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Association of Southeastern Biologists papers

Association of Southeastern Biologists papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Association of Southeastern Biologists papers
Creator: Association of Southeastern Biologists
Inclusive Dates: 1937-2013
Language(s): English
Extent: 20 Linear Feet (20 boxes)
Collection Number: UA02-030
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Biographical/historical note

The Association of Southeastern Biologists, a voluntary association of individuals engaged in research, teaching, and graduate study of biology and related sciences, was organized in 1937. The major objective of the Association is to encourage advances in biology and related sciences by promoting research, by preserving biological resources, and through its meetings, reports, and publications. Biologists in Georgia felt keenly a sense of professional isolation as they pursued research and teaching in the early decades of the twentieth century. In 1936, the Georgia Academy of Science invited representatives of other scientific academies to meet in Athens, Georgia to consider the organization of a regional association for biologists. No firm decision to organize was made at that time. The faculty of the Division of Biological Sciences at the University of Georgia invited biologists from Georgia and the immediately surrounding states to a meeting May 7 and 8, 1937. Definite interest in a regional association of biologists grew out of that meeting, and the Association of Southeastern Biologists was organized with its next annual meeting to be held at the University of Georgia in 1938. Originally located at Emory University as manuscript collection 602, the archives were moved to UGA in 2002 and assigned the number UGA 02-030.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of the records of the Association of Southeastern Biologists including administrative files, minutes, correspondence, bylaws, and research prize papers documenting activities and functions of the association, annual meetings, membership, executive committee, and organization presidents.

Organization and Arrangement

Boxes 1-10 are arranged by subject and chronological order. Boxes 11-19 are arranged according to an assigned number designation.

Administrative Information

Preferred citation

Association of Southeastern Biologists' papers, UA02-030, University Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University Archives, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Subject Terms

Administrative records.
Association of Southeastern Biologists -- Congresses
Biology -- Southern States -- Congresses.
Bylaws (administrative records)
Proceedings (reports)

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11ASB seal
13Constitution and Bylaws, 1942
14Constitution and Bylaws, 1947
15Constitution and Bylaws, 1949
16Constitution and Bylaws, 1955
17Constitution and Bylaws, 1959
18Constitution and Bylaws, 1965
19Constitution and Bylaws, 1973
110Constitution and Bylaws, 1976
112Roster of officers and list of meeting places, 1938-1955
113Annual meeting programs
115Handbook, 1969
116Handbook, 1973
117Handbook, 1978
118Tax exemption correspondence
119Income tax, 1959-1960
120Internal revenue, 1960
121Income tax status, 1970-1972
122Brief history of ASB prepared for Income Tax Report
123Conservation Committee, 1967-1979
124Resolutions and Conservation Committee, 1970
125Conservation Committee , 1971
126Research prize paper, 1947
127Research prize papers, 1948
128Research prize paper, 1949
129Research prize paper, 1950
130Research prize paper, 1952
131Research prize paper, 1953
132Research prize paper, 1954
133Research prize papers, 1960
134Research prize paper, 1962
135Research prize paper, 1964
136Research prize paper, 1965
137Research prize paper, 1967
138Research prize paper (paper no. 6, rated no. 1 winner), 1970?
139Research prize paper (paper no. 10, rated no. 2, first alternate), 1970
140Research prize paper (paper no. 1, rated no. 3 - second alternate), 1970
141Research prize paper (paper no. 8, rated no. 4 - third alternate), 1970
142Research prize paper, 1972
143Research prize paper, 1973
144Research prize paper, 1974
145Research prize paper, 1975
146Research prize paper, 1976
147Research prize paper, 1978
148Research prize paper, 1981
149Research prize paper
150Research prize paper
151Research prize paper
152Research prize paper
21Annual meetings: lst and 2nd, Athens, Ga., 1937-1938
22Minutes (various), 1937-1948
23Correspondence with ASB officers, B-Z, 1938-1960
24Annual meeting: 3rd, Durham, N.C., 1939
25Annual meeting: 4th, Nashville, Tenn., 1940
26Treasurer's report, Nashville, Tenn. [contains agreement on printing], 1940
27Annual meeting: 5th, Auburn, Ala., 1941
28Treasurer's report, Auburn, Ala., 1941
29Association of Southeastern Biologists [contains some correspondence of officers, mailings to members ], 1941-1946
210President's Files (Mary S. MacDougall) [contains correspondence, newsletters, printed material, etc.], 1941-1946
211President's Files (Mary S. MacDougall) [contains correspondence, newsletters, printed material, etc.], 1941-1946
212Annual meeting: 6th, Miami, Fla. [contains reports of different committees], 1942
213Constitution, 1942
214Treasurer's report, Auburn, Ala., 1943
215Correspondence [contains some officer correspondence, ballots, 6th annual meeting call for papers]
216Notebook: Treasurer's account, 1943 February 6-April 18
217Ballot [contains dues notices, some officer and member correspondence], 1945
218Association of Southeastern Biologists [contains some officer and member correspondence, newsletters], 1945
219Newsletters, 1945-1946
220Annual meeting: program, 7th annual meeting, 1946
221Annual meeting-attendance, 1946
222Minutes: 7th annual meeting, Columbia, S.C., 1946
223Executive Committee meetings, 1946
224Expenses: invoices and receipts, 1946
225Correspondence, 1946
226Correspondence concerning resolution on teaching load
227Correspondence concerning resolution on S-1850
228Correspondence, Dr. Martin D. Young, 1946
229Letters of appreciation, 1946
230Membership-solicited, 1946
231Membership applications, 1946
232Membership invitations, 1946
233Membership resignations, 1946
234Printing of abstracts, 1946
235Bills: U.S. Congress, 1946
236John B. Calhoun - proposed station for research, 1946
237Volume: Treasurer's account, 1946-1947
238Correspondence, 1946-1947
239Correspondence, Dr. Elon E. Bird, 1946-1947
240Correspondence, Dr. Penney, 1946-1947
241Correspondence, Dr. J. M. Shaver, 1946-1947
242Correspondence with the Southeastern Section of the Botanical Society of America, chairman: Dr. L. R. Hesler, 1946-1947
243Requests for membership applications, 1946-1947
244A.A.A.S. [American Association for the Advancement of Science] - affiliated society, 1946-1947
245Association of Southeastern Biologists [contains officer correspondence]
246Research prize award, 1946-1951
247Participation of organizations as affiliates of ASB
248Program of annual meeting, 1947
249Meeting, Emory University, Georgia, 1947
250Business meeting, Friday, 1947 April 18
251Annual dinner, 1947 April 18
252Business meeting, Saturday, 1947 April 19
253Minutes of the 8th annual meeting, 1947
254Proceedings and abstracts, 8th annual meeting, 1947
255Abstracts for ASB, 8th annual meeting, 1947
256Registration-meeting, Emory University, 1947
257Executive Committee meeting
258Committee on visual education
259Research prize papers, 1947
260Regulations governing research prize
261Letters of notification
262Correspondence - Executive Committee, 1947
263Bank statements and cancelled checks, 1947-1948
264Correspondence with ASB members, 1947-1963
31Ninth annual meeting
32Program, ninth annual meeting, April 16-17, 1948, Gainesville, Fla.
33Business meeting, Friday, 1948 April 16
34Business meeting, Friday, 4:30 p.m., 1948 April 16
35Minutes of the ninth annual meeting
36Notice of ninth annual meeting, Science, 1948
37Call for papers, 1948
38Proceedings and abstracts, ninth annual meeting, 1948
39Papers for program of the ninth annual meeting
310Gainesville meeting-returns on questionnaires
311Research prize award, 1948
312Treasurer, 1948
314Samuel L. Meyer, 1948
315Martin D. Young, 1948
316Notice to membership, May 3, 1948
317Invitations to membership, 1948
318Resignations, 1948
319Notice of proposed emendation of the constitution
320ASB newsletter, 1948
321Future meetings, 1948
322Program, 10th annual meeting, 1949 April 14-16
323Business meeting, Friday, 8:30a.m., 1949 April 15
324Minutes of the 10th annual meeting, 1949 April
325Proceedings and abstracts of the 10th annual meeting, Knoxville, 1949 April 14-16
326Abstracts, 10th annual meeting, 1949
327Executive Committee
328Nominating committee, 1949
329Research prize, 1949
330Treasurer's report, 1949
331Bank statements and cancelled checks, 1949
332Secretary's report, 1949
333Secretary, 1949
334Report of AAAS representative
335Money matters, 1949-1950
336Announcements to membership, 1949-1950
337Shanks, 1949-1952
338Program for 11th annual meeting, Charlottesville
339Minutes for meeting, Charlottesville, 1950
340Invitation for meeting, 1950
341Report of nominating committee, 1950 April
342Committee report on resolutions, , Charlottesville, 1950 April 8
343Proposed resolution by Martin D. Young
344Research committee report
345Research prize, 1950
346Treasurer's report, Apr-50
347Letters: in general, 1950
348Letters of the president, H. M. Phillips, 1950
349Letters, 1950-1951
350V. Beatty, 1950-1958
351Proceedings of 12th meeting, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 1951 April 20-21
352Business meeting-reports of different committees, 1951 April 20-21
353Publication committee, Martin D. Young, 1951
354Representative on AAAS Council, Dr. H. M. Phillips, 1951
355Letters, 1951-1952
356AAAS report, Dr. H. M. Phillips, representative, 1951-1952
357Business meeting- reports of different committees, agenda, 1952 April 18-19
358Titles and abstracts-Agnes Scott meeting
359Beatty-suggestions, 1952
360Membership lists, 1952 January
361Local committee, UNC, 1952-1953
362Executive Committee, 1952-1953
363L. C. Dunn, 1952-1953
364M. Hess, 1952-1953
365B. D. Reynolds, 1952-1953
366AAAS Report, Dr. H. M. Phillips, representative, 1952-1953
367Publicity, 1952-1953
368ASB [contains officer correspondence, membership lists], 1952-1953
369Journal of the Tennessee Academy of Sciences, 1952-1954
370Communications to members from Secretary, Treasurer, and Editor, 1952-1954
371Minutes of Executive Committee, 1952-1955
372Awards committee, 1952-1955
373AIBS [American Institute of Biological Science], 1952-1955
41Minutes of Executive Committee, 1952-1958
42Program-meeting, 1953
43Meeting, Chapel Hill, 1953
44Titles, 1953
45Abstracts, 1953
46Symposium, 1953
47Evaluating Committee, 1953
48Nominating Committee, 1953
49Exhibits, 1953
410Biological stations, 1953
411Placement forms, 1953
412Teaching program, 1953
413LSU local committee, 1953-1954
414Proceedings: Journal of the Tennessee Academy of Sciences, 1953-1954
415Executive Committee, 1953-1954
416Treasurer, 1953-1954
417President, 1953-1954
418ASB Bulletin, 1953-1954
419Meeting places, 1953-1954
420H. R. Totten, 1953-1955
421Southern Appalachian Botanical Club/Southeastern Section, Botanical Society of America, 1953-1955
422Meritorious Awards Committee, 1953-1956
423Gaulden, M. E. [president-elect, president], 1953-1960
424Address changes, 1953-1963
425Program, 1954
426Titles, 1954
427Address, 1954
428Symposium, 1954
429Teaching session, 1954
430Evaluating Committee, 1954
431Nominating Committee, 1954
432Program Committee, 1954
433Committee to honor Shaw, 1954
434AIBS meeting, 1954
435Duke [as meeting site for 1956 annual meeting], 1954
436National Science Foundation, 1954
437Physiological Society, 1954
438Revision of Constitution, 1954
439Executive Committee, 1954-1955
440Teaching Symposium, 1954-1955
441Treasurer, 1954-1955
442Meritorious teaching award committee, 1954-1955
443AAAS, 1954-1955
444Publicity, 1954-1955
445Miscellaneous, 1954-1955
446Program, 1955
447Charleston meeting, 1955 April
448Abstracts, 1955
449Symposium, 1955
450Executive Committee reports, 1955
451Reynolds, J. Paul, 1955-1956
51Meritorious teaching award, 1955-1957
52Miscellaneous [contains correspondence, some material re Symposium], 1955-1957
53Meritorious awards, 1955-1958
54Research fellowships, 1955-1958
55AISB, 1955-1961
56Annual meeting, 1956 April 19-21
57Meeting, Durham, N.C., 1956 April 19-21
58Executive Committee agenda, 1956
59Treasurer's and Auditing Committee's reports, Durham meeting, 1956
510Humm's instructions to Bennett and letter, from Kent to Executive Committee, 1956 November 10
511George C. Kent, president, 1956-1957
512Association of Southeastern Biologists [contains some material re 1956 meeting, brief treasurer's reports, etc.], 1956-1957
513W. Jones, treasurer, 1956-1958
514Rogers, J. Hollis, 1956-1958
515Greulach, Dr. Victor A., 1956-1960
516Humm, Dr. Harold J., 1956-1960
517AAAS, 1956-1960
518Athens meeting, letters pertaining to, 1957 April 18-20
519Athens meeting-matters pertaining to, 1957 April
520Call for papers-Athens meeting, 1957
521Executive Committee agenda, 1957
522Executive Committee meeting-date preference, agenda items, 1957
523Awards committee, 1957-1958
524Research awards, 1958-1958
525Committees, 1957-1958
526A-general correspondence, 1957-1958
527B-general correspondence, 1957-1958
528C-general correspondence, 1957-1958
529D-general correspondence, 1957-1958
530F-general correspondence, 1957-1958
531G-general correspondence, 1957-1958
532H-general correspondence, 1957-1958
533J-general correspondence, 1957-1958
534K-general correspondence, 1957-1958
535L-general correspondence, 1957-1958
536M-general correspondence, 1957-1958
537N-general correspondence, 1957-1958
538O-general correspondence, 1957-1958
539P-general correspondence, 1957-1958
540R-general correspondence, 1957-1958
541S-general correspondence, 1957-1958
542T-general correspondence, 1957-1958
543V-general correspondence, 1957-1958
544W-general correspondence, 1957-1958
545Y-general correspondence, 1957-1958
546Z-general correspondence, 1957-1958
547George C. Kent, immediate past president, 1957-1958
548Old dittos [contains list of membership applicants, messages from the president], 1957-1958
549Miscellaneous [contains correspondence, some material re annual meetings], 1957-1959
550Goethe Committee, 1957-1960
551Hobbs, Horton H., Jr. (vice-president) , 1957-1958
552Annual meeting, 1958
553Agenda, 1958
554Resolutions, 1958
555Committees, 1958
556Emeritus members, 1958
557Civil service pay raise correspondence (Eisenhower file), 1958
558Horn Island, 1958
559Knoxville-meeting plans, 1959
560Questionnaire meeting, 1959
561Executive Committee, 1959
562Awards, 1959
563Meritorious teaching, 1959
564Meritorious award committee
565Harold Humm's notebook, 1959
566Damon, Dr. Samuel R., 1959
567Constitution meeting places, summary, 1959
568Teaching load study committee, 1959
61Meeting place committee, 1959-1960
62Meritorious awards committee, 1959-1960
63Meritorious awards committee, 1959-1960
64Other committees, 1959-1960
65Secretary's expenses, 1959-1960
66Mullahy, Rev. Father John H., S. J., 1959-1960
67Quarterman, Dr. Elsie, 1959-1960
68Taylor, Dr. Raymond L., 1959-1960
69Horn Island, 1959-1961
610Association of Southeastern Biologists [contains officer correspondence, information about awards, Goethe funds, and meetings], 1959-1961
611Shanks meetings, 1959-1962
612Loyola University meeting, 1960 April 21-23
613Thursday evening meeting, 1960
614Business meeting-Friday, 1960
615Friday evening meeting, 1960
616Shanks, 1960 spring
617Guide for host institution
618Agenda-Executive meeting, 1960
619Minutes, 1960
620Research awards committee, 1960
621AAAS Council, 1960
622Bulletin, 1960
623Resolution re teaching of evolution theory, 1960
624Meritorious teaching award, 1960-1961
625Association of Southeastern Biologists [contains some correspondence and memoranda, brief treasurer's reports], 1960-1961
626Gummed address labels of membership-to whom sent and who should receive them, 1960-1962
627Emeritus members, 1960-1963
628Lexington meeting, 1961 April 20-22
629Meeting places, 1961
630Highlands Executive Committee meeting-Shanks' file, 1961
631Awards, 1961
632Awards, 1961
633R. E. Shanks, 1961
634Cole to Bennett re a committee to further encourage financial participation in the activities of ASB, 1961
635Form to obtain information for ASB Bulletin-Hart, 1961
636AAAS directory of officers and activities, 1961
637W. S. Flory, 1961-1962
638Greulach file, 1961-1962
639Shanks, 1961-1962
640Shanks to Bennett, 1961-1962
641Letters previously sent to new members, 1961-1962
642Requests for gummed labels of membership for Mr. Hart Miscellaneous, 1961-1962
643Hotels and motels wanting ASB to meet at their respective places, 1961-1963
644C. W. Hart, Jr., Editor-ASB Bulletin, 1961-1964
71Winston-Salem meeting, 1962 April 12-13
72McDonald to Humm and Humm to McDonald re arrangements for meeting, 1962
73Dr. Bennett meeting file, 1962
74Information for minutes, Executive Committee - H. J. Bennett's file, 1962 November 10
75Exhibits for ASB report-Founders and charter members recognition-25th anniversary, 1962
76H. J. Bennett, 1962
77Walter Flory's file, 1962
78Dr. Victor Greulach, 1962
79Shanks, 1962
710Leland Shanor, 1962
711Southeast Section, Botanical Society of America, 1962
712Goethe awards, 1962-1964
713Dr. Walter S. Flory, 1962-1964
714Materials and information used for ASB meeting, April 18, 19, and 20
715Materials pertaining to the meeting; also corrections to minutes from the Executive Committee, 1963
716Tentative agenda-annual business meeting, 1963 April 19
717Agenda - Executive Committee meeting, 1963 October 5
718Leland Shanor, 1963
719ASB [contains some memoranda and other material from files of Margaret Menzel], 1963
720Ruffin Jones, 1963-1964
721Miscellaneous letters, 1963-1964
722Meeting, 1964
723Executive Council, 1964
724Preliminary draft-minutes, 1964
725Minutes, 1964
726Secretary, 1964
727Correspondence with officers, 1964
728Correspondence with members, 1964
729Bennett, 1964
730Leland Shanor, 1964
731Revised membership list, 1964
732AAAS, 1964
733Annual meeting, Charlottesville, 1965
734Business meeting - minutes, 1965
735Meeting-place data-Lakeland, Fla. convention bureau
736Executive board meeting, 1965
737Minutes of Executive Committee, 1965 April 15-17
738Meritorious Teaching Award, 1965
739Secretary's files, 1965 January-April
740Secretary's files, 1965 May-December
741Archivist, 1965
742Ballots, 1965 April 16
743Holt's evolution and biogeography of the biota of the southern Appalachians
744Raymond T. Damian, 1965-1966
745Meeting, 1966 April
746Meetings, 1966 April 14-16
747Executive Committee meeting, 1966
748Meeting-revised minutes, 1966 October 8
749Corrected minutes, 1966
750Secretary's files, 1966
751Membership (by states), 1966
752Bylaw amendment, 1966
753Secretary's files, 1967
754AAAS meeting time, 1967
81Minutes, 1952
82Minutes, 1953
83Minutes, 1954
84Minutes, 1955
85Minutes, 1956
86Minutes, 1957
87Minutes, 1958
88Minutes, 1959
89Minutes, 1960
810Minutes, 1961
811Minutes, 1962
812Minutes, 1963
813Minutes, 1964
814Minutes, 1965
815Minutes, 1966
816Minutes, 1967
817Minutes, 1968
818Minutes, 1969
819Minutes, 1970
820Minutes, 1971
821Minutes, 1972
822Minutes, 1973
823Minutes, 1974
824Minutes, 1975
825Minutes, 1976
826Minutes, 1977
827Minutes, 1978
828Local arrangements annual meeting
829Meeting places
830Executive Committee correspondence
832Treasurers' reports
833Audits, 1967-1970
834Goethe-recognition, 1965
835Goethe-correspondence, before 1966
836Travel Award correspondence, 1966-1968
837Meritorious Teaching Award
838Mountain Lake Fellowship, 1964
839Research Award Committee (special "problems" included)
840Presidential correspondence, 1960-1970
841Membership-geographic and collegiate distribution
842Choice of ASB editor, 1960
843ASB research journal, 1969
844Editors of Bulletin (and miscellaneous pertinent)
845AIBS, 1961
846ASB-AISB, 1964
847American, Society of Plant Physiologists, 1963
848Botanical Society, Southeastern section
849Affiliated societies: NABT, Beta Beta, Beta
850Place of meeting committee and correspondence about meeting places ( 3 folders)
851Local arrangements for annual meetings
852Meeting time questionnaire, 1965, 1978
853Restructuring of Executive Committee and Bylaws (G. C. Miller), 1973 April
854Past presidents' meetings, 1969
855Meeting of Society presidents, 1973
856Treasurer-miscellaneous information
857Financial statements, 1971-1976
858Conservation Committee-Clebsch, 1968-1970
859Conservation Committee, 1972
860Resolutions and Conservation Committee, 1970-1971
861Meritorious Teaching Award
862Constitution and Bylaws Committee, 1970-1975
863Nominating Committee
864Committee on Priorities in Public Affairs
865Research Award
866Travel Award Committee
867President and Executive Committee correspondence
868Presidential correspondence-miscellaneous
869Archivist's correspondence and reports, 1970-1980
870Emeritus status
871ASB Bulletin editor
873AIBS Affiliation-Archives, 1967-1978
874AIBS, 1973-1978
875American Society of Plant Physiologists, Southern section
876Botanical Society and Southern Appalachian Botanical Club,
877Southeastern chapter of Ecological Society
878Icthyologists and Herpetologists
879Southeastern Society of Parasitologists
880ASB-AIBS Coordinating Questionnaire, 1976
881Snaildarter-Archivist's file
882Snaildarter-P. Holt's file
91Place of Meeting Committee, 1980-1982
92Place of Meeting Committee, working file, 1982
93ASB Handbook, handwritten revisions, 1978, 1980
94ASB Meeting [University of South Carolina, Columbia], 1986
95Faculty Research Award, 1983
96Faculty Research Award, 1985
97Faculty Research Award, 1987
98Student Research Award, 1987
99ASB minutes, 1978-1981
910Executive Committee minutes, 1981-1984
911Executive Committee minutes, 1985-1986
912Annual Business Meeting minutes, 1982-1986
913 Handbook for Officers and Committee members , 1978, 1980
914Membership directory, 1989
915The ASB Bulletin: a historical perspective 1937-1987, 50th anniversary v. 34, no. 2 (supplement), 1987 April
916Faculty Award paper, 1988
917Student Award paper, 1989
101( 7.2 ) Archives [the ASB Archives program], 1965-1987
102ASB Presidents misc [correspondence, notes on starting ASB journal], 1971-1972
103ASB gavel-description of gift by Perry Holt, 1976-1977
104O'Kelly [J.C.] Treasurer, 1977-1978
105Burbanck, M.P., President, 1977-1978
106Research Awards problems, 1977-1980
107ASB correspondence-President Frank F. Flint, 1980-1981
108President-McCormick [Frank], 1981-1982
10950th anniversary history-correspondence, 1981-1985
1010Presidential correspondence-Gilbert [Margaret], 1982-1983
1011ASB correspondence-Sharitz [Rebecca], Secretary, 1982-1984
1012Brochure [ASB], 1984-1985
1013ASB correspondence, President Lafayette Frederick, 1985-1986
1014Meritorious Teaching Awards, and comments on selection methods, 1982-1986
1015(1.1 and 1.2 ) [minutes of Executive Committee and annual business meetings]
1017Don Shure, President [correspondence], 1986-1987
1018Meritorious Teaching Award-endorsement for Stewart Ware, 1987
1019Opinion poll, 1987-1988
1020V.P. and Presidential correspondence, Sharitz [Rebecca], 1986-1988
1021( 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.6, 3.8, 5.2, 5.3, 5.5, 6.4 ) [minutes of Executive Committee and annual business meetings, other reports], 1987-1988
1022Martin [William H., President}, 1988-1989
1023(1.1 & 1.2 ) [minutes of Executive Committee and annual Business Meetings]
1025Bulletin [ASB] Business Archives, 1979-1996
1026ASB Enrichment Fund-Board of Trustees Finance Committee, 1988-1991
1027Membership (ad hoc), 1988
1028Recommendations on changes to ASB Finance Committee, 1990
1029Winstead [Joe E., President], 1989-1990
1030ABS Enrichment Fund, 1982-1989
1031( 1.1 and 1.2 ) [minutes of Executive Committee and annual Business Meetings]
1033Day [Frank] [Wildco Award for Student Research in Aquatic Biology, 1991-1992
1034(1.1 and 1.2 ) [minutes of Executive Committee and Annual Business Meetings], 1990-1991
1035Bowden [Sandra, President], 1991-1992
1036(1.1 & 1.2 )[minutes of Executive Committee and annual Business Meetings], 1991-1992
1037Hinkle [C. Ross, President], 1992-1993
1038ASB Plenary speaker-[Astronaut James Voss], 1992
1039(1.1 and 1.2 ) [minutes of Executive Committee and annual Business Meetings], 1992-1993
1040List of historically Black colleges and universities, 1992-1993
1041(1.1 and 1.2 ) [minutes of Executive Committee and annual Business Meetings], 1993-1994
1042Marion [Ken R., President], 1993-1994
1043Handbook for officers and committee members (revised), 1986
1044Misc Archive 4.2 [report of Meritorious Teaching Award Committee and honorarium cover letter], 1994-1995
1045(1.1 & 1.2 ) [minutes of Executive Committee and annual Business Meetings], 1994-1995
1046[Executive Committee Minutes, bound], 1985-1988
1047Affiliate Societies, 1988-1992
1048ASB-AIBS: affiliation, 1970-1980
1049ASB-AAAS [affiliation], 1982-1989
1050ASB correspondence/communications, GEN/MISC, 1989-1992
1111.1 Agenda and Minutes: Schedule-at-a-glance and "Program-at-a-glance", 2006-2011
1121.1 Agendas and Minutes: Executive Committee meetings, 1986-1999
1131.1 Agendas and Minutes: Executive Committee meetings, 1999-2003
1141.1 Agendas and Minutes: Executive Committee meetings, 2004-2007
1151.1 Agendas and Minutes: Executive Committee meetings, 2008-2011
1161.2 Agendas and Minutes: annual Business Meetings, 1988-2010
1171.2 Agendas amd Minutes: annual meeting programs of ASB, 2012-2013
12a12.1 Executive File: President: reports and letters, 1981-1995
12a22.1 Executive File: President: reports and letters, 1995-2000
12a32.1 Executive File: President: reports and letters, 2000-2007
12a42.1 Executive File: President: reports and letters [President Claudia Jolls], 2003-2005
12a52.1 Executive File: President: reports and letters [President Claudia Jolls], 2003-2005
12a62.1 Executive File: President: reports and letters [President W. Michael Dennis-E-Mail Collection I], 2007-2008
12a72.1 Executive File: President: reports and letters [President W. Michael Dennis-E-Mail Collection I], 2007-2008
12a82.1 Executive File: President: reports and letters [President W. Michael Dennis-E-Mail Collection I], 2007-2008
12a92.1 Executive File: President: reports and letters [President W. Michael Dennis-E-Mail Collection II], 2007-2008
12a102.1 Executive File: President: reports and letters [President W. Michael Dennis-E-Mail Collection III], 2007-2008
12a112.1 Executive File: President: reports and letters [President W. Michael Dennis-President Papers], 2007-2008
12a122.1 Executive File: President: reports and letters [President W. Michael Dennis-President Papers], 2007-2008
12a132.1 Executive File: President: reports and letters [President Thomas R. Wentworth Presidency], 2008-2009
12a142.1 Executive File: President: reports and letters [President Patricia Cox], 2009-2011
12b12.1 Executive File: President: reports and letters [ASB-President's portfolio], 2005-2006
12b22.1 Executive File: President: reports and letters [ASB-President's portfolio], 2005-2006
12b32.2 Executive File: Vice President: reports and letters, 2008-2011
1312.3 Executive File: President: elect and past President, 1981-2011
1322.4 Executive File: Treasurer reports, 1981-2011
1332.4 Executive File: Treasurer-IRS status, 1996
1352.5 Executive File: Secretary: reports (beyond minutes) and letters, 1981-2011
1352.6 Executive File: Membership Officer: reports, 1998-2011
1372.7 Executive File: Archives: System Development and reports, 1981-2001
1372.8 Executive File: Meetings Coordinator: reports, 2007-2011
1413.1 Annual Reports (Operations): Enrichment Fund Board, 1982-2010
1423.2 Annual Reports (Operations): Finance Committee (beyond Treasurer's Report) (D), 2002-2008
1433.3 Annual Reports (Operations): Local Arrangement and Program Committee (F), 1992-2010
1443.3 Annual Reports (Operations): Local Arrangement and Program Committee (F), 2005-2008
1453.4 Annual Reports (Operations): Nominating Committee (H), 1998-2011
1463.5 Annual Reports (Operations): Resolutions Committee (N), 1990-2011
1473.6 Annual Reports (Operations): Patron Member and Exhibitor Committee (J), 1999-2009
1483.7 Annual Reports (Operations): Print Editor, Southeastern Biology, 1990-2011
1493.8 Annual Reports (Operations): Web Editor, 1998-2010
14103.9 Annual Reports (Operations): Membership Benefits Committee (R), 2009-2010
1514.1 Annual Reports (Awards): Graduate Student Support Award Committee (E), 1996-2012
1524.2 Annual Reports (Awards): Meritorious Teaching Award Committee (G), 1996-2000
1534.2 Annual Reports (Awards): Meritorious Teaching Award Committee (G), 2000
1544.2 Annual Reports (Awards): Meritorious Teaching Award Committee (G), 2001-2008
1554.3 Annual Reports (Awards): Poster Awards Committee (L), 1997-2006
1564.4 Annual Reports (Awards): Senior Research Awards Committee (O), 1997-2008
1574.5 Annual Reports (Awards): Student Research Awards Committee (P), 1996-2009
1584.6 Annual Reports (Awards): Cengage Learning/ASB Cell Studies Award Committee (Q), 1995-2009
1594.7 Annual Reports (Awards): award announcements by Societies-meeting with ASB.
15104.8 Annual Reports (Awards): Service Awards, 2007
1615.1 Periodical Reports: Committee on Human Diversity (A), 1995-2006
1625.2 Periodical Reports: Conservation Committee (B), 1997-2010
1635.3 Periodical Reports: Education Committee (C), 1995-2012
1645.4 Periodical Reports: Place of Meeting Committee (K), 1996-2010
1655.5 Periodical Reports: Publications Committee (M), 1995-2010
1665.6 Periodical Reports: Past President's Council (I), 1981-2010
1675.7 Periodical Reports: AIBS/AAAS/NSCA Reports, 2002-2011
1685.8 Periodical Reports: editor, Southeastern naturalist, 2003-2005
1695.9 Periodical Reports: files for affiliate Societies (A), 2004-2011
16105.10 Periodical Reports: Ad Hoc Committee Reports, 2007-2012
1716.1 Special Documents: current documents-Constitution and Bylaws, 1995-1996
1726.2 Special Documents: past documents-Constitution and Bylaws, 1995-2007
1736.3 Special Documents: documents amendments, 1984-2009
1746.4 Special Documents: ASB Leadership Guide, 1997-2001
1756.4 Special Documents: ASB Leadership Guide, 2004-2008
1766.5 Special Documents: ASB Meeting Registration, 2007
1776.5 Special Documents: ASB Meeting Registration, 2008-2013
1816.6 Special Documents: Book of Fellows of the Association documents of record for the construction of the book, specifications, etc., 2009
1827.1 Miscellaneous Folders: identifiable photographs, 1980s-1990s
186(?)General correspondence [formerly listed as 1.3], 2001-2002
1837.2 Miscellaneous Folders: items from unanticipated sources, 1995-2000
1847.2 Miscellaneous Folders: items from unanticipated sources, 1995-2000
1857.3(?) Micscellaneous Folders: correspondence, 1988-2001
187(?) General correspondence [formerly listed as 1.3], 2002
191ASB Past President's pin
192ASB Seal: The Plate
193 Association of Southeastern Biologists 1937: Fellows of the Association , 2009