Worth of School Buildings" by the State Department of Education, 1955
7127What Our Schools Should Accomplish, undated
7128The Georgia Conference Preceding The White House Conference on Education, 1955
7129Williams, Joseph A., 1961
7130E. Vandiver Letter, 1951
721Dormitory, High Rise, 1964
722General Classroom Bldg., 1964
723Inauguration Fred C. Davison, 11-May-68
724Creswell Hall, 1960
725Athletic-Graduate Dormitory, 1964
726Contingency Cost Sanford Stadium Contract, Feb-67
727Athletics Expansion of Sanford Stadium, 1966
728Recommendation Letters, 1965-1966
729Recommendation Letters, 1956-1964
7210Recommendation Letters, 1956-1964
7211Director of Development, undated
7212Graduate Research Center, undated
971The University of Georgia Study AJ Brumbaugh, 1958
1041A Survey of Public Education of Less Than College Grade in Georgia: A Report to the General Assembly of Georgia by its Special Committee on Education, 1947 January 1
1042Handbook for Georgia Councilmen, 1962 March
1043Ledger, undated
1044O.C. Aderhold Library Endowment Fund, undated
1045"Valentine", undated
1046(Georgia Statistical Abstract: Bureau of Business Research College of Business Administration University of Georgia, 1963)., 1963
1047A Survey of Public Education of Less than College Grade in Georgia: A Report to the General Assembly of Georgia by its Special Committee on Education, January 1, 1947, 1947 January 1
1051Picture – Addition to Child Development Laboratory School of Home Economics University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, undated
1052Framed Proclamation – Mayor proclaims O.C. Aderhold Day in Athens, 1965 April 23
1053Framed picture of a campus building, undated
1061(Framed Picture – Plant Sciences Building), undated
1062(Framed Picture – General Classroom Building)., undated
1091O.C. Aderhold Papers – Annual Report, 1951-1952
1092O.C. Aderhold Papers – Appreciation Dinner, 1967 June 29
1093O.C. Aderhold Papers – Christmas Card, 1963
1094O.C. Aderhold Papers – Family Day, 1954
1095O.C. Aderhold Papers – Inauguration, 1951 May 9
1096O.C. Aderhold Papers – Insurance, 1957-1958
1097O.C. Aderhold Papers Reception Invitation – Aderholds, 1950 November 1
1098O.C. Aderhold Papers Reception Invitations – Faculty / Newcomers, 1952-1966
1099O.C. Aderhold Papers Reception Invitations- Freshmen, 1954 September 19
10910O.C. Aderhold Papers Reception Invitations – Seniors, 1951-1966
10911O.C. Aderhold Papers Reception Invitation – Summer Faculty / Graduates, 1960 August 17
10912O.C. Aderhold Papers – Sesquicentennial Materials, 1951
10913Athens, Georgia: Home of the University of Georgia, undated
1101Public Relations Memo from Lynda Stewart to Mrs. Tate re: photographs, 1967 July 1
1102Dr. O.C. Aderhold Inventory, 1969
1103Booklet – Inauguration of Frederick Corbet Davison as President of the University of Georgia, 1968 May 11
1104Copy of newspaper clippings about Dr. Aderhold's death., 1969
1105Notebook - O.C. Aderhold Recollections, 1967
1106The Georgia Alumni Record, 1967 July 1
1107Article - Lavonia Time & Gauge "O.C. Aderhold Was Georgia's Master Teacher For 1928,", 1959 January 18
1108A Measure of Progress – The University of Georgia President's Annual Report, 1964
1109Georgia Municipal Journal, 1965 December 1
11010Retirement Dinner, undated
11011Aderhold Home; Family; Home Activities, undated
11012O.C. Aderhold Library Endowment Fund, undated
11013O.C. Aderhold A Special Report, undated
11014Newspaper Clippings: Aderhold, undated
11015Aderhold Portraits, undated
11016Inauguration, 1951
1121Higher Education in a World of Conflict, Conference on – Program – Speakers, Regents' Office, 1961
1122Higher Education in a World of Conflict , Conference on – Participants – University & Visiting, 1961
1123Georgia Museum of Art, 1950
1124Governor's Commission on Scientific Research and Development, 1964
1125Governor's Commission on Economy & Reorganization – M.W.H. Collins, Staff Director, 1959
1126Graduate School, 1966
1127Education, College of Georgia Retardation Center, 1965
1128Higher Education Facilities, 1964
1129Highway Department, 1951
11210Institute of International Education, undated
11211Moss, Sara H. Fellowships, undated
1151Agriculture, College of Extension Service, 1960
1152Finance, 1961 October 20
1153Report of the President The University of Georgia to the Regents' Committee on Education, 1961 October 9
1154Libraries, undated
1181Book- The SAGA of Western Man, undated
1182Framed Certificate – Certificate of Trusteeship from the University of Georgia Foundation, 1955
1183Framed Certificate – A Resolution from the Board of Regents to O.C. Aderhold entitling him President Emeritus of the University of Georgia, 1967 September
1184Picture – Dormitory for Men Williams & Dean Architects, undated
1186Floor Plans for the Georgia Center for Continuing Education, 1954

2. Athletics

21Copies of Notes and Correspondence re Wally Butts, 1951
22Athletic Situation-Within University, 1963
23Athletics –University Faculty, 1963
24Athletic Situation-Clippings, 1963
25Critical Comments-Wally Butts, 1956
26Favorable Comments-Wally Butts, 1956
27Griffith Letter re Saturday Evening Post article (Barwick & Moore), 1963
28Subpoena, 1963
29Press Statement-Barwick & Dunlap, 1963
210N.C.A.A. & Southern Association, 1961
211Letter From Dr. Rose, 1963
212Originals –Notes and Correspondence re Wally Butts, 1963
213Athletic Board-Summary of Minutes & Budget, 1961
214Out of State-Non Alumni (no answer), 1963
215Out of State-Alumni (critical), 1963
216Favorable (with no comment necessary), 1963
217The University of Georgia Athletic Situation, 1963
218Favorable Comments-Should Be Answered, 1963
219Telephone Accounts, 1963
220Should not be answered, 1963
221Unfavorable Comments-Should be ans., 1963
222Crank Letters, 1963
223Coach Wally Butts investigation, 1962-1963
224Athletic Situation-Statements, 1963
225Attorney General Eugene Cook's Report Butts-Bryant Report Part Two, 1963
226Attorney General Eugene Cook's Report Butt-Bryant Report Part One, 1963
227Attorney General Eugene Cook's Report Butts-Bryant Report Part Two, 1963
228Attorney General Eugene Cook's Report Butts-Bryant Report Part One, 1963
229U.S. District Court of Northern Georgia Wallace Butts vs. Curtis Publishing Company-Deposition of Aderhold, 1963
381Football (All Games)., 1955
382Georgia-Georgia Tech Open House & Luncheon-Woodruff Hall 10 a.m, 1954 November 27
383Football, 1951-1953
384Football, 1954
385Georgia-Georgia Tech Open House & Luncheon-Woodruff Hall 10 a.m., 1956 December 1
386Football (All Games)., 1956
387Football (All Games)., 1957
388Football (General), 1958
389Football (General)., 1959
3810Georgia-Auburn Luncheon-Woodruff Hall, 1959 November 14
3811Georgia-Georgia Tech Open House & Luncheon-Woodruff Hall, 10 a.m. –12 noon-, 1958 November 29
3812Football, General, 1960
3813Football Georgia vs. Kentucky Joint Tech-Georgia Development Fund, 1961 October 28
3814Football Georgia vs. Kentucky, 1961 October 28
3815Football General, 1961
3816Football Georgia vs. Alabama, 1961 September 23
3817Football Georgia vs. Auburn, 1961 November 18
3818Football Georgia vs. South Carolina, 1961 October 7
3819Football Georgia vs. Vanderbilt, 1961 September 20
3820Football Georgia vs. Mississippi, 1961 October 21
3821Football-General, 1962
3822Football Georgia vs. Tech, 1962 December 1
3823Football Georgia vs. FSU, 1962 October 20
3824Football Georgia vs. Kentucky, 1962 October 27
3825Football Georgia vs. North Carolina State, 1962 November 3
3826Football Georgia vs. South Carolina, 1963 October 5
3827Football Georgia vs. Vanderbilt, 1963 September 28
3828Football Georgia vs. Alabama, 1963 September 21
3829Football General, 1963
3830Georgia-North Carolina Football Game, 1964 October 31
3831Georgia-Tech Football Game, 1964 November 28
3832Guest Lists-Tech Game, 1964 November 28
3833Georgia-Kentucky Football Game, 1964 October 24
3834Georgia-F.S.U. Football Game, 1964 October 17
3835Football Georgia vs. Auburn, 1963 November 16
3836Auburn Game (Homecoming) Guests List, 1963 November 16
391Georgia-Clemson Football Game, 1964 October 10
392Football General, 1964-1965
393Football General, 1960
394Auburn Game, 1965
395Vanderbilt Game, 1965 September 25
396Clemson Game, 1965 October 9
397General Assembly Football Luncheon and Game, 1965 November 13
398Alabama Game—(& luncheon), 1965 September 18
399Football-General, 1965
3910Football, 1966
3911Legislative Luncheon and Game, 1966 October 8
3912Legislative Luncheon, 1966
3913Legislative Football Weekend Mississippi Game, 1965
3914Lists, 1965
3915Football General, 1966
3916Mississippi, 1966 October 8
3917Kentucky, 1966 October 22
3918North Carolina, 1966 October
3919Georgia Tech, 1966 November 26
781Athletic Association Selection of Head Football Coach, 1961 January
782Dictatorship – Department of Athletics, 1963
783International Cooperation Agency – Correspondence in Connection with Aderhold Visit to Cambodia & Vietnam, 1961
784Athletic Association – Board of Directors, 1955-1964
785Sun Bowl Game, 1964 December 26
786Athletic Association Board of Directors, 1966
787Dinner Meeting For Presidents And Alumni – (Joint Office of Institutional Research)– Univ. Club., 1963 October 21
788Air Training Command Advisory Board, 1961
789Deanship – College of Arts and Sciences, 1949
7810Arts and Sciences, College of, 1950-1957
7811Articles, Newspaper – Jack Spalding Margaret Shannon, 1953
7812Atlanta Division – Confidential, 1954
7813Athletic Assn Budget Rept, 1968
7814Athletic Assn Budget Rept, 1967
7815Analysis of Surplus for University and Continuing Education, 1956-1961
7816Atlanta Division – Special Study by Southern Association, 1952
7817Annual Report, 1959-1960
7818Annual Report, 1960-1961
7819Annual Report Final, 1960-1961
7820The University of Georgia Annual Report President's., 1961-1962
7821Annual Report, 1961-1962
7822Annual Report, 1962-1963
7823Annual Report The President of the University of Georgia., 1963-1964
7824American Council on Education, 1950-1951
7825American Council on Education, 1961

3. Budget

31Athletic Association, 1958
32Athletic Association Ticket Report, 1958
33Athletic Association Audit Rep't, 1959
34Athletic Association Budget, 1960-1961
35Budget-Athletic Association, 1961-1962
36Athletic Association Proposed Budget, 1964 June 30
37Athletic Association Budget, 1965
38Budget, 1932
39Budget Ten Thousand Dollars, 1951-1952
310Budgetary Charts, Information, Miscellaneous, 1951-1952
311Budget Dismissals., 1951-1952
312Budget Salaries—North Carolina, 1951-1952
313Budget, 1951-1952
314Budgetary Information, 1952-1953
315Budgetary Information, 1953-1954
316Athletic Association Budget, 1959-1960
317Athletic Association Reports, 1959-1960
41Budget $500 or more increase in salary, 1953-1954
42Budget Charts , information from other institutions, etc., 1953-1954
43Budgets, 1954-1955
44Budget Needs-Long Range And For, 1954-1955
45Budget Needs-Letter to Mr. Foley, 1955 April 8
36Budget Needs Letters, 1957
47Budget Material #1, 1955-1956
48Budget Georgia Experiment Station Experiment, Georgia, 1955-1956
49Budget Material #2, 1955-1956
410Budget Additional Funds, 1955-1956
411Budget Material, 1956-1957
312Budget, 1956-1957
413Budget Material, 1956-1957
414Budget Information, 1957-1958
415Budgetary Information, 1956
416Budget Amendments, 1958
417Budget –Salaries, 1958
51Budget, 1958-1959
52Budget, 1959-1960
53Budget Amendments, 1960
54Budget Material, 1961-1962
55Budget 25% Increase in faculty salaries-Comments from members of adb. Commish, 1962
56Budget Salary Surveys 1961-62 & Prior., 1961-1962
57Budget Materials, 1962-1963
58Budget Salary Surveys, 1962-1963
59Budget Material Allocations, 1961
510Budget Salary Surveys, 1963-1964
511Budget, 1963-1964
512University of Georgia Proposed Clerical Budgets, 1963-1965
513Budgets, 1963-1965
514Budget Material, 1964-1965
515Budget Salary Surveys, 1964-1965
516Budget Amendements, 1959
161President Aderhold Confidential The University of Georgia Requested Budget Increases For, 1967-1968
162Proposed Budget, 1967-1968
163University of Georgia Center For Continuing Education Increases, 1967-1968
164University of Georgia Athletic Association Proposed Budget, 1965-1966
165FY Athletic Assoc., 1967 June 30
166Dr. O.C. Aderhold The University of Georgia Athletic Association Proposed Budget For The Year Ending, 1967 June 30
167The University of Georgia Requested Budget Increases, 1967-1968
168The University Of Georgia Requested Budget Increases For 1967-68., 1967-1968
169The University Of Georgia Supplemental Information on Instruction and Research for the 1967-68 Request for Budgetary Increases., 1967-1968
1610The University of Georgia Requested Budget Increases For 1967-68 Based on No Increase in Enrollments in 1967-68., 1967-1968
1611Capital Outlay Analysis, 1967-1969
1612The University of Georgia Inter-Office Communication & Graduate Assistantships in Instruction and Research Units, 1966-1968
1613Budget For President's Office, 1966-1967
1614Comparison on Budgets, 1967-1969
1615Budget Letter For 1968-70 Biennium., 1968-1970
1616Budget Letter, 1966-1967
1617Budget Letters, 1967-1968
1618Budget Letters, 1966
1619Budget Needs, 1967-1968
1620Budget, 1966-1967
1621Regent's Budget Proposal for System, 1967-1969
1622Georgia Experiment Station Experiment, Georgia, 1967-1968
1623Study-U. Of Ga., 1963
1624Budget Correspondence with Mr. Blissit, 1966
1625Budget Information, 1964
171Needs Letters From Deans For Budget, 1966-1967
172Budget Letter, 1965-1966
173Salary Surveys, 1957
174Budget Material, 1965-1966
175Budget Material (Allocations, etc.), 1964-1965
176AAUP Study, 1964-1965
177Needs-Through 1968., 1968
178Audit Report-Student Activities, 1964-1965
179Ga. State Revenue-Estim., 1960-1965
1710Teacher Retirement System, 1966
1711Budget Analysis University System, 1966-1967
1712Salary Survey-The American Bar Assn., 1965-1967
1713Budget, 1965-1966
1714Budget Needs, 1967-1968
1715Budget Analysis For University, 1967
1716Applications-Holmes and Hunter, 1960
1717Association of State Colleges & Universities, 1966
1718UGA President's Annual Report, 1965
61Carnegie Grants-In-Aid, 1951
62Committee on Loan Funds, 1952
63Committee on Publication Policy, 1952
64Committee on Scholarships of the Univ. System Advisory Council, 1952
65Committee, Steering-Science Center Plans, 1958
66Cotton Ginning Laboratory, 1954
67Educational Policies Commission Washington, D.C., 1953 March 26-28
68Educational Policies Commission Colorado Springs, Colo., 1953 October 1-3
69Educational Policies Commission Washington, D.C., 1954 March 24-27
610Educational Policies Commission Subcommittee on Higher Education Chicago, Ill., 1954 May 14-15
611Educational Policies Commission Chicago, 1954 October 2
612Educational Policies Commission, 1954-1955
613Educational Policies Commission, 1955 July 1
614Educational Policies Commission Cincinnati, Ohio, 1955 November 9-12
615Education Policies Commission Committee on Higher Education, 1956 March 3-5
616Educational Policies Commission Washington, D.C., 1956 April 25-28
617Educational Policies Commission East Lansing, Michigan, 1952 March 27-29
618Educational Policies Commission Subcommittee on Community and School, 1952
619Educational Policies Commission October 1-4, Harriman, New York, 1952
620Educational Policies Commission Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1953
621Educational Policies Commission Chicago, Illinois, 1953
622Educational Policies Commission of the National Education Association of the United States and the American Association of School Administrators, 1955 July 1
623Education-Resource-Use Georgia Committee, 1950
624Enrollment, 1951-1952
625Enrollment, 1952-1955
626Faculty Meetings, 1950-1960
627Extension-General Extension, 1952
628Extension, Division of General USAFI Information, 1951-1953
629Foreign Students, 1950-1955
630Foreign Student Tour, 1949
631Educational Policies Commission, 1951-1955
71General Assembly, 1951-1956
72General Assembly, 1955-1957
73General Assembly, 1959
74General Education Board, 1950-1952
75General Education Board, 1952-1954
76Georgia Association of Colleges, 1950-1953
77Georgia Association Of Colleges Atlanta, Georgia., 1954 January 29-30
78Citizens Advisory Committee On Education, 1949
79GA. Citizens Committee-1st District, 1949
710GA. Citizens Committee-2nd District, 1949
711GA. Citizens Committee-3rd District, 1949
712GA. Citizens Committee-4th District, 1949
713GA. Citizens Committee-5th District, 1949
714GA. Citizens Committee-6th District, 1949
715GA. Citizens Committee-7th District, 1949
716GA. Citizens Committee-8th District, 1949
717GA. Citizens Committee-9th District, 1949
718GA. Citizens Committee-10th District, 1949
719G.E.A., 1948
720Georgia Education Association-File #2, 1949
721GEA-File #3, 1951
722GEA Meeting, 1951
723GEA Workshop—Young Harris, 1951
724G.E.A. And Young Harris, 1949
725Georgia Education Association, 1952-1954
726Georgia Education Association, 1954-1955
727Georgia Education Association, 1956-1960
728Georgia LU Lands File #1, 1952-1955
729Georgia LU Lands File #2, 1955 July 1
730Georgia LU-3 Lands, 1952
731Georgia LU Lands Putnam and Morgan Counties, 1960
81Georgia 4-H Club Council Milledgeville and Rock Eagle, 1952 August 18-22
82Georgia Nuclear Advisory Commission, 1959 November
83Higher Education, 1950-1952
84Conference on Higher Education Chicago-Hotel Sherman, 1952 April 17-19
85National Conference on Higher Education Chicago,Ill., 1956 March 5-7
86Group 10 Chairman O.C. Aderhold, 1956
87Income And Expenses, Statement Of, 1959
88Institute For Presidents Folder 1, 1963
89Institute For Presidents Folder 2, 1963
810Inventory-President's Office, 1949-1957
811Ivey, Mr. John E., Jr. Committee on Southern Regional Studies and Education University of North Carolina, 1948
812Land-Grant Colleges, Assoc. Of Correspondence, 1950-1951
813Land-Grant College Meeting Houston, Texas, 1951 November 13-15
814Land-Grant Colleges & Universities, Association Of Statler Hotel, Washington, 1952 November 11-13
815Land Grant College Assoc. Meeting Columbus, Ohio, 1953 November 10-12
816Land-Grant College Committee on Training of Vocational Agriculture Teachers, 1952-1954
817Land-Grant Colleges, TVA, & U.S. Dept of Agriculture Auburn, Alabama, 1954 May 8
818Land-Grant College-TVA Meeting Muscle Shoals, Ala., 1954 August 30-31
819Land-Grant College Association Washington, D.C., 1954 November 15-18
820Land-Grant Colleges And Universities Correspondence, 1955-1956
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97Land-Grant College Association Executive Committee-Washington, 1958 August 24
98American Association of Land-Grant Colleges and State Universities Washington, D.C., 1958 November 9-13
99American Association of Land-Grant Colleges & State Universities Executive Committee, 1959 January 14-15
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912American Association of Land-Grant Colleges and State Universities, St. Louis, Mo., 1959 November 8-11
913Land Grant Colleges & State Universities, American Association Of Correspondence, 1959-1960
914American Association of Land-Grant Colleges and State Universities-Executive Com., 1960
915Land-Grant Colleges & State Universities, American Association of-Executive Committee, Washington, 1960 August 31
916Land-Grant Colleges and State Universities American Association of Washington, D.C., 1950 November 14-16
917Land-Grant Colleges and State Universities Meeting Kansas City, 1961 November 12-16
918Land-Grant College Association-Legislative Committee, 1958
919Land-Grant Centennial, 1961
920Land-Grant Centennial, 1961
921Land-Grant College Questionnaires, 1961
101Land-Grant Colleges Pamphlets & Articles #1, 1962
102Land-Grant Colleges Pamphlets & Articles #2, 1961
103Land-Grant Colleges Pamphlets & Articles #3, 1960
104Land-Grant Colleges Pamphlets & Articles #4, 1961
105Land-Grant Colleges Pamphlets & Articles #5, 1962
106Land-Grant Colleges Pamphlets & Articles #6, 1961
107Land Grant Fact Book Centennial Edition, 1962
108Southern Association of Land-Grant Colleges And State Universities, 1954
109Legislature, 1961
1010Monthly Progress Reports, 1959
1011Law, School Of Institute Of Law And Government, 1952
1012Monthly Progress Reports, 1960
111Motion Picture, 1950
112National Agricultural Communications Conference, East Lansing, Mich., 1954 July 14-19
113Regional Education, National Conference on White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, 1959 July 5-7
114Regents, University System Of Georgia Testing and Guidance, 1958
115Sesquicentennial, 1951
116Sesquicentennial-Committees, 1950
117Sesquicentennial-Events, 1950
118Sesquicentennial University Of Georgia, 1951
119Southeastern Community Development Assoc. Knoxville, Tennessee, 1956 July 18
1110Southeastern Conference, 1949-1950
1111Southeastern Conference-New Orleans, 1951 December 13-15
1112Southeastern Conference, 1952-1953
1113Southeastern Conference, Minutes May, 1949-1953
1114Southeastern Conference Committee, 1954
1115Southeastern Conference, 1953-1955
1116Southeastern Conference Nashville, Tennessee, 1955 December 8-10
1117Southeastern Conference Committee, 1955
1118Southeastern Conference, 1955-1958
1119Southeastern Conference Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 1958 January 16-18
1120Southeastern Conference Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 1959 January 15-17
1121Southeastern Conference, Minutes, 1954-1959
1122Southeastern Conference, 1958-1960
1123Southeastern Conference Bowl Committee, 1953
1124Board Of Control For Southern Regional Education Work Conference, Daytona Beach, 1950 September 3-11
121Southern Regional Education, Board Of Control, 1950-1951
122Southern Regional Education, Board Of Control, 1951-1952
123Southern Regional Educational Board New Orleans, 1952 November 16-17
124Southern Regional Education Board, 1953-1954
125Southern Regional Education Board Educational Policies Committee, 1954 February 3-4
126Southern Regional Education Boca Raton, Fla., 1954 November 1
127Southern Regional Education Board Conference On Agricultural Sciences, 1955
128Southern Regional Education Board, 1954-1955
129Southern Regional Education Board Legislative Work Conference, 1955 September 1
1210Southern Regional Education Board Point Clear, Alabama, 1955 October 17-18
1211Southern Regional Education Board, 1955-1956
1212Southern Regional Education Board Daytona Beach, 1956 July 12-13
1213SREB-Conference on ED. Beyond H.S., 1957
1214Southern Regional Education Board, 1956-1957
1215Southern Regional Education Board Legislative Work Conference Williamsburg, Va., 1957 August 29-31
1216Southern Regional Education Board Annual Meeting, 1957 September 21
131Southern Regional Education Board Governing Boards, 1958 March 6-8
132Southern Regional Education Board, 1958 June 30
133Southern Regional Education Board Summer Workshop, Louisville, Kty., 1958 July 18-19
134Informal Meeting of SREB Members Sheraton-Seelbach Hotel Louisville, KY, 1958 July 18
135Executive Committee Meeting Sheraton-Seelbach Hotel Louisville, KY, 1958 July 19
136Southern Regional Education Board Trustee Advisory Group-Callaway Gardens, 1959 May 8-10
137Southern Regional Education Board, 1959
138Southern Regional Education Board, 1958-1959
139Southern Regional Education Board-Newsletters on State Legislation Affecting Higher Education, 1960
1310Southern Regional Education Board, Hot Springs, 1960 September 25
1311Southern Reg. Ed. Bd. Industry-Education Conference on Manpower Resources in the South Miami Beach, 1960 October 27-29
1312Southern Regional Educational Board Summer Workshop Williamsburg, Virginia, 1960 June 12-15
1313Southern Regional Education Board, 1960
1314Southern Regional Education Board Report of Commission on Goals Louisville, Kentucky, 1961 November 30
1315Southern Regional Board Committee On Research Library Cooperation, 1954
1316Southern Regional Education Board Television, Three State Network, 1957
1317Southern Regional Education Board Regional Advisory Council on Educational Television in the South, 1960
1318SREB Educational Plans & Advisory Committees, 1961
1319Southern Regional Education Board-Committee on Nematology, 1957
1320Southern Regional Education Board Steering Com. For Confer. On Agri. Sciences Daytona, 1954 September 10-12
1321Southern Regional Education Board Committee on Federal Research Policy, 1952
1322Southern Regional Education Board Atlanta (8:00), July 27-29
1323Southern Regional Education, Board Of, Daytona Beach Council, October 21-24
1324SREB Miscellaneous, 1953
141Southern Regional Education Board, 1952
142Southern Regional Education Board Regional Program in Forestry Education and Research, 1952
143SREB-Commission On Grad. Studies, 1946
144Southern University Conference, 1956
145Southern University Conference Houston, Texas, 1957 April 4-5
146Southern University Conference, Williamsburg, Va., 1958 April 17-18
147Southern University Conference, St. Petersburg, Fla., 1959 April 22-24
148Student Activities U. of GA, 1953
149Trust Funds, University of Georgia, 1956-1960
1410University Center in Georgia, 1952 June 30
1411University Center in Georgia, 1952-1953
1412University Center in Georgia, 1953-1955
1413University Center in Georgia, 1955-1960
1414University of Georgia Foundation, 1952-1953
1415University of Georgia Foundation, 1953-1954
1416University Foundation, 1955-1956
1417University Foundation Projects, Suggested, 1956-1957
1418University of Georgia Foundation Board of Trustees-Callaway Gardens, 1959 May 22
1419University of Georgia Foundation Fund, 1952-1953 July
1420University Foundation Fund Board of Trustees, 1954
1421University of Georgia Foundation, 1951-1952
1422University of Georgia Foundation Ferdinand Phinizy Lectureship, 1956 October 17-18
1423University of Georgia Foundation, 1959 December 7
1424University of Georgia Foundation Board of Trustees Minutes, 1954-1958
1425University Foundation, 1958-1959
1426University of Georgia Foundation General Correspondence, 1956-1957
151University Self-Study-Progress Report on Brumbaugh Recommendations., undated
152University Study, 1931
153University Study, 1957
154University Self-Study (General), 1956
155University of Georgia Study Abstracts of Reports of Consultants President O.C. Aderhold, 1957
156University Self-Study (Reports), 1956
157Veterans Administration, 1950
158Veterinary Medicine, School Of, 1950-1957
159Work Load Reports, 1951-1958
1510Accrediting, National Commission on, 1956-1958
1511Accrediting, National Commission on, 1950-1955
1512American Council on Education., 1955-1958
1513American Council on Education., 1958-1959
1514American Council on Education - Commission on Instruction and Evaluation., 1958 June 23-24
1515American Council on Education. Chicago., 1958 October 9-10
1516A.C.E. Commission on Instruction and Evaluation. Athens, 1958 November 24-25
211SREB, 1969
212Southern Regional Education Board, 1968
213Southern Regional Education Board, 1967
214SREB Annual Board Meeting Greenbrier, 1967
215Invitations-O.C. Aderhold, 1965
216Invitations-O.C. Aderhold, 1965
217Invitations-O.C. Aderhold, 1964
218Invitations-O.C. Aderhold, 1963
219Invitations, 1963
2110SREB Higher Education Opportunities Commission, 1967
2111SREB Correspondence, 1961-1966
2112Southern Regional Education Board Meeting-New Orleans, 1966 October 11-12
2113Southern Regional Education Board ETV Committee meeting-Atlanta, 1966 11-18
2114Southern Governor's Conference Paducah, Kentucky, 1966 September 18-20
2115SREB Annual Meeting, Miami Beach, 1966 June 14-16
2116SREB Commission on Higher Educational Opportunity- 9 a.m-Marriott Hotel, Atlanta, 1966 April 11
2117SREB Committee on Television-Marriott Motor Hotel, Atlanta., 26-Feb
221Southern Governors' Conference, 1965
222SREB Executive Committee Meeting SREB Building., 1965 December 10
223SREB Legislative Work Conference Jekyll Island Stuckey's Carriage Inn, 1965 July 28-31
224Annual Meeting SREB, Miami Beach, 1965 June 22-23
225SREB Annual Board Meeting-San Antonio, Texas, 1964 October 11
226SREB, 1965-1966
227SREB Commission on Higher Educational Opportunity in the South, 1965
228Southern Regional Education Board Educational Plans & Policies Cmte., SREB Office, 1963 March 28
229SREB Conference on Approach to Educational Television Programming-Fort Lauderdale, Fla., 1963 December 5-6
2210Southern Regional Education Board Annual Summer Workshop Williamsburg, Virginia, 1962 June 15-16
2211Southern Regional Conference on Higher Education, 1961 June 12-13
2212Southern Regional Education Board-Summer Workshop-Chapel Hill, 1963
2213DR. O.C. Aderhold, 1967
2214Meeting of SREB's Educational Plans and Policies Advisory Committee, 1964 March 18-19
2215Budget Information, 1968
2216World Food Crisis, 1968 February 20
2217Hunger, 1968
2218Hunger, 1968 April 12
2219Misc. SREB, undated
2220Recap of Contract And Grant Applications, 1969
231Building Report AECK Associates, undated
232AECK ASSOCIATES ARCHITECTS Campus Development Programs, 1967
233Alumni, 1967-1968
234Athletic Association Budget Report, 1969
235Athletic Association Board of Directors, 1967-1968
236Center For Continuing Education, 1968
237C&S National Bank Statewide Board Meeting, 1968 April 15-16
238ETV, 1967
239Georgia Baptist Convention, 1968
2310Georgia Education Association, 1967-1968
2311Georgia Science and Technology Commission, 1969
2312Georgia Science and Technology Commission, 1968
2313HEW Publications, 1968
2314Governor's Conference On Education, 1967
2315Correspondence-Mercer, 1969
2316Mercer University Trustees Meeting, 1969 April 17
2317Mercer University Trustees Meeting, 1969 February 7
2318Mercer University Board of Trustees Meeting, 1968 April 18
2319Mercer Board of Trustees Annual Meeting, 1968 January 25
2320Mercer University Board of Trustees, 1967
2321Mercer-J.W. Fanning, 1967
2322Annual Meeting Board of Trustees of Mercer University, 1967 April 20
2323Mercer University O.C. Aderhold, Member Board of Trustees, 1967
2324NSF Biological Sciences Grant, 1967
2325Photographs For New Releases, 1968
2326Publications, 1968
2327Publications University of Georgia, 1968
2328Publications Institute of Higher Education, 1967-1968
2329Recap of Contract and Grant Applications, Etc., 1968
2330Recap of Contract and Grant Applications, Etc., 1967
321Board of Regents Meeting, 1951 May 9
322Board of Regents Meeting, 1951 June 13
323Board of Regents Meeting, 1951 July 11
324Board of Regents Meeting, 1951 September 12
325Board of Regents Meeting, 1951 October 5
326Board of Regents Meeting, 1951 November 14
327Board of Regents Meeting, 1952 January 9
328Board of Regents Meeting, 1952 February 13
329Board of Regents Meeting, 1952 March 12
3210Board of Regents Meeting, 1952 April 9
3211Board of Regents Meeting, 1952 May 13
3212Board of Regents Meeting, 1952 June 11
3213Board of Regents Meeting, 1952 December 10
3214Board of Regents Meeting, 1952 September 10
3215Board of Regents Meeting, 1952 October 8
3216Board of Regents Meeting, 1952 November 12
3217Board of Regents Meeting, 1952 July 9
331Board of Regents Meeting, 1953 January 14
332Board of Regents Meeting, 1953 February 11
333Board of Regents Meeting, 1953 March 11
334Board of Regents Meeting, 1953 April 8
335Board of Regents Meeting, 1953 May 13
336Regents Meeting, 1953 June 10
337Board of Regents Meeting, 1953 July 8
338Board of Regents Meeting, 1953 September 9
339Board of Regents-Mtg., 1953 October
3310Board of Regents, 1953 November 11
3311Board of Regents, Meeting, 1953 December 9
3312Board of Regents, Meeting, 1954 January 13
3313Board of Regents Meeting, 1954 February 10
3314Board of Regents Meeting, 1954 March 10
3315Board of Regents' Meeting, 1954 April 14
3316Board of Regents, 1954 May 12
3317Board of Regents' Meeting, 1954 June 9
3318Board of Regents' Meeting, 1954 July 14
3319Board of Regents Meeting, 1954 September 17
3320Board of Regents Meeting, 1954 October 12-13
3321Board of Regents Meeting, 1954 November 9
3322Board of Regents, 1954 December 8
3323Regents' Correspondence, 1951-1952
3324Regents' Correspondence, 1950-1951
3325Regents-Assistant Chancellor, 1952-1959
371Board of Regents' Meeting, 1960 November 15-16
372Board of Regents' Meeting, 1960 December 13-14
373Board of Regents' Meeting, 1961 January 10-11
374Board of Regents' Meeting, 1961 February 13-14
375Board of Regents Meeting, 1961 March 14-15
376Board of Regents' Meeting, 1961 March 14-15
377Board of Regents' Meeting, 1961 April 11-12
378University of Georgia Foundation Committee on Grants, 1954-1957
379Board of Regents' Meeting, 1961 May 9-10
3710Board of Regents' Meeting, 1961 June 13-14
3711Board of Regents' Meeting, 1961 July 11-12
3712Board of Regents' Meeting, 1961 September 12-13
3713Board of Regents' Meeting, 1961 October 10-11
3714Board of Regents' Meeting, 1961 November 7-8
3715Board of Regents' Meeting, 1961 Deccember 12-13
3716Board of Regents' Meeting, 1962 January 9-10
3717Board of Regents' Meeting, 1962 February 13-14
3718Board of Regents' Meeting, 1962 March 13-14
3719Board of Regents' Meeting, 1962 April 10-11
3720Board of Regents' Meeting, 1962 May 8-9
3721Board of Regents' Meeting, 1962 June 12-13
3722Board of Regents' Meeting, 1962 July 10-11
3723Board of Regents' Meeting, 1962 August 28-29
3724Board of Regents' Meeting, 1962 October 9-10
3725Board of Regents' Meeting, 1962 November 13-14
3726Board of Regents' Meeting, 1962 December 11-12
3727Minutes & Misc. Higher Education and Board of Education, 1963-1967
3728Memorial-Morton Hodgson, 1954
3729Publications of the Texas Education Policy, 1965
3730Advisory Council on Education, 1966
3731Improving State Leadership in Education-an Annual report of the Advisory Council on State Departments of Education, 1966 March
3732Interim Report, 1966 November 21
401AG Experiment Stations General, 1964
402AG Experiment Stations Tifton, Georgia, 1962
403AG Experiment Stations Griffin, GA, 1963
404Agriculture, College of Experiment Stations, 1960 June 30
405Agriculture, College of, 1960 July 1
406Agriculture, College of Branch Experiment Stations, 1963-1964
407Athletic Association, 1965-1966
408Athletic Association, 1963
409Bills –Federal And State, 1965
4010Business Administration, College of Deanship, 1961
4011Business Administration College of, 1967
4012Community & Area Developmental Institute of, 1960
701The Presidents' Institute, Boston, Mass., 1963 June 18-26
702Promotions, 1961-1962
703Promotions and Exclusions, 1959
704Promotions, 1960-1961
705Presidency, College & University Study of, 1959
706Regents Board of Correspondence, 1953-1958
707Regents Board of Committee on Research and Extension, 1960-1962
708Regents Board of Meeting Admission Policies, 1959 February 17
709Regents Board of Meeting Robert O., 1960
7010Regents Board of Dunlap James, 1961
7011Regents Board of Callaway Howard "Bo", 1959-1965
7012Regents Board of Dewberry J H, 1960
7013Regents Board of Harris Roy, 1953
7014Regents Board of Siebert L R, 1956
7015ROTC AFFAIRS Army Advisory Panel Meeting, 1961 April
7016ROTC AFFAIRS Army Advisory Panel Meeting, 1962 October 26
7017Army Advisory Panel on ROTC Affairs, 1964-1965
7018Army Advisory Panel on ROTC Affairs – Washington, D. C., 1964 April 10
7019ROTC Summer Camp, 1959
7020ROTC Meeting Asst. Sec. For Defense Land-Grant College, 1966
7021ROTC Air Force – Institutional Conference Maxwell AFB, 1959-1960
7022ROTC Testimony on Bills HR 9124 and 8130, 1964
7023Segregation, 1953-1959
7024Senators Russell Richard B., 1960
7025Simpson, George L., Jr. Chancellor, 1964
7026Southern Assn. Land-Grant Colleges & State Univ. 14th Annual Meeting-Lexington, Ky., 1966 October 2-3
7027Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Louisville, Kentucky, 1964
7028SOU.ASSN. Colleges & Schools Screening Committee Meeting, Atlanta,, 1962 November 1-2
7029Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools-Miami, Florida, 1961 December 4-7
7030Legislative Committee, University System of Georgia, 1960
7031Southeastern Conference-New Orleans, La., 1967 January 26-27
7032State Appropriations, 1953-1954
7033Southern Association Team – University of Kentucky Self-Study, 1960 April 24-27
7034Sou. Region Conference on Education – Richmond, Va. (John Marshall Hotel), 1965 December 2-3
7035Southern States Work Conference Daytona Beach, 1951
791Permission, 1960
792Carnegie Agreement, 1957
793Personnel, 1955
794Correspondence General, undated
795Carnegie – American Art Study Correspondence, 1955
796Digest of Carnegie Correspondence, 1956
797Survey of 18th and 19th century Graphic Art in America., undated
798Carnegie Stencils, 1957
799Carnegie Stencils., undated
7910Forward For Book., undated
7911Carnegie Quarterly, 1957
7912Publicity, 1957
7913Carnegie Corporation of New York Gardner, John; Mahoney, Margaret; Rowan, Helen, 1957
7914Carnegie – Catalog, 1958
7915Carnegie Catalog, 1957
7916Carnegie Slide Project, undated
7917New York Trip (Carnegie Slides), undated
7918Barker, Virgil, 1955
7919Barton, Lucy, 1956
7920Baur, John I. H., 1956
7921Constantine, Mildred, 1956
7922Dockstader, Frederick, 1956
7923Hamilton, George H., 1956
7924Huntley, G. Haydn, 1956
7925Jordy, William, 1956
7926Lieberman, William, 1956
7927Montgomery, Charles, 1956
7928Morrison, Hugh, 1956
7929Newhall, Beaumont, 1956
7930Oenslager, Donald, 1956
7931Richardson, Edgar P., 1956
7932Ritchie, Andrew, 1956
7933Scully, Vincent, 1956
801Zigrosser, Carl (1956., 1956
802100 Selections for Sample Sets. *(no date), undated
803Faison, Lane (1958)., 1958
804Friedman, William (1956)., 1956
805Vidson – 1956-57 (1956)., 1956
806Photography – Misc. (1957)., 1957
807Larkin, Oliver (1956)., 1956
808Phelps, Charlie B. (1958)., 1958
809Sandak (1956)., 1956
8010The Technique of Photography and Slide Production, undated
8011Appendix A, undated
8012Appendix B, undated
8013Index Copy 2, undated
8014Catalogue Divisions. *(no date), undated
8015Copy of Proposal, Copies of letters to Siebert, Aderhold, and Martin Concerning Proposal. *(no date), undated
8016Editorial Copies., undated
801Appendix A and Appendix B, undated
802Paintings Appendix A, undated
803Final Text Sample, undated
804Slide Titles and Permissions, undated
805Formal Proposal, 1955
806AA Book, 1-288; lost part of book not in Sandak, undated
807AB – BOOK 289 –710., undated
808AB BOOK, 1959
809AC-BOOK 711 – 1191, 1959
8010CPA BOOK, 1959
8011CPC BOOK, 1959
8012DA BOOK, 1960
8013DA – 1193 – 1442, 1960
1031By-Laws of Regents of the University System of Georgia, undated
1032By-Laws of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, 1950 November 8
1033The Graduate School Foreign Language Testing Program Information for Students, 1968-1969
1034Statutes of The University of Georgia, 1940 August 2
1035A Digest of a Report of a Survey of the University System of Georgia, undated
1036By-Laws of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, 1944 January 12
1037A Survey of Public Education of Less Than College Grade in Georgia, 1947 January 1
1038Southern University Conference Proceedings Reports and Addresses Constitution and By-Laws, 1945-1946
1039AASA Roster of Members, 1967
10310Statutes of The University of Georgia, 1940 August 2

4. Clippings

291University Related Newsclippings 6, 1962-1968
292University Related Newsclippings 5, 1960-1963
293University Related Newsclippings 4, 1957-1959
294University Related Newsclippings 3, 1952-1961
295University Related Newsclippings 2, 1950-1951
296University Related Newsclippings 1, 1950-1954
297The Atlanta Constitution & Atlanta Journal, 1946-1949
298The Atlanta Constitution, 1969
299The Red and Black, 1969
301News Clippings Athletics and Annual Report, undated
302Newspaper Clippings Retirement, undated
303Newspaper Clippings, 1967
304Photographs, undated
305Newspaper Clippings, 1967-1968
306Newspaper Clippings, 1966
307UGA Recreation & Research, undated
308Newspaper Clippings, 1952-1955
309Bulletins, Programs, Ect., undated
3010Newspaper Clippings, 1958
3011Newspaper Clippings, 1949
3012Duplicates, undated
3013Newspaper Clippings Minimum Foundation for Education, 1950
3014Newspaper Clippings President O.C. Aderhold, undated
3015Newspaper Clippings Education, undated
3016Newspaper Clippings Butts-Bryant During Trial, undated
3017Newspaper Clippings, 1964
3018Newspaper Clippings, 1962
3019Newspaper Clippings, 1951
3020Newspaper Clippings Inaugauration, undated
3021Newspaper Clippings Misc., undated
3022Newspaper Clippings Sesquintennial, undated
3023Newspaper Clippings "No Date", undated
3024Newspaper Clippings "Misc - No Year", undated
3025Newspaper Clippings Integration, undated
3026Newspaper Clippings Integration 2, undated
3027Newspaper Clippings Butts-Bryant Trial, undated
3028Newspaper Clippings Butts Bryant After Trial, undated
3029Newspaper Clippings Retirement 2, undated
3030Newspaper Clippings Duplications, undated
311Articles, Newspapers, and Statements, 1951
312Articles, Newspapers, Magazines Statements, 1947
313Dr. Omer C. Aderhold, 1966
314Inauguration Omer C. Aderhold as President of the University of Georgia-1951 and Westinghouse Luncheon Address, 1951-1957
315Clippings-Pictures, 1955
316"Forward with Confidence"-A Report of the President of the University of Georgia to the Board of Regents., 1950-1951
317The Atlanta Journal and Constitution Magazine, 1968 March 10
318Georgia vs. Kentucky Athens, GA. Sanford Stadium, 1966 October 22
319Aderhold Inaugurations Programs Multiple, undated
3110The Augusta Courier Paper, 1949
3111(Newspaper Clippings), 1967 June 25
3112Georgia Day and the University By O.C. Aderhold, 1957

5. Personal

181Blue Key, 1950
182Athens Board of Education, 1949
183Massey, Dyar, 1950
184Massey, Dyer, 1950
185College of Arts and Sciences, 1948
186Pictures A. & I. Development Board, 1945
187Personal Data, 1938-1949
188Barfoot, 1948
189Georgia Education Expense Accounts, 1949
1810Letters of Congratulation-G.E.A. President, 1949
1811Inauguration Program, 1951
1812Landscaping for new buildings, 1952
1817Minnesota-W.E.Peik, 1938
1813Civil Defense Work, 1942
1814Dr. Morgan-Iowa, 1937
1815E.R. Moulton, 1946
1816Boyd, 1949
1818M.D. Mobley, 1940
1819W.A. Maddox, 1946
1820Personal Correspondence, 1939
1821Personal Correspondence, 1935
1822Hampton Institute –Hampton, Va., 1941
1823Caldwell & USDA Farm Security Administration Farm Plan and Loan Section Job Proposal, 1939
1824Harmon W. Caldwell, 1944
1825Letters Relating To Church Activities, 1939
1826Letters and Telegrams of Congratulations, 1946
1827Nova Scotia, 1939 August 25
1828Telegrams, 1939
1829Thank You's, 1945
1830Telegram, 1945
1831M. E. Thompson, 1945
1832Teacher Retirement, 1923
1833Pictures, undated
1834Staff Letters, 1945
1835J.W. Studebaker, 1946
1836P.S. Barrett-Rehabilitation, 1939
1837T.E. Ritchie, 1946
1838Letters and Telegrams 1932, 1932
1839Poultry Book-Mitchell, Gennon Mobley, 1939
1840E.D. Pusey, 1944
1841President-The University of Georgia, 1934
1842Ohio-Stewart, 1935
1843Office of Education, 1945
1844Contract, 1948
1845Congratulatory Letters-Boss Presidency, 1950
1846Congratulatory Letters on Dean, College of Education, 1946
1847Photographs, 1967
1848G.E.A., 1949-1950
1849President J.C. Rogers, 1949
1850Congratulatory Letters-O.C. Aderhold Personal, 1950
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1852W, 1931
1853Dean of Education Correspondence, 1950
1854Inauguration-President Aderhold, 1951
1855Minimum Foundation Program, 1949
191Misc. Material, 1943
192Dedication-Univ. of Ga. School of Law, 1967
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196Science Center, 1968
197University of Georgia Presidency, 1950
198Minimum Foundation Program Financing, 1968
199Minimum Foundation Program Education Panel, 1968
1910University Of Georgia Student Days, 1968
1911Personal Family Background, Childhood, Etc., 1968
1912Academic Freedom, 1955
1913Committee On Accreditation, 1964
1914O.C.A. Personal Expressions of Sympathy, 1965
1915Personal OCA, 1967
1916Personal OCA, 1966
1917Personal OCA, 1966
1918Personal OCA, 1965
1919Personal OCA, 1964
1920Personal OCA, 1961
1921Personal, 1960
1922Personal, 1959
201Personal OCA, 1950-1952
202Personal OCA, 1953-1954
203Personal OCA, 1954-1956
204Notice of Appointment OCA, 1952
205Personal OCA, 1956-1958
206Personal OCA, 1962
207Personal OCA, 1963
208Aderhold-Personal Around-the-World Trip Summer, 1961
209Aderhold-Personal Summer Trip Correspondence with Office, 1961
2010Aderhold-Christmas Cards, 1963
2011Invitations-O.C.A., 1966
2012Aderhold, O.C. White House Visit, 1965 August 13
2013Advisory Council (for Chancellor) O.C. Aderhold, 1964
2014C & S Cruise-Research Project on Virgin Islands, 1966
2015Biographical Information on O.C.A Speeches Made, Etc., 1957
2016Travel for O.C.A., 1966
2017Travel-O.C. Aderhold, 1965
2018Travel-OCA, 1964
2019O.C. Aderhold-Travel, 1963
2020Travel Folder, 1961
2021Special Travel Folder, 1960
2022Special Expense Folder, 1959
2023Special Expense Folder, 1958
2024Dr. O.C. Aderhold-First Baptist Church, 1960
2025Retirement Congratulatory Letters, 1967
2026Lease, 1967
2027Aderhold, O.C.-Personal West Coast Trip, 1957
2028Aderhold-Personal Ludman Company, 1958
2029Retirement Correspondence, 1966
2030Retirement Appreciation Dinner, 1967
2031Retirement Speech, 1967
2032Aderhold Day and Dinner, undated
251South Carolina Baptist Convention, 1968 November 13
252Speeches, 1968
253E.B. Smith, 1968 May 21
254Speech C C Murray Dinner, 1968 June 28
255Speech John Eidson Dinner, 1968 April 17
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257Speaking Engagements Correspondence, 1967
258Speeches, 1967
259Speeches, 1967
2510Speeches, 1966
2511Speeches, 1966
2512Speeches, 1966
2513Speeches, 1965
2514Speech-Mental Health Dinner 7 p.m., Georgian Hotel, 1965
2515Speecges, 1964
2516Speeches, 1963
2517Speeches, 1962
261Speeches, 1961
262Speeches, 1960
263Speeches, 1959
264Speeches, 1958
265Speeches, 1957
266Speeches, 1956
267Speeches, 1955
268Speeches, 1954
269Speeches, 1953
2610Speeches, 1952
2611Speeches, 1951
2612Speech Material, 1967
2613Material For Speeches, 1960
2614Speeches-O.C. Aderhold, 1949
2615Extra Copies of Speeches, 1958
271Postcards-"Welcome Back" and "From Mayrie?"., undated
272Desk Calendar Refill Success, 1965
273Desk Calendar Refill Success, 1964
274Desk Calendar Refill Success, 1963
275Desk Calendar Refill Success, 1962
276Desk Calendar Refill Success, 1961
277Desk Calendar Refill Success, 1960
278Desk Calendar Refill Success, 1959
279Desk Calendar Refill Success, 1958
2710The Ever Ready Calendar Style, 1957
2711Desk Calendar Refill Success, 1956
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2713Desk Calendar Refill Success, 1954
2714Desk Calendar Refill Success, 1953
2715Desk Calendar Refill Success, 1952
2716The Ever Ready Calendar No. 717, 1951
27A1O.C.A. Portfolio-Air Transportation, 1967
27A2Dr. O.C. Aderhold-Name Cards, undated
27A3From the McGregor Company Printing Department-200 Business Cards, 1961 June 3
27A4Collection of Personal Date Books, 1948-1967
281Services Of The Citizens And Southern Banks In Georgia, 1968-1969
282Personal C&S National Bank, 1964
283O.C. Aderhold Expense Statements, 1967
284Howell Cobb Papers, 1847
285Contributions, Payments, Etc. O.C. Aderhold, 1962
286Christmas Cards Received, 1967
287Personnel, 1967
288Recollections Outlines, 1968
289Memoirs Correspondence, 1968
2810Georgia Center, 1968
2811Continuing Education Center, 1953
2812Payroll Sheets, 1969
2813Memoirs Background Material, 1946
2814Memoirs Copies of all Sections, 1968
2815Sugar Bowl Trip, 1968
2816Sapelo Island, 1954
2817Graduate Studies Research Center, 1969
2818Biographical Data-O.C. Aderhold, 1938
2819Summary Of The Conference On Improving Agriculture And Related Sciences In Land Grant Institutions In The Southern States-Council On Graduate Education In The Agricultural Sciences-Southern Regional Education Board, 1968 May 16-17
2820Annual Report Council On Graduate Education In The Agricultural Sciences 1967 To W.K. Kellogg Foundation By Southern Regional Education Board, 1967
2821SREB Personal Correspondence, 1968
2822The Negro & Higher Education In The South-A Statement by the Commission on Higher Education Opportunity in the South, 1967 August
2823Sapelo Trip OCA, 1968
2824Proposal Application of Modern Educational Media to Basic Courses in the Agricultural Sciences, 1968
2825Rotary Club, 1967
2826Phi Delta Kappa, 1967
2827Personal Trip Scandinavian, 1968 August
2828Personal Correspondence Relatives, 1967
2829Correspondence Dr. Davison, 1967-1968
2830Personal Correspondence, 1967
2831Personal Correspondence, 1968
2832Personal Correspondence, 1968
2833Personal Correspondence, 1969
2834Pending-O.C. Aderhold, 1967
2835Invitations, 1967-1968
2836Invitations, 1969
2837December-Engagements, 1968
2838November-Engagements, 1968
2839Hold, 1969
2840Comparison Studies for Athletic Dept., 1968
2841January-Engagements, 1968
2842February-Engagements, 1968
2843March-Engagements, 1969
2844April-Engagements, 1969
2845May Engagements, 1969
2846June-Engagements, 1969
2847September-Engagements, 1968
2848October-Engagements, 1968
341Georgia Institute of Technology Office of Research Administration Summary of Grant and Contract Awards., 1967-1968
342Aderhold Speeches Cuecards, 1957
343Aderhold Speeches Cuecards, 1966
351The National Education Association of the United States (Recognition of membership January 1951 to July 1956)., 1951-1956
352Dr. O.C. Aderhold President University of Georgia 1950-1967 (photographs of the exhibit honoring the presidency of Dr. Aderhold 1967)., 1967
353The Ohio State University., undated
354Honor Member Bulldog Club-Dr. O.C. Aderhold. *(no date), undated
355Mercer University (O.C. Aderhold Degree of Doctor of Laws-June 19, 1959)., 1959 June 19
356Certificate, Phi Eta Sigma Fraternity-November 17, 1953., 1953 November 17
357Certificate, Alice McCellan Birney Endowment Fund, Georgia Branch, National Congress of Parents and Teachers certificate of honorary membership to O.C. Aderhold-February 14, 1957., 1957 Fberuary 14
358The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. Certificate of Merit-1957, 1957
359Award, Athens Rotary Club Four-Way Test Award Citizen of the Month-April 1959., 1959 April
3510Award, Century Club, University of Georgia-June 7, 1954., 1954 June 7
3511The Ohio State University (Doctor of Philosophy-December 19, 1938)., 1938 December 19
3512(O.C. Aderhold Photograph)., undated
3513Citation (from The Secretary of the Army for serving on the Army Advisory Panel on ROTC Affairs from January 1962- May 1963)., 1962-1963
3514The Patriotic Civilian Service to The Department of the Army (Certificate of Appreciation). *(no date)., undated
3515The American Institute of Architects Honor Award-Continuing Education Center Building 1957., 1957
3516The Four Way Test (from the Athens Rotary Club 1955-1956)., 1955-1956
3517The Southern Regional Education Board (Certificate of Appreciation-O.C. Aderhold Vice Chairman 1964-67)., 1964-1967
361The state of Georgia by his Excellency Marvin Griffin, State Governor, appoints Dr. Aderhold to remain a member of the Georgia Nuclear Advisory Commission, 1957 March 12
362The state Georgia by his Excellency Ernest Vandiver, State Governor, appoints Dr. Aderhold to remain a member of the Georgia Nuclear Advisory Commission, 1959 November
363The State of Georgia by his Excellency Carl E. Sanders, State Governor, appoints Dr. Aderhold member of the Georgia Science and Technology Commission, 1966 January 19
364The State of Georgia by his Excellency Carl E. Sanders, State Governor, appoints Dr. Aderhold member of the Georgia Science and Technology Commission, 1964 June 19
365The State of Georgia by his Excellency Carl E. Sanders, State Governor, appoints Dr. Aderhold to the Governor's Advisory Committee on Summer Internship Program in State Government, 1965 November 29
366The State of Georgia by his Excellency Carl E. Sanders, State Governor, appoints Dr. Aderhold member Board of Control, Southern Regional Education, 1963 August 8
367The State of Georgia by his Excellency Marvin Griffin, State Governor, appoints Dr. Aderhold member Board of Control, Southern Regional Education, 1955 February 15
368The State of Georgia by his Excellency Herman Talmadge, State Governor, appoints Dr. Aderhold member Board of Control, Southern Regional Education, 1951 August 17
369The State of Georgia by his Excellency M.E. Thompson, Acting Governor of Georgia, appoints Dr. Aderhold member of the Veterans' Education Council, 1947 April 28
3610The State of Georgia by his Excellency Carl E. Sanders, State Governor, appoints Dr. Aderhold member of the Nuclear Advisory Commission, 1963 September 30
3611International Association of University Presidents appoints Dr. Aderhold as a member, 1965 July 1
3612The State of Georgia by his Excellency Ernest Vandiver, State Governor, appoints Dr. Aderhold member Board of Control, Southern Regional Education, 1959 October 23
461Commencement, 1972 August 16
462Commencement, 1973 June
463Commencement, 1973 August
464Commencement, 1970 June 6
465Commencement, 1970 August
466Commencement, 1971 June 5
467Commencement, 1971 August
468Commencement, 1972 June 6
469Commencement, 1968 June 6
4610Commencement, 1968 August 23
4611Commencement, 1969 June 7
4612Commencement, 1969 August 22
601Bronze Plaque, Presented by the Georgia Press Association, 1967 February 22
602Plaque, Presented by Army ROTC Detachment, 1967 May 23
603Plaque, Presented by The Woman's College of Georgia Student GEA-NEA, 1967 April 7
604Plaque, General D. Jose de San Martin Liberator of Argentina, Chile, Peru, undated
605Plaque, Presented by The College of Business Administration University of Georgia, 1967 May 5
606Plaque, Presented by The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, undated
607Plaque, Presented by The University of Georgia Department of Athletics for Distinguished Service, 1950-1967
608Plaque, Guest Speaker Georgia Debate Banquet, 1966
609Plaque, Presented by GEA, 1949-1950
611Plaque, Citation for Distinguished Service-Presented by the Department of Athletics, undated
612Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of outstanding service and assistance to the Petroleum Council of Georgia, undated
613Plaque and Citation-Presented by the United States Air Force for Outstanding Service, undated
614Bronze eagle medal, undated
615Plaque, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Honorary Member, 1968
616Plaque, Presented by Kappa Delta Pi for Continuing Service, 1969
61750th Anniversary Medal, Presented by the Federal Land Bank of Columbia, 1967
621Resolution from the Georgia State Senate wishing Dr. O.C. Aderhold a speedy recovery, 1962
622Plaque, Presented by Radio & Television GAB, 1967 January 24
623Certificate, Honorary Membership to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools., undated
624Plaque with a picture of a UGA football helmet., undated
625Bronze plaque, Citation for Outstanding Service to 4-H., undated
626Certificate, Presented by the Department of the Army for Outstanding Civilian Service, 1963-1967
631Summary The Southern Governors' Conference-Thirty-First Annual Meeting, 1965 September 12-15
632Annual Report Council on Graduate Education in the Agricultural Sciences to W.K. Kellogg Foundation by Southern Regional Education Board, 1967
633Summary of The Conference on Improving Agriculture and Related Sciences in Land Grant Institutions in The Southern States Council on Graduate Education in The Agricultural Sciences Southern Regional Education Board, 1968 May 16-17
634Southern Regional Education Board-Regional Action, 1964-1968
635Remarks of President O.C. Aderhold, Vice-Chairman of Southern Regional Education Board, at Southern Governors' Conference, Sea Island, Georgia, 1965 September 13
636The Role of Southern Universities in the National Research Effort-Statement by Dr. O.C. Aderhold, President of the University of Georgia, for discussion at annual meeting of Southern Regional Education Board, San Antonio, Texas, 1964 October 11
637Award to Omer Clyde Aderhold presented by the University of Georgia Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi, 1965 April 23
638Unopened book- University of Georgia Football Programs, undated
639Booklet-To Comfort You, from Mr. and Mrs. Homer George Cooper; a letter to Mrs. O.C. Aderhold, 1969 July 18
6310Cards and letters of sympathy and condolences, 1969
6311Cards and letters of sympathy and condolences, 1969
6312Cards and letters of sympathy and condolences, 1969
6313Cards and letters of sympathy and condolences, 1969
6314Cards and letters of sympathy and condolences, 1969
6315Letters of sympathy, 1969
6316Cards and letters of sympathy and condolences, 1969
6317National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges, 1969 July 17
6318Georgia Alumni Record, November, 1956
6319Pictures taken at the Griffin Appreciation Dinner, 1958 February 24
6320Aderhold Pictures November, 1961 November
6321Bainbridge and Decatur County Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting and Banquet, Dr. O.C. Aderhold Guest Speaker; Resolution by the Governing Board of the Capital City Club Adopted, 1960 February 11
6322LTR from Company AC Citation Certificate to be Presented to the University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, 1957 October
6323Mercer University-Resolution of Gratitude to the Memory of President O.C. Aderhold, 1969 December 4
6324Funeral Register., undated
6325Telegraphs of Sympathy, 1969
6326O.C. Aderhold Newspaper Clippings., undated
6327Photographs, 1965
6328Photographs, 1964
6329Photographs, 1964
6330Demosthenian Banquet, 1968
6331Photographs. [Includes photo and negative of JFK standing in front of Georgia Center]., 1950-1960
6332Photographs., undated
6333Photographs, 1955
6334Photographs., undated
6335Photographs., undated
6336Photographs, 1963
6337Photographs, 1952
6338Photographs, 1964
6339Photographs., undated
6340The 1954 Pandora dedications-Dr. O.C. Aderhold, Governor Herman Talmadge, and Senator Richard Russell, 1954
6341Clerk's Office House of Representatives A Resolution wishing Dr. O.C. Aderhold a speedy recovery, 1969 March 24
6342The Emory Alumnus. Georgia & Georgia Tech Program, 1958
1001Higher Education and National Affairs newsletter, American Council on Education, 1972
1002Certificate: The Alumni Society of the University of Georgia presents to Omer C. Aderhold this testimonial of its high esteem for him and his services to Alma Mater and the State, 1959 June 6
1003Annual – United States Navy Supply Corps "Oak Leaf 1967", 1967
1004Plaque – Distinguished Service Award presented to Dr. O.C. Aderhold who has been named to the South's Hall of Fame for the Living, 1959
1005Certificate – Congratulations from the University of Pennsylvania to the Board of Regents and the University System of Georgia on the inauguration of Dr. O.C. Aderhold as President of the University of Georgia, 1951
1011Framed Picture – University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education, undated
1012Framed Picture – The New Sanford Stadium, Opening Game Saturday, September 22, 1967, Georgia-30, Mississippi State-0, undated
1013Picture of Dr. O.C. Aderhold, undated
1014Picture of Dr. O.C. Aderhold, undated
1015Award – A Proclamation honoring Dr. O.C. Aderhold's retirement after 17 years as president of the University of Georgia form the Mayor and the City Council of Athens, 1967 June 18
1016Plaque – Greetings from the Mayor of Dallas Texas honoring Dr. Aderhold as an honorary citizen of the city, 1966 December 30
1017Framed Picture – 1016 Student Resident Hall, undated
1021Book – O.C. Aderhold Collection Dean of the College of Education Personal Scrapbook, 1947-1948
1022Book – O.C. Aderhold Scrapbook, undated
1071Framed Diploma – Cancellarius Et Curatores, undated
1072Framed Diploma – From The Chancellor and Board of Trustees of the University of Georgia to O.C. Aderhold for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, 1923 June 20
1073Framed Comic Picture from Baldy to Dr. Aderhold, undated
1081President's Home The University of Georgia Resume of Proposed Work, undated
1082Letter to all department heads re: inventory of all public property, 1967
1083President's Home - Inventory, 1950
1084President's Home, 1950-1954
1085President's Home Blueprints & Plumbing Proposal, undated
1086Central Storage Pool Pre's Home, 1969
1087PRES. HOME INV., 1967

6. Desegregation

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Resolutions from City of Athens, staff meeting, faculty, School of Law, faculty of Agnes Scott, Athens Rotary Club, Georgia House of Representatives, meeting with Governor's Office (1959)
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