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Joe B. Wilkinson Papers

Joe B. Wilkinson Papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Joe B. Wilkinson Papers
Creator: Wilkinson, Joe B. , 1946-
Inclusive Dates: 2001-2016
Language(s): English
Extent: 16.5 Linear Feet (12 boxes, 7 panoramic photographs, audiovisual recordings, 1.82 gigabytes)
Collection Number: RBRL448
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: Joe Wilkinson is a former member of the Georgia House of Representatives. He is a fifth generation Atlantan who graduated from the University of Georgia. After college, Wilkinson went to Washington to serve Presidents Ford and Reagan as a member of the White House Press Office. Wilkinson was also a member of the United States Naval Reserve, ultimately receiving the rank of Captain. He is a veteran of Desert Storm. Wilkinson represented District 52 in the Georgia Legislature from 2001 to 2017 and retired after 16 years of service. While in the House, Wilkinson worked on funding in the arts in Georgia and was a member of the House Ethics Committee. Wilkinson is currently the President of Fun Academy Studios. The Joe B. Wilkinson Papers primarily include those from Representative Wilkinson's time in office. This includes information for bills Wilkinson worked on, like Georgia Arts Funding and Adoptable dogs in Georgia. The collection also includes constituent information and information on the corporation of the city of Sandy Springs. The majority of the collection consists of physical files, but also includes seven panoramic photographs of the Georgia legislature from years 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, and 2015.

Collection Description


Joe Wilkinson is a former member of the Georgia House of Representatives, representing District 52 from 2001 to 2017. Wilkinson worked on funding for the arts in Georgia and the House Ethics Committee. Previously to working in the Georgia legislature, he worked in the White House Press Office under Presidents Ford and Reagan. He attended the University of Georgia and worked for Coca-Cola International for many years. He served as a Captain in the United States Naval Reserve. Wilkinson did not seek reelection in 2016 and is currently the President of Fun Academy Studios.

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Scope and Content

This collection contains legislative files from Wilkinson's time as a Georgia House Representative from 2001 to 2016 and from his time on the Ethics Committee. The collection also includes personal and political papers from his office including mail from constituents, and framed pictures from Wilkinson's office.

Organization and Arrangement

This collection is arranged in three series: I. Legislative Files, II. Personal and Political Papers, and III. Framed Materials.

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This collection is open for research.

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Joe B. Wilkinson. Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

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Saint Simons Island (Ga. : Island)
Sandy Springs (Ga.)

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Series I. Legislative Files, 2001-2017

11House Bill 561: Adoptable Dog Act , 2016
12Articles , 2014
13Arts, 2013
14The House Study Committee on Funding for the Arts , 2006
15Arts: Funding FY 2015, 2015
16Georgia Art Policy Committee , 2010
17City of Atlanta, 2003
18Atlanta Delegation, 2015
19Atlanta Sewers , 2003
110Attorney General , 2011
111Joe's Biography
112BOMA, 2013
113Boy Scouts and Eagles, 2010
114Bright from the Start , 2013
115Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber , 2013
116[Campaign Finance Commission]
117Capitol Arts Standards Commission, 2015
118Commission on the Preservation of the State Capitol , 2011
119CH2M Hill , 2011
120Chaplains, 2011
121College of Coastal Georgia , 2014-2015
122Misc. for Coastal College, 2015-2016
123Coca-Cola, 2015
124Department of Community Affairs , 2015
125Congratulations, 2015
126Congressional Matters, June 2015
127Wilkinson Constituent 2009, 2009
128Rodney Cook- Road Dedication, 2014
129Current Legislation
130Disclosures, 2005
131Driver's License , 2002
132Department of Driver Services, April 9 2014
133Economic Development Committee, 2013
134Department of Economic Development, 2014
135Department of Education, 2013
136Education, 2016
137Ethics Commission, 2012
138Ethics Committee, 2005
139Falcons Stadium, 2016
140Fulton Delegation , January 16 2003
141Fulton County Republican Party , 2010
142Fulton County , 2013-2014
143Fulton County Legislative Delegation , 2015
144Georgia Chamber of Commerce, 2013
145Georgia College and State University , 2011
146Georgia Council for the Arts , 2011
21Georgia State History Museum, 2010
22Georgia State University , 2015
23Georgia Tech , 2014
24Glynn County (misc.), 2013
25Governor Nathan Deal, 2014
26Governor's Office , May 24 2010
27GWCC, February 6 2015
28Health and Human Services , 2015
29[Sub Committee Listing for the House Health and Human Services Committee]
210Hospital Infection Rates , 2011
211Department of Insurance, 2011
212Israel Bonds, 2000
213Consul General of Israel , 2012
214Japan, 2016
215Jekyll Island Foundation, 2010-2011
216Judicial Council of Georgia, 2011
217Legislative Counsel , 2011
2182009 Legislation, 2009
219Lockhead Martin , 2010
220Georgia Lottery , February 10 2010
221MCG , November 10 2010
222Meningitis, 2001
223Miscellaneous, 2010-2015
224Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum , 2012
225Natural Resources, May 21 2014
226NCSL, 2013
227North Georgia College, September 5 2015
228Operation Ignite, 2014
2292003 Pages, 2003
230Wilkinson Pages 2009, 2009
231Wilkinson Pages 2010, 2010
232Pardons and Paroles Board, September 24 2014
233Pettys Portrait Unveiling , 2014
2342010 Pictures, 2010
2352011 Photographs, 2011
2362012 Photographs, 2012
237Photographs , 2008-2015
238GA Ports Authority , 2015
239Power Lines, January 16 2004
240Press Releases, 2011
241Proclamations, 2013
242Public Service Commission, January 22 2014
243Qualifying , April 26 2004
244Speaker David Ralston
245Legislative Reapportionment, 2011
246Joe Wilkinson's Receipts
247Regents , January 13 2015
248Republican Caucus, December 2013
249Research, 2009-2013
250Department of Revenue, 2015
251Sandy Springs 2002-2003, 2002-2003
252Sandy Springs 2003-2004, 2003-2004
253City of Sandy Springs, 2010-2015
254Sandy Springs Foundation: Agriculture, 2001
255Sandy Springs- Back-up Bills , 2003
256Sandy Springs: Cooked Numbers, 2004
257Secretary of State , 2014-2015
258Speakers' Office, 2010-2015
31Speeches , 2011-2014
32Stem Cell Research , 2001
33St. Simons matters, 2010
34Student Letters, 2011-2014
35Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, August 3 2015
36Taxes [Vesta Holdings], January 2003
37Thank-Yous, 2010-2015
38Department of Transportation, 2011-2015
39Bridge Data HD52 [Transportation], 2012
310University of Georgia, 2010-2014
311USO, August 5 2015
312Veterans , 2011-2013
313Visitors , 2014
314Water Issues, September 12 2002
315Yardarm Ceremony, May 17 2013
3162001/2002 Expenses, 2001-2002
317[HB 1321: Incorporation of Johns Creek], 2005
318[Conference on HB 36], March 31 2005
319Legislative session: 2005-2006, 2005-2006
320Ethics Meeting: March 2, 2005, March 2 2005
321[messages in opposition to HB 351], 2007
322SB 102: licensure of chiropractors, 2007
323[HB 291 Georgia Arts Alliance], 2007
324Legislation Sponsored by Wilkinson, 2008
325[Chapter 16, Title 50: Public Property], 2010
326Code Section 48-7-27: taxable net income, 2010
3272010 Session Legislation sponsored by Rep. Joe Wilkinson: HB 603, 1069, 1338, 1083, 1296, 1297, 1736, 1938; Resolutions 2010; 2010 Session Constituent Correspondence, 2010
3282011 Session Legislation sponsored by Rep. Joe Wilkinson: 2011 Pages; 2011 Resolutions; HB 89; SB 139, 190; 2011 Session; 2011 Session Constituent Correspondence, 2011
412011 Special Session: Resolutions, 2011
422012 Legislation sponsored by Rep. Wilkinson: 2012 Resolutions; 2012 Pages; 2012 Session; HB 659, 889, 556, 1291, 1181; 2012 Session Constituent Correspondence, 2012
432013 Session, 2013
44HB 177: Oconee River Greenway Authority , May 6 2013
452013 Resolutions , 2013
46HB 310: Ethics Revisions, 2013
47HB 338: Arts, May 7 2013
482013 Constituent Correspondence, 2013
492013 Pages, 2013
410[HB 142-143: Ethics in Government], 2013
4112014 Misc. Session Correspondence, 2014
4122014 Misc. , 2014
4132014 Pages, 2014
414HB 841: Emergency Vehicle Access, 2014
415HB 310, 2014
4162014 Resolutions , 2014
417Pages 2015, 2015
418Resolutions 2015
4192015 Constituent "Watch List" , 2015
420Law to Ban Breed Specific Legislation, 2015
421Prescription of Medical Cannabis for Serious Medical Conditions Study Committee, 2015
422HB 504: Meningococcal Vaccine, March 2015
423Tax Exemptions for Seniors in Fulton County, 2015
424Historical Markers
425HR 174: BOMA "Invite", 2015
426Senate Resolution 678: General Assembly Schedule, 2016
4272016 Legislative Session, 2016

Series II. Personal and Political Papers, 2001-2017

51Joe's Calendars: 2010-2013, 2010-2013
52Calendars: old invitations [folder 1/2], 2014-2015
53Calendars: old invitations [folder 2/2], 2014-2015
54Old Calendar Notes: 2015, 2015
55Press Clippings 2001-2003, 2001-2003
56[Newspaper Articles, 2004-2007], 2004-2007
57[Newspaper Articles, 2015-2016], 2015-2016
58[Newspaper Articles, 2017], 2017
59[General Correspondence, 2001-2009], 2001-2009
510[General Correspondence, 2011-2015], 2011-2015
ER 1Joe Wilkinson and Mike Coan [digital files], 2002-2005
Folder-level Google Drive inventory for digital files: View an inventory of the column titles
61[General Correspondence, 2016-2017], 2016-2017
62[Undated Correspondence]
63Constituent Correspondence: Martin Adelman, water leak in Atl; Robin Rudolph, Atl water; Paul Demit; Aquarium Tickets; Bruce Dutcher; Louise Abrams; DOAS Bob Thompson, 2012-2014
64Constituent Correspondence: Richard Bernal: water issue; Mary Chris Williams; city water; Wendy Jennings; Barry Levitt; Atl water dispute; Vandiver AT&T; Government Affairs: Annexation, 2012-2014
65Constituent Correspondence: Natasha Sbaity, DBHDD; Paige Edwards, Brain Injury Trust Fund; Danielle Vita; AAA Hobby BBB Issue; Voe Stafford , 2010-2015
66Constituent Correspondence: Brenda Field, DCH; Roger Hensley, CPA; traffic laws private property; Barry Brown: community-based services; Tom Umstead: DCH sitting service; Chris Donaldson Cobb County, 2014-2015
67Constituent Correspondence: Babbage Inmate Transfer; Mr. Ebrakimi: consumer affairs; Charles Lankin condo insurance; Mitchell Klodder; Clean Air Emmissions; Ann Petus, 2011-2013
68Constituent Correspondence: Jill Cunninghis; Dr. Larry Schneider; Susan Coombs; Jara Ebrahimi, Consumer; Jeff Spencer, Clean Air, 2011-2013
69Constituent Correspondence: Graham DDS; Mohan Li DDS; Matt Woody DDS; Ballard Ward DDS; Eliz. Kelly: son's driver license; Dr. Raph Hayne DDS, 2013-2015
610Constituent Correspondence: Gary Christopher: mail man dog bite; Steven Schlaction DBHDD; Gary Swift DDS; Ed Waits, DDS Pete Elroy; Kathryn Kay DDS, 2013
611Constituent Correspondence: ERS retiree; object builders; Ebola; Elise Binder, Ebola; Jim Stroup: Boeing Econ Dev. , 2014-2015
612Constituent Correspondence: Gary Watkins; Mark Crupi; Caroline Mangrum; Matthew Eads; Candance Rangin, 2010
613Constituent Correspondence: FC Tax Comm.; James Campbell DF of S; Mitch Klodder FC Complaint; Roger Kupnow Library; Louise Abrams food stamps; Harold Williams Homestead Ex. FC, 2014-2015
614Constituent Correspondence: DJ: complaint about GPS and INS; Carla Camp: GA Southern; Kayla Price; GA Tech Daniel Beecham, 2010-2015
615Constituent Correspondence: Chqueta Hudson: DHS constituent service; Eric Hansen; Simirror Harris: homeless; Makester-Human Trafficking; Louise Abrams: DHS, 2015
616Constituent Correspondence: Steven Schlacter: comp. waiver; Inga Harris: visa; Gov's Honor Program, 2010-2011
617Constituent Correspondence: Karen Newman: Department of Insurance; Andee Shapiro niece: denied surgery; Waits family; Gabe Vonas, 2011-2015
618Constituent Correspondence: Tom Korn; Joshua Hooks landlord laws; Steve Palmer: DOL; Randy Wasileski: DOL; Raph Daniels: DOL; DOL HP Mays; John White: DOL; Harriett Adams; Andy Lechter , 2012-2015
619Constituent Correspondence: Julia Miller: Hap Chandler; Dr. John O'Shea; Michele Rutherford: Medicaid; Dr. Levitt: Medicare and Medicaid; Medicaid: Stephanie Kandzierski, 2014-2015
620Constituent Correspondence: Fryock; Kiara Washington: New to Georgia; Carlos Moreno: 40 day session; Bruce Weiss: job assistance; Michelle Gibson; Charlotte Marcus , 2011-2013
621Constituent Correspondence: Noise laws; Zach Matthews: water release; Mary Jones DNR creek/driveway erosion; Mark Isle: DNR, 2014
622Constituent Correspondence: Dr. Saul: Obamacare; Property Rights; Gabe Jones, 2012-2014
623Constituent Correspondence: Dr. Prince tac DOR; Mark Noonan lease; Bellamy electric car tax credit; Palmer income tax return; Ken Skedvold DOR; Jame Corley DOR sales tax; Cathie Campbell DOR, 2014-2015
624Constituent Correspondence: Mike Jackson SS Toyota DOR; Sammy Grant DOR tax holiday; DOR AAA Hobby; Russell Abney PSC Solar; Mike Weinberger DOR tax; Tom Benson AA Volorem; Lynn Schlosberg; Bruce Weiss Insurance, 2013
625Constituent Correspondence: David Robertson; World Peace Cafe: DOR; Zack Kahn; Thomas Fricke, 2011-2012
626Constituent Correspondence: Tony Tortorici tobacco revenue; Ralph Daniels; Matt Luczynski; John White; Sylvia Tamvacakis; David Saldman; David Adelman; Marilyn Diamond; Sharon Young; John Brooks; Jenna Perkins GSU; Joe Corley, 2010-2011
627Constituent Correspondence: Linda Haylar; Tommy Barber LLC; Von Williams SOS Contractor; Shane Carter Conractor; Mitchell Kloder SOS Elections; Earl Slocum SHRDl; Barry Fendig SOS: electrical contractor , 2014-2015
628Constituent Correspondence: Tiffany Jones cosmetology; Wendy Jennings; Bill Stephen storm damage; Dr. Torch SS bus license; Robyn Nadel SS licensing, 2011-2014
629Constituent Correspondence: Johnson Ferry Rd. widening project; Ton Dents DOR; Brian Martin DOT; Mr. Kahn GDOT: toll booth; Randall Fox Arts Permit SS/GDOT, 2012-2014
630Constituent Correspondence: Matthew Tillman FC; Property tax; Matthews Cobb Co. property tax; traffic laws private property , 2014-2015
631Constituent Correspondence: Johnson Ferry Median Woodcliff subd.; Joe Totten: babies can't wait; Brandon Mill River Springs Intersection; Autumn Chase HA; Brandon Mill Road DOT, 2009-2012
632Constituent Correspondence: Brandon Hall Homeless Veterans poor conditions; Hal Williams Veterans; Cindy Brooks VR; Do Not Responds, 2013-2015
633[Correspondence:] Invitations
634[Correspondence from: Georgians for a Healthy Future], July 15 2016
635Thank you letters from children, 2015
636Don McAdam , 2016
637Constituent Issues, 2001-2002
638Outgoing Mail, 2000-2001
71Wilkinson Pages, 2001, 2001
72Streamlined Sales Tax, 2001
73[informational sheets: Palmer to Pipeline; Public Service Commission; Children's Healthcare; DUI Study Committee; Funding for the Arts: Department of Corrections; State Electroconvulsive Therapy], 2001-2016
74Blue Ribbon Young Drivers/DUI Study Commission: Georgia, July 2001- July 2002
75Blue Ribbon Young Driver and DUI Study Commission Final Report, December 2002
76Joe to Address, 2003
77The Incorporation of Sandy Springs: An Assessment of Fiscal Impacts , September 2003
78Sandy Springs, 2003
79[office phone messages], 2004-2016
710On hold, no action, 2004
711Budget Information, 2004
712Albert Wright III, 2004
713[US Licensing Systems for Young Drivers], August 2004
714Procedures for E-filing [Election Reports], 2004
715'It Won't Happen to Me': Office of High Safety, 3rd edition, 2004
716State Ethics Commission Information Resource Manual , 2006
717Legislators' Guide to the Governors' Office, 2005
718[Sine Die certificates], 2005-2006
719Ethics Committee Meeting, February 2-3 2005
720House News; House Directory, 2006
721Arts in Education: Woodruff Arts Center , November 2006
722Ethics Committee work, 2006
723[speeches by Joe Wilkinson], 2007-2016
724Ethics in Government and Campaign Finance: Georgia House Republican Caucus , January 30 2007
725Georgia EMS Magazine: volume II, number I , winter 2007-2008
726The Inauguration of Sonny Purdue, January 8 2007
727House of Representatives Conduct of Members: Advisory Opinions of the Committee of Ethics, January 14 2008
728[Grand Jury report for March/April 2008 term], March/April 2008
729Disclaimer of candidacy and affidavit , April 28 2008
730Emergency Reference Guide: Georgia Building Authority, August 2008
731Center for Public Integrity Ranking of Standards for Legislators 2009, 2009
73227th Bienniel Institute for Georgia Legislators: Carl Vinson Institute of Government, University of Georgia, December 12-14 2010
733Capitol Ideas: Council of State Governments , May-June 2010
734Keepsake Information, 2010
735'A New Deal for Georgia' from The Times , January 2011
736"Listening to the Teen Voice:" A Statewide Youth Summit for Georgia Teens on Highway Safety: an Executive Summary , November 5 2011
737[Nathan Deal Inauguration tickets and booklets], January 10 2011
738Panorama: The Georgia Conservancy , Spring 2011
739[State and Federal Communications, Inc.: guide to lobbyists and non-lobbyist regulations], 2012
740[Michael Caldwell campaign ad], July 2012
741Personal , 2012-2015
742[Coca-Cola and the US Military], 2013
81Arts Funding 2014-2015, 2014-2015
82Golden Isles 2014 Calendar, 2014
83Office Papers, 2014, 2014
84Offfice notes and photography, 2014
85Notes on bills, 2014, 2014
86"Ashley", 2015
Notes and letters on various from the 2015 legislative session.
87At Issue: Volume 10, Issue 1, 2015
88[Daffodil Project brochures], November 15 2015
89[General Raymond Davis Portrait Unveiling], December 2 2015
810Devotions and Prayers by Chaplains: Georgia House of Representatives , 2015
811Georgia Forestry Today: Volume II, Issue 6, December 2016
812Georgia Trend Magazine: Georgia's New Trustees, February 2015
813Rules, Ethics and Decorum of the House of Representatives , 2015-2016
814[mail from: Natasha's Justice Project], December 2 2015
815[mail from: 'DNA Saves': DNA Testing Laws], December 8 2015
816House Study Committee on the Preservation of the HOPE Scholarship Program, 2015
817Lake Lanier Islands Development Authority: Celebrating 50 Years of Building a Georgia Treasure , 2015
818Laffer, Arthur B., Stephen Moore, Jonathan Williams. "Rich States, Poor States." 8th Edition. American Legislative Exchange Counicil: 2015. , 2015
819Georgia Hospital Association: Hospitals 101: 5th Edition, 2015
820Notes on bills, 2015, 2015
821Need Answers, 2016
822Requested Information for Legislation, 2016
823Adoptable Dogs, 2016
824James Magazine: 2016 Legislative Issue, January-February 2016
825Humane Society of the United States: Animal Sheltering Magazine, November-December 2016
826Georgia Travel Guide: Restaurant and Music , February 2016
827House of Representatives Conduct of Members Advisory Opinions of the Committee on Ethics, January 11 2016
828[2016 Gun Owners' Candidate Survey], 2016
829[mail from the FLDS Church], 2016
830[letter from the Tax Foundation], April 28 2016
831[information on the Turkish coup], July 21 2016
832Georgia House of Representatives: Session Report 2016, 2016
833Around Canton Magazine, October 2016
8342016 Georgia Election Calendar, 2016
835Notes and Office papers, 2016
837[How I Remember Pearl Harbor, Col. Frank E. Herrelko, Sr.]
838Candidate Briefings: The Heritage Foundation
840[Business Cards: Dr. Mark Johnson; Georgia Link; House Photopgraphy; MGM Resorts; Sophia Academy; GA Pet Coalition; Joe B. Wilkinson]
ER 2The Millennium Gate PowerPoint Presentation [digital files], 2005
91State of Georgia 2010 Directory , 2010
92Members of the Georgia State House of Representatives, 2015-2016
932012 Georgia Chamber Government Affairs Council and Legislative Directory, 2012
942011 GAC Directory, 2011
95The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States
96Members of the General Assembly of Georgia Senate and House of Representatives 2001-2002 Term , January 2001
97Members of the General Assembly of Georgia Senate and House of Representatives 2003-2004 Term, 2004
98Members of the General Assembly of Georgia Senate and House of Representatives 2003-2004 Term, 2003
99Members of the General Assembly of Georgia Senate and House of Representatives 2005-2006 Term, 2006
910Members of the General Assembly of Georgia Senate and House of Representatives 2007-2008 Term, 2008
911Members of the General Assembly of Georgia Senate and House of Representatives 2009-2010 Term, 2009
912Nathan Deal Inauguraton General Assembly Member pass , January 10 2011
913The Governor's State of the State Address to the Georgia General Assembly Gallery Pass, 2016
914Luggage Tag
915Commemorative Pins
916Anti-Roy Barnes Memorabilia
ER 325th Biennial Institute for Georgia Legislators DVD [digital files], 2006
Presentation materials from the 25th Biennial Institute for Georgia Legislators held at the Carl Vinson Institute of Government at the University of Georgia. Materials include a slideshow about "Issues Facing Georgia," a promotional film, and an audio recording of a keynote address delivered by U.S. Senator Zell Miller.

Series III: Framed Materials, 2001-2017

101Georgia Conservation Voters 2001 Environmental Leadership Award, October 22 2001
102Framed AJC article: Activists partially satisfied with Republican ethics bill , February 4 2012
103Georgia 2003 Flag, 2003
104Flag showcasing Georgia's past flags
111Certificate: 22nd Biennial Institute for Georiga Legislators, University of Georgia , December 10-12 2000
112Framed AJC article: Republicans trade up as Democrats are forced out of prime spots at State Capitol , January 13 2005
121Framed Mark Trail cartoon
122Georgia Conservation Voters 2002 Environmental Leadership, May 15 2002
123Framed Panorama magazine: Saving Land, Saving Landowners, Spring 2012
124[Photographs: Atlanta Braves World Champions 1995 trophy]
125[Georgia House of Representatives District 052 map]
126[Outstanding Georgia Citizen award], March 24 2016
127[awards: Marcus JCC Atlanta; Buckhead Young Republican Club; Sandy Springs], 2016
1GA House of Representatives Panorama 2003, 2003
2GA House of Representatives Panorama 2005, 2005
3GA House of Representatives Panorama 2007, 2007
4GA House of Representatives Panorama 2009, 2009
5GA House of Representatives Panorama 2011, 2011
6GA House of Representatives Panorama 2013, 2013
7GA House of Representatives Panorama 2015, 2015