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Richard G. Wiegert papers

Richard G. Wiegert papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Richard G. Wiegert papers
Creator: Wiegert, Richard G.
Inclusive Dates: 1953-2001
Language(s): English
Extent: 9 Linear Feet 9 boxes
Collection Number: UA05-055
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

Richard G. Wiegert was a professor of Zoology and Ecology at the University of Georgia. Part of his tenure in Ecology was spent as head of the Ecology faculty and graduate coordinator. In his later years he was professor with the Marine Sciences Department. His work with UGA covered a span of 40 years, during which he published over 100 books and articles and participated in 30 research grants. His research areas included ecology of southeastern intertidal wetlands, ecology of thermal spring communities, and theoretical ecology and modeling.

Wiegert was born in Toledo, Ohio in 1934, son of Arthur E. and Helen Bremford Wiegert. He grew up on a farm in Lenawee County, Michigan. He was in the U.S. Army from 1954-1956. He attended Adrian College where he received his Bachelor of Science in 1954, received his Master of Science from Michigan State University in 1958 and his PhD from the University of Michigan in 1962. He received an honorary Doctor of Science degree from Adrian College, and a Research Recognition Award as well as a Creative Research Award from the University of Georgia. He passed away in 2002 at the age of 70.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of research files, course materials, and publications related to Wiegert's work as professor of ecology and marine sciences.

Organization and Arrangement

The collection is composed of three series: 1. Research and Related Activity; 2. Teaching; and 3. Publications.

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Preferred Citation

Richard G. Wiegert papers, UA05-055, University Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University of Georgia Libraries.

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Finding aid prepared on: 2015.

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Subject Terms

Ecology -- Research.
Marine biology.
University of Georgia. Faculty
Wiegert, Richard G.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Research and Related Activity

11Spider Feeding Beetles, undated
12Mites, 1964-1973
13Ant Nest Data, 1965-1985
14Thermal Caloric Values, 1968
15Algae Biomass, 1968-1969
16Thermal Respiration, 1968-1969
17Response of Thermal Algal-Bacterial Mat to Grazing by Brine Flies, 1969
18Thermal Water Chemistry, 1970-1974
19Ecological Principles and Environmental Pollution, 1971
110Thermal Fly Data, 1973-1975
111Ephydridae Life Table, 1974
112Wasp and Fly Pupae Under Algae Mat, 1976
113Salt Marsh: X6 and X11 Data, 1977
114Coral Reef Model, 1977
115Wasp Model, 1977
116Grazer in the Life of the Grass, 1977-1986
117Sedimentation Rate, 1977-1978
118Protozoa and Nematodes, 1977-1978
119Field Marsh Study, 1978-1979
120Salt Marsh: Chapter 1, 1979
121Salt Marsh: Chapter 5, 1979
122Response of Thermal Algal Bacterial Mat to Grazing by Brine Flies, 1979
123Simulation Models of Ecosystems, Manuscript, 1980
124Obligate Coprophagy by the Brine Fly Paracoenia turbida, 1980
125Thermal Springs, 1980
126Coprophagous Nutrition in a Population of Paracoenia bisetosa, 1981
127Grasses and Grazers: Is There a Mutualism?, 1981
128Mutualism Between Grasses and Grazers: An Evolutionary Hypothesis, 1981
129Population Dynamics (Book Review), 1981
130Energy Transfer by Insects, 1982
131Thermal Respiration, 1982
132Nitrogen in the Marine Environment, 1982
133Productivity Gradient in Salt Marshes: The Response of Spartina Alterniflora, 1982
134On the Role of Chance in Biology, 1982
135Salt Marsh Parameter Value Data, 1982
21Algae Data, 1982
22Simulation of Simple Food Chains, 1982
23Thermal Gradient Grant, 1982-1983
24Scanning Electron Microscopy Filters from Thermal Study, 1983
25The Influence of Water Motion on the Distribution and Transport of Materials in a Salt Marsh Estuary, 1983
26Carbon Balance in a Salt Marsh, 1983
27Algae Photosynthesis, Photos, 1983
28Algae Photosynthesis, 1983
29Spartina alterniflora in a Georgia Salt Marsh, 1983
210Optimal Exploitation by Mussel Rafts of the Ria de Arosa, Spain, 1983
211Body Size as a Result of Optimal Energy Allocation in Annual and Perennial Species, 1983
212Darwin's Abominable Mystery, 1983
213Community Profile on Tidal Marshes, 1983-1991
214Community Profile on Tidal Marshes: Photographs, undated
215Spanish-American Galician Shelf Program, 1984-1986
216Yellowstone National Park - Continuous Thermal Gradient, 1983-1984
217Aphids and Plant Fitness, 1984
218Ecology of a Salt Marsh (Reviews), 1984
219Leaf-eating ads Mutualism, 1984
220World of Systems Ecology (Book Review), 1984
221Creative Research Award Nomination, 1984
222Sea Grant Proposals, 1984-1989
223Optimal Allocation of Energy to Growth and Reproduction, 1984-1985
224Southward Movement of Cynthia cardui in Wyoming, 1984
225Litter Decomposition and Nutrient Enrichment, 1985
226Indirect Causality in Ecosystems, 1985
227Lindeman's Definition of Productivity, 1985
228Modeling Spatial and Temporal Variability, 1985
31Modeling Spatial and Temporal Variability, 1986
32Coastal Lagoon Proposal, 1986
33McGraw Hill Yearbook, 1985-1989
34Holism and Reductionism in Ecology, 1986
35Intertidal Marsh Effects of Variation in Microbial Degradation of Organic Carbon, 1986
36Graphs, undated
37Community Structure: Altamaha River Proposal, undated
38Georgia Sea Grant Correspondence, 1986
39Ecosystem Model Selection Criteria, 1987
310Environmental Biotechnology, 1987
311Past, Present and Future of Ecological Energetics, 1987
312International Estuarine Research Conference, 1987
313Ecosystems of Florida, 1987
314Land Margin Ecosystems Research (LMER) Methods, 1987
315Documenting Completeness: Species-Area Relations, 1987-1988
316Manuscript Reviews, 1988-1990
317Stability Characteristics of an Intertidal Marsh, 1987-1990
318Microbial Mediation of Organic Carbon Transformations, 1988
319Wasp Life Table, 1988
320Long Term Ecological Research (LTER): Puerto Rico, 1989-1991
321DOE Grant: Theoretical Models, 1989-1990
322Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Symposium, 1990
323National Science Foundation Ecology Program Panel, 1990
324Effects of System Closure on Ecosystem Dynamics, 1990
325Virginia Coast Long Term Ecological Research Program (LTER), 1990
326McGraw Hill Encyclopedia, 1990-1992
327Thermodynamics of Growth Correspondence, 1990-1993
328Institute of Ecological Studies: New York Botanical Garden, 1991
329Coastal Boundaries: Interactions and Assessments, 1991
330Theoretical Ecology: Progress and Prospects, 1991
331Ecosystem Classification Workgroup, 1991
332Ecological Risk Assessment Guidelines, 1991
333Ecological Risk Assessment Case Studies, 1991-1992
334Yellowstone National Park Thermal Spring Ecology, 1991
335Thermal Models: Transparencies, undated
336Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Program, 1991
337Plants, Animals and Microbes (Book Review), 1992
338Coastal Ocean Boundaries: Interactions and Assessments, 1992
339Risk Assessment Modeling Workshop, 1992
41Juvenile Blue Crabs, 1992
42Long Term Ecological Research (LTER): Puerto Rico, 1992
43Eastern Research Group, 1992-1995
44Land Margin Ecosystems Research (LMER): Comparative Study of Transport, 1992
45Land Margin Ecosystems Research (LMER): Comparative Study of Transport Proposal, 1992
46Separating Exploitative and Interference Competitive Controls in Ecological Models, 1992
47Salt Regime of Georgia Estuaries, undated
48EPA Global Change Research Program: All Investigators Workshop, 1992 February
49Continental Shelf Modeling, 1992
410Effects of Non-Point Sources of Nitrogen, undated
411Land Margin Ecosystems Research (LMER): Changes in Coastal Environments, 1992-1994
412Modeling Estuarine Ecosystem Processes, 1993
413Health and Environmental Research Advisory Committee: Program for Ecosystem Research, 1993
414Ecological Risk Assessment, 1993
415Marine Institute: Sapelo Annual Report, 1992-1993
416Sapelo Island Map, 1961
417Sea Grant: Blue Crabs Proposal, 1992
418Blue Crab Recruitment Symposium, 1993-1994
419Pulsed Ecosystems, 1993
420NERRP (SRD) Effects of Non-point Sources of Nitrogen on the Distribution..., 1993
421Institute of Ecosystem Studies: Cary Conference, 1993
422Land Margin Ecosystems Research (LMER) Proposal: Tomales Bay, Ca., 1993
423Long Term Ecological Research (LTER): Puerto Rico, 1992-1993
424Soil Carbon Cycle and Related Biospheric Feedbacks, 1993-1996
425Oak Ridge DOE Review, 1993
426Sea Grant: Blue Crabs Proposal Revision, 1993
427Sea Grant: Humic Substances in Salt Marsh (Hodson and Moran), 1993
428Land Margin Ecosystem Research (LMER), 1993
429McGraw Hill Yearbook and Encyclopedia, 1993
430Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Networking, 1993
431Yellowstone Fire Tour, 1993
432Marine Institute: Sapelo Annual Report, 1993-1996
433Sea Grant: Blue Crabs Project Summary, 1994
434Land Margin Ecosystems Research (LMER) All Scientists Meeting, 1994
435Blue Crabs Workshop, 1994
436Land Margin Ecological Research (LMER) Comparative Study of Transport and Transformation, 1994
437NERRS: Effects of Non-point Sources of Nitrogen, 1994
438NERRS Crab Proposal, 1994
439Computer Programs, 1992-1993
51Ecological Analysis Center Competition, SREL, 1994
52EMAP Proposal, Pt. 1, 1994 May
53EMAP Proposal, Pt. 2, 1994
54EPA Biotechnology Panel, 1994
55Program for Ecosystem Research, 1994
56Chesapeake Modeling Group, 1994
57Chesapeake Bay: Trophic Interactions in Estuarine Systems, 1994
58Southeast Coastal Ocean Research, 1994
59Land-Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone, 1994-1995
510Estuarine Synthesis Workshop, 1994-1995
511Watershed Approach to Ecological Risk Assessment, 1994
512Public Service Electric and Gas Company - Estuary Enhancement Program, 1994
513Georgia Rivers: Land Margin Ecosystems Research, 1994-1995
514Land Margin Ecosystems Research Meetings, 1994-1997
515Summer Occurrence of Benthic Macroinvertebrates off Sapelo Island, 1994
516Georgia Rivers: Land Margin Ecosystems Research, 1995
517Position Transfer to Marine Sciences Department (UGA), 1995
518National Water Research Center (SREL), 1995
519DOE Grant: Theoretical Models, 1995
520Land Margin Ecosystems Research (LMER) History, 1994
521Long Term Ecological Research (LTER): Puerto Rico, 1994-1996
522Land Margin Ecosystems Research (LMER) Budget, 1994-1995
523Land Margin Ecosystems Research: Correspondence, 1994-1997
524Land Margin Ecosystems Research - Georgia Rivers Publicity, 1994
525Land Margin Ecosystems Research: Questions from NSF, 1994
526Middle School Leadership Institute, 1994-1995
527Sea Grant: Assessment of Microbial Community Structure (Binder), 1995
528EPA Modeling Subcommittee, 1995
529Land Margin Ecosystems Research (LMER) Annual Report, 1994-1995
530Inputs and Fates of Organic Nitrogen in Two Land Margin Ecosystems (Bronk), 1995
531Land Margin Ecosystems Research Working Group Meetings, 1995
532Land Margin Ecosystems Research: Tracor Acoustic Profiling (Howell and Uzes), 1995
533Sapel Learning Lab Proposal with Keith Walters, 1995
534Chesapeake Biological Laboratory - System Ecology Class, 1995
535Land Margin Ecosystems Research (LMER), 1995
536NOAA Correspondence, 1995
537Congressional Correspondence, 1995
538El-Mar Trip, 1995
539MacArthur Award, 1995-1996
540McGraw Hill Encyclopedia, 1995-1996
541Land Margin Ecosystems Research (LMER) Cruises, 1995-1997
542Ecological Risk Assessment: University of Minnesota, 1996
543Land Margin Ecosystems Research Collecting Permit, 1995-1996
544Sea Grant: Size of Restored and Created Salt Marsh Habitats (Walters and Wiegert), 1995-1996
545Land Margin Ecosystems Research (LMER) Supplement (Moran and Alben), 1996
61Land Margin Ecosystems Research (LMER) All Scientists Meeting, 1996
62Symposium on Synthesis, Science and Ecosystem Management, 1996
63Netherlands Institute of Ecology, 1996
64Land Margin Ecosystems Research (LMER): Overheads (Washington Meeting), 1996
65Sea Grant: Zooplankton and Food Web (DeCurtis) Unfunded, 1996
66Sustainable Development in Coastal Regions, 1996
67LMER/LTER Meeting, 1996 July
68Land Margin Ecosystems Research (LMER) Workshop, 1996 July
69Ecological Society of America Certification Program, 1996
610Cornell - Biogeochemistry and Environmental Change Site Visit, 1996 May
611Sea Grant: Food Webs in Tidally Influenced Areas of Georgia Rivers (DeCurtis and Wiegert), 1996
612MacArthur Award Committee, 1996
613Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Proposal (Text only), 1997
614Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Proposal (Unabridged), 1997
615Land Margin Ecosystems Research (LMER) Annual Report, 1996-1997
616Atlanta Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Proposal, 1997
617Land Margin Ecological Research (LMER) Related Reprints, 1997
618Human Impacts on the Salinity Regimes of Coastal Georgia, 1997
619Land Margin Ecosystems Research (LMER) Chemistry Sources and Fluxes of Carbon Dioxide in Estuarine Coastal Waters, 1997
620Long Term Ecological Research (LTER): Puerto Rico, 1997
621Land Margin Ecosystems Research (LMER) Award Documents, 1997
622Sea Grant Proposals, 1997
623Land Margin Ecological Research (LMER) Annual Report, 1997-1998
624Classification of Heterotrophic Organisms, 1997
625Marsh Plot Computer Program, 1998
626Land Margin Ecosystems Research (LMER), 1998
627Land Margin Ecosystems Research (LMER) Conflict of Interest Forms, 1998
628Changes in Salt Distribution in the Altamaha Estuary Due to Fluctuations..., 1998
629Salt Marsh Model, 1998
630Salt Marsh Model, 1999
631Ecological Modeling Computer Program, 1999
632Long Term Ecological Research (Hollibaugh), 1999
633Impacts of Land Use on Salt Regimes in Georgia Estuaries, 2000
634Salt Marsh Model, 2000
635Land Margin Ecosystems Research (LMER), Georgia, 2000
636Ultrasonic Telemetry ... to Determine Blue Crab Populations, 2001
637Global Warming Conference, 2001 April
638Coastal Incentive Sea Grant Project, 2001
639Department of Natural Resources Grant, 2001

2. Teaching

71Nature Study, 1953
72Limnology, 1957
73Plant Ecology, 1957
74Ecology Discussion Group, 1958
75Marine Ecology, 1958
76Population Ecology, 1960
77Population Ecology, 1961
78Ecology Seminar, 1961
79Radiation Ecology, 1962
710Information Theory, 1963
711Ecology Teaching Labs, 1965
712Aquatic Primary Production - Methods, 1966
713Ecology Seminar, 1968
714Metabolism, 1968
715Microbial Ecology, 1969
716Population Ecology, 1970
717Ecosystems, 1960
718Biol 302 Organization, 1968
719Biol 302 Lecture Material, 1969-1971
720Biol 302 Exams, 1970-1972
721Biol 302 Lab Outlines, 1970-1972
722Biol 302 Lecture Material, 1974-1975
723Preparing Lectures and Slides, 1965
724Sampling Distributions, undated
725Biol 108 Marine Ecology, 1995
726Zool 353 Labs, undated
727Zool 353 Miscellaneous, 1964
728Zool 353 Lectures, 1967
729Zool 353 Exams, 1966
730Zool 499 Outline, 1975
731Zool 613 Slide Listing, 1990
732Zool 800 Reading Lists, undated
733Zool 800 Lectures, 1965
734Zool 800 Schedules, 1980
735Zool 800 Exams, 1978
736Zool 850 Proposal, 1979
737Zool 850 Course Evaluations, 1980
738Zool 851 Exams, 1986-1992
739Zool 851 Course Evaluations, 1987
740Zool 851 Schedule, 1993
741Zool 851 Handouts, 1994
742Instructions for Use of the Phillipson Microbomb Calorimeter, 1982
743Instructions for Use of the Gilson Differential Respirometer, undated
744CDC Seminar, 1972
81Ecol 100 Exercises, undated
82Ecology Teaching Outline (Jaslin), undated
83Gull Lake Ecology Exercises, 1966
84Gull Lake Ecology Course, 1965
85Gull Lake Ecology Course, 1966
86Gull Lake Ecology Course Lectures, 1965-1966
87Systems Engineering, 1972-1973
88Systems Ecology: Linear - Nonlinear Stability, 1973
89Systems Ecology, 1968
810Ecol 350 Computer Modeling Labs, 1995
811Ecol 350 Lectures, Pt. 1, 1996
812Ecol 350 Lectures, Pt. 2, 1996
813Ecol 350 Pickering Lecture, 1996
814Ecol 350 Ecosystem Modeling, 1996
815Ecology Energetics Notes, 1981
816Ecol 800 Modeling, 1994
817Ecol 800 Topics, 1994
818Ecol 800 Modern Concepts in Ecology Lectures, 1994
819Ecol 800 Transparencies and Materials, undated
820Ecol 800 Global Change, 1994
821Ecol 850 Theoretical Ecology - Outline, Seminars, 1973
822Ecol 850 Theoretical Ecology, 1978-1987
823Ecol 850 Theoretical Ecology Lectures, 1988
824Ecol 850 Theoretical Ecology Senior Seminar, 1989
825Ecol 850 Theoretical Ecology Miscellaneous, 1993
826Ecol 850 Theoretical Ecology Lectures and Handouts, 1995
827Ecol 850 Theoretical Ecology Readings
91Ecol 851 Transparencies, undated
92Ecol 851 Handout 1, 1999
93Ecol 851 Handout 2, 1999
94Ecol 851 Handout 3, 1999
95Ecol 851 Handout 4, 1999
96Ecol 851 Handout 5, 1999
97Ecol 851 Handout 6, 1999
98Ecol 851 Handout 7, 1999
99Ecol 851 Handout 8, 1999
910Ecol 851 Handout 9, 1999
911Ecol 851 Handout 11, 1999
912Ecol 851 Ecosystem Modeling, 1977
913Ecol 851 Lecture 1, 1999
914Ecol 851 Lecture 2, 1999
915Ecol 851 Lecture 3, 1999
916Ecol 851 Lecture 4, 1999
917Ecol 851 Lecture 5, 1999
918Ecol 851 Lecture 6, 1999
919Ecol 851 Lectures 7 and 8, 1999
920Ecol 851 Lectures 9 and 10, 1999
921Ecol 851 Lecture 11, 1999
922Ecol 851 Lectures 12 and 13, 1999
923Ecol 851 Lecture 14, 1999
924Ecol 851 Lecture 15, 1999
925Ecol 851 Schedule, 1999
926Ecol 851 Exercise 1, 1999
927Ecol 851 Exercise 2, 1999
928Ecol 851 Exercise 3, 1999
929Ecol 851 Exercise 4, 1999
930Ecol 851 Exercise 5, 1999
931Ecol 851 Midterms, 1999
932Ecol 851 Projects, undated
933Model Building Software, 1997
934Ecological Modeling Special Problems, 1996
935Calibrating Envelope Models, undated
936Landscape Modeling, 1997
937Current Approaches for Modeling Estuaring Ecosystem Processes, undated
938Ecological Modeling, 1993
939Short Course on Ecosystem Modeling, 1992
940Computer Programs, undated
941Modeling course, 2000-2001

3. Publications/Vitae

942Publications, 1960s, 1962, 1964, 1968
943Publications, 1970s, 1972, 1974-1977, 1979
944Publications, 1980-1985, 1982-1983
945Publications, 1986-1989, 1986-1988
946Publications, 1990-1995, 1990, 1992-1993, 1995
947Publications, 1996-1997, 1996-1997
948Publications, 1999-2001, 1999-2001
949Ecological Energetics: Reviews, Contract, Royalties, 1977
950Vitae, 1997
951Transcripts, 1958-1962