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Carola C. Reuben Mundo Hispanico Records

Carola C. Reuben Mundo Hispanico Records

Descriptive Summary

Title: Carola C. Reuben Mundo Hispanico Records
Creator: Reuben, Carola C.
Inclusive Dates: 1981-1993
Language(s): English
Extent: 4 Linear Feet
Collection Number: RBRL458
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: Mundo Hispanico is a weekly newspaper covering the Latino and Hispanic community in Atlanta, GA. These records document the newspaper's coverage of the community between 1983 and 1992, under the editorship of Carola Reuben. The records include story notes, photographs, and business records such as circulation information and ad sales. The collection documents Latino and Hispanic entrepreneurs, folklife, and issues related to immigration, undocumented persons, hate crimes, and political activities.

Collection Description

Biographical/Historical note

From 1982 until 1993, Carola Reuben was the owner and publisher of Mundo Hispanico, a weekly newspaper for the Latino and Hispanic community in Atlanta. Throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, Mundo Hispanico carried stories about folklife festivals, restaurant openings, and the nightclub scene in Atlanta, but also including stories about agricultural laborers in Cedertown, Carrollton, Ellijay, and Cobb County. The newspaper covered issues of concern for the community such as access to education, immigration law, policing, and hate crimes.

Carola Reuben grew up in Japan, the daughter of Arab Jews displaced in December 1947. The family eventually settled in Sao Paolo, Brazil, where Reuben attended junior high and high school at the American School. When she moved to the United States, Reuben's experiences as an immigrant led her to become involved in the Latino and Hispanic community in Georgia. Through Mundo Hispanico, Reuben worked to elevate the voice of this rapidly growing community. After selling Mundo Hispanico, Reuben enjoyed a career as a music promoter for various Latino and Hispanic musical acts in Georgia and the southeast US.

Scope and Content

These records comprise story notes (most handwritten) on a variety of topics including immigration, hate crimes, politics, criminal justice, and community matters. Among these story notes are supplemental material connecting these notes to stories run in the Mundo Hispanico newspaper. The collection also consists of photographs, some of which appear in the newspaper and others that record the organization's lifespan and/or community life in Atlanta. The collection includes a complete or near-complete run of the newspaper during Reuben's time as publisher. Reuben's personal and professional correspondence is included, as well as files pertaining to the business/editorial side of running Mundo Hispanico. These files include advertising, distribution, subscription, and award information. Lastly, the collection includes memorabilia related to Mundo Hispanico.

The records document a number of prominent issues facing the Latino and Hispanic community in the 1980s, including Cobb County's denial of enrollment to children of undocumented immigrants, the Los Reyes immigration raid, child abuse in Ellijay, GA, police brutaility against Jorge Valencia, Klan rallies, and the murders of two men in Cedartown. However, there are also stories of success in the community, including multiple files on successful entrepreneurs, the arts, and political activities.

Organization and Arrangement

These records are divided into five series: 1.) Story Notes, 2.) Photographs, 3.) Newspapers and Publications, 4.) Correspondence, and 5.) Editorial Files

Administrative Information

Conditions Governing Access

This collection is open for research.

Certain records in this collection have been restricted due to the presence of documents that could reveal personal information about private individual.

Preferred citation

Carola C. Reuben Mundo Hispanico Records. Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

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Finding Aid Publication

Finding Aid prepared by Jessica Freeman, 2020-02-26.

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Subject Terms

Atlanta (Ga.) -- Newspapers
Georgia -- Emigration and immigration.
Hispanic Americans
Undocumented persons

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Series I. Story Notes

Subseries A. Immigration

11[ACLU Drivers' License Case], undated
12[Amnistia U.S.A], 1990
13[Dekalb School Policy on Immigation], 1985
14[Enrollment in Atlanta Schools], 1981-1982, 1990
15[Fidel Diaz], 1983
16[Los Reyes Raids], undated
17[Old Immigration Stories], 1983-1984
18[Immigration Stories], 1990
Carmen Maria Hernandez Tomas Sablon Roberto G. Rodriguez Dianne Beruvides Myriam C. Miras Thomas Fischer Gisela Griffin (grading policy) Estevez Abel Sifrientes Luzerne Dias Abel (Kuky) R. Mira Beatriz Morales Marilu Garcia Norberto Oses
19Undocumented Children, 1990

Subseries B. Hate Crimes

110[Cedartown Murders - Clippings], 1983-1984
111[Cedartown Murders - The Nation], 1986-1987
112[Cedartown Murders - Sources], 1985-1986
113[Cedartown Murders - Story Notes] (folder 1 of 2), 1983-1985
114[Cedartown Murders - Story Notes] (folder 2 of 2), 1983-1985
115[J. B. Stoner's Klan Rally Against Hispanic Immigrants], 1989
116[Jorge Valencia - Police Brutality], 1984
117[Ku Klux Klan], 1986-1993
151[Jorge Valencia], undated
Access to this file is restricted due to the presence of personally identifiable information regarding a private individual.

Subseries C. Politics

118[Alberto H. Garcia], 1992
119[Elections], 1990
120[Enrollment in Atlanta Schools], 1992

Subseries D. Criminal Justice

121[Criminal Justice], 1984-1992

Subseries E. Business and Community

122[Business and Community], undated
Includes story notes for: "Fiesta de dia de Muertos"; "Into the Light" Atlanta Biennale; Eddie Chavarria; Second Annual Hispanic Print Media Awards; Maria (Berta) D. Rodriguez; Graciela Vega; Celso R. Fernandez: El Club de Ninos; Tito Nieves
123[Business and Community], 1979-1984
Includes story notes for: Edith Blicksilver; Volga Valdes; Nelson Hernandez; Carlos Rojas; Virginia "Ginny" Montes; Visi Noya; Mary Perez; Rebecca Reyes; Goya; Mari Unanue-Norris; Mr. Lito
124[Business and Community], 1985
Includes story notes for: Santiago Iglesia; Newton Mexican Mission; Rachel Linda; Antonio M. Grant; Atlanta Latin Festival; Hispanic Heritage Week; Tony Grant
125[Business and Community], 1988-1989
Includes story notes for: El Vez; Carlos Zea; Solar Crisis; Papa Tinos; Voter Registration Drive
126[Business and Community] (folder 1 of 2), 1990
Includes story notes for: Padre Riofrio; Richardo Piedrahita; Jeffrey Tapia; Padre Salazar; Nelson Perdomo; Gladys Parada; zoning; Rita Moreno; Celia Cruz
127[Business and Community] (folder 2 of 2), 1990
Includes story notes for: Christian Lopez; Armando Rodriguez; Pedro Gomez; Portofino Restaurant; Padre Pena; Minorty Enterprise Development Week; World Fest '90; Ana Callantes; Martin Gonzales; Javier Quiones Ortiz; Susan Anthony; Carlos Riofrios; Jesus Rincon; Manuel Lopez; LULAC
128[Business and Community], 1991 Apr - June
Includes story notes for: Caribbean Kermit; Gerardo; Julio Iglesias; "Venezula: The Next Generation"; Northwoods Montessori School; Caribbean Carnival; Jorge Escoto; El Gigante; Martin Sheen
21[Business and Community], 1991 July - Aug
Includes story notes for: Sheila B; Poncho Sanchez Band; Nick Gold; Orquesta Lyrica; Bela Fleck; Montreux Atlanta International Music Festival; Strunz and Farah; Batacumbele; Atlanta International Museum; PROCUREMENT 2000 Statewide Conference; LULAC; Papa Tinos; Luis de la Corte
22[Business and Community], 1991 Sept - Oct 15
Includes story notes for: Hispanic Debutante Ball; National Hispanic Heritage Month; "Southern Expression: Tales Untold": Voice of the Turtle; ESL classes
23[Business and Community], 1992 Jan - May
Includes story notes for: "Sephardic Odyssey"; Gerri A. Ray; Jeffrey Tapia; Georgia Partners of the Americas; Festival of Nations; Ernesto Perez; Pepe Romero; Lino Dominguez; Rolando Camacho; Atlanta International Museum; Guillermo Gomez-Pena; Different Voices Theatre Company; Thomas Fischer
24[Business and Community], 1992 Jun
Includes story notes for: National Preservation Conference; Ford Motor Company; Center for Puppetry Arts; Elena Mola; William Rodriguez; Vicente Aranda; Solomon Figueroa; Evelio Espinoza; Isaac Vela (sp?); Gonzalo Saldana
25[Business and Community], 1992 July
Includes story notes for: National Hispana Leadership Institute (NHLI); Atlanta Ballet; Dekalb Center for Community Television; Joseph Acosta; Randi Ratowsky; AID Atlanta; Panamanian Friendship Reunion; La Sociedad Panamena de Atlanta, GA; Tony Ortiz; Chastain Gallery; Isaac Vela; Carola Alvarez; Atlanta Symphony Orchestra; Patricia Calderon; LULAC: Roberto Clemente
26[Business and Community] (folder 1 of 2), 1992 Aug
Includes story notes for: Slyvia Correa; Richardo Santiago; Rebecca Selber; Ruperto de la Cruz; Teodore Maus; Martin Gonzales; Diana Sanchez; Latin Atlanta; Montreux Atlanta International Music Festival; Mongo Santamaria
27[Business and Community] (folder 2 of 2), 1992 Aug
28[Business and Community], 1992 Sept
Includes story notes for: Atlanta Cuban Club; Sergio Giral; Atlanta Third World Film Festival; Coast Guard Academy;
29[Business and Community] (folder 1 of 2), 1992 Oct
Includes story notes for: Labor Commissioners; Bill Flaherty; Arturo Espejel; David Poythress; Idelfonso Villareal; Bonny Wilder
210[Business and Community] (folder 2 of 2), 1992 Oct
Includes story notes for: Romero Guitar Quartet; Alfonso Hernandez; Nelson Baires; Agnes Scott College; International Village; Frank Calzon; Raymond Rodriguez; Atlanta Ballet; Karen Kalins;
211[Business and Community], 1992 Nov
Includes story notes for: Atlanta International Book Festival; Sylvia Correa
212[Business and Community], 1992 Dec
Includes story notes for: Julio Alberto Martinez; Angel Folk Art; Jose Galvan
213[Business and Community], 1992 Dec - 1993 Feb
214[Business and Community], 1993

Series II. Photographs

81[Maceas brothers and sisters, founders of El Torro Mexican restaurants (early Mex resturants], 1982 Feb
82[Negative Strip], 1982 Feb
83[Negative Strip], 1982 Feb
84[Negative Strip], 1982 Feb
85[Negative Strip], 1982 Feb
86[Negative Strip], 1982 Feb
87[Negative Strip], 1982 Feb
88[Negative Strip], 1982 Feb
89[Negative Strip], 1982 Feb
810[Negative Strip], 1982 Feb
811[Contact Sheet], 1982 Feb
812[Contact Sheet], 1982 Feb
813[Contact Sheet], 1982 Feb
814[Negative Strip], 1982 Feb
815[Negative Strip], 1982 Feb
816[Negative Strip], 1982 Feb
817[Negative Strip], 1982 Feb
818[Negative Strip], 1982 Feb
819[Negative Strip], 1982 Feb
820[Carla Rodriguez], 1982 Feb
821[Benito Segovia], 1982 Feb
822[Martha], 1982 Feb
823[Jose de la Cruz]
824[Photo of Unidentified Man], 1982 Feb
825[Photo of Unidentified Girl], 1982 Feb
826[Martha del Gid "Stage Name"], 1982 Feb
827[Carlos Auger], 1982 Feb
828[Photo of Unidentified Girl], 1982 Feb
829[Martha del ... early Flamenco dancer from Boston], 1982 Feb
830[Martha del ... early Flamenco dancer from Boston], 1982 Feb
831[Man on Street Interviews], 1982 Mar
832[El Club Delos ...], 1982 Mar
833[Claudio Gonzalez, Puerto Rico Insurance], 1982 Mar
834[En la Republica ...], 1982 Mar
835[Tito Rodriguez], 1982 Mar
836[Una Nina], 1982 Mar
837[Diana Velez], 1982 Mar
838[Glayds Pareda from Cuba, Canter Club celebrado ponlos ...], 1982 Mar
839[Guido Benedit, owned Havana Sandwich on Buford Highway. One of first.], 1982 Mar
840[Mariela Hardin], 1982 Mar
841[Maria P. Santiago], 1982 Mar
842[Photo of Unidentified Woman], 1982 Mar
843[Norberto Oses], 1982 Mar
844[Americo Ciuffardi], 1982 Mar
845[Felix Vasquez], 1982 Mar
846[Guido Benedit], 1982 Mar
847[Rafael Lago], 1982 Mar
848[Photo of 4 Unidentified People], 1982 Apr
849[SE Conference], 1982 Apr
850[Photo of 3 Unidentified People], 1982 Apr
851[Photo of 3 Unidentified People], 1982 Apr
852[Photo of 2 Unidentified People], 1982 Apr
853[Photo of Unidentified Woman], 1982 Apr
854[Photo of Unidentified Man], 1982 Apr
855[Photo of Unidentified Woman], 1982 Apr
856[Regina D'Augustino, Cuba], 1982 Apr
857[Photo of 2 Unidentified People], 1982 Apr
858[Cartoon by Andres], 1982 Apr
859[Asociacion Latino Americana; Glen W., Panama. Despues de numerosas ...], 1982 Apr
860[Photo of Unidentified Woman], 1982 Apr
861[Photo of Unidentified Woman], 1982 Apr
862[Gladys Parada habla sobre ...], 1982 Apr
863[Photo of 2 Unidentified People], 1982 Apr
864[Durante un discurso en ...], 1982 Apr
865[Photo of 3 Unidentified People], 1982 Apr
866[Photo of Unidentified Man], 1982 Apr
867[Dr. Jose Bautista], 1982 Apr
868[Marie la Piedrahita], 1982 Apr
869[Severo Cornejo], 1982 Apr
870[Dr. Carlos A. Marin], 1982 Apr
871[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
872[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
873[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
874[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
875[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
876[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
877[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
878[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
879[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
880[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
881[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
882[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
883[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
884[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
885[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
886[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
887[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
888[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
889[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
890[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
891[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
892[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
893[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
894[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
895[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
896[Contact Sheet], 1982 Apr
897[Contact Sheet], 1982 Apr
898[Contact Sheet], 1982 Apr
899[Contact Sheet], 1982 Apr
8100[Contact Sheet], 1982 Apr
8101[Contact Sheet], 1982 Apr
8102[Contact Sheet], 1982 Apr
8103[Contact Sheet], 1982 Apr
8104[Contact Sheet], 1982 Apr
8105[Contact Sheet], 1982 Apr
8106[Contact Sheet], 1982 Apr
8107[Contact Sheet], 1982 Apr
8108[Photo of Unidentified Man], 1982 Apr
8109[Contact Sheet], 1982 Apr
8110[Contact Sheet], 1982 Apr
8111[Contact Sheet], 1982 April
8112[Contact Sheet], 1982 Apr
8113[Contact Sheet], 1982 Apr
8113[Contact Sheet], 1982 Apr
8114[Contact Sheet], 1982 Apr
8115[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
8116[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
8117[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
8118[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
8119[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
8120[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
8121[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
8122[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
8123[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
8124[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
8125[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
8126[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
8127[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
8128[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
8129[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
8130[Negative Strip], 1982 Apr
8131[Contact Sheet], 1982 May
8132[Contact Sheet], 1982 May
8133[Contact Sheet], 1982 May
8134[Contact Sheet], 1982 May
8135[Contact Sheet], 1982 May
8136[Contact Sheet], 1982 May
8137[Contact Sheet], 1982 May
8138[Contact Sheet], 1982 May
8139[Contact Sheet], 1982 May
8140[Contact Sheet], 1982 May
8141[Contact Sheet], 1982 May
8142[Contact Sheet], 1982 May
8143[Negative Strip], 1982 May
8144[Negative Strip], 1982 May
8145[Negative Strip], 1982 May
8146[Negative Strip], 1982 May
8147[Negative Strip], 1982 May
8148[Negative Strip], 1982 May
8149[Negative Strip], 1982 May
8150[Negative Strip], 1982 May
8151[Negative Strip], 1982 May
8152[Negative Strip], 1982 May
8153[Negative Strip], 1982 May
8154[Negative Strip], 1982 May
8155[Negative Strip], 1982 May
8156[Negative Strip], 1982 May
8157[Photo of 2 Unidentified Children], 1982 May
8158[Photo of 2 Unidentified Women], 1982 May
8159[Photo of Woman who was in organization for helping refugees], 1982 May
8160[Ray Ortega, Puerto Rico], 1982 May
8161[refugee], 1982 May
8162[Photo of Unidentified Woman], 1982 May
8163[Shirley Mills, from Panama], 1982 May
8164[Amaro Jimenez, literary column from Cuba], 1982 June
8165[Manuel de Santiago], 1982 May
8166[Paulette Chame Dwek], 1982 June
8167[Nicholas Dominguez], 1982 June
8168[Photo of Unidentified Woman and Child], 1982 June
8169[El Dr. Arnoldo Fiedotins ...], 1982 May
8170[Goza Cuando Otros ...], 1982 June
8171[Ninos en Montecarlo], 1982 June
8172[Paquita Estrada, Cuban], 1982 June
8173[Negative Strip], 1982 June
8174[Negative Strip], 1982 June
8175[Negative Strip]
8176[Contact Sheet], 1982 June
8177[Contact Sheet], 1982 June
8178[Contact Sheet], 1982 June
8179[Contact Sheet], 1982 May
8180[Photo of Unidentified Woman and Child], 1982 June
8181[Contact Sheet], 1982 July
8182[Contact Sheet], 1982 July
8183[Contact Sheet], 1982 July
8184[Contact Sheet], 1982 July
8185[Contact Sheet], 1982 July
8186[Contact Sheet], 1982 July
8187[Contact Sheet], 1982 July
8188[Contact Sheet], 1982 July
8189[Contact Sheet], 1982 July
8190[Contact Sheet], 1982 July
8191[Negative Strip], 1982 July
8192[Negative Strip]
8193[Early 1982 Mexicans who made it in Peachtree Road Race], 1982 July
8194[Contact Sheet], 1982 July
8195[Negative Strip], 1982 July
8196[Negative Strip], 1982 July
8197[Negative Strip], 1982 July
8198[Negative Strip], 1982 July
8199[Negative Strip], 1982 July
8200[Negative Strip], 1982 July
8201[Negative Strip], 1982 July
8202[Photo of Unidentified Man], 1982 July
8203[Photo of Unindentified Man at a party at Don Juan's], 1982 July
8204[El Dr. Charles Shirley], 1982 July
8205[No le Molesta el... ], 1982 July
8206[Alberto Perez, middle photo], 1982 July
8207[Carlos Marroquin, right photo], 1982 July
8208[Left photo, Otto Rondon], 1982 July
8209[Lista para Despegar], 1982 July
8210[Antonio Monroig], 1982 July
8211[Photo of Unidentitifed Woman], 1982 July
8212[Negative Strip], 1982 July
8213[Negative Strip], 1982 July
8214[Negative Strip], 1982 July
8215[Negative Strip], 1982 July
8216[Negative Strip], 1982 July
8217[Negative Strip], 1982 Aug
8218[Negative Strip], 1982 Aug
8219[Negative Strip], 1982 Aug
8220[Negative Strip], 1982 Aug
8221[Negative Strip], 1982 Aug
8222[Negative Strip], 1982 Aug
8223[Negative Strip], 1982 Aug
8224[Contact Sheet], 1982 Aug
8225[Contact Sheet], 1982 Aug
8226[Contact Sheet], 1982 Aug
8227[Contact Sheet], 1982 Aug
8228[Contact Sheet], 1982 Aug
8229[Contact Sheet], 1982 Aug
8230[Rafael Lagar?], 1982 Aug
8231[Richard Ravan], 1982 Aug
8232[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8233[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8234[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8235[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8236[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8237[Negative Strip], 1982 July
8238[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8239[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8240[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8241[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8242[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8243[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8244[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8245[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8246[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8247[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8248[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8249[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8250[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8251[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8252[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8253[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8254[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8255[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8256[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8257[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8258[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8259[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8260[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8261[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8262[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8263[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8264[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8265[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8266[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8267[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8268[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8269[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8270[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8271[Photo of Unidentified Man], 1982 Sept
8272[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8273[Negative Strip]
8274[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8275[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8276[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8277[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8278[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8279[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8280[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8281[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8282[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8283[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8284[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8285[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8286[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8287[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8288[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8289[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8290[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8291[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8292[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8293[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8294[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8295[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8296[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8297[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8298[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8299[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8300[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8301[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8302[Contact Sheet], 1982 Sept
8303[Photo of 3 Unidentified Dancers], 1982 Sept
8304[Photo of Unidentified Man], 1982 Sept
8305[Photo of Unidentified Dancers], 1982 Sept
8306[Photo of Unidentified Woman Dancing], 1982 Sept
8307[Photo of Unidentified Man], 1982 Sept
8308[Photo of Unidentified Man], 1982 Sept
8309[Photo of Unidentified Man], 1982 Sept
8310[Photo of Unidentified Woman], 1982 Sept
8311[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8312[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8313[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8314[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8315[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8316[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8317[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8318[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8319[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8320[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8321[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8322[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8323[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8324[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8325[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8326[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8327[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8328[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8329[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8330[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8331[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8332[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8333[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8344[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8335[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8337[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8338[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8339[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8340[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8341[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8342[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8343[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8344[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8345[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8346[Negative Strip], 1982 Sept
8347[Marco Chimilio], 1982 Sept
8348[Photo of Unidentified Man], 1982 Sept
8349[Velot of Map], 1982 Sept
8350[Photo of Unidentified Woman], 1982 Sept
8351[Hetor Pricto], 1982 Sept
8352[ninos], 1982 Sept
8353[Photo of Unidentified Man], 1982 Sept
8354[Photo of Unidentified Man], 1982 Sept
8355[Mateo Perez], 1982 Sept
8356[Sebastian Garcia], 1982 Sept
8357[Tina con Todas], 1982 Sept
8358[Pascal Perez, ATL Braves], 1982 Sept
8359[Es una Cuchana...], 1982 Sept
8360[Tony Bonilla...], 1982 Sept
8361[Sebastian Garcia; owned a restaurant, from Spain], 1982 Sept
8362[Rufino Linares], 1982 Sept
8363[Juan Cruz, early '80s-owner of grocery store/hangout at Lindberg Plaza: Rinconcito Latura, very important place. Photo by CR.], 1982 Sept
8364[Leanon y Domingo], 1982 Sept
8365[Miguel Rodriguez], 1982 Oct 15
8366[Photo of 3 Unidentified Dancers], 1982 Oct 15
8367[Michaelangelo], 1982 Oct 15
8368[Norma Macias], 1982 Oct 15
8369[Photo of Unidentified Child], 1982 Oct 15
8370[Bob Bell], 1982 Oct 15
8371[Photo of Unidentified Man and Woman], 1982 Oct 15
8372[Al deidiu que lo que], 1982 Oct 15
8373[Photo of Unidentifed Man], 1982 Oct 15
8374[Photo of 3 Unidentified Men], 1982 Oct 15
8375[El proyecto], 1982 Oct 15
8377[Descrubre su...], 1982 Oct 15
8378[Negative Strip], 1982 Oct 15
8379[Negative Strip], 1982 Oct 15
8380[Negative Strip], 1982 Oct 15
8381[Negative Strip], 1982 Oct 15
8376[El Baile del...], 1982 Oct 15
8382[Negative Strip], 1982 Oct 15
8383[Negative Strip], 1982 Oct 15
8384[Negative Strip], 1982 Oct
8385[Negative Strip], 1982 Oct 15
8386[Negative Strip], 1982 Oct 15
8387[Negative Strip], 1982 Oct
8388[Negative Strip], 1982 Oct 15
8389[Negative Strip], 1982 Oct 15
8390[Negative Strip], 1982 Oct 15
8391[Negative Strip], 1982 Oct 15
8392[Contact Sheet], 1982 Oct
8393[Contact Sheet], 1982 Oct
8394[Contact Sheet], 1982 Oct
8395[Contact Sheet], 1982 Oct
8396[Contact Sheet], 1982 Oct
8397[Negative Strip], 1982-1983
8398[Negative Strip], 1982-1983
8399[Negative Strip], 1982-1983
8400[Negative Strip], 1982-1983
8401[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8402[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8403[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8404[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8405[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8406[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8407[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8408[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8409[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8410[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8411[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8412[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8413[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8414[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8415[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8416[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8417[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8418[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8419[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8420[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8421[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8422[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8423[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8424[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8425[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8426[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8427[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8428[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8430[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8429[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8431[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8432[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8433[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8434[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8435[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8436[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8437[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8438[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8439[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8440[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8441[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8442[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8443[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8444[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8445[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8446[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8447[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8448[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8449[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8450[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8451[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8452[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8453[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8454[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8455[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8456[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8457[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8458[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8459[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8460[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8461[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8462[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8463[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8464[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8465[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8466[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8467[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8468[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8469[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8470[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8471[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8472[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8473[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8474[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8475[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8476[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8477[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8478[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8479[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8480[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8481[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8482[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8483[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8484[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8485[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8486[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8487[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8488[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8489[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8490[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8491[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8492[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8493[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8494[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8495[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8496[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8497[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8498[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8499[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8500[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8501[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8502[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8503[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8504[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8505[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8506[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8507[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8508[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8509[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8510[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8511[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8512[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8513[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8514[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8515[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8516[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8517[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8518[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8519[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8520[Contact Sheet], 1982
8521[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8522[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8523[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8524[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8525[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8526[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8527[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8528[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8529[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8530[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8531[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8532[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8533[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8534[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8535[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8536[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8537[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8538[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8539[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8540[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8541[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8542[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8543[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8544[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8545[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8546[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8547[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8548[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8549[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8550[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8551[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8552[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8553[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8554[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8555[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8556[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8557[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8558[Contact Sheet], 1983-1983
8559[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8560[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8561[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8562[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8563[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8564[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8565[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8566[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8567[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8568[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8569[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8570[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8571[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8572[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8573[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8574[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8575[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8576[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8577[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8578[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8579[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8580[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8581[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8582[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8583[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8584[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8585[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8586[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8587[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8588[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8589[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8590[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8591[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8592[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8593[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8594[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8595[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8596[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8597[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8598[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8599[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8600[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8601[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8602[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8603[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8604[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8605[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8606[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8607[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8608[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8609[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8610[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8611[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8612[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8613[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8614[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8615[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8616[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8617[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8618[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8619[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8620[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8621[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8622[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8623[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8624[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8625[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8626[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8627[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8628[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8629[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8630[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8631[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8632[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8633[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8634[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8635[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8636[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8637[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8638[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8639[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8640[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8641[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8642[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8643[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8644[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8645[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8646[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8647[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8648[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8649[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8650[Negative Strip], 1982-1983
8651[Negative Strip], 1982-1983
8652[Negative Strip], 1982-1983
8653[Negative Strip], 1982-1983
8654[Negative Strip], 1982-1983
8655[Negative Strip], 1982-1983
8656[Negative Strip], 1982-1983
8657[Negative Strip], 1982-1983
8658[Negative Strip], 1982-1983
8659[Negative Strip], 1982-1983
8660[Negative Strip], 1982-1983
8661[Negative Strip], 1982-1983
8662[Negative Strip], 1982-1983
8663[Negative Strip], 1982-1983
8664[Negative Strip], 1982-1983
8665[Negative Strip], 1982-1983
8666[Negative Strip], 1982-1983
8667[Negative Strip], 1982-1983
8668[Negative Strip], 1982-1983
8669[Negative Strip], 1982-1983
8670[Negative Strip], 1982-1983
8671[Negative Strip], 1982-1983
8672[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8673[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8674[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8675[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8676[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8677[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8678[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8679[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8680[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8681[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8682[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
8683[Contact Sheet], 1982-1983
9684[Contact Sheet], 1982 Nov 15
9685[Contact Sheet], 1982 Nov 15
9686[Contact Sheet], 1982 Nov 15
9687[Contact Sheet], 1982 Nov 15
9688[Contact Sheet], 1982 Nov 15
9689[Contact Sheet], 1982 Nov 15
9690[Contact Sheet], 1982 Nov 15
9691[Negative Strip], 1982 Nov 15
9692[Negative Strip], 1982 Nov 15
9693[Negative Strip], 1982 Nov 15
9694[Negative Strip], 1982 Nov 15
9695[Duespues de haber], 1982 Nov
9696[Otto Rondon], 1982 Nov
9697[Photo of Child in Mask], 1982 Nov
9698[Photo of Unidentified Chef], 1982 Nov
9699[Photo of 2 Unidentified Soccer Players], 1982 Nov
9700[Anna Cablik], 1982 Nov
9701[Photo of Unidentified Chef], 1982 Nov
9702[Anna Cablik], 1982 Nov
9703[Equipo Internacional], 1982 Nov
9704[Cesar A. Rodriguez], 1982 Nov
9705[Photo of 3 Unidentified Soccer Players], 1982 Nov
9706['Algo de la Casa - Alfredo? Alfredo's Restaurant on Cheshire Bridge R., Cuban], 1982 Nov
9707[Photo of Unidentified Chef], 1982 Nov
9708[Julio C. Cadias], 1982 Nov
9709[Conoce la mercana], 1982 Nov
9710[Eva Carerras], 1982 Nov
9711[Eva Carerras], 1982 Nov
9712[Gerardo Peruchini] , 1982 Nov
9713[Edmundo Campbell Fernandez], 1982 Nov
9714[Negative Strip], 1982 Nov
9715[Negative Strip], 1982 Nov
9716[Negative Strip], 1982 Nov
9717[Negative Strip], 1982 Nov
9718[Negative Strip], 1982 Nov
9719[Negative Strip], 1982 Nov
9720[Negative Strip], 1982 Nov
9721[Negative Strip], 1982 Nov 15
9722[Negative Strip], 1982 Nov 15
9723[Negative Strip], 1982 Nov 15
9724[Negative Strip], 1982 Nov 15
9725[Negative Strip], 1982 Nov 15
9726[Negative Strip], 1982 Nov 15
9727[Negative Strip], 1982 Nov 15
9728[Negative Strip], 1982 Nov 15
9729[Negative Strip], 1982 Nov 15
9730[Negative Strip], 1982 Nov 15
9731[Negative Strip], 1982 Nov 15
9732[Negative Strip], 1982 Nov 15
9733[Negative Strip], 1982 Nov 15
9734[Negative Strip], 1982 Nov 15
9735[Negative Strip], 1982 Nov 15
9736[Negative Strip], 1982 Nov 15
9737[Negative Strip], 1982 Nov 15
9739[Negative Strip], 1982 Nov 15
9740[Negative Strip], 1982 Nov 15
9741[Negative Strip], 1982 Nov 15
9742[Negative Strip], 1982 Nov 15
9743[Elise Witt and small family orchestra. Elise - lower left/played some Latin], 1982 Dec 15
9744[Photo of Unidentified man and child], 1982 Dec 15
9745[Photo of Unidentified man and child], 1982 Dec 15
9746[Photo of Unidentified man and child], 1982 Dec 15
9747[Contact Sheet], 1982 Dec 15
9748[Contact Sheet], 1982 Dec 15
9749[Contact Sheet], 1982 Dec 15
9750[Contact Sheet], 1982 Dec 15
9751[Contact Sheet], 1982 Dec 15
9752[Contact Sheet], 1982 Dec 15
9753[Contact Sheet], 1982 Dec 15
9754[Contact Sheet], 1982 Dec 15
9755[Contact Sheet], 1982 Dec 15
9756[Contact Sheet], 1982 Dec 15
9757[Contact Sheet], 1982 Dec 15
9758[Contact Sheet], 1982 Dec 15
9759[Contact Sheet], 1982 Dec 15
9760[Contact Sheet], 1982 Dec 15
9761[Contact Sheet], 1982 Dec 15
9762[Contact Sheet], 1982 Dec 15
9763[Contact Sheet], 1982 Dec 15
9764[Contact Sheet], 1982 Dec 15
9765[Contact Sheet], 1982 Dec 15
9766[Contact Sheet], 1982 Dec 15
9767[Contact Sheet], 1982 Dec 15
9768[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9769[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9770[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9771[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9772[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9773[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9774[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9775[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9776[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9777[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9778[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9779[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9780[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9781[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9782[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9783[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9784[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9785[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9786[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9787[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9788[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9789[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9790[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9791[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9792[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9793[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9794[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9795[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9796[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9797[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9798[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9799[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9800[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9801[Negative Strip], 1982 Dec 15
9802[Negative Strip], 1983 May 15
9803[Negative Strip], 1983 May 15
9804[Negative Strip], 1983 May 15
9805[Negative Strip], 1983 May 15
9806[Negative Strip], 1983 May 15
9807[Negative Strip], 1983 May 15
9808[Negative Strip], 1983 May 15
9809[Negative Strip], 1983 May 15
9810[Negative Strip], 1983 May 15
9811[Negative Strip], 1983 May 15
9812[Negative Strip], 1983 May 15
9813[Negative Strip], 1983 May 15
9814[Negative Strip], 1983 May
9815[Negative Strip], 1983 May
9816[Negative Strip], 1983 July 15
9817[Negative Strip], 1983 July 15
9818[Negative Strip], 1983 July 15
9819[Negative Strip], 1983 July 15
9820[Negative Strip], 1983 July 15
9821[Negative Strip], 1983 July 15
9822[Negative Strip], 1983 July 15
9823[Negative Strip], 1983 July 15
9824[Negative Strip], 1983 July 15
9825[Negative Strip], 1983 July 15
9826[Negative Strip], 1983 July 15
9827[Negative Strip], 1983 July 15
9828[Negative Strip], 1983 July 15
9829[Negative Strip], 1983 July 15
9830[Negative Strip], 1983 July 15
9831[Negative Strip], 1983 July 15
9832[Negative Strip], 1983 July 15
9833[Negative Strip], 1983 July 15
9834[Negative Strip], 1983 July 15
9835[Negative Strip], 1983 July 15
9836[Negative Strip], 1983 July 15
9837[Negative Strip], 1983 July 15
9838[Negative Strip], 1983 July 15
9839[Negative Strip], 1983 July
9840[Negative Strip], 1983 July
9841[Negative Strip], 1983 July
9842[Negative Strip], 1983 July
9843[Negative Strip], 1983 July
9844[Negative Strip], 1983 July
9845[Contact Sheet], 1983 Aug 15
9846[Contact Sheet], 1983 Aug 15
9847[Contact Sheet], 1983 Aug 15
9848[Contact Sheet], 1983 Aug 15
9849[Contact Sheet], 1983 Aug 15
9850[Contact Sheet], 1983 Aug 15
9851[Contact Sheet], 1983 Aug 15
9852[Contact Sheet], 1983 Aug 15
9853[Contact Sheet], 1983 Aug 15
9854[Contact Sheet], 1983 Aug 15
9855[Negative Strip], 1983 Aug 15
9856[Negative Strip], 1983 Aug 15
9857[Negative Strip], 1983 Aug 15
9858[Negative Strip], 1983 Aug 15
9859[Negative Strip], 1983 Aug 15
9860[Negative Strip], 1983 Aug 15
9861[Negative Strip], 1983 Aug 15
9862[Negative Strip], 1983 Aug 15
9863[Negative Strip], 1983 Aug 15
9864[Negative Strip], 1983 Aug 15
9865[Negative Strip], 1983 Aug 15
9866[Negative Strip], 1983 Aug 15
9867[Negative Strip], 1983 Aug 15
9868[Negative Strip], 1983 Aug 15
9869[Negative Strip], 1983 Aug 15
9870[Negative Strip], 1984 Mar
9871[Negative Strip], 1984 Mar
9872[Negative Strip], 1984 Mar
9873[Negative Strip], 1984 Mar
9874[Negative Strip], 1984 Mar
9875[Negative Strip], 1984 Mar
9876[Negative Strip], 1984 Mar
9877[Second from right: Rudy M. Besseca, senior exec. staff rep. at Coca Cola], 1984 Mar
9878[Contact Sheet], 1985 Aug 15
9879[Contact Sheet], 1985 Aug 15
9880[Contact Sheet], 1985 Aug 15
9881[Contact Sheet], 1985 Aug 15
9882[Contact Sheet], 1985 Aug 15
9883[Story: Influx of Mexican Immigrants, Cuban Club of Atlanta. Facing: Guillermo Merlo], 1985 Aug 15
9884[Contact Sheet], 1985 Aug 15
9885[Contact Sheet], 1985 Aug 15
9886[Contact Sheet], 1985 Aug 15
9887[Contact Sheet], 1985 Aug 15
9888[Contact Sheet], 1985 Aug 15
9889[Contact Sheet], 1985 Aug 15
9890[Negative Strip], 1985 Aug 15
9891[Negative Strip], 1985 Aug 15
9892[Negative Strip], 1985 Aug 15
9893[Negative Strip], 1985 Aug 15
9894[Negative Strip], 1985 Aug 15
9895[Negative Strip], 1985 Aug 15
9896[Negative Strip], 1985 Aug 15
9897[Negative Strip], 1985 Aug 15
9898[Negative Strip], 1985 Aug 15
9899[Negative Strip], 1985 Aug 15
9900[Contact Sheet], 1986 Oct
9901[Contact Sheet], 1986 Oct
9902[Contact Sheet], 1986 Oct
9903[Contact Sheet], 1986 Oct
9904[Contact Sheet], 1986 Oct
9905[Contact Sheet], 1986 Oct
9906[Contact Sheet], 1986 Oct
9907[Contact Sheet], 1986 Oct
9908[Contact Sheet], 1986 Oct
9909[Contact Sheet], 1986 Oct
9910[Contact Sheet], 1986 Oct
9911[Contact Sheet], 1986 Oct
9912[Negative Strip], 1986 Oct
9913[Negative Strip], 1986 Oct
9914[Negative Strip], 1986 Oct
9915[Negative Strip], 1986 Oct
9916[Negative Strip], 1986 Oct
9917[Negative Strip], 1986 Oct
9919[Negative Strip], 1986 Oct
9919[Negative Strip], 1986 Oct
9920[Negative Strip], 1986 Oct
9921[Negative Strip], 1986 Oct
9922[Negative Strip], 1986 Oct
9923[Negative Strip], 1986 Oct
9924[Negative Strip], 1986 Oct
9925[Negative Strip], 1986 Oct
9926[Negative Strip], 1986 Oct
9927[Negative Strip], 1986 Oct
9928[Negative Strip], 1986 Oct
9929[Negative Strip], 1986 Oct
9930[Negative Strip], 1986 Oct
9931[Negative Strip], 1986 Oct
9932[Negative Strip], 1986 Oct
9933[Negative Strip], 1986 Oct
9934[Contact Sheet], 1989 Apr
9935[Contact Sheet], 1989 Apr
9936[Contact Sheet], 1989 Apr
9937[Contact Sheet], 1989 Apr
9938[Photo of Unidentified Woman], 1989 Apr
9939[Photo of Unidentified Woman], 1989 Apr
9940[Photo of Unidentified Child], 1989 Apr
9941[Contact Sheet], 1989 Apr
9942[Contact Sheet], 1989 Apr
9943[Contact Sheet], 1989 Apr
9944[Contact Sheet], 1989 Apr
9945[Contact Sheet], 1989 Apr
9946[Contact Sheet], 1989 Apr
9947[Negative Strip], 1989 Apr
9948[Negative Strip], 1989 Apr
9949[Negative Strip], 1989 Apr
9950[Negative Strip], 1989 Apr
9951[Negative Strip], 1989 Apr
9952[Negative Strip], 1989 Apr
9953[Negative Strip], 1989 Apr
9954[Negative Strip], 1989 Apr
9955[Photo of 2 Unidentified Men], 1989 Apr
9956[Photo of a Variety of Dancers], 1989 Apr
9957[Photo of Unidentified Man], 1989 Apr
9958[Contact Sheet], 1990 May 9
9959[Contact Sheet], 1990 May 9
9960[Contact Sheet], 1990 May 9
9961[Contact Sheet], 1990 May 9
9962[Contact Sheet], 1990 May 9
9963[Contact Sheet], 1990 May 9
9964[Negative Strip], undated
9965[Negative Strip], undated
9966[Negative Strip], undated
9967[Negative Strip], undated
9968[Negative Strip], undated
9969[Negative Strip], undated
9970[Contact Sheet], undated
9971[Contact Sheet], undated
9972[Contact Sheet], undated
9973[Contact Sheet], undated
9974[Contact Sheet], undated
9975[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
9976[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
9977[Abel Sifuentes? Story: "What do Middle Class Hispanics have in Common with Blue Collar Hispanics?], undated
9978[Contact Sheet], undated
9979[Contact Sheet], undated
9980[Contact Sheet], undated
9981[Contact Sheet], undated
9982[Contact Sheet], undated
9983[Contact Sheet], undated
9984[Contact Sheet], undated
9985[Negative Strip], undated
9986[Negative Strip], undated
9987[Negative Strip], undated
9988[Photo of Unidentified Man - Daniel V.?], undated
9989[Photo of Unidentified Man - Daniel V.?], undated
9990[CR took - folklore group, Colombian?], undated
9991[Early Mariachi Band, CR took], undated
9992[Colo. folk grp., CR took], undated
9993[CR took, 1982 talent show (same as Elvis kid photo], undated
9994[C: George Napper; Los Hispanos], undated
9995[CR took, early 1980s. Hispanics. in the Spotlight. R: Angelo Fuster, Mayor's aide Angel Lopez, radio show "Serenata Latina"], undated
9996[MH staff: back row c: CR; back right: Lino Dominguez; front right: Ingrid; front c: Michael Carrady Reuben (CR's brother); front l: Maria T. Guiliani; c: Fanny (Lino's cousin); back l: Sandy Gyorgyi, Anita Peidrahita; CR; Raymond], 1989
9997[Second from L: Glayds Parada], undated
9998[Daniel Vargas], undated
9999[Hisp. ministers meeting with George Napper, ATL police chief], undated
91000[L: Maynard Jackson; R: Henry Rodriguez], undated
91001[local hisp. artist, in paper], undated
91002[Photo of 2 Unidentified Children, CR took], undated
91003[Photo of 6 Unidentified Children], undated
91004[Linda Schafer took photo essay re: Hisp. going to war], undated
91005[L: Visi Noya, CR took photo], undated
91006[Amnestia USA, Linda Schafer took photo- arrests in case of first large-scale business defrauding Lat. immigrants seeking green cards - CR covered the raid], undated
91007[Contact Sheet - Maria T. Giuliani took photos. Klan rally story (interstate Klan rally in GA directed at Hispanics) J.B. Stoner, prominent Klansman)], undated
91008[Contact Sheet - Maria T. Giuliani took photos. Klan rally story (interstate Klan rally in GA directed at Hispanics) J.B. Stoner, prominent Klansman)], undated
91009[Contact Sheet - Maria T. Giuliani took photos. Klan rally story (interstate Klan rally in GA directed at Hispanics) J.B. Stoner, prominent Klansman)], undated
91010[Contact Sheet - Maria T. Giuliani took photos. Klan rally story (interstate Klan rally in GA directed at Hispanics) J.B. Stoner, prominent Klansman)], undated
91011[Photo of 3 Unidentified Men], undated
91012[Otto Rondon], undated
91013[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
91014[Photo of Unidentifed Musician. Probably from an exhibit, not Mundo's photo], undated
91015[Thomas Sablon, Cuban, owner of an early business All-Star Video. Turned out to be one of GA's biggest drug dealers.], undated
91016Inauguration of soccer league: Liga International, March 31, 1993
91017[Party at Don Juan's, photo by Carola C. Reuben, 2 photos], circa 1982
91018[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
91019[Photo of Unidentified Soccer Players], undated
91020[Photo of 2 Unidentified Dancers], undated
91021[Photo of Unidentified Man Playing Guitar], undated
91022[Victor Blanco, Jr. (local)], undated
91023[Celia Cruz], undated
91024[Photo of Unidentified Man and Woman], undated
91025[Gloria Morales, real estate agent of Cuban origin], undated
91026[Photo of Unidentified Man and Woman], undated
91027[John Braunen], undated
91028[Photo of 2 Unidentified People Playing Pool], undated
91029[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
91030[Ruth Milde, Ecuadorian Folk Group], undated
91031[Teresa Kibler, at Nations Bank. Probably an ad.], undated
91032[Photo of 2 Unidentifed Men. On the front of one of the issues: maybe a lawsuit], undated
91033[Photo of 2 Unidentifed Men. On the front of one of the issues: maybe a lawsuit], undated
91034[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
91035[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
91036[Photo of Unidentified Man and Woman], undated
91037[Photo from Club X-S], undated
91038[Photo from CNN], undated
91039[Enrique Chia at Cuban Club of ATL], undated
91040[Early Mariachi in ATL, names in paper], circa 1980s
91041[Photo by CR - July 4th Parade. R: Alma Northway], undated
91042[Photo of Unidentifed Woman and Child], undated
91043[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
91044[Photo of 12 Unidentified People], undated
91045[Photo by Linda Schafer - Ricardo Santiago. Front of 10th Anniversary Edition], undated
91046[Group Photo of Soccer Team], undated
91047[Photo of Unidentified Hisp. Doctor. English Commercial Index], undated
91048[Mexican Queen], undated
91049[Photo of 6 Unidentified Women], undated
91050[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
91051[Photo of 2 Unidentified Men], undated
91052[The Garland Firm, probably an ad], undated
91053[Photo of 2 Unidentified Men], undated
91054[Contact Sheet, Maynard Jackson with Hispanics], undated
91055[Contact Sheet, Maynard Jackson with Hispanics], undated
91056[Contact Sheet, Maynard Jackson with Hispanics], undated
91057[Contact Sheet, Maynard Jackson with Hispanics], undated
91058[Contact Sheet, Maynard Jackson with Hispanics], undated
91059[Photo of 3 Unidentified Musicians, not the paper's property; someone signed], undated
91060[Large Group Photo, Unidentified], undated
91061[Photo of Chicken, possibly for ad], undated
91062[CR Interviewing Hisp. ATL Braves Players], circa 1992
91063[L. Gloria Morales, opening of Morales's Company. CR: second to left], undated
91064[CR Interviewing JB Stoner, famous white supremacist at a Klans rally in Gainesville], circa 1989, 1990
91065[Photo of dessert, trans. "Now the Directory is Out, Carola can Sleep!" - from the staff], undated
91066[Photo of Carola Reuben], undated
91067[Los Genelos], undated
91068[Photo of 2 Unidentified Men], undated
91069[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
91070[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
91071[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
91072[Photo of Unidentified Man, one of 2 photos for organizations], undated
91073[Photo of Unidentified Dancers], undated
91074[Gran Odisea Judia], undated
91075[Photo of Unidentified Child], undated
91076[Ben Fernandez, hijo de immigrantes de...], undated
91077[Photo of Unidentified Family], undated
91078[Photo of Unidentified Group of People], undated
91079[Photo of Unidentified Man and Woman], undated
91080[Photo of Unidentified Men and Women in Costume], undated
91081[Contact Sheet], undated
91082[Contact Sheet], undated
101083[Contact Sheet], undated
101084[Contact Sheet], undated
101085[Contact Sheet], undated
101086[Contact Sheet], undated
101087[Contact Sheet], undated
101088[Contact Sheet], undated
101089[Contact Sheet], undated
101090[Contact Sheet], undated
101091[Contact Sheet], undated
101092[Contact Sheet], undated
101093[Contact Sheet], undated
101094[Contact Sheet], undated
101095[Contact Sheet], undated
101096[Contact Sheet], undated
101097[Negative Strip], undated
101098[Negative Strip], undated
101099[Negative Strip], undated
101100[Negative Strip], undated
101101[Negative Strip], undated
101102[Negative Strip], undated
101103[Negative Strip], undated
101104[Negative Strip], undated
101105[Negative Strip], undated
101106[Negative Strip], undated
101107[Negative Strip], undated
101108[Negative Strip], undated
101109[Negative Strip], undated
101110[Negative Strip], undated
101111[Negative Strip], undated
101112[Negative Strip], undated
101113[Negative Strip], undated
101114[Negative Strip], undated
101115[Negative Strip], undated
101116[Negative Strip], undated
101117[Negative Strip], undated
101118[Negative Strip], undated
101119[Negative Strip], undated
101120[Negative Strip], undated
101121[Negative Strip], undated
101122[Negative Strip], undated
101123[Negative Strip], undated
101124[Negative Strip], undated
101125[Negative Strip], undated
101126[Negative Strip], undated
101127[Negative Strip], undated
101128[Negative Strip], undated
101129[Negative Strip], undated
101131[Negative Strip], undated
101032[Contact Sheet], undated
101133[Contact Sheet], undated
101134[Contact Sheet], undated
101135[Contact Sheet], undated
101136[Contact Sheet], undated
101137[Contact Sheet], undated
101138[Contact Sheet], undated
101139[Contact Sheet], undated
101140[Contact Sheet], undated
101141[Contact Sheet], undated
101142[Contact Sheet], undated
101143[Contact Sheet], undated
101144[Negative Strip], undated
101145[Negative Strip], undated
101146[Negative Strip], undated
101147[Negative Strip], undated
101148[Negative Strip], undated
101149[Negative Strip], undated
101150[Contact Sheet], undated
101151[Contact Sheet], undated
101152[Contact Sheet], undated
101153[Contact Sheet], undated
101154[Contact Sheet], undated
101155[Contact Sheet], undated
101156[Contact Sheet], undated
101157[Contact Sheet], undated
101158[Contact Sheet], undated
101159[Contact Sheet], undated
101160[Contact Sheet], undated
101161[Contact Sheet], undated
101162[Contact Sheet], undated
101163[Contact Sheet], undated
101164[Contact Sheet], undated
101165[Negative Strip], undated
101166[Negative Strip], undated
101167[Negative Strip], undated
101168[Negative Strip], undated
101169[Negative Strip], undated
101170[Negative Strip], undated
101171[Contact Sheet], undated
101172[Contact Sheet], undated
101173[Contact Sheet], undated
101174[Contact Sheet], undated
101175[Contact Sheet], undated
101176[Contact Sheet], undated
101177[Contact Sheet], undated
101178[Negative Strip], undated
101179[Negative Strip], undated
101180[Negative Strip], undated
101181[Negative Strip], undated
101182[Negative Strip], undated
101183[Negative Strip], undated
101184[Negative Strip], undated
101185[Negative Strip], undated
101186[Negative Strip], undated
101187[Negative Strip], undated
101188[Negative Strip], undated
101189[Negative Strip], undated
101190[Negative Strip], undated
101191[Negative Strip], undated
101192[Negative Strip], undated
101193[Contact Sheet], undated
101194[Contact Sheet], undated
101195[Contact Sheet], undated
101196[Contact Sheet], undated
101197[Contact Sheet], undated
101198[Photo of Soccer Players], undated
101199[Photo of Soccer Players], undated
101200[Photo of Soccer Players], undated
101201[Photo of Soccer Players], undated
101202[Photo of Soccer Players], undated
101203[Negative Strip], undated
101204[Negative Strip], undated
101205[Negative Strip], undated
101206[Negative Strip], undated
101207[Negative Strip], undated
101208[Negative Strip], undated
101209[Contact Sheet], undated
101210[Contact Sheet], undated
101211[Contact Sheet], undated
101212[Contact Sheet], undated
101213[Contact Sheet], undated
101214[Contact Sheet], undated
101215[Contact Sheet], undated
101216[Contact Sheet], undated
101217[Contact Sheet], undated
101218[Contact Sheet], undated
101219[Contact Sheet], undated
101220[Contact Sheet], undated
101221[Contact Sheet], undated
101222[Contact Sheet], undated
101223[Contact Sheet], undated
101224[Contact Sheet], undated
101225[Contact Sheet], undated
101226[Contact Sheet], undated
101227[Contact Sheet], undated
101228[Contact Sheet], undated
101229[Contact Sheet], undated
101230[Contact Sheet], undated
101231[Contact Sheet], undated
101232[Negative Strip], undated
101233[Negative Strip], undated
101234[Negative Strip], undated
101235[Negative Strip], undated
101236[Negative Strip], undated
101237[Negative Strip], undated
101238[Negative Strip], undated
101239[Contact Sheet], undated
101240[Contact Sheet], undated
101241[Contact Sheet], undated
101242[Contact Sheet], undated
101243[Contact Sheet], undated
101244[Contact Sheet], undated
101245[Contact Sheet], undated
101246[Contact Sheet], undated
101247[Contact Sheet], undated
101248[Contact Sheet], undated
101249[Contact Sheet], undated
101250[Contact Sheet], undated
101251[Contact Sheet], undated
101252[Contact Sheet], undated
101253[Contact Sheet], undated
101254[Contact Sheet], undated
101255[Contact Sheet], undated
101256[Contact Sheet], undated
101257[Negative Strip], undated
101258[Negative Strip], undated
101259[Negative Strip], undated
101260[Negative Strip], undated
101261[Negative Strip], undated
101262[Contact Sheet], undated
101263[Contact Sheet], undated
101264[Contact Sheet], undated
101265[Contact Sheet], undated
101266[Contact Sheet], undated
101267[Contact Sheet], undated
101268[Negative Strip], undated
101269[Negative Strip], undated
101270[Negative Strip], undated
101271[Negative Strip], undated
101272[Negative Strip], undated
101273[Negative Strip], undated
101274[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
101275[Negative Strip], undated
101276[Negative Strip], undated
101277[Negative Strip], undated
101278[Negative Strip], undated
101279[Negative Strip], undated
101280[Negative Strip], undated
101281[Contact Sheet], undated
101282[Contact Sheet], undated
101283[Contact Sheet], undated
101284[Contact Sheet], undated
101285[Contact Sheet], undated
101286[Contact Sheet], undated
101287[Contact Sheet], undated
101288[Negative Strip], undated
101289[Negative Strip], undated
101290[Negative Strip], undated
101291[Contact Sheet], undated
101292[Contact Sheet], undated
101293[Contact Sheet], undated
101294[Contact Sheet], undated
101295[Contact Sheet], undated
101296[Photo of Unidentified Man and Child], undated
101297[Ernesto Perez, R. Cuban Club? Junta Patriotica Cubana?], undated
101298[Photo of 2 Unidentified People], undated
101299[Photo of Unidentified Person], undated
101300[Silvia/Sylvia Correa], undated
101301[Silvia/Sylvia Correa], undated
101302[Photo of Unidentified Men Playing Basketball], undated
101303[L: B. Smith. Photo of Women at a Sporting Event], undated
101304[Photo of Baseball Game in Progress], undated
101305[Group Photo of Unidentified Women], undated
101306[Photo of Basketball Player], undated
101307[Photo of Unidentified Couple at Wedding], undated
101308[Contact Sheet], undated
101309[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
101310[Johnny], undated
101311[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
101312[Johnny], undated
101313[Photo of 4 Unidentified People], undated
101314[Contact Sheet], undated
101315[Contact Sheet], undated
101316[Contact Sheet], undated
101317[Contact Sheet], undated
101318[Contact Sheet], undated
101319[Contact Sheet], undated
101320[Contact Sheet], undated
101321[Contact Sheet], undated
101322[Contact Sheet], undated
101323[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
101324[Juan Moran, owner of Don Juaris], undated
101325[Jose Neme, Uruguay, cook at Papa Tino's - faced down Dekalb County Schools Superint. over Rejection of Undoc. Children], undated
101326[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
101327[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
101328[Contact Sheet], undated
101329[Contact Sheet], undated
101330[Contact Sheet], undated
101331[Contact Sheet], undated
101332[L: Maritza Keen Ex. Dir. of Latin Am. Assn. R: Rita Moreno], undated
101333[Jorge Lara-Braud, academic], undated
101334[Fabiola Dorch], undated
101335[Taken at Don Juan's Spanish restuarant], circa 1982
101336[Photo of Unidentified Students and Teacher], undated
101337[Guillermo E. Gomez, Jr.], undated
101338[Lat. Am. Assn.], undated
101339[Lat. Am. Assn.], undated
101340[Photo of Unidentified Man, Hispanic Organizations], undated
101341[Photo of Unidentified Child], undated
101342[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
101343[Photo of Unidentified Man]
101344[Photo of 2 Unidentified Women and Child], undated
101345[Fabiola Dorch], undated
101346[Fabiola Dorch], undated
101347[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
101348[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
101349[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
101350[Photo of Unidentified Woman and Dog], undated
101351[Photo of Ashtray], undated
101352[Photo of Unidentified Group of People], undated
101353[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
101354[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
101355[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
101356[Photo of Unidentified 2 Men], undated
101357[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
101358[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
101359[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
101360[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
101361[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
101362[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
101363[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
101364[Johnny], undated
101365[Photo of 2 Unidentifed Men Boxing], undated
101366[Photo of Interior of Restaurant], undated
101367[Mimi Garcia, Guatemala], undated
101368[Photo of 5 Unidentified Women Dancers], undated
101369[Andri Jova? Architect?], undated
101370[Andri Jova? Architect?], undated
101371[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
101372[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
101373[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
101374[Theodore Maus], undated
101375[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
101376[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
101377[Photo of 3 Unidentified Dancers], undated
101378[Photo of 5 Unidentified Dancers], undated
101379[Photo of Soccer Players], undated
101380[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
101381[Photo of Soccer Players], undated
101382[Photo of Soccer Players], undated
101383[Photo of Soccer Players], undated
101384[Elena Mola? Cuba?], undated
101385[Photo of Soccer Players], undated
101386[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
101387[Group Photo, Unidentified], undated
101388[Group Photo, Unidentified], undated
101389[Photo of Unidentified Man and Woman], undated
101390[Group Photo, Unidentified], undated
101391[Photo of Soccer Players], undated
101392[Photo of Soccer Players], undated
101393[Visi Noya, Gala Theatre Group. Center, back row.], undated
101394[L-R: Francisco Antionio Gabriel; Gilberto Gabriel; Sergio Valenzuela; Arnoldo Cazanes - Mexicanos], undated
101395[L-R: Henry Rodriguez, son, wife (Maria). Cuban owned Constr. Co. head of Junata Pat. Cub.) , undated
101396[(Sissy) Santiago, m. Ricardo Santiago, owned Papa Tino's rest.], circa 1990s
101397[Photo of Unidentified Man, involved with soccer leagues], undated
101398[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
101399[Photo of 2 Unidentified Women], undated
101400[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
101401[Luz Piedad Torres de Lopez], undated
101402[Photo of Unidentified Musician and Priest, photo by Carola C. Reuben], undated
101403[L: Dioris Medina; R: Tony Flores, Puerto, National Manager - Latin markets, Coca-Cola, Pres. Vargas Flores + Amigos Ad Agency], undated
101404[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
101405[Photo of 4 Unidentified Men], undated
101406[Photo of Unidentified Man and Woman], undated
101407[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
101408[Group Photo, Unidentified], undated
101409[Photo of Unidentified Man and 2 Women], undated
101410[Photo of Unidentified Man and 2 Women], undated
101411[Photo of 2 Unidentified Women], undated
101412[Enrique Chia, pianist at the Cuban Club], undated
101413[Cubans], undated
101414[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
101415[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
101416[Mimi Garcia, Guat.], undated
101417[Rita Moreno], undated
101418[Tom Hernandez], undated
101419[Photo of Unidentified Man and Woman], undated
101420[Photo of 2 Unidentified Men], undated
101421[Photo of 2 Unidentified Men], undated
101422[Photo of Soccer Players], undated
101423[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
101424[Photo of 2 Unidentified Men], undated
101425[Photo of 2 Unidentified Men], undated
101426[Group Photo, Unidentified], undated
101427[Silvia/Sylvia Correa], undated
101428[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
101429[Renecito Diaz, Diaz Wholesale], undated
101430[Photo of 2 Unidentified Men], undated
101431[Photo of 2 Unidentified Men], undated
101432[Photo of 3 Unidentified Men], undated
111433[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
111434[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
111435[Photo of Billboard], undated
111436[Rita Moreno], undated
111437[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
111438[Jose (Pepe) Barreta, owner insurance agency], undated
111439[Photo of Table from a Restuarant], undated
111440[Photo of Billboard], undated
111441[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
111442[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
111443[Photo of 2 Unidentified Women], undated
111444[Photo of 2 Unidentified Women], undated
111445[Photo of 2 Unidentified Men], undated
111446[Photo of 2 Unidentified Men], undated
111447[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
111448[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
111449[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
111450[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
111451[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
111452[Jose de Jesus Gabaddon], undated
111453[Photo of Dancers, Adam Taylor took] , undated
111454[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
111455[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
111456[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
111457[in Hisp. Dir. Juan Ramirez, DJ], undated
111458[Photo of 3 Unidentified Men], undated
111459[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
111460[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
111461[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
111462[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
111463[Photo of the Interior of a Restaurant], undated
111464[Juan Molina], undated
111465[Owners of first Sp. language radio station La Favorita in GA. R: Samuel Zamarron. L: wife, Graciela], undated
111466[Photo of 2 Unidentified Men], undated
111467[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
111468[Photo of Unidentified Musician], undated
111469[Photo of Unidentified Musician], undated
111470[Photo of Unidentified Musician], undated
111471[Photo of Unidentified Musician], undated
111472[Ernesto Perez], undated
111473[Isable? MH employee, admin.], undated
111474[Oranesta Toboga, L: Winston Peck, leader], undated
111475[George Napper], undated
111476[Photo of Unidentified Man and Woman], undated
111477[Kermit (see CR ads in Hisp. dir.], undated
111478[Photo of 2 men boxing], undated
111479[Photo of 2 men boxing], undated
111480[Hernando Prada], undated
111481[Valeria Silvera], undated
111482[Debora Bosques], undated
111483[Juan H.], undated
111484[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
111485[Photo of Soccer Game]`, undated
111486[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
111487[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
111488[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
111489[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
111490[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
111491[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
111492[Pass. Burning of ATL Fed. Penitentiary], undated
111493[Tamaulipas, Sombrero], 1992 Aug 23
111494[L: Elena Mola], undated
111495[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
111496[Tamaulipas, Sombrero], 1992 Aug 23
111497[Partido Prep. Los Toros, San Jose], 1992 Aug 23
111498[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
111499[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
111500[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
111501[Condor Cycling], undated
111502[Children attending party at the Latin American Association], undated
111503[Photo of Unidentified Baseball Player], undated
111504[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
111505[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
111506[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
111507[Liga Latinoamericana], 1991
111508[Tamaulipas, Sombrero], 1992 Aug 23
111509[Photo of Soccer Game, Cleve Soper took], late 1980s
111510[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
111511[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
111512[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
111513[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
111514[Photo of Unidentified Man and Woman], undated
111515[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
111516[Cuban Club, L: "Paquita" Estrada R: Don Juan], undated
111517[Cuban Club, L: "Paquita" Estrada R: Don Juan], undated
111518[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
111519[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
111520[Photo of People Dancing], undated
111521[Group Photo], undated
111522[Photo of People Dancing. C, L: Shirley? Pan. folk. grp.], undated
111523[Photo from Club X-S], undated
111524[Photo of 2 Unidentified Men and 1 Woman], undated
111525[Group Photo, far right: is or married to Diaz family], undated
111526[Group Photo], undated
111527[Parkview High Students in Lilburn], undated
111528[Group Photo], undated
111529[L: Napoleon Szvenblaad, Nic. C: Alberto Alvear], undated
111530[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
111531[Group Photo], undated
111532[Group Photo], undated
111533[Group Photo], undated
111534[Group Photo], undated
111535[Group Photo], undated
111536[Group Photo], undated
111537[Group Photo], undated
111538[Group Photo], undated
111539[Group Photo], undated
111540[Group Photo], undated
111541[Group Photo], undated
111542[Group Photo], undated
111543[folklore, photo of dancers], undated
111544[Group Photo], undated
111545[Group Photo], undated
111546[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
111547[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
111548[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
111549[L: Rudy Bessera R. Dioris Medina], undated
111550[Photo of 2 Unidentified Soccer Players], undated
111551[L: Rudy Bessera R. Dioris Medina], undated
111552[Photo of Unidentified Braves Player], undated
111553[Photo of Unidentified Braves Player], undated
111554[Photo of Unidentified Braves Player], undated
111555[Photo of Unidentified Tennis Player], undated
111556[Photo of Unidentified Braves Player], undated
111557[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
111558[Photo of Unidentified Braves Player], undated
111559[Photo of Unidentified Braves Player], undated
111560[Photo of Unidentified Braves Player], undated
111561[Photo of Unidentified Child], undated
111562[Group Photo, Ruth Milde, 4th from left, leader of folklore group], undated
111563[Group Photo, ATL Mayor Maynard Jackson, C], undated
111564[Photo of 3 Unidentified Men], undated
111565[Photo of Unidentified Man and Woman], undated
111566[Photo of 2 Unidentified Men], undated
111567[Photo of Mariachi Band], undated
111568[Photo of Market], undated
111569[Photo of Market], undated
111570[Photo of Market], undated
111571[Photo of Market], undated
111572[Photo of 2 Unidentified Men], undated
111573[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
111574[Carmen Estrada, Paquitas daughter, 2nd from R; Silvia/Sylvia Carrea, 2nd from L], undated
111575[Photo of Club X-S], undated
111576[Photo of Exterior of Rio Balsas], undated
111577[Photo of 2 Unidentified Women], undated
111578Photo of 2 Unidentified Men and 1 Woman, photo by Carola C. Reuben], undated
111579[Photo of Unidentified Man and Woman], undated
111580[Photo of 2 Unidentified Women], undated
111581[Photo of Unidentified Chef], undated
111582[Christina Saralegui, C, seated. Univision celebrity], undated
111583[Christina Saralegui, L, Univision celebrity], undated
111584[Christina Saralegui], undated
111585[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
111586[Photo of Unidentified Couple Dancing], undated
111587[Photo of Unidentified Braves Player], undated
111588[Photo of Unidentified Braves Player], undated
111589[Photo of Unidentified Man and Woman], undated
111590[Photo of Unidentified Art Piece], undated
111591[Photo of 2 Unidentified Men], undated
111592[Angel Ramirez, Pat Kelly], undated
111593[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
111594[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
111595[Harry Beniburg, Pan. lawyer], undated
111596[Group Photo. Theodoro Maus], undated
111597[Group Photo. Theodoro Maus], undated
111598[Photo of Unidentified Braves Player], undated
111599[R: Visi Naya, Gala Theatre Group], undated
111600[Victor Gonzalez], undated
111601[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
111602[Robert Newton, undocumented Am. preacher in Mx.], undated
111603[Luis Macias, El Toro Mexican Restaurants, owner], undated
111604[Isaac Vela, owner of 1st Mexican nightclub in Atlanta: NiteLite], undated
111605[Photo of Soccer Game, Rodrigo Villejas], undated
111606[Photo of Unidentified Cyclist and Child], undated
111607[Photo of Cyclists], undated
111608[Photo of Unidentified Cyclist], undated
111609[Photo of Unidentified Cyclist and Child], undated
111610[Harry Beniburg, Pan. lawyer], undated
111611[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
111612[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
111613[Group Photo], undated
111614[R: Lisandro Yegras, political columnist for MH, Para. L: political exile, see story], undated
111615[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
111616[Visi Naya], undated
111617[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
111618[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
111619[Zoila Rodriguez, owner Los Amigos Tortilla co., Guat.], undated
111620[Photo of Unidentified Band], undated
111621[Photo of 2 Unidentified Women], undated
111622[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
111623[Domingo Diaz, co-owner of Coco Loco Cuban rest.], undated
111624[Group Photo], undated
111625[Group Photo], undated
111626[Story about Older Woman Seeking Citizenship], early 1980s
111627[Inicia Grupo Folklorco], undated
111628[Photo of Unidentified Man and Woman], undated
111629[Photo of Unidentified Woman and Child], undated
111630[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
111631[Photo of People in Waiting Room], undated
111632[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
111633[Raquel Tomas, photo for English Calendar], undated
111634[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
111635[Photo of 2 Unidentified Men and Woman], undated
111636[Ligua Internacional Teams: Sombrero Tamaulipos], undated
111637[Tamaulipas, Sombrero, Final Game], undated
111638[L-R Congressional Candidate Cynthia McKinney; Commission Candidate A.H.G.; Pat Schroeder; Bill Brown; "Able" Mable Thomas], undated
111639[L-R: Billy McKinney; Alberto Harold Garcia; Bill Brown; Cynthia McKinney; Pat Schroder], undated
111640[Ingrid (see MH mast) Bolivia, MH employee], undated
111641[Photo of 2 Unidentified Dancers], undated
111642[Photo of Soccer Game; Los Toros, San Jose], 1992 Aug 23
111643[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
111644[Harold Hovel?, architect], undated
111645[Harold Hovel?, architect], undated
111646[Harold Hovel?, architect], undated
111647[Photo of 2 Unidentified Women], undated
111648[Photo of 2 Unidentified Dancers], undated
111649[Photo of Unidentified Cyclists], undate
111650[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
111651[Photo of Unidentified Woman, lawyer, spoke sp. adverstised in MH], undated
111652[Photo of Unidentified Woman, Columbus, GA. Cuban. Bus-ride story], undated
111653[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
111654[Fabiola Dorch], undated
111655[Fabiola Dorch], undated
111656[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
121657[Photo of 2 Unidentified Men and Woman], undated
121658[Photo of Unidentified Man and Woman], undated
121659[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
121660[Photo of 2 Unidentified Men], undated
121661[Photo of 2 Unidentified Women], undated
121662[Jeffrey Tapia], undated
121663[Photo of 2 Boxers], undated
121664[Photo of 2 Boxers], undated
121665[Group Photo, Max Cleland, first proclamation of Hisp. Herit. Month, Benteen Elementary School], 1991
121666[Group Photo, Max Cleland, first proclamation of Hisp. Herit. Month, Benteen Elementary School], 1991
121667[Photo of 2 Unidentified Dancers], undated
121668[Photo of 2 Unidentified Dancers], undated
121669[Photo of 2 Unidentified Dancers], undated
121670[Photo of 2 Unidentified Dancers], undated
121671[Emiliano Reina Rodriguez], undated
121672[Photo of 2 Unidentified Women], undated
121673[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
121674[Group Photo, ATL Mayor Andy Young], undated
121675[Photo of Unidentified News Anchors], undated
121676[Photo of Unidentified News Anchors], undated
121677[Group Photo], undated
121678[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
121679[Photo of Unidentified Cyclists], undated
121680[Photo of Unidentified Cyclists], undated
121681[Photo of Unidentified Cyclists], undated
121682[Group Photo, Henry Rodriguez], undated
121683[Photo of Unidentified Man and Woman], undated
121684[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
121685[Photo of Unidentified Braves Player], undated
121686[Photo of Unidentified Man and Woman Dancing], undated
121687[R: Ramon (see MH), Mx Consular aff.), undated
121688[Gala Group], undated
121689[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121690[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
121691[Photo of 2 Unidentified Men], undated
121692[Photo of 2 Unidentified Men], undated
121693[Photo of Unidentified Child], undated
121694[Luis Garsa; Helen Stewart; Albert Ontivelos; Vilma Vasquez], undated
121695[Zoila Rodriguez], undated
121696[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
121697[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
121698[Photo of Unidentified Woman, adult ESL class, Riverdale, GA], undated
121699[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
121700[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121701[Negative Strip], undated
121702[Negative Strip], undated
121703[Negative Strip], undated
121704[Negative Strip], undated
121705[Negative Strip], undated
121706[Negative Strip], undated
121707[Contact Sheet], undated
121708[Contact Sheet], undated
121709[Contact Sheet], undated
121710[Contact Sheet], undated
121711[Contact Sheet], undated
121712[Contact Sheet], undated
121713[Photo of Mural], undated
121714[Photo of Mural], undated
121715[Photo of Mural], undated
121716[Photo of Mural], undated
121717[Photo of Mural], undated
121718[Photo of Mural], undated
121719[Negative Strip], undated
121720[Negative Strip], undated
121721[Negative Strip], undated
121722[Negative Strip], undated
121723[Negative Strip], undated
121724[Negative Strip], undated
121725[Negative Strip], undated
121726[Negative Strip], undated
121727[Negative Strip], undated
121728[Negative Strip], undated
121729[Negative Strip], undated
121730[Negative Strip], undated
121731[Negative Strip], undated
121732[Negative Strip], undated
121733[Negative Strip], undated
121734[Negative Strip], undated
121735[Negative Strip], undated
121736[Negative Strip], undated
121737[Contact Sheet], undated
121738[Contact Sheet], undated
121739[Contact Sheet], undated
121740[Contact Sheet], undated
121741[Contact Sheet], undated
121742[Contact Sheet], undated
121743[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
121744[Negative Strip], undated
121745[Negative Strip], undated
121746[Negative Strip], undated
121747[Negative Strip], undated
121748[Negative Strip], undated
121749[Negative Strip], undated
121750[Contact Sheet], undated
121751[Contact Sheet], undated
121752[Contact Sheet], undated
121753[Contact Sheet], undated
121754[Contact Sheet], undated
121755[Contact Sheet], undated
121756[Contact Sheet], undated
121757[Contact Sheet], undated
121758[Contact Sheet], undated
121759[Contact Sheet], undated
121760[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
121761[Negative Strip], undated
121762[Negative Strip], undated
121763[Negative Strip], undated
121764[Negative Strip], undated
121765[Negative Strip], undated
121766[Negative Strip], undated
121767[Negative Strip], undated
121768[Negative Strip], undated
121769[Negative Strip], undated
121770[Negative Strip], undated
121771[Negative Strip], undated
121772[Negative Strip], undated
121773[Group photo], undated
121774[Contact Sheet], undated
121775[Contact Sheet], undated
121776[Contact Sheet], undated
121777[Contact Sheet], undated
121778[Contact Sheet], undated
121779[Contact Sheet], undated
121780[Contact Sheet], undated
121781[Contact Sheet], undated
121781[Contact Sheet], undated
121782[Contact Sheet], undated
121783[Contact Sheet], undated
121784[Contact Sheet], undated
121785[Negative Strip], undated
121786[Negative Strip], undated
121787[Negative Strip], undated
121788[Negative Strip], undated
121789[Negative Strip], undated
121790[Negative Strip], undated
121791[Negative Strip], undated
121792[Anita Piedrahita], undated
121793[Maria T. Giulianai and Glen Winberg], undated
121794[Fania E. Isaza], undated
121795[Sandy Gyorgi and Maria T. Giuliani and 2 others], undated
121796[Dave, Sandy Gyorgi], undated
121797[Carola C. Reuben and Dave], undated
121798[Consuelo Nino, Fernando Pareja, Betty Vega, Jimmy Vega], undated
121799[Pilar Sanz], undated
121800[Maria T. Giuliani and man], undated
121801[Anita Piedrahita, Lino Dominguez, Carola C. Reuben], undated
121802[Maria T. Giulinani and Sandy Gyorgi], undated
121803[Durazno Show (band)], circa 1992
121804[Trio Olivares], undated
121805[Press photo "Patakin"], undated
121806[Jane Dean Prisident, Glayds Spongberg, Sonia Anderson, Sandra Baldwin], undated
121807[Susan Ackermann, Leslie Cabbage, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Paez], undated
121808[Contact Sheet], undated
121809[Contact Sheet], undated
121810[Contact Sheet], undated
121811[Contact Sheet], undated
121812[Contact Sheet], undated
121813[Contact Sheet], undated
121814[Contact Sheet], undated
121815[Contact Sheet], undated
121816[Contact Sheet], undated
121817[Contact Sheet], undated
121818[Contact Sheet], undated
121819[Contact Sheet], undated
121820[Contact Sheet], undated
121821[Contact Sheet], undated
121822[Contact Sheet], undated
121823[Contact Sheet], undated
121824[Contact Sheet], undated
121825[Contact Sheet], undated
121826[Contact Sheet], undated
121827[Contact Sheet], undated
121828[Contact Sheet], undated
121829[Contact Sheet], undated
121830[Contact Sheet], undated
121831[Contact Sheet], undated
121832[Contact Sheet], undated
121833[Contact Sheet], undated
121834[Contact Sheet], undated
121835[Contact Sheet], undated
121836[Contact Sheet], undated
121837[Contact Sheet], undated
121838[Contact Sheet], undated
121839[Contact Sheet], undated
121840[Contact Sheet], undated
121841[Contact Sheet], undated
121842[Contact Sheet], undated
121843[Winter Beauty Contest], undate
121844[Carola C. Reuben], 1983 July 4
121845[Grupo Teatro], undated
121846[Hispanic local soccer], 1991 Jun 15
121847[Papa Tinos Sign], undated
121848[Negative Strip], undated
121849[Yukari Hasegawa], undated
121850[Michael Lee and Kimberly Herbs], undated
121851[Gran Combo de Puerto Rico], undated
121852[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
121853[Contact Sheet], undated
121854[Contact Sheet], undated
121855[Contact Sheet], undated
121856[Joel Garcia], undated
121857[Contact Sheet], undated
121858[Contact Sheet], undated
121859[Contact Sheet], undated
121860[Contact Sheet], undated
121861[Photo of Unidentified Child, photo by C.R.], undated
121862[Early English Classes], undated
121863[R: Henry Rodriguez, wife Maria, and son], undated
121864[Jose Luis Hernandez], undated
121865[Residente Local Orista], undated
121866[Modesto J. Garcia], undated
121867[George Hazim], undated
121868[En una galeria de ante de chocolate...], undated
121869[Beatriz Alvarez de Lugo], undated
121870[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
121871[Juan Moran], undated
121872[Photo of Unidentified Child], undated
121873[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
121874[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121875[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121876[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121877[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121878[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121879[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121880[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121881[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121882[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121883[Tamaulipas, Sombrero], 1992 Aug 23
121884[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121885[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121886[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121887[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121888[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121889[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121890[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121891[R: El Toro Restaurants owner, Mariacha], undated
121892[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121893[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121894[Mariachis at a Soccer Opening in ATL], undated
121895[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121896[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121897[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121898[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121899[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121900[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121901[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121902[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121903[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121904[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121905[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121906[Story: being rejected for drivers lisence], undated
121907[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121908[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121909[Photo of Soccer Game], undated
121910[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
121911[Virgin de Guadalupe Celebration], undated
121912[Exhiben Nacimiento con...], undated
121913[Photo of 2 Unidentified Dancers], undated
121914[Photo by C.R., Mother's Day photo, very young grandmother and great-grandmother], undated
121915[Francisco and Veronica Luque: brother and sister], undated
121916[Mexican Folklore Groups: photo by C. Soper], undated
121917[Alberto Harold Garcia, candidate], undated
121918[Jesus Guzman], undated
121919[Paper's first office in living room at home], undated
121920[Paper's first darkroom in bathroom at home], undated
121921[Stratton Frank], undated
121922[Gonzalo, cook], undated
121923[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
121924[Eduardo Martinez and Raul Arrodondo], undated
121925[Gladys Parada wtih Mayor Andrew Young, photo by C.R.], undated
121926[Amnestia USA story: undocumentado who bought papers and got arrested], undated
121927[Immigration officers], undated
121928[Photo of 2 Unidentified Women], undated
121929[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
121930[Juan y Petra], undated
121931[Luis Maceas, one of the El Toro Mex. Restaurant owners, and daughters], undated
121932[Winder, GA - CR with klansmen], undated
121933[Photo by CR, Pentecostal Church, Iglesia de Dios Berta Reinhart], undated
121934[Mayor: Andy Young. L: Tony Flores of Puerto Rico], undated
121935[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
121936[Photo of Unidentified Dentist], undated
121937[Photo of Unidentified Drummer], undated
121938[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
121939[Photo of Unidentified Musician], undated
121940[Photo of Unidentified Musician], undated
121941[Photo of Unidentified Chef], undated
121942[Photo of Unidentified Musician], undated
121943[Photo of Unidentified Man, Cleve Soper took in MH], undated
121944[Group Photo], undated
121945[Photo of Unidentified Dentist], undated
121946[Carola Reuben, top right. Sylvia Correa, middle], undated
121947[Photo of Unidentified Child], undated
121948[CR took photo consul from Mx to Atlanta, Theodoro Maus], undated
121949[Social Services], undated
121950[Jeffrey Tapia], undated
121951[CR, left. Congressman (Estevan?), late 1980s
121952[Eric Ericson, left front. Rudy M. Beserra, back right], undated
121953[Salvador Lara, CR took], late 1980s
121954[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
121955[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
121956[Salvador Lara's child, CR took], late 1980s
121957[Un "Elvis Presley"], early 1980s
121958[Amando Canales, Mx-Am., head of local LULAC. CR took], undated
121959[Madelyn Davis, Dekalb Fire Dept.], undated
121960[Alberto Harold Garcia], 1992
121961[Johnny Martinez, candidate for state legislature], 1992
121962[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
121963[Purita Silver, Spanish flamenco dancer], undated
121964[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
121965[Group Photo], undated
121966[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
121967[Rudy Beserra, Dioris Medina], undated
121968[Jeffrey Tapia], undated
121969[Radio Mex. Huberto Prieto Lopez], undated
121970[Johnny Martinez], undated
121971[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
121972[Photo of Unidentified Baseball Player], undated
121973[Photo of Unidentified Baseball Player], undated
121974[Photo of Unidentified Woman], early 1980s
121975[Photo of Unidentified Braves Player], undated
121976[Gladys Montiel], undated
121977[Dir. of Latin Am. Association], undated
121978[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
121979[Telemundo], undated
121980[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
121981[Photo of 2 Unidentified Children], undated
121982[Photo of 2 Unidentified Children and Woman], undated
121983[Mx. folk dancing?}, undated
121984[Consular Officials], 1991
121985[L: dir. of Latin Am. Association], undated
131986[Mx. or Colo. folk dance?], undated
131987[Andrew Young], undated
131988[Andrew Young], undated
131989[Andrew Young], undated
131990[Photo of Unidentified Braves Player, Cleve Soper took], undated
131991[Census? Nelson Perdomo?], undated
131992[Ricardo Fachistecs, pastor], undated
131993[Cuban Boxer Story], undated
131994[Cuban Boxer Story], undated
131995[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
131996[Johnny Martinez], undated
131997[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
131998[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
131999[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
132000[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
132001[Reinaldo], undated
132002[Carlos Scholpa], undated
132003[Mario Hernandez], undated
132004[Luz Marina Cruz], undated
132005[Julio Sansurso], undated
132006[Roldolfo W. Rodriguez], undated
132007[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
132008[Hisp. Braves], undated
132009[Hisp. Braves], undated
132010[Hisp. Braves], undated
132011[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
132012[Sora McFarlane, Venezuelan, C], undated
132013[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
132014[Photo of Unidentified Man and Woman], undated
132015[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
132016[Group Photo], undated
132017[Photo of Unidentified Man, for hospitals], undated
132018[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
132019[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
132020[Hisp. Braves], undated
132021[Group Photo], undated
132022[Gala Theatre Group], undated
132023[Photo of 2 Unidentified Children and Woman], undated
132024[Photo of Unidentified Woman, Consul?], undated
132025[Julio and Diana Molina], undated
132026[Colombian folklore group of ATL], early 1980s
132027[Manola Sanchez], early 1980s
132028[Colombian folklore group of ATL], circa 1982-1984
132029[Colombian folklore group of ATL], circa 1982-1984
132030[Photo of Unidentified Dancers], undated
132031[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
132032[Photo of Restaurant Table], undated
132033[Hisp. Braves], undated
132034[Emiliano Reina Rodriguez], undated
132035[Group photo, Shirley?], undated
132036[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
132037[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
132038[Gran Apertura Nora- Jose's], undated
132039[Gran Apertura Nora- Jose's], undated
132040[Alfredo Duarte, MH staff writer], undated
132041[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
132042[Gran Apertura Nora- Jose's], undated
132043[Dioris Medina], undated
132044[Dioris Medina], undated
132045[Biblical scene], undated
132046[Normando Ismay], undated
132047[Backstage at the Cuban Club], 1985
132048[Marta Ortega, Puerto], undated
132049[Group Photo], undated
132050[Photo of People in the Stands at a Sporting Event], undated
132051[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
132052[Group Photo, Pageant], undated
132053[Press Photo, Luca Bentivoglio and Rocio Durcal], undated
132054[Dioris Medina], undated
132055[Photo of a Yard], undated
132056[Publicity Still "Living in America"], undated
132057[Group Photo], undated
132058[Group Photo], undated
132059[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
132060[Photo of Unidentified Child], undated
132061[Castro], undated
132062[Photo of Unidentified Child], undated
132063[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
132064[Ricardo Fachisthers], undated
132065[Photo of Unidentified Couple], undated
132066[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
132067[Group Photo], undated
132068[Fabiola Dortch], undated
132069[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
132070[Photo of 3 Unidentified Men, Hal Feder?], undated
132071[Negative Strip], undated
132072[Andy Young], undated
132073[Group Photo], undated
132074[Jocelyn L. Fleming], undated
132075[Rene (Renecito) Diaz], undated
132076[Rene (Renecito) Diaz], undated
132077[Group Photo], undated
132078[Group Photo], undated
132079[Photo of Unidentified Man and Woman], undated
132080[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
132081[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
132082[Photo of the outside of a Jewelry & Photo store], undated
132083[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
132084[Photo of the inside of a Jewelry & Photo store], undated
132085[Photo of the Outside of a House], undated
132086[Melendez, Foster and Associates], undated
132087[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
132088[Big Buck Contest], undated
132089[Group Photo], undated
132090["1988 Busch Cityski" Buckhead], 1988
132091[Photo of 3 Musicians], early 1980s
132092[Photo of 2 Musicians], undated
132093[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
132094[Photo of Unidentified Woman], undated
132095[Photo of Unidentified Man], undated
132096[Michael, photo by Carola Reuben but before MH], undated
132097[Alexandra], undated
132098[Fabiola Dortch], undated
132099[Michael, photo by Carola Reuben but before MH], undated
132100[Dr. Christina de la Torre], undated
132101[Dr. Christina de la Torre], undated
132102[Photo of Unidentified Woman]
132103[Photo of Unidentified Man and Woman], undated
132104[Contact Sheet], undated
132105[Photo of Unidentified Man, Cuban at Conference], undated
132106[Contact Sheet], undated
132107[Contact Sheet], undated
132108[Contact Sheet], undated
132109[Contact Sheet], undated
132110[Contact Sheet], undated
132111[Contact Sheet], undated
132112[Contact Sheet], undated
132113[Contact Sheet], undated
132114[Contact Sheet], undated
132115[Contact Sheet], undated
132116[Contact Sheet], undated
132117[Contact Sheet], undated
132118[Photo of Unidentified Man and Woman], undated

Series III. Newspapers and Publications

Subseries A. Mundo Hispanico issues

41Mundo Hispanico issue , 1982 Feb
42Mundo Hispanico issue, 1982 Apr
43Mundo Hispanico issue, 1982 May 15
44Mundo Hispanico issue
45Mundo Hispanico issue, 1982 June
46Mundo Hispanico issue, 1982 Aug 15 - Sept 15
47Mundo Hispanico issue, 1982 Sept 15 - Oct 15
48Mundo Hispanico issue, 1982 Deb 15 - 1983 Jan 15
49Mundo Hispanico issue, 1983 Mar 15
410Mundo Hispanico issue, 1983 Apr 15
411Mundo Hispanico issue, 1983 July 15
412Mundo Hispanico issue, 1983 Oct 15
413Mundo Hispanico issue, 1983 Nov 15
414Mundo Hispanico issue, 1983 Dec 15
415Mundo Hispanico issue, 1984 Aug 15
416Mundo Hispanico issue, 1984 Dec - 1985 Jan
417Mundo Hispanico issue, 1985 Jun 15
418Mundo Hispanico issue, 1985 Aug 15
419Mundo Hispanico issue, 1985 Oct 15
420Mundo Hispanico issue, 1986 Feb 15
421Mundo Hispanico issue, 1987 Dec - 1988 Jan
422Mundo Hispanico issue, 1988 Feb 15
423Mundo Hispanico issue, 1988 May 15 - June 15
424Mundo Hispanico issue, 1988 Jun 15 - July 15
425Mundo Hispanico issue, 1988 July 15 - Aug 15
426Mundo Hispanico issue, 1988 Aug 15 - Sept 15
427Mundo Hispanico issue, 1988 Sept 15 - Oct 15
428Mundo Hispanico issue, 1988 Oct 15 - Nov 15
429Mundo Hispanico issue, 1989 Feb 15 - Mar 15
51Mundo Hispanico issue, 1989 Sept 15 - Oct 15
52Mundo Hispanico issue, 1989 Dec - 1990 Jan
53Mundo Hispanico issue, 1990 Feb 15
54Mundo Hispanico issue, 1990 May 1
55Mundo Hispanico issue, 1990 May 15 - June 15
56Mundo Hispanico issue, 1990 Jun 15 - July 15
57Mundo Hispanico issue, 1990 July 15 - Aug 15
58Mundo Hispanico issue, 1990 Aug 15 - Sept 15
59Mundo Hispanico issue, 1990 Nov 15 - Dec 15
510Mundo Hispanico issue, 1990 Dec 15 - 1991 Jan 15
511Mundo Hispanico issue, 1991 Feb 15
512Mundo Hispanico issue, 1991 Mar 15
513Mundo Hispanico issue, 1991 Apr
514Mundo Hispanico issue, 1991 May 15
515Mundo Hispanico issue, 1991 July 15
516Mundo Hispanico issue, 1992 May 15
517Mundo Hispanico issue, 1992 Jun 15
518Mundo Hispanico issue, 1992 July 15
519Mundo Hispanico issue, 1992 Aug 1
520Mundo Hispanico issue, 1992 Aug 15
521Mundo Hispanico issue, 1992 Sept 1
522Mundo Hispanico issue, 1992 Sept 15
523Mundo Hispanico issue, 1992 Oct 1
524Mundo Hispanico issue, 1992 Oct 15
525Mundo Hispanico issue, 1992 Nov 1
526Mundo Hispanico issue, 1992 Nov 15
527Mundo Hispanico issue, 1992 Dec 15
528Mundo Hispanico issue, 1993 Jan 1
529Mundo Hispanico issue, 1993 Mar 15
530Mundo Hispanico issue, 1993 Aug 1
321Mundo Hispanico Directorio Hispano de Atlanta, 1991, 1992, 1993/1994
322[Clippings - Mundo Hispanico], 1983-1993

Subseries B. Other Publications

61Creative Loafing issue, 1992 Sept 5
323[El Deportivo issues], 1992
62Atlanta Journal Constitution issue, 1992 Nov 4
63Atlanta Journal Constitution clipping, 1992 July 17
64Atlanta Journal Constitution section, 1992 Sept 24

Series IV. Correspondence

Subseries A. Letters to the Editor

215[Letters to the Editor], 1982-1987
216[Letters to the Editor], 1988-1991

Subseries B. Prisoners' Letters

217[Prisoners' Letters], 1988 and 1989

Series V. Editorial Files

Subseries A. Advertising

218[Advertising Leads Assigned], 1991
219[Advertising Leads], 1983, undated
220[Advertising Leads], 1991-1992
221Ad Leads Input, 1992 Jan 11
222[Advertising Leads, Letters, Rough Drafts], 1984-1986
31[Advertising Letters, Rough Drafts], 1983-1986
32[Advertising Orders], 1992
33[Ad-Related Notes], 1982, 1983, undated
34[Advertisement Sizes - Samples], undated
35[Ad-Related Tasks], 1986-1988
36[Letter to Advertiser], 1989 Aug 6
37Lists of Advertisers, 1983

Subseries B. Editorial Related

38Distribution Records, 1992
39[Editorial Department Files], 1992-1993
310["El Nuevo Mundo"], 1992, 2019
311[Hispanic Link], 1983-1987
312[Hispanic Statistics and Marketing Materials], 1983-1989
313[Journalism Awards Received by Mundo Hispanico], 1989-1991
314[Mundo Hispanico Organizational Information], 1982-1993
315[National Association of Hispanic Publications], 1985-1989
316[Past Editorial Lists], 1984, 1985
317[Press Release Material], 1987-1992
318[Speeches], undated
319[Subscription Coupons; Requests], 1992
320[To Do Lists], late 1980s

Subseries C. Memorabilia

7110th Anniversary T-Shirt, 1989
72The National Association of Hispanic Publications Third Annual Hispanic Print Media Awards plaque, 1991 Jan 25
73The National Association of Hispanic Publications Second Annual Hispanic Media Awards plaque, 1989-1990
74The National Association of Hispanic Publications 3rd Annual Hispanic Print Media Awards 1990-1991 plaque, 1990-1991
75[Business cards], undated
141[Rolodex cards], undated

Series VI. Audiovisual

VHS_0001Alberto Harold Garcia, candidate, DeKalb Commissioner, 4th District, undated

Series VIII. Additions, 1983-1993

This addition to the collection contains documents dating from the early years of Mundo Hispanico. It includes mostly correspondence, story notes, and information used to compile the Directorio Hispano in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
The files in this addition are organized in the manner that the donor filed them. Boxes 15 and 16 contain letters from readers; notes on comments made to the Tribuna Publica; letters from Cuban detainees at the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary, story and editorial notes, and administrative records such as staff instructions and information on distribution. Boxes 17-20 contain information used for compiling the Directorio Hispano/Hispanic Directory, mostly on social clubs, sports organizations, social service agencies, churches, and other organizations created to serve the Latino and Hispanic community in the Atlanta metro area.
1501Letters to the Editor, 1983-1985
1502"Juan Molita's MInistry," by Carola Reuben, Atlanta Magazine, 1987
1503Newspaper Features - "Your Body, Your Skin Dialog," and "Letters to María Regina, 1990-1992
1504Henry Kissinger Cartoon from Hispanic Link News Service, "Monumental Corrida en Centroamerica", undated
1505Pending - Directorio, 1990
1506[Clips for Publication, Goya Foods Cartoon, Notes, and 8th Congress of the National Association of Mexican Newspaper Publishers], 1987-1989
1507Editorial Items - Story Pitches, Press Releases, and Messages, 1991
1508Sales Items for Hispanic Directory, 1991
1509Ad Tasks for Hispanic Directory, 1993
1510Directorio Ads, 1992-1993
1511Photo from Anti-Hispanic Klan Rally in Gainesville, GA, circa 1989
1512News Clips Regarding the Murder of a Mundo HIspanico Employee, November 4, 1988
1513Rough Draft of Proposal to Sell Mundo HIspanico, 1991
1514Letters from Cuban Detainees in Atlanta Penitentiary, 1989
1515Duplicates of Written Instructions to Staff, 1987
1516Instructions to Staff and Organizational Information, 1987-1988
1517Letters from Readers (Some Published in Tribuna Pública), 1990-1991
1518Letters from Readers, 1988-1989
1519Tribuna Pública, 1989-1990
1520Page Layouts, undated
1521Letters from Prisoners, 1988
1522Editorial Plans for Specific Issues, 1990
1523Editorial Department, 1988-1989
1524Letters from Readers, 1985-1991
1525Editorial Lists, 1990-1992
1526Flyers, Systemsmakers Business Proposal, 1983-1992
1527Notes and Memos, 1987-1988
1528Distribution Pep Talk, 1987
1529Distribution Records and Notes, 1989
1530Press Releases, 1991
1531Ad Leads and Correspondence, 1982-1983
1532Correspondence Regarding Distribution, 1986-1987
Correspondence related to placing news racks, issues arising from distribution, routes, and notes about changes to distribution.
1533Correspondence Regarding Distribution, 1983
Correspondence related to placing news racks, issues arising from distribution, routes, and notes about changes to distribution.
1534Distribution - Routes, Permission Letters, Compensation, 1987
Correspondence related to placing news racks, issues arising from distribution, routes, and notes about changes to distribution.
1535Circulation Department, 1982-1983
1536[Job and Volunteer Requests], undated
1537Advertising Leads and Rates, 1986-1988
1538[Media Market Information], 1988
1539National Association of Hispanic Publications, 1987
1540Notes and To-Do List from National Association of Hispanic Publications Meeting, undated
1541Story Notes, May 15, 1988
1542Story Notes, April 15, 1988
1543Story Notes, November 15, 1989
1544Story Notes, December 1987-January 1988
1545Story Notes, April 15, 1989
1546Story Notes, December 15, 1989
161Story Notes, December 15, 1988
162Story Notes, June 15, 1988
171[Notes], undated
172Social Clubs, 1989
173Amnesty Classes, 1989
174Annual Hispanic Calendar, 1989
175Hispanic Organizations, 1989-1990
176Libraries, Books in Spanish, undated
177GED Classes in Spanish, undated
1708Miscellaneous Foreigner-oriented Organizations, 1989
1709Radio and TV, Non-commercial in Spanish, undated
1710Hispanic Soccer Leagues, 1990
1711Churches (Baptists and Catholics in Other Folders), undated
1712Misas en Espanñol, undated
1713Hispanic Baptist Congregations, undated
1714Folklore Groups, undated
1715Directorio Info, 1989
1716General Social Services, undated
1717Free English Classes, 1989
1718Consulates, 1990
1719Immigration Info, undated
1720Hospitals, undated
1821Airport, undated
1822Voter Registration, 1989
1823International [Telephone] Codes, undated
1824Tabla de Equivalencias, undated
Contains common metric-to-English unit conversions.
1825Miscellaneous Info, 1989
Contains information regarding federal tax filing instructions and docent-led tours of the High Museum of Art.
1826Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport, undated
1827MARTA Info, 1989
1828Embassies, undated
1829National Holidays, undated
1830Newcomer Info, 1989
1831Telefonos de Emergencia, undated
1832Maps, 1989-1990
1833Directorio, 1990
1834[Story Notes], undated
1835[Resources for Hispanic Directory], 1990
1836Social Services (Agencies with Spanish-speaking Person), 1990
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