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William "Jack" Payne papers

William "Jack" Payne papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: William "Jack" Payne papers
Creator: Payne, W. Jack
Inclusive Dates: 1950-2005
Language(s): English
Extent: 17.5 Linear Feet (15 boxes)
Collection Number: UA04-036
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

William J. (Jack) Payne joined the UGA faculty in 1955 and was head of the Microbiology Department from 1968 until 1977, when he was named acting Dean of the Arts and Sciences College. Payne became permanent dean in 1978 and held that position for the next 10 years. While serving as dean, he was named Alumni Foundation Distinguished Professor of Microbiology. After stepping down Payne returned to the microbiology department until his retirement in 1993. As dean, Payne helped start the Sandy Beaver teaching professorships and teaching awards and created an academic advising program for general studies students. A strong supporter of the arts he helped establish the Franklin College Chamber Music Series to offer free concerts to the community.

An authority in the field of Denitrification, Payne is credited with developing advances in assaying the activities of enzymes that play a key role in forms of nitrogen found in nature. He was also known for his research on how sulfatase enzymes contribute to the microbial degradation of pollution. Payne was the author of more than 120 scientific papers and four books, including Denitrification; published in 1981 and considered the definitive work in the field. Additionally he was active in the Athens community serving on the board of the Athens Symphony, as a volunteer for Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic and as a member of the Athens City Club and Athens Torch Club.

Excerpted from an obituary written for Columns by Larry B. Dendy.

Scope and Content

The William "Jack" Payne Papers covers the dates 1950 through 2004 with an emphasis on Payne's work with the UGA Microbiology Department. Reprints of Payne's writings are found in this collection along with material relating to the research and writing of the manuscript "Pasteur, Gayon and Dupetit and the Closure of Reiset's Nitrogen Cycle." Also in the collection are Payne's Department of Microbiology scrapbooks for the years 1953 through 2003. In addition, the collection includes correspondence with colleagues around the world along with numerous photographs and slides. Also included are lecture and conference notes along with documentation of the department's close association with University College in Cardiff, UK.

Organization and Arrangement

The collection is arranged into 6 series.

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William "Jack" Payne papers, UA04-036, University Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Chamber music.
Franklin College Chamber Music Series
Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
Universities and colleges -- Georgia -- Administration.
University of Georgia. Department of Microbiology
University of Georgia. Faculty
Volunteers -- Georgia -- Athens.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Correspondence, Notes, and Photographs

11Personal, miscellaneous correspondence, 1992-1999
12-3Short curriculum vitae
14Degrees and awards, 2002-2003
15-6Correspondence, 1991-2004
17National Science Foundation (NSF) proposals, 1991-1997
18National Science Foundation (NSF) reports, 1990-1997
19Payne (includes slides)
110NOS in animal cells-summary NO production in plants and microorganisms (includes slides)
111Analytical (includes slides)
112Paper to show at Congress in Firenze-3rd paper-Monday morning (includes slides)
113Auburn (University-biological sciences), 1998
114Sergey Bursakov, 1993-1998
115Sergio Casella, 1986-2000
116John Davison, 1993
117Sophie Ecomard, 1991
118Geoff Schaffer , 1986-1990
119Sten Struwe, 1989
120Walter Zumft, 1986-1998
121Achromobacter Cyclocastes-notes and correspondence, 1991-1994
122Printout and emails, 1996-2002
123Franklin College of Art and Sciences, 1993-1994
124The College of William and Mary, 1995-1996
125Linda and James Farmer (vitae)
126Joy Porter Willilams (Fellowship in Microbiology)
127Rita Colwell, 1999-2001
128Congratulatory letters written to Dr. Payne when he was appointed Dean, 1977-1980
129Expectations (statement while Payne was Dean of what the his Office required of faculty members), 1986 August
130-31Kind words (includes correspondence about retirement), 1981-1999
132Comments on Dean Payne's book Denitrification
133Silly-leaving the Dean's Office-Poems, 1988
134Appointment to Alumni Foundation Distinquished Professor, 1982-1989
135Payne's obituary, 2004
136UGA Parking Services, 1999-2003
137University of Georgia activities, 2001-2002
21"Anatomy Drawings" by Jack Payne
22Correspondence (includes information about time as Dean, 1978-1991
23Corespondence and poems, 1972-1993
24Postcards and photographs of paintings
25C12B photograph and cartoon
26Photographs of researchers, 1970s-1990s
27Pictures (photographs of Payne)
28Awards and certificates, 1950-2000
29Slides and negatives, 1979-1980
210"Tetraethylene Glycol Degradation using TEG-5" (notes), 1966-1967
211"Observations of responses of single C. Albicans cells", 1962
131Photographs, early 1990s
132Fifty -year time line for the progress of the Department of Bacteriology/Microbiology at the University of Georgia (includes photographs), 1952-2002
133Duncan C. Krause (includes photographs and invitations), 1960s-2005
134Gene Michaels' article and William Payne's obituaries and honorary dinner, 2004-2005
135Awards and citations (includes photographs), 1964-1982

2. University College (Cardiff, UK)

31University College, Cardiff-Biotechnology, 1984
32-3Professor Kenneth S. Dodgson, 1979-1986
34Dodgson Memorial Lecture, 1986 June 5
36Graham White, 1986-2003
37University College, Cardiff (photographs and mementos), 1980s
113Cardiff (photograph)

3. Organizations, Conferences, and Presentations

41ASM Foundation Lectures, 1972-1973
42ASM Conference (Schmidt-Payne), 1976
43-4Southern Branch-American Society for Microbiology-annual meetings, 1961-1976
45ASM conferences, 1974-2004
46"Basic research for the future" (proposed colloquium), 1996
47Meetings, conferences and awards, 1965-1982
48"Microbial production and consumption of radiatively important trace gases" Conference, 1989 November 13-16
49-10Lectures and papers, 1986-1997
411Steenbock-Kettering International Symposium on Nitrogen Fixation, 1978 June 12-16
412International Workshop on Associative N2-Fixation, 1979 July 2-6
413"The power of Anaerobes" conference, 2000
414Peck Symposium "The Power of Anaerobes", 2000 May 17-19
415-16Seminar presentations, 1962-1973
417Papers and talks, 1985-1986
418The University Consortium for Graduate Teacher Education-conference papers, 1988
419-20Presentations and speeches, 1973-1983
421The Athens Torch Club, 1965-2003
422"Decades of progress: a tribute to Emily Quinn Pou-Dean"
423-24Advisory Board-Dept. of Microbiology-University of Tennessee, 1994-2000
425Southeastern Branch-Society of American Bacteriologists annual meetings, 1957-1961
426Salt Marsh Conference, 1978 November 5-8
51IDSA-Doug Webb dinner (includes photographs), 2002
52Gordon Conference, 1991-1997
53GRC (Gordon Research Conference draft), 1995 January 31-February 3
54Harry Peck Memorial, 1999-2000
55Athens Symphony, 1991-2002
56McCallie Class of 1943 Reunion directory, 1993
910John V. Atanasoff-Father of the computer (article), 1983
136ASM Conference on Nitrification and Reduction of Nitrogen Oxides, Athens, GA (includes photographs), 1976 September 7-10
137Workshop on "The Microbial production and consumption of radiatively important trace gases" (includes photographs), 1989 November 14-16
1"Reiset's experimental revelation of Denitrification: closure of the Nitrogen Cycle" (oversized poster), 2002
1"The Nitrogen Cycle: a microbial perspective" (4 oversized posters), 1980s

4. Publications

61-2"Anaerobic respiration" Encyclopedia of Life Sciences, 1998-1999
63"Anaerobic respiration" ELS paper 141.4, 1998-1999
64"Anaerobic respiration" suggestions for revision, 1999
65-6Information on Gayon and Dupetit
67Material from Pascal Ribereau-Gayon, 1986
68U. Gayon obit
69-11For Huguette Le Gall
612-13Manuscript for Huguette "Pasteur, Gayon and Dupetit and the closure of Reiset's Nitrogen Cycle", 1988-1990
614Jules Reiset
615Correspondence with Huguette Le Gall "Pasteur, Gayon et Dupetit et la confirmation du Cycle de L'Azote de Reiset" , 1990
616Sources and papers
617ASM abstracts, 1994
618-19American Academy of Microbiology (AAM)
620SEB/ASM newsletter, 2000 October, 2002 May
621Assorted bulletins, books and brochures, 1990s
622Microbiology graduate studies bulletin, late 1990s
623Report of the Task Force on Retire Faculty Programs, 1988
624Assorted handbooks, postcards and maps, 1990s
625"Microbiology best undergraduate major for Pre-Meds," Georgia Journal of Science (Article finds), 1985
626-27"Jule Reiset (1818-1896)" and "Lavoisier's Legacy (1743-1794)" by Payne and Flatt, 1980s
71-5Reprints, 1970s-2002
76Payne's reprints, 1971-1992
77-13Payne papers published, 1962-1998
714-15Reprints and notes, 1954-1997
716-18Thermodynamics in growth
719Reprints, correspondence and chart
720Miscellaneous contributions, 1980-2001
721-22Historical papers, early 20th century
81"L-Asparagine-dependent denitrification by Pseudomonas Perfectomarinus" by Best
82"An exploratory study of the Genogram" by Erlanger, 1987
83"Cytochrome components of the copper protein producing Denitrifier Achromobacter Cycloclastes"
84Miscellaneous manuscripts, 1993-1997
85"Vibrio natriegens" by A.G. Schaffer, 1986
86-8Papers describing work with Alkyl Sulfatase and related phenomena in bacteria, 1963-1983
89"The method of multiple working hypotheses" by T.C. Chamberlin (and other articles), 1962-1993
810Reviews, 1991-2002
811"Prokaryotes: the unseen majority" (reprint and correspondence) , 1998
812Heat of combustion (reprints)
813-16Papers describing work with Vibrio Natriegens , 1958-1996
817"The denitrifying Prokaryotes"
818Papers on growth yields and efficiency by W.J. Payne and colleagues, 1965-1980
819Articles published by friends, 1951-1988
820Papers and reprints by UGA faculty, 1969-1999
821"Everything you had absolutely no desire to know about Lipid Chemistry" by Mayberry, 1975
91"The value of research to instruction in the university" by Payne
92UGA capusule (Department of Microbiology Alumni newsletter), 1988-2002
93Charts, reprints and cycles
94Konetzka's paper on preparation of tests
95-6Laboratory safety manual, 1980-1982
97Key to the Periodic Chart of the Atoms, 1953
98Greek Etymology
99Latin Etymology

5. Awards

101Plaques and pen sets
111Honors Program Service Award, 1988
112UGA flag
12Certificates, posters and articles, 1980s
141Certificates, 1980s

6. Scrapbooks

14Scrapbook-Department of Microbiology, 1953-1978
15Scrapbook-Department of Microbiology, 1986-2003