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University of Georgia Libraries, Technical Services records

University of Georgia Libraries, Technical Services records

Descriptive Summary

Title: University of Georgia Libraries, Technical Services records
Creator: University of Georgia. Libraries
Inclusive Dates: 1955-2006
Language(s): English
Extent: 10 Linear Feet 10 boxes
Collection Number: UA0008
Repository: University of Georgia Archives

Collection Description

Biographical/Historical note

Materials generated by or pertaining to the UGA Libraries' Technical Services department were combined to create the University of Georgia Libraries Technical Services records.

Scope and Content

This collection consists of materials either generated by or pertaining to the University of Georgia Libraries' Technical Services Department during the years 1955 to 2004. Originally part of other collections, these documents have been grouped into a new and separate accession.

Organization and Arrangement

Organized into ten series.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

University of Georgia Libraries Technical Services records, UA0008, University Archives, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, The University of Georgia Libraries.

General Notes

RG 2-24

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Subject Terms

Annual reports
Archival materials -- Digitization.
Georgia -- Newspapers.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


1. Annual reports

11Acquisitions Department-Technical Services Division-annual report , 1979-1985
12Acquisitions Department-Technical Services Division-annual report , 1985-1987
13Acquisitions Department-Technical Services Division annual report , 1987-1988
14Acquisitions Department-Technical Services Division-annual report , 1988-1989
15Technical Services-Acquisitions Department-annual report , 1991-1994
16Technical Services Division-Acquisitions Department-annual report , 1994-1996
17Technical Services Division-Acquisitions Department-annual report , 1996-1999
18Technical Services Division-Acquisitions Department-annual report , 1999-2002
19Technical Services Division-Acquisitions Department-annual reports , 2002-2006
110Cataloging Department-annual report , 1983-1984
111Cataloging Department-Technical Services Division-annual report , 1986-1988
112Cataloging Department-Technical Services Division-annual report , 1988-1990
113Cataloging Department-Technical Services Division-annual report , 1990-1992
114Cataloging Department-Technical Services Division-annual report , 1993-1994
115Automation priorities for FY 1988-1989 (update 1989-Systems Administration Group and Systems Development Group) , 1988-1989
116CHIPS/DLG-annual report FY-projects , 1999-2001
117Digital Library of Georgia [DLG]-annual report , 2000-2001
118Nonbook Processing-annual reports , 1973-1979
119Nonbook Processing Department-Technical Services Division-annual report , 1979-1981
120Annual report of the Processing Division , 1978-1979
21A report on the Technical Services of the University of Georgia Library, 1959 December 9
227Technical Services Division-annual report, 1981 - 1982
228Technical Services Division-annual report, 1982 - 1983
229Technical Services Division-annual report, 1983 - 1984
230Technical Services Division-annual report, 1984 - 1985
231Technical Services Division-annual report, 1985 - 1986
232Technical Services Division-annual report, 1986 - 1987
22Technical Services Division-annual report , 1987-1988
23Technical Services Division-annual report , 1988-1989
24Technical Services Division-annual report , 1989-1990
24Technical Services Division-annual report , 1989-1990
25Technical Services Division-annual report, 1991-1996
26Technical Services Division-annual report, 1995-1996
131Technical Services Division-annual report, 1991 - 1992
132Technical Services Division-annual report, 1992- 1993
133Technical Services Division-annual report, 1993 - 1994
134Technical Services Division-annual report, 1994 - 1995

2. Technical Services general

27Science Fiction materials, 1969, 1986, 1988
28Classification schedule-Georgia LX numbers, 1970-1980
29Manual for card typist and instructions for zip catalogers, circa 1971
210Catalog department-A.R. Dees, circa 1973
211Reorganization of Libraries [Technical Services], 1973
212Technical Services organization, 1975-1986
213Using the catalog seminar, 1979-1980
214GLA resources Technical Services section/pre-conference workshop, 1979 October 24
215Interdivisional Cataloging Policy Committee (policies), 1980
216Interdivisional Cataloging Policy Committee (minutes and projects), 1980
217Cataloging-misc., 1978-1985
218Organizational chart for department (Acquisitions), 1982-1986
219Technical Services staff-staff needs, 1982
220Survey AACR2 project, 1983
221The Catalogers-staff comments, 1984
222Technical Services binding policy, 1984
223University of Georgia Libraries-collection development policy, 1984 July
224Technical Services binding policy, 1984 August 17
225Proposals for solving space needs in the Cataloging Department: discussion topics, 1986
226AACR2 Seminar/Committee, 1979
31"A review of my cataloging residency at the University of Georgia Main Library" by Darlene Price-cataloging intern, 1984 October 31
32Transliteration guidelines, 1985
33Acquisitions-organization, 1986-1992
34Catalogers' group [mission statement/goals and objectives], 1987
35Cataloging Department-strategic plan, 1988 December 2
36Technical Services division strategic plan, 1988
37Cataloging Department Strategic Plan, 1988 December 2
38Yankee Book Peddler, 1989-1995
39Technical Services department heads-minutes, 1990-1992
310GLA Scholarship Committee, 1990
311Procedural and workflow changes in Technical Services-action summary, 1990 August 20
312Action plan for Cataloging Department, 1990-1992
313Style manual: for preparation of proposed American national standards-eight edition-version 1.0, 1991 March 1
314"Millionth" volumes [three millionth], 1991
315Libraries Repository move [creating Repository notes], 1993
316Technical Services Department Heads-minutes, 1993-1994
317Technical Services-Department Heads minutes, 1995-1996
318DLG and Technical Services mission statements, 1994, 2000
319Haiti Project, 1995
320Olympics compensatory time-Technical Services staff, 1996 March 28
321Questions for William Gray Potter from the Cataloging Department, 1996 April 1
322Cataloging of non-book materials [issues], 1970
323Correspondence regarding Cataloging Department passing the qualifying review for independent NACO status, 1990
324Post card and photograph from ALA meetings, circa 1995
325Series Cataloging section-photographs, circa 1990
326Periodicals and Nonbook Processing depts-photograph, circa 1979
327CORC manual (for Katha Massey), 1999

3. Digitization issues

328Metadata Unit projects, 2000-2004
329Carnegie Arts of the United States Digitization Project summary and final report, 2001-2002
330100 Georgia books: a GALILEO digitization project, circa 2000
331Georgia historic books-DLG, 2001-2002
332Southeastern Native American documents-project grant proposal, 1999
333Southeastern Native American documents, 1763-1842 [digitization project], circa 1999-2000

4. Newspaper projects

41Classification-newspapers [dates from beginning of Georgia Newspaper Project], circa 1955
42Georgia Newspaper Project, circa 1980-1985
43Georgia Newspaper Project [NEH grant], 1985-1986
44To preserve and provide bibliographic control and access to Georgia Newspapers (project-grant proposal), 1987
45To preserve and provide bibliographic control and access to newspapers in the state of Georgia-a request for supplemental funding - (project-grant proposal), 1990
46Georgia Newspapers Project's cataloging effort ends-sent to Library Update, 1990 August 10
47USNP (the U.S. Newspaper Program), 1994
48Newspaper Policy Committee, 1996

5. Library automation

49Marvel Education Committee, 1978
410Proposed videotape project, 1979
411SOLINET concerns, 1981
412Southeastern ARL Libraries Cooperative Serials Project, 1981-1982
413MARVEL, 1982-1990
414Circulation System Data Task Force, 1984
415OCLC archive tapes: problems, problem preventation and recommendations , 1984
416The University of Georgia Libraries: OCLC archives tapes, 1984
417The University of Georgia Libraries' OCLC archive tapes: problems, problems, problem prevention and recommendations , 1984 March 1
418Programs and tasks defined during the automation planning session, 1984
419Data Base Task Force's Subcommittee to do statistical sampling of the shelflist , 1984
420Data Base Task Force Subcommittee on Acquisitions Data Elements, 1984
421Data Base Task Force-MARVEL and OCLC relationships, 1984-1985
422-23Searl Serials Grant Project phase III , 1984-1986
424Call numbers (MARVEL issues), 1984-1986
425Subject headings-card and online catalogs, 1984-1992
426Database Maintenance, 1985
426Subcommittee on MARC-MARVEL field replacement, 1985
427Online Committee (display of location in MARVEL), circa 1985
428Archival Tape Build Subcommittee, 1985
429Science Librarians meSH issues, 1986
430Data Base Task Force Subcommittee to Make Recommendations Concerning Series, 1986
431Creation of new MARVEL records from OCLC file data, 1986
432Systems administration Group-automation activities, 1986-1988
433Database Task Force Screen Design Subcommittee, 1987-1988
434CONSER, 1987-1990
435"DBTF proposal for handling series in data transfer for records with one 4xx/8xx" Riemer, 1987
436ARF Task Force, 2000-2001
51Rush Cataloging Task Force Committee, 1987
52Working with GUA shelflist cards, 1987
53Database Maintenance functional area report, 1988
54Cataloging Department requirements for a Database Maintenance functional area in Marvel, 1988 March 21
55Proposed revision to the MARVEL data elements for series authority work, 1988
56Task Force on Closing the Card Catalogs, 1988
57Library automation projects/phases, 1988
58Systems Administration and Systems Development Groups-joint meetings , 1988-1989
59Card and online catalog issues, 1988-1996
510Database Task Force Subcommittee on Lock Levels for Sets, 1989
511UGA Libraries automated systems review and recommendation, 1989
512UGA Libraries automation issues, 1989
513Redesign of MARVEL bibliographic structure and display, 1990
514MARVEL development task 7.3 from the Library Automation Group Project document, 1990
515Commands Task Force, 1990
516Standard Numbers Task Force, 1990
517Task Force for Identification of Record Types in the MARC Masterfile, 1990
518Normalization Task Force and Limiting Task Force, 1990
519Indexed Fields Task Force, 1990
520TTLHDR and SETHDR Conversion Committee, 1990
521Bibliographic Display Screen Task Force, 1990
522Indexed Fields Task Force recommendations, 1990
523Report of the Task Force for Indentification of Record Types in the MARC Masterfile, 1990
524UGA Libraries Commands Task Force, 1990
525Bibliographic Display Screen Task Force reports, 1990
526Restructuring MARVEL bibliographic data for improved access, 1990
527Options Display Task Force, 1990
528Processing System Task Force, 1990
529Computer training, 1991
530"Proposal for GALIN merge and verification algorithm", 1991
531Online catalog-draft screens, 1991
532Serial card catalog (closing of Main Serials card catalog), 1991-1992
533Online Catalog Onscreen Documentation Committee, 1992
534Proposal for meeting Library circulation needs (Systems Administration Group), 1992
535Background paper on authority control, 1992
536Preliminary list of authority control capabilities desired for GALIN , 1993
537Holdings Task Force Processing Screens and Workflow Subcommittee , 1994
538GPO Committee, 1994
539OCLC (contract cataloging), 1994-1996
540Improving access to the holdings of the University Libraries through GALIN, 1993
541Task Force to Examine Issues Involving Electronic Publications, 1996
542"Cataloging the Internet: the UGA Libraries' experience" Hughes, 1996
543Series information in GALIN, circa 1996
544Map Recon Project, 1996-1998
545System Development Group, priorities for GALIN system enhancements, undated
546Meeting educational needs through online research (MENTOR), 1989
61-3Materials related to Chips Department, 1997-1998
64Voyager Cataloging module training part 1 and part 2, 1999
65Electronic Resources Task Force recommendations report, 2000 July 18
66-7Standing orders GALIN, 2000 February 18
68GALILEO CORC cataloging procedures, 2000 March

6. Budget and statistics

69-10Budgets , 1981-1997
611Budget cut recommendations, 1991-1993
612-14Tantalus, 1983-1985
615Key Library statistics, 1987-1988
616-19Statistics collection growth, 1979-1997
620Revised library statistics standard-draft (NISO) , 1992

7. UGA recon

71UGA recon [contents of binder I "introduction/planning", "spec=contract"], 1985-1998
72UGA recon [contents of binder I "serials RECON" "LX call #s", "card shipping"], 1985-1994
73UGA recon [contents of binder I "estimated quantities", "statistics"] , 1985-1993
74UGA recon [contents of binder I "evaluation", "impact on online catalog", "bibliography" and loose material in binder's pocket], 1986-1992
75-6UGA recon [contents of binder II "UGA's requirement", "pricing and profiling", 1984-1991
77UGA recon [contents of binder II "monthly statistics (OCLC)"], 1985-1990
78UGA recon [contents on binder II "monthly card shipment statistics", "proposed project order", "ARL project"], 1986-1990
79UGA recon [contents of binder II "recon agreement-original and addenda"], 1985-1990
710UGA recon [contents of binder II "recon problems", printouts-requests and analysis"], 1986-1992
711UGA recon [contents of binder II (loose in binder's pocket), 1984-1994
712UGA recon [contents of binder III "UGA's original proposed requirements", "OCLC's pre-printed recon materials", "shelflist handling", 1985-1992
713-14UGA recon [contents of binder III "Early UGA planning for recon", "general recon info", "OCLC site visit"], 1984-1990
715UGA recon [contents of binder IV "OCLC statistical reports"], 1985-1990
716UGA recon [contents of binder IV "card shipments status reports", "ARL recon project", "documentation on OCLC recon services"] , 1985-1989
717UGA recon [contents of binder IV "contract", "shelflist sampling at UGA", specifications for microfilms", "LX and Z specifications"], 1985-1988
718-19UGA recon [contents of binder IV (loose material from binder's pocket), 1984-1988

8. Microfilm issues

81Microfilmed materials (misc. Negro newspapers, German records, history of Clarke County-by its people, city directories), circa 1970-1980
82Microfilm (correspondence about), circa 1970-1984
83Major microform holdings in the University of Georgia Libraries, 1976-1977
84Major microform holdings in the University of Georgia Libraries, 1978-1979
85OCLC issues, 1979-1994
85Census holdings on microfilm, 1980-1981
87City directories (compiled by Katha Massey), circa 1980-1989
88NAL Microfilming Project, 1980-1989
89Lyle Wright American Fiction Cooperative Cataloging Project, 1982-1983
810 Farm security administration, historical section: a guide to textual records in the Library of Congress , 1985
811UGA Libraries microfilming policy, 1985
812Microfilm-preservation procedures, 1985-1993
813Major MF sets-microprint-microfische, 1985-1994
814ENHANCE program for the Major Microforms Project for American Poetry, segment II (approval letter), 1987
815ASERL Preservation Microfilming Project, 1988-1989
816-17SOLINET/ASERL Cooperative Microfilming Project, 1989-1995
818OCLC Major Microform Study, 1990
819SOLINET/ASERL Microfilming Project, 1990-1992
820NISO training program on standards, 1991-1992
821NISO Standards Committee AC, circa 1991-1992
822NISO National Archives materials from AI, 1992
823NISO-publisher letter and responses, 1992
824-25NISO Standards Committee AC:Guides to microform sets-survey, 1992-1993
826Proposed American national standards, 1992-1995
827NISO Standards Committee AC: Guides to microform sets-survey, 1993
828NISO Standards Committee AC:Guides to microform sets, 1993
829NISO-results to the survey on Guides to microform sets (June 4th) and Standards Committee AC-completed survey forms, 1993
91NISO Standards Committee AC: Guides to microform sets(2), 1993-1994
92Major Microform Sets Committee Report-part 1 and part 2, 1993-1994
93Major Microform Sets Committee, 1993-1994
94Draft-NISO standard for Guides to accompany microform sets, 1994
95NISO Standards Committee AC: Guides to accompany microform sets, 1994
96Draft-NICO standard for Guides to accompany microform sets, 1994 September
97NISO Standards Committee AC (includes older standards), 1994
98NISO luncheon and annual meeting, 1994
99NISO reimbursement request, 1994
910Guides to accompany microform sets-draft (press release and correspondence), 1994-1995
911ANSI/NISO Z39.14-199X (revision of ANSI Z39.14-1979 and Z39.56-1991), 1994-1995
912NISO standard correspondence, 1994-1995
913NISO-publications, 1994-1997
914Draft standards Guides to microfilm sets NISO Z39.74-199X, 1995
915ANSI/NISO Z39.32-199X (revision ballots for data elements for binding of library materials and information on microfische headers), 1995
916Standards Committee AC:Guides to accompany microform sets(correspondence), 1995-1996
917NISO Standards Committee budget requests-information, 1995-1996
918R.J. Taylor, Jr. Foundation, 1996

9. Georgia author index cards (from Eileen Vetter)

101Index cards (box), circa 1970-1980

10. Framed posters relating to closing of the Card Catalog

11"Computers and civilization" enlarged computer card/signed by Technical Services staff, 1990
12"Gone with the cards"-signed by cast members, 1989