Department of Psychology records

Department of Psychology records

Descriptive Summary

Title: Department of Psychology records
Creator: University of Georgia. Psychology Dept.
Inclusive Dates: 1934-2012
Language(s): English
Extent: 20.25 Linear Feet (23 boxes)
Collection Number: UA0031
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Biographical/historical note

Until 1921, the University of Georgia's Psychology Department was part of the School of Education and was located within Peabody Hall. In 1921-22 the Board of Trustees designated it as an independent department and the Psychology Department became a part of the College of Arts and Sciences. As it grew during the 20th century, the department saw the completion of the Psychology-Journalism Complex in 1969, the addition of animal research labs, and the creation of a highly respected Psychology Clinic.

Scope and Content

The UGA Department of Psychology records (1934-2012) include administrative correspondence, historical recollections of departmental members, department/faculty minutes, information about research, and a list of requirements for the proposed Psychology Building (1965). This collection also contains departmental faculty's reprints, papers, and manuscripts.

Organization and Arrangement

The collection is organized into seven series.

Administrative Information

Custodial history note

These materials were collected by former department head, Dr. Roger Thomas, for his studies into the history of the department. Those visiting the campus may be interested in examining the collection of early psychological apparatus available in the Psychology Department.

Preferred citation note

Department of Psychology records, UA0031, University Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

General Notes

RG 2-10-21

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Research, Facilities, Faculty, and Students

11Minutes, 1958-1960
12Minutes, 1961
13Minutes, 1962
14Minutes, 1963
15Minutes, 1964-1967
16Minutes, 1986-1995
17Program of requirements for Psychology Building-, 1965 March 1
18Psychology Dept.-facilities and classes, 1949-1995
19Psychology Dept.-faculty and staff, 1960-1995
110Annual report, 1960
111Self-Study report, 1970 April
112Planning Report "Bunnell" Committee, 1972
113Rat Colony and research, circa 1960-1989
114Research , 1960-1989
115UGA students, 1958-1975
116Examinations, 1960-1963
117Milledgeville State Hospital, 1960
118W. B. Pavlik, 1977-1979
119W. B. Pavlik, 1980-1983
120Payne, 1985-1986
121Payne, 1986-1987
122Payne, 1987-1988
123Dr. Edwards: "Building a department"
124William C. Atkins ["Psychology in my day at the University of Georgia"]
125Dr. Thomas W. Harrell, 1965-1967

2. Roger K. Thomas Adminstrative Papers

21Service: quantative data
22Annual evaluations-research quanitative data, 1984
23Annual evaluations-teaching quantitative data, 1984
24Faculty evaluations, 1984-1993
25Evaluation of Roger K. Thomas, 1986
26Roger K. Thomas-correspondence, 1986-1989
27Faculty concerns, 1986-1991
28Psychology Dept. policies and procedures, 1983-1985

3. Reprints, Papers, and Manuscripts

31Papers, manuscripts, thesis proposals
32-3Georgia Laboratory: Edwards, Hammes, others. [reprints, publications, reports], 1934-1975
34 Bulletin of the Georgia Academy of Science , 1950-1951, 1959
35"A study of the effects of Manifest Anxiety and Situational Stress on M-1 Rifle firing" by Joseph C. Hammock..., 1954
36"Anxiety scales for use in Army Training research" by Joseph C. Hammock, 1954 June
41"Effect of trait anxiety on explicit memory..." by Reed [awarded Judge Horace B. Russell Prize], 2006 April 1
42The System "100 plus. Researchers at UGA and the Medical College encounter some of Georgia's hidden treasures: Centenarians" reprints, 1991 Winter
43John R. Barry reprints, 1950-1955
44John R. Barry reprints , 1956-1965
45John R. Barry reprints, 1966-1973
46John R. Barry reprints, 1974-1980
47John R. Barry reprints, 1981-1990
48Ernest von Glasersfeld reprints, 1963-1974
49Ernest von Glasersfeld reprints, 1975-1981
410Ernest von Glasersfeld reprints, 1983-1986
411Walter Isaac reprints and papers, 1958-1970
412Walter Isaac reprints, 1971-1988
413Sidney Rosen reprints , 1983-1984
414J. Stanley Gray journals [articles], 1931-1932
415M. R. Harrower reprints, 1940-1948
416Donald L. Grant reprints, 1951-1982
417Donald L Grant vita, 1985
418William A. Owens reprints, 1942-1947
419William A. Owens reprints, 1950-1959
420William A. Owens reprints, 1960-1966
51William A. Owens reprints, 1968-1969
52William A. Owens reprints, 1971-1979
53William A. Owens reprints, 1980-1986
54R. T. Osborne reprints, 1941, 1949
55R. T. Osborne reprints, 1950
56R. T. Osborne reprints, 1951-1952
57R. T. Osborne reprints, 1954
58R. T. Osborne reprints, 1955-1956
59R. T. Osborne reprints, 1960-1962
510R. T. Osborne reprints, 1963-1965
511R. T. Osborne reprints, 1966
512R. T. Osborne reprints, 1967
513R. T. Osborne reprints, 1967
514R. T. Osborne reprints, 1968-1969
515R. T. Osborne reprints, 1970-1972
516R. T. Osborne reprints, 1973
517R. T. Osborne reprints, 1975, 1980
1R. T. Osborne PhD diploma, 1950 August 30
518R. B. Payne reprints, 1938-1959
518R. B. Payne reprints, 1963-1990
61Philosophical and religious subjects I [A. S. Edwards-manuscripts, letter from Edwards' son, article written by Dean Tate, general interest article], 1950s-1980s
62Philosophical and religious subjects II [A. S. Edwards manuscripts], circa 1950s
63Outline of Abnormal Psychology by A. S. Edwards [revised], 1937
64Outline of Psychology by A. S. Edwards, 1946
65A. S. Edwards reprints, 1915-1936
66A. S. Edwards reprints, 1938-1957
67[Photocopy of letter from Edward B. Titchener], 1920 November 16
68A. S. Edwards papers [journal articles], 1920s-1950s
69Florene Young reprints, 1941-1956
610History of the Psychology Department of the University of Georgia to 1969 by Florene M. Young, 1985
611"A brief history of Psychology at the University of Georgia" by Roger K. Thomas, 2012
6A1Roger K. Thomas research on Celestia Parrish - About Parrish
6A2Roger K. Thomas research on Celestia Parrish - Mentions Parrish
6A3Roger K. Thomas research on Celestia Parrish - Written by Parrish
6A4Roger K. Thomas research on Celestia Parrish - Correspondence regarding Parrish
6A5Roger K. Thomas research on Celestia Parrish - Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology [SSPP], 2014
6A6Roger K. Thomas research on Celestia Parrish - History of the State Normal School
6A7Roger K. Thomas research on Celestia Parrish - Material from R-M archives, 1982
6A8Roger K. Thomas research on Celestia Parrish - State Normal School sources compiled by Henry Smith
6A9Roger K. Thomas research on Celestia Parrish - Student notebook graded by Celestia Parrish [photocopy]
6A10Roger K. Thomas research on Celestia Parrish - The Feminist Psychology
6A11Lloyd Morgan's Canon: A History of Its Misrepresentation by Roger K. Thomas , 2001
6BResearch on Ludwig Reinhold Geissler

4. Faculty Biographies

71 Autobiography of R. Travis Osborne , 1988
72Biography of Walter Isaac by Dorothy Isaac , 1988
73 Autobiography of William Abbott Owens , 1988
74A Biography of Charles D. Smock by Bette J. Smock, 1988
75 Autobiography of Robert Bryan Payne , 1988
76 Autobiography of Ernst von Glasersfeld , 1988
77 Autobiography of John R. Barry , 1988
78A biography of Austin S. Edwards by Austin S. Edwards, Jr., 1988
79 Autobiography of Donald Lindsay Grant , 1988
710 Autobiography of Florene M. Young as requested by Department Head Dr. Roger Thomas (for Department Library) , 1988
711Robert Travis Osborne and Mary Pope Webb Osborne biographical and family materials, 1950s-1980s
231Robert Travis Osborne-Curriculum Vita document , 1965
233Robert Travis Osborne-documents, diplomas, correspondence, 1930s-1980s
234Robert Travis Osborne- Vita, 1975, 1982
236Photographs of Robert Travis Osborne as a young man, 1930s
7aMiscellaneous faculty biographies

5. Psychological Tests

81A catalog of life history items co-authored by Owens [test 2nd edition], probably 1950s
82Psychodiagnostik by Rorschach, tafelin, 1948
83Rorschach scoring samples compiled by Rickers-Ovsiankina [revised], 1942
84Percentage charts for use in computing Rorschach scores by Hertz, 1940s
85S-O Rorschach test devised by Stone [preliminary illustrated edition], 1958
86S-O Rorschach test devised by Stone [secondary edition], 1959
87S-O-R-T [S-O Rorschach test-Osborne], 1957-1959
88S-O Rorschach tests-preliminary, non-illustrated edition devised by Stone [includes manual of directions-Osborne], 1958
89Rorschach research exchange vol. IX, no. 2 and vol. X, no. 3, 1945-1946
810Test of insight into human motives form I-men, 1953
811Test of insight into human motives form 2-men, 1953
812Test of insight into human motives form 1-women, 1953
813Administration of the Bender-Gestalt test (Hutt's revision) [instructions], probably 1940s
814"Sentence completion" notes from Max Hutt seminar, Emory University, probably 1940s
815Record blank for the revised Bender-Gestalt test (Hutt), 1946
816TAT summary record blank -manual of directions by Vorhaus, 1952
817 Proverbs test-complete kit by Gorham, 1954-1957
818Szondi-test [test cards], late 1940s
819"Szondi workshop" Deri, 1948
820 Kent-Rosanoff association test , probably 1940s
821As you see it by Steltz, 1956
822Children's apperception test (c.a.t.) by Bellak, 1950
823The supplement to the children's apperception test (c.a.t.) by Bellak, 1952
824Sort Stencils [Osborne]
825[Psychological testing-a sketch]
826Misc. [photograph, news clippings, psychological testing sheets]

6. Psychology Books and Journals

9Books and journals not written by UGA faculty, 1920s-1950s
10Books written by UGA faculty, 1930s-1980s

7. Scrapbook

11Nu Rho Psi scrapbook, 1957-1961

8. Departmental Correspondence


9. Administrative Files

191Legal Questions
192Psychology Building Floorplans
193Departmental Reorganization of Personnel Procedures
194Research Participant Pool Committee
195Colloquium Committee
196Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology
197American Psychological Association
198APA Minority Fellowship Program
199APA Report on Designation (Draft: 1/81)
1910APA Application Form for Sponsors of Standard Continuing Education Programs
201APA Salary Survey
202Council of Undergraduate Psychology Departments- APA
203COGDOP- Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology (APA)
204COGDOP, 1985-1986
207Georgia Psychological Association
208SEPA Department Heads Association
209AHDP/SEPA, 1985-1986
2010ADHP/SEPA, 1984
2012SEHDoP/Atlanta, 1988
2014Colloquium Committee
2015Department Head
2019Life Span Developmental
2020Life Span Developmental
2021Life-Span Developmental Psychology
2022Budget, 1990-1991
2023Budget, 1991-1992
2024College Heads Workshop, 1990 October 2
2026De Joy
211Departmental Planning Committee
212Department Research Effort
213Environmental Studies
214Experimental Psychology Departmental Planning, 1990-1991
215Faculty- Recent
216Ford Foundation/Lesa Sledge
217Memos to Faculty
218ACAU Agreement
219AHSI/Psychology Joint Position
2110Adams Secretary
2112Dean/Heads Meetings, 1992-1993
2113Anderson, 1992-1993
2114Animal Care, 1992-1993
2115Annual Report Information
2116Adjunct faculty (and until terminated)
2117Awards (procedures), 1992-1993
2118Cognitive Initiative Committee, 1991-1992
2119Computing: College/Department
2120Curriculum, 1992-1993
2121Enrollment Issues, etc.
2122Enrivonmental Literacy
2123Extra-departmental needs for our graduate courses
2124Faculty Meeting, 1992 October 27
2125Faculty, 1992-1993
2126Faculty, Tenured
2127Faculty Loads- Issues
2128Graduate Faculty, 1992-1993
2129GSC, 1992-1993
2130GSC- Related, 1993 March 16
2131Graduate Students, 1992-1993
2132International Affairs
2133Microcomputer Coordinator
2135Program Chairs
2136Prokasy's Office
2137Proposed Course Offerings, 1993-1994
2138RP Issues
2139Social Sciences Heads
2141Strategic Planning, 1991-1992
2142Student Activities Allocations
2143Tesser RSA/NIMH
2144USC, 1992-1993
2145Undergraduate Grievance Procedures
224Cognitive-Experimental Program
225Undergraduate Studies
226Undergraduate Program, 1994-1995
227Summer School, 1996
228Course Schedule
229Department Head Meeting, 1995-1996
2210Department Head Meeting, 1993-1994
2211Department Head Meeting, 1995 May 16
2212Department Head Meeting, 1995 February 28
2213Department Head Meeting, 1994 November 28
2214Department Head Meeting, 1994 October 28
2215Department Head Meeting, 1994 September 27
2216Department Head Meeting, 1994 May 19
2217Biopsychology Program Document
2218Summer Schedule, 1995
2219Summer Schedule, 1994
2220Instructional Budget, 1994-1995
2221Chairman Meetings
2222Undergraduate Program, 1993-1994
2223Funds- Dean Anderson, 1993 October
2224Course Schedule, 1993-1995
2225IBR Mentoring Program, 1993-1994
2226Fort Valley Internship
2227Philly Phillips
2228Lucy Adams
2229VPAA Workshop
2230Advising Workshop
2231College Workshop, 1996 January 24
2232Forehand Research Professor Nomination
2233Bernstein, I.S. Research- Prof Nomination
2234COGDOP Business
2235Psychology Network
2236Memos to Faculty: 1981-
2237Minority Recruiting, Financial Support
2238Computer Accounts, 1979-1980
2239Awards Committee
2240Department Development Committee
2241Undergraduate Program, 1995-1996
2242Grade Distributions
2243Department Budget, 1998
2244Conflict of Interest Policy Statements
2245Department Head Meeting
2246Regents Advisory Committee on Psychology
2247Crisis Intervention Team
2248Clayton State Meeting
2249Semester Conversion
232Declaration governing the establishment and administration of the Osborne Graduate Fellowships in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, 2016 November 7
235Robert Travis Osborne-University of Georgia era documents, 1930s-1978

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