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Roderick L. (RL) Grubbs Papers

Roderick L. (RL) Grubbs Papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Roderick L. (RL) Grubbs Papers
Creator: Grubbs, Roderick L.
Inclusive Dates: 1973-2014
Bulk Dates: 1990-2014
Language(s): English
Extent: 4 box(es) (3.5 linear feet)
Collection Number: RBRL400
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: Roderick L. (RL) Grubbs (1959-2016) was an advocate for assistive technology, a disability rights activist, and a specialist in the Georgia Department of Community Health. His papers include subject files on a variety of disability-related topics and organizations and material related to Money Follows the Person, a state program.

Collection Description

Biographical Note

Roderick Lynn Grubbs was born in 1959 in Lawrence, Kansas, to Dr. William and Ruth Grubbs. In 1979, Grubbs sustained spinal injuries in a car accident resulting in paraplegia. Known as "Rick" by his family and professionally as "RL," Grubbs was an advocate for assistive technology, a disability rights activist, and a specialist in the Georgia Department of Community Health.

As a lifelong student, Grubbs received his B.A. in Music and an M. Ed. in Language, Literacy, and Linguistics, both from Texas Tech University, and an M.A. in Training and Learning Technologies from the University of New Mexico, and undertook postgraduate work in Cultural Anthropology at SUNY Buffalo and Industrial Design at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Much of his academic and professional work focused on assistive technology (AT). He spoke and presented widely on the subject at conferences and meetings of professional organizations, notably the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA) and the National Council on Independent Living.

Throughout his career, Grubbs held numerous positions in project management, research, instruction, and advocacy in the field of assistive technology. Since 2007, he had served as a health insurance specialist in the Medicaid Policy Division of the Georgia Department of Community Health. During that time, Grubbs worked on Georgia's "Money Follows the Person" initiative, which allows people in inpatient facilities who are youth with mental illness, elderly, or have physical, intellectual or developmental disabilities to move out and receive services to live in their own homes and communities. In this role, he was responsible for leading workshops and demonstrations on how individuals can effectively navigate and use Medicaid to take advantage of this program.

Grubbs died on January 12, 2016, in Atlanta, Georgia, at the age of 57.

Scope and Content

The Roderick L. (RL) Grubbs Papers document Grubbs's interest and work in assistive technology, disability rights and advocacy, and independent living programs. His papers include subject files on a variety of disability-related topics and organizations and material related to Money Follows the Person, a state assistance program. Included are correspondence, clippings, reports, brochures, technical manuals, hand-written notes, photographs, training guides, procedures manuals, presentations, and publications.

Organization and Arrangement

The papers are arranged in two series: I. Subject Files and II. Money Follows the Person.

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Roderick L. (RL) Grubbs Papers, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

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Self-help devices for people with disabilities.

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Series I. Subject Files

3 box(es) (3 linear feet)
Series I. Subject Files includes material related to a variety of disability-related topics of interest to Grubbs, notably assistive technology, adapted recreation, euthanasia, independent living, and employment and workplace concerns, as well as materials related to his professional activities, presentations and affiliations. The files contain correspondence, clippings, reports, brochures, technical manuals, hand-written notes and photographs.
Advocacy/Americans with Disabilities Act
11[ADA Compliance Materials], 1992
12ADA - Q&A TTU Implementation, 1990-1991
13ADA: 2 p.c. Summary, 1992
14[Worklife Magazine, Council of Better Business Bureaus' Foundation Brochures, City of College Park Brochure], 1990
15[Army Community Service ADA Pamphlets], undated
16ADA Assessment Site Based, 1992
17[ADA General Guides], 1991-2004
18ADAPT [American Disabled for Attendant Programs Today] National Contacts National Agenda/Meeting, 1993-2003
19ADAPT [American Disabled for Attendant Programs Today]: HR 2020, National Contracts, New Mexico, 1996
110HAVA: Help America Vote Act, 2004
111Atlanta ADAPT [American Disabled for Attendant Programs Today], 2006
112[ADA Accessibility Survey Instructions: Curb Ramps], 2008
113Barriers Busters Atlanta, 2005
114[Peoples First of Atlanta: Ramps], 2010
115Spirit of ADA - Barrier Buster Team, 2005
116[Small Business Economic Development Summit], 2010
117Accessibility Survey for One Stops [Campgrounds], 2000-2004
1181986 Air Carrier Access Act, 2004-2010
119Philips Arena Complaint [Atlanta], 2009-2010
120disABILITY LINK [A Center for Rights and Resources], 2003
121Disability and Faith, Spirituality, Religious Practice, 1990-2002
122Fair Housing [Visitability Booklet], 2006
123Interfaith Disability Connection, 2009
124Interfaith Disabilities Network, 2003
125Skip's List, 2007
126United Spinal Association, 2007
Accommodation: Job, Environmental, Disability
127Accommodation and Adaptive Work Environments, 2001-2002
128Accommodation Title I, 2001
129Job Accommodation Network, 1984-1991
130[JAN Job Accommodation Network], 1992-2001
131[Disability Statistics Center Article], 2001
132Job Accommodation Studies, 1994-1997
133["Assistive Devices at Work" Booklet], undated
134[Texas Governor's Committee on People with Disabilities], 2002
135Disability Awareness [and] Etiquette, 2001
136Professional Conference: International Aging, Disability, and Independence, 2003
137Butler New Media, 2006
138NCIL [National Council on Independent Living] Advocacy, 2007 Information Article of Incorporation, 2007
140iCAN Survey: Employment, Vehicle Purchase, Telecon Purchase, undated
Adapted Recreation, Physical Education, Sports
141BlazeSports, 2004
142Adapted Physical Education and Recreation Sports, 1995
143Lecture: Injuries of Special Populations: Athletes with Wheel Chairs, 2001
144National Convention on Accessibility: Recreation, undated
145South Plains Spokers [National Wheelchair Athletic Association], 1992
146USTA [United States Tennis Association]/ITF [International Tennis Federation] Tennis Information, 1993-1999
147Accessible Golf Tool Kit, 1998-2003
Disability Issues
148[Disability Etiquette Brochures], 1993-2004
149Disability and Society Journal UK, 1986
150Disability Statistics: A Primer, 1991
151Disability 17 Categories of Functional Limitation, 1997
152Georgia Tech Disability Diversity Day, 2003 November 17-21
153Disability 101 - Models of Disability; Historic Treatment of Disabled, undated
Blind/Limited Vision/Visually Impaired/Braille Translation
154Blind/Limited Vision and AT [Assistive Technology], 2003
155Visually Impaired and Education, 2002
Communication - Important
156[NeuroPage Network Diagram], undated
157Communication Board, undated
158[AAC Institute Performance Report], undated
159[Trace Reprint Series Application Tips], 1990
160Living with AAC [Augmentative and Alternative Communication], 1992-2000
161Communication Disorders and Education, undated
162Autism, 1990-1991
163Communication Skills, 1981
164Developmental Communication I, 1993
Deaf/Hearing Impaired/Hard-of-Hearing
165Hearing Impaired and Education, General Information, Deaf and HOH [Hard-of-Hearing], 1998-2003
166Hearing Disabilities Information, 1984
Emotionally Disturbed/Behavior Disordered
21EDBD Emotionally Disturbed/Behavior Disordered, undated
Euthanasia/Medical Model
22Assisted Suicide, 1993-1998
23National Health Plan vs. "Quality of Life", 1992
Learning Disabilities
24Dyslexia Dysgraphia, 1987-1996
25Learning Disabled and Education, 1993-1995
26Auditory Integration Training, 1992
Mental Health and Retardation
27Mental Health and Retardation, 1994
Orthopedically Impaired/Spinal Cord Injury
28Stroke - Partial Paralysis [National Rehabilitation Information Center, 1994
29Epilepsy Brochures, 1974-1981
210Physical Disabilities and OHI [Other Health Impairment], undated
Traumatic Brain Injury/Head Injury
211CAI [Cognitive Assessment Interview] and Cognitive Rehab, circa 1990
212TBI [Traumatic Brain Injury] Research, 1992-1994
213[Alcohol, Drugs, and Brain Injury], 1991
214Community Re-entry, 1988-1989
215[Understanding Brain Injury Guide], 1990
Disability - Psycho-Social Aspect
216Sex and Disability: Mitch Tupper, 1981
217Self-Concept Development [Children Reaching Adolescence with Disabilities], undated
218Social Emotional Skills, undated
219Violence Against the Disabled, 1995
220Media and Disability Community, 1991
Disability Statistics
221Disability Statistics Functional, Limitation, Matrix, 1994-2001
Employment Disabled
222EECO-AA [The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission], 1995
223Employment and PWD [Persons with Disabilities] Internships: Models Of, 1995
224Employment and PWD [Persons with Disabilities]: Future Impact and Technology On, 2002
225Employment and PWD [Persons with Disabilities]: Self-Employment and Models Of, 2002
226Career Planning Profile for PWD [Persons with Disabilities], undated
227Legislation Foundations Rehab Act/Section 504, 1973-1987
228[CARF: The Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission], 2001
229Standards for Rehab Counselor Education, 2000
230The Institute for Rehab/Research TIRR Houston, 1992
Special Education
231Early Childhood Intervention: Gifted and Talented Programs, undated
232Historical/Legal Issues Special Education, undated
233Special Education Transition Programs: School to Work, 1995
Conducting Focus Groups [and Program Evaluations]
234Assistive Technology Futures Think Tank, 1994
235Adapt Your Future - 12 RERC [Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Technology Evaluation and Transfer], 1995
236Prototype Panel Review, 1998
237Product Event Focus Groups, 1998
238National/Regional Testing Sites RERC-TET/ILC [Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Technology Evaluation and Transfer] [Independent Living Center], undated
239Presentation Handouts: ISD [Instructional Systems Design Process] Review and Focus Groups, 1998
240[Consumer Evaluation Response Form], undated
241[Raised Line Color Book - Tactile Visions Inc.], undated
242Voice of the Customer Article, 1997
243Survey Method [AZech, Inc.], 1991-1995
244Evaluation Survey, 1999-2000
245RERC-TET/ILC Program Evaluation [Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Technology Evaluation and Transfer] [Independent Living Center], 1997
246[New York DOH (Department of Health) Focus Group], 1998
Assistive Technology [Home/Work/Learning/Recreation/Community Activities] Environmental Access
247Assistive Technology Systems, 1994
248CPT [Current Procedural Terminology] Codes for Assistive Technology Survey, undated
Funding Ideas and Facts
249Funding for AAC [Augmentative and Alternative Communication] [Medicare], 1995-2001
250Assistive Technology Training Funding Assistive Technology, 1992-2001
251Therapeutic Toys/Aids, 1993
252["How to Get Assistive Technology Devices and Services Funded" Booklet], 1995
253"A.T." [Assistive Technology] What Is IT and How Can It Help?, 1994-1996
Independent Living Issues
254NCIL [National Council on Independent Living] Advocacy, 2002
255Miss Wheelchair USA, 2003
256Gifts In Kind International: Microsoft-Community Board Technology and Learning Centers, 1998
257Georgia-SCI [Spinal Cord Injury] Summit: SCI/TBI [Traumatic Brain Injury] Trust Fund, 2006
258CILs [Centers for Independent Living], 1999
259Enable America: Town Hall Meeting [Enable America, Inc.], 2003
260International ILCs [Independent Living Centers], 1997
261DPI: Disabled People International, 2004
262Partners of The Americas Japan ILC [Independent Living Center], 1997
263NCIL [National Council on Independent Living], 1988-1998
264NCIL [National Council on Independent Living] Conference Workshop Results, 1995
265[ILC (Independent Living Center) Access News New York], 1998
266Advocacy for Doctors of Transit Authority [Regional Transit Authority], 1994
267UCPA [United Cerebral Palsy Associations], 1996
268Whirlwind Wheeled Mobility Center, 1997
269ATA [Alliance for Technology Access], 1996-2001
270NCIL [National Council on Independent Living], 1998-2007
271CSUN [California State University, Northridge] [Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference], 2003
Professional Affiliation
31-6RESNA [Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America], 1995-2007
37SPSSI: Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (Newsletter), 2004
Professional Portfolio
38[Professional Accomplishments/Qualifications], 1982-2002
39Professional Article Published [RESNA: Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America], 1998
310[Turning Point: A Resource Magazine] [Paraplegics on Independent Nature Trips], 1990
311[Professional Education/Letters of Accommodation], 1998-2002
New Mexico and Assistive Technology
312Overview Model Assistive Technology, 1992-1995
313Project ACCESS [Accessing Curriculum Content for Special Education Students] - UPA [New Mexico University Affiliated Program] - Assistive Technology, 1993-1994
314[Intervention: In School and Clinic Magazine], 1994
315C.A.S.T. [New Mexico Consortium for Adult Services Training], 1994
316NET Statewide and Training, 1994
Assistive Technology and Accommodation - Rehabilitation Research and Training Center / Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center
317RRTC [Rehabilitation Research and Training Center at Virginia Commonwealth University] Workplace Supports, 1998
318RERC [Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center] Workplace Accommodation, 1994
319Work RERC [Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center] Formative Review, 2003-2004
320[RERC's (Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center) Program Grant Review Participants List], 2002
321[Peer Reviewer Comment Sheet RERC (Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center) Program], 2002
322-23RERC [Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center] on Universal Design [Buffalo], 2000-2001
324Center for Assistive Technology Buffalo, NY, 2001
325[Burn Injury Rehabilitation Model Systems NIDRR (National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research) Poster], 2004
326VA Med and R&D [Veterans Affairs Medical and Research and Development Services] Palo Alto, California, 1994
327Rehabilitation Engineering: Scott Segner, undated
328Neuromuscular Rehabilitation/Research [The Petrofsky Centers and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome], 1989
329Information Technology and Disabilities E-Journal, 1994
330SW DBTAC [Southwest Disability and Business Technical Assistance Center] Research E&IT [Electronic and Information Technology in Educational Institutions], 2002
331[New Mexico Technology Deployment Pilot Project], 1994 June 17
332RIATT [Research Institute for Assistive and Training Technologies. University of Mexico], 1994-1995
333Assistive Technology and Employment Outcomes RSA [Rehabilitation Services Administration] Institute, 1998
334Assistive Technology and ECS Environmental Control System, 1994-1996
335Assistive Technology and The One-Stop Career Center, 1996
336ABLEDATA [A National Database of Assistive Technology Information], 1993-1994
337Assistive Technology Current Methods: How to Develop and Use Case Studies, 2002
338RESNA [Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America] Articles, 1998-2004
Social Services Disability Determination Services and Public Assistance
339SSI [Supplemental Security Income]/SSD [Social Security Disability] Benefits Navigator, 1998-2003
Workplace Learning and Performance
340Career Services for Persons with Disabilities, Albuquerque, NM, 1995
WorkSource/One Stops
341Universal Access Computer System [ATIAS: Adaptive Tele-technologies Information Access System], 1995
342[Workplace Development Proposals (Technologia Para Todos and JAN: Job Accommodation Network)], undated
343Intelligent Web-Based Searchable Systems, 1993
World Institute on Disability
344[World Institute on Disability], 1992-1994
Complaints: Transportation and Hotels Persons with Disabilities
345[National Standard of Facilities Checklists for Persons with Disabilities], 1986-1995
346[Complaints Against Hotels (Personal Grubbs) for Persons with Disabilities], 2009-2012
347[Complaints Against Transportation (Personal Grubbs and Other) for Persons with Disabilities], 2005-2010
348[Photos and Clippings ("Not Dead Yet")], 1992, undated

Series II. Money Follows the Person

1 box(es) (0.5 linear foot)
Series II. Money Follows the Person documents Grubbs's work on this initiative of the Medicaid Policy Division of the Georgia Department of Community Health that allows people in inpatient facilities who are youth with mental illness, elderly, or have physical, intellectual or developmental disabilities to move out and receive services to live in their own homes and communities. Included are materials, such as policies and procedures manuals, training guides, presentations, and publications, Grubbs used to teach individuals how to effectively navigate and use Medicaid to take advantage of this program.
349-50[CORE Training for Transition MFP], 2008 October 7
351-52[MDSQ (Medicaid Division/ Aging and Special Populations) Options Counselors and MFP Transition Coordinators], 2011
41[MFP Participant Transition Planning Guide], 2012
42-3[MFP Process Orientation Workshop], 2013 February 4-5
44[MFP Policies and Procedures], 2014 September 5
45[MFP TC (Transition Coordinators) Quality Improvement Training], 2014 September 3-4
46[Presentation: A Model of Service and Support Integration for Community Living], 2014
47[Georgia Department of Community Health Long Term Care Application Information], 2009-2013
48[Georgia Winter Institute], 2014 January 26-29
49[Rental Assistance Programs], 2013-2014
410[Rural Housing Toolkit MFP], circa 2013
411Guide to Accessible Housing/House Modification, 1995-2009
412[Presentations on Integrated/Managed Care], 2013
413[Affordable Housing for Persons with Disabilities Presentations], 2010-2013