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Georgia Centenarian Study records

Georgia Centenarian Study records

Descriptive Summary

Title: Georgia Centenarian Study records
Creator: University of Georgia. Gerontology Center
Inclusive Dates: 1988-2009
Language(s): English
Extent: 134 Linear Feet (134 boxes)
Collection Number: UA0139
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

A keystone research project at the Institute of Gerontology is the Georgia Centenarian Study of longevity and survival of the oldest old, led by the Institute Director Emeritus, Leonard W. Poon, and funded by the National Institute of Mental Health and the National Institute of Aging. An unprecedented number of elders in the coming decades will face the risks of disease, frailty, and dependence. The population at the highest risk is the oldest of the old who are increasing at the fastest rate among those who are 65 years and older.

Centenarians by definition are survivors who have lived to at least 100, which is more than 20 years longer than the average life expectancy. A fundamental challenge is to understand how centenarians live longer and what specific biological, psychological, and sociological characteristics they possess that would allow them to survive longer. Another basic challenge is whether we could generalize the knowledge gained in our volumes of aging research to individuals of average life expectancy, which is in their 70s (e.g., the MacArthur Study), to individuals who live 20 to 30 years longer.

At the extreme longevity of the human species, centenarians represent the ultimate range of independence and dependence, frailty and strength. There is much to be learned from centenarians about survival, disease, frailty, and independence, for all who hope to maintain health and a successful quality of life in older adulthood. The Georgia Centenarian Study is broken into 3 phases: Phase 1 (1988-1992), Phase 2 (1992-1998) and Phase 3 (2001-2009).

Scope and Content

This collection consists of the notes; minutes and reports; interviews and transcripts; publicity and marketing material; and data generated by the Georgia Centenarian Study.

Administrative Information

Conditions Governing Access

Names are confidential, collection available for use and/or copying only with permission of the current Director of the Institute of Gerontology, or the Director of Hargrett Library, or his designee.

Preferred Citation

Georgia Centenarian Study records, UA0139, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Subject Terms

Centenarians -- Georgia -- Biography.
Centenarians -- Interviews.

Related Collections in this Repository

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Active Centenarian's, 1999 March 15
12Age Verification
14Analysis and Data Models
15Atlanta Area Cent's.
16Atlanta Time #2 Testing
17Attrition Report (M. Bramlett)
18Brain Research
19Britannica Article
110Brochure (original) (The Ga. Cent. Study)
111Brochure (revised) (The Ga. Cent. Study)
112Camera Info. (Wolfe Camera Shop)
114Christmas Cards
115Cent. Certificate
116Centenarian's - Phase 1, 1988-1992
117Centenarian's - Phase 1 Physical Report
118Centenarian's "Out-of State"
119Cent. Refusals, 1989-1995
120Centenarian's - Phase II Refusal's
121Race/Gender Report
122Cent. Search List
123Centenarian's Subject FORMS
124Centenarian's "What Do We Know"
125Census Notes
126Churches Visited
128Coffee Mugs (gift) Centenarian's
129Cognitive Report
130Colloquium's (?)
131Computer Input Checks
132Consent Forms, 1989-1993
133Consent Forms (Revised), 1995 June 16
134Consent Forms (Medical College Ga.)
135Consent Forms ….. Nutrition
136Consent Forms (Unwitnessed)
137Consent Forms (Witnessed)
138Counties (Rural/Urban)
139Cent. Summary Reports
140Death Certificate Letter by Phillip Holts.
141Directions to Sonat Athens
142Death Certificates (See Black Notebook)
143Death/Deceased. Death/Deceased Report
144Death/Mortality Report (Centenarian's)
145Death (Philip's Info.)
146Death Certificates on Order
147Equipment Needed for Testing
148Excluded Subjects Low Folstein's
149Expert Survivor's Paper
150FAX Information
151Finder's Fee
152Filmmaker Pro Info.
153Folstein Scoring Instructions
154Global Depression Scale (GDS)
155Gender/Race Report
156Global Depression Scale (GDS) ESTIMATES used for Phase I Subjects
157Global Depression Scale (GDS) SCORES
158Grant Application
159Group Testing (Number of Testers Needed)
160Group Testing Evaluations
161Group Testing Items of Completion
162Group Testing Forms
163Group Testing Site & Subject Report
164Group Testing THINGS TO DO BEFORE
165Things to do AFTER Group Testing
166Grant Proposal
167Hargrett Library Information
168Hearing Device
169Honoraries - Date Signed by Subject
170Honoraria - Forms
171Housing Questions….. People in Nursing Home
172Incomplete Testbooks
173International Meeting, 1994 November
175Job Description Duke University "OARS" Centenarian Dr. Poon
178Letter for Group Testing
179Letters to Representatives
180Letters to "Immune System" Subjects
181Letters of Recruitment
182Letters to Subjects…
183Letters received from Subjects
184Letters of Verification
185Liability (UGA Insurance)
187Mailing List
188Athens Maps
189NIMH Report
190News Release
191Library Information
21News Papers
23Panel Replacement
24Pencils (gift to subjects)
25Phase I (Peter Martin's Analysis)
26Phase I & Phase II
27Phone Disk Info.
28Phone Forms Blk Church
29Physical (revised)
210Physical Information
211Physical Short Version
212Press Clippings
213Printing Testbooks Info.
214Proposal Info.
215Qualitative (Phase I) subjects tested
216Qualitative Protocol
217Quality Control
219Recruiting Information
222Refusal List
224Retirement Facilities
225San Francisco-Study
226Scanner Information
227Screening Questionnaire
229Search- Not 100
230Senior Center- Phone numbers
231Short Version Testbook (Checklist)
232Site Visit
233Status Report (Health of Subjects)
234Lost Subjects
235Subject Testing
236Summer Data Analysis Peter Martin's
237Survey Research
238Survey Research Center (After Testing Evaluations)
239Taxi Receipts
240Tax Exempt Forms
241Tax Exempt Letter
242TEA Parties
243Tester's Meeting
244Testbook Completion Form
245Test book Cover's
246Test book from McPhaul to Dawson Hall
247Testing (At Senior Center's)
248Testing Checklist
249Incomplete Testbooks
250Testbook (Ordering)
251Testbook (What to do After)
252Tester's Names
253Tester's Worksheet
254Transportation- UGA Vehicles
255Transcribed Tapes
256Travel Equipment
257Travel Equipment Form
258Travel Procedures
259T-Shirt Information
260UGA Computer Policies
261UGA Retiree Policy for Testing
262UGA Retiree Policy
263Video Report (Larry Bowie)
264VHS Tapes (Archives)
265Original Tapes at Hargrett Library
266VHS Tapes Phase I, 1989-1992
267VHS Tapes Phase II
268VHS Tape Release Form for Families of subjects
269Video Recorder Hook-Up instructions
270Birthday Card
271Brain Survey
272News Media: Atlanta Constitution, Southern Living, 20-20 TV Show, News Reporters, NBC Nightly News, "Discovery" Channel
273Governor's Letters
275Centenarian Refusals, 1988-1995
31Summary Report (France), 1996 April
32Minutes and Summary Centenarian Research Meeting, 1994
33Summary Report of Phase I, 1988-1992
34Ga. Centenarian Study (Phase I), 1988-1992
35Lynchburg, 1989 March
36Publications & Papers
37National Directory of Retirement Facilities
38Interview by Maggie Holtzberg
39Training Procedure (Testers)
310Cognitive Performance Manual
311Centenarian Scrapbook- Newspaper Clippings
312Centenarian Scrapbook- Photocopied Newspaper Clippings
313Centenarian Scrapbook- Magazine: The System
314Centenarian Scrapbook- Newspaper: Alumni News, Vol. 10, No. 2
315Centenarian Scrapbook- Newspaper: Columns, Vol. 20, No. 4
316Centenarian Scrapbook- Newspaper: Family Life, 1999
317Centenarian Study (Gen.) Press
318Centenarians Tested
319Centenarians We Hope to Test
320Centenarians in Nursing Homes
321Administration and Coding Manual for Folstein (MMS)
322Certifications for Testers
323Nutrition Certification
324Cognitive Nutrition
325OARS Certification
326Record of Notebooks
328Geriatric Depression Scale
329Health Assessment (Physical)
331Life Events
334OARS from Duke University
33516 PF
337Scag Scale
3388 SQ
339Instruments Removed from Testbook
340Testbook Changes
41Georgia Centenarian Study
42Testbook (Time #2 Session Book)
43Georgia Centenarian Study
44Testbook Cover (Used Phase I)
45Testbooks taken to Printer (Time 3, 4, 5, 6)
46Panel Replacement Testbook
47Georgia Centenarian Study Codebook, 1990 August
48Georgia Centenarian Study Codebook (Updated), 1991 August
49New Printing Test Books
410Georgia Centenarian Study Revised, 1992 April
411Centenarian Certificates
412Data Management Summary Report, 1992 July
413Data Management Summary Study, 1988-1992
414Data Code Book, 1988-1992
415Data Input #3; #4; #5
416Time #3, 80 yr. Cohorts
51Georgia-Death Certificates
52South Carolina - Death Certificates
53North Carolina - Death Certificates
54Florida (Death Certificates) Forms
55Death Certificates Ordered All Cohorts
56Consent Form
515Birth Certificate Requests
61Non-Protocol Interviews (NPI): Transcriptions before January 1992
62NPI, Transcript, Printed- Black, Gertrude Non-numbered
63NPI, Transcript, Printed- Black, Gertrude, Numbered, 1990 March 13
64NPI, Transcript, Printed- Black, Gertrude, Children
65NPI, Transcript, Printed- Butler, B., non-numbered, 1990 March 27
66NPI, Transcript, Printed- Pescow, Anna, numbered, 1990 March 12
67NPI, Transcript, Printed- Pescow, Anna, non-numbered, 1990 March 24
68NPI, Transcript, Printed- Pescow, Anna, children, 1990 March 12
69NPI, Transcript, Printed- Pescow, Anna, Field Notes, 1990 March 31
610NPI, Transcript, Printed- Rease, Phillis, non-numbered, 1989 May 4
611NPI, Transcript, Printed- Smith, A. non-numbered, 1989 May 3
612Qualitative Interviews by Karl Westhauser, 1993 March
71Ft. Valley (Peach Co.) Adams, Annie L.
72Group (Kennesaw) Aenchbacker 80s
73Ft. Valley (Peach Co.) Allen, Willie Mae 60s
74Oconee/Clarke Co. Group Albert, Margaret S. 80's
75Clarke Co. Group (80s) Avery, J.H.
76Kennesaw Group Barber, William H.
77Clarke Co Group Bell, Jeanne 80's
78Group Tested (Augusta) Bodlovick, Tony
79Indiv.. Clarke Co, Bohannon, Iclina
710Oconee Co. Group Bolden, Emma Hill
711Bulloch Co. Group Brannen, Mitchell
712Ft. Valley (Peach Co.) Bryant, Marion
713Bulloch Co. Group Chatman, Clim
714Individual Clarke Co. (80s) Callanhan, Anita Y.
715Clarke Co. Group (80's) Campbell William Andrew
716Oconee/Clarke Co. Group Cash, Cora Belle
717Oconee/Clarke Co. Group Casto. Virginia 60's
718Ft. Valley (Peach Co.) Church, Robert T.
719Bruns Group Deceased Churchill, Marion Harris
720GA. Tech Group (60's) Coleman, George M.
721Group (Augusta) Cone, Agnes V.
722Group Test (Augusta) Cornesll, Jeanne S.
723Oconee/Clarke Co. Group 60's Crane, Joie W.
724Kennesaw Individual 80's Crisler, Ava L.
725Ft. Valley (Peach Co.) Crooks, Nella E.
726GA. Tech Group (60's) Culpepper, Mary W.
727Bruns. Group Curry, James E.
728Group Cuthbertson, Rufus (60's)
729Oconee Co. Group Damian, Raymond
730Oconee Co. Group Daniel, Arthur
731Oconee/Clarke Co. Group Dickens, Jane H.
732Individual Tested 80's Diggs, Minniola
733GA Tech Group (60's) Dillmann, Clarence
734Bulloch Co. Group Dixon, Nimrod
735Bruns. Group Dixon, W.A.
736Bruns. Group Dougherty, Margaret S.
737Clarke Co. Dover, Mary (60's)
738Bruns. Dukes, Reita
739Group (Kennesaw) (60's) Dunn, Jack M.
740Group Test (Augusta) Driggers, Dimon I
741Ft. Valley (Peach Co.) Duncun, Verna
742Clarke Co. (80's) Duncun, Willa, Mae
743Clarke Co. (60's) Edmonston, Paul
744GA. Tech Group (60's) Ellis, Amanda's
745Bulloch Co. Group Ellis, Doy
746Ft. Valley (Peach Co.) Ellis, Edward
747Clarke Co. Indivi. (60's) Ellis, Pearl
748Bulloch Co. Group Ellison, Robert E.
749Bulloch Co. Group Faulkner, Ann J.
750Clarke Co. (60's) Fiala, Wanda
751Oconee Co Group Findley, Georganna
752Individual Tested Ford, Ella Armstrong 80's
753Bruns. Group Fraker, Ethel M.
754Bulloch Co. Group Frost, J.W.
755Individual Clarke Co. (60's) Galloway, Virginia W.
756Group Test (Augusta) Gandy, Stewart B., Jr.
757Group Test (Augusta) Garrett, Bertha
758Brans. Group Gilbert, John
759Individual Test (Augusta) Glover, Annie M.
760Group Test (Augusta) Goodwin, Allean Aa.
761B/F 80's Gordon, Mable
762Bulloch Co. Group Green, Hubert
763Oconee/Clarke Co. Group Griner, Ednna G. 60's
764Kennesaw Individ. 80's Gunderson, Ella M.
765Individ. Clarke Co. (80's) Gunnells, James E.
766Oconee/Clarke Co. Group Hammond, ILA
767Individ. (80's) Hammond, INA B.
768GA. Tech Group (80's) Hammond, Mary O.
769Group Dahlonega Hamilton, Zena
770Oconee Co. Group Harrington, Inez
771Bruns. Group Harris, Fred D.
772Bruns. Group Harris, Naomi James
773Oconee Co Group Hawkins, Mattie Mack
774Individual 80's Hazen, Roger
775Oconee/Clarke Co Group Head, Sylvia 80's
776Clarke Co. Group (80's) Henderson, George E.
777Oconee/Clarke Co Group Herndon, Betty
778Group Test, (Augusta) Hill, Elizabeth S.
779Oconee/Clarke Co. Group Hill, Frances
780Bulloch Co. Group Hill, Jessie
781Individual, Clarke Co (80's) Hill, Mattie Lee
782Individual 60's Homick, Kay
783Clarke Co. Indiv. (80's) Hoover, Mamie
784Group (Kennesaw) (60's) Hunter, Jeannette Q.
785Oconee/Clarke Co. Group Hutto, Bessie
786Clarke Co. (60's) Iverson, Jeanne
787Bullock Co. Group Jacobs, Edith C.
788Clarke Co. (80's) Johnson, Edna
789Clarke Co. (60's) Individ. Johnson, Mildred
790Oconee Co. Group Johnson, Primus
791Group Augusta Jones, Thelma C.
792Oconee Co. Group Jordan, Vernard D.
793Clarke Co. (60's) Keane, Claire
794Clarke Co. 80's Keener, Norma
795Group (Kennesaw) (60's) Keheley, Sarah L.
796Indiv. Clarke Co (80's) Kemp, Bessie
797Clarke Co. (60s) King, Elizabeth
798Bruns Group Lane, Anthony
799Clarke Co. Group (60's) Langley, Sara E.
7100Bulloch Co. Group Lanier, Bertha F.
7101Clarke Co. (60's) Leitch, John C.
7102Ft. Valley (Peach Co.) Lemon, Leola J.
7103Oconee Co. Group Lester, Herbert
7104Oconee Co. Group Lynn, Anthony M.
7105Bulloch Co.Group Lyons, Henry C.
7106Brunswick Group (80's) McCloud, Raymond
7107Group (Kennesaw) (80's) McLain, David B.
7108Group Test (Augusta) Majeski, Julius M.
7109Bulloch Co. Group Martin, Joann
7110Inidivia. Clarke Co. (60's) Martin, Ovin
7111Clarke Co. Group (60's) Massey, James Henry
7112Group Augusta Middlebrooks, Desi B.
7113Group (Kennesaw) (60's) Middleton, Merlissie R.
7114Oconee Co. Group Miller, Edna M.
7115Clarke Co. Group (80's) Misenhamer, L.E.
7116Indicidual Test (Augusta) Mitchell, Willie
7117Oconee/Clarke Co, Group Mitchum, Elizabeth
7118Oconee/Clarke Co. Group Moore, Polly S.
7119Oconee/Clarke Co. Group Morgan, David 80's
7120Oconee/Clarke Co. Group Morgan, Mary 80's
7121Bruns Group Moser, Mary C. (Sis)
7122Bruns Group Mosher, Tennie E.
7123Group (Kennesaw) Individual Munro, Mary D.
7124Group Test. (Augusta) Neely, Annie L.
7125Oconee/Clarke Co. Group (80's) Nicholson, Louise B.
81Clarke Co. (60's) O'Kelley, Charles
82Group (Kennesaw) (60's) O'Neal Amy M.
83Oconee Co. Group Ozmore, Edna S.
84Bruns Group Padgett, Virginia Mayson
85Bruns. Group Page, Dorothy J.
86Bruns. Group Parks, Edna M.
87Augusta Group Perkins, Henry R.
88Group (Kennesaw) Perkins, Rith Washbu
89Group (Kennesaw) (60's) Perriello, Barbara
810Individually Tested (Augusta) Price, Samuel E.
811GA. Tech Group (80's) Ratchford, Mary M.
812Oconee/Clarke Co. Group Raynor, Lillian 60's
813Oconee/Clarke Co. Group Reynolds, Sue
814Bulloch Co. Group Rich, Louise
815Group Tested (Augusta) Richardson, Eunice W.
816Group Tested (Augusta) Richardson, Hathleen
817Oconee Co. Group Rick, Margaret
818Individually (Kennesaw) (60's) Ridley, James W.
819Oconee/Clarke Group Roach, Hazel 60's
820Bruns. Group Rockefeller, Edwin
821Clarke Co. (60's) Ross, Ann B.
822Oconee/Clarke Co. Group Rutherford, Claire
823Bruns. Group Salkin, Phillip L.
824Group (Dahlonega) Sanders, Little H.
825Oconee Co., Group Sanders, Mary Easley
826Oconee/Clarke Co. Group Saye, Ruth
827Oconee/Clarke Co. Group Sckerl, Lorraine H.
828Oconee Co. Group Scotland, Lawarence
829Bulloch Co. Group Scott, Lucille W.
830Oconee Co. Group Seals, race Mae
831Clarke County Group (60's) Shaffer, Charles
832Oconee Co. Group Sheats, Dorothy
833Bulloch Co. Group Shipman, Hattie Mae
834Oconee/Clarke Co. Group Sims, Odell 80's
835Group Tested (Augusta) Simpson, William L.
836GA Tech. Group (80's) Smith, James D.
837Clarke Co. Group (80's) Smith, Mozelle E.
838Group (Dahlonega) Spiess, Irma F. (60's)
839GA Tech. Group (60's) Stewart, Mary E.
840GA Tech. Group (80's) Styron, Arthur H.
841Clarke Co. Indivi. (80's) Taylor, Walter
842Clarke Co. (Indiv.) (80's) Thompson, Clara
843Group Tested (Augusta) Thompson, Jr., Paul M.
844Group Tested (Augusta) Thompson, Faries W.
845Group (Dahlonega) Thompson, Pearl
846Individ. Clarke Co. (60's) Upshaw, Charlie
847Group (Dahlonega) Venable, Janie
848Clarke Co. Group (80's) Vinson, Charles E.
849GA Tech. Group (80's) Vogel, Eugene W.
850Group (Dahlonega) (80's) Walker, Wiley W.
851Oconee/Clarke Co. Group Warren, Gwynelle R.
852Individ. Tested 80's Watson, Rosa Mae
853Group (Kennesaw) (60's) Wheeler, Charles H., Jr.
854Whing, Neptune
855Oconee/Clarke Co. Group Wilgocki, Otice 80's
856Oconee Co. Group Williams, Marion
857Group Tested (Augusta) Williams, Percy C.
858Kennesaw Group 80's Wilson, Lois
859GA Tech. Group (60's) Wintzinger, Agnes M.
860Individ. Clarke Co. (60's) Wirtz, Robert L., Jr.
861GA Tech. Group (60's) Womack, Darwin W.
862Ft. Valley (Peach Co.) Wright, Ethel G.
863Bruns Group Yound, Georgia M.
864Bruns. Group Youmans, Earl F.
865Folstien's ID# 151--
866Original Folsteins Centenarian Phase II
867Excluded Because of Low Folstein Scores (have complete testbooks on them)
868Refusals and Low Folsteins
869Low Folstien's 1995
870Search (Centenarian)
871Jacksonville, Florida Centenarian's Time #3 February 1995
872Mary Simm Elliott Exam: Barry Reisberg Interview: Bo Hagberg
873Indiv. Allen, Rosa (CA)
874Individ. (Centenarian0 Amis, Sara
875Centenarian Anderson, Will
876Centenarian Armstrong, Lucille
877Centenarian Berry, Harriet E.
878Barnette, Harry
879Centenarian (North Carolina) Bither, Ann
880FLA Centenarian W/F Black, Gertrude
881FLA. Centenarian W/F Blanchard, Bertha
882Centenarian Britt, Rena
883Individ. (CA) Brooks, Otis
884Centenarian Bryant, Minnie #071-24
91Bunch, Nannie
92Florida Cent. W/F Butler, Barbara
93Centenarian Cain, Janie H.
94Centenarian Calhoun, Mamie
95Savannah Centenarian Elsie Cardinal
96Centenarian W/M Caviness C.C
97Individual Centenarian Jessie Champion
98Centenarian Champion, Mattie Aada
99Centenarian W/F Chestnut, Stella
910Clarke, Paul
911Centenarian Compton, Mrs. B.R.
912Centenarian Copeland, Ardnessa
913South Carolina Cent. Cranshaw, Eva N.
914Crichton, Ruby
915Indiv. Crosby, Floy Centenarian
916Centenarian Curtis, Nancy Brown
917Cook, Deacon James
918TD. 9/91 Cuyler, Mrs Sally
919Mary Sim's Elliott's File
920Centenarian Davis, Stella
921Individual Eubanks, IDA
922Centenarian Flanders, Lean P.
923Centenarian Fulton, Ella
924Centenarian Gaskin, Lelia
925Centenarian W/F Gies, Emma
926Centenarian Cecilia Grove
927Phase II…Time 1 Gurley, Emma
928Hagenhaur, Margaret
929Centenarian Hanson, Nettie M.
930Centenarian Hatcher, Mrs. Maude
931Hawes, Mozelle Thompson, GA
932Centenarian Henry, Essie
933Centenarian Hicks, Mattie
934Howell, Sallie C. 1888
935Centenarian Hurlin, Ralph
936Centenarian Elam, Thomas
937Centenarian W/F Elliot, Mary Sims
938Individ. Centenarian Irvin, Carrie
939Centenarian B/M Jackson, Willie
940Centenarian Jacobs, Anna
941Centenarian Jenkins, Will
942Centenarian Johnson, Bertha
943Centenarian Josey, Jessie
944Centenarian (South Carolina) Keys, Rufus
945Centenarian Klein, Sara S.
946Centenarian (North Carolina) Lee, Grace
947Centenarian Lipscomb, Nida C.
948TD. 9/91 Lofton, Mrs Nettie
949Centenarian McClumsky, Lucinda 1890
950McDaniel, Geneva 8/26/1887
951McDonnell, Georgina
952Centenarian Merrill, Harvery
953Centenarian Miles, Esther
954Centenarian Mitchum, Frank A
955Centenarian Moses, Judson
956Centenarian Murphy, Aline J.
957Centenarian Murphy, Janie
958Centenarian Neeley, Annie
959Individ. Paden, Leasie
960Centenarian Pate, Pearl
961Centenarian Prince, Ida Cleo
962Reese, Phillis
963Centenarian B/M Reid Rubic
964Centenarian Robinson, E.L.
965Centenarian Scott, Isabell
966South Carolina Cent. Singleton, Diann
967Centenarian B/F Singleton, Magnolia
968Invid. Smith, Amanda
969Cent. Souther, William H.
970Cent. Sosebee, Arthur
971Indiv. (CA) Spangenberg, Elva
972Cent. Stegeman, Dorothea
973Cent. Stewart, Lonnie
974Cent. (South Carolina) Stone, Annie Bell Holcomb
975Time #2… FLA B/M Stutt's, Rev. William
976Tatum, John
977Cent. B/F Thomas, Susie
978Cent. (Statham, GA.) Thrasher, Pearl
979Cent. Toole, Frances Ray
980Cent. Tomlin, Kathleen 1890
981Individ. Cent. Trammell, Clydie
982Individ. Test (CA) Turner, Mary Agnes
983Cent. W/F Wall, Lilly
984Cent. Walton, Lillian
985Cent. Willingham, Mary
986Individ… Cent. Whelchel, Fannie
987Centenarian B/F/ Williams, Cora Bell
988Centenarian B/F Williams, Jennie
989Wyckoff, H.A.
101Governor's Letters
102Martha Nichols Physicals
103Group Testing
104Augusta, GA. … Group Testing
105Phase I Time #1 Group Testing Brunswick GA, 1990 June 1-2
106Phase I Time #1 Grp. Testing Bullock Co. Statesboro, GA, 1990 May 27
107Phase I Time #1 Grp. Testing Clarke Co. Athens, GA, 1989 February 22
108Clarke Co.
109Phase I Time #1 Group Testing Dahlonega, GA, 1989 July 7
1010Phase I Time #1 Group Testing Ft. Valley, GA, 1990 July 31
1011Phase I Time #1 Georgia Tech. Grp. Testing Atlanta, GA, 1989 September 7
1012Kennesaw Group Testing, 1989 August 12-13
1013Phase I/Time #1 Oconee Co. Grp. Testing Athens, GA, 1990 May 19
1014Clarke/Oconee Co. Group Testing, 1990 July 23
1015Clarke/Oconee Co. Group Testing, 1990 July 26
1016Clarke/Oconee Co. Group Testing, 1990 August 7
1017Phase II Group Testing Athens
1018Phase II Group Testing Athens, 1995 June 22
1019Phase II Group Testing Athens, 1995 July 20
1020Phase II Group Testing Athens, 1995 August 10
1021Phase II Group Testing Augusta, 1994 August 18
1022Phase II Group Testing Brunswick, GA, 1994 March 21
1023Phase II Group Testing Statesboro, GA Bulloch Country, 1995 March 24
1024Phase II Group Testing Dahlonega, GA, 1994 March 16
1025Phase II Group Testing Ft. Valley, GA, 1995 May 22
1026Phase II/ Time #2 Georgia Tech. Grp. Testing Atlanta, GA, 1994 May 14
1027Phase II/Time #2 Kennesaw Group Testing Kennesaw, GA, 1994 April 16
1028Athens (Clarke/Oconee Co.) Tea, 1991 February 14
1029Fort Valley Tea Party, 1991 January 30
1030Augusta Tea, 1991 February 17
1031Athens (Clarke/Oconee Co.) Tea, 1991 February 12
1032Brunswick/St. Simmon's Tea, 1991 January 24
1033Atlanta… GA. Tech/Kennesaw, 1991 February 23
1034Statesboro Tea Party, 1991 January 26
1035Receptions (teas)
1036Bulloch Co. Group Oglesby, Emma L.
1037Excused Absences for Appt.
1038Jacksonville, Florida
1039Phase II… Time #1 W/F Cent. Plott, Fannie Crawford
1040Phase 2.. Time #1 W/F Dr. Poon
1041Phase II..Time #1.. B/F Hill, Nellie
1042Dillard, GA Cent.
1043Phase II.. Time #1 W/F Thaxton, Lillie Cent.
1044Churches- Rome Waycross Blackshear
1045Subject Profiles (rejections) and (seeking)
1046Individ. Tested Hayes, Katie Lue
1047Changed Mind… to NO
1048Cent. Russell, Blondella
1049Cent. B/M/ Amey, Penn
1050Cent. Gillespie, Harriett
1051Lillie Bush Individ. Interview-M.E.
1052Alvin Flanigan Individ. Interview 80 BM
1053Harold Jones Individ. Interview 60 B.M
1054Lonaie Harrison
1055Lena Dennis
1056Cent. Glass, Hattie
111Refusals Phase I, 1989-1991
112Cent. That we could not test
113Florida Centenarians
114Rose Lee Murrell
116North Carolina
117Cent. Mr.& Mrs. Thomas Blagey
118Centenarian Baucom, Carrie
119Cent. Willie Norris
1110Cent. Anderson, Jesse
1111Effie Dixon
1112Kate Holliday Cent.
1113South Carolina
1114LaGrange, GA Area
1115Cent.. Paid..Could not Finish Testbook
1116Asheville, N.C. Cent.
1117Incomplete Folders
1118SRC Summary of Each County
1119Launa Storey
1121Patsy James Leggett
1122Martha Maude Martin Creel
1123Adell Bullard
1124Lovie Moore
1125Bulloch Co. Group Simmons, Sallie
1126Refused Either they refused we refused them
1127Phase I Report- Plus Update
1128Blanchard, Bertha (Cent)
1129Gies, Emma (Centenarian)
1130Pescow, Anna (Centenarian)
1131Miles, Esther (Centenarian)
1132Adams, John Quincy
1133Phase II.. Time #2 Armstrong, Lucille
1134Phase II.. Time #1 W/F Bailey, Effie
1135Time 1 Phase II B/F Bazemore, Eliza
1136Phase II.. Time #2 Test Bazemore, Eliza
1137Jack Bennett
1138Phase Ii.. Time #2 W.M Cent. Bennett, Jack
1139Phase II.. Time 2. W/F Bither, Ann
1140Phase II/ Time 2 W/F Black, Gertrude
1141Phase II/Time 2 W/F Blanchard, Bertha
1142Phase II… Time.1.. W/M Boutwell, George
1143Phase II…Time 1 W/F Boyer, Elizabeth
1144Phase II… Time #1 B/F Boyd, Clara
1145Phase I .. Time #2 Fla. W/F Boyer, Elizabeth
1146Phase II.. Time 2.. W/M Biggers, James
1147Phase II…Time 2 W/F Britt, Rena
1148Centenarian..Phase II Time 2 B/F Byrant , Minnie
1149Phase II…. Time #2 Bunch, Nannie
1150Phase II… Time #2 Brundrick, David D.
1151Phase II… Time #1 W/M/ Bundrick, David D.
1152Phase II… Time 2 B/F Calhoun, Mamie
1153Time 1… Phase II. - W/F Callaway, Mattie B.
1154Sarah Calloway
1155Phase II… Time 1 Carter, Ethel
1156Phase II… Time #2 B/F Cent. Carter, Ethel
1157Phase II… Time 2 B/M Champion, Jessie
1158Phase II… Time 2 W/F Chestnut, Stella
1159Phase II… Time 2 Clarke, Paul
1134Phase II… Time #1 W/F Cobb, Oliwee
121Phase II… Time #1 B/F Cooks, Tena
122Phase II Time 2 Copeland, Ardnesa
123Phase II… Time 2 W/F Crenshaw, Eva
124Phase II… Time 2 W/F Crichton, Ruby
125RC Cropper
126Phase II… Time 2 B/F Curtis, Nancy
127Phase II… Time #2 W/F Davis, Stella 10/9/1889
128Phase II… Time #2 Tested Dixon, George
129Phase II… Time 1 Dixon, George M.
1210Time 2… Phase II … W/F Elliott, Mary S.
1211Eubanks, Ida 2nd Phase
1212Eubanks, Ida Time #3
1213Phase II… Time #1 W/F Fellows, Velma
1214Phase II…Time 1…W/F… Folker, Carrie
1215Phase II…Time #2 W/F Folker, Carrie
1216Phase II… Time #1 Garner, S. Ida ("Sweetie")
1217Phase II…Time #2 Gaskin, Leila C.
1218Phase II… Time 2 W/F Fla. Gies, Emma
1219Phase 2… 100 Years W/F Giles, Era
1220Phase II…Time #2 W/F Cent. Gillis, Vina
1221Phase II…Time 1 W/F Gillis, Vina
1222Time #2… Fla. W/F Glazer, Fern
1223Phase II… Time 1 W/F Jacksonville, Fla. Glazer, Fern
1224Phase 2… Time 2… Time 2… W/F Gurley, Emma
1225Legal Pad, Notes: 1st Baqt./ 6 Day Testing
1226Phase II… Time 2 Hanson, Nettie
1227Centenarian W/M Harmon, Bishop Nolan B.
1228Nettie Harrington Time: 2
1229Phase II…Time 1… B/F Harrington, Nettie
1230Phase II…Time I Harrison, Deborah
1231Time I…Phase II W/M Hawkins, Joseph
1232Phase II …Time 2/3 W/M Hawkins, Joseph
1233Hawkins, Joseph Time #2
1234Phase II…Time #1…W/F Cent. Hayes, Jewel
1235Phase II…Time 1 W/F Hayes, Jewel
1236PH II...Time #1 Cent. Intv: R. Elsner Hill, Mary R.
1237Phase II…Time #1…W/F Holcomb, Ida
1238Phase II… Time #2 W/M Hurlin, Ralph
1239Phase II… Time 1.. B/M Jackson, John
1240Centenarian Phase II…Time 2 B/M Jackson, Willie
1241Time 2…Phase II…B/M 1882 Jenkins, Will
1242Phase II…Time 1 Jones, Esteller
1243Phase II…Time #2 B/F Jones, Mrs Esteller
1244Phase II… Time 2 Johnson, Bertha
1245Time #1 Jones, Edith
1246Phase II…Time 2 W/F Josey, Jessie
1247Phase II…Time #1 W/F Cent. R. Elsner (Test) Kitchens, Elizabeth
1248Phase II … Time #2 W/F Lee, Grace
1249Phase II…Time 2 W/F Lipscomb, Nida
1250Time #2…Fla. ..B/F.. Loney, IDA
1251Phase II… Time #1 B/F Loney, Ida
1252Phase II… Time 1 Cent. (Atlanta) Indiv: P. Rose McDaniel, Emma
1253Centenarian- Union City, Ga. Emma E. McDaniel
1254Phase II…Time #1 (Cent.) McKee, Anne
1255Phase II..Time 2 W/F McDaniel, Gevena
1256Phase II… Time # 1 B/F Cent. McKinney, Julia
1257Phase II…Time # 1..W/F Americus McNeill, Marie H.
1258Mary R. Hill Cent.- Greenville, Ga
1259Marie H. McNeill Americus Centenarian Time #2
1260Phase II… Time # 1.. B/F Americus Malone, Amanda B.
1261Malone, Aamanda Time #2 Americus, GA
1262Marchmont, J.
1263Time 1…Phase II…W/M Maxwell, Alva
1264Phase II…Time #2 Miles, Esther
1265Phase II…Time #1… W/M Cent. R. Esner (Test) Morris, Claude
1266Centenarian (Temple, Ga.) T #2 Claude Morris
1267Phase II… Time 2 W/F Murphy, Janie
1268Centenarian Phase II Time 2 B/F Neeley, Anna
1269Time #1..Phase II..W/F New, Lizzie (Miss)
1270Phase II.. Time 2 Cent. New, Miss Lizzie
1271Pate, Pearl
1272Phase II..Time 2.. W/F Fla. Pescow, Anna
1273Phase II..Time 31 W/F Price, Beaulah
1274(Centenarian (Portal, Ga.) Time #2 Beaulah W. Price
1275Phase II Time 2 Prince, Cleo Ida
1276Phase II.. Time 1.. W/F Ramsey, Florence
1277Phase II…Time #2..W/F Ramsey, Florence
1278Phase II..Time #1 B/F Cent. Raymond, Frances
1279Time 1…Phase II Roberts, Annieleen W/F
1280Phase II..Time 1 W/F Rich, Nessie
1281Centenarian Phase II, Time 1 Roberts, Essie
1282Phase II..Time 2 W/F Roberts, Annie
1283Phase II…Time #1 W/M Robinson, Philip
1284Time #1..Phase II..B/F Sims, Essie S.
1285Phase II..Time #2 (Cent.) B/F Sims, Essie
1286Phase II…Time # Simmons, Pauline
1287Phase II..Time 1 W/F Smith, Myrtie
1288Phase II.. Time 2 (Cent) W/M Southern, William
1289Phase II..Time 2.. W/F Spangenberg, Elva
1290Phase II…Time #2 W/F Stegeman, Dorothea
1291Phase II…Time 2 Stone, Anna Bell
1292Time 2..Phase II.. B/M Stewart, Lonnie
1293Phase II.. Time #1 B/M Stutt's, Rev. William
1294Phase II..Time 1 B/F Taplin, Mary
1295Phase II…Time #2 W/M Tatham, John
1296Phase II…Time 2..W/F Tisinger, Lexie
1297Phase II Time 1 W/F Tisinger, Lexie
1298Mrs. Georgia Tompkins Brown Street
1299Phase II..Time 2 Toole, Frances Rae
12100Phase II..Time 2 W/F Turner, Mary Agnes
12101Phase 2..Time #1..W/F Tested Vanlandingham, Mabel
12102Van Landingham Centenarian- Cairo, Ga. Time #2
12103Phase II… Time # 2 B/F Walton, Lillian
12104Phase II.. Time #2.. B/M Cent. Washington, Levi
12105Centenarian- Dublin, Ga. Levi Washington
12106Phase II..Time 2..B/M Whaley, Booker T.
12107Time 1…Phase 2.. B/M Whaley, Booker T.
12108Phase II, Time I White, Floyd
12109(Centenarian (Twin City, GA.) Lucille Williams
12110Phase II..Time #1 .. B/F Cent D. Rhodes (Test) Williams, Lucille
12111Phase II…Time 2.. B/F Williams, Jennie
12112Phase II..Time #1..Cent. W/M Winn, Frank M.
12113Winn, Frank (centenarian) Time #2
12114Centenarian B/F Woods, Mary
12116Poon, James 80's
12117San Francisco Subject
12118Christian City
132Refusals 1992
133Phase II..Time #2 W/F (Refused) Aenchbacher, Mary
134Phase II..Time 2 Ft. Valley B/F #255-2 Adams, Annie
135Phase II.. Time 2. Ft. Valley B/F #256-2 Allen, Willie Mae
136Phase II..Time 2..Athens GP/IND Intv.: d. Rhodes Albert, Margaret
137Time 2…Refused (Athens, GRP.) Avery, J.H.
138Phase II..Athens Group Bell, Jeannie
139Time #2..Athens Group Bohannon, Iclina, 1993 December 11
1310Phase II..Time 2 Athens #4 Grp. ID #196 Bolden, Emma H., 1995 August 11
1311Phase II..Time 2 Ft. Valley B/F #258-2 Bryant, Marian
1312Time #2..Athens Group Campbell, William, 1993 December 11
1313Phase II..Time 2 Athens, GP/Indiv. Interv: S. Fanning Cash, Corabelle
1314Castro, Virginia Phasell…Time 2
1315Phase II..Time 2..Ft. Valley B/M #259-2 Church, Robert
1316Georgia Tech Group Testing Phase II/Time #2 W/M Coleman. Georgia
1317Phase II..Time 2 (Augusta GP) Cone, Agnes, 1994 August 18
1318Phase II.. Time 2 (Augusta GP) Cornell, Jeanne S., 1994 August 18
1319Crane, Joie W. Phase II..Tie 2 Athens Group/Individual
1320Fort Valley Time #2 B/F Group Crooks, Nella
1321Georgia Tech. Group Test Phase II..Time #2 W/F Culpepper, Mary W., 1994 May 14
1322Phase II Time #2 W/M Dahlonega Grp Cuthbertson, Rufus, 1994 June 16
1323Raymond Damian #201-2
1324Jane H. Dickens Athens, Grp #3, 1995 July 20
1326Time #2..Brunswick Group B/F Home Bound Diggs, Minniola 80's
1327Phase II..Time 2..Brunswick GP Dougherty, Margaret
1328Phase II..Athens Group (Time 2) Dover, Mary, 1993 December 4
1329Phase II..Time 2 (Augusta) Driggers, Dimon, 1994 August 18
1330Time #2..Brunswick Group B/F Home/Boun. Dukes, Reita 80's
1331Phase II..Time #2..Kennesaw GP/IND Test: L. Culp. Dunn, Jack
1332Phase II..Time 2..Ft. Valley B/F #263-2 Duncan, Verna
1333Phase II.. Time 2 W/M Athens Group Edmonston, Paul
1334Georgia Tech Group Test Phase II..Time #2 Ellis, Amanda, 1994 May 14
1335Phase II..Time #2..W/M Bulloch Co. GRP. Ellis, Doy
1336Phase II..Time 2..Ft Valley B/M #262-2 Ellis, Edward
1337Phase II…Time #2..B/M Bulloch Co. Grp. Ellison, Robert
1338Phase II..Time #2..W/F Bulloch Co. Grp. Faulkner, Ann
1339Phase II..Time 2 Athens Grp/Ind. Interv. Findley, Georganna
1340Time #2 Brunswick Group W/F Fraker, Ethel 80's
1341Phase II..Time #2..W/M Bulloch Co. GRP. Frost, J.W.
1342Phase II, Time 2..Augusta GRP/IND Gandy, Stewart
1343Time #2 Brunswick Group W/M Gilbert, John 80's
1344Edna G. Griner Athens Group 313, 1995 July 20
1345Phase II..Athens Group, Time 2 Galloway, Virginia, 1993 December 4
1346Phase II..Time 2 Augusta..Indiv. (Laurie Culp..Tester) Garrett, Bertha
1347Phase II..Time 2 (Indiv.) Augusta (Laurie Culp..Tester) Glover, Annie M.
1348Phase II..Time #2..B/F Augusta Indiv. Goodwin, Allean
1349Kennesaw Grp. Time 2 W/F (80s) Gunderson, Ella, 1994 April 16-17
1350Time #2 Athens Group Individual Gunnells, James, 1993 December
1351Time #2..Atehns GP/Indiv. Home Intev. Dusty Rhodes Hammond, Ila
1352Phase II..Time #2 W/F (80's) Athens (Indiv.) Hammond, Ina
1353Phase II..Time #2 W/F Dahlonega Home B- Hamilton, Zena, 1994 June 18
1354Time #2 Brunswick Group W/F Harris, Burney 80's
1355Time #2..Brunswick Group B/F Home Bound Harris, Naomi J. 60's
1356Phase II..Athens Group Hazen, Roger, 1993 December 4
1357Hawkins, Mattie M. Phase II, Time II
1358Sylvia Head #244-2
1359Elizabeth Hill Time 2- Augusta Group
1360Phase II..Time 2..Athens Grp/Individ. Intr: R. Elsner- Hill, Frances
1361Phase II..Time #2.. B/M Bulloch Co. Group Hill, Jessie
1362Phase II..Time 2 Athens Group- Hoover, Mamie, 1993 December 4
1363Kennesaw Group Time Hunter, Jeanette (60's), 1994 April 16-17
1364Phase II..Time #2..Athens GP/Indiv. Inter: D. Rhodes- Hutto, Bessie
1365Athens, GP T #2 W/F/60'S Indiv./Grp. Iverson, Jeannie
1366Phase II..Time #2..W/F Bulloch Co. Grp. Jacobs, Edith
1367Phase II Athens Group Johnson, Edna, 1993 December 4
1368Thelma C. Jones Time:2 Augusta Group
1369Primus Johnson Athens, GA
1370Phase II..Time 2 Athens Jordan, Vernard, 1995 March 10
1371Phase II…Athens Group Time 2 Keane, Claire, 1993 December 4
1372Phase Ii.. Time 2 Athens Grp. Keener, Norma, 1993 December 4
1373Kennesaw Grp. Time 2 W/F 60's Keheley, Sarah
1374Phase II..Time #2..Athens 60's B/F King, Elizabeth
1375Time #2..Brunswick Group B/M 60's Lane, Anthony
1376Phase II..Time #2 Athens Group 60s W/F Langley, Sara
1377Phase II..Time 2 Athens Group Leitch, John, 1993 December 4
1378Phase II..Time #2..B/M Bulloch Co. Group. Lyons, Henry
1379Time #2..Brunswick Group B/M 80's McCloud, Raymond
1380Kennesaw Grp. Time 2 W/M (80's) McLain, David, 1994 April 16-17
1381Phase II..Time #2 W/M Virginia Augusta Group 80yr. Majeski, Julius
1382Phase II..Time #2.. Bulloch Co. Grp. B/F Martin, Joann
1383Phase II..Athens Group Time 2 Martin, Ovin J., 1993 December 4
1384Massey, Henry
1385Phase II..Time #2 Athens Grp/Indiv Laurie Culp..Tester (Home Tested) Miller, Edna
1386Phase II..Time 2 (Augusta) B/M Middlebrooks, Desi, 1994 August 18
1387Phase II..Time #2..B/F GA Tech. Grp. Indiv; Rhodes/Mapstone- Middleton, Marlissie
1388Phase II..Athens Grp. Time 2 Misenhamer, L.E., 1993 December 4
1389Elizabeth Mitchum
1390Phase II..Time 2 Athens GP/Indiv Inter: Morgan, Mary
1391Phase II. Time #2. Athens GP/Indiv Interv.: S. Fanning- Moore, Polly
1392Phase II..Time #2 Athens Gp/Ind. Interv: Morgan, Rev. David
1393Time #2..Brunswick Group W/F Mosher, Tennie
1394Annei L. Neely Time 2 Augusta Group
1395Charles O'Kelley Athens, Group #3, 1995 July 20
1396Kennesaw Gp W/F (60's) Time 2: O'Neal, Amy, 1994 April 16-17
1397Edna S. Ozmore 208-2
1398Time #2..Brunswick Grp W/F Home Bound. 80's Padgett, Virginia
1399Time #2..Brunswick Grp. W/F Page, Dorothy
13100Time #2..Brunswick Grp. W/F 60's Parks, Edna
13101Phase II..Time 2..Augusta Grp/Individ.- Perkins, Dr. Henry
13102Kennesaw Group..Time 2 W/F 60's Perriello, Perriello, Barbara, 1994 April 16-17
13103Georgia Tech. Grp. Test Phase II..Time #2..W/F Ratchford, Mary M., 1994 May 14
13104Lillian Raynor 241-2
13105Phase II..Time 2 Athens Group 80's Interv: R. Elsner: Reynolds, Sue
13106Phase II..Time #2 B/F Bulloch Co. Grp. Rich, Louise
13107Phase II..Time 2 (Augusta Grp.) Richardson, Kathleen, 1994 August 18
13108GA. Tech. Grp Test Phase II..Time #2 B/M Ridley, James W., 1994 May 14
13109Charlotte Roach
13110Time#2 Brunswick roup W/M Rockefeller, Edwin 80's
13111Phase II..Athens Group Time 2 Ross, Ann, 1993 December 4
13112Claire Rutherford Athens Group #3, 1995 July 20
13113Phase II..Time 2 Athens Grp/Ind. Interv: R. Elsner Sanders, Mary E. (Bee)
13114Phase II..Time #2 (80's) Athens Grp. Saye, Ruther
141Phase II..Time 2..Athens Grp./Indiv- Sckerl, Lorraine
142Schaffer, Charles
143Lawerence Scotland 197-2
144Grace Mae Seals 198-2
145Phase II..Time #2..B/F Bulloch Co. Grp. Shipman, Hattie Mae
146Phase II..Time 2 (Augusta GRP)- Simpson, William L., 1994 August 18
147GA. Tech. Test Phase II..Test #2 B/M Smith, James D., 1994 May 14
148Phase II.. Time #2 B/F Bulloch Co. Grp.- Scott, Lucille
149Phase II..Time 2 Athens Grp. Smith, Mozelle, 1993 December 4
1410Phase II..Time #2 W/F Dalonega Grp. Spiess, Irma, 1994 June 16
1411Mary Stewart
1412Arthur H. Styron Time 2
1413Phase II..Time #2 Athens Group Thompson, Clara, 1993 December 8
1414Phase II..Time 2 (Augusta Grp) Thompson, Faries, 1994 August 18
1415Time #2..Athens Group Upshaw, Carles, 1993 December 11
1416Phase II..Time #2 W/F Dahlonega Grp. Venable, Janie, 1994 June 16
1417GA. Tech. Grp. Test. Phase II.. Time #2 W/M Vogel, Eugene W., 1994 May 14
1418Time #2..Athens Group Vinson, Charles, 1993 December 11
1419Athens Grp. (Moved Macon) Time #2 Warren, Gwynelle
1420Time #2..Brunswick Group B/F Home Bound. Watson, Rosa 80's
1421Kennesaw Grp. Time #2 W/M 60's Wheeler, Jr., Charles, 1994 April 16-17
1422Time #2 Bruswich Group B/M Whing, Neptune 60's
1423Phase II..Time #2 Athens GRP/Individ. Wilgocki, Otice
1424Marion Williams 199-2
1425Williams, Percy C.
1426Phase II..Time 2 Athens Group Wirtz, Robert, 1993 December 11
1427GA Tech. Test. Phase Ii..Time #2 W/M Womack, Darwin Ww., 1994 May 14
1428Housing Questionnaire
1429Age Group: 60-69, 80-89
1430Birmingham, Alabama
1431Panel '95/96 Replacement
1432Panel Replacement: Athens, GA, 1996
1433Athens, GA, 1996 February 8
1434Athens, GA, 1996 February 29
1435Greensboro, GA
1436Madison, GA
1437May 29 Monroe, Ga. - June 5 Athens Sr. Cn.
1438Panel Replace. Hill Chapel Church, 1996 March 25
1439Home Tested- Athens
151Madison (Home test)
152Lincolnton- Home Visited
153Wilkes County- Home Tested
154T #3 Subject Information
155Time #30- Coding and Area Trips
156Appointments, Schedules, Motels
157T#3 Testbook- 085
158T#3 Testbook- 089
159T#3 Testbook- 157
1510T#3 Testbook- 274
1511T#3 Testbook- 277
1512T#3 Testbook- 288
1513T#3 Testbook- 404
1514T#3 Testbook- 405
1515T#3 Testbook- 408
1516T#3 Testbook- 415
1517T#3 Testbook- 416
1518T#3 Testbook- 420
1519T#3 Testbook- 433
1520T#3 Testbook- 434
1521T#3 Testbook- 435
1522T#3 Testbook- 441
161T#3 Testbook- 448
162T#3 Testbook- 449
163T#3 Testbook- 455
164T#3 Testbook- 456
165T#3 Testbook- 460
166T#3 Testbook- 461
167T#3 Testbook- 462
168T#3 Testbook- 464
169T#3 Testbook- 465
1610T#3 Testbook- 467
161180 yr. olds T#3
1612Athens..80's Cohort: Bell, Jeanne
1613Ft. Valley- Church, Robert
1614Athens…80 Yr. Cohort: Cambell, William Andrew
1615Ft. Valley- Crooks, Nella
161680 Yr. Cohort (Augusta)- Driggers, Dimon
1617Ft. Valley- Ellis, Edward
1618Athens (Hilton Head)- Findley, Georganna
161980 Yr. Cohort (Augusta)- Goodwin, Allean
1620Gunderson, Ella
1621Athens 80 Cohort- Gunnells, James E.
1622Athens 80 Yr. Cohort- Hamilton, Zena
1623Athens.. 80 Yr. Cohort- Hammond, Ina B,
1624Athens…80's Cohort: Head, Sylvia
1625Hoover, Mamie R.
1626Brunswick- Hortiridge, France "Burney"
1627Aathens..80 Yr. Cohort- Hutto, Bessie
1628Johnson, Edna
1629Brunswick- McCloud, Raymond
1630McLain, David
1631Athens…80 Cohort- Moore, Polly S.
1632Athens 80 Yr. Cohort- Morgan, Rev. David
1633Brunswick- Mosher, Tennie
1634Brunswick- Padgett, Virginia
1635Ratchford, Mary
1636Brunswick- Rockefeller, Edwin
1637Athens 80 yr. Cohort- Smith, Mozelle E.
163880 yr. Cohort- Thompson, Faries
1639Athens…80's Cohort: Vinson, Charles E.
1640T#3- Macon, GA: Warren, Gwynelle
1641Athens Subject List for 80 Yr. Cohorts
1642Brunswick- Subjects
1643Augusta Subjects
1644Statesboro Subjects
1645Atlanta Subects
1646Time #3 Testbook- 010
1647Time #3 Testbook- 011
1648Time #3 Testbook- 022
1649Time #3 Testbook- 025
1650Time #3 Testbook- 027
1651Time #3 Testbook- 031
1652Time #3 Testbook- 034
1653Time #3 Testbook- 042
1654Time #3 Testbook- 056
1655Time #3 Testbook- 067
1656Time #3 Testbook- 068
1657Time #3 Testbook- 074
1658Time #3 Testbook- 078
1659Time #3 Testbook- 091
171Time #3 Testbook- 109
172Time #3 Testbook- 114
173Time #3 Testbook- 118
174Time #3 Testbook- 134
175Time #3 Testbook- 141
176Time #3 Testbook- 166
177Time #3 Testbook- 207
178Time #3 Testbook- 239
179Time #3 Testbook- 244
1710Time #3 Testbook- 245
1711Time #3 Testbook- 249
1712Time #3 Testbook- 259
1713Time #3 Testbook- 260
1714Time #3 Testbook- 262
1715Time #3 Testbook- 268
1716Time #4 Centenarians
1717T#4: Subject Information
1718Augusta Trip Time #4, 1997 October 23-24
1719Ft. Valley, 1997 September 16-19
1720Weekly Schedule
1721Columbus Subjects Time #4
1722Tifton Subjects
1723Statesboro Subjects Time #4
1724Time #3 Testbook- 085
1725Time #4 Testbook- 157
1726Time #4 Testbook- 247
1727Time #4 Testbook- 277
1728Time #4 Testbook- 404
1729Time #4 Testbook- 405
1730Time #4 Testbook- 408
1731Time #4 Testbook- 416
1732Time #4 S.W. Ga. (100yr)
181Time #4 Testbook- 415
182Time #4 Testbook- 433
183Time #4 Testbook- 434
184Time #4 Testbook- 435
185Time #4 Testbook- 441
186Time #4 Testbook- 448
187Time #4 Testbook- 449
188Time #4 Testbook- 455
189Time #4 Testbook- 456
1810Time #4 Testbook- 460
1811Time #4 Testbook- 462
1812Time #4 Testbook- 464
1813Time #4 Testbook- 465
1814Time #5 Centenarians
1815T#5 Subject Information
1816Appointments- Savannah/Florida
1817Trip #2, Time #5: South Georgia- Americus, Camille, Cair
1818Time #5- Columbus/Tucker Trip
1819Time #5, Trip #3- Augusta Trip, 1998 February 26-27
1820Statesboro Trip Time #5, 1998 March 12-13
1821Time #5 Testbook- 085
1822Time #5 Testbook- 247
1823Time #5 Testbook- 404
1824Time #5 Testbook- 405
1825Time #5 Testbook- 408
1826Time #5 Testbook- 415
1827Time #5 Testbook- 416
1828Time #5 Testbook- 433
1829Time #5 Testbook- 435
1830Time #5 Testbook- 441
1831Time #5 Testbook- 449
1832Time #5 Testbook- 455
1833Time #5 Testbook- 456
1834Time #5 Testbook- 462
1835Time #5 Testbook- 464
1836Time #5 Testbook- 465
191Bryant, Marion P.
192Church, Robert
193Cobb, Oliwee
194Crichton, Ruby
195Damian, Raymond
196Elloitt, Mary Sims
197Ellis, Edward
198Eubanks, Ida
199Findley, Georganna
1910Giles, Era
1911Head, Sylvia
1912Hutto, Bessie
1913Johnson, Edna
1914Morgan, Rev. David
1915Morgan, Mary
1916Morris, Claude
1917Sanders, Mary Easley
1918Sckerl, Lorraine
1919Stegeman, Dorothea
1920Rutherford, Claire
1921Ruby Crighton (Centenarian)
1922Immune Study
1923Global Deterioration Scale Evaluation Sheets
1924Global Deterioration Scale Scores
1925Global Deterioration Scale Evaluation Sheets for Retrieving inform. From data already collected
1926Miscellanious GDS Information
1927Evaluating Global Deterioration Scores, Coded Subject ID Data Sheets (1)
1928Evaluating Global Deterioration Scores, Coded Subject ID Data Sheets (2)
1929Evaluating Global Deterioration Scores, Coded Subject ID Data Sheets (3)
1930Evaluating Global Deterioration Scores, Coded Subject ID Data Sheets (4)
1931Evaluating Global Deterioration Scores, Coded Subject ID Data Sheets (5)
1932Evaluating Global Deterioration Scores, Coded Subject ID Data Sheets (6)
1933Evaluating Global Deterioration Scores, Coded Subject ID Data Sheets (7)
1934Evaluating Global Deterioration Scores, Coded Subject ID Data Sheets (8)
1935Evaluating Global Deterioration Scores, Coded Subject ID Data Sheets (9)
1936Evaluating Global Deterioration Scores, Coded Subject ID Data Sheets (10)
1937Evaluating Global Deterioration Scores, Coded Subject ID Data Sheets (11)
1938Evaluating Global Deterioration Scores, Coded Subject ID Data Sheets (12)
1939Evaluating Global Deterioration Scores, Coded Subject ID Data Sheets (13)
1940Evaluating Global Deterioration Scores, Coded Subject ID Data Sheets (14)
1941Evaluating Global Deterioration Scores, Coded Subject ID Data Sheets (15)
1942Evaluating Global Deterioration Scores, Coded Subject ID Data Sheets (16)
1943Evaluating Global Deterioration Scores, Coded Subject ID Data Sheets (17)
1944Immune Study Participation Form (60's)
1945Immune Study Participation Form (80's)
1946Immune Study Participation Form (100's)
201Folstien's ID# 001-150
202Religiosity, 001
203Health Assessment Protocol, 002
204Health Assessment Protocol, 003
205National Patterns, Eating Behavior, and Health Seeking Behavior 004
206Health Assessment Protocol, 005
207Health Assessment Protocol, 006
208Health Assessment Protocol, 007
209Health Assessment Protocol, 008
2010Health Assessment Protocol, 009
2011Health Assessment Protocol, 010
2012Health Assessment Protocol, 011
2013Health Assessment Protocol, 012
211Health Assessment Protocol, 013
212Health Assessment Protocol, 014
213Health Assessment Protocol, 015
214Health Assessment Protocol, 016
215Health Assessment Protocol, 017
216Health Assessment Protocol, 018
217Health Assessment Protocol, 019
218Health Assessment Protocol, 022
219Health Assessment Protocol, 023
2110Health Assessment Protocol, 024
2111Health Assessment Protocol, 025
2112Health Assessment Protocol, 026
2113Health Assessment Protocol, 027
221Health Assessment Protocol, 028
222Health Assessment Protocol, 029
223Health Assessment Protocol, 030
224Health Assessment Protocol, 031
225Health Assessment Protocol, 032
226Health Assessment Protocol, 033
227Health Assessment Protocol, 034
228Health Assessment Protocol, 035
229Health Assessment Protocol, 036
2210Health Assessment Protocol, 037
2211Health Assessment Protocol, 038
2212Health Assessment Protocol, 039
2213Health Assessment Protocol, 041
2214Health Assessment Protocol, 042
231Georgia Centenarian Study, 043
232Georgia Centenarian Study, 044
233Georgia Centenarian Study, 045
234Georgia Centenarian Study, 046
235Georgia Centenarian Study, 047
236Georgia Centenarian Study, 048
237Georgia Centenarian Study, 049
238Georgia Centenarian Study, 050
239Georgia Centenarian Study, 051
2310Georgia Centenarian Study, 052
2311Georgia Centenarian Study, 053
2312Georgia Centenarian Study, 054
2313Georgia Centenarian Study, 055
2314Georgia Centenarian Study, 056
2315Georgia Centenarian Study, 057
241Georgia Centenarian Study, 058
242Georgia Centenarian Study, 059
243Georgia Centenarian Study, 060
244Georgia Centenarian Study, 061
245Georgia Centenarian Study, 062
246Georgia Centenarian Study, 063
247Georgia Centenarian Study, 064
248Georgia Centenarian Study, 065
249Georgia Centenarian Study, 066
2410Georgia Centenarian Study, 067
2411Georgia Centenarian Study, 068
2412Georgia Centenarian Study, 069
2413Georgia Centenarian Study, 070
2414Georgia Centenarian Study, 071
251Georgia Centenarian Study, 072
252Georgia Centenarian Study, 073
253Georgia Centenarian Study, 074
254Georgia Centenarian Study, 075
255Georgia Centenarian Study, 076
256Georgia Centenarian Study, 077
257Georgia Centenarian Study, 078
258Georgia Centenarian Study, 079
259Georgia Centenarian Study, 080
2510Georgia Centenarian Study, 081
2511Georgia Centenarian Study, 082
2512Georgia Centenarian Study, 083
2513Georgia Centenarian Study, 084
261Georgia Centenarian Study, 085
262Georgia Centenarian Study, 088
263Georgia Centenarian Study, 089
264Georgia Centenarian Study, 090
265Georgia Centenarian Study, 091
266Georgia Centenarian Study, 092
267Georgia Centenarian Study, 093
268Georgia Centenarian Study, 094
269Georgia Centenarian Study, 095
2610Georgia Centenarian Study, 096
2611Georgia Centenarian Study, 097
2612Georgia Centenarian Study, 098
2613Georgia Centenarian Study, 099
2614Georgia Centenarian Study, 100
2615Georgia Centenarian Study, 101
271Georgia Centenarian Study, 102
272Georgia Centenarian Study, 103
273Georgia Centenarian Study, 104
274Georgia Centenarian Study, 105
275Georgia Centenarian Study, 106
276Georgia Centenarian Study, 107
277Georgia Centenarian Study, 108
278Georgia Centenarian Study, 109
279Georgia Centenarian Study, 110
2710Georgia Centenarian Study, 111
2711Georgia Centenarian Study, 112
2712Georgia Centenarian Study, 113
2713Georgia Centenarian Study, 114
281Georgia Centenarian Study, 115
282Georgia Centenarian Study, 116
283Georgia Centenarian Study, 117
284Georgia Centenarian Study, 118
285Georgia Centenarian Study, 119
286Georgia Centenarian Study, 120
287Georgia Centenarian Study, 121
288Georgia Centenarian Study, 122
289Georgia Centenarian Study, 123
2810Georgia Centenarian Study, 124
2811Georgia Centenarian Study, 125
2812Georgia Centenarian Study, 126
2813Georgia Centenarian Study, 127
291Georgia Centenarian Study, 128
292Georgia Centenarian Study, 130
293Georgia Centenarian Study, 131
294Georgia Centenarian Study, 132
295Georgia Centenarian Study, 133
296Georgia Centenarian Study, 134
297Georgia Centenarian Study, 135
298Georgia Centenarian Study, 136
299Georgia Centenarian Study, 137
2910Georgia Centenarian Study, 138
2911Georgia Centenarian Study, 139
2912Georgia Centenarian Study, 140
2913Georgia Centenarian Study, 141
2914Georgia Centenarian Study, 142
301Georgia Centenarian Study, 143
302Georgia Centenarian Study, 144
303Georgia Centenarian Study, 145
304Georgia Centenarian Study, 147
305Georgia Centenarian Study, 148
306Georgia Centenarian Study, 149
307Georgia Centenarian Study, 150
308Georgia Centenarian Study, 151
309Georgia Centenarian Study, 152
3010Georgia Centenarian Study, 153
3011Georgia Centenarian Study, 154
3012Georgia Centenarian Study, 155
3013Georgia Centenarian Study, 156
311Georgia Centenarian Study, 157
312Georgia Centenarian Study, 158
313Georgia Centenarian Study, 159
314Georgia Centenarian Study, 160
315Georgia Centenarian Study, 161
316Georgia Centenarian Study, 162
317Georgia Centenarian Study, 163
318Georgia Centenarian Study, 164
319Georgia Centenarian Study, 165
3110Georgia Centenarian Study, 166
3111Georgia Centenarian Study, 167
3112Georgia Centenarian Study, 171
321Georgia Centenarian Study, 172
322Georgia Centenarian Study, 173
323Georgia Centenarian Study, 174
324Georgia Centenarian Study, 175
325Georgia Centenarian Study, 176
326Georgia Centenarian Study, 177
327Georgia Centenarian Study, 180
328Georgia Centenarian Study, 182
329Georgia Centenarian Study, 183
3210Georgia Centenarian Study, 184
3211Georgia Centenarian Study, 185
3212Georgia Centenarian Study, 186
3213Georgia Centenarian Study, 188
3214Georgia Centenarian Study, 191
3215Georgia Centenarian Study, 192
3216Georgia Centenarian Study, 193
331Georgia Centenarian Study, 194
332Georgia Centenarian Study, 195
333Georgia Centenarian Study, 196
334Georgia Centenarian Study, 197
335Georgia Centenarian Study, 198
336Georgia Centenarian Study, 199
337Georgia Centenarian Study, 200
338Georgia Centenarian Study, 201
339Georgia Centenarian Study, 202
3310Georgia Centenarian Study, 203
3311Georgia Centenarian Study, 204
3312Georgia Centenarian Study, 206
3313Georgia Centenarian Study, 207
3314Georgia Centenarian Study, 208
341Georgia Centenarian Study, 209
342Georgia Centenarian Study, 210
343Georgia Centenarian Study, 211
344Georgia Centenarian Study, 212
345Georgia Centenarian Study, 213
346Georgia Centenarian Study, 214
347Georgia Centenarian Study, 216
348Georgia Centenarian Study, 218
349Georgia Centenarian Study, 219
3410Georgia Centenarian Study, 220
3411Georgia Centenarian Study, 222
351Georgia Centenarian Study, 223
352Georgia Centenarian Study, 224
353Georgia Centenarian Study, 225
354Georgia Centenarian Study, 226
355Georgia Centenarian Study, 227
356Georgia Centenarian Study, 228
357Georgia Centenarian Study, 230
358Georgia Centenarian Study, 231
359Georgia Centenarian Study, 232
3510Georgia Centenarian Study, 233
3511Georgia Centenarian Study, 234
3512Georgia Centenarian Study, 235
3513Georgia Centenarian Study, 236
361Georgia Centenarian Study, 237
362Georgia Centenarian Study, 238
363Georgia Centenarian Study, 239
364Georgia Centenarian Study, 240
365Georgia Centenarian Study, 241
366Georgia Centenarian Study, 242
367Georgia Centenarian Study, 243
368Georgia Centenarian Study, 244
369Georgia Centenarian Study, Answer Sheets 245
3610Georgia Centenarian Study, 246
3611Georgia Centenarian Study, 247
3612Georgia Centenarian Study, 248
3613Georgia Centenarian Study, 249
3614Georgia Centenarian Study, 250
371Georgia Centenarian Study, 251
372Georgia Centenarian Study, 252
373Georgia Centenarian Study, 253
374Georgia Centenarian Study, 254
375Georgia Centenarian Study, 255
376Georgia Centenarian Study, 256
377Georgia Centenarian Study, 257
378Georgia Centenarian Study, 258
379Georgia Centenarian Study, 259
3710Georgia Centenarian Study, 260
3711Georgia Centenarian Study, 262
3712Georgia Centenarian Study, 263
3713Georgia Centenarian Study, 264
3714Georgia Centenarian Study, 265
381Georgia Centenarian Study, 266
382Georgia Centenarian Study, 268
383Georgia Centenarian Study, 269
384Georgia Centenarian Study, 270
385Georgia Centenarian Study, 271
386Georgia Centenarian Study, 272
387Georgia Centenarian Study, 273
388Georgia Centenarian Study, 274
389Georgia Centenarian Study, 275
3810Georgia Centenarian Study, 276
3811Georgia Centenarian Study, 277
3812Georgia Centenarian Study, 278
3813Georgia Centenarian Study, 282
3814Georgia Centenarian Study, 283
391Georgia Centenarian Study, 284
392Georgia Centenarian Study, 288
393Georgia Centenarian Study, 289
394Georgia Centenarian Study, 291
395Georgia Centenarian Study, 292
396Georgia Centenarian Study, 293
397Georgia Centenarian Study, 294
398Georgia Centenarian Study, 295
399Georgia Centenarian Study, 296
3910Georgia Centenarian Study, 297
3911Georgia Centenarian Study, 298
3912Georgia Centenarian Study, 299
3913Georgia Centenarian Study, 300
401Georgia Centenarian Study, 301
402Georgia Centenarian Study, 304
403Georgia Centenarian Study, 305
404Georgia Centenarian Study, 306
405Georgia Centenarian Study, 307
406Georgia Centenarian Study, 308
407Georgia Centenarian Study, 309
408Georgia Centenarian Study, 310
409Georgia Centenarian Study, 312
4010Georgia Centenarian Study, 313
4011Georgia Centenarian Study, 315
4012Georgia Centenarian Study, 316
411Qualitative Interviews: Time 1; Book 1- Transcriptions since January 1992, listing, 1992 January
412Qualitative Interviews: Time 1, Book 1- Eliza Bazemore
413Qualitative Interviews: Time 1, Book 1- Harriet Berry
414Qualitative Interviews: Time 1, Book 1- James Biggers
415Qualitative Interviews: Time 1, Book 1- Nannie Bunch
416Qualitative Interviews: Time 1, Book 1- Mattie Callaway
417Qualitative Interviews: Time 1, Book 1- Paul Clark
418Qualitative Interviews: Time 1, Book 1- Sally Cuyler
419Qualitative Interviews: Time 1, Book 1- George M. Dixon
4110Qualitative Interviews: Time 1, Book 1- Thomas Elam
4111Qualitative Interviews: Time 1, Book 1- Lena Flanders
4112Qualitative Interviews: Time 1, Book 1- Emma Gurley
4113Qualitative Interviews: Time 1, Book 1- Deborah Harrison
4114Qualitative Interviews: Time 1, Book 1- Maude Hatcher
4115Qualitative Interviews: Time 1, Book 1- Mozelle Hawes
4116Qualitative Interviews: Time 1, Book 1- Joseph Hawkins
4117Qualitative Interviews: Time 1, Book 1- Edith Jones
4118Qualitative Interviews: Time 1, Book 1- Estella Jones
4119Qualitative Interviews: Time 1, Book 1- Rufus Keys
4120Qualitative Interviews: Time 1, Book 1- Nettie Lofton
4121Qualitative Interviews: Time 1, Book 1- Alva Maxwell
4122Qualitative Interviews: Time 1, Book 1- Esther Miles
4123Qualitative Protocol Interviews: Time 1, Book 2 Name and I.D. # List
4124Qualitative Protocol Interviews: Time 1, Book 2- Essie Roberts
4125Qualitative Protocol Interviews: Time 1, Book 2- Essie Sims
4126Qualitative Protocol Interviews: Time 1, Book 2- Myrtie Smith
4127Qualitative Protocol Interviews: Time 1, Book 2- Arthur Sosebee
4128Qualitative Protocol Interviews: Time 1, Book 2- Dorothea Stegeman
4129Qualitative Protocol Interviews: Time 1, Book 2- Annie Belle Stone
4130Qualitative Protocol Interviews: Time 1, Book 2- Mary Taplin
4131Qualitative Protocol Interviews: Time 1, Book 2- John Tatham
4132Qualitative Protocol Interviews: Time 1, Book 2- Lexie Tisinger
4133Qualitative Protocol Interviews: Time 1, Book 2- Frances Toole
4134Qualitative Protocol Interviews: Time 1, Book 2- Lillie Walton
4135Qualitative Protocol Interviews: Time 1, Book 2- Booker T. Whalley
4136Qualitative Protocol Interviews: Time 1, Book 2- Floyd White
4137Qualitative Protocol Interviews: Time 1, Book 2- Mary Wood
4138Numbered Qualitative Interviews with Centenarians: Time 1- Transcriptions before January 1992 List
4139Numbered Qualitative Interviews with Centenarians: Time 1- Charles Achenbach
4140Numbered Qualitative Interviews with Centenarians: Time 1- Mr. Blazey
4141Numbered Qualitative Interviews with Centenarians: Time 1- Ms. Blazey
4142Numbered Qualitative Interviews with Centenarians: Time 1- Jane Cane
4143Numbered Qualitative Interviews with Centenarians: Time 1- Mamie Calhoun
4144Numbered Qualitative Interviews with Centenarians: Time 1- Elsie Cardinal
4145Numbered Qualitative Interviews with Centenarians: Time 1- Edna Compton
4146Numbered Qualitative Interviews with Centenarians: Time 1- Stella Davis
4147Numbered Qualitative Interviews with Centenarians: Time 1- Mary Sims Elliot
4148Numbered Qualitative Interviews with Centenarians: Time 1- Leila Gaskins
4149Numbered Qualitative Interviews with Centenarians: Time 1- Owen Hackett
4150Numbered Qualitative Interviews with Centenarians: Time 1- Nettie Hanson
4151Numbered Qualitative Interviews with Centenarians: Time 1- Ralph Hurlin
4152Numbered Qualitative Interviews with Centenarians: Time 1- Will Jenkins
4153Numbered Qualitative Interviews with Centenarians: Time 1- Jesse Josey
4154Numbered Qualitative Interviews with Centenarians: Time 1- Nida Lipscomb
4155Numbered Qualitative Interviews with Centenarians: Time 1- Esther Miles
4156Numbered Qualitative Interviews with Centenarians: Time 1- Frank Mitchum
4157Numbered Qualitative Interviews with Centenarians: Time 1- Janie Murphy
4158Numbered Qualitative Interviews with Centenarians: Time 1- Pearl Pate
4159Numbered Qualitative Interviews with Centenarians: Time 1- Diana Singleton
4160Numbered Qualitative Interviews with Centenarians: Time 1- Lonnie Stewart
4161Numbered Qualitative Interviews with Centenarians: Time 1- Pearl Thrasher
4162Numbered Qualitative Interviews with Centenarians: Time 1- Mary Williams
4163Qualitative Analysis Interviews: Time 2- Transcriptions since January 1992 List
4164Qualitative Analysis Interviews: Time 2- Ann Bither
4165Qualitative Analysis Interviews: Time 2- Gertrude Black
4166Qualitative Analysis Interviews: Time 2- Bertha Blanchard
4167Qualitative Analysis Interviews: Time 2- Rena Britt
4168Qualitative Analysis Interviews: Time 2- Minnie Bryant
4169Qualitative Analysis Interviews: Time 2- Mamie Calhoun
4170Qualitative Analysis Interviews: Time 2- Ardnessa Copeland
4171Qualitative Analysis Interviews: Time 2- Eva Crenshaw
4172Qualitative Analysis Interviews: Time 2- Ida Eubanks
4173Qualitative Analysis Interviews: Time 2- Leila Gaskins
4174Qualitative Analysis Interviews: Time 2- Ralph Hurlin
4175Qualitative Analysis Interviews: Time 2- Willie Jackson
4176Qualitative Analysis Interviews: Time 2- Will Jenkins
4177Qualitative Analysis Interviews: Time 2- Grace Lee
4178Qualitative Analysis Interviews: Time 2- Geneva McDaniels
4179Qualitative Analysis Interviews: Time 2- Anne Neeley
4180Qualitative Analysis Interviews: Time 2- William Souther
4181Qualitative Analysis Interviews: Time 2- Elva Spangenberg
4182Qualitative Analysis Interviews: Time 2- Mary Agnes Turner
4183Qualitative Analysis Interviews: Time 2- Photographs
421Phase II: Test Books-Sign in/ Sign out
422Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 001
423Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 003
424Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 004
425Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 007
426Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 008
427Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 009
428Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 010
429Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 011
4210Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 012
4211Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 014
4212Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 015
431Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 016
432Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 017
433Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 019
434Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 022
435Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 024
436Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 025
437Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 026
438Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 027
439Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 028
4310Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 029
4311Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 030
441Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 031
443Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 033
444Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 034
445Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 035
446Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 038
447Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 039
448Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 042
449Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 044
4410Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 053
4411Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 054
4412Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 055
451Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 056
452Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 057
453Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 059
454Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 060
455Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 063
456Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 066
457Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 067
458Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 068
459Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 069
4510Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 071
4511Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 072
461Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 074
462Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 075
463Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 076
464Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 078
465Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 079
466Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 080
467Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 081
468Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 084
469Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 085
4610Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 089
4611Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 090
471Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 091
472Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 093
473Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 096
474Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 098
475Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 101
476Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 102
477Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 103
478Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 104
479Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 105
4710Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 106
481Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 108
482Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 109
483Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 111
484Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 113
485Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 114
486Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 116
487Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 117
488Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 118
489Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 120
4810Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 121
491Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 123
492Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 130
493Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 131
494Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 132
495Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 133
496Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 134
497Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 135
498Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 138
499Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 141
4910Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 143
4911Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 144
501Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 145
502Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 149
503Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 154
504Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 155
505Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 156
506Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 157
507Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 158
508Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 160
509Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 161
5010Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 162
5011Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 164
511Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 165
512Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 166
513Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 167
514Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 172
515Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 176
516Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 177
517Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 182
518Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 183
519Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 185
5110Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 186
5111Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 191
521Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 192
522Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 193
523Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 195
524Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 196
525Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 197
526Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 198
527Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 199
528Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 201
529Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 206
5210Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 207
531Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 208
532Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 209
533Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 211
534Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 212
535Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 213
536Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 214
537Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 216
538Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 218
539Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 219
5310Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 220
541Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 224
542Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 226
543Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 228
544Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 231
545Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 232
546Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 233
547Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 234
548Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 236
549Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 237
5410Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 238
5411Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 239
551Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 240
552Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 241
553Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 242
554Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 243
555Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 244
556Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 245
557Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 246
558Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 247
559Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 249
5510Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 250
561Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 252
562Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 255
563Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 256
564Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 258
565Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 259
566Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 260
567Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 262
568Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 263
569Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 266
5610Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 268
5611Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 269
571Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 270
572Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 272
573Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 273
574Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 274
575Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 275
576Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 277
577Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 282
578Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 283
579Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 288
5710Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 293
5711Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 297
581Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 298
582Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 299
583Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 300
584Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 304
585Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 305
586Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 307
587Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 308
588Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 313
589Georgia Centenarian Study: Time 2- 315
5810Georgia Centenarian Study: Phase 2 Codebook, 1992-1996
5811Additions/Changes to Phase II Codebook Since Last Printing
591Georgia Centenarian Study:Phase 2, 1992-1996- Codebook (1)
592Georgia Centenarian Study:Phase 2, 1992-1996- Codebook (2)
593Georgia Centenarian Study:Phase 2, 1992-1996- Codebook (3)
594Georgia Centenarian Study:Phase 2, 1992-1996- Codebook (4)
595Georgia Centenarian Study:Phase 2, 1992-1996- Codebook (5)
596Georgia Centenarian Study:Phase 2, 1992-1996- Codebook (6)
597Georgia Centenarian Study:Phase 2, 1992-1996- Codebook (7)
598Georgia Centenarian Study:Phase 2, 1992-1996, April 1995- Master Copy Codebook (1)
599Georgia Centenarian Study:Phase 2, 1992-1996, April 1995- Master Copy Codebook (2)
5910Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 400
5911Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 401
5912Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 402
5913Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 403
5914Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 404
5915Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 405
5916Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 406
5917Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 407
601Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 408
602Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 409
603Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 410
604Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 411
605Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 412
606Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 413
607Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 414
608Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 415
609Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 416
6010Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 417
6011Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 418
6012Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 419
611Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 420
612Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 421
613Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 422
614Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 423
615Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 424
616Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 425
617Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 426
618Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 427
619Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 428
6110Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 429
6111Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 431
621Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 432
622Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 433
623Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 434
624Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 435
625Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 436
626Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 437
627Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 438
628Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 439
629Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 440
6210Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 441
6211Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 442
631Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 443
632Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 444
633Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 445
634Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 446
635Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 447
636Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 448
637Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 449
638Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 450
639Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 451
6310Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 452
641Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 453
642Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 454
643Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 455
644Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 456
645Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 457
646Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 458
647Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 459
648Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 460
649Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 461
6410Georgia Centenarian Study:Time 2- 462