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William Gray Potter papers

William Gray Potter papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: William Gray Potter papers
Creator: Potter, William Gray
Inclusive Dates: 1964-2014
Language(s): English
Extent: 27.5 Linear Feet (28 boxes)
Collection Number: UA0138
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

Dr. William Potter was the associate dean at Arizona State University Library when he was hired in 1989 as the Director of the UGA Libraries. His challenge was to lead the Libraries toward adopting and embracing ever changing technological advances and opportunies. Potter wanted the Libraries to make their materials and services available online and/or in digital form. He was one of the chief movers behind the establishment of GALILEO (the statewide electronic library that allows academic, public, technical and school libraries Georgia to share electronic databases)and the Digital Library of Georgia (DLG) project. He also was a driving force behind the creation of the Zell B. Miller Learning Center and the Richard B. Russell Special Collections Library Building. He saw the Main UGA Library through a major fire in 2003 where his response was considered a model for those planning disaster recovery programs. Potter extensively published and gave numerous presentations on topics relating to academic libraries. Also included in his accomplishments was serving as the editor of two major journals, Information Technology and Libraries and College and Research Libraries.

Scope and Content

This collection consists of material dating from 1964 through 2014 with the majority from Dr. Potter's tenure (1989-2014) as Director of the UGA Libraries. The materials include budgets, strategic plans, library assessments and self studies, building space studies and information about various endowments and library faculty. There also are large numbers of materials documenting technological changes pertaining to UGA and other research and academic libraries.

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William Gray Potter papers, UA0138, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Subject Terms

Academic library directors -- Georgia.
Annual reports.
Building plans.
Librarians -- Georgia.
Research libraries -- Administration.
University of Georgia. Libraries

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Resume, 1993, 1998, 2006
12Photographs, 1994-2007
13-7Annual Reports, 1964-1973
18Budget Requests, 1980-1984
19Budget, 1980-1983
110Budget Requests, 1985-1987
111-13Budget, 1984-1988
114Budget, Serials, 1987-1989
115-18Budget, 1988-1990
119Budget, Serials, 1990
120-21Budget, 1991-1992
21-3Budget, Serials, 1991
24Budget, 1992
25Budget, Serials, 1992
26-7Budget, 1993
28Budget, Serials, 1993
29Budget, 1994
210Budget, Serials, 1994
211-12Budget, 1995
213Budget, Serials, 1995
214Budget, 1996
215Budget, Serials, 1996
216-18Budget, 1997-1998
31-16Budget, 1999-2004
41-11Budget, 2005-2013
412-13Needs Assessment, 1982-1983
414Strategic Plan, Part 1, 1988
415Strategic Plan, Part 2, 1988
416Strategic Plan, Part 3, 1988
417Strategic Plan, Part 1, 1989
418Strategic Plan, Part 2, 1989
419Strategic Plan, Part 3, 1989
420Strategic Plan, 1990
421Strategic Plan, 1991
422Strategic Plan, 1992
423Strategic Plan, 1993
51Strategic Plan, 1994
52Strategic Plan, 1995-1998
53Strategic Plan, Part 1, 1999
54Strategic Plan, Part 2, 1999
55Strategic Plan, 2000
56Libraries Assessment, 1979-1980
57Libraries Assessment, 1982-1985
58Libraries Assessment, 1986-1988
59Libraries Assessment, 1989-1991
510SACS Area Study Committee, 1988-1990
511Integrated Post Secondary Education Data System, 1990
512Libraries Program Review, 1995
513Libraries Program Review, 1996
514Libraries Self-Study, Part 1, 2006
515Libraries Self-Study, Part 2, 2006
516Libraries Self-Study, Part 3, 2006
517Libraries Self-Study, Part 4, 2006
518Libraries Self-Study, Part 5, 2006
519Libraries Self-Study Review, 2007
520Libraries Computer Systems - MARVEL, 1978-1979
521Libraries Computer Systems - MARVEL, Training, 1979
61Libraries Computer Systems Monthly Reports, 1979-1983
62Libraries Computer Systems Correspondence, 1979-1981
63Libraries Computer Systems Correspondence, 1982-1988
64Libraries Computer Systems Correspondence, 1989
65Libraries Computer Systems Correspondence, 1990
66Libraries Computer Systems Local Area Network Correspondence, 1990-1992
67Libraries Computer Systems Correspondence, 1991-1992
68Libraries Computer Systems - GALIN - Onscreen Documentation, 1992
69Libraries Computer Systems Correspondence, 1993
610Libraries Computer Systems Correspondence, 1994
611Libraries Computer Systems GALIN, 1994
612Libraries Computer Systems Correspondence - GALILEO, 1995 January 19-31
613Libraries Computer Systems Correspondence - GALILEO, 1995 February-April
614Libraries Computer Systems Correspondence - GALILEO, 1995 May-December
615Libraries Computer Systems - GALILEO, 1996 January-May
616Libraries Computer Systems - GALILEO, 1996 June-December
617Libraries Computer Systems - GALILEO, 1997
71Libraries Computer Systems - Interlibrary Loan - GETS, 1994-1996
72Libraries Computer Systems - Federal and State Documents Digitization, 1995
73Libraries Computer Systems - GIL, 1999-2001
74Libraries Computer Systems - GIL Users Group Meeting, 2008
75-11Buildings - Space, 1979-1998
712Buildings - Student Learning Center, Part 1, 1994, 1997
713Buildings - Student Learning Center, Part 2, Moser Furniture, 2001
714Buildings - Student Learning Center, Part 3, Moser Furniture, 2002
715Buildings - Student Learning Center, Part 4, Cooper Cary, 1998
716Buildings - Student Learning Center, Part 5, Cooper Cary, 1998-2002
81Buildings - Student Learning Center, Part 6, Miscellaneous, 1997-2002
82Buildings - Student Learning Center, Part 7, Miscellaneous, 1997-2002
83Buildings - Student Learning Center, Part 8, Reading Room Collection, 1990
84Buildings - Student Learning Center, Part 9, Learning Centers Elsewhere, 1997-1998
85Buildings - Student Learning Center Construction Photographs, undated
86Buildings - Student Learning Center Georgia Magazine, 2003 December 1-31
87Buildings - Student Learning Center - Final Draft Facilities Program, 1998
88Buildings - Main, Fire, 2003 July 23-24
ER 1Buildings - Main, Fire Recovery Photographs ua0138CD001-002 [electronic files], 2003 July
ER 2Buildings - Georgia Archives Floor Plans ua0138CD003 [electronic files], 2003
89Buildings - Special Collections Building, Geotechnical Exploration, 2000
810Buildings - Special Collections Building Preliminary Documents, 1998-1999
811Buildings - Special Collections Building Preliminary Documents, 1999-2002
812Buildings - Special Collections Building Preliminary Drawings, 1998
ER 3Buildings - Special Collections Building Preliminary Drawings (5 images) ua0138CD004 [electronic files], 2001
813Buildings - Special Collections Building Miscellaneous, Part 1, 2000
814Buildings - Special Collections Building Miscellaneous, Part 2, 2001-2002
815Buildings - Special Collections Building Miscellaneous, Part 3, 2000-2004
816Buildings - Special Collections Building Miscellaneous, Part 4, 2001
817Buildings - Special Collections Building Miscellaneous, Part 5, 2001
91Buildings - Special Collections Building Miscellaneous, Part 6, 2005-2006
92Buildings - Special Collections Building Miscellaneous, Part 7, 2007
93Buildings - Special Collections Building Miscellaneous, Part 8, 2007
94Buildings - Special Collections Building Miscellaneous, Part 9, 2008
95Buildings - Special Collections Building Miscellaneous, Part 10, 2008
96Buildings - Special Collections Building Cost Estimates, Part 11, 2008
97Buildings - Special Collections Building Miscellaneous, Part 12, 2009
98Buildings - Special Collections Building Miscellaneous, Part 13, 2010
99Buildings - Special Collections Building Miscellaneous, Part 14, 2010
910Buildings - Special Collections Building Miscellaneous, Part 15, 1994-2000
251Buildings - Special Collections Building Margaret Hale file, 2007-2008
252Buildings - Special Collections Building plans and notes
911Buildings-Special Collections Collins, Cooper, Carusi, 2008
912Buildings-Special Collections Fund Rasing, 2008-2010
913Buildings-Special Collections Fund Rasing, 1999-2009
914Buildings-Special Collections Fund Rasing, 2000-2011
915Buildings-Special Collections Fund Rasing, 2010-2013
253Buildings - Special Collections Building Fund Raising
916Buildings-Special Collections Healy-Kohler, 2009-2011
917Buildings-Special Collections Other Libraries, 1980-2000
918Buildings-Special Collections Building Photographs of Ground Clearing, etc. DeRenne Seal
1Buildings-Special Collections Libraries signage plans, 2011
1Buildings-Floors plans for Main, Science, Miller Learning Center, Special Collections Libraries, Thomas Textile Building, and the Repository, 2003-2012
1Buildings-Main and Science Library renovation plans
101Hargrett, Russell, Peabody Facility Program, 2001
102Hargrett, Russell, Peabody Conceptual Design Book, 2001
103Buildings-Main and Science Renovations, 2010
104Endowment-Gifts Letters of Acknowledgement, 1979-1989
105Endowment-Gifts Letters of Acknowledgement, 1990-1999
106Endowments-Gifts Coulter, Ellis Merten, 1981
107Endowments-Gifts Ellen Sumner-Southern History Book Collection, 1994
108Endowments-Gifts Fund Raising, 1985-1993
109Endowments-Gifts Dooley Fund, 1988
1010Endowments-Gifts Dooley Fund, Part 1, 1990
1011Endowments-Gifts Dooley Fund, Part 2, 1990
1012Endowments-Gifts Dooley Fund, Part 1, 1991
1013Endowments-Gifts Dooley Fund, Part 2, 1991
1014Endowments-Gifts Dooley Fund, Part 1, 1992
1015Endowments-Gifts Dooley Fund, Part 2, 1992
1016Endowments-Gifts Dooley Fund, Part 1, 1993
111Endowments-Gifts Dooley Fund, Part 2, 1993
112Endowments-Gifts Dooley Fund, Part 1, 1994
113Endowments-Gifts Dooley Fund, Part 2, 1994
114Endowments-Gifts DeRenne Collection, 1991-1992
115Endowments-Gifts Haynes, William G.-Ashantilly Press Collections, 1991
116Endowments-Gifts Hill, D. Gregory, 1992
117Endowments-Gifts Jogn, Robert W.-Sheet Music, 1979-1981
118Endowments-Gifts Woods, Stuart, 1994
119Libraries Governance, 1978
1110Libraries Governance, 1986-1988
1111Libraries Governance, 1990-1991
1112Libraries Governance, Cabinet, 1997
1113Libraries Governance, Cabinet, 1998
1114Libraries Governance, Cabinet, 1998-1999
1115Libraries Governance Department Heads, 2001
1116Libraries Governance Department Heads, 2001
1117Libraries Governance Department Heads, 2002
1118Libraries Governance Department Heads, 2003
1119Libraries Governance Department Heads, 2004
1120Libraries Governance Department Heads, 2004-2008
1121Libraries Governance Continuing Appointment, 1982-1987
1122Libraries Governance Faculty Advisory Board, 1986-1989
1123Libraries Governance Libraries Faculty, 1980-1987
121Libraries Governance Libraries Faculty, 1988
122Libraries Governance Libraries Faculty, 1989-1991
123Libraries Governance Promotions, 1979-1983
124Libraries Governance Promotions, 1984-1994
125Libraries Governance Personnel Classification and Pay Plan, 1978-1992
126Libraries Governance Staff Advisory Group, 1987-1988
127Libraries Governance Staff Advisory Group, 1989-1991
128Libraries Governance Systems Group, 1981-1983
129Libraries Governance Systems Group, 1984-1985
1210Libraries Governance Systems Group, 1986-1987
1211Libraries Governance Systems Administration Group, 1988-1991
1212University Council Libraries Committee, 1978-1987
1213University Council Libraries Committee, 1988-1990
1214University Council Libraries Committee, 1991
1215University Council Libraries Committee, 1992-1996
1216University Council Libraries Committee, 1997-1999
1217University Council Libraries Committee, 2000-2001
131University Council Libraries Committee, 2002-2009
132Library Review Committee, 2007
133Regents Academic Committee on Libraries, 1979-1983
134Regents Academic Committee on Libraries, 1984
135Regents Academic Committee on Libraries, 1985
136Regents Academic Committee on Libraries, 1986-1987
137Regents Academic Committee on Libraries, 1988
138Regents Academic Committee on Libraries, 1989
139Regents Committee on Academic Libraries, 1990
1310Regents Committee on Academic Libraries, 1990
1311Regents Committee on Academic Libraries, 1991
1312Regents Committee on Academic Libraries, 1992
1313Regents Committee on Academic Libraries, 1993
1314Regents Committee on Academic Libraries, 1993-1994
1315University Governance- Graduate Council, 1987-1989
1316Dean's Council, 1986-1987
1317Dean's Council, 1988
1318Dean's Council, 1989-1991
141OCLC, 1981-1985
142OCLC, 1988-1990
143OCLC, 1991
144OCLC, 1992
145OCLC, 1993
146OCLC, 1994
147OCLC Executive Committee, Part 1, 1991-1992
148OCLC Executive Committee, Part 2, 1991-1992
149SOLINET-Southeastern Library Network, 1978-1982
1410SOLINET-Southeastern Library Network, 1983-1984
1411SOLINET-Southeastern Library Network, 1986-1989
1412SOLINET-Southeastern Library Network, 1990
1413SOLINET-Southeastern Library Network, 1991
1414SOLINET-Southeastern Library Network, 1992
1415SOLINET-Southeastern Library Network, 1993
1416SOLINET-Southeastern Library Network, 1994
1417SOLINET-Southeastern Library Network, Database Quality Control Committee, 1979-1983
1418SOLINET-Southeastern Library Network, ISI Project, 1997
1419SOLINET-Southeastern Library Network, SURA-Southern Universities Research Assn, Monticello, Part 1, 1993
151SOLINET-Southeastern Library Network, SURA-Southern Universities Research Assn, Monticello, Part 2, 1993
152Lillian Smith Book Awards, 1997-2000
153Lillian Smith Book Awards, Part 1, 2004
154Lillian Smith Book Awards, Part 2, 2004
155Lillian Smith Book Awards, Part 3, 2004
156Lillian Smith Book Awards, Part 1, 2005
157Lillian Smith Book Awards, Part 2, 2005
158Lillian Smith Book Awards, Part 3, 2005
159Lillian Smith Book Awards, 2006
1510Lillian Smith Book Awards, 2007
1511Lillian Smith Book Awards, 2008
1512Association of Research Libraries, 1985-1986
1513Association of Research Libraries, 1987
1514Association of Research Libraries, Part 1, 1988
1515Association of Research Libraries, Part 2, 1988
1516Association of Research Libraries, Part 1, 1989
1517Association of Research Libraries, Part 2, 1989
1518Association of Research Libraries, Part 1, 1990
1519Association of Research Libraries, Part2, 1990
1520Association of Research Libraries, Part 1, 1991
161Association of Research Libraries, Part 2, 1991
162Association of Research Libraries, 1992
163Association of Research Libraries, 1993
164Association of Research Libraries, 1994
165Association of Research Libraries, Government Depository Libraries, 1986-1987
166Association of Research Libraries, Access to Research Information, Part 1, 1991
167Association of Research Libraries, Access to Research Information, Part 2, 1991
168Association of Research Libraries, Access to Research Information, Part 1, 1992
169Association of Research Libraries, Access to Research Information, Part 2, 1992
1610Association of Research Libraries, Access to Research Information, Part 1, 1993
1611Association of Research Libraries, Access to Research Information, Part 2, 1993
1612Association of Research Libraries, Bibliographic Control, 1990-1991
1613Association of Research Libraries, Miscellaneous Reports, 1978-1992
1614Association of Research Libraries, Office of Management Studies, 1979-1983
1615Association of Research Libraries, Office of Management Studies, 1984
1616Association of Southeastern Research Libraries, 1987-1991
1617Association of Southeastern Research Libraries, 1992-1995
1618Association of Information and Dissemination Centers, 1988
1619Atlanta University Center, 1990
1620Big Four, 1992-1993
1621CAUSE: The Association for the Management of Information Technology in Higher Education, 1991-1994
1622Center for Research Libraries, 1986-1993
1623Cooperative Online Serials Progam, CONSER, 1987
1624International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, 1985-2005
1625National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges, 1985-1989
171Dean's Council, 1998-1999
172Dean's Council, 2000-2001
173University Cabinet, 1989-1991
174University Cabinet, 1992-1994
175University Cabinet, 1995-2006
176Library Statistics- Association of Research Libraries, 1978-1988
177Library Statistics- Association of Research Libraries, 1988-1993
178Library Statistics- Association of Research Libraries, 1993-1998
179Library Statistics- Association of Research Libraries, 1998-2001
1710Library Statistics- Association of Research Libraries, 2010-2012
1711University System of Georgia, Annual Library Statistics, 1979-1980
1712University System of Georgia, Annual Library Statistics, 1980-1981
1713University System of Georgia, Annual Library Statistics, 1981-1982
1714University System of Georgia, Annual Library Statistics, 1982-1983
1715University System of Georgia, Annual Library Statistics, 19883-1984
1716University System of Georgia, Annual Library Statistics, 1984-1985
1717University System of Georgia, Annual Library Statistics, 1985-1986
1718Library Statistics-Association of Southeastern Research Libraries, 1975-1980
1719Library Statistics-Association of Southeastern Research Libraries, 1980-1984
1720Library Statistics-Association of Southeastern Research Libraries, 1984-1986
1721Library Statistics-Association of Southeastern Research Libraries, 1986-1995
181SOLINET-Southeastern Library Network Monticello, 1994
182SOLINET-Southeastern Library Network Monticello, 1995
183SOLINET-Southeastern Library Network Monticello, 1995
184SOLINET-Southeastern Library Network Monticello, 1996
185Southern University Group, 1991-2006
186-13University Center in Georgia, 1979-1997
1814University Center in Georgia Advisory Faculty Council, 1978-1979
1815University Center in Georgia Advisory Faculty Council, 1980-1981
1816University Center in Georgia Advisory Faculty Council, 1982-1983
1817University Center in Georgia Union Catalog of the Atlanta-Athens Area, 1978-1982
191Access Card, 1992
192Accreditation, 1988-1989
193Ad Hoc Committee on Scientific Information, 1991-1992
194Advances in Librarianship, 1990-1993
195Afro-American Studies Program, 1989-1992
196Agricultural Information Specialists, 1982-1987
197American Linguistic Atlas Project Kretzschmar, William, 1986
198American Memory Program, 1880-1991
199Apple Academic Development Grant, 1990
1910Arbitron, 1982
1911Archivists, 1990
1912Article Reviews, 1993
1913Articles from Georgia Morning and other Libraries, 1988
1914Articles from Georgia Morning and other Libraries, 1989
1915Arts and Sciences ,College of. Senate, 1980
1916Asbestos, 1990
1917Association of American University Presses, 1991
1918Athens Academy, 1990
1919Authority Control, 1992
1920Bibliographic Control, 1983
1921Bicentennial, 1983
1922Boston Library Consortium, 1988
1923Broadcast Pioneers Libraries
1924Business Administration, College of, 1985
1925Caldwell, Harmon White, 1980-1994
1926Campanella, Anothony P., Garibaldi Collection, 1984
1927Campus Information Technology Forum, 1991-1992
1928Campus Information Technology Forum, 1992-1994
1929Canadian Library Association, 1993
1930Carter, Jimmy, Presidental Library, 1980-1990
1931Center for East Asian Studies, 1987
1932Center for East-West Trade Policy, 1993
1933Center for Educational Technology, 1982
1934Charleston Conference, 1990-1991
1935Classified Staff, 1987
1936Coastal Plain Experiment Station, 1990
1937College and Research Libraries Editorial Board part 1, 1990
1938College and Research Libraries Editorial Board part 2, 1990
1939Commission on Preservation, 1989
1940Committee on the Use of Information Technology, 1987
1941-42Copyright, 1979-1991
201Copyright, 2008-2009
202Copyright-Court Cases, 2008
203Copyright-Regents Guide, 2010
204Copyright-Resource Material, 2011
205Correspondence, Bishop, David, 1980-1987
206Correspondence, Clemens, Bonnie, 1987-1988
207Correspondence, Clemens, Bonnie, 1988-1990
208Correspondence, McCoy, Ralph, 1979
209-14Correspondence, 1989-2007
2015Council on Library Resources Internal Internships, 1985-1986
2016Council on Library Resources Interns, 1984-1989
2017Courtesy Cards, 1987
2018Curriculum Materials Center, 1988-1989
2019Cutlip, Scott, 1979-1981
2020Data Services (State Data Center), 1977
2021Desegregation Programs, 1987
2022Director's Discretionary Fund Ledger, 1988-2000
2023Director's Discretionary Fund part 2, 1987-2000
2024Discussion Groups: Suggestions for Leaders
211East-West Economic Policy Project, 1987
212Economic Development Strategies and Initiatives, 1989
213Ergonomics, 1994
214Florida Library Association, 1991
215Gainesville Junior College, 1986
216Georgia Collection, 1976-1978
217Georgia College, 1992
218Georgia Southern Univeristy, 1992
219G/S, 1995
2110Gordon and Breach, 1989
2111Governors Conference, 1977
2112Government Documents Collection, 1998
2113Hail Mary
2114High Education Customer Advisory Council, 1995-1997
2115Holbrook, Karen
2116Illinois, University of
2117In-House Software Committee, 1988-1989
2118INFOSOUTH, 1975-2000
2119Institutional Research and Planning
2120Instructional Resources Center
2121Insurance, 1985
2122Internal Reassignment of Librarians
2123International Development, Office of, 1979-1996
2124International Information Center for Plant and Animal Biotechnology
2125Joint Borrowers Loan Policy
2126Journal of Academic Librarianship
2127Journalism, School of
2128Latin America Studies
2129Learning Teachnology Initiative
2130Library and Information Technology Assn. Meckler Award
2131Library and Information Technology Assn. Newsletter Editor
2132Library and Information Technology Assn. Publications Committee, 1989-1991
2133Library and Information Technology Assn. Publications Committee, 1992-1993
221Major Microfilm Set Records
222Movers-National Library Relocations
223Museum of Television and Radio
224Music Library
225National Agricultural Library, 1983-1984
226-7National Agricultural Library , Microfilming , Telefacsimile, 1985-1986
228National Agricultural Library, 1987-1988
229National Agricultural Library, 1989-1991
2210National Association of College and University Business Officers
2211New Faculty Tour
2213Rare Book: Marking for Security
2214Remote Access to Online Catalog
2215Retrospective Conversion
2216Rhone Merieux
2217Rush Book Cataloging
2219Science Library Space Task Force
2220Shrinking/Closing Card Catalog Committee Reports, 1988-1994
2221Shuttle Service
2222Sign Task Force, 1987-1988
2223South Carolina Commission on Higher Education, Report of Review Team, part 1
2224South Carolina Commission on Higher Education, Report of Review Team, part 2
2225Southeastern Native American Documents
2226Southern Illinois University Library Storage, 1980-1987
2227Southern Land-Grant University Library Agricultural Document Microproduction Project
2228Southern Tech, 1988-1989
2229Sponsored Programs
2230Staff Development Committee, 1985-1989
301"Libraries Services and Policies" manual, 1990s
2231State History Museum
2232Status of Librarians, part 1, 1975-1980
231Status of Librarians, part 2, 1975-1980
232United States Agriculural Network
233University/Community Relations Committee, 1993-1994
234University Computing and Networking Services, 1979-1990
235USAID-Colombia/Georgia Linkage
237Winters, Barbara
23823950 Protocol
239Publications-ARL Profiles:Research Libraries
2310Publications-Automated Library and Information Systems
2311Publications-Information and Technology:At the Crossroads
2312Publications-LibraryResearch:an International Journal
2313Publications-Non Solus
2314Publications-Resource Sharing Library Networks
2316Vendor-Biosis, 1992
2319Vendor-CD Plus
2320Vendor-Cumulative Contents Index
2321Vendor-Data Research Associates
2322Vendor-Digital Publication Copying System
2324Vendor-Gale Digital Collections
2326Vendor-Inoformation Access Company
2327Vendor-Innovations Interforces
2328Vendor-Institute for Scientific Information Genuine Article
2329Vendor-Kurzwell Reading Machine
2331Vendor-Multimedia Company
2333Vendor-Novell, 1989
2335Vendor-RLIN, 1983-1991
2336Vendor-Silver Platter, 1990
2337Vendor-Spacemaster, 1980
23B1Potter-Correspondence, 1996-2009
23B2Potter-Correspondence, 2009-2014
23B3Potter-Correspondence (outgoing), 2000-2008
23B4Potter-Emeritus, 2014
23B5Potter-Miscellaneous notes
23B6Potter-Committees, employment, and legislation
23B7Potter-Personal, 2000-2011
23B8Potter-Review, 1993-2012
23B9Potter-Five-year review, 2006
23B10Potter-Publications, 1996-1997
23B11Potter-Correspondence on Special Collection Building naming, 1999-2012
23B13Potter-University of Kentucky, 1998
23B14Potter-Photographic portrait
241T-Shirt UGA Libraries, President Michael F. Adams Quote, 2000
242T-Shirt UGA Libraries, Repository Move Volunteer (2), 1993
243T-Shirt UGA Libraries, HVAC Volunteer, 1998
244UGA Libraries Coffee Mug
245UGA Libraries Water Bottle
246A Proclamation to Congratulate Dr. William (Bill) Gray Potter
247Certificate of Appreciation, Willaim Gray Potter, 2014
248Uga V autograph
249Drivin' Dr. Potter
2410In Case of Fire, Twist and Open, SOLINET BOARD Plaque, 2001-2004
2411SOLINET Board of Directors Plaque, 2001-2004
2412Information Authorship Award, 1992
2413Association of Research Libraries Award, 2009
2414Harlow Farblast Award, 1975
2415Billy Bob Potter Head Geek, MMF2 Title Plaque
261ADONIS, 1988
262-5ALA (American Library Association) annual conference, 1986-1989
266-9ALA (American Library Association) Midwinter) meeting, 1987-1988
2610ALA (American Library Association) Division Leadership Enhancement Program, 1986
2611-12AMIGOS, 1987-1988
2613Articles to write, 1980-1986
2614Bibliometrics, 1980s
2615Book reviews, 1987-1988
2616C and RL (College and Research Libraries) editor, 1989
2617Emory University, 1987
2618Faxon-LINX meeting, 1986
2619Goals and objectives, 1988
2620Gestus, 1987-1988
2621Gorman-paper, 1988
2621Golden, Gary, 1987
2622Journal of Academic Librarianship, 1987-1989
2623ILLINET online union catalog, 1986
2624LCS (LIbrary computer systems), 1985-1986
2625-26Letters of recommendation, 1985-1989
2627Library Quarterly, 1986
2628Library Journal, 1988
2629MLA (Modern Language Association), 1987
2630Multidimensional scaling, 1980s
2631Potter-review, 1986
2632Potter-evaluation, 1987
2633Potter-appointment papers/contracts, 1985-1986
2634ALA (American Library Association) Midwinter, 1985-1986
2635Publications-correspondence, 1986
2636Penn State, 1988
2637Potter-annual report, 1989
2638Potter-evaluation, 1988
2639Yellow notes, 1980s
2640Charleston, 1986
2641RTSD Acquisitions Preconference, 1987
2642Riggs-meetings, 1987-1988
2643Texas Conference on library automation, 1987
2644SCIL (Small Computers in Library), 1988
2645-46Self-evaluation, 1987-1988
2647University of Illinois, 1986-1987
2648Unversity of Wyoming, 1987
2649ARL (Association of Research Libraries) Institute, 1987
2650Potter-job positions-correspondence, 1988
2651Readings, 1980s
271Readings, 1980s
273Interviews-correspondence, 1984-1985
274England, 1983
275Flamsteed, 1982
276Bevis, 1981-1984
277Arizona State University, 1984-1988
278University of Illinois, 1981-1983
279Matching key, 1980s
2710-11LITA (Library and Information Technology Association) budget, 1989-1990
2712LITA (Library and Information Technology Association) budget review committee, 1987
2713LITA (Library and Information Technology Association) election, 1986
2714LITA (Library and Information Technology Association) Committee, 1987
2715-18LITA (Library and Information Technology Association) Executive Board, 1987-1989
2719LITA (Library and Information Technology Association-Executive Director, 1986-1989
2720LITA (LIbrary and Information Technology Association) ITAL (Information Technology and Libraries) budget, 1988-1989
2721LITA (LIbrary and Information Technology Association) editor search, 1988-1989
2722LITA (Library and Information Technology Association) ITAL (Information Technology and Libraries) editorial board, 1987-1988
2723LITA (LIbrary and Information Technology Association) ITAL (Information Technology and LIbraries) schedule, 1989
2724LITA (Library and Information Technology Association) operating agreement, 1988-1989
2725LITA (Library and Information Technology Association) Publication Committee, 1986-1989
2726LITA (Library and Information Technology Association) Technology and Access Committee, 1988-1989
2727LITA (Library and Information Technology Association) Vice President, 1986
2728CLR (Council on Library Resources), 1985-1986
2729Correspondence regarding manuscripts, 1981-1985
2730Agular Study, 1983
2731University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign-personal, 1980-1986
281Online Computer Project-University of Illinois, 1984
282"Collection overlap and diversity in the Illinois Library Computer System network" (Potter thesis), 1984
283-4University of Illinois-library related publications, 1980s
291Preservation Planning Program Resource Notebook, Association of Research Libraries (ARL) Office of Management Services (1 of 2), 1987
292Preservation Planning Program Resource Notebook, Association of Research Libraries (ARL) Office of Management Services (2 of 2)
293Preservation Planning Program final report, 1991
294Preservation Planning Program - condition of collections, 1990
295SOLINET (Southeastern Libraries Network) microfilming project proposal, 1989
296SOLINET (Southeastern Libraries Network), 1989-1991
297SOLINET (Southeastern Libraries Network), 1991
298-9SOLINET (Southeastern Libraries Network), 1996
2910SOLINET (Southeastern Libraries Network) microfilming project phase two, 1997