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Caroline (Cary) Cleaver Georgia Artists-in-Education Program Files

Caroline (Cary) Cleaver Georgia Artists-in-Education Program Files

Descriptive Summary

Title: Caroline (Cary) Cleaver Georgia Artists-in-Education Program Files
Creator: Cleaver, Caroline
Inclusive Dates: 1981-1996
Language(s): English
Extent: 17 Linear Feet
Collection Number: RBRL472
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: The Artists-in-Education program was sponsored by the Georgia Council for the Arts with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts. Its mission was to place professional artists in Georgia schools. The collection includes residency and site applications from schools detailing goals and specific program needs, progress reports, financial documents, final reports detailing artist's experiences, applications for the Georgia Challenge program, meeting notes written by Cary Cleaver, directories of artists, feedback from artists and schools, and newspaper articles focusing on arts in education.

Collection Description

Historical Note

Cary Cleaver administered the Artists-in-Education program from 1981-1996, placing hundreds of artists in schools throughout Georgia and working with communities and teachers. The Artists-in-Education program was sponsored by the Georgia Council for the Arts with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts. Its mission was to place professional artists in Georgia schools. The main objectives of the program included teaching Pre-K through 12 students the tools and techniques of artists, providing awareness of various art forms, introducing students to new skills that could be applied to existing curriculum, increasing students' understanding and appreciation of art, and generating support for the arts within the school and the community. Designed to supplement and complement ongoing arts education programs, schools selected a professional artist to serve a residency of 3-18 weeks. Short term residencies (3 weeks or less) included lessons in miming, photography, creative writing and crafts. Long-term residencies (9-18 weeks) included lessons in performing, visual or literary arts such as architecture and design, crafts (potters, weavers), dance (choreographers and dancers), literature (poets, novelists, short story writers), media arts (film animators, filmmakers, video specialists), music (composers, instrumentalists, choral directors), opera, theatre (directors, actors, mimes, playwrights), visual arts (painters, sculptors, printmakers, photographers) and folk arts (traditional musicians, craftspeople, storytellers). In addition to working with students, artists were given their own studio space to work on original projects. Artists in residencies became integral to the daily life of the schools, working alongside students and serving as a creative resource to the faculty. The residency culminated in a final project of the students' work under the artist's guidance. In-service workshops enabled teachers to incorporate the artist's techniques into the curriculum after the artist departs.

Scope and Content

This collection consists of residency and site applications from schools detailing goals and specific program needs, progress reports, financial documents, final reports detailing artist's experiences, applications for the Georgia Challenge program, meeting notes written by Cary Cleaver, directories of artists, feedback from artists and schools, and newspaper articles focusing on arts in education.

Organization and Arrangement

This collection is arranged in three series: I. Administration Files, II. ArtStart and Art Clearing House, and III. Site Applications. The contents of each series are arranged alphabetically.

Administrative Information

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This collection is open for research.

This collection contains audiovisual materials. Reference copies of the audiovisual recordings are available upon request. Research requests will be filled as soon as possible and will be dependent upon the condition of the recordings.

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Caroline (Cary) Cleaver Georgia Artists-in-Education Program Files. Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Series I: Administrative Files

0101ACA Assessment Conference, Atlanta, September 1992
0102Access Packet, 1987-1992
0103"Achieving Our Mission Through Arts in Education", 1995
0104Ad Hoc Consortium of Nat'l Arts Ed. Assn's: Legis Policy, Undated
0105"The Adolescent Pregnancy Task Force Report", August 1994
0106A. Graham Down: A Conspiracy of Good Intentions (Textbooks), April 1988
0107AIE Artist Questionnaire, Undated
0108AIE Artists' Requests, Showcase, April 1995
0109AIE Coord. Report to Council, 1993
0110AIE Gallery Show, 1995
0111AIE Gallery Show, March 1996
0112AIE in a Nutshell, Undated
0113AIE Primer, 1991
0114AIE Primer: Art and Science, 1992
0115AIE Primer: Technology, SE Cluster, 1993
0116AIE Program Notes, 1992
0117AIE Residency Coordinator's Handbook Misc. Orig., 1994
0118AIE Residencies and Technical Assistance, 1994-1995
0119Alf Nucifora or Tourism, Economic Impact, 1997
0120"America 2000 Arts Partnership", Undated
0121America 2000 Arts Partnership and Other Explanations, 1992
0122[American Council for the Arts], 1994-1995
0123An Annotated Listing of Creative Thinking Skills, Undated
0124Ann Rivers' Fundamentals Workshop, January 1993
0125Annual Report, 1994
0126"Architects-in-Schools Planning Workbook", August 1977
0127Articles of Incorporation Not-for-Profit Revised, 1988-1990
0128"Artists in Education Coordinator's Handbook", 1995
0129Artists-in-Education Roster, 1994-1995
0130Artist Initiated, ORG grants Review and Revisions, 1995
0131Artist Residency Program, 1997-1998
0132Artist Rosters, 1997
0133Artists-in-Residence: A Sponsor's Planning Guide, 1983
0134Artists-in-Schools Analysis and Criticism, March 1978
0135Arts and Culture Network (Atlanta Arts Network, P.R.), 1998
0136"Arts Education Consensus Project", 1996
0137"Arts in Education Primer", 1994
0138"Arts in Education Primer", 1995
0139Arts in Education Publications Order Form, Undated
0140"Arts Education Research Agenda for the Future", February 1994
0141"Arts in Education, Special Projects Handbook III", 1991
0142Arts for Every Child, Bloom Upside Down Curriculum, Eddy Pull, 1970
0143Arts Infusion Training Institute, March 1993
0144Arts v. Entertainment Article "One Works, Other Plays", December 15, 1991
0145ArtsWork, 1994
0146A.s.a.p., Letter to Arts Education Policy Review, 1994
0147[Atlanta Regional Commission], 1996
0148Atlanta Theater Weekly, First and One Year Editions, 1996-1997
0149Atlanta Theater Weekly, February 6-12, 1997
0150"Attendee List - 'Collaboration in Action' Conferece, March 1995
0151Background on Empowerment Initiative, Undated
0152"The Balanced Mind", 1995
0153Basement Inventory, Box Five, May-June 2001
0154Basement Inventory, Box Four, May-June 2001
0155Basement Inventory, Box Three, May-June 2001
0156Basement Inventory, Box Two, May-June 2001
0157Berry College, Mount Berry, Georgia Site Application, 1995-1996
0158"Best Brochures" of the 90's (Good Graphic Design), 1997-1998
0159[Brewer Elementary School, 18 Weeks, Jack Nisbet], March 1993-March 1994
0160[Brewer Elementary Site Application and Memo], March 1995-September 1995
0161"A Bright New Era in Education", 1993-1994
0162BUT: "Finding the Center" Draft, 1992-1996
0163Calhoun Elementary School, Calhoun, Georgia Site Application, 1993-1994
0164California Arts Council, 1997
0165Caroline B. Leake, My Job, 1995-1998
0166[Carrol County Application for the Georgia Challenge], 1995-1996
0167[Cary Cleaver Notebook], August 1995
0168[Cary Cleaver Notebook], 1996-1998
0169Cary Cleaver Showcase, 1996
0170Celebrating America's Cultural Diversity, 1991
0171"Center Stage: A Curriculum for the Performing Arts, 1993
0201"Changing Education", October 1994
0202[Cherokee County Application for the Georgia Challenge], 1995
0203[City Center for Education in the Arts Pamphlet], Undated
0204[City Schools of Decatur Application for the Georgia Challenge], 1995
0205[C.J. Hicks Elementary School 18 Weeks Erik McAllister and 9 weeks Sandi Walker, 1994-1996
0206Coker Elementary School, Chatsworth, Georgia, Site Application, 1994-1995
0207"Collaboration in Action", March 1995
0208"Community Update", February 1994
0209"Community Update", March 1998
0210Coordinators' Handbook, Notes, Ideas, Roughs, Etc., 1990-1991
0211Coords' Handbook , 1985-1992
0212Coords' Handbook Originals, 1994
0213Council for Basic Ed, "Prolegomena to an Arts Agenda", Undated
0214Council for School Performance, 1994
0215Council of Chief State School Officers: Assessment in the Art, 1991-1992
0216Design for Arts Education Testing, 1987
0217Design for Arts in Ed - Primer on Assessment by Brent Wilson, 1992
0218Dialog on Evaluation/Testing, 1977
0219"Different Ways of Knowing", 1994-1995
0220Directory Masters, 1992-1993
0221Directory Pages, 1994-1995
0222Directory Photos, Undated
0223Directory Updates of Existing Pages, 1991-1992
0224"Directory: Spring Update", 1995
0225[Dougherty County Application for the Georgia Challenge], 1995
0226[E. Rivers Elementary Residency Objectives Statement], 1994
0227East Newton Elementary School, Covington, Georgia, Site Application, 1995-1994
0228East Rivers Elementary School, Atlanta, Georgia Site Application, 1993-1996
0229"Education-ary", Undated
0230The Education Commitment: An Overview of States Art Agencies' Arts Education Activities, February 1995
0231"Education Improvement in Georgia", January 1995
0232Eisner: Arts Basic, 1987
0233"Elementary Art Education Curriculum", August 1986
0234[End of Residency Report Salem High School], April 4, 1995
0235"Everything You Want to Know..." ISC and CC Handouts (Bulloch), Undated
0236Existing Half-Tones for AIE Directory, 1993
0237Extra Half-Tone Negatives, Undated
0238Fannin County Board of Education Site Application, 1995-1996
0239"Fixing School - The Debate that Really Matters", October 7, 1996
0240[Folklife Program Grant Guidelines], 1999
0241Fort Middle School, Columbus, Georgia, Site Application, 1993-1994
0242From National Assembly of State Arts Agencies Website, Arts Education, 1995
0243US DOE Funding Opportunities for Arts Education, 1993-1994
0244Fundraiser's Handouts, 1986-1988
0245FY'87: Printer's Originals (Artists Rotating Out), 1987
0246FY'88: Printer's Originals (Artists Have Rotated Out), 1988
0247FY'90 Site Questionnaire at Process, 1990
0248FY'91 Residency Follow-Up Questionnaires (Sites), 1991
0249FY'92: Governing Issue on Business and Schools, 1992
0250FY'92: Hoyt LeCroy, Dekalb Co. Music Curriculum Coord., 1992
0251FY'92 OR: Master List of Participants, 1992
0252FY'92: NEA's Special Projects (fy'91) New Category Announced, 1992
0253FY'92 OR: Handouts and Agenda, 1992
0254FY'92 OR: Panelists' CRR's, 1991-1992
0255FY'92 OR: Registration Forms, 1991-1992
0256FY'92 OR: "Scenes" Script, 1991-1992
0257FY'92: Site Application On Disk, 1989-1993
0258FY'92: Questionnaires at Process, 1991-1992
0259FY'93:Orientation Registration Sites, 1992-1993
0260FY'94: DOE State Action Plan for Arts Education, 1992-1996
0261FY'94: National Standards for Education in the Arts, 1994
0262FY'95: Arts Education Partnership Showcase and Regional Orientation, 1995-1996
0263FY'95: AIE Coordinators' (Supplemental) Handbook, Undated
0264FY'95: AIE Exhibit in Carriage Works Gallery, 1994
0265FY'96: Arrangements for Artists' Showcase, 1996
0301FY'96: Bryan Thompson, 1996
0302FY'96: DOE Workshop, Block Schedule, 1995-1997
0303FY'96: Regional Orientations, 1995-1997
0304FY'97 Directory, Half-Tome Photos Negatives, 1997
0305FY'97 Photos on Hold, 1994-1996
0306FY'97: Press Releases and PSA's, 1995-1997
0307FY'98 Council Members, 1996-1998
0308FY'98: To Council Members, 1996-1998
0309FY'98: Grassroots (GAP), 1998
0310FY'98: Photos We May Keep, Residency Directory, 1997-1998
0311FY'98 Press Releases, 1997-1998
0312FY'98: Program Staff Meeting, 1997-1998
0313GA Challenge, 1997-1998
0314GA Council for the Arts Policy Manual, 1998
0315GA Independent School Association, 1991
0316GA Internet Users Group - Ron Ulm, 1997-1998
0317GA Partnership for Excellence in Education, 1991
0318GCA Panels FY'99, 1998-1999
0319Georgia Council for the Arts' Plan as Survey, 1998
0320General Articles: Importance of Arts Education, 1991-1992
0321"The Georgia Challenge Grant Proposal for $50,000, 1995
0322Georgia Challenge Program [1/2], 1995
0323Georgia Challenge Program [2/2], 1995
0324Georgia Council for the Arts, 1992-1996
0325Georgia Council for the Arts, Regal 1/2 Tone Negatives, Undated
0326Georgia Council for the Arts Bulletin, March 1997
0327Georgia Council for the Arts Memo, February 25, 1998
0328Georgia Council for the Arts Notecards, Undated
0329Georgia Defined Contribution Plan and Note, 1994
0330Georgia High School Graduation Tests, September 1993
0331"Georgia Humanities", January 1998
0332Georgia Journal, November-December 1996
0333"The Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education", March 1995
0334"The Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education", July-August 1995
0335"The Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education", October 1995
0336[Georgia Partners in Education Conference], 1994
0337Georgia's Artists-in-Education Program, 1993-1994
0338Georgia Statewide Student Assessment Program, 1992
0339Getty Ctr. - Beyond Creating Roundtable Series, 1986
0340Getty: "What is Discipline-Based Art Education?", 1991-1998
0341Goal-Setting Hand-Out, Undated
0342Goals 2000: Opportunities for the Arts, May 1994
0343Goals 2000 Update, Undated
0344Georgia Council for the Arts Survey Summaries, 1997-1998
0345G.O. Bailey Elementary 9 weeks Michael Maschinot, October-December 1994
0346Governor Miller's Speech Arts Infusion, Augusta, Undated
0347Greater Augusta Arts Council, 1992
0348"Guide to US Department of Education Programs", November 1993
0349[Gwinnett County Application for the Georgia Challenge], 1995
0350[Habersham County Application for the Georgia Challenge], 1995
0351Heritage Tourism Conference Nations Band CEO, January 16, 1997
0352"High Standards for All Students", September 1994
0353[Honey Creek Elementary, 9 Weeks Literature, Alicia Griswold], February-December 1995
0354[Honey Creek Elementary, 9 Weeks, Serey Andree], February 1994-March 1995
0355[Honey Creek Elementary School and C.J. Hicks Elementary School, 18 Weeks (9 and 9) Visual Art, Ande Cook, October 1993-March 1994
0356[Honey Creek Elementary School, Marcelle Pachnowski], September-November 1993
0357[Houston County Application for the Georgia Challenge], 1995
0358How to Rescue Southern Culture (GA Journal), January-February 1998
0359[Improving Schools], 1988-1993
0360Improving Student Achievement at All Levels of Education, 1997-2001
0361Inman Middle School, Atlanta, Georgia Site Application, 1994-1995
0362Inman Middle School, Atlanta, Georgia Site Application, 1995-1996
0363In-School Coordinator's Job (Hand-out from Stilson Elementary), Undated
0364"An Invitation to Public School Partnership", 1994
0365"An Invitation to Your Community", January 1995
0366Inventory - Basement Boxes, May 2001
0401[Irwin County Application for the Georgia Challenge], 1995
0402Jane Healy, Mental Development, Arts Education Policy Review (Formerly Design for Arts Ed.), September-October 1992
0403Jasper County Primary and Washington Park Elementary, Monticello, Georgia Site Application, 1994-1995
0404Join the Kennedy Center's Creative Ticket for Student Success, February-June 1996
0405Journal Constitution, "'Alternative Lifestyles' Ban Proposed in Macon, 1993
0406Kentucky, "Artist in our Midst" and Bibliography, 1991-1995
0407Kentucky and Southern Arts Federation Regional Planning Session, 1993-1995
0408Lanier Middle School, Buford, Georgia Site Applications, 1994-1995
0409[Letter from Sis. Adonaijah Bey AbdelRahim-El to Carey Voigt], 1996
0410"Living Histories, Community Pride", October 1993
0411Magazines, 1994-1996
0412Main Elementary School, Rome, Georgia Site Application, 1993-1994
0413Mary Lin Elementary School, Atlanta, Georgia Site Application, 1995-1996
0414Matrix of Collaborative Efforts, March 1995
0415Memorandum, February 7, 1994
0416Memorandum, June 2, 1995
0417Minnie S. Howell Elementary School, Atlanta, Georgia Site Application, 1994-1995
0418Mission Statement Development (Goal-Setting), Undated
0419"Monographs", April 1994
0420Monthly Reports AIE Coord., 1992-1993
0421More AIE Photos and Proofs, Undated
0422Morgan County Elementary School, Madison, Georgia, Site Application, 1993-1994
0423[Murray County Application for the Georgia Challenge], 1995
0424My Own Clip Art, Canasco AIE Brochure, Scissors, Undated
0425My Sudden Brainstorms, Notes, Conference Plans, 1994-1996
0426"My Year as Public Information Officer", 1998
0427National Art Education Association, Checklist and Goals, 1991
0428National Art Education Association, Publications, Including "A Quality Education", 1992
0429National Arts Education Association, "What is Art For?" Conference in Atlanta, 1991
0430National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (NASAA), 1994-1996
0431National Arts Education Accord (NAEA), 110 Activities, 1991
0432National Arts Education Information Network, February 1994
0433National Arts Education Research Center Publications, February 4, 1994
0434National Assembly of States Arts Agencies, 1995-1999
0435[National Association of Partners in Education, Inc.], 1994-1995
0436"National Education Goals and the Arts', 1992
0437National Endowment for the Arts, 1993-1994
0438National Endowment for the Arts, 1995-1999
0439National Endowment for the Arts Profiles, November 1995
0440National Gallery of Art: Guide to Programs and Services, Undated
0441National Standards for Arts Education, Undated
0442National Endowment for the Arts, AIE: Overview Panel Plus Frohnmayer to Bush Memo, 1990-1991
0443National Endowment for the Arts, DOE, Charles Leonhard: "Status of Arts Education in America", 1991
0444National Endowment for the Arts, Dough Herbert's Update Memo, September 1991
0445National Endowment for the Arts "Outcome Goals" Project, O'Fallon Memo, 1991
0446Negatives, Undated
0447Negs for PMT's AIE Directory, Undated
0448New Goals from Constituent Surveys, 2000
0449New Zealand's Educational System Teacher Magazine, February 1993
0450Non-Profit Status, 1988-1989
0451Norcross Elementary School, Norcross, Georgia Site Application, 1993-1994
0452[Northside Elementary, 9 Weeks Visual Arts, Toni Carlucci, October-December 1993
0453[Norton Elementary School, Christopher Gegen and Michaelangelo Rodriguez], January 1993-January 1994
0454Norton Elementary School, Snellville, Georgia Site Application, 1993-1994
0455[Note to Cary Voigt on Jeff Mather], October 23, 1995
0456[Oconee County Application for the Georgia Challenge], 1995
0457Orantee Organizaitons and Grassroots Agency Grantees (GAP) Community Contacts, 1996-1998
0458Orientation Plans and Script, September 1993
0459"Other States' AIE Apps from Caroline's Panel" [1/2], 1993-1994
0460"Other States' AIE Apps from Caroline's Panel" [2/2], 1993-1994
0461Other States' Arts Councils, 1994-1997
0501"PageMaker 6.0 Introduction", 1997
0502Partners in Achieving Our National Education Goals, January 1995
0503"Partners in Education", Undated
0504"Partnerships for Change", February 1994
0505Paul Lehman: Testimony to the House, 1991
0506[P.B. Rich AIE Program News Clippings], September-November 1993
0507[P.B. Rich Elementary Site Application], 1993
0508[P.B. Ritch Elementary Questionnaire], 1993
0509People in Planning, 1980
0510Philadelphia Resolution, March 24, 1986
0511Planning, Office of Planning and Budget (OPB) Response, 1997-1998
0512The Play's the Things: A Community of Students, Teachers and Artists Create Theater, 1992
0513"Pocket Guide to Service Learning", 1995
0514The Public Benefit, October 27-30, 1994
0515Publications Ordering Information, Undated
0516Publicity Hand-out, So. Columbia, December 16, 1985
0517[Putnam Co. Middle School, 19 Weeks, Janice Metzel with Photos], March 1993-June 1994
0518[Putnam Co. High, 9 We4eks, Shawna McKellar], September-December 1994
0519[Putnam Co., Shawna McKellar Schedule and Questionnaire], September 13, 1994-November 11, 1994
0520Quality Core Curriculum Drama, Undated
0521Quality Core Curriculum Dance K-12, 1989
0522The Quality Core Curriculum in Music, Undated
0523[River Road Elementary, Ronnog Seaberg Schedule], January 15, 1996-January 18, 1996
0524[Ronnog Seaberg Start-up Memo and Correspondence with Program Director], January 18, 1996-January 19, 1996
0525River Road Elementary School, Columbus, Georgia, Site Application, 1993-1996
0526R.L. Norton Elementary School, Snellville, Georgia Site Application, 1994-1995
0527Southern Arts Federation/AIE Coordinators' Meeting, May 1993
0528[Salem High School Site Application], 1994
0529[Salem High School, 12 Weeks, Robin Williams], March-July 1995
0530Sample Study Guides, April-June 1993
0531"Scenes from a Residency", 1995
0532[School + Arts = Success Pamphlet], 1994-1995
0533SDE Improvement Package FY'93 Notes from Meetings with Ruth, 1992
0534SE Folk Arts Retreat, February 25-26, 1994
0535"The Search for Excellence in Architecture-in-Schools", 1988-1989
0536[Serey Andree P.B. Ritch Elem. Final Report], September 10-December 10, 1993
0537[Serey Andree P.B. Ritch Midterm Report], October 29, 1993
0538"Setting the Record Straight", August 1994
0539"Seven Keys to Successful Partnerships" [1/2], 1993-1994
0540"Seven Keys to Successful Partnerships" [2/2], 1993-1994
0541Site Questionnaires Re: Interviews, 1989-1995
0542Southern Illinois University (So. IL U.): Special Projects, National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Handbook Update, 1991
0543[South Carolina Arts Commission], 1990-1993
0544"Southern Arts Education Connections", 1994-1995
0545"Southern Arts Education Connections", 1995
0546Southern Arts Education Connections, Summer 1995
0547[Southern Arts Federation], 1995-1996
0548Spring Place Elementary, Chatsworth, Georgia, Site Application, 1993-1994
0549[State of Georgia Press Advisory], February 20, 1998
0550"State of the Arts: Georgia", 1993-1994
0551State of Georgia State Security Questionnaire Loyalty Oath, 1993
0552Status Report: Executive Summary GA Coalition for Arts Education, Undated
0553"Strong Families, Strong Schools", September 1994
0554"Taking Care of Business, the 1996 National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (NASAA) Annual Meeting", 1996
0555[Taliaferro County Application for the Georgia Challenge], 1995
0556Talking with Ruth, Department of Education, 1994-1997
0557"Teacher-to-Teacher, Vol. 3, No. 2", 1995
0558"Teacher-to-Teacher, Vol. 4, No. 1", 1995
0559Technical Assistance Awards, 1992-1994
0560"Tech-tionary", March 1995
0561"Ten Things You Should Do", 1995
0562Tennessee: Alliance for Arts Education (AAE) Newsletter: Value of AIE to Artists, April-May 1991
0563"Thinking Skills" Article in Atlanta Journal, Constitution (J.C.), August 25, 1991
0564[Thomasville City School System Application for the Georgia Challenge], 1995
0565Three Key Elements for Success of an Artists in Residence Program, Undated
0566Time: Testing Article, July 15, 1991
0567[To-do List], 1995
0601Underserved Communities AP, Heart of GA, and Atlanta Project, 1991-1996
0602Utne Reader, September-October 1990
0603Visual Arts Education Guidelines, January 1989
0604"Visual Arts Education Reform Handbook", 1995
0605Washington Arts Education in Action Day, January 11, 1995
0606Waters and Lakewood Heights Elementary School, Atlanta, Georgia Site Applications, 1994-1995
0607[Wave County Application for the Georgia Challenge], 1995
0608West Central Elementary, Rome, Georgia Site Application, 1994-1995
0609What Do We Do?, September 18, 1992
0610What Worked, Didn't, 1995
0611[Wheeler County Application for the Georgia Challenge], 1995
0612"Why Art Matters" Teacher Magazine, February 1993
0613Wonderful Mississippi Guide, Undated
0614Wynton Elementary School, 6 Weeks, Jeff Mather, February 21-April 1st, 1994
0615"Wyoming Arts", May 1992
0616"Young Audiences of Atlanta", 1997-1998
0617Young Audiences of Atlanta, "Focus", Summer 1998
0618"Your Child's Brain", February 19, 1996
061910 Commandments for Community Coordinators (CCs) (Betty Snyder), Undated
06201986-87 Plan for Staff Development (M. Keesee), 1986-1987

Series II: ArtStart and Art Clearing House

0621Atlanta Arts in Education Resource Directory Update, January 27, 1998
0622[Atlanta Consortium for Art in Education Directory], 1995
0623Arts Clearinghouse, Arts Education Consortium, Notes on Meetings, 1993-1996
0624Arts Clearinghouse, Arts Education Consortium, Projects (Survey), 1990-1995
0625Arts Clearinghouse, Bureau of Culture Affairs (BCA) Info, 1991-1994
0626[ArtStart], April-May 1993
0627ArtStart '94, 1994
0628ArtStart Evaluation Form, 1994-1995
0629ArtStart Expenses FY'94 (Summer Expenses on FY'93 Donations), 1993-1994
0630ArtStart FY'95: Agendas and My Notes, 1994
0631ArtStart Pilot Letters, June 7, 1993
0632[ArtStart Pilot Program], [1/2], 1994
0633[ArtStart Pilot Program], [2/2], 1994
0634[ArtStart Pilot Program Applications], [1/3], 1993
0635[ArtStart Pilot Program Applications], [2/3], 1993
0636[ArtStart Pilot Program Applications], [3/3], 1993
0637[ArtStart Pilot Program Rejected Applications], 1993
0701Division of Curriculum and Instruction Office of Instructional Services, 1992-1993
0702Evaluation and Peer Training for ArtStart Teams, 1992-1993
0703FY'93 ArtStart: Artists (Visits to Schools), 1993
0704FY'93 ArtStart: Budget Notes, 1993
0705FY'93 ArtStart: Correspondence with Applicants and Grantees, 1993
0706FY'93 ArtStart: Evaluation, 1992-1994
0707FY'93 ArtStart: July Training (Amicalola Falls Lodge), 1992
0708FY'93 ArtStart: Publicity, 1992
0709FY'93 ArtStart: Staff Development Credit Outline (4 Units), 1992
0710FY'93 ArtStart: Supplies (School Reimbursements), 1992-1993
0711FY'93 ArtStart: Videotaping, 1992-1993
0712FY'94 ArtStart: Fowler Dr. (Athens) Pat Brown, 1994
0713FY'94 ArtStart: Lawrenceville (Gwinnette Co.) Barbara Hopkins, 1993-1994
0714FY'94 ArtStart Midterm Meeting Expenses, December 1993-April 1994
0715FY'94 ArtStart: T.J. Elder (Sandersville) Gladine Thompson, 1993-1994
0716FY'95 ArtStart: Year Three "Winning" Site Applications, 1992-1995
0717The Georgia Plan, August 1994

Series III: Site Applications

0801Brudney (UGA), Lipman Article, May-September 1990
0802Baldwin County Primary, Nine Weeks, Mona Waterhouse, Visual Arts, 1992-1993
0803Baldwin County, Photography, Eighteen Weeks, Annie Conn, Baldwin County High School, 1987-1988
0804Baldwin County, Photography, Eighteen Weeks, Annie Conn, Baldwin County High School, 1986-1987
0805Baldwin County, Theater, Eighteen Weeks, John Schmedes, Davis Middle School, 1987-1988
0806Baldwin County, Photography, Eight Weeks, Larry Erb, Harrisburg and Carver Elementary Schools, 1986-1987
0807Baldwin County, Dance, Eighteen Weeks, Pam Wright, Boddie Junior High, October 1984-May 1986
0808Baldwin County, Visual Arts, Eighteen weeks, Russell Everett, Davis Middle School, May 1985-February 1986
0809Baldwin County, Greg Green, Visual Arts,, 1984-1985
0810Baldwin County, Theater, Eighteen Weeks, Elaine Evans, Midway Elementary School, 1984-1985
0811Baldwin County, Music, Nine Weeks, Bond Anderson, The Learning Center, 1982-1983
0812Baldwin County, Michael Hickey, ESAA, Milledgeville, 1980
0813Baldwin County, Visual Arts, Milledgeville, 1990-1991
0814Baldwin County, Allied Arts, Eighteen Weeks, Visual Arts, 1991-1992
0815Baldwin County, Allied Arts, Eighteen Weeks, Split Among Disciplines, 1992-1993
0816Bartow County, Cartersville, Nine Weeks, Mona Waterhouse, Visual Arts, January 13-March 13, 1992
0817[Mona Waterhouse Evaluation Sheet and Paper], 1992
0818South Central Middle School, Bartow County, Twelve Weeks, George Lea, Visual Arts, FC, 1990-1991
0819Mime, Two Weeks, Mary Ann Smith, Ben Hill County, Ben Hill County Elementary School, 1985-1986
0820Residency Evaluation Bond Anderson, Arts in Education, Ben Hill County, June 22, 1981
0821[Newspaper Clippings and Bond Anderson Report], 1981
0822Bibb County, Clisby Specialty School, Matthew Shelton, Music, 1991
0823Bibb County, Clisby Specialty School, Twelve Weeks total, Six weeks Harris Nathan, Six weeks Carol Stangler (CR), 1988-1989
0824Bibb County, Clisby Specialty School, Winnie McQueen, Crafts, 1989-1990
0825Bibb County, Mime, Three Weeks, Bryan Thompson, Clisby Specialty School, 1987-1988
0826Bibb County, Dance, Eighteen Weeks, Milne Bail, Clisby Specialty School, February 22, 1985-June 19,1986
0827Bibb County, Theater, Eighteen Weeks, Daniel Sklar, Clisby Arts Magnet, February 22, 1984-June 13,1985
0828Bibb County, Visual Arts, Eighteen Weeks, Gena Spivey, Clisby Specialty School, April 29,1983-February 23,1984
0829Steve Steinman, Visual Arts, Bremen GA, May 21,1980-June 19,1980
0830Bulloch County, Nevils Elementary School, Carol Stangler, March 1988-June 1989
0831Bulloch County, Stilson Elementary, Al Masarik, March 1988-March 1989
0832Bulloch County, Literature, Twelve Weeks, Stilson Elementary, Jack Nisbet, March 1987-December 1987
0833Bulloch County, Music, Twelve Weeks, Nevils Elementary, Bond Anderson, March 1987-1988
0834Bulloch County, Music, Nine Weeks, Susan Splawn, Brooklet Elementary , February 1986 - July 1987
0835Bulloch County, Music, Nine Weeks, Bond Anderson, Stilson Elementary, February 1986-March 1987
0836Bulloch County, Opera, Nine Weeks, Marilyn Thompson, S.E. Bulloch High School, February 1986-June 1987
0837Bulloch County, Crafts, Two Weeks Free, Susan Starr, May-August 1980
0838Bulloch County, Visual Arts, Eighteen Weeks, Sharon Hardin, Stilson Elementary, January 1984-February 1985
0839Bulloch County, Visual Arts, Eight Weeks, Jennifer Carrasco, Brooklet Elementary , September 1984-January 1985
0840Bulloch County, Theater, Nine Weeks, Daniel Sklar, Stilson Elementary , March 1985-April 1986
0841Bulloch County, Theater, Nine Weeks, Daniel Sklar, Brooklet Elementary, February-March 1985
0842[Butts County Artists-in-Residence Contract], November 5, 1979
0843Butts County, Film, Eighteen Weeks, George Folkes, Henderson Elementary and Junior High, September 1980-February 1981
0844Butts County, Visual Art, Eighteen Weeks, Bill Prankard, Henderson Junior High, December 1981-November 1982
0845Butts County, Theater, Nine Weeks, Susan Ortiz, Jackson Elementary, April-December 1982
0846Camden County, Visual Arts, Eighteen Weeks, Mark and Leah Ritchie, St. Mary's Elementary School, February 1990-August 1991
0847Camden County, Theater, Eighteen Weeks, Mary Ann Smith, Renée Brachfeld, St. Mary's Elementary School, February-December 1991
0848Camden County, Twelve Weeks, Visual Arts, Phyllis Stapler, St. Mary's Elementary, March 1992-January 1993
0849Camden County, Six Weeks, Mary Ann Smith and Heather Heath, March-November 1992
0850Carroll County, Music, Nine Weeks, Bond Anderson, Villa Rica Primary School, February 1991-February 1992
0851Carroll County, Literature, Three Weeks, Alice Lovelace, Villa Rica Primary School, March 1992-June 1993
0852Carroll County, Literature, Three Weeks, Alice Lovelace, Whitesburg Elementary School, January 1991-June 1992
0853Carroll County, Theater, Six Weeks, Kay Rosenblum, Sand Hill Elementary Enrichment Center, February 1990-April 1991
0854Carroll County, Visual Arts, Six Weeks, Polly Harrison, Bowdon Elementary Enrichment Center, February 1990-July 1991
0855Chatham County, Photography, Three Weeks, Larry Erb, Gadsden Academy, February 1990-1991
0856Chatham County, Literature, Three Weeks, Alice Lovelace, Bloomingdale Elementary School, March 1992-June 1993
0857Chatham County, Final Evaluation, Basketry, Eighteen Weeks, Johnson High School, January-May 1991
0858Chatham County, Weaving, Susan Starr, Hershel V. Jenkins High School, 1978-1979
0901Chatham County, Eighteen Weeks, Weaving, Lynn Bolien, Mercer Middle School, January-May 1980
0902Chatham County, Weaving and Puppetry, Lynn Bolien and Angela Beasley, Mercer and Wilder Middle Schools, January-June 1980
0903Chattahoochee County, Three Weeks, Theater, Mary Ann Smith, Faith Middle School, 1992-1993
0904Chattahoochee County, Four Weeks, Theater, Heather Heath, White Elementary School, March 1992-June 1993
0905Chattahoochee county, Three Weeks, Harmonica, Matthew Shelton, Edward A. White School, January-March 1992
0906Chattahoochee County, Six Weeks, Theater, Deborah Ferguson, Wilbur Elementary School, February 1991-May 1992
0907Chattahoochee , Three Weeks, Bryan Thompson, Faith Middle School, February 1991-April 1992
0908Chattahoochee County, Faith Middle School, Canceled Per Dell Kar, 1991-1992
0909Chattahoochee County, Nine Weeks, Music, Scott Ainslie, Wilbur School, March 1990-August 1991
0910Chattahoochee County, Three Weeks, Crafts, George Turk, Patch Elementary School, March 1989-February 1990
0911Chattahoochee County, Six Weeks, Mime, Bryan Thompson, Faith Middle School, April 1987-January 1980
0912Chattahoochee County, Nine Weeks, Music, Bond Anderson, Faith Middle School, February 1989-July 1990
0913Chattahoochee County, Nine Weeks, Film and Video, Sally Alvarez, Faith Middle School, March 1988-January 1989
0914Chattahoochee County, Three Weeks, Photography, Frank Hunter, Faith Middle School, February 1986-August 1987
0915Chattahoochee County, Nine Weeks, Literature, Sharyn Kane and Richard Keeton, Faith Middle School, , February 1985-March 1986
0916Chattahoochee County, Three Weeks, Folk, Maggie Holtzberg, Dexter Elementary School, 1987
0917Chattahoochee County, One and a half weeks, Mine, Kenny Raskin, E. A. White Elementary School, March 1986-June 1987
0918Chattahoochee County, Two Weeks, Mime, Kenneth Raskin, E.A. White Elementary School, January 1987
0919Chattahoochee County, Eighteen Weeks, Crafts, Wini McQueen, Patch Elementary School, August 1981-August 1990
0920Chattooga County, Three Weeks, Theater, Steve Harris, Trion Elementary School, February 1989-Feburary 1990
0921Chattooga County, Three Weeks, Creative Writing, Phillip DePoy, Trion Elementary School, March 1988-May 1989
0922Athens-Clarke County, Eighteen Weeks, Dance, Elinor Coleman, David C. Barrow Elementary School, January-June 1980
0923Clayton County, Eighteen Weeks, Theater, Dee Wagner, Mount Zion Elementary School, March 1990-April 1991
0924Clayton County, Three Weeks, Creative Writing, Sharyn Kane and Richard Keeton, Oliver Elementary School, March 1988-May 1989
0925Clayton County, Twelve Weeks, Literature, Sharyn Kane and Richard Keeton, Mount Zion Elementary School, February 1986-June 1987
0926Clayton County, Two Weeks, Folk, Cynthia Watts, Huie Elementary School, February 1986-June 1987
0927[Clinch County Fargo Elementary Application and Withdrawal], 1991-1992
0928Clinch County, Three Weeks, Visual Arts, Marilynn Mallory, Clinch High School, February-November 1990
0929Cobb County, Three Weeks, Crafts, Harris Nathan, Park Street Elementary School, January 1988-April 1989
0930Cobb County, Three Weeks, Visual Arts, Tom Cato, Sope Creek Elementary School, February 1988-April 1989
0931Cobb County, Three Weeks, Visual Arts, Tom Cato, West Side Elementary, February 1988-April 1989
0932Cobb County, Crafts, Cheryl Carson, A.L. Burruss Elementary School, March 1987-May 1988
0933Cobb County, Three Weeks, Crafts, Carol Stangler, Banberry Elementary School, February 1985-March 1986
0934Cobb County, Nine Weeks, Photography, Frank Hunter, Kennesaw College, February 1985-June 1986
0935Cobb County, Nine Weeks, Visual Art, John Quinn, Kennesaw College, February 1984-July 1985
0936Cobb County, Three Weeks, Dance, Deborah Ferguson, Hickory Hills Elementary School, March 1992-June 1993
0937Cobb County, Nine Weeks, Dance, Robin Williams, Still Elementary School, March 1992-April 1993
0938[Note to Cobb County Artists-in-Education Sponsor], Undated
0939Cobb County, Nine Weeks, Literature, Alice Lovelace, Tritt Elementary School, March 1991-June 1992
0940Cobb County, Nine Weeks, Visual Arts, Pam Beagle-Daresta, Mt. Bethel Elementary School, February 1991-June 1992
0941Cobb County, Nine Weeks, Jack Nisbet, Maria Neder Douglas, Sope Creek Elementary School, February 1991-March 1992
0942Cobb County, Nine Weeks, Photography, Larry Erb, Richard Russell Elementary School, February 1984-March 1985
0943Cobb County, Eighteen Weeks, Visual Arts, Tom Cato, Richard Russell Elementary School, February 1983-March 1985
0944Cobb County, Nine Weeks, Scott Douglas, Sedalia Park Elementary School, March 1982-May 1983
0945Cobb County, Two Weeks, Mime, Kenny Raskin, Russell Elementary School, April-May 1983
0946Cobb County, Visual, Eighteen Weeks, Russell Everett, Teasley Elementary School, April 1982-April 1983
0947Cobb County, Folk Art, Four Weeks, Julia Sennette, Bingley Elementary School, March-August 1982
0948Cobb County, Three Weeks, Visual Arts, Phyllis Stapler, Labelle Elementary, March 1991-June 1992
0949Cobb County, Nine weeks, Theater, Randy Taylor, Still Elementary, March 1991-June 1992
0950Cobb County, Three Weeks, Dance, Linda Holsey, A.L. Burruss Elementary, April 1991-March 1992
0951Cobb County, Three Weeks, Crafts, Gregor Turk, Hickory Hills Elementary, February 1991-June 1992
0952Cobb County, Nine Weeks, Theater, East Side Elementary , 1991-1992
0953Cobb County, Three Weeks, Crafts, Nancy Golden, A.L. Burruss Elementary, February 1989-August 1990
0954Cobb County, Six Weeks, Music, Walker School, Jerry Crepeau, February 1989-October 1990
0955Cobb County, Three Weeks, Crafts, Polly Harrison, Lockhead Elementary , February 1989-February 1990
0956Cobb County Sope Creek Elementary, Six weeks, Photography, Mary Ann Tripp, February 1989-March 1990
0957Cobb County Mt. Bethel Elementary, Six weeks, Theater, Dee Wagner, February 1989-March 1990
0958Cobb County Still Elementary, Six weeks, Visual Arts, Polly Harrison, August 1990-August 1991
0959Cobb County, Tritt Elementary, Keeton, Writing, February 1990-May 1992
1001Cobb County East Side Elementary, Three weeks, Gregor Turk, VA, FC, February 1990-February 1991
1002Colquitt County Charlie Gray Middle Jack Nisbet, Literary, Three weeks, February 1989-February 1990
1003Colquitt County, Colquitt Co. Jr. High, Phillip DePoy (P/CW), February 1988-February 1989
1004Colquitt County, Literature, Six weeks, Alice Lovelace, Vereen Elementary, February 1985-March 1986
1005Columbia County Susan Stan Fine Crafts, 1980-1981
1006Columbia County, Joanne Green, South Columbia Elementary Opera, Eighteen weeks, 1982
1007Columbia County, South Columbia Elementary, Wayne and Margaret Martin, One Month, 1983
1008Columbia County, Blue Ridge Russell Everett Nine Weeks (VA), 1988-1989
1009Columbia County, Visual, Bernice Massey Evans Elementary, March 1987-May 1988
1010Columbia County, Dance, Nine weeks, Linda Paige, South Columbia Elementary, December 1985-March 1987
1011Columbia County Crafts, Three weeks, Marquetta Johnson, North Columbia Elementary, 1986-1987
1012Columbia County, Visual, One week, Tom Cato Blue Ridge Elementary, 1987-1988
1013Columbia County Theater, Eighteen weeks, Bill Nunn, Evans Comprehensive High School, January 1985-June 1987
1014Columbia County Crafts, Nine weeks, Lynn Perry, Evans Middle, 1985-1986
1015Columbia County Music, Nine weeks, Michael Catalano South Columbia Elementary, 1985-1986
1016Columbia County, Theater, Nine weeks, Susan Ortiz, South Columbia Elementary, 1983-1984
1017Columbia County Evans Elementary, Twelve weeks, Jack Nisbet, Masarik, Golden, Pierce, February 1989-September 1990
1018Columbia County, Bel Air, Nine weeks, Lamar Wood Visual, February 1989-March 1990
1019Columbia County Evans Elementary, Three weeks, Literature,Lovelace, 1991-1992
1020Columbia County Bel Air Nine weeks Crafts Leah Ritchie, February 1991-April 1992
1021Columbia County, Evans, Nine weeks, Jack Nisbet, Writing, 1990-1991
1022Cook County Visual, Eighteen weeks, Tom Ferguson, Tom Sparks and Lenox Elementary, 1987-1988
1023Cook County Literature, Eighteen weeks, Jack Nisbet, Cook County Middle, March 1985-March 1987
1024Cook County Tom Ferguson, 1988
1025Cook County, Cook County Middle School Artist Jack Nisbet, 1986-1987
1026Coweta County Crafts, three weeks, Lyn Perry Western Elementary , February 1986-July 1987
1027Coweta County Elm Street Three weeks Visual Arts, Turk, February 1991-June 1992
1028Coweta County, A.S. Clark Middle School, Crisp, Three weeks, Literature Bill Johns, 1991-1992
1029Coweta County Crisp High School, Three weeks, Bill Johns, Theater, 1990-1991
1030Coweta County, Folk, Four weeks, Wayne Martin, South Columbia Elementary , January 1982-March 1983
1031[Columbia County Office of Planning and Budget Transaction], December 15, 1981
1032DeKalb County Montgomery, Three weeks Pam Beagle-Daresta (VA), 1988-1989
1033DeKalb County, Hightower three weeks, Deborah Ferguson (TH), March 1988-July 1989
1034DeKalb County, Huntley Hills, Nancy Carter Three weeks VA, 1988
1035DeKalb County, IHM School three weeks Annette Lewis (DN), 1988-1989
1036DeKalb County, St. Thomas More Catholic School, Lois Hornboostel three weeks (MU), 1988-1989
1037DeKalb County, Austin Elementary, three weeks, Kane and Keeton ($15000) (P, CW), February 1988-June 1989
1038DeKalb County, Nancy Creek three weeks Dee Wagner (TH), March 1988-June 1989
1039DeKalb County, Visual, Eighteen weeks, Tom Cato, Ashford Park Elementary , 1987-1988
1040DeKalb County, Visual, Eighteen weeks Russell Everett Nancy Creek Elementary, February 1987-June 1988
1041DeKalb County Literature, Nine weeks, Sharyn Kane and Richard Keeton, Rockbridge Elementary, 1987-1988
1042DeKalb County Literature, Four and a half weeks, Joint Kane, S. and Keeton, R. Vanderlyn Elementary, March 1986-October 1987
1043DeKalb County Literature, Nine weeks, Phillip DePoy Westchester Elementary, March 1987-March 1988
1044DeKalb County Nancy Creek Elementary Russell Everett Visual Art Eighteen Weeks, February-June 1988
1045DeKalb County Westchester Elementary, Phillip DePoy, Literary, January-July 1988
1046[DeKalb County "Unknown Words" by Westchester Elementary and G.C.A. and Newspaper Article], 1988
1047DeKalb County Split Eighteen weeks, Kane and Keeton, Literary, Rockbridge Elementary, 1988
1101DeKalb County Vanderlyn Elementary Kane and Keeton, Literary, October 1987-May 1988
1102DeKalb County Theater, Nine weeks, Bryan, Immaculate Heart of Mary School, February 1987-August 1988
1103DeKalb County, Literature, Nine weeks, joint Sharyn Kane and Richard Keeton Ashford Park, February 1986-August 1987
1104DeKalb County, Literature, three weeks, Dennis Reed, Allgood Elementary, February 1986-May 1987
1105DeKalb County Literature Four and a half weeks, Sharyn Kane and Richard Keeton, Rowland Elementary, February 1986-April 1987
1106DeKalb County Visual, Nine weeks, Libby Nagle Oak Grove Elementary, February 1986-July 1987
1107DeKalb County Literature Nine weeks Ronnog Seaberg, Stone Mountain Elementary, February 1986-April 1987
1108Final Report for Immaculate Heart of Mary School Ronnog Seaberg, 1986-1987
1109DeKalb County, Theater, Eighteen weeks McClary, Tom Rockbridge Elementary, February 1985-June 1986
1110DeKalb County Theater, Two weeks Raskin, Kenny Immaculate Heart of Mary School, 1986
1111DeKalb County Literature, Nine weeks Lovelace, Alice Hambrick Elementary, February-November 1985
1112DeKalb County Crafts, twelve weeks Nolley, Willie Georgia Retardation Center, February 1985-July 1985
1113Dunwoody Elementary School Final Report, 1985
1114Dunwoody Daydreams by Dunwoody Elementary School Students, 1985
1115DeKalb County Music, Nine weeks Oliverio, Jim Emory University, April 1984-May 1985
1116DeKalb County Mime, Nine weeks, Raskin, Kenny Hambrick Elementary, September1984-June 1985
1117DeKalb County Visual, nine weeks Cato, Tom Medlock Elementary, 1984-1985
1118DeKalb County Literature, Nine weeks, joint Kane, S. and Keeton, R. Dunwoody Elementary, March 1984-March 1985
1119DeKalb County, Huntley Hills Six weeks, Cheryl Carson, February 1989-January 1990
1120DeKalb County, Lively School, Six weeks Tom Cato, Visual, March 1989-July 1990
1121DeKalb County, Montgomery Elementary Tom Cato, Visual, February 1989-August 1990
1122DeKalb County Evansdale Elementary School, Six weeks Martha Burgess, Theatre, February 1990-March 1991
1123DeKalb County, Six weeks, Renée Brachfeld, Theatre, August 1990-May 1991
1124DeKalb County, Oglethorpe University, Six weeks, Frank Hunter, Photography, 1989-1991
1125[The Junior League of DeKalb County, Inc. Mailer], Undated
1126DeKalb County, Briar Vista Jeff Mather, Visual, Six weeks, January 1989-September 1990
1127DeKalb County, Evansdale Elementary, Six weeks, Sharyn Kane, Literary, February 1989-February 1990
1128DeKalb County, St. Thomas More, Six weeks, Martha Burgess, Theatre, 1989-1990
1129DeKalb County, Winonna Park Elementary Six weeks, M.A. Tripp, Photo, February 1989-August 1990
1130DeKalb County, Jolly Elementary, Six weeks, Pam Beagle-Daresta, Visual Arts, February 1990-March 1991
1131DeKalb County, Livsey, Six weeks, Jeff Mather, Visual Arts, February 1990-February 1991
1132DeKalb County, Hawthorne, Six weeks, Jeff Mather, Visual Arts, 1990-1991
1133DeKalb County, Montgomery, Six weeks, Dance and Visual Arts, February 1990-August 1991
1201DeKalb County, Hawthorne Nine weeks, Waitman and Rosenblum Theatre, February 1991-June 1992
1202DeKalb County Northwoods Montessori, Three weeks, Music Witt, February 1991-June 1992
1203Fayette County, Oak Grove, Three weeks, Visual Arts, Ramirez, February 1991-June 1992
1204Rome, SE Elementary Six weeks, Deborah Ferguson, Theatre, March 1992-April 1993
1205DeKalb County Lovelace, Alice Medlock Elementary Literature, Two weeks, September 1983-May 1984
1206Edward Wilson Two week residency at Montgomery School, January-February 1981
1207Edward Wilson 86A $1,000.00, P/CW Montgomery School Two weeks , January 19, 1981-January 30,1981
1208DeKalb County, Music, Nine weeks Haymes, Bill St. Thomas More, March 1983-June 1984
1209Phillip Carpenter Mountain Park Elementary , October-November 1985
1210"I can't," John McClellan, Newspaper Article, 1984
1211"Artists Draw Creativity from Schools," The Atlanta Journal , March 23, 1987
1212"Artists 'Schooling' Communities," The Atlanta Constitution, March 23, 1987
1213Thanksgiving Corn Ceremony, Telfair County High School Art Project, 1981
1214Walter Griffin Two week Poetry, Hawkinsville 56A $1000, September 1978-March 1979
1215[Final Reports and Rating Sheets 1 out of 2], 1973-1990
1216[Final Reports and Rating Sheets 2 out of 2], 1973-1990
1217Dougherty County, Westover High School, Twelve weeks, Al Masarik, February 1988-April 1989
1218Sara Smith School AIS, 1980
1219AIS-Craft Component Midterm Residency Evaluation for Susan Starr-Weaver Eastman Elementary Dodge County Third and Fourth Grade, October 26, 1979
1220AIS-Craft Component Nine weeks Residency Evaluation for Susan Starr-Weaver Eastman Elementary Dodge County Third and Fourth grade, December 18. 1979
1221Dodge County 4A Artists-In-Schools $1600 Eastman, 1978-1979
1222Susan Starr AIS, 1979-1980
1223[Dodge County Needs Assessment and Beth Bolgla Rice Final Report], 1980-1981
1224Dougherty County Literature, Eighteen weeks Seaberg, Ronnog Dough and Monroe High School, March 1987-May 1988
1225Dougherty County, Charles Levendosky two week residency AIS, 1980
1226Dougherty County Poetry and Creative Writing 46A $465, January-May 1980
1227Dougherty County Pauline Fisher, January-May 1981
1228Dougherty County Lincoln Heights Sixth Grade Center, 1981
1229[Final Report Artist-in-Residence Program Lincoln Heights Sixth Grade Center], 1981
1230[Dougherty County Albany Junior College Erb, Larry], 1981
1231Dougherty County Ronnog Seaberg Report, January-May 1988
1232Douglas County Mime, two weeks Hughes, Sandra Douglas County High School, September 1982-March 1983
1233Sandra Hughes Final Report Mime Residency Two weeks Douglas County High School, May 1983
1234Effingham County Central Junior High Crafts Lynn Marie, January 19-May 22 1981
1235[Final Report for Elizabeth Cain and Dorothy Eckmann Central Junior High], 1982
1236Effingham County Eighteen weeks, Crafts Eckmann, Dorothy , January-July 1982
1237Eckmann, Dorothy Central Junior High, June 1982
1301Fannin County 1A Artists-in-Schools $1600 Blue Ridge FY79, 1978-1979
1302Fannin County Susan Muse, Crafts, August 1979-January 1980
1303Floyd County Med, Nine weeks Brister, John Alto Park School FY88, March 1987-April 1988
1304Final Report Alto Park School Rome, GA Artist John Brister FY88, January 4-March 4 1988
1305Floyd County School and Community Reports John Brister Alto Park Elementary, March 1988
1306Floyd County Crafts, Three weeks Harrison, Polly Garden Lakes Elementary FY88 , 1987-1988
1307Floyd County Nine weeks Bond Anderson, Johnson Elementary Music FY89, February 1988-May 1989
1308Floyd County Crafts, Three weeks Perry, Lyn Riverside Elementary FY87, February 1986-July 1987
1309Floyd County Final Report Garden Lakes Elementary Rome GA Polly Harrison FY88, 1987-1988
1310Fulton County, Garden Hills, Theater, Dee Wagner FY89, March 1988-February 1989
1311Fulton County, St. Anthony, Three weeks, Pam Beagle-Daresta Visual Arts FY89, February 1988-May 1989
1312Fulton County Final Report Michael Velkovich Artist In Education James L. Riley Elementary, August-December 1983
1313Residency Reports Wini McQueen Atlanta and Jackson FY88, 1979-1980
1314Jon Sundell FY81, July 1980-December 1981
1315Fulton County Theater, Nine weeks Imhotep, Akbar St. Anthony School FY88, February 1987-June 1988
1316Fulton County Literature Three weeks DePoy, Phillip St. Jude the Apostle FY88, 1987-1988
1317Final Report St. Jude the Apostle Atlanta, GA Artist Phillip DePoy FY87, September 28-October 16, 1987
1318Fulton County Theater, Twelve weeks Sklar, Daniel Garden Hills Elementary FY87, February 1986-July 1987
1319Fulton County Crafts, Two Weeks Stangler, Carol St. Anthony FY86, March 1985-May 1986
1320Fulton County Visual, Nine weeks Quinn, John The Children's School FY86, February 1985-May 1986
1321Fulton County Literature, Nine weeks, Joint Kane, Sharyn and Keeton, Rick Garden Hills FY86, March 1985-March 1986
1322Fulton County Mime, Two weeks Hughes, Sandra The Children's School FY85, May-December 1984
1323Fulton County Michael Velkovich Visual Arts Garden Hills Elementary, 1984-1985
1324Fulton County Visual Eighteen weeks Velkovich, Michael Garden Hills Elementary FY85, April 1984-February 1985
13.25Fulton County Theater, Nine weeks McClary, Tom High Point Elementary FY85, February 1984-June 1985
1326Fulton County Crafts, Eighteen weeks Petrirena, Mario Humphries Elementary FY85, May-October 1984
1327Fulton County Theater, Nine weeks FY85 Braune, Irmgarde St. Jude, March 1984-March 1985
1328Fulton County Mime, Two Weeks FY84 Kemp, Randy High Meadows, January 1983-January 1984
1329Fulton County Midterm Report Gail Whatley AIS-Harper Elementary, January-June 1990
1330Fulton County Visual Eighteen Weeks FY84 Velkovich, Michael James L. Riley Elementary, August 1983-January 1984
1331 Fulton County Theater, Eighteen weeks Hilke, Glenn Slaton Elementary , January-July 1982
1332Residency Site Final Evaluation, Community Michael Velkovich , 1983-1984
1333[Student Drawings], Undated
1334[Letters from Scottish Rite Children's Hospital regarding Michael Velkovich], November 14-17, 1983
1335Atlanta City Schools Crafts 30A $850, 1978-1980
1336Fulton County 93-1: Atlanta, Inman Middle School, Nine weeks, Lan Waitman, Theatre, March 1992-January 1993
1337Fulton County FY92 Morningside Nine weeks Mather and Sherrill Visual Arts, February 1991-June 1992
1338Fulton County FY91 Garden Hills, Six Weeks, Dance, February 1990-September 1991
1339Fulton County FY91 Morningside, Six weeks Renée Brachfeld, February 1990-June 1991
1340Fulton County FY90, Atlanta School Three weeks Ronnog Seaberg, Literary, February 1989-January 1990
1341Fulton County FY90, St. Anthony Three weeks Polly Harrison, Crafts, February 1989-May 1990
1342Fulton County FY90. Morningside Three Melanie Rowls, Literary, February 1989-August 1990
1343Glynn County FY89, St. Simons Twelve weeks Jack Nisbet (P/CW), March 1988-January 1989
1344Glynn County Jane Macon Middle School Betty Smith Twenty Day Residency, November 1982-February 1983
1345Glynn County Visual, Eight weeks, FY88, Everett Russell St. Simons Elementary, February-December 1987
1346Glynn County Final Report St. Simons Elementary School Russell Everett , August-September 1987
1347Glynn County Theater, Nine weeks, FY84 King, George Glynn Academy, January 1983-June 1984
1348Glynn County Folk, Four weeks FY83 Smith, Betty J. Macon Middle, February 1981-December 1982
1349Glynn County FY91 St. Simons, Nine weeks, Randy Taylor, Theatre, February 1990-August 1991
1350Glynn County FY90 St. Simons Elementary Twelve weeks, Music, Jean Crépeau , February 1989-July 1990
1401Gwinnett County, FY'89, Camp Creek Three weeks Dena Malon (TH), February-November 1988
1402Gwinnett County Visual, Nine weeks Carpenter, Phillip Mt. Park Elementary FY86, February 1985-June 1986
1403Gwinnett County Theater, Nine weeks, FY84 Burch, Milbre Annadale, February 1983-May 1984
1404Gwinnett County Visual, Eighteen Weeks FY82 Velkovich, Michael B.B. Harris, March 1981-November 1982
1405Final Report Michael Velkovich Aritist-in-Residence Duluth, Gwinnett County, B.B. Harris Elementary, August 1981-January 1982
1406Gwinnett County 93-10c: Norcross Elementary nine weeks, Alice Lovelace, Literature, August 1992-June 1993
1407Gwinnett County 93-10d Norton Elementary Three weeks, Jeff Mather, Visual, July 1992-June 1993
1408Gwinnett County 93-10a: Gwin Oaks Elementary Three weeks, Jeff Mather, Visual, March 1992-May 1993
1409Gwinnett County FY92 Gwin Oaks Three Weeks Wagner Theatre, February 1991-March 1992
1410Gwinnett County Milbre Burch, Storytelling FY84 Annadale Village, January-March 1984
1411Gwinnett County 2A Artists-in-Schools Lawrenceville $1600 , September 1979
1412Gwinnett County Mt. Park, Visual Arts FY91 George Lea, March 1990-February 1991
1413Gwinnett County, Folk, Lilburn Elementary FY91 Maggie Holtzberg, Call et. all, February 1990-July 1991
1414Gwinnett County Richards Middle, Six weeks, Kane and Keeton, Writing, February 1990-August 1991
1415Gwinnett County FY92 B.B. Harris, Three weeks, Literature, Douglas, February 1991-June 1992
1416Gwinnett County FY92 Norcross Elementary, Three weeks, Literature, Nisbet, February 1991-June 1992
1417Gwinnett County FY'92 Richards Middle Thompson, Stephens, Theatre Nine weeks, February 1991-June 1992
1418Gwinnett County FY'90, Peachtree Elementary, Three weeks, Michael Velkovich, Visual, February 1989-September 1990
1419Gwinnett County, B.B. Harrison Six weeks Rick Keeton, Literary FY'90, March 1989-January 1990
1420Gwinnett County, FY'90, Richards Middle, Three weeks Jack Nisbet, Literary, February 1989-March 1990
1421Gwinnett County Barbara Hanger, Paper-making, Gwin Oaks Elementary, FY'80, October 1979-January 1980
1422Habersham County Board of Education FY93 Not funded, 1993
1423Habersham County Literature, Three weeks, FY86 DePoy, Phillip Habersham Central High School, February 1985-March 1986
1424Habersham County Literature, Eighteen weeks FY85 Seaberg, Ronnog Habersham County High, February 1984-May 1985
1425Habersham County Dance, Eighteen Weeks FY84 Lewis, Annette Habersham Central High School, May 1983-May 1984
1426Habersham County Theater, Eighteen weeks FY83 McClary, Tom Habersham county Central High School, January 1982-January 1994
1427Habersham County Mime, Two weeks, FY83 Wagner, Dee North Haber Junior High , September 1982-February 1983
1428Hall County, Sardis Elementary, FY90, J.J. Reneaux, Theatre, February 1989-March 1990
1429[Office of Planning and Budget Form], December 15, 1981
1430Hall County Music, Nine weeks FY88 Dandurand, John Lanier Elementary , March 1987-October 1988
1431Hall County Final Report Lanier Elementary Gainesville, GA Artist John Dandurand , October 4-December 4, 1988
1432Hall County Theater, nine weeks FY87 Smith, Mary Ann Lanier Elementary , February 1986-January 1987
1433Habersham County Schools Poetry and Creative Writing 15A $1600, 1978-1979
1434Hall County Visual, Nine weeks FY86 Spivey, Gina Lanier Elementary, January 1985-January 1986
1435Hall County Literature, Two weeks FY85 Seaberg, Ronnog Lanier Elementary, January 1984-October 1984
1436Hall County Theater, Nine weeks Stauffer, Michael FY82 Gainesville Junior College, February-May 1982
1437Hall County Janeila Howalt, Weaving FY'81 Gainesville City Schools, 1978-1981
1438Hall County Laurie Raskin Theater FY'80 Gainesville Middle ESAA, December 1977-February 1980
1501Artist in Education, Gainesville GA Michael Stauffer , January-March 1982
1502Hancock Board of Education Meeting Minutes, January 5, 1978
1503[Charles Mann Final Report Hancock County, Southwest Elementary], 1979
1504Steve Steinman 96A Visual Arts Free Two Week $1000, April 17, 1980
1505Hart County Walter Griffin AIS 41A $230.00, February 1980
1506Hart County 48A Poetry and Creative Writing $50.00 , 1980
1507[Houston County Board of Education, Houston Arts Alliance Correspondences and Warner Robbins Mailer], November 6, 1990-February 6, 1990
1508Houston County FY'92 Shirley Hills Three weeks Visual Arts, Fine Crafts, Dropped out, January-August 1991
1509Irwin County School System 64A Music Eighteen weeks $1600, 1980
1510Irwin County Phillip Carpenter, Visual Arts Irwin County Middle FY'84, 1984
1511Irwin County Music, Nine weeks FY83 Herman, Martin Irwin County Middle, 1982
1512Irwin County Literature, Two weeks Kane, Sharyn Irwin County Elementary FY83, April 1982-July 1983
1513Sharyn Kane Final Report Ocilla, 1983
1514Irwin County Bond Anderson, Music Irwin County High FY80, January-June 1980
1515Irwin County Visual Nine weeks and Nine weeks FY84 Carpenter, Phillip Irwin County Elementary and Middle Schools, October 1983-January 1984
1516Jefferson County FY84 Literature, Two weeks Zinck, Catherine Louis Ville Academy, September 1983-August 1984
1517Lamar County Board of Education ESAA application, Undated
1518ESAA Program Midterm Report Judy Atwater-Minter Artist-in-Residence, 1980
1519Lamar County Music Eighteen weeks Mann, Charles FY82 Lamar County Comprehensive High School, January-July 1982
1520Lanier County Theater, Eighteen weeks FY82 Shibona, Toby Lanier Primary, February-June 1982
1521Lanier County Judy Atwater Graham Theater Lanier County High School FY81 ESAA, 1980-1981
1522Lanier County Joanne Greene, opera Lanier County Middle FY80 FY80 ESAA, January-June 1980
1523Lanier County Artist-In-Residence Program Community Program Evaluation Report, 1980-1981
1524Lanier County, Lanier Three weeks FY'92 Visual Arts Pam Beagle-Daresta, February 1982-June 1992
1525Lanier County, Lanier County High School Three weeks Al Masarik, Literary, February 1989-March 1991
1526Laurens County, Three weeks Ele. 12 Ferguson, Nine weeks, Carter, three weeks Visual Arts, February 1988-May 1989
1527Lee County Artist-in-Schools Leesburg 3A $1600 , 1978-1979
1528Lee County Literature, two weeks FY84 DePoy, Phillip Lee County Elementary, May-June 1984
1529Lee County Gena Spivey, Painting FY81 Lee County Elementary , August 1980-January 1981
1530Lee County Elizabeth Cain Painting Leesburg Elementary, 1981
1531[Lee County Milbre Burch Final Report 1 out of 2], 1983
1532[Lee County Milbre Burch Final Report 2 out of 2], 1983
1533Lee County Suzy Ferriss Visual Art FY82 Lee County Elementary Artist's Report, January-May 1982
1534Lee County Suzy Ferriss, Visual Arts Lee County Elementary , January 11-May 14, 1982
1535Lumpkin County Lee, Evan Theater, Nine weeks Lumpkin Elementary FY85, April 1984-October 1985
1601Office of Planning and Budget Personnel Transaction, January 6, 1991
1602Mitchell County Visual, Eighteen weeks FY82 Connally, Dan Pelham City Schools, January-July 1982
1603Morgan County, M.C. Primary FY89, Three weeks Folk Arts Program, Holtzberg, February 1988-March 1989
1604[Muscogee County School District Super Intendent Letter to Charles Leonard], February 2, 1978
1605Architect-in-School Columbus, Georgia Site Hardaway High School, 1980
1606Muscogee County FY'89, Shaw High School Three weeks Robin Childers CP, W, March 1988-June 1989
1607Muscogee County Theater, Three weeks FY88 Porter, Brenda Rothschild Junior HIgh, March 1987-April 1988
1608Muscogee County Visual, Three weeks, FY87 Beagle-Daresta, Pam Fort Junior High , October 1979-June 1987
1609Muscogee County FY'89 Ft. Benning, F.R. Loyd Three weeks Rick Keeton (P/CW), March-October 1988
1610Lee County Theater, Twelve Weeks Burch, Milbre FY83 Lee County Elementary, January 1982-June 1983
1611Lee County Literature, Music, two and two weeks, FY85 Dragonwagon, C., Haymes, B. Lee County Elementary, April 1984-July 1985
1612Muscogee County Mime, Two weeks FY86 Smith, Mary Ann Daniel and Eddy Junior Highs , February 1985-May 1986
1613Muscogee County Photo, Two Weeks Erb, Larry FY85 Columbus High , February 1984-February 1985
1614Muscogee County Mime, Two weeks FY84 Hughes, Sandra Richards Junior High , January 1983-March 1984
1615Muscogee county Schools 7E Artists-in-Residence Columbus, 1978-1979
1616Muscogee County Schools 65E Architecture, Env. Arts Eighteen weeks $1850, March-May 1980
1617Muscogee County Charles Levendosky 47A 11,10-11,21, P, CW, AIS, January-November 1980
1618Charles Levendosky Poetry Muscogee County , November-December 1980
1619Louis Skelton, April-July 1980
1620George Folkes ESAA, September-October 1979
1621Rosemary Daniell Two weeks Residency Columbus GA, 1981
1622The Brookstone School 4A Folk Arts $500 , 1979-1980
1623D.X. Gordy $1400 43A Brookstone School Folk Arts Columbus, GA, January 1980-March 1982
1624Rosemary Daniell 87A $1000.00 P/CW Brookstone School Two weeks, February 1981
1625 Muscogee County Folk, Four weeks FY87 Gordy, D.X. Brookstone School, March 1981-April 1982
1626[Marty Herman Eighteen weeks Brookstone], January-May 1981
1627Theater, Eighteen weeks, Muscogee County FY83 McClary, Tom Brookstone School, June 1982-September 1983
1628Literature, two weeks Muscogee County FY83 DePoy, Phillip Brookstone School, September 1982-October 1983
1629Visual, Twelve weeks, Muscogee County FY86 Halsey-Dutton, Bonnie Brookstone, February 1985-February 1987
1630["Music on the grounds," Columbus Ledger-Enquirer and Reese Road Elementary Poetry Collection], March 29-April 19, 1991
1631Muscogee County, Reese Road Elementary, Nine weeks, Jack Nisbet, Literature 93-12c, March 1992-February 1993
1632 Muscogee County 93-12d, St. Anne's School Three weeks, Matthew Shelton, Music, March 1992-June 1993
1633 Muscogee County 93-12e, Wynnton Elementary Fifteen weeks, Randy M.A. Deb, Theater, March 1992-May 1993
1634Muscogee County Fy92 St. Anne Three weeks Literature Douglas, February 1991-June 1992
1635 Muscogee County FY92 Brookstone, Three weeks, Folk Arts , March 1991-June 1992
1636 Muscogee County FY92 Reese Road, Nine weeks B. Johns , March 1989-December 1991
1637Muscogee County FY92 Gentian Nine weeks H. Heath , March 1991-February 1992
1638Muscogee County FY90, F.R. Loyd Nine weeks Ronnog Seaberg, Literary, October 1989-August 1990
1639Muscogee County FY92 Matthews Elementary, Three weeks Music S. Ainslie , February 1991-January 1992
1640Muscogee County, Carver High School FY90 Three weeks, February-July 1989
1641Muscogee County FY90 Reese Road Elementary Nine weeks Bill Johns Theater, February 1989-March 1990
1642Muscogee County FY'92 Blanchard Nine weeks Visual Arts Marcelle P., March 1991-December 1991
1643Muscogee County, 93-12b, Matthews Elementary, Nine weeks, Mary Ann Smith, Theater, March 1992-March 1993
1644Muscogee County FY91 Reese Road Bond Anderson Music, February 1990-April 1991
1701Muscogee County FY91 Blanchard, Eighteen weeks, Randy Taylor, Lesley Roberts, Theater, February 1990-May 1991
1702Newton County, E. Newton, Twelve weeks, FY89, Lee Knight Music, March 1988-June 1989
1703Newton County Joanne McGhee 97A Dance Free Two Week, April 7, 1980
1704Newton County Chris Curran 110A 1000 Theater Free Two Week, May 19-May 29, 1980
1705Pelham City School System FY96 Partnership "Grant" P.B. Rich Elementary 1500, 1995-1996
1706Pelham City School System Gail Whatley, Pottery FY81 ESAA, September 1980-January 1981
1707Pickens County School System Jim Oliverio Two week Free 800, 99A, April 28, 1980
1708Pierce County, Patterson Elementary FY92 Nine weeks, Theater Perrone, February 1991-May 1992
1709Pierce County Crafts, Three weeks FY78 Perry, Lyn Patterson Elementary , February 1986-May 1987
1710Pike County, Charles Mann, Composer FY81 Pike County Elementary ESAA, January-June 1981
1711Pike County Mime, Two weeks FY84 Hickey, Mike Pike County Middle, January-August 1984
1712Pike County, Pike County Elementary School Crafts, Eighteen weeks FY83 Bolga, Beth, March 1982-September 1983
1713Pike County Literature, Eighteen weeks, FY83 DePoy, Phillip Pike County Middle School, August 8-August 17 1981
1714Pike County Tony Shibond, Theater FY80 Pike County High , June, 7 1980
1715Pike County Artist in Education ESAA Charles Mann, January-May 1981
1716Pike County Elementary School In-School Coordinator Connie Williams, June 5, 1981
1717Phillip DePoy Writer in Residence Pike County Middle School, August-December 1981
1718Pike County Community Coordinator Nancy Moore Final Report ESAA Phillip DePoy, August 1981-February 1982
1719Putnam County FY89, Middle, Eighteen weeks, Sandi Walker, Cancelled, March 1987-August 1988
1720Putnam County Visual, Nine weeks FY87 Everett, Russell Butler-Baker Elementary, March 1986-March 1987
1721Pulaski County, Pulaski County Schools 47A Poetry and Creative Writing , 1979-1980
1722Slides of "Works on Paper from South and North Elementary Schools Pelham Dan Connally ESAA", 1982
1723Rabun County FY84 Literature, Eighteen weeks, DePoy, Phillip Rabun County High, April 1983-June 1984
1724[Richmond County Errol Mobutu Reynolds Artist-in-Residence Dorothy Hains Elementary School], October 1979-March 1980
1725Richmond County Artists-in-Residence Anthony M. Bingham, January-May 1981
1726Richmond County Mime, Three weeks FY88 Harris, Steve Lake Forest Elementary, April 1987-May 1988
1727Richmond County Visual, Nine weeks FY87 Everett, Russell A. Brian Merry Elementary, January-November 1986
1728[Richmond County Errol Mobutu Reynolds Artist-in-Residence A. Dorothy Hains , December 1979
1729Richmond County FY91, Garrett, Joint Four and a half weeks Mark and Leah Ritchie, Visual Arts, FC, February-December 1990
1730Richmond County FY90 T.H. Garrett Twelve weeks Holly Hanessian, Crafts, February-December 1989
1731Rabun County 93-14: Community School Three weeks, Renée Brachfeld, Theater, March-December 1992
1732Richmond County Beth Bolga Augusta, Georgia Levi White Middle School, 1982
1733A. Brian Merry Elementary Final Report Russell Everett Nine weeks, 1986
1734Richmond County Theater, Nine weeks, FY87 Persons, Donna Warren Road Elementary, March 1986-July 1987
1735Peggy Wamsted Warren Road C.C. Jennifer Carrasco, 1985-1986
1736Richmond County Visual, Eighteen weeks, FY86, Carrasco, Jennifer Mc. Warren Road Elementary, February-December 1985
1737Richmond County, Crafts, Eighteen weeks FY83 Nathan Harris Barton Chapel, August 1982-September 1983
1738Richmond County Crafts, Eighteen weeks FY82 Bolga, Beth Levi White Elementary, February-July 1982
1739Richmond County Schools 5E Artist-in-Residence Augusta, August=September 1979
1740Rockdale County FY91 Pine Street, Six weeks, Lamar Wood, Visual Arts, February1990-January 1991
1741Rockdale County Chris Curran Free Two Week, June 1980
1742Spalding County FY89: Kelsey Av. Bryan Thompson Theater, March 1988-August 1989
1743Spalding County FY89 Jackson Three weeks, Kay Rosenblum Road Elementary, March 1988-May 1989
1744[Final Report William Prankard Third Ward School], August 17-December 29.1982
1745Spalding County FY86 Music, Nine weeks Anderson, Bond Third Ward Elementary, March 1985-May 1986
1746Spalding County Literature, two weeks, FY85 Lovelace, Alice Third Ward School, April-October 1984
1747Spalding County Visual, Eighteen weeks, FY84 Everett, Russell Third Ward Elementary, January-December 1983
1748Spalding County FY83 Visual, Eighteen weeks Prankard, Bill Third Ward Elementary, February-October 1982
1749Stephens County FY84 Folk Art, Four weeks Anthony, Ruby Nell Carnes Creek Elementary, February 1983-February 1984
1750Stephens County FY83 Folk, Crafts, Four weeks, Rees, S. and Erhardt, C. Carnes Creek Elementary, February 1982-February 1983
1801Stephens County Visual, Eighteen weeks, FY82 Spivey, Gena Toccoa Elementary , August-December 1981
1802[Slides from Gena Spivey's Residency at Toccoa Elementary], 1981
1803Gena Spivey Final Report, 1981
1804Toccoa Elementary Artist in Residence: Gena Spivey In School Coordinator: Grace Duvall , January 1982
1805Sumter County FY86 Literature, Two weeks Shivers, Louise Georgia Southwestern College, February-December 1985
1806Sumter County FY91 Sumter Twelve weeks Beth Ensign, Visual Arts, February 1990-June 1991
1807Sumter County, Sarah Cobb, FY90, Three weeks Meg Anderson, Crafts, February 1989-August 1990
1808[Tattnall County FY89 Crafts, Twelve weeks Toni Carlucci], March 1988-April 1989
1809Telfair County Visual, Eighteen weeks FY83 Kelman, Edith Telfair County High], August 1981-January 1982
1810Telfair County, Supplemental Information Edith Kelman ESAA Artist-in-Residence, August-December 1981
1811[Telfair County Edith Kelman Polaroids], 1981
1812[Telfair county Tommy Beacham Photographs], October 1981
1813[Telfair County Photographs], 1981
1814[Telfair County Artist-in-Residence Edith Kelman Photographs], 1981
1815[Telfair County Phillip DePoy Final Report Annie Belle Clark School], January-June 1981
1816Telfair County Edith Kelman ESAA Program Artist-in-Residence Crafts Component , August 24-December 25, 1981
1817Tift County Literature, Two weeks FY82 DePoy, Phillip Annie Belle Clark Elementary, January 1981-February 1982
1818Tift County Bond Anderson FY82 Charles Spencer Elementary, February 1982-February 1983
1819Tift County Music, Sixteen weeks FY83 Mann, Charles Spencer School, April 1982-June 1983
1820Tom McClary Theater Tift County Lastinger FY85, March 1984-March 1985
1821Tift County Literature, Two weeks FY85 Evans, Paul Tift County High, April-December 1984
1822Tift County Crafts, Eighteen weeks FY84 Petrirena, Mario Len Lastinger, February 1983-March 1985
1823Tift County Literature, Two weeks FY84 Dragonwagon, Crescent Len Lastinger , January 1984-March 1985
1824Linda Paige Len Lastinger Photos from Adult Jazz Workshop and Photos with Core Group, 1989
1825Tift County FY87 Toni Carlucci Annie Belle Clark, Weaving, January-March 1987
1826[Tift County Photographs Dance], Undated
1827Tift County FY87 Crafts, Nine weeks Carlucci, Toni Annie Belle Clark Elementary , January 1986-June 1987
1828Tift County John Dandurand Artist-in-Education Len Lastinger School, February 1986-June 1987
1829Tift County Harris Nathan Potter Annie Belle Clark FY88 , February 1987-May 1988
1830Tift County Linda Paige Dance Len Lastinger FY89, February-December 1988
1831Tift County FY89 Annie Belle Clark Elementary, Twelve weeks, Jack Nisbet FY82 Phillip DePoy, May 1981-March 1989
1832Summary Report on the Artists-in-Schools Resident Poet Phillip DePoy, January 23-May 29, 1981
1833Tift County FY92 Omega Elementary, Three weeks Visual Arts Polly Harrison, February 1991-June 1992
1834Tift County FY92, Twelve weeks S. Andree Crafts Lastinger, March 1991-June 1992
1835Tift County FY92 Charles Spencer Three weeks, Harrison, Visual Arts, Fine Crafts, February 1991-June 1992
1836Tift County FY92 Annie Belle Clark Elementary, March-April 1991
1837FY92 Matt Wilson, Tift County, Eighteen weeks Theater, February 1991-May 1992
1838Tift County, Omega Elementary, Three weeks, Mary Ann Smith, Theater, March 8-26 1983
1839Tift County 93-17A, G.O. Bailey Elementary, twelve weeks, Serey Andree, Visual , March 1992-June 1993
1840Tift County 93-17b, Annie Belle Clark Elementary, Twelve weeks, Griswold, Maschinot, Literature, May 1991-June 1993
1901Treutlen County, Summary of a two week AIS residency, Treutlen Elementary Soperten, GA Barbara Hanger artist, May 5-15, 1980
1902Treutlen County Barbara Hanger Two weeks Free Residency 800 98A, April 26, 1980
1903[Troup County Sharyn Kane and Rick Keeton Literature Dunson Elementary], January-May 1984
1904[Troup County Richard Keeton LaGrange Boy's Junior High and Westside Girl's Junior High], 1984
1905LaGrange Artist in Education Evaluation, 1984
1906Troup County Theater, Eighteen weeks FY84 Braune, Irmgarde LaGrange College, February 1983-June 1984
1907Troup County Literature, Eighteen weeks FY84 Kane, S. Keeton, R. LaGrange Schools , February 1983-May 1984
1908Troup County Literature, Eighteen weeks FY83 DePoy, Phillip LaGrange School System, January 1982-May 1983
1909LaGrange Phillip DePoy, 1982-1983
1910Troup County Literature, Two weeks FY83 Hammer, Adam Troup County High, October-November 1982
1911Toombs County Vidalia 93-19 Dickerson Primary Three weeks, Jeff Mather, Visual, March 1992-June 1993
1912Toombs County, Toombs Central, Three weeks, Polly Harrison, Visual, March 1992-June 1993
1913Toombs County, Toombs County High School, Three weeks, Crafts, Gregor Turk FY92, March 1991-April 1992
1914Upson County 93-16 E. Thomaston Elementary, Nine weeks, Mona Waterhouse, Visual, March-December 1992
1915Upson County 93-16, Upson County Elementary Nine weeks, Nancy Carter, Visual , December 1992-April 1993
1916FY92 R.E. Lee, Upson, Upson County, Eighteen weeks, Jack Nisbet, Seaberg, Literature, February 1991-June 1992
1917Upson High School FY91, Upson, Nine weeks, Winter, Ronnog Seaberg, Writing, March 1990-June 1991
1918FY91 R.E. Lee Middle, Upson County, Nine weeks, Jack Nisbet, Writing, December 1990-August 1991
1919Walker County, Fairyland, FY89 Twelve weeks Russell Everett, Visual Arts, February 1988-February 1989
1920Walker County Literature, three weeks FY88 DePoy, Phillip Fairyland Elementary, April 1987-April 1988
1921Walker County, Rossville Middle 93-20, Twelve weeks, DeAnn Collins, Dance, March 1992-June 1993
1922Walker County FY92 Rossville Twelve weeks Lovelace and Seaberg Literature, March 1991-June 1992
1923[Walker County Final Report Fairyland], 1988
1924Walker County FY92 Chattanooga Valley Three weeks Folk Art, March 1991-June 1992
1925Walker County FY91 Chattanooga, Twelve weeks, Jean Crépeau, Music , February 1990-August 1991
1926Walker County FY91 Rossville Middle, Twelve weeks, Chris Gegen, Media, March 1990-August 1991
1927Walker County North LaFayette, Fortune, Jack Nisbet, Six weeks, Ronnog Seaberg, Six weeks, March-November 1990
1928Walker County FY'90, North LaFayette Jack Nisbet, Literary, February 1989-July 1990
1929Walker County FY'90 Chattanooga Nine weeks Polly Harrison, Visual, February 1989-July 1990
1930Walker County, Fairyland FY'90 Twelve weeks Larry Erb and Bryan Thompson, February 1989-August 1990
1931Ware County FY'90, McDonald Street School Nine weeks Djimo Kouyate, Music, April 1989-January 1990
1932Ware County FY'89, Waycross High School Nine weeks Malkia Reid (P/CW), February 1988-February 1989
1933Ware County Free Two Week Walter Griffin 95A Poetry and Creative Writing, April 17, 1980
1934Washington County Folk, nine weeks FY87 various artists T.J. Elder, March 1986-July 1987
2001Washington County Music, Nine weeks, FY84, Blackman, Mark and Gary Two Washington County School, January-November 1983
2002Blackman Brothers' Article: Music Educators' Journal, October 1984
2003Washington County Music, Eighteen weeks FY86 Rechtman, Don Sandersville , January-May 1985
2004Washington County Literary, Two weeks FY85 Dragonwagon, Crescent Brentwood School, January 1984-March 1985
2005White County Music, Nine weeks Mann, Charles FY84 White County High School, June 1983-July 1984
2006White County FY'90 White County Middle , Eighteen weeks, Renée Brachfeld, Theatre, February 1989-September 1990
2007White County Dance, Eighteen weeks FY87 Wright, Pam White County Middle, February 1986-July 1987
2008White County Visual, Eighteen weeks FY85 Spivey, Gena White County Middle, March 1984-May 1985
2009White County Theater, Twelve weeks FY86 Braune, Irmgarde White County Middle, April 1985-April 1986
2010Final Report White County Middle Gena Spivey, September 1984-June 1985
2011Whitfield County 93-8: Dalton, City Park, Ft. Hill Nine weeks, Nisbet and Seaberg, Literary, March 1992-March 1993
2012Whitfield County FY'89 Whitfield County, Two middle Twelve weeks, Theater, John Schmedes, March 1988-March 1989
2013Whitfield County Literature, Two weeks FY84 Seaberg, Ronnog Tunnel Hill Elementary, September 1983-February 1984
2014Whitfield County 98-21 Cohutta Elementary School, Eighteen weeks, Harrison, Turk, Andree, Visual Arts, March 1992-June 1993
2015Whitfield County FY91 City Park and Ft. Hill, Dalton, Nine weeks Heather Heath, Theater, March 1990-August 1991
2016Whitfield County FY91 Southeast High School, Eighteen weeks, Bryan Thompson, Theater, March 1990-August 1991
2017Whitfield County FY'90 Westside Middle Nine weeks, March 1989-August 1990
2018Whitfield County, North Whitfield Middle School Nine weeks FY'90 Bill Johns, September-December 1989

Series IV: Publications

2101"Action Agenda" NEA, Getty Center, Kennedy Center, March 25-27, 1992
2102AEP "Learning Partnerships,", 2000-2001
2103AIE "Domains of Knowledge" Coordinators (from Jeanene), 2002
2104Arts in Education Primer NASAA, 1993
2105AIE Speeches, Joe Prince and Gary Young, October 28, 1983-March 17, 1988
2106"Alphabet Soup" Southern Arts Federation News and Southeast Regional Goals, 1995
2107Arts Edge Information, 2006
2108Arts Ed Net Introduction, 1996
2109AIE Program Overview and Artist Roster, c. 1997
2110Arts Education Partnership Report, January 17-18. 1989
2111"Asking the Right Questions" The Center for Arts in Basic Curriculum , May 1995
2112Atlanta Partnership for Arts and Learning, 2006-2007
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2119Crossing Paths: A Performing Arts Education Forum, November 6-9, 2003
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2127The Five Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask about Your Non-profit Organization, Drucker, Undated
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2129Fundraising Plans National Endowment for the Arts, 1998-2000
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Series V: Audiovisual

RBRL472-PD7_0001"Shonuff No Funny Stuff Love", 1981

Series VI: Oversized

01[Strategic Financial Planning Brainstorming], undated