Athletic Association records, Series 2: Scrapbooks

Athletic Association records, Series 2: Scrapbooks

Descriptive Summary

Title: Athletic Association records, Series 2: Scrapbooks
Creator: University of Georgia. Athletic Association
Inclusive Dates: 1892-1991
Language: English
Extent: 18 Linear Feet (18 boxes)
Collection Number: UA0055_2
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

The University of Georgia Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs compete in National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I and are members of the Southeastern Conference (SEC). The official mascot is an English bulldog named Uga, (derived from an abbreviation of the University of Georgia), while the costumed character version of Uga is Hairy Dawg. The Bulldog name has its origins in a 1920 Atlanta Constitution article by sportswriter Morgan Blake, who cited the animal's dignity and ferocity.

The University of Georgia sponsors nineteen sports – baseball, men's and women's basketball, men's and women's cross country, women's equestrian, football, men's and women's golf, women's gymnastics, women's soccer, softball, men's and women's swimming and diving, men's and women's tennis, men's and women's track, and women's volleyball. Those 19 teams have won a combined 41 national championships (including 28 NCAA championships) and 151 Southeastern Conference championships through the end of the 2013–14 school year.

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Scope and Content

The scrapbooks series consists of 45 scrapbooks capturing nearly a century of UGA athetlic history. These collections of clippings, photographs, tickets, and souvenirs were created by athletes and fans alike. Football is the most widely represented sport in the collection, but baseball, basketball, and swimming are also featured, and the 1940s-1960s is the most heavily documented time period.

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Athletic Association records, UA0055, University of Georgia Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Finding aid prepared on: 2016.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Athlete Scrapbooks

11Trustees of UGA - F.G. Harris School of Civil Engineering Diploma , 1868 August
11Football clippings, photos, and programs, Herbert W. Stubbs, 1892-1895
12-3The Red and Black Vol. III clippings, 1895 November
12Football and baseball clippings and photographs, R.R. Hodgson, 1895-1898
14Football game and Ed von Gammon's obituary clippings , 1897
15The Red and Black Vol. V clippings , 1897 November
21Football and Von Gammon clippings , 1897
22"Death Halts Dangerous Football Play" and other football clippings , 1897 November
13Football and baseball clippings and photographs, Lemuel D. Hill, 1903-1907
1A1Football clippings and photographs, Arthur Penn, 1910-1929
1A2Football clippings, photographs, and programs, Gene Ellenson, 1920-1949
1A3Football, baseball, and track & field clippings and photographs, Ronald Rogers, 1920-1970
23The Banner-Herald - "Athens Distinguished Guests Here to Witneess the Georgia-Yale Game" clippings , 1929
1A4Basketball and lacrosse clippings and photographs, 1930
1A5Football clippings and photographs, Willie Garner Los Angeles trip, 1933
1A6Football clippings and photographs, Vince Dooley , circa early 1960s
1B1Football and women's field hockey clippings, photographs, and programs, Dorothy Floyd, 1929-1931
1B2Football, baseball, and olympics clippings, photographs, and postcards, Henry Wagnon, 1930-1940
21Football clippings, photographs, and programs, 1930-1972
24The Atlanta Journal football game clippings , 1935 October
22Football clippings and photographs, Gene Ellenson, 1939-1940
25The Constitution's Magazine - "The Real Story of the Naming of the 'Bulldogs'" clipping, 1939 March
23Football clippings and Photographs, 1940-1942
31Football clippings and photographs, Mike Castronis, 1941-1944
32Football clippings and photographs, Gene Ellenson , 1941-1942
33Football clippings and photographs, Gene Ellenson, 1942-1943
34Football clippings and photographs, Gene Ellenson Orange Bowl, 1942
35Football clippings and photographs, Frank Sinkwich, 1942-1943
41Football clippings and photographs, Bill Godwin, 1942
42Football clippings, photographs, and programs, Bill Godwin, 1942-1943
43Football clippings and photographs, Bill Godwin, 1942
31Miami Daily News football clippings , 1942 January
32-3Los Angeles Times Sports Rose Bowl Game clippings , 1943 January
44Football clippings and photos, Johnny Rausch, 1944-1947
51Football clippings and photographs, Mike Castronis, 1944-1946
52Football clippings and photographs, Gerald Deleski, 1945
53Football clippings and photographs, Mike Castronis, 1945-1952
71Football clippings and photographs, John Rausch, 1946-1947
72Football clippings and photographs, Ernest mcClute, 1946
73Football clippings and photographs, John Rausch, 1948-1949
71Football, baseball, and swimming clippings and photographs, 1948-1949
72Football clippings, photographs, and programs, Louise Pittard, 1949
81Football, basketball, baseball, and golf clippings, photographs, and programs, Louise Pittard, 1950
82Football, baseball, and basketball clippings, photographs, and programs, Louise Pittard, 1950-1952
91Football clippings, photographs, and programs, 1950-1973
92Swimming clippings, photographs, and programs, 1951
93Swimming clippings and photographs, 1952
94Wally Butts clippings and photographs , 1951-1973
101Swimming clippings and photographs, 1953
102Football clippings, photographs, and programs, 1955-1965
103Football clippings and photographs, 1960-1961
34The Miami News - Georgia vs. Missouri footbal clippings , 1960 January
1Football clippings and photographs, 1980-1981
35Times-Union and Journal Georgia vs. Florida football game clippings , 1980 November
111Football clippings, photographs, and programs, 1981-1983
36The Atlanta Constitution - "Basketball team stands tall in Athens" clipping, 1983 March
37Athens Banner-Herald Sports basketball clippings , 1983 March
112Football clippings, 1986
113Basketball clippings, 1986-1987
121Football clippings and photographs, 1988
122Football clippings and photographs, 1991
131Football clippings and photographs, Stewart Harris, 1900-1920
132Football clippings and photographs, 1940-1955
133Football clippings and photographs, 1966-1972
134Football clippings and photographs, Jim Caroll, 1973-1976
135Football clippings and photographs, Jim Caroll, 1977-1979
136Football clippings and photographs, Vince Dooley, 1951-1976
141Football clippings and photographs, Leroy Moorehead , 1933-1935
142Football clippings and photographs, Leroy Moorehead , 1933-1935
151Baseball clippings and photographs, Leroy Moorehead , 1933-1935
152Football clippings and photographs, Leroy Moorehead , 1933-1935
161Football clippings and photographs, 1980s
162Football clippings and photographs, 1988
163Football clippings and photographs, Nov. 1989- Dec. 1989
164Football clippings and photographs , Jan. 1989- Oct. 1989
165Football clippings and photographs, Sept. 1989- Oct. 1989
166Football clippings and photographs, 1970s-1980s
167Football clippings and photographs , 1979-1981
168Football clippings and photographs, 1989-1990
169Football clippings and photographs, 1980-1981
171Football clippings and photographs, 1980-1982
172Football clippings and photographs, 1982-1983
173Football clippings and photographs, 1982-1983
174Football clippings and photographs, Oct. 1991- Dec. 1991
175Football clippings and photographs, Jan. 1991- Sept. 1991
176Football clippings and photographs, Jan. 1991- Sept. 1991
177Football clippings and photographs, Oct. 1992- Dec. 1993
178Football clippings and photographs, Jan. 1992- Sept. 1992
179Football clippings and photographs, June 1990- Dec. 1990
181Football clippings and photographs, Hall of Fame bowl , 1987
182Football clippings and photographs, Warren Morris , 1990s
183Football clippings and photographs, 100 year anniversary , 1992
184Olympics and UGA news clippings , 1996
191Football clippings belonging to Bob McWhorter, 1910
192Football clippings belonging to Bob McWhorter, 1911
193Football clippings belong to Bob McWhorter, 1912
194Football clippings belonging to McWhorter, 1913
195Baseball clippings belong to Bob McWhorter, 1911
196Baseball clippings belonging to Bob McWhorter, 1912
197Baseball clipping belonging to Bob McWhorter, 1913
198Baseball clippings belong to Bob McWhorter , 1914
21Football clippings belonging to Bob McWhorter , circa 1920-1968
22Loose football clippings belonging to Bob McWhorter , circa 1929-1957
201Frank Sinkwich loose clippings, circa 1942-1992
201Frank Sinkwich clippings, 1942-1944
202Clippings, ticket stubs, and photographs belonging to Frank Sinkwich, 1942-1947
203Clippings belonging to Frank Sinkwich, 1942-1949
31Football clippings and photographs, Joe Gerson, 1938
32Football clippings and photographs, 1939
211Football clippings and photographs, circa 1960-1963
221Frank Dudley mementos , circa 1924-1947
222The History of the Georgia Red Devils , 1933; 1990-1991
223Coach Dooley basketball and football programs , 1952-1953
224-5Coach Dooley newspaper articles , circa 1965-1980
226Sports articles , circa 1965; 1980
227Footbal articles , 1980
228Sugar Bowl articles , 1980
229Herschel Walker articles , circa 1980
2210NCAA Tennis clippings , 1992
2211Coach Dooley sketch, undated

2. Wally Butts Scrapbooks

4Wally Butts Scrapbooks (front and back cover), 1964-1968
5Wally Butts Scrapbooks, 1937-1945
6Wally Butts Scrapbooks, 1946-1958
7Wally Butts Scrapbooks, 1959-1963
8Wally Butts Scrapbooks, 1964-1968

3. Vince Dooley Scrapbooks

1Vince Dooley scrapbooks, 1967-1970
2Vince Dooley scrapbooks, 1989-1993
3Vince Dooley scrapbooks, 1976-1979
4Vince Dooley scrapbooks, 1961-1967
6Vince Dooley scrapbooks, 1983-1985
8Vince Dooley scrapbooks, 1971-1976
7Vince Dooley scrapbooks, 1958-1973
8Vince Dooley scrapbooks, 1980
9Vince Dooley scrapbooks, 1981-1983
10Vince Dooley scrapbooks, 1985-1986
11Vince Dooley scrapbooks, 1986-1989
12Vince Dooley scrapbooks, 1993-1996
13Vince Dooley scrapbooks, 1996
14Vince Dooley scrapbooks, 2008-2009
15Vince Dooley scrapbooks, 2004-2007
16Vince Dooley scrapbooks, 2004-2007
17Vince Dooley scrapbooks, 1955-2002

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