Rotary Club of Athens Records

Rotary Club of Athens Records

Descriptive Summary

Title: Rotary Club of Athens Records
Creator: Athens Rotary Club (Athens, Ga.)
Inclusive Dates: 1927-2019
Bulk Dates: 1955-2013
Language(s): English
Extent: 13 box(es) (13 linear feet, 1 audiovisual item, and 5.34 gigabytes)
Collection Number: RBRL406
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: The Rotary Club of Athens, Georgia was officially chartered by Rotary International on March 12, 1920. The records in this collection consist of administrative records, membership records, publications, district and international records, photographs, audiovisual recordings, artifacts, and other records documenting the organization's administrative, membership, programming, and philanthropic activities in Athens-Clarke County and its relationship with Georgia's Rotary districts and the broader Rotary International community between 1927 and 2017.

Collection Description

Administrative History

The first steps to organize a Rotary club in Athens, Georgia began in December 1915, but it was not until four years later that an organizing committee was formally appointed. The committee met on January 6, 1920, and on March 12, 1920 the club received its official charter from Rotary International. Douglas Flanigen served as the organization's first president. The club was chartered with 25 members and had grown to 37 members by June 2. During its first year of existence, the Rotary Club of Athens played a significant role in the University of Georgia's $1 million War Memorial Fund and in a $200,000 local bond issue for schools, street paving, sewage system and other civic improvements in the city.

The Athens Rotary Foundation was established to fund its community service project goals. The foundation is funded by donations and fundraising events including an annual barbecue, fruit sale, golf tournament, and gala celebration. Foundation funds are regularly distributed through scholarships to local students, a school-district-wide dictionary presentation to third graders, and through awards to public safety personnel.

According to guiding principles of Rotary International, "the Object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise and, in particular, to encourage and foster (1) the development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service; (2) high ethical standards in business and professions, the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations, and the dignifying of each Rotarian's occupation as an opportunity to serve society; (3) the application of the ideal of service in each Rotarian's personal, business, and community life; and (4) the advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service."

Sources: Rotary Club of Athens, (accessed March 29, 2018). "Guiding Principles," My Rotary, (accessed March 29, 2018).

Scope and Content

The Rotary Club of Athens Records consist of correspondence, meeting minutes, officer and board of directors records, financial records, convention programs, governance documents, and other administrative records; membership records including attendance and semiannual reports; local club, district, and international publications; directories, newsletters, and other district records; photographs; audiovisual recordings; artifacts; and other materials documenting the organization's administrative, membership, programming, and philanthropic activities in Athens-Clarke County and its relationship with Georgia's Rotary districts and the broader Rotary International community between 1927 and 2019.

Organization and Arrangement

This collection is arranged in eight series: Series I. Administrative Records, Series II. Membership Records, Series III. Publications, Series IV. District Records, Series V. Photographs, Series VI. Audiovisual Recordings, Series VII. Artifacts, and Series VIII. Websites.

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Rotary Club of Athens Records, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

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Finding Aid Publication

Finding Aid prepared by Karin Johnston Dalton and Brandon Pieczko, 2018.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Series I. Administrative Records, 1930-2017

This series contains correspondence, meeting minutes, officer and board of directors records and scrapbooks, financial records, convention and event programs, organizational histories, award and scholarship records, governance documents, and other records documenting the administrative activities of the Rotary Club of Athens.
Arranged in eight subseries: Subseries A. Officers and Board of Directors, Subseries B. Conventions and Program, Subseries C. Financial Records, Subseries D. Awards and Scholarships, Subseries E. Meeting Minutes, Subseries F. Correspondence, Subseries G. Organizational History, Subseries H. Governance Documents.

Subseries A. Officers and Board of Directors, 1955-2017

11[Board of Directors], 2017
12Paul Harris Fellows Includes Andy Loffis Forms, 1980-1990
13Puerto Rico, 1992
14[Vocational Service Avenue], 1996
15[Avenue of Service], 1990s
16Miscellaneous, 1975
17Board Members, 1978-1996
18Job Descriptions, undated
19Officers, 1990s
110Past Presidents, 1993-1995
111Treasurer, 1974
112Secretary, undated
113[Committee Plans], 1996-1997
114[Committee Plans], 1996-1997
115[Rotary Club], 1974-1977
116[Rotary Club], 1974-1977
117-19[Athens Rotary Foundation], 1995-1996
120Letters, 1974-1975
121Membership Roster, 1985-1992
122[Rotary Club of Athens], 2012-2013
123[Rotary Club], 1955-1980
124[Rotary Club], 1980-1991
125[Rotary Club], 1991-1997
525International Directors, 1996
526[The Nominating Committee], 1979-1991
527Len [Sapera] - Board of Directors, 1991-1993
528Ostick, Charlie, 2008
529[Talmadge Clifton Du Vall and Thomas Eugene Strickland Obituaries], 2017
426[Board of Directors Packet], 1991-1992
427[Committee Information], 1986
428[Athens Rotary Club Avenues of Service Committee Packets], 1989-1990
12Scrapbook documenting the term of Rotary Club of Athens President Tom Strickland, 1972-1973
13Scrapbook documenting the term of Rotary Club of Athens president Leonard J. (Len) Sapera, 1992-1993

Subseries B. Conventions and Programs, 1971-2017

126[Rotary Club Year in Review], 2012-2013
127[Rotary International Convention], 2012
128Program Material, 1986-2001
129[Athens Rotary Club], 1985
615GRSP [Georgia Rotary Student Program], 1995
617Interact, 1971
618[Youth Services], 2004
624[Exchange Students], 1977
625Interact Club Certificates of Organization, 2011
429[Rotary International Convention], 1992
430Georgia Rotary Student Program Endowment Fund Prospectus, circa 1990s
431Athens Host Event Program, 2017 June 11

Subseries C. Financial Records, 1980-1996

130Budget, 1980-1996
131[Secretary's Budget], 1990-1991
132Payments Delinquent, 1995-1996
133GA Rotary Codicil, 1992
134Athens Rotary Foundation Papers, 1996
135[Financial Statement], 1996
136Rotary News Sponsors, 1981-1988
137Rotary News Sponsors, 1995-1996

Subseries D. Awards and Scholarships, 1980-2013

138[Rotary International Award], 2012-2013
139[Appreciation], 2012
140Four Way Test Award, 1992
141Sherm Applebaum Awards, undated
142Awards, 1990
143[Awards], 1995-2007
522E.B. Mell Scholarship, 1980-1993
523Paul Harris Fellows, 1994
524[Rotary Foundation - Paul Harris Fellows], 1979-1984

Subseries E. Meeting Minutes, 1930-2013

8[Rotary Minute Books], 1930-1941
31Minutes, 1957-1958
32Board of Directors Meetings Athens Rotary Club, 1961-1964
33Minutes, 1963-1964
34Minutes, 1963-1964
35Board of Directors Meetings Athens Rotary Club, 1965-1968
36Board of Directors' Meetings, 1968-1969
37Board of Directors' Meetings, 1969-1970
38Board of Directors' Meetings, 1970-1971
39Board of Directors' Meetings, 1971-1974
310Minutes, 1974-1977
311[Board of Directors' Meetings], 1976
312Executive Board, 1976-1988
313Minutes, 1977-1978
314Minutes, 1978-1979
315Minutes, 1979-1980
316Minutes, 1980-1981
317Minutes, 1981-1982
318Minutes, 1982-1983
319Minutes, 1983-1984
320Minutes, 1984-1985
321Minutes, 1985-1986
322Minutes, 1986-1987
323Minutes, 1987-1988
324Minutes, 1988-1989
325Minutes, 1989-1990
326Minutes, 1990-1991
327Minutes, 1991-1992
328Minutes, 1991-1992
329Minutes, 1992-1993
330Minutes, 1993-1994
331[Minutes], 1994-1995
332Minutes, 1994-1995
333Minutes, 1995-1996
334[Board of Directors' Meetings], 1996
335Minutes, 1996-1997
336Board, 2000-2001
337Board, 2000-2002
338[Athens Rotary Club], 2011-2013

Subseries F. Correspondence, 1960-1999

41Notices to Club Members, 1989-1984
42[Correspondence], 1960-1987
43[Correspondence], 1981-1985
44[Correspondence], 1978-1981
45[Correspondence], 1977-1978
46[Correspondence], 1986-1990
47[Correspondence], 1986-1991
48[Correspondence], 1992-1999
49[Correspondence], 1992-1999
410[Correspondence], 1993
411[Correspondence], 1994
412[Correspondence], 1995

Subseries G. Organizational History, 1938-1990

413History, 1970-1980
414Club History, 1969-1970
415[News and Award Ceremony], 1938-1990

Subseries H. Governance Documents, 1962-1995

416[Constitution and By Laws], 1962
417[By-Laws], 1968
418[By-Laws], 1977-1988
419Constitution and By Laws, 1977-1982
420By-Laws and Constitution, 1976-1993
421[Rotary], 1995
422[Articles of Incorporation], 1988
423New Club, 1974-1995
424[Proposed Change of By-Laws], 1974-1987
425[Jackson-Banks Rotary Club Certificate of Organization and Meeting Program], 1992-1993

Series II. Membership Records, 1959-2002

This series contains attendance records, semiannual membership reports, social event programs, resolutions, member classifications, and other records documenting the membership activities of the Rotary Club of Athens.
Arranged in five subseries: Subseries A. Attendance Records; Subseries B. Resolutions; Subseries C. Socials; Subseries D. New Members, Terminations, and Classifications; Subseries E. Semiannual Membership Reports.

Subseries A. Attendance Records, 1959-2000

21[Attendance Report], 1985
22Attendance Awards, 1990-1996
23Attendance - Quarterly, 1991-1996
24Athens Rotary Statistics, 1993-1994
25Attendance Record, 1964-1965
26Attendance Record, 1965-1966
27Attendance Record, 1963-1964
28Attendance Record, 1962-1963
29Attendance Record, 1961-1962
210Attendance Record, 1960-1961
211Attendance Record, 1959-1960
212Attendance Record, 1968-1969
213Attendance Record, 1969-1970
214Attendance Record, 1970-1971
215Attendance Record, 1971-1972
216Attendance Record, 1972-1973
217Attendance Record, 1973-1974
218Attendance Record, 1974-1975
219Attendance Record, 1975-1976
220Attendance Record, 1976-1977
221Attendance Record, 1976-1977
222Attendance Record, 1977-1978
223Attendance, 1977-1978
224Attendance Record, 1978-1979
225Attendance, 1978-1979
226Attendance Record, 1979-1980
227Attendance, 1979-1980
228Rotary Attendance, 1980-1982
229Attendance Record, 1980-1981
230Attendance, 1980-1981
231Attendance Record, 1981-1982
232Attendance, 1981-1982
233Attendance Record, 1982-1983
234Attendance, 1982-1983
235Attendance Record, 1983-1984
236Attendance, 1983-1984
237Attendance Record, 1984-1985
238Attendance, 1984-1985
239Attendance Record, 1985-1986
240Attendance, 1985-1986
241Attendance Record, 1986-1987
242Attendance, 1986-1987
243Attendance Record, 1987-1988
244Attendance Record, 1987-1988
245Members Attendance, 1988-1989
246Attendance, 1988-1989
247Attendance Record, 1989-1990
248Attendance Record, 1990-1991
249Attendance Record, 1991-1992
250Attendance Record, 1992-1993
251Attendance Record, 1993-1994
252[Attendance], 1994-1995
253[Attendance Record], 1995-1996
254Attendance, 1996-1997
255[Attendance], 1999-2000
256[Attendance], 1999-2000
257[Attendance], 1999-2000

Subseries B. Resolutions, 1961-2002

51[Resolutions], 1961-1972
52[Resolutions], 1988-1992
53H.R. Holder, 2002
54[Resolutions], 1990

Subseries C. Socials, 1982-2000

55[Christmas Banquet], 2000
56[Honary Rotary Spouses], 1996
57Spouses Night (Widow List), 1982-1995

Subseries D. New Members, Terminations, and Classifications, 1961-1996

58[New Members and Terminations], 1986-1987
59Indoctrination Material, 1993
510Indoctrination, 1989
511Membership Seniority, 1967
512New Members and Terminations, 1988-1992
513Letters of Resignation, 1995-1996
514[Notebook], 1968-1973
515[Classifications], 1961-1983
516[Classifications], 1983-1996

Subseries E. Semiannual Membership Reports

619[Rotary International Semiannual Reports], 1974-1981
620[Rotary International Semiannual Reports], 1991-1995
621[Rotary International Semiannual Reports], 1985-1990
622[Rotary International Semiannual Reports], 1982-1988
623[Rotary International Semiannual Reports], 1967-1982

Series III. Publications, 1965-2017

This series contains directories, newsletters, song books, and other publications created by the Rotary Club of Athens, Georgia Rotary districts, the Rotary Foundation, and Rotary International.
7194-Way Test, 1994-1995
613[Songs], 1969
614[Rotary Guide], 1965
616Rotaract Miscellanous Publications, 1971
9[Membership Pictorial Directories and Rosters], circa 1968-1993, 2017
626[Athens Rotary Club Committee Organization Charts and Member Lists], 1987-1993
258"The Rebel" [Rotary Club of August, GA Meeting Program], 1987 September 21
259[Georgia Rotary Districts Home Stay Pamphlet for 1996 Olympics], 1996
260A "Senior Citizen's Reference: A Listing of Organizations Providing Services to Senior Citizens, 1993
261Rotary Foundation Pamphlets, 1970, undated
262Rotary International Publications, circa 1965-1990s
ER 1A Century of Service: The Story of Rotary International [digital files], 2003
Interactive e-book by David C. Forward about the history of Rotary International. The digital files include a combined PDF version of the book as well as separate image and video files.

Series IV. District Records, 1955-2013

This series contains directories, conference and assembly programs, discussion guides, newsletters, and other records created by or relating to Rotary Districts 241, 691, 692, and 6910.
530[District 691 Organization], 1986-1987
521[District 241 Clubs Photo Directory], 1955
520[District 241 Clubs Photo Directory], 1955
61Reports, 1978
62Spirit of Athens, 1996
63[District Assembly Group Discussion Guide], 1996
64[District], 1985
65[District Conference], 1986-1993
66[District], 1988-1992
67District Assembly, 1993
68District Material, 1983
69[Directories], 1986-2013
610District 691 Governor's Monthly Letters, 1983-1987
611District 691 Assembly, 1987
612District 692 Annual Conference Programs, 1977-1983
263District 691 Annual Conference Programs, 1984, 1991
264[Joe M. Whittemore District 691 Governor], 1987-1988
265District 6910 Annual Conference Programs, 1992-1996
266District 6910 Assembly Program, 1991 March 23
267District 6910 Directories, 1991-1993
268District 6910 Governor's Monthly Letters, 1991-1992

Series V. Photographs, 1927-2013

This series contains photographs documenting Rotary Club of Athens members, events, and programs.
517[Photographs], circa 1996
518[Group Photographs], 1947-1950s
531[Athens Rotary Club Habitat for Humanity Home Build Photo Album], 2013
532[Group Photographs], circa 1993
13[Rotary Club of Athens Member Photographs (Identified)], 1927
ER 2Athens Rotary Club Photos [digital files], 2015-2017
View an inventory of this folder online.
ER 3New Rotary Member Photos [digital files], 2010-2016
View an inventory of this folder online.

Series VI. Audiovisual Recordings, 1991-1992

This series contains audiovisual recordings produced by Rotary International.
UC RBRL/406/VHS_0001Rotary News Network Video Magazine, III, 1991-1992 ( 1 moving_image(s) )
U.S.A. Rotary Club works to advance functional literacy; Dental clinic relieves pain and suffering in Guatemala; "Street Smart" program aids Australia's homeless youths. Features: Rotary's 1992 Rose Parade float, Rotary/U.N. Day, 1992 Council on Legislation. Run time: 18:30

Series VII. Artifacts, circa 1990-2013, undated

This series contains buttons, pins, plaques, banners, and other artifacts from the Rotary Club of Athens and other local Rotary Clubs and districts from around the world.
10[Athens Rotary Club Embosser in Leather Case], undated
10[Rotary Butttons and Pins], undated
10[Hand Bell], undated
10[Marking Pen], undated
7[Rotary Club and District Plaques], 1993-2012
11[Banners from Rotary Clubs Around the World], circa 1990-2013
11Rotary International Logo, undated

Series VIII. Websites

Rotary Club of Athens Facebook, Captured 2019- Access Online
Facebook page of the Rotary Club of Athens, Georgia captured using Archive-It.
Rotary Club of Athens Website, Captured 2019- Access Online
Website of the Rotary Club of Athens, Georgia captured using Archive-It.

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