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Lamar Dodd papers

Lamar Dodd papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Lamar Dodd papers
Creator: Dodd, Lamar
Inclusive Dates: 1922-1999
Language(s): English
Extent: 17 Linear Feet 21 boxes
Collection Number: UA0062
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

Lamar Dodd is a highly recognized artist from the state of Georgia and an advocate for the arts and a skilled administrator. His most visible legacy is the Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia. For fully two-thirds of the twentieth century, Lamar Dodd represented Georgia's visual arts community as administrator, teacher, and advocate, and as the most influential Georgia artist of his generation.

For more information, see the article Lamar Dodd in the New Georgia Encyclopedia.

Scope and Content

This collection primarily consists of photographs and slides of Lamar Dodd's works and lecture images. Also included are articles, lecture notes, exhibition files, correspondence, and reference images for Dodd's Heart and NASA Projects.

Organization and Arrangement

This collection is organized into 11 series: biographical/collection information; exhibitions/publicity; lectures/articles; Heart Project; correspondence; miscellaneous; photographs of paintings; photographs of Lamar Dodd and others; NASA photographs/pamphlets; slides; and audiovisual material.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Lamar Dodd papers, UA0062, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

General Notes

The audiovisual materials are housed in the Brown Media Archive. The audiovisual recordings do not have reference copies; however, reference copies are available upon request. Audiovisual research requests are dependent upon the format and condition of the recordings.

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Subject Terms

Art -- Exhibitions.
Artists -- Correspondence.
Artists -- Georgia.
Lamar Dodd School of Art
Paintings (visual works)

Related Collections in this Repository

Related collections in this repository: Lamar Dodd collection, ms 1296; Harmon Caldwell papers, ms2909; and University of Georgia, Georgia Center negatives, ms2525.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Biographical/Collection information

11Vita, Obituary
13Interviews, Pt. 1
14Interviews, Pt. 2
15Betty Cabin - Lamar Dodd['s Paintings], Pt. 1
16Betty Cabin - Lamar Dodd['s Paintings], Pt. 2
17Betty Cabin - Lamar Dodd['s Paintings], Pt. 3
18Catalogue of Paintings
19Eiland, William: Lamar Dodd's Early Works
110Schierman, Ann M., Lamar Dodd's Influence on Art Education in Georgia
111Morehead, C.L., Jr., Collection of Paintings by Lamar Dodd
112Morehead, C.L., Jr., Correspondence Regarding Dodd Paintings Value
113Location of Other Paintings
114Bills of Sale, Loan Agreements for Dodd Paintings
"My teacher Lamar Dodd", 2013

2. Exhibitions/Publicity

21Listing of Exhibitions
22Exhibitions/Publicity, 1946-1960
23Exhibitions/Publicity, 1961-1969
24Exhibitions/Publicity, 1970-1976
25Exhibitions/Publicity, 1977-1980
26Exhibitions/Publicity, 1981-1982
27Exhibitions/Publicity, 1983-1989
28Exhibitions/Publicity, 1990-1999
29Miscellaneous Newsclippings/Press Releases, Pt. 1
210Miscellaneous Newsclippings/Press Releases, Pt. 2
212Art Catalogs of Other Artists

3. Lectures/Articles

31Bridgemen's Lectures, 1929
32The Truth in Things, 1942
33A Look at American Painting Today, 1948, Pt. 1
34A Look at American Painting Today, 1948, Pt. 2
35Philosophy of Art and Teaching, 1957
36Art of Nature, 1960
37Some Observations of Art and Nature, 1963-1964
38Within Oneself, 1965
39A Case Study - Georgia: Forty Years, 1978
310A Painter and His Attitudes: Lamar Dodd, n.d.
311Miscellaneous Presentations to Groups

4. Heart Project

312Background Material, 1976-1979
313Graphs, X-rays
314Lab Photos, Children's Workshop
315Final Products, 1984-1985

5. Correspondence

41Early and Undated Correspondence
42Guest Book, Financial Records
43European Trip, 1953-1954
44European Trip, 1956
45European Trip: Letters to May and Irene Dodd, 1956, Transcriptions
46Europe and Far East Itinerary, 1958
47Russia, 1958, Pt. 1
48Russia, 1958, Pt. 2, Transcription Excerpts
49Far East, 1958, Pt. 1
410Far East, 1958, Pt. 2 Transcription Excerpts
411Postage Stamps, 1956-1958
412Correspondence, 1959
51Correspondence Pertaining to Value/Sale of Paintings, 1946-1972
52Correspondence, 1960-1969
53Correspondence, 1970-1979
54Correspondence Pertaining to Values/Sale of Paintings, 1973-1976
55Correspondence, Personal & Family, 1975-1978
56Correspondence, 1980-1981
57Correspondence, 1982
58Correspondence, 1983
59Correspondence, 1984
510Correspondence, 1985
511Correspondence, 1986-1987
512Correspondence, 1988-1989
513Correspondence, 1990
514Correspondence, 1991
515Correspondence, 1992-1994
516Lamar Dodd - Robert Edge Correspondence, 1974-1983
517Lamar Dodd - Robert Edge Correspondence, 1984-1986
518Lamar Dodd - Robert Edge Correspondence, 1987-1989
519Lamar Dodd - Robert Edge Correspondence, 1990-1997 [Estate]
520Correspondence with David Ramus Fine Art
521Correspondence with Charles Knapp, President of the University
522Correspondence [Wm. Eiland on Behalf of]
523Cortona correspondence, 1974
61Miscellaneous Cards and Notes, Pt. 1
62Miscellaneous Cards and Notes, Pt. 2
63Miscellaneous Cards and Notes, Pt. 3
64Miscellaneous Cards and Notes, Pt. 4
65European Postcards [Blank]

6. Miscellaneous

66Fuller E. Callaway Chair
67Proposal to the Callaway Foundation from the Georgia Museum of Art, [1985]
68Lamar Dodd Professorial Chair, Pt. 1
69Lamar Dodd Professorial Chair, Pt. 2
610Lamar Dodd Professorial Chair, Pt. 3
611Report on the Location of the Fine Arts Complex
612Morehead, C.L., Silver Inventory
613Dodd Primitive Art Collection Inventory
614Abbott Pattison sculptures, circa 1950s, 2013
615"TV series (Meet the professor) to feature Dodd, six Art Students"-newsclipping, 1961

7. Photographs of Paintings

71Photographs of Paintings, 1922-1935
72Photographs of Paintings, 1936
73Photographs of Paintings, 1937
74Photographs of Paintings, 1938
75Photographs of Paintings, 1939
76Photographs of Paintings, 1940
77Photographs of Paintings, 1941
78Photographs of Paintings, 1942
79Photographs of Paintings, 1943
710Photographs of Paintings, 1944
711Photographs of Paintings, 1945
712Photographs of Paintings, 1946
713Photographs of Paintings, 1947
714Photographs of Paintings, 1948, Pt. 1
715Photographs of Paintings, 1948, Pt. 2
716Photographs of Paintings, 1949
717Photographs of Paintings, 1950
718Photographs of Paintings, 1951
719Photographs of Paintings, 1952
720Photographs of Paintings, 1953, Pt. 1
721Photographs of Paintings, 1953, Pt. 2
722Photographs of Paintings, 1954
723Photographs of Paintings, 1955
724Photographs of Paintings, 1956
81Photographs of Paintings, 1957, Pt. 1
82Photographs of Paintings, 1957, Pt. 2
83Photographs of Paintings, 1958
84Photographs of Paintings, 1959
85Photographs of Paintings, 1960
86Photographs of Paintings, 1961, Pt. 1
87Photographs of Paintings, 1961, Pt. 2
88Photographs of Paintings, 1961, Pt. 3
89Photographs of Paintings, 1962
810Photographs of Paintings, 1963
811Photographs of Paintings, 1964, Pt. 1
812Photographs of Paintings, 1964, Pt. 2
813Photographs of Paintings, 1965
814Photographs of Paintings, 1966
815Photographs of Paintings, 1967
816Photographs of Paintings, 1968
817Photographs of Paintings, 1969
818Photographs of Paintings, 1970
819Photographs of Paintings, 1971
820Photographs of Paintings, 1972
821Photographs of Paintings, 1973
91Photographs of Paintings, Undated (8x10)
92Photographs of Paintings, Undated, (4x6)
93Photographs of Paintings, Undated, (4x5 and smaller)
94Photographs of Paintings, Undated
20Poster: Cosmos Painting
Cosmos Painting; Chattahoochee Valley Art Association
95Negatives - Unprocessed
21Sheets of photographs
Images of Lamar Dodd paintings

8. Photographs of Lamar Dodd and others

101Lamar Dodd Portrait Photos, Pt. 1
102Lamar Dodd Portrait Photos, Pt. 2
103Lamar Dodd Portrait Photos, Pt. 3
104Lamar Dodd Portrait Photos, Pt. 4
105Lamar Dodd on Site Photos
106Lamar Dodd Teaching Photos
107Lamar Dodd Exhibiting Paintings Photos
108Lamar Dodd with Family Photos
109Lamar Dodd Miscellaneous Photos, Pt. 1
1010Lamar Dodd Miscellaneous Photos, Pt. 2
1011Lamar Dodd Miscellaneous Photos, Pt. 3
1012Lamar Dodd Miscellaneous Photos, Pt. 4
1013Lamar Dodd Miscellaneous Photos, Pt. 5 landscapes, etc.
1014Party Given in Honor of Lamar Dodd
1015Mounted Photos Of Lamar Dodd
1016Lamar Dodd's Parents? and Another Couple
1017Georgia Arts Council, Dove of Peace Memorial
1018Irene Dodd
1019Close-up Photographs from Nature, Religious Motif

9. NASA Photographs/Pamphlets

111Lamar Dodd Drawings for NASA and Press Release 6/25/63
112Drawings by Other Artists for NASA and Mercury Atlas 9 Reproductions Brochure
113NASA Photographs, 1962-1963
114NASA Photographs, 1963, Pt. 1
115NASA Photographs, 1963, Pt. 2
116NASA Photographs, 1963, Pt. 3
117NASA Photographs, 1964
118NASA Photographs, 1965
119NASA Photographs, 1966-1967
1110NASA Photographs, 1968, Pt. 1
1111NASA Photographs, 1968, Pt. 2
1112NASA Photographs, 1968, Pt. 3 Apollo 7
1113NASA Photographs, 1968, Pt. 4 Apollo 8
1114NASA Photographs, 1969, Pt. 1 Apollo 9
1115NASA Photographs, 1969, Pt. 2 Apollo 10
1116NASA Photographs, 1969, Pt. 3 Apollo 11
1117NASA Photographs, 1969, Pt. 4 Apollo 11
1118NASA Photographs, 1969, Pt. 5, Apollo 11
121NASA Photographs, 1969, Pt. 6 Apollo 12
122NASA Photographs, 1970, Pt. 1 Apollo 13
123NASA Photographs, 1970, Pt. 2, Apollo 14
124NASA Photographs, 1971-1972, Apollo 15-17
125NASA Photographs, 1973 Pioneer
126NASA Photographs, 1974-1977
127NASA Photographs, 1981-1983
128NASA Photographs, Undated
129NASA Photographs, Miscellaneous
1210NASA Photographs, Miscellaneous
1211NASA Photographs, Various Sizes, Pt. 1
1212NASA Photographs, Various Sizes, Pt. 2
1213NASA Photographs, Negatives, Pt. 1
1214NASA Photographs, Negatives, Pt. 2
1215NASA Photographs, Negatives, Pt. 3
1216NATA Photographs, Postcards
1217Kennedy Space Center
1218NASA Pamphlets
1219NASA Pamphlets - Space Shuttle at Work
1220NASA Pamphlets - Project Mercury
1221NASA Pamphlets - Apollo
1222NASA Pamphlets - Apollo Camera
1223NASA Insignia - Apollo 16
1224Life Magazine, October, 1998

10. Slides