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Keith T. Poole Papers

Keith T. Poole Papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Keith T. Poole Papers
Creator: Poole, Keith T.
Inclusive Dates: 1963-2018
Language(s): English
Extent: 3.8 gigabyte(s) 8418 files
Extent: 25 Linear Feet 16 boxes, 4 items, 1 oversized folder
Collection Number: RBRL447
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: Keith T. Poole is a political scientist who developed the Nominal Three-Step Estimation (NOMINATE) in order to analyze political polarization in the United States. Poole's collection contains documents on spatial modeling, voting models, measurement theory, and probability and statistics.

Collection Description

Historical Note

Keith T. Poole is a political scientist and a Professor Emeritus at the University of Georgia. He received his B.S. in political science from Portland State University, and his M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Rochester. Poole developed the Nominal Three-Step Estimation (NOMINATE) with Howard Rosenthal in the 1980s. It is a multidimensional scaling application that is most commonly used to scale members of Congress's voting records. Poole and Rosenthal have used the NOMINATE data to show political polarization over time in the United States. Beginning in 1995, Poole made voting data available to the public on his website, Voteview. Poole has received several awards and recognitions in his career, including induction into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and receiving the Career Achievement Award from the Society for Political Methodology.

Scope and Content

This collection documents Keith T. Poole's research into political polarization in the United States. It contains documents on voting models, spatial modeling, measurement theory, probability and statistics, economics, as well as Poole's personal correspondence.

Organization and Arrangement

The arrangement of the files follows the original owner's organization.

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This collection contains digital files. To access these files, please request the folders you would like through the finding aid using your research account. An archivist will be in contact with you to explain how to access the files. Please note that not all file formats are currently supported by the library for research use.

Preferred Citation

Keith T. Poole Papers. Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.


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Finding Aid prepared by Katherine Green & Jessica Wylie, 2024-03-25.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Series 1. Manuscripts

101Spatial Voting Models and Categorical Learning, 2000-2004
102[Voting Behaviour], 2004
103[Legislative Roll Call], 2004
104Ascal User's Guide
105Ascal User's Guide
106[Economic Applications]
107Multi-Dimensional Scaling
108Multi-Dimensional Scaling
109Measurement Theory, 2015
110Measurement Theory, 2015
111Measurement Theory, 2015
112Spatial Distance
113Measurement Theory, 2006-2008
114[Poole Measurement Theory], 2007-2008
201[SPIA Award]
202Fellow of the Society for Political Methodology , 2009
203The Society for Political Methodology, Career Achievement Award , 2016
204[UCSD Appreciation Award]
205Center For Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences , 2003-2004
206Statistical Software Award, 2009
207[Teaching Award], 1997-05-18
301Realignment of the South, 2014
302C by the Beach, 2014
303C by the Beach, 2009
304C by the Beach, 2009
305Multi Variate Statistics
306Multivariate Statistics , 1986-1991
307Psycometrics Essays, 2005
308EITM/Ideal PT Lecture, 2003-2005
309Sample Logistic Discrimination, 2003-2004
310Empirical Implications of Theoretical, 2003
311Multi Dimensional Scaling , 1998
312PA Railroad Company, 1931
313Binary Data
314Measurement Theory, 2003-2006
315Measurement Theory , 2006
316Data Analysis and Classification
317MD Scaling and Unfolding
318Parametric Bootstrap, 2007
319MD Scaling
320Scaling Programs Bell Labs, 1973
321MultiDimensional Scaling, 2004
401Legislative Behaviours, 2005
402Pyschometric Sales, 2005
403Pyschometrics, 2002
404WASHU Conference, EITM, 2002-2005
405Spatial Models
406Spatial Modeling
407Voting Models, 1989
408Voting Models, 1986
409Voting Models, 1989
410Voting Models, 1989
411Voting Models
412Political Realignment
413Heart of Atlanta Motel US Katzenbach US McClung
414Youngstown Co v Saywer
415Con Law
416Am Pol Institutes
417Con Law
418Probability and Statistics, 1995-1999
419Intervals, Probability, and Stat
420[Probability and Statistics]
421[Ideological Systems]
422[Legislative Models]
423[Income Inequality], 1998-2002
424Policy Advocacy in Campaign Contributions
501[Comparative Political & Economic Distribution], 2003-01-01
502[Voter Turnout], 2002-08-01
503[Inequality and Pre-Obama Election], 2007-01-01-2009-03-01
504[Correspondences], 2007-10-01-2008-04-01
505Measurement Theory, 2007-05-01
506JAGS, 2010-11-01-2011-08-01
507[Clippings of Economic Spikes and Partisan Anymosity], 2008-12-01-2009-10-01
508Color Circle Constraints, 2010
509[Multidimensional Coding Scales], 2005-06-01-2005-09-01
510Measurement, 2007
511[Voting Theory], 1998-08-01-2017-12-01
512PS 279
513Political Parties, 2015
514CPS Stuff
515[Income Growth and Democratic Modeling], 2004
516[Polarization Undergrad], 2014
517Polarization Undergrad, 2012
518[Political Parties], 2006-04-01-2007
519Political Parties, 2007
520Political Parties , 2006-04-01-2007
521[Review of 1860]
522Development of the Southern Economy, 2000
523American Political Institions, 2002
601Brown Political Science Faculty, 2010-2011
602American Railroads, 2002-11-01
603[American Enterprise], 1995
604[American Political Democracy 19th and 20th Century], 2004-11-01
605Constitutions and Commitment: Public Choice in the 17th Century, 2004-11-01
606[Robber Barons and Early American Growth], 2000-04-01
607[Robber Barons and Early American Growth], 2000-04-01
608[Robber Barons and Early American Growth], 2000-04-01
609[Robber Barons and Early American Growth], 2000-04-01
610[Rise of Gates and Jobs], 1999-2000
611[Robber Barons and Early American Growth], 2000-04-01
612[Robber Barons and Early American Growth], 1998-08-01-1998-12-01
613[Robber Barons and Early American Growth]
614[Robber Barons and Early American Growth], 1998-03-01
615Statistical Theorems, 1998-2000
616Entrepreneurs and American Growth, 1997-2000
617[Passenger Tickets], 1999-01-01
701[Statistical Theorems], 1999-02-01
702[Statistical Theorems], 1991
703Probability and Statistics 1, 1994-1995
704Probability and Statistics 1, 1997-1998
705Probability and Statistics , 1999
706Probability and Statistics 1, 1985-1999
707GSIA Rosters, 1996-2000
708Statistic Exams, 1984-1996
709[Trains and Railways], 1997-09-01-1999-10-01
710[Automobile History], 1999-11-01
711[Economics and Statistics]
712Detailed Files Entered into FEC Database, 2000-10-01
7131990 Census of Population and Housing, 1990
714POLI 100C: Political Parties, 2007-04-01-2008-04-01
715POLI Parties, 2007
716100C Pol Parties, 2008
717Pol Parties, 2008
718[Early American Economy], 2000-05-01
719[Early American Economy], 2000-05-01
801POLI 100C: Political Parties, 2008-01-01-2008-02-01
802Railway Report
803Economic Trends, 1992-1995
805[Slavery in the US]
806[Economic Reports], 2000
807[Political Science Study Guide], 1987
808[Economic Theories]
809[Western World]
810[American Oil Empire]
811[Western World]
812American Political Development, 2004
813[Income Inequality], 1992-1996
814[Income Inequality], 2001
815[Income Inequality], 2000
901[American Economy and the Employment Challenge]], 2011-03-01
902[Political Parties], 2000-04-01-2012-08-01
903Political Parties
904Elections and Opinions, 1980-1991
905Probability and Statistics 1 , 1985-1998
906[American Political Parties], 2006-01-01
907POLI 100C: Political Parties, 2006-01-01-2006-04-01
908POLI K: Railroads and American Politics, 2006
909[Political Statistical Theorems]
910Political Statistical Theorems , 2003-05-01-2007-04-01
911[Political Statistical Theorems], 2002-11-01-2011-10-01
912Measurement Theory, 2008-04-01-2008-05-01
913Measurement Theory, 2008-04-01-2008-05-01
914Measurement Theory, 2008-04-01
915Measurement Theory, 2003-04-01-2008-05-01
916Measurement Theory, 2006-03-01-2006-05-01
917Measurement Theory, 2001-04-01-2006-05-01
918Measurement Theory, 1996-2003-06-01
1001[Ghost script and Measurement Theory], 2003-02-01-2006-05-01
1002POLS 6386 Measurement Theory, 2003-2004
1003Unidimensional Scaling, 1990
1004[POLS Measurement Theory], 2006-04-01
1005Models of Roll-Call Behavior, 1998-2001
1006[Spatial Theory and Tree Representations], 2001
1007Quantitative Analysis of Qualitative Data, 1998
1008[American Entrepreneurs: Carnegie, Rockefeller, Vanderbilt], 1997
1009[Vanderbilt and Bill Gates and James Hill], 2000
1010[American Entrepreneurs: James Hill and William Gates]
1011[Vanderbilt and Rockefeller], 1998
1012[Schumpeterian Entrepreneur Lecture Series]
1014Democratic Votes in the House District, 1900-1995
1015Income Inequality in the USA, 1913-1998
1016[American Entrepreneur Lecture Slides]
1101Estimated Statistics
1102The American Political Tradition and the Men Who Made It, 2002-2004
1103Early American Politicla Behaviour, 1989-2000
1104Property and Freedom, 1999
110545-733 Probability and Statistics Midterm
110645-733 Probability and Statistics Final, 2000
1107Poole, Statistics Notes, 1970-1997
1108[Probability and Statistics in the Bayesian Metric], 1985-2012
1109[Early American Legends]
1110In Defense of Political Party Alignment
1111Nelder Mead Method, 07-01-2011
1112Multivariate Analysis, 2000-2005
1113[Party Realignment], 1854-1896
1114[Bill Gates' Empire]
1115[Andrew Carnegie Business Model]
1116A Train in the Street, 10-01-1895
1117[Career Advancement Certificates], 2001-2017
1118Pol Parties, 2012
1119WinBug Journal, 01-01-2003
1201[Letters from Poole's Mother], 1983-1987
1202[Letters from Poole's Parents], 1964-1967
1203[Letters from Poole's Parents], 1968
1204[Letters from Poole's Parents], 1969-1970
1205[Letters from Patricia Ross], 1966-1970
1206[Letters Between Family and Friends While Serving], 1966-1970
1207[Letters from Military Friends], 1965-1969
1208[Letters from Michael and Mary Poole], 1963-1969
1209[Letters from Michael and Mary Poole], 1968-1986
1210[Letters from Aaron Poole and Dennis], 1965-1969
1211[Letters from Family and Friends], 1969-1985
1212[Letters from Maureen, Edna, Brian Morse], 1966-1986
1213[Letters from the Bradstreets], 1967-1969
1214[Correspondence While in Vietnam], 1968-1969
1301Binary Choice Data , 1994-2004
1302[Bias and News Annotations]
1303[Metropolis-Hastings Algorithm and Bayesian Inference]
1304Calculations of Quantities of Interest
1305[Gradient Alg and Application]
1306Bayesian Modeling
1307Bayes Beach State
1308Bayesian Methods
1309Spectral Density and Sampling
1310Bayesian Methods and R, 2006-2009
1311Psychometric Lab, 1996
1312Voting Pattern and Prob Analysis, 1997-2003
1313Sample Free Item Analysis, 1977-1982
1314Line of Sight
1315Bayes, 2000-2006
1316Multidimensional Stat, 1976
1317Multidimensional Spatial Analysis
1401Measurement Theory, 2003-2008
1402Measurement Theory, 2003-02-01-2003-04-01
1403Measurement Theory, 2003-04-01
1404Interest Groups, 2009
1405Polarization in America, 2000
1406Bayes, 2000-2009
1407Winbug and Measurement Theory and Bayes, 2003-2010
1408Tradebook, 2006-2009
1409Polarization, 2007
1410Polarization in America, 2003
1411Voting and Roll Call, 1970-2006
1412Congressional Models, 2003-2006
1413Income and Polarization
1414Education and Skilled Labor
1415Education and Skilled Labor, 2003
1416R Documentation , 2006
1417Bayes, 2006
1418Polarization, 2010-2011
1419PEW Survey, 2010

Series 2. Artifacts

1501New York Central System
1503Great Northern
1504License: RR 709D
1505Atlantic Coast Line
1506Big Boy
1507Model Fast Line
1601Pennsylvania Railroad
1602Union Pacific System
1603Map of Pennsylvania System
1604Great Northern Railroad System
1605Career Center Certificate Letter, 2018
1606University of Houston Professorship Award
1607Map of Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad
1608Uncle Sam Wants YOU to Ride a Train
1609The American Academy of Arts and Sciences
1610UGA Career Center Certificate, 2018
01[Framed Poster, Idealist Train City]
02[Framed Poster, Clouded NYC Train Station]
03[Framed Poster] The New 20th Century Limited
04[Framed Poster, Train in the Countryside]
01[USA Railroad Map]

Series 3. Websites

K7MOA Legacy Voteview Website, Captured 2019- Access Online
Website captured using Archive-It. This website was originally established at the Graduate School of Industrial Administration, Carnegie-Mellon University in 1995. The primary purpose of the site is to make available the data that Howard Rosenthal and Keith Poole generated out of their many research projects.