S. Eugene Younts papers

S. Eugene Younts papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: S. Eugene Younts papers
Creator: Younts, S. Eugene
Inclusive Dates: 1950s-2012
Language(s): English
Extent: 104 Linear Feet (105 Boxes)
Collection Number: UA02-036
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

Dr. Sanford Eugene Younts first joined the University of Georgia in 1969 as associate dean of the College of Agriculture and director of the Rural Development Center in Tifton. In 1972 Younts moved to Athens and succeeded J. W. Fanning to become the second person to hold the position of Vice President for Public Service at UGA.

During his tenure as Vice President, UGA's public services grew into the nation's largest campus-based outreach program, but when Younts first took over the reins of the division he found a program that had only six units. These were the Georgia Center for Continuing Education, the Institute of Community and Area Development, the Carl Vinson Institute of Government, the Cooperative Extension Service, the Marine Extension Service, and the Institute for Continuing Legal Education.

Over the years, under Dr. Younts' leadership, the program grew to include seven additional units. Those seven units were the State Botanical Garden of Georgia, Business Outreach Services, the Fanning Leadership Center, the Office of International Development, the Information Technology Outreach Service, the Museum of Natural History, and the Institute of Continuing Judicial Education. By the end of the 1990s, public services provided more than 6 million hours of service each year to the citizens of Georgia in addition to their interactions with those in other states and countries.

As Vice President for Public Service and Outreach, Younts was instrumental in leading the planning that culminated in the W. K. Kellogg Foundation awarding an $8.4 million dollar grant to the University to be used for the expansion of the the Georgia Center for Continuing Education. He also played a key role in obtaining funds for the renovation of the Lucy Cobb Institute (the home of one of his units-the Carl Vinson Institute of Government). Additionally Younts planned for and led the popular New Faculty Tours that, for many new faculty, provided an introduction to the state and its residents.

Upon his retirement from the position of Vice President for Public Service and Outreach Younts remained at the University for another 15 months as a Distinguished Public Service Scholar. It was during this time that he began the research and writing of Alive As Long As He Lived-a biography of his predecessor J. W. Fanning. Dr. Younts holds the title of Vice President Emeritus and continues to write books, exhibit his original photographs, and speak to groups on various topics of interest.

Scope and Content

S. Eugene Younts papers consists of administrative files that date from 1967 to 2011. These files are directly related to Younts daily work activities. Series two focuses on the new faculty tours that Younts created and led from 1977 to 1999. There are numerous photographs and slide included in this series. Series three, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation files, dates from 1977 to 1992. This part of the collection highlights the University of Georgia projects that the Foundation helped fund during those years. The fourth series, subject files, holds mainly Younts' speech, research and book materials from the 1950s through 2012. The fifth series consists of appointment calendars with Younts' daily activities noted. These calendars date from 1970 to 1999.

Organization and Arrangement

The collection consists of five series: 1. Administrative Files, 2. New Faculty Tours, 3. W.K. Kellogg Foundation, 4. Subject Files and 5. Appointment Calendars.

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S. Eugene Younts papers, UA02-036, University Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Finding aid prepared on: 2018.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Administrative Files

11-2AAAC (Academic Affairs Advisory Committee) meetings, 1979 -1986
13AAVIM (American Association For Vocational Instructional Materials), 1970-1975
14Academic Affairs-System, 1983
15Academic Affairs, Asst. To The V.P. For-J. Thomas Bowen, 1977-1982
16Academic Affairs, V.P. For-Dr. Sidney Brown, 1975-1984
17Academic Affairs, Office Of V.P. For-Dr. James H. Buck, 1981-1982
18Academic Affairs, V.P. Office For-Dr. Tom Dyer, 1984-1985
19Academic Affairs, V.P. For-Dr. Leroy Ervin, 1981-1985
110Academic Affairs, V.P. For-Dr. Louise McBee, 1977-1983
111-15Academic Affairs, V.P. For-Virginia Trotter, 1980-1984
116College Of Agriculture (Cooperative Extension Service), 1981
117-20College Of Agriculture, 1983-1986
121APDC's-Sapelo Island Meeting, 1982 November 15
122Sapelo APDC Executive Directors, 1983 November 8-10
123APDC Correspondence, 1983-1987
21APDC Macon, 1984
22APDC Executive Directors Retreat, 1985
23Associate Degree Programs, A Proposal For, 1977
24University Programs In Greater Metropolitan Atlanta Area, 1981-1983
25Atlanta Newspaper Editors And Reporters, 1981-1983
26Board Of Regents Advisory Council (Flyer), No Date
27-11Board Of Regents-Dr. Howard Jordan, Vice Chancellor For Services, 1972-1981
212University Of Georgia Bicentennial Planning Committee, 1980
213University Of Georgia Bicentennial Guidebook, 1981 November 24
214Bicentennial Fund, 1980s
215-17Bicentennial, 1980-1985
218Bicentennial Exposition Committee, 1982-1985
219Bicentennial-Public Service Article For Alumni Magazine, 1984
220Bicentennial Touring Exhibits, 1984
221-22Search Committee and Dirr's reception, 1977-1979
223Botanical Garden-Visitor's Center/Conservatory Complex, 1980-1984
224Botanical Garden, 1981
31Botanical Garden, 1981
32Sam Jones-Botanical Garden, 1981-1982
33-4Botanical Garden Advisory Committee, 1981-1987
35-6Botanical Garden, 1983
37Susan Duncan-Schedules, 1984
38-9Botanical Garden, 1984
310Botanical Garden-Visitor's Center/Conservatory Complex (Photos), 1984-1985
311Botanical Garden, 1985
312Botanical Garden-Proposal To Citicorp, 1985
313-15Botanical Garden-Gardens Of The World Ball, 1985
316Botanical Garden Director's Position, 1985 June 21
317Botanical Garden Addresses, 1985
318Botanical Garden-Visitor's Center/Conservatory Complex, 1985-1986
319Botanical Garden, 1986
320Botanical Garden Planning Summary And Arentz Summary, 1986
41Botanical Garden, 1986
42Botanical Garden-Gardens Of The World Ball, 1986
43Botanical Garden-Amphitheater, 1985-1987
44Botanical Garden Project Coordinator, 1987
45Botanical Garden-Gardens Of The World Ball, 1987
46-7Botanical Garden, 1987
48-9Botanical Garden-Board Of Advisors, 1987-1988
410-12Botanical Garden-Ball, 1988
413-14Botanical Garden-General, 1988
415Botanical Garden, 1989
416Botanical Garden-Directorship Search, 1989
417-18Botanical Garden Ball, 1989-1990
419Botanical Garden, 1990
420Pending-Botanical Garden Faculty Advisory Committee, 1990-1992
421Botanical Garden, 1991-1992
51Botanical Garden, 1991-1992
52Affolter 11:30 a.m. Luncheon At Botanical Garden, 1992 January 3
53-4Botanical Garden Ball, 1992
55Bio Data On Cecil B. Day, Sr., 1993
56Botanical Garden, 1993
57-10Board Of Visitors, 1981-1984
511Burruss Institute Development Plan-Kennesaw College, 1987
512-14SBDC-DR. W.C. Flewellen (Small Business Development Center), 1980-1986
515-16Business Administration, Col. Of Small Business Development Center, 1980-1983
517College of Business-SBDC, 1983
518Business Administration, College Of, 1981-1982
519-23Cabinet, 1986-1987
61-14Cabinet, 1987-1989
615Community Affairs, Georgia Department Of, 1975-1987
616-17Community Leadership Development Center, 1981-1982
71-5Community Leadership Development Center, 1983-1988
76House Of Representatives (Congress Of The United States), 1977-1984
77-8Cooperative Extension Services, 1974-1976
79-11Dr. Tal DuVall, Director Cooperative Extension Service, 1981-1984
712-17Cooperative Extension Service-Miscellaneous, 1977-1991
7184-H Club Work-Cooperative Extension Service, 1973-1981
814-H Club Work-Cooperative Extension Service, 1982-1985
82Cooperative Extension Service-Water Study, 1981-1982
83Cooperative Extension Service C&S Marketer Tour, 1982 June
84-7Development, Vice President For, 1975-1992
88Knapp-V.P. Development Search Committee, 1987 July 2
89-10College of Education, 1978-1987
811UGA Flag, 1980
812Formula Committee-Public Higher Education Finance-Caruthers, 1982
813FSIS [Food Safety And Inspection Service] Training Center (Proposed), 1987-1988
814-15Food Safety And Inspection Service (FSIS) Proposal, 1987
816Georgia Association Of Area Planning And Development Commissions (GREDA), 1973-1982
817Georgia Center-Expansion Project, 1986-1990
818Georgia Center-Independent Study-Athletic/Academic Allegations, 1989-1990
91Georgia Center Rededication, 1990 September 27
92Georgia Department Of Natural Resources-(Status Report And Program Plan For The Expanded Ground-Water Program), 1978
93-4Georgia World Congress Institute, 1977-1981
95Global Policy Studies, Center For (Papers), 1981
96Global Policy Studies, Center For, 1981-1983
97Global Policy Studies, Center For (Belize Forestry Project), 1982
98-9Governor's Committee On Postsecondary Education, 1978-1980
910Governor's Conference On Agriculture, 1971-1976
911Governor's Office, 1983-1988
912Visit From Lt. Gov. Miller, 1978 November 28
913Governor George Busbee, 1978-1980
914State Growth Policy Committee, 1978-1988
915-20The Governor's Growth Strategies Commission (Economic Development Task Force), 1987-1988
921The Governor's Growth Strategies Commission, 1987-1988
101-2The Governor's Growth Strategies Commission, 1987-1988
103The Governor's Growth Strategies Commission (Economic Development Task Force), 1988
104-6Governor's Task Force On Water Uses And Availability For Agriculture, 1978-1983
107-8Graduate School, 1970-1988
109Gwinnett Center Advisory Council Meeting, 1989 April 26
1010Gwinnett Center Information, 1985-1993
1011-15Gwinnett Center Management Team, 1988-1989
1016Gwinnett Center Policies And Procedures-Draft, 1989
1017-18Gwinnett County Coordinating Committee, 1983
111Gwinnett County Coordinating Committee-Dr. Ray Cleere, 1983-1984
112-4Gwinnett County Coordinating Committee, 1984
115Gwinnett County Coordinating Committee Proposal, 1984-1985
116-8Gwinnett County Coordinating Committee, 1985-1987
119Home Economics, 1970-1989
1110-12In-Service Program, 1964-1983
1113-15Department of Home Economics-Name Change, 1988
1116ICAD (Institute Of Community And Area Development) Atlas, 1979-1989
121-7ICAD (Institute Of Community And Area Development) Atlas, 1979-1986
128-9IICPAB (The International Information Center For Plant And Animal Biotechnology), 1980-1986
1210Responses To David Padwa (IICPAB), 1986
1211Carl Vinson Institute Of Government, Director of, 1982-1984
1212-13Carl Vinson Institute Of Government-Melvin Hill, 1982-1985
1214Carl Vinson Institute Of Government-Holtz, Harold, 1984
1215Carl Vinson Institute Of Government, 1984-1986
1216Carl Vinson Institute Of Government-Gifts For Lucy Cobb, 1984-1985
1217Carl Vinson Institute Of Government-The Kresge Foundation, 1984
1218Carl Vinson Institute Of Government-Dedication, 1984 October 1
1219Carl Vinson Institute Of Government-Fund Raising Campaign, 1984
131-2Carl Vinson Institute Of Government-Fund Raising Campaign, 1984
133-4Carl Vinson Institute Of Government, 1987
135Carl Vinson Institute Of Government-Contemporary Georgia, 1987-1988
136Small Business Development Center, 1986-1988
137Institute For Business, 1987-1989
138Institute For Business Director Search, 1988
139Small Business Development Center Advisory Council Lunch, 1988 August 23
1310Institute Of Higher Education, 1982
1311-14International Development, 1983-1986
1315International Development (Burkina Faso Trip), 1986 July 7-21
1316-17International Development, 1987-1990
141-3International Development, 1989-1992
144International Development-Title XII Strengthening Grant, 1977-1991
145-6Kellogg-Radio Station, 1986-1987
147-8Rural Revitalization Initiative-Kellogg Grant, 1987-1991
149Rural Revitalization Initiative-Annual Reports And Summaries, 1988-1991
1410Rural Revitalization Initiative-Annual Progress Report, 1989 July 1-1990 June 30
1411Conference On Revitalizing Rural America-Georgia Center, 1991
1412Revitalizing Rural America: New Strategies For The Nineties, 1991 February 18-20
1413Holt, Margaret. Evaluating Collaboration Among University Units In The Rural Revitalization Initiative, 1991
1414-15Marine Sciences Program, 1974-1989
1416Neighborhood Continuing Education Of Savannah, 1970-1978
151Open School, 1971
152Goals For Georgia (Georgia Planning Association), 1971-1973
153-5The Third National Conference On Public Service, 1984 June 20-22
156Conference For Professional Service Staff, 1973
157Public Service And Extension Seminar, 1975
158-18Public Service And Extension Annual Meeting, 1977-1984
161-4Public Service And Extension Awards, 1980, 1984, 1988
165Public Service Productivity Reports-Summary Reports, 1980
166-9Public Service Promotions, 1977-1986
1610-11Reports Of Public Services, 1967-1968
1612-13Public Service, Vice President, 1975-1989
1614Service Program Of The University (Questionnaires), 1966
1615Assistant Vice President For Services Position, 1977
1616-18Burke, John D.-Assistant Vice President For Services, 1977-1983
1619-21Public Service-Roy Mecklenburg, 1985-1989
171-5Board Of Regents, 1979-1985
176Rowland Elisa Stewart (Special Projects Coordinator), 1987-1988
177Rural Development Center (Darl Snyder Correspondence), 1973
178Richard B. Russell Agricultural Research Center (Booklets), 1971
179Sapelo Island (Pattillo and Others), 1984 March
1710Sapelo Island, 1985 January
1711-12SECID (South-East Consortium For International Development) Annual Reports, 1979-1984
1713SECID (South-East Consortium For International Development), 1980 January-February
1714SECID (South-East Consortium For International Development) Board of Trustees Meeting, 1980 June 24-25
1715SECID (South-East Consortium For International Development) Meeting-Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 1980 October 8
1716SECID (South-East Consortium For International Development) Visit For GSL And USAID/Columbo Officials, 1980 December 19
1717-19SECID (South-East Consortium For International Development), 1980-1981
1720SECID (South-East Consortium For International Development) Atlanta, Georgia, 1981 January 16
1721SECID (South-East Consortium For International Development) Atlanta, Georgia, 1981 February 28
181-2SECID (South-East Consortium For International Development) Sapelo Island, Georgia, 1981 April 3-5
183SECID (South-East Consortium For International Development) Executive Committee Meeting Orangeburg, South Carolina, 1981 July 8
184-5SECID (South-East Consortium For International Development) Board of Trustees Meeting, 1981 July 9-10
186SECID (South-East Consortium For International Development) Executive Committee Meeting, 1982
187-8SECID (South-East Consortium For International Development) Board of Trustees Meeting, 1982 July 29-30
189-11SECID (South-East Consortium For International Development), 1982
1812-14SECID (South-East Consortium For International Development) Sri Lanka, 1981-1983
1815SECID (South-East Consortium For International Development) Davis, Turner-Sri Lanka, 1981-1982
1816SECID (South-East Consortium For International Development) Board Of Trustees Meeting-Tallahassee, Florida, 1983 July 14-15
1817SECID (South-East Consortium For International Development) Board, 1983-1985
191SECID (South-East Consortium For International Development), 1983-1985
192SECID-(South-East Consortium For International Development) Annual Board Of Trustees Meeting-Bethesda, Maryland, 1984 July 26-27
193SECID- (South-East Consortium For International Development) Annual Board Of Trustees Meeting-Bethesda, Maryland], 1984 July 26-27
194SECID- (South-East Consortium For International Development), 1986
195-6SECID- (South-East Consortium For International Development) AD HOC Committee on Management, 1987
197-8SECID (South-East Consortium For International Development) Briefing Book For Board Meeting, 1991 June 25-26
199Southern Consortium For International Education-Georgia State University-Atlanta, 1976 May 18
1910-11Southern Consortium For International Education, 1973-1978
1912Self Study, 1980
1913-15Self-Study For SACS, 1990-1991
1916Southeastern Assembly (American Assembly), 1975
1917Strategic Plan/Vice Presidents Meeting-February 9, 1989, 10:00 a.m. (And General Strategic Plan Information), 1988-1989
1918Strategic Plan Retreat-Atlanta-February 15-16, 1989 (Cancelled) And General Strategic Plan Information, 1988-1989
201Public Service-Five Year Strategic Plan, 1989 March
202Strategic Plan-Reactions, 1989-1990
203-5Strategic Plan For UGA, 1989-1991
206Tarkenton Information Systems, 1982
207Younts-Personal, 1972
208Thank You Letters, 1973-1975
209Younts Personal, 1973-1975
2010-11Personal and Thank You, 1976-1977
2012-15Persomal (Younts), 1978-1982
2016Book: The Land Base, The People For Which It Provides...Younts And Bowyer, No Date
2017-18Tifton Alumni Seminar-April 26, 1980 "Georgia's Role In World Agriculture.", 1980 April 26
211-4Thrust for the 1980s, 1980-1981
215-6TV Program-Farm Crisis I and II, 1980
217TV Program-Water, 1980 June 29
218TV Program-Small Business Development Center, 1980 August 10
219-10TV Program-Energy, 1980 October 6
2111TV Program-Elections (Dr. Dunn And Others), 1980 November 3
2112TV Program-Crime-Ernie Taylor, 1980 December 2
2113TV Program-General Assembly, 1981 January 5
2114TV Program-"General Assembly" Georgia Center, 1981 February 1
2115TV Program-Minority Business, 1981 March 29
2116TV Program-Agriculture, 1981 May 10
2117TV Program- (Impact Of International Trade On The Economy of Georgia), 1981 July 26
2118-19TV Shows-Amy Hamill, 1981
2120TV Program-Dr. Chin, Guest, 1982 April 30
2121TV Program-"Prescription Drugs For Elderly", 1982 August 12
2122TV Shows-Amy Hamill-"Minority Business Development At UGA", 1982 August 31
2123TV Program-Show On Agriculture, 1982 October 4
2124TV Shows-Amy Hamill (Letter of Reference), 1983
2125TV Program-International Development, 1981
2126TV Program-International Agriculture, 1980
2127TV Future Programs, 1980-1981
2128University Council, 1970-1974
221-3University Council, 1970-1977
224University Council-Educational Affairs Committee, 1975-1980
225University Council-Selection Of Members, 1980-1983
226-12University Council, 1978-1987
2213-14University Health Council, 1973
2215-16Veterinary Medicine, 1970-1974
231-3Veterinary Medicine, 1975-1987
234Vocational-Technical Schools Re : Cooperative Programs, 1970-1980
235Water Resources Conferences, 1982 January 25-27
236Georgia Center For Continuing Education-Changes Made, 1967
237Georgia Center (Misc), 1970-1975, 1991
238Georgia Center-T.W. Mahler, 1973-1983
239-10Georgia Center For Continuing Education-Mr. C.B. Lord, 1973-1984
2311PBS-Minutes Of Board And Executive Committee Meetings, 1973-1974
2312Station Program Cooperative Policies And Procedures Manual, 1974 April
2313Georgia Center For Continuing Education Miscellaneous, 1975-1985
2314-15Georgia Center For Continuing Education-William H. Hale, 1975-1978
241Georgia Center-Wanda Grogan, 1975-1985
242Hale [William H.]-WGTV's Community Advisory Council-Public Television, 1979-1981
243-5Georgia Center For Continuing Education-William H. Hale, 1979-1985
246TV-Executive Orders (The State of Georgia), 1981
247WGTV-Riverside Military Academy, 1981-1982
248Georgia Telecommunications Commission, 1981-1983
249Georgia Center-Teleconferencing Meeting-Room J, 1982 June 25
2410Georgia Center-Audio Teleconference, 1982-1983
2411Telecommunications-Ad Hoc Committee, 1982-1983
2412Telecommunications Council, 1982-1983
2413-14Georgia Center For Continuing Education-Dr. Edward G. Simpson, Jr., 1982-1984
2415Telecommunications Council, 1983-1984
2416Georgia Center-Alumniversity, 1983-1984
2417Georgia Center-Room N-Meeting, 1983 March 21
2418Georgia Center Reception For Dr. Ed Simpson, Jr., 1983 November 17
2419Georgia Center-School Of Continuing Studies Proposal, 1983 March 21
2420Georgia Center-Reports, 1984
2421Georgia Center Divisional Review, 1984-1985
2422Georgia Center-Satellite Proposal, 1985-1986
2423Georgia Center For Continuing Education, 1985-1988
251-5Georgia Center For Continuing Education, 1985-1990
256Georgia Power, 1979-1987
257-12Cabinet, 1988-1989
261-12Cabinet, 1989-1994
2613Employee Performance Evaluation (Advisory Committee), 1993-1994
271Cabinet Meeting-9:00 a.m. (Deans To Join At 10:00 a.m.)., 1994 February 21
272-4Cabinet, 1994-1995
275Article For ACCG Magazine By Charles B. Knapp, 1994
276-8Association County Commissioners Of Georgia, 1987-1997
279Atlanta Committee On Olympic Games, 1990-1994
2710BOR [Board of Regents] Correspondence, 1996
2711Needs Assessment Performance Team (BOR), 1996
2712-13Board Of Regents, 1996-1997
2714Board Of Regents-Tuition Remission Plan, 1997
2715Economic Development Request From Chancellor, 1997 July
2716Board of Regents, 1998
2717Hudson, Richard A. To BOR (Board Of Regents), 1998 July
2718-19Proposal For International Garden, 1989-1996
2720-21Botanical Garden Chapel, 1989-1996
2722Botanical Garden Gifts, 1994-1996
2723-24Botanical Garden, 1997-1998
2725Garden Club Headquarters, 1990-1998
2726University Business-Outreach Services (SBDC)-Small Business Development Center, 1995
2727Business Outreach Services, 1996
281-2Business Outreach Services, 1997-1998
283Houke, Charlotte (Business Outreach Service), 1998
284Business Outreach Service-Holbrook, Rodgers, And Younts, 1998 December 18
285History of Carl Vinson Institute of Government, 1983
286Carl Vinson Institute of Government-Public Policy Research Series, 1992-1996
287Carl Vinson Institute of Government, 1995
288Carl Vinson Institute of Government-Virgil Shepard, 1995
289Carl Vinson Institute of Government-Bill Shinar, 1995
2810Carl Vinson Institute of Government-Mell Hill, 1995-1998
2811Carl Vinson Institute of Government, 1996
2812Carl Vinson Institute of Government Mary Hepburn-Taft Institute, 1996
2813-14Carl Vinson Institute of Government, 1997-1998
2815Carl Vinson Institute of Government-Hank Huckaby, 1998
2816Carl Vinson Institute of Government-Advisory Committee, 1998
2817Carl Vinson Institute of Government-1998 March, 1998 March
2818-19Seney Stovall Chapel-Prior Renovation, 1996
2820Seney Stovall Chapel Parking, 1996
2821Seney Stovall Chapel, 1997
2822Coca-Cola Company, 1989-1996
2823-24College of Education, 1996
2825College of Agriculture Sale of Fannin County 4-H Equipment, 1996
2826-27College of Agriculture, 1997
2828Compliance of MOU-College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences/College of Family and Consumer Sciences, 1997
2829Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication (College of Agriculture), 1998
2830College of Agriculture, 1998
2831Redirection-University System, 1996
291Cooperative Extension Service-Building Effective Support For The Future, 1991-1992
292-4Cooperative Extension, 1996-1998
295-6Arts And Sciences (Franklin College Of), 1997-1998
297Cortona Program, 1989-1998
298-10College Of Business, 1996-1998
2911Charles F. Floyd-Terry College Of Business, 1998
2912-14College Of Education, 1995-1998
2915Montezuma, City Of (Doug Bachtel's Economic Development Project), 1995
2916College Of Family And Consumer Science, 1995-1996
2917Christine M. Todd (College of Family And Consumer Sciences), 1996
2918Bachtel, Doug (College Of Family And Consumer Sciences), 1996
2919Rising To The Challenge: Classic Skills, New Realities. Sharon Nickols' Speech, 1997
2920-21College Of Family And Consumer Sciences, 1997-1998
2922Cox International Center-College Of Journalism, 1994-1995
2923College Of Journalism (Melinda Hawley Photograph), 1996
2924College Of Journalism, 1997-1998
2925Journal of Public Service and Outreach (JPSO) Correspondence, 1996
2926Fanning Leadership Center Board Of Directors Letter, 1993-1994
2927-28Fanning Leadership Center, 1995-1996
2929Chandler, Judy (Fanning Leadership Center), 1996
2930Fanning Leadership Center, 1997
2931Fanning Lecture, 1997 November 5
2932Fanning Leadership Center, 1998
2933Distance Learning Policy Advisory Board, 1994-1995
2934Distance Learning, 1995
301-3Distance Learning, 1996-1998
304-9Georgia Center, 1995-1997
3010Continuing Education Function Survey, 1997 November
3011Georgia Center-WUGA, 1995-1998
3012-13Evening School, 1994-1995
3014-15Georgia Center-Evening Classes, 1995-1996
3016Georgia Center Evening Classes (University Studies), 1996
3017Georgia Center-University Studies (Formerly Evening Classes), 1997
3018Georgia Center-GSAMS (Georgia Statewide Academic And Medical System), 1994-1998
3019Humanities Symposium-"Islam And The West", 1995 January 18-20
3020Humanities Symposium-"Ethnic And Nationalist Tension In The Pacific Rim Conference", 1996 January 17-19
3021Humanities Symposium-"Africa, Pan-Africanism And The New World Order", 1997 January 22-24
3022Georgia Center-LINKAGE, 1998
3023Electronic Publication Of Service Information, 1996
3024GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Program Planning Council, 1995
3025GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Position- Veronica Bertoni, 1995
3026-27GIS (Geographic Information Systems), 1995-1996
3028GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Request For Space (West Hancock Street), 1996
3029Gwinnett County Focus Group, 1995
3030Gwinnett Center Correspondence, 1995
311Gwinnett Center Correspondence, 1995
312-4Gwinnett Policy Advisory Committee (GPAC), 1995-1996
315-6Gwinnett Center Correspondence, 1996
317Gwinnett Center Management Team Meeting, 1996 February 19
318-9Gwinnett County-University Of Georgia Peer Network Partnership, 1996-1997
3110Gwinnett Center, 1997
3111-12Gwinnett Center Management Team, 1997 June 25
3113Gwinnett Center Management Team Meeting, 1997 October 2
3114Gwinnett County-Overview-Peer Network Partnership, 1997
3115Gwinnett Center, 1998
3116-17University Center In Georgia, 1983-1997
3118University Center In Georgia Survey, 1994
3119Information Technology Executive Committee, 1996
3120Information Technology, 1997
3121Information Technology Assessment, 1997
3122ITOS (Information Technology Outreach Services) Correspondence, 1998
3123ITOS (Office Of Information Technology Outreach Services), 1998
3124ICAD (Institute Of Community And Area Development)-Health Related Resource Group, 1993-1995
3125ICAD (Institute Of Community And Area Development), 1995
3126-28Institute Of Higher Education, 1995-1997
3129Spring Course With Tom Dyer "Public Service And The American University"-Institute Of Higher Education, 1997
3130Ed Simpson To Institute Of Higher Education, 1998-1999
3131Stoneman (Zolinda) Program On Human Development And Disability (Petition For Institute Status)
3132Institute On Human Development And Disability/University Affiliated Program, 1998
3133The Georgia Community Concept, 1991
321The Georgia Community Concept, 1991
322Kellogg Proposal "Georgia's Plan: Expanding The Role Of The University Of Georgia In Lifelong Learning", 1983
323Kellogg-Interim Reports To Kellogg, 1986-1988
324Kellogg Fellows, 1991-1995
325Final Kellogg Review, 1987-1994
326-7W.K. Kellogg Proposals, 1991-1997
328Revised Proposal Submitted By F. Payton, 1993-1995
329W.K. Kellogg Proposal-"Visioning For The 21st Century: A Listening And Learning Initiative", 1993 October 29
3210Vision Of The W.K. Kellogg Foundation-20 Years Hence (2014 A.D.), 1994
3211Mexico Re: Kellogg Proposal Writing, 1995 January 23-25
3212Pre-Proposal-Kellogg-William Holley- "Enhancing Leadership Training Opportunities For Youth Of Color With And Without Disabilities"., 1995
3213W.K. Kellogg Proposal Explorations-Ed Simpson, 1995
3214W.K. Kellogg Proposal-Trudy Cain-"Professional Development Plan For Older Adult Care Service Providers For The State Of Georgia", 1995
3215Kellogg Proposal-Family And Consumer Sciences, 1996-1997
3216(W.K. Kellogg) Susan Jenkins, 1997
3217Kettering Foundation, 1993-1996
3218-20Marine Extension Service, 1987-1993
3221Marine Institute Staff Development, 1992
3222Marine Extension Service, 1994
3223Tenure Track Appointment For Randal L. Walker-Marine Science Program, 1994
3224Top Two Candidates For Vice President Younts (Marine Extension Service), 1994
3225Resignation Of Dr. Jay Calkins, 1994
3226Marine Science Program-Ed Chin Retirement, 1995
3227Marine Science Director Search, 1995
3228Selection Of A Director For The School Of Marine Programs, 1995
3229Skidaway Project-President's Conference Room, 1995 April 14
3230-31Marine Extension Service, 1995
331-2Marine Extension Service, 1996
333Skidaway Proposal, 1996-1997
334Duncan Amos' Position Funding (Marine Business Specialist), 1997
335-6Marine Extension Service, 1997-1998
337Review of Marine Sciences-Holbrook, Rodgers, and Younts, 1998 November 30
338-10Museum Of Natural History, 1977-1985
3311State Museum Of Natural History Proposal, 1986
3312-15Museum Of Natural History, 1986-1995
3316-17Review Of Museum Of Natural History-Holbrook, Rodgers, And Younts, 1998
3318-20NASULGC (National Association Of State Universities And Land Grant Colleges), 1997-1998
3321National Issues Forum (NIF), 1993
3322NUCEA-(National University Continuing Education Association) Awards And Sessions, 1994, 1996
3323Savannah Joint Center For Continuing Education-Armstrong And Savannah State Colleges, 1981-1984
3324School Of Environmental Design, 1992-1996
3325Cheryl Mihalko, 1996
341School Of Environmental Design, 1997
342Environmental Design- Fiscal Irregularity Involving Continuing Education Programs, 1996-1998
343School Of Environmental Design, 1998
344-6School Of Forestry, 1974-1997
347Bruce Beck's Presentation To State Department Heads-Commerce Club- 15th Floor, 1998 June 22
348-9Southern Growth Policies Board, 1990-1997
3410Southern Regional Education Board (SREB)/Fanning Leadership Center Meeting, 1991-1994
3411Southwest Georgia Development Initiative-Rural Development Center At Tifton, 1996 May 9-10
3412Southwest Georgia Development Initiative-Intellectual Capital Partnership Program (ICAPP), 1996-1997
3413Regional Economic Development Partnership (REDP), 1997
3414ICAPP (Intellectual Capital and Partnership Program), 1997 January
3415Regional Economic Development Partnership For S.W. Georgia At Valdosta State University, 1997 June 16
3416Valdosta State With Community Leaders (REDP), 1997 August 13
3417REDP-(Regional Economic Development Partnership) Formerly "S.W. Georgia Development Initiative" (ICAPP), 1997
3418Gainesville Regional Meeting (Meetings Across the State) [Regional Economic Development Partnership], 1997
3419Regional Economic Development Partnership, 1998
3420REDP (Regional Economic Development Partnership) Governing Board-ABAC (Abraham Baldwin Agriculture College), 1998 March 30
3421REPD (Regional Economic Development Partnership) Board Meeting-Darton-Albany, 1998 August 3
3422Regional Economic Development Partnership (Tifton), 1998 December
3423Review of Rural Development Center Conference Program, 1995 May
3424Jeanne E. Werner-Rural Development Center, 1993-1995
3425Rural Development Center Conference Coordinator, 1995-1996
3426Rural Development Center, 1996
351Development Center Expansion, 1997-1998
352-3Tifton, 1997 April 18
354Al Gore Invitation To Speak At UGA, 1994
355Hill Lecture (Russell G. Mawby), 1995 October 30
356Hill Lecture (Dr. David Mathews), 1996 October 11
357Hill Lecture-Master Hall (Dr. Myles Brand), 1997 October 23
358Hill Lecture (Charlayne Hunter-Gault), 1998 September 28
359-12Carl Vinson Institute Of Government, 1989-1994
3513Lucy Cobb Furniture, 1990
3514Carl Vinson Institute Of Government/ICAD Publications, 1989-1994
3515History Of The Cooperative Extension Service, 1991
3516University Extension Concept, 1991
3517Extension Service: Shift To P.S. (Public Service) Rank, 1992
3518-20Cooperative Extension Service, 1974-1993
3521Focus Forward: An Extension Advisory Conference, 1992 December 1-2
361Paperwork (Cooperative Extension Service), 1995
362Policy (Cooperative Extension Service), 1995-1996
363Cooperative Extension Rank, 1996
364Data Services Unit (Georgia Regional Economic Development) Databook, 1992 January
365Environmental Design, 1989
366Miller County (Mrs. India Taylor) Colquitt, Georgia, 1990
367-9J.W. Fanning Community Leadership Center, 1990-1991
3610Melba Cooper (Fanning Leadership Center), 1991-1992
3611-12J.W. Fanning Community Leadership Center, 1992
3613Chris Langone (J.W. Fanning Leadership Center), 1992-1993
3614-15J. W. Fanning Community Leadership Center, 1993
3616Melba Cooper (J.W. Fanning Community Leadership), 1993 February 19
3617Fanning Leadership Budget Meeting, 1993 February 24
3618Melba Cooper (J.W. Fanning Community Leadership), 1993 April 21
3619J.W. Fanning Community Leadership, 1994
3620-21Georgia Center/Evening School/Prokasy Controversy, 1986-1990
3622Georgia Center For Continuing Education, 1989-1991
3623Georgia Center Editorial Board, 1990-1991
3624-25Evening Classes, 1990-1992
371Leadership Meeting-Executive Conference Room- Ga. Center, 1990 June 13
372Independent Study, 1990-1992
373Vickie Stout (Georgia Center), 1992
374Georgia Center, 1992
375Georgia Center-Policy Statement, 1992 June
376Distance Learning (Georgia Center), 1993
377ICAD-Economic Development, 1989-1991
378-9ICAD-Joseph W. Whorton, Jr., 1978, 1989-1991
3710ICAD, 1992
3711ICAD-Community Economic Development Institute, 1992
3712ICAD, 1993
3713I.C.J.E. (Institute Of Continuing Judicial Education) R. Reaves, 1989
3714Institute Of Continuing Legal Education-Barney Brannen, Jr., 1986
3715-20Institute Of Higher Education, 1988-1993
3721Dr. Fincher Review-Candler Hall, 1993 October 27
3722Institute Of Higher Education, 1994
3723Institute Of Higher Education: Monograph Series, 1986-1992
3724IHE (Institute of Higher Education), 1988-1989
3725Institute Of Natural Resources (Ecology) Ronald North, 1978
3726Council Of International Programs, 1991-1992
381International Visitors, 1990 November 1
382"Memorandum Of Understanding", No Date
383-4International Development, 1989-1991
385L. Harlan Davis (International Development), 1992-1993
386-8Dr. Darl Snyder, 1989-1992
389International Trade Development Center-ITDC, 1988-1990
3810Marine Extension Service And Sea Grant Program, 1989-1990
3811Marine Extension Service, 1991-1992
3812Museum Of Natural History, 1989-1991
3813Rucker, Jerry (SBDC), 1989
3814Small Business Development Center-SBDC Documentation, 1988-1989
3815-16Small Business Development Center, 1989-1991
3817Small Business Development Center Visit, 1990
3818SBDC Connection, 1990-1992
3819Small Business Development Center, 1992
3820Grievance (SBDC), 1992-1993
3821Small Business Development Center, 1993
3822Center For Business And Economic Studies (CBES-SBDC), 1989
3823Office Of Minority Business Development, 1977-1990
3824Pharmacy, 1989
3825Rusk Center (The Third Century Campaign), No Date
3826Social Work, 1989
3827Special Programs, 1990
3828Veterinary Programs, 1992
3829-30Academic Affairs
391-2Adult Education, 1985-1991
393Advanced Technology Development Center, 1986-1988
394-5College Of Agriculture, 1988-1991
396College Of Agriculture And Environmental Sciences-Organization Chart-Approved, 1992 January 8
397College Of Agriculture, 1992
398BIC [Bicentennial] Steering Committee, 1981-1984
399Biocontainment Research Lab, 1987
3910Biotechnology, 1985-1987
3911Black Faculty And Staff Group, 1986
3912Blue Key Award, 1989-1991
3913-14College Of Business-Prior To, 1990
3915College Of Business, 1990-1992
3916-17Computing And Information Services Prior To, 1993
3918-19Computer Advisory Committee, 1987-1991
401Computer Advisory Committee, 1991-1992
402Executive Council On Computing, 1989 November 27
403-5Cooperative Extension, 1985-1990
406James Chapman, Peach County, 1992
407-8Cooperative Extension Service, 1992
409-11Economic Development, 1986-1990
4012Economic Development Retreat, 1990 February 27
4013-14Economic Development, 1991-1992
4015-17Restructuring Of Employment Categories Prior To, 1992
4018Environment Design, School Of-Prior To, 1992
411Task Force On Environmental Issues, 1990-1992
412Expressive Therapy Committee Of-Research Center For, 1978-1980
413Extension-Extension Energy Committee (Dr. Joe Pou), 1976-1979
414Farm Aid-Governor's Hot Line To Help Distressed Farmers, 1986
415Farm Credit Banks Of Columbia, 1985-1991
416Farrington, Bill, 1988
417Fellowships And Awards (National), 1986
418Financial Exigency, 1991
419-11Fine Arts Task Force, 1991
4112Fish Bowl Industries, Inc.-Octavius A. Rasul, 1986
4113William L. Flowers, 1985
4114Folk Life Program (Proposal), 1988
4115Foundation For Excellence In Public Education In Clarke County, Georgia, 1984
4116Wyche Fowler, 1987-1992
4117Gainesville Junior College, 1982-1985
4118Trevor Gatty, 1987
4119-20General Assembly Of Georgia Prior To, 1993
4121Legislative Visit, 1987 June
4122General Foods World Food Prize, 1989
4123Genetics, Dept. Of, 1987-1988
4124Geography, 1989-1992
4125Ad Hoc Committee On Georgia Exports, 1990 November 20
4126Innovation/Incubation Center Network (Proposed), 1987
4127Leasing Of Chicopee, 1987
4128Dr. Key (Innovation/Incubation Center Materials), 1986-1987
4129College Of Continuing Studies (Proposed)
421Georgia Council For The Improvement Of Continuing Education, 1987
422Georgia College, 1984-1989
423Georgia Congressional Delegation, 1986-1990
424Georgia Council On Economic Education, 1974-1980
425Georgia Endowment For The Humanities, 1986-1987
426Georgia Forestry Commission, 1973-1977
427Georgia Industrial Developers Association, 1986
428Georgia Municipal Clerks and Finance Officers Association, 1989
429Georgia Plant Food Educational Society, 1987
4210Georgia Press, University Of, 1986-1989
4211Georgia Professional Standards Commission, 1986
4212Georgia Public Television, 1984-1991
4213Georgia Review, 1988-1989
4214Georgia State University, 1971-1992
4215-16Georgia Southern College, 1974-1992
4217Georgia Southwestern College, 1976-1987
4218-19Georgia Tech, 1972-1990
4220-22Georgia Tech-Georgia Cooperative Effort, 1988-1989
4223-24Georgia Tech-Georgia Projects, 1986-1988
4225Georgia Telephone Association, 1990
4226Goals For Georgia, 1971-1974
4227Gerotology, 1986-1989
4228Governance Task Force-Georgia Department Of Technical And Adult Education, 1990-1991
4229Governor Of Georgia-J. Frank Harris, 1983-1985
4230Lieutenant Governor Pierre Howard, 1991-1992
431Governor's Advisory Council On Science And Technology Development, 1992
432Meeting With Dr. Don Grace, 1988
433Graduate School, 1989-1991
434Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Act, 1986
435-6Graphic Identity Committee, 1988-1989
437-8Gridiron Secret Society, 1973-1992
439Gwinnett County Chamber Of Commerce, 1991-1992
4310Gwinnett County-Selection Of Higher Education Program Director, 1987
4311Gwinnett Daily News, 1990
4312-16Georgia Academy Board, 1990-1992
4317Children At Risk, 1991
4318Georgia Academy Board Of Directors, 1992 June 12
4319Georgia Academy For Children And Youth Professionals-Family Connection Initiative Grant, 1991
4320Georgia Association Of County Agricultural Agents, 1975-1992
4321Georgia Agricenter, 1990
4322Georgia Agriculture Statistics, No Date
4323Georgia Center-American Language Program, 1991-1993
4324-25Georgia Center, 1991
4326Georgia Center-Fee Structure, 1991-1992
4327-29Georgia Center-Evening Classes, 1988-1992
391-2Georgia Center-Evening Classes, 1991
393Task Force On Evening Classes, 1988-1989
394Georgia Center-Cooperation With The Private Sector, 1973-1988
395Georgia Center-In-Service Education, 1985-1988
396-7Georgia Center-Independent Study, 1987-1991
398Georgia Center-Personal Adult Learning Lab, 1985-1990
399Gwinnett County Hospital System With Dr. Knapp, 1990 December 4
3910Gwinnett Center Advisory Council Meeting, 1989 November 17
3911Gwinnett Center Management Team, 1990
3912Gwinnett Center Management Team Meeting, 1991 February 21
3913Gwinnett Center Annual Planning Meeting, 1990-1991
3914Gwinnett Center Working Group, 1991 April 15
3915-16Gwinnett Center Management Team Meeting, 1990-1991
3917-18Gwinnett Center (Dr. Younts Chairman Of Team), 1991-1992
3919American Society Of Landscape Architects, 1989-1991
3920LLL Group 1989 Priorities (Athens Leadership Group), 1988-1992
451Landscape Architectural Accreditation-Auburn University, 1984
452-3University Of California, Davis-Landscape Architecture Accreditation, 1991
454University Of Minnesota Accreditation Visit, 1993 May
455-6Landscape Architecture Accreditation Team-Ohio State University, 1988
457Ohio State University-Landscape Team, 1988 April
458ASLA Visit To Oklahoma State University, 1990 April
459Self Evaluation Report-Oklahoma State University, 1990 Spring
4510-11Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1980 April
4512Landscape Architecture Accreditation Purdue Visit, 1986-1987
4513ASLA Accreditation Team-Syracuse, New York, 1981
4514Leadership Georgia, 1987-1993
4515Institute Of Continuing Legal Education-Law School, 1972-1980
4516Dean-The School Of Law, 1970-1985
4517Law, School Of, 1985-1993
4518Leadership Program-David Mathews, 1984-1985
4519"Leadership and Organizational Development For Georgia Public Schools" (Carvin Brown Proposal), 1988
461-2Community Leadership Program, 1987-1990
463Legal Affairs, Vice President For, 1988-1992
464Legislature Presentations, 1978-1984
465Legislature-The Georgia Center-Photographs, 1979 May 18
466Libraries, 1978-1988
467Lifelong Learning Forum, 1984-1986
468Literacy Project, 1988-1990
469Livestock Pavilion At Calhoun, 1974-1984
4610Lorentz, Mrs. Elizabeth (Livestock Pavilion At Calhoun), 1984-1985
4611"Global Food Web Evaluation", 1990 December
4612"The Global Good Web: A Public Policy Education Program For Youth", 1990
4613Global Food Web-Kellogg Grant, 1988-1992
4614-16Kellogg-Proposal For Revitalizing Rural Georgia, 1987-1993
4617-18Kellogg-General Correspondence, 1985-1991
4619Trip To Kellogg Foundation, 1990 September
4620-21Kellogg Board Visit, 1991 April
4622Kellogg-Georgia Center Continuing Education, 1985-1986
471-2Kellogg-Task Forces, 1984-1988
473Kellogg Memo, 1983-1985
474W. K. Kellogg Foundation, 1990-1993
475Kellogg-Innovative Models For Education In And About Agriculture, 1990-1991
476Kettering Foundation (Charles F. Kettering Foundation)-Dayton, Ohio, 1989-1992
477Institutional Research And Planning, 1989
478Institutional Data Base, 1991
479Carl Vinson Institute Of Government, 1992
4710Intellectual Enrichment Program, 1990
4711Atlanta Council For International Cooperation, Inc. (ACIC), 1991
4712International Business Council, 1985-1990
4713International Development-Dr. Snyder's Role, 1992-1993
4714International Business Council-Finance Committee, Board Of Advisors, 1985
4715-17Task Force On International Programs, 1983-1997
4718International Development-International Program In Arts And Sciences, 1989
4719International Organization-UGA (Transition Period), 1992
4720Marine Extension Service (Chain Of Events Leading To The Issuance Of Two Citations To The Captain And Crew Of The Georgia Bulldog, 1989 June
481Speak At National Conference-Michigan State, 1991 September 26
482Michigan State University, 1991-1992
483National Rural Media Development Project Proposal, 1990 November
484-5Center For PVO/University Collaboration In Development, 1986-1993
486Dr. James A. Feldt-ICAD-Public Service Associate, 1984-1992
487Joint Tech-Georgia Development Fund, 1982-1992
488School Of Marine Science (Proposed), 1987-1992
489-10Marine Sciences, 1987-1992
4811Maritime Historical Village, No Date
4812Stan Mason, 1988
4813Benjamin E. Mays High School, 1987
4814Mears, Mike, 1985
4815Medical College Of Georgia, 1976-1980
4816Michigan, University Of, 1984
4817Joseph Morgenthaler, 1980-1991
4818Joseph H. Marshall (Southern Plantations Group, Inc.), 1993
4819MRR Funding, 1990-1993
4820School Of Music, 1987-1990
4821Museum Of Natural History Future, 1988 November 10
4822-23Museum Of Natural History Committee, 1989-1993
4824Museum Of Natural History-Dr. Reitz, 1983-1992
4825Prokasy, Moriarty, Flatt, 1989 November 16
4826Institute Of Natural Resources, 1985-1992
491National Association Of State Universities And Land-Grant Colleges-Fact File, 1987
492NASULGC-Urban Affairs, 1992
493NASULGC, 1991-1993
494The MacNeil/Leher News Hour (Charlayne Hunter-Gault), No Date
495NASULGC Meeting In Banff, 1990 June
496NASULGC Meeting, 1990 November
497-9NASULGC, 1986-1992
4910National Conference-Public Service, 1978
4911National Conference Of State Legislators, 1992
4912National Consortium For Education Access (Proposed), 1985
4913National Issues Forum-5th Annual Presidential Conference, 1987 March
4914National Resources, Department Of (Joe Tanner, Commissioner), 1974-1991
4915National Science Foundation-Science And Technology Center Proposal, 1989-1990
4916National University Continuing Education Association, 1981-1982
4917U.S. Navy Supply Corps School-All Hands, 1991
4918University Neutrality Policy, No Date
4919University Of New Orleans-Proposed Cooperative Effort, 1988-1989
4920Newspaper And Magazine Clippings (Miscellaneous), 1984-1992
4921North Campus Preservation, 1987-1989
4922North Carolina State University, 1985-1988
4923Northeast Georgia Area Planning And Development Commission, 1975-1987
4924Northeast Georgia Private Industry Council, 1986-1992
4925North Georgia College, 1982
4926Nuckolls, C. Randall, 1986-1992
4927Senator Sam Nunn, 1975-1991
4928Senator Sam Nunn's Energy Committee, 1976
501Integrated Studies Of The Okefenokee Swamp Ecosystem, 1980
502Office Of Planning And Budget, 1985-1992
503Off Campus Credit, No Date
504Okefenokee, Educational Project, 1980-1986
505Okefenokee Research And Conference Center, 1985-1987
506-7Okefenokee, Educational Project, 1982-1986
508Parent To Parent National Project, 1986
509J. Foster Peabody Exhibition Hall, 1987
5010William Pelletier, 1987-1991
5011People To People, 1992
5012Pharmacy, College Of, 1978-1991
5013Phi Beta Delta Honor Society For International Scholars, 1987
5014Phi Kappa Phi, 1980-1987
5015Physics-Yen Field Trip Proposal, 1992
5016Points Of Pride, 1986
5017Political Science-MPA Program, 1978
5018Political Science, Dept. Of, 1970-1989
5019Potash And Phosphate Institute, 1981-1992
5020President's Club, 1980-1991
5021Presidential Inauguration, 1987 October 18
5022Charles B. Knapp, 1987-1993
5023President's Office, 1987-1993
511-3President's Reports, 1987-1992
514-5Meeting Of Dr. Younts And President Knapp, 1988-1991
516-9Meetings With President Knapp, 1991-1993
5110President-Faculty Advisory Council, 1993
5111-16Cabinet, 1991-1992
5117Program Review Draft Responses, 1990 February
521Promotions, 1989
522Promotion Meetings, 1989-1991
523Promotions Workshops, 1991
524Department Of Psychology, 1989-1990
525Public Safety Division, 1989-1993
526Public Service, V.P. (General), 1984-1989
527Public Service-Academic Equity, 1989-1991
528Public Information, 1983-1992
529Annual Meeting-General, 1990 January 31
5210Public Service-Annual Meeting-Speeches, 1990
5211Annual Meetings-Younts Remarks, 1990 January 31
5212Annual Meeting-Attendence, 1990 January 31
5213Public Service-Annual Meeting, 1991
5214Annual Meeting Working Folder, 1992
5215Invitations to Annual Meeting, 1992
5216Annual Meeting-SEY Remarks Preparation, 1992
5217-18Public Service-Annual Meeting, 1992-1993
5219Public Service-Points Of Emphasis, 1992
5220Public Service, Vice President Of (Explanation Of), 1984-1992
5221-22Public Service (Publications And Correspondence), 1974-1990
5223Vice President for Service, 1974-1979
5224Public Service-Buildings Housing Public Service Units, 1990
5225Public Service-Fundraising, 1992
5226Public Service National Conference Planning, 1990-1991
531Public Service-Quarterly Luncheons, 1984-1993
532-3Public Service-Evaluation Of Service Units, 1989
534Review Of Georgia Center, 1989 October 3
535Public Service-Unit Review, 1990
536Public Service-Senior Public Service Faculty Meeting, 1993
537Public Service-Recruitment Policy, 1988-1989
538Public Service-Catherine Zeph, 1990-1993
539Public Service-Rob Williams, 1987-1990
5310Public Service-Darl E. Snyder, 1986-1992
5311Public Service-James F. McGovern, 1989-1990
5312-16Recommendation Letters By S. E. Younts, 1972-1992
5317Program Review (Bunnell), 1990-1992
5318Public Service-Public Relations In The Vice President's Office, 1990
5319-20Public Service-Annual Report, 1985-1987
541Public Service-Annual Report (Memorandum), 1988
542-4Public Service-Annual Report, 1988-1991
545Public Service And Extension Annual Report Summary, 1991-1992
546Public Service-Annual Report (Memorandum), 1993
547College Of Family And Consumer Sciences Prior To, 1992
548-10Institute of Community and Area Development (ICAD), 1987-1989
5411-13Georgia Partnership For Excellence In Education, 1991
5414-16The South-East Consortium For International Development (SECID)Corrrespondence), 1988-1992
5417The South-East Consortium For International Development (SECID) Financial Situation, 1988
5418The South-East Consortium For International Development (SECID), 1990
5419Small Business Development Center (SECID) Technology Transfer Program, 1990-1991
5420Small Business Development Center (SBDC) 2nd Congressional District Meeting In Albany, GA (Rep. Hatcher), 1991 January 10
5421-22Small Business Development Center (SBDC), 1989
551Small Business Development Center (SBDC), 1990
552Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Fowler Project, 1988-1990
553-6Small Business Development Center (SBDC), 1991-1992
557-10Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Technology Transfer Program, 1987-1990
5511-12Small Business Development Center (SBDC) DeLargy Grant, 1985-1991
5513Community Based Education Program-Paul DeLargy, 1983-1985
5514Community Education, 1984-1986
5515National Innovation Workshop-Atlanta, 1990 September
5516Regional Development Centers (Formerly APDCs), 1986-1992
5517Regional Universities, 1989
5518-19Vice President For Research, 1983-1993
561-3Resumes Of Potential UGA Employees, 1987-1992
564Retirement Positions, 1987-1991
565Retrenchment, Committee On, 1981-1982
566Revenue, Georgia Department Of, 1987-1988
567Rockefeller-University And Foundation, 1976-1982
568Werner Rogers-State Superintendent Of Schools, 1986-1988
569Romance Languages, 1987-1991
5610Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute For Rehabilitation, 1985
5611Rotary Clubs, 1985-1992
5612Rural Development Center, 1988-1993
5613Rural Development Center-History, 1969-1991
5614Senate Rural Policy Meeting-Georgia Center, 1991 October 24
5615Senate Rural Policy Meeting, 1991-1992
5616Dean Rusk Center-T.J. Schoenbaum, 1983-1986
5617Rusk, Dean, 1978-1991
5618Richard B. Russell Foundation, 1991
5619Salary Compression, 1992
5620Salvation Army, The, 1981-1991
5621Savannah State College, 1974-1983
5622Science Policy Symposium, 1985-1986
5623Service Advisory Council, 1990-1991
5624Service Advisory Council-Georgia Center, 1990 July 27
5625Public Service Budget Cut-Transparencies, 1992
5626Service Advisory Council Meeting (SEY's Folder), 1991 October 25
5627Skidaway Institute Of Oceanography, 1988
5628President Davison With Dr. H. Smith, 1985
5629Social Work, School Of, 1974-1992
5630Southern Association Of Colleges And Schools, 1990-1992
5631Southern Bell, 1984-1990
571Southern Center For International Studies, 1989
572Southern Consortium Of Public Service Organizations, 1987
573Southern Educational Foundation, 1983-1991
574-5Southern Growth Policies Board, 1974-1991
576Southern Studies Program (Proposed), 1991
577Southeastern Peanut Association, 1986-1989
578Southwest Georgia Project (Flyover), 1986-1987
579Spearman Agency, 1992-1993
5710Sponsored Programs, 1992
5711Henry King Stanford, 1986-1992
5712Strategic Plan, 1992-1993
5713-15Oliver Strebelle, 1988-1991
5716Student Affairs, Vice President Dr. Dwight Douglas, 1979-1992
5717Honorable Lawton Stephens, 1991
5718Teleconference, 1988
5719Tenure, 1987
5720Telecommunications Technical Advisory Committee, 1992 August
5721Third Century Campaign, 1988-1991
5722Tifton Innovation Corporation (Joe Burnside), 1988-1991
5723University Affiliated Program, 1986-1992
5724Edward Vickery, 1988
5725Virginia Tech, 1990
5726Community Developers Forum, 1989 August 11
5727-29Carl Vinson Institute Of Government, 1988-1991
5730Institute Of Higher Education-Dr. Herman Smith, 1984-1992
581Institute Of Higher Education-Dr. Herman Smith, 1984-1992
582-6Institute Of Higher Education, 1983-1989
587University Council-Educational Affairs Committee, 1989-1990
588University Council (Related Material), 1992 April 23
589-10University Council Prior To, 1993
5811University Council On Water Resources, 1986-1987
5812-13University Council Committees, 1990-1991
5814University Of Georgia Foundation, 1991-1992
5815University Of Georgia Press, 1991
5816International Mission Of The University Of Georgia, 1987
5817International Group, 1990 September 12
5818Council For International Programs, 1990-1991
5819Board For International Food And Agricultural Development, 1990
5820International Development-Protocol For Foreign Guests, 1990
591International Intercultural Studies Program (IISP) Faculty Development Program, 1990
592University Women's Club, 1989
593West Georgia College, 1975-1983
594Woodruff Lecture, 1990-1991
595World Resources Institute, 1985
596World Technology Center Director-Gordon Harrison, 1984-1989
597World Trade Club, 1987-1989
598Academic Rank, 1991
599Adult Education, 1992-1993
5910Agricultural Alumni And South-Campus Activity Center (ASAC), 1993-1995
5911Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program Committee, 1992 October 20
5912American Association For Vocational And Instructional Material, 1969-1993
5913"Assessing The Feasibility Of A Negotiation Project In Athens/Clarke County", 1991
5914Athens Clarke County Negotiation Project, 1991-1992
5915-16"UGA/Athens-Clarke County Negotiation Project-A Proposal", 1992
5917Dinner Meeting On Athens-Clarke County Negotiation Project, 1992 June 22
5918Athens-Clarke County Negotiation Program, 1991-1993
5919Athletic Department, 1983-1993
5920-21Administrative Committee On Public Service, 1990-1993
5922BIFADEC-Board For International Food And Agricultural Development And Economic Cooperation, 1993
5923Blueberry Association, 1979-1993
5924Regents Global Center, 1991-1994
5925Board Of Regents, 1993
601Board Of Regents, 1994
602Board Of Regents: Chancellor's "Draft Of Principle", 1994-1995
603Botanical Garden-Fund Raising, 1988-1992
604Botanical Garden Gifts, 1989
605Botanical Garden Master Plan, 1989-1994
606Botanical Garden Gifts, 1988-1989
607Botanical Garden Development Committee, 1990 September 7
608Botanical Garden Gifts, 1990-1993
609-15Botanical Garden Advisory Board, 1989-1990
6016Botanical Garden Dedication, 1985 October 23
6017-19Botanical Garden Ball, 1991-1994
6020-21Georgia Municipal Association, 1979-1994
611Gold Kist, Inc. Prior To, 1995
612-3Governor's Development Council, 1993-1994
614Carl Vinson Institute Of Government (CVIG), 1992-1993
615-8Carl Vinson Institute Of Government (CVIG)/Data Services-Geographic Information Systems (GIS), 1990-1995
619Carl Vinson Institute Of Government (CVIG), 1994
6110Geographic Information Systems (GIS)-Roy Welch, 1994
6111Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Review For Community Developers Forum And Economic Developers Roundtable, 1993 October
6112Carl Vinson Institute Of Government (CVIG)/Data Services-Geographic Information Systems (GIS), 1994
6113Geographic Information Systems (GIS) King And Spalding, 1994 April 21
6114Geographic Information Systems (GIS)/Distance Learning, 1994
6115Gwinnett Center Correspondence, 1994-1995
6116Hank Huckaby (His Office), 1994 January 25
6117-18Institute Of Higher Education, 1988-1994
6119Social Policy Alliance, 1994
6120Statewide Information Infrastructure, 1992
6121College Of Agriculture, 1993
621College Of Agriculture, 1994
622-4College Of Arts And Sciences, 1986-1994
625Arts And Sciences: Service Programs, 1992-1996
626College Of Business-RE: Earl Davis, 1990-1993
627College Of Education Reorganization, 1988-1989
628College Of Education Prior To, 1995
629College Of Family And Consumer Sciences Prior To, 1995
6210College Of Journalism Prior To, 1995
6211-12College Of Vet Med Prior To, 1995
6213Consul Generals Prior To, 1995
6214Cooperative Extension Georgia 2000, 1984-1992
6215Cooperative Extension-Focua Forward Conference, 1992
6216Cooperative Extension 4-H Prior To, 1995
631Cooperative Extension 4-H Prior To, 1995
632Faculty Reassignments, Extension, 1991-1992
633Extension Service: Shift To Public Service Rank, 1992-1995
634Cooperative Extension Service (CES) With President Knapp RE: Strategic Plan-Lustrat House., 1993 May 25
635-7Cooperative Extension, 1993-1994
638Flood Victim Responses, 1994
639Georgia Academy For Children And Youth Professionals, 1993-1994
6310Georgia Association Of County Agricultural Agents (GACAA), 1987-1994
6311-13Georgia Agri-Leaders Forum, 1991-1994
6314Legislature Prior To, 1995
6315Georgia Center Operating Services, 1988-1990
6316Georgia Center-WUGA Prior To, 1995
6317-21Georgia Center, 1991-1994
641Georgia Center, 1994
642Bacchus, Sidney-Georgia Center (Unsolicited Mail), 1994
643-4Evening Classes, 1993-1994
645-6American Language Program, 1988-1990
647Georgia Department Of Community Affairs, 1988-1994
648Gwinnett Center Correspondence, 1992
649"Higher Education In Gwinnett County" Proposal-Final Version, 1993
6410-11Gwinnett Center Correspondence, 1991-1993
6412High Technology Advisory Council, 1984
6413-14Institute Of Community And Area Development (ICAD), 1993-1994
6415Information Technology Council, 1991-1994
6416-19Budget, 1993-1994
651Budget Materials, 1994
652Calloway, Mark C.-White House Fellowship Application, 1987-1988
653Canola, 1990
654Consulting Policy, 1987-1992
655Contracts And Grants-VPS's Office, 1991
656Meetings With Various Deans, 1990-1991
657Dean And Directors With Dean Flatt, 1994 March 24
658-9Debt For Development, 1989-1993
6510Distance Learning-Ad-Hoc Steering Committee, 1991-1992
6511Distance Learning, 1991-1994
6512"Distance Learning Work Group Final Report", 1992 April 30
6513-14Distance Learning-Telemedicine Act, 1992-1993
6515Distance Learning-Response From Dr. Coker, 1993
6516Distance Learning-'White Paper", 1993
6517Distance Learning, 1993
6518Distance Learning-Georgia Telecommunication Center, 1993
6519Responses From The Distance Learning Meeting, 1993 September
661-2Distance Learning Work Group, 1991-1993
663Distance Learning-Breakfast Meeting-Prokasy And Knapp, 1994 August 19
664Distance Learning, 1994
665Institute Of Ecology Prior To, 1993
666Federal Judgeship-Middle District Of Georgia, 1993
667Public Service-Goals, 1995
668Public Service-Accomplishments And Goals, 1995 May
669Service Directors-Significant Accomplishments, 1996
6610Administrative Committee On Public Service-University System Advisory Council, 1992 March 26
6611Adminstrative Committee On Public Service-Savannah/Skidaway, 1993 October
6612-13University System Council, 1989-1994
6614University Council, 1993 April 14
6615University Round Table, 1990-1993
6616Georgia Department Of Industry, Trade And Tourism, 1986-1995
6617UGA Campus Master Development Plan, 1991 September 27
6618UGA Campus Planning, 1994-1995
671University Of Arkansas, 1996
672University Of Buffalo, 1995
673University Of Florida (Landscape Architecture Accreditation), 1990-1996
674University Of Idaho
675University Of Maryland, 1994 July
676University Of Minnesota, 1994-1995
677University Of New Mexico, 1995
678University Of New Orleans, 1995
679University Of North Carolina, 1995
6710University Of Wisconsin
6711University Of Wisconsin-Madison
6712Education Affairs Committee
6713PVO/University Center Governing Board, 1992 September
6714Center For PVO/University Collaboration In Development-8th Annual Membership Meeting, 1992
6715Center For PVO/University Collaboration In Development-Governing Board Meeting, 1992 September
6716Center For PVO/University Collaboration In Development, 1993
671710th Annual Membership Meeting Of The Center For PVO/University Collaboration In Development, 1994 November
6718Center For PVO/University Collaboration In Development Strategic Plan-Draft, 1994 October
6719-20Economic Development, 1993-1994
6721UGA Economic Development Programs-Responses For Haskin Pounds, 1994
6722Education, State Department Of, 1966-1992
6723Environmental Expo, 1992
6724Extra Compensation, 1994
6725-28Fanning Leadership Center, 1985-1993
6729Fanning Leadership Center Meeting, 1993 September 23
6730-31Fanning Leadership Center, 1994
6732Botany-William Friedman, 1991-1993
681Ft. Valley State, 1994
682Meeting To Consider CES/Ft. Valley State, 1994 July 29
683Conference Call: Ag Research And Extension Funding, 1994 September 9
684Southern Growth Policies Board, 1996
685National Association Of State Universities And Land-Grant Colleges (NASULGC) Meeting, 1996
686"Ethics And Governability: The Ethical Dimension Of Education And Scientific Research"-Younts, 1997
687University Of Georgia Information, 1993-1995
688Black Women's Wellness Center, 1991-1994
689-10Board Of Regents, 1995
6811Botanical Garden, 1995-1996
6812Botanical Garden-Advisory Board, 1995-1996
6813Botanical Garden Lease-Day Building, 1996 March 8
6814Gardens Of The World Ball (Egypt), 1995 May 6
6815Gardens Of The World Ball (Australia), 1996 May 4
6816Brown, Charles R., 1992-1993
6817Brunswick Junior College, 1974-1992
6818Cabinet And Budget Meeting-Lustrat House, 1995 August 7
6819Special Cabinet Meeting, 1995 January 6
6820-22Cabinet Meetings, 1995
691Cabinet Meetings, 1995
692Cabinet And Budget Conference, 1995 October 9
693-4College Of Agriculture, 1995
695College Of Arts And Sciences, 1995
696College Of Business, 1994-1995
697Placing County Extension Agents Et Al. On The University Public Service Rank System, 1995
698Cooperative Extension, 1995
699Name Change Request To BOR (Cooperative Extension Home Economics Unit), 1995
6910Administrative Committee On Extension And Public Service-Macon College, 1995 May 24
6911Dimensions Magazine, 1981-1993
6912Farm Tour Of South Georgia, 1995 July
6913Ft. Valley State/Cooperative Extension, 1994
6914-15Ft. Valley State, 1995
6916-17Legislative Strategy Group, 1991-1994
6918Legislative Strategy Meeting-President's Conference Room, 1993 October 14
6919Regents Administration Committee For Public Service And Continuing Education (Annie Hunt-Burris)-Formerly Known As: Public Service Advisory Committee, 1994-1995
6920Administrative Committee For Public Service And Outreach, 1995
6921Regents Administration Committee For Public Service And Continuing Education (Annie Hunt-Burris)-Formerly Known As: Public Service Advisory Committee, 1996 October
6922Public Service Advisory-Partridge Inn-Augusta, 1996 May
6923Vice President-Legal Affairs, 1993-1996
6924-25NASULGC (National Association Of State Universities And Land-Grant Colleges)-Council On Extension, Continuing Education and Public Service, 1991-1996
701Dr. Knapp, 1989-1993
702Letters To Dr. Knapp Concerning Service Programs At UGA, 1989
703-7Dr. Knapp, 1994-1996
708Dr. Knapp-Goals, 1996 July 21
709-11Dr. Knapp, 1996-1997
7012Macon County Demographic Profile, 1995
7013Macon Junior College, 1973-1996
7014Martin Luther King Center, 1991-1995
7015Center For PVO/University Collaboration In Development, 1993-1994
7016"First Draft PVO/University Center Strategic Plan", 1994 May
7017Service Directors Meetings, 1991-1993
7018Public Service Accomplishments/Goals, 1992-1993
7019Service Cabinet (Public Service Directors Meeting), 1993 September 14
7020Service Cabinet, 1993 October 12
7021Retreat For Service Leaders And Coordinators, 1993
7022-26Service Directors Meeting, 1994-1995
7027Public Service Cabinet, 1994-1996
7028Vice President For Academic Affairs-General, 1995-1996
7029Small Business Development Center, 1992-1994
7030Small Minority Business Development Center, 1991-1995
7031University Communication Prior To, 1997
7032Minority Affairs Advisory Committee Prior To, 1994
711Minority Recruitment Prior To, 1995
712Morris Museum Of Art, 1993-1994
713National Association Of State Universities And Land-Grant Colleges (NASULGC), 1994-1996
714National Association Of State Universities And Land-Grant Colleges (NASULGC) Annual Meeting, 1995 November
715National Association Of State Universities And Land-Grant Colleges (NASULGC) Continuing Education, Extension And Public Service List, 1996 March 13
716National Association Of State Universities And Land-Grant Colleges (NASULGC) Annual Meeting-San Diego, California, 1996 November
717Peabody Awards, 1986-1998
718Office Of Instructional Development, 1992-1995
719International Development Staff, 1994 December
7110Bernadette Allard, 1994-1995
7111International Development-Kagoshima University Exchange, 1979-1994
7112Statement Of Capabilities In International Development Programs-Working Draft, 1994
7113International Development, 1995
7114Ed Speir, 1995-1996
7115International Development, 1996
7116OID Staff - Tab I, No Date
7117Mission Statement - Tab II, No Date
7118Job Descriptions/Accomplishments/Objectives, 1995
7119Oregon State University, 1994-1996
7120Legislative Strategies Group, 1993-1994
7121Strategic Plan: Participation In University Service Programs By Students, 1994
7122Legislative Strategy Meeting, 1994 January 21
7123Legislative Strategy, 1995 February 23
7124Material From Legislative Strategy, 1996 January 11
7125Legislative Strategy, 1996 September 20
7126Strategic Planning, 1996 October
7127Legislative Strategy, 1997 January 24
7128-30Legislature, 1995-1997
7131Strategic Plan, 1995
7132Legislative Affairs, 1995-1996
7133Session Of The Georgia Assembly, 1998
7134Mission Statement For The Carl Vinson Institute Of Government (CVIG), 1993
7135Geographic Information System (GIS) Mission Statement, 1993
7136Mission Statement And University Service, 1995
7137UGA Mission Statement, 1995-1996
7138University System Mission Statements, 1996
721-20Read Files (Correspondence) A-Z, 1994
7221-26Read Files (Correspondence) A-Z, 1995
731-7Read Files (Correspondence) A-Z, 1996
738"Impact 95"-Magazine, 1996-1997
739"Impact 95"-Mailing List, 1996
7310"Impact 95"-Notes, 1996
7311"Impact 95"-Expenses, 1996
7312"Impact 95"-Returns, 1996
7313"Impact 95"-Magazine-10-31-GE006-000 Public Service, 1995-1996
7314"Impact 96"-Younts Correspondence, 1997
7315"Impact 96"-Southeastern Color Lithographers, 1997
7316"Impact 96"-Mailing List, 1997
7317"Impact 96"-Distribution List, 1997
7318"Impact 96"-Distribution, 1997
7319"Impact 96"-Georgia Senate And House, 1997
7320"Impact 96"-Returns, 1997
7321Kathy Chastain ("Impact 97"), 1997
7322"Impact 97"-(There Was No "Impact 97") Notes, 1997
7323"Impact 98" [Correspondence], 1998
7324"Impact 98"-Press Outlets, 1998
7325"Impact 98"-Layout/Production Employee, 1998
7326"Impact 98"-Directors, 1998
7327"Impact 98"-P.O. #5035164, 1998
7328"Impact 98"-Distribution, 1998
7329"Impact 99"-Correspondence, 1999
7330"Impact 99"-Distribution, 1999
7331"Impact 99"-P.O. #7793764, 1999
7332"Impact 00"-Distribution, 2000
7333"Impact 00"-P.O. #8805784., 2000
7334"Impact 00"-Correspondence, 2000
73352000 Election Results: Impact On Georgia, 2000-2001
9616Lucy Cobb Institute Renovation Project, 1986
9617-19Institute of Government-Lucy Cobb Institute Renovation, 1980s
9620Institutes and Centers-Original Document, No Date
9621Institutes and Centers, 1986-1988
971-6Institutes and Centers, 1987-1990
977Centers and Institutes-Recommendations, 1990
978-10Institutes and Centers, 1990
9711Pending-Institutes and Centers, 1990
1056Younts-Biographical, 1960s-1970s
1057Younts-Biographical Listings, 1977-1994
1058Correspondence, News Clippings, 1971-1990
1059-11Correspondence, Biographical Materials, 1972-1988
10512Correspondence, 1982-1993
10513Correspondence A-H, 1999-2001
10514Correspondence I-W, 1999-2000
10515-22Correspondence, 2005-2011

2. New Faculty Tours

7336Tour For New Faculty Members, 1977 August
7337Check Acceptances (Sponsors), 1977
7338Tour Evaluation Summary, 1977
7339Particpants, 1978
7340Financial Records, 1978-1985
741Financial Records, 1978-1985
742Correspondence And Responses From Units And Departments, 1979
743Names And Addresses Of People Sponsoring Tour, 1979
744List Of Faculty Members Participating, 1979
745Working File, 1979
746Itinerary, 1979
747Correspondence Off Campus-Planning Tour, 1979
748New Faculty Tour, 1980
749Working File, 1980
7410New Faculty Tour, 1981
7411Names, Maps, And Details, 1982
7412Working File, 1982
7413New Faculty Tour, 1982
7414New Faculty Tour, 1983
7415Faculty Tour Itinerary, 1983
7416Tour Reunion, 1984 July 13
7417International Night, 1984 August 28
7418Biographies, 1984
7419Tour Reunion, 1984
7420Off Campus Correspondence, 1985
7421New Faculty Tour Reunion-Flinchum's, 1985 October 4
7422Certificates, 1985
7423Briefcase Material, 1985
7424Lodging, 1985
7425Unit Responses, 1985
7426Mailing Labels-Participants, 1985
7427Working File, 1985
7428Biosketches, 1985
7429Sponsors List, 1985
7430Response Sheets and Bio Sheets, 1985
7431Itinerary, 1985
7432Memos Sent to F.T. Participants, 1985
7433Georgia Power Dinner, 1985 August 27
7434Miscellaneous File, 1986
7435Thank You Letters, 1985
7436Reunion Slides and Narration, 1985
7437Biosketches, 1986
7438Sponsors List, 1986
7439International Evening-Consul Michael Hewitt, 1986 August 26
7440New Faculty Tour, 1986
7441-42New Faculty Tour, 1978 August
7443-44New Faculty Tour, 1979
751-12New Faculty Tour, 1980-1987
7513Working File, 1986
7514Memos Sent To F.T. Participants, 1986
7515Standby Status, 1986
7516Mailing List And Labels, 1986
7517Off-Campus Correspondence, 1986
7518Itinerary, 1986
7519Lodging, 1986
7520Rooming Sheet, 1986
7521Thank You Letters, 1986
7522Reunion-Flinchum's Phoenix, 1986 October 10
7523Sponsors List, 1987
7524Mailing List And Labels, 1987
7525Biosketches, 1987
7526Thank You Letters, 1987
761Georgia Power Dinner, 1987 August 25
762International Evening-Greek Consul General's Home, 1987 August 25
763Off-Campus Correspondence, 1987
764Lodging, 1987
765Memo Sent To F.T. Participants, 1987
766Briefcase Materials, 1987
767New Faculty Tour, 1987
768Standby Status, 1987
769Reunion, 1987 October 30
7610Itinerary, 1986-1987
7611Working File, 1987
7612Priority Order Standby List, 1987
7613Copies For NC With SEY'S Signature, 1988
7614-15New Faculty Tour, 1988
7616Lodging and Rooming Lists, 1988
7617Biosketches, 1988
7618New Faculty Tour, 1988
7619Responses/Initial Request, 1988
7620Evaluation Responses, 1988
7621Reunion, 1988 Fall
7622Briefcase Materials, 1988
7623-24Correspondence, 1988
7625Account Number List, 1988
7626Reunion, 1988 April 29
7626Thank You Letters, 1988
7627Participants, Non-Selected, Etc. Lists, 1988
7628Biographies And Room List, 1988
7629Georgia Power Dinner, 1988
7630Itinerary, 1988
7631Map (Burke County, Georgia), No Date
7632Rooming List and A,B,C List Of Faculty, 1988
7633Participants-Account Number List-Initialed, 1988
7634Hotel And Dining Information, 1988
771Sponsor's List, 1987-1988
772-3Dr. Ike, 1989
774New Faculty Tour, 1989
775Menus, 1989
776Flinchum's Phoenix, 1989 October 20
777Receipts, 1989
778Reunion Responses, 1989
779Responses, 1989
7710Liquor Requirements, 1983-1989
7711Participants, 1989
7712Evaluations, 1989
7713Rooming List, 1989
7714Itinerary, 1989
7715Selected (Standby) And Pull-Up Copy Plus Withdrawals, 1989
7716Account Numbers, 1988-1989
7717Biography Sheets, 1989
7718Thank You And Notes, 1989
7719New Faculty Tour, 1989
7720Dr. Albert Ike., 1989
7721Responses, 1989
7722Contributors, 1989
7723International Dinner, 1989
7724Senator Brown and Vitas, 1989
7725Briefcase Material, 1989
7726Lodging and Reservation, 1989
7727Expenses, 1989-1990
7728Reunion, 1989-1990
7729Attendees For New Faculty Tour Picnic, 1990
7730John "Jack" D. Burke, 1989
7731-32Responses/ Bio Sheets, 1990
7733Biographies, 1990
7734Itinerary, 1990
7735John "Jack" D. Burke, 1990
7736Biographies And Response Sheets, 1991
7737Originals, 1991
7738Reunion, 1990 April 7
7739New Faculty Tour, 1990 August
7740Letters, 1990
771New Faculty Tour, 1989-1991
772Photographs, No Date
773File, 1990-1994
774Awards, 1970s-1980s
775Tentative Itinerary, 1991 March
776New Faculty Tour, 1992
777Photographs, 1992
778Originals, 1992
779Evaluations, 1992
7710Itinerary, 1992
7711Current, 1992
7712Press, 1992
7713Tour And Reunion, 1992
7714Off Campus Correspondence, 1991-1992
7715-20New Faculty Tour, 1992-1994
7721Kathy Chastain, 1995
7722S.E. Younts, 1995
7723SEY Letters, 1995
7724S.E. Younts, 1996
7725"Whirlwind Tour Of Georgia" (Kathy Chastain), 1996
791"Whirlwind Tour Of Georgia" (Al Ike), 1996
792Evaluation, 1996
793Participant Notices, 1996
794Tentative Schedule, 1996
795Thank You List, 1996
796Certificates, 1996
797Georgia Power Donation, 1996
798Ft. Valley State, 1996
799Portfolio Enclosures, 1996
7910Portfolio Order, 1996
7911Agrirama, 1996
7912Initial Mailing (Deans, Directors, Dept. Heads, Etc.), 1996
7913-14Responses, 1996
7915Kathy Chastain, 1996
7916Standby List, 1996
7917Savannah-Hampton Inn, 1996 August 22
7918Room Assignments, 1996
7919Hotel Nikko Atlanta, 1996 August 20
7920International Dinner, 1996
7921Journal Voucher, 1996
7922Spring Reunion, 1997 April 11
7923Reunion-Flinchum's Phoenix, 1996
7924Signs, 1996
7925Reunion Responses, 1996 September 27
7926Filing, 1996
7927Amicalola Falls Lodge-Room For, 1996 August 19
7928Atlanta Marriott Marquis, 1996 August 20
7929Rooming List, 1996
7930Photograph, 1996
7931Nominations, 1996
7932Participants, 1996
7933Itinerary, 1996
7934Biographies, 1996
7935Attendees-Spring Reunion, 1996 May 10
7936Budget, 1996
7937Spring Reunions, 1994-1996
7938Originals, 1996
7939New Faculty Tour, 1996
7940Tifton-Marriott Courtyard, 1996 August 21
7941Participant Biographies, 1998
801Tee Shirt Money, 1998
802Evaluations, 1998
803Portfolio Enclosures, 1998
804Receipts, 1998
805Standby, 1998
806Skidaway Island-Dinner, 1998 August 13
807Spring Reunion, 1998
808Student Assistant Candidates, 1998
809Rooming List, 1998
8010Bus-George's Motor Coach, 1998
8011Checklist, 1998
8012Certificate, 1998
8013Tee Shirt, 1998
8014Originals, 1998
8015Thank You Letters Written, 1998
8016Thank You Letters Received, 1998
8017Thank You Address List, 1998
8018Name Badges, 1998
8019Expenses/VPAA Journal Voucher, 1998
8020Atlanta Marriott Marquis, 1998 August
8021Consul General Letters Re: Reception/Dinner Date, 1998
8022Photos And Press, 1998
8023Names For Consideration, 1998
8024Nomination Letters/Form, 1998
8025Extra Copies Of Notification Information, 1998
8026Evaluation Forms "Plus", 1998
8027Atlanta Marriott Marquis, 1998
8028Group Photograph, 1998
8029Cohutta Lodge, 1998
8030Participant Mailing List, 1998
8031Participant Notification Letters, 1998
8032Days Inn, 1998
8033Hampton Inn, 1998
8034Menus, 1998
8035Journal Voucher, 1998
8036Itinerary, 1998
8037Fall Reunion, 1998
8038Georgia Power Contribution, 1998
8039Keys To Professional And Personal Development, 1998
8040The Ashford Club, 1988
8041BellSouth, 1998
8042Bank Account Statement-Wachovia, 1998
8043Aramark Campus Services-GSW Dining Hall, 1998
8044Correspondence, 1998
8045George's Motor Coach, 1999
8046-47Names For Consideration, 1999
8048Nomination Letters/Form, 1999
8049Hampton Inn-Tifton, Ga, 1999
8050Aramark-North Georgia College, 1999
8051Group Photo, 1999
8052-53Participant Biographies, 1999
8054Portfolio Enclosures, 1999
8055Atlanta Hilton, 1999
8056Georgia Agrirama, 1999
8057BellSouth, 1999
8058The Buckhead Club, 1999
8059Name Badges, 1999
8060Menus, 1999
8061Extra Copies Of Memo (2nd) & Other Info, 1999
8062Itinerary, 1999
8063Hampton Inn-Savannah, GA, 1999
811Amicalola Falls Lodge, 1999
812Georgia State Capitol, 1999
813GA Power Contribution, 1999
814GSU Catering, 1999
815Ft. Valley State College, 1999
816Follow-Up Info, 1999
817Expenses/VPAA Journal Voucher, 1999
818Consul General -Letters Re: Reception/Dinner Date, 1999
819Certificate, 1999
8110Correspondence, 1999
8111Bios, 1999
8112Waiting List, 1999
8113Student Assistant, 1999
8114Atlanta History Museum, 1999
8115Thank You Address List, 1999
8116Thank You Letters Received, 1999
8117Thank You Letters Written, 1999
8118Extra Copies Of Notification Info, 1999
8119Originals, 1999
8120Ocilla, Georgia, 1999
8121Pre-Faculty Tour Reception, 1999
8122Guide To Savannah, 1998
8123Participant Notification Letters, 1999
8124Participant Mailing List, 1999
8125Fall Reunion, 1999
8126Rooming List, 1999
8127Standby, 1999
8128Financial Commitments, 1977
8129-33Finances, 1977--1983
8134Accounting, 1985-1986
8135-37Finances, 1986-1989
8138-40Accounting, 1990-1996
8141Billing Sheets, No Date
8142-44Slides, 1978-1982
821-5Slides, 1982-1985
826Dr. Ike (Negatives), 1989
827UGA Service Program-Alternate Set-Short Version (Slides), 1990
828Slides, 1992
829General People (Slides), 1994
8210Slides and Script, 1996-1997
8211Slides, 1998
8212Slides, No Date
8213Wednesday-Thursday (Slides), No Date
8214Incomplete/Not In Order-New Slide Set-Duplications-Box 1, No Date
8215-16Incomplete/Not In Order-New Slide Set-Duplications-Box 2, No Date
8217Incomplete/Not In Order-New Slide Set-Duplications, No Date
8218Slides From Carousel, No Date
8219Slides From Carousel (Service Division), No Date
8220Miscellaneous-Service Slides, No Date
8221Services Slide Show (Old Set), No Date
8222Script For Services Slide Show, No Date
8223Old Slide Set, No Date
8224-25Proposal, 1991-1992
8226-27Printed Material, 1997-2001
831-2Printed Material, 1994-2001
833Participants, 1991
834Includes Cancellation Correspondence, 1991
835Receipts, 1992-1993
836Budget, 1992
837Log, 1992
838Rooming List, 1992
839New Faculty Tour, 1992
8310Biographies, 1992
8311Monday, 1992
8312Tuesday, 1992
8313Wednesday, 1992
8314Thursday, 1992
8315Friday, 1992
8316International Dinner, 1992
8317People Involved With Tour, 1992
8318-19New Faculty Tour, 1992-1993
8320Receipts/Correspondence, 1993
8321Monday, 1993
8322Tuesday, 1993
8323Wednesday, 1993
8324Thursday, 1993
8325Friday, 1993
8326Receptions, 1993
8327Schedule, 1993
8328Miscellaneous, 1993
8329Menus, 1993
8330Names/Addresses, 1993
8331Rooming List, 1993
8332Instructions, 1993
8333Log, 1993
8334Correspondence, 1993
8335Budget, 1993
8336Biographies, 1993
8337Flinchum's Phoenix, 1993
8338Name Badges, 1993
8339Lists, 1993
8340Cancellations, 1993
8341Miscellaneous, 1993
8342Dinner Responses, 1993
8343Initial Contact, 1994
8344Invitations, 1994
8345Consul Generals, 1994
8346Miscellaneous, 1994
841Miscellaneous Arrangement Notes, 1994
842Thank You List, 1994
843Thank You Received, 1994
844Participant Notification, 1994
845Itinerary, 1994
846-7Reimbursements, 1994
848Nikko (Ms. Pat Townsend), 1994
849Correspondence, 1994
8410Includes Photographs From Tours, 1993-1994
8411Bus, 1994
8412Spring Reunion, 1994 April 9
8413Standby (Replys), 1994
8414New Faculty Tour, 1994
8415Motels, 1994
8416Meals, 1994
8417Current, 1994
8418Expenses, 1993-1994
8419Camera Information, 1994 April
8420Originals, 1994
8421VPS-Kathy Chastain, 1994
8422New Faculty Tour, 1994 August
8423Reunion-Flinchum's Phoenix, 1994
8424Labels/Name Badges, 1994
8425-26Questionnaire, 1995
8427Fall Reunion-Flinchum's Phoenix, 1994 October 1
8428Evaluations, 1994
8429Dinner at Black Shank Pond CPES, 1994 Agust 24
8430Evaluations, 1994
8431Pictures, 1995
851Notes, 1995
852Food, 1995
853Draft Letters, 1995
854Atlanta, 1995 August
855Motels, 1995
856Itinerary, 1995
857International Dinner, 1995
858Thank You Lists, 1995
859Thank Yous Received, 1995
8510Phone/Address Listing, 1995
8511Evaluations, 1995
8512-13Participants, 1995
8514Thank You Letters, 1995
8515Reunion Certificates, 1995
8516Originals, 1995
8517Invitation-Dorothy Carillo, Gwinnett Center, 1995
8518Changes, 1995
8519Camcorder Order, 1995
8520Standby (Replys), 1995
8521Checklist/Journal, 1995
8522Correspondence, 1995
8523Fall Reunion, 1995
8524Request For Information-George Washington University, 1996 March
8525Agency Account Establishment 90-84-GN006-017-GFT, 1995
8526Portfolio Enclosures, 1995
8527-28Nominations, 1995
8529Initial Contact, 1995
8530Biography, 1995
8531Bus, 1995
8532Budget, 1995
861Consul General, 1995
862New Faculty Tour, 1995
863Miscellaneous Arrangements, 1995
864Standby Reply, 1995
865Spring Reunion, 1993 April 3
866Bus, 1993
867Bio Sheets, 1993
868Participant Notification, 1993
869Initial Contact, 1993
8610Questionaires, 1993
8611Case Enclosures, 1993
8612Per Younts Request, 1994 March 30
8613New Faculty Tour, 1993
8614Thank You Letters, 1993
8615Evaluation And Follow Up Letter, 1993
8616Fall Reunion-Flinchum's Phoenix, 1993 October 8
8617New Faculty Tour, 1995
8618VPAA Transer Of Funds, 1995-1996
8619Meal Planning, 1996
8620Bank Account-Sun Trust/Correspondence, 1996
8621Bus-Prestigious Tour Lines, 1996
8622Buses, 1997
8623New Faculty Tour, 1997
8624Participant Biographies, 1997
8625Nomination Letters/Form, 1997
8626Names For Consideration, 1997
8627Standby, 1997
8628Extra Copies Of Notification Info, 1997
8629Participant Notification Letters, 1997
8630Itinerary, 1997
8631Portfolio Enclosures, 1997
8632Originals, 1997
8633Bus-Prestigious Tour Lines, 1997
8634Georgia Agrirama/Atlanta History Center, 1997
8635Ft. Valley-Lunch, 1997 August 20
8636Consul General-Letters Re: Reception/Dinner Date, 1997
8637Rooming List, 1997
8638Checklist, 1997
871Receipt (Blank Account Form), 1997
872Name Badges, 1997
873Grand Hyatt Atlanta-International Dinner, 1997 August 19
874Atlanta Motel-Atlanta Marriott Marquis, 1997 August 19
875Albert F. Ike (Contents Of Notebook), 1997
876Cooperative Extension, 1997
877Changes To Addresses, 1997
878North Georgia College-Dahlonega-Lunch, 1997 August 18
879Georgia State University, 1997 August 19
8710Amicalola Falls Lodge-Meals, 1997 August 19
8711Tifton Dinner-Roscoe Gay, 1997 August 20
8712Tifton Motel-Ramada Inn, 1997 August 20
8713Savannah Motel-Fairfield Inn, 1997
8714Amicalola Falls Lodge, 1997
8715S. E. Younts (Contents Of Notebook), 1997
8716Journal Voucher, 1997
8717Thank You Letters Received, 1997
8718Correspondence, 1997
8719File, 1997
8720SEY Copies, 1997
8721Thank You Address List, 1997
8722Thank You Letters Written, 1997
8723Fall Reunion-Flinchum's Phoenix, 1997
8724Expenses/VPAA Journal Voucher, 1997
8725Miscellaneous, 1997
8726New Faculty Tour, 1998
8727General, 1998
8728Monday, 1998
8729Tuesday, 1998
8730Wednesday, 1998
8731Thursday, 1998
8732Photographs Of Meeting With Senator Paul Brown, 1998
8733Correspondence, 2001
8734-40Slides, 1985-1987
881-5Slides, 1988-1989
886-9Slides, 1992-1993
8810Slides, 1999
8811Slides, No Date
8812Monday Slides, No Date
8813Tuesday-Wednesday Slides, No Date
8814-15Thursday Slides, No Date
8816Slide Presentation On UGA Service Programs-Good Slides, No Date
8817Service Program Slides, 1992 September
8818Possible Slides To Use, No Date
8819Georgia Facts, No Date
8820Georgia 2000, No Date
8821Bachtel Slides, 1990

3. W. K. Kellogg Foundation

8822-23Rural Revitalization Initiative (Photographs), 1990s
8824Renewing Rural Georgia Evaluations, 1991 December
8825The University Of Georgia-Rural Revitalization Initiative-Project Report, 1988-1991
8826Revitalizating Rural America: New Strategies For The Nineties, 1991 February
8827Articles, 1991
8828Rural Conference, 1991 December
8829Kellogg Wrap Up Expenses, 1991
8830Rural Conference-Correspondence, 1991
8831Rural Conference-Rural Revitalization Charge, 1991
8832Rural Conference-Misc. Lists, 1991
8833Rural Conference-Names, 1991
8834Rural Conference-Bio List, 1991
8835Rural Revitalization Conference-Travel, 1991
8836Rural Revitalization Conference-Personnel, 1991
8837Rural Revitalization Conference-Operating, 1991
891Rural Revitalization Conference-Consultants, 1991
892Rural Revitalization Conference-Status Sheets, 1991
893Rural Revitalization Initiative-Originals, 1991
894-5Rural Revitalization Initiative-Proceedings, 1991
896-7Renewing Rural Georgia, 1991 December
898Kellogg Correspondence, 1983-1984
899Kellogg, 1984-1985
8910Kellogg Annual Reports, 1986-1988
8911Kellogg Mid-Year Review, 1987 January 23
8912Visit With Dr. Elser-Atlanta And Ft. Valley, 1983 October 26
8913Kellogg Foundation-Printed Materials, 1980s
8914Kellogg News Release, 1984 January
8915Kellogg Foundation-Use To Xerox, 1983 August
8916Kellogg Foundation-Use To Xerox, 1984
8917-18Kellogg Foundation Proposals, 1980-1984
8919Kellogg Foundation Copies Ready For Distribution, 1983-1984
8920Kellogg Fellowship-Georgia Center, 1983-1985
8921-22Kellogg-"Georgia's Plan Expanding The Role Of The University In Lifelong Learning", 1983
8923Earth Day Conference-P.I. (Public Information), 1992
8924Earth Day Conference-Budget And Financial Information-Kellogg Task Forces, 1985-1986
901Earth Day Conference-Correspondence, 1992
902Earth Day Conference-Georgia Center-Room V-W, 1992 April 21
903Earth Day Conference-Exhibits, 1992
904Earth Day Conference-Responses, 1992
905Earth Day Conference-Tours, 1992
906Earth Day Conference-Programs, 1992
907Earth Day Conference, 1992 April 21
908New Faculty Workshop-Kellogg Proposal, 1992 November
909Fund Raising And Development, 1992
9010Kellogg Proposal-Thomson-McDuffie, 1991-1992
9011Kellogg, 1990-1993
9012Kellogg Report-Originals, 1991 June
9013Kellogg Trip, 1991-1992
9014Kellogg Foundation Proposal Planning, 1993
9015Kellogg Proposal Draft Responses, 1993
9016Kellogg Proposal, 1993
9017Dr. Snyder Trips To Represent UGA, 1993
9018-19W.K.Kellogg Foundation Proposals, 1993
9020Kellogg Proposal Info, 1983
9021-22Kellogg Proposal, 1978-1985
9023Kellogg Task Force Proposal, 1986-1989
9024Kellogg Task Forces, 1984-1987
9025Kellogg Task Forces Leaders, 1984-1985
911-2Kellogg Task Forces Chair-John D. Burke, 1985-1987
913Kellogg Annual Report (Information About), 1986
914ITF (Interdisciplinary Task Force) Chairs Meeting, 1985-1986
915McGinty ITF (Interdisciplinary Task Force) Copy, 1986 Fall
916Kellogg ITF (Interdisciplinary Task Force) Quarterly Meeting, 1986
917-8ITF (Interdisciplinary Task Forces) Chairs Memos-Kellogg Seven Task Force Chairs, 1985-1987
919Potential Candidates For Writer/Editor Position-Kellogg, 1986
9110Think Tanks, Goals, Georgia Plan and Miscellaneous Info Materials, No Date
9111Kellogg Foundation Correspondence, 1983-1984
9112-13Taskforce Budgets, 1984-1987
9114Account Numbers To Be Charged By Each Task Force Committee, 1985-1986
9115Kellogg Task Forces: "Senior Faculty Fellows Program"-Proposal Submitted to Kellogg, 1986 October
9116ITF (Interdisciplinary Task Forces) Chairs List-Telephone Numbers and Addresses, No Date
9117-18Rural Revitalization Initiative, 1988
9119Jim Calhoun, Chair-Behavioral Norms And Social Controls, 1985-1986
9120Charles DeLorme, Chair-Economy, 1985-1987
9121Lief Carter, Chair-Governance, 1985-1986
9122Carolyn Berdanier, Chair-Health And Well-Being, 1985-1986
9123Milner Ball, Chair-Learning Society, 1985-1987
9124Eugene Odum, Chair-Physical Resources, 1985-1986
9125Dennis Orthner, Chair-Social Institutions And Processes, 1985-1987
9126-27Jack Burke-Future Research (Printed Material), 1982-1985
9128Behavioral Norms And Social Controls-Jim Calhoun, 1985-1986
9129Economy-Charles DeLorme, 1985-1986
921-2Governance-Lief Carter, 1980s
923Health And Well Being-Carolyn Berdanier, 1986-1988
924-5Learning Society-Milner Ball, 1985-1987
926-7Learning Society Taskforce, 1980s
928-9Physical Resources-Eugene Odum, 1985-1986
9210-11Social Institutions And Processes-Dennis Orthner, 1985-1987
9212-13Kellogg Task Forces-Methodologies, 1977-1986
9214Kellogg Task Forces: Second Proposal (Three TF-Economy, Physical Resources and Health Well Being), 1986 October 23
9215General Data For Kellogg, 1984-1985
9216Georgia Center Quarterly Report, 1986
9217Nebraska Visiting Group, 1988 April
9218Kellogg Evaluation-Ed O'Neil, 1986
931-2Kellogg Review, 1984-1985
933Kellogg/Jim Shehane, 1988-1989
934Futures Consultants (Think Tanks), No Date
935Futures Studies And Methodologies, 1983-1985
936-7"Into The Twenty-First Century: Georgia's Changing Values"-Task Force On Behavioral And Social Controls, 1986-1987
938Kellogg Interdisciplinary Task Force On Behavioral Norms And Social Controls-Corrections Made, 1985-1988
939Kellogg Interdisciplinary Task Force On Community, 1985-1988
9310-11"The Hometown Advantage: A Report By The Kellogg Community Task Force", No Date
9312"Projections Of The Pine Timber Supply For Georgia: 1987-2017" (Task Force On the Economy), 1980s
9313"Construction And Regional Economic Conditions In Georgia" (Task Force On The Economy), 1987 June
9314NEH Application, 1988
9315-16Task Force On The Economy (1985-1987)-A Summary Of The Final Report, 1988 January
9317Kellogg Interdisciplinary Task Force On The Economy, 1985-1988
9318Kellogg Interdisciplinary Task Force On Governance (1985-1987)-A Summary Of The Final Report, 1988 January
9319Kellogg Task Force On Governance (Papers), No Date
941-4Kellogg Task Force On Governance (Papers), No Date
945Kellogg Task Force On Governance (Reports and Correspondence), 1980s
946Health and Well Being Task Force (Reports), No Date
947The Kellogg Interdisciplinary Task Force On Health And Well-Being (1985-1987)-A Summary Of The Final Report, 1988 January
948-11Health And Well Being Task Force (Reports And Comments), 1980s
9412Health And Well Being Task Force-(1985-1987)-Summary Of The Final Report, 1988 January
9413Task Force On The Learning Society-Original Document, 1988
9414Task Force On The Learning Society (1985-1987)-Summary Of The Final Report, 1988 January
9415Kellogg Physical Resources Task Force (Reports), 1980s
951-2Kellogg Physical Resources Task Force (Reports), 1980s
953"The Georgia Landscape: A Changing Resource-Final Report Of The Kellogg Physical Resources Task Force", 1987 June
954"The Georgia Landscape: A Changing Resource-Final Report Of The Kellogg Physical Resources Task Force" (Original), 1987 June
955Kellogg Interdisciplinary Task Force On Physical Resources (1985-1987)-A Summary Of The Final Report, 1988 January
956Task Force-Recommendations, 1987
957Kellogg Rural Revitalization Initiative-RRI Tour-Abbeville, S.C.-Ragsdale-Goal 3, 1990 March
958Art Mohor Position, 1989-1990
959DOAS/Bell South Network-Bill Griswold, 1990-1991
9510Rural Revitalization Initiative-Quarterly Meetings/Proposals, 1987-1990
9511Kellogg-General, 1989
9512Correspondence-10-31-RE006-015-Kellogg FDN Younts, 1988-1991
9513Acting Assistant To V.P. For Services And Coordinator Of Special Programs -CES, 1988
9514The University Of Georgia-Rural Revitalization Initiative, 1987-1991
9515Kellogg FDN Younts-10-31-RE006-015, 1988
9516RRI [Rural Revitalization Initiative] Financial Statement, 1991
9517Melba Cooper-Harvard Program, 1991
9518Budget Amendments-10-31-RE006-015, 1989-1992
9519Final Report (Rural Revitalization Initiative) Thomas Thorburn, 1992 February-March
9520Global Food Web-Kellogg, 1992
9521Cathy Zeph, 1991
9522Financial Report, 1989-1991
9523Personnel Reports, 1990-1992
9524RRI [Rural Revitalization Initiative] Budget-Year Two, 1989
961Charges And Obligations, 1991
962RRI (Rural Revitalization Initiative) Budget-Year Two, 1989
963-4Amended RRI (Rural Revitalization Initiative) Budget-Year Three, 1990
965RRI (Rural Revitalization Initiative) Budget-Year Four, 1991
966University Of Georgia Rural Revitalization Initiative-Annual Progress Report, 1989 July 1-1990 June 30
967RRI (Rural Revitalization Initiative) Year One Annual Report Material, 1989
968Salaried Payroll-10-31-RE006-015, 1988-1992
969Status Reports, 1989-1990
9610Year Two-Financial Statement, 1990
9611Personal Services-006-015-Approved Budget Amendments, 1989-1992
9612Secretary Position Ragsdale-Goal 3, 1989
9613-15Status Reports 10-31-RE006-015, 1990-1992

4. Subject Files

981-18Speeches, 1961-1979
991-4Speeches, 1980-1981
995Speech Material, 1981-1985
996-25Speeches, 1982-1991
1001-4Speeches, 1991-1992
1005Commencement Addresses, 1992-2000
1006-19Speeches, 1993-1999
10020Kiwanis Roast Of Paul Jackson, 2000 May 30
10021ABAC Award's Banquet (Speech), 2000 November 2
10022Speeches, 2000
10023Bryce Younts' Funeral (Comments, Etc.), 2001 November 2
10024-26Speeches, 2001-2008
10027Volunteer Appreciation Dinner-Lexington, North Carolina, 2008 October 16
10028-29Stories, 1957-1999
1011-4The Dispatch 1918-1949 (Handwritten Notes), No Date
1015-8Speech Material, 1960s-1980s
1019Quotes And Sayings, 1960s-1990s
10110-11Humor/Stories, 1990s-2000s
10112Humor, 2001-2011
10113News Clippings, Publications, Invitations, Etc., 1957-1971
10114North Carolina State University Class of 1952 Reunion, 2002
10115Email Addresses, 2002, 2005
10116CATIE, 2005 September 29
10117Athens Regional Medical Center (ARMC) Stay, 2006 October
10118Ebay, 2006
10119ArunaA Biomedical, 2006-2012
10120BBQ, 2005-2006
10121The Georgia Old Time Plow Club, 2007-2008
10122Regional Atlanta Civic League (RACL), 2005-2007
10123-24Marigold Tour, 2007-2008
10125Lexington, BBQ Notes, 2007
10126Kiwanis Club of Athens, Georgia Foundation Incorporated, 2008
10127CATIE, 2008
10128North Carolina State Football, 2009-2010
10129United Way Board Of Directors, 2009-2010
10130Unfinished Business (PC Tools Support), 2010
10131Botanical Garden Notes, 2010
10132Meeting (GACAA), 2010
10133Domain Registry (geneyounts.com) Renewed For Two Years, 2010-2012
10134"RDC-Heading North (?) Quack" (Drawing), No Date
10135Executive's Digest, 1978-1981
10136-37The Royal Bank Of Canada Monthly Letter (Incomplete), 1970-1985
1021The Royal Bank Of Canada Monthly Letter (Incomplete), 1986-1996
1022Speech/Research News Clippings, 1960-1970
1023Yount's Related News Clippings, 1950s-2005
1024Speech/Research News Clippings, 1960-1970
1025J.W. Fanning Quotes And Stories, 1970s-1990s
1026J.W. Fanning News Clippings, 1970s
1027Younts Notes On J.W. Fanning, 1990s
1028J.W. Fanning (Concerns, Sayings, Etc.), 1990s
1029J.W. Fanning Fondest Memories-Material For Brochure, 2000s
10210Pictures And Negatives "Fanning Fondest Memories" For Sale From Book (Printout From CD), 2000s
10211Permission To Publish Correpondence Of J.W. Fanning, 2001
10212J.W. Fanning Book Requests, 2001-2002
10213J.W. Fanning Book Comments, 2002-2004
10214Book Signing Information-Alive As Long As He Lived: The Story Of John William Fanning, 2003
10215Information About Lindsey Hopkins III And S.E. Younts, 2003
10216Write Around Home: Literary Lunch (Alive As Long As He Lived And Hola Cuba), 2005
10217Cuba-Food Availability, 1990s
10218News Clippings Regarding Cuba, 2000-2003
10219Cuba Quiz Ration Card, 2000s
10220Hola Cuban Promotion, 2000s
10221Cuba Book Requests, 2000s
10222Cuba Materials, 2000-2003
10223Cuba Book Notes And Suggestions, 2000-2003
10224Cuba With Dr. Corrie Brown, 2001 January
10225Consul General And GDITT Information, 2002
10226Cuba, 2001-2003
10227Hola Cuba-Epilogue Notes, 2002
10228Cuba (News Clippings, Thoughts On Hola Cuba Book, Methodist Study Guide On Cuba), 2008
10229Cuba Notes, 2003 April
10230Cuba High Schools, 2005
10231Learning In Retirement (LIR) Cuba Notes (Speech), 2005
10232-33Rotary Club Programs-Cuba, 2005-2006
10234-35Cuba Visit, 2008
10236New Faculty Tour Notes, 1990s
10237Back On The Bus Order Forms, 2009
10238UGA New Faculty Tours News Clippings-Back On The Bus Material, 1977-1984
10239Back On The Bus, 2007-2010
10240Back On The Bus Production, 2009
10241BooK Orders For Back On The Bus, 2010
10242Hazlehurst Library Book Signing For Back On The Bus, 2010
1031Correspondence Re-We Are What We Were, 2006-2007
1032North Carolilna Book Review Of We Are What We Were By Eric Frazier, 2007 March 8
1033Book Signing For We Are What We Were, 2008
1034Book Signing-Atlanta (Example Of An E-Invitation), 2008 November
1035Books And North Carolina/Georgia Public Libraries, 2000s
1036Email From North Carolina Libraries (Re: We Are What We Were), 2009
1037Pickler, North Carolina
1038-9Mostly Photographs, 1960s-1990s
10310Dixie/Red Coat Band Controversy, 1970s
10311-12Service and Promotion, 1971-1974
10313Governor Jimmy Carter, 1971-1976
10314Letters, Forms and News Articles Re: Committees, Groups and Participations, 1971-1992
10315New Clippings, Photographs, Certificates, Periodicals, 1972-1974
10316New Clippings, Photographs, Correspondence, 1971-1992
10317Younts-Personal, 1971-1998
10318Tal C. DuVall Speeches, 1973-1976
10319News Clippings, Photographs, Certificates, Publications, 1975-1976
10320Photographs, Cards, Certificates, 1977-1978
10321Invitation-Jimmy Carter Inauguration, 1977
10322Robert Osborne's Classic Film Festival, 2009
10323ICAD Christmas Party, 1977 December 16
10324News Clippings, Photographs, Correspondence, Postcards, Biographical Materials, 1977-1992
10325Personal, 1981-1984
10326Programs, Periodical, New Clippings, Photographs, 1983-1989
10327From Dan McClure-Georgia Center (Photograph), 1984 April 5
10328Personal, 1984-1985
10329News Clippings, Photograph, Correspondence, 1989-1994
10330News Clippings, Periodicals. Photographs, Certificates, 1990-1993
10331Awards, Certificates, Photograph, 1990s-2000s
10332Programs, Periodicals, 1994
10333Congratulatory Messages-"Order Of May", 1994
1041Legislative Recognition-Congratulatory Messages, 1997
1042"Photography By Gene Younts" Invitation And Newsletter Entry, 1994
1043Computer Procedures-Notes With Handwritten Notations, 2000s
1044Younts-Retirement Certificate, 2001 April 24

5. Appointment Calendars

1045Appointment Calendar, 1970
1046-27Appointment Calendar, 1973-1994
1051-5Appointment Calendar, 1995-1999

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