Athletic Association records, Series 7: Administrative records

Athletic Association records, Series 7: Administrative records

Descriptive Summary

Title: Athletic Association records, Series 7: Administrative records
Creator: University of Georgia. Athletic Association
Inclusive Dates: 1922-2010
Language(s): English
Extent: 25 Linear Feet 25 boxes and 8 oversize folders
Collection Number: UA0055_7
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

The University of Georgia Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs compete in National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I and are members of the Southeastern Conference (SEC). The official mascot is an English bulldog named Uga, (derived from an abbreviation of the University of Georgia), while the costumed character version of Uga is Hairy Dawg. The Bulldog name has its origins in a 1920 Atlanta Constitution article by sportswriter Morgan Blake, who cited the animal's dignity and ferocity.

The University of Georgia sponsors nineteen sports – baseball, men's and women's basketball, men's and women's cross country, women's equestrian, football, men's and women's golf, women's gymnastics, women's soccer, softball, men's and women's swimming and diving, men's and women's tennis, men's and women's track, and women's volleyball. Those 19 teams have won a combined 41 national championships (including 28 NCAA championships) and 151 Southeastern Conference championships through the end of the 2013–14 school year.

Scope and Content

The collection contains correspondence representing two distinct time periods: the 1920-1930s era of the UGA Athletic Association during which lawyer and booster Harold Hirsch was involved with the Athletic Board, and the 1980-1981 season. A highlight of the collection are the minutes of the Athletic Board from 1928-1972. Also included are subject files, NCAA self-studies, and playbooks and scouting reports, most of which date from Vince Dooley's tenure as head football coach.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Athletic Association records, UA0055, University of Georgia Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Subject Terms

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Correspondence

11-8Harold Hirsch, 1922-1927
19Harold Hirsch: UGA business pt.1, 1927
110Harold Hirsch: UGA business pt.2, 1927
111Harold Hirsch: Sanford Stadium construction pt.1, 1928
112Harold Hirsch: Sanford Stadium construction pt.2, 1928
113Harold Hirsch, 1929
114Harold Hirsch: January - September, 1930
115-19Harold Hirsch, 1931-1935
119Harold Hirsch, 1937
120Harold Hirsch, 1938
121Harold Hirsch: coaching changes, 1937-1938
122Harold Hirsch: scholarships pt. 1
123Harold Hirsch: scholarships pt. 2
124Harold Hirsch: alumni scholarship fund
21D, 1980-1981
22E, 1980-1981
23F, 1980-1981
24G, 1980-1981
25H, 1980-1981
26I, 1980-1981
27J, 1980-1981
28K, 1980-1981
29L, 1980-1981
210M, 1980-1981
211N, 1980-1981
212O, 1980-1981
213P, 1980-1981
214Q, 1980-1981
215R, 1980-1981
216S, 1980-1981
217T, 1980-1981
218U, 1980-1981
219V, 1980-1981
220W, 1980-1981
221XYZ, 1980-1981
222Prospects (Misc.), 1980-1981
223Speak complete, 1980-1981
224Speak decline, 1980-1981
225Tickets, 1980-1981
226Dan Magill , 1994
141-3Harold Hirsch, 1937 May -December
144-5Harold Hirsch, 1938 Jan-Dec
146Wallace Butts - telegrams, 1963
147-10Wallace Butts: A-Y, 1963
151-2Vince Dooley, 1980-1981 July-June
153-4Vince Dooley, 1980-1981 August-June
155Vince Dooley , 1980-1981 September-June
211McGugin to S.V. Sanford, 1924

2. Minutes

212Athletic Board minutes, 1924-1926
213Expense reports (includes handwritten minutes), 1924-1925
3Athletic Board minutes, 1928-1967
4Athletic Board minutes, 1967-1972

3. Subject Files

51UGA Foley Field access control system , 2007
52-3UGA Libraries' capital campaign (parts 1-2), 1999
54Gender equality in UGA Athletic Association, 1992-1993
55-8Sportsmanship summitt, 2003
59Special NCAA committee agenda minutes, 1994
510-16Report to the NCAA special committee to study divison 1-A football championship , 1993
517-19UGA NCAA self study , 2000-2001
520-21UGA self study (bound), 2000-2001
522-24Infractions progress report (parts 1-3), 1998
525Library endowment fund, Dooley , 1990
526Ed Tolley equipment of internal investigation , 1998
527Footbal/touchdown marketing , 1983
528-31History of cheerleading (parts 1-4), 1940s-1980s
532Photo of UGA bulldog and SEC bumper sticker, 2002
533UGA various sports newspaper aricles , 1964 & 1983
534Georgia Bulldog Club papers , 1967-1969
61"15 years of Norman football", 1930
62Georgia sports hall of fame, 1950s-1980s
63Handbook of policies and procedures women's atletics UGA, 1981-1982
64Certification of compliance for institutions , 1987-1999
65Liz Murphey death, 2005
66Richard Von Gammon history - death and memorial, 1935-1995
67Weiner football plays, 1948
68Corrine Wright photos, 1987-1990
69Jim Wilson photos and newspaper articles, 1964
610Angela Lettiere, 1994
611Ryals Lee Pandora, 1964
612UGA VI photo, thanksgiving photo, 1942
613Roy Gatchell North Fulton patches, 1985
614Mark Pelham, 1999
615Champ Bailey newspaper, 2000
616Dick Beshwick photos, NA
617Pat Watson, 1998
618Linda Lee Harrey, 2000
619Tommy Witt, 2000
620Greg Holcomb, 2001
621Butts memorial , 1973-1974
622Butts Mehre groundbreaking , 1984
623Butts mehre dedication , 1987
624Herty Field dedication, 1992
625Black student atheletes questionaires (folder 1 of 2), 1995
626Equity welfare and sportsmanship (part 2 of 2), 2001
627-28Compliance documentation , 2001
629-33Self study (parts 1-5), 1995
634Fiscal integrity , 2000-2001
635Summer camps, 1996
636Athletic certification self study , 1995
6a1-6Women's Golf DGWS championship (parts 1-6), 1971
161History of Track and Field at UGA from its Beginning through 1969, 1970 May
162Emergence of Women's Athletics at UGA from 1972-1981 by Debra Talor , 1984 August
163Sports Psychology by Dana Lerner and Vince Dooley memos , 1993
171Wally Butts Trial Transcripts - Statement of financial position for Wallace Butts , 1961
172Wally Butts Trial Transcripts - Telegrams and correspondence , 1962-1963
173Wally Butts Trial Transcripts - "The Story of a College Football Fix" article , 1963 March
174Wally Butts Trial Transcripts - Correspondence regarding Coach Bryant , 1963
175Wally Butts Trial Transcripts - Memorandum to Carl Sanders from Attorney General Eugene Cook , 1963
176Wally Butts Trial Transcripts - Statement of William S. Pritchard and Winston B. McCall , undated
177Wally Butts Trial Transcripts - Statement of Wallace Butts , undated
178Wally Butts Trial Transcripts - Questioning of Bernie Moore , undated
179Wally Butts Trial Transcripts - Statement of Johny Carmichael, undated
1710Wally Butts Trial Transcripts - Conference with Dr. O.C. Aderhold , undated
1711Wally Butts Trial Transcripts - Statement of Coach Johnny Griffith, undated
1712Wally Butts Trial Transcripts - Statement of Bolton, undated
1713Wally Butts Trial Transcripts - Interview of Mitchell Livingston Wer Bell III, undated
1714Wally Butts Trial Transcripts - Statement of Milton R. Flack , undated
1715Wally Butts Trial Transcripts - Report from Georgia Bureau of Investigation, 1963 March 29
1716Wally Butts Trial Transcripts - Statement of Cook Barwick , undated
1717Wally Butts Trial Transcripts - Statement of George Gardiner , undated
1718Wally Butts Trial Transcripts - Affidavit of George P. Burnett , 1963
1719Wally Butts Trial Transcripts - Statement of George Price Burnett , undated
1720Wally Butts Trial Transcripts - Report of Poloygraph results from George Burnett , 1963 March 29
1721Wally Butts Trial Transcripts - Statement of Mr. John Smith , undated
1722Wally Butts Trial Transcripts - Miscellaneous files, circa 1962-1963
213Contracts for football games, 1924
222"A review of Athletics at UGA" (Red and Black), 1901 June10
223Georgia fan guide, 2008, 2010
25Tennis financial records, 1972-1996

4. National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Self-Studies

71-4NCAA self study, 2000-2001
75NCAA self study logistics, 2000-2001
76Evolution of UGA's NCAA self study , 2000-2001
224Athletic Association Self Study-for NCAA, 2010

5. Playbooks and Scouting Reports

81-2Vince Dooley Auburn playbook , 1956-1960
83UGA offense playbook , 1971
84UGA defensive playbook , 1971
85UGA offense playbook, 1974
86UGA defensive playbook , 1975
87UGA offensive playbook , 1980
88-10Vince Dooley offensive playbook, 1980-1983
811Sugar Bowl information, 1982
812-13UGA conditioning program (parts 1-2), 1983-1984
814UGA conditioning test results, 1986
815UGA offensive playbook , 1986
816-17UGA football victory defense playbook , 1964
818UGA football defensive numbering system
819UGA football winning theory , 1964
820-21UGA football conditioning reports , 1984
822UGA football game stats, 1892-1933
91UGA football scouting reports, 1949-1950
92Misc. football scouting reports, 1940s-1950s
93Scouting report covering Georgia Tech, 1946
94Joe Bedenk scouting reports , 1950s
95-7Football strategy parts 1-3, 1940s-1960s
98Football rosters, rules, and stats, 1892-1949
99Gene DeTullio football records, 1940s-1950s
910Misc. UGA sports reports and records
911Football teaching guide , 1968
912Football Coaching Clinic, 1972 April 7
131Wallace Butts' profile for National Football Foundation and Hall of Fame, 1991
132Wallace Butts's playbooks, undated
133Wallace Butts' dresser cover - freshman year at Mercer, undated
181Old scouting reports , circa 1960-1962
182UGA basketball offense - general strategy notes , circa 1963
183UGA basketball offense - shuffle strategy notes , undated
184Football statistics , 1979

6. Stats and Score Books

101Track and Field score book , 1955
102Track and Field score book , 1955
103Track and Field score book , 1957
104Track and Field score book , 1958
101Misc. sports stats and rosters , 1886-1936
102SEC stats and by-laws , 1964,1966,1980
201Official NCAA Georgia Varsity basketball score book, 1962-1963
221Football stats, 1985
231Atheltic Association Football Department letter by William D. Kemp, 1897
241Baseball score book, 1914

7. Building Plans

11-2Andrew H. King - Butts-Mehre Building concept drawings (pencil and colorized), 1982
21Bill Green - Bronze commemorative plaque concept drawing , 1983
22Bill Green - Perspetive view of locker room area concept drawing, 1984
23Bill Green - Perspective view of conference-planning room showing kitchen area , 1984
24Bill Green - Men and women in hallway of Butts-Mehre Building concept drawing , 1984
31-2Bill Green - Commemorative plaque concept drawing , 1984
33Louis E. Wolfson Wing commemorative plaque concept drawing , undated
41Bill Green - Perspective view of conferece-planning room concept drawing, undated
42Bill Green - Butts-Mehre Building concept drawing , 1985
51Coahes' Level floor plan drawing , undated
52Section floor plan concept drawing , undated
11Butts-Mehre Building conception drawings, circa 1985
111Joel Eaves - Basketball game plans, circa 1959-1961
112Joel Eaves - Design Development Phase Report for Expansion and Improvements to Sanford Stadium, 1966 October
113Specifications for Demolition Work at Sanford Stadium, 1966 November
114Joel Eaves - Specifications for Expansion and Improvements to Sanford Stadium, 1966 December
115Stadium Expansion papers , 1967-1968
116Coliseum - Blueprints , 1968-1969
117Report and correspondence regarding Re-lighting of existing Coliseum, circa 1970
118Sanford Stadium Dressing Rooms , 1971 March
119Correspondence and reports regarding Astro-Turf Installation on football practice field , 1971-1978
121Blueprints - Sanford , 1966
122Correspondence and pamphlets for stadium seats , 1966-1971
123Correspondence regarding Sanford Stadium, 1967-1977
124Butts-Mehre Groundbreaking Dedication Ceremony pamphlets and invitations , 1984-1987 April
125Loran Smith's Original Plan for Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall Dedication Ceremony correspondence , 1987 April 25
126-7Georgia Football Play-by-Play, 1992
128House of Representatives Resolution paying tribute to James Wallace Butts , 1997
129Scouting reports , undated
1210Butts-Mehre campaign updates , 1985;1987
61Butts-Mehre Building 3rd Floor Key Plan, undated
62Butts-Mehre Building 4th Floor Key Plan, undated
63Bill Green - Colorized drawing of inside Butts-Mehre Building , 1984
71Perspective View of Weight Training Room, undated
81Schematic Design Phase Report - Sanford Stadium Additions , 1980

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