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Doug Hatch Papers

Doug Hatch Papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Doug Hatch Papers
Creator: Hatch, Doug
Inclusive Dates: 1970s-2000s
Language(s): English
Extent: 2 Linear Feet (2 linear feet) and 2 oversize folders
Collection Number: RBRL/393
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: Douglas Richard Hatch is a retired math teacher and disability rights advocate. He was selected to carry the Olympic torch through Athens, GA in the lead-up to the 1996 Atlanta Games. He was also an organizer for the 1996 Paralympic Games torch relay and was part of the Paralympics Speaker's Bureau. This collection documents his disability work at UGA and his work with the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Collection Description

Biographical Note

Douglas Richard Hatch was born March 29, 1948 in Washington D.C. He is a retired math teacher and disability activist known for promoting disability athletics. He currently resides in Watkinsville, GA.

During the 1980's Mr. Hatch worked for the Office to Promote Independance of Disabled Students (OPIDS) at UGA. In 1993 he organized a wheelchair race during the annual Athens Twilight Criterium to raise awareness of disability athletics.

Hatch was selected as one of the torch bearers for the 1996 Atlanta Games, carrying the Olympic torch through Athens, GA on July 15, 1996. During the '96 Paralympic Games, Hatch worked with the Athens-Clarke County organizing committee for the Paralympic Torch Relay. He was also part of the Speakers Bureau, which gave information about the Paralympic Games to the public and various media outlets.

Scope and Content

The collection contains material from Doug Hatch's disability work at UGA as well as information about his activities with the 1996 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The records document Hatch's involvement in planning the Athens Twilight Wheelers Race, his selection as an Olympic torchbearer, and his volunteer positions with the Atlanta Paralympic Games. The collection includes photographs, newspaper clippings, planning notes, correspondence, and presentation materials. There are detailed notes and maps for the Paralympic Torch Relay route and various promotional media such as flyers, brochures, and posters.

Organization and Arrangement

All files are arranged alphabetically.

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This collection is open for research.

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Dough Hatch Papers. Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

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Finding Aid prepared by Rob MacGregor, 2019-30-08.

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Olympic Games (26th : 1996 : Atlanta, Ga.)
Paralympic Games
University of Georgia.

Series Descriptions and Folder Listing

11Blaze , 1996
Car Tag (Lience Plates); Fan; Stickers; Slide Projector Slide Card
12Paralympics , 1996
1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games: Announments; Bochures; Flyers; Guides; Newsletters;
13Paralympic Speakers Bureau, April-December 1995
1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games Correspondence Letters; Standard Presentation Speech "A Cellebration of Achievment" document; Request for Speacker Information 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games; 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games - Speaker Debrief; Most Frequently Asked Question about the Paralympic Games; Paralympic/Olympic Comparisons; 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games The Paralympic Experienc
14Paralympic Torch Relay, 1996
Correspondence; 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games Local Organizing Commitee Information; NationsBank Paralympic Torch Relay Torch Bearer Shuttle Points August 12, 1996 itinerary; Athen Paralympic Torch Relay Torch Lighting Program Sunday, August 11, 1996 itinerary; Complet list of Athens Paralympic Tourch Bearers; Athans Daily News articles on Paralympic Torch Relay; Paralympic Torch Run Flyer; 1996; NationsBank Paralympic Torch Relay Special Events itinerary; 1996 NationsBank Paralympic Tourch Relay Rout Information (especially street and mile rout dirctions of the 1996 Paralmpic Tourch Rely though Athens, GA); Sugessted Press Release Information to be released by Local Organizating Committee; 1996 NationsBank Paralympic Torch Relay Marketing Odjectives Powerpoint; Paralympic Facts & Figures; Brief History of the Paralympic Games; 1996 NationsBank Paralympic Torch Relay At a Glance; 1996 NationsBank Paralympic Torch Relay Listing of city aproximat times of arrival; 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games sponsors, suppliers, official supporters, official patrons and official donors
15UGA, 1975, 1979, 1998
Information from old UGA Office to Promote Independence of Disabled Students; The UGA Guide for the Disabled Student; Disabilty Informational brochure; Disability News Paper Articles from the The Red and Black Newspaper on the disability crawl; Community Disability Information; Political Cartoon
16Wheelchairs, 1993, 1996
August 1996 MARTA Magazine (MARTA - The Official Ride to The 1996 Paralympic Games Edition); MARTA Monthly Transcard August '96 (Atlanta 1996 Paralympic Games Special Edition Tanscard); Athans Daily News/Athans Banner-Herald Newpaper Article on Athens Twilight Criterium feacturing first wheelchair race 1993 (Article features Doug Hatch, orgaizer of the wheelchair race); Pictures from Athens Orthopedic Clinic Twilight Wheelers Race May 1, 1993 Downtown Athens, GA (pictures in color); Pictures - 1st Wheelers' Race (pictures in color and black and white)
171996 Atlanta Paralympic Games Technical Information Guide [1 of 4], May-June 1996
Map - Alexander Memorial Coliseum and Georgia Tech Aquatic Center (Volleyball and Swimming); Map - Olympic Stadium from Marriott Marquis (Athletics); Map - Georgia Tech Aquatics Center and Swimming (SAC Building and Main Classification Center); Map - Wolf Creek (Shooting); Map - MARTA Paralympic Subway map; Map City Hall East (Functional Area Managers and Volunteers Parking); Map - APOC East Directions; MARTA Transcard information for Paralympic Volunteers; Volunteer Closeing Ceremony thanks you tickets letter; Spectator News 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games (News letter of the 1996 Paralympic Games); July 1996 Paralympic Volunteer inforation letter; General Volunteer Trainning Schedule and Venue Orintation Tours; USA Paralympic Teams as of 5/28/96; Atlanta Paralympic Organizing Commitee, Inc. (APOC) confermed countries List As of March 12, 1996; Ticket order form for the 1996 Aatlanta Paralympic Games; 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games Volunteer Application & Instruction Book; Volunteer Training Manual (Classification) May 1, 1996; Saterday August 10, 1996 Classification Staff Meeting itinerary; Letter from Mike Gillespie Manager of Shooting Sports;
181996 Atlanta Paralympic Games Technical Information Guide [2 of 4], 1996
1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games - Paralympic Volunteer Trainning Manual; 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games Volunteer Application & Instruction Book (Two Copies); 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games Volunteer Reference Guide; International Pararlympic Committee Athletic Section; Workout Facilities at shepherd Spinal Center; 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games - Timetable - Olympic Stadium - Athletics; 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games August 16-27, 1996 Paralympic Events Prices, Venues and Dates; Volunteer Opportunities; Letter from Sandee at Shepard Center; Ater action report, amended 9/9/96, Athletics (Track and Field); 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games Competition Shedule (by Sport) August 1996; Spectator News 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games August 21, 1996; Paralympic Facts 7 Figures; Paralymic Fact Sheet August 16-25, 1996 Atlanta, Georgia U.S.A.; 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games Timetable 20 August, Stone Mountian Tennis Center (Tennis); 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games Timetable 21 August, Stome Mountain Center (Tennis)
191996 Atlanta Paralympic Games Technical Information Guide [3 of 4], 1996
1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games Technical Guide February, 1996
1101996 Atlanta Paralympic Games Technical Information Guide [4 of 4], 1996
Appendex Tables, Charts, and Graphs, Volunteer Trainning Manual Classification - 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Committee
02AT&T desk telephone with Lucent Logo
RBRL393-VHS_0011996 Olympics Opening Ceremony, 1996
RBRL393-VHS_002Paralympic Torch, Channel 2 Opening Ceremony , August 1996
RBRL393-VHS_003Torch Bearers - 1996- 1. Hatch 2. Dorsey 3. Mathis 4. Birchmo, 1996
1. Hatch; 2. Dorsey; 3. Mathis; 4. Birchmo
RBRL393-VHS_0041996 Atlanta Paralympic Games K-5, 1996
Length 8:04
RBRL393-VHS_0051996 Atlanta Paralympic Games 6-12, March 11, 1994
Length 7:10
RBRL393-VHS_006Sports South Paralympics #2, 1996
RBRL393-Umatic_001Atlanta Paralympic Games "Tickets Final", July 29, 1996
RBRL 393 Umatic 0021996 Atlanta Paralympics, June 20, 1996
"No Shortcuts" :30; "Hollonbeck" :30; "Zorn" :30; "Ticket Sales" :30
CS 0150RBRL393-CS_001Paralympic Games "Torch Relay" , 1996
:60 Radio Spot w/ :15 donut; Three Versions of Spot; 1. V.O/Music Mix; 2. V.O. Only (1 & 2 w/ :15 donut); 3. Instrumental Only
CS 0150RBRL 393 CS 002Paralympics "What's Your Excuse", July 22, 1996
3:18 Program; Aretha Franklin - Full Sing; Song Is Repeated 5 Times
CS 0150RBRL 393 CS 003Paralympics Voice of the Georgia Bulldogs (WNGC/WGAU), August 9, 1996
DAT 0007RBRL393-DAT_0011996 Atlanta Paralympic Tubby Smith PSAS , 1996
All :30 Spots; 1. Ticket Tag; 2. Opening Ceremony Tag; 3. Ticket Tag
RBRL393-RR_001Paralympic Games "Torch Relay", 1996
"Tourch Relay" :60 Radio; Cut 1 - :60 V.O./Music Mix (w/ ;15 donut); Cut 2 - :60 V.O. Only (w/ :15 Donut); Cut 3 - :60 Intrumential Only; Full Track 7 1/2 ips
11Newspaper Article and Posters, 1996
Athans Daily News Article on the 1996 Olympic Tourch Airrivel in Athens, GA. (Article includes Map of the 1996 Olympic Torch rout through Athens, GA and listing of all Athans, GA Tourchbearers.); 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games Choose an Activity an Activity Poster; Sorts Program for the 1996 Paralympic Games Poster; The Myth of Blaze Poster; 1996 Paralympic Bascot "Blaze" Poster Autographed
12Large Posters, August 6-25, 1996
Be There 1996 NationsBank Paralympic Torch Relay Location Poster; Tim Willis 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games Promotional Poster; Scot Hollonbeck 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games Promotional Poster (Double Sided)