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Reverend Richard G. Lee Papers

Reverend Richard G. Lee Papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Reverend Richard G. Lee Papers
Creator: Lee, Richard, 1946-
Inclusive Dates: 1980s-2000s
Language(s): English
Extent: 6 Linear Feet
Extent: 101 sound_recording(s)
Collection Number: RBRL466
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies

Collection Description

Biographical note

Dr. Richard G. Lee is the founding pastor of First Redeemer Church in Cumming, GA, former pastor of Rehoboth Baptist Church in Tucker, GA, host of the There's Hope America radio and television broadcasts, and author of numerous books and devotionals. Dr. Lee was born July 1, 1946 in Atlanta and received a BA in Psychology from Mercer University, a Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry from Luther Rice Seminary in Lithonia, GA, and a Ph.D. from the Graduate Theological Foundation. Throughout his career he has been active with the Southern Baptist Convention Pastor's Conference and the National Religious Broadcasters Association. Dr. Lee is known for this leadership on conservative Christian issues, such as the pro-life sanctity of life movement and protests against the film The Last Temptation of Christ.

Scope and Content

This collection documents the life and ministry of Reverend Dr. Richard G. Lee. It includes both personal and VIP correspondence, sermons notes, scripts and recordings from his radio show, There's Hope America, media coverage of the Reverend's activities, and a large number of photographs.

Organization and Arrangement

This collection is arranged in five series. Series I. Writings and Ministry contains documentation of Rev. Lee's work as pastor of First Redeemer Church, Rehoboth Baptist Church, and his radio broadcast, There's Hope America. Series II. Photographs contains photographs of Rev. Lee's life and work, including many with prominent conservative political figures. Series III. Artifacts contains a small number of three-dimensional objects that did not fit elsewhere in the collection. Series IV. Audiovisual contains recordings of Rev. Lee's radio show from 2003-2010, while Series V. Websites contains preserved webcrawls of the radio show's website,

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Conditions Governing Access

This collection contains audiovisual materials. Reference copies of the audiovisual recordings are available upon request. Research requests will be filled as soon as possible and will be dependent upon the condition of the recordings.

Web archives can be accessed by following the link to the UGA Libraries Archive-It instance, found with the website's listing in this finding aid.

Preferred citation

Rev. Richard G. Lee Papers. Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

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Finding Aid Publication

Finding Aid prepared by Robert Lay, 2022-11-28.

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Subject Terms

Conservatism -- United States.
Radio broadcasters -- Georgia.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Series I. Writings and Ministry

0101Personal Letters to Dr. Lee, 1996-2005
0102VIP Correspondence, 1987-2015
0103Promotional Items, undated
0104Southern Baptist Convention Pastor's Conference, 1991
0105Rehoboth Baptist Newsletter, Anniversary Issues, 1986-1995
0106The Christian Index Articles, 2005-2009
0107There's Hope for the Hungry, undated
0108Acts of Hope / There's Hope Newsletter, 2002-2005
0109News Clippings [1 of 2], 1987-2006
0110News Clippings [2 of 2], 1987-2006
0111Early Writings, undated
Parson's Point columns
0112There's Hope America Scripts, Episodes 1-163 [1 of 2], undated
0113There's Hope America Scripts, Episodes 1-163 [2 of 2], undated

Sub-series A. Sermons

0201List of Sermons, undated
0202The Bible - Can It Be Trusted, undated
0203Gaining Control of Your Mind (2 Corinthians 10:5), undated
0204Keeping the Crazy Out of Christmas (Isaiah 9:6), undated
0205Giving by Grace (2 Corinthians 8:1-4), undated
0206Conquering Conflicts (James 4:1-17), undated
0207You Too Can Have an Empty Tomb (Matthew 27:57-60), undated
0208The Mystery of the Christ Child (Matthew 1:23), undated
0209Happiness is in the House (Colossians 3:12-17), undated
0210The Truth About the Harvest (Mark 4:26), undated
0211Christ or the Antichrist (2 Thessalonians 2:10-17), undated
0212The Rest of God's People (Hebrews 4:9-11), undated
0213Hope When God Doesn't Heal (2 Corinthians 12:9), undated
0214Certainty About Salvation (1 John 2-3), undated
0215Covenant - Believer to Believer (John 13:35), undated
0216The Dearest Friend You'll Ever Have (John 16:7), undated
0217Christians and Politics, undated
0218America's Hope (Psalm 33:12, Psalm 9:17), undated
0219Master Your Emotions (1 John 2-3), undated
0220Finding Your Way Out - Fears (Mark 4:35-41), undated
0221Removing Prejudice - Replacing Love (James 2:1-13), undated
0222Reliving the Pressures of Parenthood, undated
0223Where Do We Find the Answer (John 20:30-31), undated
0224Walking Together with God (Amos 3:3), undated
0225What You See Is What You Get (Numbers 13:26-33), undated
0226King Jesus (Mark 1:1), undated
0227Generosity - Study #4: Moving Toward the Generous Life, undated
0228What It Means to Be Born Again (John 3:1-7), undated
0229When the Cheering Stopped (Matthew 21:1-11), undated
0230Laying Your Burden Down (1 John 1), undated
0231Taming the Tongue (James 3), undated
0232True Wealth (James 5:1-8), undated
0233Finding Freedom From Fear (Psalms 91:13-16), undated
0234Gaining Christian Maturity (John 4:46-53), undated
0235The Killing of Osama bin Laden - A Christian Response (Ezekiel 9:4-6, Matthew 5:44-46, Proverbs 24:17-20), [May 8, 2011)
0236Getting Ready for the Harvest (Genesis 41), undated
0237All I Want For Christmas Is: Salvation (2 Peter 1:16-21), undated
0238The Magic Name (Philemon 2:5-12, 3-9), undated
0239Beware of Joy Robbers (Colossians 2:16-3:12), undated
0240The Key to a Victorious Life - Stop Trying; Start Trusting (Ephesians 2:8-10), undated
0241The Stable God For an Unstable World (Romans 8:35-39), undated
0242Peace in the Midst of Pressure (Hebrews 11:24-25), undated
0243Winning the Battle of the Flesh (Romans 7:14-25), undated
0244Strength For a Strong Finish (1 Peter 5:5-8), undated
0245Time to Get Over the Past (Genesis 42-44, 45), undated
0246What Do We Know About Those In Heaven? Those In Hell?, undated
0247Justice Shall Prevail (Isaiah 9:6-7), Psalm 89:14), undated
0248Why Bother With the Blood (1 Peter 1:18-19), undated
0249The Power of the Blood of Jesus (Hebrews 9:22), undated
0250What in the World Is Going On? (Ephesians 6:10-12), undated
0251Lord Teach Us to Pray (Ephesians 6:10-18), undated
0252The Lost Souls, undated
0253A Lesson in Thankfulness (Psalm 92), undated
0254Jesus - Who is He? (Matthew 16:13-16), undated
0255The Power of a Blameless Life (1 Thessalonians 1-2:13), undated
0256How Could I Ever Be Like God? (1 Timothy 4:7-9), undated
0257Heaven's Process of Prayer (Romans 11:33-36), undated
0258A Picture of Salvation (1 Peter 1:8-12), undated
0259Jesus Is Praying For You (John 17:9-14), undated
0260It Pays to Believe God (Genesis 6-8), undated
0261The Power of a Little Thing (1 Kings 5:14), undated

Sub-series B. Books

01There's hope for the future: you can look forward confidently to what's ahead because God's promises are sure. Richard G. Lee, 1996
02The unfailing promise. Richard Lee, 1988
03No greater savior. Richard Lee and Ed Hindson, 1995
04God's promises for the American patriot. Dr. Richard G. Lee and Jack Countryman, 2011
05Issues of the heart. Richard Lee, 1990
06Lord send revival: my heart, in my home, in my church, and in my nation. Richard Lee, 1991
07There's hope for the hurting. Richard Lee, 1994
08Windows to the heart of God: words of hope from heaven. Richard Lee, 1996
09Miracles still happen: discovering God's power in your life, 1989
10The coming revolution: signs from America's past that signal our nation's future. Dr. Richard G. Lee, 2012
11In God we still trust. Dr. Richard G. Lee, 2009
12In God we still trust: a 365-day devotional. Dr. Richard G. Lee, 2010
12Windows of hope: 30 ways to let encouragement shine in, 1992
13The healing touch of Jesus: God's passion and power to make you whole. Dr. Richard Lee, 2000
14Young American patriot's bible: the word of God and the heroes who shaped America. Dr. Richard G. Lee, ed., 1982
15The American patriot's pocket bible: the word of God and the shaping of America. Dr. Richard G. Lee, ed., 2010
16The American patriot's bible: the word of God and the shaping of America. Dr. Richard G. Lee, ed., 2009

Series II. Photographs

0301George H. W. Bush, 1988
0302George H. W. Bush and Barbara Bush, undated
0303George W. Bush, undated
0304Prayer Group for George W. Bush, undated
0305Donald Trump, undated
0306Meeting with George W. Bush, undated
0307Ronald Reagan, undated
0308Dan Quayle, undated
0309Photo of Letters Received from George W. Bush, Newt Gingrich, Jack Kemp, Sonny Perdue, and the Dole/Kemp Presidential Campaign, undated
0310Jeb Bush, undated
0311Brian Kemp, undated
0312Brian Kemp, undated
0313Sonny Perdue, undated
0314Zell Miller, undated
0315Lester Maddox, undated
0316Rick Perry, undated
0317Jack Kemp, undated
0318Mitt Romney, undated
0319Newt Gingrich, undated
0320Newt Gingrich, undated
0321Rick Santorum and Family, undated
0322David Petraeus, undated
0323Steve Scalise, undated
0324Phil and Wendy Lee Gramm, undated
0325Jesse and Dorothy (Dot) Helms, undated
0326King Goodwill Zelithini KaBhekuzulu of the Zulu Nation, undated
0327Dennis Hastert and John Linder, undated
0328Oliver North, undated
0329Oliver North, undated
0330Benjamin Netanyahu, undated
0331Danny Danon, Israeli Permanent Representative to the United Nations, undated
0332Alan Keyes, undated
0333Ted Cruz, undated
0334Mike Huckabee, undated
0335Mike Huckabee, undated
0336Ben Carson, undated
0337Sarah Palin, undated
0338Sarah Palin, undated
0339Mike Huckabee and Ralph Reed, undated
0340Carly Fiorina, undated
0341Ed Meese, undated
0342Phylis Schlafly, undated
0343Elizabeth Dole, undated
0344Fred Barnes, undated
0345David Limbaugh, undated
0346Michael Reagan, undated
0347Charles Krauthammer, undated
0348Jim Caviezel, undated
0349Pat Boone, undated
0350Pat Boone, undated
0351Tim and Beverly LaHaye, undated
0352Tim Tebow, undated
0353Headshot Photo, Richard Lee, undated
0354Dr. Lee holds his books on display at the National Cathedral, Washington, DC, undated
0355Dr. Richard Lee, General Editor, American Patriot's Bible, undated
0356Book Signing, undated
0357There's Hope America Promotional Glossy, undated
0358There's Hope America Promotional Glossy - Faith in our Country, undated
0359Dr. Lee with Camo Edition of American Patriot's Bible, undated
0360Dr. Lee Speaking at Faith and Freedom Road to Majority, undated
0361Giving Prayer, House of Representatives, circa 1999-2007
0362Richard Lee, Portrait, undated
0363Dr. Lee in Studio, undated
0364Speaking at Outdoor Rally, undated
0365Speaking at National Religious Broadcasters, undated
0366Richard Lee, Portrait, 1976
0367Speaking at Sanctity of Life Rally, undated
0368Receiving National Religious Broadcasters Ministry of the Year Award, 1988
0369Dr. Lee Hugs Child During Food Distribution Event, undated
0370Serving Food During Christmas, 2008
0371Promotional Glossy, Trip to Israel, 2008
0372Preaching at First Redeemer Church, undated
0373Interview, Last Temptation of Christ Movie, [1987]
0374Glossy Photocopy of Atlanta Journal Lifestyle, "Rev. Lee's Crusade", [August 31, 1988]
0375Praying with Congregation, Rehoboth Baptist Church, undated
0376Speaking at Olympic Stadium, Moscow, with the Moscow Ballet, [1980]
0377Glossy Photocopy of Associated Press Photo, "Rev. Richard Lee, pastor of Rehoboth Baptist Church in Tucker, GA, is greeted by the Rev. Tom Ellif...", undated
0378Preaching at Super Dome, New Orleans, undated
0379Rehoboth Baptist Church, Tucker, GA, undated
0380Pastor Lee in Pulpit at Rehoboth Baptist Church, undated
0381Dr. lee at Placement of Bronze Globe at First Redeemer Church, 2000
0382First Redeemer Church, Cumming, GA, undated
0383Highland Baptist Church, Laurel, MS, undated
0384Dr. Lee with Children at Church, undated
0385Richard Lee, Portrait, 1965
0386Eight Year-Old Richard Lee, First Broadcast with His Father, Bill Lee, undated
0387Dr. Richard Lee with Father, Bill Lee, undated
0388Richard Lee with Wife, Judy Lee, 1973
0389Richard Lee with Wife, Judy Lee, 1979
0390Richard Lee and Family, undated
0391Richard Lee with Wife, Judy Lee, Perform Channel 11, Atlanta, GA, undated
0392The Lee Family in Song at Georgia Baptist Convention, undated
0393The Lee Family, 1975
0394Richard Lee with Wife, Judy, undated
0395Richard Lee with Adrian Rodgers, undated
0396Richard lee with Adrian Rodgers, Holy Land, 1994
0397Redeemer Church Photos, 2000-2018

Series III. Artifacts

0401Tract: Your New Life, by Richard G. Lee, 2010
04In God We Still Trust Daily Inspirational, undated
05American Woman's Bible, Display Copy, undated

Series IV. Audiovisual

RBRL466-DVCPRO_0001 Discerning the Voice of God (Encore), 2002-06-23
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0002 The Power of a Parent's Faith Part 1, 2003-07-13
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0003 The Power of a Parent's Faith Part 2, 2003-07-13
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0004 Living in the Lordship of Christ Part 1, 2004-04-18
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0005 Living in the Lordship of Christ Part 2, 2004-04-18
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0006 The Powerful Name of Jesus, 2004-07-25
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0007 Maximum Grace, 2004-11-21
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0008 When Wrongs Are Made Right, 2004-03-07
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0009 Gaining the Favor of God Part 1, 2005-01-16
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0010 Gaining the Favor of God Part 2, 2005-01-16
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0011 Why I Believe in the Resurrection Part 1, 2004-04-11
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0012 Why I Believe in the Resurrection Part 2, 2005-04-11
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0013 The Worth of Doing Things God's Way Part 1, 2005-02-06
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0014 The Worth of Doing Things God's Way Part 2, 2005-02-06

Great Questions of Our Day

RBRL466-DVCPRO_0015 The Bible - Can It Be Trusted?, 2005-06-19
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0016 God - How do We Know He Exists?, 2005-07-10
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0017 Jesus - Is He the Only Way to God?, 2005-07-17
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0018 War and Trouble - Who is to Blame?, 2005-07-24
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0019Peace on Earth - When Will It Finally Come?, 2005-07-31
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0020Good News for the Blind, 2006-01-12
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0021The Beginning of Miracles, 2006-01-29
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0022The Power of Believing, 2006-02-05
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0023It Pays to Do It God's Way, 2006-01-15
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0024No One Will Ever Do It Again, 2005-03-27
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0025Life Well Done Part 1, 2005-04-03

There's Hope America

RBRL466-DVCPRO_0068Answers from the Risen Christ Part 1, 2008-03-23
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0069Restoring Your Positive Spirit, 2008-01-20
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0070Making the Right Decisions, 2008-01-27
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0071The Power of the Blood of Jesus, 2008-02-03
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0072The Amazing Enduring Word of God, 2008-02-10
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0073Success Through Submission, 2008-02-24
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0074How to Live Life, 2008-03-02
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0075Words to Live By, 2008-03-09
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0076Living with the End in Sight Part 1, 2008-04-06
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0077Living with the End in Sight Part 2, 2008-04-06
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0078The Sanity of Suffering Part 1, 2008-04-13
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0079The Sanity of Suffering Part 2, 2008-04-13
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0080 Staying Strong to the Finish Part 2, 2008-04-27
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0081Staying Strong to the Finish, 2008-04-27
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0082Living Life Under Control Part 1, 2008-05-18
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0083Living Life Under Control Part 2, 2008-05-18
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0084The Greatest Question Ever Asked Part 1, 2008-05-25
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0085The Greatest Question Ever Asked Part 2, 2008-05-25
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0086The Power of the Blood of Jesus Encore, 2008-02-03
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0087The Daily Walk of Faith, 2009-08-09
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0088Breaking Chains of Unanswered Prayer Part 1, 2009-04-26
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0089Breaking Chains of Unanswered Prayer Part 2, 2009-04-26
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0090Jesus - Who Is He? Part 1, 2009-04-12
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0091Jesus - Who Is He? Part 2, 2009-04-12
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0092The Royal Role of Motherhood Part 1, 2009-05-10
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0093The Royal Role of Motherhood Part 2, 2009-05-10
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0094The Royal Role of Motherhood Part 3, 2009-04-10
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0096What to Do When You Reach…Wit's End, 2010-10-31
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0097You Too Can Have an Empty Tomb, 2010-04-04
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0098A Mother's Pattern for a Godly Child Part 1, 2008-05-11
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0099A Mother's Pattern for a Godly Child Part 2, 2008-05-11
RBRL467-DVCPRO_0100The Power of Broken Things Part 1, 2010-01-31
RBRL468-DVCPRO_0101The Power of Broken Things Part 2, 2010-01-31
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0026Life Well Done Part 2, 2005-04-03


RBRL466-DVCPRO_0027Shaping Your Children Before They Shape You, 2005-11-13
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0028Guiding Teens Toward Greatness, 2005-11-20
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0029Hands Off, Mouths Shut, Prayers On: Parenting Your Adult Child, 2005-12-27
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0030Parenting Your Parents: Becoming Mom and Dad to Mom and Dad, 2005-12-04
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0031Can We Trust the New Testament, Part 1, 2006-05-28
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0032Can We Trust the New Testament, Part 2, 2006-05-28

Conference on the Word

RBRL466-DVCPRO_0033Dr. Richard Lee "Jesus, the Living Word", 2006-04-23
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0034The Power of Believing (Encore), 2006-02-05
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0035It Pays to Do It God's Way (Encore), 2006-01-15

There's Hope America

RBRL466-DVCPRO_0050The War of All Wars, 2007-05-27
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0051The Coming Great Generation, 2007-06-03
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0052Handling a Suspicious Heart, 2007-07-22
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0053Managing the Mid-Life Crisis, 2007-08-26
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0054Rejoice in the Lord, 2007-08-19
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0055The Power of a Consecrated Life, 2007-08-12
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0056What It Takes to Be a Champion - Part 1, 2007-07-15
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0057What It Takes to Be a Champion - Part 2, 2007-07-15
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0036Good News for the Blind (Encore), 2006-01-22

Which Door Leads to Salvation?

RBRL466-DVCPRO_0037A Picture of Salvation, 2006-070-09
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0038Safe for Eternity, 2006-08-13
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0039It Is By Grace, 2006-04-30
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0040The Power of His Glory, 2006-10-08
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0041Jesus Is A Personal Savior, 2006-09-24

Lord Teach Us To Pray

RBRL466-DVCPRO_0042The Sacrifice of Prayer, 2006-11-05
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0043Praying In The Holy Spirit, 2006-11-12
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0044When Prayers Go Unanswered, 2006-11-19
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0045Praying For Those That We Love, 2006-11-26
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0046Words, 2006-10-15

There's Hope America - Clear Answers Series

RBRL466-DVCPRO_0047Why Does God Allow the Wicked to Prosper?, 2007-01-14
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0048What Happens When We Die?, 2007-02-04
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0049What Is It Like in Heaven and in Hell?, 2007-02-11

Master Your Emotions Series

RBRL466-DVCPRO_0058FEAR - Be Free from Fear, 2007-09-30
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0059DOUBT - Destroy Your Demons of Doubt, 2007-10-07
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0060HATRED - Eating You Alive?, 2007-10-14
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0061BITTERNESS - Dig Up Your Bitter Root, 2007-10-28
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0062ANGER - Help for Hot Heads, 2007-11-04
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0063DISCOURAGEMENT - What To Do When You're Down, 2007-11-11
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0064GUILT - Say Goodbye to Guilt, 2007-11-25
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0065WORRY - Burn the Bridges You'll Never Cross, 2007-12-02
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0066LUST - Tame the Tiger Within, 2207-12-09
RBRL466-DVCPRO_0067LONELINESS - You'll Never Be Lonely Again

There's Hope America - Holy Spirit Series

RBRL466-DVCPRO_0095The Greatest Friend on Earth, 2010-08-29

Series V. Websites

There's Hope America Website, Captured 2019- Access Online
Website for the "There's Hope America" ministry of Rev. Richard G. Lee which includes radio broadcasting, book publishing, and preaching. Captured using Archive-It.