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Mark Johnson Papers

Mark Johnson Papers

Descriptive Summary

Title: Mark Johnson Papers
Creator: Johnson, Mark
Inclusive Dates: 1965-2016
Language(s): English
Extent: 12 Linear Feet 14 boxes
Extent: 24 moving_image(s) 19 VHS cassettes, 5 DVDs
Extent: 8 sound_recording(s) 8 audio cassettes
Collection Number: RBRL349
Repository: Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Abstract: Mark Johnson is the retired Director of Advocacy at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta and has been an advocate and leader in the disability rights movement for over thirty years. His papers contain subject and chronological files, artifacts, t-shirts, and audiovisual materials related to his work as a disability rights advocate, community organizer, and professional.

Collection Description

Biographical Note

Mark Johnson is the retired Director of Advocacy at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta. He holds a Master's degree in Guidance and Counseling and has been an advocate and leader in the disability rights movement for over thirty years. In the early 1980s Johnson helped found ADAPT, a group initially committed to organizing around issues of accessibility in public transportation. He was arrested at a protest in Colorado and has since been committed to direct action, public protest, and civil disobedience in his activism. After moving to Georgia in 1986 he continued his involvement with ADAPT and lent his voice and skills to numerous protests and actions. As a member of ADAPT he participated in the 1989 protest of Atlanta HUD offices, which drew national attention, as well as a three day protest in 1996, which resulted in over eighty members arrests.

Mark Johnson is also a leader in advocating for the rights of the disabled through his commitment to networking and publicizing the community. He was involved with the Paralympic Games in Atlanta in 1996 and was a major organizer for the Spirit of ADA Torch Relay in 2000, an event that commemorated the signing of the ADA in 1990. Mark Johnson has remained committed to improving individual lives in the community but has also been an important voice in recognizing the need to preserve and publicize the history of the disability rights movement. He currently serves as the Chair of the ADA Legacy, a group committed to recording, preserving, and promoting the history of the ADA and which was instrumental in helping to create the Georgia Disability History Alliance and archive.

Scope and Content

The Mark Johnson Papers document his work as an advocate with national and local organizations, his professional work at the Shepherd Spinal Center in Atlanta, and his activity and organization for various events like Paralympics 1996 and ADA celebrations in Georgia. The collection contains correspondence, press clippings, planning and subject files, workbooks, flyers, photographs and scrapbooks, audiovisual recordings, digital files, t-shirts, posters, flags, and other artifacts ranging in date from 1965 to 2016.

Organization and Arrangement

The papers are arranged in four series: I. Subject and Chronological Files, II. Scrapbooks and Photographs, III. Artifacts and Posters, and IV. Audiovisual Materials.

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This collection is open for research.

This collection contains digital files. To access these files, please request the folders you would like through the finding aid using your research account. An archivist will be in contact with you to explain how to access the files. Please note that not all file formats are currently supported by the library for research use.

Series IV contains audiovisual materials. Reference copies of the audiovisual recordings are available upon request. Research requests will be filled as soon as possible and will be dependent upon the condition of the recordings.

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The Mark Johnson Papers, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies, University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Georgia, 30602-1641.

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Finding Aid prepared by Angelica Marini, 2016.

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American Disabled for Accessible Public Transportation
Audiovisual materials
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Disabilities -- Law and legislation.
People with disabilities -- Care -- Planning.
People with disabilities -- Civil rights.
People with disabilities -- History.
People with disabilities -- Social conditions.
Protest movements.
Shepherd Center (Atlanta, Ga.)
United States. Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

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Series Descriptions and Folder Listing


Series I. Subject and Chronological Files, 1974-2016

This series contains materials from national and local organizations that Mark Johnson worked for from 1974 to 2016. The series contains correspondence, flyers, meeting minutes, work files,reports, calendars, event programs, and other publications. Some of the subjects of special note include national and local ADAPT actions, the 1996 Paralympics in Georgia, and ADA anniversary celebration events. Other materials document Johnson's professional work at the Shepherd Spinal Center in Atlanta, PAS planning materials and workbooks, and a collection of printed newsletters from various disability rights and advocacy organizations.

Subseries A. General Files , 1974-2016

11-28[Chronological Files], 1982-2011
129ADA [Americans with Disabilities Act], 1985
130Barbie, 1997
131Campbell, 2000 July 29
132Clinton, 1992-1997
133City of Alpharetta, 1998-2003
134Darius Weems (Go West/Young Man), 2005
135DeKalb Parks, 1990
136DNC [Democratic National Convention], 1988
137Eastern Airlines, 1986
138FDR [Franklin D. Roosevelt], 1997
139Greyhound, 1988
140History, 1989
141Human Crisis, 1990-1992
142Jerry Lewis, 1987-2005
143MARTA [Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority], 1989-2002
144[Margaret Mitchell's Apartment], 1995
145Mr. Magoo, 1997 July 31
146Newt [Gingrich], 1981-1995
147NIMBY [Not In My Back Yard], 1986-1987
148North Carolina [Advancement] School, 1965
149Not Dead Yet, 2002
150Parking, 1989
151Rockefeller, 1990 November 9
152SCI [Spinal Cord Injury] Hall of Fame, 2007
153Speak and Be Heard, 1989
154The Boy King, 1987 June 3
155Trust Fund, 2001
156Walk of Fame, 1988
157Wade [Bank Memorial], 1987
158Mark/Thanks, 1996-2011
1591986, 1986
16085/86 Access Institution, 1985
161Fun Stuff, undated
1621991, 1991
163Thank You, 1989
164Thank You, 1987
165[Thank You Letters and Certificates], 1994-1998
166Thank You Letters and Correspondence, 1987-2000
21[Thank You Letters and Certificates], 2001-2005
22Mark Thank You, 2006-2007
23[Photographs, newsletters, press- Mark Johnson], 2005-2007
219[Justin Dart], undated
220[Disabled Dealer- Mark Johnson cover], 2006
221["Outside" Fanlight Productions], 2013
222Mark [Biographical Articles], 2000-2013
223[SCI Summit- 2005], 2005
224["The Spirit of ADA... Lead On" Conference 2010], 2010
225[Miscellaneous Articles, Press], 1987-1992
226Paralympics, 1996
227[Press Clippings], 1987-2005
228-30Paralympics, 1989-1996
231[Paralympics Programs], 1996
232"Operation Empowerment" Support Manual, 1987- 2009
233Interdependence: A Project to Promote the Development of Personal Assistance Services, 1993
234[Press Clippings], 1987-1993
235[Personal Assistance Services (PAS) Materials], 1999, 2009
31[PAS Shepherd Center Training Manual], 1997
32[PAS Systems Change: A Workbook for Improving PAS in Your State], 2000
33[To Change the Rule: A Position Paper on Personal Assistance Services in Georgia], 1993
34Life Worth Living- Larry McAffee, 1989-1990
35LGT [Let's Get Together], 1992-1995
36IN=PO [Information and Networking Equals Power and Opportunity], 1986
37Report from the Blue Ribbon Panel on Disability Affairs [Fulton County], 1992
38Olmstead, 1999
39David Jayne, 2001
310Jenny Langley, 1992-1997
311Barnes [Gov. Roy Barnes], 1999
312[Campaign for Full Citizenship], circa 1992
313[Miscellaneous], circa 1990
314Georgians for a Commonsense Health Plan- Life Worthy of Life, 1990-1992
315[Access to Health Care Commission], 1989-1990
316[Free Our People March and Rally], 2003
317Justice for Justin, 2002
318ADA [stickers, cartoons], undated
331[Enforcing the ADA: Looking Back on a Decade of Progress], 2000
332Barrier Awareness Project of the Regional Rehabilitation Institute- Pamphlets, circa 1981
333[ADA 1996 Reports], 1996
334[Miscellaneous Reports, Newsletters], 1986-1992
41[The Reporter, Mainstream], 1990-1992
42Miscellaneous Press, Printed Materials, 1999-2010
43New Mobility, 2001-2010
44Georgia Trend, 2008-2009
45["History, Progress, Transformation: Vision of the Future" ODEP Publication, US Department of Labor, 2008
46[ADAPT holiday greeting, removed from What do we know DVD case], 2003
433[Department of Health and Human Services, Field Manual for Metal Health and Human Service Workers in Major Disasters], 2006
131AJC [Atlanta Journal Constitution] Articles, 1998-2006
132Alpharetta - Articles, 2000-2008
133Detroit News Articles, 1990
134Articles - Protest, 1986
135Ask Elliott, 1994
136FDR Articles, circa 1994
137Article - Ryan Morris, 2006-2007
138Articles - Misc., 1991-2008
139Consumer Correspondence, 1993-1997
1310Masha Malikina Story, 2002
1311Obituary - N. Eiesland, 2009
1312Correspondence - Misc., 2005-2006
1313Health Care, 1989-2014
1314Statistics - Misc., circa 1988
1315PASNET [Personal Assistance Services Network], 1987-1995
1316Independence Today, 2013
1317Independent Living - Department of Education, 2002
1318Independent Living - Misc., 1990-1994
1319[National Council on Independent Living], 2014
1320Long Term Care, 1998-2001
1321Self Perception - Survey, undated
1322Disability Pride Inventory Sheets, undated
1323American Transit Research, 1974
1324APTA [American Public Transit Association] News, 1979
1325Small Business Guide - ADA, 1999
1326Universal Symbols, 2002-2003
1327Lodging Best Practices and Standards, circa 2010
1328Disability Employment Articles, 1991-2006
1329Employment, 2002-2012
1330Disability, Civil Rights, and Law, 2012
1331Between the Lines, 1985
1332Forgotten Crimes, 1999
1333SCI [Spinal Cord Injury], undated
1334AXIS [Shepherd Center Newsletter], 2012
1335Mr. Magoo, 1997
1336Barbie, 2009
1337FDR, 1993
1338["Inclusion is the Solution" Cartoon], 1999
1339Volkswagon Posters, 1999
1340USOC [United States Olympic Committee], 1999
1341Jewish Funders, 2012
1342CAMH [Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Hospitals] - Ethics, Rights, and Responsibility, 2008
1343Personal Assistance Service (PAS), undated
1344iCan Information, undated
1345Permobile, 2012
1346Preamble, 1986, 1990
1347NCLS [National Conference of State Legislatures] - Draft, 1998
1348S 1935 IS - Community Attendant, 1999
1349GA - Health Care History, 1990s
1350GA Disability History Meeting, 2013
1351GA - History Symposium, 2015
1352GA Bill - HB 165/AP, undated
1353GA Bill - LC 35 2972S, circa 2014
1354City of Milton Resolution No. 08-03-23, 2008
1355UGA, 1988
1356Falcons, 2014
1357Elections/Political, 1992-2003
1358Bush, 1988
1359Political Magazines, 2016
1360Disability Day at the Capitol, 2006
1361Letters of Support - Originals, 1997
1362Paralympics, 1996
1363Paralympics, 2016
1364Atlanta Olympics 20 Year Anniversary, 2016
1365Museum, 2012-2014
1366Thank-You, 2010-2012
1367[Calendars], 1991-2005
1368Mark - Accolades, 1995-2015
1369Mark Photos, 1989-2015
1370Mark - Thesis, 1979
1371[Mark Johnson "Georgia Luminary" Proclamation from American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities], 2016 June 6
ER 1Paralympic Spirit: An Unforgetable Journey of Stuggle and Triumph [digital files], 1996
Executable, interactive multimedia CD-ROM containing images and videos from 1996 Paralympic Torch Relay in Atlanta, Georgia. The CD was produced by the Atlanta Paralympic Organizing Committee and S.E.A. Multimedia Ltd.

Subseries B. ADAPT Materials , 1979-2016

24[ADAPT correspondence], 1986
25Gareth Fenley, 1988
26[ADAPT press], 1990-1993
27[ADAPT- Michigan], 1995
28[ADAPT- AHCA (American Health Care Association) 1991], 1991
29[ADAPT- Community Care Services Programs], 1989-1993
210[Photos-Events], undated
211[Newspaper clippings about Disability Protesters], 1993
212AAPD [American Association of People with Disabilities] letter, 1988
213Incitement Publications [ADAPT Newsletter], 1994, 2002-2011
214ADAPT articles and news clippings, 1993-1994
215"1995" Detroit, 1995
216[ADAPT- 1993 Actions], 1993
217[ADAPT booklets], 2007-2012
218[Press Clippings], 1987-2005
319ADAPT [stickers, visuals], undated
10[News Clippings- Las Vegas ADAPT Protest], 1994
141[ADAPT's 11th Annual Fun-Run for Disability Rights Program], 2016 April
142ADAPT Detroit, 1989
143[ADAPT Calendars], 1993-2008
144[ADAPT Newsletters], 1995-2011
145Protest - ADAPT, 1982-2015
146Correspondence, 1986-2001
147Resolution/Demands, 1990-2006
148ADAPT Publications, 2004-2016
149Carol - ADAPT, 2016

Subseries C. ADA Anniversary Celebrations , 1990-2015

320[ADA Publications and Programs], 1990
321[Alpharetta Mayoral Proclamation], 2000
322[Initiative 2000], 2000
323[Initiative 2000- Volkswagen], 2000
324[Initiative 2000], 1997-2000
325Torch, 2000
326[Spirit of ADA Torch Relay- National Sponsor Torch Relay Events Highlights], 2000
327[Spirit of ADA Torch Relay], 2000
328[ADA Celebration Calendars], 2000, 2010
329Spirit of ADA Torch Relay Local Coordinator Planning Guide, 2000
330[Event Programs], 2000
47[Correspondence], 2015
48[Flyers and Promotional], 2015
49[Programs and Events], 2015
410[Programs and Events- Georgia], 2015
411[Programs and Events- Washington D.C. July 2015], 2015
412[ILRU (Independent Living Research Utilization) Bookshelf Series Reprints], 2015
413[ADA Celebration Booklets], 2015
414[Making A Difference], 2015
415[New Mobility], 2015
416[Newsletters], 2015
417[Miscellaneous Printed], 2015
418[Commemorative Calendars], 2014-2015
419[Press Clippings], 2014-2015
1410ADA 25 Business Flyers, 2015
1411ADA, 2000
1412ADA - Misc., 2007
1413[ADA Anniversary Magazines], 2000, 2015
1414[ADA 25th Anniversary Presidential Proclamation], 2015
ER 2Equal Access, Equal Opportunity: ADA 25th Anniversary [digital files], 2014
ER 3Spirit of ADA Torch Relay - ICan Website [digital files], 2005 June 21
Contains images and webpage files captured on June 21, 2005 from a special report hosted on the ICAN! website. The report was a retrospective about the Spirit of ADA Torch Relay held across 24 states between June 11 and August 7, 2000.
ER 19ADA 25th: A Celebration of Power, Pride, and Promise [digital files], 2015
Text file version of the program for "ADA 25th: A Celebration of Power, Pride, and Promise," presented by the National Disability Leadership Alliance to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. The program includes an agenda; list of sponsors, donors, and committee members (including Mark Johnson); and brief biographies for hosts, speakers, and entertainers who participated in the program.

Series II. Photographs and Scrapbooks, circa 1972-2012

This series includes scrapbooks and photographs related to the life and work of Mark Johnson. Scrapbooks are dedicated to Johnson's life in in Charlotte, North Carolina, Atlanta, and his specific work with the Spirit of ADA Torch Relay in 2000. The photographs include local and regional protests, but the bulk of the photographs document the Spirit of the ADA Torch Relay in 2000.

Subseries A. Photographs, 1980-2012

420[Protests- National], undated
421[Slides], undated
Spirit of ADA Torch Relay Photographs
422[Master List of Spirit of ADA Photographs], 2000
423[Shepherd 1st Presbyterian], 2000
424[Ponce- Carter], 2000
425[King-Center MARTA], 2000
426[Capitol], 2000
427[Visitability City], 2000
428[City-Fulton], 2000
429[Coke-Tech], 2000
430[ADA Torch Relay Negatives Sheets], 2000
431[Spirit of ADA Torch Relay], 2000
432Georgia Voices That Count Class of 2005, 2005
ER 7Spirit of ADA Torch Relay [digital files], 2000
121Tom Olin Photographs [17 x 22 black-and-white prints], 1980s-1990s
ER 4DGW - Road to Freedom January 6 2007 [digital files], 2007 January 6
ER 5Harriet McBryde Johnson Memorial Slideshow [digital files], 2008 August
ER 6Harvey Finkle Photographs [digital files], 2010-2012
ER 8The Long Road Home, Athens GA [digital files], 2005 June 21

Subseries B. Scrapbooks, 1971-2007

5American Association of People with Disabilities Presents Spirit of ADA Torch Relay, 2000
5Mark Johnson [Charlotte-Atlanta], 1971-2007
5Mark Johnson [Press], 1971-1981
5Mark Johnson: The Man Who Relit the Torch of Liberty, 2000

Series III. Artifacts and Posters, 1990-2016

This series contains posters, signs, buttons, and ephemera related to disability-related organizations and events, including the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act and subsequent ADA celebrations, ADAPT actions, the 1996 Atlanta Paralympics. Also included is an extensive collection of T-shirts from regional and national organizations and protests.
6ADA, NOD [National Organization on Disability], and IHDD [Institute on Human Development and Disability] promotional material [fans, stickers, decals, postcards, bookmarks], 2015
6License plate: 1996 Paralympics, 1996
6Promotional fans: Paralympics Nagano '98, Don't Tread on the ADA, 1996 Paralympic Games, 1996-1998
6Pelswick Press and Video Kit [animated television program created by cartoonist John Callahan], circa 2000
6Buttons and Pins [ADA, ADAPT, Paralympics, legislation, organizations, disability rights and culture], 1990-2015
6Don't Tread on the ADA patch, 1990s
6Bullshit Blockers [protest earmuffs], 1990s
6Styrofoam brick: Laguna Honda - Tear Down the Walls - There Is a Better Way! [used to protest hospital and rehabilitation center in San Francisco], 1990s
6Mark Johnson 1996 Paralympic Games ID and pass, 1996
6Henry Viscardi Achievement Award medal presented to Mark Johnson, 2015
61996 Atlanta Paralympic Games mug, 1996
6ADA 10th Anniversary Gala mug, 2000 July 26
6Blaze [1996 Paralympic Games mascot] plush toy, 1996
6ADAPT Free Our People nurse's cap, undated
6Community Choice Act, Olmstead Decision 10th Anniversary hat, undated
6My Medicaid Matters (Real People-Real Choices-Real Reform) hat, undated
7Posters, protests signs, ADAPT American flags, ADA Celebration posters, oversized clippings, Mark Johnson Caricature by Tony Smith, circa 1990- 2015
7ADA 20th Anniversary poster, 2010
122ADA 25th Anniversary poster, 2015 July 26
122ADA 10th Anniversary poster, 2000 July 25
122Delta Air Lines "Your Words Our Image" poster, undated
7ADAPT 25th Anniversary poster, 2009
7Night of Champions: Celebrating the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games poster [signed by athletes], 2016 August 5
8[Collages (2) - Paralympics and Torch Relay], 1996
8[Collage - Shepherd Center and Paralympics], 1996
8Scot Hollonbeck Paralympics poster, 1996
8Al Mead Paralympics poster, 1996
8ADAPT 2013 - 30 Years of Activism poster, 2013
8ADA 25th Anniversary poster, 2015
8Rights Worth Fighting For [ADAPT ADA 25th Anniversary] poster, 2015
123Smithsonian National Museum of American History, Everybody: An Artifact History of Disability in America posters, circa 2013
9ADAPT Painting, undated
9[Artwork by Stacey Robinson], 2009 November 13
10T-Shirts - ADAPT, circa 1990- 2015
11T-shirts - ADA Celebrations, Paralympics 1996, Miscellaneous, circa 1996- 2015
11[Holiday Scarf Featuring Person in Wheelchair], undated
0101[Double Pop-Up Display Banners, Red and Blue, ADA 25 Disability Rights Are Civil Rights], 2015
0202[Double Pop-Up Display Banners, Navy and Navy, Celebrate the Present Commemorate the Disability Rights Anniversaries], undated
0303[Pop-Up Display Banner, Navy, Educate the Future Raise Awareness About Current Issues], undated
0404[Pop-Up Display Banner, Navy, Preserve the Past Honor the History of Disability Rights], undated
1501[Stickers, Postcards, and Photographs], 2015
1502[Event Passes], 2015-2019
1503[Buttons, Pins, Stickers, Magnets, and Other Memorabilia], undated
1504[Trading Cards, Photographs, a Union Coin, and Other Memorabilia], 2015-2016
1505[ADAPT], 2017
1506[ADAPT and Affordable Housing], 1986-2016
1507The ADA Legacy Project, 2015
1508Mailing, 1990-2005
1509Healthcare Georgia Grant, 1991-1995
1510[Postcards, Event Tickets, and Other Memorabilia], 1949-2015
1601[Magnets, Disability Rights Are Civil Rights], undated
1602[Four Magnets], undated
1603[Flag, Disability Rights Are Civil Rights!], undated
1604[Orange Rubber Bracelet, The ADAPT Community], undated
1605[Blue and Purple Rubber Bracelet, Free Our People], undated
1606[Silver Handcuffs], undated
1607[Black Fingerless Gloves, Community Integration Act Now!], undated
1608[Yellow Mesh Vest, ADAPT Fun Run for Disability Rights], undated
1609[Nine Buttons and One Pin Related to Disability Rights], 2015
1701[Poster Signed by Lois Curtis, Celebrating the Olmstead Decision (1 of 3)], 2009
1702[Poster Signed by Lois Curtis, Celebrating the Olmstead Decision (2 of 3)], 2009
1703[Poster Signed by Lois Curtis, Celebrating the Olmstead Decision (3 of 3)], 2009
1704[Poster, Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act], 2010
1705[Poster, ADAPT], 2013
1706[Poster, ADAPT Community], undated
1707[Poster, Darius Goes West], 2006
1708[Black Sign, I Am Olmstead], undated
1709[White Sign, I Am Olmstead], undated
1710[Bumper Sticker, Disabled and Proud], undated
1701[ADAPT], 2015-2018
1702[Buttons, Stickers, and Other Memorabilia], undated

Series IV. Audiovisual Materials, 1980-2014

(32 audiovisual items)
This series contains audio and video recordings documenting protests (including ADAPT actions), the 1989 Speak and Be Heard Forum, broadcasts of the 1996 Paralympic Games held in Atlanta, events where Mark Johnson spoke, promotional videos produced by the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, disability rights songs, short films about persons with disabilities, and a four part documentary series produced by National Public Radio, Beyond Affliction: The Disability History Project.
Formats include audiocassettes, VHS cassettes, and DVDs.
Reference copies of the audiovisual recordings are available upon request. Research requests will be filled as soon as possible and will be dependent upon the condition of the recordings.

Subseries A. Audio Recordings, 1980-1991

UC RBRL/349/CS0001Let's Get Together - IYDP [International Year of Disabled Persons], Elaine Kolb [Tape 1], 1980
UC RBRL/349/CS0002Let's Get Together - IYDP [International Year of Disabled Persons], Elaine Kolb [Tape 2], 1980
UC RBRL/349/CS0003Let's Get Together/Messenger, Elaine Kolb, 1988
UC RBRL/349/CS0004ADA Song-If You Knew My Story - Karl Williams - Speaking For Ourselves, 1993
UC RBRL/349/CS0005A Statement of Music, Poetry, and Comment, undated
UC RBRL/349/CS0006Speak and Be Heard Forum [Tape 1], 1989 August 28
UC RBRL/349/CS0007Speak and Be Heard Forum [Tape 2], 1990 August 28
UC RBRL/349/CS0008Speak and Be Heard Forum [Tape 3], 1991 August 28
ER 9Beyond Affliction: The Disability History Project [digital files], 1998
Beyond Affliction: The Disability History Project is a four hour documentary radio series about the shared experience of people with disabilities and their families since the beginning of the 19th century. The programs were produced by Laurie Block and Jay Allison and distributed by National Public Radio. Program 1 ("Inventing the Poster Child") examines the relationship between charity and disabilty since the 1820s. Program 2 ("What's Work Got to Do with It?") explores how new and old ideas about social welfare affect the lives of people with disabilities. Program 3 ("The Overdue Revolution") studies how the identity of people with disabilities has evolved, the communities in which they have lived, and the emergence of the disability civil rights movement. Program 4 ("Tomorrow's Children") considers the history of the relationship between reproductive technology and people with disabilities.

Subseries B. Video Recordings, 1980-2014

UC RBRL/349/VHS0001ADAPT Marches [First ADAPT Atlanta Action], 1989 September
UC RBRL/349/VHS0002ADAPT - San Francisco, 1987 September 27-October 1
UC RBRL/349/VHS0003BTL [Between the Lines], 1992 November 16
UC RBRL/349/VHS0004Between the Lines: TBS Super Citizen of the Week Mark Johnson, undated
UC RBRL/349/VHS0005WAGA-TV Advocacy Story, 2004 May
UC RBRL/349/VHS0006The Johnson Family, undated
UC RBRL/349/VHS0007Mark Johnson (8 mm film transfer), undated
UC RBRL/349/VHS0008Concrete Change: "Building Better Neighborhoods", undated
UC RBRL/349/VHS0009Small Differences [Children Teaching Children About Interacting with People with Disabilities], circa 1980
UC RBRL/349/VHS0010Wade Blank "ADAPT", undated
UC RBRL/349/VHS0011Nickelodeon's Pelswick, Premiere Episode ("I Won't Run, Please Don't Ask Me"), 2000 October 24
UC RBRL/349/VHS00121996 Paralympics - Atlanta, Georgia, 1996 August 18
UC RBRL/349/VHS00131996 Paralympics Show No. 1, 1996 August 17
UC RBRL/349/VHS00141996 Paralympics CNN Broadcast, 1996
UC RBRL/349/VHS0015The Kids Are All Right (Director-Producer: Kerry Richardson), 2005
UC RBRL/349/VHS0016The Light of Inclusion [Statewide Independent Living Council of Georgia], undated
UC RBRL/349/VHS0017Sponsorship Video (Blaze Sports) Shepherd Spinal Center, 1992 December
UC RBRL/349/VHS0018The Journal Back II (Blaze Sports) Shepherd Spinal Center, circa 1992
UC RBRL/349/VHS0019Shepherd Center, Restoring Hope..Rebuilding Lives (Produced by Manning, Selvage, and Lee), undated
UC RBRL/349/DVD0001What Do We Know? A 9:33 Minute Video Commemorating the 14 Day March on Congress and Rally for Freedom [ADAPT "Free Our People" March], 2003 September 4-17
UC RBRL/349/DVD0002Invisible Voices: What Do You Think of When You Hear the Word "Disability?", 2010
UC RBRL/349/DVD0003Beyond the Barriers [Film About Athletes with Disabilities], 1998
UC RBRL/349/DVD0004Wheels of Fire [Film About Athletes with Disabilities], 2001
UC RBRL/349/DVD0005Reflections on a Promise: History of the Americans with Disabilties Act, 2010
ER 10Aging with Disabilities Inservice [digital files], 2012
Inservice session about aging with disabilities held at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Georgia.
ER 11Atlanta News Coverage of ADAPT Protests [digital files], 1990
Atlanta news media coverage of ADAPT protests at Morehouse College, the University of Georgia, Richard B. Russell Federal Building, and other locations in and around Atlanta to raise awareness for increased accessibilty and federal funding for in-home care. Transferred from VHS.
ER 12Chicago ADAPT 30th Anniversary [digital files], 1984-2014
ER 13Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania: Community Organizing [digital files], 2014
Includes an interview with Mark Johnson about community organizing around the ADA.
ER 14Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania: Express Talk [digital files], 2014
ER 15Long Road Home March [digital files], 2004
ER 16Paralympic Tent Loop Action News 2 WSB-TV Atlanta [digital files], 1996
Video only, no audio.
ER 17ReelAbilities ATL Disabilities Film Festival, "Stubborn and Spite" [digital files], 2007
Length: 3 minutes, Country: UK, Language: English
ER 18When Billy Broke His Head...and Other Tales of Wonder [digital files], 1995
A video first-person road movie about disability, civil rights, and the search for intelligent life after brain damage. Transferred from VHS. 60 minutes.