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Frank B. Golley research file

Frank B. Golley research file

Descriptive Summary

Title: Frank B. Golley research file
Creator: University of Georgia. Savannah River Ecology Laboratory
Creator: University of Georgia. Institute of Ecology
Creator: Golley, Frank B.
Inclusive Dates: 1949-2006
Language(s): English
Extent: 30 Linear Feet (30 boxes)
Collection Number: UA09-072
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

Dr. Frank Benjamin Golley served as an instructor of Zoology at the University of Georgia between the years 1959 and 1962 and as an assistant professor of Zoology and the director of the Savannah River Ecology Lab from 1962 through 1967. Professor Golley was appointed professor of Zoology and executive director of the Institute of Ecology at the UGA in 1968. He was a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Ecological Society of America, the American Society of Mammalogists, the International Society for Tropical Ecology and the International Association for Ecology. He served as president of the Ecological Society of America from 1977 to 1978. Professor Golley's research was primarily oriented within the fields of ecosystem and tropical ecology, energy flow, mineral cycling and mammology.

Scope and Content

This collection is a research reference file. It consists of reprints, publications, and notes that were either written by Dr. Golley or used for his research.

Administrative Information

Preferred citation note

Frank B. Golley papers, UA09-072, University Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

General Notes

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International Association for Ecology
Lecture notes.
Reprints (Publications)
Universities and colleges -- Faculty.
University of Georgia. Institute of Ecology
University of Georgia. Savannah River Ecology Laboratory

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

41Philosophy of Ecology - Foundations Correspondence [correspondence, notes], 2006
42Philosophy of Ecology - Chapter I [photocopies, clippings, manuscript]
43Philosophy of Ecology - Chapter I - Diagrams [diagrams]
44Philosophy of Ecology - Chapter II [notes, drafts]
45Philosophy of Ecology Notes [notecards, clippings]
61-15Correspondence, 1997-2002
71World Census of Ecologists [computer printout], 1981-1982
72Pinder Burn [Site?] Analysis [computer printout], 1985
73Pinder Plot Analysis [computer printout], 1986 July
74Pinder Plot Analysis [computer printout], 1986 December
75Pinder Plot Analysis [computer printout], 1987 May
76Miscellaneous Notes [notes]
81Hammond World Atlas [book], 1975
82World Census of Tropical Ecologists [book], 1977
83Landscape Ecology Field Trips, Oak Ridge, Tennessee [readings packet], 1993
84Landscape Ecology Field Trip to Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico [readings packet], 1991
85Landscape Ecology Syllabi [course packet], 1994
86Framework for Research on the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change [booklet], 1991
87Arctic Interactions: Recommendations for an Arctic Component in the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme [booklet], 1988
88Swedish Perspectives on Human Response to Global Change [booklet], 1988
89Earth Quest Special Issue: Global Change and Public Policy [journal], 1989
810Terrestrial Ecosystems, Climate and the Global Carbon Cycle: A Renewal Proposal to NSF [proposal], 1981
811Glaciers, Ice Sheets, and Sea Level: Effect of a Co2 Induced Climatic Change [report], 1984
812Direct Effects of Increasing Carbon Dioxide on Vegetation [report], 1985
813Detecting the Climatic Effects of Increasing Carbon Dioxide [report], 1985
814Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and the Global Carbon Cycle [report], 1985
815Master Index for the Carbon Dioxide Research State-of-the-Art Report Series [report], 1987
816IGBP Global Change Reports [reports, newsletters], 1988-1991
817Miscellaneous Reports on Global Change [reports, newsletters], 1988-1990
818Bibliotheque Sino-Japanaise de Jean Blondelet [catalog], 2001
819Precurseurs et Novateurs: Livres Scientifiques & Medicaux [catalog], 1996
820Precurseurs et Novateurs: Livres Scientifiques & Medicaux [catalog], 2005
821Librairie Pierre-Adrien Yvinec: Livres Anciens et Modernes du Xve au Xxe Siecle [catalog]
822Impressions d'Italie: Livres Publies en Italie de 1468 a 1893 [catalog], 2003
91Biology International: The News Magazine of the International Union of Biological Sciences, nos. 1-45, 1980-2003
92IUBS Monograph Series, nos. 1,3,5,6, 1986-199
93IUBS Newsletter, nos. 13, 16, 1978-1979
94IUBS General Assembly, nos. 20, 21, 22, 23, 1979-1988
101INTECOL [correspondence, program, notes], 1970-1972
102INTECOL [correspondence, pamphlets], 1973
103INTECOL [correspondence, programs, notes], 1974
104INTECOL [correspondence, memos], 1975-1977
105INTECOL [program, correspondence], 1978
106INTECOL [correspondence, program, 16 photos], 1981-1990
107NSF Proposal [proposal], 1986
108NSF Reports [correspondence, grant application], 1987
109NSF Reports [proposal], 1988
1010NSF Reports [proposal, correspondence], 1990
1011Progress Report [report, correspondence], 1988-1991
1012Final Project Report, 1989-1991
1013Bruntland Project [grant applications, memos, proposal], 1990-1991
1014INTECOL [correspondence], 1991-1992
1015INTECOL [correspondence, programs, notes], 1993-1994
1016INTECOL [correspondence], 1995-2001
1017INTECOL Newsletter [scattered issues], 1972-1990
1018INTECOL Bulletin [scattered issues], 1974-1987
121Chapter Four: The Ontology of Ecological Entities [drafts, miscellaneous reprints], 2005
122Nutritional Data by Harold Wooster, Jr. and Fred C. Blanck [book], 1949
123Budgets of Selected Mineral Nutrients for Two Watershed Ecosystems in the Southeastern Piedmont [book], 1977
124National Patterns of Science and Technology Resources [book], 1980
125The Fire Forest: Longleaf Pine-Wiregrass Ecosystem [book], 2001
126Oconee River Basin Management Plan, Draft [draft proposal], 1998
127The Role of Forest Hydrology in Watershed Management by John D. Hewlett and Wade L. Nutter [manual], 1968
128Landscape Ecology by Monica Turner [course packet], 1998
129IAVA International Phytogeographical Excursion: Southeastern USA [handbook], 1995
1210Ethics and the Environment, vol. 8-11 [6 scattered issues], 2003-2006
1211Ecology International, No. 19, 20, 1991
1212At the Margins of Modern Science by Anna Keller Gold [thesis], 1999
1213The Biosphere by Vladimir I. Vernadsky [book photocopy]
1214Ecolecon: A Spatially-Explicit Model for Ecological Economics of Species Conservation in Complex… [disseration], 1992
1215The Emergence of Holism in Six Utopian Novels by Andrea E. Farmer [thesis], 1992
1216Visual Stream Survey [report], 2000
1217Biological and Chemical Stream Monitoring [report], 2000
1218Getting to Know Your Watershed [report], 2000
1219The Land Report [3 scattered issues], 2000-2002
1220National Research Council of Canada Reports [2 reports], 1999-2001
1221Stephen Forbes: From Natural History to Ecology: History to Ecology by Robert A. Croker [dissertation]
1222Stephen Forbes: From Natural History to Ecology: History to Ecology, Pt. 1, by Robert A. Croker [dissertation]
1223Stephen Forbes: From Natural History to Ecology: History to Ecology, Pt. 2, by Robert A. Croker [dissertation]
1224ECOL 3070 Independent Study [video cassette]
1225ECOL 3500 Independent Study [video cassette], 2000
141UGA President's Meeting [notes, transparencies], 1986
142Coweeta Symposium on Watersheds [program, notes], 1984
143Coweeta Office [memos, correspondence], 1985
144Old Field Secondary Succession workshop [participant list, notes], 1985
145Cary Conference on the Status and Future of Ecosystem Science [program, notes, etc.], 1985
146Association of Ecosystem Research Centers [goals, report, notes], 1987
147Georgia Tech's Seventh Safety and Health Conference [program, notes], 1993
148International Association for Landscape Ecology Congress [program, correspondence, notes, abstracts, bulletins], 1991
149Eighth Landscape Ecology Symposium [program, notes, abstracts], 1993
1410International Association of Landscape Ecology Symposium [program, reports], 1994
1411International Association of Landscape Ecology Symposium [correspondence, presentations], 1995
1412International Association of Landscape Ecology Congress [program, correspondence], 1995
141312th Biennial International Estuarine Research Conference [program, abstracts], 1993
1414Deep Ecology Conference [presentations, reprints], 1991
1415Changes in Agricultural Systems Seminar [program, correspondence], 1991
1416Zaragoza, Instituto Agronomico Mediterraneo [program, correspondence, brochures], 1993
1417Zaragoza, Instituto Agronomico Mediterraneo [correspondence, program], 1994
1418Zaragoza, Instituto Agronomico Mediterraneo [correspondence, program], 1995
1419American Association for the Advancement of Science Meeting [program, notes, newsletters], 1995
1420Unitarian Universalist Association - Mid-South District Annual Meeting [correspondence, notes, program], 1994
161Ecosystem Ecology ECOL 4010/6010 Laboratory Manual [manual], 1999
162Ecosystem Ecology ECOL 4010/6010 Sprint Semester [lecture notes], 1999
163Ecosystem Ecology ECOL 4010/6010 Laboratories and Field Trips [notes], 1999
171Ecological Field Trip Number One [notes, exercises]
172Ecological Field Trip Number Two, Exercises 3 and 4 [notes, exercises]
173Ecological Field Trip Number Two, Exercises 5 and 6 [notes, exercises]
174Ecological Field Trip Number Two, Exercises 7 and 8 [notes, exercises]
175Ecological Field Trip Number Three [notes, exercises]
176Ecological Field Trip Number Four [notes, exercises]
177Environment and Humans Binder [notes], 1994
178Environment and Humans Binder [notes], 1995
181Ecology and Ethics Book Drafts [manuscript drafts]
182Institute of Ecology Collected Reprints [bound volume], 1968-1969
183Herbarium [plant specimens], 1950
184Succession Notes [notes], 1994
185Ethics 600 Reading No. 2 [photocopy]
186Ethics 600 Reading No. 3 [photocopy]
187Ethics 600 Reading No. 4 [photocopy]
188Ethics 600 Reading No. 5 [photocopy]
189Ethics 600 Reading No. 6 [photocopy]
1810Ethics 600 Reading No. 7 [photocopy]
1811Ethics 600 Reading No. 8 [photocopy]
1812Ethics 600 Reading No. 9 [photocopy]
1813Ethics 600 Reading No. 10 [photocopy]
1814Collected Articles About Land Use (Ecosystem Concept in Ecology) Pt. 1 [photocopies, notes]
1815Collected Articles About Land Use (Ecosystem Concept in Ecology) Pt. 2 [photocopies, notes]
1816Environmental Ethics: Miscellaneous [listing, clippings]
1817Nabokov and Other Philosophers [title page photocopies]
1818Environment: Miscellaneous [phtocopies, clippings]
191History of the Ecosystem Concept in Ecology, Pt. 1 [edited manuscript]
192History of the Ecosystem Concept in Ecology, Pt. 2 [edited manuscript]
193History of the Ecosystem Concept in Ecology, Pt. 3 [edited manuscript]
194History of the Ecosystem Concept in Ecology, Pt. 4 [edited manuscript]
195History of the Ecosystem Concept in Ecology, Pt. 5 [galleys]
196History of the Ecosystem Concept in Ecology, Pt. 6 [galleys]
197History of the Ecosystem Concept in Ecology, Pt. 7 [galleys]
198History of the Ecosystem Concept in Ecology, Pt. 8 [galleys, disc]
199History of the Ecosystem Concept in Ecology Photos [12 photos]
1910History of the Ecosystem Concept in Ecology Diagrams [12 diagrams]
201Ecosystem Book Correspondence [correspondence], 1992
202Ecosystem Book Permissions [correspondence], 1991-1993
203Ecosystem Book Permissions Organizer [listing]
204Ecosystem Book Photographs and Diagrams [21 photographs]
205Ecosystem Books Chapter Three Tansley Physics [correspondence]
206Ecosystem Book Criticism [correspondence], 1991-1993
207Ecosystem Book Background Data [notes]
208Ecosystem Book Chapter Four [notes]
209Ecosystem Book Draft [manuscript]
231University of Georgia Campus Arboretum Walking Tour of Trees [pamphlet]
232The Orange Trail [State Botanical Garden of Georgia] [booklet]
233Symposium on the Loblolly Pine Ecosystem (East Region) [proceedings], 1982
234Managed Slash Pine Ecosystem [proceedings], 1983
235Developing Restoration and Management Criteria for Mature Piedmont Forests by George Van Giesen [thesis], 1985
237The Potential Impact of Acidic Deposition and Other Pollutants on Southern Commercial Pine Forests [draft report], 1990
238Natural Ecosystems of the Sunbelt by Kathleen Parker, Eugene Odum, James Cooley [report], 1981
239Man-Induced Soil Erosion on the Southern Piedmont, 1700-1970 by Stanley Trimble [thesis], 1974
2310Soil Survey of Elbert, Franklin, and Madison Counties, Georgia [report], 1979
2311Unicoi: A Master Plan Report [report]
2312Highway Maps for Eastern States [2 maps], 1970
2313Nature of the Southeast in Transition: American Institute of Biological Sciences [proceedings], 1978
2314Summary Report: Doctorate Recipients from United States Universities [report], 1980
2315Science & Engineering Education for the 1980's and Beyond [report], 1980
2316Survey of Science and Technology Issues Present and Future [report], 1981
2317The National Science Board: Science Policy and Management for the National Science Foundation [report], 1983
2318International Science and Technology Data Update [report], 1987
2319Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research Proceedings [proceedings], 1982
2320Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research Handbook [booklet], 1981
2321[Notebook] [notes]
26Ecosystem Book Drafts [drafts], 1992
271Earth Ethics, EcoForum, The Egg, Minding the Earth Newsletters [22 scattered issues], 1985-1991
272New Options, On the Other Hand, Pan Ecology, The Trumpeter, Urban Wildlife News, We the People [32 scattered issues], 1988-1992
273Rolston, Holmes III [12 reprints], 1985-1987
274Callicott, J. Baird [5 reprints], 1984-1988
275Sessions, George [1 manuscript, 1 reprint], 1989
276Breannan, Andrew and Frasz, Geoffrey [2 manuscripts], 1984-1987
277International Society for Environmental Ethics Master Bibliography Pt. 1 [bibliography], 1995
278International Society for Environmental Ethics Master Bibliography Pt. 2 [bibliography], 1995
279Man and the Biosphere [correspondence, 3 directories], 1981-1987
2710Ecological Society of America 90th Annual Meeting [program], 2005
2711Ecological Society of America Annual Report, 1997
281Curso superior de Ordenacion Rural en Funcion del Medio Ambiente [proceedings], 1995
282Ejea del los Caballeros [report], 1986
283Options Mediterraneennes, No. 2 [report], 1983
284Options Mediterraneennes, No. 3 [report], 1988
285Informe Agro-Estadistico de la Region Ebro [report]
286Geografia de Aragon [book], 1977
287International Council of Scientific Unions [1 report,1 handbook], 1976-1987
288XIV International Botanical Congress Guide to Excursion Nos. 40, 41 [2 guidebooks], 1987
289United Nations Environment Programme Reports [7 reports], 1982-1987
2810Miscellaneous United Nations Reports [2 reports], 1973-1980
2811Miscellaneous NATO Reports, Newsletter [2 reports, 1 newsletter], 1983-1985
2812Science International Newsletter [4 scattered issues], 1987-1996
2813Center for Southeast Asian Studies Third Report [report], 1977
2814Balaton Limnological Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences: Tihany [report], 1990
2815Selected Papers on the Environment in Israel, No. 10 [booklet], 1982
2816Science for Technology for Development [report], 1984
2817Research Institute for Nature Management Annual Report [report], 1981
2818Papeis de Educacion No. 13: Cartografia [booklet], 1991
2819International Journal of Biometeorology, Vol. 27, No. 4 [journal issue], 1983
2820Trends in Ecology & Evolution, Vol 9, No. 10 [journal issue], 1994