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William (Bill) P. Flatt research papers

William (Bill) P. Flatt research papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: William (Bill) P. Flatt research papers
Creator: Flatt, William P.
Inclusive Dates: 1950s-2013
Language(s): English
Extent: 31 Linear Feet
Collection Number: UA0103
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Biographical/historical note

William P. Flatt is the D.W. Brooks Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Foods and Nutrition. Flatt has been at UGA since 1969, when he was recruited from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He has received 10 national awards, including a presidential citation and the USDA Secretary's Honor Award, one of the most significant recognitions the department can bestow. Flatt came to UGA in 1969 as chairman of the Animal Sciences Division but within a year was named director of the Georgia Experiment Stations. In 1981 he became dean of the College of Agriculture, which was later named the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. He served as dean until 1994 when he decided to step down. At this time Flatt was recruited by the Department of Foods and Nutrition in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences to conduct research in energy metabolism and to teach basic human nutrition. He has been a major supporter of the university, having established multiple graduate and undergraduate scholarships and awards for outstanding seniors, including an endowment for the Bill and June Flatt Professorship of Foods and Nutrition. In 2012 Dr. Flatt was the receipient of the UGA Alumni Association Award for Faculty Service.

Scope and Content

This collection includes photographs, lecture and research notes, students evaluations and biographical materials.

Organization and Arrangement

The collection is arranged by series.

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Preferred citation note

William (Bill) P. Flatt research papers, UA0103, University Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Though this collection is open for research, the audiovisual recordings are in their original format and do not have copies available for public use. One can make a request for a public use copy but the ability to convert an item is dependent upon the format and condition of the recording.

General Notes

RG 2-17

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Agriculture -- Georgia
Agriculture -- United States
Lecture notes.
Research (document genre)
Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists
Universities and colleges -- Faculty.
University of Georgia. College of Agriculture
University of Georgia. College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
University of Georgia. College of Family and Consumer Sciences

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Biography

12Vita - Who's Who in the South and Southeast
13Vita - Who's Who in America
14Vita - Who's Who in American Education
15Vita - Who's Who in Science and Engineering
16Vita - Who's Who in the World
17Vita - American Men and Women of Science
18Vita - Men of Achievement
111Report of Staff Activities
113Resignation Letter (College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences), 1994 January
114Transfer to Foods & Nutrition Department, 1994
116Genealogy (Descendants of James David Crawford)
117Living Will, Article about Weight Loss, 1991
118-19Position Offers, Pt. 1
1Bill Flatt: A Legacy of Generosity tribute book, 2022

2. Lectures

21Overview of Nutrition
22Recommended Dietary Allowances
23-4Diet Analysis Project
25Food Choices and Diet Planning Guides
26Planning a Healthy Diet
27Dietary Guidelines for Americans
28Human Nutrition and Food Cartoon Narrative
29Food Intake Regulation
210Energy Metabolism
211Energy Balance and Body Composition
212Enzymes and Their Regulation
213Medical Family Tree
214Digestion, Absorption and Transport, Pt. 1
215Digestion, Absorption and Transport, Pt. 2
216Gastrointestinal Tract
217Large Intestine
218Stress and Nutrition
219Carbohydrates, Sugar, Starch and Fiber
220Lipids, Pt. 1
221Lipids, Pt. 2
31Protein, Pt. 1
32Protein, Pt. 2
33Metabolism: Transformations and Interactions, Pt. 1
34Metabolism: Transformations and Interactions, Pt. 2
35Eating Disorders
36Vegetarian Diets
37Water Soluble Vitamins: Vitamins B & C
38Water Soluble Vitamins: Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pyridoxine, Panothenic Acid, Biotin, Cyanocobalamin, Folacin, Ascorbic Acid, Pt. 1
39Water Soluble Vitamins: Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pyridoxine, Panothenic Acid, Biotin, Cyanocobalamin, Folacin, Ascorbic Acid, Pt. 2
310Water and Major Minerals
313Fat Soluble Vitamins
315Trace Minerals, Pt. 1
316Trace Minerals, Pt. 2
41Life Cycle Nutrition
42Nutrition and the Adolescent
43Oral Contraceptives
44Pregnancy and Lactation
45Nutrition in Adulthood
46Nutrition and the Elderly
47Physical Activity and Nutrition
48Diet and Health Pt 1
49Diet and Health Pt 2
410Food Safety
412Food Additives
413World Food Situation
414Additional Nutrition Cartoons, Pt. 1
415Additional Nutrition Cartoons, Pt. 2
416Additional Miscellaneous Transparencies
417Healing Foods
418Study Guides
419Examinations (Food and Nutrition 210)
420Test Score Analysis
51-6Fundamentals of Nutrition Lectures
57Fundamentals of Nutrition Study Guides and Examinations
58-10Ruminant Nutrition

3. Speeches

511National Secretaries Association Banquet, 1971 May 15
512Agricultural and Food Chemistry at the University of Georgia, 1975 August 28
513Future Trends in Feed Grain Research, possibly 1976
514Agricultural Research: The Key to Future Food Supplies, 1976 June 21
515The Economic Impact of the Energy Crunch on Agriculture and Research, possibly 1977
516Funding Research for the Future: State Agricultural Experiment Stations, 1978 July
517Future Directions in Animal Research, 1978 July 28
518Agricultural Research: An Investment in the Future, 1979 August 9
519Importance of Research in Meeting the Food Production Needs in the Future, 1978 August 11
520Relationship and Responsibilities of Industry and Public Service in Agricultural Research, 1979 December 12
521Georgia Milk Producer's Banquet, 1980 January 15
522Trends in Dairy Research Support From the State Viewpoint, 1980 June
523What is Expected of Today's Working Woman?, 1981 October 22
524Financing Agricultural Research and Education in a Period of Tight Budgets, 1983 February 7
525[Leadership Georgia Banquet], 1983 September 16
526Consumer Payoff: Economic Benefits of Animal Health Research, 1984 May 29
527Federal-State Cooperation in Agricultural Research, 1984 July 30
528Agriculture in our Future: Leadership for Georgia's Future - Our Physical Environment, 1984 September 14
529Welcoming Remarks for 38th Tobacco Chemists' Research Conference, 1984 November 6
61Camilla Rotary Club, Remarks, 1985 January 3
62Georgia Cattlemen's Association, 1985 January 4
63Food, Fiber, Fuel and Funds of the Future, 1985 January 10
64UGA Art Association, Remarks, 1985
65Second Biennial Southeast Blueberry Conference, Remarks, 1985
66University Alumni Society, Remarks, 1985
67Food Science Banquet, 1985
68Georgia Crop Improvement Association, Remarks, 1985
69National Collegiate 4-H Club, Remarks, 1985
610ASAE Student Branch, Remarks, 1985
611Attapulgus Bicentennial Field Day, Remarks, 1985
612Building Political and Funding Support for International Agricultural Development, 1985
613Agricultural History Symposium, Remarks, 1985
614Coastal Plain Experiment Station Bicentennial Celebration, Remarks, 1985
615Agricultural Careers for 4-H Members, 1985
616Wilkes County Arch, 1985
617Poultry Processors, Remarks, 1985
618Southern Region No-Till Conference, Remarks, 1985
619American Society of Animal Science, Remarks, 1985
620Southwest Branch Experiment Station Field Day, 1985
621Fertilizer Industry Round Table, Remarks, 1985
622Georgia Crop Improvement Association, Remarks, 1986
623Southeast Turfgrass Conference, Remarks, 1986
624Meadow Creek Academy Graduation, Remarks, 1986
625National Nutrient Databank Conference, 1986
626What is the Outlook for Agriculture Education?, 1986
627Georgia's Challenge for the Future, 1986
628McDuffie County Farm Bureau, Remarks, 1986
629Agricultural Education in Secondary Schools, 1986
630Status and Support of Research and Development for Animals and Animal Products, 1986
631International Stockmen's School, Remarks, 1987
632Georgia State ASCS Conference, Remarks, 1987
633Crisp Academy Graduation, Remarks, 1987
634Resources Conservation Workshop, Remarks, 1987
635Poultry Processors Meeting, Remarks, 1987
636New Faculty Conference, Remarks, 1987
637Georgia Development Authority, Remarks, 1987
638Georgia Electrification Council, Remarks, 1987
639Future of Agricultural Education in Secondary Schools, 1987
640Agriculture: Hope for Tomorrow, 1988
641What the Experiment Stations Mean to the UGA College of Agriculture, 1988
642Water Quality and Agriculture in Georgia, 1988
643Agriculture: Hope for Tomorrow, 1988
644Mission, Philosophy and Organizational Structure of the College of Agriculture, 1988
645Profit Conference, Remarks, 1988
646Vegetables and Georgia Agriculture, 1989
647Gold Kist Meeting, 1989
648Agriculture: Hope for Tomorrow, 1989
649Coastal Plain Experiment Station Research Conference, Remarks, 1989
650Centennial Open House, Remarks, 1989
651Dairy Field Day, 1989
652Future of Vocational Education, 1989
653Future of Agriculture and Forestry in Georgia, 1989
654National Angus Conference, Remarks, 1989
655Change: Our Challenge and Our Opportunity, 1989
656Mutual Expectations of New Faculty and College, 1989
657Land Use and Forest Management Field Day, Remarks, 1989
658Achievements of CREAMS/GLEAMS, 1989
659Georgia Agricultural Congress, Remarks, 1989
6604-H: Our Magic Moments, 1989
661Ag Alumni Association, Remarks, 1989
662Marketing Georgia Products in Japan, 1989
663Georgia Nutrition Conference, Welcome, 1989
664Progress Through Partnership, 1989
665Georgia Turfgrass Conference, Welcome, 1989
71Tri-State Vegetable Marketing Conference, Remarks, 1990
72Thought for Food, 1990
734-H: Building Character for the Nineties, 1990
74Wrap-up Session at the New Faculty Conference, 1990
75Ray Goff Show Script, 1990
76Sail Away with 4-H, 1990
77Ag Alumni Association, Remarks, 1990
78Ellijay Lions Club Remarks, 1990
79American Society of Agricultural Engineers, Remarks, 1990
710Agribusiness Appreciation Dinner, Remarks, 1990
711Philip Morris Grant Luncheon, Remarks, 1990
712Soil and Water Conservation District Meeting, Remarks, 1990
713User's Advisory Board Meeting, Remarks, 1990
714The Need for Visionary Agriculture, 1990
715Blue Ridge Mountain Soil and Water Conservation Commission Banquet, Remarks, 1990
716Georgia Turfgrass Conference, Remarks, 1990
717Thought for Food, 1991
718Contributions of Agricultural Research, 1991
7194-H: Strength for Tomorrow, 1991
720Investments: The Need for a Visionary Agriculture, 1991
721Programs for Tobacco at the University of Georgia, 1991
722The Bright Side of Careers in Agriculture, 1991
723Secretaries: Now More Than Ever, 1991
724"Teaching Others" Workshop, Remarks, 1991
725The Promise of the Soil, 1991
726Retirement of Professor David Armstrong, Agricultural Research and the Future, 1991
727Being a Leader in Agriculture, 1991
728Economic Times for the Agrarian South, 1991
729Outlook for Georgia Agriculture, 1991
730Urgent Needs for the University of Georgia, 1991
731Ag Alumni Association, Report, 1991
732Agriculture in the Nineties, 1991
733Georgia Corn/Soybean Expo, Remarks, 1992
734The Role of the Georgia Station, 1992
735Working Toward a Stronger Georgia, 1992
736Agriculture: Teaching for the Future, 1992
737The Future of the Experiment Stations, 1992 February 21
738Outlook for Future Research Needs in the Production of Peanuts, 1992 February 24
739Your Role in the Future of Agriculture, 1992 May 26
740Our College: Future Tense, 1992 July 7
741Annual Livestock Insect Workers Conference, Remarks, 1992 July 12
742National Environmentally Sound Production, Groundbreaking Remarks, 1992 July 26
743Agriculture Strategies, 1992 July 28
744Ag Alumni Association, Report, 1992 October 9
745Georgia Turfgrass Conference, Remarks, 1992 December 9
746Programs for Tobacco, 1993 January 12
30Lecture and Speech Tapes

4. College of Agriculture/CAES

747CAES Organization Charts
748College of Agriculture Logo
751Environmental Research, Teaching and Extension Efforts of the UGA College of Agriculture: A White Paper
752Board of Regents Site Visit, 1976
753Budget: College of Agriculture, 1985-1992
754Budget: Agricultural Experiment Stations, Miscellaneous Years, 1972-1986
755Budget: Cooperative Extension Service, 1988-1992
756Comprehensive Agricultural Livestock/Poultry Facilities, Pt. 1
757Comprehensive Agricultural Livestock/Poultry Facilities, Pt. 2
758Comprehensive Agricultural Livestock/Poultry Facilities, Pt. 3
759Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1980
760Annual Report, 1990-1996
81Family and Consumer Sciences Department, 1995
82Foods and Nutrition Department Program Review, 1992
83Foods and Nutrition Department Graduate Manual, 1993
84Student Dietetic Association Student Handbook, 1994-1995
85Masters and Ph.D. Programs in Foods and Nutrition, 1994
86-7Miscellaneous Memos: Foods and Nutrition Department, 1993-1997
88Search Committee: Foods and Nutrition Department Lecturer
89Messages from Dean Gale Buchanan
810Miscellaneous E-mail, 1997
811System Summary Article on Georgia Agricultural Experiment Stations
812College Accounts: 45R5530
813-18College Accounts: 50R918, 1989-1994
819Ag Alumni
820Ag Hill Council
821Teaching Faculty Minutes, 1994, 1996
822D.W. Brooks Distinguished Professor / Lecture
822University Owned Land
823Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity
824Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity Crescent, 1994-1997
825Plans for Environmentally Related Programs in the University of Georgia College of Agriculture
826Southeast Regional Dairy Plan Proposal

5. Conferences, Symposia, Meetings

91Centennial of State Agricultural Experiment Stations, 1975
92Utah State University. International Feedstuffs Institute Symposium, 1976
93National Science Board Public Forum, 1976
94Southwest Georgia Experiment Station, 1976
95Agri-Search, 1976
96California Livestock Symposium, 1977
97Annual Meat Science Institute, 1977
98Dairy Industry in Georgia, 1977
99Agricultural Research Planning Conference, 1977
910Agricultural Experiment Station Division Chairmen and Directors Meeting, 1977
911Alternative Sources of Nitrogen, 1977
912Virginia Feed Convention and Nutrition Conference, 1978
913Texas Animal Agriculture Conference, 1978
914Regional Planning for Research and Extension, 1979
915Chinese Agricultural Trade Delegation Meeting, 1979
916American Ag Day Expo, North Dakota, 1979
917International Harvester Convention, 1979
918State of Georgia Agriculture Experiment Station Affairs, 1979
919American Society of Animal Science, 1979
920Southwest Fertilizer Conference, 1979
921Texas Agricultural Experiment Station Annual Staff Conference, 1979
922TVA Fertilizer Conference, 1979
923Golden Spur Symposium, 1979
924Idaho Dairymen's Association Convention, 1979
925Georgia Cattlemen's Convention, 1980
926Agricultural Experiment Stations Top Research Grant Recipients, 1980
927Agricultural Experiment Stations Division Chairmen Retreat, 1980
928Kansas State Administrators Workshop, 1980
929Georgia Agricultural Situation, WGTV Interview, 1980
930Nutrient Cycling in Agricultural Ecosystems, 1980
931Council for Advancement and Support of Education, 1980
932Sunbelt Exposition, 1980
933Ag Alumni Association, 1980
934Flint River Soil and Water Conservation District, 1980
935Blue Key Alumni Banquet, 1980
936Golden Key National Honor Society, 1980
937Georgia Farm Bureau Federation, 1980
938New Initiatives for Home Economics, 1980
939SAES-SRRC Workshop, 1980
940Georgia Young Farmers Association, 1981
941Ohoopee River Soil and Water Conservation District, 1981
101Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists, 1981
102Georgia Association of County Agricultural Agents, 1981
103The National Renderers Association, 1981
104Georgia Adult Education Association, 1981
105International Seminar on Feeding Stuffs Evaluation, 1981
106Energy Metabolism (International Symposium on), 1985
107International Platform Association, 1991
108Agribusiness Council: Globalization in Agribusiness, 1992
109OID (Office of Instructional Development) Seminar, 1994
1010Agricultural Research Service: AgriVision, 1995
1011American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1995
1012American Dairy Science Association, 1980, 1995
1013Learning in Retirement, 1994-1995
1014OID (Office of Instructional Development) Teaching Fellows, 1996
1015Southern Region Teaching Symposium, 1996
1016American Pheasant and Waterfowl Society, 1996
1017Bright Belt Warehouse Association, 1997
1018Academic Affairs Faculty Symposium, 1997
1019American Society of Animal Science, 1999
1020Experimental Biology (Effects of Diet Composition on Energy Utilization), 1995
1021Experimental Biology (Energy Metabolism Studies with Male Osborne-Mendel Rats), 1996
1022Experimental Biology (Amgen Leptin Study), 1997
1023Experimental Biology, Pt. 2, 1997
1024Lily Conference on College & University Teaching - South, 1997
1025North Carolina Soybean Producers Association, 1997
1026OID (Office of Instructional Development) Teaching Fellows
1027South Carolina Health Care Association (Stephen M. Gower), 1989, 1999
111Energy Metabolism of Farm Animals, Pt. 1
112Energy Metabolism of Farm Animals, Pt. 2
113Energy Metabolism of Farm Animals, Pt. 3
114Energy Metabolism of Farm Animals, Pt. 4
115Energy Metabolism of Farm Animals, Pt. 5
116Energy Metabolism of Farm Animals, Pt. 6
117Energy Metabolism of Farm Animals, Pt. 7

6. SUPERGEN, Inc. Sponsored Research

118SUPERGEN, Inc, Pt. 1
119SUPERGEN, Inc, Pt. 2
1110SUPERGEN, Inc, Pt. 3
1111SUPERGEN, Inc, Pt. 4
1112SUPERGEN, Inc, Pt. 5

7. Editorial/Review Service

121American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists, Pt. 1
122American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists, Pt. 2
123American Journal of Physiology: Endocrinology & Metabolism

8. Faculty/Student Research Collaboration

124Azain, Mike
125Batchelor, Kim
126Dobson, Laura
127Edwards, Gaylen
128Faircloth, Ronalynn
129Gullicksen, Scott
1210Hargrove, James L.
1211Martin, Roy J.
1212Mathews, Clayton E.
1213Min, Sun
131Mustard, Charles S. Jr., Pt. 1
132Mustard, Charles S. Jr., Pt. 2
133Rose, Barbra, Pt. 1
134Rose, Barbra, Pt. 2
135Wang, Tianlun (Marian), Pt. 1
136Wang, Tianlun (Marian), Pt. 2

9. History of Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists

137History of the Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists, Pt. 1
138History of the Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists, Pt. 2
139History of the Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists, Pt. 3
1310History of the Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists, Pt. 4
1311History of the Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists, Pt. 5
1312History of the Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists, Pt. 6
141History of the Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists, Pt. 7
142History of the Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists, Pt. 8
143History of the Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists, Pt. 9
144History of the Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists, Pt. 10
145History of the Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists, Pt. 11
146History of the Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists, Pt. 12
147History of the Southern Association of Agricultural Scientists, Pt. 13

10. Service to the University

148Health and Clinical Science Review Committee, 1998
149Libraries Review Committee, 1996
1410Freshman College Summer Experience, 2004
1411Freshman College Summer Experience, 2005
1412Freshman College Summer Experience, 2006
151Gridiron Secret Society, 1975-1984
152Gridiron Secret Society, 1985-1994
153Sigma Alpha Lambda, 2006
154Sigma Alpha Lambda, 2007-2008
155Sigma Xi
157University of Georgia Retired Educators Association

11. Service to Community

158American Red Cross
159Boy Scouts of America, 1984-1989
1510Boy Scouts of America, 1990-2000
1511Lanier Gardens Retirement Community
1512Rotary, 1979-1991
1513Rotary, 1992
1514Sandy Creek Nature Center Frog Hop
1515United Way
1516Upper Volta: University of Ouagadougou, Burkino Fasso Donation of Professional Journals

12. Governmental Affairs

161Georgia. House of Representatives. Agricultural Research Study Commission, 1971
162Georgia. House of Representatives. Agricultural Research Legislative Tour, 1974
163Georgia. House of Representatives. Agricultural Research Legislative Tour, 1975
164U.S. Department of Agriculture Management Development Program, 1976
165USDA "Think Tank" Seminar, 1977
166Georgia. House of Representatives. Agricultural Research Subcommittee Meeting, 1977
167Meeting with Frank Press, Assistant to President Carter, 1977
168DHEW. Bureau of Veterinary Medicine. Consultant, 1978
169Congressional Staff Visit, 1979
1610Georgia. House of Representatives. Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Committee Tour, 1979
1611Georgia. House of Representatives. State Planning and Community Affairs Committee meeting, 1980
1612Liberty Collection [pamphlet]
1613Georgia Farm Bureau Legislative Handbook, 1985-1986
1614U.S. Congress. House of Representatives. Committee on Agriculture, 1988
1615Zell Miller Inauguration, 1991
1616U.S. Congress. Office of Technology Assessment, 1992
1617Georgia, General Assembly. Conference Action on Agriculture Appropriations, 1992
1618E. H. Culpepper, Candidacy for Georgia House of Representatives, 2006

13. Miscellaneous

1619Correspondence, 1990-1999
1620Secretaries: Carol Cochran and Nedra Phillips
1621Jokes and Cartoons
1622Nicholas Filip Colovos

14. Students

181FDNS 2100
182ADS 330
183-5FDN 210
191-4Information Forms
201-2ADS 330, 1995-1996
203-5FDN 210, 1995-1997
206FDNS 2100, 1998 Fall
207FDNS 2100, 2000, 2003
208Freshman College Summer Experience
209Miscellaneous Photos

15. Publications

211Listing of Publications, 1955-2008
212Publications, 1955-1963
213Ph.D. Thesis: Utilization of Metabolizable Energy for Milk Production by Dairy Cows, 1964
214-8Publications, 1964-1970
219Publications, 1972
2110Publications, 1979-1988
221Publications, Poster Session, 1995-1998
222Publications, 1998-2003
223-4Notebooks, Pt. 1
225AgriBusiness, probably 1989
226AgriSearch, 1990-1996
227AgriVision, 1989
228-10AIN Nutrition Notes, 1987-2006
2211Bull Sheet (Georgia Cattlemen), 1992-1994
2212County Agent, 1989
2213Dairy Council Digest, 1973-1982
2215Family and Consumer Sciences Department Magazine, 1995
2216FFA The National Future Farmer, 1985-1989
2217FFA New Horizons, 1990-1993
2218FFA Alumni Association Newsletter, 1991-1994
2219Foresters' Log, 1997
231Georgia Cloverleaf, 1986
232Georgia Farm Bureau News,
233Georgia Future Farmer, 1985-1992
234Georgia Young Farmer, 1985, 1987
235Griffin Campus Reporter, 1987 May-June
236Horticulture Department Newsletter, 1995-1996
237-9Royal Bank of Canada Monthly Letter, 1973-1993
2310Sickle & Sheaf, 1988-1997
2311Station Reporter (Georgia Station), 1994-1995
2312System, 1989 May
2313Coronary Heart Disease: Risk Factors and the Diet Debate
2314Georgia Agriculture at a Glance (2 copies), 1989
2315Georgia Agriculture: Dynamic and Growing (2 copies)
2316Milk Still Makes the Difference
2317Nutrition Education: An Eye to the Future
2318Nutrition Education Materials, 1976
2319Pesticides in the Diets of Infants and Children
2320Science, Pigs & Profits
2321The Symbiosis of Dairy Council
24Newspaper Clippings [unfoldered]
25Article References, Pt. 1 [unfoldered]
26Article References, Pt. 2 [unfoldered]
27Research Diskettes
28Research Diskettes
29Research Diskettes
30Lecture and Speech Tapes

16. Posters

1Jules Reiset: A Nineteenth Century Space-Age Respiration Physiologist and Chemist
1Reiset's Experimental Revelation of Denitrification: Closure of the Nitrogen Cycle