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Morris Collins papers

Morris Collins papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Morris Collins papers
Creator: Collins, Morris W.H., Jr.
Inclusive Dates: 1945-1987
Language(s): English
Extent: 14 Linear Feet (14 boxes)
Collection Number: UA0025
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Historical Note

Dr. Morris W.H. Collins Jr. was a native of Athens, Georgia and a graduate of the University of Georgia. He was the first director of the Institute of Government and helped start the Georgia Center for Continuing Education. He worked in various advisory capacities for Georgia governors Ernest Vandiver, Carl Sanders and Jimmy Carter. The Morris W. H. Collins Jr. Distinguished Practitioner Lecture was created in his memory.

Scope and Content

This collection consists of speeches, correspondence, notes, reports and political information. Many of the speech notes discuss the role of governement and the importance of civic engagement. The DNC files document the activities and events of the Committee from the late 1940s until 1969.

Administrative Information

Preferred citation note

Morris Collins papers, UA 0025, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Finding aid prepared on: 2013.

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Georgia -- Politics and government -- 20th century.
Georgia Center for Continuing Education
Political participation.
Speeches (documents)
Universities and colleges -- Georgia -- Administration.
University of Georgia. Alumni and alumnae
University of Georgia. Institute of Government
University of Georgia. School of Law

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Personal Correspondence, 1955-1959
12American Legion Girls State. State Government of Georgia [Notes for speech], 1960 June8
13Athens Kiwanis Club. Reorganization of State Government [Notes for speech], 1960 February 2
14Tax Assessment [Notes for speech], 1961 May 30
15Reorganization of State Government in the Southeast [Notes for speech], 1961
16Southern Bell Program [Notes for speech], 1961 September 16
17Governmental Organization and Services of Dublin-Laurens County [Notes for speech], 1963 March 25
18Local Leadership Responsibilities, GMA District Meeting [Notes for speech], 1963 September 2
19League of Women Voters, Education [Notes for speech], 1964 January 14
110Municipal Management Association, Leadership [Notes for speech], 1964 April
111Governor's Commission for Efficiency and Improvement in Government [Notes for speech], 1964 June 30
112Southeast Fire Chiefs Association [Notes for speech], 1964 June 18
113Responsibility of State Legislature, State Board of Education and State Department of Education to Local Boards of Education [Text of speech], 1964 October 8
114Governmental Organization and Services of Waycross and Ware County [Notes for speech], 1964 February 10
115A More Effective State Government [Text of speech], 1965 March 1
116The Promise and the Future of EDP in State and Local Government [Notes for speech], 1965 March 29
117University Service to Local Governments [Notes for speech], 1965 April 3
118You and Your Community [Notes for speech], 1965 April 21
119Trends in Administrative Relationships Involving Federal State and Local Governments [Notes for speech, program], 1965 May 7
120An Agenda for Municipal Reform in Georgia [Notes for speech], 1965 October 20
121City-County Consolidations [Notes for speech], 1966 February 10
122Masters in Public Administration Program [Notes for speech], 1966
123Good Government for Georgia [Text of speech], 1966 September 5
124Southern Education Foundation Interns [Notes for speech], 1966 September
125Local Government Commission of Fulton County [Notes for speech], 1966 December 14
126Speeches to State Government Interns [Notes for speeches], 1966-1968
127State Planning and Programming Bureau [Notes for speech, text of bill], 1967 January 20
128Coffee County Report [Notes for speech], 1967 March
129Brunswick-Glynn County [Notes for speech], 1967
130West End Rotary Club. Service Program [Notes for speech], 1967 August 18
131Growth Prospects of the Piedmont Crescent [Notes for speech], 1967 November
132Mobilizing Community Resources for Effective Law Enforcement [Notes for speech], 1967 December 3
133Georgia Committee, National Council on Crime and Delinquency [Notes for speech], 1967 December 21
134A Business Man Views Georgia's Government [Speech], 1967 December 30
135Trends in Public Administration and Changing Public Needs [Notes for speech], 1968 February 28
136Government Goes to College [Article], 1968 August 11
137Georgia Political Perspectives: An Analysis of the 1968 Election [Notes for speech], 1968 November
138A Perspective of Local Government in Elbert County [Notes for speech], 1969 February 6
139Consideration in Development a Perspective for Planning Mental Health Staffs [Notes for speech], 1969 April 24
140Pluses and Minuses of Probation and Parole in Georgia [Notes for speech], 1969 May 23
141Agenda for South [Notes for speech], 1969 June 3
142Institute on Urban Problems [Notes for speech], 1969 September 6
143Short Course in Tex Assessing [Notes for speech], 1969 November 17
144Institute of Government [Notes for speech], 1970 March 2
145City-County Consolidation [Notes for speech], 1970 April 23
146Challenges of the Seventies [Notes for speech], 1970 June 1
147Fort Gordon Graduation. The Challenges You Face [Notes for speech], 1970 September 4
148Planning for Criminal Justice [Notes for speech], 1970 September 23
149Government Day [Notes for speech], 1970 November
150Southern Regional Conference on Omnibus Crime. Control and Safe Streets: Role of the States [Notes for speech], 1970 December 12
151Seventh Institute for Georgia Legislators [Notes for speech, correspondence], 1970 December
152Grand Jury [Notes for speech], 1970
21Future of State and Local Government [Notes for speech], 1971 January 7
22Modernizing Georgia State Government [Notes for speech], 1971 March 8
23Georgia Correctional Education Association. Welcome [Notes for speech], 1971 May 10
24Strengths and Weaknesses of Comprehensive Planning in Region IV [Notes for speech], 1971 June 11
25Involving Governmental Officials and Legislative Groups in Comprehensive Health [Notes for speech], 1971 September
26Goals for Georgia [Notes for speech], 1971 October 7
27Wardens Workshop [Notes for speech], 1972 January 5-7
28Reorganization of the Human Resources Department [Notes for speech], 1972 January 11
29Continuing Education Service [Notes for speech], 1972 January 20
210Legislative Forum Northside Women's Club [Notes for speech], 1972 March 17
211University Public Administration Program for the 70s [Notes for speech], 1972 October
212How Do We Make It Happen From the League Point of View [Notes for speech], 1972 October
213East Point Junior Woman's Club [Notes for speech, correspondence], 1972 October 26
214State Government in the Federal System: Status, Trends, and Future [Notes for speech], 1972 November 5
215GAO Program for Schools of Public and Business Administration [Text of speech], 1973 January 10
216Health Educators and Information Officers Conference [Notes for speech], 1973 February 8
217Role of Government: Achieving Area Goals [Notes for speech]
218Atlanta Coalition for Health, Georgia State League for Nursing [Notes for speech, correspondence], 1973 February 8
219Strategies for Improving Local Government, Rome [Notes for speech], 1973 February 15
220Leadership '73. Rural Development Center, Tifton [Notes for speech], 1973 February 19
221Perspectives on Public Affairs Education in the University [Notes for speech], 1973 March 15
222Challenges of Criminal Justice Education [Notes for speech, background paper], 1973 May 29
223Let's Get Involved [Notes for speech], 1973 June 6
224Public Affairs Education [Notes for speech], 1973 September 19
225Planning Agency Conference. Law Enforcement Manpower [Notes for speech], 1973 October 27
226Impact of the New Federalism on State Government [Notes for speech], 1973 December 4
227Pantheon Meeting [Notes for speech], 1974 January 23
228Omicron Delta Kappa [Speech, film], 1974 February 27
229Educating Tomorrow's Police Chief [Notes for speech], 1974 August 5
230How Can the University Help? [Notes for speech], 1976 April 22
231Yes, We Can Teach Ethics [Notes for speech], 1976 December 17
232CPA Faculty Remarks [Notes for speech], 1977 May 9
233Rotary Club. Charles Deaton Speech [Handout from speech], 1982 October 25
234Berry College. Commencement Remarks [Speech], 1983 June 5
235Miscellaneous Speeches [Notes for speeches]
236Problems of State and Local Government [Speech]
237Georgia Legislative Procedure [Notes for speech]
238City Management Government [Notes for speech]
239Government and Political Developments in Georgia Communities [Notes for speech]
240Municipal Government in Georgia Today [Notes for speech]
241Problems of Administering Multi-County Services [Notes for speech]
242Institute of Government Training Program [Speech]
243Mental Health [Notes for speech]
244Comprehensive Health Planning [Notes for speech]
245Police Department of Tomorrow [Notes for speech]
246Study of the State Department of Education [Notes for speech]
247Short Course for New Councilmen and Commissioners [Notes for speech]
248Jokes [Political jokes]
31Harvard University Examinations [Exams], 1945-1946
32Howard R. Smith [Articles, correspondence], 1945-1950
33Exploratory Consideration of a Study of the New Negro Vote in the South, 1948
34Anti-Discrimination Legislation in the American States, W. Brooke Graves [Public Affairs Bulletin, No. 65], 1948 November
35Loyalty as a Qualification for Employment in the Federal Service [Term Paper], 1949
36Southern Political Science Association Programs [Programs], 1950-1972
37Morris Collins' Ph.D. Thesis Abstract, 1952
38Acceptance of Association of County Commissioners of Georgia Citizens of the Year Award [Notes for speech]
39State Government in the United States [Syllabus], 1952
310Class of '39 Reunion [Correspondence], 1954
311Grand Jury [Report], 1955 October
312Georgia Institute of Genetics: Fifteenth Annual Report [Report], 1957
313Parent-Teachers Association Meeting, Assessing Our School [Taskforce meeting notes], 1958 May 1
314Parent-Teachers Association Meeting, Suggestions for Four PTA Programs [Taskforce recommendations], 1969 February
315Penjerdel Corporation Job Offer [Correspondence], 1958
316U.S. Army [Correspondence, certificate], before 1964
317U.S. Army, Promotion to Colonel, etc. [Correspondence]
318Association of the U.S. Army, Dixie Company [Correspondence], 1960 March 8
319University of Delaware Urban Services Project [Proposal, correspondence], 1960 September 20
320How Can Tax Equalization Help Your County [Article], 1961 May
321Gridiron Secret Society Correspondence, 1960-1962
322Alumni Seminar Committee [Correspondence], 1962-1963
323Kiwanis Club of Athens [Correspondence, directories], 1960-1963
324Handbook for Georgia Councilmen by Robert L. Stoyles, Jr. [Manual], 1962
325Community Development Conference [Program, correspondence, address], 1963 May 14-16
326Governor's Commission for Efficiency and Improvement in Government [Report], 1963
327Inventory of Governmental Services for Athens, Clarke County, by John Tabor [Report], 1963
328Examination of the Georgia Department of Revenue by James W. Martin and William G. Herzel [Report], 1963
329Georgia State Government Organization Chart [Chart], 1964
330Evolving Issues and Patterns of State Legislative Redistricting in Large Metropolitan Areas [Paper], 1965
331Eugene Gunby, Judge, 1965
332Atlanta Metropol Institute. School on Police Administration, Command Level [Notes, transparencies], 1966
333A National Program of Research for Agriculture [Report], 1966
334Massachusetts Board of Higher Education [Correspondence, legislation, brochures], 1966
335Citizen Participation Bibliography [Bibliography], 1967?
336Manpower Needs of Local Government [Correspondence, notes], 1968 January
337Management Intern Symposium. Philosophy of Management [Program, correspondence, notes for address], 1968 April 24
338International City Managers' Association. Virginia Section. Meeting [Correspondence, handouts], 1968 May 17
339Citizens for Humphrey [Correspondence, newsletter], 1968 August
340Campaign Debts Lead to Favors [Newspaper article], 1968 October
341ABC Political Analysis [Notes for commentary on election results], 1968 October-November
342Executive Reorganization in Florida [Notes and correspondence], 1968 November-December
343Prison and Parole Studies [Report], 1963-1968
41Comprehensive Health Planning Program [Program, working papers], 1968 October 30-November 1
42Sound of Youth, March 18 [Correspondence, notes, flyer], 1969 March 18
43Southeast News Media Conference on Legislative Improvement [Correspondence, notes for speech, flyers], 1969 March 26-28
44Symposium on Southern Politics, Louisiana State University [Program, correspondence, notes for address], 1969 April 10-12
45Survey on Roles of the States in Solving Urban Problems, Rutgers [Survey and correspondence], 1969 April-May
46Civil Unrest as a School Problem [Correspondence, position paper], 1969 June
47Status of Public Safety in My State, Southern Regional Seminar on Urban Problems [Correspondence, survey, notes], 1969 October 19-22
48Intergovernmental Affairs Leadership Conference [Correspondence, program, articles, booklet], 1969 December 9
49Local Government Training Board [Articles, newsletter, recommendations], 1969-1970
410Political Science I: Lecture Notes
411Political Science I: Reading List and Notes [Note cards, handouts]
412Political Science 368, 443, 468 Tests [Examinations]
413Georgia Bankers Association 77th Annual Convention [Correspondence], 1969 April 9
414Commission on Educational Goals Position Papers [Working papers], 1969
415Financing State Government, League of Women Voters [Notes, correspondence], 1969 September 11
51Grand Jury [Correspondence, report], 1970
52Juvenile Detention Center [Report], 1970
53State and Local Training Symposium [Program, notes, correspondence], 1970 May 20-22
54State and Local Training Symposium Readings [Background papers], 1970 May 20-22
55Budget Analysts' Institute[Notes, correspondence], 1970 August 2-7
56Georgia Chapter of the Public Personnel Association [Minutes, programs], 1970-1971
57[Bibliography of Georgia Governmental Study Sources] [Correspondence, papers], 1956-1972
58Law Enforcement Education Conference, Jacksonville, Florida [Correspondence, papers], 1970 February 1-3
59Task Force on Training, Selection and Recruitment in Law Enforcement [Notes, background paper], 1970 May 13
510State and Local Training Symposium [Correspondence, transcription of tapes], 1970 May 20-22
511University of Georgia Study: Supplement on Computer Operations [Report], 1970
512Focus on the Future of Georgia (State Department of Education) [Correspondence], 1970-1985
513International City Management Association Taskforce for Education for Urban Management [Minutes, reports], 1970 September 22
514Government Management and Program Executives [Program, background papers], 1970 October 10
515Modernizing the Georgia Grand Jury [Notes, background papers], 1971 January 2
516Governor's Reorganization Message [Report], 1971 March 1
517Why Should Elected Officials Plan for Health in the Seventies [Notes, program], 1971 January, March
518Reciprocal State Legislation to Enforce the Support of Dependents [Manual], 1971
519National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration, The Response of Higher Education to the Administrative Needs of the Public Service [Working paper], 1971 April
520Comprehensive Health Planning Workshop [Program, report, correspondence], 1971 June 10-12
521Emergency Employment Act [Program guidelines], 1971 August 27
522International City Management Association. Executive Career Service in Local Government [Notes, Taskforce report], 1971 September 17-18
523International City Management Association. Expenses for European Conference [Receipts], 1971 May 14-June 1
61Fort Gordon [Correspondence, report], 1972 February 15-16
62Fort Gordon Military Police School [Course outline, booklets, brochures about fort]
63American Public Health Association. Southern Branch [Program, memoranda], 1972
64Region IV Health Advisory Committee [Correspondence, application, comments], 1970-1972
65State Policies Conducive to the Growth of the Piedmont Crescent [Paper]
66International City Managers Association. Guide to Schools Offering Public Administration [Correspondence], 1972 April
67Legislatures Move to Improve their Effectiveness [Report, Book of the States photocopy], 1972 April
68Critique of F.P. Sherwood's Paper on the University and Post-entry Continuing Education for Urban Administrators [Paper, notes], 1972 May
69Southern Legislative Workshop on Criminal Justice [Notes, background papers], 1972 May 10-12
610Annual or Biennial Budgets? Council of State Governments [Report]
611Comments on the Office of Governor by William G. Hayes, IV [Memorandum, notes]
612Reorganization of State Government [Memoranda, booklet, budget preparation procedures], 1972
613Association for Comprehensive Health Planning [Correspondence, program], 1972 October 13
614Southern Political Science Association Convention [Agenda, annual report], 1972 November 2-4
615Citizens Conference on State Legislatures. Model Committee Staff Project [Correspondence, pamphlet], 1972
616Presbyterian Youth Group [Notes, newspaper clippings], 1972 November 5
617Southern Business Administration Association. Twentieth Annual Meeting [Program notes, info on graduate program in public management, Northwestern University], 1972 November 8
618Conference for Government Management and Program Executives [Program, survey], 1972 December 3-15
619IRS Executive Selection and Development Program [Booklets], 1972 December
620Georgia Political Science Association [Correspondence, memoranda, forms], 1972-1973
621College of Public Affairs, Collins Correspondence [Correspondence, photographs], 1972-1977
71School of International Service [Mission Statement], 1973
72American Association of University Professors [Notes, correspondence], 1973 January
73Federal Management and Program Executives [Program, memos], 1973 February 20-21
74Civil Service Commission Conference. Problems of Personnel Management [Correspondence, newsletters, legislative act, etc.], 1973 March 5-7
75University of Arizona Seminar Consultation Series [Itinerary, correspondence], 1973 March 14-17
76Executive Development Association, Federal Executive Institute [Correspondence, background paper, proposals], 1973 May 3-5
77U.S. Army Military Police School Board of Visitors [Notes, certificate, booklet, correspondence], 1973 April 23-25
78Managing the Environment [Correspondence, pamphlets], 1973 May 13-14
79Conference for Government Management and Program Executives [Program, notes], 1973 May 13-24
710Office of the Attorney General. Second Management Institute [Handouts, Directory of State and County Officers], 1973 May 30
711Southern Regional Education Board [Notes, correspondence], 1973 June 22-23
712Georgia Municipal Association. Fortieth Annual Convention [Program, correspondence], 1973 June 24-27
713Joint Health Service Administration Program [Minutes, proposal], 1973 July 13
714Diplomatic Pouch Statement [Booklets], 1973
81Report to the Citizens, Arlington County, Virginia [Report], 1974
82National Legislative Conference [Program], 1974 June 3-4
83National Training and Development Service [Program booklets, report], 1974
84City and County Building Codes for Georgia [Brochure]
85The Ombudsman - State of Alaska, Gary E. Wilson [Report, brochures], 1975
86XVIth International Congress of Administrative Sciences, Pt. 1 [Program, memos], 1974 July 22-26
87XVIth International Congress of Administrative Sciences, Pt. 2 [Travel brochures, itinerary], 1974 July 22-26
88Coalition of Eastern Native Americans [Notes, correspondence], 1974 October 5
89Carl Richards, Maryland Commission on the Functions of Government [Reports, correspondence], 1974 October 30
810College of Public Affairs, Annual Report, 1974-1975
811CPA Program Analysis and Development Fund Request [Report], 1974
812The Ombudsman - State of Alaska, Gary E. Wilson [Report, brochures], 1975
813Handbook for Tax Commissioners [Booklet], 1976
814The Methods of Problem Solving: An Evaluation of a Quantitative Education Curriculum for MPA Students at the American University by F. George Satterthwaite [Thesis], 1979
815Newspaper Clippings, 1980-1982
816National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration Presidents [Correspondence], 1980-1986
817District Rotary Meeting [Itinerary, program, notes], 1982 February
818County Supervisor Candidate Forum [Program, news clippings], 1984 March 25
91Student Assignments, Part 1 [Seminar presentation notes, term papers]
92Student Assignments, Part 2 [Seminar presentation notes, term papers]
93Economics of Full Employment, [Discussion outline]
94Journal Article File [Miscellaneous articles by other authors]
95Wild Game Cooking [Newspaper article]
96Standing Committees, (House and Senate) [Listing], 1980-1984
97Mississippi Football Games [Correspondence], 1977-1987
98Mississippi State Government Administrative Reorganization [Memorandum], 1977
991983 Taft Institute Seminar for Teachers [Handouts, notes], 1983
910Leadership Conference, Starkville, Mississippi [Agenda, correspondence], 1985 September 6
911Passage of a Bill Through the Mississippi Legislature, and other state government charts [diagrams]
101American Society for Public Administration. Georgia Chapter [Reports, correspondence], 1967-1970
102American Society for Public Administration: Legislative Services Advisory Program [Correspondence, survey, notes], 1967
103American Society for Public Administration: Public Administration Fellowship Program [Correspondence], 1968
104American Society for Public Administration: University Governmental Research Conference [Correspondence], 1969-1970
105American Society for Public Administration: Conference on Continuing Education and Training for Public Administration, Pt. 1 [Correspondence, bylaws, lists], 1969
106American Society for Public Administration: Conference on Continuing Education and Training for Public Administration, Pt. 2 [Correspondence, memoranda, workshop papers], 1969
107American Society for Public Administration: Correspondence [Correspondence, memoranda, reports], 1969
108American Society for Public Administration: Correspondence, 1970
109American Society for Public Administration: Correspondence [Correspondence, minutes], 1971
1010American Society for Public Administration: Correspondence [Correspondence], 1972
1011American Society for Public Administration: Committee to Examine American Society for Public Administration's Relationship with its Committees [Correspondence], 1972
1012American Society for Public Administration: Revenue Sharing Administration [Notes, correspondence], 1973
1013American Society for Public Administration: 69th Annual Meeting [Program, selected papers], 1973
1014American Society for Public Administration: PS Spring [Annual meeting program], 1973
1015American Society for Public Administration: Women in Public Administration [Correspondence, memoranda], 1973-1975
1016American Society for Public Administration: Interrelating the Needs of Government and Universities Taskforce [correspondence], 1973
1017American Society for Public Administration: Meetings, Sessions Participated in [Correspondence, programs], 1971-1975
1018American Society for Public Administration Southeast Regional Meeting [Preliminary program], 1975
1019American Society for Public Administration : NCAC/American Society for Public Administration Fiscal Year, 1976-1977
1020American Society for Public Administration: Region I/II Conference [Panel membership], 1976
1021American Society for Public Administration: Role of American Universities in Public Administration [Correspondence, program], 1976
1022American Society for Public Administration: Kentucky Chapter - Working Paper on Public Policy Issues in the 1987 Gubernatorial Election of Kentucky [Working paper]
1023American Society for Public Administration: Correspondence, 1969
111National Academy of Public Administration: Memoranda, Pt. 1, 1970
112National Academy of Public Administration : Memoranda, Pt. 2, 1970
113National Academy of Public Administration : Memoranda, Reports [Memoranda, reports, pamphlet], 1971
114National Academy of Public Administration : Spring Meeting [Memoranda, minutes, bill], 1971
115National Academy of Public Administration : Annual Report and Financial Statement [Reports], 1971
116National Academy of Public Administration : Committee on Education for Public Administration, Pt. 1 [Memoranda], 1970-1973
117National Academy of Public Administration : Committee on Education for Public Administration, Pt. 2 [Memoranda], 1970-1973
118National Academy of Public Administration : Committee on Education for Public Administration [Memoranda], 1974
119National Academy of Public Administration : Committee on the Public Service [Memoranda], 1972, 1976
1110National Academy of Public Administration : Delphi Exercises [Report, memoranda]
1111National Academy of Public Administration : Memoranda, By-laws [Memoranda, by-laws], 1976
1112National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration, Annual Meeting [Program, reports], 1977
1113National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration, Annual Meeting, [Program, reports], 1978
1114National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration, Annual Meeting, [Program, reports], 1979
1115National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration, Annual Meeting, [Program, reports], 1980
121International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration [Memoranda, program announcements], 1972
122National Clearinghouse for Criminal Justice Planning and Architecture. Police Advisory Board, Pt. 1 [Correspondence, memoranda]
123National Clearinghouse for Criminal Justice Planning and Architecture. Police Advisory Board, Pt. 2 [Correspondence, memoranda]
124National Endowment for the Humanities [Correspondence, brochure]
125National Health Council Program [Program], 1973
126National League of Cities [Correspondence, workshop], 1973-1974
127National Science Foundation [Memoranda, program announcements], 1971-1975
128National Women's Education Fund [Reports, program outline], 1974-1976
129Navy, U.S. Navy Corrections System, Naval Postgraduate School [Memoranda]
1210Office of Management and Budget [Correspondence], 1976
1211Ohio State University. Fawcett Center [Brochure]
1212Positive Futures, Inc. Local Capacity Building Conference [Correspondence, brochures], 1976
1213Senate. U.S. [Correspondence, subcommittee listing]
1214Southern Education Foundation, Inc. [Annual report], 1975-1976
1215Southern Governor's Conference [Correspondence], 1975
1216Southwest Center for Urban Research Evaluation [Report, program]
1217University Consortium of Public Service Organizations. Tennessee Roundtable [Correspondence, report], 1981-1982
131Democratic National Committee (DNC) Training Program, 1957
132Democratic National Committee (DNC) Albuquerque Courses [Correspondence, program, notes], 1958
133Democratic National Committee (DNC): Connecticut Course [Correspondence, program, notes], 1958
134Democratic National Committee (DNC): Memphis Course [Correspondence], 1958-1959
135Democratic National Committee (DNC): Orlando Course [Correspondence, newsletter], 1957-1960
136Democratic National Committee (DNC): Tampa Course [Correspondence, handouts], 1958
137Democratic National Committee (DNC): West Virginia Course [Correspondence, handouts], 1958
138Democratic National Committee (DNC): Directories, Names [Listing, clipping]
139Democratic National Committee (DNC): Bibliography on Political Participation [Bibliography], 1954
1310Democratic National Committee (DNC): Analysis of Election Results [Working paper], 1944-1954
1311Democratic National Committee (DNC): Democratic National Committee Dinner [Program with photographs of leadership], 1955
1312Democratic National Committee (DNC): Advisory Committee on Political Organization, Pt. 1 [Program, memoranda, handouts], 1955-1956
1313Democratic National Committee (DNC): Advisory Committee on Political Organization, Pt. 2 [Memoranda, handouts], 1956
1314Democratic National Committee (DNC): Advisory Committee on Political Organization [Program, handouts, questionnaires], 1959
1315Democratic National Committee (DNC): Correspondence, 1955-1960
1316Democratic National Committee (DNC): Expenses [Correspondence, listings]
1317Democratic National Committee (DNC): Precinct Worker's Course [Manual], 1956
1318Democratic National Committee (DNC): Precinct Worker's Course, Instructional Materials [Manual, pamphlets, notes], 1957
1319Democratic National Committee (DNC): Precinct Worker's Course, Instructional Materials [Manual only], 1957
141Democratic National Committee (DNC): Precinct Workers' Course [Manual], 1958
142Democratic National Committee (DNC): Instructor's Manual, Revision Materials [Correspondence, notes]
143Democratic National Committee (DNC): Instructor's Manual, Correspondence, 1958
144Democratic National Committee (DNC): Instructor's Course [Manual], 1959
145Democratic National Committee (DNC): Registering Voters for Victory [Handout], undated
146Democratic National Committee (DNC): Getting Out the Democratic Vote [Handout], undated
147Democratic National Committee (DNC): How to Pick Your Candidates and Work with Them [Handout], undated
148Democratic National Committee (DNC): Instructor's Certificates [Blank certificates]
149Democratic National Committee (DNC): Handbook for Precinct Workers [Manual], undated
1410Democratic National Committee (DNC): Democratic Worker's Handbook [Manual], undated
1411Democratic National Committee (DNC): Resource Materials, Training [Handouts], 1955
1412Democratic National Committee (DNC): Speeches [Notes]
1413Democratic National Committee (DNC): Manuals, 1956
1414Democratic National Committee (DNC): Special Election for U.S. Senator in Milwaukee County, WI [Handout], 1957
1415Democratic National Committee (DNC): Leadership Conference [Seminar outline], 1959
1416Democratic National Committee (DNC): Leadership Conference [Agenda, correspondence], 1960
1417Democratic National Committee (DNC): Nixon….Beware of the Tender Trap by Margaret Halsey [Reprint from the New Republic]
1418Democratic National Committee (DNC): Universal Voter Enrollment Plan [Pamphlet], 1969
1419Democratic National Committee (DNC): Emory Course [Correspondence, notes, flyers], 1971
1420Democratic National Committee (DNC): Miscellaneous Correspondence/Memos
1421Democratic National Committee (DNC): Letters of Congratulations [Correspondence, clippings]
1422Personal File: Correspondence, Clippings
1423Personal File: Assorted Publications [UGA, state, federal pamphlets]