Public Relations Photographs

Public Relations Photographs

Descriptive Summary

Title: Public Relations Photographs
Creator: University of Georgia. Office of Public Relations
Inclusive Dates: circa 1890-1995
Language(s): English
Extent: 7.5 Linear Feet (6 boxes)
Collection Number: UA04-041
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

The Public Relations Office communicates the goals, objectives, and priorities of the University of Georgia, including faculty, staff and students, through the dissemination of information, media relations, publications, imaging and audio services, open records, and visitors' services.

Scope and Content

Photographs of people and subjects that have a connection to the University of Georgia. Generated by UGA's Public Relations (Office of Public Affairs), these photographs include pictures of numerous faculty, students, alumni and benefactors. There are also many pictures of buildings around campus.

Organization and Arrangement

The collection is organized into five series: staff; academics; buildings; alumni; and benefactors, events, student life.

Administrative Information

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Public Relations photographs, UA04-041, University Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Staff

11O.C. Aderhold (Omer Clyde) President of UGA , 1950-1967
12Fred C. Davison – President of UGA , 1967-1986
13President, Office of the – Jones, Albert – Assistant to President Davison
14Charles B. Knapp – President of University of Georgia , 1987-1997
61Charles B. Knapp - President
15Business and Finance, Vice President for – Green, John
16Development and University Relations, Vice President for (Assistant) – Griffith, Louis
17Development, Vice President for – Robins, Perk
18Instruction, Vice President for – Dyer, Thomas
19Instruction, Vice President for – Parthemos, Green
110Instruction, Assistant Vice President for – Rauschenberg, Fran
111Legal Affairs, Vice President for – Robert, Bryndis
112Public Service and Outreach, Vice President for – Dunning, Art
113Research, Vice President for – Anderson, Robert C.
114Strategic Planning, Vice President for – Eastman, Don
115Student Affairs, Vice President, Dean of Men – Tate, William, 1946-1971
116Student Affairs, Vice President, Dean of Women – McBee, Louis , 1963-1969
117Student Affairs, Vice President, Dean of Women – Stallings, Edith
118Student Affairs, Assistant Vice President for – Rose Richard
119Student Affairs, Vice President for: Registrar – Danner, Walter N.
120Arts and Sciences, College of, Dean – Edison, John O.
121Arts and Sciences, College of, Dean – Kozak, John J.
122Arts and Sciences, College of, Associate Dean – Kutal, Charles R.
123Business Administration, Terry College of, Dean – Biscoe, Alvin B. , 1945-1949
124Business Administration, Terry College of, Dean – Flewellen, William C.
125Education, College of, Dean – Buccino, Dr. Alphonse
126Education, College of, Dean – Williams, J.A.
127Education, College of, Associate Dean – Perrodin, Alexander Frank
128Educator Partnerships, Associate Dean of – Padilla, Dr. Michael J.
129Environmental Design, School of (Landscape Architecture) – Dean – Owens, Hubert B.
130Family and Consumer Sciences, College of (Home Economics) – Dean – Nickols, Sharon
131Family and Consumer Sciences, College of (Home Economics) – Dean – Pou, Emily Quinn
132Forest Resources, School of (Forestry) – Dean – Herrick, Allyn M.
133Forest Resources, School of (Forestry) – Dean – Mace, Arnett C.
134Graduate School – Dean – Patel, Gordham
135Journalism, College of – Dean – Drewry, John
136Law, School of – Dean – Cowan, M. Lindsey
137Law, School of – Dean – Ellington, C. Roland , 1987-1993
138Law, School of - Associate Dean – Kurtz, Paul M.
139Social Work, School of – Dean – Stewart, Dr. Charlie
140University of Georgia Staff Unknown, circa 1960-1975
141University of Georgia Staff Unknown, circa 1980-1995
142University of Georgia Staff Unknown Duos , circa 1960-1975
143University of Georgia Unknown Group Photos, circa 1960-1995
144University of Georgia Staff – Unknown – Multiple Copies, circa 1975-1995
145University of Georgia Staff Unknown, circa 1960-1995
146University of Georgia Staff Unknown, circa 1965-1995
147University of Georgia Staff Unknown, circa 1960-1995

2. Academics

148Office of Computing Affairs, UGA Computer Center, Boyd Hall, Graduate Studies
149Carmon, Jack – Computer Center, Boyd Hall
150Middlebrooks, Carl A. – Computer Center- also Reinfolds, J. and Beumeler, Wayne M.
151Skearns, Bob – Information Science, Computer Center
152Department of Public Safety
153Meagher, David & Greer, Fred – UGA Police Officers
154Lindberg, Stanley – Georgia Review Editor , 1977-2000
155University of Georgia Press – Director – Stephens, Ralph , 1951-1978
156Legal Affairs – Executive Director – Morehead, Jere W.
157Development – Director – Robbins, H. Perk
158University of Georgia News Bureau – Director – Davidson, Claude
159Honors Program
160Office of Instructional Support and Development – Director – Simpson, Ron
161College of Agriculture
162Driggers, Clyde – Agriculture, Honorary Georgia Planter Degree Recipient, 1966
163King, George Harris – Professor of Rural Education, College of Agriculture
164Long, Robert – Agriculture
165Wheeler, Robert – Agriculture, Science Fair
166Wofford, Irv – Agriculture
167Harter, Walter – Professor Emeritus of Agricultural and Applied Economics
168White, Fred – Agriculture Economics
169Agricultural Engineering – Head – Driftmier, Rudolph, H, 1930-1965
170Rogers, Thomas Hayden – Agronomy Professor – Assistant Director of Resident Instruction
171Lowery, Robert S. – Professor Emeritus, Department of Animal Science
172Henderson, H.B. – Diary Science
173Miller, W.J. – Diary Science
174Food Sciences
175Center for Food Safety – Director – Doyle, Michael, Ph.D. Professor
176Saffle, Dr. Robert – Food Sciences
177Powers, Dr. John J. – Professor Emeritus of Food Science
178Browne, Boadus – Plant Pathology – College of Agriculture
179Experiment Stations – Director, Plant Pathology – Owen, Dr. John H.
180Murray, Dr. C.C. – Professor of Plant Pathology
181Fuller, H.L. – Poultry Sciences
182Reid, W. Malcolm – Foundation Professor – Agriculture, Poultry
183Chu, Dr. David – Science Packet
184Art Department
185Art Department
186Art Department
187Art Department – Head – Dodd, Lamar, 1938-1971
188Art Department – Studies Abroad, Cortona, Italy
189Arnholm, Ronald – Art Professor, Type Designer, Graphic Design
190Clements, Robert D. – Art Professor, Sculptor
191Ebendorf, Robert – Art Department – Professor of Metals/ Jewelry
192Farlow, Horace – School of Art, Sculpture Professor
193Feldman, Edmund – Professor Emeritus, Lamar Dodd School of Art
194Nix, Robert – Photography Professor, Lamar Dodd School of Art
195Strebelle, Oliver – Art Department – Sculptor Professor – From Belgium, 1984-1987
196Georgia Museum of Art
197Georgia Museum of Art – Director – Holbrook, Albert
198Biological Sciences
199Hindman, Dr. Joseph – Biological Sciences (Right side of photo)
1100Ritter, Dr. Hope T. – Professor Biological Sciences
1102Biochemistry – Head – Peck, Harry D. Jr.
1103Adams, Michael W.W. - Professor of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Microbiology
1104Albersheim, P. – Biochemistry
1105Anderson – Biochemistry
1106Black, Clayton C. Jr. – Research Professor – Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
1107Brewer, John M. – Professor – Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
1108Cormier, Dr. Milton J. – Biochemistry
1109Cummings, Richard D. – Biochemistry
1110Darvill, Alan – Regents Professor - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology/ Plant Biology
1111Der Vartanain, Daniel – Biochemistry, Chemical Science
1112Dure, Leon III – Franklin Professor of Biochemistry
1113Eck, Richard V. – Professor Emeritus – Department of Biochemistry
1114Eriksson, Karl-Erik L. – Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
62[Eriksson, Karl – Eric L. - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology]
1115Foley – Biochemistry
1116Glover, Claiborne V.C. III – Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
1117Ingle – Biochemistry
1118Le Gall, Jean – Professor of Biochemistry and Microbiology
1119Lee, John W. – Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Ph. D.
1120Ljungdahl, Lars G. – Professor Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
1121Mendicino, Dr. Joseph F. – Biochemistry
1122Meyer, Dr. Bernd – Associate Professor in Biochemistry
1123Mortenson, Leonard E. – Calloway Professor of Biochemistry
1124Przybyla, Alan – Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
1125Robson, R.L. – Biochemistry
1126Sansing, Norman G. – Professor Emeritus Biochemistry
1127Srivastava, Prakash Narain – Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
1128Travis, James A. – Research Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
1129Wampler, John E. – Professor Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
1131Botany – Head – Fleet, Dick S. Van
1132Botany – Head – Westfall, Jonathan
1133Taylor, Jack – Botany – Plant Pathology, Apple Disease Research Expert
1134Wessler, Susan R. – Research Professor – Botany and Genetics
1136Chemistry – Head – Scott, Robert A.
1137Chemistry – Head – Stickney, John L.
1138Center for Computational Chemistry – Director – Schaefer, Henry F.
1139Adams, Nigel G. – Research Professor Chemistry
1140Allinger, Norman Louis – Research Professor Chemistry, Director of Computational Center for Molecular Structure and Design
1141Amster, I. Jonathan – Professor of Chemistry
1142Askew, Danny – Chemistry
1143Bowen – Chemistry
1144Carreira, Lionel A. – Professor Chemistry
1145De Haseth, James A. – Chemistry Professor
1146Duncan, Michael A. – Research Professor – Chemistry Department
1147Garst, John F. – Emeritus Professor – Chemistry
1148Hill, Richard K. – Emeritus Professor Chemistry
1149Johnson, Michael K. – Distinguished Research Professor – Chemistry
1150Johnston, Francis J. – Emeritus Professor Chemistry
1151King, Allen D. Jr. Ph.D. – Chemistry Professor
1152King, R. Bruce Ph.D. – Regents Professor – Chemistry
1153Kurtz, Donald M. Jr. – Research Professor Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology
1154Majetich, George F. – Chemistry Professor
1155Muse, Lowell – Chemistry Department – Radiation Safety Officer
1156Newton, M Gary Ph.D. – Chemistry Professor
1157Norton, Michael L. – Professor Chemistry
1158Pelletier, S. William – Alumni Foundation – Distinguished Professor of Chemistry
1159Phillips, Roberts S. – Professor Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology
1160Robson, R.L. – Chemistry
1161Rogers, L.B. – Chemistry
1162Ruff, J.K. – Chemistry
1163Scott, Alfred – Chemistry
1164Smith, Darwin W. – Associate Professor Chemistry
1165Stammer, Charles H. – Chemistry
1166Van Halbeek H. – Chemistry
1167Wheeler, Robert – Chemistry
1168Whitehead, Thomas – Professor Chemistry
1169Whitten, Kenneth W. – Emeritus Professor Department of Chemistry
1170Williams, William L. – Chemistry
1171Classics Department – Head – Alexander, Dr. James
1172Best, Edward E. – Classics Department, Associate Professor
1173Craige, Dr. Betty Jean – Professor Comparative Literature
1174Easterling, William – Comparative Literature
1175Drama and Literature
1176Longman, Stanley – Drama
1177Appleby, Jane – English Department
1178Bailey, Rodney – English Department
1179Brown, Calvin – English Department
1180Dickie, Margaret – English Department, Professor
1182Holder, Gerald & Mealor, Ted – Geographers
1183Logan, Ikubolajeh – Geography
1184Shear, James – Geography
1185Welch, Roy – Geography
22[History – Head- Coulter, Merton]
23[Boney, Nash – Professor – History]
24[McFeely, William- Professor – History]
25[Montgomery, Horace – History]
26[Murdoch, Richard K. – History]
27[Roberts – Professor of History]
28[Smith, C. Jay – History]
29[Pratt, Robert – History Professor, Interim Director African American Studies]
210[Spalding, Phinizy – Professor History]
211[Thomas, Emory – Professor History]
212[Zresp, Lothan – History & Assistant Director of Honors Program]
214[DeLorme, David] Math Department – Software Development/ Support]
215[Edwards, Henry – Mathematics]
216[Pomerance, Carl B. – Mathematics]
217[Willis – Professor of Mathematics]
219[Dailey, Harry – Microbiology]
220[Eagon, Robert – Microbiology]
221[Fitzgerald, John W. – Microbiology]
222[Hudson, Robert – Microbiology]
223[Krause, Duncan – Microbiology]
224[Lewis, David – Microbiology]
225[Martin, Dr. Scott – Microbiology]
226[Michaels, Gene – Microbiology, Director of Office of Academic Special Programs]
227[Payne, W.J. – Microbiology]
228[Roth, I.L. – Microbiology]
229[Schell, Mark – Microbiology]
230[Skimkets, Lawrence J. – Microbiology]
231[Summers, Anne – Microbiology]
232[Whitman, W.B. – Microbiology]
233[Wiebe, William J. – Microbiology]
234[Wiegel, Juergen – Microbiology]
236[Music Department – Head – Gerschefski, Edwin]
237[Buis, Johann – Assistant Professor of Music]
238[Ennulat, Egbert – Professor of Music]
239[Fischer, Ken – Professor of Music]
240[Warner, Byron – Professor of Music]
241[Zimdars, Richard – Music]
242[Dyers, Robert – Philosophy & Religion]
243[Physics and Astronomy]
244Physics – Head – Dixon, Ellis H. , 1937-1967
245[Physics – Head – Rayburn, Louis H.]
246[Burkhard, Donald G. – Emeritus Professor Physics]
247[Efinger, Helmut – Physics], 1966 December
248[Tompkins, Dr. D.R. & Williams, Robert – Physics]
249[Askew, J. Thomas – Political Science]
250[Bertsch, Dr. Gary K. – Professor Political Science]
251[Bullock, Charles – Professor – Political Science]
252[Gibson, Frank – Political Science]
253[Johnson, Loch – Regents Professor Political Science]
254[Maltese, Dr. John Anthony – Associate Professor Political Science]
255[Morgan, J.P. – Director of Political Science]
256[Park, Han-shik – Professor Political Science]
257[Talarico, Susette M. – Professor Political Science]
259[Psychology - Head – Hammock, Joseph C. ], 1962-1969
260[Psychology – Head – James, Dr. William T.] , 1959-1962
261[Arias, Dr. Ileana – Psychology Professor]
262[Cranford, Karlene – Psychology]
263[Jordan, Dr. James – Psychology]
264[Park, Denise – Psychology]
265[Torrance, Paul – Professor Psychology]
266[Romance Languages]
267[Hassell, James W. – Romance Languages]
268[Tesser, Carmen – Professor of Romance Language: Portuguese]
269[Sociology and Anthropology]
270[Bailey, Wilfrid C. – Professor of Anthropology]
271[Cooper, Homer C. Sociology]
272[Davis, Wylie – Professor of Anthropology]
273[Hudson, Dr. Chas – Professor of Anthropology]
274[Rhoades, Robert – Professor, Anthropologist – Founded Agrarian Connections in 1994]
275[Condit, Dr. Celeste M. – Professor – Department of Speech Communication]
278[Cohen, A.C. – Statistics]
280[Willis, Judy – Head of Zoology]
281[Agosin, Moises – Professor of Zoology]
282[Avise, John – Professor of Zoology]
283[Bernstein, Irwin – Professor of Zoology]
284[Bryan, John – Professor of Zoology]
285[Byrd, E.E. – Professor of Zoology]
286[Congdon, Justin – Professor of Zoology]
287[Coward, Stuart – Professor of Zoology]
288[Crim, Joe – Professor of Zoology]
289[Damian, Raymond – Professor of Zoology]
290[Farmer, Mark – Professor of Zoology]
291[Fechheimer, Marcus – Professor of Zoology]
292[Golley, Frank – Professor of Zoology]
293[Helfman, Gene – Professor of Zoology]
294[Keith, Charles – Professor of Zoology]
295[Laerm, Joshua – Professor of Zoology - Natural History Museum]
296[Lindsay, David – Professor Zoology]
297[Mensa – Wilmot, Kojo – Professor of Zoology]
298[Meyer, Judy – Professor of Zoology]
299[Odum, Eugene – Professor of Zoology/ Ecology]
2100[Paffenhofer, Gustav-Adolf – Professor of Zoology]
2101[Pomeroy, Lawrence – Professor of Zoology]
2102[Porter, James – Professor of Zoology]
2103[Porter, Karen – Professor of Zoology]
2104[Pulliam, Ron – Professor of Zoology]
2105[Ritter, Hope – Professor of Zoology]
2106[Smith, Michael – Professor of Zoology]
2107[Taylor, Barbara – Professor of Zoology]
2108[Taylor, Robert – Professor of Zoology]
2109[Thompson, Peter – Professor of Zoology]
2110[Wiegert, Richard – Professor of Zoology]
2111[Willis, John – Professor of Zoology]
2112[Studies Abroad Program]
2114[Olszewski, Debbie – Assistant Professor of Archaeology]
2115[Stone, Kirk – Professor of Archaeology]
2116[Whitehead, Comer – Established Computer Science Department, IBM]
2118[Anderson, W.W. – Professor of Genetics]
2119[Arnold, J. – Professor of Genetics]
2120[Arnold, M.L. – Professor of Genetics]
2121[Asmussen, M. – Professor of Genetics]
2122[Bender, M. – Professor of Genetics]
2123[Carlton, B.C. – Professor of Genetics]
2124[Case, M.E. – Professor of Genetics]
2125[Chesser, R.K. – Professor of Genetics]
2126[Galau, G.A. – Professor of Genetics]
2127[Giles, N.H. – Professor of Genetics]
2128[Glover, C.V.C. – Professor of Genetics]
2129[Hamrick, J.L. – Professor of Genetics]
2130[Ivarie, R.D. – Professor of Genetics]
2131[Kushner, Sidney – Professor of Genetics]
2132[Malmberg, Russell – Professor of Genetics]
2133[McDonald, J.F. – Professor of Genetics]
2134[McGraw, R.A. – Professor of Genetics]
2135[Meagher, Richard – Professor of Genetics]
2136[Miller, L.K. – Professor of Genetics]
2137[Ross, Ken G. – Professor of Genetics]
2138[Sluder, A. – Professor of Genetics]
2139[Spindler, K.R. – Professor of Genetics]
2140[Summers – Professor of Genetics]
2141[Timberlake, W.E. – Professor of Genetics]
2142[Wessler, S.R. – Professor of Genetics]
2143[Westpheling, J. – Professor of Genetics]
2144[Youngman, Philip – Professor of Genetics]
2145[College of Business Administration]
2146[Ford, Erwin C. – College of Business Administration]
2147[Accounting and Business Law]
2148[Accounting – Head – Heckman, Harold M.]
2149[Edwards, J. Don – Accountant Professor]
2150[Steuer, Ralph – Finance]
2152[Seglin, George – Economics Professor – Terry College of Business]
2153[Terry College of Business – Selig Center – Director – Humphreys, Jeff]
2155[College of Veterinary Medicine]
2156[Brackett, Ben – Veterinary Medicine]
2157[Coulter, Dr. – Veterinary Medicine]
2158[Haynes, Frank – Veterinary Medicine & Jenkins, Jim – Forest Resources]
2159[Lubert, Phil – Veterinary Medicine]
2160[Papp, Dr. – Veterinary Medicine]
2161[White, Dr. Susan – Veterinary Medicine]
2162[College of Education]
2163[College of Education – Head – Aaron, Dr. Ira E.]
2164[Ainsworth, Stanley, Dr. – Education – Program for Exceptional Children – Founder of Communication Sciences and Disorders]
2165[Alvermann, Donna E. – College of Education – Research Professor of Reading]
2166[Sprowles, Lee – College of Education]
2167[Swain, Emilza – Education]
2168[School of Environmental Design (Landscape Architecture)]
2169[McGee, Thomas – School of Environmental Design (Landscape Architecture)]
2170[School of Forest Resources (Forestry)]
2171[Brown, Claud Lafayette – Professor Emeritus of Forest Resources]
2172[Jenkins – Forest Resources (Forestry)]
2173[Warren, Robert J. – Forest Resources (Forestry)]
2174[Home Economics Teacher Training]
2175[Barber, Mac – Family & Consumer Sciences (Home Economics)]
2176[Sheerer, Dr. – College of Family and Consumer Sciences (Home Economics)]
2177[Child Development Laboratories / McPhaul Center]
2178[College of Journalism]
2179[Fink, Conrad – Journalism]
2180[Moore, Frazier – Journalism Professor]
2181[Journalism – Peabody Awards – Head – Sherman, Barry]
31[School of Law]
32[Ball, M. – Law School]
33[Bussell, DeLawrence, Goodman, Paul Council – Law School]
34[Coenen – Law School]
35[Cork, Mr. & Robert, Mrs. – Law School]
36[Patterson, L. Ray – School of Law – Pope F. Brock Professor of Professional Responsibility]
37[Rusk, Dean – "Samuel H. Sibley Professor of International Law, U.S. Secretary of State]
63[Rusk, Dean - Law, School of - Professor, U.S. Secretary of State], circa 1961-1969
38[Sentell, Perry – Law School]
39[Bennett, Alexander – Legal Studies]
310[Shedd, Peter – Legal Studies]
311[Army ROTC – Head – Thrasher, Colonel]
312[College of Pharmacy]
313[Beach, Dr. Warren – Pharmacy]
314[Dallas, Cham E. – Professor of Toxicology – College of Pharmacy]
315[Hartman, Mr. & Mrs. – Pharmacy]
316[Jowdy, A. - Waters, K.L. – Turner, E. & King, S. – Pharmacy]
317[Lane, Mills B.]
318[LaRocca, Dr. Joseph P. Pharmacy]
319[Meadows, Ronald – Pharmacy]
320[Schramm – Pharmacy]
321[Shriver, Sargent – Pharmacy]
322[Sumner – Pharmacy]
323[Tackett, Randall – Pharmacy]
324[School of Social Work]
325[Davis, Katheryn – Social Work]
326[Stephens, John R., Jr. – Social Work]
327[University Libraries – Main]
328[Bonne, John & Mason, Mary – Beth – Library Special Collection], 1966 November
329[Camden, Tom – Library]
330[Kellam, Porter & Friends – Library]
331[King, Florence – Library Administration]
332[Tate, Susan Fann – Special Collections Library]
333[Tuggle, Susan – Library]
334[University Libraries – Science]
335[Gerontology – Director – Poon Leonard]
336[Wray, Robert P. – Psychology – Chairman of a Multi-departmental Council on Gerontology]
337[Kinney, B.C. – Physical Plant]
338[Office of Bicentennial Planning]
339[Kidd, C.D. – Recycling Coordinator – Physical Plant]
340[Institute of Ecology]
341[Chesser, Jagoe & Dallas – Ecology]
342[Kundell, Jim – Ecology]
343[Pulliam, Ron – Ecology]
344[Ecology, Savannah River Ecology Laboratory]
345[Gibbons, Whit – Savannah River Ecology Lab]
346[Golley, Dr. Frank – Ecology – Savannah River Ecology River Laboratory]
347[Marine Institute – Sapelo Island]
348[Hopkinson, Charles S. – Marine Institute Sapelo Island]
349[Kneib, Ron – Professor of Zoology – Marine Institute Sapelo Island]
350[Newell, Steve – Marine Institute Sapelo Island]
351[Chang, Chung Jan – Professor, Botany - Griffin Experiment Station]
352[Jellum, M.D. – Georgia Experiment Station, Experiment (Griffin) Georgia]
353[Lindstrom, Orville M. – Associate Professor – Horticulture, Griffin, Georgia]
354[Woodroof, J.G. – Georgia Experiment Station, Experiment (Griffin) Georgia]
355[Fanning, J.W. – Founder of Institute of Community and Area Development]
356[Harris, John – Institute of Higher Education]
357[Sorrells, Daniel Jackson – Professor Emeritus, Institute of Higher Education]
358[Marine Extension Service – Brunswick, Georgia]
359[Marine Extension Service – Brunswick Station – Director – Bough, Dr. Wayne]
360[Skidaway Island, Marine Extension]
361[Heffernan, Peter – Professor of Zoology, Skidaway Island – Marine Extension]
362[Eckman, James – Professor of Zoology, Skidaway Island – Marine Extension]
363[Georgia Center for Continuing Education]
364[Appy, Jerry – Georgia Center for Continuing Education]
365[Cooperative Extension Service – Director – Eberhardt, L.W. "Hoop"]
366[O'Kelley, Chas R. – Professor Emeritus – Southwest District, Cooperative Extension Service]
367[State Botanical Garden]
368[International Trade and Security, Center for – Associate Director – Khripunov, Igor]
369[Sewell, Anne – Division of Student Affairs]
370[University Housing]
371[Housing – Director – Armstrong, Richard]
372[Storey, John – Housing]
373[Student Activities]
374[Student Activities – Director – Cox, John]
375[University Health Services]
376[Dishman, Rod – Health Services]
377[Rick – Health Services]
378[Young, Dr. C.T. – Health Services]
379[Office of Career Planning and Placement]
380[Adams, Dr. – Career Planning & Placement: Guidance Center]
381[McGarity, Stuart – Career Planning and Placement]
382[Osborne, Travis – Career Planning and Placement: Guidance Center]

3. Buildings

383[Academic Building]
384[Aderhold Hall]
386[Arial Views of Campus]
387[Baldwin Hall]
388[Bishop House]
389[Biological Sciences Building – Part of the Science Center]
390[Biotechnology Center]
64[Biotechnology Center]
391[Brooks Hall – Commerce Building – Journalism Building – Terry College of Business]
65[Brooks Hall – Commerce Building – Journalism Building – Terry College of Business]
392[Buildings Not Built, Artist Renderings]
393[Butts – Mehre Heritage Hall]
394[Caldwell Hall – School of Environmental Design, Landscape Architecture]
395[Campus Scenes]
66[Chapel – Buildings]
397[Chemistry Building, Part of the Science Center]
398[Clark Howell Hall]
399[Complex Carbohydrate Research Center]
3100[Conner Hall, Agriculture, College of]
3101[Dawson Hall, Housing and Consumer Economics (Home Economics)]
3102[Dean Rusk Center for International and Comparative Law – Artist Rendering – Law School]
3103[Demosthenian Hall]
3104[Denmark Hall, Landscape Architecture (Environmental Design Studios)
3105[Dormitories, Brumby, Creswell, Myers, Oglethorpe, Reed, Russell]
3106[Downtown Athens]
3107[Downtown Atlanta]
3108[Environmental Protection Agency Research Building]
3109[Family and Graduate Housing]
41[Fine Arts Building]
42[Food Science Building, Part of the Science Center]
43[Forest Resources Building]
44[Founders Memorial Garden]
45[Gardens-Herbs & Hummingbird]
46[Geography, Geology, Speech Building – Part of Science Center]
47[Georgia Center for Continuing Education]
48[Georgia Museum of Art (Original Jackson Street Location)]
49[Gilbert Memorial Hall]
410[Graduate Studies Center, Boyd Hall]
411[Herty Field (Original UGA Football Field)]
412[Hilton Head, South Carolina]
413[Hirsch Hall, Law School]
414[Jekyll Island, Georgia]
415[Journalism Building]
416[Lake Harrick – Dedication, with UGA President Fred C. Davison]
417[Lamar Dodd School of Art Building, Jackson Street]
418[Law Library]
419[Leconte Hall]
420[Library, Ilah Dunlap Little Memorial]
421[Lucy Cobb Institute]
422[Memorial Hall]
423[Moore College]
424[Mountain Research and Education Center in Blairsville, Georgia]
425[New College]
426[North Campus]
427[Old College]
428[Park Hall]
429[Peabody Hall]
430[Physics Building, Part of the Science Center]
431[Ponte Vedra Club, Florida]
432[Poultry Science]
433[President's House]
67[President's House]
434[Ramsey Center]
435[REM Murmur Railroad Trestle]
436[Robert C. Wilson Pharmacy Building]
437[Rock Eagle 4-H Club Center, Cooperative Extension Service, College of Agriculture]
438[Sanford Drive]
439[Sanford Stadium, University of Georgia Football Field, Built 1929]
440[Savannah], 1966
441[Savannah State College]
442[Service Center (Arial Views) Artist Renderings, Physics, Chemistry, Geography – Geology – Speech, Biological Sciences, Livestock – Poultry, Food Science]
443[Sea Island, Georgia]
444[Seney Stovall Chapel]
445[Skidaway Island, Georgia]
446[South Campus]
447[Southeastern Water Research Lab]
448[State Botanical Garden of Georgia]
449[Stone Mountain, Georgia]
450[Tate Student Center]
451[Terrall Hall]
452[Treanor Hall]
453[Tucker Hall, School of Social Work, Center for Applied Mathematics]
454["Twin Michael" House]
455[UGA Foundation Building]
456[Unknown Buildings]
457[Veterinary Medicine, School of]
458[USDA Southeastern Utilization Laboratory in Athens, Georgia]
459[University of Georgia Campus Bookstore]
460[World War Two Barracks]

4. Alumni

462[Alumni Record – Georgia Beauties], 1965 February
463[Alumni Society]
464[Alumni Society – President – Dorsey Jasper], 1967-1969
465[Alumnus – Anderson, "Whispering" Bill – ABJ 1959 – Country Music Star]
466[Alumnus – Arnall, Ellis – Graduated 1917, Georgia Governor 1943-1947]
467[Alumnus – Artau, Delores E. – Graduated 1932 – Romance Language Scholarship in her name]
468[Alumnus – Badami, Maitreya – AB 1990 – Law School at University of California, Berkley]
469[Alumnus – Barrett, Claude B. – Senior Vice President Texaco Inc.]
470[Alumnus – Benham, Robert – Second African – American Graduate of UGA Law School, First African American on Georgia Supreme Court]
471[Alumnus – Black, Eugene, President of the World Bank 1949-1962]
472[Alumnus – Black, Harold – First Male African American to live on campus]
473[Alumnus – Blanchard, James "Jim" – BBA 1963, LLB 1965 – Synovus CEO]
475[Alumnus – Brown, John C. – Class of 1935 – Nominated by UGA for Sports Illustrated Silver Anniversary All American Award]
474[Alumnus – Brennan, Christy Darden – Graduated 1993]
476[Alumnus – Burch, David – BBA 1973 – Agency Head – Lincoln National's Atlanta Agency]
477[Alumnus – Butler, Tyus]
478[Alumnus – Byrne, Alexis Lorraine – B.S. 1994 Medical College of Georgia]
479[Alumnus – Carter, Don – ABJ 1938 – Atlanta Journal - Journalist]
480[Alumnus – Cathey, Jennifer – ABJ 1993 – News Director WNEG 32 Tocca, GA]
481[Alumnus – Clark, Maxine – ABJ 1972 – President Payless Shoe Source]
482[Alumnus – Clower, Birdie Bondurant – MA 1931 – Worked at Navy Pre Flight School Women's Counselor]
483[Alumnus – Colquitt, Julian – B.S. in Economics – President Loctite Corporation]
484[Alumnus – Cook Courtney – AB 1991 – Eugene Black Fellow]
485[Alumnus – Correll, Alston D. Jr. "Pete" – BBA 1963 – Chairman of the Board CEO Georgia Pacific]
486[Alumnus – Courts, Richard – Chairman / CEO of Atlantic Investment Company]
487[Alumnus – Foster, Fred – M 1950 – UGA Data Processing Supervisor Also pictured UGA employee Rudy, Harny]
488[Alumnus – Gilbert, Alison C. – AB 1979 – Vice President Business Band and Trust]
489[Alumnus – Giles, Vinny – AB 1966 – Golf Team]
490[Alumnus – Goff, Ray – BSEd 1980 – UGA Head Football Coach]
491[Alumnus – Grimes, Millard B. – ABJ 1951 – President Grimes Publication of GA]
492[Alumnus – Hitch, Angela Briguccia – JD 1998 – Legal Placement director for The Partners Group – Atlanta]
493[Alumnus – Holder, Bob – Dog Sled Racer]
494[Alumnus – Holliman, John – Journalism 1970 – CNN Reporter – Died Dec. 1998]
495[Alumnus – Holtzendorff, P.B. Jr. – 1916 Law School]
496[Alumnus – Ivester, M. Douglas – 1969 Business College – VP Coca Cola]
497[Alumnus – Kicklighter, Reginald – Masters in Science 1939 – U.S. Department of Defense Donated over $1 million to school, Paid for Gorbachev's visit in 2000]
498[Alumnus – Knox Kevin – BBA 1977 – Former Director of Development Terry College]
499[Alumnus – Manning, Sandra C. (Sandra Marlene Chapman)]
4100[Alumnus – McDonald, Lauren "Bubba" – 1965 Terry College of Business, House of Representatives]
4101[Alumnus – Musarra, Dr. E. Anthony – B.S. 1965 Plastic Surgeon]
4102[Alumnus – Patterson, Alexander W. – A.B. 1964 – Outstanding ROTC (Army) Cadet in U.S.]
4103[Alumnus – Perry, Don – 1984 Grady College Graduate – Chic-fil-A]
4104[Alumnus – Pilgreen, John Emmett III – 1967 BFA – Graphic Design Photographer]
4105[Alumnus – Rice, Ricky – Honors Program, Alumni Association 1991]
4106[Alumnus – Richardson, Bob – Alumni Field Representative]
4107[Alumnus – Riddle, Thad A. "Andy" – MD 1993}
4108[Alumnus – Roberts, Deborah – ABJ 1982 –ABC 20/20 News Correspondent]
4109[Alumnus – Russell, Richard B. – Law 1919 – Georgia Senator 1937 – 1971]
4110[Alumnus – Russell, Richard B. Sr. – Graduated 1880]
4111[Alumnus – Santacroce, Mary Bell – AB 1939 – Actress]
4112[Alumnus – Seiler, Frank Wilkins (Sonny) – BBA 1956 – President National Alumni Association]
4113[Alumnus – Solomon, Frederic – Class of 1933 – Lumpkin Society Associate]
4114[Alumnus – Sorrow, Christopher Paul – JD 1991 BBA]
4115[Alumnus – Spann, Carol Adele – 1992 MBA – Associate Real Estate Manager]
4116[Alumnus – Stamper, Kimberly Ann Lindsey – BBA 1989 – Marketing Director Bar Code Systems]
4117[Alumnus – Steadman, Laura – Lisa – Linda – Triplets]
4118[Alumnus – Stepp, Heather McCormick – BBA 1994 – Gymnastics Team]
4119[Alumnus – Sutton, Bill – Director of Agricultural Extension Service 1954 – 1963]
4120[Alumnus – Swearingen, Bob – ABJ 1967, MA 1969 – Bellsouth]
4121[Alumnus – Talmadge, Herman Eugene – Law 1936 – Georgia Governor 1948-1955, Senator 1957-1981]
4122[Alumnus – Taormina, Shelia – Won Olympic Gold Medal 1996 – 400 Meter Freestyle Relay Swim Team]
4123[Alumnus – Vandiver, Ernest – Georgia Governor 1959-1963, Graduated 1942]
4124[Alumnus – Witman, M.J. – Alumni Merit Award Recipient]
4125[Alumnus – Woodruff, George – Football, Alumni Society]
4126[Alumnus – Wright, Corrine – BSW 1991 – Gymnastics Team]
4127[Alumnus – Yarbrough, Dick – 1959 Grady College of Journalism]

5. Benefactors, Events, Student Life

51[Benefactor - Allen, Ivan, Sr. – President - Atlanta Chamber of Commerce]
52[Benefactor – Berry, Martha]
53[Benefactor - Callaway, Cason J.]
55[Benny, Jack – Comedian, 1949 Peabody Radio Award Winner "The Jack Benny Show"]
54[Benefactor – Sanford: J.C. Penney]
56[Blue Key Awards – Eugene Black]
57[Brombert, Victor – Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar]
58[Brown, Jerry – California Governor]
59[Bryant, Anita – Anti-Gay Activist, Florida Orange Juice Spokesperson]
510[Burgess, James V. Jr. – Executive Director, Georgia Municipal Association 1991]
511[Career Fair]
512[Carpenter, Dr. R.A.]
513[Clay, General Lucius D.]
514[Cleaver, Kathleen N. – Assistant of Law, Emory University, Former Black Panther]
515[Costas, Bob – Broadcast Society Winner]
516[Coverdale, Paul – Georgia Senator, Director of U.S. Peace Corps]
517[Dickey, Dr. Frank G. – University of Kentucky President 1956-1963]
518[Entrepreneurship Awards – University of Georgia] , 1991
519[Fanning, James – Chicago Police Force – Spoke at Riot Control Conference , 1969 spring
520[Frost, Robert – Poet – Gave seven lectures on campus], 1951
521[Funderburk, Mozelle – Fernbank Museum of Natural History]
522[Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education], 1991
523[Gibson, Dr. Frank – Socialist Presidential Candidate]
524[Goncz, Arpad – President of Hungary – Charter Lecture], 1990
525[Harris, Joe Frank – Georgia Governor 1983-1991], circa 1983-1991
526[Hillenbrand, Martin – Former United States Ambassador]
527[Humphrey, Hubert – Vice President – Visited Pharmacy School] , 1964
528[Johnson, Ladybird – First Lady, Winner George Foster Peabody Special Award], 1965
529[Jones, Bevel – Reverend – Audubon Forest Methodist Church, Atlanta, GA]
530[Jordan, Vernon – Lawyer, Head of National Urban League, Recipient of Justice Award]
531[Kennedy, Robert – U.S. Attorney General – Spoke on Desegregation], 1961 May 6
532[Legislative Institute], 1990
533[Loef, Harry – Re-established Epsilon Pi Fraternity at UGA], 1946
534[Malone, Dumas – Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar], 1966-1967
535[Martin Luther King Forum on Racial Issues on Campus], 1993 January
536[McCarley, H.F. – President of Dixie Steel Buildings, Inc. Atlanta, GA]
537[McCreedy – Science Fair]
538[McGill, Ralph – Pulitzer Prize winning Columnist of Atlanta Constitution]
539[McNamara, Robert - Secretary of Defense, Spoke at Russell Symposium]
540[Meigs Awards] , 1991
541[Merit Awards, College of Business Administration], 1966
542[Murrow, Edward R. – Peabody Award Winner - "See It Now" TV Series], 1951, 1953
543[New Faculty Tour], 1990
544[Newman, Edwin – NBC Writer, Anchor, Reporter. Peabody Awards], 1966, 1971, 1990
545[Nolan, Janne – International Director of Eisenhower Institute, Russell Symposium], 2003
546[Nunn, Sam – Senator, Spoke at Russell Symposium], 1972-1996
547[Panoz – Managing]
548[Percy, Walker – Author – Published in Georgia Review]
549[Phi Kappa Awards]
550[Special Sandy Beaver Teaching Award]
551[Rickover, Hyman – General]
552[Rucker, Jerry]
553[Speck, M.L. – Scientist]
554[Spector, Arlan – Pennsylvania Senator]
555[Stuckey, William S. – Founder of Stuckey's Gas Stations – Eastman, GA]
556[Turner, Ed – Vice President of CNN]
557[Turner, Stansfield – Director of the Central Intelligence Agency – Spoke at Russell Symposium]
558[Foundation Fellow], 1989
559[University of Georgia Trustee – Amann, Peter]
560[University of Georgia Trustee – Raudebaugh, Missy]
561[University of Georgia Trustee – Reinhardt, Robert]
562[University of Georgia Trustee – Willcoxon, Cleve]
563[University System Board of Regents – First Board of Regents] , 1931 December 15
564[University System of Georgia – Vice Chancellor – Martin, S. Walter], 1962-1966
565[Williams, Kenneth]
566[Zittrouer – Pooled Income Fund Ad]
568[Musical Performances]
569[Athletic Director – Eaves, Joel]
570[Baseball], circa 1970-1990
571[Basketball], circa 1955-1990
572[Basketball: Cheerleaders], circa 1955-1970
573[Basketball: UGA vs. GA Tech], circa 1964-1966
574[Basketball: UGA vs. Kentucky], 1965-1966
575[Basketball: UGA vs. LSU], circa 1964 – 1966
576[Football], circa 1920-1990
577[Football: Cheerleader], circa 1960-1990
578[Coplin, Jim – Dawg Tracks - Volunteer]
579[Dooley, Vince – Head Football Coach at University of Georgia], 1964-1988
580[Munson, Larry – Georgia Bulldogs Radio Announcer]
581[Golf], circa 1965
582[Gymnastics], circa 1965-1990
583[Tennis], circa 1980-1990
584[Track & Field], circa 1960-1970
585[Soccer], circa 1985-1995
586[Fans at Sporting Events], circa 1965-1975
587[Students: Activities], circa 1950-1990
588[Band], circa 1960-1991
589[Beauty Pageant], circa 1960-1990
590[Students: Elections], circa 1964-1990
591[Greek: Fraternities & Sororities], circa 1898-1970
592[Students: Sports], circa 1965-1991
593[Students – Photographs of individuals], 1960-1995
594[Students – In class with professor], 1960-1995
595[Students – In class without professor], 1950-1995
596[Students – In class without professor] , 1980-1995
597[Students – Studying inside], 1950-1995
68Graduation, circa 1980-1995
598[Students – Graduation #1], circa 1960-1991
599[Students – Graduation #2], circa 1980-1995
5100[Students – Married Life], circa 1960-1990
5101[Students – Orientation], circa 1960-1995
5102[Students – Science Fair], circa 1965-1990
5103[Students studying outside], circa 1968-1992
69[Student Studying Outside – Near Old College – Class of 1885 Bench]
5104[Students working with professor], circa 1970-1990
5105[Brochures and Posters]
5106[Georgia License Plates]
5107[Medical College of Georgia Alumni – Hardman, L.G. – Georgia Governor], 1927-1931
5108[Miscellaneous Photos of Old Documents]
5109[Athens Tutorial Program – Director – Fisher, Dexter]
5110[Navy School – Captain and Mrs. Theodore E. Hoffman]
5111[Speaker – Flynt, Ralph C.M.]
5112[Speaker – Gatewood, William B. Jr. – Author]
5113[Speaker – Goodrich, Lloyd]
5114[Speaker – Medina, Judge Harold R.]
5115[Speaker – Slack, Dr. Charles H.]
5116[Speaker – Smith, Stanford]
5117[Speaker – Thompson, Tommy: Secretary of the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services]
5118[University of Georgia Logos]

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