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University of Georgia Libraries general records

University of Georgia Libraries general records

Descriptive Summary

Title: University of Georgia Libraries general records
Creator: University of Georgia. Libraries
Inclusive Dates: 1829-2015
Language(s): English
Extent: 22.75 Linear Feet (24 boxes)
Collection Number: UA0010
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Biographical/historical note

The University of Georgia Libraries provide collections and services in support of the instruction, research, and service missions of the University of Georgia. In keeping with the University's dual role as capstone of the University System of Georgia, and as a land grant/sea grant public institution, emphasis is placed on meeting anticipated as well as current needs. The Libraries develop, manage, and store collections in an expanding variety of formats; provide access to knowledge and information in those collections using appropriate storage, access, and communications technologies; preserve the information in those collections for present and future generations; and assist and instruct the public in the use of library resources. The Libraries also serve the public through participation in cooperative efforts to collect, access, and preserve information at the regional, national, and international levels.

Scope and Content

This collection consists of materials either generated by or pertaining to the University of Georgia Libraries during the years 1829 to 2015. These materials were combined to create the University of Georgia Libraries general records and include documents covering various aspects of the libraries ranging from computer technology to Special Collections.

Organization and Arrangement

The collection is arranged into five series: administrative, staff and faculty, PACS-L, management and computing issues.

Administrative Information

Citation note

University of Georgia Libraries general records, UA0010, University Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

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Subject Terms

Academic libraries -- Administration
Bonner, John
Kellam, William Porter, 1905-1993
Librarians -- Georgia.
Management -- Philosophy.
Public services (Libraries) -- Georgia -- Atlanta.
Tate, Susan Frances Barrow, 1908-
University of Georgia. Libraries

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Administrative

11"Case study of an academic library-The University of Georgia Libraries 1977-78" by Lucy M. Campbell, circa 1980
12UGA Libraries faculty/staff issues, 1977-1978
13Report on the UGA Libraries, 1978
14Library organization and personnel issues, 1974-1979
15"A brief history of The University Libraries", 1997
16Newspaper articles pertaining to Libraries, circa 1975-1991
17UGA Libraries report of the director, 1977-1981
18Acting/Interim Director of Libraries [includes information about search for Director of Libraries], 1978-1979
19David Bishop, 1979-1988
110University of Georgia Libraries [State of the Library Speech], 1986
111University Libraries strategic plan , 1989
112University Libraries strategic plan, 1993-1995
113Code section 20-5-2 (amendment of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated), circa 1990
114UGA Libraries-Annual Report to Donors, 1996
115Cover letter-report of the Library Evaluation Team, 1978
116UGA Libraries 5 year plan , 2005
117W. Porter Kellam Conference-Group Leaders, 1985, 1987, 1991, 1993
118Program review of the University Libraries, 1995-1996
118Program review of the University Libraries, 1995-1996
120UGA Libraries Goals/Vision Statement, 1996-1997
121University Libraries-planning priorities , 1999
122Review of University Librarian, 2001
123Proposal HEA 11-C: strengthening research library resources program, 1980-1983
124SACS Self Study, 1988-1990, 2003
125Committee on Research-2001 Reports to SACS, 1997-2000
126Libraries Inauguration Committee, 1987
127University of Georgia budget freeze, 1975
128-29University Council Libraries Committee, 1989-1996
130University Council-Library Committee, 1993-1995
131Library Repository Committee, 1992
133Student Learning Center-Groundbreaking Ceremony, 2000
134Smoking in the Library, 1977
135Space reallocation-archives of the Peabody Awards and other media collection of the University Libraries, 1998
136GLA Membership Directory and Southeastern Library Association Handbook, 1988-1989
137Southern Library Association Handbook , 1984-1986
21Government Reference Task Force-Final Report, 1982 June 30
22Vet Med Reading Room history , 1969-1972
23-5Annual reports [branches], 1974-1989
26Strategic plans [branches], 1990-1995
27Science Library statistics/annual reports , 1985-1990
28-9Annual reports-Science Library, 1987-1992
210-11Preservation planning program, 1990-1992
212Colorado shipment [flood relief-Morgan Library], 1997-1998
213UGA Libraries policies/procedures, circa 2000
214Assorted flyers, 1996-2007
215Emergency procedures, 1975
216HVAC push [photograph], 1998
217Task Force on Closing the Card Catalogs, 1988
218-19Committee on Shrinking the Main Card Catalog [includes 1988 report], 1994
232Library space in proposed classroom building, 1996
219Reorganization Advisory Committee [RAC], 1996-1997
51Annual reports-Humanities Department, 1977-1980
52UGA Libraries professional staff handbook-revised working outline, 1980
53Annual Reports Humanities Department, 1980-1983
54Annual reports-Humanities Department, 1982-1984
55Annual reports-Public Services and Collection Development, 1983-1994
56Annual reports-Humanities Department [incomplete], 1984-1990
57UGA Libraries Fund Report [microfiche], 1985 June 30
58-9UGA Libraries' faculty handbook, 1990s
510Annual reports-Humanities Department, 1990-1994
511-12UGA Libraries Repository [planning] , 1991-1993
513Tibetan books and artifacts [photographs of exhibit], 1992
514Libraries Faculty Hiring Practices Committee Report, 1992 August 14
515Annual reports-Humanities Department, 1993-1996
516Annual reports-Humanities Department, 1996-1998
517Pamphlets, 1980s-1990s
518University Libraries annual report, 1991-2001
519Collection Development annual report, 2001-2002
520Records management annual report, 1999
521Circulation Department annual report, 1999-2000
522Serials Department annual report, 2001-2002
523Computer Hardware Imaging and Preservation Services annual report, 1999-2000
524Interlibrary Loan Department annual report, 1999-2000
525Database Maintenance Department annual report, 1999-2000
526Acquisitions Department annual report, 1996-1997
527Branch libraries annual report, 1975-1976
528Science Library annual report, 1971-1972, 2000-2002
529Social Sciences Department annual report, 1998-2002
530Cataloging Department annual report, 1999-2002
531Human Resources annual report, 1999-2002
532Reference Department annual reports, 1999-2002
533GALILEO/Virtual Services annual report, 2000-2002
534Government Documents annual reports, 1986-1988, 1996-2002
535Map Room/Map Library annual reports, 1966-1976, 2001-2003
6 Georgia newspapers on microfilm at the UGA Libraries , 1982
71Branch libraries, 1938-1964
72Director's correspondence-Duncan Burnet, 1906-1933
73Director's correspondence-Sarah Frierson, 1895
74Rules and regulations, 1947-1974
75Miscellaneous, 1949-1970
76Minutes-Buildings Committee, 1944
77Inventories, 1940
78Director's correspondence-Evelyn Fritz, 1949-1950
79Coordinate College Library, 1945-1953
710Director's correspondence-Ralph Parker, 1945-1947
711Special Collections correspondence-Sue Fan Tate, 1963-1973
712Special Collections correspondence-John Bonner, 1954-1972
713Director's correspondence-W. Porter Kellam, 1950-1973
714Staff Association constitution and bylaws, 1950
81Special Collections Library Project I-93, 2000
82Libraries space analysis and preliminary-facilities Program proposal, 1989
83UGA Libraries-crisis, 1970s
91UGA Records Retention and Disposition Schedule, 1985
92-3Approved Disposition Standards, 1972-1982
94Records Management officers local/state governments and professional associations directory, 1988 March 15
95University System of Georgia Records and Management policies and procedures, 1983
96Administration Records disposition, No Date
97-9Administrative Policies and Procedures-summary of revisions, 1998
910Georgia Writers Hall of Fame, 2009-2013
911Main Library 1st floor blueprints (updated), 1981
912Special Collections Library Groundbreaking Ceremony, 2010 January 28
913Departmental information, 1975-1990s
914-15Library Events-flyers, invitations and brochures, 2000s
101Organizational charts, 1988-1989
102Miscellaneous, 1988-1989
103Operating income, 1988-1989
104Accounting, 1987-1988
105Audit, 1987-1988
106Budget-working papers, 1987-1988
107Coin-operating copier services , 1987-1988
108Contracts and grants, 1987-1988
109Equipment, 1987-1988
1010Data Processing expense, 1987-1988
1011Facilities, 1987-1988
1012General operations expense, 1987-1988
1013Miscellaneous, 1987-1988
1014Operating income, 1987-1988
1015Accounting, 1986-1987
1016Audit, 1982-1986
1017Book budget, 1986-1987
1018Contracts and grants, 1986-1987
1019Data processing expense, 1986-1987
1020Equipment, 1986-1987
1021Facilities, 1986-1987
1022Monthly report, 1985-1987
1023Miscellaneous, 1986-1987
1024Operating expense, 1986-1987
1025Organizational charts, 1985-1986
1026Year-end working papers, 1986-1987
1027Administrative correspondence, 1985
1028Book budget, 1985-1986
1029Copy Services, 1985-1986
1030Facilities, 1984-1986
1031Data processing expense, 1985-1986
1032Budget-working papers, 1985-1986
1033Contracts and grants, 1984-1985
1034Hargrett correspondence, 1983
1035Equipment, 1984-1985
1036Monthly reports, 1983-1984
1037Equipment, 1983-1984
1038Operating expense, 1982-1983
1039Inter-office communication, 1982-1983
1040Budget working papers, 1986-1987
1041Book budget, 1987-1988
111Book budget, 1984-1985
112Facilities, 1984-1985
113Operating expense, 1985-1986
114Semi-annual book sale, 1985
115Telephone issues, 1985-1986
116Budget working papers, 1988-1989
117Correspondence, 1988-1989
118Data processing, 1988-1989
119Administrative LAN equipment and software proposal, 1988-1989
1110General operations expense, 1988-1989
1111Salary Committee, 1985
1112Operating expense, 1984-1985
1113Book budget, 1988-1989
1114Operating expense, 1983-1984
1115Miscellaneous, 1982-1984
1116Marvel, circa 1980s
1117Committees and Ad Lib, 1982-1983
1118Marvel, 1984
1119Monthly reports, 1982-1983
1120Facilities, 1982-1983
1121Contracts and grants, 1982-1983
1122Operating income, 1983-1984
1123Annual report-working papers, 1983-1984
1124Facilities, 1988-1989
1125Financial issues, 1984
121Library catalogue, 1829
131Catalogue of books of Franklin College Library, 1838
132Register/catalogue of books, 1899-1903
133-4Book registers, 1850-1883
131Book register, 1917-1930
141Catalogue of books in the Library of the University of Georgia made by order of the Board of Trustees , 1879 August
151Library circulation Journal, 1888-1900
161Library circulation journal, 1901-1903
171-2Library charge out journals, 1883-1887
181-2Library accessions, 1899-1913
191Library accessions, 1913-1920
201Commerce Library accession book, 1935-1936
202Commerce Library accession book, 1937-1940
203Coordinate College Library accession book, 1910-1911, undated
204Coordinate College Library accession book (5001-10,000), undated
205Coordinate College Library accession book (10,001-15,700), 1923-1934
206Coordinate College Library accession book (15,701-16,915), 1934-1939
207Coordinate College Library accession book (20,101-25,100), 1920-1924
208Coordinate College Library accession book (25,101-30,100), 1924-1926
211Coordinate College Library accession book (30,101-35,100), 1926-1929
212Coordinate College Library accession book (35,101-40,100), 1929-1931
213Coordinate College Library accession book (40,101-45,100), 1931-1934
214Coordinate College Library accession book (45,101-50,100), 1934-1936
215Coordinate College Library accession book (50,101-55,100), 1936-1937
216Coordinate College Library accession book (55,101-50,100), 1938-1939
221Coordinate College Library accession book (60,101-65,100), 1939-1940
222Coordinate College Library accession book (65,101-70,100), 1940
223"Memorial" Library accession book (1-2221), 1924-1940
224Education Library accession book (1-1,335), undated, 1939
231Acquisitions Division-general, 1970
232Communication re University of Georgia Study, 1969-1970
233-4Journals, 1969-1970
235Library Unit Summary Report-the University of Georgia Study, 1970
236Self-study, 1970
237Catalog Department, 1950-1970
238Georgia imprints, 1959
239Annual reports-University Libraries, 1960-1970
2310IBM Mag Card Typewriter and xeroxing cards, 1972
2311Cards for maps, 1963

2. Staff and faculty

220Miss Ann Billups-50 years at the University of Georgia Libraries, 1993
221Certificate-20 years of service, Virginia Benjamin, 1993
222UGA Libraries staff, 1968-1972
223UGA Libraries Salary Planning Committee, 1994
224UGA Libraries organization/directory , 1973-1974
225UGA Libraries-organizational charts [incomplete], 1980-1995
226UGA Libraries-organizational charts, 2003-2007
227ASSET Awards , 1992 May 20
228UGA-second annual Asset Awards, 1993
229GALILEO Chorus [includes photograph], 1997-1998
230The UGA Library Staff Association Constitution, 1966
231Goals based evaluation, 1995
232UGA Libraries staff code, 1968-1969
233Interim guidelines for continuing appointment, 1985
234Interim Promotion Guidelines Committee, 1979
235Task Force on Outside Users, 1988-1989
236Budget crisis memos, etc., 1991-1992
237Report on gender bias in the University of Georgia Libraries faculty salary structure, 1992 March
238Asset Awards Week poster, 2007
239Libraries Faculty Participation in the Governance of the University of Georgia Libraries: a position paper by Neil R. Hughes and John R. Yelverton, 1989
240Travel Allocation Committee Report to the Director Concerning Travel Policy and Travel Funding Model, 1991 March 1
241Reference Department Committee on Permanent Information Center, 1991 March 22
242Student Assistant Retention Committee (SARC), 1999 July 21
243University of Georgia Staff Classification and Pay Plan Review summary report prepared by Deloitte and Touche., 2001 August
244Mixed Media Working Group Report, 2003 March
245Institutional Repository Group recommendations, 2005 September 23
31-4University of Georgia Libraries faculty handbook, circa 1980-1996
35Library faculty proposal, 1980
36Faculty Promotion Guidelines-Revision Committee, 1997
37"Libraries faculty participation in the governance of the UGA Libraries: a position paper"-Hughes and Yelverton, 1989
38New Library faculty/administrators, 1980-1994
39List of faculty hired between two dates, 1999-2000
310Faculty Hiring Practices Committee, 1992
311Libraries Faculty Constitution and Bylaws Constitution, 1974-1975
312UGA Libraries faculty [promotion and tenure issues], 1974-1999
313UGA Librarians faculty status, 2004
314Travel Allocation Committee report to the faculty..., 1990
315-16UGA personnel-handbooks and brochures, circa 1980-1998
916Photographs, 1991-1998
917Asset Wards/Leap, 1994-2015
918Libraries' Faculty Handbook, 1991
919-20Libraries' Staff Handbook, 1996
922Bowling Team (Season I Fall, Season II Spring), 2006-2007
923Bowling Team photographs and flyers, 2006-2007
317-18University Center in Georgia, 1986-1991
319University computing and networking services Computer Review, 1990-1992
320University computing and networking services Computer Review, 1993-1994
321University computing and networking services Computer Review, 1995-1997
322Special Collections Library-Project I-93, 2000
2312Library Staff Association-Welfare Committee, 1960-1965
241University of Georgia Library Staff Association-miscellaneous, 1964
242Money receipts, 1958-1960
243University of Georgia Library Club (first record book), 1942-1954
244Library Staff Association minutes, reports and correspondence, 1943-1961

3. PACS-L (Public-Access Computer Systems Forum)

41PACS-L [Emails], 1990
42-6PACS-L [Emails], 1991-1993

4. Management

47-10Management Council, 1983-1993
411-13Systems Development Group , 1990
414Office of Management Studies, 1985
415Management in State Government-Level III, circa 1983
416OMS Analytical Skills Institute, 1981
417Planning and performance measures (pre-conference), 1985 October 24
418 Library analytical skills workbook , 1986 January
420ARL/OMS Library Analytical Skills , 1986
1126-31Management Council, 1983-1989

5. Computing issues (University System of Georgia and UGA Libraries)

421User manual for the UGA Libraries experimental online catalog, 1984
422Marvel, 1989
423"Browse practice" and GALIN , 1990s
424GALILEO [searching], 1999
425Your Library connections [with notations], 1997
426University System of Georgia annual computing conferences, 1993-1994
427Outreach librarianship to the electronic UGA campus, 1994
428ISI (Institute for Scientific Information) Web of Science, 1997-1998
429"Long range assessment of Biomedical and Health Sciences information needs at UGA 2005-2020", 2006
430GALIN-flyers, 1990s
431MARVEL Cataloging Subsystem: design decisions, 1978-1980
432FSIS , 1997
921UGA Mail, 2003 Spring